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A Very Thraxian Tournament

Thrax is hosting a tournament to truly celebrate it's people, their culture, and this of course involves wonderful games, a lot of drinking, and fighting? Definitely fighting, speaking of which here are the games for this incredible tournament, yes wonderful prizes will be involved.

A sailing race! Thats right, fight for top spot with your team as you glide along the water using wind and sail to beat out all the rest, make em eat wake!

A fish fight! Yes it is exactly like it sounds, you will smack each other, may the best cod win!

A drinking competition, rum will be the drink of choice, if you don't like rum just don't tell us and drink the damn stuff, we will never know.

And finally a sea shanty singing competition. If you haven't heard sea shanties then where have you been?

Come for your education, come for the great singing, or come for the booze. Either way come and enjoy a wonderful time!


Sept. 20, 2018, 6 p.m.

Hosted By



Alarissa Gianna Jophiel Sanya Lethe Felicia Caspian Sparte Brogan Eleyna Talen Helia Bashira(RIP) Mikani Arcadia Adora Bianca Carita Jordan(RIP) Niklas Vanora Valdemar Delilah Alaric


Order of East Light Thrax


Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Comments and Log

The day shines bright and beautiful, the ocean breezes dancing along the sandy shores, tables are set up for food and with drink aplenty. There is music playing in the background. Small sailing boats are ready and waiting, long tables for serious drinking, a stage for performances, and a ring set up for the all important fish fight. Yes, this is a proper Thraxian tournament indeed. Cora moves to greet those arriving. "Welcome to the tournament, we will begin shortly." she greets every new arrival.

"Only if you wish to see half of Thrax suddenly rise up and run to Victus and gasp." Alarissa starts to make her way to that chair. "I don't even know what the first event is. If you say swimming though, I might just have to toss you into.. Do we have a dungeon?" She has to think on that. "Will you be participating? Or your sister?"

Gianna makes her way down onto the beach. Instead of her usual gittern, the Whisper bard carries with her a small hand drum. She casts a speculative eye toward the stage.

Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, 4 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Carita.

Settling beneath the trees, Jophiel smirks, "I have seen the act of the fish toss and slap in action before, but I feel that it was more a way to calm a situation with humor." he admits as he settles in for the activities. "And I should pay attention, I want to hold my own event for the Heart in Hand."

Sanya arrives at the beach, accompanied by a couple of Grimhall guards, dressed in a deep purple silk gown. Her hair is held back with a glittering haircomb and an elegant bronze pendant with gems hangs from her neck. She offers Coraline a warm smile as she greets her. "Your highness, thank you for setting up this lovely event."

Lethe takes a curious look around. She looks to Coraline with a smile and then finds a place to sit.

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Felicia managed to wrangle some time away from her duties, as evinced by the fact she's here. Strolling onto the beach sans most of her usual accoutrement in favor of cloth pants and a light linen shirt in honor of the event. She's shoving Brogan as they walk to claim,"Well, you may have beat me at the wrestling. But, I'm not responsible if you come out of this one looking like a stunned mullet." she claims to him with a smirk.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

"I think it's a boat race," Says Caspian back to Alarissa, motioning to the small sail boats that are in the water, his hand sweeping across the length of them. "I know I'm not gonna beat my sister in a boat race. I might compete anyway so she has something to boast to me about." After a moment of thought, he says to Alarissa, "I would be surpised if the Thrax estate didn't have a dungon, knowing the previous high lord's tastes."

Gianna does take some time to approach Coraline as well. "Your Highness," she greets. "Everything looks wonderful. I hope you're not saving the sea shanties for last?"

Sanya gets a warm Cora smile, "Thank you, I hope it all goes well and everyone enjoys it. Please enjoy your evening." she grins and waves to Lethe, and Gianna gets a laugh, "I wouldn't dare. Though I do hope Ailith is able to come, I really added that because I know she adores sea shanties. however I was thinking after the sailing and maybe before the fish fight?"

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian lady's maid, 13 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Eleyna.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal, Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse, Eleyna arrive, following Talen.

Sparte makes his way towards the shoreline with Wilhelm and Tiny Tom short behind. Tiny Tom is particularly reveling in running along the beach on all fours today, looking around in the way only a mischievous and tiny mammal can for trouble. Tiny trouble. Sparte leaves her to it, approaching the main area for the festivities and looking from boats to tables to stage with a grin. "I see a drinking contest, Wilhelm. You arn't allowed to participate, but feel free to sit and watch."

"If it is teams, then, yes, I can. His Grace has taught me the basics many times over. I seem to forget every time he gets angry and needs to sail. Such a silly woman I am, unable to remember mainsail from Forsail at the drop of a hat." So she doesn't sit, looking to the water. "Suppose it won't hurt the child."

"Ha! I will simply utilize every avantage I have, as usual." Brogan flexes at this, the bear-man being in his typical bear-ensemble. "In fact I may use the same exact tactic, because I know deep down. You appreciated it." Brogan snickers like an unrepentant child and winks at Felicia. Then he ponders. "Though. Ok, I will admit. In the drinking contest, we may come out even." There is a sniff and a solid nod at this. "Yet the night is young, so we shall see."

Surrounded by their cadre of guards, the Archduchess and Archduke cannot help but make something of an entrance with their entourage of retainers, guards, and even pets, as there is indeed a viper coiled about Eleyna's arm. Her other is loosely links to Talen's, using his greater stability to navigate across the sand.

Gianna considers that for a moment, the nods to Coraline. "I can live with that. Thank you!" She shall go avail herself of some of that food. Bards rarely say no to a free meal, and Gianna is usually not an exception to that fact.

"Last time I think I won by a shot." Felicia grins briefly, dipping her head respectfully for Cora and Alarissa both,"Sailing, however... that I'm going to pass on because the one time they got me on a boat I felt nauseous for a week. Skill at climbing theoretical rigging apparently does not translate to actual rigging."

The crunch and push of large sollerets press into the finely grained beach, moving towards the gathering of people celebrating in amongst the tourney. The Dark Prince's eyes are free to be seen, helmet under his free arm, the other secured about his wife's. As the prince nears the group, he murmurs aside to Eleyna, spying and veering them towards Bashira. "I forgot this was a Thraxian tournament, which means we're going to be singing sea shanties, so ensure you cover your ears at any such point."

The music quiets and Cora stands with a grin, "Alright all you sailors out there, find yourself a boat and be ready to sail your hearts out. This will be a three leg race and you have to get yourself and your boat safely back through obsticles. Expect the unexpected, prepare for the unpreparable, and make your way to the ships!"she indicates the ships and heads to the stand where she will get a good view of the race. "You will go to the turnaround out there, turn around, and come back. The first to make it back wins of course, there will be a second and third place prize as well."

Helia just dragged her arse out of bed, with rumbled hair and clothing to show for it. Yawning and wiping bleary eyes as she ambles from the Redemption to the beach, she doesn't look particularly wakey-wakey. Another yawm and a bleary bow are combined when she's within reach of all the nobles. But no talking yet. She's going to eye up the scene. Yaaaaaawn.

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Eleyna slants a bewildered glance at Talen, murmuring, "Cover my ears? Who do you think you're talking to? Besides, they can't be any worst that the filthy tunes that you hum to yourself whenever you're drunk."

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Talen promptly picks the Archduchess up and rushes towards one of the boats, providing casually, "Last time I did this here on the beaches, I sunk Jaenelle's rented boats, purely for spectacle." He doesn't expand on any other history there, perhaps for Eleyna's discomfort, as the Lycene royalty ends up deposited in the skiff. "Those are quality tunes," he refutes, mildly.

"Go Bashira!" Caspian calls out when Coraline annouces the race. "Leave these lords and ladies in your wake!" He calls out to her, pumping up his fist!

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Sanya drifts towards the tables of food and drink as she watches the preparations for the race. Taking a seat, she pours herself a glass of rum, and fills her plate with fish, crab, clams - clearly quite famished.

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Bashira's been here, she's just quiet in general. The Sailor with the lion like mane of hair with braids and shells in it is sitting off to the side and watching the tournament with a bit of interest. When she hears her brother call out for her to go there's a bit of a quirk of an eyebrow and then she murmurs something and jogs down to the beach. Guess she was going to be racing afterall.

As the Archduchess is scooped up and thrown over Talen's shoulder, dignity is forgotten as she squeaks and is unceremoniously dumped into the skiff. The guards, ostensibly there to protect her from being treated in such a way, all seem to be looking in the opposite direction... in unison for none come to her rescue. Once in the boat, Eleyna huffs and attempts to at least twitch her gown back into place as she grumbles, "If you sink me, I'm sending my brother after you."

Felicia is apparently quite content to settle on the sands, folding her arms before her. No sailing for her. Nope. Even if she's not wearing a hundred pounds of metal at the moment.

Talen says, "I mean, you'll be dead, so you can't send anyone to help you."

"Don't underestimate Ettore. He's very resourceful," Eleyna reassures Talen as she reaches up to pat her blond curls into place.

"I mean I wasn't even sure he'd get Jae knocked up, for fear of touching a woman," Talen says as he adjusts the oars, ropes, and alike in preparation for the call to sail. As he moves to ready the small vessal, he adds, "Good thing you're pregnant, or the sea serpents would get us, if we had an off-month."

Sailing competition? Alright then. Helia stretches her arms luxuriously over her head, cricking out her shoulders as she wanders down to the beach and hops into the boat. She looks incredibly relaxed as she gets herself comfortable. She can do this, even half-asleep. Obviously. Probably. Whatever. She cups her hand over her mouth again, gives another lazy yawn, and waves to everyone who might be looking her tousle-haired way.

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With a scowl, Eleyna stretches out a leg and attempts to kick Talen to knock him over in the boat, likely upsetting his chances at winning the competition. You are welcome, competitors.

"Why would we get you?" Alarissa calls over to Talen, passing by as she moves to get ready to sail.

"Alright racers, it is time to really show your stuff. Get ready, get set, GO!" Cora calls out once all the sailors are situated and set. Other ships are already out there to help anyone who has a mishap.

Talen checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Yes, Caspian just peer pressured his sibling into racing. And he doesn't look the least bit guilty about it! He hoots and hollars, slapping his hands. He lets out a laugh ove rot Eleyna and Talen, shaking his head to the two.

"Ha! Oh wait you mean drinking. All right. I will allow your recollection of our reality." Brogan is flashing a big hand at people randomly in greeting. Once Felicia settles down though. He takes a moment to Pat Felicia on the head like she's some sort of faithful animal companion. He doesn't stop though, he continues on towards beverages and food. Granted the first few steps he was sprinting for some reason. So he gathers up a bottle of something strong-looking, and makes two plates to return and settle with the Wrecking Ball to see who sinks or floats!

Alarissa checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Sparte checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Sparte makes his way to one of the boats, gingerly getting into it and, after a momentary wobble, settling in. The last to sit, commence flailing to get going. Aaand there goes one of his oars off the side of the boat before he even starts moving, forcing him to use the other oar to fish it back out before he can get going.

Bashira checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Helia checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Talen organises his little vessal, carrying Lycene VIPS, and shouts to Alarissa, "Anything for a bit of colour."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Guard arrive, following Mikani.

Felicia casts an eye up a Brogan for that pat and swipes at his ankle, so lucky for him that he kept walking. She settles for scooping up sand and tossing it after him instead with a snort, offering the sailors a sharp whistle of general encouragement.

Gianna finds herself a seat, munching on some fine example of Thraxian cuisine. She sets her little drum down beside her and crosses one leg over the other, watching the sailors get going.

"it's true. We haven't clashed as we should have by now over silk versus cotton." She looks to Eleyna, before with help from those on the beach who can, Alarissa's settling into her boat. And she must have settled well because when the Princess Consort makes her way out, a bit of a shove to get her out in that little sailboat, she shows at least what the High Lord has managed to teach her over and over. Which is that she doesn't sink and manages to ease that sailboat past the waves and out into the water proper, breathing a sigh of relief. Part one down.

Mikani checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary arrives, following Arcadia.

Bashira leaves her coat on the sand and pushes the skiff into the water, not minding the water that's getting into her boots. Once inside the boat though, she closes her eyes for a moment as she gets her focus on the skiff and then she opens them as she works with the rigging, her gloved hands working. She's impressively silent during this. Maybe Shamans save their shouting for different times? But whatever she's doing she's good at it and she's not dumped herself overboard.

Helia is still half-asleep. That's her excuse for being slower and less ace-sailor-esque than usual. Regardless, she pulls back and forth on the oars in steady crescents, showing not even a hint of overt effort thanks to the surprising strength of her back and shoulders. Ripples part the water as she sails forwards, the sound of water being sloshed and sliced with every stroke she makes. She's about level with Alarissa in terms of speed and distance at the moment. She nods respectfully to the princess, a smile on her lips, then keeps rowing. Probably not a good idea to disturb the regal blonde while she's paddling away so well.

Eleyna checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Eleyna sighs faintly and then pushes up her sleeves, muttering, "Look, if we are going to do this, let me help so we can win. It will go faster. I can handle... this thing." She gestures vaguely at the rudder, wrinkling her nose at it before settling in. "I think I can handle this." Then, with a sweet, sweet smile, she gets to work. Anyone who looks in this boat and sees what Eleyna is doing would realize that she is purposely trying to sabotage Talen's chances by veering the rudder in the wrong direction.

Settling in with his bribery of food and bottle of goodness, Brogan flashes a grin at Felicia. "You missed on both accounts, and before you try again! Do not spoil food, or booze. So. You wait until competition!" It is only then does he cautiously hand over a plate of sea-goodness. He points out Helia to Felicia. "That's the lass that also wrestled, isn't it? We could cheer her perhaps?"

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Talen leans forward to adjsut the minor sail upon the small raft, moving the ropes and pulling through the loop, doing all those sailor-y things sailors do. He even yells, from time to time, what one must as a captain. His first mate and only other passenger, however? Far less resourceful, far less useful, and starts causing -problems-. "You're not fucking helping!"

Mikani presses her boat into the water and hops on board. She lets the sail down and lets the wind pull her from shore. Her usual smile not on her face, instead she just concentrates on what she is doing.

Arcadia comes not from the direction of the city, but from the woods. Her hair is slightly damp, as if fresh from a bath -- a bath that has just been made utterly pointless. Per usual, little Cady Leary's body is touched by dirt and twigs, her fluff of canary-yellow hair all a-tangle with bark and loose leaves. Her eyes are wide with wonderment; she has no idea what's going on here, and seems to have just stumbled upon it after one of her usual pointless romps through the Gray Forest. She lingers on the outskirts of the sands for a moment, surveying the scene. The Lyceum royalty catch her attention first, and she flits towards them on nimble feet, a tight smile curled up into her dimples. "Archduke," she greets Talen first, before bobbing her body for Eleyna as well. "What is happening here? Is there a boat race?"

Did someone say free food and booze? Well, Adora's pretty sure she heard that and so she stomps on in, only stumbling a bit as the sand gives way under her boots. She heads straight to where the food is and starts assembling a plate.

Felicia hrfs at Brogan, wiping her hand off on her pants as she accepts the plate with a suspicious squint his way,"Wasting good booze should be a crime." she agrees,"And yes, that's her. I mean, there's also Princess-Consort Alarissa out there.. I'm just... cheering for them all pretty much. As long as I don't have to get into the water we're all good." she settles for munching on food for now, though. All the more reason not to tempt the water.

Mikani checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Mikani checked strength + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Talen and Eleyna are on a boat and at sea. Their servant, however, replies, "The Archduchess and her Consort have decided that the sea is where they will perish. I am not sure the Archduchess had any choice, however." Jiacomo looks immeasurably tired by this, and the guards? Well, the guards have decided that if the Archduke Consort who they've grown up with has decided to manhandle his wife, they will look the other way. Some guards!

"They seem to be doing well." Jophiel offers to Coraline as he watches the race. Though the more observant will notice the soft movement of his lips as he's practicing his own performance to himself - now that Gianna is present, he knows that he will have to be at his best to have a chance of winning.

Cora nods at Jophiel's words, does she look nervous? Naw couldn't be, "They mostly are!"

Bianca descended the cliffs with the trio of Templars that kept her guard. The Legate was barefoot this afternoon, but graciously it allowed for better maneuvering through the sands and towards the festivities.

Gianna is not all that far from the food table, seated and enjoying some morsel of sea food or another. She pops a bite into her mouth and chews, observing Adora for a few moments and unaware of Jophiel's look.

Settling beneath the trees, Carita's smile is serene as she watches the race with languid interest as she lets the wind flow through her pale blonde locks. "It looks to be a lively race," she asides to Cora, her smile lifting higher.

Eleyna checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Bashira checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Alarissa checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Once upon the beach itself, her guard dispersed somewhat to keep a watchful eye over their charge but also to lend Bianca a bit of space and privacy as she socialized. After a nod to Sir Alren a quick glance was taken over the crowd and soon she was en route to the trees and those inhabiting the area beneath them.

Alarissa checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Bianca has joined the Beneath Trees.

Helia checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

"Is she now? Huh. Now how did I miss seeing her?" Brogan looks slightly puzzled. He leans back and picks at his shellfish. "I can get behind cheering in general. It's not like I have a horse in this race." There is a slight pause and he frowns. "Boat." Another pause. "No, wait. Ship, isn't it?" A violent shaking of head and beard. "Know what? No matter! GO BOAT-PEOPLES!!" The latter is belted out as encouragement.

Sparte checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Adora piles food on and then notices all the sailing that's happening. She snorts and shakes her head, shoving some fish in her mouth. She notices Gianna and says with her mouth full, "You think anyone's gonna drown?"

Helia checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Talen checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Eleyna saw the seaweed traps. Yes, she did. And, she makes the effort to steer Talen's into them. Deliberately. All while laughing maniacally at the rudder.

Eleyna checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

"No! Left! Left. Left you--" he cuts himself off before he says something he'll regret. Then, as they manage to get around the traps, he yells, "You're the worst crew I've ever had!"

Sparte checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Talen checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Gianna shakes her head; she, at least, swallows before replying to Adora. "Doubtful. Even if someone's not a strong swimmer, there are enough Thraxians around to save them. Spying Biance - she sort of sticks out, pale as she is - she inclines her head to the woman, should she look her way. In this crowd, though, nothing's certain.

Bashira checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Since Eleyna and Talen are out on the waters, Cady probably shouting that from the shores, hands waving about, then. To no avail, apparently.

Alarissa checked strength + sailing at difficulty 26, rolling 22 lower.

"Which left? My left or your left, you daft-" Eleyna shouts back, her last word lost on the wind as she glares at Talen.

Talen says, "NORTH OKAY"

Caspian steps to the shoreline, cupping his hands over his mouth, Caspian calls out, "Go Bashira! You got this! It's your to win!" Once that is done he heads over to Borgan, reaching to pat the man upon the back with a wide grin his way. "Hey there Borgan. How's it going?"

Sparte finally gets his oars in order, and starts the demonstrate just how well he understands the process. Sure, he can navigate around hazards. He plots an excellent coarse - but he is holding the oars all wrong. They arn't going deep enough, they're turned, he is basically skimming water at the rear of the pack. For all of his failure at competition speeds, he looks relaxed. Must be peaceful.

And this is where Helia starts to get her bearings. Managing to secure her oars at the side of the skiff and adjust the rigging (it's an oar and sail skiff, okay, whatevs) in time to guide it past the seaweed traps, the swashbuckler looks very content as the salt breeze blows in her face and ruffles her hair. The wind pushes her further, caught within canvas as she keeps a strong hand on the rudder. The sea glistens under the light and rustles like silk, the gulls overhead cry, and it's generally all very fucking poetic.

Gianna's distant nod was spotted through the parting of the crowds as she turned to face the water and the nightingale received a soft smile and bow of Bianca's head in return.

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"I am not a compass, Talen!" Eleyna calls back irritably and just starts moving the rudder from side to side wildly.

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2 Grimhall House Guards have been dismissed.

"You can do it, House Velenosa! Row, row, row the boat!" Jordan calls out as he belatedly arrives at the beaches for all these Thrax competitions.

Helia checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Despite his complete and utter-- let's say apprentice for etiquette purposes-- of a crewperson, Talen manages to avoid the seaweed traps, moving in advance of the escape that is the blissful sea. Far beyond, far out to sea, there is darkwater that will consume him. Alas, such a freedom is not for him. He must continue to suffer the presence of the terrible sailor that is Eleyna. As he yells his cardinal direction and Eleyna doesn't abide by it, he moves to a direction that serves his own purpose, constantly combated by the failures of his wife. "You don't have to be a damn compass, you need to use landmarks, like a--"

Talen has rolled a critical success!
Talen checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Sparte checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Eleyna checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Bashira moves as the sail comes about, her hair whipping in the breeze, (because you're worth it). The Shaman shuts out everything that isn't the wind or the boat itself. Because distraction was going to get her in trouble. One gloved hand steers through the trap and she keeps moving merrily ahead of the pack.

Oh, oh this isn't good. Sailing a small ship after all, is nowhere near the same as learning to sail a large one. Large ones laugh in the face of seaweed. Little ones? Alarissa oblivious smiles right through the help bed and then becomes entangled. A wrong turn of the sail, the rude, everything just goes wrong as wrong can be and soon enough when she -does- manage to get out, the wind fills that sail and sends the Princess Consort hurtling back out. Right into Talen and Eleyna's little boat with a crack and Alarissa knocked over the side. With a hand scrabbling to keep hold of the rudder and a yell.

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3 Tyde Houseguard leaves, following Lethe.

Bashira checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Well Thrax's Princess-Consort in distress means the helpful ships ready and waiting get to work zooming in to try and save her, unless some intrepid fellow racer gets to her first!

Eleyna screeches when something crashes into the boat and cries, "Oh gods! Did we hit a fish? Is it a big fish?" She winces and looks to the side and her expression clears. "Oh. It's Alarissa. Jump in and get her, Talen."

Gianna eyes Jordan across the sands and calls out, "Is that what you're bringing to the sea shanty competition?"

With an idle gesture, Brogan points at the Velenosian team. "Ha. Typical Lycene." There is an eyeroll with stops, and his brow furrows. Eleyna's maniacal laughter gives the big man pause "Good gods, she's a spitting image." His head shakes and he settles himself back into place. "I swear if that man drowns her, I will be displeased. Yet. Well. I mean if he spanks her out of frustration or the like, I am going to be fine with it." There is a solid nod to himself. Shortly after he leans over to speak quietly with Felicia.

Talen really didn't want to help Alarissa. He didn't. He wanted like five minutes of peace from the frustration of rule, and to sail a damn ship, but yet again-- princesses. Constantly looking for their prince to save them. When Alarissa's ship comes crashing into Talen and Eleyna's, there's a f$%k s&*k before he manages to throw down his ropes for the sails and stand, to yell, "NOT ONE FUCKING MOMENT" while pointing at the ships coming in to save the poor Thraxian princess. "If I don't do this I don't get five minutes without hearing about it so you don't fucking dare." Then, with a glare at Eleyna, he moves to snatch the raft Alarissa's steadily sinking to pull her near. "Get the fuck in."

Felicia can't help but arch a brow at Brogan, squinting out onto the water. He might be a little distracted, but Felicia offers Caspian a grin and upnod of acknowledgment,"Pull up some sand." she offers by way of invitation, arching a brow at Brogan,"I swear, are you uncle to half the North or something?" she enquires aloud with a laugh.

"How disappointing," Adora replies in a flat voice, eyeing a couple of things in shells before going for something less complicated.

Jordan laughs as he spots a certain Thrax ship captain with a very straight and squared off posture, shaking his head. "I'm no singer, Gianna. I don't want people to get ear bleeds. There would be a lot of petitions to redress before the Duke if I did, and then there would be no more money for me. Can you imagine owing a hundred thousand silver in damages? And that's likely the best case scenario." With a grin to the Nightingale, he looks around and spots Carita: "How about you, Lady Darkwater? Are you going to partake in the shanty competition? Or are you -- uh, going to drink?"

Arcadia watches the chaos in the ocean with wide eyes and a speechless expression. Her lips are parted slightly, and the confusion of the messy swarm of boats has her utterly entranced. "So much cursing," she whispers to herself. "Brilliant."

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"Better than being father." Brogan immediately quips without delay. All while silently and unknowingly commiserating with Talen over Princess and the trouble they cause and represent.

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Seeing that Alarissa is being saved, the rescue boats stay nearby but don't rush on, allowing Talen to haul the rather well dunked Thraxian Voice out of the ocean. And that is now two ships down It is clear the turn around caused much distruction. The sailors are now presented with fishing nets just below the surface of the water, again something that will foul their rudders if they aren't careful and chage course ahead of time.

Carita smiles up from her spot with Bianca, Coraline, and Jophiel beneath the trees, where she was having a quiet conversation with the Legate. "Drinking, of course," comes with a touch of pride. "How do you think I'll do, Sir Ober?"

Sparte is still too far back to be of much use saving the Princess, though he does turn to blink in confusion at the sudden splash. "Oh... Well, I guess slow and steady isn't so bad." He resumes amateur hour rowing, he might finish by the end of the next competition.

Helia checked strength + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Did it get mentioned the Princess of Thrax doesn't swim? Can't swim? She can't swim and so there's bound to be a snapped nail or broken one as she's scrabbling at her boat to stay afloat. Never mind Talen's tirade and his subsequent order. But she can at least discern between certain death and salvation and clamps to the side of Talen's ship now, drenched Aeterna and champagne colored hair and then assists as she can in getting into the ship. If perhaps, Talen gets pulled into the water in the process of getting her in, all the better. Completely by accident. Completely.

Bianca turned her gaze from Carita as the two spoke softly amidst one another, a soft smile and nod given to Jordan in silent greeting.

Bashira checked strength + sailing at difficulty 34, rolling 27 higher.

Talen doesn't get bashed so much by flailing, skimpy princess noodle arms that he falls in the water, considering he's wearing pelts of a diresnake and otherwise wrapped in rubicund metal. That said, he does look at her like 'why am i even letting you live how does victus even put up with you' before he finally drags her aboard unceremoniously and then say to Eleyna. "No more passengers," before immediately starting to go about his non-tea-party sailing exercise. Unfortunately for him, he's undoubtedly pretty far behind, and just rumbles the entire way. "F**" this, and "F&&" that.

"Caspian! Like the woman said. Pull up some sand! How did you sleep on your birthday night?" Brogan gestures at several patches of sand helpfully to Caspian. "I have a bottle of, uh, well something to drink. Not sure what it is yet. Tasted strong."

"Good boy. Now give her your cloak, darling." Eleyna glances pointedly at Talen's mantle as she helps him tug Alarissa onto the ship and settles her in next to her. It's a tight fit, but the raft doesn't sink! Yet. For her part, the Archduchess seems utterly unconcerned with Talen's grumbling. In fact, when he's not looking directly at her, a pleased little smile flits about her lips as if she finds pleasure in his frustration.

OKAY SHE JUST WOKE UP. This is why Helia's putting in a relatively poor performance at the sailing business. And she just enjoys sailing. It's nice. Something to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. So. Perhaps she doesn't pull on the rudder quite like she should. But she continues skimming across those glittering waves, trying her damndest not to collapse into helpless laughter at Talen and Eleyna's antics. And Alarissa take a dive into the briny not-deadly-deeps. Her shoulders shake a bit, sure, but she is totally not laughing. Or even trying not to laugh. Although it's hilarious. And hey, that's probably why she's not up to her best. Let's go with that.

Talen drops a stylishly oblique mantle inherting its scaled pattern from the rare lycene diresnake pelt.

Talen says, "fucking keep it"

"Legate, good to see you again. I haven't forgotten, though I should probably say that my good deed didn't quite go unpunished. At least, it upset me for a breakfast." Jordan smiles lopsidedly, before his attention is upon Carita. He stands next to the two, and replies, "I am alright, thank you."

Alarissa picks up a stylishly oblique mantle inherting its scaled pattern from the rare lycene diresnake pelt.

Alarissa's shivering, taking that cloak that's Eleyna's ordered Talen to give and chattering teeth Alarissa takes it and drapes it around her shoulders, burrowing beneath it. "VIctus is going to rage." This to Eleyna as Talen's now trying to play catch up. "I suppose you need to call him a cur a few times and he'll get out of his sulk?" She looks back to the boat, red faced and embarrassed. "That was unfortunate."

Bianca's brows lifted in unison at the knight's words. "That is unfortunate to hear, Sir Jordan. I hope it doesn't deter you from future acts in the interest of others."

"That's his secret, Rissa. He's -always- sulking," Eleyna says in a stage whisper to the Princess before rubbing her hands against her upper arms in an effort to warm her up before likely just resorting to cuddling.

Caspian flops himself down, giving a nod over to Felicia and Brogan as he wonders to the two, "How have you been? As for me? I slept alright. Glad everyone had fun during my birthday party. Bashira's is near the end of the year, I'll have to think of something fun to do then."

"It won't. If I can, I will, be assured of that." Jordan nods to Bianca, smiling gently to her before he's paying more attention to the race. "Are they allowed to use cutting blades to slice the netting off? If it's not against the rules, then..." He shouts, "Cut the damn netting!"

Bashira is being a trooper with her little skiff. She's had a falter with a net, but she works to quickly get it off and doesn't lose too much speed. Maybe there's a spirit helping. Maybe she's just a natural. Then her spidey senses are tingling. Like Caspian is trying to plan something and she sets her eyes towards the end of the race.

Felicia sits up a little,"I'm pretty sure that was Princess Alarissa going overboard out there... but it looks like the Velenosa's have picked her up at least?" she informs Caspian and Brogan while munching on seafood,"Busy, mostly, though I promised Brogan I'd leave the paperwork behind for today." she takes a swig of rum to wash it down with,"I sort of... always forget birthdays." she admits,"But yours was fun... even if Brogan kicked my ass."

Eleyna checked strength + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 19 lower.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

"Good to hear." Bianca nodded in return to Jordan, her hands coming to fold against the front of her robes. A few softer words were spoken for Carita as their quiet conversation continued as an aside.

Sparte checked strength + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 16 lower.

"It is a lovely cloak." And Alarissa's going to be useless to help, sticking close to the Velenosa Grand Duchess and watching Talen. "Sail faster you lycene cur!" She looks to Eleyna to see if she's doing the Eleyna brand of encouragement properly. Probably not. "The sooner we get back to shore, the sooner I can find a fire and you can be rid of me! Sail faster!" All as she cuddled Eleyna.

The line has been dismissed by Coraline.

By the time they've turned around and beached, Talen is leaving the craft before any of the ladies, meaning that the dark prince is soon turning back to Alarissa to reply: "I swear to god the next time -you- call me a cur, I'm going to tell Victus to push you out to sea and let the krakens eat you." Then, he adds, "Graysons, I fucking swear. None greater didn't help you swim in a damn ship did it. No, you're used to rivers." Domainism? Naw. Alaric will hear of this.

Adora raises a bottle she got somewhere to something Gianna says and then glances out at the boats, "Eh. The skirts probably didn't help. S'why I never wear any."

"Oh I've been preparing for this lodge business. I have some wayward Shaman-types to keep safe, it looks like." Brogan lounges back idly. He then gestures from Felcia to the boats. "I did not realize. You're on to something, Fel." A brief pause and he grins. "I have to behave for a while. Yet part of me wants to stir the pot and yell out there that Alarissa' is prettier. Elenya might ust toss her back in." A furrowing of his brow. "Or walk across water to stab me" Yet another pause. "No. She's very much Lycene really. I suppose that means being a poisoner and not stabbity." Concern is shrugged off and then reappears suddenly. "Horrors! My mead! She could ruin all or any of my alcohol! No. Such a risk is not worth the glee I'd get from more spatting."

Niklas walks down from the city, lute slung around his shoulder and hanging from his back, looking in a particularly good mood. Then, because why should a good mood last?, he wonders over to plop down at the picnic table with the two happiest, jolliest people at the party.

Cora rushes to Talen's boat, once it has finally beached to make sure everyone is okay, "Is everyone ok?"Yes she is a fusser, so there. Seeing nobody is about to die, she calls for warm clothing and towels for Alarissa then sighs. "Alright folks, next up the sea shanty contest! Singers take your places at the line!"

Niklas has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

As Alarissa gives Talen the patented Eleyna brand of proper encouragement, the Archduchess just gives her a squeeze and laughs. Then, once they are on shore, Eleyna just scowls at Talen as her grumbles and has his tantrum. She scrambles out of the skiff as well, not falling on her face, lands in the wet sand. Then, with a little sneer, she grabs a handful of wet sand and -throws- it at Talen. "Be nicer to my friends, cur! She calls you a cur because you -are- a cur! Look at you grousing like a dog with a bell ache! You are a -sore loser- that is what you are!"

Adora gives Niklas a flat look. "No."

Eleyna checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Jophiel has joined the line.

Sparte is still out there, rowing like a putz. His boat is steady, he is clear of the seaweed, but it'll be a while before he sees shore again.

Gianna has joined the line.

And back to shore, Helia hands off the ship to the servants milling around the place, before running in circles around the beach, arms above her head. "Yes! Second place! Fantastic!" And then she pauses for a second to shout over at the first place winner, "Great sailing, Mistress Bashira! The waves love you!" Adding, "Great sailing, everyone!" And then another lap of victory. Zoom!

Mikani has joined the line.

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Gianna sets her cup aside on the wooden picnic table and takes up her drum, making her way toward the other gathering musicians.

Jordan has joined the Beneath Trees.

Helia has joined the Beneath Trees.

Talen checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

With no harp, Jophiel is just going to have to rely on his voice as he rises after giving Coraline a brief smile and he moves to get into the line with the other musicians to prepare, grabbing a goblet of wine to wet his voice in anticipation.

Bashira won?! HOLY SHIT! The sailor's skiff glides smoothly into the shallow waters and she jumps out to drag it the rest of the way back up onto the beach. She gives a look back out at the others that are still out there "Sparte! You want company!" she shouts out to her fellow East Lighter. She was hoping he wasn't going to smack her when he got to shore. Then she gives a smile to Helia, "Congratulations to you as well, you did excellently." she grins. And then she looks for her cousin Mikani, "And we prove that sailing is in the blood. You did a very good job out there." she dips her head to her.

Caspian has joined the line.

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"Well, that's my cue," says Caspian back to Brogan and Felicia, rising to his feet. "I'm gonna go sing my heart out singin' sea shanties. Lets see what I win." And with that, he's off!

Alarissa just rolls her eyes at Talen as the temper tantrum continues. "Some of us didn't even swim in -rivers- Talen" And she's taking help to get out, pressing a cheek to Coraline to assure her that she's fine. Just soaking, bedraggled, seaweed still clinging to one thin ankle and... yup, there's a missing slipper somewhere at the bottom of the sea and harbor. And once she is out, Alarissa's moving off to find a place to sit and take stock. Make sure she herself is.. actually okay.

Felicia nudges Brogan,"Instead of picking fights with Duchesses, come compete with me and him singing." she suggests to Brogan, setting aside her plate to get to her feet. Draining the rum? That seems a necessity if there's going to be singing in her future,"Hey... they don't have to be original songs, do they? Or I'm screwed."

Brogan has joined the line.

Arcadia meanders her way back from the refreshment table, mouth full of some sugary dessert, hands cupped around a glass of sparkly rose-colored wine. She comes to a smiling stop beside Talen and Alarissa, her eyes inevitably dropping to the seaweed stuck to the Princess's ankle. "Y'have some seaweed on you," Cady points out after she swallows a big chunk of her chocolate-y whatever. She washes it down with a big gulp of wine, and then looks up to Talen and says: "That was fun to watch. You said 'fuck' a lot."

"No. You people are insane." Brogan barely has the word out and he mutters. "Already gone. Fine. FINE! But I have not had enough alcohol yet!" Brogan gets up to stalk after Felicia muttering all the while. "My shirt is even still on! Then Brogan turns on one heel to detour right for Eleyna. He looks like he plans a bear hug. Regardless of hug happening or not, he helpfully holds out a sea rock of some kind at Eleyna. "Here. Hit him with this. Much easier."

Jordan makes a thumbs up sign at the Velenosa contingent of the sailing competition, as he settles down under the shade of the trees. "Congrats, Helia! Slow and steady sometimes wins it! But first place in ships is the same as second, I think!" He confides, in a lower tone, "if I did partake in that, I'd probably cause a million silver in damages to the Compact's harbor authorities. Nobody wants that." He's very final.

"Lady Arcadia. I do." And there's servants from thrax there to fuss over her and get her squared away at a seat and a fire going. "And he does. How are you? Did you go out there?" Alarissa inquires, leaning down as much as she can to pick at the seaweed gingerly as if it were some disgusting creature, her nose scrunched up. 'Gods this smells. Gods, I smell"

Alarissa has joined the Southern Dunes.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

So, Rissa is safe, everyone is in one piece, Cora looks out to Sparte and he still seems ok, might need to give him a tug but still, all good. Turning Cora calls, "First up is Lord Jophiel. Your best sea-shanty sir! Impress the Thraxians." she calls teasingly.

Having finished her lap of second-place-victory, Helia jogs a little breathlessly towards the trees where various people sit. She bows, grinning wide, "Your highnesses, my lord and ladies." Then she peers at Alarissa, eyebrows raising lightly, "Oh, your highness. If you want to get changed over in my ship, please feel free." Helia points over to the Redemption with a quick turn of her body." And then, to Jordan, placing her hands on her hips (probably one step away from a hearty BWAHAHAHA!) she gives a decisive nod, "You'd probably be disgustingly good at it, knowing you. You'd show me up, I bet."

Cora then promptly begins cheering for him like one of those crazy cheerleaders even making the OOH OOH OOH noise to really get him going.

Mikani looks at Cora like she's a crazy woman

Jophiel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

"Nooooo," comes Cady's long, drawn-out, and clearly disappointed response to Alarissa's question. "I wish. I've never sailed a'fore. Only once, on vacation a long time ago. And I was below deck the whole time! One day I'll learn how to steer a boat, though. Maybe I'll have one of my own." She punctuates that sentence with another sip of bubbly wine. "You smell like the sea," she tells the Thraxian Princss. "It's nice. Salty. Like a cracker." She squints, "I'd like to get tea with you soon, and talk about some... things." Vague. She's being vague. "What kind of tea do they drink in Maelstrom, I wonder?" A pause before she asks, with a humored smile: "Rum?"

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal have been dismissed.

Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse have been dismissed.

6 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

"Rum, heated over a cup of tea, in it's own cup. Or whisketea as Khanne prefers to call it." Helia's offer of changing on the redemption, more nose wrinkling. "I have nothing to wear, I'll have to send someone for something." And she does. Because she can't stand it. This 'sea' smell. "It's as bad as the bottom of the harbor. Gods, that smelled so bad." There's a gesture for the two to join her if they want. "If I left now I'd miss the shanty's and what else will I learn too ing to victus to make him roll his eyes."

As he's called up, Jophiel moves into position. Drawing in a breath, he considers the crowd before he starts to speak. "This is one of the songs I heard when I was in Thrax in my early days.." he explains, and then with a clearing of his throat with a long draw of his wine and starts. Coraline's cheers light up his dark cheeks, making them even darker before he beins.


“Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea.”

“Beware,” I heard him cry.

His words carried upon the ocean breeze,

As he sank beneath the tide.

Those blood-soaked shores of land of Tyde,

Where sailors fought and died.

The Prince stood at Mourning Isle,

And Mangata was steadfast at his side.

"Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea?

Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?

Always the pride of our duchy’s eyes,

How could she go astray?"

When she did flee across the Eventide deep,

The Prince followed without rest.

What else but sail to save a daughter’s life,

And pray she still drew breath?

But there he found upon those distant shores,

The Gyre upon the rise!

But when he faced those savage foes

His daughter stood aside.

And buried deep beneath the waves,

Betrayed by family.

To his Duchy, with his last breath, cried,

“Beware the Daughter of the Sea.”

“I’m listening now... you should believe.”

I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea,

The old voice warning me,

“Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea,”

“Beware, beware..."

... of me."

With his song complete, he waits to hear the response before he bows politely and then turns to head off the stage.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Gianna applauds for Jophiel, which is polite. She goes up to claim his space on the stage and settles down, seating herself on her rear end and spreading her knees wide enough that she can place her drum down in front of her. At least she's wearing leggings and not a gown for once. A little quirk of her lips as she looks out at the crowd, and then without further ado, she's slapping her palms down rhythmically on the drum to give herself a beat. "General Baylor gained the day!" her voice rings out, cutting through the sounds of the shore and the general buzz of the crowd. "Walk him along, Jon, carry him along..."

Gianna gets Song - General Baylor from repertoire.

Gianna drops Song - General Baylor.

Talen turns from Alarissa to Coraline, sets a hand on her shoulder, and announces in the most serious tone possible, "Never invite princesses," nevermind he manhandled one aboard, "aboard a ship. They're absolutely and completely impossible." Then, with a pat to her shoulder, he walks up the beach towards where the drinks are, spying Arcadia on his way by, and giving her a nod and a brief 'come with me if you want' to his protege. That is, until he hears Eleyna, and turns to get handful of sand in his direction. Sidestepping, as if it's no problem and expected, he adds, "Your friends are incapable." Then, he seeks booze, saying last, "You wonder why we're constantly on edge trying to keep you alive, you're trying to kill yourselves!"

Mikani arches an eyebrow watching Arcadia with Rissa. Looking back at Jophiel she claps.

Eleyna stops in her tracks, her frown deepening even more. Then, she spies Arcadia and Talen's little gesture for the girl to follow him and her pale blue eyes narrow, lips thinning into a frown that not even the sweet sounds of sea shanties can assuage.

Cheering first for Jophiel, then Gianna, Cora grins as Gianna need no introduction, "A very well done to both next up is Mikani!"

Mikani checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

With a nod and a benevolent smile towards Alarissa, Helia joins the princess at the gesture to join her. She sits with her back against a nearby tree, butt sat down on a patch of sandless grass, then applauds for Jophiel with a hearty cheer, "Excellent!" Then she mentions to those around her, "Yes, it'd be a shame to miss this. Some fabulous voices." Then she shuts her face to listen to the singing again.

Turning to Talen as he says his piece on princesses aboard ship, Cora gets a bemusedly amused look, "What am I to do with myself then Archduke?" she asks laughing.

Adora doesn't clap for Jophiel or Gianna but she does take a drink after Gianna's performance. That's sort of like approval.

Talen checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Talen thinks a moment.

Talen says, "Be a less shit sailor so the exception applies to you? I honestly just think it's less princesses and more them, but I can't think of a collective term for an Archduchess and a Princess-Consort. If you think of one, I'll use that. In my experience though, princesses are the problem. Apologies."

"Ohhh that means you and I need to have our own private race! I think I might surprise you in my abilities as a sailor." Cora says with a challenging look in her eyes, "I would throw a gauntlet but I don't have any at hand."

"Or.. for amusement - we could have some Champions sail in your stead." Jophiel offers with a smirk as he moves to take his place back under the trees.

Talen says, "You don't want to duel me, the individuals of the Compact suggest I cheat, to which I say-- sure, I cheat, why wouldn't I? War isn't fair."

Talen, as if in principle, hands Coraline a gauntlet. He's steadily losing his otufit.

Talen drops a taloned set of rubicund gauntlets with pronounced knuckles swallowing the arm to the elbow.

"Whisketea." Cady pronounces that pormanteau with an air of delight, lashes all crinkled up in smiles of their own. "I haven't met Khanne yet, though she is helping me find a shaman, I think. You two are friends?" She looks up from Alarissa to Talen, whose gesture to follow is easily accepted. She comes to perch by his side, misty blue eyes rising up to peer at his face. Her shoulder nudges gently against his side. "I have not seen you in a while, Archduke. You've been well, I hope?" A pause, then a wryly delivered question: "Staying out of trouble?"

Helia has left the Beneath Trees.

Helia has joined the Southern Dunes.

Waving the gauntlet about Cora grins, "Oh I wasn't thinking of a formal duel, I meant between you and I. A sort of private duel for proving that princesses can outsail archdukes." She smirks and tosses the gauntlet at his feet, "Well? What say you?"

Helia totally joined Alarissa at the right place.

Gianna picks up Song - General Baylor.

Gianna puts Song - General Baylor in repertoire.

belatedly cora grins at Jophiel, "But what fun would that be?"

Felicia mutters aside to Brogan while waiting her turn in line,"You realize it's a balancing act, right? Just enough rum to be well lubricated... not enough to throw off the drinking competition." she advises him,"I mean, realistically, those bards should have us all hands down, but I can at least carry a tune?"

Talen turns, and pauses, watching Coraline a moment before he looks over towards Eleyna. There's an expression that says something, before he looks to Aracdia next, and says, "I never get into trouble." Then, finally, he tells Coraline, "Sure. I bet I can race your dromond against my own," does she own a dromond? does he?! "and the ship that wins earns the other." Then, to Alarissa, he raises his voice and-- repeats EXACTLY the same. "What is a princess' is their House's, yes? Coralien versus me, A Velenosan dromond versus a Thraxian's." Gauntlet worthy-duel issued, he tells Arcadia. "Yeah, I mean, I get into a little spiff here and there."

Mikani gets up to sing. Her song is good but not amazing. She does have fun singing it though.

"Come away come away with the traveling show

Come away with the raggle taggle gypsy oh!R%We'll raggle-taggle here we'll raggle-taggle there, raggle up and down taggle everywhere

From the North, from the South, from the East, from the West, well the sky is our roof and the road is our rest

No one to say 'yes', no one to say 'no'

Run free with the raggle-taggle gypsy oh!

They locked you in a tower and threw away the key but this tower's no match for a wag like me

I'll be sneaking through your gate I'll be peaking round the corner well I've come to take your daughter, don't you say I didn't warn ya

I'll be bringing you a fiddle

I'll be singing you a song

We'll fiddle, sing, sing

Fiddle all day long

In the halls and the walls

They will her us sing and say

'whack fol the diddle diddle die diddle day'

Come on and wade, way out into the water with me

We're drowning on dry land

Come on and wade way out into the water with me...

Jump in and take my hand

I'll be rapping at your window

I'll be knocking at your door

I'll be tip tippy tapping

Tippy tapping on the floor

With me fine silk britches

And a feather in me hat

If I run into your father

Then I'll stop and have a chat!

Cutting through your garden

On the way to rendezvous

And the owls in the trees

Are hooting 'who are you?'

And the mice and the cats

And the spiders and the bats

We're dancing 'round the kitchen

Like a pack of acrobats

Run away, Run away

With the traveling show

Run away with the rambling gypsy oh!

Run away, Run away

With the traveling show

Run away with the rambling gypsy oh!

Come on and wade, way out into the wayer with me

We're drowning on dry land

Come on and wade way out into the water with me...

Jump in and take my hand

A roving and a running

And a riding on the sea

And everywhere we go as happy as can be

All the mountains and the valleys

And the rivers and the streams

All the lovely places

That you've seen in your dreams

I'll give you the heavens

The stars in the sky

Every wooded creature

Every bird and butterfly

I've never had a fortune

Not a penny will you find

You're my one and only treasure

You can leave all the rest behind

Come on and wade, way out into the wayer with me

We're drowning on dry land

Come on and wade way out into the water with me...

Jump in and take my hand"

Applauding Mikani's singing Cora whistles in appreciation, "Very well done! Next up is Prince Niklas!"

Luckily, Brogan's bear hug prevents her from continuing to glare daggers at Talen and Arcadia. She squeaks a little which turns to laughter as she turns proper to look at the man. "Uncle Brogan? I didn't even know you were in Arx!" She returns the hug. Despite being the ruler of one of the Great Houses of the Compact, she was Brogan's niece first. She pulls back, pale eyes blinking up at him. "Have you had a chance to see Mydas yet? All that mess has been sorted and he's back home now." That 'mess' of course being a thirty year case of mistaken identity in which Ettore Velenosa, son of Helena was known as Mydas Nightgold, son of Osmond Nightgold. So scandalous!

Bianca's hands lifted in applause for the performers thus far: Jophiel, Gianna and Mikani. She remained lingering between Carita and Jordan, but her cheers for the competitors held a bit more oomph than her usual polite refrains!

Arcadia has to go, beckoned by Talen. "Indeed, a good friend. She will not steer you wrong." And off Arcadia goes and Alarissa turns to speak quietly with Helia while listening to the shanty. Wait a minute though. She pauses in what she was speaking, turning to Talen as he raises his voice and lays out the terms around Mikani's singing. "Pardon?"

Niklas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Niklas joins in the applause for Mikani, then hops up to take his place on the stage. He swings his lute around, gives it a twingly twang, clears his throat and says, "Ah, this is a sweet little number I learned from some Igniseri sailors in Granato last year." He then starts into a raucous din. "They sent for the navy to come to the battle, our valiant leaders agreed! With one thousand sections in different directions. Oh gods, what a fucked up stampede!" He stomps his feet as he starts into the chorus, "Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all! The long and the short and the tall! Fuck all of the admirals who give us the flack, they don't give a shit if we never come back! So we're waving goodbye to them all as over the gangplank we crawl! There'll be no promotion this side of the ocean! So buck up, my lads, fuck them all!" He stomps once more, then slaps his strings to still them before offering a quick bow and jumping down to return to his table.

Arcadia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Carita joins in to clap for Mikani, adding a shrill whistle to the cheer, before she quiets to listen to Niklas. In the meantime, she speaks quietly with Bianca and Jordan.

Cora looks to Alarissa, "For Thrax pride I am determined to prove I can outsail Archduke Talen and defend princesses everywhere as well." she gives a solid nod, "Not to fear I am about to win us a dromond."

Felicia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

'As long as it's not the new flagship." Alarissa calls out. "There should be one or two in the harbor."

Cora stares with her mouth open at Niklas for a long moment then laughs and applauds, "Very nicely done! Next up is Felicia!"

Adora finds hersef tapping her foot along to the beat Niklas lays out. Then she scowls and stands, taking her bottle with her.

Having retaken her place at the table and set her drum down beside her again, Gianna applauds for Mikani's song and basically looks smug. Then Niklas begins to sing, and she blinks. Several times. Then raises her hands to applaud again, her expression... difficult to read. Amusement? Annoyance? Annoyment?

Arcadia checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Jordan seems to be telling some sort of... tale, in between the performances of each shanty singer. He lowers his hands, looking around to steal himself a drink smewhere.

Mikani has joined the Beneath Trees.

Niklas walks back over to the table, nodding to random people, "Why yes, I am a prince. What? Oh, Grayson of course. None greater!"

Eyes turning back to Talen with a smirk, that smirk becomes a wide grin, "Well then, terms are laid when shall we do this thing? I mean, I could just win it tonight but that wouldn't be fair on you."

Mikani sits next to Carita relaxing. She applauds for the singers after her.

Felicia can't help but sing along with Niklas' song with a laugh, but then it's her turn and she's already shaking her head attention turns her way,"Well, I'm no writer. And I think after that performance I'm doomed. But. Even in the Crownlands we know this one." it's not going to be able kind of original song, not by any measure, but she does have a fair voice for belting out a few stanzas of 'What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor' at least before retreating with a gesture of applause and attendance towards the actual bards. The flicker of her eyes and the wry smirk at the iterations of 'none greater' going around probably just an illusion.

Applauding Felicia, Cora whistles there as well, "BRilliant job! Next up is Brogan!"

Gianna dutifully applauds Felicia, but she's doing a piss poor job of hiding that she's scowling. At least it doesn't seem aimed at Felicia herself?

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal have been dismissed.

Chianti, a majestic black Ostrian horse have been dismissed.

6 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Bianca chuckled softly, applause again rising though this time for Niklas and Felicia.

Mikani rests her head on Caritas's shoulder.

"Only just recently returned from the mountain! I didn't recognize you before for some reason. You'd think seeing Talen with manhandling a woman over his shoulder might have clued me in. In my defense, I was distracted and not drinking enough yet!" Brogan beams down to his niece, clearly happy in reunion. His cheer fades only slightly. "Not yet, I am running into family in bits and pieces. I am back at their estate for now though. I promise, I will visit and catch up soon." He jerks a thumb over at Felicia. "Dame Harrow over there has dragged me into making a spectacle of myself!" As if the shirtless adventures in several areas did not already do this. "Oh hey Felicia is up." Once she sings and his name is called he makes a face. "Be right back"

Brogan checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Applauding as Brogen sings, and handing out the winning prizes, Cora grins and calls out, "And now our drinking contest! Get in line and get ready for one amazing blessing to Mangata! This will make the fish fight even more wonderful no doubt!"

The line has been dismissed by Coraline.

Felicia has joined the line.

Looking at Felicia with mutterings of evil promises, Brogan finally turns his attentions to the crowd. Yet first. First he so needs a drink. So he tilts back a bottle. "Huh. I need all the edge I can get. So!" Yoink! Yet again Brogan Nightgold has attended an event that sees him rip off his top, and go bare chested for a flexing exhibition. Only then does he bust out in song. Any time Grog is mentioned, he waggles eyebrows.

"A is the anchor that holds a bold ship, B is the bowsprit that often does dip, C is the capstan on which we do wind, and D is the davits on which the jolly boat hangs!" A deep breath and he continues at rapid speed.

"E is the ensign, the red, white, and blue, F is the fo'c'sle, holds the ship's crew, G I changed to Grog, on this I take a stand, H is the hawser that seldom does strand!

I is the irons where the stuns'l boom sits,J is the jib-boom that often does dip, K are the keelsons of which you've told, and L are the lanyards that always will hold!"

Launching into the chorus, Brogan continues on! "Oh, hi derry, hey derry, ho derry down, Give sailors their Grog and there's nothing goes wrong! So merry, so merry, so merry are we, no matter who's laughing at sailors at sea!

M is the main mast, so stout and so strong, N is the north point that never points wrong! O are the orders of which we must be'ware, and P are the pumps that cause sailors to swear!

Q is the quadrant, the sun for to take, R is the riggin' that always does shake, S is the starboard side of our bold ship, and T are the topmasts that often do split!

U is the ugliest old Captain of all, V are the vapours that come with the squall, W is the windlass on which we do wind, and X, Y, and Z, well, I can't put in rhyme!!!!" Once again with the chorus! "Oh, hi derry, hey derry, ho derry down, Give sailors their grog and there's nothing goes wrong! So merry, so merry, so merry are we, No matter who's laughing at sailors at sea!

Brogan finally finishes his song and takes a deep loud breath to refill his lungs. Once done, of course he takes a long drink to fill his stomach. Which means he makes his pecs and biceps do a little bouncing and flexing, because he is a cheater like that.

Carita has joined the line.

Jophiel has joined the line.

Helia has joined the line.

Brogan has joined the line.

Gianna's brow furrows even further. "...Why did he take his shirt off?" she mutters, glancing over at Niklas. "It really didn't help."

Talen has joined the line.

Mikani has joined the line.

Bashira claps for those that won, "Good show everyone." she tells them. There is a look back to the sea where Sparte is still rowing and the young woman shakes her head at that, but she smiles as well. Then she's turning to go find herself a seat.

Vanora and Valdemar arrive arm in arm and more than just fashionably late. The lady is murmuring something to her husband that has her smiling afterwards. They step onto the beaches find a place to spectate, "Just in time for the drinking contest. I'm not likely to win that sort of thing, I can handle my wine but..."

Felicia isn't afraid to reach over to tweak one of Brogan's bouncing pecs,"It's a singing competition, not a stripping competition, you great lug... but at least now I know you know the alphabet!" and she elects that maybe she should hasten towards the drinking competition tables before he gets a hold of her.

"Ah, not a moment of rest of for you, but I'd expect nothing less. You're a busy woman, that much is plain to see, from all the events you run"" And then Helia takes a sip of tea and furrows her brow, "Hmmm, I hope to win! I think I'll be facing Holt Weaver next? I think that's his name. I think he's a Crimson Blade, so he might be really good! But we'll see." Then her eyes widen. Drining contest? Yes. Absolutely. Knocking back a little more tea, the swashbuckler stands and gives a polite dip of her head. "Would you excuse me for a moment, your highness. I have a drinking competition to win!"

The Legate of Creation stepped forward, bare feet parsing the sand as she moved toward the contest area. Upon reaching it, Bianca turned to face the sea with calloused hands lifting to the heavens and in a clear voice she spoke for all present to hear:

"Our Lady, Bright Star of the Ocean, Azure Mother, Pearl of Grace,

We come to you in gratitude to honor all the many boons you have provided.

For all the bounty of the sea,

For all the winds in the need,

For all the safe harbors,

For protection while we are about wind and wave,

For all the rains of growth and nourishment,

And for watching over all those who toil on ship and stead.

Blessed are you, Star of the Sea, our Goddess Mangata.

Behold us now as we honor you in this feat.

With our voices strong and our bellies steeled, may our grateful declarations of

your boons carry on the winds,

reaching to Elysia.

In your name, we praise. So let it be."

Upon fruition of the declaration, Bianca turned again though now to face those gathered and ready to partake in the contest with a warm smile. "May the most stalwart stomach win. Good luck."

Helia belatedly shouts, "WHOO! Lord Brogan! You legend!" And loads and loads of applause.

As Brogan tears himself away to go sing, flex, and drink, in that order, Eleyna finds a place by herself. Clearly her swollen belly means joining the drinking contest is right out, so, instead, she settles in somewhere. She still looks in Talen's direction at times, the expression in those pale blue eyes unreadable. She doesn't look happy, to say the least.

Bashira gives a strange look to something and then forgoes the seating. She instead heads up the steps and heads back to the city. Because Bashira is a weirdo...

Niklas shakes his head at Gianna's question. "Whenever I take my shirt off in public people message Sabella and Tikva demanding that I stop." He tugs on his pastel pink shirt. "Honestly, it's a little hurtful." Looking back to Gianna he says, "Might have given you the win, though."

Carita's quiet conversation is disrupted only slightly as Mikani rests her head on her shoulder, making the Darkwater voice's brows lift in surprise before she just grins and shakes her head, turning her attention back to the Legate and Jordan. She quiets as Bianca departs from her and smiles warmly once the blessing is finished.

"Off you go to win it!" Alarissa excuses Helia, smiling from her little bedraggled corner, still wrapped in Talen's cloak and the fire built good near her. As Bianca rises to offer a blessing, Alarissa rises taking a deep breath and murmurs a prayer beneath her breath before taking her seat again to watch the drinking conversation.

"Done, then. You and I, a night away from now, we will compete to your satisfaction and then win or lose a dromond exact. Velenosa or Thrax," Talen decides for Coraline, "and we shall see how that goes." Then to Arcadia he speaks for a while, until he notices that glowering from Eleyna, from time to time. "Hey," he says, before marching for a drink. Actually, a lot of drinks, considering it's a drinking contest.

Valdemar is smiling somewhat as well as he arrives with his wife, his hair tied back with a leather cord. "I was drinking strongmead before we left the longhouse, so I'd be at a disadvantage if I entered. Besides, I think the contest is to see who can drink the most rum," he remarks in reply to Vanora as they make their way closer, looking for someplace to sit and observe.

Gianna looks down at herself and gives a shrug. It's interesting. "Probably. I need another drink. Would you like something?" Adora doesn't get the offer. She is still suspicious about that drink she had earlier disappearing.

Cora is silent, and respectful during the prayer, as it finishes she respectfully nods to Bianca, "Thank you Legate. To all competetors, this will go till there is only one remaining. There will be three placings for this as well. Get ready, get set, Drink!

"I only know that one because it was part of a drinking game with some Thraxians long ago." Brogan mock-smacks at the hand and he looks for Talen. "You know, he does have one point. Princesses are trouble. But he forgot the biggest trouble of all! Redheads!" Brogan tilts back his bottle again and arches his brows and grins. "Huh. By that logic I suppose Redheaded Princess probably could end the world." Helia has earned herself a wink and a little flexing show. With the blessing, Brogan actually behaves himself and quiets as the Legate speaks.

Eleyna has joined the Quiet Strand.

Adora has joined the line.

Vanora wrinkles her nose at Valdemar. "Rum. I suppose I should try to develop a taste for it...but it hasn't happened yet. Either way, I'd fall to the floor fairly quickly. If we'd arrived in time for singing would you have performed, or are you back to hiding to family's ancient talent in public?" She inquires of him.

Vanora has joined the Northern Dunes.

"Lucky for you I'm just common rabble." Felicia notes for Brogan with a delicate sniff,"Are you going to put your shirt back on before drinking? Or do you think that it will help you hold your liquor somehow?" she asks with a loft of her brow.

Valdemar has joined the Northern Dunes.

Jophiel checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Quietening down for the blessing, looking almost reverant, Helia flashes two thumbs ups up to Brogan once it's done. She laughs in a loud cackle, then gets ready for the drinkings. She even does a little stretch to limber up, both arms above her head with fingers lace, leaning from side-to-side. And then, to the booze with a strut. THis is IN THE BAG. Or so she thinks, the naive fool.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

"Of course not!" Brogan just looks at Felicia confused. "I'll hold more without it!"

Talen checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Carita checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Adora checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Alarissa has left the Southern Dunes.

Alarissa has joined the Quiet Strand.

Felicia narrows her eyes at Brogan as she takes a seat, reaching out 'accidentally' to thump him one while stretching and claiming her rum. It might not be whiskey, but there's no hesitation in throwing it back at least.

Mikani checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Talen ups his cup and continues chatting to Arcadia, clearly a conversation ongoing as he's engaging with the competition, the protege given what moments are allowed to pass without a new drink being pressed into his hand.

"I never really developed a taste for it. Its alright, but I prefer mead. Maybe I'd last a while, but I'd come nowhere close to winning after what I've already had to drink," Valdemar tells his wife, before growing quiet for a moment to listen to the blessing. Once it is done, he goes on to answer her, "Thank the Gods we missed that. My family might have a talent for it in general, but I am not nearly /that/ good."

Jophiel checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

"Drinking contest?" Arcadia asks, perking up from where she's leaned against Talen to murmur something-something. She blows a puff of air up from her lower lip, sending her blonde bangs into a chaotic tumble. Then, something Talen says has her gasping. "/No/?" she asks, with a whine under her voice. Her face scrunches up a bit at the Archduke, but soon she's drowning herself in a big gulp of alcohol, exhaling a hot breath after. "No," she echoes to herself in a lil mumble. She huffs.

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Adora might be regretting drinking Gianna's drink earlier, but she accepts the free cup of alcohol and downs it without much fuss.

Adora checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 73 higher.

Carita checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Mikani checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Gianna rises from her seat at the table to collect herself some whiskey to partake of. On her way past, she inclines her head to Vanora and Valdemar.

Talen checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

With a delicate sip of rum, because rumtime is funtime, Helia slowly depletes the delicious booze slowly but surely until there's nothing left. She even wipes her mouth daintily with the back of her fingers once the glass is empty, offering a quirky little smirk of amusement at the other competitors. She pours herself a third drink, lifts the good spirits in good spirits, and chirps, "Bottoms up!"

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Mikani checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

After making it through the first round, Jophiel was doing so well, he thought that he could do another. And he does. Then that //first// drink hits.

... then the second.

And for one moment, he stands there, and then, he falls right over onto his face.


Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Mikani laughs as Jophiel hits the floor. "Oh that's gonna hurt in the morning ...."

Adora checked willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Felicia might have a major in drinking competitions. At least... the first glass is upended and the second one collected without the slightest hint of a concern. At Helia's bottoms up the knight salutes with her glass in the other womans direction. Giving Brogan another doleful eye before draining her third glass with deliberate slowness just to be annoying.

Cora slips over and holds poor Jophiel, "Now now, can't have you squish your nose. Then it will go sideways and I would have to tease you....oh wait I am already going to tease you. Poor Jo." she pats the poor man with a grin.

Jophiel zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Talen has rolled a critical success!
Talen checked willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Without hesitation. Brogan downs the first drink and looks smug. Then he notes how Felicia is knocking them back and clearly wind comes a little out of his sails. "Argh. I knew it! Seriously woman, do you have any blood left inside, or is it all booze now?" Then poor Jophiel drops. "Damn son." Brogans on to his next drink. He puts on a flexing show, mostly towards Felicia trying to get her to choke during competition. Essentially literally.

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 51 higher.

"Nnf." The second drink goes down easy enough for Arcadia, but the third has her choking a bit, a flushed look reddening her face as she chokes it down and -- for some reason -- sneezes. Most people cough from that. Cady sneezes, apparently. She rubs the side of her hand into her nose and whimpers.

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Mikani checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Mikani takes her shot and just shakes her head. "Yeah that's my last ......"

Adora downs the second, but she's already glowering at the third as its brought over. She starts to tip it back, then coughs and splutters, grimacing and setting the cup down. "Ugh. Too fucking sugary."

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Bianca chuckled, stepping around poor Jophiel as she returned to her place beneath the trees.

Talen checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Talen drinks heavily at this point. That simple. Then, on the next, he gulps harder.

Arcadia has rolled a critical success!
Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Helia just outright laughs as Jophiel eats sand. It's more of a sniggering rosy-cheeked giggle than a laugh, though, and soon afterwards she grins widely at Felicia before she takes more drink. So far, so good. Flushed face and all, she seems to still be standing. Sailors know how to handle their booze, after all, on the decks of swaying ships to boot.

Carita drinks her entire second glass, and looks quite pleased with herself, perhaps a little too pleased. She's preening, running her fingers through her hair when she, suddenly gets a gleam in her eyes and leans over to say something quietly to Jordan.

Talen checked willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 9 lower.

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 0 higher.

Mikani laughs and staggers back to the town. "I Thinks I needs to go homes ......"

Felicia winces as Jophiel goes down, a little hoarse as she informs Brogan,"Got to make up for all the time I spend training, guarding, or doing paperwork. If anything... I'm at a booze deficit." she insists,"...though, you know, it is only rum." a dull eye is cast over Brogan's dancing pecs, the attempt to distract seemingly failed before it begins,"I'm onto your trickery, bear-man. Your pretty pecs can't make up for alcohol content."

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Brogan checked stamina + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Mikani has left the Beneath Trees.

Talen guzzles his last drink and then throws the cup, saying, "Nuh-uh," and sitting down. He might sway a little, clearly opting for sensibility in his company, as he continues to speak with Arcadia and watch the others collect themselves for further outrageous drinking.

Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 9 higher.

Though her face is flushed a hazy crimson, Cady stays steady, going hard as she absolutely nails that last shot of amber liquor. She gives an abrupt snort of laughter at something Talen murmurs to her, and then goes for her next drink, hand a bit wobbly as she tilts the glass to her lips and slurps it down, "Yeeeeeef," is the sound she makes. For some reason.

Arcadia has rolled a critical success!
Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 33 higher.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Delilah has joined the Beneath Trees.

Talen says, "You're going to hate that headache."

Talen is speaking from experience, to Arcadia.

Cady's drunk. Cady doesn't even hesitate when she reaches for the next drink, and she picks it up and downs it like clockwork, wobbling on the heels of her boots with a stupid smile plastered along her rosy lips. She blinks a few times, and chugs it down like pirate -- a teeny pirate, dressed in a lil silk blouse. "I like headaches," she says after a squeaky hiccup.

And a big 'phew' from Helia, cheeks blowing out from chugging all this rum in quick succession. By this point she has a hand on her hip to steady herself, trying to pace herself as her eyes glaze over a little bit. Tipsy, that's what she is right now, and her cheeks are turning redder and redder by the minute, even as Arcadia and Felicia keep a-drinking. Lowering the glass to the nearest surface with a louder-than-expected 'thonk' and waving the hand in front of her face, the swordswoman turns just in time to see the look Carita gives Jordan. Looking between the two of them for a flicker of some moments, she smiles bright and genuine at the Darkwater lady, then briefly glances at the knight before she pours and lifts more rum.

Looking as smug as he does, Brogan is about to get a life lesson in instant Karma. "Ha! Good point. It is only rum. Yet you can never-" Then there is a splutter from Brogan. The Rum goes down the wrong pipe. All because Felicia told him his Pecs were not sufficient. Gasp! Wheeze! Feel the burn!

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

So there's that thing about showing up fashionably late. In which case Delilah might as well have a career as a model as she caroms down the slope of the sand into the Thraxian tournament, or whatever constitutes the remainder of it. But what matters: no fish slapping contest yet. Or whatever fishy business awaits. Her piscine proclivities aside, the laughing, copper-haired Whitehawk girl goes graciously tumbling past in an easy movement to seek the shade of the trees because she happened to notice Bianca. Or she's presaging the King's arrival. A new career as a messenger? Maybe!

Helia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 15 lower.

Gianna has collected her whiskey and returned to the table. The picnic table. There's no way she's in a drinking competition. She also looks rather grumpy. She sits down next to the small drum on the bench at the table and has a healthy swig of her drink.

Adora watches the rest of the competion leaning back against a tree, still holding the bottle she was drinking earlier but not taking anymore sips. Yet.

"See /now/ is when we should be singing." Felicia proclaims to her tablemates in a somewhat slurred tone, and then Brogan's spluttering and she doesn't hide for a second the triumphant smirk his way,"Inferior pecs." she declares, not that any attempt at flexing on her behalf is noticeable in her shirt.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 9 lower.

Arcadia checked willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 17 lower.

Alaric as it so happens is also contemplating fish warfare with his assistant in the middle of all that big knighty retinue. "Do you think fish warfare involves siegecraft?" he inquires curiously of her. "Like, say... a balfishta?" Zelda exhales long-sufferingly and declines to reply, but that doesn't stop the King. "Either way, I'm certain pikemen feature heavily," he adds with a little elbow. He, at least, seems to be having a great time already.

Puma, The Stonewood Forest Cat arrives, following Gailin.

The line has been dismissed by Coraline.

Gasping for air, as rum makes for a terrible inhalent. Brogan flings a hand towards Felicia "Those are boobs, not pecs!" Brogan has to take a seat to cough the rum out of his airways and wonder when the Northerners come to take away his beard and credentials as a Northerner.

Watching the participants fall on their faces during this particular contest, Cora grins, "Time for the fish fight, participants, sober or not, line up and choose your fish. We have huge fish, medium fish, and small fish! Grab your fish and get ready to go."

"Look up, Nightsong! Competition is just an opportunity to do better next time!" Jordan calls across to Gianna, "I have faith in your singing talents!" He's laughing at something Carita murmurs to him, and he returns a reply before spotting Helia looking at him and just shaking his head, amused. Back to the Darkwater, he nudges her shoulder with his. "Yes, yes it was. Let's go find that bucket!"

Talen manages to say to Arcadia, "Was third worth the headache?" in curiousity, while he leans over for a bit of food, whatever it is. Honestly? It doens't matter when you're this drunk. Even the fish fight look remarkably confusing to him and he squints. "I'm not sure I even -want- to do this. Eleyna! ELEYNA." Silence.

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Gailin has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

Eleyna sighs in exasperation, interrupts the quiet conversation she's been having with Alarissa and shouts back to Talen. "What do you want?!"

Talen says, "Nevermind."

Talen selects the smallest fish possible.

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"Archduke...if you don't want to whatever it is you are about to, you don't have to. You can come sit down." Vanora tries to address Talen without shouting too loudly.

Gailin has left the Northern Dunes.

Eleyna rolls her eyes at Talen and returns to her conversation.

Talen says, "The sardine compels me, Lady Vanora Grimhall."

Sparte finally comes rowing into shore, a big stupid grin on his face that says he knows exactly how terrible he was and doesn't care. Taking a moment to rub his shoulders and rotate his arms after all that bad rowing, he makes his way to watch the current competition.

Gianna's reply to Jordan is a big of a sniff. And then she's eyeing the fish, and shaking her head. "I think it's time to leave. Before the drunks start slinging fish everywhere." She takes up her drum, tucking it under her arm, and walks briskly back toward the city. So briskly.

"Of..course it does. Carry on." Vanora responds, amusement in her voice.

Felicia is good and Drunk. With a capital D. Which no doubt shows in the way that she sways after that last round, weaving backwards in her seat and having to clutch the table to stay something resembling upright. If one squints one-eyed. But there's still fish slapping to go. So she lurches to her feet and almost collects herself trying to step over the bench with a warbled,"Raar!" with a relaxed grin at Coraline. Helia and Arcadia get a whoop, too, before she elects to stumble in the direction of the fish fight, seeing as her ability to feel the slap of scales might be somewhat muted right now.

Felicia has joined the line.

Adora glances over as the gods damn king arrives. With an expressive roll of her eyes, she pushes off her tree and goes to get all the good scallops before royalty gets to them first.

BANG! Goes down Helia's glass. Decisive. Like a thunderclap. LOUD. She makes a 'blergh' face at all the alcohol, shakes her head from side to side, and then composing herself, blows her tongue out at Jordan in a big raspberry. Then she points at Brogan, chuckling, and declares, "At least I beat that giant man-bear!" She winks next to Felicia, then raises her voice to nobody in particular when the next test of wills and skills and gills is announced, "Yes! I will wield a fish of middling proportions! Give me one of those scaly beauties and LIVE IN FEAR!" Because what is dignity, in this great big wide world of ours? Drunken fishfighting. That's where it's at.

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The royal party descends on the picnic either because (a) it's situated at a safe distance from which to observe the fish fight or (b) they brought a picnic? Probably (a). "Well met, Niklas," Alaric declares sociably as he watches the fighters assemble. "I daresay morale is high amongst the combatants."

Alaric has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

"Don't sniff at me. That breaks my heart." Jordan manages across again, with an easy-going grin. "You'll do good! Gods bless! And I don't think fish hurling is a game. I hope so, anyway." He looks to Carita, then to Bianca, and considers, before asking for clarification, "Right?" When he gets raspberried, the knight starts laughing again. "Look here, Helia the Hellion, I'd have made sure this competition was worth a good twelve bottles if I had taken part in it!"

Drool sputters from Arcadia's lips, and she uses her blouse to wipe it all off. "Ennnnf. Eh. Huh?" She just kinda stares into the distance for a bit, and then glances up to Talen, looking bleary. "What?" She smiles at him, and then says: "Hiii." A long pause before the rest of whatever's going on registers. "What'ss'a fish fight?" she asks, grabbing onto Talen's arm for support. "Fighting... a fish?" She hiccups. Classic. She moves in line behind Talen.

Finally getting air to his lungs properly. Brogan thumps his chest a few more times to be sure he is no longer a walking potential fire breather. Then a few more thumps to get himself mentally ready to grab a huge fish! At Felicia's raar Brogan groans. "She'll be impossible now!" Finally, he does stand and head over to pluck up a huge fish. Then there is Helia bragging and he has to groan again. "Shhhh. They'll shave my beard for losing to a sailor!" He does sketch the woman a salute for her victory, and repeats the gesture for Arcadia as well.

Arcadia has joined the line.

Niklas gets to his feet and offers the king a quick bow and a, "Your majesty!" before flopping back down.

"Heyyyy." Cady stares at Alaric when she notices him. "You're the King," she tells him.

Every time she tries to rise, Jordan pushes Carita back to a sitting position, making the slender Darkwater Voice rather disgruntled in a wet kitten sort of way. "I'll kick you, Sir Ober. Probably pretty hard."

Eleyna has joined the line.

:dusts sand off of her skirts and gives Alarissa's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll be right back. I need to go smack my husband with a fish."

Eleyna dusts sand off of her skirts and gives Alarissa's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll be right back. I need to go smack my husband with a fish."

Talen leads Arcadia to the line and says, "You're in no position," before adding, "but sure, join anyway, maybe you'll realise what happens when you're wasted and fight." Then, as he spies Eleyna dust off her sand and step up, he crosses his arms-- sardine included-- to add, "You're not even going to touch me, you know?"

Stepping up and watching amusedly how many of the drunk people head to the fight, Cora grins as she calls out, "First up is Brogan versus Felicia! Fighters, choose your fish! Three rounds."

Eleyna checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Gianna has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Eleyna just gives Talen a withering look as she takes her position in line to join in the fun.

Delilah has left the Beneath Trees.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly leaves, following Delilah.

Brogan checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Eleyna checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Alaric despite being a recent arrival to the beach can quite easily tell that Arcadia seems drunk af and ergo spontaneously decides to mess with her head. "Oh, that's really quite a common mistake, actually," he calls back to her, gesturing with his thumb towards Niklas. "He's the King! I'm just holding his crown for him."

Felicia ha's, loudly, at Brogan, as they're paired up with all the bravado of the drunk and stumbles over to the fish table. A wise person might go for something small, probably, easy to wield, good grip. The Harrow, however, startled at least briefly into something that mimics sobriety when she spots Alaric and turning about four shades of crimson, goes for the biggest fish she can collect to carry it over like a club towards Brogan,"I am /so/ drunk... so at least you have some kind of advantage... erp... here."

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

With a sailor's sway towards the fish table, helia plucks up a fish that's just the right size for her, it would seem. It's a little slippy, and she almost drops the thing before she manages to get a grip of the tail end. But once she does get a grip on it, she flops it towards her similarly fish-opponents. There's a a devilish but squiffy look on her flushed face, "Be prepared, for I intend to put you all in your PLAICE!" And yes, it's totally a plaice she's got in her inebriated mitts.

"I mean, I have confidence in your kicking skills, Lady Carita. But right now you need to get over the wooziness." Jordan comments to Carita as he glances about.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Brogan checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Niklas stares with a combination of horror and fascination at Adora as she crams an ocean's worth of scallops in her mouth. He looks over when Alaric points his way. "Oh, yeah. Off with everyone's heads!"

Brogan checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Arcadia's hugging onto Talen's arm to keep upright; she's a touchy person in general, but now she's drunk. Her cheek squishes against his sleeve, and she mutters out a few slurred words: "I wanna hold the crown." Her voice is almost a whine as she covetously eyeballs Alaric's regal headpiece. She peers at him, wondering if he'll let her.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

"Everyone's, Your Highness? Who's going to be left to chop the last person's head? Themselves?" Jordan hears the command, but doesn't seem about to execute it. He's too busy trying to keep Carita from doing drunk wandering.

Niklas waves off Arcadia. "It's just a pointy hat."

Talen checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Talen loosk mildly disgusted by Arcadia's clinginess and begins to shake his arm, wigglign it in a way to detatch her, before he finds the -smallest fish ever- and wraps his -fist- around the -fish-. Then, as people open up, he darts forward and starts to -punch- people. Oh yeah, he's not fish fighting, he's fist fighting, with a fist.

fist fighting with a fish.*

Felicia is definitely not prepared for the first strike, being drunk helps, but doesn't stop her from staggering under the first clean blow of their first round. Which, well, is probably why she responds in so vicious a fashion in the second, causing the head of her carp to go sailing off who knows where, but that third round she's already off balance and off kilter when Brogan's winning blow comes in and she winds up face-first in the sand.

Alaric was already glancing sidelong at Niklas and just adds a squint. "Kings don't say off with everyone's heads, Niklas," he declares dryly. "Well, good ones anyway." He nudges Zelda. "Go see if there's any untapped rum left over from that drinking contest, hm?" That bit of business done, he gives Arcadia a sorry-can't-help-you shrug in reply.

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Eyeballing his drunken-seeming opponant warily, Brogan shakes his head, and then a finger at Felicia. "Oh no. That's bait." Brogan hefts up his huge fish-weapon, once more putting on a bit of a muscle-show as it has served him so well in the past! Then the fish-slap fight begins and earnest. "You earned this!" Bwap! While he artfully dodged her first swing, Felicia's return he completely didn't consider and misses. Once again he is spluttering at her as his opponant. "Oh god, it went in my mouth! I taste it. All raw and..." Well. Since Felicia has been so kind as to unbalance herself with and get turned about, Brogan aims that last fish slap at her backside to help send her sprawling. "Ha!! Yessssss!" Bellows the bear-man as he hefts the fist above his head with both arms to show it off in victory.

Talen's arm wiggling makes Arcadia look a bit woozy, and she's easily shaken off. She steadies herself on her own two feet, and blinks a few times to compose her dizzy, spinning vision.

Carita calls to Niklas at his comment about offing people's heads, her brows furrowed at Jordan even after he's whispered to her, "Start here!" and then her eyes are narrowing at the hand on her shoulder. Instead of trying to wiggle away, she simply /bites/ him. Hard. Right on that hand. This, of course, makes her break in to a fit of giggles as she tries to get up again. "/Wrinkling/ me."

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Ow. Jordan recoils his hand and frowns at Carita. "You've got pretty sharp teeth, Lady Carita. If I didn't know better I'd think I got mauled by a feral wolf or something," he rubs the bite mark, letting her stand up again with a laugh and a shake of his head, this time. "You're sober enough to land a hit, you're sober enough to walk around! I think my job is done."

Eleyna checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Hammered. Flushed. Staggering. Giggling. It should probably be the case that Helia is in no fit state to be swinging her plaice around, but for some reason, she is, and oh my gosh, it is a thing to see. She is a Drunken Master, apparently, as evidenced by the way she's spinning that fish around in a way that seems barely plausible. "Whooo! Take that, you schurvy dogsh! Arrrrgh!" Because why not be a pirate? A sloshed one? That's just fun. Anyway, there's a time and plaice for everything, so she starts to take shit seriously. If she can slap Talen right in the chops, that'd be great. She tries, anyway! "I remember you! You and y-- your unicorn. Take this!"

Alarissa watches the fish slapping from near that fire, still wrapped up to keep warm while bared feet in their hosiery drys off and gets warm by that adjacent fire and her hot tea. There's a wince now and then for a vicious whack and a held breath. "Princess Coraline this was not -precisely- what I had envisioned when I told you to run with this. But I must say it is unique and well worth partaking!"

Eleyna checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Arcadia has rolled a critical success!
Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 103 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Talen checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Oh, I wouldn't be a good king at all. I'd be the sort of king that has a tragic accident and then someone somewhere gets paid a tidy sum." Niklas sits back in his seat. "Not that I'm in danger of it any time soon. Hell, I married out of Kennex specifically to avoid becoming Marquis when Ford eventually tried to get with a mermaid that turned out to be a walrus."

Talen punchpunchpunch. The first to one, random, unseen person. The second to Helia, whereupon he shouts, "Nelat, the unicorn!" as if in correction for her lack of clarity. Finally, he vaults off, in search of a last. Yes, he's punching, but he's holding that sardine and that's his story; fisht fighting with a fish. If he's not disqualified yet, he should surely be. Injuries are non-trivial, when knuckles are delivered. To Helia, his most recent victim, he says, "The rules were unclear," as if that should explain it all .

Alaric peers a bit skeptically into the melee that has abruptly become quite chaotic. "Is it just me, or is Talen just up and slugging people?" he asks of the general picnic table community before glancing at Niklas again. "I suppose if it's in keeping with your hypothetical kingly character, then." He pauses a beat. "Is trying to get with a walrus-mermaid usually fatal, then?"

Cora beams at Alarissa, "Well, I mean I couldn't think of anything more Thraxian really that wasn't all out war so." she shrugs grinning, "I wish Ailith could come for the shanties though, I chose that just for her." she too winces on occasion, "I kinda wish nobody had stepped up for the final slot to be hones." she says laughing.

Adora snorts and might end up with a shell in her nose. She coughs and slams a hand into her chest to dislodge it, spitting off to the side. Then realizes the king is right there and raises up a hand to wipe at her mouth with the back of her hand like all polite company do. "This isn't what I thought nobility and kings talked about at silk parties, but that's about as in line with what we think happens at them," she thumbs towards the fishes.

Helia flips the fish over her head, backwards into the sand towards Sir Slapsalot Velenosa, whereupon a bunch of gulls descend right in Talen's vicinity. A whole flock of them, CAWCAWCAWCAWing all around him. Little bastards. Then she lists her arms above her head and roars, "YESH! SHECOND PLAICE!" And with that, she sniffs herself, wrinkles her nose and goes running straight into the sea to swim the stink off. With the sea. Because that's work. Splash!

"I mean, Luca survived it," says Niklas as he forks himself out a few scallops. "But it was a close thing and it's the reason his scrotum is now a shattered ruin, so I wouldn't give Ford good odds. But, you know what? Maybe he'd surprise me. Love finds a way, you know?"

Arcadia doesn't really know what's going on, but she knows Eleyna's in front of her, and she knows she's swinging fish at her. So she does the only thing she can think of: Load some sardines into the release of her crossbow and prepare to fire them. It takes some fiddling, and potential dirtying of her now-stinky weapon, but soon she's firing them off at the Archduchess with a frenzy of high-velocity shots. One goes particularly fast -- absurdly fast -- probably splattering into a mess of gooey fish flesh and shattered bones. She hiccups. It doesn't seem she's realized who exactly she was up against until it's all over. Her eyes widen a little. The Archduchess of the Lyceum. She blinks. Then she blinks again. She hesitates, and takes a big gulp of air, before saying: "Er... Sorry."

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Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

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Talen is taken apart by the fish fight, backing off, clearly unable to codtend. When he backs off, escapes, and otherwise calls it quits from the fight he watches the onslaught as Helia moves through her ranks until finally finishing. Eleyna and Arcadia's back and forth gets a good watch as he moves to plant himself down, waiting for the inevitable, while calling, "A fishbone is exactly like a shiv, use it!" To Eleyna presumably, since the opponent is rapid-firing sea-creatures. The Archduchess versus the protege is nevertheless something to sea.

In the aftermath of Arcadia's fish assault, Eleyna just stands there, stock still and dripping with fish guts. With a hand against her stomach, she gags. Then, her pale blue eyes widen and she backs away rapidly, shaking her head as she searches out a convenient tree to preserve some semblance of dignity.

Talen says, "oh shit baby says no"

Looking pretty smug once more, the bare chest Brogan does strut about. Yet this does not last, for Arcadia provides a supersonic fish-shellacking. His jaw drops and he just stares, though Talen does provide some distraction with his fish-stabbery rogue-style. "What did I just watch?" He looks from Talen to Arcadia, to Helia. Finally to the proned Felicia, the sight of which makes him gain an expression of pure glee, and deep laughter.

Felicia herfs sand, rolling over onto her back and swiping her face with a hand so she can try and make the world stop spinning. The smell of fish totally unnoticed right now in the name of simply laying there, weakly shaking a fist Brogan's way for his victory.

"Oh yes, the 'incident'," Alaric nods absently to Niklas. "Curious how I always forget the relevant mermaid-walrus details. You'd think they'd stick in the mind more readily." He exhales thoughtfully. "Well, you would have to give Luca better odds in a fight than Ford in any reasonable context, so I can't argue that." Zelda returns with rum! His prospects for the night have clearly improved immensely. "When at the Thrax party, do as House Thrax, some would say," he quips to Adora as he takes a drink with a satisfied grin. "Speaking of the exact opposites of 'reasonable context', I can't for the life of me tell who's actually winning this fish fight. Is it just the person who gets tired of being surrounded by crushed seafood and leaves first?"

"I'll admit I've never seen a battle quite like this before." Vanora comments to Valdemar. "It's impressive in a way. Next time we'll get drunk enough to fight with fish. Maybe?" She queries.

The dangers of upsetting the Archduchess are not lost on Arcadia; drunk or no, and she follows after the woman with a wincing expression. She clears her throat, and unfolds a small kerchief from a pouch in her belt, gingerly offering it out to the regal Lycene lady without a word -- though her face is clearly arranged in a way that says 'my apologies, please don't poison me.'

Adora eyes Alaric, then says in a flat voice, "Didn't House Thrax once take over the Compact and unseat the King? Your majesty." She pops another scallop in her mouth. At least she chews with her mouth closed.

Talen says, "With Velenosan help, no less. Let's no go on about it. Forgive and forget and all them guts."

Talen says wiping off fish guts.

"Oh dear." Is all Alarissa states as Eleyna's off to keep dignity and there's a glance to Coraline with raised brows.

Chuckling non-stop, Brogan is wise enough to stay out of the Wrecking Ball's reach. He does stop his teasing as he realizes Eleyna has had to run off, looking concerned. "Not a good condition to be doing that in. Someone should check upon her." Not Brogan, clearly. There is a little relief on the normally cheerful mans worried expression as Arcadia steps up. Finally he has to loudly ask. "Did I drink too much? Or did a fish essentially, well. Explode?"

Servents are dispatched with some frantic arm waving from Cora to go and a)help further preserve Eleyna's dignity, and b) provide some lovely assistance to make it less awful when she finishes. Fresh clothes of appropriate quality and a changing space are also offered.

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