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Lady Sanya Grimhall

To hold a pen is to be at war.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Inspiring Beauty
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon (Mangata)
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Spun Gold
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Skintone: Peaches and Cream

Titles: Disciple of Mangata, MInister of Productivity for Grimhall

Description: A petite beauty, what she lacks in stature she makes up for, carrying herself like a formidable woman to be reckoned with, not a delicate darling. Her features evoke thoughts of classical paintings, with high cheekbones and a slightly pointed jaw contrasting in angles with soft lips that draw the eye when she speaks. Eyes are the rich blue of sapphires, bright as the sea glittering under moonlight. Her skin is peaches and cream, flawless, not even a stray freckle marring that perfection. Her hair is worn in long waves that reach just below the shoulder blades when loose, a sunlit gold shade that is so much more than 'blonde'. Her figure is lithe and she moves with self-possession that belies her youth.

(Hairpins keep her golden waves from her face and piled atop her head.)

Personality: Sanya Grimhall smiles easily and often, and uses those smiles either to please, engage, or disarm. She's adept at all three and wields passion and inspiration the same way so many in her family do cold steel. It is a foolish thing to assume that she is less precise with those tools, or less deadly. Her moods can seem to shift like quicksilver, and though she can be sunny and charming it takes only one sharp turn to find that laughter fades to temper. Those who know Sanya well describe her as mesmerizing, motivated and exceptionally loyal to those whom she feels have earned it. Family above all.

Background: Lady Sanya Grimhall is one of Abram and Alina Grimhall's children, with a cluster of brothers and sisters not quite as famous as Duke Harald's large brood, but impressive either way. Sanya was born among the middle of the brood, closest with her brother Erik and a younger sister. Her upbringing was fairly typical for a Grimhall...time watching the men prepare for sailing and reaving and learning the arts reserved for women through her mother, though her education had a bit of a different spin on it.

Alina was a Darkwater before she married, and brought into her family life many strange and mythical seeming legends she'd learned growing up on Darkwater Watch, though it is not until recently that any of those tall tales seemed to potentially have a ring of truth. She focused on Sanya's education more thoroughly than her other daughters, describing Sanya as 'the one most like me'. Darkwater blood maybe.

From an early age, Sanya was given a thorough education in etiquette and other social graces, but also in the power of words. She learned how to write in a way that shared her thoughts with the world concisely and clearly yet also passionately, the more driven she was by a cause the more effectively she argued for it. This may have set her up for a good career in law, and appeared to be shaping up to do so when the course shifted just slightly.

Instead of devoting her focus to the court, Alina taught her how to use that power with language towards different ends. A well spoken, persuasive figure was just what Sanya's father required as the Admiral of his own section of the Grim Fleet. Since an injury forced his early retirement, Sanya has been sent by her family from Grihem's Point to Arx, that she might use her skills in service to a House that desperately needs her.

Relationship Summary

  • Gianna - The highly talented Nightingale
  • Petal - A wonderful artisan
  • Lucita - Compassionate, helpful and talented

  • Deceased:
  • Harald - Uncle, the late Grim Duke.

  • Family:
  • Valdemar - My dear cousin, our new Duke
  • Vanora - Kind, warm and trustworthy.
  • Erik - My beloved brother
  • Merida - Sister, unyielding yet dear to me all the same
  • Katya - Cousin, intellect

  • Mourning isles:
  • Jasher - Smart and reflective
  • Denica - Incredibly creative and talented
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Lady of Grimhall, unfailingly polite and kind.
    Ajax An easy going woman, intelligence backing her and a certain grace. I wonder what fate has for her?
    Alarissa A lovely Grimahll.
    Alessandro A devout follower of Mangata -- I am sure the goddess would find no fault in it.
    Amund Proper Mourning Isles lady. Her weapons are far less visible than my own.
    Apollo Kind and a good conversationalist, though I think she might like me better if I were a book.
    Arcelia She is well spoken and knows what she wants. I can respect that and I look forward to future interactions.
    Arman For a very brief moment I underestimated her understanding of my words. It was a mistake I will not dishonor her with again. The Lady Sanya is quick of wit and holds a clear political understanding of the current climate of the Mourning Isles. I look forward to our diplomatic ventures together.
    Astyr Charming, pleasant, and somewhat reserve: not intrusive, but seemingly kind.
    Berenice A lovely lady of House Grimhall. Always a pleasure to run into at a party.
    Cahal Bardess and minister of productivity. Her skills must far exceed song and beautiful clothes.
    Caspian It's a shame she didn't get to hear my story all the way! I'll have to finish it. She seems nice, hope we get to talk more.
    Cassima Cassima is happy to have finally met this daughter of Grimhall and would like to be further acquainted with her.
    Cullen A beautiful and charming Lady of Grimhall who seems would be an excellent conversation partner away from a crowd - I'll have to find out if that is true when I can.
    Delilah The world could use more people capable of delivering compelling speeches and vibrant discussions. For how do ideas become reality without those who can express them and articulate concepts? She favours that graceful art of conversation and it's something remarkable to see.
    Domonico She asks relevant questions and quickly understands the seriousness of a situation. So far I approve of her.
    Draven She's nice! She was trying to help Lisebet feel better! I like her!
    Evander The Lady Grimhall displays compassion and a peception that is to be admired, all too rare as those qualities are.
    Evangeline There are few who can rival her beauty. I am certain I will have many suitors asking, begging me to write love letters to this delightful noblewoman.
    Evaristo Calm and collected and reasonable. Probably the sort of person I should hang around more often!
    Evonleigh She's clearly a woman of impeccable taste, given she liked my play -- all self flattery aside, she was very friendly and charming, a pleasant addition to any conversation or occasion.
    Fairen I have found the Lady Grimhall to be studious, and gracious in her behaviors. Her appreciation for education and the trappings of knowledge is both inspiring, and near to my heart. While she reminds me much of Tomwell, she has a respect for Scholars such as myself that I admire.
    Gianna Lady Sanya Grimhall is a talented and welcome addition to the Bard's College.
    Gwenna Lady Sanya Grimhall is a charming noblewoman who I have surely seen at events here and there in the city. We both attended the Harlequin's Picnic and I quite enjoyed playing the questions game alongside her! Hopefully our paths will continue to cross, as I suspect we may be of like minds and might be friends.
    Harlex Enjoyable company. Has that smile of a woman with a secret. I'll always fall for that.
    Ian I hope her faith isn't misplaced.
    Iseulet A graceful and delicate flower of Grimhall. A wonderful conversationalist, warm and welcoming. I'm honored to be associated with her and her family.
    Jace A follower of Mangata. Will have to show her the Shrine on the Beach. Much better than the one in the coty.
    Jasher This lady of Grimhall wears her smile the same way a man would wield a sword and shield. Her skill in conversation is to be respected, and feared.
    Jordan A talented Lady of Grimhall. She's got a way with words and a charismatic presence.
    Kaia A lovely and quite amicable lady, a great conversationalist. I do look forward to speaking with her again sometime!
    Karina Never seems to say anything untoward or out of turn - a habit that I could probably stand to learn from. She has a gracious warmth that I, in my newness, very much appreciate.
    Liara Quick to smile and to laugh, while still providing a serious assessment of a serious topic - how to dress. And she was very finely dressed herself.
    Lora It is always a surprise to find one of my cousins in Arx. Would that this were a happier surprise; would that I knew better how to fuel her spark of hope.
    Lucita One of the Grimhalls. She seemed quite charming and loyal to family, is a disciple of Mangata and that is one of the Gods in whom I share an interest. She is an interesting conversationalist.
    Mabelle As beautiful as she is down to business! She's not wasting her time!
    Martino A truly curious, devout and good noblewoman from a fine Thraxian family. Incredibly cultured.
    Miranda This Lady of Grimhall is fairly quiet. If an opportunity comes, I hope to learn more about her.
    Monique She nearly won the obstacle course! The woman is clearly a mistress of the sea, she had such command over the rigging and the knots. And she's personable, friendly.
    Niklas A fellow Islander and lover of music. A rare combination and the sort around which I should spend more of my time.
    Petal So kind and eager to help!
    Pharamond Full of good humour and a slip of the tongue that makes one smile. I hope I catch her again!
    Reese Seems polite, thoughtful toward others and is from a great family. I look forward to hearing her sing one day.
    Rinel A woman far more cautious, and thus far wiser, than many within the city. Our enemies should not be named so freely. It is good to see another who recognises this truth.
    Roxana A charming and beautiful lady of the Isles. Social and not at all 'grim'
    Sabella A lovely woman who seems very interesting in writing, so we shall have to get together often to talk about it! And maybe even let Niklas come to. Hm, and maybe with Delilah we can start a writing club! Anyway, I should like to get to know her better as it seems we share interests!
    Sabella Lady Sanya is not only an impressive performer and writer, but so entirely delightful in conversation that I look forward to meeting with her quite often out and about the city!
    Sophie Even when times are difficult, she is a pleasant presence. I hope to spend more time with her under better circumstances.
    Svoli Impeccable sense of balance, probably hard to shake her.
    Tabitha What a lovely lady! She has a fine eye for craftsmanship too, which is always so good to see. I hope we can talk again!
    Tescelina There is a brightness to her that I do not often see in Islanders. Pleasant and lovely.
    Turo She wants to know how to better handle shavs. That works for me.
    Tyrus Lady Sanya Grimhall proved excellent company at dinner, insightful and perceptive in turn.
    Valdemar Having my cousin in Arx is a pleasure. I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish with us.
    Vanora A cousin of Valdemar's on his mother's side, Lady Sanya is a delight to spend time with and an asset to the House.
    Victus Our meeting was very brief. Maybe I'll pick her brain about traditionalist Isles values sometimes. Always love hearin' those.
    Viviana A lovely Lady of House Grimhall, Sanya is delightful company, and I look forward to sharing a drink with her sometime.
    Wash I overlooked her twice before due to her height, but she disntinguished herself at the Prince's dinner, lasting longer than her liege and lady.
    Zacharie A Grimhall cousin who is lovely and charming. Wonderful.