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Royal Wedding Reception

Royal wedding reception for King Alaric and Queen Symonesse Grayson!


Aug. 1, 2017, 10:12 p.m.

Hosted By

Alaric Symonesse


Fergus(RIP) Agnarr Artorius Lark Katarina Orazio(RIP) Cristoph Blacktongue Belladonna Paloma Monique Saedrus Eirene Valencia Aislin Donella Lydia Tobias Caelis Talen Tikva Anze(RIP) Ian Mason Shard Darren Marian Barric(RIP) Aleksei Leona Mia Thena Estaban(RIP) Eleyna Silas Calarian Nicia(RIP) Khanne Caras Tristan Selene Reese Esoka Mira Tyrval Calypso Aiden Cesare Vercyn Mae



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

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Comments and Log


I had a delightful time at Alaric's and Symonesse's wedding and reception, and by that I mean I spoke to almost no-one. I did get to see the King briefly at one point, and I think we might share a sense of humor. Rulers must have humor, I think, or they risk becoming tyrants. I don't think I'll worry about that in the least, in this case.

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Silas gets a proper kiss in return! That works, too. He ruffles Aiden's hair before he withdraws and looks to Estaban with a smile. "Hey, Estaban. Did you enjoy the ceremony? I'm sad I missed it." He plops down on the couch cushions, in a corner of the sofa.

Thena drifts in with the rest of the crowd, alert and watchful, and she skips the receiving line entirely in favor of...well, she hasn't figure that out yet, beyond not-receiving-line.

    After a quick stop by the Whisper House, Cesare arrives with mandolin in hand. Its a festive occasion after all, and he'd be loathe not to play during an event such as this. How many times in one's life does someone get to see a King and Queen wed? Particularly a human King to an Elven Queen.

    He begins to play almost immediately upon entering- improvising and playing along with whatever musicians have been hired for the event.

Khanne smiles up at Vercyn as he joins her at the table she has taken residence at. "Beloved Uncle! I am glad you could make it out tonight. Have you been well? I must say, it is good to see you."

"I did! Have you met my brother? Lord Artorius, meet my friend the Countess Nicia Pravus." She offers introductions. "I suppose we should go offer our congratulations, I really thought my cousins would be here...but it would appear they're not to be found." Caelis sighs and offers Nicia her other arm.

Orazio shakes his head. "It was my honor and pleasure, Your Majesty." He bows, again, and then slips away from the line. The Legate, it seems, would also like some booze. Seeing Aleksei and Saedrus enter, he gives both men polite nods, and then he strides over to get a glass of wine. Ian is noted, and given a warm smile. "Lord Ian. You are looking well."

Shard gives Esoka a distracted nod, and a muttered, "Drink fast," before she takes her own advice and takes a larger than advised swallow of the ale she's just poured for herself. She then glances sharply toward Aislin, but only for a moment, before making way for the others coming to get drinks.

"It wasn't wine. Who keeps wine in a flask?" Aiden remarks casually to Silas, leaning up to properly kiss him because damnit, they just saw the wedding of King and Queen! It's time to celebrate. Squeezing his arm, he flops into one of the cushions, "We'll need a lot more, more drinks! Before the night is through." he notices Reese, "Cousin!!!" He might wibble wobble over toward her and toss his arms around Reese to give her a hug, "Wasn't that fantastic? Your wedding though-" he finger waggles at her, "I'll never forget how that monster burst out of the ground."

"If I could bend over and reach my feet, I would be throwing one of these boots at him. Alas, if I bend over, I'm not getting back up." Suddenly, Eleyna look a little worried as she glances between Donella, Darren, and Talen. "Oh, damn. Am I going to have to curtsy?"

4 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Leona.

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"Yes, it's all fine," Aislin assures Mason, in a tone which somehow suggests that no, it decidedly /isn't/ all fine. "I just need to go have /words/ with someone, that's all." With one last nod to Symonesse and Alaric, she turns her attention towards the corner where Sulky the Elf-Prince has ensconced himself, and begins to make her way across the floor towards the couches.

When Cesare arrives with his prodigous mandolin in hand, Katarina is keen to watch the Whisper's performance before the King and Queen, awed as usual.

"We have met, a few times now. Mostly in passing, though." Nicia replies, offering a smile to Caelis once more, glancing around before she shakes her head, "I'll wait for Cristoph to go give my congratulations. Wouldn't want to do it twice when he gets here."

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Saedrus smiles brightly to Cesare tipping his head up over the crowd to spy the Whisper. He could hear Cesare, even if he could not see him. "Magnificent voice, yes?" Evergreens catch on Legate Orazio, and eyes briefly meet. The nod returned with a polite, elegant bow, before the Whisper too searches out a drink. Quickly.

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"Alas, it's no fun if you give in without even trying," Darren chuckles over to Talen, winking at Eleyna. "I know he's not this big of a pushover with -you-." There is a smirk, before he returns his attention to Symonesse and Alaric, waiting his turn before it is time to step up. He brings Donella along with him, of course. There is a deep bow, before he says to the both of them. "Many congratulations, your Majesties. May your union be blessed by the Gods and Spirits both." He smiles. "On behalf of House Redrain, we will be donating one hundred thousand silver in the King and Queen's name to the Faith of the Pantheon. My hope is that the Faith will use the silver to help continue to spread a message of unity across the Compact." There is a subtle glance to Orazio, as he inclines his head. "There are stilll so many bridges that need to be built."

Aleksei turns back towards the couches with Saedrus, a hint of amusement when Mae peels off to apparently go in the exact same direction. His gaze catches briefly on Aislin, and there's a hint of concern as he moves in towards the couches as well.

Artorius smiles to Nicia "It was a rather pleasant wedding. Did you have fun?" he smiles in greeting before Caelis introduces people to each other. "A pleasure to meet you Countess. My sister speaks highly of you." he bows his head softly.

Barric seems to be running late for something, the party looks grand and he whispers to Valencia before letting his arm fall away and approaching the King his cousin and the new Queen. "MAy you both live long... I must speak with you soon Cousin and I'll deliver my gift then." He turns to the queen, "I look forward to speaking with you more in time, but it is late... Do be kind to my escort for the festivities. Princess Valencia Velenosa is dear to me." he nods towards Valencia, she hadn't wanted to rush to the front knowing Barric needed to go.

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Selene follows the royal party with all the assorted train of guests, guards, servants, spies, mounts and pets, though fortunately a few of those seemingly get lost en route. Seeing a group forming to offer the royals well-wishes, she considers the line, and then takes a pause. There are Princes and others of such station to go first. So for now, she seeks out drink and... well, first seems to *consider* wandering off, but then gets back in line. Otherwise she'll never get a chance!

Mason gives Aislin a nod, "If there is anything I can help with, my friend, you have only to ask." He says, then turns at hearing a familiar, and very uncommon language. He gives Mira a wide smile and bends a graceful bow. When he straightens he'll step closer so he doesn't have to lift his voice too much over the crowd, smoothly speaking in Eurusi.

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Ian nods to Orazio. Just, he's got some kind of spirits already. He wastes no time. "That was an excellent service. Well executed. The clockwork spiders were an interesting touch."

Vercyn lifts his glass to Khanne with a smile. "It is good to be out, and to see you as well. I of course would not miss this for anything. I hope that you are well."

Cristoph re-arrives on the scene! Where he ducked out to is a mystery, though likely he was stuck chatting with someone before he could untangle himself. He arrives in the vicinty of Caelis and Nicia, placing a hand on the countess' arm before smiling at the lady admiral. "Lady Caelis. It's good to see you again."

Symonesse is all radiance and bright smiles, greeting each guest with equal warmth no matter how many well wishes -- or gifts -- she receives. She is all but overflowing with delight, and laughter comes as easily as those bright smiles. "Thank you, thank you ... thank you ... thank you," she says. Thank yous for everyone! Even if she does not always seem to catch their names.

Tyrval mopes as he holds out a hand expectantly towards Katarina for an offered drink. He gestures towards Mae and then the couches besides him.

Eirene is fashionably late to their wedding. That is to say, she never showed up. Perhaps the best, seeing as she's decided to wear all somber black save the flash of a red veil over her black and white hair and a single rose to keep it in place. The Malvici doctor goes for the reception line to pay her condolences---err, congratulations.

Mason says in Eurusi, "A pleasure to meet you... Though I did not catch your name. Your use of Eurusi is quite well for an Arvani."

Aida, 6 Pravus Honor Guard arrive, following Belladonna.

Esoka takes several sips in rapid succession, as if to follow Shard's advice. She then looks about for a place to sit, as balancing all that food is probably a recipe for mess if she does it too long.

    Perhaps it is the environment. Perhaps it is the people or the event itself. Cesare, however, is making himself heard- he begins to sing, his voice like perfection itself. One could almost wonder if Jayus had reached down to help the Whisper in this task to praise the king and queen. A song of praise that cuts through the crowd. The other musicians are merely a backdrop to his truly divine voice and mandolin playing.

"Calarian, thank you for everything you and the Observers have done to bring this day to our people," Alaric declares proudly. "I'm sure this will go down as a great day in the long and proud history of our Compact." He watches Donella, Darren, Eleyna, and Talen try to figure out an order with a growing grin. "Whenever you're all ready," he teases good-naturedly, gesturing towards Cesare. "I'll be listening to the performance until then." But they seem to have it all sorted out and he greets Darren robustly. "Thank you, Your Grace! I'm greatly honored by your gesture." He smiles to Donella before looking back. "I'm very much looking forward for when it's my turn to make a matching donation."

Silas drops a beautiful rose bouquet in soft romantic hues.

Mira pops one of the black-and-red shrimp-creatures into her mouth and nods a couple times as Mason speaks, watching him wide eyed as she munches on the sea-thing. As she replies in that same language, she points at her mouth, nodding quickly and urgently. But then she plants a fist on her hip and smiles, answering him with a Lenosian lilt.

Aiden is overheard praising Cesare for: A Musician Like No Other!

"My Lord." Caelis bobs a curtsy to Cristoph and smiles warmly. "It's been a while since those dunk tanks. I may have to think of another use for that game, it was quite fun." She teases and nods at her brother's question. "I enjoyed it, and I look forward to something quieter for myself."

Paloma keeps back and forthing in the background, with the occasional tight suspicious glance for a loiterer or another, tightening of the lips and all. It appears to be just a flat warning, however, whenever it deploys.

Reese smiles over to Calarian and the smile touches her blue eyes. "Cousin." She says softly. She was a bit slow to respond, but she seems all wide and overwhelmed.

Mira says in Eurusi, "These are wonderful! And I am thanking you, graciously! I am having a very unhandily time finding books to translate from. But I am making the efforts."

Barric is overheard praising Valencia for: A wonderful escort for the Prince and so lovely to look upon, she must forgive his quick away.

It had practically been a parade of well-wishers walking through the streets of Arx, hadn't it, as the crowds moved from the cathedral to palace? And somewhere -- somewhere -- among them was Mia, the Countess Riven, wrapped in blue lace layered over pale, shimmering silk. As she entered, her eyes drank in the scene -- and the growing line of well-wishers -- and opted, instead, to wait. It wasn't as though she wanted for something to hold her attention. Ceasare's song soon reached her ears and for several long moments she stood frozen, her head canted to one side as though one of the notes was pulling her towards the music itself.

Alaric claps Barric on the shoulder appreciatively. "Thank you very much, Barric, and we still need to get that drink someday!" he declares.

Estaban nods his head, "It was very interesting specialy the clapping spiders." he wrinkles his nose, "Aiden did you put anything in the flask?" he smiles at Silas.

Tikva blows a kiss to the King and Queen -- a highly formalized gesture, obviously -- and then whirls off through the crowd to see if she can't find somebody to attach herself to. Finding Aislin, on whom she was tagalong, swarmed over to a too-crowded place, she scans the crowd until she finds Esoka and then flings her arm in the air at her friend, wheeling and eeling through the partygoers as she heads over there. She hollers over the party noise, "We gotta find a place to sit!" Who doesn't do this at parties. It's what I do at parties.

Calarian's thank-you's to the king and the queen have been postponed as Alaric makes that declaration. His lips spread into a quick, ready smile. "My King, My Queen," he addresses them both, "it is the pleasure of the First Observers and myself to serve the Crown, day by day, to the best of our services. I look forward to the future, with the Royal Majesties. I remain as your loyal servant." The smile furthers to touch his eyes at that.

Donella makes a low dip of courtesy to the nuptial pair, and says, "Your majesties, your joy is that of your entire realm. I look forward to knowing you and your bride better through your works."

Khanne signals for a glass of wine, or, whatever alcohol they have on hand. When one is delivered to her, she lifts it towards Vercyn. "To royal weddings bringing family together." She smiles at the toast. "I am well, as well as can be. Keeping my balance, moving forward... what more can one do, hmm?"

"It was a very nice wedding." Nicia agrees, glancing at Cristoph when he returns, smiling at him, "Caelis was just talking about going to make our congratulations to the happy couple." She reaches for Cristoph's arm, curling hers arund it, "Do you think we should?"

Marian arrives, following Fergus.

Tristan reclaims Patches on the way out of the cathedral. After all, this is Patches' _home_. The stablemaster collects a drink and saunters toward the king (did I mention he's wearing tight pants?). He seems disinclined to actually wait in a line, and instead leans against something convenient near Alaric, crossing his ankles, and waits, like a faithful dog. Patches also waits like a faithful dog, because, you know, he is one. Woof.

Reese returns Aiden's hug, but she might have missed his words. She gives him a sheepish smile. "This is like...wonderous, not even real seeming." She says, staring for a moment at the spider silk veil that the new Queen wears.

"I just like you more," Talen tells Darren with a smirk, before he looks towards the King and snaps his fingers to the house servants. "Come," he urges them, before inviting the delivery forward, with a glance toward his wife, who is clearly the smooth talker of the two. "Have them unveiled for his majesty at once," he urges, before clasping his spare hand-- not used to guide Eleyna-- at his back. "It seems life in a marriage is a challenge, even as a King I expect it will be, so please accept this gift-- which goes hand in hand with my wife's to yours-- in an effort to commiserate with the... growing pains of any union."

Talen drops a coiled snake wound again and again in a circular black iron shield.

When at least the resident highlords, ladies, princes and whatnot have had their chances to greet the royal couple, Selene takes her turn. Or something in that vicinity. There may be crowding and pushing (not that she'd ever!) and other intrigues involved in getting a place further near the front of what must rapidly be turning into a frightening line. "Your majesties," she will offer, dipping to curtsey before them, "I can barely expresss my delight. Though I shall hesitate to declare it fate with the effort we all know went into making this day happen, it is nonetheless a most auspicious occasion for all our people, one to be long-remembered, like the one that set its precedent so long ago. I wish you both naught but health and happiness in one another, and of course, I remain ever at your disposal." A pause. "Also, I couldn't go away without saying just how wonderful you look, my Queen, and naturally, how handsome your husband. Oh, but what a match!"

"Rum-" Aiden replies to Estaban, "A spiced variation, Crows rum? Maybe?" He shrugs, "We've so many kinds at home..." He smiles as he looks around at the crowd, "I think I'm going to be sick though. I... This is just... too many people! Too many! I already gave my gift to the King earlier." Aiden hugs Reese back, "Reach enough!"

Artorius looks to Cristoph with a kind smile "Hello My Lord. I don't think we've met yet. Lord Artorius Malvici." he extends a hand in greeting to Cristoph.

Orazio grins, with real humor. "They weren't clockwork, my friend," he tells Ian, before taking a drink of his own. "They were an unexpected addition to the ceremony, but certainly gave it a unique charm and, ah, appeal." A touch dry, there.

Silas briefly leaves their refuge from the couch in search of drinks, which he then brings over to the four at the Grayson couch. He was highly dexterous, he can manage to carry four glasses at a time! It appears they contain wine -- everyone likes wine, right? "This should be a little higher in quality, I should think?"

Mason will shift back to Arvani, chuckling, "Not many Eurusi are in Arx. I think there are perhaps a handful total. I still haven't caught your name, however...?" The prince gently prompts, waiting.

Eirene checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

"We still have them! Waste not, want not as they say." So indeed, there's a giant empty wooden tank somewhere at Cristoph's house. Who knows what they keep in it now! Probably cornhole boards. When Artorious introduces himself, he reaches out to shake his hand "Duke Cristoph Laurent It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Artorious." He looks between the two women and nod his head. "Yes, absolutely. If the crowd around the happy couple can let us through."

After Darren makes his greeting and offers a gift to the happy couple, Eleyna gives the Redrain a -look- that says, oh so eloquently 'thanks for upstaging me.' She straightens as best she can and steps forward so that the servant at her side can offer the newlyweds a gift. "It's a vase. It's designed lightly for maximum ability to fly through the air. Not that either of you would need such a thing. It can store flowers as well, I suppose." The Velenosa offers the royal pair a dazzling smile and lowers her head. Because dropping into a curtsy isn't going to happen.

Vercyn laughs and nods. "To Royal Weddings. I am pleased you are doing well." He takes a drink from his glass. "I hope to have a chance to speak further about what sort of things have happened over my long absence.

Eleyna drops a porcelain vase covered in champagne silver filigree adorned with an emerald spider.

"We will be most pleased to have you in attendance, your Majesty," Darren says to Alaric with a smile, before he steps aside to let Talen present his gift. It is something that makes him laugh, the hearty sound heard as he leads Donella out onto the dance floor. "Might I have a dance with you, your Highness? The music is lovely," he asks, even as he sets his hand upon her hip, to lead Donella into dance.

Caras gravitates toward Orazio and Ian, greeting the latter with a nod. "Clockwork would make sense, if any clockworks could be that fine. But I am sure that the Nox'alfar have many species that we are unfamiliar with. Perhaps they are not even spiders, in the strictest sense. I wonder what name they give them."

Stepping in with his bodyguards (who head for the sides and take positions) Tobias keeps his left hand idling on his sword hilt, despite the peace knot. A glance is given around the people, before he starts to head over to Alaric proper. "Your Majesty. I've been meaning to say I'm happy to see you've survived the events of the Grove. When my men went there for the battle to keep the Silence out, I got a much better picture of what you had to deal with."

"Oh, the spiders made them," Symonesse offers Monique, and though it's an explanation given a bit distractedly, it's given no less brightly. "And my gown! Such dears. Such hard workers. They put on their very best for the wedding, too."

Valencia smiles as Barric bids his goodbyes and she is left to her own devices in the swril of nobilty and chatter. She looks aobut the room for safe harbour.

Mira nods to Mason, "It's been shockingly difficult. name? OH!" Her eyes fly wide open, "*That's* what you were saying, I thought you said, "Your name has been caught by me." A dark red blush rising, Mira looks horrified, "I am so sorry! My name is Mira Matessi--I wrote to you about the Eurusi sand a while back." She dips into a deep curtsey, carefully balancing her plate of food in one hand.

Estaban sips at his glass Silas brings to him and gets up moving to stand in line to speak with the king and Queen.

Eirene starts to salute the King and Queen when her turn. But she's in a dress. So she tries to curtesy. It looks like a crow hopping about. "Ah fuck it," she says with a scowl. "My king. My... queen." The word unfamiliar. "Gods and goddesses smile on you both, and better you than me. I would make a shitty wife for our elves friends."

Shard, drink clasped firmly in hand, looks decidedly lost for several minutes. Her eyes follow people at the food tables for a little while, then people sitting down at the various couches, and finally she looks toward the receiving line, though she has to move quite a bit to get any kind of a good view. This, she sort of stands around and watches the longest, one eye squinted, looking mildly confused.

Ian gives Orazio a decidedly skeptical look. "There were made of gold," he points out. "And they applauded." Caras also gets a healthy dose of skepticism from Ian's gaze.

"Tikva!" Esoka raises her cup-holding hand in kind to Tikva, zeroing in on her friend and rushing over to meet up with her in the throng. She manages not to drop her plate. She is //protecting// this food.

"Blessed Caras!" Orazio turns and offers a brief but brilliant smile to Caras. "They're a great deal more decorative than any spiders I've seen before," he admits. "I suppose I'm just very happy there weren't any of the, ah, big ones. I understand they have...very large spiders. Very large." He clears his throat. "Anyway, how are you, Caras?" A 'what you gonna do' sort of shrug is given to Ian.

Leona enters as quietly as a tall woman in armor can. She pauses just inside the door, keeping her eyes on the positioning of the other King's Own. Blue eyes meet Paloma's and she nods once, approvingly, before moving toward the edges of the room, surveying those who come to greet the royal couple.

Monique's brows wing high at Symonesse's answer, eyes widening. "The spiders made the rings? That's incredible! On any other day, Your Majesty, I would love to speak with you endlessly on this wonder, but I ought to step aside now and leave you with my warmest wishes." She sweeps a curtsey to the Royal couple and slips back.

Thena eddies towards the knot of the Faith that is clumping up, somehow having procured a drink in her meanderings. "I rather liked the spiders," she murmurs, fetching up next to Orazio. "Nice and small." Definite agreement on that point.

Tikva points Esoka's attention to the gray table and goes, "Table space! I'm sure Duke Cristoph won't mind the invasion!"

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Fergus arrives with Marian, looking the former looking like he wasn't expecting to head to the reception too. And like anyone else looking to give their congratulations, they join the line of nobles to do just that.

Paloma returns Leona's nod, brisk, still mute. She moves herself to get a different vantage than the commander. Cover all angles.

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"Oooooh." Mason says, chuckling when Mira brings up the sand. "Yes, I'm afraid that bringing sand with me was not a top priority." He says with a grin. "I brought very little, to be honest. Were you able to find what you sought?"

Artorius smiles to Cristoph. "I think we should also go give our congratulations to the newly weds, don't you think Caelis?" he smiles to her, nodding a few times but asking if she wanted to do it too.

Ian is somehow, and he is the last person to know how the hell this happened, in the Thena-named 'knot of faith'. He leans on his cane and sips the drink he's acquired from the drinks table that he keeps close at hand. Noting Valencia in the crowd, he makes a gesture with his head, inviting her over.

Marian stands next to her husband, looking a little refreshed from leaving the church to arriving at the palace. She stands patiently with her husband, giving him a smile and patting his arm as they wait their turn.

One of her attendants breaking away from her little retinue to collect a glass of wine for her, Belladonna has only just found somewhere out of the way to stand when it's brought to her and she's thanking the woman quietly. She's watching, right at the moment, taking everything in -- paying attention to the line of well wishers to the sovereigns (and the length of it).

"Flowers?" Talen asks Eleyna, as if this is the most poor, sorry excuse of an alternative use she could've come up for the vase gifted by the princess. The shield he's given is hefted and turned, as if in pointed use of its defense against such an aerodynamic piece of ornamentation. "Uh-huh," he emits.

Nicia gives Cristoph's arm a bit of a squeeze, "Are you ready to try and brave the crowd of well wishers, or wish to wait a little while?"

    Slowly, Cesare makes his way towards the King and Queen- still singing, his voice so beautiful before he comes before the pair, bowing his head. He ceases playing his Mandolin, as he falls just to his voice. That voice that some in his homeland had labeled 'Perfect'. His voice dies away and he bows deeply.

    "My King and My Queen." Cesare offers softly, in that raw honey, smoke, and silk voice of his. "Please, consider my song a gift from the Whispers, and myself, to you on this occasion of joyousness and triumph. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you."

Orazio smiles. "Sister Thena, it's good to see you. And, yes, I do prefer them small." On the day when someone brings a huge spider to an event, that might be the day the Legate breaks. He sips his drink. "How are you doing, Sister Thena?"

Watching Eirene, Caelis nods to her brother. "We should. You curtsy, I bow?" She teases her brother and puts a hand on his arm to go be good and greet both their new rulers.

"Uncomfortable." Caras grumbles, lifting a hand but refraining from tugging at his collar, running it through his hair instead. "New clothes are always too stiff for comfort." He greets Thena with a nod.

At some point, Agnarr decides he is out of place, despite wearing only clothes and not a single weapon. Looking around, he elbows his way to an exit.

Mira shakes her head, with a light rock of her upper dress, "No, but regular sand will have to suffice. At least until I see Eurus for myself." The redhead smiles brightly, turning aside just a bit with a swish of the dress's hem, "I would love to talk with you more about it sometime if you have the time, but I probably shouldn't hold you up..." She glances aside and nods to the royalty, "There's a King and a new Queen to congratulate, after all. As if she didn't plan to herself.

Katarina says in Eurusi, "I could cut the tension with a knife..."

Donella relaxes more with the reception line past, and swings round with Darren once, touching her head to his chest. Probably she is saying something out there, but there are a thousand voices and hundreds of bodies moving about, so all is lost to the din.

Mira blinks and turns in Katarina's direction, looking confused. "Your blade is tense?"

Katarina levels a bewildered look upon Mira.

Mira shrugs quickly, as if to profess innocence as well!

Valencia offer a bright and beautiful smile of relief to see safe harbour in the form of Lord Ian of Kennex and gracefully makes her way through the rolling crowd to his side. "Lord Ian, I do believe you may be my hero this evening. Thank you so much," she laughs gently and smiles up at him with a nod of gratitude.

The royal announcer calls Marian and Fergus forward to greet the King and Queen.

Orazio gives Caras a thoughtful once over. "The tabard is lovely, Blessed Caras. You'll break it in soon enough." If he's uncomfortable in his own ornate robes, it doesn't show. He bows to Valencia as she approaches. "Princess Valencia. Good to see you."

Alaric smiles to Donella. "I hope to give you plenty of opportunity, Princess Donella." Talen and Eleyna come up next and he regards the gift of a shield with a bright laugh. "Most excellent! I'll be well-defended from anything thrown at me for certain," he declares, taking the shield and showing it to Symonesse. "Or handed to me." He holds the shield upside down from the center, like a tray with handles sticking out of it and puts the vase on top of it demonstratively. "You're more of a hander than a thrower, I think." He winks at the Queen and regards Talen and Eleyna again. "Thank you both," he says as he hands off the gifts to a servant. He needs to offload these things quickly before he disappears behind a royal armload of stuff. Selene's compliments get her a smile of welcome. "Your efforts are deeply appreciated, Radiant Whisper. I hope that you feel very proud of today's ceremony, because you had a central role in making it a reality." He gives Tobias a nod, and a bit of a grim smile. The Grove's still a bit of a subject. "Lord Tobias, thank you. Your company's contribution to helping secure my sister's efforts at the Grove won't be forgotten." The line got long again! He's trying to keep up.

"Fine," Thena replies to Orazio, not in a way that mean she's not, but more in a way that means she's not really paying attention to the answer. "It was a lovely wedding. on your part." She lifts her glass in a little toast, then nods in return to Caras and, to the bewildered member of the knot, "Lord Kennex."

Tikva calls, "Countess Mia! Come join our table! Over here with the gray Grayson tablecloth!"

Mason smiles, "Well, it is only sand. I doubt the difference will be noticed." He says, clearly not having much personal regard for sand. He does seem concerned though, "Traveling to Eurus is incredibly dangerous. I would caution against it." Mason says softly, "But yes, I should probably get in line or I'll be here all night." He admits, and then gives Katarina curious glance before drifting in the direction of that receiving line, hands lightly clasped behind his back.

Leaving the line after delivering her well wishes, Monique makes her way effortlessly through the crush, towards Father Orazio and his own throng of courtiers. "Father," the Greenmarch greets, her eyes tracking her older sister briefly before sliding back to Orazio. "I hope my intrusion into this conversation is welcome?" There's a smile and a questioning brow lift.

Esoka raises an arm to do some waving to match Tikva's calling, in waht she //seems// to think is Mia's general direction. And, well, she has a big, tattooed arm. So her waving is noticeable.

Eirene did, at least, not wear a sword. But her black gown is belted with her usual leather belt of black and silver, her mirrored vulture ring rests on her hand, and she wears a pair of tall boots to give her an edge in a shin-kicking fight. Not that she anticipates a fight. She smells of something like soap as opposed to brandy or whiskey, so she's at least tried.

Ian quirks a dry half-smile when Valencia comes over. "Always glad to save the day," he deadpans. "Princess, have you met everyone here?"

Orazio chuckles. "The words are largely written, and no one really cares what happens as long as they are wed at the end. But thank you for the kind words, Sister." As Monique approaches, he turns and offers her a brief bow. "Lady Monique. Please, be welcome with us. Are introductions required?" He gestures towards the rest.

Marian gives a deep curtesy when Fergus and her are called to the King and Queen. They step forward and give a greeting, "His Majesty and Her Majesty. It is a pleasure to meet you." She offers a gift to Alaric. It's a chest set with her pieces being white marble with gold accents, and his black marble with silver accents, and the base made out of maquetry, a pale pale white wood and then a dark as layer of wood, "I thought it might be appropriate to give a gift that you both could bond over. I find that my husband and I sometimes use chess to settle disputes."

Vercyn takes another drink and stands. "But such business can most certainly wait. I should go forth and congratulate the King and Queen. Do forgive me, Neice."

Mia has joined the Gray Table.

"Some, yes, my lord. Others I have yet to have pleasure of knowing," the little dark haired vixen replies. Valencia smiles again, "I would be very grateful if you would introduce, yes?"

With gifts given and well-wishes offered, Eleyna clings to Talen's arm as they back away from the royal couple. She leans in and murmurs something to him, making a face as if to illustrate her discomfort.

Mira watches Mason go, popping another shrimp-thing into her mouth, nodding her head a few times with a light wobble, as if still appraising the taste of the strange Elven creatures. Fanning herself with her hand, she comments, "Whew, the chefs weren't kidding. These are a bit warm." Looking about with a swish of her dress to and fro, Mira finally turns left, looking for something to drink.

Shard gradually looks less confused, although she continues to watch the receiving line while she drinks.

Binky, an asshole crow arrives, delivering a message to Blacktongue before departing.

"What fun it'll be!" Symonesse says to Marian and Fergus, admiring the gift they've offered. "If we play together a thousand years, perhaps you'll start winning," she offers to Alaric, and it's difficult to tell if it's encouragement or good-natured ribbing.

Artorius smiles to Caelis "Sounds like a plan, dear sister. You were always better at greeting anyways." he teases her lightly back with a nudge.

Monique's vivid green eyes drift over Orazio's congregation (hah! pun!) and she dips her chin. "It would please me to no end, Legate," she says. "And perhaps to steal you for a dance later this evening?"

"I am pleased for what small part I may have played, though truly, at this moment, I am most happy just to... experience all of this, some fraction of your own joy, the wonder of this day. I shall remember it all my life, and I think the people shall remember it far longer," Selene offers in response to the King, dipping once again. And then she does quickly vacate because there is a rowdy crowd assembling behind her. Once free, she nabs a drink and heads toward a particular couch!

"Not happy about the deaths... but such is war. I'm happy we helped to keep Princess Dawn alive, at least." Tobias gives a bow, before he steps away, leaving the others to their chats, before he heads over to the tables. When his eyes go to Mira, he starts to head in that direction.

Caras, having met Ian in Valencia's presence, doesn't expect an introduction. Instead he is scanning the crowd for someone and from the consternation on his face, not finding them.

Oh great, proper talking. The giant of a Redrain Sword stands next to Marian while she does all the talking. It's almost like Fergus knows she's the better one at it. The description of the chess set gets a glance at his wife, but he doesn't really say anything about, just nodding along. "Right." he agrees in a grunt. "Congratulations to you both."

Leona watches as the line continues, moving to pass Paloma, murmuring softly to her though her eyes never stop scanning the room.

Ian nods a respectful greeting to Monique. "I think I've seen you around, but I'm not sure we've been introduced. Lord Ian Kennex." Then he asks Valencia: "I know you've met Archlector Caras. You know Legate Orazio?" Lookit him, being successfully social and not pissing anyone off (yet).

    Cesare, for his part, doesn't even wait for a response from the King or Queen- flighty, at times, he's got music dancing in his mind and he's quick to return to playing his mandolin as he quietly paces around the floor of the great hall. Selene has received the King's attention, and that's good enough for Cesare. He sings again, his voice joyous and lifted up as he pays praise and honor to the King and Queen.

"A dance?" Orazio looks somewhat surprised to be asked, but he nods. "Of course, my lady. I would be honored. In the meantime, though, please let me introduce Princess Valencia Velenosa, Blessed Caras, Lord Ian Kennex, and Sister Thena of the Knights of Solace." Each person is gestured at, at the right time.

Marian gives a curtesy, happy to see that present was well received and then she tugs her husband away, moving on to give others a chance to greet the King and Queen. She murmurs softly in his ear as they leave the royal pair and move to get some drinks.

Estaban gets Vino claro de cereza - Saik 986 AR from a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Alaric grins favorably at Eirene. It must have seemed like sufficiently respectful crow-hopping. "Thank you, Lady Eirene." He leans in closer to murmur something, pointing out into the room. Cesare gets some enthusiastic applause at the end of his song. "As expected of the Singer of Setarco!" he proclaims, impressed. And now he's caught up with part in the scrollback where there's a line now. Best queen ever! Marian and Fergus get a bright smile. "So good to see the two of you back here, thank you. I've never been much for the game myself, but maybe we'll take it up together over that bottle of mead," he tells them appreciatvely before glancing at Symonesse. His grin dims a little. He seems to believe it. "Or maybe she's already taken it up. Well, I'll be learning at the hands of a master at least."

Paloma inclines her head brief toward Leona, returning the murmur as her own face and gaze remain set and focused.

The royal announcer calls Mason forward to greet the King and Queen.

With Cesare's song ended, Mia was far more able to recognize the sound of her name being called -- and, well, the waving arm of the Sword of the Twainfort. It was, after all, a very colorfully patterned arm. Her fingers curled in the lace of her skirts and, lifting her hem just an inch, she strode to them, gratefully sinking into an empty seat. "I am beginning to understand, Dame Esoka, what your first night in the walls of the Twainfort must have felt like...."

Moving away from the row, then, Calarian and Philip walk through the great hall, goblet in hand. He moves over to the royal couches, looking between Aiden, Silas, Estaban and Reese. He greets his cousins, "Cousins," before noting the presence of Estaban and Silas. "Lord Saik and-- I haven't had the pleasure of introduction." To the group, he wonders, "I hope I'm not interrupting? My feet are starting getting sore from the marvelous ceremony, and I'm looking for fine company."

Selene wonders over *near* the couch, then, because it's totally full up on people. She just kinda does a quick swing by, leaning in to say something and then tra-la-la'ing off on her way.

Belladonna murmurs something to the attendant that's stayed with her and then steps away, circling through the people as she heads in Cesare's direction. Not that she intercepts him precisely, just moves to somewhere she can try and catch his eye, lift her glass to him. When the King praises the singer her smile curves up just a little bit further.

Monique's smile grows a notch at Orazio's acquiesence, and then she allows her attention to stray to each person as they're named. "Lady Monique Greenmarch. A pleasure to meet you all. What an event, hm? They'll be talking about this for months! Lord Kennex, ah, I think we met the other night, with the good Legate here and High Lord Victus, and the King, as well."

Reese smiles over to Calarian. "Not at all, please join us if you wish, Prince Calarian." She says using his formal title, maybe in case somebody doesn't know him. Her smile is gentle and touches her eyes.

Thena is in formal armor, sparing her the need to drop a curtsy. Instead she bows her head solemnly when Orazio introduces her, adding to Valencia, "Your highness sent someone to light a cigarette for me at a party at the Hart, some time ago. I realize that's an odd thing to remember, but-" She lifts black-clad shoulders in a bemused little shrug.

    Belladonna's lift of the glass catches Cesare's eye and he shifts his pacing to join the Duchess of of Setarco. "My Lady." he offers, as his singing falls away to more lazy playing of his Mandolin.

Calarian has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

Ian nods (again) when re-introduced. "Yes, I remember," he tells Monique. "... Vaguely." Because it was late, and everyone had had rather a lot to drink.

Mason makes his way over to the newlyweds when his name is announced and the Grayson prince will give them both a warm smile and bend a deep, graceful bow. "I offer congratulations to you both, on behalf of myself, my wife, Princess Lou Grayson, and our young daughter. May your lives be healthy, enriched and full of great joy, your majesties." He says in his soft-spoken, Eurusi accented voice.

Eirene follows Alaric's direction towards one of the servants and grins back at him. "I'm having my gift sent over a little later, once your servants and the King's Own can inspect it. Embroidered handkerchiefs for you and your lady wife. And a fancy one for her she can give away as a Queen's favor to her champion." She glances at the elven woman and offers an uneasy smile, not entirely sure of the new queen. "I sew, it's the only girly shit I do well," she confesses to Symonesse.

Leona raises her hand and claps Paloma on the shoulder approvingly, before murmuring something else very softly, and then moving on. There's a slight smile on the Lord Commander's face as she moves away.

Valencia smiles and nods to Orazio and Monique. "Yes, I have had the great pleasure of meeting the very kind Legate Orazio in the past. And I have shared more than a few tables with Lady Monique in the past, when I was with Redrain," she smiles sweetly up at the woman. "Lovely to see you both," she nods with a warm smile. "You are both well I hope." There is another warm and bright smile for Thena, "I so remember and I am more than happy to see you again! Hello!"

Mira eventually finds something to drink and stands off to the side from the crowds, watching the vast line slither slowly toward the Monarch Awakened and his bride. Her expression is very neutral as she watches the pagentry, and maybe just a little melancholy. Just slightly.

Aiden is really up close and comfortable with Silas, sort of using the Lord Commander to just disappear into the couches. He does pop his head up toward Calarian and nods to his cousin again, "Cousin, this is Baron Silas Whitehawk, Lord Commander of the Iron Guard." Now he'll move a bit so they can introduce formally and conversation returns to the couchland.

A jovial tune is whistled, the melody familiar yet hard to place as a man in all black enters with silver and black motley painted upon his face. The beard is finely trimmed, neatly kept and dyed a deep purple for the sake of his whims. The Harlequin walks with his hands folded behind his back, one foot placed exactly in front of the other as if he were toeing the tightrope countless feet above them. "If felt as though her lips had shed, a sigh round 'er, ere she fled. Which hung as on a melting lute, when all the silver chords are mute..." Clicking his heels once, he tilts his head back slightly to glance down his nose at Eleyna and Talen. "A fine affair, no?"

After the introductions, Orazio turns to Monique, and offers her both an elegant bow, and his hand. "Not to see unseemly eager, my lady, but might I claim that dance? I fear if we wait too long, there will not be room to stand," he adds, with a chuckle.

Valencia's smile is geninuely delighted to see Thena again. "I hope we will see you in my Hart again soon. I am so glad to meet you here. It is quiet a large party, yes? And just so." she muses with a little smile Ian and Orazio's way.

Marian grabs her drink and then looks around for a quiet place to sit. She finds a darkened alcove that would be cozy just for two so she nods for Fergus to follow her so she can get a seat away from all the crush of the party.

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"Ah yes!" Symonesse agrees with Mason, smiling for him. "Healthy and enriched, like a good bread! Thank you --" And the thank you for Mason spins into another thank you for Eirene, another light-bringing smile. "Handmade gifts are gifts of the heart," she says.

Fergus has joined the Darkened Alcove.

Estaban moves over to Orazio when he wiats his turn to be called up to the King and Queen, "Legate Orazio." he greets the man while he waits his turn, he is dressed in his greens with a white silk shirt and his medals adore his left shoulder pinned in place on his jacket.

Alaric smiles warmly to greet Mason. "Thank you very much." He smiles to Symonesse. "If you ever have difficulty dealing with a headstrong Grayson spouse from another culture, Prince Mason may be an excellent resource for with which to compare notes," he advises jocularly.

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Eirene makes another waddling crow curtsey and nods to the royal pair before heading off for that young man with red hair and some rather fine looking flutes of something alcoholic.

"Well take notes, it might be your job one day." Caelis pokes at her older brother lightly. Chewing the inside of her lip she glances around and back to Artorius. "Seems like I will have to brave dancing with out my suitor. You'll humor me later, won't you?"

The royal announcer calls Estaban forward to greet the King and Queen.

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"Master Cesare," Belladonna greets, bowing her head to him with respect. "Beautifully done, as always. I am impressed." She pauses there, but only for a moment. "You do not have to stop singing on my account, though I will not insist that you continue. You are well, I hope?"

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"It would be my pleasure," Monique curtseys elgantly in return to Orazio, placing her hand in his and following his lead.

Monique has joined the Dance Floor.

Ian nods in response to Valencia's observation. "If any party was going to be big, I guess it'd have to be this one." His gaze follows Orazio as he and Monique hit the dance floor. He's happy to stay here where it's easy to keep his glass full.

Reese smiles over to Estaban as his name is announced. She stays perched on the Grayson couch.

"Lord Estaban, you're looking quite well," Orazio says. He looks like he might say more, but then the royal announcer's voice rings out, and he offers a wink to his nephew, before taking Monique's hand and leading her to the floor.

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Saedrus checked composure + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Mason chuckles at the queen's response, giving Symonesse a bright smile, then laughs openly at Alaric's words. "Ah, that is very true." The Eurusi man agrees. "The Grayson are a particular bunch to become accustomed to." He says in a light-hearted tone, then moves on so that the next can make their greetin.

Thena nods and flashes a little smile at Valencia's reply. "I was still in the Iron Guard then." She pauses at the Princess' question, then nods once, hesitantly. "I don't have a great deal of free time now, your highness, but I can stop by sometime." Her dark eyes flicker over the crowd. "It's rather more people than I'm accustomed to dealing with." As in, more than no people.

Selene drivebys the elf couch and then goes out mingling elsewhere, although she pauses on her way to first catch up with Cesare, although of course she shall wait for a pause break between songs if the man is still performing. "Oh, you were as wonderful as ever my dear," she offers the musical talent. "I do hope you won't spend the entire night peforming, though, you really ought make sure you enjoy the party to its fullest, too." And by whatever chance this seems to see her running into Belladonna. "Duchess, how good to see you. Is this not the most marvellous of evenings? And don't you agree Cesare ought to enjoy himself a bit?"

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Estaban steps forward bowling low to them both, "MY King, My Queen." he stands back up, "I would like to congratulate you both on this day." he hands a bottle to Alaric, "A taste of home for you both to share together."

Cristoph works his way amongst the crowd until they're in the general waiting area of people lingering to be called on to give their congratulations. He cuts a glance down to Nicia and brushes away a loose strand of hair. "Do you want to do dance after this? Or eat?" He wonders while they stand and he rocks on the heels of his feet.

Alaric laughs brightly to see Estaban approach. "Well met again today, Lord Estaban. I'm glad to see you haven't found any trouble in the last five hours. Clearly you weren't trying hard enough," he chides with a twinkle in his eye as he takes the bottle. "Thank you kindly, do enjoy yourself here tonight!"

There is the slightest lift of the corners of Eleyna's lips when she hears the sound of a whistle carrying just beneath the general hum of hundreds of voices speaking at once. Once addressed by Blacktongue, the princess murmurs with that faint smile still clinging, "You missed the spiders that accompanied the bride down the aisle. It was quite a sight."

Donella jogs along through the room's periphery until she can intercept Katarina departing a set of couches, and attempts to spin her around like a cork in a whirlpool.

    "I am living within my own heart, My Lady." Cesare replies, "I can ask for nothing more than that." The singer says to Belladonna with a bow of his head as his fingers continue to strum along- now very lazily. "I'm glad you've been enjoying my music, though. I am in special form this evening."

Eirene's got liquor. She glances at everyone around the party and seems a bit pleased to be out in public for once. The ornate black and white braids of her hair can be seen when she adjusts her lycene silk veil back into more of a scarf.

"Are your toes up for dancing?" Nicia wonders, glancing down at Cristoph's feet to check on the possible damage that might be done if they do take to the dancefloor. "I wouldn't mind one dance, then eating...Unless you are not wishing to risk my stomping all over them again."

"Thank you," Symonesse says to Estaban. "We will be certain to enjoy it, together. And to share it, as we now share all things! How delightful!" Not a drop of sarcasm in her voice. Just pure, good spirit.

The royal announcer calls Mia forward to greet the King and Queen.

Katarina rises from her place upon the couch she shared with Tyrval, leaving him with all the alcohol. Donella's spin-by sends the princess twirling about with a girlish squeal, fine-spun curls of obsidian and gold fanning out with gossamer skirts. "Hello to you too, Princess Donella," she greets on a vibrant peal of laughter.

"Quite the sight, or quite the fright? Dependent on how you spin it. But oh, the tangled webs we weave." Blacktongue remarks in deadpan as he presses a kiss against Eleyna's cheek. "And how are you, my darling dove of a niece?"

Tilting her head at Selene, Belladonna offers up her most polite of smiles. She shifts back, bends into a bit of a bow towards the Radiant. "Certainly," she says. "I will let him get to it." The smile she offers Cesare, brief as it might be, is touched with an apology. "I always do. Good evening." She steps backwards, then turns to slip away from the pair of Whispers, gaze sweeping over the crowd.

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Estaban bows again to them, "Thank you Your Majesty." and with that he moves over to where the food is and grabs some plates and foods and heads back to everyone gathered on the couch to plop down and hands plates out.

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Ian doesn't seem remotely overwhelmed by the press of people. He hangs out by the booze and people watches.

Katarina is overheard praising Marian for: Marital bliss. Aww. She's just glowing!

Reese's blue eyes widen when Estaban returns with teh plates of food and reaches out as trying to claim one.

Marian gives a smile to her husband and pulls him away from the alcove before he can finish his drink so they can get out on the dance floor. She smiles as he takes her into his arms and they start to move with the music.

Marian checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"They are..." Cristoph glances down at them when she asks her qustion, as if it's prompted some internal question. "I think that they'll probably be okay. Maybe we could use some dance lessons...." When he looks back up it's to lift his chin and point something out. "Your sister is mingling. I didn't notice her come in."

Valencia takes a little look at the dance floor and smile with perhaps a little longing, but happily turns to speak to Ian and Thena. "I should like it very much if you should come to my Hart as often as you wish. Good company is always welcome," she nods graciously, turning to smile someone's way, her eyes dropping shyly for a moment. "Lord Ian, Mistress Thena, have you had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Mistress Mira? She is a delight."

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Shard brings her glass to her lips, only to find it's empty. She gives it an irritable look, then turns sharply back toward the table with all the booze. Once she manages the business of a refill, she regards the brimming Great Hall again. She doesn't look lost this time so much as though she's actively searching for something. Someone? After a moment, and a faint twitch of her lips, she heads toward the crown couches instead of back to where she was lurking near the receiving line.

Fergus looks like he's being more drug onto the dance floor than anything else. The man hardly ever dances, but she manages to get him out there, whether by threat or by begging. Maybe a bit of both with Marian. Then again, she almost always leads, being the better dancer than him.

3 Malvici Guards, Anze arrive, following Calypso.

Selene looks briefly worried at Belladonna's reaction. "Oh, Duchess, I didn't mean you were interrupting him... I was just hoping the man would not feel so compelled to spend the entire evening in performance that he overlooked fully enjoying himself here. Though I sometimes fear Cesare may well live for little else besides his music."

Donella says, "Do you know, I don't think there's a single thing here that has maple in it, your highness. Are you still going to go riding with me? I seem to recall we were going to race..."

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Ian shakes his head to Valencia. "I don't think I have."

"You know me. As interesting a I find the spider, the web often proves itself even more fascinating. As for me? I'm fat, tired, sore, and your nephew is refusing to carry me about his back. Most unfair." She shoots a glare in Talen's direction before refocusing her attention on the Harlequin. "How are you?"

Mira's eyes widen as she's introduced to people, and she curtseys to Ian and Thena while balancing her plate of food--even if most of the ultra-spicy things are gone by now. "Greetings. Mira Matessi. A pleasure." She looks a little caught-by-the-hunter.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tyrval before departing.

    "Ah, our most Radiant Whisper. Always reminding me to pop my head up when the music takes me." Cesare says, with a fond smile for his fellow Whisper. "You do me much honor, Selene. And who am I to argue with two such beautiful women. It is decidedly unwise to anger those who carry their beauty so fiercely and so excellently." The dark-skinned man offers with a bow of his head. "The music is in my heart, right now. I feel compelled to sing and play... but, some wine will certainly be in my near future, worry not."

Eirene flags down the servants with the trays of food and soon has herself a nice collection of everything to sample. Same with the liquor, though that red haired lad is being kept busy. She finds herself a nice quiet place to sit and watch, mostly glancing at what the elven royalty does.

Katarina smoothly pulls a miniscule bottle of maple syrup from the confines of her gowns. "It would not be hard to fix that," she sweetly chimes, a hint of laughter in her soft lilt. "I've learned to always carry it with me now." At the mention of racing, her smile only brightens. "Whenever, wherever, Your Highness. I will be ready. Do you think my brother would be mad if I rode Sir Arugula?"

No sooner had Mia sat down when she heard the royal announcer call her name. A soft murmur of, "Excuse me, ladies," was quickly afforded to the table before she rose from her seat. It would hardly do to keep the King and the Queen waiting, after all. Gathering up the skirts of her gown in one hand, she offered a low curtsy to the pair. "Your Majesties," she said, crisply. "I would like to offer you my heartiest congratulations on your marriage -- and the thanks of House Riven, for all that your vows and your union does to protect the compact." The edges of her mouth turned up very slightly, a small hint of a smile touching her face. A rare expression for the Countess, but one that was sincere. It touched her eyes, after all. "And if I might... a gift?"

Calypso steps in to the wedding reception on Lord Anze's arm wearing a floor length red seasilk dress. She spots a few familuar faces among the crowd, nodding as she passes. She leans in to murmur to Anze for a moment before making her way towards the line to greet the King and the new Queen.

"Should we?" Nicia wonders, giving this idea of dance lessons some heavy thought for a moment before she looks around at the mention of her sister. When she spots her among the crowd she shakes her head, "I'm afraid that I didn't either...She seems to be having...ummm..." There is, really, no real certainty to that, so she simply trails off.

Tobias looks up from his private conversation with Mira to look at Velencia and Ian as they come over. He gives a nod as he crosses his arms, the Crimson Blade tunic bunching up a bit around the elbows.

Caras shakes himself from his search and greets Mira, who has joined their little cluster. "I'm Caras, Archlector of Gild." Something about the formality of the event brings out his own stoic formality.

Ian nods to Mira. "Lord Ian Kennex," he introduces, once he realizes that when Valencia was asking if he knew Mira, she meant that person right there with the food who just came over.

Anze leans in to whatever Calypso murmurs to him and smiles at her, giving her a nod as the pair make their entrance. There is a grin shot to those he recognizes in the crowd as he seems more than happy to let the dress wearing (no really, shes wearing a dress!) calypso lead the way.

"Sister Thena, Silver Order. My family has you on retainer, I believe," Thena says to Mira, after a nod of greeting. "My former family." Then she knocks back the rest of her drink, nods again, and just...leaves.

Alaric receives Mia warmly. "Your generosity's most appreciated, Countess Mia. Thank you very much," he says regally. "I intend to do my best to keep the Compact stable and thriving."

Valencia gently queezes Mira's arm and then offers a beautiful smile up at Tobias, "Oh, my dearest Lord Commander, I apologize for stealing her way. Please forgive me for being smitten with her," she offers sweetl to the rather stern looking man. There is a blink and a bright smile, "Sister? Yes? You have joined the order? Oh, congratulations, my sweet Sister Thena. That is so wonderful!"

"I have sworn myself to my husband, to his people, and to this Compact," Symonesse answers Mia, and though her answer is a solemn one, it steals away none of her light. "I will protect the Compact as I would protect my own children -- for they will be children of the Compact, and their destinies will ever be intertwined." Her eyes go wide with delight. "YES, a gift! Absolutely! What is it? Oooh." She could receive a hundred gifts and still be excited for the next.

Mira ohs, her eyebrows lifting, "Another Kennex? Like the High Magistrate, and Marquis Ford?" And to Thena, Mira's smile warms, "Oh, yes! I..." But then Thena walks off, and Mira tilts her head, shrugging. But then Valencia is talking to Tobias while her arm is grabbed, and Mira blinks, eyes wide, "Wait, what?? Stealing me away? Smitten??" She looks a little bewildered.

"It could go in EVERYTHING," Donella says, a little touch of feigned, mischievous awe in her voice. "I don't know, will you be good to him? If he will be upset, perhaps you ought take out Draco. Alis has promised that I may, sometime... I think she just wants to see him ride someone down."

Artorius looks around as he and Caelis wait in the looooooong line! But the new attire of Calypso catches his attention and he gives his cousin and her beau a happy wave! He turns back to Caelis "Huh...I actually feel kind of nervous meeting the king and queen."

"A lack of company with which to whet the wit, for many the mind they do omit..." Blacktongue's smile is slow, cheshire in form. It doesn't hit the mark of unnerving until his namesake runs along his top row of pearly whites, lingering near the eye-tooth. The Harlequin laughs softly, lifting his brows as he allows, "Well, and with purpose, though to what end the punchline has yet to be delivered. As for my nephew, I can box his ears? Take away his riddle box? An apple of a different hue?"

"Oh thank the gods." Caelis murmurs and tows Artorius again to go greet her cousins. "Lady General Calypso, Lord Anze." She says with a happy smile. "We were just waiting to greet their majesties. Did you want to come up with us?" She asks and looks for Eirene. "You missed Lady Eirene. Though she looks so pretty in a dress." She murmurs safe from Eirene based death threats.

Ian nods to Mira. "A cousin," he clarifies to her. Sip.

Eirene's got expensive booze and a few eye-candy servants bringing her expensive things to eat. She's a rather pleasant woman for a change. Crow-like hopping aside. Black and red look good on her rather than wash her out.

"The Templars are always in need of Faithful men and women." Caras says in response to Valencia's enthusiasm. "The protection of the compact is foremost in their minds, though remembering one's family is not a sin."

"What do you suppose it would go best on, in here?" Katarinas finds Donella's feigned, mischievous awe an infectious one, sparing a conspiratorial glance about. "But I am always good to Sir Arugula," she laughs. "I spoil him whenever I am in the stables. Perhaps we should make it an official thing. Draco versus Sir Arugula?"

"You have a fan." Tobias gives cheerfully as Valencia comments, "Don't mind me, I'm just here for the food."

Vercyn finishes his glass of wine while waiting in the recieving line. The Duke looks around for a moment, then flags down a passing servent. He trades his wine glass, for a glass of whiskey and inclines his head in thanks.

When Selene speaks, Belladonna does pause to glance back that way. She merely tips her head to the woman, and then to Cesare for his words. "Thank you," she offers, before she does indeed turn to continue away from them. When she spies Calypso her smile brightens briefly; if she can catch the woman's eyes she'll lift her glass from across the room. If not she'll just watch for a moment before she turns to consider the crowd again, drifting in Katarina and Donella's direction.

Anze beams a smile at Caelis "aye there cousins, s'good to see you as always. Eirene in a dress?" Anze adds skeptically "I ain believe it" he glances to Calypso on his arm then "though I doubt no one could ever look as pretty as Calypso here does in a dress."

"I've tossed his puzzle box out the window, into one of the reflection pools. He doesn't even complain anymore." The talk of purpose lifts Eleyna's brows as she murmurs with a slow smirk forming, "Purpose, hm? Seems to be a lot of that going around these days, though perhaps we should speak of it later, when we aren't muddying up this grand, golden part with talk of ambition and desire. We wouldn't want to make anything less -lovely-, after all."

At the Queen's response, Mia's dark eyes widened -- however briefly. It wasn't alarm, though, but relief. "Ahhh, it is one that requires a bit of explanation, I'm afraid. And so I'm grateful that you are willing to indulge me, Your Majesty." And with that, she produced what seemed to be a very meager thing -- a single white envelope, which she held out between bronzed fingers for the Queen. "An invitation, as time and duty suits you, for you to come to Heron Hall -- and choose between them. It is an old practice, you see, among my husband's family."

"Ah, well, I would not try and turn you from such a moment of inspiration, but I am happy to know that some libations are in your future," Selene answers Cesare with a satisfied smile. "I shall leave you to it in that case." Which again sends the woman wandering, set adrift amidst the human tides to see where they might carry her.

Calypso is intercepted by Caelis and veers off that way. "If you don't mind us tagging along. I'd hate to cut the line. It is good to see so much family at this event." Out of the corner of her eye she catches Belladonna's smile, brief as it might be. The Lady General returns the gesture with a respectful incline of her head towards the Duchess.

Cristoph follows the track of Nicia's eyes before returning to their conversation. Since she doesn't seem in any rush to run over an do a greeting, he's happy to stay planted where he is while they wait. "We could? It'd probably be better than stumbling all over each that one time."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tyrval before departing.

Calypso catches Anze's compliment a little late. "A rare sight. Take it in while you can." She teases him with a grateful sort of smile.

"I'll be glad to honor this tradition," Symonesse says to Mia, "and to accept your invitation. There is great beauty to be found in old things." She elbows Alaric. Gingerly. "Pssst," she murmurs to him, "I'm SUPER old." Like he needed the reminder.

Artorius is dragged by Caelis to go talk with the cousins! "Ow...ow...Caelis ow." he laughs a moment before smiling to Anze "Good to see you cousin. You both look wonderful today." he smiles to Calypso, being one of the only times he's seen her wear a dress. "you do look rather good in a dress Calypso." he is prepared to dodge a punch from his cousin....

Esoka watches with rapt attention as Mia greets the queen. Still staring, but at least it's focused now rather than simple boggling. Symonesse's response makes that big smile on her face grow even wider.

"Probably would be very wise....along with more decisions about dresses." Nicia agrees with a nod, seeming to be very willing to take part in the dance lessons, or at least agreeable to the possibility of them. As for her sister, she doesn't appear to be the sort to run across the room for a greeting, although that doesn't mean she's not idly tracking her sister's progress thoughtfully, "Who do you think could help with the dancing?"

"Is there pork? I'm told it's very good on pork." Donella considers though. "You know, I think while we can still leave the city for a casual ride, a steeple-chase might be in order."

Eirene motions to a servant and whispers something, making a gesture with her tilted chin towards Tyrval before shooing him over to deliver a message. Spotting her Malvici kin she raises a glass to them and offers a smile. Yes, she can smile on occasion... even if she's in a dress more often seen at funerals.

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Anze grins at Calypso and leans in to mutter something before leaning back and saying "aye, I will absolutely enjoy it while I can" looking back to Caelis and Artorius he says "an I think we would love to join tha pair of you if you ain mind."

Valencia blinks up at Tobias and gently brings him in, "My sweetest Lord Commander, you will join us as well I hope, seeing as I have been so rather terrible and stolen your lovely companion. Have you and Lord Ian met before," she ask warmly looking between the two and then over at Caras. "Just so, my most reverent Blessed Caras, this is very good to know. Thank you. It must take great skill to be a Templar I think," she muses. "It is a very noble and remarkable thing to know your calling so well."

Blacktongue checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

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"Ah, I've not yet been to Heron Hall in the Ward," Alaric notes as if this is actually kind of an oversight on his part when it's brought to mind. "Indeed, we'd love to attend as soon as we're able." He glances mildly over at Symonesse. "So you're super great beauty, then? That's not very grammatical," he deadpans with a serene smile before turning back to Mia and winking. "Thank you again, Countess, it would be our pleasure."

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Mira glances over at Valencia and Ian during the lull in conversation, and then back at Tobias, "Well...if you'll all excuse me, I think I'm going to go find a seat somewhere..." But then Valencia speaks again and Mira eeks quietly, falling quiet.

Calypso grins a touch at Artorius. "Thank you." She says almost curtly. "I had a meeting with Duke Harald earlier today. I think everything will come together nicely." She divulges to the large Malvici swordsmen before looking back to Anze and leaning in for another brief murmured conversation.

Ian nods to Tobias. "I think we've met once before. At the Ebb and Flow?"

Cristoph winces and comments, "I actually have no idea. Maybe I'll just practice not stumbling around on my own while walking. Do you think that will help?" He rubs the underneath of his chin thoughtfully.

Marian takes Fergus by the hand and pulls him in the direction of their doctor friend, Lady Eirene. She flashes a smile and waves a servant to bring them some drinks as they sit down at a table with the good doctor.

"Aww," Symonesse says to Alaric, as he obligingly agrees that she's a super great beauty. "You're sweet."

Alaric is overheard praising Symonesse for: Psst! A super great beauty!

The royal announcer calls Cristoph and Nicia forward to greet the King and Queen.

"Why do men forget I'm strong?" Caelis wonders at all of Artorius' ows. She nods to Calypso though. "Please! I was sweating enough to flood a deck, I've never had to speak to the King face to face. You're much more skilled with that sort of thing." Caelis tells Calypso and nudges her brother. Looking at Anze she winks. "Can't leave my favorite cousin out of the fun." She nods, relieved they're joining her and Art.

Belladonna is received with the most warmest of receptions from Katarina. Fingers delicately endeavor to draw the duchess into their shenagins. "My dearest Bella," she fills her in real quick. "Princess 'Ella" See what she did there? "And I were just debating on what we could pour maple syrup on, and not be disappointed with it. And, ah, conspirating to ride out of the city for a steeple chase."

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Saedrus moves away from the couches, across the floor of the great hall with elegant and deft steps. No one is bumped into even in this crowd and the Whisper carefully manoeuvres himself towards Alaric and Symonesse. Politely, he waits aside as the a throng of courtiers see to them, congratulate them and so on. When at last he can see the pair, there is a gracious bow, drawn low, that only barely shifts the designed hang of his snowy-white hair brushed across one side of his head and otherwise kept in a bun. "Your Majesties, King Alaric and Queen Symonesse. Congratulations, it was a truly awe-inspiring wedding," Saedrus says with a brightness in his eyes. "You made a most incredibly entry, your Majesty," he says first to Symonesse, "you look radiant, my Queen." Then to Alaric the Whisper chortles brightly, "and you made well on the kiss, King Alaric. Though the inspiring words come the end did not go astray. Congratulations."

Valencia raises a little eyebrow at Mira, though it is brief and she smiles gently. "Oh, please. I undestand competely. Please go find seat, yes?" she nods with a little smiles. "Thank you for coming to speak to me. I am so grateful. I am often so shy at these large events."

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"It may..." Nicia agrees, but then their names are called and she straightens up a bit, tightening her hold a bit on Cristoph's arm. Clearly he's in the lead here.

And at that, the Countess actually laughed. It was not a sound most people might expect from Mia -- warmer than should spill out of a woman so direct. She swiftly lifted a hand to cover the sound, lest she offer some offense. "It will be an honor, then, to have you in our home. I do hope that you will find one of the eagles to your liking and suitable to take out for hunts," she said, before adding, "but it would be terribly rude of me to keep you from your guests any longer. Please, excuse me. And may Limerance smile on you both."

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Mira flashes a grateful little smile at Valencia, curtseys, and whirls away to find herself a seat somewhere. Maybe near the elves. But not too near.

Calypso grins at Caelis as she moves to take a seat with her Aunt Eirene at the big table. "Oh, is Lord Anze your favorite cousin now?"

"You stay away from my rooms and labs, or I'm cutting you off." Blacktonge remarks cheerfully to Eleyna as he offers the Princess his arm to escort her about the room as they idly chitchat away. "Purpose, as commonly caught as a lack of cover in the Lyceum, but rather the question at root is where it is guided. And if it can be guided, and guided again...but no muddying, no! Nothing to -darken- the festivities." Said the Harlequin dressed in all black. "Lovely all the same, and not a ribbon in sight."

Artorius chuckles faintly to Caelis "I didn't's just been a long time since you've dragged me anywhere." he laughs, looking to Anze and Calypso "I would be delighted if you two joined us." he moves over to a big table with his sister in tow, his turn to drag her about now! "She is rather flimsy with favorites..." he teases his sister.

Aleksei trails in Saedrus's wake, his expression a bit troubled, creased and a bit taut. He mostly shadows him when Saedrus approaches Alaric and Symonesse, but he does bow extra-respectfully for the King and Queen of the Compact. "Your Majesties. Congratulations." He glances for the exit.

Eirene motions the Redrains over and offers to share her gathered goodies. Her nieces and nephews are also welcomed with a rather warm grin. The 'Auntie Eirene is pleasantly drunk and has lots of good food' auntie they see at the occasional party dinner.

"I've been there a couple times." Tobias nods to Ian. "Tobias Telmar, Lord General of the Crimson Blades. It's been a while... but I'm pretty sure you're a Kennex, are you not?" Tobias inquires of Ian.

"I hope that you do not expect me to take part in your trouble causing," Belladonna proclaims, easily draw in at least physically. She offers a warm smile for Donella, tilting her head in greeting to the other woman. "It is good to see you," she says. Katarina is given a one-armed hug, brieflike, and then she is back to standing in her own personal space and looking very proper. More than usual even, she's wearing furs instead of the typical Lycene garb she goes about in.

Caras inclines his head to Mira as she departs their company. He's busy being austere and formal today, so he doesn't say much.

Ian nods to Tobias. "I am. Marquis Ford's cousin." He sips his drink again. He's managing to nurse it along pretty impressively; he's maybe finished half so far, so those sips must be tiny.

Donella inclines her head. "Well, of course we do. What sort of mischief would it be, if we left any of the finest seats in the city behind?"

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Mira eeks and waves to Caras with a shy smile. She didn't even realize she had ignored him! But then she's off, for somewhere quieter!

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First the Royal Announcer is calling Cristoph and Nicia forward, then Saedrus and Aleksei are approaching too, and Symonesse doesn't dare allow herself a moment to be overwhelmed. Not one moment! With a sudden warmth of spirit, she reaches out to pull Saedrus into a hug. Then Aleksei, Nicia, Cristoph. All four of them. Queenly, caring hugs for all.

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Symonesse glances quickly back over her shoulder at Alaric, like maybe he should hug them too.

Eleyna moves slowly as she makes a circuit of the room, nodding to the more familiar faces as the two pass by. "That's a question I've been pondering myself. What point is purpose if you've nowhere to aim it? How can one choose a target when the years are short and there are too many options to consider?" Eleyna sighs and tightens her arm around Blacktongue, murmuring with mock wistfulness. "It was almost better when I didn't have to think for myself."

Cristoph smiles when she tightens her grip on his arm and then he leads them up towards Alaric and his new Queen. He bows deeply at the waist. "Your majesties. I believe the King has met me before." Maybe, possibly. The comment comes with an amused pull to his smile, "Queen Symonesse. I'm Duke Cristoph Laurent, congratulations on your wedding. This is Countess Nicia Pravus. I thought about getting you a giant chest as a wedding gift to put all of your wedding gifts /inside/ of... but I felt bad making someone cart that around. Instead would you like to come for dinner at my estate sometime?"

Katarina inclines her head in affable agreement. "It would only be right, that we have equal expectations," she gracefully procures a glass of wine from a passing servant. "Do you suppose it would be a great offense to put it in Stone Mountain whisky?" she muses to Donella. "Oh, I wonder if we could tempt someone into drinking it...?" She's eyeing Anze, now.

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Eirene glances at the group hug and flutters her dark blue eyes. Ugh, public displays of affection. She looks back to her family, Malvici and Redrain so recently united by marriage of Anze and Calypso. "See? That's why I didn't go to the wedding."

"And so how are you faring my dear Blessed Caras? I do believe I owe you a shopping trip. I hope you will forgive me. I will make good on my debt, I promise," she winces playfully at the Archlector.

"Your Majesties." Nicia greets, and then she blinks a moment in surprise at the Queenly hugs that are being passed out. However, it would be very poor of her to not return said hugs, so she does, "Congratulations...."

Valencia claims that

Cristoph is suddenly hugged in the middle of his monologue but he handles it like a champ and pats the Queen on the back. "Thanks."

Calypso raises a brow a touch at her Aunt Eirene as she glances back over her shoulder then to see what the fuss is about. "You didn't go to the wedding because... public displays of affection?"

With some well-spoken words to the people at the royal couches, Calarian rises from them with his half-drank goblet and Philip is quick to approach him. Lord and assistant exchange a few words, and the Prince gives a nod -- and the servant departs towards the royal announcer.

One expects politeness, bows and graciousness. Saedrus though doesn't exactly expect to be drawn into a hug by the new Queen, Symonesse. Evergreen eyes widen, and pale cheeks flush brightly. "My Queen," he adds softly. "Thank you."

"Sappy shit," the foul-mouthed Doctor replies. She then lowers her voice to keep it down amongst themselves.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tyrval before departing.

Aiden sends a wave to Calarian as he departs the couches, then seems to be attempting to haul Silas up off the couch, "Come on. No one gives a whoot. This is the best time!'

"I've been a bit busy with Blades affairs lately." Tobias informs Ian, before he smiles. "I've heard that Thrax have been pushing hard in the north and claimed new territory, though."

Alaric grins cheerfully as line protocol kind of falls apart for a moment. Eh, big party, these things happen. "Of course! I wouldn't have wanted not to give my all for the most important part," he tells Saedrus nonchalantly with a quick nod for Aleksei. "Thank you as well, Archlector," he adds regally. Whether by familial relation or Symonesse's prompting, he does give Cristoph a big solid hug. "Well met, cousin! I dearly wish Mother was here to see this day," he declares wistfully, turning to give Nicia a smile. "Countess, hello." He laughs and turns back to Cristoph. "I'm afraid I've long since passed the point of a single chest, however large." He turns to Symonesse. "But we should! I don't know if you know, but my mother was of House Laurent. It's been far too long since I've been able to visit with her side of the family."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Aleksei has the strangest look on his face after Symonesse hugs him like maybe he might be on the edge of tearing up. But he draws in a slow breath and offers her a warm, grateful smile for the gesture. He shifts back a bit, looking to Saedrus expectantly.

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Caras nods to Valencia. "I had to borrow a white outfit for this event, if you will believe it Valencia. I think the laundress put something in it, it's starting to itch." He refrains from scratching though. "I'd much rather be wearing my usual garb. There's a winter event coming up. If I don't get proper white attire, I shall have to paint my body and attend in the buff."

Ian finishes his drink and glances at Valencia. He might be dense with regards to people, but he's not so dense that he doesn't realize it's maybe time to take her home. "We have been," he agrees to Tobias. "Edward Stormbreak's been made a Baron. Will you two excuse us?" He's not, however, nearly socially graceful enough to leave without coming off as that blunt.

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"I am sure someone would take it as a wild affront. But we're in the palace. Everything is peace-tied up, and tomorrow, who will be well enough to duel over it? Someone will drink it, I'm sure. Throw a wager behind it, and they might fight you for it."

"I cannot condone putting anything in anyone's drink," Belladonna informs Katarina, shaking her head and sipping from her own glass of wine. The put upon look she sends Donella's way as if seeking sympathy is over the top, clearly playful rather than serious.

Blacktongue is ever the gentlemen, even if he wears the motley of the Harlequin. "I have heard it said that those that lack faith, lack purpose. I would never accuse a man of being impious; all men have piety, if even only to themselves or some empty cause. The adage is better tuned to say, 'Those that lack their own purpose, lack imagination.' Poor is the man weak of aim." With a deep, raspy laugh he tacks on, "..but so said the fool. The options do become fewer, when you tip the scales with the weight of 'self'." A glance is given to her abdomen and he adds, "Do not fret, that will do all the thinking for you soon."

Symonesse looks completely satisfied that order has been restored, and nods along in agreement with Alaric. "Oh yes, we very definitely should!" she says. "I'd love that. Thank you for inviting us! I'm afraid I'm not very well studied in the Houses of the Compact, but it'll be good to know more of my husband's dear family."

"I wish you luck with that endeavor, then." Tobias remarks, before he nods, "Safe travels." Given to Ian, before he starts to look around again.

Silas gets hauled from the couch with a surprised sound! The startledness melts into a warm smile, though, and he sidles up next to Aiden and takes ahold of his hand to guide him to the dance floor. "You -know- how terrible I am, but if you insist..."

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Ian will lead Valencia off, although he doesn't make much of a walking partner. He has to focus too much on the walking part.

Valencia leaves, following Ian.

Saedrus steps back smiles to both Alaric and Symonesse, a warm blush on his cheeks for realising his own error in order. "My apologises," he adds in a small voice. Clearly the courtier is a little, out of sorts to his usual streamline etiquette -- even errors are normally handled effortlessly. Not tonight. "Enjoy your night, your Majesties." And the Softest Whisper moves aside finding Aleksei's hand to hold as they both make their way to leave.

Calarianwanders over to fill his goblet some more -- it wasn't even finished in the first place -- serving himself some wine. He gives the new liquid a tentative sniff, hazel eyes briefly following the breach in protocol happening by the newly-wed. The prim, etiquette-freak Prince seems to also consider those things natural for big parties. He takes a sip.

Symonesse shakes her head to Saedrus, wide-eyed and insistent. "Please do not apologize," she says. "I was glad for the excuse to hug someone! I had all those pent up hugs just ready to burst. It's been such a beautiful, wonderful evening."

Keso, a street urchin, Saedrus leave, following Aleksei.

"There are a lot of things to be well versed in, Your Majesty...many of us that should be more well-versed still aren't." Nicia assures Symonesse with a smile, then she glances towards Saedrus, offering the Whisper a smile as well, and a nod for the Archlector. But then she falls quiet, a hand moving back to Cristoph's elbow when there's no more threats of royal hugs.

The royal announcer calls Caelis and Artorias forward to greet the King and Queen.

Donella sympathizes! Oh, she sympathizes. "I think I should go and make sure that His Grace of Farhaven has not fallen into the wine-fountain. But Katarina, I shall come and find you, as soon as the city-wide hangover wears off."

Mira looks up at the Queen's words, and even though she is really nowhere near enough to the royal couple to hope to be heard, she comments, "I know, right?"

Cristoph laughs when he's suddenly hugged by Alaric as well. "My father as well. I'm positive he'd have been glad to see it." There's some underlying tightness there but he brushes it off. He steps back to give the two reagents some space. "I'll get it set up then. I'm sure that Jael will be glad to see you again outside of a massive party like this." He reaches and gives Nicia's hand a squeeze, keeping them there long enough for her to speak before they too depart. There's a lot of people still wishing for their attention, after all.

Caras turns his attention to Tobias. "You show an interest in the activities of House Thrax. Is it just conversational or do you hope to join your flag to theirs in the North?"

Estaban lenas back on the couch while he talks to Reese a nods to his head and a soft smile as they speak.

Eleyna listens quietly to Blacktongue, pondering those twisty, twining words and rolling them over in her mind like stones to be smoothed to a shimmery polish by the repeated caress of thought. After intercepting Blacktongue's pointed look toward her stomach, the princess manages a faint smile as she says quietly, "That's what I'm afraid of. There are things that I would dare for the sake of his or her future that I would never dream to attempt for myself." There is a briefly troubled expression in her pale eyes before that alabaster face smooths and she adds with an apologetic grin, "You'll have to excuse me. I'm getting tired and speaking nonsense. I should head back to the Estate before my words run away with me."

Donella says, "My lady Duchess, my compliments to your family... I hope that you and yours will come and dine with us, this week. It has been too long, since I've gotten to play hostess, what with all the construction detritus."

Aiden checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Belladonna offers Donella a downright impish smile, lifting her glass in the woman's direction before she looks back to Katarina. "Have you said your congratulations yet, or will you join me when my name is called?" She offers her arm for the Valardin princess.

Rising from the table, Caelis takes her brother's arm and snorts at Eirene. "It needs some waves and maybe some horses running in the surf and you're right on the mark. Lady Calypso, Lord Anze, will you join us?" She asks and looks towards the monarchs.

Silas checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Anze rises from the table with a glance up to the king and queen, making sure he and Calypso aren't shoed away

Shard checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Calypso rises from her spot at the table with Anze when Caelis and Artorius are called. Apparently this greeting of the Royal Couple has turned in to a family affair. "Of course."

Aiden was successful in hauling the Baron Whitehawk to the dance floor and surprisingly, despite how much liquor is making his eyes glassy, prevents either of them from looking the fool as they start to utilize Cesare's fine music and the purpose of the dance floor.

Katarina bows her head to Donella. "I'll look forward to your summons, Your Highness. Wish His Grace well for me," she says, before turning her eyes up to Belladonna. "No, I have not. I was just about to make my way there. Whomever first is called?" she wonders, delicately accepting the duchess' arm with a fond smile cast back at the Thraxian princess. "Does this invitation extend toward those curious to experience your legendary hostessship, Your Highness? Or shall I covet an invitation at another date?"

As Caras speaks up in his direction, Tobias looks over in his direction, giving a slight frown. "I have an interest in all the Realms and their activities, both personally and professionally. Being a mercenary means keeping up with military affairs across the Compact." Tobias informs Caras, "Join my flag to theirs... Do you mean with the Crimson Blades?"

Artorius approaches King Alaric and Queen Symonesse with his sister Caelis on his arm, smiling to Calypso and Anze as it appears they will be arriving in a group apparently. He looks towards the monarchs and takes a deep breath, more comfortable with his family in tow, he takes the first steps towards the king and queen, bowing to the two. "King Alaric and Queen Symonesse, A pleasure to make your acquaintances and congratulations on your union." he smiles warmly to the two, the first time meeting them for Artie here.

Caras is not up on military affairs. He introduces himself with a calloused hand. "Archlector Caras. And you are?"

Calarian takes a moment to sip his newly-filled wine-goblet and let his hazel eyes wander over the room. They land on Duchess Lydia-- lingering there for a brief moment without really falling into impoliteness. Maybe he's remembering something.

"Parenthood is rather empowering that way" Blacktongue says to Eleyna with a vague wave of his hand. "You'll have to excuse me along with you. The Harlequin is doomed to hours over his vials this eve. Care for the company of the walk back? I may even have some new riddles for you." he promises as he begins to walk Eleyna out, whispering one of what he promised in her ear.

Estaban smiles standing up offering Reese his hand waiting for her to take it, "It is okay your Highness, I do not mind." he smiles, looking around his eyes fall on the Dutches of Pravus and his smile faulters as he watches her perhaps to long he had not realized she was here. But then he blinks and looks back to Reese waiting.

Really, she was not ignoring Donella. Belladonna smiles warmly for the other woman, tilting her head that way. "I would very much enjoy that," she says. "It has been far too long since we've had any chance to speak. We'll have an evening arranged." Then she's smiling for Katarina again. "Perfect," she agrees. Yes. Whichever is called. The question of Donella has her looking that way, chuckling softly.

Alaric grins affably as most of House Malvici rolls in to greet the newly wedded couple, quietly prompted with a few names from one of the ever-present Observers. "Thank you all. Lord Artorius, Lady Caelis, thank you for coming. And Lady General Calypso and Lord Anze, hello as well. It's an honor to join the ranks of the year 1006 weddings with such esteemable company," he says personably.

Symonesse gazes to each Malvici, smiles to each, and then murmurs something low to Alaric. "It is kind of you to take the time to greet us," she says. "It is not often that families can come together, in such strength and pride, and it is always worthy of celebration when they do! I am honored."

Reese reaches for Estaban's hand and rises from the Grayson couch. She peeks over the room, having a gentle smile for those who look her away, but she still seems a bit overhwhelmd, maybe less so as the crowd thins a bit. She then notices Belladonna, maybe because Estaban did and her blue eyes are warm as she looks in her direction. "Duchess." She says..

Donella says, "Naturally, highness, you may come on that same night. Just, uh... I wouldn't recommend wearing white. For practical reasons. My last banquet ended in bloodshed. I believe Rook was scandalized."

Calypso makes her way to the Royal table with her cousins and new husband, bowing gracefully as she reaches their presence. "Your Grace, King Alaric. Your Grace, Queen Symonesse. Congratulations on your union." She says formally before giving a more personable nod towards Alaric. "I said it before at our last meeting but it bares repeating, seeing you awake and well brings joy to us all. The burdens of this compact do not rest on your shoulders alone. I hope you will let us all lighten the load a touch." And with a respectful shift of her gaze towards the new Queen she speaks respectfully. "Your Grace, you really do shine brightly. A trick of the eye? Or your immense warmth. Whatever it is, I hope you do prove Prince Tyrval wrong." She says with a grin, some inside comment perhaps.

"Tobias Telmar, Lord General of the Crimson Blades." Tobias informs Caras and he shakes the mans hand. "Territory expansion is something I like to keep track of, usually means more work for us... though House Thrax likely won't be extending their reach more for a while."

Eirene probably was ignoring the Pravus duchess. She has food and now an audience for her snark so she's in a very pleasant mood for once.

Anze offers a bow to the royal couple "congratulations on your new marriage" Anze says simply, less talking means less foot in mouth clearly.

"The light of my soul," Symonesse answers Calypso. "It has been well-kept, and well-blessed by the Goddess. The stronger your sense of self, the brighter you will shine! I can see it in you, even now! Such great light."

"Not without assistance." Caras replies to Tobias as understanding dawns. "But I catch your meaning and understand the motivation behind your question now. You don't feel a little self-conscious talking business at an event like this?"

Marian forgot that she shouldn't be drinking alcohol. She gets a little green in the face and looks at her husband before standing up and then rushing off quickly.

Marian has left the Great Table.

Attention drawn by Reese, Belladonna looks that way. She flashes a bright smile and lifts her glass in greeting, though she doesn't lift her voice to call back that way, instead giving a tug on Katarina's arm to start over in that direction.

Artorius smiles warmly to the King and Queen. "You honor us, your Highnesses. We are more than happy to offer our congratulations to you both. May your union be blessed." he smiles faintly, looking to the others but Symonesses words to Calypso catch the Malvici Lords curiousity.

Fergus rolls his eyes, watching Marian get up. "Yep. I did try to stop her." he sighs, getting up. "I better go hold her fucking hair while she pukes." A glance at those at the table with him. "Have a good one."

Fergus has left the Great Table.

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Eirene says, "Oh the joys of husbandry. Wait until the baby starts crying and shitting..."

Eirene's audience for snark is over, so she stands and goes back to join the Malvici entourage greeting the Royal Couple. No crow-hopping this time, she offers a much easier bow from the waist up.

Reese has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Estaban waits for Reese when he spots Belladonna come in their direction, he continues to hold her hand and wait at her side just incase she wishes to speak with the dutches.

Alaric grins appreciatively to Calypso. "Don't worry, Minister, I'm well aware there are plenty of burdens to go around. We'll make use of all the capable hands in the Compact we can."

Caelis curtsies low. "It is truly an honor to meet your Majesties." she offers and nods to Calypso. "As Lady General Calypso has said, we hope we can share the burdens of the compact together with you." Looking from the King to the Queen. "Certainly this year has allowed our many families to grow stronger as yours has, and I hope will continue to in the future." The admiral flushes a bit and falls silent.

"Then it is settled," Katarina supposes to Belladonna with a hint of a smile, cheeks ever so faintly dimpling. She's easily guided along into approaching Estaban and Reese, both of whom are afforded the warmest of smiles. "Pinky Princess," she offers in sweet teasing toward Reese first. "Lord Estaban, it's good to see you both again. Tonight's been quite an affair, no?"

Reese smiles over to Belladonna. "Greetings, Duchess it is very nice to see you this evening. You have such grace as always." She murmurs, getting more talkative now. She then turns her attention to Katarina. "Oh, so much, I can hardly believe it is real at all." She says and then has a smile for her, that touches her blue eyes.

Calypso inclines her head at the Queen's words. "You honor me, your Grace. Thank you." And her own grin reflects Alaric's "We'll work on thinning those burdens in due time, Your Grace." She gives a glance towards Anze and then Caelis as they speak. But with her words said she falls back a touch so as not to take up too much time. She gives a slight pat to Artorius shoulder as she steps back a touch.

Lydia lingers away from the crowds, quietly communing with her own thoughts, semi-introvert style. She seems in good spirits, just not one to fling herself into the wide variety of conversations going on about her. She doesn't seem to notice Prince Calarian's glances.

There's a raises brow to Caras, then. "Not especially... though you're the one who asked about my interest." Tobias points out, before he smirks, "Thrax expanding isn't exactly military specific news. I'm curious what they'll find up there." Then, Tobias frown a bit in thought. "If I recall my Archlectors... you're of Gild, correct?"

The royal announcer calls Vercyn forward to greet the King and Queen.

"It is good to see you as well, Princess Reese," Belladonna greets softly. She tips a nod in Esteban's direction, no recognition in her expression for the man until Katarina greets him. He's given a once over and then she tips her head in his direction, polite. "Lord Esteban," she offrs quietly. Reese's comment about it being real has her nodding her agreement.

Monique is overheard praising Orazio for: The ceremony was good, but the dancing? Sublime.

Artorius smiles to the King and Queen once Calypso pats his shoulder, bowing to them. "A pleasant night to you both, your Highnesses." he takes a few steps back, with an accomplished smile on his face. He just met the King and Queen! he's jazzed! "Until we meet again."

Orazio is overheard praising Monique for: A most delightful dance partner.

Estaban looks to Katarina, "Hello, it is good ro see you once again, it has been something else yes." he looks to Belladonna watching her and looking her over for a long moment perhaps meeting eye contact, he is silent for a long moment then nods to her, "Dutchess Belladonna."

Tyrval has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

"Hope tha rest of your night is well" Anze says to the royal couple before slipping away as the next guest approaches. There is a grin though to Vercyn from Anze as they cross paths "Vercyn" he says warmly "try not to grump up tha place too much."

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Nicia leaves, following Cristoph.

Vercyn empties his glass as his name is called. He lifts his eyebrows in amusement to Anze as he passes him by. He approaches the King and Queen and places a closed fist to his chest. He bows deeply at the waist. "Your Majesties." He holds that position for a moment before he straightens and smiles to both of them. "Allow me to give you my congratulations, as well as those of my house to your joyous union. May it bring you both joy."

"That is correct." Caras assures Tobias. "I expect they'll find a great deal of snow, even in winter." He says lightly. "Snow and shavs. They go hand in hand. But that is no reason not to bring peace and the compact to their lives. And where there is snow, there is good timber."

There is a subtle glance brushed toward a certain set of couches. "There has been something of a surreal quality to this wedding, yes," she voices in easy agreement. Golden eyes flit briefly between Estaban and Belladonna, before hers is a gentle smile to Reese. "I'm glad I managed to attend the festivities, at least. I've missed far too many weddings as of late."

Caelis is happy to beat a retreat back to the table where she collapses. She looks to Katarina and Estaban with a wave.

Symonesse answers Vercyn's bow with a formal, courtly curtsey, gathering the spiderspun skirts of her gown in her hands as she dips low. "Thank you for the congratulations," she says, as she rises from that curtsey. "I am honored to be joined to such a good man, and to be joined with his Compact in kind." A pause. "Not exactly in kind! If you know what I mean!" Haha!

Reese smiles over to the jazzed Artorius, giving him a wave. She seems a bit confused about what is going on between Estaban and Belladonna or maybe a lot confused. "We were going to dance. We could all four dance together?" Reese suggests and then smiles at her own words, like she thinks it is a great idea. She then turns to Katarina. "I missed yours. I meant to come, but..things didn't quiet work out, congrats though."

Alaric smiles respectfully to Vercyn as one of the old warhorses around the city. Can't be all young punks all the time. "Duke Vercyn, thank you for coming. It's an honor to receive you at the Palace," he declares warmly. "I hope you've enjoyed the hospitality."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Reese studies the spiderspun silks, looking for spiders, her blue eyes are wide. She doesn't seem fully comfortable with spiders, but she isn't trembling or anything either. She looks fascinated and a little wary at the same time.

Calypso gives Eirene slight nod and diverts from the large table over to the portion of the party Reese, Katarina, Belladonna and Estaban are standing at, still on Anze's arm. "Good evening to you all. I hope you don't mind the intrusion."

Reese smiles toward Calypso. "Oh, not at all, Lady General Commander." She says in her gentle voice.

Vercyn smiles warmly at Symonesse "Of course, I understood your meaning." He inclines his head deeply to Alaric. "It is an honor to be here. Your hospitality is always apreciated and highest in the land, My King. I am sorry to say that I do not have a gift at this time. Having recently returned, I have been busy setting things in order. If you will forgive me this oversight, perhaps you would be a guest in my hall and I could correct my error."

Silas Dancing with the handsome Prince Aiden

Katarina espies Caelis out of the corner of her eye. A painted hand rises in easy salute her fellow admiral, cheeks dimpling with a helpless fondness for the woman. "Hmm? Oh, of course. If Duchess Belladonna would not mind as well." Her attention drifts back to present company, easily intercepting Anze, like ALWAYS, to get her dose of huggage from Calypso. "Calypso," she squeals with infectious girlish delight. "You're home! I trust Anze's taken good care of you?" Anze gets a look, before it softens into another of her smiles. "I've missed you both."

The royal announcer calls Belladonna forward to greet the King and Queen.

Orazio and Monique come to the edge of the floor, and exchange curtsey and bow with one another. Orazio, at least, looks as if he quite enjoyed himself, and murmurs something to the lady before they part.

Eirene says, "Ladies. Estaban." She nods sharply, back now to her more crabby self. The red veil is now draped around her neck and shoulders like a scarf, setting off her dark wool gown and ornate braids in salt and pepper. "Oh, Duchessess' turn."

That look from Estaban has Belladonna tilting her head just a bit, meeting his gaze evenly. His nod is not returned, but she does smile at him. It's not a warm thing. Instead, there is a glance between Reese and Katarina. She starts to say something, but thenthere's Calypso. She smiles again, loosing her grip on Katarina some (without letting go entirely) so she can turn towards the woman. "Lady General," she greets. "Your company is never minded. It is wonderful to see you. It has been far too long." Katarina says her name and she glances. "Hmm?" Pause. "Oh. Excuse us, please," she says for the group, and she's turning to tug Katarina towards the royal pair.

Lydia glances up, watching Belladonna as she approaches her audience.

Anze grins at Reese "aye there Reese" and then there is a sudden Katarina appearance and he chuckles "aye there Katarina" then she is going "till next time" he says a little amused "how are yah Reese, Estaban?"

Tikva rises from her table with a beaming smile for her tablemates, then spent in a sweep of her bright gaze throughout the party. Then she moves to make her discreet exit to handle maternal duties.

Tikva has left the Gray Table.

2 Armed Confessors, Mariah, a nanny, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Confessor Warren leave, following Tikva.

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"Ooo." Reese says as Belladonna's name is announced. "Your turn." She says and gives her a warm smile. "I think I got the nerve up to great her now." She murmurs and then turns to Anze. "Oh, Prince Anze, a pleasure to see you. How is it being married to Compact's great general?"

Alaric laughs appreciatively to Vercyn. "Not at all, not at all. I'd be happy to accept your invitation, but we've already been accumulating quite a few appointments tonight and it's getting to the point where it may take a while to see to them all. Still, I'm sure we can work something out in good time. Enjoy the reception."

Artorius smiles at Reese a little with a light chuckle and gives her a wave. "Oh, I'm not much of a dancer...nor a good one at that. Maybe next time?" he smiles faintly.

Monique leaves the dance floor with Orazio, sweeping him an elegant curtsey and murmuring something to the Legate.

"Philip," Calarian calls, turning around to notice his assistant behind himself -- next to his three guards, sentried by their lord. "Come closer." He crooks a finger and mutters a few commands. The assistant gives a brisk nod and a "yes, your Highness," before he departs the room. The nobleman's left to sip from his goblet, another very light sip.

Calypso is tackled with a hug and is not swift to stop it! She gives the foreign Princess a hug in return. "I am taking very good care of him. No need to worry." Of course she turns the statement around a touch. "Blancbire was a nice escape for a week or so, but it is good to be back." She manages to get a nod in to Belladonna before the Duchess is called off to greet the Royal Couple. "Far too long." She says, saving the rest for later." A more genuine, but brief, smile is turned towards Estaban. "Did you have your turn to congratulat the King and Queen yet?"

Vercyn bows again. "At your leisure of course." He backs away and then turns to survey the hall once dismissed.

Katarina is easily plucked away to attend to the royal newlyweds, her fingers tightening subtly upon her hold against Belladonna's arm as she accompanies the Duchess of Setarco. Nerves.

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrives, delivering a message to Caelis before departing.

Katarina checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Katarina checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

There is a reassuring noise made under her breath for Katarina as Belladonna leads her up towards the King and Queen. Stopping a polite distance back (that is most certainly out of arm's reach because she /saw/ the hug, earlier), she lets go of her companion and sinks into a deep curtsey. And holds it, as she offers quietly, "Congratulations, your majesties. We are all blessed by your union."

"We'll find out soon enough." Tobias replies to Caras, before he gives a slight bow to him. "For now, I'm afraid I need to leave to handle a few matters, if you'll excuse me?"

Estaban jaw tightens some as Belladoona watches him his lips part but then he stops when the Malvici gang come over he swallows hard looking to Reese, "I am sorry your highness." he then looks to Calypso, "Yes, I was able to do so earlier." he breaths in deeply he is tense now his body shows it. He looks to Caelis and Artorius nodding to them both, "Hello." his eyes can'the help but glance back to the dutches then back to Calypso.

Eirene offers the girl squeezing her niece a confused scowl. "Who the Abyss are you," she asks sharply of Katarina. But there she goes, drawn away. She motions to her as she looks to Calypso "Who is that poor thing she's sunk her claws into now?"

Anze grins at Reese "just Lord Anze now, an I have to say bein married to Calypso is tha best thing in tha whole world. I darsay ain anythin that could make someone happier."

Esoka cleans her plate and, after a few good-nights, fades into the background of the feast.

"It was nice to meet you Tobias of the Crimson Blades." Caras says. "I hope to talk to you again sometime." He turns his attention to the receiving line and queues up there to offer his congratulations to the Royal couple.

Esoka has left the Gray Table.

After a few moments in wait, Philip returns to Calarian, who is still standing by one of the tables. The servant reports a few things, and the Prince gives a brisk nod.

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6 Crimson Blades Sergeant leaves, following Tobias.

Alaric smiles welcomingly to Belladonna and Katarina as they approach. "Duchess Belladonna, so good to see you here. And Princess Katarina, thank you for coming as well," he says affably. "By the time of the reception for your contest's results, I half worry you'll be tired of seeing my face," he observes lightly to the Duchess.

Calypso grins at Eirene. "Princess Katarina. A Euasai admiral. She stopped by Southport not long before making her way to Sanctum. Just shortly before I was called to Arx. She is a friend." She says with a firm nod and then looks to Anze. "I have to agree. Couldn't be happier."

Orazio smiles to Monique. "Thank you for a most lovely interlude. I fear that I am stealing you from your no doubt numerous admirers, so I shall pretend to be kind, and release you." He chuckles, and with another bow, begins moving away. He seems to be angling towards Aislin, trying to intercept her.

Reese looks over to Estaban. "Oh, it is okay, no reason to be sorry." She says, but she seems a bit concerned for the lord. Her confusion lingers. She then turns to Anze, nodding happily in response to his words.

"Thank you for coming," Symonesse's response echoes her husband's. "You are both so lovely tonight. A Lycene beauty and ... Eurusi? Lovely! But sharp like knives, too."

Aislin stands from her place at the couches, clearly prepared to depart the party. Perhaps she's hit her limit on crowds. However, she has the entire width of the hall to cross, which makes it simple enough for Orazio to head her off before she ever reaches the exit.

Aiden has left the Dance Floor.

"BYE AL!" Symonesse calls out, waving with sudden enthusiasm to Aislin as she makes ready to leave.

Smiling to Estaban, Caelis slides out of her chair. "Lord Estaban, how has your evening been?" She asks and smiles up at him. "I told my brother he should humor me with a dance and he hasn't. Would you care to?" She asks and offers a hand.

Orazio offers a bow to Aislin, and then steps in to say something quietly to her. Although the call from Symonesse brings a brief smile to his features, he mostly looks a bit concerned.

As Tikva and Esoka departed, Mia prepared to follow her example. She pushed herself up from her seat at the tables, reflexively smoothing the blue lace of her gown, and spent one more long moment drinking in the scene. Seemingly satisfied with what she saw, she nodded once to herself and headed towards the doors.

Reese seems at least a bit concerned for Aislin, but she doesn't draw near to her. She gives her a smile that is prehaps a little serious and somber, but still pregnant with warmth.

A crippling shyness overcomes Katarina when she's faced with Alaric and Symonesse. Her cheeks burn and her golden eyes lower, gracefully dipping into a curtsy before them. "Blessed be your union, Your Majesties," she manages out, after almost saying that in Eurusi. Brain fart averted. "And may your marriage and reign be a long and prosperous, and filled with the same bliss that I've found in my own marriage." A pause, and she squees over Symonesse helplessly. "Oh, but you truly are a vision of beauty yourself, Your Majesty. Your spiders, they've done a a phenomenal job at weaving the silks for your wedding gown. Oh -- We will be hosting winter festivities soon. And there, I intend to display a small talent of mine - fire dancing. Surely you'll both come?"

Silas finishes his dance with his partner, and leads him off the dance floor. Aiden and Silas then begin to make their way to the exit, though Silas makes sure to stop and give Estaban and Reese his farewells. "We're heading back to the manor! You both take care." Calarian is also spotted one last time, too. "You as well, Your Highness. We'll speak again."

Eirene shakes her head in amusement. "Hugging, eh, must be special then." She grins at her nieces and nephews and shifts her scarf again, tossing it haughtily. "Well I should take off before the alcohol -really- works on me. Don't need drunk old Auntie making diplomatic blunders."

Shard remains on the couches, talking with Mae. She looks...tense.

Silas has left the Dance Floor.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Reese smiles warmly to both Silas and Aiden. "Take care." She says in their direction.

Artorius looks to Caelis "Oh did you? I apologize, I was lost in thought..." he rubs the back of his head lightly embarrassingly. He looks between Estaban and Caelis, giving Estaban a glare (probably good natured despite it's intimidating nature) and simply sips on his whiskey...he may or may not have just been being humble about dancing.

Mira quietly departs her shadowy table and starts to make for the exit, unobtrusively as possible. Sneak sneak sneak.

Aiden and Silas walk off the dance floor, the Prince looking entirely worn out by the end of it. Socially speaking, he wasn't up for the game any further and looked toward the exit, his arm hooked around Silas'. He smiles at Estaban and Reese, then notes where Calarian is. They all get a good silent wave, with the King and Queen giving a witsful look. Another time, when lines don't run for hours.

Symonesse beams in earnest pride as Katarina compliments her spiders. "Yes!" she says, in impassioned agremeent. "They worked /so/ hard. Love is often proven in hard work, and they have proven theirs."

"I cannot imagine that ever being the case, Your Majesty," Belladonna says, rising once she's been spoken to. She falls quiet then, only reaching to give Katarina's elbow a light squeeze, reassuring. It's brief, and she's attentive to the conversation.

At the loud call, Leona's head snaps toward first Symonesse, and then Aislin. There's a considering look on her face and then she shrugs and moves on, still quietly watching the room.

2 Iron Guardsmen leaves, following Silas.

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The royal announcer calls Calarian forward to greet the King and Queen.

Estaban looks to Aiden and Silas, "I will stop by later." he says to them then looks to Reese, "Your Highness, do you still wish to dance?" he asks then looks to Calypso, "Perhaps Lady General and Lord Anze would care to oin us."

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrives, delivering a message to Caelis before departing.

"Oh, they're all such lovely little ones," Katarina falls into easy chatter with Symonesse, her brief fright eased with Belladonna's presence and the Queen's taking to her. "I almost adore them as much as scorpions of my homeland. Such spirited creatures, and beautiful in their own right." With that, she's easing back to allow Calarian his chance, waiting for Belladonna.

At some point, Monique slips out. Just like that. Vanished. Maybe some candlesticks did, too.

Anze glances to Calypso with the question, raising a brow to see her response.

Mia has left the Gray Table.

Aislin pauses to murmur something to Orazo in answer to his quiet question. But then there's Symonesse calling out a farewell, and after a moment's awkward pause Aislin turns back to offer her a smile. "Congratulations again," she offers. "And if there's anything House Ashford can do to help you settle in, your majesty, you need only ask; you'll always find welcome at our house."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Calarian seems to have been ready. At the call of the royal announcer, he dismisses whatever message his assistant, Philip, is delivering and quickly heads over towards Alaric and Symonesse. Those lips of his spread into a warm and ready smile for King and Queen. "My Lieges," he begins in a tone that hints familiarity, "Congratulations to you, and the realm, for our new King Alaric and Queen Symonesse. I look forward, as the First Observer and Voice of House Grayson, to work with you, my Queen," that part is given to Symonesse, "and to keep serving you to the best of my abilities as you have seen, my King," that part is given to Alaric.

"I definitely plan to attend the Valardin winter affair if my schedule permits," Alaric agrees enthusiastically with Katarina before smirking a bit impishly at Belladonna. "Well, maybe I'm just not trying hard enough," he laughs cheerfully.

Calypso blinks a little and then looks to Anze. She glances down to his feet for a moment and then back to his eyes. "Oh good, sturdy boots. It wont hurt as bad when I step all over your toes." She offers him her hand with a faint smirk and then a nods to Reese, Estaban, Artorius and Caelis! The dance floor is getting some use tonight. "Good night, Aunt Eirene. We'll see you soon."

Vercyn shrugs his shoulders before departing out into the night

"You have done such great work already, Prince Calarian," Symonesse says. "You have brought the King and I together, and for this you have my undying gratitude. I know that your service as First Observer will continue to be a source of great pride for both the family, and the Compact." And then she stands on tip toe, to kiss him upon the brow, and to murmur, "Thank you."

"I look forward to your attempts at overstaying your welcome, then; it means I'll get plenty of your company," Belladonna answers Alaric with a playful smile of her own. Katarina eases back, and she nods her way, looks to Symonesse. "Welcome. If there is anything that I -- or Pravus -- can do for you, you have but to ask." To the pair of them, "Congratulations, again." And she withdraws to make room for the next, moving to reclaim Katarina's arm.

Alaric grins at Calarian, indulging his temporary relegation to That Guy Standing By The Queen. "Thank you Calarian, I'm glad to have your capable hands on call," he says appreciatively.

Mira has left the Shadowy Corner.

Eirene raises a hand in farewell, grabbing one last glass of the good stuff and raising it to the King and Queen. "To your health," she says as she downs it in one.

Orazio nods to Aislin, and bows briefly. "Have a lovely evening, my lady." And then he is moving on, gliding towards Caras. And the food. First the food, but once he's got a small plate with tasty bits, he moves back towards the Archlector, one eyebrow rising. "Enjoying yourself, Blessed Caras?"

Reese is empathically challenged. She looks toward Estaban with this thoughtful expression as if trying to detrimine if he desires to dance, but she never manages to actually figure that out. She looks over to Calarian as he greets the king and queen and smiles. She turns to Calypso and her blue eyes brighten. "Okay, dancing it is. It will make this night even more fairytale like, to dance." She says, smiles joyfully and takes Estaban's arm once again. A sheepish glance is given to Mae and she has smile for her, that is tentatively brief and yet still sincere.

Anze snorts at Calypso as he takes her hand to head towards the dance floor "aye aye, wont crush my toes" he says amused.

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Calypso has joined the Dance Floor.

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Calarian receives the sign of affection from the Queen with burning, patriotic fervor, and he informs both Queen and King: "As is my pleasure, my Lieges." He bends himself to a deep, low bow as if trying to make an example of how one is done -- with one arm outstretched, and then he retreats. "Congratulations!" he reiterates, and begins to retreat, to alleviate the line.

The royal announcer calls Leona forward to greet the King and Queen.

Leona steps through the crowd as her name is called. Serious as ever - at least in public - she approaches Alaric and Symonesse and goes to one knee, one fist over her heart before she stands and faces them with a smile. "My King, congratulations on this happy day." To Symonesse she turns then and her voice is no less warm as she greets the elf. "My Queen, welcome in truth. I have nothing tangible to offer to clutter your rooms, so instead I offer my hope that you find joy and light here with us, and not simply duty and diplomacy." Looking around, she smiles at her monarchs. "I won't keep you, I just wanted to formally wish you well."

Artorius seems to sigh a tad, standing up and moving next to Caelis, offering her an arm. "Would you like to dance, dear sister?" he smiles, wanting to help make her happy. He glances to Eirene "A good night to you, AUnt Eirene!" he waves

Mae remains seated at the couches over there. All the nobility have left, and all that's left is Mae and Shard. Whatever the conversation the two are having, it seems quite engaging. Mae doesn't look up. Doesn't notice anything else in the room.

With one last murmured remark to Orazio, Aislin sets off out of the palace once more, back to whatever business she has elsewhere.

Willen leaves, following Aislin.

Caelis watches couples move off to the dance floor and glances to her brother. "Seems like I offered to late. Guess I should consider turning in. I have paperwork to see to soon enough." She smiles and clasps Artorius' arm before looking to Eirene and trotting to catch up. "I'll walk with you a bit. I have prayers to go offer."

Katarina reclaims Belladonna's arm with ease, a hint of weariness touching her features. "This has been a long night," she murmurs softly toward the duchess. "I think I might retire, as I have to be up early to oversee new fittings to my ship for an expedition in the coming week."

Artorius smiles to Caelis warmly, bowing his head. "Very well then. Stay safe will you Cael?"

Symonesse leans down, to tuck one finger beneath Leona's chin, and lift her gaze. "I may find joy and light," she says. "But I have already found a friend. Thank you, Leona."

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrives, delivering a message to Caelis before departing.

Eirene says, "Sure, kiddo. Been a while anyway. Lagomas?"

Calypso checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Artorius takes the time to watch the couples dance with a small smile on his face, before turning heel and headed on the dusty trail home.

Alaric returns Leona's smile with a proud one of his own, gesturing for her to rise back up. "Your stalwart presence is more appreciated than any gift, Lord Commander," he declares confidently. "Thank you for your continuing service."

"Always a good place to start." Caelis nods and gives Artorius a wave.

Artorius has left the Great Table.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd leaves, following Artorius.

Anze checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Eirene tosses a casual salute to the pair on the dance floor and the other Malvici's and heads out with her niece.

Eirene has left the Great Table.

Caelis has left the Great Table.

Rohm the Blackguard leaves, following Caelis.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Caelis leave, following Eirene.

Estaban checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Belladonna gives Katarina's arm a light squeeze before she lets go again. "Understandable; I do not think I am going to last that much longer, myself." There's a glance over those still assembled before she adds, "Actually, I think I will accompany you at least a ways out. Shall we?"

"Thank you, all," Symonesse says, her voice rising high enough to address the great hall as a whole. "Though I take my leave, I take the warmth of your welcomes with me also." She turns toward Alaric, a half-turn, and takes his hand in hers, a lingering touch, and then lets it go again.

Calypso and Anze take to the dance floor. Something one might imagine doesnt happen all too often in truth. A General has her reputation to keep. But it is a wedding after all. Surprisingly, she seems to keep rhythm rather well, her hand clasping Anze's as they move across the dance floor.

"Of course," Katarina is all too happy to oblige Belladonna, a fond smile touching her lips faintly. "After you, my lady."

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl, Quiet, a Valardin champion leave, following Katarina.

Aida, 6 Pravus Honor Guard, Katarina leave, following Belladonna.

Leona smiles at Symonesse - who wouldn't smile at such light? "Fidelity always," she murmurs, and then she turns to meet Alaric's eyes in return and adds, "the friendship is a bonus, and free of oath or obligation." Then as Symonesse starts to take her leave she steps back, giving the couple room and nodding approvingly as the King's Own fall in step behind their charges.

Shard has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Anze slides one hand in with Calypso's and the other around her back as the pair dance to the music on the wedding floor. He smiles at his now wife as the pair move well for a pair of non-dancers. He mutters something lowly as they move.

Mae has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Shard pushes up from the crown couches. Somehow, despite downing two full glasses of ale, she looks far tenser, and far more stressed than she did before she started drinking. She meanders off into the hall again, at first toward the tables, but then off in the general direction of the exit.

Calarian has joined the Grayson Royal Couches.

Calarian gives his head a little bow as the Queen announces her departure; he takes a sip from his goblet, hazel eyes studying the new monarch in her departure and then going back to King Alaric. After a moment, he's heading towards the royal couches and sitting down. His wineglass is held, left hanging over the armrest.

Reese joins the dance floor and she manages not to step on Estaban's toes or trip over the hem of her long pink dress. She doesn't seem trained in dancing, but maybe all that time in the battle field helped. She is quite nimble despite a lack of skill.

Mae rises up from the crown couches just as Shard does. There's no trouble on her face, no tension. Nothing but the faint smile that's usually on her lips. She flicks up the hood of the cloak she lives in, and heads on out.

Alaric bends down to murmurs something to Symonesse and brush a kiss on her cheek before seeing her off with a smile. "I'll catch up later, my Queen," he says regally, tacking on a little wink.

Estaban knows how to dance enough his sister would kill him if he did not and so he gides Reese about the dance floor, her hand in is and a hand on her back as he leans in to speak with her.

Anze smiles warmly at whatever Calypso mutters back to him as the pair continue to move around the dance floor.

The royal announcer calls Caras forward to greet the King and... well, just the King. Bummer for Caras, the cooler one left.

Orazio makes brief hellos to the Archlector, and then drifts off, himself. He moves through the crowd, towards the exit, himself.

Reese continues dancing along with Estaban and she murmurs something softly back to the Southern Lord.

Calypso is overheard praising Alaric for: Plenty cool.

Caras approaches the King, alone now. If there's a touch of disappointment on his face, surely the King will forgive him. "My King." He bows appropriately and then says: "My earnest wishes for your happiness in matrimony." He's not overly familiar, unused to pomp and circumstance.

Calarian is evidently watching Estaban and Reese dance now from afar, taking a sip from his goblet, like the old uncle who is overseeing all the nieces (he is not that old -- looking somewhere between thirty and forty). He searches elsewhere, to see whatever else is going. The announcement of the royal announcer draws his eyes in search for the Archlector, watching the interaction with the monarch from afar.

Calypso grins at whatever words are whispered between she and Anze. Though as they circle the dance floor, she seems to pass a glance to Estaban for only a fleeting moment before her attention is back to her husband.

4 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Leona.

Anze glances over to Estaban and Reese as well, offering the pair a smile as he glances over the rest of the people still at the slowly emptying wedding.

Alaric smiles apologetically to Caras. "Thank you very much for coming, Archlector," he declares with a laugh. "I'm terribly sorry that you've just missed the Queen; I'm afraid she's not used to such massive gatherings. She did her best, but she's still more healer than public figure. Unlike myself, who's got three years of lost meeting and greeting to make up for!" He laughs indefatigably. Strangely enough, for as many people he's talked to he seems to be getting stronger as the night goes on. People persons are scary.

Estaban chuckles at something he says to Reese as they move along the dance floor, Estaban give both Anze and Calypso a nod the southern lord does not look as tense but its still there.

"There can be no fault found in her Majesty. I am only glad to see that there is affection in the royal marriage. It is heartwarming to know that your trials are bookended with gladness. May it be an omen for the trials our Compact has endured these past few years." Caras warms up to the conversation well enough, demonstrating an eloquence of tongue at least. "Your munificence is noted by those above." He speaks for Gild after all, the God of Charity.

Anze has left the Great Table.

Calypso has left the Dance Floor.

3 Malvici Guards leaves, following Calypso.

Calypso leaves, following Anze.

The party is starting to really wind down and Reese is dancing with Estaban. She speaks gently to him, whispering about something. She seems to be more energetic herself, but that seems to be because the crowds are no longer present. She looks over to her kingly cousin and her blue eyes are wide. "Wow.." She murmurs, maybe amazed that he is still going.

As people depart, Calarian is given some agency in finishing his first and only goblet of wine of the night (really, it seemed as if at times that goblet was fuller than it was at the start). He takes a longer sip, this one dripping it to almost a line -- which he seems to be leaving to the end of the event. Hazel eyes flit to the King and the Archlector, then to Reese and Estaban. His natural decision is to address Lydia. "My Lady," he greets her from his place at the royal couches. There's no recognition in his tone, but it seems to be idle chatter. "Hasn't it been quite the event?"

Alaric nods affirmatively. "The Compact has done more than admirably to overturn our setbacks while I was unable to rule. Now that I am back, I am determined to sustain those hard-won advances," he declares. "With the support of the Faith and the Great Houses, I have every confidence in our future."

Alaric declares to Caras too

Lydia smiles up at Calarian, "I can think of no other that compares. At least in my short memory."

"It is my most fervent wish to be of service in strengthening the ties between the Great Houses. I am at your service in that interest my liege." Caras bows, and waits to be dismissed.

"No," Calarian agrees with Lydia at that, voice assuming a reflective tone, "not quite, my lady. We'd probably have to seek in the past for the last pact, to find something akin." He is evidently keeping a distant, aloof eye on the interactions of his other family members: the King and Reese.

Estaban smiles nodding his head, "Your highness will you allow me to make sure you get home safe." he stops as the song ends watching the Grayson Princess and chuckles, "I plan on asking him soon if he will be willing to train me."

Alaric smiles regally and gestures lightly to Caras to let him be on his way back to mingling. "Thank you, Archlector Caras, I'm most grateful for your continuing service to the people of the Compact."

Reese managed to greet Alaric at some point. She didn't give a long greeting or a very clever one, but it was heartfelt and her smile was sincere. She then turns her attention to Estaban. "Oh, thank you, Lord Estaban. I am sure he would be happy to train you." She says in her gentle voice. The dance is over and Reese starts to leave, along with the Southern Lord.

Reese has left the Dance Floor.

Caras steps down from the dais, and absentmindedly tugs at the collar and then hem of his tunic. It's too white not to be new, and the newness comes with discomfort. He looks about for something to eat, as his stomach could use settling.

Lydia provides small talk, and an easy excuse for Calarian to appear occupied while keeping an eye on things. She speaks of happenings in the north, the outcomes of the recent pentathlon, the weather, things such as these.

Calarian gives a warm smile to Lydia as he listens, with quite an interest -- it is to note -- about all these chit-chat topics which his eyes hint he's surely feeding himself from for future recycling in other, similar small talk situations. "I've missed Autumn," he does voice, with his own water-mark of eloquence, "It is mayhaps my favorite season of the year."

Estaban has left the Dance Floor.

Lydia smiles up at Calarian, "Yes, my favourite time of year is when my hair matches the leaves." She carries on at some length about the sound leaves make under ones boots, and that first true nip in the air, when you know the season is departing too too soon.

"Hm," @ murmurs in thought, peering into his almost-empty wineglass (that same he's been having since the start of the feast). He gives it a little twirl. "It is not only nice to the skin -- in terms of temperature -- but also nice to the eye in terms of sight. It brings very warm colors to sometimes common views."

"Hm," Calarian murmurs in thought, peering into his almost-empty wineglass (that same he's been having since the start of the feast). He gives it a little twirl. "It is not only nice to the skin -- in terms of temperature -- but also nice to the eye in terms of sight. It brings very warm colors to sometimes common views."

Caras goes off in search of something to eat, something of substance.

Alaric takes a little time out after all that talking to refresh himself with a little wine as the reception starts to wine down. It's with goblet in hand as he strolls about that he encounters a three-legged dog and bends down to scratch him on the head behind the ear, engaging in a one-sided conversation. "What's that Patches? Yeah, that's right, he didn't come say hi to the Queen, did he. You would have got in line if you were a royal stablemaster, wouldn't you? That's right you would, because -you're- a good dog."

Patches agrees. He agrees whole-heartedly, and slobbers on Alaric's boots as a sign of just how much he agrees. "I was _going_ to," insists Tristan. He shakes his goblet to see if there is anything left in it. "There were just so many..._people_."

"Your Royal Highness," Calarian tells Alaric as the king greets Patches, a hint of a smile in his lips as the man talks to the pet, "what a feast, hasn't it been? One to be remembered by the history. No doubt the white journals of tomorrow will be massive." Though he doesn't seem like he wants to intrude on the only chance Tristan has to greet the King. Instead, he finishes off his goblet.

Lydia glances over as Calarian turns to the king, and finds herself face to face with the ruler of Arx. She blushes, and hides behind her own goblet of wine.

"Excuse me," Alaric declares brusquely to Tristan. "I'm having a conversation with a -good- dog." He pushes Patches over playfully and starts rubbing the dog's belly. "Whot's a good dog? You're a good dog." He glances up at Calarian. "The Compact's been through a lot. The people deserve a celebration now, and in the days to come. They've earned one." He laughs lightly. "I won't say I won't have someone over to the archives to collect interesting tales tomorrow," he admits cheerfully before glancing back at Tristan as he stands back up. Alas, Patches' time in the spotlight is over. "I'm just saying, if the Queen ever asks me why the Royal Stablemaster seems to be avoiding her, I'm going to make up some embarrasing stories about you to explain why." He grins and is about to take another drink from his wine goblet when he noticies Lydia hiding behind hers. He sloooowly leans to the side to peek around the goblet at her inquisitively.

Lydia checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Lydia smiles around her goblet,she can be quite the charmer even without trying. "Your majesty, congratulations on your union."

Oh, Calarian loves to study the masses and the people -- their behavior. It is all over his face when he notices Lydia avoiding the monarch of Arx, and the monarch slowly peeking. He is schooled enough to keep this solemn, austere expression about himself. But his hazel eyes do not.

Patches wiggles and rolls happily, tail thumping against the floor. Happy dog! He lays on his back hopefully for some time after Alaric stops rubbing it. Look, what a cute belly. Someone needs to rub it, no? "I'm not avoiding her," insists Tristan. "I sent her a messenger a couple of weeks ago, even." He shakes his goblet. Damnit, it is empty. "I'll train her a horse."

Just like Lydia, Tristan is another focal of the First Observer's attention. Calarian greets the Royal Stablemaster after a moment of silence, "Royal Stablemaster," and something about his tone suggests he's trying to see if he can help the matter, "surely one of our finest breeds of horses from our own will please the Queen, my King?" He looks to Alaric now.

Lydia watches Calarian's obvious attempt to curry favor, wondering if such a transparent effort will succeed. She carefully controls her expression, maintaining at least the illusion of polite disinterest.

"Thank you very much," Alaric declares appreciatively to Lydia as he straightens back up with a grin. He turns back to Tristan with a faint sigh. "I'm sure she'd appreciate the horse, but I'm just as sure what she'd appreciate more is maybe something like you saying 'hello, your majesty, I'm the royal stablemaster' to her in person," he genially needles Tristan. He glances back to Calarian thoughtfully. "But we really should get her the horse. I think she'd have fun going riding together."

"Does she really cherish great hopes of meeting stablemasters?" wonders Tristan. "Do the Nox'alfar have stablemasters? Are they spidermasters for giant spider steeds?" He sighs, rubbing Patches' belly gently with the toe of his boot. "Everyone in that line was more important than me. But very well, then."

Calarian's lips curl a little bit at what the King tells his stablemaster, taking the last sip from his goblet as his eyes end wandering over to the ceiling in thought. "I think it would be quite a nice gift, Your Majesty," he suggests, before wondering, "Have you thought of a wedding gift yet, my King?" He can't help but further his barely-contained smile at the response of Tristan. His empty goblet is set on the table.

Alaric sips from his goblet nonchalantly. "I think it's more that it'll go better for you to be proactive about making introductions, rather than live in fear of the day when Symonesse first learns we grew up in Bastion together and abruptly descends upon you in an unstoppable rush of positive giddiness and many many questions," the King deadpans to Tristan. His eyes drift over to Calarian and he grins. "I was leaning towards going with 'heirs'," he admits cheerfully.

Lydia snickers along with Alaric's comment on heirs.

"Does she normally have that reaction to learning you know people?" Tristan blinks in dismay. _Giddiness_ A fate worse than death. "After all, I'm sure she could always ask questions" He gestures with one hand. "That other person, from Bastion. Without all the stable muck."

Calarian is seated on the couches, speaking with the King Alaric and Tristan. He laughs a little bit at something Alaric says. "Wise, your Highness," he praises, apparently finding that comment pleasing, "and for the good of the realm, may you have many, many wedding gifts for your wife, the Queen, in the coming years."

"Yes, what I am describing to you is very normal behavior for the Queen," Alaric tells Tristan in what is becoming a vaguely snarked I'm-not-deadpanning-this-for-gods-sake,-maybe-actually-believe-me sort of tone. "If you don't want to believe it, don't come tell me I didn't warn you later." He grins cheerfully at Calarian. "And the best part is I know it's a gift she quite greatly desires. Do you know, she's never actually had children before? Six thousand years and not a one!" He seems a bit in disbelief himself. "Elves are hard to wrap your head around sometimes."

Lark has decided to make an appearance, it seems - a little wan, but smiling nonetheless, she drifts into the Great Hall from the Hall of Metal and presumably her own bedroom. On spotting Alaric, she heads over towards him and his company just in time to interject somewhat facetiously, "Oh, it's not so hard to believe."

"Well, perhaps, she was simply too busy," offers Tristan, voice dry. "You know how easy it is. You get very deep into doing or studying something and suddenly you look up and find an entire millennium has passed by." He ducks his head in greeting to Lark.

"Six thousand years?" Calarian wonders with a lift of his brows. He jokosely opines, "I suppose many in the Compact can learn from the elves ." His eyes turn to take in the sight of Lark. "Cousin," he greets, in a rather familiar tone -- his lips spread into a smile. "Good to see you."

Alaric turns to regard Lark's approach with bit of an et-tu? squint before laughing with a widening smile. "Ah, the Princess of the Bastion arrives! Well met, your Grace. I see you've come out now that the hall is safely cleared of revelers," he observes with a wink. "Give or take a hundred years," he replies to Calarian before eyeing Tristan. "She told me she spent most of three centuries working on a series of arithmetic problems once," he says dubiously. "The worst part is, the better I get to know her, the more I really do believe her."

Lark's expression warms and she returns Calarian's smile, replying with an "And you as well," before turning her attention to Alaric; she doesn't dare look openly amused, though she still glances around the hall as if to note that - yes, the hall is indeed clear of pesky revelers. "Well met, Your Highness - and I believe I ought to offer my congratulations as well?"

Calarian is quite good at not appearing absurdly dumbfound by these facts. His best job is briefly canting his head. "Arithmetics? For centuries? Does she best the Scholars, do you think?" That's the little bit of dense questions, before he lifts his goblet and wishes, "To three centuries of heir-making for the Queen and King, then, my liege. After arithmetics, it is well deserved." He drinks the last droplets of his goblet. Hazel eyes flit over to Lark. "Your Grace, you missed the King and Queen's wedding. It got quite crowded in here, but it was good. How have you been, cousin?"

"For getting married or for not causing a scandal in the process?" Alaric asks Lark teasingly. "Well in either case, thank you most graciously." He glances at Calarian thoughtfully. "I've no doubt in her domain she's exceptionally advanced, brilliant even. But her interests are very... particular to herself. So as fond of the new Queen as I am, I don't think I can say I've married a sagacious general advisor into House Grayson. But if there are numbers involved at the crux of a particular problem, she surely wouldn't be the worst person to ask about it."

"Never been one for maths myself," says Tristan. "I think being engrossed in them for a day might put me to sleep. However, I think I understand the basic _concept_." The stablemaster drifts closer to the drinks before clarifying, "Of being utterly lost in something. Not of math."

Lark tilts her head back just slightly, her eyes hooding down as she regards Alaric. "For both," she clarifies or probably teases. She addresses Calarian's question second, though her slight pause indicates she still might not have all the words together for a genuine answer, so she falls back on "I've been well enough."

Calarian nods thoughtfully to Alaric; he doesn't have anything further to add on the qualities of the Queen as advisor. "I did have to talk to you, my liege, dear cousin of mine," he tells both the King and the Princess. "I think an audience might befit, when the King or the Princess has the time-- be it now, later, another day or whenever." Right to diligent business, he goes, when his goblet's over.

"I was expecting a scandal," observes Tristan from the wine, voice dry. "I am _terribly_ disappointed."

Alaric finishes his own goblet as well and hands it off to an obliging member of the palace staff. "I'm a -responsible- King now," he quips to Tristan. "Everyone says so." He stretches his long arms up and over his head luxuriantly. "No time like the present for a good audience, especially when the Compact is relatively crisis-free and not on fire. But." He opens his eyes back up and lets his arms dangle, shaking them out a little as he grins to Calarian. "It's been a long day, and I've got some -responsibilities- to see to in the royal chambers tonight. So if you'll all pardon me, I'd best get to it."

Calarian has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Calarian rises from his couch to bend himself into a bow for the King. "Be well, my King," he offers in farewell.

Lark assures Tristan almost at the same time Alaric does, "There's plenty of time," before canting her eyes over to Calarian and replying, "I'm afraid I haven't the time to sit down and meet with you properly right now - but do send a messenger in the coming days." She looks like she's about to bid Alaric... well, something, anyway, but settles on a gracious, silent dip of her head instead.

"Great racket you have that," Tristan teases his old friend. "Go comatose for a while, worry us all, and be generally well thought of when you wake because we were all worried. I should try it sometime. I'm not sure if it works as well for horsemen." He salutes Alaric with a gesture of goblet. "Congratulations. Let me know when heirs are coming, so I can work on a pony."

Alaric rolls his neck. "None greater than Grayson," he declares with a cheeky wink, and he's off.

10 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

"Of course," Calarian tells Lark too, as he rises from his bow. "With the wedding, matters pile up. You know me, Lark. I don't like a pile on my desk." His eyes flit between the pair, before he announces, "I shall go take a walk around the streets, I think. I'll send that messenger to you soon."

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