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Lord Artorius Magnotta

I don't have time for miracles, they are few and far between...only my blade will carve my path. we don't believe in fate or luck, we believe in forging our own path.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Valorous Knight
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Magnotta
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Divorced
Age: 27
Birthday: 6/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Skintone: White

Titles: Captain of the Hawk Guard of House Malvici

Description: Standing at six feet, four inches tall, Artorius is certainly of a tall stature. He sports shoulder length black hair, with a light beard and blue eyes reminiscent of the ocean. During most of the seasons, he remains a fair pale complexion, but darkens in the summer to a tan. His strong, athletic physique seems to naturally counter his handsome visage to even standard With a strong bearing in his walk, he carries himself like the noble knight he is. He possesses classic, simple features such as his arched eyebrows, ordinary lips, an unnoticeably small nose with a very normal ridge. Previous battles have given him a single scar that rides from a tad over his left jawline down to his collarbone on the same side, which bears a charm of its own.

Personality: Artorius is a quiet and kind young man. He prefers to be active and attentive, that is until he is with his family. He is often found with a sword in his hand, taking his call to the life of a soldier very seriously. Despite his kind and loving nature, a trait he shares with his sister Caelis, he possesses a fiery temper when provoked. It takes a great deal to stoke the flames of his temper but once they ignite they are hard to douse. Above all else, he values loyalty to his family and remains very protective of his kin.

Background: Artorius grew up in Southport along with the rest of his Malvici cousins and his sister Caelis. Like all who grow up in this regimented military meritocracy, he easily found his way to the sword. Childhood was fairly easy for him, but that all changed during the Tor-Southport war. Not quite old enough to fight, and not young enough to forget, Artorius was permanently shaped by the events of that conflict.

As time moved on and Artorius' travels eventually lead him to the southern end of the Gray Forest, where he had the fortune to run into a Lady Victoria Ashford. She with her sly passionate way about things seemed to lure him in almost immediately. It wasn't long before the two of them were wed. Their marriage was blessed with a child shortly thereafter. A little girl they named Serah. Only two years after Serah's birth, Lady Victoria Ashford contracted an illness and died. Her death left Artotius absolutely heartbroken.

He wandered Arvum for a few years, coming home to visit with his daughter as often as his broken heart would allow. It was only when he had heard his sister was called to help the Malvici family in Arx that he too decided it was time to pick up his blade in service of the family once more. Taking Serah with him this time, her journeyed to Arx in hopes of making a difference on the Compact's war efforts.

Relationship Summary

  • Melinda - She just....up and left one day. I don't know what scared you away.

  • Family:
  • Calypso - Lady General and Steadfast Cousin
  • Caelis - Loving Sister
  • Hadrian - Politics-Savvy Cousin
  • Inigo - Best Friend and Witty Cousin
  • Fiora - Fun and Strong-willed Cousin
  • Eirene - Loving, yet terrifying Aunt.
  • Pepper - Book-loving and Witty Cousin'
  • Anze - Cousin-in-law. Good warrior! Next time we fight I'll win.
  • Edain - Brother-in-law. Treats my sister right, very upstanding. Has my respect and approval.
  • Enyo - Cousin! Haven't seen her in a long time. We really need to reconnect.
  • Serah - Artorius's daughter. The last thing he has that reminds him of his late wife Victoria. She is his Winter Rose, treasure, and his whole world.
  • Harald - Melinda's father and Artorius's father-in-law. Nice guy, they get along quite fantastically.
  • Sivard - The brother-in-law.
  • Malcolm - Artorius's only son. Brought into this world by his ex-wife Melinda before her sudden disappearance. He loves his son deeply, and would do anything to keep him safe.

  • Ally:
  • Agnarr - Good fighter, hit's like a tree.
  • Estaban - You annoy me, but you have a good heart.
  • Audric - Good swordsman, upbeat soul.
  • Karadoc - Interesting fellow
  • Avasyn - Benevolent Apothecary.
  • Ariel - Charming Lady.
  • Lucene - Excellent Sparring Partner.
  • Sparte - Great Fighter, Would love to fight more in the future.
  • Serafine - Excellent Warrior.
  • Ferrando - good fighter and upbeat soul, would happily fight again
  • Victus - A seemingly adequately friendly high lord. I hear he's a good fighter...
  • Harald - Duke of Grimhall and father of Melinda. A good warrior and leader, one I would happily face again.
  • Ailith - A kind woman, offered to treat Serah if she ever fell ill. She already has my respect by this alone.
  • Saedrus - A kind whisper whom I've met on a few occasions. Fun person to conversate with!
  • Merida - A rather blade-gifted Grimhall. Sparred her once and it came to a draw. May have to speak with more.
  • Silas - Iron Guard. Won a small tournament he hosted. Fun times!
  • Aiden - A grayson and rather helpful sort to...well everyone, if what I hear is accurate. He does good work with the Menagerie.
  • Eliana - An apprentice inquisitor if memory serves! Fun to talk to and have a nice chat with. I look forward to our next meeting.
  • Alexis - watched me spar the prince Edain, which was a fun bout. Had a short conversation, nice gal.
  • Alaric - friendly King
  • Symonesse - Elven Queen
  • Eirlys - An excellent fighter and shieldmaiden! I would hate to be facing her on a battlefield...will need to fight again!

  • Deceased:
  • Victoria - a love long lost. His first true love that led to Serah being born. She died of illness years ago, but her passing haunts Artorius still.

  • Spouse:
  • Luca - Expert Blade-wielding Prince.
  • Ophelia - Incredible woman, better friend.
  • Arcelia - Dearest Childhood Friend and Loving Mud-Thrower.
  • Dulcinea - Generous Princess, Granted me a Favor.
  • Costas - Kind man, better fighter.
  • Valencia - Wonderful Princess
  • Kima - Excellent Warrior, Trainer, and Friend.
  • Skye - Amazing artist and fun to chat with. She'll go far.
  • Mira - Good lawyer and caretaker for the people in the Lower Boroughs. Excellent person to spend time with. Loves food.
  • Edward - A rather fun and enjoyable sort who enjoys good conversation and better drink. Glad to be able to call him friend.
  • Lark - Fun Crown Princess and Intelligent Soul. Would happily spend more time with her.
  • Alis - Spectacularly Kind Princess and Knight-General! Soon-to-be sister-in-law.
  • Kia - A resident of the Cyrto Arch island chains who bent the knee along with her people. She's been one of my dearest friends and continues to help the house grow with each step she takes.
  • Name Summary