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Dame Esoka Greenblood

I'm here to get it done.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Prodigal Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Greenblood
Gender: female
Age: 36
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: bronze

Titles: Disciple of Gloria

Description: Bronzen skin is the backdrop of a shifting, rippling art piece in needlework across the sculpted strength of Esoka's stocky frame. Her tattoos are lessons, interlocking circles in copper and black that twist and writhe over the breadth of her back. The curving bulk of her biceps suggest the power of a battering ram behind each fist. Broad-hipped and powerful, there is little spare flesh on Esoka; there is, rather, the sense that her entire body is a weapon to be hurled. The readiness and pride that frequently light the bright summer blue of her eyes contribute to this impression. Her hair is kept short: deep, dark brown, cut into a curving bob of weighty thickness that curls inward at the tips around her jawline. Her lips are full and dark, frequently painted a deep, ruby red; the slash of her smile is sometimes mocking, sometimes sharp, but always lights her strong-featured face with bright energy.

Personality: Esoka is a hothead with a fierce attachment to her own dignity. She takes failures personally and struggles to build herself up each time she falls. A perfectionist with a chip on her shoulder, she sometimes creates more problems for herself with her insecurity than she can solve with her confidence. With that said, there is nothing to be found wanting with her courage, her integrity, or her interest in duty. She cares passionately about her people, and when her heart is given, she loves whole-heartedly and with a fierce, romantic idealism. Intensely organized, it drives Esoka nuts when things -- or people -- are out of order, and she has an overwhelming desire to just FIX IT when things are somehow out of alignment -- this happens in relationships as well as just objects in rooms she happens to be in.

Background: Esoka Greenblood grew up as the granddaughter of the Elder of her tribe, which lent her a certain status even in amidst the fluctuating lifestyle of her people. It came with a sense of responsibility, of the duty to serve her people as the Elder served her people, of the need to be well-behaved. Although war leadership was not hereditary, it was simply considered that there was going to be some kind of greatness in her future because there was some kind of greatness in her blood, passed down generationally and with wisdom.

So it was a fairly structured childhood, built on expectations and hopes for a future that shattered in disaster when the tribe fragmented while Esoka was a teenager. It took her structured life and threw it into chaos and upheaval. Why she chose as she did -- to follow the rebels rather than stay with her family -- is a complex tangle of emotions for her even now, years later. But whatever the reasons she chose, she did. Young, and fierce, and too young to fight, she nevertheless followed, swore herself in defiant loyalty to Thesarin, and never looked back ... for long.

Accustoming herself to a completely new set of disciplines and structures was very difficult for Esoka. The social mores of the Count's people were a struggle. Worse, her own position seemed to fluctuate and change with passing years. When she was 22, Count Thesarin knighted her. To this day, she still is uncertain why -- there were excuses given at the time about her great service to the countship, but she always had the sneaking suspicion that this was some kind of politically oriented compromise between Count Thesarin and Countess Mia about who was going to take up arms and serve the Twainfort under the aegis of knighthood.

Hungry to prove herself, Esoka sought out ways to make herself critical to the county, and ended up making more mistakes early on in her service than she would have liked. The first time she was forced to face down former members of her tribe who had been raiding the fishing villages along the Daughter, she could not bring herself to raise her weapon, and stood behind her men while she sent them on ahead to take care of it. It was a 'cowardice' that she felt incapable of living down for years afterwards. She tried to resign her knighthood, but this was refused. Her need to prove herself has never gone away, not even with subsequent successes bolstering her military career and making it clear that Thesarin's judgment in raising her to a knighthood was not so strange as all that. Her early mistakes and confusions haunt her.

Name Summary
Agnarr Stocky, brawny Grayson knight. Fine hand with a weapon, but not so much a fan of her style. Owes me drinks.
Aleksei Esoka seems to be one of those fierce, bright sorts, which is probably why I like her. Have we sparred? I don't think we've sparred. We should spar!
Alexis Dame Esoka Greenblood, Sword of Riven. Seems nice, has a good hand for digging holes and/or stabbing people. Definitively someone to get to know better!
Apollis I met Esoka briefly at the Badger Boardinghouse. She was drinking with my sisters. She seems friendly to me.
Arianna An intimidating Dame with gorgeous skin! I hope to see more of her, she seems honorable and respectful.
Aureth As disappointing as it is that this fine young knight didn't want a threesome ...
Avary A very steady woman. She seems to carry a heavy sadness with her, but in these recent times, who can blame her? I hope to get to know her and her husband better. If he is anything like his wife, they are probably good solid people to be around.
Calaudrin Esoka is a good, honorable woman. I'm going to be upset if she suddenly decides to return home. Good thing she joined that new order.
Cybele Ooh! Exciting! Cunning tastes in fruit and refreshment, and respectful of the spirits! I like her!
Fortunato A master of bladework and blessed of Gloria beside. She's got dedication in her every movement and glance, and I really must have her for a subject one day. Not just for her tattoos.
Gian A worthy knight, ferocious and deft with the blade. Tough as they come.
Holden A skilled fighter. It was a pleasure to meet her at the party in a more social setting.
Laric By all accounts, a stalwart knight. By my account, someone to hide your damn toes from lest they become a curios.
Magpie Magpie hits on a lot of people, it's a thing he does. Yet, when he started working his mojo on Esoka it was an *extra* treat that she was seeing a certain Iron Guard at that time *and* she was interested in a three-some. Of course, that certain soldier wasn't, so it didn't happen, but Magpie has to admire a person that's as bold as he is with recreational fun.
Martin The Sword of Twainfort, and a knight of whom I have never heard an ill-word spoken. She seems a humble soul, which makes her all the more likeable, really.
Mason Mason has a lot of admiration for Esoka. She's has an honest, honorable look at life and more than earned her place in Arx. She's also not afraid to teach an out of practice prince how to fight better and doesn't pull punches.
Merek %bMerek met Esoka once at a Shrine and has since felt she is a very devoted person to Gloria. He also believes that she is quite honourable.
Orazio Prodigal knight. She seems enthusiastic, passionate, and surprisingly devout for one of her background. Interested in the Gold Order, and I think she would make a good recruit for them. It would be interesting to stay in contact with this one, for I think she has great potential.
Reese Reese first met Esoka in the training yard and saw her as a serious warrior of note. She was quite interested in her as she was a Grayson faction warrior and she remains interested in her. She hopes to bring her on patrols and include her in the Grayson military actions. Esoka kicked her ass recently, which has just increased Reese's respect for her and her impression that Esoka is a serious knight.
Rymarr A devout and stalwart knight, my first encounter with Dame Esoka Greenblood was far different than what I've come to know of her today. When I first met her I saw her as sluggish and unwieldy, since she sought my expertise with the blade. Speed is often more important than power in terms of a duel. I may have made comments about dropping a few pounds. Since that night in the snow, outside Crownguard Tower, I've grown beyond my role as the Lord Commander of the King's Own. Since being cast out from there, Dame Esoka has grown on me. We've shared private conversations about knighthood and the like, we've fought in battle together, and we've began to form a bond forged by war with one another. I look forward to the future with her friendship in my life.
Samantha Dame Esoka is one of the most formidable wariors I know. Even if I had not had an opportunity to form my opinion, those who I value and trust have nothing but admirable things to say about her. I am pleased to say that I would find their assessments to be true.
Silas The Sword of Riven, the House he has sworn allegiance to, and by all accounts he's heard a formidable warrior. They spoke sparingly before the medal ceremony held at the Traders Tavern, but officially met then. She seems to be a good friend of Lieutenant Calaudrin and Lady Tikva, and Silas finds her to be great, easygoing company.
Thena Not particularly subtle, which I admire when it's not my family's inn on the line. Definitely did not poison her.
Thesarin Sword to the Twainfort, and shield, and strong right arm. Followed me out the woods to this strange place and stranger people. Makes friends and swings swords as easy as she draws breath. And she's my friend, even when she's cross with me.
Tikva Dame Esoka is a knight of the house I married into, but more than that, she is a close friend to my heart. She has been a great support to me since we came to Arx, and I find that her faith and her sense of humor are both critically necessary to my sanity these days. . .
Violet A strong and firm knight. She seems a pleasant enough woman. I hope to meet her again.