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Dominus Orazio

What sort of priest am I? The one you obey.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Grey Eminence
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Saik
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 62
Birthday: 7/17
Religion: Pantheon; Sentinel
Vocation: Priest
Height: tall
Hair Color: black, fading to grey
Eye Color: liquid black
Skintone: faded bronze

Titles: Dominus of the Faith, Closest to the Gods

Obituary: Assassinated by Helianthus supporters.

Description: At six feet tall, even though his shoulders have become a little stooped by age, Orazio possesses an air of authority that's hard to ignore. Broad shouldered and trim, here is a man whose martial background as a citizen of Southport still resonates in his posture and bearing, even as his stride shortens and his body slows. Well into middle age, Orazio's hair, once the deepest black, is now streaked with silver until only a few shadows of black remain, and there are deep lines to be found at the corners of his eyes and mouth, as well as furrows in a brow often wrinkled in worry or thought. Cultured Lycene handsomeness still lingers beneath the patina of age, and his gaze retains sharpness even as it lacks true empathy. Deep set and piercing, it can be hard to set aside the feeling that one is being seen by those black eyes not as a person, but a thing.

Personality: On the surface, Orazio is a personable, affable man. He always has time to listen to one amongst the faithful, and is often not without a kind word. There are a slim few who would dare to say that the Arch Lector is anything other than fair - in temperament and in action. But Orazio is also a cold, hard man. Cutting and precise, with no time for those he deems worthless or incompetent.

Background: Born as the second son, with three more siblings to follow, no one within the Saik family anticipated that summer plague that ripped through the deep south of the Lyceum and left many and more dead. Including Orazio's parents, and the twins, who were just too young and died as infants. With his eldest brother now the distraught heir, and his surviving younger brother studying within Arx, Orazio had a decision to make.

The details are murky, but shortly after his family tragedy, Orazio appeared within Southport where he quickly joined the ranks of the military. Little of this time can be said, except that he served dutifully and with all the expected valour of any Southport citizen.

As Orazio matured, he insinuated himself within influential circles. With a sharp, politically adroit mind, it came as a surprise to those who knew him when Orazio swore vows to become a priest of Sentinel. While serving with an even handed, tempered zeal, the political realm remained one in which Orazio 'occasionally dabbled.'

Then there came the Tor-Southport debacle. Orazio, then Seraph of Southport, was disgusted by Lucien, but remained within the city of Southport for the war's duration. Shortly afterwards, he received the call to come to Arx, though he continued to maintain ties with the Malvicis, although such ties have become increasingly strained. After a period of several years spent as the Archlector of the Sentinel, Orazio was offered the position of Legate of Concepts, shortly before the Silent War. When Dominus Fawkuhl was accused of murdering the Archduchess of the Lyceum, Esera, Orazio worked with then-Archscholar Aldwin to call a rare Convocation of the Faith. The Convocation led to the stepping down of Dominus Fawkuhl, and the appointment of Aldwin as Dominus. Since then, Orazio has made a deeply controversial choice to revise the Fourth Law of Limerance to remove the prohibitions against non-Abyssal magic, if any such thing existed, and made several high-profile condemnations against various peers, while working to keep the more conservative and more liberal factions of the Church pointed in vaguely the same direction.

Relationship Summary

  • Laric - He drinks coffee!

  • Family:
  • Arcelia - Missteps along the path, but does her best for her people.
  • Estaban - Learning. Hopefully learning well.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Calypso - Maker of bewildering choices.
  • Victoria - A practical and practiced woman, and a competent Mercy.

  • Ally:
  • Ilvin - Weaponized kindness
  • Aleksei - An Archlector for a new era.
  • Thena - Risen to become a great leader.
  • Audric - Kima was right about him, I think.
  • Alistair - High Inquisitor - an unparalleled success story.
  • Aldwin - Wise, measured, far kinder than I.
  • Aureth - Likely to grow into one of the great leaders of the Church.
  • Mae - Passionate and driven about the plight of the Commons; needs practice in political action.
  • Preston - A voice for the Orthodoxy in Arx, a much needed perspective.
  • Bianca - Young and inexperienced, but the mind and heart are there. She learns fast.
  • Roran - A bit excessively into cats, but a delightfully creative soul.

  • Deceased:
  • Eos - Taken too soon.
  • Eos - There is so much I wish I could have said.
  • Kima - You chose more wisely than I gave you credit for.
  • Aislin - The Compact has become immeasurably darkened by your loss.

  • Friend:
  • Fortunato - Favorite conspirator
  • Leona - Level-headed, stalwart, good taste in drinks.
  • Name Summary
    Apollo I'm glad to see a representative of the Faith that seems to have a grounding in whether things are good and right, rather than whether they're practical and politically pleasant.
    Bhandn I hardly spend time with the Dominus. That he came to /my/ discussion did nothing to steady my nerves, let alone that when he spoke I was nearly sweating. It only made it harder to do the rest.
    Brigida So the Dominus is back in the public eye again. It will be good for someone with more experience making decisions again. I hope.
    Dianna Earnest and balanced. Gods know I wish I could be so dispassionate as he apparently is.
    Roran Ever blessed are we by him. Still a man that I look forward to. Changing lives every day.
    Vitalis He seems to be a man of reastraint and contemplation. A steady hand in trying times will be welcome.