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Rite of Gloria Tournament

Banners representing the Faith, and the worship of Gloria in specific have been set out in preparation for this tournament. The field has kept clean of snow and massive bonfires have been set at each end of the tournament ground to keep the area somewhat warm, with one of the bonfires being used to cook and keep food warm. Almost every alcoholic beverage is of the hot or warm variety, spiked coffee seemingly a current favorite right now. The stands and seats have been sweat clear of snow and each combatant has small rest area for them between matches, with a small fire of their own.


Nov. 2, 2019, 9 p.m.

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Alarissa Merek Emilia Rysen Felicia Icelyn Brianna Selene Lucita Miranda Lisebet Amari Peri Tesha Bree Thea Alaric Sparte Liesel Norwood Domonico Bhandn Liara Sorrel Aleksei Dianna Adalyn Hamish Sydney Tikva Lora Belladonna Calypso Scipio Bianca Ryhalt Korka Karina



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

1 Saik Guard, Micana arrive, following Lucita.

Lora has joined the High Booth.

Zara has joined the Quiet Booth.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Norwood has joined the Field.

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nestled in the high booth, warm cloak and luxurious furs, Alarissa is settled in to watch the tournament.

Merek makes a way onto the grounds with a look about, while he nods a bit, then finds a place to settle in and watch.

Lucita has joined the Quiet Booth.

Sorrel has joined the Field.

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Juana, a harried Lady's Maid arrive, following Miranda.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards have been dismissed.

Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat have been dismissed.

Juana, a harried Lady's Maid have been dismissed.

Emilia makes her way towards the High Booth and bows before Alarissa. "Your Highness, may I join you?" she asks.

Bree has joined the Field.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Merek puts Snowflake Cloak Pin in a backpack, made of black leather.

Rysen drifts into the tournament grounds, cloaked in a black wool mantle overlaid with fox fur, and makes his way onto the field.

Rysen has joined the Field.

"Emilia" Familiarity and fondness. "Please. Do." The Princess murmurs.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrives, following Tesha.

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Brianna has joined the Field.

Thea has joined the High Booth.

Felicia's among those that join the gathering on the field. Though Wheelspinner is on her hip as always, it is peacebound, and it is more elaborate looking tempest seas blade that is left 'free' for the sake of the tournament. The redheaded Harrow taking a moment to scan the stands in search of someone.

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Bree has joined the Far Stands.

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Here to spectate, Icelyn arrives swathed in dark, thick furs and makes her way immediately to the smallest of the available seating areas - somewhere intimate and quiet where she can watch the spectacle without being pressed too hard by the crowds.

Alaric has joined the the Beverage Tent.

Peri has joined the the Beverage Tent.

If one was looking at Brianna, one would not think that she was at a royal ball not an hour before. The sly smiles and courtly whispers are gone, replaced by leather, steel and focus as she warms up on the field, going through a fluid set of drills with her axe.

Selene rarely travels without an apprentice of Whisper House in her wake. The Rite of Gloria is no different. She leads the way up the stairs to the high booth affording a fine view and protection from the cold. Lacking heavy furs, she still has warmth in a rather heavy cloak. Not so the Lenosian blonde with her, bundled up heavily. They both sweep picture-perfect curtsies reaching the booth, the Radiant Emeritus rising. "Princess," she murmurs. Her breath fogs the air briefly. "My ladies, Dame. May I perch up here with you?"

Tesha has joined the General Seating.

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Lucita makes her way to a quiet spot to watch the battle. She is bundled up in warm clothing and has a serious look about her. A graceful curtsy is given as Alaric passes by on his way to other seating.

Miranda arrives with her hood over her head. She glances about and heads over to the seating to observe the field.

Miranda has joined the General Seating.

Arriving a bit late, Lisebet appears warmly dressed, and the petite duchess surely wasn't just dancing. Though her cheeks are nicely rosy. She wanders through, looking to see who is around, who is fighting, and who she should cheer for.

Amari looks much too well dressed to be squiring, but that's what she's doing all the same, having one last check to make sure Norwood is secure in his armor. "All set." She announces with a solemn nod of solemnity swiftly following. There's a bright smile to the other Clement in contention as she starts off to join the spectators, "Best of luck to you both." Spying a familiar Harrow nearby as well, she waves to Felicia flashes a smile and is away angling for the stands.

Peri is more interesetd in watching the field than participating. She heads to the beverage tend in search of something very hot to drink before she heads off to find a good vantage point.

Sparte has joined the Field.

Tesha arrives with her trusty hound and her guard seems to be absent tonight. The redhead with the scar on her temple finds a seat in the general seating. She pulls her cloak about her and settles in to watch.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Sydney gets Stripped Brawling Gloves from Weathered Leather Belt.

Bree came ready to jump in if she could, but the numbers fill up and she instead makes her way to the stands to watch.

Thea is quiet as she enters, dressed warmly. She's on time today, mainly coming to support her brother of course. She bows her heard properly, giving the right greetings as she passes, a brief smile here and there.

Cassandra is moving down the line of combatants area, taking a visual inspection like a general inspecting her troops, making sure each combatant is getting read. "In moment, I'd like you all to join me in the middle of the field so that I may present you all get the tournament underway. Wouldn't be proper of me to not introduce our champions to the crowd."

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Sydney gets Short-Sleeved Leather Coat from Weathered Leather Belt.

Alaric makes his way in and settles over near the beverage tent, seeing how many seats are filling up with those who have come to honor the Rite. And so he pick sup a drink, going ahead and grabbing a beverage from there, the beverage stand liiely enar bursting already with him and hsi guards, before he steps to the edge so that others can get settled and pick up drinks and he can stand and watch the festivities. He is like anyone else excited to see the event however, and claps excitedly at those who are making their way to the field.

Sparte stands in the line on the fields, adjusting the gloves he is wearing. They aren't his usual, but the sizing is proper and the material is sound. The leather is just new and taking time to be broken in effectively. He takes his position, giving a respectful salute to Cassandra as she passes.

Merek has joined the Field.

Liesel arrives with her shield slung over her back, lazily scanning the area, liustening to Cassandra, then following to the middle of the field. She holds the sling of her shield with her main hand, her offhand resting on the pommel of her sword.

Norwood is here, full armor, and arms clasped behind his back. He's quiet as he follows Cassandras directions to join up on the field.

Felicia gives Amari a flash of a smile of her own and a respectful dip of her head before she's distracted by Cassandra's words, straightening marginally and turning her attention fully to the Legate with a crisp nod.

Domonico enters the area, his helm tucked under one arm as he strides in, resplendent in his polished leathers, his face drawn and eyes hooded. The Malvici Admiral's face is serious as always as he checks the straps of his bracers.

Aurelio, a handsome, fresh-faced manservant arrives, following Dianna.

Tesha gives a smile when she sees familiar faces on the field, she gives a wave to Norwood, but she's sure he's busy with directions!

Merek, filling in, makes his way onto the field, with what looks like a full metal set of his armor while he has an axe with him. It is an interesting selection, because it's all pretty stock equipment. He nods.

Striding out to the middle of the field stands one Legate Cassandra Laurent. She is, as she always has, carrying herself with the air merciful authority. While her steps may be sure, today she is clearly in a pleasant mood, as she's smiling far often than she's accustomed to. She gives a hand for quiet, speaking loud enough in hopes that all in the stands can hear.

"Greetings to you one and all, lords and ladies of Arvum and the commonfolk of Arx! I hope you are all well! Today we honor and celebrate the glory of the Goddess of War and Chivalry!" She pauses to gesture at those who stand on the field with her, a sweeping movement with the hand. "These people before you, these brave men and woman have stepped forward to submit themselves to Gloria's trial! A rite of combat in edifciation of her name!"

"For today while there can be only be one champion, all who stand here today are worthy, for having he courage and strength to face one another in honorable combat! And indeed, a champion who fights in Gloria's name should be equally rewarded with a prize to represent that." Two weapons the Legate carries. One is her sword, an elegant diamondplate broadsword known as Chivalry's Point. The other she draws from it's sheathe, presenting it so not only the combatants but the crowd may see as well. "This sword has come from the forges of the master smith Felix Meadson, as it was his skill and artistry that created the weapon. And I would like to thank the Great Houses of Arvum for helping fund the crafting of it. This sword is nameless, it will be up to the winner of this tournament to give it one, and a story and legacy of its own."

Miranda spies Domonico and cheers, "Admiral!" She does gesture him over, before he makes it to the field.

Rysen bows his head respectfully to Cassandra, and listens as she speaks. With a cool experession, his grey eyes pass over the other warriors, and he winks at his mentor and trainer, the Bladesong, Princess Sorrel Thrax.

Domonico spots Miranda and adjusts his course quickly to her.

Bhandn's breath misting in the chill winter air is about the only indication he's alive, because he came, he saw, and he conquered one 2x2 section of the grounds and hasn't moved since. He stands ready with Vigil unsheathed and resting gently on the ground, his hands gently holding to the blade. This is a Rite of Gloria, after all, and appearances matter, and his involves standing still and not doing a thing other than fogging up the air. Though he turns his head slightly as the Legate of Arts starts to speak, he remains otherwise silent.

Liara shows up to the tournament grounds, dressed for a ball (pretty much par for the course), and stops to contemplate available seating, though Cassandra's announcement draws the princess' gaze over that way, then to the sword in question.

Sorrel lingers with the other competitors in her brilliant white armor, hands on her hips with her sword at her side. She has a broad grin on her face as she scans the crowd for friends and family, then wanders over to stand near Brianna in a companionable sort of way.

The leathers Aleksei wears as he steps onto the field are well-worn, and actually still have some marks of the Faith to suggest they might be from his days in the priesthood. Chainbreaker is peacebound and unbuckled from his swordbelt, to be entrusted with a very solemn-faced five-year-old redhead. Or, more likely, with Keso, who is clearly on babysitting duty on the sidelines for any of the moments Aleksei is on the field. (Fitz has a rather adorable parasol to keep the gleam of the winter sun to a minimum. It's hidden behind the clouds, anyways.)

Entering the grounds at a rather slow pace and leaning on the arm of a fresh-faced blonde-haired lad is none other than Lady Dianna Mazetti - apparently, just in time for the start. She wears a long, indigo cloak with black mink collar over her leathers; and the pair scan the area, seeking familiar faces.

Spotting King Alaric, Dianna's lips lift in a smile; she and her companion bow and make their way ... somewhere. It seems they are just wandering, as yet.

Brianna threads her arm through Sorrel's, giving the other lady a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you Amari," Norwood says quietly for the girl's help as she shoos away. Then Norwood notes Tesha's wave and he raises a grave hand of his own upwards at the woman. There's a small bow as Cassandra speaks, the night remaining quiet.

Cassandra drops an alaricite long sword with Gloria pommel.

Adalyn makes her way onto the playing field to join the other participants. Her long swift strides betray a restless energy as she moves to stand near her father. Amari is cast a cheery grin, but there's no time for the outgoing Clement to begin her chatter. Full attention turns to Cassandra as she begins to speak.

Hamish walks onto the field, followed by his Templar, who has been saddled with carrying the Archlector's bags. Almost certainly what he dreamed of doing when he was a little Templar, having big Templar dreams. He looks toward the seating, then turns and heads over toward the field, as if ready to participate in umbra robes and nothing but ring with some very sharp skulls on it for a weapon. He waits there at the edge, listening as Cassandra introduces everyone to the contestants and the swords.

Miranda smiles at Domonico, moving to meet him as he comes over. She tiptoes up, kissing his cheek and speaks softly to him a moment. While close by, she removes her scarf and wraps it around Domonico's neck while saying a few words to him.

Cassandra gets an alaricite long sword with Gloria pommel.

A low whistle can be heard from Icely as the knight admires the fine sword. "Makes you want to be a swordswoman," she murmurs.

Sticking out like a sore thumb in the winter weather is Sydney, dressed in crude leathers that seem more fit for a fighting pit in the summer than a tournament in winter. She stands tall despite the dilapidated state of her attire. Several of the pieces of her wardrobe look as though they've seen years of heavy use. She looks around, arms folded, eyes scanning the audience and fellow contenders for familiar faces.

Once she has everyone take a good look at the grand prize, she asks for silence. "If it would please the crowd, I would like the honor of introducing our combatants this eveing. As we not only celebrate Gloria for a tournament in her name, but so too do we celebrate those who would fight for her glory." And one by one does Cassandra walk down the line. "I give you Lady Brianna Halfshav, Officer Sparte Grayfellow, Dame Felicia Harrow, Princess Sorrel Thrax, Baron Norwood Clement, Admiral Domonico Malvici, Master Aleksei Morgan, Lady Adalyn Clement, and Admiral Merek Black, Master Sydney, and Sir Bhandn Yvar. I will hope the display they put forth today not only meets the approves of the Goddess, but of yours too! Celebrate them before the first match starts! These, my good people, are you champions! They fight for Gloria! They fight for you!"

"Felix always does such wonderful work," Lisebet says with a smile. "Even makes me wish I could fight," she says, agreeing with Icelyn.

Domonico takes the scarf and nods once at Miranda's words in thanks before quickly joining the rest of the challengers for the announcement."

Tikva cheers and then whistles sharply at several of the names on the list, clapping her hands and bouncing a little in her seat in a fairly undignified show of excitement, before leaning sideways and murmuring with the people at her booth.

When her name is announced, Brianna executes a sharp, martial bow to those assembled.

Norwood does the bowing thing at his name. It's a good bow.

Lucita's lips part to frame a slow 'ohhhh, it is a beautiful weapon.'

Miranda returns to her seat and cheers for the champions!! She does huddle a bit more now since she is without her scarf, but that is the price to pay!

Sydney can

Lisebet cheers for all the combatants, quite pleased that she knows some of the folks on the list. She drifts further in, trying to decide where to watch from.

Sydney can't help but snort with amusement as she's introduced as 'Master'. She raises a hand and offers a wave and a fierce grin.

Pausing to listen to the announcement, Lady Dianna searches the crowd for those she knows who are competing: Sorrel, Domonico, Merek, giving each a warm smile and nod as she claps in more a gesture than an actual sound added to the din of the crowd.

Liara has joined the General Seating.

Felicia offers a sharp salute with the tempest blade to call out,"For Gloria!" in the wake of Cassandra's words. The Harrow prowling off to find her spot to wait. An extra moment is taken to pause and offer his majesty a deep and respectful bow before moving to take her place with the others.

Lora joins in the applause from her perch up in one of the booths, though she doesn't get quite as far as cheering or whistling, and after a few moments of it she draws back into her coat and fur and then leans forward minutely, as if that scant inch makes all the difference in the view she's got of the field.

Dianna has joined the the Beverage Tent.

Merek seems content when he is introduced, and offers a light wave, really excited to be in a Rite like this. It's been Years actually for him, and he wiggles about!

As Adalyn's name is announced, she flashes a cheerful grin to the crowd and lifts her hand in an exaggerated wave. It's a big venue, she wants to make sure she can be seen, of course.

Sparte stands straight as he can when his name is spoken, nearly straight as his staff. He has a nervous determination to him and is trying perhaps a bit too hard to look the part.

Sparte has left the Field.

Domonico does not wave as he is announced but simply offers a half nod, half bow.

6 Malvici Guards, Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici arrive, following Calypso.

Aleksei offers a bit of a /flourish/ of a bow, a grin flashing wide, with a hint of that performative nature fitting for the Assistant Guildmaster of the Champion's Guild. His son Fitz has laid claim to Keso's shoulders for a better view, tries to clap while holding a parasol, and promptly drops it. Oops.

Bhandn prefers austerity for this occasion, in that he continues to stand and remain quiet. When his name is announced, however, he does lift Vigil upwards, saluting as it were by way of that gesture, holding the blade with the edge pointed to the ground in Cassandra's direction, before returning it back to its resting place in lightly touching the ground.

Archimedes the White Horned Owl, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Tesha gives a look up when names are starting to be called and there's a look to Norwood and then the others that are there as well. She then goes back to speaking quietly to those nearby.

Amari has joined the General Seating.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

Liesel smiles as the many are introduced, disconnecting her shabby cloak and putting it into her rucksack, probably light preparation for the coming trial. She rolls her shoulders, and lets her roundshield rest on the ground next to her, leaned up against her hand.

"Marquessa Fidante, this is-" And Emilia is introducing herself. "There is also the Lady Thea, and the ever radiant emeritus Selene." Her focus going between those there on the field and the people in the booths. "Who do you think, will be winning? Alarissa inadvertantly has all the introductions.

Mirk has joined the General Seating.

Sparte has joined the Field.

After the applause has ended, one last time does Cassandra ask for silence. "And now, before we begin, I would ask everyone for a moment so I may bless this event in the name of Gloria." With arms extended, the Legate tilts her head skyward. "To you Gloria, Goddess of Honor. It is to you today that we fight in your name, that we speak of honor, of strength, it is the same speaking your name. To you Gloria, Goddess of War, to you the ever watching star, whose lantern is imperishable, it's light that will burn away the darkness. And to you Gloria, Goddess of Chivalry, the temperance given to us, to know duty and to be bound by it. Thank you Gloria, for the path shown to us. That we may never raise our hand in anger, but in defence of others and myself. That I never ignore a plea for help, that I ever ignore a call for mercy as equally as duty. That our purpose is to protect, not to endanger. To help, not abandon. To love, not betray. The path is for honor and chivalry, and to know your name. For knowledge, not power. For fairness, not for spite. And for trust, not deception. May your light and approval favor all those gathered here. May your hand guide true for those who battle in your name Thank you."

After the prayer has ended she backs away. "And because I have talked long enough, we clearly know what we all wish to see. The first match of the tournament; Admiral Domonico Malvici against Officer Sparte Greyfellow. First one to yield or knocked down is considered the loser. The winner will move onto the next match."

Liesel has joined the Field.

Domonico wields Wavecutter, a high quality steel Xiphos.

Belladonna walks into the grounds with a purposeful stride, stopping once she sees all the assorted Peers already ambling about, conversing and preparing for the festivities. With one hand on her hip, she snaps her fingers with a free hand. "Aida, wine. I will be nee-" There is no Aida. Horror. Upon realization she has dismissed her servant, the Duchess' lips thin into a line and she frowns ever so slightly, for a second, and then there is that wide smile. "Oh well. I suppose sobriety will be a good look." With a groan, she looks around, and then... the Beverage Tent. Oh yes.

While Cassandra talks of Gloria, Belladonna nods, and thanks the Goddess of Chivalry for allowing the wine to flow. In a quick pace she joins the tent, waving her arm at all those there with a hearty greeting, brilliant and happy. This is, for sure, the best place to be. "So, what are the -best- offerings this day, mm? What do my peers suggest?" She will be talking throughout the event. Poor people.

Felicia wields frozen washes of the tempest seas handsome oathlands blade.

Calypso arrives a little late, but hopefully she hasn't missed much. She arrives with Belladonna Pravus on her arm. So to speak. Or probably quite literally. "I'm not big on tournaments myself. But Domonico is competing, so I need to be here to cheer him on." She remarks to her blonde friend as they walk, heading in the direction of the general seating her steps carrying them both along at a pretty good pace. "Oh good we didn't miss anything." She murmurs as she finds a spot to sit and settles in, though she does send a servant off towards the beverage tent to fetch some refreshments.

Belladonna has joined the the Beverage Tent.

Hamish offers up polite applause for each of the participants, but maybe just a little bit more and louder for Bhandn, Sorrel and Aleksei. Disciples represent! When the Legate of Arts finishes her introductions and announces the first match, he turns and heads over to the seating.

Belladonna absolutely drags Calypso to the Beverage Tent. Whether she likes it or not.

Merek wields A Nice Axe.

Sparte wields Heartwood - Knothole Stave.

Adalyn wields defiant garnet roses of steel blade.

Domonico takes to the centre of the field as he is announced, slowly donning his helm before drawing his leaf shaped xiphos and nodding once to Sparte, his eyes focused on the Officer.

Miranda cheers for Sparte and Domonico!

Thea spies Duchess cousin and bows her head to Calypso and Duchess Belladonna in a polite bow of her head, a slight but brief on her lips. Lucky. They're getting drinks.

Brianna wields wicked wildfires one-handed waraxe with deer hide wrapped handle.

Sorrel wields sorrel leaf-bladed oathlands steelsword.

Sparte steps forward as his name is spoken by Cassandra, pulling his staff to the ready as he comes to a pause opposite Domonico. He gives a respectful bow of his head towards Domonico before shifting into a readied position.

Alarissa shouts from nearby, "SHOW THEM YOUR THRAXY CHARM SPARTE"

Liesel wields a simple steel messer.

Domonico has left the Field.

Selene clasps her hands together and turns away from the conversation in the High Booth as Cassandra invokes the rite in its fullest aspect. Her expression is surely difficult to read from up there. Lips move for the final words of the Legate's prayer, a second off the beat. Good fortune surely to be found here, she turns again to rejoin the conversation.

Domonico has joined the Field.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sydney glances around as the swords and other weaponry begin to slip loose from their sheaths, the last-minute entrant simply shakes out her hands, which prop casually on her belt. She seems to be forgetting something, by all appearances.

Late to the tournament grounds, but here all the same is Scipio Whisper. The young man is clad in casual attire meant for warmth and definitely not that with which to participate in the tournament. A smile comes easily to his features as he steps into the tournament grounds and then sweeps his gaze about to settle on the beverage tent. Smiling approvingly, he makes his way off in that direction to see to priorities. Drinks first.

Scipio has joined the the Beverage Tent.

Winter chill demands winter wear; yet the cold bite of the season still nips at Bianca Wyrmguard's pale, flushed cheeks despite the protection afforded her by the thick, voluminous white robes she wears over her attire today. Archimedes, perched on her shoulder, looks out over the proceedings with a tired gaze, those wide owlish eyes holding nothing but disdain; and, deciding there is nothing here worthy of his time, the unsociable owl takes flight as the rest of the legate's entourage disperses, leaving her to take in everything around her with expressively silvery eyes filled with a subdued curiosity.

With the initial blessings and announcements coming out, the Legate of Creation respectfully bows her head and closes her eyes in a polite silence, mouthing a wordless thanks to Gloria above; when her eyes reopen, Bianca's focus is on the field, maneuvering through the crowds as she searches for a good vantage point to watch the festivities from. "My goodness. It's been far too long since I've had the opportunity to watch a proper tournament of arms," she murmurs, half to herself, as the combat begins in earnest. Frankly -- she's just glad she made it (mostly) on time.

Miranda glances about, taking in the crowd even as she watches the fighting. She cheers here and there for each well placed blow and grimaces for those nasty ones!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Miranda before departing.

Ryhalt stands from his seat in the Quiet Boot and claps for Domonico, even though he had lost. "Poor man's been having a rough month..." he comments before sitting once more.

There are few things Legate Cassandra Laurent enjoys more than a good honorable fight. Especially fights that are evenly matched. "If this is an indicator of how the tournament will go, I will that we will be in for a good time. Praise to both of these brave warriors. But the win goes to Officer Greyfellow. Give praise to both of them!" Clapping herself, she looks at her list. "The next battle will be between Dame Felicia Harrow and Lady Adalyn Clement!"

Calypso most definitely is not dragged to the beverage tent with her cousin fighting imminently. So if Bella is going there she's going all alone. ALONE BELLA. Calypso is taking her seat so she can cheer for Domonico. Vincenzo will have to stand in line with Belladonna to retrieve refreshments for Calypso. Caly takes her seat happily and even breaks her normal stoic silence to call out some encouragement for Domonico before settling back into her seat and looking around as she waits for steel to start clashing. A little wave to Thea up in her booth.

Norwood and Adalyn have whispered to one another a few times throughout, but at the sound of Adalyn's name he steps back from his daughter. "May you honor Gloria," he says in way of blessing to her before she heads out to fight.

Domonico engages into the battle, his leaf-shaped xiphos meeting Sparte's stave. From the start it is clear that Domonico knows exactly what he is doing with the blade but the reach of Sparte's weapon meant that getting close to land a blow meant that he was suffering powerful whacks in response. All his strikes, parries and dodges have clear practiced skill but to those who know him... lack the fire that he usually possess.

"Oh, and Officer Sparte will be facing Master Aleksei Morgan who has been waiting in the wings as one of the participants on a bye round." Cassandra makes sure to add.

Applause from Selene marks approval for the well-fought battle below. She briefly casts a curious look at Emilia and nods.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Lisebet cheers for the fight as well, drifting closer to watch, nearing the Quiet booth.

Sydney applauds, her leatherbound hands producing little by way of sound compared to the audience. She'

Miranda has left the General Seating.

Miranda rises from her seat and after a few words to those with her, departs the seating, heading for the grounds exit, it seems.

Rysen's eyes track the footsteps and striking of Sparte and Domonico. At the conclusion of the battle, he applauds loudly for both warriors.

Thea winces at the center as she starts toward Domonico,"If you will all excuse me please." Off to tend to his injuries of course. She applauds him and Officer Greyfellow, however. Well fought..

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Juana, a harried Lady's Maid leave, following Miranda.

Tikva has left the Quiet Booth.

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

5 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

The twist and twirl of Sparte's stave are the product of years of experience and practice, and for the opening match of the Tourney they manage to carry him through. The advantage of distance does him a service through the exchange with Domonico, allowing him to keep most of the worst blows to grazing strikes when that blade reaches him. One fine blow does get through from Domonico, forcing Sparte to take a more defensive stance as the match continues. There are no fancy tricks or banter, but there is a battering of both contestants that means the match must soon end.

Again Lora joins the applause for the first round, but it's even more reserved this time, and comes with a slight tilt of her head. She's maybe watching Domonico more than Sparte, and something about this provokes a faint, almost melancholy sort of smile. As Thea rises from the booth nearby to join she murmurs something, then settles in to watch the next bout.

A smile smile quirks onto Norwood's lips. It's pride. He's proud of Adalyn.

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Belladonna is all alone in the beverage tent. The loneliest Duchess in the world, and the gods can see how sad she is by how she stares daggers at Calypso Malvici and drinks her wine in that 'I will have my revenge' sort of way, eyes narrowed in slits. Really, how dare she?

But the other, far more lovable people in the tent?! Belladonna fingerwaves at those present and intently watches the fight that goes down. She doesn't seem to understand up from down when it comes from combat, oooh'ing and aaaah'ing when the pointing ends hit the men involved with the fight. She siddles up to the king, to badger him about the most basic questions about fighting, cheering and clapping at moments only a laywoman would clap and cheer on. She is here to have her wine, glare at Calypso and provide smiles for those around her. She does clap at Sparte and Dominico both for participating, whistling at both combatants, as she knows them. The important thing is to take part! Yes it is.

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Thea murmurs to Domonico as she checks over his wounds,"I dont need to give you the lecture, yes?"her voice professional now.

Seeing his sister, Lisebet, walk nearby, Ryhalt waves to her and smiles. "You look in want of company. Come sit."

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Calypso calls encouragement to Domonico even in defeat, though she does shout congratulations to Sparte on his victory. With her family's role in the tournament ended she rises to her feet and starts towards the beverage tent. Much to the relief of one Vincenzo. "My King." Calypso greets Alaric as she arrives, then turns to look at Belladonna. "Are you quite done pouting? I'm here now." Her lips quirk into a slight smile as she gets in line and bids Vincenzo to go take a seat in the stands and watch the fights.

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Lisebet catches sight of her - well, tied for first favourite duke? That would be her brother. "Ryhalt! I did not know you were here," she replies, pleased to see him. She heads over to give him a hug, perfectly wiling to settle there with him. "What have you been up to? Anything I should know about?"

Felicia offers Adalyn a crisp salute with her sword,"My lady, a pity to meet you across the field, but at the same time an honor to do so." the formality of the words somewhat ruined by the grin that Felicia gives afterwards. The battle between the two certainly draws on for a time. A lot of glancing passes and deflected blades, but the last pass see's the Harrow raising her hand, and sword, to salute her opponent with a grimace,"Glory to you." she offers her opponent with a hoarse chuckle,"Apparently I need more time on the field."

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Domonico is tended to by his sister, the bruises from his fight with Sparte, his eyes still looking at the middle distance as he nods once, "I know. I dropped my guard too much."

There's such a crowd here and Korka has only just been able to make her way to where she might catch a glimpse of the point of someone's sword over all the heads in front of her. "Who is winning?" she asks, "Besides Gloria."

Sydney watches the fighting go on with hawkish intensity, her fingers flexing and unflexing, her weight shifting from one foot to the other, her attention only briefly shifting to examine the weapons of those around her. She's as of yet uncertain which of them will be called upon to face her, and there's... quite a bit to consider, from height and reach to the sort of weapon they're using. For her part, the commoner still has yet to produce a weapon of her own. As the fight comes to a conclusion, she cheers, "Well fought!"

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Norwood can't help it, he does a small fist-punch of glee - totally manly and suited to his station, totally - when Felicia yields to Adalyn. No cheering though, that would be rude. So rude.

"Another glorious display of martial prowess between two obviously master swordswomen." Cassandra smiles coming back from her spot near the fighter's area where she watches and makes sure the fighting is clearly fair. "I have to say these fights have been balanced well. I was unsure how it was going to end until the very last moment. Are not these two fearsome competitors? Glory to both them. May Gloria light their paths! Lady Adalyn emerges victorious, and moves to the next round. I will admit some personal curiosity to the next match and have been looking forward to it. Princess Sorrel Thrax versus Sir Bhandn Yvar!"

When the match winds to an end, Sparte steps back and bows to Domonico as he did at the start. "Well fought." There is a flash of a grin as he looks at one of the places Domonico's strikes landed true, a small rueful shake of his head at himself. He is already reaching into the medical kit he carries on his belt as he steps away, trying to find his salve and bandages. He is no mercy nor physician, but unless one ambushes him to see to his care he seems intent on tending to himself.

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Ryhalt returns Lisebet's hug and grins to her. "Squeezing me for gossip already." He teases his sister before he claps for the latest round of fighting as it concludes and lowers his voice to speak more quietly to his sister as they sit together.

With the second match ended, Lora joins in the applause again, but this time she gets to her feet. She murmurs something further to those who remain in her section of seating, bows her head slightly, and then moves to depart in the little break between bouts.

Tikva shouts from nearby, "GO SORREL!"

Sorrel brandishes her sword as she moves into position. "Sir Bhandn, let us fight for Gloria!" she says cheerfully, nodding her head once. She takes up a fighting stance, then, and moves into place.

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Adalyn inclines her head respectfully to Felicia, but her impish grin spoils the reverence of the moment. "An honor, indeed," she agrees earnestly, sword lifted. The circling begins, the two seeming well-matched. As the fight goes on, the Clement shifts to a more aggressive tactic, managing to add a few showy twirls of her sword for affect. Anyone who knows Adalyn's showmanship would be utterly unsurprised by her dramatics. When her opponent yields, she lowers her sword and casts Felicia a grin. "Well fought! You kept me quite on my toes."

Thea lifts her gold-flecked green eyes to Sparte and offers,"I can tend to any wounds you have if you'd like." Thea looks about and says with a steady voice,"That goes for anyone else that's it."

Even after three rounds, Sir Bhandn has been standing off to the side and keeping quiet. He watched, of course, but he neither applauded nor catcalled nor cheered, silence being his primary interaction until it's his turn. He bows to Sorrel, deeply, but he's shifting into a fighting stance right after.

Domonico is overheard praising Sparte: Well fought!

Calypso is overheard praising Domonico: Valiantly fought!

Calypso is overheard praising Sparte: Noble Victory!

Sparte is overheard praising Domonico: A worthy warrior, an honor to Gloria

Felicia is overheard praising Adalyn: An excellent opponent!

Dianna is overheard praising Sorrel.

"A solid fight in honor of Gloria," Adalyn adds, clearing the field to stand nearby Norwood once more as attention turns to the next match.

Norwood reaches up to place a hand on ADalyn's shoulder. There's a squeeze to her shoulder. "That was well fought. You have come a long way from sneaking into my practice sessions."

Hushed with subtle tension, Bianca watches the exchanges between the first two rounds of combatants with rapt attention. A pale hand lifts to her lips, and silver eyes widen just a touch as the bout between Felicia and the victorious Adalyn reaches its conclusion. While far from boisterous enough to start outright cheering or - gasp - hollering, the Legate of Creation nonetheless joins the applause for the fighters, a warm smile blooming on pale lips for the good show of sportsmanship at its conclusion.

With the lapse between the end of the bout and the next, though, Bianca's attention turns; tugging down her hood, the Godsworn turns her attention inevitably, inexorably, towards the beverage tent. And so, with a sharp pivot, she makes her way towards the promise of fine wines, the occasional glance toward the field giving away her interest in what is coming next as she moves.

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It's a long fight, and by the end of it, both the princess and the knight seem pretty tired. They trade hits back and forth in easy blows, and neither side really has the edge, though Sorrel does consistently seem to hit just a little harder than her opponent. She dances away as lightly as she can in her white steel armor, and though she ends up quite bruised, Sir Bhandn has the worst of it.

Rysen cheers loudly for Sorrel and Bhandn as their duel comes to a conclusion.

Tikva cheers uproariously for her friend.

Norwood claps nice and politely.

Sparte is overheard praising Sorrel: Well fought, an honor to Gloria!

Alarissa shouts from nearby, "That is how they do it in Thrax!"

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There is a shake of the head from the Legate, who clearly seemed to be impressed by that particular display. She doesn't seem to have words for it, and simply claps very hard. No hooting or hollering, that'd be unbecoming of a Legate of the Faith. "Fabulous. Absolutely astounding. These descriptors do not do that fight justice. I wasn't sure if it was going to end and we had a legend in the making! Princess Sorrel moves to the next round. The next match on the docket..." she reads to check off her list. "Another highly anticipated match that I have heard the betting on has been quite fervent. Baron Norwood Clement versus Lady Brianna Halfshav!"

Even after the Princess of Thrax strikes the decisive blow, Bhandn stands there, visibly hunched over for a moment, his left hand pressing at his side. He needs a moment to recover, but soon enough that posture changes into a careful bow to Sorrel. "Your Highness. Thank you," is all he gets out, in a slightly strained voice, and then he'll be withdrawing to go see to getting patched up from the considerable bruising he just got.

Sparte is overheard praising Bhandn: Valiant show of mettle!

Bhandn is overheard praising Sorrel.

Domonico straightens up after Thea tended to him and quietly, without fuss, makes his way to the back of the crowd, holding his bruised ribs, but otherwise not focused on anything in particular.

Sorrel steps over to help her opponent get to the healers, as she's moving considerably more comfortably than he is right now. "Here," she says. "Lean on me. We'll get that taken care of, Sir Bhandn."

Sparte is overheard praising Thea: A literal life saver

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Adalyn's smile widens as her father gives his praise, the younger Clement clearly pleased to have made Norwood proud. "Thanks, Papa. I had quite the instructor growing up," she responds, glancing toward him with a grin. She applauds for the next fighters as their match comes to an end and then gives Norwood an encouraging tap on the shoulder as his name is called. "For Gloria!"

Brianna is late to the field. Perhaps there was a wardrobe malfunction. She salutes her opponent, salutes the crowd, then eases into her fighting stance.

Norwood checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 77 higher.

Norwood remains capable of fighting.

The Halfshav lady spends the first half of the fight dodging and weaving. Showy Champion moves. Once the Baron actually gets a hit on her, the combat becomes fierce and earnest. The two are well-matched.

Belladonna whistles at Bianca from the Beverage Tent, "Legate Wyrmguard! Your wine is getting cold and disappearing over here! There is something afoot! Come to us!"

Ryhalt from the quiet booth, Ryhalt claps for Brianna for at last coming out the better of two very evenly matched fighters.

Very well matched riigghhttt till the end. Then there's a hammer blow from Brianna that lays Norwood quite out. He hold sup a hand and yields from his sprawl on the ground with a nice bloody nose that is quite impressive. "Glory to Gloria." And then he'll just push himself to his feet and stagger off. Ow guys. Ow.

Peri makes extra room for Bianca. She would never want someone's wine to disappear.

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Sparte gives Thea a bright smile when she comes to aid him, accepting the help. What he had done for himself was better than nothing, but a far sight less than what she was capable of. Soon enough he'll be standing up and undoing all of her hard work. For now though, his attention shifts to the other fighters. The blow Norwood takes gets a wide-eyed look from Sparte and a slight drop of his jaw. Then there is relief when he realizes Norwood is getting back up, and a shout in praise of the fighters.

Sparte is overheard praising Norwood: "Glory to Gloria!"

Sparte is overheard praising Brianna: "Glory to Gloria!"

Tesha gives a wince when Norwood goes down and the Telmar woman looks a bit worried when there's blood. "Well fought!" she calls out to both of the fighters when Norwood is back on his feet.

"We are truly being blessed tonight by the show of skill, honor, and chivalry." Cassandra says coming out once again to congratulate the winner. "These warriors exhibit the very ideals that Gloria calls for. I could not be more proud to know of having met all of them. The winner is Lady Brianna Halfshave. Well done to an impressive match both! The next match will be Mistress Sydney versus Admiral Merek Black! Fight well and honorably!"

Adalyn follows the match with avid attention. She winces at that final blow and appears frozen where she stands, immobilized by concern for Norwood until she sees him rising to his feet. Whew. "Well fought!"

Merek makes a way towards the fighting area, while he shifts up his axe with a motion, settling about to take a stance while he wiggles from side to side to work into being prepared for a fight!

Brianna is overheard praising Norwood: I didn't mean to almost decapitate you

Approaching her opponent, Sydney offers a roll of her shoulders and steps forward wielding... absolutely nothing. No last-second reveal, no sudden flourish of legerdemain to bring forth a knife. She simply faces Merek, places her fist against her palm, and offers a short bow of her head, her eyes never lowering. "For Gloria." The commoner offers a fierce grin, assuming a fighting stance. A breath, and she lets the noise of the crowd slip away, her focus fully on Merek. "Nice axe, admiral."

Thea was on her way to see Calypso, but she's found herself setting up makeshift tent to tend to the wounded I guess. Nothing wrong with that. She sets to work, one after another.

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Among those looking relieved when Norwood stands is Sorrel, who is off with Thea having her wounds seen to. Afterwards, she murmurs thanks to the healer, and she looks like she's feeling much better.

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Peri takes another mug of hot cider from a server at the beverage tent. The outburst from Duchess Belladonna brings a pursed smile to her face and she makes room under the beverage tent for any stray Wyrmguard. She gives his Magestry Alaric IV a deep bow and gives a nod to the rest of hte merry crew before heading over to general seating.

Amari is also wincing when Norwood goes down, though goes a bit further than that by standing and looking supremely concerned. Even if he starts to rise to his feet on his own, she still is soon out of the stands and crossing over to offer her hand. She'll help him off the field if need be, but an attempt is made to not look overly worried. "She thumped you a good one. Are your ears ringing?"

"Oh? Something afoot?" Curiosity piqued, Bianca's brows lift; when space is made within the tent, she offers a quiet but sincere "My deepest thanks" to the passing Peri, before slipping within the tent in pursuit of wine and conversation. And wine. And also... ... wine.

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Calypso is standing in the beverage tent still, conversing with those present, though she sees Thea stop to help more. Calypso doesn't head her way, she does however summon her aide and sends him with wine for Thea. Vincenzo shows up and hands her a sturdy cup full of wine before he will set to and try to assist her where he can. He's no field medic but he can hand her things she asks for.

Merek comes around with a flurry of strikes from the axe. The leather mixed with the fact she's brawling means that he takes her on fairly easy. When he's finished, he steps back a bit, shifting his axe while he looks to the woman, bowing.

Rysen smiles to see Merek take up his axe. He applauds energetically for the knight and Sydney as they clash in honor of Gloria.

Dianna is overheard praising Merek: IMPRESSIVE. What a display.

It goes every bit as poorly as might be expected. Despite her swagger, Sydney very immediately takes a heavy blow that out and out crippled her ability to put up much of a dodging and weaving battle of attrition. She doesn't even get a blow in before she's retreating and frantically surrendering. "Nevermind! For Gloria!"

Lisebet looks a bit startled for a moment at something Ryhalt says, but her expression quickly warms so it couldn't have been anything terrible. She continues to cheer for the combatants as the fights go on.

Felicia is overheard praising Sydney: For the bravery of bringing her fists to a sword fight.

Brianna is overheard praising Sydney: She's got spunk!

|There is a brightening in Dianna's demeanor as her sister's name is mentioned by Belladonna, and a soft, entertained chuckle. "Yes, I am indeed Alessia Mazetti's /twin/. Though obviously not identical," Dianna smiles, her full lips rolling up. "She is indeed an inspiration, even to me, my lady; and I have cherished her since the day that we were born. Quite possibly before." There is a wink and another smile at Belladona. "It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance; your name precedes you. I see you enjoy wine, spirits, my lady? As do I, as do I..."

Dianna's attention finally returns to the Whispers, "Pardon my distraction; I find that /any/ fight I can watch is quite the learning, and even more so am I drawn if I know the fighter personally. Sir Black is a friend of the family's - as, I imagine, he is claimed by many. But, I had no /idea/ he was quite so skilled at /wielding/ a blade as he is at /making/ them."

That perhaps wasn't what Cassandra was expecting. "Let it not be said that Gloria does not shun away bravery, even when the bravery is unexpected. There is courage in that, so I salute Mistress Sydney. But Admiral Black moves on. However! We have reached the end of the first round. Top of the second round. Which is going to be Officer Sparte Greyfellow versus Master Aleksei Morgan! I wish you both an honorable and glorious display!"

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Alarissa shouts from nearby, "GO SPARTE!"

That is his cue. Sparte stands up, tightening back on his gloves and straightening his clothes before snatching his staff up and jogging into the field. A few of the bandages start to come off immediately, even the best mercies can only do so much when people run right back into the fray. Sparte pauses at a respectful distance to give a deep bow to Aleksei, then falls into a ready stance. "Don't worry, no banter today. Promised I'd be professional."

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Thea smiles a bit at Vincenzo and thanks him, accepting the wine as well as turning to Calypso, thanking her as well.

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From near the healers' tent, Sorrel cheers and claps for Sparte. "C'mon, Sparte! Give Aleksei a good fight for Gloria!" she calls enthusiastically.

Tesha is overheard praising Cassandra.

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Aleksei checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 4, rolling 36 higher.

Aleksei remains capable of fighting.

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Cassandra just blinks. "I would like to make sure that a healer is seeing to Master Morgan please." she states clearly before nodding in a mild approval. "This is turning out to be quite the interesting tournament. Congratulations to Officer Greyfellow to advancing to the semi-finals. The next match on the docket will Lady Adalyn Clement versus Princess Sorrel Thrax. Fight well, ladies!"

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This is a fairly quick fight between Sorrel and Adalyn. Sorrel is quick, moving lithely in her armor, but it seems that Adalyn is quicker. Perhaps the princess was tired from her previous fight that went on for so long, but after getting in a few good hits on the Clement, she takes a couple of staggering blows herself. She yields, bowing to Adalyn formally.

Norwood's bell is nicely rung, though clearly not as well as Aleksei's was. He should go and get himself in the hands of the nice healers, but he's being stubborn. Instead he's standing to one side with his hands firmly wrapped about a railing to keep himself upright. He's going to see his daughter fight gdi.

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Stepping once against from her position of playing 'referee', Cassandra's hands are clapping. "I daresay that may of been an upset for Lady Clement. Congratulations are in order. Thank you Princess Thrax for two quite memorable fights. Our next match will be Lady Brianna Halfshav versus newcomer Mistress Liesel Lucroy. Whenever you're ready, feel free to begin."

Liesel takes a rough bow, having already removed her cloak and unsheathed her messer. She raises her shield up to cover her face, only her eyes peeking out, and drops into a low stance with her sword close-by to her shield.

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Adalyn steps back onto the field as her name is called. The Clement moves with an easy grace, though her opponent certainly does not make it easy. There's a bit of dodging and parrying before Adalyn manages to land a few harsh blows in quick succession. As her opponent yields, she steps back and inclines her head respectfully.

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Liesel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 52 higher.

Liesel remains capable of fighting.

Tesha rises and heads from her seat towards the exit after a few more people have fought, she stops to whisper to Norwood before giving his arm a gentle squeeze and a smile and heads off again.

Brianna is overheard praising Liesel.

Norwood lifts a hand to cheer, but that was a bad idea. He's just going to have to sit down hard now. Tesha's whisper gets a tight nod from him, and a smile.

Liesel gives her best, but the life of a barely-armored mercenary is a hard one, and Brianna's skill was too much for her. She hops back a few times after a particularly powerful blow from Brianna, hissing in pain and throwing her shield up, "I yield! I yield," she says, following it with a breathy laugh, backing up all the way to the railing, and beginning to inspect her wounds.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leaves, following Tesha.

Brianna offers Liesel a hand up. "Well fought."

Well, Cassandra had barely been back to her spot when the crowds cheers get her to turn away from the hot cider she just about to tuck into. "Oh." And she's back out towards the field, giving applause. "Bravery and courage can come from just about any place, the place of birth matters not. Thank you for the courage you displayed Mistress Lucroy." There is looking of the woman's gear. "Do see me later if you would." Before smiling at Brianna. "And Lady Halfshav emerges victorious once again! The final match of the second round will be Admiral Merek Black and Lord Rysen Crovane, who has been suspciously quiet all night tonight."

Rysen wields a keen-edged longsword.

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Once her match has wrapped up, Adalyn makes a beeline toward Norwood and Amari. Her voice is pitched low, but it's pretty likely she's inquiring about the state Norwood is in.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Liesel graciously accepts Brianna's help, nodding and smiling even through the blood and bruises. She stick around by the railing to watch the rest of the fights, licking her wounds, metaphorically.

In the healer tent, Thea has blood stains on her gown..not that she's noticed. She's been busy tending to the contestants steady. She wouldn't have it any other way really, as she keeps up, catching a glance at the center ring here and there.

Rysen bows to Merek, and draws both of his longswords. His eyes focus on his friend standing across him and says, "For Gloria." He springs forward with a double thrust, split steps, circles and slashes, taking a number of serious injuries from Merek's axe. The thrill of combat is clear on Rysen's face, and in the end, he sheathes his swords and bows to Merek, breathing clouds of steam. "Well fought, my friend."

Amari is hovering near Norwood while trying to be nonchalant about it. Cool hovering. She's not worried at all, he's fine. Completely fine. She adds a small cheer of her own to his, for his daughter's win and then turns on him with an arched brow. It's very much a 'shouldn't you be sitting down?' look. On Adalyn's approach and murmured inquiry, she smiles and shrugs helplessly.

Sparte shouts to encourage Merek at the end. "There is nothing lost in defeat before Gloria, only gained! A match well done!"

Cassandra makes a note about how the matches are speeding along, even if they are spectacular in nature. "And that's the end of the second round! We are three matches away from deciding the champion. Lord Rysen Crovan moves on to face Lady Brianna Halfshav in the semi-final! However, the first semi-final match is not one that I expected to see, so my bet with Grandmaster Preston has clearly gone awry. I do believe I owe him a few coins. Officer Sparte Greyfellow versus Adalyn Clement! Winner proceeds to the finals!"

Merek comes in towards Rysen with a swing of his axe, meeting blow for blow with the man, clanging the sound. He even manages a clean strike upon him, but then he's swept back. When he's harried back into the corner, he looks then to the man, and twirls the axe. He stands up even through the hurt, and laughs, "If it weren't for the rules, I'd keep going, PRAISE TO GLORIA!" he shouts. Then he moves to give his friend Rysen a nice hug, while he pats him, then he bows before him, making his way to the tents.

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Sparte turns his head when Cassandra calls him, caught off guard by being up again already. Of course, that is how tourneys work. There are less and less breaks between rounds if you stay in it. Sparte again checks over his gear, grabbing his staff and going out to greet Adalyn. "May Gloria smile upon us." He bows, then takes a ready stance.

Rysen makes his way over to Thea, as blood drips from some of Merek's clearner axe strokes. "I won't complain this time; I promise," he says, smiling at the Malvici healer.

Rysen is overheard praising Thea.

Brianna is overheard praising Thea.

"I can see the blood and sweat and weariness on these warriors faces. I see the grit and determination in their eyes. I cannot help but salute your efforts and know that Gloria watches. These are the times the test our mettle." Giving another applause, she gestures to Sparte. "And Officer Greyfellow has advanced to tournament final. His opponent shall be decided next. Lady Brianna Halfshav and Lord Rysen Crovane. The winner will face Sparte in the final! Fight well!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sparte is overheard praising Aleksei.

Sparte is overheard praising Adalyn.

Adalyn returns to the field for the next fight, but this time it's clear she's no match for her opponent. She manages to slip in a few blows here and there, but nothing too solid until a last solid hit. Unfortunately for her, Sparte counters with an attack that sends her reeling and she raises a hand to indicate that she yields. "You are quite the fighter!"

Rysen bows to Brianna, and crosses his longswords before springing after her, with a grin on his face. He slides from side to side, whirling his swords in slashes, thrusts and parries. The pace of the duel is furious, and Rysen presses even as the blood begins to flow. When Brianna's axe finds a good strike to his abdomen, Rysen coughs blood, and grins. "Congratulations, Lady Brianna," he says, lowering his swords. "Well fought."

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Merek is pulled along to the healers tent with Dianna.

Thea smirks a little at Rysen,"I'm sure that's because so many people are present,"her tone possibly joking. Possibly not.

Brianna helps Rysen off the field, all but dragging him to the healer's tent. "Don't tell your wife that I was the one who maimed you."

Gripping Merek by the wrist, Lady Dianna Mazetti marches the man directly to Thea. "My lady," Dianna speaks, with not a little urgency. "Our friend, Merek, needs your aid. If you please."

This match takes Cassandra off guard, as the two square off and proceed to duke it out over who gets to fight Sparte. "And we have a final! Lady Brianna Halfshav is the winner. This has gone far better than I had expected. Lord Rysen, you and Lady Adalyn will fight for the third place prize, so don't go too far. However, we have come to the moment we have been waiting for. Thirteen has become two, and it is these two who will fight to be this years champion of the Rite of Gloria. You both have come quite far to make it to this point, so I offer my congratulations to you both. But there can only be won winner. And we will leave to your skill and Gloria to decide who will emerge victorious. No matter what, you all have done well here. I await to see who is left standing!"

"She's seen me far worse," says Rysen with a grin to Brianna, as leans on her before arriving at the tent. "Good luck in the finals."

"Let us have a round of applause for Lady Thea, without whom this tournament would be a lot less interesting!" Sorrel calls to the crowd with a measure of showmanship. "Good luck to Lady Brianna and Soon-to-be-Sir Sparte!"

Peri is overheard praising Thea.

Dianna is overheard praising Thea.

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Tikva is overheard praising Cassandra: Praise to Gloria!

Sparte is leaning on his staff at the close of the match, enough so that it is clear the exchange with Adalyn taxed him heavily. Still, there is a smile on his face for her and a bow given in respect. "As are you, I am honored to have been able to give this tribute to Gloria with you." He straightens up. "For Gloria." Then moves to take his exit for the next semi-final match. When the call comes to praise Lady Thea, he raises his staff and joins in - even if that wasn't a bright move at this very moment.

Sparte is overheard praising Thea.

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Amari offers Norwood her arm to keep him steady, her attention mostly on him save for when the violent clashes of steel draw it away. At Adalyn's loss she frowns, but turns it around when she returns to join them. "You did really really well."

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After depositing Rysen at the healers' tent, she strides back into the field. She lowers her mask and salutes Sparte, then it's /on/.

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Sparte steps back into position, bowing to Brianna while leaning on his staff. "For Gloria." Taking a breath and steeling himself, he falls back into a combat stance for the final bout.

Thea reddens her cheeks a bit, quite possibly hiding behind Merek. "Not a problem, truly,"her voice clear, though not liking the attention on herself. Thea tries to smile a little though as she continues her work, quite humble.

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Merek looks over to Thea, while Meeka is assisting in taking off his armor. He then settles back to be healed, while he leans to whisper to Dianna and speak with the woman.

Dianna calls over a messenger while waiting for Merek to be patched up and quickly drafts a message.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Merek looks then to Thea when he is patched up, "I appreciate it," he says, then he takes a moment to look to Dianna, and moves then to follow with her while he nods a bit, using a walking stick brought to him.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 58 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 104 higher. Rysen rolled a critical!

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Adalyn checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Adalyn checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Adalyn checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Dripping blood from his wounds, the look on Rysen's face as he faces Adalyn suggests the pain of his injuries has not yet set in. He stabs his swords into the snow and bows to Adalyn, before taking up the blades again, and rushing toward the Lady of House Clement. The clash of swords is dangersouly fast and very close. Rushing past Adalyn, Rysen spins quickly and manages a well timed attack. He sheathes his swords, and bows again to Adalyn. "It's been an honor, My Lady."

Dianna leans to Thea and kisses her on both cheeks before rising again. "You are a /saint/, my lady. Thank you for tending to everyone."

Brianna offers Sparte a hand. "Well fought, Master Sparte."

Sparte is overheard praising Brianna: A fine warrior and victor!

Karina filters through the crowd that had formed. The slog through the sea of bodies, bending, twisting, weaving, is the prize she deserves to pay for being late. But she perseveres and emerges on the other side to get a good look at the small battles being waged.

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Merek is overheard praising Sparte.

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Thea smiles quietly at Dianna, her face still red,"It's what I do, but anytime." She wipes her hands on a towel as she watches the center, a mess now.

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The fight having come to a close with Sparte's yield, he once again leans on his staff for support. When Brianna offers a hand, he shifts his weight to accept it with a smile. "Well fought, Lady Brianna. This victory honors both you and your house, and both are deserving."

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Norwood hangs on to Amari's arm, but drops it to clap for the end of ADalyn's fight. Proud Papa here.

Merek moves back to the beverage tent, while he looks for, of things he can find, a beverage. Likely some whisky for him, with a nod to Dianna.

Sparte is overheard praising Cassandra: A tournament that will be remembered!

Sparte is overheard praising Rysen: A fine warrior and honor to Gloria!

Adalyn is pretty battered and, despite giving it her best effort, appears unable to hold her own against Rysen's onslaught of powerful blows. It's not long before she yields, sheathing her weapon breathlessly. "Impressive fighting. The honor was all mine, My Lord," she responds with a bow that is respectful yet also slightly stiff due to injuries. And then she's limping off the field to rejoin Norwood and Amari, applauding for the winners as she moves gingerly.

Once the pair of fights, both for champion and who wins third places have been decided, Cassandra walks out, trophies in hand. "First off, I want to congratulate every single person who walked out onto this field today. They are all noble and honorable warriors who Gloria has smiled upon this day. They left everything they had on this field, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are all amazing, and I personally feel blessed to of been able to witness such a display." Walking up to Rysen, she offers up a silver trophy cup. "To you Lord Rysen Crovane, for showing courage, even when it meant fighting a good friend." A smile and solid clap on the man's shoulder before moving. "To you, Sparte Greyfellow, a member of the Iron Guard that I am honored to call a friend of mine, on a personal level, I could not be prouder." A gold trophy cup is offered up and an equally sturdy shoulder clap. "But it is to you, Lady Brianna Halfshav," she begins facing the noblewoman. "Gloria has decided today who emerged victorious. You faced down your compeitors with honor, chivarly, and mercy. You, today, upheld the tenants that Gloria seeks out. And it was through that and your skill that got you where you are now. And to this, I give you this sword." The alaricite blade is offered to her. "This blade has a divine purpose and it will be your actions that will forge the name that it will carry for generations to come. It has no name yet. It will be up to you to give it one. I salute you."

Lingering at the healer's tent with Thea, Dianna relinquishes Merek to return to the Beverage Tent - now that he has been properly healed. "Do you need anything, my lady? Beverage, food? A handsome man, perhaps? I'm sure I could rustle up at least a few," the Mazetti lady winks to Thea with a smile.

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Adalyn's arm get's griped tightly. "Why don't we get you over to the healers befre you fall over?" Norwood pot, calling the kettle black.

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Ryhalt stands to clap loudly from the Quiet Booth for winners and hostess, both.

Sparte accepts the trophy from Legate Cassandra, taking another big deep breath before slipping away the staff he was leaning on for support. The trophy is held aloft for the crowd to see, then as it is lowered a salute is given towards the Legate and the two other finalists. Gestures of respect given, bandages still badly out of position after a day of battles, he steps back and moves to take his place with the others in the medic's tent.

Brianna stands tall as Cassandra speaks, her helm under one arm. Blood drips from several wounds and her red hair is plastered to her head with sweat. "All praise to Gloria," she says simply, accepting the blade with awe and humility. Her usual swagger has been set aside. This is an earnest moment.

Rysen gratefully accepts the silver cup, and raises it to Merek. He bows to Cassandra, and then watches as the Sparte and Brianna accept their awards. With the intensity of combat fading, the injuries take hold of the Crovane swordsman, and he slowly lips back to healer's tent. He comes to stand beside Thea, and says, "Can you patch me up enough to get me back to Rukhnis?" he asks with a red-toothed half grin. "I make no promises about complaining this time."

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"All praise to Gloria!" Sorrel echoes after Brianna with a measure of delight. She claps for the winners. She claps for Cassandra. She looks like she's having a good time, despite being fairly well injured.

Adalyn applauds the winners, although there's a wince as she moves too enthusiastically. "Only if you get in line as well," Adalyn responds to Norwood, eyeing his bloodied nose. Still, she obediently begins limping her way toward the healer's tent, half-supporting and half being supported by Norwood.

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Merek lifts up a hand while he calls, "Praise to Gloria!" He's actually in pretty great spirit, while he smiles to Rysen and to Brianna, and all of the other participants. "And to a Legate who holds true to her name, hail Legate Laurent!"

"Your champions!" Cassandra gestures to the three. "Celebrate them! Praise to Arvum and praise to Gloria! Thank you all for coming here this day and watching this display of bravery and courage. Do please enjoy what we have to offer and all of you be blessed in Gloria's light."

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Thea just beckons the injured,"I'll stitch up your bloody wounds."

"Yes, both of you to the best healer I know." Amari agrees, escorting both Norwood and Adalyn away for much needed bandages and poultices and whatever else.

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