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Sir Bhandn Yvar

We walk many roads in our lives. We stumble, we fall, yet still we get up and keep walking.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Knight Wanderer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Yvar
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Tan

Description: Bhandn Yvar is a large man; he is an exemplar of physical strength. While his height is hardly lacking, a touch under six feet, his brawn eclipses that despite his increasing age. He is a man who trains his body in grueling ways: his shoulders, his arms, his chest, his back, and his legs are all very heavily muscled, and his clothing strains slightly to contain his powerful torso in particular. That clothing has failed in the past, as darning of various quality can be seen on the sleeves and shoulders, with other repairs done on his legs as well, including a slash on his left thigh that was sewn shut by a skilled hand.

He keeps his silver hair cut short, but it is roughly done, lacking the finesse and uniformity of a trained hand. As such, his tanned face is fully visible, exposing his brown eyes and stubble for all to see. A small, thin scar exists near his right ear, as well as a nick in the lower lobe of the ear itself.

Strapped to his large back are two scabbards, each with a crossguard hilt poking up over his shoulder. One bears the unmistakable signs of a peacebond, and a very thorough one at that, twice as much as necessary to meet the requirement.

Personality: Before he met Valena Eseri in the course of his travels, many had called Sir Bhandn Yvar "serious enough to make a lecture seem exciting." In many ways, he still is. On the road, he tolerates nonsense as much as he does his traveling charges being assailed. Anything and everything that could clearly endanger those in his charge are prone for stern rebuke. Their safety -- his duty -- comes before all else. Similar thinking exists for keeping himself in fighting condition.

Over the course of the past thirty years, however, the stony wall that was his typical demeanor has gradually begun to erode. During his brief rests in civilized areas, he is far more likely to be found engaged in banter-filled labor and physical competitions, rather than simply brooding while laboring to keep his armaments in good condition.

Background: The second son to mercantile (peddler) parents, Bhandn stood to inherit very little from the family trade, a trade that evoked his talents in unexpected ways. He learned of traveling abroad almost from infancy, but he also slowly began to develop an appreciation for the men and women who took it as their sworn duty to provide safe travel. As he grew older, and bigger, he began to spend an increasing amount of time learning of the more physical arts done in Gild's name. At the age of twenty two, he swore his vows.

For over twenty-five years, he served in relative silence, keeping to himself more than mingling with others, with one very notable exception, the woman who some said melted the rigid stone mask that was his face with only a touch. His on-again, off-again relationship with the Mercy of Lagoma Valena Eseri was a matter of some gossip, even if the two were rarely seen together over the course of fifteen years. One could always see his smile whenever his eyes found hers as part of the pilgrimage she would frequently make.

Receiving word of her passing was the most difficult moment of his life, one that caused him to go into seclusion for a period of months... until now.

Name Summary
Ajax An older knight. The man certainly seems interesting.
Alexio Seems unfriendly, and highly weary of pretty merchant boys. I mean he had poor Apollo shaking like a nervous wreck. I don't like him.
Amari Very serious and very, very big. Though I'm sure there's much more to him than those two very obvious traits alone.
Apollo Oh my gods he is terrifying
Arcadia Serious older knight, a bit rough around the edges but knows what he's talking about, I think.
Athaur Poor guy. No idea what he's gotten himself into. Seems to decent of a man.
Azova He's already quite old - I suppose the only thing left to hope is that he gets fat. Good thing he's charming.
Brigida Someone needed to tell this man that a surly attitude was not welcome in the Shrine of Vellichor. Good thing I was there then.
Carmen Never in my life have I met a man with half his willpower. Also really glad he isn't of a mind to punch me because that would fucking /hurt/.
Cerdensulathara Very Big. Charitable. Knight of Solace, what else could you want?
Delilah Certain people resist easy classification. They are the book that brings suspense and dark comedy together. They are the song that evokes terror and joy. They cannot be defined as one thing or the other. What do I make of such a picture window designed from a thousand pieces of coloured glass?
Demura A fellow brooder. I meant not to interrupt his brooding, but he proved to be a thoughtful man-- as one would expect from a brooder.
Domonico His attitude towards training being full contact is refreshing. However efforts should be made to accomodate those of lesser abilities. Even so... it will be interesting to see what he is capable of.
Edain A tough veteran knight that can do a an easy shit ton of push-ups and make knights half his age puke with exhaustion. I approve. Grandmaster Thena speaks well of him. Hopefully I'll get the chance to ride the road together one of these days. I hear he's very talented when trouble finds you.
Eshra I don't care who he is, manners count.
Fiora I wonder if his eye has anything to do with him not being allowed on hunting duties at one point.
Gretchen A very polite gentleman who seemed to mistake me for a Princess. They should all be like that.
Harlex He talks a lot. Seems alright though.
Jacali Him's walkin' a path, he is, but I don't think he knows just where he's goin' to. I'm torn, me, I am: Watch him sink into the distance, or light a bloody match? Mercy, mercy... mercy.
Josephine There's few it seems, in the city, who live to our age and less so those who are adept at swinging sword. It's not an old mans game after all. But it's good to see him again, to know there's caravans that will find protection under his hand once again.
Jyri If he wasn't a Knight I'd try and recruit him to the Iron Guard. Iron Guards as good as an Iron Guard, far as I can tell.
Kaia He seems somewhat intimidating at first glance; but, he makes for amicable conversation. I remember he won a pie throwing contest once!
Kaldur He reminds me a lot of Maru, except bolder. Or... maybe boulder.
Kenna You know, he's big enough to pound a doorway down at that. I hope the Grandmaster is giving him such opportunities.
Korka Poor man has a headache the size of his... well, head. Seems nice enough and a natural born storyteller.
Laric I take no pleasure in drawing back the curtain and exposing certain truths to the unsuspecting, but there are times where it becomes a necessity. Sir Bhandn has handled it far better than most others have.
Lothar A brother in the Order, no pup like some of the rest. I hope we can work together soon to spread the good word of Gild.
Maja What a good sport! He went along with our game, joining in. He is a terrible liar though -- which is a good quality to have in a knight.
Marisol The Knight is a different soul and one who cherishes history in that he is currently searching for answers. I commend his spirit for the task at hand and I will do what I can to aid him.
Mirk Sir Bhandn of the Silver Order. Spirits, that sounds like a title from another time - Not a bad thing. But he doesn't take himself too seriously, and he knows how to participate for the sake of the experience, even when he's out of his comfort zone.
Niklas A man of strong feet and stronger will.
Orathy Somethin of a challenger in the ring, reckon so.
Orrin Borrowed a sailor's mouth at his woman's bidding. I can't decide if I hope that lasts or not.
Petal Pie Champion Knight! Seems like a very athletic man who is willing to join a silly contest.
Reese A Knight of the Solace who ha been through many travels and has seen much. He probably has had a difficult and interesting life. I would love to learn more about him.
Reigna A stalwart and stoic knight of Solace. His passion for protection fair blisters the air around him. I am afraid I did all the talking when I encountered him, and I hope very much to know him better. Grandmaster Thena is one of my very favorite people, and anyone who follows her will always be among those I respect.
River It's quite interesting he is very good at fighting but it seems that he's polite, and well spoken, gracious in victory. I am curious to know him further.
Sophie If Jeffeth trusts him so do I... and I trust so few.
Sorrel This older knight has a lot of questions, but a great willingness to learn. I have much respect for him.
Sparte He has a way with his words that few manage, and stories that I could listen to raptly. I hope to cross paths with him again, and perhaps there will be more stories. Perhaps I'll learn something.
Tescelina He was very gracious in our dance. A fine partner. Noble in soul, I believe.
Thea A rather large Knight of the Solace. Huge. Seems alright. I wouldnt mind getting to know more about him.
Vanora He reminds me almost a bit of Duke Harald. Getting on in yearsand not sure what to show for it. But we have neeeds if he wants project. Always. May he have the good death he is entitle to......but mayve not yet
Willow Solid and responsible.