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Wedding Ceremony of Lord Martino Malvici and Lady Kaia Bisland

After a lengthy engagement, Lord Martino Malvici and Lady Kaia Bisland will be finally [FINALLY] marrying under the eyes of Limerence in an open ceremony for family, friends, well-wishers and not-so-well-wishers to attend.

Share in the happy day where the families of Bisland and Malvici unite together in what is planned to be a lavish ceremony in utterly decadent surroundings and the very best of drinks. Of course.

Wear your finery while celebrating, cheering, quietly booing and gossiping in the pews.

OOC: This will be finishing off the end of a plot so... absolutely /nothing/ bad will happen. Probably. Right?! Audience participation may be required. If anything bad happens. Not that anything bad will happen.


Dec. 14, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Martino Kaia

GM'd By

Vitalis Orrin


Vitalis Orrin Zoey Tesha Calypso Domonico Sina Irisa Alessia Jules Reese Thea Lethe Rysen Peri Braith Strozza Mikani Cassandra Valencia Arcadia(RIP) Niklas Liara Sabella Ian



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Limerance

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Comments and Log

Zoey is already at the venue, sitting quietly in a pew. She has been here a while, watching other guests as they arrive, quietly contemplating her own wedding band while she waits.

The Shrine of Limerance is known in truth for its incredible beauty on any regular day; however, today, it seems to be even more breathtaking. Beautiful wedding decorations and flowers have been set all around; and, the guests are shown to take their places by either the bride's or groom's benches.

A lovely veneered table near the altar serves as a pedestal to a wooden crate, a single bottle of wine labelled 'Springtime's Cheer' and a pair of letters, from the couple to one another, by its side along with a pair of crowns united with a ribbon.

Closer to the reception area a large banquet table has been set out, with a magnificent towering wedding cake being the masterpiece at its center; with plenty of mouthwatering dishes, treats and refreshments for the guests to partake on.


Ooc: Feel free to grab your wine memento from the rosewood box.

(Command: take 1- Predators from Rosewood).

The banquet table also holds some backpacks which inside have even more mementos. Those will be kept inside it, for organizations sake, but if you wish to get a small portion of any of the dishes let Kaia know through a page and she will gladly send you one, or two, or as many as your belly desires. Thanks for coming! Have fun!

Alessia gets Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Mikani takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Kuhlai D'Mahn an aide arrives, following Strozza.

Irisa takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Thea takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Eina arrives, following Peri.

Calypso takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Lady Tesha is in attendance and she has a soft smile on her features as she sits by herself and off to the side out of the way. She has gotten her bottle of wine and it is settled on the ground next to her. She is without her hounds today as well.

Tesha gets Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Strozza takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Peri takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Calypso is precisely on time, so perhaps just a little late since she probably should have been here early. She makes her way into the Shrine and moves over to take a seat on one of the Groom's benches, settling in next to her family and letting her eyes wander around the room to see who all is in attendance.

Braith takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Stood up at the altar, hands clasped behind his lower back, the Malvici Lord Martino is present and shares a hushed laugh with the attending Faith. A bow of Martino's head follows to the room as guests arrive in and take their various places. A sweeping smile upon the well-polished Playboy Lord.

Jules takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

2 Redwood Initiates, 3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat arrive, following Lethe.

Domonico the groom's two younger siblings enter together. Thea looking dressed for the occasion, while Domonico is dressed pretty much as he was for his own wedding, fully armoured with the leather polished to a shine. One hand resting on the pommel of his sword casually, he comments to Thea, "At least you are here for this wedding..."

The groom's two younger siblings enter together. Thea looking dressed for the occasion, while Domonico is dressed pretty much as he was for his own wedding, fully armoured with the leather polished to a shine. One hand resting on the pommel of his sword casually, he comments to Thea, "At least you are here for this wedding..."

Peri has joined the Bride's Pews.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Calypso has joined the Groom's Pews.

Archscholar Sina arrives for the wedding, clothed in lovely what aeterna. Her elegant appearance is marred by the bandaged arm in its sling, and the slight limp when she walks. She leaves her three Templars at the entrance to the shrine, bringing only Jacinthe with her to sit among the pews, an indication that she is not here to officiate. She settles in with a careful smoothing of her white skirts, and glances around at the lovely decorations.

Irisa has been here for awhile. She's dressed an a very nicely cut blue dress, one clearly reserved for more formal occasions for the Dame. She's stood nearer the entrance for most of the arrivals, only moving to the pews as it gets closer. Her diamondplate peacebonded to her hip, she sits near the rear and waits patiently while others move through, eyes wandering.

Entering the shrine with a warm smile for those she recognises, Alessia approaches Thea almost immediately. "Malvici. You never called on me. I could have helped." She shakes her head, though her lips curl with amusement. "Lord Domonico."

Sina has joined the To the Side of the Shrine.

Domonico takes Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Jules enters into the shrine with something of a hurry, he looks around quickly in an attempt to find out where to go. He's silent though, not even huffing and he slinks off to the side to find out where he should be sitting.

Reese arrives at the wedding while adorned in her pink and ivory. She peeks over the shrine having a smile and then goes to find a place to sit.

Reese gets Predators Celebratory Spring Wine from an intricately engraved rosewood box.

Thea murmurs to Domonico, a smirk appearing on her lips,"I'm still armed. And how many times do I need to apologize for yours? The crew was incompetent.."she hears her name and turns. "Mazetti. Dont be silly, it was alright. Congratulations to your house, by the way..and you look beautiful,"a smile for friend.

Lethe steps inside to watch the happy occasion. She quietly finds a place to sit.

An officiant of the ceremony, a tall man with a crooked nose but a smile that could light the city, raises his hands in a signal for people to make their way to their seats and places. "As we begin we ask those gathered to pass this wine and sip and, as you do, whisper blessings for the joining of House Malvici's Lord Martino with House Bisland's Lady Kaia." A bowl of wine is carried by a dutiful woman in belted robes, with a gesture down to indicate passing direction.

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"As do you." Alessia appraises her friend's gown, with a growing smile. "That is such a beautiful dresss. Is it new?"

Rysen and Mikani enter the Shrine of Limerance. He in his tailored longcoat trimmed with Everwinter fur, while she is dressed in a breath-taking silk gown. "...which is why I will be forever grateful to Legate Ailith and Archlector Ilvin," says Rysen to Mikani softly. When they enter. Rysen offers bows of his head to those he knows, and smiles to see his cousin in her black and white floral gown.

A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido arrives, delivering a message to Vitalis before departing.

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Peri arrives in a timely fashioned without much fuss. She makes her way to sit near the guests of the bride.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vitalis before departing.

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Domonico smiles to his sister before he nods, "As you should be. Also you need not apologise any more. It's done." Alessia draws his attention and he inclines his head to her, "Lady Alessia. I trust you are well?"

Domonico has joined the Groom's Pews.

Zoey takes the bowl when it comes to her, whispering over the liquid inside before taking a sip.

Braith is not exaclty on time and poor Strozza is no longer arm in arm with her but she is instead dragging him into the shrine. She stops abruptly then and begins to survey the surroundings. "Hmmm" she begins as she tries to decide what side and then truns about. "I am here for Bride, who are you here for?" She asks of Strozza, now just realizing that he is here likely for Martino.

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"I have, thank you my lord." Alessia says to Domonico kindly, before letting him head off for the pews. She grabs a bottle of wine from a box before heading over to seat in the side where the Archsolar sits.

Jules happens to look over to the quiet table and sneaks over there rather than to the pews and sits down with his hands folded on his lap but his attention to the front. When the mention of wine is being passed Jules looks to the others at the table and says in a hushed voice, "Looks to be a good wedding."

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Stood beside the tall officiant, the Lord Martino's sharp green eyes crease as he bows his head once more for the groom side. To his Duchess upon their arrival and friends, well-wishers and gossips. His hands remain tucked behind his lower back, fingertips laced, as he inhales for a moment. A touch of nervousness within his breath.

"I had assumed that I was here for the bride as well?" Strozza notes as he looks about, snagging wine along the way and offering a glass to the woman with him. "I've not been to a wedding in ages... So I think wherever you go, for now, will be where I go." a half smirk, "Easier that way." eyes turning slowly about the gathering and then back to the woman who has been dragging him along.

Thea sips the wine then passes it off. She looks to Alessia and nods,"Yes. I promised I wouldn't Iattend in my leathers. Kaia threatened me otherwise..."a shift of her gold-flecked green appearing. She looks to Calypso and smiles a little,"Hello cousin. Arent you glad Martino will be done being so demanding? I have plans to get back at him..."

Sina has chosen a seat off to the side of the shrine, to allow the guests of the bride and groom and others to occupy the seats within the center of the shrine. She rests her left hand in her lap, while the other rests within its sling of soft cloth. She gives a smile to Alessia as she comes to join her, dipping her head in greeting. "Lady Alessia," she says pleasantly. "Congratulations to your Household on its rise to the status of a Duchy. Your sister was beaming from ear to ear during the Assembly," she says with a sparkle in her mercurial eyes. She then speaks with the Mazetti noble woman in quieter tones, while waiting for the wine to be passed their way.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Said woman, in belted robes, bearing the sigilry of the Mercies, prays over flowers, candles, ritual bowl. She brings this bowl to each attendant with the instructions, repeated, of the officiant. She smiles, "Please, pray aloud or silently, for the betrothed, drink, and pass the bowl." She offers it first to Irisa.

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Rysen when he joins the seats, but other than that she doesn't say much. She looks up to the officiant when he speaks. Her stormy gaze then follows after the woman in the belted robes and waits quietly for her own turn down the line.

Mikani smiles and nods to the story. She kisses his cheek after they take a seat. Mika makes sure to wave to Peri and others she knows. This is the first event she is without Nakoa.

Reese looks to the woman in robes, giving her a smile. She then starts to mouth something as if saying a silent prayer. She peeks over to Jules with a smile when he joins her tables.

Slipping to the side then with Strozza's answer, she nearly misses the glass offered to her. Braith grabs it and grins at Strozza before winking at him. She drags him then towards the bride's section, making sure that she finds them a good place to sit as she sets her drink down and waits for him to take his seat. She glances around the room, spotting Alessia she lifts her hand to wave at her before leaning in to speak with her escort.

Irisa stands and takes the bowl with a deep nod of respect to Vitalis for it. "To Limerance for blessing the love, to Skald for the choice, and to the Queen of Endings for her blessing to beautiful souls to come from the pairing." She is solemn with it before lifting the bowl and taking a small drink. She then moves to pass it to Zoey.

Zoey takes the bowl from Irisa, but her words are quietly whispered before taking a sip and passing it on.

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Domonico looks down at his own sculpted, dyed leather cuirass bracers before commenting half to Thea, half to himself. "Damn. I knew there was something I forgot." He pauses for a moment and then adds, "Does Martino remember the signal if he changes his mind and needs rescuing?" A pause before a smile forms on his face as the jest becomes obvious.

Can't say that Cassandra knows the people being married today, however she had noticed there was a wedding going on as she passed by the shrine. Considering her day, it would be nice to end things on a positive note, so she slips inside, hanging in the back of the shrine, to just watching quietly. Nothing like living vicariously through other people's happiness.

Strozza lets himself be dragged, a half grin to Braith's wink as he slips along, weaving and moving like he was navigating rigging or a crowded deck. Waiting until she's seated before taking his place next to her and sipping at his wine, "Impressive turnout as well."

Alessia raises a hand to wave to her cousins at the Bride's Pews.

"You look lovely, Lady Tesha," says Rysen softly. His grey eyes rest on Martino for a moment. "Gods and spirits - this may be the only time I've ever seen Lord Martino nervous. Can't say why," the Crovane lord adds smiling, "he truly looks magnificent in that robe, and was born to be admired by his peers at a regal ceremony."

The officiant looks on with the sort of satisfaction that is neither pride nor duty nor an abstract love in his heart for either his job here or the betrothed, but a mixture of the lot of those feelings. He bows his head deeply - he's offering his own whispered prayers, likely to drink from the bowl at the conclusion.

At the rear of the shrine, in comes ancient history - a lanky lord named Amerigo. Not so creditable a sort from a family in decline, a muttering gent who at this moment reeks of gin. He brightens and slow-claps as he wanders up the central aisle.

Suddenly, the band's tune shifts to announce the arrival of the bride to the Shrine. The lady Kaia starts to make her way over to the altar looking lovely as ever, smiling to all her friends, family and guests; and, walking by her side is her father Samael, who has graciously come to escort her and deliver her to the groom. Once there, he retreats to join her mother Sabitha by the bride's benches.

Kaia smiles to Martino as she stands before him by the altar and mouthes a silent 'I love you' to him, before looking at the officiant.

Peri accepts the bowl of wine and offers a prayer for the couple and their houses.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Valencia.

Calypso offers a big and happy smile for the Groom when he looks out over the crowd, lifting a hand to wave to him. "Oh we will definitely have our vengeance Lady Thea. Don't worry about that. See now we will have a compatriot on the inside to help torment your brother." She winks at Thea and offers a smile over her shoulder at Domonico. When it's her turn with the bowl she bows her head and prays silently for a few moments.

When the bowl of wine is eventually passed to her, Sina takes it in her left hand, and bows her head. "May Limerance bless this union with love, joy, and fidelity. May Vellichor guide these two souls in wisdom through the journey of their life together. May Gild move their hearts to charity, and may Lagoma's light guide their way through life's twists and turns." She sips the wine after she gives it her blessing, and then passes the bowl to Alessia. The Archscholar glances up then when she hears the music change, watchng for the bride's arrival.

The music changes and Braith notes the arrival of Kaia and smacks Strozza with the back of her hand across his chest. "Look!" she hisses to keep quiet. "There she is!" Beaming from ear to ear, Braith remembers her own day and idly sips from her drink as she lets her gaze dart back up to Martino. She waits to take the bowl that is offered, offers her prayers and sips from it before handing it to Strozza.

Lifting his chin up at the sound of the arriving bride, the Lord Martino Malvici turns with the officiant as he smiles broadly at the arrival of the Lady Kaia Bisland - for now.

Bowing his head low to Lord Samael, Martino leans to murmur hushed to Kaia in her ear before standing straight beside the Officiant once more.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

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Irisa is about to take her seat when the bride enters. She stays standing and gives a warm, loving smile to Kaia as she passes. The Dame holds her place, though, hands clasped in front of her. The slow clapping from nearby draws her attention, though, and she frowns and makes sure he can see her looking him in the eye over her shoulder.

Peri carefully places the bowl in Braith's hands with an 'honor to the gods and the couple'.

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Rysen, "Thank you. I didn't have time to change between the Assembly and now so it's a bit obnoxious I will admit." she tells him. Then she goes back to quietly listening and watching the proceedings. Giving a smile when Kaia appears with her father.

The little vixen arrives without much ceremony. Silently, Valencia enters the shrine with a whisper of southern silk and a soft smile as she seeks out a seat to observe the happy occasion.

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Domonico nods respectfully back towards Calypso before his attention is taken by the slow clapping Amerigo and the martial inclined Malvici (or maybe *more* inclined is more accurate) tenses slightly, his eyes focused on the lanky lord.

Strozza blinking again, struck but taking the bowl and sipping once it is handed to him. He goes quiet, brow knitted. Lips drawn in a line the dour Mazetti observes and leans towards Braith after a moment

Rysen laughs softly and nods to Tesha. He takes Mikani's hand in his and looks admiring on Kaia. "And I thought she was resplendent journeying through the Everwinter," he says of the bride to his wife in a low voice.

Smiling down upon the Lady Kaia's face, the Lord Martino's sharp eyes crease once more to hers as he turns his chin once to the officiant. Martino nods low to the Officiant, then once-more to the Shrine as the bowl of wine is passed along with the blessings from the attending guests.

Lethe quietly watches from the pews. She seems happy to be here.

The belted and robed woman, paces sedately along with the bowl's passage, wiping the rim at intervals. She looks up as the bride enters, bowing her head. She resumes her placid pacing along, murmured prayers and thanks and welcome to those gathered.

The gentleman at the back ignores the bowl - ignores tradition, as nobody besides the bride, groom, and officiants are supposed to even use that central aisle - and wanders up with his slow clap, yes. He caught the part about blessings, but not about whispering, and bellows his. "GODS SMILE on - mm. Kaia." He smiles, though not a god at all. "And the finer lord she found. BLESSED BE THEIR -" was that an actual hiccup? "- UNION, and BLESSED -" He... looks like he could go on a bit.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards arrive, following Sabella.

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Sina watches quietly, occasionally murmuring softly with Alessia as they observe the ceremony together. There's a warm look on her features, pleasantly content to observe.

Zoey looks over her shoulder at the man in the back and frowns. She reaches down to touch the bow she tucked under the pew before the other guests arrived.

Braith is speaking in whispers to Strozza but quiets when she notes the man walking up the aisle. She blinks and glances up at her companion before giving a look around. She tucks dark curls back behind her ear as she starts to turn in her chair to get a look. She clears her throat, trying to get his attention and distract him from interrupting. "Hey...hey you...might want to sit down."

Strozza turns slightly at all the yelling, mouth tucking somehow into an even more grim expression as he watches the shouter, one hand casually resting on the whip tied at his hip.

Tesha takes her turn when the bowl is passed her way, the unmarried woman giving a quiet blessing for the two that are having their ceremony. She then passes it along as to not interrupt the flow of things.

Jules sits silently at the quiet table and watches the proceedings, interested in how they do weddings here in the city. His eyes bright and cheerful and he looks around the crowd and watches the bowl.

Zoey gets Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

There's something that Martino whispers to the Bisland lady that has her face go bright red for a moment, a low melodic chuckle following, before she softly gives a swat to his arm and then faces the officiant. Then, she hears //that// voice. OH NO. She feels goosebumps run up her spine, and she tenses, a slow look over her shoulder to glance at Amerigo. What was //he// doing here? Her expression could hint of discomfort. Nontheless, Kaia would briefly return her eyes to Martino and the officiant.

Sina does glance over her shoulder toward the gentleman at the back, narrowing her eyes a bit at his interruption. She murmurs something to Alessia softly.

Cassandra gives Zoey a sharp look when she takes up her bow. Like the idea of fighting within a shrine would be a very bad idea. Especially in front of a Legate

Alessia's attention shifts to the hiccuping man, with a curious raised brow, though her eyes don't stay on him long.

Irisa looks over to him and steps out of the pews as if she might stand between, but does not quite break that tradition. She's a Dame, not a Peer, so her options are sort of limited to Warning Scowl of Doom and Cocked Eyebrow of Potential Scuffle. And some hinted, quiet words that he might want to find a different day to visit.

Thea's gaze looks over to the hiccuping man, eyebrow lifting. She lowers her voice to Calypso and Domonico, quiet,"Who is that?" Thea may be in armor, but that means nothing..

Gracefully taking a seat, Valencia's gaze drifts lightly over the crowd as she offers shy but bright smiles and nods to those she knows before directing her attention to the bride and groom.

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Reese seems mostly confused by what is going on. She stays seated though and her hand is away from her weapon. The Princess seems to be trying to stay alert though.

Domonico shifts, very slightly as his attention focuses on the other lanky Lord and Irisa. He shakes his head once at Thea's question before murmuring something quietly.

Martino misses the second expression upon Kaia's face of discomfort and something of panic, instead he is distracted that Domonico is in armour. Faintly inhaling for a moment before slightly smiling he brings his attention back to hear the Officiant speak with a long dull tone. Eyes blinking slowly, needing to focus.

Calypso narrows her eyes at the interloper and gives her head a shake to Thea's question of her. "I have no clue." she murmurs softly to both her and to Domonico. But she doesn't take any action. It's not her wedding and so she sits and observes for the moment, eyes flickering up front to Kaia and Martino, the lift of a questioning brow at the two of them. Is this something that needs dealing with or do they have it?

When the bowl comes to Rysen, he closes his eyes. "May Aion ever shine his creative and wondrous lights on the couple and their line, and may Lagoma light their devotion and passion for each other and all their pursuits." He takes a sip and hands it off.

*Thea may not be in armor*correction.

Cassandra slowly stands up, moving out of the pew, keeping a careful eye on the drunk who's clearly three sheets into the wind. Her trio of Templar guards look ready to jump, but the Legate makes a gesture with a hand, causing the trio to keep back. For now.

The officiant there at the front lifts his head to frown at the interloper - has anyone ever seen him frown before? It's a rarity. But he's got a job to do, and with a flicker of a glance to the other figures of the Faith present and a long enough study to see other people have the situation... well, approaching in hand, he bows his head to resume his prayerful well-wishes. He'll be speaking shortly, after he's had his sip.

Domonico and Irisa get scowls of their own, and as he proceeds down the aisle - once a foot catching on the other and nearly sending him sprawling - he tells Domonico, quite in his way: "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, no TWO-BIT SAILOR-LORD is gonna - STAND -" hmm. That face says indigestion. Don't drink your gin too fast, friends. "- in the way of TRUE love. KAIA!"

Mind, Domonico is not actually touching him, but he's acting like it. ...poorly. So incensed! He has been AFFRONTED.

A flash of anger passes over Rysen's face as the drunken idiot continues. He glances towards Domonico, Irisa, and then to Martino.

Sina does not have her weapon with her. This is, after all, a wedding in a holy place. She does glance toward the entrance, where she left her Templars. But even they won't violate the sanctuary of a shrine, unless violence is done first. They are watching the man with stern gazes though, seeming ready to intervene if they are needed or asked. They take their cue from Cassandra's gestures to her own escort, however, and they watch and wait. Meanwhile, Sina glances to the front, then to the drunk, a dark frown touching her lips. She seems torn about what to do.

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Irisa watches the man continue approaching down the aisle and frowns. She isn't about to break the peace bond on her diamondplate, but she does step out further into the aisle and into his path. She glances to each side of the benches and ends up fixing on Calypso, likely as the highest ranking Peer here - seeking permission to put hands on. Or some kind of nod to deal with him. The Dame knows her place, even under pressure. Rissy is not about to put hands on a Peer without approval since he isn't, well, a /threat/. Yet. Drinking is not a crime in the Lyceum, last she heard.

Tesha has a wistful look on her face as she watches the wedding in front of them. But her wistful look is slowly slipping towards that redheaded anger that is legendary. She doesn't look too pleased that the man is making a fuss and she's debating giving him a stern, but quiet talking to.

The ruckus turns many a head, but only a slight frown mars Valencia's brow at the scene as she parts from her quiet discussion withe Reese and Jules to observe. The little Lycene princess' face remains quietly serene as the man kicks up a fuss.

Turning his chin from the gaze of Lady Kaia for a moment, the Malvici Lord tilts his head slightly as there's a bit more chatter in the pews than usual. Being so far away, he merely notices some people moving around before listening on further to the officiant's words.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Irisa checked perception + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Cassandra checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Sina checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Domonico is there, stepped half out into the central aisle, enough to be an obstacle. He is armoured in his usual leather and fireweave uniform, bare arms clearly showing how well muscled he is, and the Malvici has a sword at his belt. A pause after Amerigo's words to him and Domonico responses with, "My Lord. Indeed I will not stand in the way of true love and neither should you my lord. Please... join us to help celebrate it." His words are measured and calm, despite his stance.

Domonico checked command + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Thea scoots closer over to the drunk man and nonchalantly sticks out her foot, tripping him from getting any closer to her brother Martino and Kaia. Hopefully that gets somewhere. They're in a shrine. Violence is bad, so her dagger is still hidden against her body.

Her placid expression marred by the garish display, the robed woman attempts to keep some form of decorum in the affairs, shepherding the bowl forward to the officiant and standing looking rather perplexed as things unravel a bit.

Noting that nothing is helping presently, Braith is leaning forward oddly in her pew. She grunts, making a face and then those near her will note she's starting to take off her boot. "Someone should just drag him out..." she murmurs to Strozza so only he can hear as she lifts her chosen projectile. She holds it up, moving her arm into position like she might throw it at the interloper. Silly northerner.

Kaia...Kaia was trying her very best to ignore the drunken idiot. This was meant to be a joyful moment with her true love, Martino. What was that silly drunk going on about, calling her name, and spouting silly stuff about his true love?! After a brief roll of the eyes, the Bisland lady would once more, with clear discomfort look back and then turn to face Amerigo. With that classic _LOOK_ she shared sometimes from the woman of her family. That stern death glare. "Amerigo." she would say flatly. "What..." she would glance around a bit nervous. "What is this nonsense? Why are you here?" she would ask in a troubled tone.

Seeing Braith, Strozza moves quickly to placce a hand on her arm to force her hand back down, and thus the boot with it, whispering in her ear as he does so.

Studying the man for a few moments, Alessia's gaze drifts over Braith with the boot, brows shooting up. She looks ready to rise until Strozza handles before exhaling with relief.

Calypso lifts a hand in a forestalling gesture at the look from Irisa as well as Domonico's desire to apprehend the drunken interrupter, though there's a nod of approval when he tries diplomacy first. Instead she turns her head to look towards Kaia and Martino. "Would the two of you prefer to face him or have him removed? The Dame there" Calypso's head nods in the direction of Irisa. "Seems more than happy to handle him. Between her and Domonico I'm sure they can handle him and remove him."

The officiant lifts his head and takes the bowl from the Mercy when offered, taking a sip and then pausing with it - one more flicker of concern for the goings-on in the aisle there. Amerigo - not theateningly - reaches for Domonico's shoulder, leans in with a confidence his voice is still too loud for. "I should," he says, miserably. "I /should/ be happy for her but /look/ at her." Oh no. He's... about to go full maudlin. He gestures up expansively to the bride and groom. "Kaia! My beautiful sweet Kaia! And... whoever -" mmm, hic. He steps forward, just past Dominco, murmuring: "I need to sit - and goes sprawling over Thea's foot with an 'oof!'

Denied by her escort, Braith lets out a long breath and leans forwards again to start to tug her boot on. SHe is grumbling very softly to herself as she stamps her foot down to settle it within. Wiggling her toes she finally squirms in her seat and watches to see how the drunk will be handled. She blinks as he suddenly sprawls out and makes a mess of everything. "Oh boy...thats going to be an interesting conversation when I see her for lessons." She whispers to Strozza.

Irisa makes eye contact with the Duchess and her gesture to hold a moment. The Dame confirms that with a nod and then looks back to Amerigo. She puts her hands up between them but does not touch him, though she seems ready. And when he goes tumbling, she steps back to let him fall. Her eyes dart to Thea with a wink and then she takes one knee beside the drunk and looks up to the hosts and Duchess.

Cassandra was coming up behind the poor sod, looking to perhaps distract him away in his drunken stupor. But thankfully, the trip from Thea takes care of most of the problems. She kneels down, putting a hand on man's shoulder "My child, you heart is hurt and is in no position to profess to the gods in this moment, but I promise, they do hear you. But once you awake, you will wish not for shame you bring upon yourself, for you are better than this, yes? Perhaps it better if you allow my friends to escort you to see a Mercy and help you sleep off your woe. " Finally, she gives a signal to her Templars. "These men can help you."

Thea sits, innocent of course. Because you know--nothing. Crisis averted. He didn't reach her brother or almost sister and technically- it wasn't violent. Right?! Thea smiles and crosses her long legs, noticing Irisa. She grins just a moment and nods, resuming her ladylike duties.

Sina maintains her own sense of decorum, thankfully. She studies the man, looking on him with eyes filled with pity. "The poor man, I think he is in love with her," she murmurs softly. "Please, we should treat him with more respect than this. People do strange things when it comes to love unrequited, which is clearly the case here. Everyone is so quick to violence, but violence does not solve all things. Remember, we are in Limerance's shrine," she says, her voice raising a little more with each word. "Let us show him kindness, not cruelty. What we have here... is a broken heart." Her features are kind, now, rather than stern. She nods to Cassandra as the Legate seems to share her assessment of the situation.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Strozza sniffs and rests a hand on Braith's shoulders for a moment and for a moment a smile dares to make it's appearance before being savagely beaten into submission, gagged, tied, drug into a back alley, and quietly gutted. Then he leans to whisper to Braith in turn.

The Malvici Lord Martino partly hears Sina speak and turns his chin to listen curious. His eyes turning further from Kaia's face to inspect what is going on a-far but is pulled back by the officiant who now holds the bowl of wine. "Shall we, my darling Kaia, sip the wine?"

Domonico had managed to *somewhat* arrest the downward plummet of Lord Amerigo... at least enough so the gun addled Lord did not smash his face onto the floor. He is still there, half knelt by the prostrate drunk as he waits to help him to his feet if necessary.

Valencia offers a gentle but approving nod to Sina's words before offering a slight wincing look towards the intrusive, love-lost lord as he continues to lament upon the ground. A deeper breath is taken as she turns back to the ceremony at Martino's invitation to Kaia to continue.

Tesha gives a look up to the unfolding situation and there's a soft shake of her head, "We'll never have this much excitement at an Oathlands wedding." she states quietly. Then she looks around to those that are speaking with Amerigo, well, he was taken of. Hopefully.

Kaia's slightly distressed expresion softens, and in the end she chooses to ignore the drunken fool. "Yes..." Her eyes moving back to Martino and giving him a nod along a smile before turning once more to face the officiant. "Yes. We should."

When nothing comes from Kaia or Martino in regards to what to do with Amerigo Calypso nods her head to the Dame Irisa and to Domonico. "Why don't you take the lord to the guards and see that they escort him home. Wherever home is." Her voice is softer so as not to continue to disrupt the wedding, but loud enough for the people nearby to hear. Thea gets side eyed hard. Yeah there'll be words for that later.

Amerigo is caught by Domonico - none the wiser about the foot that he tripped on; may as well have been his own, and sobs on the floor, jostled briefly out of his stupor enough perhaps to realize /what a blithering idiot he looks like/. On his knees, he tugs his arm away from Domonico, fully pouting, petulant, and unable to make eye contact with the sympathetic Legate and Archscholar. "You SMELL like FISH," he says, which is not helpful. He drags himself to his feet, makes one more frowning face-pull, and turns his back on the proceedings. "Which... ways the Mercies," he says. He might even make it there - chances are there are plenty of guard and such outside who'll see to him once he's out. Or Irisa, as Calypso suggested. She's also good.

The officiant looks entirely pleased to have that distraction gone, smoothing his features from the uncharacteristic concern to a relief. "Pardon, my lady," he says, and passes the bowl to Kaia so she and Martino can partake. "With thanks to the gods, family, and friend alike, may the dream of their bright future begin with this day." His voice projects, both serious and bright. Today can yet be a happy day for bridge and groom, says that timbre.

Jules turns to look at Valencia and smiles, "Weddings here are so different but still have that unique romantic flair. I wonder how that tradition started? But oh" He gives a slight romantic sigh, "such a sweet way to show she's cast off old flames."

Rysen grins at Tesha, and gives a slight nod of agreement. Suddenly an expression of sorrow crosses his face, but he quickly suppresses it. He watches as Amerigo turns to leave, before turning back to watch the officiant pass the bowl to Kaia and Martino.

Kaia of course takes the bowl, and from it a sip of the wine before passing it over to Martino.

Sina's eyes sparkle briefly with silvery amusement at the fish comment, but she doesn't rise to the bait. Instead, she seems content to let those who have engaged the man ensure he gets to the Mercies, and turns back to observe the ceremony as Kaia and Martino partake of the bowl. She settles back a little in her seat, watching.

Giving another look in the direction of the disturbance, Braith listens to something Strozza says to her. Sitting back she finishes her drink and lowers the glass to her leg before leaning in to Strozza and keeping her voice pitched to the point she won't be heard.

Lifting the bowl of wine handed to him by Kaia, the Lord Martino lifts it to his lips and sips it back down before returning it once more to the officiant.

With a gesture of her hand, two of Cassandra's Templars approach. "Take this man to the Mercies. See that he is treated well and allowed to sleep off his woes until tomorrow." she states, getting back up to her feet. "You heart will heal, child. In time. Find love in the god's embrace, not getting lost in the depths of a bottomless bottle." Watching him be led off, she turns back to the ceremony continue.

Zoey looks down at her hands, rubbing her thumbs against her fingertips. She licks her lips, then looks over at Peri.

Peri lifts her hand to her mouth and touches her lips. She looks at her fingers and then fumbles at the pouch at her belt.

Irisa looks to Calypso and then Domonico. There is a nod. She reaches under the drunk's shoulder and arm as Domonico does the same, helping him up. "Come on. I'm sure there will be another wedding on another day that will need your ginning soon." She doesn't seem terribly burdened by the weight while the Riven and Malvici Knights escort him to the mercies outside. Once done, then return to their seats without another word.

Arcadia is late. Like, super late! She sneaks as well as a woman needing a cane can and hides herself towards the back, pretending she's been here the entire time.

Arcadia has joined the Visitors' Pews.

Thea watches as the drunk man is escorted out. She looks over at Calypso and Domonico and just you know--gives a light smile. Clearing her throat a touch, Thea pays close attention--because she needs to.

Domonico works with Irisa and the Templar guards to help Lord Amerigo to the entrance where the Templar's take over. The stern Malvici hmms quietly as he watches the heartbroken drunk being taken off before rapidly striding back to his seat.

Braith checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 3 lower.

Zoey checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 11 higher.

Calypso checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 6 lower.

Peri checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Tesha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 14 higher.

Lethe checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 19 higher.

Sina lifts her good hand to her lips, touching them briefly. She flexes her fingers. Her other hand, of course, is useless in its bandages and sling.

Thea checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

Domonico checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 7 higher.

Jules checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Valencia checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 17 lower.

Sina checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Beware the crossbows!"

Peri shouts will all of the power of her Seliki diver lungs


Strozza checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Tesha rises quickly, "Crossbows, middle pews!" the Telmar shouts. She doesn't really look apologetic on the volume, but hey. DANGER!

Braith is leaning towards ZOey and Peri, attempting to check on them when the cry of crossbows is heard. She blinks and looks up and around. She grips Strozza's hand and starts to rise up.

Strozza wields Hydra's Lash - A bullwhip with weighted ends.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Peri takes half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from a sword belt wrapped with a scrap of patterened cloth.

Strozza checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

As Peri shouts, Rysen pulls the peace tie on his swords, and hearing his cousin shout, sprints towards the middle pews.

Domonico checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Thea checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Tesha checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Jules checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Irisa checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Kaia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Braith checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Valencia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Peri checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Cassandra checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Relaxed as it is a wedding, the Lord Martino turns his head quickly to the pews as he hears louder shouting. This time more panicked but confused. His eyebrows and forehead furrowed before glancing off at some random direction.

Arcadia jumps and blinks in surprise. Clearly not having been here for the whole ceremony, she comments with a brief amount of glee "How original to have an archery style salute at her wedding." Yet then people are jumping up and with weapons "Oh. Maybe not."

Sina checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Lethe seems unaware of what is going on, so she just stays where she is.

Kaia herself is also focused on the ceremony taking place by the altar. She realizes far too late what all the shouting is about, and does not at all duck when her sister shouts; but instead looks back over her shoulder with a slightly panicked expression as the shouting and words 'crossbows' get louder. What was happening?!!

Sina stays seated off to the side at the yelling about crossbows. Her eyes widen, however, and her expression fills with a deep anger, though she remains largely composed outwardly, even as she starts to look a little bit worried. She wets her lips, her fingers flexing, as if itching for a sword that isn't there. She keeps licking her lips for some reason, as if she's trying to feel them on her face. Right arm useless in its sling, she stays off to the sidelines, and tries to stay out of any potential violence that is about to ensue. Her Templars, however, come rushing into the shrine as someone starts yelling about crossbows.

Mother Cassandra was happy to let the ceremony continue as it should. It wasn't until the cry of crossbows sound that she quickly goes from Mother Cassandra, to Legate Cassandra and there is a drastic difference between the two. One is nice, the other is a Templar. Diving behind a pew, she withdraws Chivalry's Point. "Gods forgive us." she mutters. "Templars! Cut down these oathbreakers!"

The warning call echoes across the shrine. Dark eyes turn as the crowd rises to intervene. Her expression cool as ice, Valencia seems to take the danger in stride as she turns to watch the room explode into action. Quietly ensuring she is not in the way of the more formidable attendees seeing to the issue, she nods to her guards once before rising and stepping back to observe, a small delicate hand resting lightly upon something on her belt.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

This is why Caly normally goes everywhere at least partially armored dangit. This is why. When the cry of crossbows goes up she immediatley raises her voice to her cousin sitting near her. "Dom! The Bride and Groom now!" She gestures to the stage for him to go protect his brother and now sister in law. Caly fumbles at the blade at her hip a little bit, fingers not working quite correctly. "What in the hells?" She grips the handle of her sword, but doesn't draw the blade. If she can't wield it properly she's more liable to hurt someone that isn't an assassin. "GUARDS!" She bellows because she can still do that effectively. And Caly has hollered on some of the bloodiest battlefields the Compact has seen. She can shout.

Jules lifts his bottle that he took at the beginning, having no weapon in hand, when he hears the warning of crossbowman and says, "Dear me!" A level of shock on his face as he prepares to act for whatever ridiculous reason he might thing he has some value in the roll.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Cassandra wields Chivalry's Point.

Alessia wields a steel, burnished gold and sapphire hydra hair comb.

Braith is half to her feet when she starts to feel off. Her hands reach out to grasp at the pew in front of her and she looks down at them. "Oh..." She says but the those with crossbows are far more of a threat. Its just the adrenaline surely! Nothing off here.

Rysen wields Moria - a rune-etched bastard sword.

Sina wields golden hues of a summer forest steel hairpins with emerald painted tops.

Sina seems to remember she has hairpins, and she fumbles them out of her hair with numbing fingers, just in case.

Thea hears her cousin and reaches under her gown. She lacks shame obviously and grabs the hilt of her dagger. Always come prepared. She may even have a medical satchel. Thea slants her gold-flecked green eyes, looking. Turing a bright green color, angry.

Thea wields Raptor Dagger.

Niklas wields a musical wooden lute.

At the shouts of warning and then Braith standing up, Strozza follows - right hand pulling his whip and shaking it loose in a simple motion, eyes narrowed and flinty. Looking to where the crossbows where called out at... and then he sits right back down... "I... hrmmm.." blinking and looking about with unfocused eyes

Mikani wields Rhapsody's Requiem Diamond Plate Ingi Axes.

Peri takes a diamondplate wavedancer longsword from a sword belt wrapped with a scrap of patterened cloth.

Mikani pulls her axes from secret locations of the folds of her dress.

Zoey takes a sip of the water Peri gives her, then picks up her bow.

Zoey wields Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow.

Domonico launches into action, already in motion before Calypso's order is given to him and he is sprinting towards his brother and soon to be sister in law as fast as his powerful, battle ready muscles can move him, trying to place his armoured form directly between his family and harm...and praying the fireweave cloak at least holds.

Braith wields Larksong, a diamondplate lute with amethyst larks.

Lethe has no weapons and can't fight anyway. She looks around unsure of what to do, but tries to keep her useless self out of the way.

Rising from her seat as soon as the warning is heard, Alessia swiftly jumps over the pews to make for one of the crossbow wielders with little hesitation in her movements.

Niklas comes hurriedly down the cobblestone path. When he hears lots of noise coming from the shrine he says, "Oh, the party must have started." Then there's the wedding and, oh, everyone is pulling out swords and such. "Oh, is this an Islander wedding? Shit, I didn't bring any knives OR a blood apron."

Departing the pew she was at, Liara makes for the numerous Grayson-liveried guards who were either at the back of the shrine or pile in through the door as the commotion breaks out. Their interest in the people with crossbows seems a bit limited, though, compared to their general intention of circling about the high lady.

Alessia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

The Archscholar's three Templars, likewise, only seem interested in one thing. They are heading toward Sina, to keep her protected. As Alessia charges off into the fray, Sina stays where she is for now, trying to stay out of the fighting, while chaos erupts around the central pews. She also seems to be doing some breathing exercises, settling into a meditative state, and she begins to pray softly under her breath.

Irisa wields Diamondplate Longsword.

Alessia checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Sitting at the back and all these people lunging at the sudden attack leaves Cady with little to do, especially when Niklas arrives. She boggles when he brings out his lute and asks, "Blood apron?"

"I really must attend more Islander weddings, I see," Valencia muses dryly at Niklas' remarks as she keeps decidedly out of the way of the fighters seeking to end the interruption.

Sparing no time once she reaches the would be assailant, Alessia brandishes what appeared to be a golden comb from the her hair, before striking him between shoulder and neck.

The crossbowman is staggered, grimacing, bleeding like a stuck pig, but keeps lifting that crossbow... the other crossbowman is fast, inhumanly fast, and looses a bolt at Kaia that, despite the rallying of her kin and friends, sinks deep.

40 inflicted and Kaia is harmed for serious damage.

To say that the Legate is annoyed is an understatement. She just went through this bullcrap with someone else almost getting executed for fighting in a shrine. Getting up to her feet, Chivalry's Point is drawn from with the sound of a metallic scrape. "As Legate of Arts, for breaking sanctuary in the home of the gods, you area all condemned to death!!" she bellows across the din. There is not demand for surrender. No pleas for peace. Templars do not operate in such a fashion, not in this instance. And the woman herself is not the type to lead from the back. She strides forward, a wash in rubicund and steelsilk, like a shining bloody beacon of Gloria's wrath made manifest. She crosses the distance to the first crossbow wielding assailant, lashing out with diamondplate to cut down the oathbreaker with vicious efficiency.

Cassandra checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Sabella follows after Liara, trying to quickly get out of the way of people who might want to swing or fire weapons, "Nik!" She calls out, rushing over to his side and clutching his arm, "Get to the back! Someone has a crossbow!"

Valencia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Niklas gives Sabella a somewhat disappointed look at her words. "Now, Sabella, I'm not here to judge someone else's wedding traditions."

Sina checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 3, rolling 46 higher.

Sina checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

There's a highly distressing and piercing cry of pain coming out from the Lady Kaia as she is hit by the bolt. She reaches out to grab at her beloved Martino's arm with one hand, and to Domonico with the other; but, it's no use, she falls to her kneed there. Her pristine white dress suddenly getting visibly stained by the blood coming out from the wound. The screaming of pain getting louder and louder by the seconds.

Sina checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

The three templars that are assigned to protect the Archscholar reach the scene from where they had to run from the entrance. Their swords are now drawn, and two come to stand near Sina where she sits on the sidelines, while the third goes for the crossbowman that just shot Kaia. He joins the fight alongside Cassandra and her templars, and strikes the crossbowman through the shoulder, his blade slicing through tendon, even as he prays for forgiveness to Limerance and Gild, Petrichor and Gloria. Meanwhile, Sina remains seated, still occasionally rubbing her hand over her mouth as if she's just had too much wine to drink, maybe, even though she only had a sip. "I can't feel my lipsss," she lisps.

Up at the altar, the belted woman, smiles happily at Kaia, kneeling, her placid expression drifting to include Martino. She murmurs low at them both, soothing words by the sound...

Vitalis mutters, "Traitor. Reap what you sow. ... Knights of the ... ... not ... set aside ... ... ... ... all ... wish ... ... ... pay..."

Sabella screams when Kaia does, eyes going wide and hands clutching at Niklas' arm, "We need a Mercy! The bride! Someone!" she shouts out just in case someone doesn't know what's going on.

A blade flashes... and the woman spills the bowl of wine, dropping some substance into it and it begins to fume violently.

25 inflicted and Kaia is harmed for moderate damage.

Rysen checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Arcadia checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Zoey checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Irisa checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Jules checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Tesha checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Peri checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Lethe checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Domonico checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Calypso might not be in a condition to fight given her slow reaction speed, her hands and fingers not working right, her brain being fuzzy, but she can see that the crossbow folks are well in hand so she starts hollering for other things. Like a healer. "Someone fetch a medic! Guards make sure there are no other attackers!" her guards and any other Malvici guards present start doing a sweep of the area looking for anyone out of place. Not that they noticed the out of place people to begin with.

Cassandra checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Sabella checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Thea checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Calypso checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Niklas checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Braith checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Mikani checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Calypso checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Sina checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Strozza checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Liara checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

As the crossbow hits Kaia, Martino panics and drops down with his bride to her knees. His hand pressing against the wound, unsure completely what to do as he never paid attention to medical things as that was Thea's job and it was always so boring. And bloody.

"K--Kaia?! A-- are you." He's utterly speechless at this point, her gown smothered in blood and then this additional person steps behind them both and murmurs hushed. The bowl of wine across the floor and a blade stabbing into Kaia's side. "NO!" Martino's voice is mostly lost at this point. As he worriedly cradles Kaia against his side.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 15 higher.

The fumes billow out from the wine spilled, stinging and hissing, biting, making visibility verydifficult and breathing nearly so.

Rysen leaps over the pews, sprinting towards the strange woman spilling the bowl of wine. Amid the rising fumes, he rushes between her, Kaia and Martino. Rysen slides his feet into a fighting stance, twisting his hips to his left, and, sweeping his black alaracite sword from his belt, slashes with explosive force in an upward angle to cleave the woman at the pit of her arm.

Liara's not really in a good spot to see what's going on with Kaia, though she does peek past a guard's raised shield to try see briefly anyway. She's over near the door by now with a whole lot of bodyguards around her, two of which slip outside to check around. Beyond an exchange with the guard captain, the high lady is quiet.

Braith checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher. Braith rolled a critical!

Up at the dais, the officiant is... rather uselessly cowering behind, shielding his very much not-a-combatant rear end from all things crossbowy. He tries to pray; the billowing smoke makes that suddenly very hard, not to mention his mumbling words aren't so intelligible until they're overtaken by a hacking cough.

Braith checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Rysen checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Kaia stares with fear at the woman as she launches her attack. Then, once more, there's another piercing cry of pain and distress coming out from Kaia as she is stabbed on her side by the dagger. Her vision seems to be turning blury. She glances over to Martino with a panicked look and struggles to mumble his name. "M-m-martino?" Next thing she knows, it all goes black and she's falling down. The bride seems to have fainted. All the while, the blood stains on her blue brocade dress continue to spread, turning it's hue to a purple-like shade.

Braith has shifted, vaulting over the pew she was gripping as the strange tingling continues to affect her. Now that whatever has been let loose ahead is starting to spread she is covering the distance as quickly as she can. Her hands pull free Larksong from her back and the diamondplate lute is swung free as she comes up beside the familiar figure of Alessia. The dark haired freckled northerner pulls hard upon the neck and means to batter the other crossbow out of the bowman's hands with a wallop that hits but does not drop him, her eyes widening a little.

The fleeing woman hisses, teeth bared, blood flowing freely from the wound opened in her side. It's a wet, unhealthy, hiss. She presses on...

Domonico wields Warspite, an alaricite xiphos.

Domonico wields Warspite, an alaricite xiphos.

Domonico checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 13 higher.

Domonico checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 50, rolling 0 higher.

Vitalis GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + archery(4) at difficulty 45, rolling 9 higher.

30 inflicted and Kaia is harmed for serious damage.

The second crossbowman, beset by the righteous fury of Templars, yet lurches free and aims...

...and hits.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Arcadia before departing.

Zoey checked strength + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Domonico almost rips Warspite from its scabbard as he charges towards the immediate threat to Kaia, the woman and the alaricite xiphos stabs in with brutal efficiency to strike at her. "MALVICI!" is his cry before he hears the sick thunk of crossbow striking flesh and he whirls his head to see another crossbow bolt strike Kaia.

Sina continues to sit over on her bench on the sidelines, her two Templars standing there to protect her, while the other works with Cassandra and her Templars to subdue the attackers. She watches with wide, worried eyes, one arm bandaged and in a sling, making her pretty useless. She sets the hairpins in her left hand aside, and instead pulls a small string of prayer beads out from beneath her sleeve. She begins running them through her fingers of that hand while she prays, closing her eyes while chaos continues around her. The two Templars before her take up defensive stances, watchful for any threats to the Archscholar as she breathes shallowly in her meditative state.

Niklas drags Sabella back to where Liara is surrounded by Grayson guards. "One more coming in." He looks to Kaia, grimacing at her obvious injuries. "There must be physicians here, right? There are physicians everywhere." And as the lady runs, "What the hell are the Knights of the Swarm? Why does that sound familiar?"

Her fingers are tingling from the poison which makes it difficult to grip her weapon correctly, but the very obviously pregnant Lady Zoey draws her bow and takes aim at the one who stabbed her sister and lets the arrow fly.

In all the action and drama, Arcadia moves backwards and leaves the shrine. One less body to worry about.

Arcadia has left the Visitors' Pews.

With Kaia drapped across his own knees, trying to cradle her, the Lord Martino inhales deeply before turning his sharp green eyes in the direction of the unknown woman for a moment. As others deal with that, he murmurs hushed words to Kaia trying to keep her awake. A hand wrapped around hers, holding tight as another tries to press into a wound here-and-there. "Oh sweet Ka-Kaia. Stay awake now. Stay awake for the Mercy." His voice trembles slightly, shaken.

Jules checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"Thea!" roars Rysen, glancing over his shoulder towards the Malvici healer, as Domonico attacks the the bleeding, hissing woman trying to escape.

Jules checked strength + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher. Jules rolled a critical!

Irisa checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Kaia, who at some point had somewhat fainted, manages to somehow wake up once more amidst all that is happening to the voice of Martino. The inmense pain is making it hard for her to speak and she struggles to say something to Martino. " h-hurts!" There's no rest for her however, another bolt strikes her there were she laid; and, once more there's another piercing scream. There's tears trailing down her pale skin, as she continues to cry out in pain.

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1 Order of the Firebird have been dismissed.

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Irisa is about to go taking a flying leap over some pews at a crossbowman, but it seems the large dogpile happening isn't going to be helped by her. And Kaia is still on the ground being shot. And now there is bubbling liquid and people are starting to hack. Fingers tingling with her lips.. The Dame sprints to the front and reaches towards Martino, trying to urge him on, "We need to get her out!" as she tries to scoop up Kaia into her arms. How long until the hacking cough spreads? Its making it hard to see and breathe. Groaning with the lift, trying to fight past the numbing, she mutters to Martino, "Help me get her to the Mercies outside!" and off she moves, as fast as she can, cradling the bride.

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Valencia.

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As her strides lengthen, the demure facade falls in tatters, the woman, wide and wild eyes howling as she runs, voice echoing terribly. She staggers at bite of Zoey's arrow and skids, teeth bared. She casts a bloodied, mad-eyed look at the assemblage and flees through the doors, slipping the grasp of Templars such that it seems she's made of smoke herself.

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Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Thea hurries after Kaia,"Listen! I have her..."Before reaching Kaia however, she quickly checks Calypso,"It isn't a poison, it's a intense distilltion of a numbing agent." Thea runs toward the door,"You wont die, just doing exactly that, making you numb!"

Jules flings the bottle with the trajectory where it needs to go but, did he just pull back or is he really throwing the bottle that slowly? He twirls about with a steady spin that manages to avoid the people along the path but his hands are already raising to his mouth and he looks ready to cry as he mutters, "That's where they stabbled Lord Rysen!" The bottle hits him smack dab in the back but it's doubtful that it could have been that effective of a throw but Jules is clearly shaken by the experience, at least the bottle is probably not broken with the force of his throw. He can use that later to calm his nerves.

With Dame Irisa aiding Kaia up slightly, the Lord Martino Malvici in his shocked state follows suit and takes the other side. Working with her, and Lady Thea as she joins, the pained Lord Martino exhales as they settle Kaia away from the main shrine. Away from the chaos and the battle. As Kaia is lowered down, Martino slumps at her side. Concerned and probably just in the way for Thea to do medical things. But he holds Kaia's hand. Utterly worried.

Chaos reigns in the Shrine of Limerance, arrows and bolts flying, sublimated wine stings the eyes, half the congregation's lips and fingertips are tingling, attackers have shot and stabbed the bride, blades flash, blood is shed, a winebottle hoothoothoots as it spins towards a target and bonks a crossbowman on the head. CHAOS.

Valencia flanks Dame Irisa's armfuls of bleeding Kaia, shadowing Martino, ducking out of the way of any flying crossbow bolts. When Kaia is lowered down, she immediately begins to assess, finding the deepest, most grevious wound, and pressing a hand over it before looking up. "Cloth?" Someone has to have some cloth, right? Robes everywhere, a dress - oh yes. She picks up the long train of the gown, folds it over double, double again, presses it over the seeping wound, lets the others see to other wounds.

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Strozza checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Strozza checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Meanwhile, Kaia is carried to the back, to a safe area, and laid somewhere for those apt enough to attempt to tend to her griveous wounds. All the while crying in pain and holding faintly to her beloved's hand.

Lethe tries to stay by the pews where she's not in anyone's way, but when Kaia is hurt she watches with concern. She waits until she thinks it's safe enough and goes to assist the other healers to help. She carries a few medical supplies with her in a pouch.

Calypso wields Truestrike.

Managing to get himself back up to his feet, the dour Mazetti man is suddenly in action, teeth clenched, a twist of his arm and the line of leather is up and moving, the diamondplate hydra heads cracking like stone being snapped in half before the weapon lashes forward, the fanged metal weights aiming for one of the crossbow men as Strozza's weapon speaks again.

Calypso checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Calypso checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Kaia is overheard praising Vitalis.

Kaia is overheard praising Orrin.

Tesha is overheard praising Vitalis.

Tesha is overheard praising Orrin.

Kaia is overheard praising Martino.

Peri bellows a command out to Eina, "Keep looking for others, there may be more." Then the fumes start. She pulls at winding silks drapped across her shoulders and pours water on it from that bottle she has. She rushes to the bowl and attempts to smother it with the wet cloth.

Peri drops a long winding light periwinkle silk cloth draped around the shoulders.

The joint attacks by Calypso bring the crossbowman down, he dies, leering like a skul. The hand on the blade he was about to draw, slips away as light and life disappear from his eyes and he slumps to the ground.

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When Liara exits along with her guards, Niklas pulls his wife after them.

Calypso pulls her blade free of it's sheath with the swinging sound of metal and leather and lunges forwards with the slim blade, driving it deep into her opponent. When he starts to collapse she slips her blade free with a firm tug and flicks it sending droplets of the man's life blood to the side clearing the alaricite blade of his vitae. Her head turns then to regard the other crossbowman intent on him next it seems.

Tesha checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

Alessia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Alessia checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella leave, following Niklas.

Tesha goes a little pale when she hears the words uttered to Kaia and Martino, her experiences with the Knights that had been spoken of were not something that she remembered with any shred of enjoyment. She shudders and then looks about, "We need to get people out of here that aren't in the fray." she breathes out. "Don't kill all of them, we need to know what they have to do with the Knights of the Swarm!" she shouts. Which probably isn't helping with getting people calmed and moving. She manages to get one person to move towards the exit, but otherwise people are too scared to move.

There lays Kaia, bleeding terribly, most of the torso from her gown stained in blood - looks now to be an ombre purpleish shade. "Ahhh, h-help me! I-it h-h-hurts!" she wails. Her eyes not being able to focus on anyone just yet.

Sina checked mana + theology at difficulty 45, rolling 13 higher.

The Archscholar, now having pushed all of the chaos to the back of her mind, even as blood stains the sacred space within the shrine, finds a peaceful place within, and slides to her knees. She continues to pray, aeterna skirts and robes pooling around her on the ground. She clutches the prayer beads with one hand while she continues her prayers. "Limerance," she prays, doing her best to at least ennunciate the God of Love's name, before lisping all the way through the rest with numbed lips, "the sthanctity of Your holy temple hasth been violated. Blood hasth been ssthed here today in Your most peathwul of sthrines, where love sthould win the day. Your idealsth of Fidewity have been defiled, Your holy placthe desthecrated. Pleasthe forgive usth the violencthe done here today, in order to protect thosthe who sthimply came here to be wed and honor their wuve for one anowver. Sthend usth, not your wrath, but the warmth of your radiancthe. Sthuffuthee this plathe with peathe and sthanctity oncth more, and let usth be reminded of why we came here. To Thelebwate wuve, twrue wuve, in your name." She bows her head then, and after a moment, grimacing at the sound of her own lispy voice, which is so not normal. She then withdraws a single lock of black hair from a small pocket in her robes, and rests it on the ground. "I offer thisth token of my own lost love, and the sthacrifithe I have made in honoring my own vowth." Hard to pray with numb lips, after all! But she does it.

Practically numb to whatever is happening around her, beyond the two crossbowmen, Alessia's focus remains on her target before he is put down for good by the duchess. She seems to come to at the mention of 'Knights of the Swarm' as if, finally beginning to -hear- things, recognition crossing her features. She retrieves the comb and heads toward the next target, in the other set of pews, aiming with the sharp end. This time the strike through the neck is fatal and she breathes a sigh of relief when he finally falls.

PS: That one person? Was the officiant, who signed up for literally any other color wedding than red. Choking on the smoke-cloud and looking frail and faint, he may be contemplating entire other careers. Or at least... taking a holiday.

Hearing the words from the woman, Cassandra pauses, her eyes turning dark. "Fournier filth! I am Cassandra Laurent, and I will see you, Gael, and the rest of your ilk burned from the face of Arvum!" She would've been liable to issue a challenge to the woman, cut her down here and now, but in the smoke, the Legate doesn't see anyone else in the smoke. She however hadn't taken her eyes off the crossbowmen that she and her Templars are engaging. Until they're both cut down respectively by Calypso and Alessia. "Is that all of them?" she turns about. "Burn those bodies." she dictates to one Templar. "Alert Grandmaster Preston a member of the Knight of Swarm is in Arvum. He will know what it means." A longer look around the shrine. "Blast it." Her sword is sheathed with an audible metallic scrape.

That smoke, thanks to Peri's quick thinking, is dissipating, smothered with her wet scarf.

Zoey makes her way to Kaia's side. She takes Kaia's hand if she can. "Hang on, Kai. Just, hang on."

Jules is gently crying in the back at the quiet table, no dramatic sobs, but in the midst he says, "Lord Rysen." Shakes his head slowly and then placing his hands in his hands and not really aware of the rest of the carnage around, having forgotten to grieve over the ruined dress of the bride.

After laying Kaia down, Irisa stepped back and turns to look back towards the fighting. She keeps careful eyes on the crossbows, making sure she stays between them and Kaia. But once they are vanquished, she wobbles and the knees and sits down near the bride, within eyesight of the Peer. She's worthless with medical matters so she gives them room to work while she catches her breath.

Braith eases back as the gathered swarm over those bowmen. She barely struck or made a dent but she tried. Her lute makes a sour sound as the diamondplate body hits the ground and she is left stepping back, gasping to fill her lungs before she leans into the side of a pew. She wets her lips and flexes her fingers trying to find some normalcy. Shaking her head she looks about for Alessia who has moved on and then sees Strozza. Making her way towards him and reaches out her hand.

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Thea tears off part of her gown with her dagger, wrapping it around parts of Kaia's injuries to stop the bleeding. Her gold-flecked green eyes look to Martino's, her brothers eyes much like her own. "Brother, I need you to move just a little ok? I promise to the best I can--" The young Malvici medic begins assessing Kaia, taking gentle care as she begins getting to work--completely at ease with the chaos around her.

Wavering, Strozza turns towards Braith when she approaches, a wrist flick bringing his weapon back in, and he curls it over one shoulder before reaching out to the curly haired woman. "Need... have this... Kuhlai!?" the rotund form of Kuhlai D'Mahn coming to Strozza's side, offering aid to he and Braith while they deal with whatever is affecting them.

Tesha is still trying to get people calm, but given she's still feeling oddly from whatever was in the bowl makes her pretty horrible in her usual peacemaking tactics. She takes a moment to lean against the visitors pew once she realizes immediate dangers have been nullified. She braces her hands against it just in case her knees become traitorous.

"Braith.... Strozz..." Alessia says, blinking for a bit while glancing around the shrine. "Gods this is terrible." She heads toward them, bloody comb still in hand. "How is she?" She only now glances toward where Kaia once stood.

Lethe does what she can to assist, but she stays out of her way and lets Thea do the work she needs to.

541However slushily pronounced, Sina's voice echoes throughout the sanctuary, which, after a drenching of violence, is suddenly awash in the presence of the God's Love, the flowers seem brighter, the offerings at the altar more colorful, blood spilled darkens to black, crusts, and disappears on a gust... though Kaia's wounds remain - her pain is eased. All traces of the numbing vanish.

Alessia's strike kills the second crossbowman. Cassandra's words ring. The assemblage, whether throwing bottles, or baring steel, offering succor, or commentary - all stand in their strengths against forces arrayed against Arx and the Compact, against the Gods themselves, and those dark forces did not win to day.

The light, like mist, blazes through the Shrine and alights on Zoey and Thea, they are aglow with radiant light, Limerance's presence with them.

Jules has left the Quiet Table.

Lethe checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Braith touches her lips and then she lifts her hands, "You too?" She asks of Strozza though she side steps into him with the sudden arrival of his aid. She blinks and catches her breath, stepping closer to her cousin in law to be near him and looks about, as if trying to ascertain other trouble that is waiting for their guards to be let down. Alessia's voice catches her attention and she searches for her. "Here!"

Peri takes a long winding light periwinkle silk cloth draped around the shoulders.

Calypso turns her head to regard Cassandra, an imperious sort of tilt to it. "My family has dealt with them as well. Perhaps a joint venture is warranted to exact some toll of retribution on them." She turns and snaps orders to her guards to go after Domonico and the woman he was chasing and help him if they can. She turns then to the rest of the crowd before cleaning her blade off on the man she cut down, wiping his own blood off on his clothes before her sword is slid back into it's sheath with a snap. "Damn. We should have taken one of them prisoner. Oh well, dead traitors is nothing to be upset over. Is anyone else hurt?" Because obviously Kaia is hurt, but those that can heal are tending so she'd only be in the way.

When Rysen sees the last crossbowmen fall to Alessia, he breathes out, and slides his sword into his belt, and come to stand near Thea and Zoey beside Kaia. "Will she be alright?" Rysen asks Thea.

Zoey sees the light, looks around, and sees it on Thea too. She can't quite voice the words on her lips, but she pulls the ring out of what ever safe place she had tucked it into. It glows brilliant white in her palm. "I think we need to finish this."

The healers seem to have Kaia well in hand. The peace that washes through the sanctuary touches Peri and she holds a finger up to her lips that no longer tingle with numbness. Peri and Eina do what they can to help clear out the detritus of bottles and remains of food from the chaos and the wedding guests.

Peri has left the Bride's Pews.

Irisa watches the room brighten and the medics almost glow. Sitting there, she looks over to Kaia and then closes her eyes in prayer. Her own dress is covered in the bride's blood but she doesn't seem very put off by that fact. Rising, she sheathes the diamondplate and looks to Calypso. Then Cassandra. What they are saying certainly has her interest but she's unlikely to interrupt the two women of some import in the Compact.

Alessia sits on the pews near her cousins, a distraught expression on her face. "Was it the bowl? I passed on it, I had no prayers in mind." She furrows her brow, though the glow brought on by Sina's prayer seems to improve things somewhat. "Knights of the Swarm. They have Sylv'alfar blood if I recall correctly." She says with a thoughtful look.

After Sina's prayer, eventually Kaia's chaotic breathing pattern begins to ease, and she seems to be doing so more evenly now. The bleeding is starting to receed, the sweating seems to become fewer; and, whatever it is the healers are doing, blessed by Limerance himself, seems to be working. The lady blinks, her eyes moving to set on her sister. "Z-zoey?"

Thea looks at Zoey and..herself, realizing she glowing. Oh hells! She hurriedly reaches and pulls out the ring from her pouch, now covered in Kaia's blood,"You're right. Yes..." Turning to Rysen for a brief a moment, she nods,"She's stable..,"looking to Lethe as well..

Looking down to Alessia, Braith reaches out towards her to drag her closer. "Yes..." she says and then wets her lips. "Is it going to get worse? Or.." she is not sure what was it she confusmed but she looks a little unsteady. She glances up at the group at th efront, feeling her body chill a little before she looks to Strozza. "We should likely be looked at..." she leans in to whisper.

"The Knights of the Swarm are vile things." Tesha states after she's taken a cleansing breath in. Then she lets it out. Thankful that the numbness and tingling were subsiding. "I'm going to go see if I can help with getting people to leave in a calm manner and help with cleanup." she dips her head to those around here and then heads off.

"I suspect the bow, yes..." looking to Braith and then Lessi, "We need to get back to the manor... Make sure people know about this." Strozza agrees

"The Laurents have a long and involved history with the Knights of the Swarm. With Fournier and House Durand. They are a scourge against the Gods and must be purged from this world." Cassandra remarks, nodding at Calypso. "We will be in touch, Duchess Malvici. This offense will not go unanswered. In Gloria's name, I vow it." And when a Legate makes a vow, she's not screwing around. But her gaze softens once she sees the rings are finally exchanged and vows made between partners. She moves forward. "This is not the way I would do it, for either of you." Kneeling down, the bloodied Templar gives a warmer smile. "Before me, before Limerance, before the Gods themselves, no force can break your union. Never may your love be apart from each other, even if you leagues away. Those were, the Gods themselves bear witness to your bond of marriage, though hardest trials that one would expect of any other wedding. "But in the here and now, I pronounce you both bound to one another, through the good and the bad. For if you both can weather this storm, you I forsee a strong bond. Perhaps stronger than any of us know."

"I'm here, Kai. It's all going to be fine. I promise. Can you sit up?"

Amid the glow, Rysen smiles slightly to see Kaia open her eyes. His eyes rest with anxiously on Zoey.

Lethe nods to Rysen as she agrees with Thea. "She is. I think with continued care she'll be fine." She looks toward Kaia with empathy as things continue.

A slightly nervous little dog returns to the Shrine of Limerance with Ian following along behind.

"Yes, we'll have the physicians look at you both." Alessia nods, notably worried, though relieved that nothing has grown worse. She lowers her voice to a whisper.

After her prayers, and the presence of Limerance washes over everything, sanctifying the shrine once more, Sina bows her head, offering up a prayer of gratitude. Then, looking weary, she pushes herself back up to her feet, then promptly sits down on the bench, eyes closed for a moment. Eventually, she opens them, to see the chaos is clearing. Her eyes drift wearily over to Kaia, to see that she is being healed, and with a sigh of relief, she turns her eyes to Cassandra as she finishes the ceremony and exchange of vows and rings. She sits there for a time, quiet and contemplative, until the ceremony is over. Then, she will stay to help clean up as she can, with her one arm, until there are no remaining signs of the violence done here today.

Rysen nods to Lethe. "You never mentioned you were so skilled in medicine, My Lady," he says, a little relieved. When he notices Ian, Rysen calls out to him.

Ian stands in the doorway for a moment, surveying the scene with sharp eyes that move fast, jumping from place to place, taking in details. When Rysen calls his name, his attention snaps in that direction. "Rysen." He proves, in this moment, that when he wants to, he can walk at a quick clip while not looking at the ground (at least for a few steps) by crossing over to Rysen. "Where's Zoey?"

Braith has left the Bride's Pews.

At last, Kaia is feeling profoundly better after the tending given by the healers, and she does manage to lift a little, shifting to seat there were she was being tended. She receives the ring from her sister and exchanges it with her beloved Martino. The vows to one another quietly given before the officiant speaks. A pained smile shown to her darling lord before leaning forward to place a kiss upon his lips. Married at last!

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