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Jules Fabron

Let me get that for you, sir.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Outgoing Associate
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Fabron
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 9/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'9
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Auburn
Skintone: Sand

Obituary: His ring turned up on the pinky finger of an arm that washed up in the Lowers. Just an arm. With big teeth marks.

Description: A thinner man, not just in weight but also width, with softer features across his face and a flowing and graceful movement. His hair has a shimmer that easily catches the light and often is drawn back into a ponytail that comes down just below his shoulders. His nose is hawklike and looks as though it may have been broken before. His teeth seem unnaturally white and he's happy to show them. His hands have a softness to them that would indicate this man has not seen much physical labor.

Personality: Jules is first an outgoing personality, the type to help draw the introvert out of their shell. He shows an interest in nearly anything other people want to talk about, especially the finer things in life. What he does not enjoy is work, physical labor is more than a bore it is the bane of his existence. He'll be glad to encourage others in their work and even speak of the honor due it, so long as he need not participate. He knows how to make himself scarce or present, depending on the need. He's probably a bit too free with his compliments but there is a sincerity to them.

Background:     Jules was born into a blacksmith family, the fifth of too many. His father did most of the unrefined work while his mother put on the details to it. Early on they thought Jules would probably be more inclined to follow in his mother's side of the work but it was not to be. Jules found himself on the outside of the family trait but his parents were not to have a beggar son and they sent him on to receive an education. He learned well enough but scholarship and numbers were far too much like work to be to his liking.

    He picked up what he needed to in order to be able to move on the fringe of society and was able to find an odd job for some lord or lady, usually delivering some trivial message to another noble. While delivering a message to a vassel of a lord, he caught a glimpse of their life. He has made it his goal to participate in that life and what better way than as some assistant to a noble family. He's headed now to Arx to find the job of his dreams, one that requires minimal effort and maximum pleasure.

Name Summary
Adalyn Pleasant, full of good cheer, and filled with concern for the well-being of others.
Alarissa A skilled man of the markets and a polite one at that.
Alessia An undoubtedly charming man. I can see how he caught the attention of so many in the city.
Alexis Goodman Jules Fabron is a man of seemingly endless good cheer, which quite frankly is rather welcoming in the Winter cold.
Amund Nice, friendly and if I'm not mistaken, a seneschal type. Good people to know, in general.
Anisha Jules Fabron is a delightful man, devoting himself in a similar, but distinct manner from that of a Whisper. May his Lady ever be happy with his service.
Apollo Well it's nice to get appreciation for my work - he acted like I'd done him a personal favor, dressing ladies well.
Arcelia Jules seems to be a very kind man with a big heart. It seems he doesn't see himself as valuable to society which I think is a sad thing. I hope the Gods reach his sizable heart and bring him peace and knowing that even if he is only valued by a few people that he is still important to someone.
Asher A strange man, with odd speaking habits. But, perhaps misguided as he is, he has good intentions.
Aslaug When a man knows how to treat a streetrat right, a girl has to respect him. That girl would be me. That guy would be Jules. And the rat? Eadwacer the magnificent, the brave, the gloriously fat and well fed. Eadwacer of the Mange. Yes. Jules knows how to treat a rat properly.
Blacktongue Very friendly and personable
Brigida Clever man staying way out of the way when I am disciplining someone.
Cassian He seems like a practical sort, glad to have met him.
Charis Where do all the words come from? I've never heard so many, twisting and turning, like a tangle in the thread.
Charlotte Pleasant, but not the most knowledgeable. He is a commoner though so it should hardly be that surprising.
Clara A kind young man that might be a little too nice. Might end up bein' a good friend though. Just might have ta axe some people for him if he ends up bein' as nice as he seems.
Corrigan A chatterer. He's either blithely ignorant of tension forming around him, or he actively tries to de-escalate it with small talk. The former's insipid to the point of dullness, the latter suggests a certain quiet social dexterity unusual for a lowborn. Interesting, if that's the case.
Dante Kind of a strange man, he seems to have a thing for shirts and Lord Rysen. I don't understand the latter, but he can appreciate a nice aeterna garment. Nice enough person though.
Delia Vivacious, outgoing and fashionable - whatever he chooses to do, he will be a credit to his work.
Denica Polite and well mannered, he looks and sounds like a diplomat, though his common origins might provide him a bit of a challenge should he try serving in the upper echelons. He should be a good model too and I'm looking forward to that.
Dianna Someone should hire this poor soul, and teach him to be a butler or some such.
Domonico I am curious as to what use such a man has. He appears to be quite the subservient man but such people often have hidden depths of both skills and knowledge.
Donella A man of depth. In that it also makes him a hard man to figure out. He seems to give off an air of fun and a carefree lifestyle that is as he feels suited. Yet. There is always a yet. There is always a pause in the way he looks at thing. There is that brief flash of knowledge where darkness leads to shadows. A depth yet to be seen and probably not yet fully admired.
Dorian Affable fellow, kindly spoken - doubtless an entertaining sort of man to be around.
Drake Now I have seen this man around a few times now and then but I have no idea what his specific skill or profession is, if anything. He did serve a drink to me I think a time or two.
Drusila What a strange dancer, I don't understand it. Dances are for people are they not?
Emilia He strikes me as a man of wisdom, tolerance and learning.
Esme Jules seems to be the person that lives to serve. Those types are sometimes overlooked, but I see him. It is also those types of people that blend in and they have the benefit of observing and learning. Obviously, we shall be friends.
Faye A pleasant conversationalist with interesting opinions. I hope we get the chance to talk again, under quieter circumstances.
Fianna A cheerful sort with an appreciation for horses. Phantom and I both approve. I sense that he will do well as Lady Mikani's assistant.
Gabriella A cheerful man, eager to help. He seems to have a diverse skillset at providing assistance; perhaps I ought take him up on it.
Gaspar There are many pots and endeavors throughout the Compact, and Master Jules appears to have his hand in many of them. That isn't a bad thing, but any interesting one. Any one of them could be much, much hotter than he expects.
Geralt Mikani's merchant friend. Don't know him well, but anyone who's willing to help out the family can't be all bad, can they?
Grazia He's very ...friendly. And forward. And a little too enthusiastic about things that certainly do not require enthusiasm. I suppose he's some sort of optimist. He's very polite.
Hamish The outgoing sort who easily makes friends with everyone he meets. Might be good to have around for those who seem to do the opposite.
Ian Zoey's friend.
Ilmia A steelsilk sweater for a rabbit? Gracious, that seems like madness, but he seems to be genuinely charming, from what little I've seen of him.
Ilsa Jovial and genial. He cares deeply for those around him. I would gladly hide him from any child who might be hunting him down.
Imogene A very kind and gracious servingman, whose compliments are not half so much appreciated as his thoughtfulness in lending me his company at this grand affair.
Iseulet An ineresting man with a keen business sense. I'm very jealous of House Crovane as he's an asset to be sure. I hope our first meeting wasn't our last, he was the perfect company - and yes, that's saying something coming from me.
Josephine A skilled master of the markets.
Kaia Jules is a delight! He is funny, brave, as well as a clever and very convincing performer. He had some of us fooled for a moment while on an expedition at Caer Morien. It's no wonder the charming lad thrives on his vocation.
Kaldur A diligent, savvy, and conscientious marketeer. Lady Mikani's protege is an asset to House Crovane to be sure.
Kedehern Ah, yes. The man who was hitting on my cousin. I'll be watching him.
Korka Talkative people make my job a lot easier. But there is a point where leading the blind mare to pasture is just...too much.
Lenne Theatrical, sweet... and maybe not very bright. But I'd cling to him during social-events-turned assassinations any time.
Leola Careful and polite in all things, ensuring no offence is given and due respect is offered. I cannot fault such behavior; certainly, it's better than my own, at times
Lou A drifter who walked into the Society of Explorers. He seemed quite confused that I actually led the Explorers, and actually went on expeditions, and even lead them. Many of them. To far away places like Whitepeak. I'm not some silly ornamental princess who can't fend for herself.
Lucene He seems to get a kick out of being subservient. It's a little unsettling, if I am completely honest. Still, I am not complaining. He did offer me wine. Anyone who offers me free liquor is okay in my book. Never change, friend.
Lucita Seems to be a friend of Princess Valencia's. He seems pleasant enough, enjoyable company, can hold his own in a conversation. I don't know much about him... yet. Much to discover when we next meet.
Mabelle Lively young man. Seems to be in touch with the voices in his head. I find him intriguing.
Macda He's got kindness in his eyes, and so it's no wonder that's the sort of thing he likes. Sat with me whilst I got drunk and was perfectly polite about it. Good sort.
Martino Well he is a curious fellow. Very flamboyant.
Miranda Well. Jules Fabron, my servant. Ha ha! Joke's on him. I put him to work right away, educating me on the mechanics of socializing in public! My servant indeed! He's a sweet fellow, easy to talk to and friendly enough. Giving me the secrets of his trade, too! For free! ... Perhaps I should educate him on his worth and he could charge terrible rates to us pathetic Peers who need such lessons. ... Or I'll wait till I'm fully educated! Ha! I enjoyed meeting him, can't you tell?
Mirella He knows how to seize a moment when danger calls. Quick-thinking and decisive. That's good.
Mirk A man with a way with words, but those words don't seem to be accomplishing their goal. There's always people who are immune to them.
Monique An exceptional market manipulator and even more interesting conversational companion; also, he has excellent taste in friends.
Nadir This merchant is an earnest and open man. I wonder had I grown up differently, would I enjoy a simpler life similar to his? I hope he enjoys his own, really.
Nanette Has a peculiar way of introducing himself - I would understand his choice had I been a member of the Peerage, but when we met I was but a humble librarian with a soft spot for art. It's always nice to meet someone so eager to help whichever way they can, however, I just hope he does not forsake himself while running errands for others.
Narcissa To find solitude in a crowd is a peace different than all of the clamoring of one's own thoughts; I do hope he finds that peace among his enjoyment of serving others.
Niklas A merchant, I think? Either way, he's a man with stories to spare.
Orchid He's quite the flatterer. I would not object to learning more of him since he seems like he is quite smart in things I am not.
Orrin He seems mindful and consumingly loyal to those he considers family - quite the good fortune for those he does.
Otto Seems a decent enough sort. Seems rather attached to animals which seems a bit odd but everyone has their quirks
Petal A man who is curious about those around him and seems interested in clothing and fabrics. He notices the non nobles about him too .
Porter Master Jules is unfaillingly polite everytime that I meet him. I'm not sure how anyone manages to remain that composed and put together. I don't think I've ever been like that a day in my life!
Rane A quiet man, if not addressed directly, but a talented talker. Pleasant company to find in unfamiliar locations.
Ras A guy who calls himself a servant. Bows and says 'I say!' a lot. Dunno, but he creeps me out. Silks probably like it.
Reese Likes Ribbons, seems cheerful and friendly. I find myself curious and wanting to knwo more about him.
Roran One of the foremost merchants in the city with a stellar grasp of the markets and how they are changing. A delight to see working and surely all shoudl look to him when wishing to take the pulse of the economy.
Rosalind Very willing to please!
Rowenova After the market flux, he has decided to leave the city and his pregant wife. Always high on haze. However, he take part in a rescue mission up to Shadowtop to help bring Lord Rysen back home from the followers of White Raven.
Rysen An energetic, amiable fellow. I hope he always feels welcome in House Crovane.
Sabella It's not often that one runs into someone who seems to have the same outlook on life as you do, but tonight I was very luck to do so! Master Jules seems to be a true kindred spirit and I look forward to getting to know him a lot better!
Samuele Seems to be shy,but if he stays about the Lycene, he'll turn into quite the charming and useful fellow.
Shae Handy with honey and starting fires. Friendly and kind to my dogs.
Sorrel He seems well-intentioned, but perhaps a little too structured to be dealing with someone like Saya. She needs a gentle hand, someone who isn't going to push her particularly in a direction. Still, he seems terribly honest, and I shall enjoy seeing what working with him is like.
Svana A kind servant who I'd like to speak more to.
Sydney Affable and agreeable. He seems the sort to be easy to get along with - a pity to meet him at such a fancy venue!
Talwyn He knows when to be quiet and not tell Zara my secrets. Good lad!
Tarik Seems like a nice enough person. Come on, how can you not call someone a friend that gets excited when you mention the name of Vala Khanne. I hope he continues to be a valuable to Lady Mikana.
Tatienne An interesting fellow. Whether or not he'll be a customer, only time will tell.
Teagan A very outgoing young man, though he seems all too eager to have too much on his plate. I fear for the day it becomes too much for him to handle.
Tescelina A very charming and friendly servant. His company quickly became a cherished thing. I believe him kind and - I need more kindness in my life. We will be friends, regardless of station.
Thea A seemingly smart man. He wants to please everyone. Is it genuine or does he want something in return? Time will tell.
Valdemar He demonstrates more wisdom than most expect during a first meeting. Someone to keep an eye out for.
Verity What an agreeable man! As charming as it is to see him running about trying to soothe all the rough edges in the world, I can't help but worry for the condition of his heart. I'm told stress does things to the constitution.
Zoey He wants so badly for us to get along.