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Weapons of the Compact

Lady Tescelina Wyrmguard and Lord Rysen Crovane are pleased to host an evening in the Sanctum of Genesis for sharing the history of weapons. All warriors of the Compact are invited to share any part of their weapon's history, whether it be an heirloom of a noble family, or a weapon of the most common sort, though imbued with great personal meaning. Such accounts honor Gloria, and help to strengthen and preserve the military traditions of Arvum.

The evening is open to everyone, and a vast quantity of libations will be on hand to be offered to Gloria, and for personal consumption to encourage camaraderie as the weapons' stories are told.


Sept. 3, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Rysen Tescelina


Waldemai Mikani Artur Peri Caspian Corban Zara Delilah Denica Bhandn Lucita Eleanor Icelyn Kaia Marian Amund Mihaly Baelos Reese Aleksei Jeffeth Volcica Arcadia Svoli(RIP) Niklas



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Genesis

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Comments and Log

Tescelina drops a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

It is a cool autumn evening, and the stars shine brightly overhead. The gardens of the Sanctum of Genesis has been bedecked with small lanterns, and numerous attendants stand at attention to serve any who might wish a drink of wine, rum, whiskey, ale, water or tea. Fruit, bread, butter, cheese and cuts of meat are also laid out for guests, creating, in the end, an enchanting atmosphere combining the sanctity of the divine, with the merriment of good food, drinks and company.

Rysen stands beside Mikani and Tescelina, cloaked in a black mantle overlaid with fox fur, and has, already in hand, a half filled mug of ale.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, Pearl, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, 1 Graypeak Aerie Warden, Octavian the Confessor arrive, following Delilah.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrive, following Caspian.

Waldemai leads Lady Lucita to the event. "Yes, please," he says, sounding relived. "The children are always welcome to come visit, but I would be terrified they might be injured." He doesn't have his usual leather jacket on, but her does remind her, "The flying sparks are pretty but they burn, and sometimes they are shards as well. One of those in the eye will make someone very unhappy until they can get to the healers."

Mikani sips from her flask as she stands by Rysen. She smiles as they finished speaking about something. She is relaxed as she stands.

Artur arrives alone tonight, apparently having decided to abandon everything tonight. Noticing the spread, he beelines for the whiskey, but not before giving a quick nod to the hosts. "Tescelina, Mikani, Rysen. Some of my favorite people." He gives them a quick qink, though it seems half-hearted as he gathers up a bottle of whiskey and a tumbler and goes to find a place to sit.

Steam gently rises from a mug of warm tea that Peri tops off with some whiskey. Eina stands near, carefuly watching the crowd.

Tescelina holds between her black gloved hands a small box, adorned with the sigil of Gloria. Its unclear how long she's been standing there with that box, but the Wyrmguard Knight -- if a statue -- is quite a work of art. Dressed tonight in a gown of twilight violet brocade that fits to her lithe form with heels and braided updo to fit the image of a beauty and gallantry oft associated with her name. Across her hips is that worn swordbelt, rapier and dagger both clad to each side, accompanied by another set of an older quality. She wears her features in a mask of expressionless serenity, passing the box toward one of the attendants as the food and drink are indulged. There's a gentle nod to Rysen, Mikani.

"I took the liberty of inviting a scholar," gesturing to the man, Tescelina continues, "If any wish to have their tales recorded in the Whites." She turns to ready herself, looking almost as if conjuring some deeper spirit, preparing -- for the socializing. A hostess must do what a quiet knight cannot. "Your Highness," she greets Artur with a curtsy. There will be a lot of that this evening.

Caspian finds himself at this event, and immedately looks around for people he knows, finding Mikani and gives her a warm smile, approaching her to slip an arm around her for a half hug. "Cousin! Sorr to abandon you last time, had something to deal with. But I am back!"

Tescelina checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Rysen smiles, and bows to Artur. "It's good to see you, Your Highness, and I'm glad I get a chance to thank you for your wedding gift. It is simultaneously very creepy, awe inspiring, and utterly unique. I have heard some accounts of your marital prowess, and I hope you will be sharing a little of the history of spear tonight." He offers a wave to Lucita, Waldemai and Peri as they enter the Sanctum. "Welcome, please grab a drink if you like."

Clinking and clanking slightly, the First Captain of the King's Own, Sir Corban Telmar enters in his silver armor of the Silver Order that he serves. He looks about to those here, not partaking of a beverage of the moment.

Zara's collected tea, of course, which she holds now in her hands: she warms her fingers on the cup as she moves through, greeting familiar faces, with a pause near the event's hosts: "I look forward to the evening's tales, my lord, my ladies." She nods to them as one, with a brief lingering of her eyes on Tescelina as she watches the woman brace herself. Brave, brave knight. She then moves back, carrying absolutely nothing about her that could in any way be presumed to be a weapon. She is obviously here to hear stories, not share them.

Mikani hugs Caspian warmly and kisses his cheek. "Well then I won't be sore with you." She teases before introducing Caspian to Rysen. "Love, this is my cousin on my father's side. Caspian Wild. Master dueler and freer of people." She grins more obviously proud of her family member. "He has finally come back from his walk about."

Lilah isn't hard to spot, given that she comes at least with a modest entourage at that. The evening stars burn and none quite so brightly as the one at her throat, proof that crystals near at hand are considerably more brilliant than extraordinarily distant flames. It should be only reasonable she negotiates her path for the assortment of warm beverages, though veering directly for mead or tea wouldn't do at all in this case. Rather, she slips nearer to Tescelina and Rysen, easily identifying them. With her fingers poised, she calls out, "You know Scholars gather in threes, don't you? I can stand in as the second in case his fingers grow weary with the scribing." A mirthful smile rounded off by sheer innocence, no harm intended, is given in case anyone proves too alarmed. "A pleasure, Lady Tescelina, and Lord Rysen. Thank you for hosting what promises to be a stellar night." White chrysanthemums dance on her braids, mingled around that razorblade halo. Stars, stars, everywhere and her flitting off after Corban.

Denica walks into the Sanctum of Genesis in a simple, yet elegant, set, designed to fit well into Thraxian fashion. Her vivid blue eyes first catch sight of the hosts, whom receive a warm smile and a polite bow of the head, "My lord, my lady, thank you for hosting such event." She says, cheeks growing more rubescent for a moment before she slips by to give some more spaces for the hosts and mingle with the rest of the public.

"Everyone knows the vamplate story." Artur waves a hand at Rysen with a chuckle. "I'm thinking I might tell a different story." he offers up as he settles in and pours himself a shot of whiskey to drink.

Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Bhandn did not come in full armor, just with his swords strapped on like usual. Until he caught sight of the food, there was a pensive frown on his features, a finger absently rubbing at his lips at the same time. The sight of bread, cheese, /and/ meat for consumption certainly is welcome, but it's to Rysen and Tescelina he'll go first, and offer courtesies. "Like Her Highness Valardin, I too am very much curious what tales will be shared tonight. Certainly less boring than my own, I am sure."

Lucita says, "Oh, they will be kept well out the way. They just like the 'ching-thump-clink-clunk' sort of noises you make and don't even get yelled at for doing them and you make 'little fire fly showers' when th sparks fly." She stops, glances around and adds. "Oh, look at all the people gathered already. Better get quiet and listen." She raises a hand to return Rysen's wave, curtsies when she is adjacent to any royals and gives warm smiles to friends and acquaintences on her way to find a seat."

"Ooh." Eleanor, lingering near the the outskirts of the assembly, brightens up as an attendant passes by with a tray of something or other that draws her delighted attention. "Thank you!" she calls after them, as she pops the bite into her mouth with a happy hum. One of her hands rests lazily on the hilt of her sword and she gives the hosts thoughtful attention. While she chews. Mm!

Waldemai nods at Lady Lucita's suggestion and looks for a nice, appropriate, out of the way seat for a commoner's butt.

Layne, the withered veteran arrives, following Juniper.

Layne, the withered veteran leaves, following Juniper.

Tescelina offers a most secret smile for Zara at the greeting and Delilah too, almost relief which shines across the fair features. An inclination of her head to both. "It is my pleasure to see you, thank you for coming. Those who seek to share their histories, their personal stories and those of their kin, we are blessed to have them. Gloria will be honored this evening, I have no doubt." She says this very sincerely, moving to knit her hands in front of her as she looks over those gathering. A small wave is given to the King's Own. "Sir Corban," she greets.

Icelyn ghosts into the gathering wearing a simple grey gown and slippers, which allow her to be unobtrusive in this group of fine folk. She slides deftly between two knights near the entrance, murmurs to a server, bows - to the server! - and then takes one of his drinks. Then she's off again to find a seat. When she notes Bhandn she raises her hand to him in a quiet salute, and Tescelina gets a bow. Otherwise she looks to know very few of those gathered, and settles into a seat with her glass of whiskey to study people as they go by.

Corban moves over towards the Lord Commander, his boss, Dame Eleanor, smiling faintly when she takes a passing snack. He does the same, glancing at the alarcite sword she holds at her hip. "Come to tell its story?" he wonders, then smiling at Tescelina. "Ah. Lady Tescelina. Thank you for arranging this."

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Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men arrive, following Mikani.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, 2 House Crovane Guards, Mikani arrive, following Rysen.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men leave, following Mikani.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, 2 House Crovane Guards, Mikani leave, following Rysen.

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Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men arrive, following Mikani.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, 2 House Crovane Guards, Mikani arrive, following Rysen.

Rysen beams at Caspian. "It's a sincere pleasure, Caspian," he says warmly. He laughs softly at Delilah's words and nos. "I'm very glad you came by, Duchess. Your wit is sharp as any weapon, and should definitely be counted among the most dangerous and brilliant weapons of Arx." Rysen's grey eyes catch the entrance of Corban, and he takes a step over to greet the knight. "Sir Corban, I believe," he says. "I am Rysen Corvane. I don't believe we've met, but you are renowned as a knight, and I'm very glad you've decide to join us."

Vagari The Cinder Cat arrives, delivering a message to Peri before departing.

At some point, Lady Kaia arrives to the Sanctum -garbed in an eyecatching evening gown. It seemed the place was already quite crowded; and so, she found it hard to catch a glimpse of any familiar faces if there were any around. Instead of struggling to find one, she opted to go straight for the refreshments - some tea to be precise, she loved tea, and so hoped the one being served here was well at the very least decent.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Marian.

Caspian happily accepts the kiss from Mikani and squeezes her tight. He beams right back to Rysen, greeting him with, "So this is the man who managed to steal my cousin's heart! Be careful with it, alright? It's a national treasure!" He looks over to Delilah, giving the woman a wave, "Long time no see. Miss me?"

"Thought I might," Eleanor answers Corban with an easy smile. "I know I'm biased, but it's a remarkable weapon with a remarkable history." She gives the sword in question a fond little pat-pat. "Did you have any of that cheese? It was also remarkable," she adds helpfully.

Peri watches the ebb and flow of people gathering. She sees a face she has not seen in such a long time and blurts out a name with enthusiasm.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Kaia! over here!"

Rysen raises his voice to those in attendance. "Thank you all for joining us to tell the history of our weapons that we wield in defense of the Compact. We would like to allow anyone who wishes to speak. You may say anything you like about your weapon - how you received it, your experiences with it, or what it means to you. Lady Tescelina has asked scholars to record what is said here to honor Gloria and Vellichor, but if you wish to have your name redacted or your weapon's tale for this moment only, please just let us know."

Marian strides into the gathering, a little worse for wear but there is still a determined glint in her eye. She's foregone her ususal armor for an outfit more casual. Silk tunic that covers the worst of her stitches and white leathers made from an Everwinter white bear. She takes a moment to look about to see who is there at the gathering and then heads towards Rysen.

Amund wanders in, wrapping his cloak tightly about his figure, his weapons on display. He seems to be more in the general gathering than about to share any stories, offering nods if greeted, but otherwise staying silent and pensive.

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Tescelina lets Rysen do all the talking though she does bow her head when her name is mentioned. Retaining that serene expressionless face, she gestures toward a box. "Those who choose to share, please take a favor. Let it be a reminder to you, always, that glory belongs to the righteous."

a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid is now unlocked.

Having heard about the talk of weapons, Mihaly decided to see what all the hubbub was about and make an appearance. Unobtrusive as usual, the old knight skirts around the area at a lazy, casual gait, picking up a offered glass. The weight could be kinder, on this occasion carrying both his personal sword and the Sword(s) of the Twainfort, the former at his hip, and the latter pair affixed to his back. That is until he gets in line, happy to tell old war stories if asked.

Rysen nods to Marian, and places a hand over his heart, bowing to the Redrain Warchief. "Certainly, Your Highness," he says softly.

Icelyn rises from her seat when Marian enters, looking the Warchief over with a keen eye before she gives her a respectful nod and a raised hand.

Caspian gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

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"Ah, Lord Rysen. That is kind of you to say," says Sir Corban to the Crovane lord with a dip of his head. "The Duchess is a friend of mien, so I am glad to hear one of Crovane speak well of me." A smile and then back to Eleanor. "Yes, they are fine, are they not? Princess Ophelia and I would love to take tea with you sometime and catch up. It has been too long since we've talked more than about the patrol schedules. Ah, and Duchess Delilah, good evening."

Artur gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Mikani takes a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Denica slips closer to Lucita, her being one of the first familiar faces that she finds among the ever growing crowd, "Baroness." She greets, lowering her head politely to the woman, "How are the children? Feel free to send me a messenger whenever you find the time to have them painted." She comments, falling silent as the event begins taking shape and producing some paper and quill out of her backpack, ready to sketch some of the more graphical descriptions of tonight's tales.

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The small Bisland lady, who would likely go unoticed by most in the crowd, would have been engaging in some quiet tea tasting and firm judging when all of a sudden her name was shouted from somewhere amongst the group of people already gathered. With an eyebrow lifted she would scan around, until at last she saw the source of the unexpected excitement. It was Peri! A smile formed on her expression, and then she was making her way over torwards her Seliki friend. "Lady Peri! It's been so long! It's good to see you.~" she would say once the distance was closed, and then add: "Have you been well? Have you got any news to share?"

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Bhandn gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

In case anyone suspects Lilah isn't dead serious in her role as a Scholar devoted to Vellichor, the fact she pulls a pen from among the glittering rubicund on steel halo is probably bound to prick holes in that particular theory. Doubly so that her Confessor guardian hands over a book with a poker face fit to outwit some of the statues in the Hall of Heroes, that she might flick it open and find a fresh page. That calls for a perch somewhere, even as she flashes a brilliant smile to those she recognizes -- Marian, Artur, Mihaly over yonder. Kaia earns a finger-wiggle of greeting as well, Peri being caught within that. With so many people about she altogether shatters her focus simply to make those pretty notes in arrangement. There has to be /somewhere/ to perch, and the moment she has it, even if it's on the grass, so be it.

Baelos Redrain has a habit of attending only the most crowded events in Arx, it seems. Arriving, the large Northerner lingers near the perimeter for a moment before an opening presents itself and he angles toward the nearest drinks table. Although he wears a long steel sword at his waist, he does not get in line to present. He does get in line for a whiskey.

When it comes time to speak of her weapon, Princess Marian Redrain steps forward and pulls out a diamondplate sword, from blade tip to pommel is 36 and a half inches long in length with a 27 inch blade. The handle of the sword extends about 6 and half inches up above the guard, which is a very unusual design for a sword. A pair of bear heads are carved at the end of each guard, the grooved pommel giving the impression of a griped claw. She then clearly speaks to how this weapon came into her possession, "Prince Fergus Redrain gifted me Second Chance as a wedding gift. A diamondplate sword meant to replace Oathbinder, the heirloom sword that I gave back to House Valardin when I stepped down from the mantle of Sword of Sanctum."

Marian gives a deep smile and it's clear that she loved the man that gifted her this sword, "He called the weapon Second Chance because he hoped this sword would come to represent a second chance at love, a second chance to have a family. He knew my fierce nature and my need to protect my family from those that would threaten them. And when his life was taken far too soon, and I accepted the mantle of Warchief, it became my symbol of hope on the battlefield for my men to know I am there to protect them."

Caspian looks over to Mikani a moment, then speaks to her quietly, saying, "Some faces I know here, lots of them I don't. It's going to take a while for me to get back into the swing of things."

Waldemai gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Turn in line: Eleanor

Mikani nods a bit. "Though I'm sure you will get back into the swing quickly. If there is anyone you want an introduction to ... let me know ...." She smiles at her cousin.

Baelos is overheard praising Marian: To the last!

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Rysen gazes at Marian, and his grey eyes gleam with admiration. "I could tell many a tale of Second Chance myself," he says softly. "Many an Undrowned Son fell to that blade in my presence, and I believe it most recently brought an end to the largest and most aggressive shark I've ever seen."

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Reese arrives at the gathering while adorned in her rosy tunic and sleek ivory leggings. The girl has pink ribbons threaded in her golden locks. She goes to find a place a sit, her expression thoughtful and her smile slight and yet still sincere, touching her blue eyes.

Tescelina exhales and as the participates begin to share, she listens firstly to Marian's tale. "Hope is the greatest standard held upon the battlefield. We are honored to be in the presence of such a symbol. Thank you, Warchief." She bows her head.

Reese gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Icelyn inclines her head, half nod, half respectful bow, listening raptly as Marian details the history of her sword.

Mihaly looks over Marian's sword, and the nod he gives at the end is an approving one. "Your late husband clearly had good taste in weapons. I had heard of Fergus Redrain's skill, never saw it personally though. But the rumor was you were his better in the ring. Quite the rivarly." A bit of a smile at that. "Looks like it was tailor made for your hand. A good blade."

Marian gives a grin at Rysen as he speaks of more recent events that Second Chance has seen, "This bastard sword has never failed me in battle. It has stayed by my side, only to be drawn in dire consequences." She bows stiffly from her wounds to Tescelina's words, "Thank you for letting me stand and honor my departed husband's skill who designed this weapon himself and worked closely with a crafter to see his vision brought to life."

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Waldemai bobs his head toward Princess Denica as he is introduced to her. "Your highness," he says.

Marian laughs deeply at Mihaly's words and then admits, "No...he never beat me in the ring. And perhaps Second Chance had a deeper meaning that some day he would have that chance." She gives a wink to the crowd, "He was a rather stubborn bear like that."

It would appear Baelos has found his whiskey, because he raises it across the crowded gathering toward Marian as she finishes. He has a deep baritone that matches his frame, and his voice carries despite the general buzz: "To the last!"

Peri's chatter with Kaia slows down as Marian and the others share their stories.

Lucita lowers her voice so she is not interrupting the speakers but is exchanging comments with those nearby.

There's a swift smile to Marian at the presentation of her weapon as Artur listens to the story. Though he doesn't have much to add at the moment as he takes another draw from his whiskey, raising a toast when his more boisterous cousin calls out.

Dame Eleanor Allenatore, Lord Commander of the King's Own, steps forward from the edges of the gathering. "Good evening, everyone. Thank you for a wonderful event," she tells the hosts with a warm smile. "I thought some of you might be interested to hear some of the history of the Lord Commander's Dueling Sword." She reaches to her hip and pulls it out to hold it lengthways over her palms for admiration. It's an alaricite long sword; the only adornment is a crown set with diamonds at the cross guard, and a dawnstone in the Monarch's Own sigil on the pommel.

"It dates back to before the Reckoning, when it was given as a gift to King Alar by King Calithex of the Nox'alfar. For many years, it was passed from Monarch to Monarch until the reign of Queen Triscali. She was besieged by traitors in her house, and a Knight of Solace named Jurica took the sword and used it to defend the Queen, ultimately sacrificing her life to keep the Queen alive."

Eleanor gazes at the sword with plain admiration. "When the Monarch's Own was eventually created, the sword was given to the first Lord Commander. It has been passed down to each ever since, including to Dame Leona before me and Sir Dayne before her, who wielded it at his death." She nods once and then returns the sword to her hip. "I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to know more, later. Thank you."

Reese looks to Marian, listening to her words with thoughtful attention, the girl nodding her way. She has a wave for Waldemai and lifts her glass of autumn ale in a toast as Baelos speaks.

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Eleanor drops The King's Own Silver Dueling Long Sword.

Reese then turns her attention to Eleanor and her weapon that she studies with interest. She looks respectful and impressed.

Tescelina curtsies before Eleanor as she shares the tale of that fabled blade. "It gleams with the silver heart of all the King's Own. The depths of its history are immeasurable, I'm certain. For those who have fallen to protect the Crown, we give thanks -- that the Compact endures."

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Caspian wields Thrall's Fury, a diamondplate seax.

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When Eleanor shares the story of the King's Own Silver Dueling Long Sword, Corban comes to a bit of attention, his hands folding behind his back in respect for the Sword of the Crown. He takes in the alarcite weapon as it is displayed, solemn, especially when Lord Commander Dayne is mentioned.

Marian grabs a drink and then raises her glass to toast, "To the last!" Toasting her departed husband for his vision and bravery till the end. She then quiets to hear Eleanor speak of a legendary sword in her possession. She looks impressed by the weapon and has to ask, "Do they know of the crafter who forged the weapon?"

Delilah cants her gaze higher, a quiet conversation held on the fringes while she inscribes what must be a paragraph of text in a remarkably quick period of time. The pen held in her right hand spins a sonnet in vivid gall-oak shadows, sinuous and sleek, though her summer-sky gaze takes in Eleanor's presentation of the silvery blade with sharpened interest. Pupils narrow slightly, her eyes going wide with interest. Rounding her lips, she murmurs, "Oh," appreciatively. It's the closest she might get to a whistle.

Reese is overheard praising Marian: Warchief of Redrain - honoring memories and fighting on!

Denica seems to be quietly chatting to those nearby her, though the Thrax princess still finds the time and energy to wave at both Baelos and Reese, as she finally notices the fellow princelings around the area.

Siggi, a small fox arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Bhandn has since procured for himself something to whet both his appetite and thirst, and the former is quickly appeased. He's had little to eat today, so the food is a welcome surprise. By the time Marian has finished giving her story, he's raising his drink in a tribute, and the Lord Commander of the One Hundred is just as raptly listened too. Sir Bhandn's eyebrows do raise over the tale of Jurica, and by the time Eleanor is done talking, he's openly staring at her for several seconds before he can shake it off and take a long pull at his own drink.

Caspian steps forward, drawing his diamondplate seax, Thrall's Fury, from it's scabbard. "This is Thrall's Fury. It doesn't have a rich history, but it's name has meaning." He says to the group. "And that meaning? Fuck Thralldom. It is an injustice and indignation upon the soul and god given freedom of humanity. Any thrall should be furious. That's all I had to say!" And with that he enters the crowd once more, sheathing his dagger.

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Aleksei slips into the sanctum, quiet along the edges at first, not wanting to disturb as he finds himself a spot to stand. He offers a quick smile to a few particularly familiar faces among the crowd, his thumbs hooking at his swordbelt as he stands in a relaxed, askew sort of posture. His sword is there, buckled at his hip, but he doesn't immediately dive in to take a favor or get in line. When Caspian steps forward to introduce his sword, his smile flashes into a wide, approving grin.

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Rysen raises his mug to Eleanor as she finishes speaking, and grins broadly at Caspian's words. "Well said, Caspian!" he shouts.

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Reese is overheard praising Caspian: Yeah, Champion Freer Caspian!

Tescelina offers a polite clapping as the Champion shares the meaning of his seax. "Let it break many chains."

Marian raises her glass to Caspian, "All blades that bear meaning deserve a toast." She takes a sip and smiles at the champion, showing that this blade is honored by her tonight.

A shrill whistle sounds over the crowd. It comes out of Icelyn, who is looking at Caspian as he sheathes his weapon and departs. She fails to smile, but there's something of the righteous fury in her eye that suggests quite a lot of approval for that one.

Reese returns Denica's wave with a dimple-framed smile that warms her blue eyes. "Princess Denica." She greets. She then looks upon Caspian, looking impressed. "Yay, Champion Liberator Caspian!" She says.

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Eleanor gets The King's Own Silver Dueling Long Sword.

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Once it becomes Mihaly's turn to speak, he takes the falchion in his hands, looking it over with a fondness he usually reserves for family members. Or maybe his pet cat. Either way, after that moment of thoughts, he looks back up. "This was not my sword. Not initially. It was my brother's sword. Years ago, when I was younger man, he promised me his sword once I became Knight Commander of the Twainfort. There was always something of a friendly bet we had. If I became Knight Commander before his daughter and my niece came of age to be become Countess." The sword is nothing to write home about. It's a simple falchion, possibly older than some of the people standing in the area, but it's nothing fascinating. A curved single edged sword with black wrapped leather grip. But if nothing else it was superbly made and well kept, but not unused.

"Then the day came that changed my house and my family. Riven as well as Greenwoods were slaughtered to a man. And suddenly I, at the time the youngest of the siblings suddenly became guardian for three youths. But I was the eldest Riven then, and I had to identify my family. And my brother. He was still holding this weapon in his hand. He did not go quietly, and that. That is all you can hope for." He had been looking down at the sword while telling his tale, his beard covered cheek twitching a bit. "The sword lacked a name, Laveer never told me what it was. Or what he had planned on calling it. So I gave it one. I call this sword Consequence. It is a reminder the consequence of loss. What you can lose, but what I gained was a niece who I view as my own daughter these days, having no children of my own." The old Sword gives a slightly strained smile at the crowd. "Thank you for letter me tell the sword's story."

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The Bull of Solace arrives in the sanctum, sliding to the side. Jeffeth tucks himself away as unassuming as a man of his massive size can. His massive arms fold over his large chest, his eyes alighting on the front of the line. Listening to those who speak quietly.

Turn in line: Artur

Kaia is overheard praising Mihaly.

Reese is overheard praising Mihaly: Warrior o Mihaly and his blade Consequence.

Reese sucks in a soft breath as she listens to Mihaly's words, the Princess seemingly somber.

Tescelina's features soften and her lip turns into a small smile. She curtsies before Mihaly as he shares the history of his storied sword. "We do not choose an easy path to walk. But you walk it with great honor. It is my pleasure to know this tale, I shan't forget it -- I thank you."

As Mihaly finishes the history of his falchion, Rysen presses a fist to his chest in military salute. "Thank you, Lord Mihaly," he says, with a tremble of deep feeling heard in his voice.

As his turn in line comes up, Artur steps forward. He glances at the spear he carries. "Beastbane doesn't really have a story yet. So we're gonna make a story for it. But that's not about tonight. Tonight, I'm going to tell you about a different weapon."

And he swears he hears the Redrain contingent /groan/ at the idea that he's going to tell the story of Weohstan's lance /again/.

But instead, the Redrain Prince considers and speaks. "In the northlands, in the times before the Queen Alarice and the Elven War, there was a warrior that would stand against the sylv'alfar. Raw, powerful men and women that could stand up against the elves, and for every one of them that killed one of them, they would take twelve down in return. The source of this power was believed to be in their very soul, that a shaman could see and unlock."

"In order to keep these Furyborn in check, to prevent them from going berzerk, they would take on ritualized restrictions. They would swear to thigs such as never harming a woman, to never wear a form of a garment, or to not re-sheathe a weapon without shedding blood. If they violated these geasa, they would bring dishonor to themselves, break their powers, and possibly invite their own death. The most dangerous weapon of all sometimes could be a warrior with a creed and the willpower to resist their greatest temptation." With that, he steps down for the next in line.

Eleanor pauses near Marian as she makes her way back toward Corban. "I don't know," she answers the Princess's question with a shake of her head. "It would be interesting to know, certainly, but I never actually thought about it. I assume a Nox'alfar weaponsmith."

Turn in line: Bhandn

Rysen glances at Tescelina as Artur speaks, and then raises his mug to Artur. "Well said, Your Highness."

Kaia is overheard praising Artur.

Marian is overheard praising Artur: To Weohstan!

Tescelina's head tilts a bit to the side. She offers a polite clap. "An important sentiment. We mustn't forget that behind every weapon is a soul to guide it, for good or ill."

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Marian raises a glass to Mihaly, and praises his story with this toast, "To Consequence..." She understands loss and can feel sympathy, "Thank you for your tale." Then she smiles deeply as Artur comes up to tell a tale of a Weohstan's lance. She also raises her glass to Artur. She then turns to Eleanor and nods in agreement that it would be interesting to know, "Sometimes I wonder with this mythic blades the origins of their crafter, the fine talent that brought them into this world. Oftentimes we praise the wielder but there is also something to be said for those that forged the weapons we carry today."

Bhandn's turn is delayed only in the amount of time it takes him to remove the leather belt that keeps his scabbards attached to his back. A few seconds later and he is drawing the smaller of the two, holding up that plain, unadorned fine steel that he keeps polished and well-honed. He holds it almost ceremonially, the flat of the blade on one hand, the other hand grasping the hilt. And when he talks, it's in a rather quiet voice, his grey eyes looking at the simple weapon the entire time.

"My story is rather unexciting, I fear," he says, his deep voice a touch rueful at the start. "This sword is not the very first one I ever owned, but I always called them by the same name: Vigil. A bit unimaginative, using the same name, but I always felt I needed a reminder to keep a constant watch, in my duties and otherwise. I've lost count how many times I've had to have a new blade reforged over the years, be it from wear or damage. The most recent time was just over a year ago, just after deciding to stay here for some time. That, I suppose, is the real story here. Time and use may cause one's might to fade, but it can always be replaced by something new. In this case, something greater than it used to be, for which I am grateful."

And with those words said, he offers a slight bow before moving to return the weapon to its home, and the scabbards riding on his back once again.

Amund considers Artur's tale, nodding to the Redrain Prince in thanks for the story, his gaze contemplative and distracted for a moment.

Reese is overheard praising Artur: Redrain warrior Prince!

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Turn in line: Rysen

Reese is overheard praising Bhandn: Devoted and honorable Knight of Solace!

"Very true," Eleanor says to Marian with a nod. "And whoever the crafter was, they created something that has lasted for lifetimes." She pats the hilt. "You know, it reminds me. Apparently Queen Triscali considered naming the sword after Jurica. But in the end, it was named the Lord Commander's Own Dueling Sword. Because the name of the wielder was less important than the duty."

Tescelina is very patient for all those seconds Bhandn requires to present his weapon. The knightess inclines her head, knitting her hands before her as she says, "A broken thing is not a defeated thing. You stand, and your vigil continues." These words, she says, with a deep sincerity. "Thank you for sharing."

Reese is still listening to the stories while curled-up on the grass with her autumn ale. She keeps her attention on first Arhur and then Bhandn, speaking out her praises after they finish. She has a dimpled smile for Bhandn.

"Very true," says Rysen to Bhandn. "And for what it's worth, I think 'Vigil' is a poetic name, and well suited to one who protects."

One piece of good news about raising a toast to Fergus is it means a new glass of whiskey. With that in hand, Baelos continues his ambling journey through the crowd as others tell the stories of their blades. He is certainly part of the contigent of Redrain who groans at Artur - someone had to - but otherwise he is mostly silent but for passing greetings to familiar faces as he wanders. Nod here, finger gun there, smile flash, bicep flex fist pump, and so on. It helps that he goes to parties - a lot - these days, all the more time for custom hellos. Speaking of which, he eventually comes across the dimunitive (in size if not spirit) Denica. "Ah, Princess, hello again. Finding inspiration?"

Rysen wields Ruby Axe.

"In a way, the maker sets the tale in motion on the first telling. The weapon takes a place in its history alongside its wielders, a constant that flows from one set of hands to the next, one era to another," Lilah offers in quiet response to Marian's thoughts. She inclines her head slightly as Bhandn finishes, her gaze settled upon his blade for a time. "A constant through change. Many of these pieces acquire their own stories beyond the weight of who carried them, and perhaps that sets the tone for their use."

When it is Rysen's turn to speak, he holds up his Ruby Axe, and says, "My people are renown for wielding axes in battle, but I was trained by Sir Roland Rivers, of the Telmarch at the insistence of my mother's family - much to the chagrin of my father, and so always trained with swords. One day, when I was fighting beside a small group in the village of Eresport not four hours ride from here, my retainer Rukhnis and I were surrounded by ... by seemingly unstoppable enemies." Rysen frowns a little at the memory, but continues, "When things looked to be at their worst, Sir Merek Black - beloved by Jayus - swung his hammer on steel, and the ringing sound smashed the silence that had gathered, and called all of our enemies to his location."

Rysen takes a sip of his ale, and then goes on: "We ended up in a bloody fight that lasted several hours, but, in the end, it was prayers, not swords, that ultimately delivered us. When we returned, Sir Merek said that a Knight of House Crovane should carry an axe, and forged me Ruby Axe in the Northlands style. I have come to love this weapon, and it's served me well on patrol, and reminds me of how powerful we are when we come together."

Turn in line: Mikani

Bhandn has a slightly sheepish look to give Rysen, but there's a faint hint of a grin that's quickly gone at the words offered to him. Not embarassment, exactly, but he buries his face in his drink in short order, and backs away to go make an intercept course to where Zara may be, offering Her Highness a brief bow and a few quietly spoken words.

Turn in line: Tescelina

Tescelina smiles a little at Rysen's tale and bows her head. "The lesson for which we have all gathered. Our kinship in arms, in story. Glory to the Compact." Oh, it her turn...

Reese is overheard praising Rysen: Warrior Crovane Bard with an Axe and well a great host too!

Mihaly gives a nod to those who acknowledge the story of Consequence, but something that Marian says pick at his attention. "That's a point I've often thought about. I don't know who made the sword, but there have been times where I wish I could spend going through my brother's papers. At least find the smith, so I could thank them personally for making a weapon that did not abandon."

Marian gives a nod and then tells Eleanor, "I think that speaks to the sentiment in which the sword was forged. And in some ways, I think it's important to remember that a weapon of such beauty is only truly something when it is brought to bear in protecting the Crown and Compact." She raises her glass to Lilah for her words on how the sword takes on a life of it's own past the original wielder. She then pauses as Rysen tells the tale of his Ruby Axe and then praises both Rysen and the man that forged it, Merek Black, "To brothers and sisters of arms who have saved us in our hour of need."

Standing quietly as she listens to each speak, Zara gives them her full and sober attention. As Bhandn approaches, her eyes turn a moment to him, warmer in welcome, although Tescelina fixes her gaze as she is due to speak.

Reese is still listening to the others speak and still curled-up with her drink. She looks upon Rysen's axe and then turns her focus to Tescelina.

Tea might be a welcome addition right about now, but Delilah flexes her wrist back to ease out the tension. A good shake and she's back to writing, the words spun into another page of remarks that slip in across even lines stamped on the parchment. A rather eloquent testament to Ruby Axe's creation warrants a smile out of her, and she nods to Rysen and Marian in kind. Those star-bright eyes seek Tescelina through the crowd, easily enough done despite her diminished vantage -- sitting and writing being something much more sociable rather than using another person's back or shield as a writing surface. The wicked-quick stiletto dance of her pen's point reels off another sliver of immortalized deed and thought, then hovers, awaiting the contribution from the Wyrmguard knight.

Eleanor's smile spreads until it's full and delighted. "That's a beautiful way of putting it, Your Highness," she tells Marian with a firm nod. "Thank you for putting into words that way, it's exactly how I feel about it." She gives the hilt another fond pat and turns to listen to the next speaker.

Rysen nods in agreement with Tescelina, and to Marian as she speaks to Eleanor. He drinks the rest of his ale and his retainer Lygeia is quick to bring him another. Rysen's eyes flash for a second to Delilah as she writes, and he smiles, no doubt most eager to read the scholar and fellow member of the Inquisition's record once it's been fully prepared.

Bhandn offers Zara a nod over what she says to him, a momentary smile that's also sad taking over his features before he can bury it in the rest of his acquired beverage. He continues to speak quietly with the Valardin princess, though.

Marian pauses at Mihaly's words and then agrees with the sentiment, "I wish I knew who my husband contracted to build his design." She gives a shake of her head, "He never told me who forged it like your own brother. It would be interesting to know, so I could thank them for the lasting memory of his love that I carry with me always." At Eleanor's words, Marian places a hand over her heart and then tells her, "You honor me with your words...thank you." She pauses to motion for a server to bring her a new glass since her own toasts have emptied her glass.

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Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Quartus, Fourth of Monique's Assistants, Honor, a tiny bodyguard with a huge glaive arrive, following Delia.

"May not be as hard as you might think." Mihaly considers thoughtfully. "I may not be a smith, but I am old, and you learn a couple of things when you come to this point." A tilt of the head, looking over the weapon Marian had brought. "Odds are, your husband likely had the sword made in the city somewhere and if I recall correctly, someone once told me that most smiths put some kind of...brand? Etching? Mark or of the like on the weapon somewhere. Sort of like a brand name? I'd wager if you showed the weapon around to a couple of smiths, they may be able to tell you who made it." He rolls a shoulder then, looking at his own blade. "That's just a guess, at least."

Quartus, Fourth of Monique's Assistants, Honor, a tiny bodyguard with a huge glaive leave, following Delia.

Arcadia, Eira arrive, following Volcica.

When Tescelina steps forward to share her tale, she removes a well-kept but equally well-used rapier and dagger from her swordbelt. "I was a small girl," she begins. Her voice is low and quiet. It causes her to draw in a breath, as if she needs more air, and exhales it as she speaks again -- still muted, but elevated:

"When I said I wished to be a knight, when I said I wished to save people, my mother scoffed. My father, he tried. From all across the Oathlands he brought knights of great renown to meet me. They asked me to lift sacks of flour or mount a horse. They asked me to run miles, chop wood. I could not do these things very well. He lost hope and he told me, Lina -- perhaps it is not for you. I begged him, I said -- one more knight, Father. It is all that I wish to be, it is what I /want/ to be."

She looks up at those gathered, from the weapons in her hands. "Sir Dax was very old. He was nearly fifty when we met. He had tea with me. Saw something in me. And when I became his squire he knew that the normal means by which a knight is trained would not suffice. We traveled for a time, across the Compact, and I met many sword masters of many styles. None of them took. But all the while Sir Dax never lost hope and neither did I. We went to Sanctum, witnessing a Champion's duel with a southern fencer. Her style was elegant, required two blades -- such as these -- " The rapier and dagger are presented. "We stayed in the city for months, I learned everything I could, and I stand before you now a master swordswoman."

Tescelina closes her gloved hands on the weapons. "I have failed, in my time as a knight. You know who I am, no?" She sounds sad. "The Knight of Sunflowers." There's a slow exhale. "I -- But these weapons, they have been with me through it all. They are with me still. I am still -- here. I stand before you, my tale is not yet finished. And as we think of the past, I look to the future -- I vow that the Knight of Sunflowers shall be a name which stands for all that is right and chivalrous. No longer a slur against me. I vow upon these blades."

She tenses her jaw. "I vow upon my life." There's a swift bow. A silence. And a quiet, "Thank you."

Rysen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Bhandn mutters, "... nearly fifty ... very old, ... ... think ... ancient?"

Turn in line: Waldemai

6 King's Own Guardsmen, Narses leave, following Eleanor.

Waldemai holds up a smith's hammer, an elaborate one with a gem set in the handle. "I'm a smith," he says simply. "When I put my armor on and fight, I fight with a smith's hammer. I'm used to it and," he smiles, "After a few years of practice I can hit someone pretty hard. So, anyway, I used to go to the Sunday night fights in the Golden Hart and sometimes I fought, and when I did I used my regular hammer. One day a lady watched me get beat up and she had a nicer hammer made for me, and this is it. I use it in the forge and I use it in the arena, and when I'l called on to defend our people, I'll use it in battle. A good hammer does a lot of work."

Reese is overheard praising Tescelina: Great event! An Honorable Knight and warrior.

When Tescelina finishes, Jeffeth claps obnoxiously loud. He probably doesn't mean it, but it's very loud. He's smiling brightly.

Reese is overheard praising Waldemai: Smith Warrior Waldemai!

Rysen gazes silently at Tescelina as she speaks, and some flash of emotion touches his face when she tells of her steps on the path of chivalry, though he quickly suppresses it. "You have /not/ failed," he says softly but forcefully and takes a long drink of ale before turning his attention to Waldemai.

Turn in line: Jeffeth

Reese sucks in a soft breath as she listens to Tescelina's words. The girl gives her a gentle hopeful smile, seeming to have great faith in the Knight. She then looks to Waldemai and he gets a smile as well. "I like seeing you at the events and spars, Master WAldemai."

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

As Tescelina speaks, Zara's quiet conversation comes to a pause. A very long and very solemn pause as she listens to the young woman. In the shadow of Jeffeth, her own support is easily overlooked: a firm nod, quiet and earnest.

Marian gives a nod at Mihaly's words and then muses, "I should probably go to Dame Ida. She knows most of the weaponsmiths. If she doesn't recognize the signature then no one will." She gives a pause then then listens to Tescelina's story. There is a somber look given as the young woman speaks of her own story that has overlaid the weapons that she now carries. She raises her glass to her and honors her tale before turning eye to Waldemai. At the mention of the craft and the fights in the ring, Marian honors him with a deep bow, "Tonight we celebrate blades...but that also means those that wield and those that forge. Thank you for your story."

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"Failure and defeat are two very different things, Lady Wyrmguard," Sir Bhandn calls out from where he's standing, "yet here you are, standing." He leaves it at that, as he is very much interested in listening to the next people to speak, offering the smith a raise of his drink.

Waldemai nods back to Princess Reese. "And I you, your highness." He pats his pouch. "I can't count the silver I've won betting on you."

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Zara is overheard praising Tescelina.

Mikani is overheard praising Tescelina.

Rysen grins at Waldemai speaks of his combat style and his hammer. "A good hammer does a lot of work indeed!" he says with a chuckle. "I am looking forward to the next round of spars in the Hart."

Marian is overheard praising Tescelina: For hosting the event and her stirring tale.

Icelyn raises her glass to Tescelina as the other knight leaves the spotlight. She closes her eyes, brushes at her cheek, and turns her head away for a while. Only at the tail end of Waldemai's own explanation does she turn back to face the speakers.

Volcica steps into the gardens, skirting around the back of the gathering. She's very late, but the Stahlben shaman is here to listen, and so the back is just fine.

Arcadia is late. Her and Volcica slip in and move towards the back to listen. She does whisper briefly to Vola and looks to Rysen with uncontrolled mischief.

"Ahm..." The low sound emits from the large frame of Jeffeth Bayweather, the massive man making his way to the front. "I don't have the weapon I'd like to talk about." He shines an apologetic smile over to Tescelina. "Hope that's alright. But some other people have done it so I figure I can as well. Sorry, Lady Tescelina." Jeffeth clears his throat, straightenig into Presentation Mode. His shoulders widen, his chest goes even broader.

"I'd like to speak about a lady. A lady first and then a sword. Though they share a name. That name is Sandrine."

Just at the name, Jeffeth is pulling up his lips into a soft smile. "Sandrine's story is my favorite to tell. She has a lovely story."

The story is quite long, and Jeffeth is able to keep his emotions in check. Those his eyes do start to well up at one point. He swallows hard and manages to keep any excessive emotions at bay. It tells the story of Sandrine, the Sword of Solace. Though he's kind of quiet, perhaps not everyone can hear. But it's definitely spoken. When Jeffeth finally ends, he takes in a deep breath and puts his hand on his heart. Whew.

But it begins with: "Sandrine has a tale..."

"The word failure is a misused one, lass." Mihaly offers to Tescelina. "Failure only implies you didn't learn from the experience. Learning difference means there was no failure, only that you learned something new."

Alban, an enormous palomino destrier with massive feathered hooves, a fine-boned, silver Volkov-Forest mare arrive, following Svoli.

Reese waves over to Arcadia. "Countess Cady." She says, giving Volicia a smile as well. She is quick to turn her attention to Jeffeth though, listening to him with polite attention.

Delilah's seated somewhat cross-legged, a book in her lap and the pen exchanged for another as Tescelina finishes her tale and Waldemai takes up his. That means plucking her pen from her hair, no less, another ray of the star returned. "Those who fall only fail if they never attempt to rise again. Go to your knees on your own account. Accept a hand given to you. Drive the point of the broken blade into the ground, get back up, and you have succeeded. It is failure never to have tried or to let that fell you. You, Lady Tescelina, are not that."

Reese is overheard praising Jeffeth: Solace Knight!

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrives, following Niklas.

Turn in line: Reese

Mikani elbows Caspian softly teasing her cousin.

Zara is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Tescelina keeps her chin tucked, a small handkerchief of light purple silk is used to clean at her eyes. She nods gratefully, but retains her silence. A faint smile is offered to the others in gratitude, especially for their support. Its a bit overwhelming, but it seems to move her to a warmth in her features. Her eyes, once clean, observe Jeffeth; he's given an approving smile.

Jason, a valet arrives, following Angelo.

Jason, a valet leaves, following Angelo.

Reese rises and shows her silvery pink short with roses, hearts, griffins and dragons. Her cheeks are warmed with pink and her voice is just loud enough to carry, but no louder. "My sword Devotion is a new sword, so she fits well with me. She was crafted by Mistress Hana who does amazing work and was one of her first atricite weapons. I am very honored and blessed to have Devotion and I always strive to be worthy of such. I am very thankful to Hana and Jayus every time I use her. She has been with me through many battles, since the siege of Silence, to the Gyre battle. I feel her at my side every day and am reminded that each moment is a chance to be better and to live up to such a weapon. I hope to one day leave her to one of my nieces. I give thanks to Gloria that I am blessed with such blade and given the chance to fight for Compact."

Turn in line: Aleksei

"It's a beautiful weapon, Your Highness," says Reese. "Did you have it crafted for the Silent War specifically? Or was it in your possession before the war broke out?" he asks.

After saying a few words to Denica, who seems absorbed in her work, Baelos turns to retrieve a third glass of whiskey. The serious story telling has him a bit more subdued this evening than is typical.

Reese looks upon Rysen. "I got this blade during such. I saved up almost funds, but then I was short and Prince Laric gave me a hundred thousand to help with the rest. It was in the middle of the siege. I wanted to fight as good as I could against Silence." She says softly, sounding grateful.

Caspian elbows Mikani back, looking to her with a side eye. "What?" He asks back to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

Marian raises her glass and toasts Sandrine of Solace who is featured in Jeffeth's tale. She looks thoughtful as she thinks on the tale and then turns her attention to Reese. She smiles at the name of the sword, raising her glass to her friend. She also makes a point of toasting Mistress Hana who made the blade. When Rysen asks his question on the wars the sword has fought, she looks interested for more of the sword's tale. When she hears the Master of Questions helped fund the making of the blade, she toasts him as well.

Volcica stares blankly at Arcadia for a moment, and then looks to Rysen, and back.

Mikani smiles widely. "Just so glad you are back in Arx. I've really missed you, cousin."

There are a pair of generally unattended horses that wander up with Svoli. She takes a look around, gives something like an awkward bow toward those already gathered before heading off after the libations.

Tescelina draws in a breath, still holding her handkerchief. Fixated on the story Jeffeth told. "The true spirit of knighthood is not so simple a thing as title, or even House -- it is a vow to be more. To be as a symbol. That was a wonderful tale, Sir Bayweather," she says gratefully.

For Reese's story she bows her head. "Thank you, Your Highness."

Bhandn takes a moment to murmur a brief word to Zara, a suggestion of a bow given to her as he heads over to not only refill his drink, but to get a second one in his spare hand. The second is not for him or for Zara, though, as he's offering it to Jeffeth without a word and a bow of the head.

Arcadia murmurs to Volcica, "It was self defence. He called archery cowardly. And then something about being stubborn and unvirtuous."

Reese goes to sit back down, putting her sword in her lap which is sheathed. She does seem to caress the blade though.

Aleksei looks up from some quieter conversation when he realizes it's his turn. He looks just briefly sheepish, and then steps up into his place. He unsheathes the longsword at his hip, laying it flat across his hands so that the alaricite is left gleaming. "So," he says. "I could try to say that I charmed an elf for this sword, but that wouldn't exactly be true; she wasn't that impressed. I said the right words for it by accident, more like. It was one of the weapons gifted by the Nox'alfar to the Compact during the Silent War. For a while, it looked like we weren't going to get any: the diplomatic delegation the Nox'alfar sent ended up leaving early after receiving insult. In the end, Lorelai gifted the weapons on her own to one person in particular who had shown her wit and respect, and that person gifted them in turn to warriors among the commons and lower nobility he trusted to use them in service of the Compact -- the sorts of people who were unlikely to ever be able to afford such a weapon themselves." He pauses a beat, and then adds, "Oh, that was Orazio, not me. In case that wasn't clear. Back when he was still Legate. Anyways, I think Lorelai had told him she had intended one for me before she and the delegation left."

"I named in Chainbreaker, because Skald was newly-remembered and I'm a dramatic little shit. But also because it's what I wanted to do with it. Break chains. I wasn't a priest yet, much less Skald's Archlector. By all rights, the Faith could have laid claim to it when they released me, but they were generous. Chainbreaker was not the blade that cut Tolamar Brand's head from his body, but it is one of the ones that cut his flesh in the fight he fell in. I'm not a sellsword or a soldier, so the blood it spills is more often Abyssal than human. There are lots of types of chains in the world. I expect there will come fights for it in the Mourning Isles for that reason, unfortunately. But all of its story has been my story. It was forged by the Nox'alfar, but I don't think it had a life before me. Once, it was intended to remain with the Faith as a symbol of office for the Archlector of Skald. I'd like to think they'd still take it after I die. But hopefully that won't come before it takes down a lot more of the darkness."

And then, with one swift and sudden motion, he sheathes the blade once more. "/Anyways/," he says. "Wasn't even the most valuable thing Lorelai gave me. Hopefully my son will forgive me for not passing it onto him, but I'm pretty sure they've got hundreds of 'em at hand in the Twilight Court." His smile turns sheepish once more, his shoulders lifting in a bit of a shrug, and he steps back.

Reese is overheard praising Aleksei: Breaker of chains and wielder of Chainbreaker!

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Reese waves happily to Svoli and then listens to Aleksei with polite attention. She keeps her own blade in her lap, giving the weapon a bit an adoring look.

Caspian is overheard praising Aleksei: Gotta love a good dig at Thralldom

Turn in line: Mikani

Caspian gives Mikani's back a little pat, "Missed you too. Now, go up there and regal the audience with your tale!"

Rysen listens to Aleksei with rapt attention. "Damn those merchants," he mutters. "I should have told them to wait until I'd heard the rest." Rysen smiles warmly at Aleksei, and says, "Thank you for sharing the history of Chainbreaker. It is truly a magnificent weapon, Aleksei." The Crovane lord raises his mug in toast to the Paladin of Freedom.

"It sounds like a tale from a legend." Tescelina says with something /like/ amusement in her voice as Aleksei shares. "May it see to its namesake, until none remain. How we acquire something matters far less than what purpose it comes to serve. Chainbreaker shall continue to do Skald's godly work, I have no doubt."

Marian honors Chainbreaker and Aleksei who wields it, giving a nod at the events in the Silent War and Tolamar Brand. Then finishes her glass and motions for the server to bring her another. There's an easier smile on her face since the two drinks are starting to work their magic and relax the hardened warchief. She also seems less bothered by the bandages underneath her tunic. She nods at Tescelina's words and gives a soft prayer to Skald at the merits of freedom and the value of fighting for it.

Aleksei gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Bhandn also lifts his drink and takes a pull from it at Aleksei's story, yet afterwards he is staring at his own drink with a distinct frown on his lips, quiet and unresponsive.

Aleksei puts a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil in a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Delilah falls still and silent as Aleksei shares his tale of Chainbreaker, her expression going distant to the telling. A hint of a smile fades out, leaving her with a curious inclination of her head while listening.

Aleksei gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Alban, an enormous palomino destrier with massive feathered hooves have been dismissed.

a fine-boned, silver Volkov-Forest mare have been dismissed.

Aleksei puts a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil in a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Aleksei gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Mihaly smiles a touch leaning on the balls of his feet, looking askance to Marian. "Here are all these people with their fancy diamondplate and alaricite blades, and I bring a steel one to the party." he muses with a light chuckle. "Not the first time I've pulled the short stick at a particular venture." he pauses then, as if to continue that line of thought. "No, I haven't had enough to drink to make that joke, but you see what I'm getting at."

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Micana have been dismissed.

1 Saik Guard have been dismissed.

Reese looks over to Mihaly. "Warriors who go to battle with steel and in steel are in many ways the strongest of all."

Mikani pulls out two small axes. The shafts are hand held and the blades are diamond plate. Mikani holds them and watches them before looking up at the audience. "I was born a Thrall. When I was little, though I was a hardworker, I always imagined seeing the world. Anywhere past the horizon." She pauses her eyes moving back to her weapons. "After I worked hard and earned my freedom. I continued to work hard for Redreef ... eventually I was elevated to Lady of the Barony." Another pause. "Though I was accepted as family and I love my Redreef family dearly, there was something about being their Thrall that, well I never felt totally at home. I then did my duty and married the Count of Cedar Vale to uphold our contract. With the Count's death, it didn't feel like home." She pauses again.

"I knew when I met Lord Rysen, that man was going to change my life somehow. The Gods and Spirits seemed to whisper it at me. Each of our meetings. Our deep friendship. Later turned to love and I changed bit by bit. I finally started to feel like I had found a place." Mika holds up her small axes. "I have always been a small weapon fighter, after Lord Rysen and I married I knew I needed something to show the culmination of my life. These axes are it. Red Cedarwood. Blackwood. The shafts combined show my history. Redreef. Cedar Vale. Now Crovane. I am honored to finally find my place and I can't even begin to say how thankful I am that I made it that far." Mika ends with putting the small axes away and stepping back to her spot glad to be off the stage.

Reese is overheard praising Mikani: Lady Mikani is a survivor and a fight and very strong!

"Matters more what you do with the blade than what it's made of," Aleksei says to Mihaly with a faint, crooked smile.

Volcica casts another -look- at Arcadia, before sipping whiskey from a flask. "You don't lie very well, Countess."

Reese lifts her gaze to Mikani, listening to her word with close attention. The girl has a somber smile for her. "You are doing wonderful things Lady Mikani. You and well Crovane in general."

Caspian is overheard praising Mikani: Love and weapons, a perfect combination!

Rysen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum have been dismissed.

Arcadia mutters just loud enough to reiterate "I am not stubborn."

Marian gives a shake of her head and agrees with Aleksei, telling Mihaly, "No...not the short stick. Any blade that has fought in the defense of others is to be honored tonight." She gives him a clap on the shoulder, "Regardless of the material that went into making it." She then pauses to listen to Mikani's tale and once again raises her glass to honor the tale of love.

Rysen listens to Mikani and blushes furiously. His body remains composed enough, but his smile is bright and warm as he gazes on his wife.

Marian is overheard praising Rysen.

Caspian can't help but chuckle at Rysen, giving him a playful smile.

Caspian is overheard praising Rysen: Glad he has made my cousin happy.

Peri has joined the line.

Turn in line: Peri

Niklas wanders through the Sanctum followed an assistant, dictating something to the bard. "...will be on hand to assist in my own limited capacity. Et cetera et cetera Prince Niklas Grayson and all the rest. You get that?" He turns back to look at Roland who clearly hasn't been listening for some time, as the scrap of parchment on which he should have been writing down the boss' important missives instead has some lewd doodles on it, a half-dozen games of tic-tac-toe played against himself, which he still managed to lose, and a really cool S shape made out of straight lines. "Are you serious? Ugh. Go. Go to the College. Sing for Gianna. If you see Sam send him after me." He turns and immediately heads over to the refreshments tables, combining his passion for storytelling with his equally burning passion for other peoples food.

Tescelina offers an enthusiastic clasp of her hands at the tale Mikani shares. "Your hearts are strong, and these weapons symbolize that -- a romance of axes indeed. Finding your home, you will no doubt defend it with all of you."

Peri takes a steel longsword from a sword belt wrapped with a scrap of patterened cloth.

Volcica stands close by her sister-in-law, talking quietly even though her eyes remain on those speaking of swords.

"Oh certainly, not meant to discount that or such, I'm just going chalk it up to a healthy amount of envy, which I'm not so blind to admit to. But even if I did have something higher quality, not sure I'd stop carrying it anyways. The idea of fancy metals is nice, but not needed. But it looks nice." Mihaly remarks in kind, before his attention falls back to the next weapon spoken on. "You missed your calling as a trobairitz with a story like that."

Rysen takes Mikani's hand in his, and glances to Tescelina with a respectful nod. Noticing the bandages on Marian, he says to the Redrain Warchief softly, "From the shark's bite?" When he notices Niklas arrive, he smiles and raises his ale in greeting: "Glad you could make it, Your Highness."

Arcadia murmurs occassionally with her sister in law as she watches the talks.

Peri sets her toddy down and clears her throat. "I was not going to share a tale about my weapons today, but Lord Mihaly has inspired me." She unties the peace knot on her scabbord and pulls out a simple steel longsword. "I carried this sword in the Gyre War. It was my first war. It is just a simple steel sword." She salutes Lord Mihaly. "I still carry it despite the new sword my family made for me."

Peri drops a steel longsword.

Mikani holds Rysen's hand within both of her's. She murmurs something softly to Rysen as she stays close to him. Her eyes move to listen to Peri.

Reese looks upon the sword. "Oh, I remember that battle. I was very glad to you and your brother with us that battle and Lady Peri warrior on the seas in more ways than one!"

She puts it back in the scabbord and slowly reties the peace knot. Her fingers linger over the brighter, newer colors.

Peri takes a steel longsword.

Reese is overheard praising Peri: Lady Peri warrior on the seas in more ways than one.

Peri puts a steel longsword in a sword belt wrapped with a scrap of patterened cloth.

Tescelina is overheard praising Marian.

Tescelina is overheard praising Rysen.

Marian nods to Rysen quietly to indicate he's correct in the origins of her wounds, "Yes...and pulled a few stitches when wrestling that bear to the ground." She gives a sigh and motions to the drink in her hand, "But I've promised my cousin, Sophie, I shall abstain from further activities until these heal or she'll have my hide." She gives a toast to Peri for speaking of her first war and the weapon that got her through.

Tescelina is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Rysen smiles, and says to Peri, "It is a fine weapon, Lady Peri." He takes a sip of his ale and adds, "Yet you have another weapon that should make all the enemies of the Compact tremble - your mind. Your plans, your maps, your scholarship - the way you bring people together - your mind has saved countless lives by my estimation, and I imagine it will save many more."

Tescelina is overheard praising Mikani.

Rysen is overheard praising Tescelina.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Reese looks upon Marian. "I heard you saved many lives on the beach and well I hope and am sure you will heal quickly." She says in her direction.

Mihaly is overheard praising Mikani.

Mihaly is overheard praising Marian.

Volcica glances to Mikani, and then to Peri's sword. A glance is given to the spear she carries, but Volcica makes no move to join those wishing to speak.

Rysen laughs warmly and nods to Marian. "Gods and spirits, Your Highness. I honestly couldn't believe the first thing I saw upon breaking into the open was you /wresting a bear/. Thank the gods for Sister Sophie."

Tescelina steps forward and looks around. "Does anyone wish to share? If that is all, I -- have some closing words."

Arcadia is in the same mindset at Volcica, Her tattered old now still slung across her back.

Peri is unable to keep from grimacing in embarassment at the praise from Rysen. She picks up her mug and takes a sip most definitely not nonchalantly. It does not hide the flush.

Mikani claps for Peri and whistles. "Way to go Seliki!"

Niklas waves to Rysen and, once he has himself a pile of food, heads over to the northern lord. "It appears I got here too late, though. I missed some stories I'm certain I would have enjoyed hearing." He pats his hips as if double checking his own sword. "For the longest time I carried around Prince Barric's greatsword. I could have brought that in and shown it off. Unfortunately the dramatic story behind that one was 'I found this in a closet and Tikva never told me to put it back' which isn't that great. Not a lot of heroic tales involve finding things in closets." He nibbles on a bit of summer sausage, then adds, "Except for Prince Gervasio Pravus and the Amazing Hat, of course. But I'm not sure that counts."

Peri takes a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

Rysen laughs happily at Niklas's account of his sword (and Prince Gervasio's hat). "Something tells me, Your Highness, with your gifts, the finding of Prince Barric's greatsword would have held us in awe - much like the account of your scar - which, if I recall correctly, was not recieved on a battlfield, but rather falling down some stairs."

Marian bows to Reese for her words of praise and then turns to Rysen with a laugh, "Well, I didn't want to kill the poor beast for stumbling upon our training exercise. Nor could I like it attack Lord Ian. So I did what any member of House Redrain would do...I wrestled it to the ground and then sent it on it's way." She goes quiet as she listens to Niklas' words. At the mention of Prince Barric, she sobers a bit and then tells Niklas, "That blade...the one that Prince Barric wieled saved my life under the sea." She raises her glass to the departed prince, "He fought alongside myself and High Lord well as other warriors. He defended those without a selflessness that cost him his life."

Arcadia murmurs in agreeance with Volcica "Maybe an axe? I mean, your people are giants and a giant axe would be terrifying in your hands."

Rysen gets a silken peace-tie embroidered with Gloria's sigil from a small box with the sigil of Gloria carved on the lid.

"And you yourself performed a feat of valor just recently," Sir Bhandn calls out to Marian. "I imagine Prince Barric would be pleased to have known of your own efforts." He'll offer a toast (with a very small drink because he's pacing himself now), but go quiet after that.

Peri rubs her chin. "Fighter of foyers?"

Tescelina clears her throat.

The Lady Wyrmguard still holds that old steel rapier and dagger in her hands, bundled on their old belt. Compared to Tescelina's other armaments, they are barely worthy of notice. But now the tale of them has been told. She clings to them and looks over the others. "Tonight we have honored Gloria. I have no doubt in my heart. We have heard stories of love and pain, loss and endurance. Pride and -- shame. We have heard of hope. When we take a weapon in hand we take up all the consequence there within, to defend and to fight. At the cost of our lives. At the cost of the enemies. None of this we pay lightly. It is a great weight upon the heart. You all know this, yet we press on. We stand for the defenseless and we raise the hopeless. No matter what."

The young knight with the starlight white hair seems to smile the most genuinely and sadly she has emoted all night. "I ask only one thing of you, as you depart. Something you have all shown me. Something I have learned from my time in Arx: this road we walk is unkind at times, we will stumble. That is alright. You mustn't forget when that happens -- to be kind to yourself."

Peri is overheard praising Tescelina.

Aleksei is overheard praising Tescelina.

Aleksei is overheard praising Rysen.

Zara is overheard praising Tescelina.

Zara is overheard praising Rysen.

Peri is overheard praising Rysen.

Caspian is overheard praising Tescelina: Great event! A great way to honor Gloria

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