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King's Own Auction

King Alaric and the Lord Sistermander Emeritus Archduchess Regent Jaenelle are hosting an auction to benefit the construction of Lord Commander Dayne's statue in the Hall of Heroes. There are many items to bid on so bring a large purse and a generous heart.


July 11, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Jaenelle Alaric Wren


Josephine Merek Dianara Gabriel Bhandn Pharamond Tescelina Corban Calypso Miranda Carita Tyrus Flynt Calandra Michael Tabitha Sanya Willow Jeffeth Solange



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Auction House of Arx

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Comments and Log

"And opportunist and auctioneer," Wren quips easily to Alaric as she gives the king a half-bow, one hand rising to ensure her carefully coifed hair doesn't go making a mess of itself. As she rises she flashes a wide, and very white, smile to Alaric. "But I am only one part of this venture, your majesty. The Archduchess-Regent has been very kind to me and I am thrilled to be able to assist her in this very unique birthday gift for her sister." There's a warm smile for Jaenelle especially. Though, Wren does keep an eye on guests starting to filter into the auction house proper. "This should be a lively auction too. We have quite the variety of lots."

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Evonleigh.

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Already entered, Josephine has wandered about with a thud of her cane now and then, perusing the goods up for auction, bowing her head to nobles and crown alike when she passes by them. There's a stop at the piece she made and a smile, something whispered to it, and then she carries on.

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"Wren" Jaenelle smiles warmly at the proprietor of the auction house as Alaric leads them towards the woman, head dipping politely. "You have done wonders to the building, and I am so honored that this auction could be the first held within it's walls. I knew when I spoke to you, you would flourish in this post, see Your Majesty?" she looks at the man to her side, "I have the very best taste in people."

2 Bisland Guards arrives, following Gabriel.

Merek makes his way into the auction house, then finds a place to settle in also.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Josephine takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Dianara enters the auction house as the crowd begin to file in. She looks around, blue eyes resting here and there as she slowly makes her way to a seat so as not to be blocking foot traffic. She sits herself in a chair and then looks at her hands, sighs, and mutters to herself, "I would forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders. Her lips press into a frown, briefly, before she remembers that she is a Whisper, she is public, and she should probably do her House proud by look a -little- pleasant, friendly, and amiable.

Gabriel barely gestures to the Bisland guards, who take up positions near the main door.

Pharamond takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Merek gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Calandra takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Tescelina takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Sanya gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Sir Bhandn was more than happy to let the procession following the King and the Archduchess enter while he watched from his after-deep-bowing position outside. In fact, he counted just how many people arrived in their wake with a rather bemused expression. This was partly because he was busily tying up Vigil in a peacebond at the same time, and was momentarily startled by the line that proceeded on in. Other than that, he's carrying his helm under one arm, content to settle in the back to observe for now. Between armor and the swords strapped on his back, it's not entirely comfortable. He'll just help himself to the itinerary of what's up for bid, and remain otherwise idle while perusing it.

Bhandn gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

Calypso gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Flynt takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

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Miranda gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Dianara takes A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Pharamond gladly makes his way in, a smile on his features as he waves to those he is familiar with, a bow to those as well who might deserve it. Such as perhaps, maybe, the King for one! Still though, he seems in good spirits, and for who pay attention to such things, even has a fun new weapon strapped to his back as he seeks a place to dig in for the festivities.

Tescelina arrives through the doors ever the gallant and woeful looking knight she is, tentatively removing the hood from its rest and shaking down the length of her long, white-gold hair in its loose ribbon-bow tie. She pauses near the table, taking a catalog from the stack and moving out of the way to breeze through it with the faint look of interest on her otherwise muted features.

Sir Corban Telmar is here tonight, but as the representative of the King's Own rather than as part of the King's retinue. He has allowed his colleagues to take that role so that he might mix and mingle. As potential bidders flow in, he noda and offers pleasantries of greetings, welcoming them in his bright silver rubicund armor.

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Calypso makes her way into the Auction House only a few moments before it's set to begin, moving in and taking a seat, bidding her guards to remain back near the doors. On her way she picks up one of the catalogues, perusing the items up for auction as she takes her seat, her eyes wandering the assembled crowd, seeing the who's who of those present.

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Miranda enters, picking up a catalog and looking about rather curiously. She motions her entourage to stand back a bit, then proceeds over to a bench to sit.

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Josephine makes her way to where Pharamond has perched.

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The double-doors of the Auction House of Arx have been thrown wide open to allow both some sunshine and fresh air permeate through the stone building. And inside it seems rather festive almost as hired staff begin to make the rounds offering up silver trays filled with all manner of delicious finger foods of the sweet and the savory variety or slender glasses filled with wine, sparkling fruit juices, and even water for guests to enjoy as they begin to filter inside.

Along the wall, the display continues to boast those items set aside for the auction today, allowing guests to view them before the bidding commences. Nearest to the display cabinet a table has been set up and is covered with slender folios that bear that triumvirate of symbols - a bird, the sigils of the Crown and Darkwater - embossed into the creamy leather, with a neat sign that states 'PLEASE TAKE ONE'.

And Wren? She's definitely in the thick of it as she stands speaking with Alaric and Jaenelle, but the merchant-turned Auctioneer keeps her eye toward the door, giving a bright smile and dip of her head to those who enter, and of course, saying, "Welcome to the Auction House of Arx! We'll be getting started momentarily. Please, feel free to look at the display of lot items and browse a catalog."

Evidently, the forgotten item cannot be done without for the evening after all. Dianara gracefully stands and makes her way toward the door as inobstrusively as possible.

Thought the Countess of Darkwater is well known for wearing dark colors, to the point of being a bit haunting in appearance but of late her wardrobe has been surprisingly colorful with tonight's auction being the epitome of spring. Is it still spring? She arrives on the arm of the mysterious Prince Tryus of Thrax, the pair murmuring as they enter with an air of amusement between them. They navigate the crowd to bow and curtsey for the King, and Jaenelle, with the Countess blowing a kiss to Wren before they find a bench. The Darkwater one, of course.

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Gabriel briefly meets the King's gaze before bowing deeply.

Indeed, as if to make up for Carita's lack of properly dark colours, the newly arrived Prince of Thrax is clad in the combined hues of dark stygian, various reds and complimenting red gold. He does indeed bow politely to Alaric, a polite greeting offered, and inclines his head to Jaenelle before joining Carita on the bench, leaving the royal pair to greet the other guests without further intrusion.

Tescelina finds a place on the bench of dark wood, with comfortable leather seating. She sits upright, hands in her lap, and continues to study the catalog closely. She smells rather nice, as an aside. Momentarily, raising her gaze, she spies Corban and lifts a hand to him in a subtle greeting.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrives, following Tabitha.

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Flynt sheepishly looks around the room while flicking through the auction catalog. After a moment he decides to sit on a comfortable bench, near Miranda and Tabitha.

Whether she purchases anything this evening or not, Calandra is eager to see just what items are up for auction today as well as who will be spending the most coin on them. Dressed finely for the occasion, or perhaps too finely with all that epiphanite, the Whisper enters on smooth, gliding steps and makes sure to offer a humble bow to the hosts with the most attention to the King. A catalog is taken in passing before she finds a seat at one of the leatherbound benches, briefly skimming the printed items for sale before hanging on one in particular with an all too interested glint in her eye.

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"Oh, I like this one! Very best taste, indeed," Alaric declares approvingly to Jaenelle before regarding the auctioneer anew. "Wren the Opportunist! Now that's a catchy title. I'm half-surprised that someone hasn't already snapped it up, in retrospect. You'd better be prepared to defend it resolutely," he observes in amusement before glancing at Jaenelle. "Especially against this one. I'm sure I can expect a proposal to rename the Ministry of Infrastructure to the Ministry of Opportunity any time starting tomorrow." He smirks cheerfully. "Or maybe you'll just start signing your letters as Archopportunist Jaenelle." He regards Wren one last time for some parting instructions. "Well, I wish you a lucrative night's proceedings. Oh, and just in case I might be available for modelling if it might coax some extra donations out of our gathering tonight. Good luck!" With that, he steps back and regards said gathering. "Thank you all for attending tonight!" he proclaims. "It's such a delight to see so many of the city's notables -- ah, Duke Gabriel, wonderful that you could make it -- here to support such an excellent cause."

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Miranda smiles to those she knows, Tabitha.. Phramond.. Flynt.. and so on. She waves and settles into her spot, speaking up to Tabitha as she joins her, while eyeballing Pharamond as if judging him from afar!

Gabriel bows his head in deference, "Always happy to support the crown, your Majesty."

"What excellent cause is that, asked the innocent bystander? own of course, said the King!" Pharamond teasingly heckles from the corner, a wide smile on his features. He's a bit amused, as he looks to the stage and those about.

Michael Bisland is /late/. Late ish. He strolls into the auction house in some sort of finery, probably a tunic. Its nearly always a tunic. His bow is nearly 25 seconds or so behind Gabriel's. "Your Majesty. I'm here to ensure my father doesn't spend the lot on a simple sword and not get us something to hang on a wall."

Tabitha also waves and smiles over to Pharamond and Josephine, but a bit less judgily. She's quite happy to be chatting to Miranda, so that's alright!

Tabitha isn't judging, that said.

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"You know how long my title it already everytime I sign a missive or report" Jaenelle tells Alaric with a heavy sigh, lifting her hand to show the pains of all that effort. There is clearly a small callus on her slender fingers. Turning towards the gathering then, "I wish to thank everyone who has come to participate in a project that is deeply meaningful to me, and one that I have decided to champion because it is also something that is personal to many of those I hold dear to me. I would like to take this opportinuty to invite Sir Corban to actually explain where the finding of this charity is going towards, so you know that every silver spent is for a worthy cause."

Pharamond looks at Tabitha and beckons her over before she motions back and he points again before Tabitha shakes her head and motions him back again, and one may or may not hear him actually, dramatically 'ugh' before he hops up to his feet and quickly marches over to settle down once more besides his wife and those seated on the bench.

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"Oh, I assure you, majesty, I hold -that- title tightly close to my chest," Wren says easily to Alaric, casting a sly wink his way. "I think I'd fight tooth and claw over that one over any of the others." Wren turns her smile back on Jaenelle, laughing, "Ministry of Opportunity. If you or his majesty ever decide to introduce that ministry, I'd be happy to lend my services but only if they don't compete with my commitments to my lord patron. I can't say I'd be much help with infrastructure, unless you need someone to throw wild amounts of silver at it." There's a cheeky wink to Jaenelle then. As Wren's head tips, she catches a glimpse of Carita, and that's enough to have her smile widen again as that kiss gets flung her way. So she wings one back to Carita with a wink. "We have a good turn out, I hope they brought their silver." As Gabriel approaches the Bisland Duke gets a bow from Wren, though it's a bit stiff as she once again lifts a hand to push and fluff her curls. Then to the nobles she says, "If you'll excuse me, I think we should get this show on the road." Another bow and then she starts toward the stage.

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The King gives Wren an approving nod and a wink back. "You can hang a sword on a wall, you know. Plenty of artisans around will make a display rack for you," Alaric then notes dryly to Michael before giving Jaenelle an appropriately quasi-sympathetic expression at being shown her poor overworked signatory hand. Any further comment he had is forestalled by politely applauding for Corban's introduction. Woo, knights!

Miranda grins at the crazy antics of the Ashfords. Or more, precisely, Pharamond.

Show time! Sir Corban moves to the front of the gathering, coming forward to speak a little bit. He then clears his voice and projects outwards, using his best Drill Commander voice to be heard over the crowd.

"Lord Commander Dayne Valardin was the greatest knight. Not just of his generation. Not just of the Compact. But that the Dream has ever seen. Even moreso than the First Knight, for he took those teachings and honed them and sharpened them, and become the epitome of what the chivalric values represent. He was not just a master swordsman -- though he was that. He was upright and disciplined, kind and generous, and, in the end sacrificed all he had for his King." Corban's eyes drift to Alaric. "And his Compact."

"Lord Commander Dayne was duly elected to the Hall of Heroes, as he should have been. But during the Silent War, when his plaque and statue were due to be unveiled, the Bringers used that event as a ruse to lure in people and attack. And since that day, the task of formally inducting him has gone unfulfilled. We aim to change that. We will commission his statue and plaque by the Faith's best artisans, to see him placed where he belongs among the great heroes of the Compact. And your generosity tonight helps us carry out that task. So thank you."

Miranda applauds politely when Corban is done.

Tyrus listens to Corban's speech intently, and when it is done, he nods to the man before murmuring a few words to his bench companions. His face remains somber.

Though she's happily chatting to the others at the bench where she's sitting, Tabitha falls silent as Corban speaks of Dayne Valardin. There's something in her eyes, a twinkle of thoughtfulness overshadow by a tiny frown that melts away a few moments later. She too applauds, soft but somewhat preoccupied by whatever it was she was thinking.

"An able salesman as well, your majesty? You may have missed your calling." Michael's gaze does flit from Alaric towards the display case, then to Corban during his speech. "Fine. I'm convinced."

Calypso rises from her seat after a moment, watching people settle into places, and she moves in the direction of Miranda and her associates, stepping around, apologizing softly to a few people as she shuffles around, taking a seat nearby just in time to not disrupt Sir Corban as he begins to address the crowd. her hands lift to applaud for a few moments when he is done, nodding her head before going silent and waiting for thinsg to move on. She turns to speak softly to some nearby.

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Intrigue, a sleek, diminutive raven with blue-black plumage arrives, following Willow.

Jaenelle dips her head towards Corban as he explains it much better than she could ever. "This is something that we can and should rectify, for he is a hero to many, and will be to many more generations to come." She looks to Wren, nodding in her direction that she is finished addressing everyone, before leading Alaric to the side so he isnt the one auctioned off.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Gabriel murmurs aside to his son.

Willow gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

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Carita gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Wren has made her way to the podium that is situated to the right-hand side of the stage, the rest of the space left vacant for now but she listens to Corban as he speaks on the purpose, the very reason they are gathered here today. She smiles, nodding at parts and then frowning at the mention of the Silence War. Her head tips as her expression go unreadable for a moment, but when Corban is done her own applause rings out. "Well said! And that is the exact reason we are gathered here to honor a hero of the Compact just as our heroes should be honored, never forgotten with their stories ringing out into the future." She pauses there as she lifts the gavel, her expression turning almost mischievous. "So, let us put our silver where our lofty words are!" She cracks the gavel down, the sound of it echoing through the stone structure. "And let us get the King's Own Benefit Auction underway!"

She stands up straighter then as the first lot is brought from the display to the stage: bolts and bolts of beautiful, undyed, seasilk. "First up on the block is forty bolts of seasilk cloth that comes with a promise that Archduchess Jaenelle will pay for the cost of the crafting. Bidding is to start at 10,000 silver and increases by 250 silver with each bid!"

Michael's hand lofts from where he stands towards Wren. "I'll make the first bid."

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Wren says, ""10,000. Do I hear 10,250?"

Sanya raises a hand. "Second." She smiles.

Michael gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Wren says, "10,250. Would you care to raise, my lord?"

Gabriel gets A King's Own Benefit Auction Catalog from an intricate looking table with neatly stacked folios on top.

Calypso raises her hand into the air. "10,500."

Wren says, "10,500! Do I hear 10,750?"

"50,000" Bhandn calls that out not /quite/ at full volume, but he does direct his attention to those already getting into it with a "Your move!" challenge to his face.

Josephine lifts her hand. "55,000"

Wren says, "55,000! Do I hear 55,250 or shall our seasilk go to the Guildmistress?"

Michael says, "I'll make that bid."

Bhandn says, "56,000"

Wren says, "56,000 it is! Do I hear 56,250?"

Joephine raises a brow at Michael then Bhandn. Up goes the hand. "60,000"

Miranda calls out, "65,000!"

Wren says, "60,000--65,000! Do I hear 65,250?"

Wren says, "Going once--"

Calypso raises her hand with a sly look towards Miranda. "70,000"

Wren says, "70,000! 70,250?"

Miranda eyes Calypso, "75!"

Wren says, "75,000! Do I hear 75,250?"

Bhandn most definitely is amused at the back and forth, now, but he does wince just a touch when the number hits 70,000.

Wren says, "Going once--"

Wren says, "Going twice--"

Wren cracks the gavel down. "Sold! For 75,000! Please hold your silver until after the auction please.

Miranda lets out a delighted squeal and nudges Calypso who is sitting beside her!

Jaenelle is overheard praising Miranda.

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Michael is overheard praising Miranda.

"Thank you bidders!" The seasilk makes its way off stage once that crack of the gavel sounds and Wren makes some notes it seems about the bid. "Thank you for your bids! Our next item is something that was donated to the benefit by Countess Carita herself." Wren's smile turns toward Carita then as she speaks. A pair of guards make their way toward the stage then carrying the second item lot of the night. "Our next lot is lot number 2," she says to those gathered. "And it is a sword of perfection that I've rarely seen even in my travels. Not only does it come with the distinction of being work by the renowned forge-mistress, Dame Ida Ferron, but the blade belonged to the late Prince Luca Grayson nee Velenosa." She nods toward the blade as it gets shown off. "A collectors piece or perhaps something that might lead you on your own adventures. Who is to say?"

Alaric is overheard praising Miranda.

Flynt nods to Miranda with a smile as she wins the auction and is showered with praises. After a second he is silent, and focused on the auction, but his eyes dart between Pharamond and Calypso from time to time.

Gabriel momentarily rest his hand on his son's shoulder. "That's a fine blade."

Wren says, "Bids will start at 10,000 silver knights. Do I hear 10,250?"

Josephine lifts her hand. "I'll open the bidding"

Pharamond raises his hand and says, simply. "50,000."

"Convergence is finer, Father. Lady Gloriel might enjoy wielding such a thing." Michael flips through the catalog and shows a page towards Gabriel.

Wren says, "10,250--50,000 to my lord!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 50,250, guildmistress?"

Josephine nods. "Sixty"

Gabriel peers at the page and nods in agreement.

Wren says, "60,000! Do I hear 60,250 to counter, my lord?"

Wren says, "Going once--"

Pharamond looks over at Josephine and teases. "You're only leaving me less money to spend in your shop," he teases before looking back to Wren. "85."

Wren says, "85,000! Do I hear 85,250, guildmistress?"

Miranda is silent now as the bidding goes crazy! She eyes Pharamond, eyes wide, but she grins.

"you've pinned my motives, Lord Pharamond." Josephine nods. 'One hundred"

Pharamond says, "110."

Wren says, "100,000 silver knights! Do you wish to counter, my lord? Do I hear 100,250?"

Josephine says, "120"

Pharamond says, "125."

Josephine says, "130"

Wren smiles. "Do I hear 150?

Pharamond says, "150."

Wren says, "150!"

Wren says, "Going once!"

Josephine waves it away, content to let Pharamond have it up on her.

Carita's smile couldn't be more brilliant as the sword is brought up, her head dipped in gratitude to Wren before she listens to the bidding, blue eyes hopping from one bidder to the next.

Wren says, "Going twice!"

Tyrus arches a brow, and glances to Carita. "It seems your sword is rather popular." he can be heard saying.

Wren cracks the gavel. "SOLD! Sold for 150,000 silver knights to my lord.

Sanya's lips part in surprise as the bids get higher and higher.

Miranda applauds enthusiastically!

Calypso is overheard praising Pharamond.

Calypso is overheard praising Miranda.

Pharamond nods and stands, but he gives a bow to Josephine. "It's going to a good cause, I promise," he says sincerely as he accepts winning but knows it is only because Josephine allowed him to do so. He settles back down then and smiles, He can be heard saying a little overly loud on purpose, "So maybe I won't bid on the couture set..."

Tabitha looks alarmed, wide-eyed, but still smiles. Slightly dazed, but happy. She applauds gently and notes, "So much silver for charity!" She quirks a warm smile at Pharamond, pleased.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Pharamond.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Bhandn himself is rather impressed as the number exceeds one-hundred thousand. Impressed in that he coughs once or twice as it /keeps going up/. There's a shaking of the head, a little murmuring to himself, but his eyes are back to watching Wren and the stage with nothing less than approval.

Tabitha is overheard praising Pharamond.

Sanya is overheard praising Pharamond.

Corban seems quite impressed at the first two lots that have sold so quickly like so. He applauds lightly as the log is sold, bowing his head to the winning bidder. "My goodness. Such generosity from the nobility. Thank you. It means much to the King's Own."

Sanya is overheard praising Miranda.

Gabriel is overheard praising Pharamond: bidding at auction

"Congratulations on your win, my lord. Please hold your silver until after the auction," Wren says, her cheeks a little flush but she's grinning ear to ear like the bird.. who ate the canary? Or maybe stole the silver! Either way, Wren nods to the guards who see the sword off for now. "Our next lot, lot three, is something quite beautiful. Something special." Wren smiles over toward Josephine. "Our very own guildmistress, Josephine, has lent her creative genius to this item. A gorgeous peony blossom brought to life only as Mistress Josephine can." A lone guard brings up the ring, nestled in a velvet box for the moment she lifts it from its cushion to show it off - gently letting everyone in on the 'surprise' of the ring. "Quite cunning craftsmanship. I'd bid on it but alas--"

Alaric is overheard praising Pharamond.

Miranda is overheard praising Pharamond: WOW! serious bidding on that sword!

Gabriel is overheard praising Miranda: bidding at auction

Tabitha is overheard praising Miranda.

Wren says, "Starting bid is 10,000 silver knights but do I hear 10,250 for this glorious piece of craftsmanship?"

"I'll start the bidding!" Micheal crows out!

Wren says, "10,250! Do I hear 10,500 to counter?"

Tescelina sits up a bit as the ring is brought forth, her hands are still in her lap. Once the bidding is open, she immediately raises her hand. "15,000."

Wren says, "15! Do I hear 15,250?"

Michael says, "Doubled! 30 thousand!"

Wren says, "30! 30,250?"

Bhandn keeps out of this particular horse race, content to just duck his head and smile down at the floor, amused about something.

Wren says, "It's quite the exceptional piece. Don't let it slip away--Do I hear 30,250?"

Pharamond looks over to the ring, and Josephine, thenMichael. "35."

Wren says, "35! Do I hear 35,250 to counter?"

Tescelina wrinkles her nose and looks down at her hands.

Wren says, "Going once--"

Michael says, "Yes. Countered. Verily so!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 35,500 to counter?"

Josephine meanders to come stand beside TEscelina.

Tescelina blinks. "35,500."

Wren says, "35,500! Do I hear 35,750?"

Pharamond laughs as Michael ups and he waves his hand, chuckling. "Fine fine. I only brought so much today," he says with a laugh and shakes his head to Wren. Then looks back as Tescelina bids and he claps.

Michael says, "Forty Thousand."

Wren says, "40! Do I hear 45,250?"

Tescelina says, "45,250."

Wren says, "Do I hear 45,500?"

Michael says, "Fifty thousand."

Wren says, "50! Do you counter, my lady?"

Tescelina raises her hand, "60,000."

Wren says, "60! To you, my lord. 60,250?"

Michael says, "Seventy."

Wren says, "70!"

Tescelina says, "75,000."

Wren says, "75! Do I hear a counter, my lord?"

Wren says, "Going once--"

Michael says, "It will look lovely on her."

Wren grins as she cracks the gavel down, "Sold to the lovely lady!"

Miranda applauds, again!

Tescelina's eyes widen a bit and she smiles a little more broadly than usual.

And off Josephine goes to sit, the cane softly thudding as she goes.

Gabriel pats Michael's shoulder, "You'll get the next one."

Merek is overheard praising Tescelina.

Willow claps enthusiastically for Tescelina.

Merek is overheard praising Tescelina.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Tescelina.

Alaric is overheard praising Tescelina.

Gabriel is overheard praising Tescelina: bid at auction

Calypso is overheard praising Tescelina.

Calandra's calm smile warms considerably when Tescalina wins the bid, nodding to her in congratulations as gloved hands gently clap for her.

Calandra is overheard praising Tescelina.

Michael is overheard praising Tescelina.

Flynt raises from his seat to applaud Tescelina and returns to it briefly afterwards.

The peony ring gets put back into its velvet bed and escorted back to the safety of the display case, for now. "Thank you, bidders! Thank you for your generosity tonight. It is after all a praise to Gild to be so generous," Wren says as she makes a few notes, smiling still broad as ever. "Our next lot, lot number five, is another blade but this one is quite storied it seems. 'They Shall Rise'! Such a bold name for a blade but shouldn't blades have bold, proper names to sing out their glory?" And indeed that gold-veined blade is brought to the stage by those guards, shown off as Wren glances over toward it. "And it is a handsome blade, once owned by Archduke Consort Widower, Talen Velenosa." A touch somber there, Wren glances back to the audience then as she lifts her gavel. "It is a truly remarkable blade, one of perhaps two. Such a piece would place anyone collection at such heights." She cracks the gavel lighter this time but it still rings. "We shall start the bidding on this beautiful, remarkable blade at 10,000 silver knights. Do I hear 10,250?"

Sanya says, "50, 000!"

Wren says, "50! Do I hear 50,250?"

Wren says, "Such a rare, beautiful blade--be a shame to see it go! Do I hear a counter? 50,250 to make it yours."

Wren says, "Going once--"

Josephine says, "sixty"

Wren says, "60! Do I hear a counter, 60,250?"

Wren says, "Going once--"

Wren says, "Going twice--"

Sanya says, "sheet michael"

Wren says, "Sold! To our illustrious guildmistress!"

Sanya says, "ooc Woop"

Jeffeth has joined the a bench of dark wood and leather.

Sanya is overheard praising Josephine.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Josephine.

Michael is overheard praising Josephine.

Gabriel is overheard praising Josephine: bid at auction

Tescelina is overheard praising Josephine.

Alaric is overheard praising Josephine.

And the gavel comes down on yet another item, Wren making a note of it before her assistant, Miri, approaches to murmur something to the auctioneer. Who flushes and then clears her throat. "It seems I've made a mistake and have skipped our proper order, but thankfully, since I'm the one at the helm of this, I won't be too cruel to myself." Her lips twitch into a smile as she breathes out a laugh. "Rounding back to our correct lot number four, I give you another generous offering. This time it is beautiful luxurious brocade made of that cloth-of-neodymium! Along with the bolts of cloth comes again that promise that the Archduchess will set at least one full outfit is crafted from them at her expense. We shall start the bids at 10,000 silver knights! Do I hear 10,250?"

Josephine says, ""twenty"

Michael says, "Fifty"

"100,000. For Dayne Valardin," Sir Bhandn declares.

Josephine says, "120"

Michael says, "125,000"

Wren says, "125! Do I hear a counter?"

Josephine says, "130"

Bhandn says, "135"

Michael says, "140."

Wren says, "135!"

Josephine says, "150"

Wren says, "150!"

Michael says, "160!"

Josephine says, "170"

Michael says, "175."

Wren says, "Do I hear 200 from my generous bidders?"

Josephine says, "200"

Michael says, "Two-fifteen."

Josephine says, "230"

Wren says, "Do I hear 250?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pharamond before departing.

Michael says, "You do indeed hear 250."

Wren says, "250!"

Josephine says, "275"

Wren says, "Do I hear 300?"

Wren says, "275 going once--"

Wren says, "275 going twice--"

Wren says, "Sold! 275 to our generous guildmistress!"

There's a dip of josephine's head in thanks, fingers tapping on the top of her can.

Pharamond whistles and lets out a loud clap as he cheers, "Hot damn!" He looks like he's all flustered and excited just having watched that exchange!

Willow is overheard praising Josephine.

Miranda applauds Josephine's win while her mouth still hangs indelicately open!

Tescelina offers a smile toward Josephine, applauding.

Calypso looks shocked at the amount, having been busy doing math in her head and then it's over. She lifts her hands in quiet applause before putting them back in her lap.

Calypso is overheard praising Josephine.

Bhandn is shaking his head slowly, eyebrows raised up high as he stares at the floor during the bids. No small amount of impressment is written upon his features, as the amount exceeds two-hundred thousand. "I'm starting to think our presence here is a formality, Guildmistress!" he calls out to Josephine with no small amount of mirth mixed in with his deep voice.

Pharamond is overheard praising Josephine.

Willow is overheard praising Bhandn: Observant. ;)

Flynt gives josephine a standing ovation.

"It's for a good cause. What can I say." Josephine fires back to Bhandn.

Willow rises after Flynt to join the standing ovation.

The bolts of luxurious brocade go to join the rest of the lot items, carefully transported from stage to display. Wren's lips twitch, and there is a gleam in those gray-blue eyes of hers now but she joins in the applause for the guildmistress. "Such generous bidders today. I am most pleased by this outpour of support. Thank each and every one of you for opening your hearts to this worthy endeavor. She grins at Bhandn's comment, a soft laugh breathed out as she makes a couple more notes. "Now, our next lot item, lot six--for real six as I double-checked." A wink there. "The Radiant Emeritus, Selene Whisper, has offered up a voucher for a three-piece commission of either silk or seasilk. If loftier fabrics are desired, the esteemed Whisper will design the ensemble, but allow it to be brought to life by another tailor. We shall open the floor at 10,000 silver knights!"

Calandra raises her hand. "I will open the bid."

Michael says, "Twenty thousand."

Wren says, "20!"

Sanya raises her hand. "Thirty."

Calandra says, "Thirty."

Bhandn says, "75,000."

Wren says, "75!"

Michael says, "80"

Calandra says, "100"

Calypso raises her hand upwards. "90"

Wren says, "Do I hear 100?"

Calypso raises her hand again. "110"

Calandra says, "150"

Wren says, "150!"

Michael says, "160"

Miranda considers. She opens her mouth and the prices are.. well. She closes it again. Then opens... closes. Like a freaking fish. The numbers skyrocket too fast for her and she shakes her head.

Calypso says, "175"

Calandra says, "200"

Wren says, "200!"

Bhandn opens his mouth, and promptly shuts it with a wince as Calandra breaches one-hundred fifty thousand. He goes quiet after that, shaking his head with a ruefully soft laugh.

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter?"

Calypso says, "210"

Calandra says, "250"

Wren says, "Do I hear 280?"

Gabriel shakes his head amusedly.

Michael says, "Its like sparring. A few feints and then let everyone exhaust themselves."

Wren says, "Going once at 250--"

Calypso considers a moment before raising her hand. "275."

Wren says, "275!"

Calandra levels a placid gaze upon Calypso. "300."

Carita has left the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

Carita has joined the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

Wren says, "300! Do I hear a counter?"

Merek says, "320"

Calypso considers for a few moments before wincing and raising her hand again. "315"

Wren says, "320!"

Wren says, "320 going once--"

Calandra has to consider a moment, jaw working. "350."

Wren says, "350!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 360?"

Miranda nudges Calypso... nodding.

Calypso raises her hand, sighing. "360"

Wren says, "360!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 380?"

Wren says, "360 going once--"

Miranda sits on the edge of her seat, watching.. She looks to Calandra.. now gripping Caly's hand!

Wren says, "360 going twice--"

Wren says, "Sold! For 360!"

Calandra has to turn her head, away, conceding.

Josephine applauds the Duchess and her win.

Alaric is overheard praising Calypso.

Pharamond grins and laughs, "Looks like I got away cheap with the sword," he says and applauds the Duchess at the bench, standing up and clapping as he gives a bow to her charity.

Miranda is overheard praising Calypso: AMAZING! She outbid everyone! I can't wait to see the outfit she will commission!

Gabriel is overheard praising Calypso.

Calandra is overheard praising Calypso: A worthy bidding opponent.

Merek is overheard praising Calypso.

Merek is overheard praising Calandra.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Calypso.

Flynt stands up and bows to Calypso.

Tabitha giggles at the bench where she sits with Calypso and Miranda's, clapping her hands together with obvious pleasure and a twinkle in her eyes. "Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations, Duchess."

Calypso is overheard praising Calandra: A well fought bidding war.

Miranda cheers and hugs the Malvici Duchess enthusiastically! "Congratulations!"

Miranda is overheard praising Calandra: Well done! Amazing and exciting bids!

Calandra is quite disappointed to lose the bid, but it was well fought. The Duchess earns a respectful bow of her head with a quiet smile. "I can't wait to see what Whisper Selene creates for you, My Lady."

Calypso is assaulted! Before the eyes of everyone! Not so much though. She manages a soft chuckle and returns Miranda's more exuberant hug with a pat to the woman's shoulder. "Thank you Lady Ashford." Is her response to Tabitha. "A worthy cause." And she returns Calandra's bow of the head. "Well bid, and thank you."

"Congratulations and thank you, bidders," Wren laughs, fanning herself with a hand. "Such generosity! I am most pleased with the graciousness of Arx!" More notes get scribbled down. "Honestly, this is a beautiful sight to behold." The voucher, for there is one, gets put back amongst the other items as the next lot is taken out. Wren's glances toward the next lot item and her breath catches as the glass bottle is carefully held aloft by the guard. "Ah, lot seven. Now, this item is something I am almost hesitant to place a number upon, but it is for charity." She gestures to the bottle of cologne being displayed to the audience. "I give to you 'Dark Reflection,' a custom scent crafted by the late Archduchess Elenya Velenosa's own hand for her beloved husband, Talen Velenosa. There is no other bottle like this in the world. It is a true testament to love." Her smile turns wistful as she cracks the gavel. "Bidding is open at 10,000 silver knights! Do I hear 10,250 for this priceless item?"

Sanya raises a hand again. "40, 000."

Wren says, "40!"

Michael says, "Fifty."

Wren says, "50!"

Sanya says, "55!"

Wren says, "55!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 60?"

Wren says, "55 going once--"

Calypso raises her hand. "60."

Wren says, "60!"

Sanya says, "65."

Right then. No assaulting the Duchess General. Ahem. Miranda giggles and sits back, "Sorry. Right." She smoothes her dress, fluffs up Calypso's hair a bit, then hands to herself! Right in her lap as she watches another war!

Pharamond says, "Six--Sixty, 66."

Wren says, "66!"

Merek says, "100."

Wren says, "100! Do I hear 110?"

Michael says, "Sixty-ninneeeoh."

Jaenelle lifts her hand, "110,000." Because if you cant bid at something in your own auction, what can you bid on?

Wren says, "110! Do I hear a counter?"

Merek seems to think about it, "125!"

Wren says, "125! Do I hear 130?"

Wren says, "125 going once--"

Wren says, "125 going twice--"

Jaenelle looks towards Alaric a moment, "150,000"

Wren says, "150!"

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter of 160?"

Josephine says, "200"

Wren says, "200! Goodness. Do I hear a counter of 200?"

Merek seems to think about it a moment, looking to Jaenelle, then to Josephine. He then nods a bit content. He isn't bidding that much as well.

Wren says, "200 going once--"

Wren says, "200 going twice--"

Alaric says, "Two hundred fifty, if you please."

Wren says, "250 to his majesty! Do I hear a counter?"

Josephine says, "260"

Wren says, "260! Will his majesty counter at 270?"

Josephine bows to the king but seems intent.

Alaric says, "Mm, right numbers, wrong order. Let's say 720,000."

Wren says, "Going once at 260--"

Wren staggers. "720!"

Josephine says, "900"

Pharamond laughs, "I kinda think someone should come up with a scent literally called The King's Own....that would...did he just say seven hundred and twenty?"

Bhandn actually splutters at His Majesty not only upping the ante but the royal treasury.

Wren laughs, "900! Do I hear an even million?

Sanya chuckles as the numbers shoot up.

Willow whistles softly at the turn.

Alaric says, "Well, now. One and a half million."

Michael says, "My taxes....."

Wren fans herself. "Guildmistress, do you counter?"

"Wait, what?" Corban has been following the bids politely, his eyes darting this way and that. But when the King sends the prices sky high, his eyes go very, very, very wide. His eyes meet Jaenelle's. Certainly, this cannot be happening. Can it

Bhandn mutters, "My heart ... take much more of this."

Miranda is on the edge of her seat. She watches between His Majesty and.. well... the Guildmistress!

Sanya is overheard praising Alaric.

Josephine regards the king for a moment, maybe two before she bows her head deeply, looking perhaps a little... well, something but doesn't bid higher.

Calypso is following the bidding quite closely as well, leaning forwards, a gentle bump of her shoulder to Miranda's, whispering softly, remarking on the amount no doubt. It's... very very high after all.

Wren glances from Alaric to Josephine, then back to the king and then back to Josephine. "One and half million going once--"

Wren says, "One and half million going twice--"

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide arrive, following Pasquale.

Wren *CRACK!* goes the gavel, "Sold! One and half million to his majesty, long may he hold the reins on the royal bank accounts!"

Murmurs his farewells to his companions before rising quietly and taking his leave while millions are being thrown around.

Miranda nods along with Calypso's whisper and is wide-eyed. Still, once it is sold, she stands and applauds... enthusiastically. "Cheers for his Majesty!"

Gabriel applauds with an easy chuckle, "They should change the name of the scent to the King's Ransom...

Pharamond is overheard praising Alaric.

Willow pulls ip to her feet to applaud.

Michael applauds loudly for the King.

Miranda cries out, "Huzzah!"

Gabriel is overheard praising Alaric.

Michael is overheard praising Alaric.

Bhandn shows his support not with a bow or applause, at first, but he's BANGING HIS ARMOR as only metal gauntleted hands can. The bow will come after.

Tyrus has left the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

Tescelina's eyes are a bit wider, her hands covering her mouth at the ostentatious displays of wealth. When its over, she begins to applaud gently along with the others. All for a good cause.

Sanya applauds for the king, rising from the bench. Quietly, she slips through the door.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Alaric: Show off.

Sanya has left the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan leave, following Sanya.

Pharamond stands up and applauds, cheering for the King as well though he does make sure to look over to Josephine and direct his hands to her as he claps as well before turning to praise The King. "Hail to The King!"

Calypso is overheard praising Alaric.

Merek is overheard praising Alaric.

Calandra is overheard praising Alaric.

Miranda sits with a thump, overwhelmed by such... such.. such! She grins, talking to those at her table and waving a hand before her face.

Flynt joins the applause as he stands up from the bench.

"Congratulations, your majesty! You are generous beyond measure." Wren is vigorously fanning herself, but she still makes those quick notes as that delicate, priceless bottle of cologne gets tucked back away off stage. "This has been such a pleasure," she manages after a moment, her voice shaky but in a pleased sort of way as she grins so broad. The bird who is clearly making off with a fortune right now. "And now, my good lords and ladies, gentlemen and gentlewomen, I give you the very last item lot for this auction." She gestures right as Convergence is brought onto the stage. "Forged by Master--or is it Brother, now?--Felix Meadson for this very event. It is truly a work of artistry and beauty. A one of a kind blade that is certain to leave its mark whenever its wielder goes." She grins, still a little teetery after the last bought of bidding. "We shall start off the bids as we have all of them at 10,000 silver knights! Do I hear 10,250?"

Gabriel raises his hand.

Alaric acknowledges his inbound props with a light raise of his handand a somewhat melancholic smile. "If you'd seen the Lord Commander fight to defend us at the Night's Grove, you'd say that I underbid," he declares simply.

Jeffeth says in Rex'alfar, "10,500?"

Gabriel clearly states, "20,000.

Josephine says, "50"

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter?"

Bhandn says, "75,000"

Josephine says, "80"

Calypso raises her hand. "80"

Bhandn says, "95"

Calypso says, "90"

Pharamond laughs and is watching the bidding going back and forth and he looks to the two. "100."

Calypso says, "110"

Wren says, "Do I hear 120?"

Gabriel counters, "120.

Josephine says, "120"

Josephine says, "130"

Wren says, "Do I hear 150?"

Calypso says, "150"

Josephine says, "160"

Gabriel says, "says, "160.""

Calypso says, "175"

Josephine says, "180"

Wren says, "180! Do I hear 200?"

Gabriel 200.

Josephine says, "220"

Wren says, "Do I hear 250?"

Miranda calls out 250!

Josephine says, "260"

Wren says, "250! Do I hear a counter?"

Wren says, "260!"

Gabriel considers further, "275."

Corban looks at Alaric and his eyes have a certain sadness to them, or -- perhaps -- a certain warmth to them. Of that story known and told and handed down. And what it means to him. He glances away to regain his composure.

Miranda says in Lycene shav, "280!"

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter?"

Josephine says, "290"

Wren says, "Do I hear 300?"

Miranda calls out "300!"

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice arrives, following Solange.

Wren says, "Do I hear 320?"

Josephine says, "320"

Solange says, "340."

Wren says, "Do I hear 350?"

Josephine says, "350"

Wren says, "340!"

Wren says, "Do I hear 360?"

Pharamond was clearly going to consider bidding but at this point is content to sit back and enjoy the show.

Solange says, "500"

Wren says, "500!"

Josephine says, "520"

Solange doesn't know what she is bidding on, as she sweeps into the auction house.

Solange says, "100"

As Alaric bids after she does, Jaenelle just gives him a look. A long look. A long, composed, amused look. "I think you did that just because I bid. I am such a gracious loser, that I allowed it to happen. I am such a good person." She nudges him with her elbow, hopefully not causing him to shatter a million dollar bottle.

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter?"

Miranda just sits back.

Solange says, "1000*"

Josephine smiles. "1.1"

Wren says, "1.1 million!"

Wren says, "Do I hear a counter?"

Solange smiles to Josephine warmly, tipping her chin in defeat, before she moves to try to find a place to sit.

Wren says, "1.1 million going once--"

Wren says, "1.1 million going twice--"

Solange has joined the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

Wren *CRACK!* goes that gavel! And Wren is grinning wildly. "Sold! 1.1 million to our lovely and generous guildmistress, Josephine!"

Calypso is overheard praising Josephine.

Miranda just... stares, then applauds!!

Pharamond takes his flask back from Miranda and takes a shot himself. He then offers it ot the rest near him as he just. "Well that happened."

Tescelina applauds a bit more excitedly as Josephine pulls out another win. She looks a bit /breathless/.

Gabriel applauds Josephine, "Very gracious of you!"

Solange claps as well, leaning maybe a bit forward to see what was being bid on.

Josephine leans back. "Now you, Sir Corban. Build that statue. If you need more, send word."

Calandra shakes her head gently in a bit of disbelief as the bidding once again breaks a million, clapping lightly for Josephine's win. "All this excitement, I fear I might need a drink afterwards."

Deeply amused by the events of the night, Willow applauds again, never having entered a single bid but having derived great entertainment from watching others do so, it would appear. She curtseys toward the crown sigiled bench before pulling to her feet to make her way out after the last item has been auctioned.

Willow has left the a bench of dark wood and leather.

"Lord Pharamond is providing us with rum if you feel you need something to hold you over, Mistress!" Miranda points to Pharamond, helpfully.

Once more, Wren is fanning herself briskly. "I knew this city was full of generous souls but--" she staggers as she gestures to indicate the crowd. "You have all blown my expectations out of the water! Congratulations to you, guildmistress, and to all of you lucky and generous bidders who have contributed to this benefit auction." The sword, Convergence, is still being held there by the pair of guards. Again that gavel cracks. "I now close the bidding tonight, and call the auction for the King's Own a success! Tonight, you have together raised 3,595,000 silver knights. Your generosity is a tremendously appreciated thing, and I am left humbled by it."

Corban, is, it must be said, a little bowled over by what has just happened. "My lords. My ladies. Everyone. On behalf of the Lord Commander, and all one hundred knights of the Sovereign's Own Royal Guard, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts." He places two hands over his breastplate, over his metallic seasilk sash that he wears across his chest with the green griffon stitched onto it. "I can proudly say that tonight has allowed us to erect Lord Commander Dayne's statue -- and then some. Any remaining funds will be put to an appropriate gathering to commemorate his legacy and the continuing work of our Silver Order. So. Again. Thank you."

With wide eyes, Tabitha softly but briskly applauds before look to the others she's sitting with. A beaming smile flashes.

Tescelina rises and claps much more ardently after Corban's words.

Alaric is overheard praising Wren: An excellent opportunist!

Jaenelle is overheard praising Wren.

Michael is overheard praising Corban.

Michael is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Michael is overheard praising Josephine.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide leave, following Pasquale.

Calypso is overheard praising Corban.

Calypso is overheard praising Wren.

Bhandn is overheard praising Wren: An auction to remember, for a man who deserves such rememberance.

Having arrived super, super fashionably late, Solange seems in no hurry to scurry away now that the auction has ended. She lingers on the bench next to Carita, now, having a smiling conversation with the countess.

Calandra keeps up her clapping, though this time in favor of Corban's thanks to them. She's curious to see just how grand this statue will come out with such generous donations. She does, however, hear an interesting offer over the crowd, prompting a look off to Miranda and the group she's with. "Quite a tempting offer, My Lady. I may come around once things settle, if My Lord is still offering." Gaze flicks to Pharamond and his flask, smile brightening a hair.

Jaenelle offers Corban a brilliant smile, "as the Lord Sistermander, it was my duty and privilege to gather the needed things for the auction, and I could never have imagined it going as well as it did. Thank you for allowing me to do this for you all."

Pharamond gives a wink as he holds the flask, and he taps it against his fingernail as he waves it slightly, like a 'stirring' motion and then he puts it back to his belt until Calandra comes by and he gives a stretch, in no hurry to go to the stage. "The good thing about my bid is that it fit in a modest sized pouch. The others...they're going to have to have minions. Minions to carry the millions."

Carita must be saying something cheeky the look on her face, though distracted a moment as Corban glances her way, causing the Countess to lift her hand and wiggle her fingers in his direction.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Miranda arranges, via Brenlin, to pay for her winnings!

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

an impressive secured wall display is now unlocked.

Wren gets a regal griffin steel longsword washed in shades of sunset copper from an impressive secured wall display.

an impressive secured wall display is now locked.

Pharamond smiles at Wren and bows as he's offered the sword and he looks to the bench. "Excuse me a moment,' he says as he stands up and walks over towards the Countess who sponsored the sword he won

Pharamond has left the a comfortable bench.

Pharamond has joined the opulent bench in Darkwater colors.

Alaric stands up and stretches out languidly. "Well, I suppose I'd best be off to the bank to authorize a disbursement. Probably best done in person, so no one looks at the amount and scoffs at it being unlikely to be real," he quips.

an impressive secured wall display is now unlocked.

Miranda has left the a comfortable bench.

Wren gets a secret summer peony blossom ring from an impressive secured wall display.

"Then all is as it should be, Sir." The words come from Sir Bhandn, who raises his voice slightly to carry them in Corban's direction, accompanied by Sir Bhandn's metal-fisted salute across his own chest. And with that said, he then proceeds to aim a bow in the King's direction, before this knight turns and moves to depart.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

"You'd be surprised your majesty." Josephine calls out. "I've done it twice this week and they only blinked a little."

Gabriel sees the king stand and instinctively straightens his back.

Tescelina receives her ring in its velvet box. She holds it close, between both hands, rising to move from the Auction House. Though she pauses, briefly, to curtsy to Josephine and whisper something to the craftswoman.

Wren gets gold-veined They Shall Rise steel blade with emerald crossguard from an impressive secured wall display.

Tabitha has left the a comfortable bench.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant leaves, following Tabitha.

Wren gets Convergence, a longsword with gold and silver decorations from an impressive secured wall display.

Tescelina bows her head and smiles briefly, before she exists from the building.

Tescelina has left the a bench of dark wood and leather.

Gabriel bows deeply to the king, "Honor keep you, Majesty." Bowing then to Jaenelle, "Milady."

Wren gets a moon-embossed slip of pale silver vellum for the King's Own Winner from an impressive secured wall display.

Jaenelle smiles and dips her head to her uncle, "Duke Bisland, thank you for attending, I know how busy you are and it warmed me to see you take a moment."

Wren gets Dark Reflection from an impressive secured wall display.

Alaric has left the a regal bench with the sigil of the Crown.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen leave, following Alaric.

Gabriel pats his son's shoulder finally before collecting his guards and departing for the Bisland manor.

2 Bisland Guards leaves, following Gabriel.

Josephine rises as Demteria bustles in with notes of promise so that the pieces can be bought, and Josephine calls out. "Lord Michael Bisland"

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

With the auction concluded, Calandra stands from her seat and lifts her chin in Pharamond's direction first. "Unfortunately I may have to accept that drink another time, My Lord, though I look forward to it." Next she turns to look down to Jeffeth, her smile a bit more genuine and light. "I'll see you soon." The giant gets a light brush on the shoulder with her delicate hand in passing as she excuses herself and heads out from the auction house.

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