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Everyone wants something. The question is just how badly do they want it, and how far are they willing to go to get it.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Wandering Merchant
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Lavere
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Gray-Blue
Skintone: Creamy Fair

Description: It would be easy to spot Wren in a crowd - crowned with a thick tumble of not-too-curly auburn hair, it falls to her waist when left loose and free. When she wears it up, those curls tend to rebel against such taming in the form of wispy ringlets left to brush her cheeks and neck. That hair is the perfect frame for a creamy fair face set with thin brows that arch gracefully over gray-blue eyes fringed with black lashes. Her mouth, while small and thin-lipped is prone to too-generous smiles, and rests beneath a nose that isn't too broad with just the slightest bend. Statuesque and long-limbed, Wren is fearless with her fashion choices but uses that fearlessness to emphasize and highlight an earthy beauty.

Personality: As smooth as silk and rich as honey, Wren can be as charming and graceful as any courtier, but only *almost* as elegant, as there is a lack of real polish that separates her from such a standing. The roughest edges are evenly smoothed away, but not all gone, and there is an undeniably sassy, feisty component to her nature that just waits for the right clash to get her sparking. She is quick to smile and laugh more than ready to anger - though that does not mean she forgets every slight. Instead, she carefully picks what requires vengeance, usually opting for the road that will bring her the most satisfaction in the long term. Especially if it means a win for her in the marketplace. She loves striking a good deal as much as she loves having a good time, and prefers to get along with others - though dealer that Wren is, she knows the power of a good rivalry.

Background: Growing up nestled between two older brothers and two younger sisters was hardly ideal for Wren, but her parents worked hard for all they had, giving their children a life some could envy. She grew up in the Upper Boroughs, eldest daughter of a middling merchant and a seamstress mother with a keen eye for textiles and a knowledge of how to move things through the marketplace that had some merchants teasing her father, Angus, that it was she who was the merchant in truth. Her father being a good-natured man, took the teasing in stride but never outright denied it either.

Just as with her siblings it was in the market of Arx that Wren cut her teeth, watching and learning at first as her parents put their skills to work in a world that could be cutthroat if you weren't careful, alliances sometimes shifting daily. It was a happy existence all things told, and she grew up on stories from the other merchants and even some who came to patron her parents. Tales of places far away from Arx; tales filled with the impossible and the improbable. Tales that took deep root in the young girl and followed her as she grew from child to adolescent.

By the time she was sixteen, a restlessness had settled into Wren's bones that gnawed at her nearly night and day. She had long since started working in earnest alongside her siblings and parents in the market, and she proved to have a keen eye for detail like her mother and an even temper like her father. Many of the merchants, who knew her since she was but a child, would come to her especially to strike their deals on goods, finding her easy to work with even if they didn't always come out the other side ahead. It was work that Wren found easy, and it would provide a future for her, but it wasn't enough to chase off that restlessness.

And it was that restlessness of spirit that kept drawing her from the markets and down to the docks, toward the sea. Being around the dockworkers and merchants that came in from distant places of Arvum, and seldom beyond, eased that nagging just enough it made the scolding she got from her parents for 'vanishing' again worth it. It was there she struck up different relationships with the sailors and merchant captains as they came and went, trading with them tidbits of information gleaned here and there from the market and taverns and the streets of the city in exchange for stories of their travels.

It wasn't enough.

She left behind a note for her family not to worry, she'd be fine and come home soon, and then she was off. She boarded a merchant vessel that would have her and left Arx behind certain she'd scratch her itch of wanderlust and be home soon enough.

And she did return to port often enough at first to at least visit with her baffled family all too happy to see she was alright. She even shared with them some of her earnings along with her stories of where she'd been, what she'd been doing. And then off she'd go again, a thief in the night leaving behind a note of thanks and her love.

Wren was irrevocably changed by her voyages, but she wasn't alone. Her siblings had started to find their own ways into the world, one brother joining the Iron Guard and her youngest sister going on to marry and leave the city while Wren was away. Wren's own return trips started to become infrequent with more years than months between them. She returned home shortly after the Siege of Arx only to find her family in mourning over the death of a brother. Unable to shake the grief, Wren stayed long enough to pay proper respects to her fallen brother, to offer what comfort she could to her family before she fled back into the arms of the life she had built without them.

It wouldn't be until the winter of 1011 AR that Wren would return to Arx with every appearance of staying this time. She simply showed up on her family's doorstep, belongings in tow for once, and a strange look in her eyes.

Relationship Summary

Mourning isles:
  • Carita - The guiding light of Darkwater; my friend; my countess.

  • Patron:
  • Asriel - His support has fashioned me into the merchant I am now. His sharp wit keeps me on my toes. In return, I help him remember that he can't exist off knowledge alone.
  • Name Summary
    Alessandro She seems a sensible sort, despite some strange occurrences -- I cannot fault her for those particular decisions. I would enjoy speaking with her again -- next time with fewer magical issues.
    Athaur A merchant of some sort it would seem, and in line for ownership of the auction house. How exciting!
    Cristoph I believe this woman is Lord Asriel's assistant, the one that moves all of his bottles around when he's not looking. By all accounts she seems to be a person with a deep passion for projects she's invested in. Certainly outspoken about them. It's a good, positive trait to find in someone that's supporting your work and it appears that the Darkwaters appreciate and value her input.
    Evonleigh So very friendly and charming, with a great sense of comedic timing, and clearly reliable and capable to her house.
    Faye A bright and interesting woman with a clear sense of humor. Something tells me I would not want to get on her bad side.
    Harlex Got a cleverness to her might cut myself against, if I get to close.
    Josephine The woman, no doubt, has a keen mind in that head of hers and a lovely smile. I certainly look forward to dealing with her when the times arise.
    Mirella An exceedingly pleasant woman with mercantile interests. I would be very pleased to work with her in the future, should be be willing.
    Quintin Quick, perceptive, and not to be underestimated, I think.
    Raimon The Whiskey can not be worth that much of a fuss
    Ronja I think I could get along well with this one. Not too serious about things, hangs out at sailor bars, hell, we're two for two on similarites already.
    Rook A well organised merchant with ambition. Sound familiar?
    Zara Keen, clever, and entirely charming, she has a clear wit and pleasant humor. It's no surprise that she's clearly highly valued by the family she serves.