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Prince Tyrus Thrax

All stars must die. When the last light fades, will you have left something worth mourning?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Companion of Woe
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 40
Birthday: 9/13
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Occultist
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: fair

Description: At first glance, there is little difference between the man Tyrus was, and the one that he is now. Older, of course, with a beard now trimmed when it is not entirely shaved, but otherwise, very similar. His tall and athletic frame remains unchanged, his hair is still black as jet as it reaches his broad shoulders, and the same eyes, dark as night and veiling depths rather than emptiness. He retains the same easy smile, the warmth and charisma that made him such a popular young prince. In appearance, he seems the same man... or so he tries to maintain. Keen observers, however, may be able to glimpse at the truth in unguarded moments, when the black, enticing eyes grow haunted, when his smile withers and dies. When the mask of comfortable familiarity falls, the true man stands with the scars of hard choices writ in his gaze along with the unyielding will to see them through.

Personality: Tyrus has always preferred the study of the esoteric than either sword or politics. While a lover of philosophy, he is by no means a distant recluse. Warm and charismatic, with a sense of humour as befits the occasion, he never shied from the company of others, seeking it as much as he was sought in turn. A most charming man... up to a point. The cruel lessons learnt during his years of slavery remain, a constant drain that would see the facade undone and reveal the hardened core that remains, when all the rules and finery of society have been removed. It is that core that those who follow him see, the implacable will they know will see them victorious, or give meaning to their deaths.

Background: Tyrus' childhood was rather typical, for any son of Thrax. Educated within the home of Prince Donrai Thrax, the younger son of Tyrgar Thrax proved to be more interested in his studies than his older brother, swiftly exhibiting an ability to read, and understand, works far beyond his age. Indeed, it wouldn't be rare for Tyrus to spend most of his free time in the company of books, happy to learn and open his mind to other ways to think and see the world around him. He did so because he enjoyed it, rather than any political need, though it would serve to sharpen his mind and instill habits that would prove lifesaving in the years ahead.

That is not to say, however, that all of Tyrus' time was spent holed up in a library. He followed military training, like most sons his age, though he did not possess any particular skill for it. What he did have, however, was a way with words, and the ability to not only command, but make others choose to follow him. The other boys knew better than to provoke that particular Thrax, for if his finely chosen threats failed to hit their mark, Tyrus could count upon his friends to fight with him, as they could count on the prince to protect them in turn. This loyalty would be the basis for his own command when came the time to command his own ship and answer the call to war against Tyde.

The rebellion saw its share of butchers reach heights of infamy, though Tyrus was not one of them. He joined the war effort a year before its bloody end, too young until then to participate with his own ship. Though he commanded his ship and crew admirably, given this was to be his first experience with war, he had no taste for it. He did his duty, striking at the enemy and ensuring that more loyalist lives survived than rebels. He and his men were called upon to avenge the lives Thrax lost and punish those who would betray their oaths to their liege, nothing more, and nothing less.

Thrax proved to be victorious, and with duty's call answered and seen to, Tyrus returned to his studies. He did not become entirely inactive, however, often sailing away to hunt down pirates troubling the Isles, rather than reaving the local Abandoned tribes. It was during such an expedition, five years after the Rebellion's end, that Tyrus' ship was lost in a sudden storm, and all lives aboard reported lost. Though efforts were made to find the lost prince, they uncovered only shipwreck and bloated corpses, none of them matching him. He was mourned by friends and family, and added to the list of deaths the Thrax had suffered in recent memory.

Tyrus, however, had survived. Adrift at sea, it was only through the Gods' grace that he was found... by slavers from Eurus. They brought him aboard their black ship, and no sooner had they done so that they put him in chains, as yet another soul to be sold on the markets, an unexpected bounty from their gods on their journey home, after raiding Arvum's abandoned tribes and unprotected villages. Thus was Tyrus taken to the foreign shores of Eurus, to live, and die, serving its cruel masters.

Or so he initially thought. Yet rather than the Dune Kingdoms, Tyrus was taken to a pirate base, in the Darkwater between the Mourning Isles and the west coast of Eurus. His 'saviours', the enslaved prince would come to learn, were rebels who had taken to piracy, forced into exile by the troubles that afflicted their homelands. They spoke not of their homes, of what had forced them to such desolate shores, save for the rare mention of Glor'Ruus. Whatever it was, they couldn't return. In this, they were as trapped as their captives.

Of the years that followed, little good can be said. Even in the Abyss, men will try to find some measure, some glimpse, of happiness, and Tyrus was no different. Yet they always came with deeper tragedy, and for every high point, the following dive was all the deeper. For thirteen years, he remained in the pirates' stronghold, his sanity frayed with the passing of time and the company of these strange Eurusi, whose own grasp over reality proved less secure with the passing of every day, every month and every year. Something was wrong, terribly wrong, and it would come to the fore on the thirteenth year of Tyrus' captivity.

What finally changed to give him the opportunity, he doesn't like to speak about. Even when he entertains others with the tales, the details are always few, if not outright changed to suit his audience's sensibilities. Yet with enough ale, the story can be pried from the survivours he led to freedom. They share tales of a madness overwhelming pirates and slaves, of a storm that flayed flesh and mind, of men and women gouging out their own eyes and tearing themselves apart in the vain hopes of escaping whatever they saw or heard. And of Tyrus, no longer slave but prince, leading them to safety, taking over one of the pirate's ships and sailing away, to Arvum and the Mourning Isles.

Thus did a prince thought dead return home with a crew of escaped slaves and mysterious rumours. He set the ship ablaze and took another to Arx, where he intends to uncover what has occured to have cost the lives of his siblings, and find meaning in the horror he escaped.

Name Summary
Aethan Exactly as I remember him, which is a good thing.
Ajax A lost prince found anew, I wonder if he'll find himself in a city filled with other princes and princesses. Seriously, how many of these can exist at once?
Alarissa A man who has been gone for some time. Historically, returned lost souls tend to call for some skepticism. But this far, there's only thing here is a man who seems overjoyed to be home and to see the changes wrought in his absence.
Alecstazi A cousin who vanished a long time ago. Back with some stories under his belt. Timw will tell which are real and which are just words.
Amund Doesn't brook nonsense. Seems to know what he's on about. A good embodiment of Thrax.
Apollo He's a lot of things I didn't expect, because I don't know how I'd have expected any of him.
Arman What a charming Thrax and quite the storyteller. He seems to hold the friendship and admiration of many whose opinions I hold in high regard.
Asher An intelligent man, a good man. He's got a lot to think on, though, and I do hope it doesn't tax him completely. The Compact could use dozens more like him.
Astyr A pleasant sort of Thrax Prince who possibly missed his calling in life.
Berenice I believe the most remarkable compliment I can pay a person is to say that they are interesting. Prince Tyrus is very, very interesting.
Brannen The Prince appears friendly and polite, but it is obvious that he is brooding over something. His White Journals document quite some distress in the past and I fear these events still shadow his mind. I am in no position to impose myself upon him with my unrequested assistance. I do hope he finds the answers he is looking for and will continue on a way blessed by the Gods.
Calista At first glance, he reminds me of someone, but I cannot place a finger on who. Naturally those Thraxian princes are all handsome in one way or another. Fool me once, fool me twice.
Cassima He is somehow her uncle. He is intriguing. She still cannot help but tease him.
Catalana Intelligent. And the way he spoke about the past heroes of Thrax, I doubt he wishes to follow their brutish examples.
Celeste I have met many of House Thrax, but never one so humble in his telling of his own deeds. Prince Tyrus is a man to keep an eye on.
Dianara Maybe I wouldn't be persuading Thrax princes into supporting and assisting with my big ideas if they didn't make themselves so persuadable. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship of me convincing him to do things and him cursing my name. It'll be grand!
Drake Friendly, and rather open about his clearly difficult past. It must be quite a relief for his family that he has found his way to freedom.
Ember He's probably too perceptive for his own good, but he doesn't turn it into a fault the same way that others do -- because he's not coy about that which he perceives, he says it straight.
Esme He is a very complicated man, but it's an interesting complication. I am not sure what paths it will mean we separately walk, but perhaps we might start the path of friendship.
Evander A prince, chained away for thirteen years. Yet he still retains all his courtly etiquette. One cannot help but to be impressed by that.
Evangeline I am at a loss for words.
Evaristo A man with many talents and a rough past - someone to keep on your GOOD side. Probably.
Evelynn Undoubtedly knowledgeable on matters not often discussed. More importantly, he's willing to educate those around him, which is admirable.
Gerald Always good to see old friends again. Especially ones we thought were dead.
Giulio One of the few people that shares my belief, I think, that anyone can help change the world. I will teach him and, I hope, he will teach others.
Ian Thought he was dead. Glad he's not.
Juniper Shadows make light seem all the brighter. So too with the Prince's past, and the strength of heart and mind he carries now in spite of it. He shines still beneath the scars.
Kenna Good heavens, he knows a lot, or he's making up a lot. I'm not sure which is which.
Lianne Not merely a shift in perspective, but the whole world tilted on an axis I did not know it possessed.
Lilia All knowledge is worth having. I wonder what knowledge it is that he possesses that puts that dark thing in his eyes.
Lora A haunted soul such as I have but rarely seen. It is a bit like looking into a mirror, though that is not the reflection I would ever hope to see. Perhaps that's how such things work. This is an uncomfortable intersection of things.
Mabelle Most polite Thraxian Prince I met so far. Seems aloof, I'm curious.
Magpie Magpie works with a lot of the Thrax family. It's inevitable with the type of work that he does with Totally Legitimate cargo hauling in the Mourning Isles. Tyrus is another of the Thrax prince pile and while the Grayhope doesn't always get along well with the royals, this one he likes. They communicate well together and there's a sincerity to the man that is refreshing and makes for smooth business operations.
Medeia Sometimes you meet someone without realizing you have met them, and you wonder after them for a while but figure they are lost to the crowd. And then you meet them again and you feel like you can trust them and rightfully should have known them longer. And they're your level of honest. Sometimes, things just come together, even in the midst of chaos.
Mirk A boistrous drinker one moment, thoughtful and quiet the next. A complicated man, and one whose life has taken a winding road.
Narcissa For every solitary sadness, tenfold strengths. For every unspoken word, a thousand thoughts.
Natasha My recently reclaimed cousin is much changed from the horrors and trials he has suffered, but his intellect and expertise remain the bright beacons they always have been. I was too young to appreciate his brilliance and determination to survive when he disappeared, I was only a child then, but now that he has returned, I do not intend to squander the opportunity to learn from a legend.
Ophelia A friend of Amund's. We met when I was talking to Luca's memorial at the Shrine of the Queen of Endings. It was a brief, but pleasant conversation that Tyrus and I shared. I get a feeling that he understands grief on a deeper level than I do, and I would like to find out more someday.
Pasquale Knowledgeable and inspiring.
Piccola I get the feeling that this man is less at home in a dining room than on a ship's deck at the dawn, and prefers to ride at the head of a longship than on the saddle of a horse. How such men survive being forced from sea is a wonder.
Porter Tyrus is honestly the best looking dead man that I've ever seen. Except he's not dead. So I guess he's just a reasonably good looking not dead person. Congratulations! Being alive is hard.
Quenia I had an engaging discussion with Prince Tyrus Thrax at the Velenosa dinner held by Archduchess Jaenelle, in which we talked about souls and seeing past lives and what might be colored or not. It was all very interesting and I look forward to learning more about the topic from him, for which we've already agreed we'd meet to do so.
Ras Damn, I'm never scared of nothing, but when it comes to half of what he's talking about ...Yeah, I'm gutless.
Rosalie He carries so much anger and grief, it all seems so familiar. Eerily so. I hope that across our acquaintance that I can help him gain a measure of acceptance and peace. I have yet to see someone who needs it more.
Sanya The prince has been through more than I can imagine, I admire his bravery and his will.
Selene A thinker is a tradition to be admired, and a man of his intellectual calibre is impressive. I look forward to speaking extensively upon matters with him, given the chance.
Sorrel This Prince of Thrax has been missing for over a decade, but even the trauma he has seen has not broken his spirit. I shall be interested to talk to him and fill him in on how much we've learned of the Metallics and other subjects he's interested in since he left.
Sylvi I was barely more than a girl when he left. Though I never thought we'd see each other again, I've been truly blessed to have him back in my life. So much has changed and so much has stayed the same. I can hardly wait to start getting to know him all over again.
Vanora The Prince of Broken Chains is an interesting conversationalist and clearly highly educated. I look forward to knowing him better, should that come to pass.
Zoey There is pain, and resilience born of surviving it. I see both in him, but only because his soul is not left utterly calloused by it. That is a strength few who have been through half of what he has possess.