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Solange Whisper

There is a pleasure to be had in the ability to serve others faithfully.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Warmest Whisper
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye Color: Amber Brown
Skintone: Sunkissed

Obituary: Disappeared as quietly and mysteriously as she appeared one day. Fate unknown.

Description: Sun and honey has been captured to form Solange. She is a lithe woman, formed of long lines of her shapely legs and arms with flawlessly golden skin that holds the touch of the sun, with her shoulders speckled with faint freckles. Her hair falls like fine silk, catching only some shadow in the honeyed strands. They frame a face of finely-boned features, with arched brows and almond-shaped eyes of a warm amber that has flecks of gold. Her lips are full and pink and her cheekbones high. Even her fingers are long and soft, uncalloused and smooth.

Personality: Solange is a bright young woman, both in mental fortitude and wit, and in the way her presence can light up a room. She has an easy smile that is paired with a gentle kindness for others. She is quick to tease but also quick to comfort. She has been raised to serve, but she never falls into the cliche of quiet servitude. She has many opinions that she offers with diplomacy. She has no shame in being flirtatious and quiet willing to make anyone a friend.

Background: Hailing from the Lyceum, Solange was born to a family of commoners who have served the same Barony for centuries in various positions. She was a beautiful child, something that did not go unnoticed by anyone. She was raised differently than her sisters and brothers, with an undue amount of attention given to her education. She was quickly brought in as a companion to the Baron's children, learning to exist in the odd space of a commoner who is not quite noble but expected to act as one while never stepping past her heritage.

She excelled at this, and she only grew lovelier as she aged. With the Baron's death, however, and his son's inheritance, there were rumors that he promised to marry her. Such a marriage never manifested. He married another Lycene noble and Solange disappeared. She reappeared in Arx, joining the Whispers and making them her family.

Name Summary
Adora I think she's some kind of fruit and champagne vendor? She smiles too much. I don't like her.
Amund Dislikes my manners. Likes business, wine, sweets and Harlex Valtyr. Probably won't get to know better.
Berenice What a radiant warmth she has! It makes one want to curl up next to her and bask in her sunlight.
Brigida Ingratiating Whisper, but aren't they all?
Eddard An impressive event coordinator, a wonder at social events. She truly is a whisper indeed.
Eleanor I don't think I could've found a better woman to help the Hundred. And she's so nice, too!
Harlex A thoughtful woman, beyond the charms of a Whisper, she understands the endurance life requires of us. The measure of blood that will always be taken. We'll have to speak again.
Maddox Solange is a bright and sharp lady. I look foward to learning more about her, and what work we can do togehter.
Niklas Everything one expects from a Whisper. Class, beauty and, since she's looking forward to my next work, incredible taste.
Petal She seems nice and interested in others and thoughtful. Well spoken and not demanding about orders and the like. She saw past me being a crafter and didn't see me just as a crafter.
Reigna A wonderful addition to the Whispers. She is careful, thoughtful and bright. Her charm is there for all to see, and her judgement is sound. The Whispers chose well with this one.
Sabella When one thinks of a Whisper, one thinks of this woman! Lovely and elegant and with such good taste in clothes! I think we will be fast friends!