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Physicians Fundraising Ball

The Physicians Guild is looking for new sponsors and donations in preperation for the upcoming Lodge defense. There will be dancing, food (catered by THE Marie of Keaton Hall), beverages, games and prizes. Raffle tickets will be sold as we accept donations of silver or resources.


Sept. 26, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Alarissa Lethe Caelis Estelle Waldemai Godric Coraline Rey Gianna Meriah Alexandre(RIP) Fecundo Amari Isidora Kalani Rosalie Margret Sophie Quenia Thena Monique Kael Sheena Sunniva Delilah Nijah Alessandro Cirroch Tabitha




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Arvum Botanical Gardens

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Laurene, a military adjutant arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

Alarissa's settling into one of the many seating spaces throughout the botanical gardens for visitors, hair loose and dress in white with red flowers. There's a glance around ass he goes and as she sits, smiling to those familiar and lifting her hand to wriggle fingers in greeting.

Lethe looks around and gives a polite nod to those she knows. She wears green and her is up. She finds a spot to observe.

Entering, Caelis looks about for a moment, taking in the gardens with a sense of unfamiliarity. The dark haired woman looking a little green about the gills as she mills politely through the area, taking it in.

The fundraiser has begun! The gardens are lovely, festooned with nature's beauty, the weather is cooperating and there are musicians playing a soft melody, perfect for mingling. REigna is standing off to the side at a table with raffle tickets and prizes. She seems to be manning that place while the ball begins.

Estelle steps in carefully and quietly, seeming content to observe from around the periphery at the moment. She is hardly stand-offish however, quick to return a smile to any greetings.

Waldemai goes right to Reigna at the table. "I'll have two, please, my lady," he says, handing over the silver.

Godric casually strolls in, and plucks a glass of liquor from the nearest wandering server before he starts his meandering. The fringes of the crowd of course, and usually wherever there might be a good place to stand and look like scenery for awhile.

Cora slips into the party and looks for a quiet table, after waving to everyone she knows of course. A quick wave for rum as well and off so goes to drinking.

Rey has been there for awhile and she is sitting on the swings, her blue, white and gold silks swaying in the gentle wind as she watches others coming into the Ball.

Gianna sweeps in. Yellow-green should not work on anyone, but somehow she's managing to wear her magnificent chartreuse gown well. She pauses by the raffle tickets and hands Reigna a few writs in order to purchase tickets. "Marquessa, good evening." Now with three tickets, she needs to actually put them somewhere. Gianna considers this and discretely finds a spot in her gown's bodice.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands have been dismissed.

Godric has joined the The Belladonna Wysteria Arbor Path.

Meriah comes strolling in way more casually than Godric. The sleeves of her Physician's robe are pulled to the elbows and onyx bracelets dangle from her wrists. The click of her boots, the sway of her skirt, and the surgeon seems lighter than air. She manages to coral a stem of wine on her way. Triage, the feline, skips behind at her heels. "Am I allowed to drink? This isn't like real work right?" She wonders, almost to herself.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Alexandre and Rosalie arrive together, as one would expect from the newlyweds. The most recent addition to Redtyde has decided to arrive clad in his most blinding aeterna outfit, the immaculate white still paling in comparison, however, to his long platinum hair. It reaches the man's back now, and it doesn't seem as if he has any intention of cutting it anytime soon. Or he was convinced not to. He does seem particularly enthralled by his wife on this evening, holding her close, while his free hand rests upon the pommel of a sword... New, perhaps? Either way, they make their way to the fundraiser, their steps taking them to the arbor path. Alexandre does take the time to wave to Alarissa, Coraline and Rey, recognizing the women and greeting them with a bright smile.

Fecundo comes into the area with Isidora on his arm, partly watching where he is going, but looking sidelong to her a s well. He smiles a little as they exchange a few quiet words and walks over to Reigna's table with her. He smiles to Reigna, "I think I want to do both options. The weekly at the top level...and an additonal 15 with writs." He looks to Isidora and winks to her.

Waldemai has done his duty for the hostess with the mostest, so he wander off in search of some medicinal brandy.

Amari strolls in and stops just out of the way of the main stream of incoming guests to listen to the music. Doo do doo do doo di doo she silently mouths along for a moment or two before her eyes catch a sweep of yellow-green in the form of Gianna. She follows her with her eyes to Reigna and slowly moves to the table herself. "Gianna." She greets before dipping her head to the Marquessa. "Marquessa Keaton! Everything's look perfect, but did you hide the Marquis somewhere?" Under the table perhaps? She leans as if to have a look.

Godric has you covered buddy; when he spots Waldemai's wandering eye for the 'good stuff', there's a basual gesture made towards the servant who happens to have the tray with that drink on it. Assuming he catches the man's eye, since he's playing wallflower. Arbor flower? Something like that. A nod is given to the nobles who appaear to be walking nearby.

Laughs and shakes her head as she holds Fecundo's arm. "So this means you really do trust me if I win the stabby things?" She pulls him along to say hello to Coraline. "Hello Cora how are you?"

Spotting Waldemai, Caelis puts her feet on a path to run into the fellow southerner. "Waldemai!" She calls out with a little wave. Her fall colored dress swirling about her legs as she heads his way.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Waldemai has found the medicinal apple brandy and poured a shot ton a mug of hard cider, forming the notorious Southport Bomber. "Caelis," he calls. "How are you?" He lifts the primed mug in salute.

"I don't suppose you brought your dog with you, per chance?" Kalani wonders to Godric as she meanders over to where he's doing his credible impression of an arbor flower. "I suppose it wouldn't have been proper, but it would've been fun," she adds with a grin.

Rosalie smiles lovingly up at her husband as they enter, tilting her her towards his shoulder briefly before giving the hand around her waist a squeeze. She lifts a hand in a wave towards Alarissa and Coraline, towards Amari and Lethe, Rey, and then finally lights a smile for the Inquisitor's mortician when they approach the arbor. "Hello, Lady Rosalie Redtyde. This is my husband Lord Alexandre Redtyde. And -you- must be Inquisitor Stewart! I've heard of you, its a pleasure to finally meet you!" Reigna gets a big wave and smile after they've settled at the arbor, pointing to Alex and grinning. See? She dragged him out!

1 Greenmarch Guard leaves, following Margret.

"Lord and Lady Redtyde." Alarissa alls out in greeting but seems content to remain where she is, watching the ongoings, a lifted drink from someone working and nursing it for now.

Cora returns all of the waves sent her way and answers Isidora, "Well, yourself? good to see you out and about at a party actually."

1 Greenmarch Guard arrives, following Margret.

Gianna turns to incline her head to Amari. "Lady Amari," she greets. "I hope you're doing well. It's good to see you out and about instead of drowning in wedding preparation." Gianna claims herself a drink from someone passing by, thinks a moment, and then waves them back so she can collect a second glass, which she brings over to Amari.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, a Solace acolyte named Pyotr, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Thena.

Looks at Coraline curiously, "I didn't know I was hiding myself away." She looks a bit self conscious.

"Nooooo. Can you imagine the scandal if he'd dug something up?" Godric pauses at that, and looks thoughtful. "I mean, it would probably raise some extra money." And a glance is cast towards Reigna. "Over/Under on the Guildmaster strangling me for it?" he wonders of Kalani.,, and then pauses like a deer caught in lamp light. "You've... heard of me? Lady Redtyde? I, well alright then."

Margret arrives solo clad in a seasilk gown dyed midnight blue to resemble the night's sky. A duskstone and champagne coronet sits on her brow, and the silk scarf attached to the coronet is artfully draped over her mouth to teasingly cover it. She wears her aetera Master Physician's robes over her gown, but leaves the robes open so the clothing under can be seen. Her slight limp makes her movements a little slow, and more than once she steps out of the path to let others pass her before continuing on to where the Ball proper is being held.

Meriah has joined the The Lianne Pravus Ivy covered swing.

Joining Waldemai, Caelis bursts into an easy smile. "I'm relatively well, thank you. It's nice to see a Southport face." She tells him and watches him lift his mug. "Going for effect today hmm?" She wonders quietly.

Cora shakes her head, "Not hiding yourself just not going to a bunch of parties as far as I know."

Sharing a grin with Godric, "Ooh never bet on a sure thing," Kalani replies in a low voice before moving out of the way as Lord and Lady Redtyde hail Godric in greeting. Waldemai isn't the only one with a marked appreciation for good brandy and the Seliki healer selects a glass as well and moves around the room, studying the prizes and the physicians along with guests all dressed so nicely.

"Inquisitor, I don't believe we've met previously. A pleasure to do so now." Alexandre nods to Godric. "Though admittedly I don't tend to socialize when wearing the physician's robes." he smiles apologetically. And perhaps a bit amused when Godric is caught in the gravitational phenomenon that is Rosalie. "Do be kind to him, dear." he teases, before waving towards his cousin Reigna, though not doing much else to get her attention. She's occupied, hosting and all of that!


Waldemai looks at the mug and has a nice swig from it. "Well, they say 'An apple a day...' I figure there's two or three apples worth of cider in here." Good health is a priority.

Quenia makes her way in to the ball, sans escort. She's wearing a resplendent glittery cotton candy pink dress, that swirls all around as she walks. Tonight her curls are carefully pinned up. She stops by the table to get some raffle tickets and then pauses to look around to see if there's any one she looks - looking a bit lost in the fray.

Thena makes her way into the Ball proper area at what might be considered a decorous lope hindered, just a little, by gray satin skirts. She tiptoes a little, looking for someone. And finding them. She heads for Godric and the group near him, resting a hand lightly on the coroner's arm. "I'm so sorry. Got held up."

Estelle steps over towards Reigna with a smile and dips her head. "I'd like to purchase a ticket." She holds out the requisite silver.

Monique arrives, a smile on her lips and wave for those she knows; Margret, Coraline, Gianna, Quenia and Sophie all get greetings as the Minx helps herself to a drink and a small plate of finger foods.

Reigna is head down in sales mode at the table, collecting writs and silver and passing out tickets with a big smile on her face. She's totally replying to everyone, really!

Amari accepts the drink with a smile and reply she pitches in a slightly melodramatic way to Gianna, "I may have run away." To avoid drowning in wedding prep, but not in drink, since she lifts the glass and has a sip almost immediately. She slips a small pouch of silver to Reigna then, dips her head again respectfully and gets out of the way once she has her handful of tickets so she's not holding up the line. The conversation is smoothly picked up as she strolls away, joining the Nightingale, "How have you been Gianna?"

Shrugs a bit, "There are just a lot of people .... and then I have to make small talk .... I am not good at small talk." She smiles slightly at Coraline. "What have you been up to besides parties?

"No, I don't think we have. Well met, Lord Redtyde." Godric will drink to that sentiment; he'll drink to almost any sentiment really. "I don't tend to socialize." Period. Robes or no robes! "And I'm afraid you're right Lady Seliki. But it's quite a shame." The lament is made during one of his many glances towards the garden's entrance, when Thena makes her arrival. "Did Pyotr chase after you waving a handful of papers you had to sign as you were fleeing?" He looks so hopeful, really. She, out of all of them, gets an actual smile.

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Kael was actually not late. Nay, he was present and accounted for but not actually by Reigna. He was off conversing with a lad dressed in House Keaton colors. The discussion is a brief one, whatever it is about, and thereafter he is easing away from the young man and venturing back toward the Guildmaster. He does not actually come to stand in the line but rather he moves around the outskirts and slips up behind his wife to set a hand on her back briefly. A donation is slid off in front of her. That cheat, cutting in line, though after he's received his tickets he doesn't actually venture away.

Shaking her head at Waldemai's comment, Caelis covers her smile with a hand and looks about briefly. "You haven't seen Princess Isidora have you? I was going to finder her before for-something." She asks Wald and settles her hands in front of herself lightly.

"Oh yes, Inquisitor! I have a very broad circle of friends, I hear about quite a few people," Rosalie responds to Godric with a cheerful, sunny smile. She tsks at her husband and giggles lightly, playfully swatting at Alex and murmuring, "Hush now, you're going to make him think terrible things of me!" Looking back to Godric, she smiles brightly once more, "I would love to talk to you sometime about the techniques and formulas you use in your work. I'll admit to being wildly curious as an alchemist of sorts about which, if any, you favor."

Gianna inclines her head to Monique, taking a moment to note the iridescite and emeralds. One brow arches, and her look is approving. She raises her glass to Amari and has a sip herself. "I'm doing well. Still gathering force for the opening of the College. I've scheduled the women's night as well - I hope you can come. It's about ten days before your wedding." Gianna nods to Quenia when she spies the woman; Alarissa, as well, should the Princess-Consort happen to look her way. Then again.... chartreuse.

"Oh not much really, getting ready for the lodge thing is about it." Cora says with a shrug, "And the planning for stuff for East Light, meeting people. Sailing."

Nods softly, "So busy as always. I hope you are taking care of yourself. It would not be good to wear yourself out .... Let me know if I can help any ....."

"Lord Alexandre, Lady Kalani, Lady Rosalie," Thena greets the small knot of Solace and Best Road Friends, then laughs at Godric's remark and curls her hand more firmly into the crook of his arm. "Yes but I'm making him put in my donation instead." And so Pyotr is, standing in the line and looking a bit put-upon.

Waldemai cranes his neck too look around. He's not a tall man, and seeing through crowds is not his strong suit. "There's a couple princesses, aren't there?" He has to go by the clothes, of course. He points his mug toward the wobbly pine bench. "There's Lady Lethe. She'd know."

Quenia smiles warmly over in Monique's direction, brightening a bit as she sees the Minx. "Good evening, Lady Monique," she greets. And then there's Gianna nodding in her direction. She nods back. She continues to look around to see who else she knows, and quite possibly to find a seat away from the fray of things. She bites her lip somewhat as she takes note of the various seating locations.

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Reigna drops chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

"Grandmaster Thena." Alexandre smiles, bowing respectfully when she greets the little group. "It's good to see you were able to fight your way out of the office, I feared the stacks of paperwork had triumphed." he grins, before turning the focus of his dark eyes back to Rosalie. "Nonesense. You? Terrible? Hardly. I don't think you could possibly be terrible at anything you do even if you tried. Were I the competitive type, I might feel concerned." But from the smile, and the affection, clearly writ upon his face, he is no such man.

Nimue Brecelien of Artshall arrives, following Delilah.

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Cora grins, "I am not overdoing it, if anything I am underdoing it. I wish I were more busy right now." She says grinning, "But yeah, I will let you know if I need help, thank you."

"Oh good, you're all familiar with each other. I think we can all guess I suck at introductions. especially of those I've only just met." Godric is just so damn charming, isn't he? He then pastes on his most insincere possible smile and waves at Pyotr before murmuring something to Thena quietly. "Have no fear, Lady Redtyde. I try to think terrible things about everyone. It helps make sure I scowl a lot." Rosalie's giggling has obviously tripped a panic wire. "Certainly. If you've found any particular combinations that work well as preservatives I'd be quite interested in hearing of them."

Amari turns her head enough to chase Gianna's glances down and she too offers a polite nod to Quenia and Alarissa both. "I was hoping to attend, definitely. I think I've only missed one so far." Watching people settle in here and there, and lifting a hand to greet Lethe and the RedTydes afterwards, she considers the seating arrangements thoughtfully, and ventures, "Shall we find a place to sit?"

Shakes her head and tries to not roll her eyes at the Thraxian princess. "If you say so Coraline. If you say so."

2 Harthall house guards, Sheena arrive, following Sunniva.

Delilah gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

"Excellent," Gianna tells Amari, and she genuinely seems pleased. There's a little almost-smile and everything. "We should find a place to sit, yes." She purses her lips a moment, murmuring something to her companion.

"Mistress Whisper" Alarissa greets the Whisper and then a lift of her hand to Amari in turn.

Amari gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Lethe gives a wave to Waldemai and Amari. She sits where she is and just continues to observe.

Sophie gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Monique gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Margret snags a glass of wine, and takes a delicate sip. She lifts a hand to wave in Monique's direction before she starts towards one of the small crowds that are gathering about the gardens. The same one Thena is heading towards in fact. "Lady Rosalie." She begins, nodding a greeting to those she knows, "Grandmaster Thena." She flashes an easy smile to Alexandre and Godric before saying, "Lady Margret Greenmarch. Lovely to meet you."

Lifting one hand to wave to Thena in return, and sharing a grin, Kalani finds a quiet place to enjoy her drink while surveying the room as more people arrive. What better way to keep a fingertip on the pulse of fashion than to see what everyone else is wearing.

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Isidora gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Climbing onto a small stage, Reigna lifts a glass and gently taps it with a tiny fork. The music dies down as the Guildmaster tries to get everyone's attention. Once the din of voices has lowered, she gives everyone present a wide, beaming smile. "First things first... I want to thank every single person in this room. The work we do is not easy, nor is it inexpensive, and the generosity you have all shown this evening is simply breathtaking. I, and my wonderful colleagues thank you for your pledges of support, for your donations, and your presence here tonight. Let us all take a moment to lift our glasses in thanks for all that we have." Reigna lifts her glass as she looks around waiting for the applause die down. "We have a number of outstanding prizes available for tonight's raffle. I will be raffling off a gorgeous iridescite and pearl torque. Next, there is a voucher for a custom rubicund weapon from the one, the only, the incomparable Dame Ida Ferron! Next we have a chance to claim an on-call combat medic for yourself or someone of your choosing. Lastly, we have a diamondplate scalpel!" Each of the prizes are pointed out as she speaks of them, "We will draw the first winner, for the torque right now."

Kalani gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

"Grandmaster! How wonderful to see you again! Do you know if there's been talk of another journey happening for that supposed shrine?" Rosalie's smile brightens at the sight of Thena, the young woman looking quite excited. Turning her gaze back to her husband, she smiles softly, "You always know precisely what to say, Alex. And believe me, I would not attempt to step into your area of expertise! Well, maybe just some basic first aid. Its -always- good to know basic first aid. But otherwise, I leave the medicine and leadership and all the rest to you." When Godric speaks, her eyes look back to him and she smiles, "Depending on the result you're seeking, I actually have a number of different blends I could recommend! But I'm sure you've likely heard of, if not outright tried, all of them already. I imagine I would be hard-pressed to find one you haven't already looked into."

Estelle smiles as she spies Thena with a flicker of recognition, though turns her attention towards Reigna once the announcements begin to listen.

Being the not party creature she is Sheena shows up late, bearing things she sends over to Reigna. It is highly likely the only reason Sheena is at the ball is because Coraline, Reigna, and Rey convinced her too. By some sot of method of there own. The timid Sheena is quick to find a place that is near one of the said people. That is the safe place! To note, it is likely Coraline or Rey since they are not the oens drawing center of attention things.

Gianna walks with Amari over toward the ivy covered ancient bench, though she's craning her neck in hope of seeing this torque that's been mentioned.

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That Marquessa of Harthall pauses upon entering, moving just to the side to gather her bearings and issue for her guards to wait outside for her. She smooth the russet silk gown at her left hip with a passive motion of her hand. A faint smile remains upon her lips as she looks amongst the sea of faces with great interest. She begins a slow walk forward amongst the attendees but goes still when Reigna speaks up for the drawing. She dips her hand into a hidden pocket just at the side seam and shy of her hip. Out she pulls her own tickets as she glances upwards and smilse all the more as the first item is presented. Her attention finally fastens on Alarissa and the Marquessa lifts her hand in silent greeting before offering a nod of her head.

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It's a lovely night to enjoy the gardens and the company of the city's finest and brightest. Delilah comes gliding through the flowers, stopping every so often to truly enjoy their appearance and fragrance as the uneven mood takes her. Warmth calls for little addition to her clothing, the sleeveless gown shining darkly in the greenery. One footstep and another bring her nearer to the fanfare. If a bit late, with a glass of wine, she can be considered another fair addition among the crowd. Reigna's exciting announcements invariably draw her in like the others, laughter upon her lips.

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Alexandre inclines his head politely to Margret, long platinum hair mercifully staying in place as he does. "Lady Margret, a pleasure to meet you. Lord Alexandre Redtyde, at your service." he smiles brightly, rather a propos with his full aeterna outfit. His attention momentarily turns away from the nearby group and instead to Reigna as she speaks up, announcing the prizes. At the mention of Dame Ida's contribution, he arches a brow at Rosalie, his lips curled into an amused, and grateful, smile. "I don't mind if you learn of medicine, my love. Though I do mind if you do anything too dangerous." A significant look there.

Looking up at the announcement, Caelis leaves off looking around and stands near Waldemai with her hands over her stomach lightly as she watches the raffle.

Reigna has rolled 1 195-sided dice: 120

Laughing softly Cora shakes her head at Isidora, "Truly, I am being good." She leans down and speaks softly to Rosalie then hugs Sheena.

Notices Caelis as she watches the stage. Slipping to the side the finds her cousin. "Caelis ... here." She slides Caelis a bottle in secret.

She's late, but at least she's here. Sophie wanders into the area, her hair piled neatly atop her head, and her Mercy robes left at home for the night. As she enters she mills about the outskirts of the gathering, clasping her hands in front of her and smiling to anyone who happens to catch her eye.

Amari murmurs to Gianna and turns her ear her way for a similarly hushed reply, after that, they both settle in at the bench. She quickly, and politely bows her head to those notables already sitting there, Quenia, Monique and Alarissa. Smiles and is likewise distracted a moment by Reigna's mention of a torque. "Ooh. All wonderful prizes. Someone will be well pleased."

Pyotr pushes a little bag of silver to Reigna and walks away. Well, he walks towards Thena. Who glares at him and makes a shooing motion until he vanishes into the crowd. Thena nods solemnly to Margret in greeting and then tells Rosalie, with unconcealed asperity, "I think so, yes. Walder or Welden or whatever his name is keeps going on about it so we'll likely have to check on it again." As Reigna makes the announcements she brightens and elbows Godric in the ribs before whispering something in his ear.

Estelle glances down at her ticket briefly following Reigna's introduction, then sees Sophie and offers her a wide smile and bow of her head.

Drawing a ticket from her bowl, Reigna holds up the ticket and calls, "Number 120! Who has number 120?" Her assistant leans in and whispers, "Lord Fecundo Rubino! Come up to collect your prize! Reigna looks out to the crowd, searching for the winner.

Caelis grabs Isidora's hand lightly and smiles to her cousin-in-law before subtly stowing the bottle and whispering to Isidora.

And Estelle! Thena waves to her fellow Godsworn.

Moves through the crowd up to Reigna, "He had to step out ... but here is his ticket ...." She hands Reigna the ticket.

Godric tucks Thena's hand more firmly against his arm, because obviously she is his lifeline to sanity with all of this socializing going on. "My focus is very specialized, so you might be surprised. Every physician should be willing to learn new techniques and alchemical blends." he replies to Rosalie, his attention pulled towards Margret next when she approaches their group. "Lady Margret." He inclines his head. "Ow, you have sharp elbows woman." But since he doesn't wince, it's more likely he's being a brat than her having ribbed him more then lightly.

Estelle's bow of the head in Sophie's direction elicits a wide smile for her fellow Mercy. She nods her head as well and then she glances at her tickets, shaking her head as she looks at the numbers. Her eyes follow as the prize is given and she gives a little clap as Isidora approaches Reigna.

Godric definitely does wince at whatever Thena whispers to him though. Thanks, Thena.

Sheena gives a small meep like sound at the hug but she returns it easily enough. The people Coraline is talking too are given a bow. She keeps to a spot slightly behind the THrax princess, more or less using her as a shielf.

"One off," murmurs Kael, his tone somewhat amused as he looks at his tickets. The Marquis however does not at all seem to be displeased and when the winner of the prize is announced, he is applauding quite politely.

Quenia quietly converses at the benches, but when Reigna announces the first prize she listens intently. A slight look of disappointment crosses her features when it is not her number that is called, however she grin widely when Fecundo's name is called.

Sunniva gets a wriggle of fingers when Alarissa spots her.

Estelle returns Thena's wave, then lets out a round of applause for the winner. "Congratulations!"

Reigna smiles to Isidora as she approaches and hands over the pretty iridescite necklace, making sure to show it off to the others. "Alright! Now we're going to play a game! Healers, please assemble yourself into teams. While they do that, will my volunteers please join me up on the stage?"

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Lethe claps politely when Fecundo's ticket is drawn. She looks to Waldemai. "How nice!"

Waldemai goes to join Lady Reigna, which may explain his presence there.

Finishing her drink with a grin, Kalani heads for the stage with the other volunteers. Maybe it's a combat healer thing but she just can't resist volunteering.

Meriah comes hustlin' from the swing to join the games. "Whoever is on my team, I hope you like winning."

Fecundo steps back into the area, having been pulled away by a messenger. He can't help but smile, watching Isidora collect the prize for him. He tilts his head and waits for her to come down, speaking softly to her.

Thena burbles a laugh when Reigna calls for volunteers right on the heels of her elbowing and whispering. "But it's your big moment," she tells Godric brightly, offering the man a peck on the cheek before not quite shoving him at the stage.

Amari sets her drink on the bench next to her and after some quick words to pardon herself, she stands and crosses to the stage. She's volunteered, evidently.

"I have no idea what this game is but who wants to be on my team? Meriah? You looking for people?"

Asks Cora

Lethe heads over toward the stage near Kalani and Meriah.

Godric looks absolutely pained right now. /Pained/. But he promised. There is a defeinite mutter at Thena too, before he is shoved towards the other gathering Physicians.

Meriah nods to the ghost in her head. "It's almost unfair, really. I ought to be on my own team. HA!" She blurts and bounds over to Cora. "Come on, tough girl. Let's go win me a thing."

Margretclaps and raises toasts when appropriate once Reigna does her speech and calls a raffle winner. Her attention drifts back to the conversation she just joined, "Alchemical blends?" Margret inquires, clearly intrigued. But then there is a call for healers to assemble in groups. She walks alongside Godric by virture of having been in the same general vicinity as him, "I don't think we've ever met. I administer the Commons Clinic."

There is a light clap of her hands for the winner, her tickets shifting in her grasp before she moves to find a seat for herself amongst the others. As the healer are called, the Marquessa hesitates but instead of heading for the stage she goes for a bench. Sunniva deposits herself with as much grace as she can near Alarissa.

Cora laughs and nods, "Sounds like a good plan to me!" and happily goes along with Meriah

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At the call for healers Sophie steps closer to the front near Coarline and Meriah and she leans in to ask Coraline, "Need another team member?"

Cora nods at Sophie with a huge grin, "Sounds good to me! Welcome aboard!"

Godric is standing nearest Kalani, so they automagically become a team.

Waldemai nods to Reigna. It's all very mysterious.

Sophie grins and gives Coraline a nod before she nods toward Meriah and says, "Princess Sophie Valardin" in introduction. She turns toward Reigna, her hands clasped behind her back and she watches curiously.

Fecundo's name on the air beckons for applause. "Well done for the Physicians Guild and Lord Fecundo!" Delilah calls out warmly. She doesn't seem overly troubled as she seeks out somewhere to sit, landing upon a bench hidden somewhere off at the edges of the clearing.

Delilah has joined the an old wooden bench.

Waving a cheerful greeting to Margaret as she and Godric join the rest of the volunteers heading for the stage, "And now we are three," Kalani declares in a display of simple maths.

Fecundo smiles to Isidora, "Your turn."

Leads Fecundo over to where Sunniva is sittling. "Marquessa Sunniva Harthall ... This is Lord Fecundo Rubino ..." Isidora looks up at Fecundo, "Sunniva is my apprentice and the wonderful woman that left that basket of goodies in my room."

Lethe looks to Godric and Kalani with a curious expression . "I suppose I'll be on your team unkess there is someone else."

Meriah gives Sophie a thumbs up and then flags Rey over toward Team Meriah. "Master Physician Meriah Gascoigne." She declares to the princess. "Terror with a Scalpel. Healer Par Excellence."

Godric gestures toward Meriah. "She is terror with a scalpel, so she's not wrong about that." he murmurs, as the teams gather. "Who still doesn't have a team? Anyone?"

Rosalie smiles sweetly at Alexandre and offers an owl-eyed look of innocence, "When have I ever? I have been perfectly safe each and every time I have gone out on an expedition! Last time I traveled with the Grandmaster here, and Master Harlex Valtyr, who provides protection for Rook and Yasmine, and Lady Kalani, and Sir Jeffeth!" Well, Jeffeth stayed with the wagons when they bogged down, but that doesn't need to be said! Her smile brightens when Coraline nears and she leans in to hear the murmur, then giggles and responds back with a grin. To Thena, she gives a nod and smiles brightly, "Well you can count me in again when they figure it out. The first one may have been a bust on the shrine, but it was exciting and interesting and we got to meet those lovely women!" You know, the Abandoned women! She pauses when Reigna calls out the first numbers, then offers applause for Lord Fecundo's good luck! Turning back to Godric, she flashes a grin, "Then we will certainly have to sit down soon and talk. I'll being over my formulas, and some samples, and we can do some experimenting. Admittedly, I've never worked on humans before. Fewer people tend to mind if you experiment on a dead deer or fox than their aunt or brother." Margret gets a sunny smile as well and she offers, "Lady Margret! How lovely to see you again! How are you? No Lord Alessandro tonight? Oh! Lord Alexandre is the one I mentioned, though we've since wed."

Amari stands near Reigna with the other volunteers, conspiring with them, clearly. There's a lot of hush hush chatter as things are being decided. Secret things. There's a shake of her head at the first.

Caught before sits fully, Sunniva smiles brightly at Isidora, "Lord Fecundo, it is a pleasure to meet you and I suppose I might such a person to have done as she says." There is amusement upon her lips before she looks to Isidora. "I hope they will find a great amount of use. After all we must plan your garden."

Fecundo follows Isidora's lead and offers Sunniva ahalf nod and half bow, "A pleasure to meet you, Marquessa Harhall." He looks, "Are the two of you joining the game?"

Meriah wields Ebony-Edged Scalpel .

Fecundo gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Coraline gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Sheena gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Looks over at the stage. "I think I am waiting to see if there is a team for me ....." Isidora comments softly, "Marquessa though you should try ... one cannot get better if one does not practice."

Team Meriah - Coraline, Rey, Meriah, Sophie, Isidora

Team Godric - Godric, Kalani, lethe, Margret and Sheena

Having finally taken a seat, Sunniva glances upwards at the offer to join as she leans and looks past to the stage, "It's beginning to look crowded up there, I think perhaps I shall remain here so I might applaud the efforts instead. Besides we have a few more lessons...I can beg a family member to play our victim when we do," she says with a hopeful lilt to her voice. "If you are still in desperate need of me, do not hesitate to ask, I will come join." The last seems a good enough promise.

"Hello." Margret says with an easy smile to her teammates. Her attention turns to Rosalie as she addresses her and she says a little louder since she's moved out of the space, "Oh I'm lovely thank you for asking. And ah he's probably off somewhere irritating or thwarting someone with his public defending." She grins as she says this before adding, "Congratulations to you both on your marriage." She then glances back to her team members, "Goodness I feel like I haven't met many of you. Lady Margret Greenmarch. A pleasure."

Delilah has left the an old wooden bench.

Nimue Brecelien of Artshall leaves, following Delilah.

The cluster of volunteers breaks up and Reigna moves to the front of the stage, "Alright teams! Are you ready? Our volunteers are going to come up and explain to you their symptoms and you will have to confer among yourselves to come up with an answer to what ails them! Our first volunteer will be up here in just a moment!"

Meriah gives a thumbs up and a grin. "Bring 'em on!"

Gianna is seated on an ivy-covered ancient bench, speaking quietly with the other women there, glass of wine in hand. She watches the proceedings up front with some curiosity.

Cora nods as she moves to stand by her team, "This should be quite fun!"

Lethe looks at her team and nods. "We can do this!"

Godric pretends like he's all ready to do this, gives the rest of the team he's with a nod. And, waits. Maybe patiently, but likely not.

"Our Volunteer will come out and act out their symptoms. Each team will be able to ask two questions, total, of each sufferer. The teams will them confer and decide on the ailment. Whoever is right first wins the point!"

So, she'd heard there was supposed to be some kind of fundraising ball! Nijah isn't wearing anything too extravagant, but it's likely the best that she has. Simple linen dress cut into lycene styles, her waves of long caramel brown hair dangling behind her back, she looks around curiously and places a hand on her hip as she looks around at the crowd and those gathered, apparently having arrived in the midst of some kind of game, so she moves off to the side, curiously looking around before taking a drink for herself.

Sheena is a little surprsed she is volunteered for a team but she, easily enough, goes with it. She doesn't speak much, though.

Waldemai is the first volunteer. As he comes forward, he has a hand cupped to his ear and his head cocked to that side. "Muh ear urts," he says, speech slurred. He is walking awkwardly, and his other hand starts to shake. He pounds teh hand on his thigh until it stops.

Meriah looks at Waldemai for a moment. She rubs her chin thoughtfully. "Hm," she murmurs. "HM!" She does not murmur.

Fecundo sits back and watches the competion with a smile, looking at Waldemai curiously. He gets a drink and seems very curious to see what the process is.

Kael continues to linger on the outskirts of the gathering though he has acquired a refreshment from somewhere or other. He sips at the amber liquid every so often as he watches the game take place, a bemused sort of expression worn on his features as he regards Waldemai. When he catches sight of Amari, his cousin, as one of the volunteers he naturally lifts his glass in silent toast toward her. Even if she's not the one performing just yet.

Sophie watches Waldemai as he approaches. She's smiling, but her keen eye is also assessing his symptoms and making a mental note of them. She says nothing, but she does glance to her teammates with a raised eyebrow.

Reigna grins as she watches Waldemai, her expression clearly amused. "Alright doctors! Which team wants to ask the first question?"

Waldemai kicks his leg twice.

Lethe watches Waldemai with curiosity. She glances at her team.

Godric is watching Waldemai as he approaches, arms folded across his chest and eyes narrowed. Then he turns towards the others of his team and mutters something, before sighing and saying something else. Still quietly, but obviously more seriously.

As she is already on the sidelines to spectate, Estelle notes Nijah's arrival and smiles at her. More discreetly, she leans over to whisper, "It's a doctor competition, the different teams are trying to figure out what is wrong with each volunteer. I'm Mercy Estelle, by the way."

Meriah has forced her team into a tight huddle. There is muttering. Every so often the Master Physician lifts her head and glares at Waldemai.

Margret's usually kindly eyes narrow ever so slightly as she looks at Waldemai. She mutters to herself "...ear...hands..." Then she squints some more before turning to whisper back to the team

Waldemai rubs his ear with his hand. "Eh urts. Mae it sop."

Meriah checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Godric checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Rey checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Alessandro.

Coraline has rolled a critical success!
Coraline checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Amari has left the an ivy covered ancient bench.

Sophie checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Margret checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Sheena checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Godric gestures towards Margeret. "See! I'm not the only one!" he exclaims, to his team.

Lethe checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

She's sipping some wine while she watches the game, seemingly trying to puzzle things out herself as well, listening to the volunteers. She eyes Estelle and there's a flash of a bright smile as she nods her head towards her. "Mercy Estelle? Hello! I am being new to this kind of thing," she says in a rather thick accent. "Nice to be meeting you, I am Nijah."

Sheena stays pretty quiet, seeming good with listening to what is said. She glances at Waldemai a moment and murmurs a little before falling silent once more.

Thena snags a wineglass from a passing server and twirls it absently as she watches the proceedings with interest.

Estelle dips her head towards Nijah, voice affable. "It is certainly more fun to watch in this circumstance, than a real one." She smirks slightly over in Waldemai's direction, some teasing entering into her voice now. "Such lifelike acting!"

Waldemai looks over at the woman busting his chops. "Eh canna hur," he says, hand still cupped over his ear.

Coraline checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

"I don't imagine an icepick to the ear is a valid guess." Godric deadpans, based on the intense consultation with the rest of the team.

After a quiet few moments of deliberating, Meriah pokes out her head from the huddle. She nods to Sophie and then declares in a loud and /accusing/ voice--even pointing her finger at Wald like he did something wrong--she shouts, "LOCK JAW!"

Clapping as she laughs, Reigna nods to Meriah's guess, "Team Meriah gets the first point! Well done! Everyone, a round of applause for Goodman Waldemai!" She turns to Amari and motions for her to come out, "Our next volunteer is Lady Amari Keaton!"

"Oh I am betting," Nijah agrees with a nod towards Estelle, sipping more of her wine. "I am thinking I know something that may be helping with ear pain. Simple mixture, yarrow and..." she mumurs a few other words. "I am not knowing the Arvani words for the rest. Good actor, yes," Nijah agrees, possibly genuinely so.

Gianna sets her wine glass aside to dutifully clap for Waldemai, and then just keeps clapping for Amari. She murmurs something at the benches.

Waldemai straightens up and announces, "I really do have a dry mouth...Has anyone seen my mug?"

Estelle applauds for Waldemai and chuckles, "Bravo! A fine performance."

Better late than never -- at least in some people's opinions -- Alessandro arrives. He looks around quickly for his wife, though seeing that she is currently engaged in something else, he shoots her a quick wave if he catches her eye, before heading to the bench and applauding as well, since clearly that's the thing to do at the moment.

Alessandro has joined the an ivy covered ancient bench.

One is likely not supposed to be cheering on the volunteers like a sporting event, or a tournament, but that is precisely what Kael happens to do. "Amari!" he calls forth in a most supportive manner, offering her a broad grin. At least he minimizes the shouting to that, at least for the moment, before he's taking a few steps to remark to Nijah and Estelle, "This is going to be good," in a more hushed manner.

When it's Amari's turn to go up on stage and be diagnosed, she starts off as if she fully intends to do her volunteer duty but instead happens to notice Kael in the crowd. When she does she slowly veers off course and towards him to call, "Count Kael, I thought you were still in Arx." Pleasant surprise that is to her, she waves over at him, smiles faintly and turns away to more properly place herself at the mercy of the Mercies. She spots Coraline in among them and frowns, "Princess Caroline, I don't want to complain but did I fall off my horse again? No. I had fish and pickles yesterday. This is the worst dance. Nobody's even dancing." She gestures vaguely at the people all sitting on the benches, not dancing. How rude and disappointing of them.

Cora grins and nods, "Very rude," then looks to her team mates and begins that quite powwow again.

Margret claps for Waldemai and the other team as well. And oh look it's Alessandro! She smiles brightly in his direction and waves energetically. Then her attention goes to Amari before turning to whisper with her team.

"She is quite the actress as well?" Estelle wonders of Kael curiosly, before admitting, "I do not know most of those who have gathered here."

Meriah checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Godric checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 5 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Cirroch.

Rey checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Lethe checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Coraline checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Sheena checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Margret checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

"Well I am being a little disappointed nobody is being dancing," Nijah admits with a small smile, tilting her head to Kael curiously before her attention moves back to the group and she murmurs between Kael and Esetelle both. "I am not knowing anybody here. I was hoping there would be a familiae face, but where better to be meeting someone?"

Isidora checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Godric makes a face at 'fish and pickles', looking well and truly concerned for a moment, before turning to do the muttering and diagnosing.

Sophie checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Kael's brows furrow in brief as he regards Amari, but thereafter he's back to grinning broadly and toasting her once more. "That," he murmurs, turning his focus back toward Estelle, "is Lady Amari Keaton. She happens to be rather excellent at anything she sets her mind to." Beat. "And perhaps sometimes fail spectacularly." Despite his words, there's no mistaking the fondness in his tone. He at least explains further, "I am lucky enough to be her cousin, you see. I am Marquis Kael Keaton, a pleasure to meet you." He inclines his head toward Estelle, and there is a slight cant of it to include Nijah in that introduction. "The both of you."

Cirroch has joined the The Belladonna Wysteria Arbor Path.

Sheena rapidly shakes her head at whatever the group she's with asks. Whatever it is causes Sheena to back up a little, just in case.

Cirroch has left the The Belladonna Wysteria Arbor Path.

Cirroch has joined the an ivy covered ancient bench.

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Estelle "An honor to meet you," Estelle tells Kael with a slight bow. "I am Mercy Estelle, thank you for your patronage here." She looks over to the next volunteer curiously.

"Fish... fish." Amari murmurs to herself as if she's forgotten why they've come to mind to begin with. It might have had something to do with the pickles. "Did we bring Kata? She loves dances." She then asks Reigna with a fond smile for the dancing Kata, wherever she is. Then more crossly, she looks to the two groups of healers who aren't even dancing themselves, and arches a brow, "The least you could have done was say hello. I came all the way here from Thistlehill and you're all just gawking and talking amongst yourselves and..." Interest is lost and the Keaton looks to Reigna more plaintively, "Is the dance already over?"

Godric consults with the rest of their healery team, nodding to Margret once before turning around. "Dementia. She is confused about time and place. Plus, fish and pickles? Ugh. Seriously."

There is delighted laughter at Amari's antics and she claps. She points to Godric and laughs, "Point for Team Godric!" She applauds and then steps forward, "Now, before our last volunteer goes, I will draw two more names, for the Rubicund weapon and the personal medic. Here we go!"

Reigna has rolled 1 195-sided dice: 45

"Is she acting?" Nijah wonders, apparently surprised, but she sips that wine along the sidelines and looks back to Kael. "She is good. Lady Amari you are saying her name is? I will have to be introducing myself sometime," Nijah says brightly. "I am Nijah."

Meriah wrinkles her nose BUT she does give a nod of approval and claps her hands for the other team. They are all on the same team, after all, in like the grander scheme of things.

"The ticket is number 45! Number 45 wins the voucher for a rubicund weapon! Mercy and Physician Lady Rey Laveer!" Reigna grins to Rey, motioning for her to come and get the coupon.

Reigna has rolled 1 195-sided dice: 155

Gianna applauds for Amari's fine display of dementia. She's looking pretty smug over there on the benches for whatever reason.

Rey blinks as the number is called and she looks down at her tickets and blinks slowly again, she whispers to her group and then carefully moves up towards Reigna with her ticket in her hand. She is a little shocked but she smiles up at Reigna, "Now I have to decide who to gift it to!" She says this with a tiny frown but seems pleased anyway.

"Fish and pickles are good." Amari frowns at Godric, but she doesn't press it because she doesn't have dementia anymore. It's instantly cured, and with a quick bow she clears the stage for Kalani to take her place.

Sophie smiles and calls over to Godric's team good naturely, "Excellent job!" Then when Rey's name is called she claps for her and smiles brightly. Then her attention is turned to Amari for a moment as she says, "Excellent job to you too! Truly convincing!"

Estelle giggles brightly at the display, applauding wholeheartedly for Amari and then Rey. "Woohoo!" she calls out.

"That is very generous of you, Lady Rey. Congratulations!" Reigna draws the next ticket, "Next we have the personal medic that will be on call, to attend to the winner or the person of the winner's choice!" Reigna looks at the ticket and says, "Number 155! Who has 155?"

Fecundo applauds the players and actors for the game and also the winners of the other raffle items.

"Well done, Amari." Kael perhaps raises his voice slightly but it is no longer the holler of before. He is however applauding for Godric's Team before turning back to the two near him. "Of course, Mercy Estelle," he says with a slight smile. "I believe Arx might have some rumors if I did not attend, but I would attend even if not so. It is an honor to support the physicians -- and all healers." His head inclines in a much more humble manner to the Mercy before he nods to Nijah. "Lady Amari Keaton is indeed acting," he murmurs, and when Nijah is indicating that she might wish to meet her sometime, Kael is taking the initiative and at least attempting to wave his cousin over.

Amari hasn't won a thing but dementia so far, but when Reigna calls out the last number and no winner immediately, she fans out her raffle tickets for a look as she's meandering Kael-ward. Then her jaw drops and she promptly turns herself right around and returns to the side of the stage. She has 155 in hand which she holds up for Reigna to doublecheck, "I think it's me."

Fecundo laughs to Isidora and holds out his head to her, leaning to speak to her softly after she says something to him.

"Oh, well done, Lady Amari!" Reigna seems both surprised and happy when Amari prooves to be the winner. "Congratulations! You did a splendid job and you won a prize! We can discuss hiring your medic tomorrow, shall we? Everyone, a round of applause for Lady Amari!"

Waldemai applauds, of course.

Isidora takes Fecundo's hand softly and listens to what he says. She laughs softly and shakes her head. She whispers back.

Estelle keeps her hands clapping as the reasons to celebrate just keep coming, a bright smile for Amari. "Congratulations!"

Sunniva lifts her hands to clap for the prize winner, giving the Lady Amari of a nod of her head.

She waves alongside Kael towards Amari, and Nijah gives a sidelong glance to Kael. "I wasn't being too sure, since we are at a ball, but I am not seeing any dancing!" she brushes off her skirts as she says this. "I seem to have not being made it over in time for the fund raising part, but hoping I can help in some other ways," she shrugs a moment, taking Reigna's advice and giving an extra applause for Amari.

Alessandro applauds as well, giving Amari a wave as well with a smile, before he catches Margret's eye again, and turns back to murmur something to the people at the benches.

"Alright! We have one more volunteer performer, our teams are tied one to one, and after we will raffle off our diamondplate scalpel! Next up, the Lady Kalani Seliki." She motions for the woman to come forward and do her thing.

Alexandre has left the The Belladonna Wysteria Arbor Path.

Making her way forward to the front of the stage, Kalani moves at a staggering pace and has both hands pressed to either side of her head. Her eyes are squinted and and the look upon her face is one of acute discomfort. She grimaces, makes a dry cough of sound and mutters, "By the gods, my mouth tastes like sand. Am I dying? I think I'm dying," in a voice that affects a dry and appalled tone of voice followed by a groan as she sinks down to take a seat, abruptly, on the edge of the stage.

Sophie checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Godric has rolled a critical success!
Godric checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 180 higher.

Margret checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Isidora checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Meriah has rolled a critical success!
Meriah checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Lethe checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Rey checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Sheena checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

"Now I can take up jousting without worry." Amari enthuses, but she could be kidding. Probably, maybe. She gives a quick nod to Reigna, not sweating the details, and then sneaks off to join Kael and Nijah to watch the last volunteer do her thing. There's laughter from her which she hides behind her hand as soon as Kalani begins with her very serious complaints. "Poor dear. I'm not sure she'll survive this." She manages to get out while waving over to Alessandro.

"Yes, yes you did, and I don't mind that nickname, it's clever," Says Cirroch back to Alarissa with with a shrug of his broad shoulders. He's not really sure what he's applauding for, but he applauds anyway! Once that's done he looks over to Sunniva, giving her a big smile, "That sounds like a plan. We'd love to come over and have dinner." He lets out a chuckle at Gianna preens, nodding his head to her, "I wanted to have a performer at my anniversary party, next time I will reach out to you."

Kael does indeed applause for Amari, as directed. It's likely just a bit extra applause, as biased as he is. He shakes his head ruefully and murmurs, "No dancing yet, and in truth I am uncertain that dancing is on the agenda. Alternately, I do not see a reason why anyone cannot dance if they wish to." He applauds for Kalani's exceptional performance before catching sight of the incoming Keaton. "Amari," he murmurs, "This is the Mercy, Estelle and Nijah."

Estelle dips her head towards Amari and smiles, "An honor to meet you. And I believe there is dancing," she aims to assure the cousins, "though probably after the raffle and game."

Still seated on the edge of the stage, Kalani lowers one hand from where it was pressed to the side of her head, blinks blearily at the room at large then grimaces while pressing her hand against her stomach. "My head feels like it weighs as much as a brick. Everyone is so loud!"

"Wait, waaaaait. I've seen this before." Godric, suddenly whip smart and with an ageless memory. "Yeah, when I traveled through the Oathlands..." he pauses. "Years ago. Anyway, she has a hangover. A seriously shitty hangover. From three glasses of hard cider, and a cherry drink. Specifically." he declares, /entirely/ serious.

"Mouth tasting like sand? That is sounding like thirst... maybe something being more serious for this since it is contest," Nijah considers Kalani before her eyes fall back on Amari, chuckling a bit. "Or maybe too much drink?" she wonders again. "Hello! As he is being saying, I am Nijah, I was enjoying your performance," she smiles, her accent is thick, and she sips the wine easily while she studies Amari closer.

The specificity of Godric's answer has Reigna looks surprised, "Team Godric wins!" SHe looks around the room and leads a round of applause, "Lords and Ladies, your physicians!" She motions to all of the healers on the stage, "Thank you all, and thank you to our volunteers!" She moves back to the ticket bowl and says, "Now we're down to our last draw! Get your tickets ready!"

Meriah puts her hands on her hips and she just huffs and then nods to Godric. "Well, don't that beat all." She says to her team. "Sorry, gals. Drinks are on me. Or back rubs or somethin' cutesy."

With a grin on her face, quite famously healed by Godric's deduction, the woman who once out-drank Victus in a contest slides to her feet, settling her dress with both hands as she does so. "Now I want another of those cherry drinks," she declares with a laugh. "If I'm going to have a hangover for real, I'd better get to work."

Sophie can't help but laugh and she calls over to Godric, "Good job recognizing the symptoms of a hangover! I'll guess you have plenty of experience with those!" She claps good naturely and then claps in Kalani's direction as well. Then to her own teammates she says, "Wonderful job, ladies!" Then to Meriah she grins and says, "So we can all learn more about hangovers for the next contest of wits?"

"Specifically?" Margret asks, and she sounds a little skeptical but he sounds so convincing that she just shrugs and looks towards Reigna for confirmation and applauds when it is given. A nod is given to her teammates before she starts towards the bench where Alessandro has sat down.

Margret has joined the an ivy covered ancient bench.

Isidora steps down from the stage, "No worries Meriah ... that was too spot on." She assures Meriah as she nears Fecundo. "Enjoy the show?"

Thena applauds, politely and carefully due to the wine glass in one hand.

Lethe smiles as her team wins. She looks to Godric. "Great job!" She waits to see who will win the raffle.

Rey chuckles softly to Meriah and just gives her a hug, this is Rey, so tiny hugs are something she is known for, out of the blue and just because. She does eye Godric though and just shakes her head at him but gives him one of those smiles and then nods towards the crowd, blushing before she moves off to her swing once more. Enough public time!

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrives, following Tabitha.

"Great jobs by both teams!" Estelle calls over to the various gatherings. "Glad to see the patients were saved."

Fecundo applauds again for the game and the winners, though does take out his tickets to look at them

Ooooh, Sophie gets a sharp grin from Meriah for that one. "Exactly--Guh!" She's caught by the tiny hug from the tiny Mercy, Rey, but then returns it with a trade mark sinister smile. Isidora is given a nod. "Hey, we'll get 'em next time." The Master Physician stretches, feline-like, and rocks on her heels.

Fecundo is overheard praising Reigna: Great Physician's ball and great games.

Reigna drops gleaming Diamondplate scalpel.

"Three ciders and a cherry drink worth of experience, at least." Godric calls back, to Sophie, with a wry little smile for the others. See, there's a definite reason he called that one so well. Rey gets a look - the stop being small and cute look. Btu finally he can re-join his date for the evening. "There must be a better wine for you to try, if you've been drinking that same one most of the night. Come on, let's find you something." And food to soak it up with.

Isidora is overheard praising Reigna.

Reigna has rolled 1 195-sided dice: 22

Amari is thoroughly amused by Kalani's performance and offers applause as well. With the introductions Kael offers, she dips her head politely to Estelle and Nijah, repeating their names to make sure they're well memorized. "Mercy Estelle, a pleasure." Her gaze lingers on Nijah as if she can remember her from somewhere but the lingering effects of dementia are making it difficult to say where. "Nijah... I have this vague recollection of you at a certain casino." That's what it was. Her smile broadens.

Rosalie picks up gleaming Diamondplate scalpel.

The last ticket is drawn and Reigna looks at the number, "Number 22! Come and claim your diamondplate scalpel!" She looks through the crowd and her assistant murmurs into her ear, "Lady Rosalie Redtyde!"

Thena murmurs something to Godric when he re-joins her, before gamely letting him try to improve on her booze situation.

As the contest ends Sophie slips quietly from the stage. She moves toward the swing where Rey is currently seated, and leans against a tree there. Her fingernails tap on the bark as she does, idly watching the other inhabitants and saying to Rey, "It's a lovely party, isn't it?"

Tabitha arrives late, attired in a dress of green silk that shimmers with gradiaions of gold and blue. But she's not making her presence known at this point. She's a small woman of neat, quiet steps, so she idles around at the back of the gathering somewhere, keeping herself to herself. A faint crease of her brow accompanies sideways glances here and there, but there's not a peep out of her. Just being quiet here for now.

Nijah applauds for the winners, placing her drink down to free her hands, she looks back to Amari. "Casino?" Nijah considers that for a moment. "I am not thinking that can be right..." she winkles her nose in thought. "Not unless you were being in Eurus? Is there a casino in Arx?" There is a genuine bit of confusion at that. "I was being at a few places since I am coming here."

Rey is hiding! But this is Sophie so a smile touches her lips as she looks up at Sophie, "It is, and soon I get to disappear. But have you been having fun?" She asks the Mother Mercy with a smile before her voice lowers softly.

Lethe has left the an wobbly pine bench.

Blinking when her name is called, Rosalie grins brightly and calls out, "Oh hey, that's me!" She peels away from Alexandre (who is still totally here even though his player had to sleep) and heads over to collect her prize, gasping softly, "Oh my! Its so -pretty-, too! Thank you so much!" She holds the scalpel carefully as she makes her way back to her husband and the arbor, murmuring something among her companions there.

3 Tyde Houseguard leaves, following Lethe.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

Fecundo steps behind Isidora and moves to drape the torque aroun d her neck, making sure to not get it caught in her hair. He leans to whisper to her as he does.

Once the prize has been claimed, Reigna addresses the crowd, "Thank you all for coming tonight. Please, enjoy the food and music, and eachother's company. I really want to express how appreciated your largess this evening." She smiles to Rosalie and says, "You are very welcome, and congratulations!"

Amari is overheard praising Reigna.

Alessandro applauds when Rosalie's name is called for the scalpel, shooting her a wave and mouthing congratulations to her, before he turns back to say something a little more quietly at the benches.

Meriah is overheard praising Reigna: I like fun!

Godric puts one glass of wine onto a tray of empties. And, when a tray of full ones goes passing by he picks up a nearly purple red to hand over to Thena. "Here, try this one." Briefly, he applauds the winner of the scalpel, and then picks up a drink for himself.

Kael inclines his head to Estelle at her point, though when Amari is pointing out that she's viewed Nijah in the past there is a curious look between the two. Ah, but applause, once more, for the victor of the prize and the event as a whole.

Godric is overheard praising Reigna.

Sunniva is overheard praising Reigna.

Estelle smiles and applauds happily for Rosalie and then Reigna. "Excellent turn-out for this too!"

Isidora blushes slightly before she murmurs back to Fecundo.

Rosalie is overheard praising Reigna.

Kael is overheard praising Reigna: For doing that thing that you do.

Rey gets remedies and tonics held in a padded box from chest filled with padded remedy boxes - please take one.

Rosalie lifts a hand in a wave towards Alessandro and grins before turning back to those at the wisteria with her.

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