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Marquessa Sunniva Harthall

One can always offer kindness for it is infinite.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Charitable Socialite
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Harthall
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 27
Birthday: 5/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Skintone: Pale Golden

Description: The singular Oathlands grace has blessed the lady with the elegance of one poised in every action. But through that regality and lengthened features there resides a softness of spirit that carries through her in every sense. Her smile is warm and inviting and her gaze carries no judgement for those who seek her. A long neck leads to long limbs and a soft sculpted face set with such rich honey brown eyes they appear almost amber. Her name may very well have been gifted to her by the mere fact she was born with thick ginger hair, like a glorious sunset which in her current age runs thick and in soft waves to her lower back.

Personality: Sunniva is a pleasantly reserved and often collected soul whose choices stray to those of giving rather than receiving. She finds the joy in her life comes from caring for others and the use of her station allows her to do more and she takes to it like a fish in water. Her belief that everyone matters comes primarily from being raised in House Laurent and she still practices this very notion - marrying also into the younger Household of Harthall. Sometimes her convictions can get her into trouble, for though she is quiet if something is unjust she will lift her voice to speak against it. All in all she is one that enjoys the small details of life, the beauty in each moment and aims to capture and remember them.

Background: Sunniva grew up fostered in the Laurent Household not as a blood relative but a ward that the Duke took into his household and made one of his own family. Granted the family name she was raised as a sibling since before she can remember. The ideals of the house became her own and a powerful force in creating who she later became.

She was oft by herself, reading a book, painting or taking walks on her own. A gentle child she had little use for the shows of prowess or strength that many can be given to. Instead she spent her time learning the native plant life and eventually learning how they applied to healing. Her place in the family also gave rise to her tutelage in caring for the household both in organizing, throwing events, etiquette and performing. All practical useful things in a noblewoman's role who is set to be the center of the household's heart. Though her heart was set in the care of others she found there were ways she could do so even by merely speaking and sharing company - how just the compassionate presence of another can change the demeanor of a person.

When she was eighteen, she began her courtship to Lord Orvyn Harthall, set up between the Duke and the Marquis of Harthall the two were familiar with each other from the Valadrin gatherings. It began with simple visits and over time Sunniva became fond of the Lord Harthall. He indulged her own interests and she found his own quiet reserve to be something of an appeal, a gentle hand and a warm smile. She could have done far worse and knew it.

They were married in the late Spring of 1004, with the intention of traveling on his merchant vessel to see other harbors. They got five or six months into their travels when word finally found them that the current heir, Orvyn's brother was broken in a horse riding accident which several days later claimed his life. This brought their tour to an end and the two returned together, Orvyn now the intended heir and no longer able to see to the ships he loved. Sunniva grieved for the change of position and what had done to her husband in tethering his free spirit. Sunniva and Orvyn spent years preparing, learning and understanding the state of House Harthall and its holdings, adjusting and attending functions so that they could be known and it was definitely more of a need than they would realize.

The Marquis passed for sudden reasons, a brain aneurysm. It put Orvyn directly in his place and Sunniva who never thought to care for more than her immediate family took hold of Harthall and carefully steered it as best she could.

Name Summary
Adalyn A bright light in the world. She is just as I remember her: warm, caring, poised. I have no doubt that she will be a leader of conscience and a great comfort to those in need of it.
Margerie As bright and energizing as her nickname, I am thrilled to have yet another beloved 'niece' nearby again.
Orvyn There she is, returned from far too many years away, but there's a charm about her that is ageless, not to say that she's aged, anything but! I swear she is more radiant now than when I last saw her. Maybe time away from me was good for her? Of course she'd never be one to admit that. She is my better half and to have her back does make me feel more complete. Beauty and heart, and with the firey hair to get her voice heard and made known. It is wonderful to have her back and let us see how we shall soar!
Porter A warm, friendly woman with a sense of humor and an air of poise well suited to a noblewoman from the Oathlands. Gracious enough to agree to have me over for dinner sometime and is glad to hear that the quality in Harthall benches hasn't decreased any in the last few years.