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Liquor Tasting at the Crossroads Casino

Have you ever wanted to try various types of liquor from different places? Here is your chance! The crew of the Crossroad Casino will be gathering brewers from the Compact to test people's palates. There will be vintages up for raffle, and half a barrel of the original shipment of Southern Thunder, donated by Lord Giulio Mazetti. Better than a pub crawl, you can do all your drinking for one night in one place!


June 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Duarte Mirari Giulio


Felicia Waldemai Valdemar Grazia Silvio Verity Arcadia Lys Sabella Tabitha Luca(RIP) Jordan(RIP) Niklas Elgana Talen Mailys Seth(RIP) Theo



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

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Comments and Log

Harlen stands below the rafters, looking upward, tossing bar nuts at Duarte. "Get down here!"

Duarte rustles himsef awake as he's pegged by the salty projectiles. He gazes down below and rubs his eyes. "Is it time already." He yawns and climbs down.

Duarte has left the a small bower tucked into the rafters.

Elgana arrives arm-in-arm with her two ladies, but for some odd reason her usual guards, those young men in Redrain livery are gone, replaced by a pair of dour looking Crimson Blades. She pauses as she looks about, dark eyes scanning for familiar faces before she makes to simply mingle about for now, but those she does know and see get finger waggles and smiles.

2 Armed Confessors, Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Silvio.

Mirari gets to her feet once people have settled, raising both of her hands as a smile lights up her face.

Welcome to the Crossroads Casino! I hope you're all ready to taste some different liquors and learn more about some of the Lyceum wine and liquor makers! Everyone get comfortable, make sure you all have a glass and feel free to pick and nibble from the meat, cheese and olive platters set out at each table. We hope you enjoy yourselves!

Waldemai mmmm. "Meeeeaaaat."

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor arrive, following Valdemar.

Wide brimmed hat crowning his brow, Giulio Mazetti could be seen sipping at a glass of a pale amber liquid, his eyes lingering on those present. At Mirari's announcement, Giulio raises his glass in her direction. "Mirari Corsetina -- the real unsung hero of the night," he says, one eyelid shiverring in a wink. One corner of his mouth twists at the announcement.

Verity has joined the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Coming into the casino, Verity is dressed for an excellent time all sparkles and silk. There's a smile given to Mirari and a wave as she walks further in to sit at the dice table and prepare for drinks!

Merril, a scholarly aide, Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid arrive, following Felicia.

"To anyone arriving, please find a seat, we'll begin the tasting shortly! If you have any questions during the event, please feel free to ask Giulio, Duarte or myself, and we'll be happy to help you." Mirari says, gesturing to the various seats available.

Renault, the mustachioed Lycene, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Theo.

A new place for Tabitha to visit! And so she walks quietly into the main room, heading straight for a chair at a table in front of the fire. No pomp or anything. Just wearing a simple but very well-made blue linen dress along with her Whitehawk signet ring, only the latter giving evidence as to which house she belongs. Hair coiled-up with a white glass pin, tendrils framing her watchful face as she moves her gaze ere and there. Lacking a glass in hand, she simply sends a smile and a gentle nod Mirari's way, along with a silent feathery clap of her hands.

Grazia has arrived. She looks around curiously at the environs, never having been her before, a mask of neutrality painting her face blank. She then glides her way further in with purpose, to find an appropriate seat.

Alcohol? It's the promise of this that more likely than not drew Felicia's attention to this particular place. The green of her eyes alight in delight as she scans the room and elects to find herself a spot to settle into at one of the gaming tables.

Grazia has joined the some plush comfortable couches.

Valdemar enters just in time to hear the announceemnt of directions from Mirari, which elicits a slight nod from the Islander before he sets about finding a seat. Eventually, he makes his way to a cluster of couches, and eases himself onto one of them, settling in his seat before taking a look around the room, seeking familiar faces.

Felicia has joined the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Valdemar has joined the some plush comfortable couches.

As people settle in their seats, Mirari makes her way to the bar, and various servers step out from the back room, trays laden with bottles, glasses and napkins. "We're going to begin. Do remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the hosts this evening and we'll be happy to help you."

Tabitha has joined the a cluster of tables near the fireplace.

Silvio glides into the casino with his chin up, his long hair bobbing, a smile on his face that has to be classified, and the air that he's going to mentally undress whomever he ends up next to at the table. He gracefully possesses a seat.

Silvio has joined the some plush comfortable couches.

Mirari leans against the bar as she speaks. She glances around the room, a smile on her face. She gestures to the servers who are waiting with bottles in hand and and they begin to circulate and pour as she speaks.

The first three things we'll be tasting tonight are wines. These varietals come from Setarco and are shipped to Arx and bottled by Corsetina Merchantile. This first wine is a Rose wine, with a strong note of watermelon, finished with peach, lavender and the slightest bit of pepper. Give it a try! It's very smooth and best eaten with fruits and desserts.

Jordan is apparently equally as curious about the alcoholic beverages to be sampled here. He casts a look around, offers a nod to those he knows and stands by the gaming table. To watch other people gamble, apparently.

"We also have pretzels." Duarte chimes in once he reaches the floor after his descent from the rafters. "Just ask any server and they will bring a bowl."

Duarte has joined the a cluster of tables near the fireplace.

Grazia takes a moment to adjust her skirts perfectly so that they show off the intricate beadwork properly against the couch upon which she has chosen to perch. She brushes her fingers lightly across her swan ring in a familiar sort of manner, as if ascertaining that it is still there, and she turns her attention to her companions. "Lord Valdemar," she greets in her husky voice, smooth as fine whiskey. "Lord Silvio."

Fashionably late, Theo strides into the casino flanked by a small entourage. Lifting his chin, the Prince studies his surroundings, softly clicking his tongue as he runs a hand over his tunic. Catching sight of Mirari, he offers a friendly smile.

Waldemai looks unthrilled at the idea of wine, but the detailed description makes him sit up a bit. "Watermelon? Watermelon?. Sounds refreshing on a hot day."

Mirari takes a glass herself, and sips at the wine but only a few sips. She leans against the bar, and when she spots Theo, she nods in his direction.

Giulio has joined the a small shadowy alcove.

At Grazia's entrance, the Mazetti lord offers her a tilt of his glass, filled with a straw colored liquor. As Felicia makes her way into the Casino, the man offers a tilt of his glass her way, his black orbs surveying those present. A bland smile toys his lips a moment, before he glances towards Mirari, his head tilting in her direction. A flit of his hand Marius stepping forward, claiming a glass for his lord, before flittering back over.

"Refreshing on any day." Duarte says with a soft, polite smile, as he takes a seat at the fireside table. He slides one of the arrived wine tasters toward Waldemai, "Give it a go."

Waldemai nods and waves for a bowl of pretzels as well. "Always liked my watermelon with a bit of salt. When I had any, of course."

Felicia upnods Giulio's way with a small, saucy salute of two fingers from her temple kind of way, eyeing the wine dubiously, from her expression, perhaps simply because of the fact that it's wine. Still. She'll give it a try as she chats with Verity.

After a few minutes, Mirari raises her voice to address the crowd again, gesturing for the servers to bring out the second bottle. They being to pour as she explains.

The second wine is a Chablis, and this lively dry white wine might make you drool a little bit. Don't panic, that's how you know it's good. The acidity is what makes this wine go great with seafoods and sharp cheeses. The first sip is the hardest guys, don't be afraid to take two or three more to let the flavor settle on your palette.

Verity checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Mailys emerges from the back in her shimmery, slinky sea silk dress with a bright smile upon her face as she looks over the room, and the folk filtering in. After a few moments, Mailys makes her way over towards Theo and his enterouge, "Welcome, Your Highness. We were just begining a service of wine straight from Setarco." she says with a gesture towards one of the servers filtering about with glasses.

Verity gives a little chat with Felicia at the dice table before she perks up at the Corsetina varietals being passed. "Oh, thank you." she says, taking a glass lightly with long fingers. Lifting it to her nose, she breathes in the fragrance, affirming with a nod how it's being described before she takes a small sip. "It's like a summer party in a bottle."

"Duchess Grazia, a pleasure to see you again," Valdemar responds when he realizes he chose a seat so close to her, a smile on his face. He then turns to the other who has chosen a seat on one of the sofas, looking at Silvio with some curiosity as he introduces himself, "Good evening, my Lord. I am Lord Valdemar Grimhall, heir to Grihem's Point."

Waldemai passes on the chablis and sticks to the cheese plate. "Good, this," he says.

Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup arrives, following Seth.

Theo offers Mailys a bright smile, reaching over to take a glass of the the Chablis from a passing servant. "Why, thank you. I am Prince Theo Velenosa." He offers her the briefest dip of his head in greeting, then takes a small drink of the wine, lips pursing thoughtfully.

Mirari watches Waldemai, clearly amused by his distaste of wine. "Don't worry Waldemai, the harder stuff is coming." She nods to Seth as he arrives and gestures to one of the various seats. "You haven't missed much, please, make yourself comfortable."

It's probably no surprise that Tabitha is sitting up a little straighter in her chair at this point, at least to those who know of her lineage. A Mercier before she was a Whitehawk, she comes from a line of wine merchants, so perhaps that's something to do with why she's here now? In any case, she tries the rose with a few dainty sips, then makes a considering expressions that suggests that she's not at all displeased. The same is done with the chablis later. "Hmm," comes a little pondering sound. Not bad, clearly! Then she pops a bit of cheese into her mouth, giving Waldemai a nod of agreement even as she delicately chews.

Mailys offers a little curtsey herself, that bright smile remaining as she speaks with the Velenosan Prince. "Mailys Corsetina, at your service." she responds with a smile, "If you find yourself in need of more wine, or anything else just call for me and I shall make sure it is taken care of. Please, enjoy the games, the spirits, and the conversation"

Draining the first, Giulio nods, a half-smile toying his lips at Felicia's salute. He glances towards Marius, allowing the fellow to claim a glass from one of the servers. A laugh follows at Mirari's statement, one shoulder rising in a shrug. His gaze flits towards Tabitha after a moment, considering her. The smile might mean anything. Then, those orbs flit to those attending to the gaming and other things on the night. That slow track continues, his attention tracking to those others in attendance.

He glances towards Elgana, then nods towards Marius.

Mirari watches as the servers move around the room again, pouring from a third bottle. She folds her hands behind her back, walking between the tables as she speaks.

The third wine we have for you tonight is a grenache, and you are in for a treat! This is a complex wine, with lots of flavors. Sip slow, see if you can taste them. Peppercorn, bay leaf, and the subtle touch of grilled berries might all be detected as you sip, and a faint aftertaste of lilac might linger. This kind of wine is great with hearty meat dishes and heavy stews. In fact, if you're one of those culinary daredevils, you might pour a bit in your food as it cooks.

"The grenache is delightful and one of my favorites." Duarte mentions to his table as the flights arrive. "It is made all over Setarco away from the coast as this grape does well in warm dry climates."

After dealing with a few messengers, Elgana sighs and murmurs something to her ladies before she releases them and moves toward some seating. As she passes a server she takes up a glass of the grenache and gives it a sniff, listening to Mirari's words about the wine. "Smells delightful," she murmurs before taking a sip, giving an appreciative nod as she makes her way toward Giulio. "Good to see you, my lord. Lovely event." She glances toward her ladies who start to play messenger interception as the Redrain takes a seat.

Elgana has joined the a small shadowy alcove.

Theo looks between Mailys and Mirari with a wicked little grin of recognition, the Prince sipping at his wine. "Well, there is one thing you could do for me, Mailys Corsetina," he says, drawing his wine up for another drink. "You could sit with me for a moment? I could use the company of a beautiful woman." Theo bats his eyelashes, looking to Mailys expectantly.

As he was nearby when heralds announced that a wine tasting event was going on, Seth decides to drop in and hopefully partake in some of that wine. He's not surprised to see the place so crowded as spirits offer warmth to a cold season, but he does find that he has to carefully maneuver himself carefully through the gathering, all the while his war hound in training remains as obediently as a young pup can by his side. A nod is offered to Mirari and as he's scouting a decent place to sit, the draw of fine wine is also tempting.

Waldemai picks up the third wine and sniffs at it dubiously. It seems to pass the sniff test, as he has a quick taste. "Maybe," he allows. "With something strong...venison, maybe." He has another taste. "A venison stew with turnip and a lot of spice, maybe."

Sampling wines, Grazia nods politely to Valdemar as he greets her. "Yes, a pleasure to see you again. Lord Silvio and I thought we'd come to the tasting, as we do have similar appreciations for the finer things," she notes agreeably.

Mirari laughs softly, making her way back to the bar as she passes between some ongoing conversations. She stops at a table to pluck a piece of cheese from one of the platters and nibbles on it until she reaches the bar. She turns to lean against it, gazing towards the servers as they prepare to bring out some of the harder liquors.

"Mmm, you're far too kind. Mirari led the charge," Giulio muses as an aside towards Elgana, his mouth quirking in a bit of a smile. Those cool orbs linger on her for a moment and he raises the most recent glass in her direction, a small swallow taking. Waldemai's comment receives a try little laugh, his head tilting in the man's direction. Marius hands Giulio something which he takes a look, at breaking the seal.

A faint smile edges his lips as he scans the letter, before returning it to his secretary. Looking towards Elgana, he grins. "I trust the eve has found you well?" One brow lofts in question.

A selection of breads, sweetmeats and fruit is being set on the tables now and Mirari waits until each table has been served before she speaks again.

We're going to move on to some of our liquors now. Please sip slowly ladies and gentlemen. We want you to enjoy the wares we have to offer, but we also want you to be safe. The servers and my cousin Mailys Corsetina will be circulating to pour some of our Setarcan whiskey and some Ostrian cordial.

The whiskey is made from rye, and on the palette you'll find a slightly syrupy sweetness to it that fades into a nutty vanilla taste. The cordial, however, is redolent with anise, citrus with a sweetened rum base. A perfect digestif. If you haven't heard the term? Means that you'll digest your food a little easier.

Mailys laughs softly and nods her head at Theo, "Of course, your highness, though I shouldn't neglect the other guests too much either." She says with a bright smile, "If you will permit me a few moments to make sure the other tables are all well tended for, I can then come and find you and sit with you for a time."

"None better to play the role of hostess," Elgana murmurs with a smile cast in Mirari's direction. "She is a lady of many talents, all of them wonderful." She takes another sip of the wine in her hand just as another drink is announced, grinning. "This has been quite a fun event, yes. And the evening well enough, better now with good company." A curious glance is given toward whatever Giulio had been handed but she makes no effort to really look at it. "I trust you've been well since we last saw each other? Staying out of trouble?" she teases.

"I came to learn. Normally, I stick to the mead made in my home, but my wife is always bringing in various wines from all over the Lyceum. I figured it was a good idea to get some idea of what some of them might be, and maybe pick up a gift for her," Valdemar responds to Grazia, the smile lingering on his face. He gives the third wine an interesting look after taking a sip, then accepts some of the whiskey and cordial to replace it.

"I shall look forward to it," Theo says, lifting his glass and offering Mailys a smile before striding away to find a seat at Count Duarte's table. "Good evening, Count," Theo says as he eases down into his seat, offering the man an easy smile.

The summery first wine apparently doesn't catch Felicia's attention much, particularly, though the tarter second and the third at least get a grudging kind of nod of respect as she organizes her samples. The stuff she 'likes' seems to be being collected in front of her, the stuff she's passing on set off as far to one side as it can be set without her having to bend. But then there's the word 'whiskey'. Rubbing her hands together as she waits for the cordial and the whiskey to be brought around.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Clark, an exasperated guard, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting arrive, following Sabella.

Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Mirari blows a kiss to Elgana as she plucks a glass of whiskey from the bar and sips at it. The servers move about the room, refreshing drinks and cleaning up used glasses.

"What an attentive husband you are, Lord Valdemar," Grazia observes, glancing to her brother-in-law curiously. "Lord Silvio, are you going to bring Lysander some sweet things to tempt his palate?"

Grenache sampled, and given another thoughtful nod, Tabitha moves onto the whiskey and the cordial. The first she sips at slowly, and although it might be expected that she would wince or cough at the heat, there's barely a change in her facial expression except for a but not displeased drawing down of her brow. Apparently she knows how to drink. Appropriately.

Mailys shall flit over towards the table occupied by Grazia, Valdemar, and Silvio, "My Lords, My Lady. I am Mailys Corsetina, and I'll be one of your hostesses for the evening." she says with a little curtsey, "I trust that you are enjoying yourselves so far? Have there been any problems with the drinks?" she asks, vibrant smile cast upon the occupants of the table.

Waldemai looks much more interested in whiskey than in wine. For that matter, he looks a lot more interested in whiskey than cordeeul. Cordial. Whatever. "Fill that up and push that plate of cheese over this way," he tells teh server.

"...last time I was here I spent thirty thousand silver on a boat I didn't win." Niklas rubs at his face as he walks in with Sabella. "I think I may have been hallucinating from going cold turkey. That was a fun evening." He steps in and glances around before pulling her over toward the bar. "Get yourself something tasty, Sabella. I'll see if they have coffee."

Elgana catches the blown kiss and winks at Mirari as she exchanges her first drink in favor of the cordial over the whiskey. "She had me at 'rum base'," she laughs softly, sniffing again at this drink before she takes a small test sip and nods. "Ah, this is quite delicious."

"Trouble? Me?" The smile on Giulio's lips is dryly amused, as he takes a swallow of the digestif, his head tilting in a nod. "This is one of my brewmasters," he offers, extending the glass for Elgana to take a sip on. "It's an interesting mixture. It's like an ouzo one might actually enjoy drinking," he says, blandling. Those dark orbs flit about the room. There's something hawkish in his attention, one corner of his mouth settling in a smile, observing each fellow in turn. Sabella receives a bit of a smile as well.

Then, he's looking back towards Elgana. "I am contemplating doing more small batch runs of the Southern Thunder and letting it age. It's more expensive, but there's a polish from the original cases that are lovely."

Silvio has been chatting quietly with the people at the couch he is at, tasting all the things offered to him, and favoring the wine that requires a little more patience. "I do try. I am assured that he is not fond of these sorts of events, but prefers the fine company of family, in a smaller affair. I am happy to come in his stead and tell him all about it later. I generally make things up to make it sound more thrilling, if nothing thrilling happens. My poor husband has a wholly different opinion of my outings than reality would support." He chuckles.

:laughs and wraps both her arms around Niklas' arm, leaning her head on his shoulder for a moment, "I'll have some tea in solidarity, but I can't promise I won't taste something if it sounds good since this is a tasting event!" She looks around at those assembled, giving a bright smile to those she knows and waving, "Princess Elgana! I feel like I haven't seen you in months! A Lord Giulio, I see you all the time, but it is always a pleasure."

Verity hears Niklas and she says from the dice table, "Would you like an opportunity to earn another boat you won't win?" giving a wink as she and Felicia are at the dice table.

Valdemar nods slightly to Grazia, telling her, "I am trying to be. We are still getting to know one another in a lot of ways." He then looks up at Mailys when she comes over, a thoughtful look in his eyes for a moment. "Mistress Corsetina, I am glad to have a face to put to the name. I am Lord Valdemar Grimhall," he introduces himself to her with a smile, before trying the Setarcan whiskey.

The energy of the lively, crowded event is pure fuel for the spritely, energetic form of Arcadia; the gray-blue eyes of the Leary blonde sparkling with awe and wonder as she traipes through the casino. A manic wind moves her between the patrons, eyes and ears eagerly absorbing every passing face and half-heard tidbit of conversation. She plucks a glass of whiskey off the tray of a passing servant, before turning around and finding herself standing beside the table Giulio and Elgana are at. "Ah-- Hello!" she chirps out, giving a blink of surprise and then a bow of her head. "Princess. And-- Ah... Lord Giulio, was it?" Her smile lingers. "How much liqour are they going to give us?" she wonders.

Graciously, even if his expression remains dour, Seth accepts the glass of wine handed to him then leans in to take in the aroma. The rim of the glass is then moved to his lips for a taste. "This has a nice flavor and is very palatable." He comments to no one in particular, though his steel grey eyes look over the to hostesses and the like as the reset of the drinks ar being served. Savoring his sip of wine, he also carefully surveys the room, to view all of the faces, most of whom he has never seen before. From there, he decides to stop lingering about and make his way towards the bar. The young mastiff trails at his side though it does start to sniff at anyone who happens to be nearby.

Seth has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

"You might stumble home, Miss." Mirari says to Arcadia, a slight grin on her face. "You'll do so happily though. Just don't get sick until you're outside, yeah?"

Mirari gestures for the servers to move around the room again, stopping to lean in and answer a question quietly before she speaks aloud to the room.

Next we'll give you the choice of which you want to taste. We don't recommend you try both back to back, or the flavors might get a little muddled. The pink liquor is in a delicate little bottle, and when its unstoppered the scent will make you pause. The base of this is a nice elderflower that blossoms with ginger, rose water and cinnamon. A perfect pairing for a nice desert.

Those of you who have been poured the lilac colored gin will be smelling something slightly different. A beautiful spring aroma with lilac, rose, grains and even clove. It wouldn't be a gin without the juniper notes though. That is hiding in the background, just a bit.

Arcadia's eyes spin around to find the source of Mirari's voice, and when she does, she smiles at her. "That's on my list," she tells the woman. "Getting incredibly skunk-faced drunk, I mean." She looks down into her whiskey, shoots it, and then exhales a hot, hissing breath before snatching up the glass of gin next. She pauses there for a moment there, though, sniffing it first.

"Trouble, you, yes. Not that trouble can't be fun." Curiosity fills her as she takes the glass from Giulio, sniffs and tests. "If you do the small batches let me know. You know I'm an enthusiast when it comes to Southern Thunder. I'd gladly invest in a cask or two." Elgana brightens at the sight of Sabella, giving a fluttery wave to the Grayson. "Princess Sabella it is always lovely to see you, and Niklas as well. Stop being such a stranger and we won't have to wait months between seeing each other again," she teases. Arcadia also gets a bright smile. "Hello, Cady, dear. How are you?" She gestures for the Leary to join. "Sit if you like. Are you familiar with Lord Giulio? It seems you are. Join us and delight in the evening."

From his seat near Count Duarte, Theo lifts his chin, offering Sabella a grin, and calling out to her from across the room. "Right place right time again, eh, Princess?" He nibbles on an olive, and then reaches over to select the gin, taking a small sip of it. "Not bad at all," he says, looking impressed.

Waldemai peers down into a purple glass and sniffs at it dubiously. "Yeah, it's gin. I guess." Sniff sniff. "What goes with this? I'll have a lot of that."

"Mirari has the right of it -- its even possible that you might find yourself with a bottle to take home," Giulio offers to Arcadia, his lips twisting in a smile. Taking note of Sabella and Niklas, his free hand rises, beckoning them over. Casually, his gaze flits towards Mailys -- but his attention is a casual thing. Assessing even. The smile returns as he listens to Mirari serve as the most delightful of announcers. At Elgana's comment, one of his shoulders rises in a shrug.

"We've met, indeed. I suspect she'll be joining me in the Explorer's soon." He points towards one of the seats in the alcove. "Come, join us."

"I'd try an olive." Mirari calls out to Waldemai, pointing at the platter on the table. "One of the black ones, possibly."

Allowing her glass to rest against the table, Tabitha places a hand over her heart, and then tries the cordial. Although she's quiet, she seems happy enough in her own little way as she sips, and a brief smile is turned Waldemai's way. Then she musee to all those around her, "Oh, the pink liquer sounds lovely, but I do enjoy gin... hmmm... which one..." She taps the tip of her index finger against her lips.

"Likewise, Lord Valdemar." Mailys says with that vibrant smile, inclining her head towards the three, "If any of you need anything, do not hesitate to let one of the servers know that you require me." She says, offering another curtsey to the table before she is on her way towards Theo once again.

Duarte leans in his seat to nod to Theo and smile. "Your highness, thank you for coming."

"Skunk-faced drunk?" Sabella repeats with amusement, looking to Arcadia, "I've never heard it put quite that way before. It's rather poetic, if in a stinky sort of way!" Then she laughs when she recognizes Theo's voice, "Prince Theo! Am I following you or are you following me?" She accepts a glass of the pink stuff and gives it an experimental sniff, "Oh, that's lovely! Niklas, are you sure you don't want a sip? I'll drink the rest." Finally, she grins at Elgana, "Stranger? Why I've been all about town, it is you that must have been training in that new armor of yours. Or is it not so new now? Oh! And before I forget, Happy Birthday!"

Niklas looks toward Verity and drawls, "I wouldn't have known what to do with the last boat I didn't win, so I think I'd be best off not not winning another one." When his coffee arrives he lifts it toward her. "But I thank you for thinking of me." Elgana gets a smile and a wave. "Your highness. Good to see you again. Will Princess Agatha be carrying Lady Ennettia in soon, then?" All the chatter about the liquor on offer gets Niklas to look over, expression thirsty, but after a deep breath he slurps his coffee and glances off toward nothing. Sabella gets a half smile, "Oh, I'm fine, Sabella. You enjoy, though."

"It was him that accompanied you at the Golden Hart on my first day in the city," Cady explains to Elgana with a chipper confidence as she twirls herself into the seat, legs curling up against her side as she shoots back her gin next, coughing a little after. She scrunches her nose, and looks at Sabella. "Is that not the expression?" the Leary asks, clueless. "... Explorers? Maybe," she murmurs noncommittally to someone who is presumably Giulio?

The staff come out from the backroom clapping in unison and taking a sinuous path toward Elgana:

"Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday so we could party too - HEY!"

She is affixed with a party hat and a given a lemon tarte.

Verity claps at the birthday wishes to Elgana!

"Thank you - it snuck right up on me this year. I think it is because of how busy I stay here in Arx compared to back home," Elgana says to Sabella before she turns to Niklas and laughs. "Oh spirits, that'd be something to see again. But I don't think the dearest lady, nor my sister are going to make an appearance this evening." And then she looks between Giulio and Arcadia and she flushes. "Oh. That's... right. I was incredibly--" And she's saved by the sudden appearance of staff singing happy birthday. She flushes even brighter before she laughs. "Thank you all! Truly."

Waldemai picks up a handful of black olives...and he's got big hands. He eats two or three, then has a sip of gin. Three more olives, and other sip. "Not too bad this way..." He looks up at the fuss. "Happy birthday," he joins in with the others.

With a bright smile, Tabitha lays down her glass and claps gently in congratulations for Elgana.

Mirari takes a drink from the lilac gin and she makes a face, a sort of considering look and after a moment or two she nods. The servers are armed with new bottles and with a gesture she sends them out. "Everyone take a moment to wish Elgana Redrain a very Happy Birthday, and many more!" After a few moments she leans against the bar and speaks again.

The next pour will be a crowd favorite. Something that I know that at least a few of the people here have heard of. Southern Thunder, the smooth Ostrian moonshine. Notes of pear, cinnamon and clove are vibrant on the palette. A little pear cider smoothes it out a bit so you don't fall off your chair drunk after a few sips.

Another Ostrian drink will follow shortly afterwards. A vibrant amaretto with the perfect balance of almond and sweet cream. If we had a berry liquor here today, we could probably create something amazing. Next time perhaps?

"Nny--ahh!" Arcadia gives a brief jump of surprise, head ducking away from the abrupt appearance of the clapping casino staff. "Oh... Happy Birthday!" She blinks. "Incredibly... Skunk-face drunk?" she suggests, finishing the Princess's sentence.

From his place at the bar, Seth's attention is drawn to the birthday celebration going on across the way. Though he cannot say that he knows the one being celebrated, he does raise a toast to Elgana either way, "Yes, Happy Birthday, indeed. This is certainly not the worst way that I can think of to spend one's birthday." All of the cheers and raucous seems to alert the hound pup, but a single gesture stops the dog before it begins to bark at the celebration. And once that is done, he quickly downs the remainder of the gin to prepare for the next drink up.

"I was here first this time, Princess!" Theo calls out in response to Sabella, mirth in his voice. The approach of Mailys brings a smile to his lips, and he gestures for an empty seat across from him. "Please, sit for a moment! You've earned it."

Verity says, "I'm pretty sure the closest to her gives her a happy birthday kiss to make sure her wishes come true." helpfully from the table.

Laughing, Giulio claps at the arrival of the welcome wagon, glancing towards Elgana. A bland curve of a smile toys his lips. "Happy birthday, your Highness. I feel most amiss at not having a gift for you." Those eyes track across her features a moment, before landing on her face. One corner of his mouth rises in a quirk and he says, "I'll have to think of something..." He lets the silence draw out a breath. "Appropriate." One eyelid shivers in a wink towards her.

Silvio moves on to the drinks with a bit more kick, and the longer it goes on, the more of a flush appears in his cheeks. Sure, he's used to his wine, but this harder stuff, not so much.

Bright red, Elgana raises her glass, her smile genuine and her dark eyes alight with mirth. "Thank you, all of you are too kind!" And then to Arcadia she nods. "Oh yes, I was very drunk that night." Giulio gets a little nudge as she laughs. "Your company is quite the gift, my lord. Especially since you spent months and months in hiding buried under paperwork no doubt."

Sabella laughs delightedly at the display, clapping along with the song. When the staff comes over with another drink she shakes her head with an apologetic smile, "Some tea, please. I shall enjoy seeing other people's reactions to it, though!" She glances down the bar at Seth and gives him a wave, "I like your dog!" she tells him cheerfully.

Sabella has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Niklas has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Giuseppe, a kindly old man arrives, following Luca.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal, Luca arrive, following Talen.

Arcadia has joined the a small shadowy alcove.

Waldemai knows what to do with moonshine, all right. "Yes, pass that cider over here." He cuts it, two parts moonshine, one part cider. "There, that takes me back to the hills above Southport. Gods above, we got so drunk that day..."

In the end, Tabitha opted for the lilac-colored gin, and even after a few sips she looks slightly sad to be putting it down again. Nonetheless, she claps once more, delicate little strikes of her hands that are almost soundless, and pipes up with a little, "Happy Birthday, your highness!" Then back to the gin? Alas, no. She has to put it aside, but only so that she can taste the subsequent offerings. The moonshine, for its part, earns a tiny little, 'phew' after she takes a sip, but there's a light laugh, not at all disapproving.

Duarte smiles and those present at his table and stands. "Please excuse me." He makes his way toward the entrance and bows his head to Talen and Luca. "Good evening.. We are currently sampling Southern Thunder."

Talen enters the room and announces, in that traditional way liars announce things, "Luca and I made our way here and we were only delayed because we stopped to help an old lady on her way home with her shopping, we did not get lost, we did not take drugs, and we are not-- and I insist-- shall not imbibe in copious amounts of alcoho-- oh shit wrong event."

Though he does not seem to mind the Southern Thunder, Valdemar seems both surprised and very appreciative of the amaretto once a sample of it makes its way to where he is sitting. "A good thing I drill with my men as often as I do, otherwise I would get fat drinking this sort of thing," he remarks to no one in particular, the words followed by a low laugh.

Mailys moves to take a seat opposite Theo where he indicates, "Thank you your highness, though the party has only just begun, though I shall not turn down the opportunity to take a quick break. Are you enjoying the wine and spirits, Your Highness?"

"I mean, it was just the old lady at first. Don't forget about the carriage full of orphans we had to help too..", Luca says, entering with Talen, casual ease to his demeanor, one hand draped across the pommel of his sheathed sword, "But we definitely came to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol. We heard this was the finest tasting event of the year.", he announces.

Talen says, "Second finest, it doesn't have Corsetina brews."

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This next drink raises one of Seth's brows when he first inhales the aroma of it and then he lifts it back for an initial test. "This is surprisingly delicious." He murmurs, just before going in for a second sip. His attention is caught when he hears Sabella's compliment to Cale, his dog. "Thank you, Your Highness, My family raises this strong breed of war dog. It is what we're known for." Setting his glass done, he makes an introduction, "I am Lord Seth Steelhart from Highhill. And this is my war dog in training, Cale."

Mirari gestures to one of the servers and hands them a greenish yellow bottle before she turns to speak to the crowd.

The last pour that we have for you this evening is an item that was given to us by a special lady. The Granato Vineyards present a very opulent white wine called the Zephyrs of Spring. Something I think we're all secretly wishing for right now. Sweet ripe grapes and a zesty grapefruit flavor combine into something very special. I think you'll all agree that this wine is a vibrant drink, and when you sip it you'll notice it's slightly fizzy.

There is a brief pause before Mirari says, "We have some prizes to give out, so do keep drinking and sipping and if there is something you would like to try again, please flag down a server."

Arienne, the snarky d'Lire Steward arrives, following Lys.

Waldemai hears that and waves his arm. "Whiskey boy...Over here!"

"Point of order, your Grace. It does," Giulio replies, blandly to Talen's accusation. "And it has Southern Thunder. One can hardly see how it might be anything /but/ the finest of such prizes," the man notes. He's looking towards Elgana again. At Lys' arrival, one hand rises, beckoning her towards their table.

"Princess Sabella Grayson," Sabella replies in return with another smile, "Nice to meet you, Lord Steelheart! And Cole." She waves her fingers at the doggie. "I have a tiny corgi puppy at home. Well, she's not so tiny anymore, she is getting really fat. You think sending her running all over the city would cut down on that, but because everyone has animal messengers these days everyone seems to have treats and hand them out like candy. Which makes sense, since that's basically what a treat is. Anyway, I don't normally come down here, are there often tastings like this?"

Lys slips in quietly; dressed in red and black with her red hair braided and wrapped around her head like a crown. Held in place with a brass flower. Her gaze snag on Giulio's hand, and a lift of her red brow is given but she saunters in that direction. "Lord Mazetti, Princess Redrain." A bow is given.

"Rigorous exercise is a good way to keep in shape when one must sample the best of the Lyceum. One can do that by sampling the best of the Lyceum, of course," Grazia replies to Valdemar with a dangerous little twinkle in her whiskey-hued eyes. She takes a sip of whatever it is she was drinking, which she's lost track of at this juncture.

Theo offers Mailys. "I am indeed, Miss Corsetina," he says, taking another drink of gin. "I relish any opportunity I can find to drink, and this is one of the finest ones I've had all month." He leans back into his chair, raising a hand to wave at Talen and Luca from his table with Mailys. "I have heard rumors about you, Mailys Corsetina," Theo says, turning his attention back to the woman, studying her carefully. Then, he grins. "Rumors that you are seeking a Patron."

"So good to see you again Lady Lys," Elgana offers with a polite nod of her head to the woman as Lys approaches. "Come to enjoy all of the delicious deliciousness? It's quite good." Elgana already seems rather red faced, a glass of cordial in her hands. A glance is given to Giulio, brows perked a touch.

"Well, sure. Who doesn't love Southern Thunder, Giulio? It's southern. It's thunder. It hits you like a sack of bricks with a set of good lips. What more can someone ask for out of a drink?", Luca asks, laughing, before his dark gaze cuts over to Theo. He offers his cousin a wave in return, calling over, "Watch out for that one. Dangerous.", with a quick gesture to Mailys, then murmuring to himself he mentions, "Speaking of Corsetina women..", and he turns around until he can find Mirari amongst the people, kissing his palm and blowing it to her.

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Now done with her drink, Arcadia just spins the empty glass around on the table top with a bored expression, thumb dexterously flicking at it to make it twirl around faster and faster until it begins to tumble and clatter, looking like it's about to go flying off in some random direction.

"You have heard correctly, Your Highness." Mailys says with a nod of her head at the prince, "I believe it would be a good move to help assure my family remains prosperous." She says, "Though a commitment I do not intend to enter on a whim." She flashes a smile at Luca as he makes the gesture her way, bowing her head, "Your Highness."

Niklas hangs out well away from the alcohol on parade, the total drip just sitting there drinking coffee and trying not to look. He offers a wave Giulio's way, then gives Duchess Grazia a big smile and an even bigger wave. "Hellooooo Duchess! Lovely to see you after so many months!" When Elgana greets Lys his sour faced assistant gives him a hard poke in the side. "What?!" He then turns to look when he sees Isabelle violently pointing Lys' way. "Oh. Oh! Eh. I'll send a message."

Turning to gaze at the hostess, Mirari raises a brow and when a nod is returned, she speaks up.

Everyone! When you were admitted into the Casino, you were handed a playing card with a number written on it in black ink. Turn your card over and let one of the servers know your number. We have something for you to take home this evening! (OOC: Please type @roll 1=50 if you wish a bottle to take home with you! You will receive a bottle based on the number rolled! One lucky person will hopefully roll the LUCKY number and get the first cask of Southern Thunder!)

"Oh, it has Corsetina vintages? Very well, here I am, and I stand corrected; it's the best of the best," Talen says dryly, pointing at Giulio, before he moves to find something to drink. "I'll find you in a few," he tells Luca. Theo's given an up-nod of familiar nature, and his words are also thrown to Mirari, "Mistress Corsetina, how do you do. I couldn't let Luca and I go without attending for a brief turn here. I hope everything's going well?" Then, to Duarte, at last, he moves and stands and speaks in dull tones.

Cale, the Highhill mastiff is rather large for a pup and it's still growing. But as it is still a puppy, it can't help but be playful and while it should be seated quietly by Seth's side, it lowers itself to once again sniff around at anyone who walks closely by. "Ah, Princess Sabella, well it's a pleasure to make your aquaintance. And I am not one to really lecture a princess about healthy dog diets, you should be mindful of that to some degree." When the next fizzy drink arrives, he takes a long while to investigate it, leaving the dog to do whatever it pleases for now. Unlike his dour master, the large pup looks to be friendly and approachable and inquisitive. Seth continues on, "But if the dog is suffering no distress, then there is probably no cause to be concerned."

Talen has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 41

Tabitha has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 8

Sabella has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 22

Seth has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 11

Mirari shifts her gaze to Talen and she nods. "Everything is just peachy keen here." She gestures at the servers and they start handing out bottles."

Luca has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 27

Niklas has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 3

Silvio has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 44

Verity has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 3

Valdemar has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 1

Elgana has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 49

Waldemai has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 27

Arcadia has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 39

"Of course," Theo says, flashing Mailys a disarming smile. "We can find a better time to speak on business. I just wanted you to know my interest, is all." He leans back in his chair, lifting his chin as he looks over to Lys, a wicked grin playing on his lips.

Felicia has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 8

Theo has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 29

Verity is overheard praising Mirari for: An absolute delightful hostess and an exceptional purveyor of the most delicious drinks in Arx!

"Oh, how lovely! Thank you," Tabitha chirps to Mailys, nodding and smiling sweetly. Taking her prize, she places it down next to her on the table, then goes back for some more sips of the Zephyrs of Spring wine. Far from drunk, she nonetheless does look a little on the rosy-cheeked side.

Waldemai takes the card out of his sleeve...where else? And flips it onto the table. "Mine looks the same as his," he says, pointing over to Luca. "What's that mean?" He finds out what it means almost immediately as he is handed a bottle of...sniff sniff...Whiskey! "Thanks! I'd say this makes me a winner today!"

Grazia has rolled 1 50-sided dice: 50

"Lady de Lire." The Mazetti lord points towards a seat across from him, before he takes a swallow from the glass that he has before him. One corner of his mouth lofts in a smile as he glances back towards Elgana. "The pleasantries of my life are... pleasant," he remarks, as if that explains everything. Then, he's answering Luca. "There are some foolish individuals that do not. I find it glorious myself... not to speak arrogantly or anything." The dry smile might mean anything. An upnod follows as he looks to Talen, his smile a dry thing. "His Grace is most... gracious." His lips twist, before he looks to Arcadia. "I hope you are enjoying your time in the city, Lady Leary?" he inquires, one brow lofted.

Talen checked charm + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Felicia is overheard praising Mirari.

Talen isn't very sneaky about how he flits between people, going from one person to the other, whispering away and stirring the pot. Luca, Mirari, Duarte, even Verity. It's really quite weird. Then, as he's presented with a bottle, he clears his throat and announces, "Am I meant to receive gin?"

Theo is overheard praising Mirari for: What a wonderful event.

Elgana is overheard praising Mirari for: For hosting a most wonderful event!

"Luca!" Sabella calls out to her brother in law, waving cheerfully at him, then she smiles at Niklas, reaching out to take hold of his hand, "Come now, finish your coffee and we can take the scenic route home. Mostly I just wanted to see the place and run into people we knew. Mission accomplished so we need not linger too much longer."

Valdemar grins at the duchess after finishing off the amaretto in his glass. "So I've been learning, Duchess. My wife is Lycene, and there have been times since the wedding that military drills seem almost relaxing," he responds to her, mirth in his eyes as he speaks.

Arcadia's eyes can't help but keep glancing at that large puppy, Cale, her gaze soft and wide-eyed every time she looks upon its babyish canine face. "Huh?" The Leary canary perks up her little yellow head and peeers at Giulio, having apparently been too distracted with Seth's puppy to hear what the Lord said. "Oh, yes, immensely. I feel as if there is a little bit of the entire world here; so much to see."

"Of course Your Highness, send me word when you have free time, and I shall make myself available." Mailys says to Theo, "I wouldn't want business to seep into your night of libations, however!"

"Please, feel free to stay and drink and ..we do have games here - perhaps Giulio or Duarte will set up some gambling if someone pesters them enough." Mirari announces with a smile. She turns to Talen when he leans in to whisper something and she laughs and wrinkles her nose.

"Lord Niklas," Grazia notes with mildest interest. "I attended the auditions for your play as a guest, and they were very interesting. I found the twist ending to be quite delightful, as well."

Lys's hand place upon her hips and her eyebrows lift at Giulio, green gaze focused on his black ones unwaveringly. Her tone holds all the politeness one can manage, "Why, Lord Mazetti, are you inviting me to sit with you? If so surely you know the words." There's a quirk of her lips and a slight glance in Talen's direction before shifting back to Giulio, "I'm not your dog to be ordered about with just a finger, I'm afraid." Her attention focuses on Giulio, for the moment to the exclusion of all others.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Verity before departing.

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