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Lord Seth Steelhart

Ask yourself what's more vicious, a mutt loved and adored or a lone mongrel backed into a corner.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Brooding Lordling
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Steelhart
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 10/28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: fair

Obituary: Believed dead when Highhill, the seat of House Steelhart, was completely destroyed by a presumed Abandoned raid.

Description: Like all Steelharts, Seth is not quick to smile. In fact, very little in the way of expression crosses his somewhat pouty lips. Instead, the corner of his lip curves ever so slightly, be it upwards in a roguish smirk or the other direction, in a petulant scowl. He's a very handsome young man, with the grey eyes and dark hair the Steelharts are known for, but litte else. He's cleanshaven and slender, his body built more for aesthetics then for heavy labor or fighting. Uncalloused hands, high cheekbones and an aristocratic nose complete his pristine appearance.

Personality: Seth's the son of the Chillhearted, one of the most storied swordsmen in the Oathlands. He's of noble blood, knows it, and if there's a commoner around, he'll be certain they know it as well. Every one of his successes is met with considerable acknowledgement on his part, and should someone do better then Seth, there's always some reason why, imagined or otherwise. Every failure is taken very poorly, Seth's known to sulk. Even when he isn't sulking, Seth's brooding is infamous. Despite this, Seth is fiercely loyal to anyone who sees him as a friend or lover, but is slow to trust that anyone truly likes him.

Background: Being the youngest child of the youngest child of his grandfather is a crime against fate that Seth will never forget. It didn't help that his brother Padraig grew tall and strong while Seth faced a childhood filled with sickness. He may have recovered, but it was too late, his father, Gregor, had already poured all his hopes and dreams into Padraig, and Padraig was even knighted by his uncle Frederik. There was no resentment towards Padraig, no, Seth spent the better half of his life despising his father, for his harsh criticism, unyielding loyalty to Frederik, and last but not least, the biggest crime of all: not loving Seth. But how could he, when Padraig was so great? Seth more then looked up to Padraig, he worshipped the ground he walked on. Padraig taught Seth how to trust no one but himself, how honor is only as important as what it earns you. This is why Seth agreed to follow his brother's scheme to depose Frederik and put the Chillhearted on the seat of the Highhill.

The plot didn't go as planned. While Padraig fought Frederik in an honor duel in the Great Hall, Seth's job was to hold his cousin Sara and her mother Lydia hostage. It went poorly, even with his sword drawn and her unarmed, he was no match for the knight Lydia was, and by the time his brother was slain he was already locked in the room he planned to hold them in. It was Frederik's mercy after an oath of fealty that led to his release, and while the rest of the Steelharts grieved over the next tragedy, Lydia's suicide when her son's corpse was carted home, Seth sulked. What the future holds for him, only time will tell.

Name Summary
Adalyn He's mild-mannered and polite and seemingly a bit shy. Of course, maybe that was just down to me hopping in a pool in the Grotto. Nice fellow anyway.
Ajax A trainer of warhounds, seems like someone good to know.
Arcadia A nice young lord Serious, but I can see a bubble of myrth beneath his serious expression
Domonico Lord Steelheart is apparently coming out of several months of isolation. He didn't regale me with his 'sob story' for which I am glad. What's done is done. No need to feel sorry for oneself. His hounds seem quite fine though
Faye A young man who seems rather curious about the Inquisition. I'm not sure if we scared him off or not.
Gilroy He seems like a very nice fellow with a lot going on.
Gregory A novice warrior worried about something in his past. Hopefully he can reflect upon it and move on. May Gloria guide his sword.
Helle Most definitely not a tree, though proud as one. Too prickly to be one, though. Maybe more like a bramble bush.
Ian Acts a little like Zoey's dog does when it piddles indoors.
Jasher A man who wants for glory, for the sake of his family and his father. He has my pity, but perhaps his ambition will take him somewhere.
Maru He's been through a lot, and is having trouble readjusting to people. But he's got that Oathlander strength of character, so I am sure he'll get there.
Mikani Interesting man, expected me to know him but did not give a story as to how I should know him. Maybe I will get one later. Will have to meet up later to hear it.
Miranda An unassuming lord of Steelheart. Eager to learn. I set Lord Domonico Malvici upon him for instruction. We'll see how it goes.
Petal Seems like an interesting Lord and well very into Valencia. He is probably charming.
Reese He seems like a trouble and well meaning and thoughtful Lord. I hope to get to know him better.
Videl The man seems to be quiet and not too comfortable when the subject of attention, a shame, I hope he manages to find his way out of his shell.
Willow A very broody young lord. Sometimes I forget how seriously Oathlanders take everything. Still, he seems nice enough.