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Verity Locke

I want to do with the world what spring does to the cherry trees.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Provincial Courtier
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Locke
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 3/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: bronze

Description: Verity moves like a knife-fighter with all of that ball-of-the-feet grace, confidence, and readiness-- and a knife-fighter's disrespect for the concept of personal space too. Neither tall nor short, she strikes a comfortable middle ground in terms of height, and boasts a sleek build that balances toned muscle with healthy curves. It's a package sheathed in skin bronzed by both heritage and time spent outdoors. All of that, /and/ she can claim an exquisitely lovely face with a lush-lipped mouth and a pair of doe-shaped eyes in a startling shade of glacier blue. Add in a thick mane of raven-dark hair that boasts a natural wave and it hardly seems fair, does it?

Personality: It would be easy for a girl newly emerged from the backwater of Valardin lands to be starry-eyed, with grass-seeds in her hair and no concept of how to handle the big city. But Verity's love for life translates into her being like a fish introduced to water. She lives, she loves, she laughs, she fights. There's not an experience out there that she doesn't want to try or hasn't already sampled, and her enthusiasm for new delights and old ones remains undiminished.

Background: A no one born to nobody, that's Verity. She was one of many, many children had by farmers who raised feed for the horses bred for noble use in Chevalle. It was a rough and tumble childhood full of hard labor and much mischief, and Verity emerged from it a scrapper with dreams just a little too large to be contained by such humble surroundings. The way to rise was to impress those higher up and so she set out to do just that, through a string of odd jobs that left her with a curious and diverse range of skills that eventually landed her on the career path of Most Eclectic Courtesan in All of Arvum.

But once again, her environment proved too stifling. She might be as steadfast and driven as any Valardin-born, and as much a stickler about keeping true to her word and her honor, but she and the stuffiness of better society in the Oathlands parted ways. To Arx she came, expecting to make her fortune. That it seems to be in the midst of deadly crisis is just a bonus, really.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Adalyn Bright, witty, and clever, she comes across as a breath of fresh air. I quite agree with her theory that indulging in a bit of everything sounds like a fine time. She might very well be an enjoyable companion to indulge with, should we cross paths again.
Adrienne Verity Locke has long been a friendly face in Chevalle after she entered the Blanchards' service. She is a joyful soul, bright and mischievous, and with all the potential of the dawn ahead of her.
Alexio What a gorgeous and lovely little thing from the Oathlands. She seems likeable enough! I bet she's not the exception to those young Oathlander's. Yeah, I saw her trying to hide that smile when I said it. *grins* I like her. Should make it a thing to find her around more often.
Alexis Goodwoman Verity Locke is very confident in herself, and I am sure she's a very good servant to House Blanchard. I admit I'm not entirely certain what she does. I was a little distracted.
Anisha The best revenge is a life lived well, and it seems Messere Verity has taken that to heart. Her accomplishments are many, and she's a pure delight to be around. The answer would definitively have been different today.
Appolonia I think she was implying she's seen people get stabbed, and may have even done it herself. I want to know more.
Avary An interesting Oathlands minister who has skill in wrapping a sharp mind with boundless energy. She has a way with words, whether she knows it or not that makes me think on a great deal of things without many words needing to be said. If I was to use one word to describe her, I'd say loyal.
Bahiya A courtier sent on behalf of Count Philippe Blanchard. Clear voice, a gentle-boldness, like water over smooth river-stone.
Bhandn For some reason, the first thing that came to mind when I saw her was 'sunny'. All the same, she seemed willing to help on a delicate matter, which only makes those rays of sunshine all the warmer.
Bianca Charming. Provocative. Truly incisive. Endlessly vexing. She challenges me, and I find tremendous value in that; I am lucky, to have so unique a protégé... Her tendency to spin wild tales notwithstanding. No matter what she may say, I am not easy to tease. That is her singularly unique talent.
Cadenza A prime example that merit will always outshine pedigree. High birth, low birth... if she ends up becoming a favourite of mine, it will be established solely on that cutting wit of hers. It would green blades with envy.
Corrigan Charming company, and anyone who can make Revell blush is entertaining to be around.
Damiana No knight can go quite as far as the one who is assisted by the faithful and loyal vanner. Especially in the chaos and frightening place as in war. The minister seems quite capable and loyal, that goes far.
Dante Witty and lively, I can see why she has the position she does. Charm goes a long way to bridge gulfs between nobles and commoners. I'll have to chat with her more.
Domonico Well... she does seem to rapidly recover from her little faux pas. A commendable trait.
Drusila I sense that she is so very strongly trying to find her place here in Arx with near boundless energy. I'll watch with interest to see what becomes of her once she does.
Evaristo Verity Locke - a name to envy, cause it is an awesome name. More to her than meets the eye, and good at sniffing out opportunities.
Evelynn Among many things, I -do- enjoy spending time around those with such a keen interest in fashion. I hope we have more opportunities to converse.
Gabriel Sharp, with a quick and ready wit. A rise on merit alone. A young woman of promise to be watched, for certain.
Gabriella Her penchant for theatrics make me think she would be a natural fit amongst the more flamboyant of Setarco's courtiers. Her capacity for drink makes me believe she could well put many of them to shame. I cannot recall whether she ultimately secured her boat adventure, however. Alas.
Gael Some strange, oddly composed woman even in the face of adversity. Don't know shit about her.
Gawain A fine house companion, knows how to make me look great! Very sassy.
Gerald Quite intriguing, miss Locke. It will be most interesting to see what I might hear of such endeavors in the future.
Gwenys She is witty and she sees straight through my bullshit. I like it. She is going to get me in trouble for sure, so it is only fair I return the favor.
Hamish A very curious young woman. A good trait.
Harlex I don't find it easy to feel comfortable around someone. I'm glad she's returned. All sharp wit, puts my swords to shame.
Ian Talkative.
Ignacio A sharp and likeable young woman in the service of House Blanchard. I miss viewing the world with as much earnest, vivacious innocence as I see in her eyes.
Iona I sense a wit so sharp that it would green deadly blades with envy. Her mind steps as nimbly as her feet. I quite like her.
Jourdain A constant torment upon my cousin Bianca and I, but I suppose -- I -suppose- -- such keeps things a little interesting. It does seem to make the Legate smile, at times.
Jules You happened to glance on the delightfully pleasant woman during an unfortunate evening. You did not have the opportunity to interact with her that night because you were trying to help Rinel. Time will tell if you'll meet her again.
Kastelon A fine woman who is no doubt in awe of my thoughts.
Katarina I wonder what the Minister would say if I was to speak honestly to her... to tell her that when I see her poise and verve, her effortless way of being absolutely nothing but herself, I feel the same pang of envy as a little girl does for the privileges of grown-ups?
Katryn I had thought myself virtuous and vigilant, but you snuck under my guard like a blade - and yet, in place of a knife, was a gentle smile and a shared wink. I'm curious where our shared path will take us, and hope it doesn't diverge too soon. It makes me full glad Uncle Philippe has a minister such as you.
Korka She talks a lot and it's no wonder she's an Oathlander. Quick witted, though, and keen to make the acquaintance of an Inquisitor. That's always interesting.
Kritr An good woman, not just a goodwoman. The limits of her advancement are the preeminent condemnation of the Compact's strict heirarchy.
Lora Very much what I imagine when I think of the Oathlands: clever and capable.
Mabelle It has been a while since I met anyone associated with the Blanchards. She seems funny though and good humor is always a boon. I suspect I shall look her up often.
Martino A quiet delight from the Blanchard lands - they have certainly kept hidden away a very capable Messere. Intentions clearly very sweet, and concerned they might say the wrong thing. Worry not Messere Locke, making apologies is easier than always making tip-toes
Medeia She seems fit for a stage. What I mean is, she is dramatic. In a fun way.
Miraj I had the great honor of working with Mistress Locke for Baroness Redreef - she's astute, charming, and has a great sense of humor. Really, I couldn't say anything bad about her. (She has the cutest nose don't you think?)
Niklas Quick wit, quick tongue, quick on her feet. There's not much not to like about Verity Locke.
Nina She seems like a very enthusiastic dancer! I like when someone can get into the spirit of the music!
Olivian An Oathlands courtier that knows my glamorous older sister. Definitely worth knowing.
Ophelia There is no hiding from this one! I do believe she would make a great huntress as a result of such talent. Perhaps the next time I visit the Murder there won't be any birds present and I can be myself.
Philippe A woman of special energy and social gifts, which is a relief when it comes to navigating the frivolities of the people of the realm. Her high spirits and quick wit are indispensible to the family. And the horses do not bite her so I suppose she must be trustworthy. Then again, sometimes the horses can be bought. I will think more deeply on this.
Porter Okay but what color were the walls, this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life until I know the answer.
Raja She holds the most fantastic of staring contests!
Ras Definitely not just some silly silk wannabe. She's cool. Probably don't need to keep that a secret.
Raya She showed a curiousity about the Faith that I didn't expect. And helpful, too!
Reese friendly, outgoining, intelligent and charming. I am flattered that she wants to visit my tower. She has the great kind of friendliness that puts people at ease and is paired with an empathy and cleverness.
Revell I like her. She's full of this odd kind of pleasant energy you just want to bask in. I'm scared she might be able to squeeze things out of me I'd rather not share, though.
Richard A woman of singular energy. It is good to see people surpass the position they were handed by birth. I have yet to determine if her forward-charging nature will clash or complement.
Rowenova An awesome person with indiscriminate integrity who also promotes honorable discretion at the right times, too. I already like her very much! So does Sir Floppington, too.
Roxana Lovely company who was truly missed while she was away. Now that she is no longer, I hope we continue to grow closer by the day.
Sabella Mistress Verity Locke is absolutely delightful and so full of energy that I think people must cringe when they see the both of us walk into a room, but I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have someone around that can keep up with me in both energy and conversation! I know that we shall become very fast friends!
Scarlett A smooth-seeming woman with the Blanchards. I think I saw her once when I was doing the onion trick... I hope she didn't see the onion.
Sebastian A quiet woman who seems to guard her genuine thoughts carefully: is that astute caution or natural reserve? Either way, she has sparked my sense of curiosity.
Sirius There are stages, chapters into the cyclical history of the world, in which old reincarnations of devils and monsters and eidolons resurface to wreak havoc upon the denizens of the now. Spirits of mischief, harbourers of destruction, destroyers of humankind. I've found you, Verity Locke. I am onto you. It is over.
Sophie One must be careful when they get too close to a flame - they might get burnt. Verity is like that flame - enticing - dangerously so.
Sunaia A very useful woman. Thank the gods she came with the Legate tonight.
Sydney A fellow farmgirl! Though her path seems to have taken her in a rather different direction than my own, I've intrinsic respect for one who carved their own lot out of life. The elegance and good lucks are merely a bonus. Very Ver, and little Vee.
Sylvi I've come to trust Anisha's judgement of other people, and if she's truly in the whisper's good graces she must be good people indeed. She's a scholar in her own right it seems? Should definitely see if we can't help each other out...
Tanith A very, very serious sense of humor. Verity. Er, verily. Appreciates apple pie, and really? What's better than that?
Tarik She seem like a very nice person. Eventhough she talks about not wanting to explore the world, her questions make me think she has an adventurous spirit. I will have to see if I can run into her agan.
Tatienne A potential customer, friend of a legate and acquaintance of brother Felix. Someone to keep an eye on.
Tescelina Chevalle is beautiful country for horseback. The sun rises unobscured on the horizon. I have seen it myself and when she smiled, yes, I saw it captured there; bright and welcoming and inescapably warm.
Thea Curious and quick witted. There is a mischief in her eye. Mischief makers recognize such.
Vicente This woman is quite charming. She's very interested in those around her and yet not pressing. You enjoyed her company in a large gathering.
Vitalis An apt student, quick to grasp the deeper principles of the subject. One of them is patience. I think she was in that tree a half-hour before she realized I was gone. Very good indeed.
Vittorio An esteemed Minister of house Blanchard and an offerer of chocolate. I am a fan.
Viviana Mistress Locke seems to make for delightful company. But then what courtier doesn't? Still, I look forward to crossing paths with her once more.
Zoey A pity her vocabulary isn't a match to her fantastic imagination.