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House Valardin's Rite to Gloria Jousting Tournament

The Oathlands will be hosting a Rite to Gloria Jousting Tournament held in Arx on House Valardin's grounds. There will be food, horses, hours and hours of PRAYING. CANTICLES. MORE PRAYING.

First Place Prize: 6 pieces of diamondplate and 2 pieces of oakhide
Second Place Prize: 6 pieces of diamondplate.

House Valardin will also be collecting donations in the form of resources or silver to be forwarded to the Templars of Gloria.

If you're interested in registering:

Registration ends: August 19th!

Also Cristoph needs to know what your horse looks like. FOR REASONS.


Aug. 22, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cristoph Alis Isabeau Preston Zara


Drake Alessia Piccola Korka Talia Bianca Brianna Sirius Kastelon Ryhalt Cassandra Corban Adalyn Filshiar Tikva Macda Gwenna Hamish Norwood Sorrel Bree Amari Philippe Sydney Elora Amalthea Alecstazi Gaspard Jael Kiera Verity Apollo Lucita Merek Alaric Furio(RIP) Jeffeth




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Comments and Log


I was among those who rode in the tilt of the House Valardin's Rite to Gloria Jousting Tournament, and it was one of the finest days I've had of late in the city. It was a grand thing to see so many cavaliers engaged in such sport. I feel it ages since I've had a good joust. I had the honor to ride against Princess Sorrel Thrax, the Bladesong herself, and Lady Adalyn Clement. Both were fine competitors and sturdy riders. I was unhorsed by Lady Adalyn but I cannot feel too poorly about this, as she was the winner of the day all around, and deservedly so.


The Valardin Rite to Gloria Jousting event was a stunning display of skill! The matches were exquisite to watch and I was unaware how very skilled so many people are at such. The matches were almost always quite close, to the point that I wasn't sure who the winner was until it was announced. Truly, I am still rather awed by the memories.

As well, I managed to get a pouch with my cousin, Lady Jael, as the featured riding pair! Rather than hide away this memory and darling figurine, I've put it on display in the Redrain Great Library off the Northlands Arena in the ward. This way, the event might always be remembered and the workmanship of the piece admired by more than just myself.

"As have I!" Drake declares to Gaspard's comment about practice. It is true. He does get a lot of riding practice in lately, even compared to his weapons practice at least. "But let the best jouster win! The competition is fierce today."

Though she's no stranger to riding, Alessia doesn't seem inclined to partake in the jousting - nor is she at all dressed for it. She approaches the picnic table with a warm smile, gathering her skirts as she joins the Redrain princess.

Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

Piccola takes a nice, fat-assed steppe horse to a stall, and dismounts.

She pulls her helmet off, and sticks it under her arm. Still armed with her usual shortbow and sabre, the General makes her way to the sign-in area and ... signs in. After that, she goes //back// to the stall, and lets her wonderfully-wide-hipped horse feed and drink, as she desires. Truth is? That's a powerful ass she's got, along with an opera-singer's set of lungs, she has. Wide shoulders too.

A powerful, if somewhat compact, horse.

Korka gives Drake what might even be considered a genuine smile before stepping back as he swings up on the horse, watching as others start to get ready. She takes a swig from her mug then turns to make her way through the crowd to get a good seat to watch, nodding to a few people along the way.

It must be a concerted effort, that the Tailor Talia Baseborn is making appearances in public more often. She doesn't seem the type, really, to attend a joust. Dressed in simple black wool, her hair braided yet somehow still mussed, she slips onto the grounds of Valardin's estates looking a bit lost. She pauses, her eyes darting around, as she hesitates on what to do next. It's only once she's seen Lady Brianna Halfshav that she picks a direction to move towards, approaching the noblewoman and her husband hesitantly.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Bumbling Bees from a Clement bee hive arrive, following Norwood.

Alessia has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Bianca Wyrmguard, as ever, has a preternatural gift for slipping into events such as these with so little ceremony and so unassumingly it is practically as if the Legate just appeared wholecloth from nowhere at all. Such is the case tonight, of course; intermingled amongst the newer arrivals is a particularly pale Ward of the Faith, the white furs of her cloak and the aeterna of her dress doing little to disabuse that particularly pallid quality of hers. She offers some soft words to the large, aging Templar at her side before she leaves Sir Alren's side, hands clasped in front of her as she makes her way deeper in towards the encroaching festivities.

Farstride, the sturdy horse arrives, following Filshiar.

The ten-year-old boy at Brianna's side bounces excitedly. The bag of caramels in his hand probably has something to do with that, on top of the excitement of being front row at a joust. The boy spots Talia before Brianna does, waving. The lady sees the motion from the corner of her eye and waves the tailor over. "Goodwoman Talia! Please, join us."

Preston has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Sirius meanders by with a look that's sallow from sleeplessness, of eyes that narrow atop their bagginess and cheeks inhaled thus drained into his face with sore decay. As Sirius cuts the gate's corner and sees the massive and staggered formation of pavilions, he freezes in place. One of his knights must've noticed, shooting him a shocked gleam before reminding: "Today is the joust, your Highness." At the very word 'joust', Sirius scoffs akin to hearing of an archenemy. Then, with a look formerly quizzical now made stiffer, he looks back at his guard and grates: "I knew that, obviously. I know things," before moving deeper in still, looking for familiar faces.

Kastelon is in the stands near Count Philippe, with Resolute resting at his feet. He observes the ongoings with proud piety.

Ryhalt walks towards the joust, looking a bit jealous as he watches those arriving with their horses. Regretting not riding today, perhaps, but it would still be entertaining to watch, so he came to watch. While maintaining a smile, there is a solemn air about him. Much entertainment needed for the Duke today.

"I am sure you will do quite well, Highlord." Cassandra responds to Alis, before noticing Bianca. She raises a hand to her fellow Legate to beckon her to join her, before she looks towards Cristoph for permission to deliver the prayer when he's ready.

Corban touches his helm towards Caleb when she spies the young boy new Brianna and lifts his lance in salute. Kids go nuts for that stuff. But prayers should be starting soon! So he awaits that.

Cristoph takes a wooden figurine of Princess Sorrel Thrax and Cupridium from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

"Hello, Caleb," Talia greets warmly, a smile touching her lips, before she curtsies to Brianna and adds: "My lady." But she doesn't linger over it while waiting for an indication to rise, like she might with others; instead, she rises right away and takes the seat at the boy's other side. Her gaze slips to the jousters, catching Corban's salute before she asks her companions quietly, "Who is that? Who are you cheering for?"

Cassandra gets a wooden figurine of Sir Corban Telmar and Rosie from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Adalyn arrives atop her Duskshire mount, a spirited mount by the looks of it. "Alright, Rebellious One. Save your attitude for when the joust begins, would you?" she mutters affectionately to the mustang, delivering a gentle pat. Her gaze sweeps over the crowded surroundings, a wave offered to Amari as she spots the familiar face among the sea of people.

Filshiar arrives armored and on horseback, though he dismounts before getting too far into the ground. Leading his horse carefully toward familiar faces. One of those is Corban, who he inclines his head to when he spots the other King's Own.

Entering in his armour and with his small retinue is Preston, his helm sitting in Balian's arms to let him not be quite as stuffy. Seeing the size of the crowd, he finds himself perching on the edge of the bench of a picnic table, giving those present a warm smile as he tries to work out what is going on.

"Hey, Corban!" Tikva waves amiablyfrom Kicky's back, sitting back comfortably in her saddle now that she is no longer apparently trying to persuade the hinny not to kick (or eat) the other horses.

Preston takes a wooden figurine of Princess Tikva Grayson and Kicky from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Kastelon gets a wooden figurine of Lady Piccola Tessere and Grassagatta from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Brianna points Talia's attention to Lord Alecstazi. "The one in the rubicund armor on the roan stallion, that's my husband." Caleb offers helpfully, "He's going to win." Brianna shushes him. "Again, that is the sort of thing you think, but don't say," she tells the boy.

It's the day of the Rite to Gloria! Finally! Cristoph looks exactly like a person who has been running around for hours getting things ready at the last minute. But by the time everyone is really here, he seemms to have calmed down enough to smooth his doublet into place and actually breathe. He finds a spot that's central located, drags a chair over and stands on it. He's a tall enough person, but now he's EXTRA tall. "Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for joining us this afternoon! I believe we have Legate Cassandra and Carnifex Preston here?" He thinks. He hasn't actually talked to anyone yet! "If one of them would be interested in leading us in a short prayer for this Rite to Gloria, that would be tremendous! Jousters, you can head to the starting point. And if anyone is donating money or resources to the Templars tonight, you can have them handed to my assistant."

Macda watches the little wooden figures being handled and she laughs deeply her eyes twinkle "great someone is making action figures." she says with a cortle "you do know... that is going to cause many people to become collectors." she says moving to look a little closer to who is handing them out

Gwenna offers a respectful nod of her head as Preston takes a seat nearby. "Good to see you, Carnifex," is offered kindly and then she turns to speak with Alessia, her voice a bit lower so as not to add to the crowd noise.

Hamish makes his way over to the stands, staying well away from any horses, which might make someone wonder why he came to a jousting event, but once he sets himself down and stretches out he opens his pouch, looks inside and says, "Who is this?" He looks around to see if anyone has anyone he recognizes.

Hamish takes a wooden figurine of Master Furio Rossetti from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

"Oh, hello, Tikva!" says Corban, cheerily, as he waves to his Inquisitor, Grayson friend. "Honor favor you tonight." And then he draws up Rosie near Filishar, nodding his head to his colleague. "And you, Sir Filishar. Remeber. Knees tight. Steady. Follow through." Just a little tip for the joust!

Alis flashes a partly impish smile Cassandra's way in thanks before she puts on the serious competition face, and tightens her hands on the reins of her horse. With the prayer about to begin, she ducks her head in a solemn pose.

Norwood has armor, has horse, is HERE for jousting. For the GLORY of GLORIA. Even more importantly he has a hankie with an acorn embroidered on it. Blame Margerie. The Baron is stand-off-ish as he is FOCUSED on being KNIGHTLY and GLORY-ISH.

Sorrel saunters over on her sorrel mare to greet some of the other riders, looking quite cheerful about having managed to get to joust today, just at the last minute. She waves at Tikva and Corban and Alis in an excited sort of way, then turns to pay attention to Cassandra for Gloria.

"What happens if he doesn't win? Will you challenge the winner?" Talia murmurs in question to Caleb, a breath of maybe humor in the seamstress's words as she folds her hands in her lap. She glances to Brianna, tipping her chin, as she adds, "I will also wish my favor for him as well, my lady, in the prayer." She moves to take a number of written banknotes from her pouch, making sure they are in order for the moment.

Bree makes her pledge of donation, and then leads Shay (the freckled horse) toward the starting positions to await the prayers. There's a small bounce to her step and she brings her horse around to steady her. "Easy," a word of encouragement is murmured, and then she quiets for the words to Gloria.

Amari angles over to Adalyn and reins her own Duskshire horse to a halt alongside. "Good attendance. Let's do well today, Adalyn. Best of luck!" She says, as if she's feeling a little nervous now to take part and half psyching herself into it. When Cristoph begins to speak she quiets and when he's done, she looks about for the Legate and the Carnifex.

Kastelon frowns down at his figurine, looking for all the world like a child disappointed in his cereal prize. He puts it back into the pouch and secures the pouch on his belt.

Kastelon puts a wooden figurine of Lady Piccola Tessere and Grassagatta in a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Philippe snorts at something Verity said, threatening a smile, though he's starting to get into a serious concentration space. Joust is life. "The struggle is the beauty of it all," he says, half to himself. Sydney gets a double-take as if the old man were trying to determine if she were a horse in disguise. "I believe... Sydney is not a horse," he concludes. This is what passes for humor in the Oathlands, folks.

"A spider, I imagine, Archlector?" Sirius hazards from a few benches away towards that looming man, he whom he's looking up to with the name Hamish with a more or less disgusted visage he's 'trying' (But failing) to hide. "You're rather fond of those, so I always thought you'd keep them handy inside your pouches, underneath your robes, inside your hair. In fact -- I'm almost certain you could point at a direction and summon them on a whim, as if you had spider-summoning powers."

Cassandra wields Chivalry's Point.

"Looking to get killed by another horse, Archlector?" Korka asks Hamish as she weaves her way through the crowd, coming to stop by him to see if he's got a good view. Then again he's seventeen feet tall so he probably has a better one than her from anywhere. She tracks Preston as he comes in, pursing her lips a moment and then taking one of the bags that are offered as it comes by, "Do we burn these if they don't win?"

"And you, too," Tikva says with a chuckle low in her throat, her smile warm and wide. She waves back to Sorrel and gives her a quick thumbs-up.

2 Whitehawk Guards, Feyre, a Whitehawk falconer, 1 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Elora.

As Cristoph calls for a prayer, and seeing Cass is there as senior clergy, Preston doesn't move to the front but he does pull Crusader from it's scabbard as he stands from the bench - a careful and slow draw rather than a murder time draw - to place it's point against the ground. Kneeling on one knee, he dips his head to touch his forehead to the handle - the Templar's position of prayer. Other than this, Preston remains in silent reflective prayer to await Cassandra's blessing of the Rite.

Preston wields Crusader, Blade of the Templars.

Sydney is in the general vicinity as Philippe and Verity. When Bianca arrives, she wildly waves a hand, a smile appearing on her features, but she doesn't beckon her over. They are, after all, in public. Wildly shouting her name would probably be a faux pas. Apparently wildly waving a hand is fine. She offers a light snort to Philippe. "...You didn't even examine my hocks. Rushed to judgement. Such is the way of things."

Sydney settles down when she hears the call to prayer and quits being raucous. For now.

Drake's jousting spear isn't terribly fancy, but, it does get the job done most of the time. What's important is his arm with it, which he always holds steady. The competition here looks tough, and he's ready for it. He pulls his helm back over his head: that's his game face, and now it's on. It's there to protect him as well as lend some gravitas to his appearance while he's mounted. In all rubicund and leather, he does make for a striking figure.

Elora Whitehawk makes her way toward some vacant seating and breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes that she hasn't missed the first joust. A friendly smile is given to some familiar faces and she finds a seat with a good view to watch.

Hamish waves over to Kastelon. "Trade? Lady Piccola once beat the shit out of me. I feel like I'm owed a tiny version of her." Sirius gets a look, "No, your highness. I do not walk around with spiders in my trousers. There's a point where things are as unkind to them as they are me. It is a tiny person I have never met." He holds up the little Furio. "I'm sure he's a wonderful individual and a doughty jouster, but I may never know since he doesn't appear to be here." Korka gets a sniff. "I was only killed the once and it was by a donkey, but donkeys are just shitty horses so I think I'll just stay back here in case they can smell blood in the air." He gives the nearest horse a suspicious look.

3 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Dog, a scruffy west oathlands puppy have been dismissed.

"Quite a turnout, isn't it?" Adalyn remarks to Amari with a cheery grin as the Keaton approaches. Her large mustang seems to feed off of her eager, nervous energy, tossing his head impatiently. "It ought to be fun, whatever unfolds. Best of luck to you as well!" Prayers, yes. That's important business, so she falls quiet and attempts to put on a suitably devout and solemn expression.

As time wears on, Piccola finds a place to sit.

She's placed her bow and sabre in her horse's stall. What use has she for those here? And she picks up a padded lance, and holds it on the ground next to her as she waits. No one talks to her, and she doesn't seem to be in the mood to talk to anyone. She sits by herself, silent. Her armor is, however, a work of art: steel, stained black and green, with patterns of roses and snakes on it. Beautiful. And that belt? Looks like it has a bunch of things hidden in it; a damned utility belt.

Give her a cape, and she'd be almost perfect.

Amalthea remains at the stables, even after the call for the jousters. She's too busy making sure her horse is comfortable.

"Yes, of course." As she rises to her feet, Cassandra moves down towards the jousting fields. The Legate stands firm in the middle of the field, looking towards the riders and horses. "Good evening, all." the Legate offers.

The Legate wields Chivalry's Point and turns it downwards. "There is a single word etched on this blade. It is Honor. That is what today, on this field is about."

"You will all take the field in hopes of victory, but only one will be allowed to claim the final prize. What all should strive for is Honor. Respect your opponent. Know that they are skilled. Know that they are Honoring Gloria, just as you are. When this is over, we are still each other's companion. We are the reliance on the other. Know that you are Honorable in your actions, and you will always be just. You will always be welcomed. You will always be /right/."

With that, she pauses. "Please, bow your heads, and draw your weapons, point down, to receive the Prayer to Gloria."

"Her eye sees all! And Her arm strikes true!
Evil shall find no sanctuary here.
For evil is unjust. Unrighteous. Dishonorable.
When I throw my warlike shield before me,
scatter and be destroyed!
For my path has been set ablaze
and is guided by the tenets of chivalry,
My strength is tempered by honor,
and my resolve is reinforced.

None of us are born strong or powerful into this world.
But even so,
she beckons the broken and the weak to her side.
Devote yourself to her! Learn from her! Be inspired!
To be strong is a choice,
and to turn that strength to the defense of the weak
and the innocent is what she demands!
Protect your brother! Protect your companion!
Protect he who cannot do so himself!
You need not love the sword, but if the sword loves you,
then this is the path of chivalry.
This is the path of Devotion!
It is in honor, In your conduct, Not the outcome.

These honorable fighters have come here
to show us the essence of honor;
to show us their honorable conduct, not the result.
Today we honor the Goddess of Honor.
Today, we honor Gloria."

With her prayer and benediction complete, Cassandra looks to Cristoph and sheathes her blade. "I declare this Rite to Gloria to be open! Good fortune and honor to all!"

Catching movement from the corner of her eye, Bianca's level, silver stare tilts until it falls on Cassandra. That cool, stoic poise of hers is only minorly mired by the little smile that touches her lips.

"Mother Cassandra," greets the pale Legate. "I'm glad you were able to make it." She falls quiet, however, as prayer is called for; she offers her fellow Legate a mouthed good luck before her attention turns towards Sydney. Her wave is a more subdued thing before she quietly approaches the band of Blanchards, but don't be fooled. She's happy to see Sydney, too. She's just not as good at high octane waving as the other woman is. Sydney's got a gift.

Alecstazi bows his head in prayer, clearly devout, or at least very good at looking so. Once the prayer is over, Alec looks back to Brianna and the boy next to her, waving to the both of them again as he sits on his horse, His Grace's hooves pawing at the ground, clearly excited to start!

Cassandra checked charm + theology at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Kastelon frowns at Hamish's little Furio with an expression that shows he has no idea who that is, and would have been even more disappointed with finding that one in his pouch. But the heavy lowering of his brows eases as he gazes on the Archlector, and he offers a grunt of concession. "Of course, Blessed Hamish," he says. "I did see that fight. You held up admirably. I was impressed." He looks towards Philippe, then back to Hamish, and walks over to give the Archlector his pouch. Then he goes back to the stands and sings along proudly with Cassandra.

Gaspard instructs his page to take a box with his donations to one of the assistants. The knight spurs his horse so it moves to the starting point, keeping his visor up so he gets to take a look at the crowd on his way to the spot. As the prayer is announced, he remains silent, bowing his head in respect to the pantheon.

Jael has made her way to where the other combatants are gathered, though she's still not mounted up yet. She bows her head as Cassandra leads the prayers, but, true to his nature, the infant named for the Legate lets out a loud angry squawk in the silence that follows.

Macda moves to hand in her donation as she eyes these little wooden figures that people are drawing out with some delight. She hands over some silver to Cristoph and she has a small word with him, waggling her eyebrows ... she moves back to her seat

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Kastelon leans down to offer Furio Rossetti to Resolute, who happily takes the chew toy to gnaw while watching the coming spectacle of the joust.

Bree's hand draws over the neck of her mount, and she turns to listen to the words spoke so clearly by Cassandra. A small twitch of her lips, and she's reaching down to rest her free hand on the pommel of her blade. Her lips move in a silent prayer of her own, and she nods her head a few times. Her own personal pep talk!

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Adrienne.

Kiera wends her way through her expansive crowd to place herself as close as she can get to Count Blanchard and verity, nodding hello, before turning her gaze to find her brother on the field and bows her head then in solemn prayer and the words of the legate

2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Adrienne.

Brianna gets a wooden figurine of Dame Bree Harthall and Shay from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Apollo has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

The prayer commences, with Cristoph bowing his head. When Cassandra finishes her words, he bows deeply to his sister. "House Valardin thanks you for coming to do the opening rites, Legate Cassandra." Then he's stepping away and moving through the crowds, with people occasionally handing him things. "Thank you, thank you." Making it down to the jousters, the heralds begin to trumpet. And the first match of the night is announced: "BARON NORWOOD CLEMENT VERSUS LORD ALECSTAZI HALFSHAV."

Oh! It's time for prayer! Corban touches the side of Red Rosie's neck, to quiet her, which she does, and then takes his lance, pointing it as directed. He is solemn and contemplative for the benediction, opening his eyes only when it is complete.

"All right, girl, let's go get 'em. And win or lose, there is an apple for you after this."

Talia bows her head to pray, murmuring her own little prayer at the end before she looks up again. She leans over to speak quietly to Brianna, even as she watches the jousting field.

Verity raises a hand to loosely hide her smile, but there's a laugh behind her voice. "Clearly you're the smartest horse to ever live," she says to Sydney. "You're certainly stubborn enough."

Verity's gaze roams the crowd once she sees Sydney waving to someone. She begins to raise her hand to Bianca as well, but something else she sees makes her freeze. The expression drains from her face and, right in the middle of the Prayer to Gloria, the courtier bows her head and presses her hands to her face. She murmurs something quietly to herself.

Drake, as instructed, puts the point of his spear down as the rite is performed. He is pious in this particular rite, silent and respectful. His free hand moves to over his heart, balling into a fist. When Cassandra finishes the prayer, he raps his chestplate once, hard, with the balled fist, the clang of metal on metal a sound of celebration.

Hamish watches the dog gnaw away on Furio and gives a nod. "A dire fate." He drops down into the closest bench, much to its chagrin, then waves to Korka. "Did you bring nuts?"

Hamish has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Cassandra has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Brianna lowers her head in an earnest, silent prayer, her hand coming to rest on the pommel of her sword as she does so. Then, she opens her pouch and pulls out the figurine of Bree. When Alecstazi is called to joust first, she leans forward on the railing. She's all in.

Alis draws her weapon while her head is already bowed, held aloft and pointed downward for the duration of Cassandra's prayer. Her lips move along with the words spoken, as if she's reciting it or adding to it on her own. "With Honor." is finally murmured at the end, and the weapon returned to its sheathe before she inclines her head respectfully to the Legate. And now, now it's time to watch the jousters. With a delighted expression, of course.

Apollo is not a wizard, and thus arrives well after he meant to; he settles down to watch the joust, snagging up a deck of cards to fuss with, shuffle idly while he watches.

Korka has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Norwood checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 30 higher.

Alecstazi checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Tikva sits her horse -- well, her hinny; it's a hinny -- quietly, head bowed for the prayer to Gloria, and when the Legate of Arts closes the prayer, she smiles and lifts her gaze skyward. Preparing to tilt as she watches the others, she pats Kicky's neck, and says, "May Gloria guide us all in honor."

Preston stands from his kneeling position, offering a small quiet prayer as Crusader is slid back into its sheathe. A smile is offered across to Cassandra at the prayer5 before he resumes his perch on the edge of the picnic table bench, waiting to see who the first people down the lists shall be.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Amari lowers her head for the duration of the prayer Cassandra recites, and even Bandit seems to be reverent for the moment, though like Adalyn's Rebellious One, he's not a fan of standing still. At least he saves his impatient stamps and loud snickers to himself. Looking up at the end, she's left with a faint smile that brightens at the herald's trumpets and the announcement of the day's first matchup. "Oh, this should be good!"

Alecstazi checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 17, rolling 31 higher.

"Gloria's the glory, yours the victory!" Kastelon bellows towards Norwood and his mount, pumping a fist in the air. "FOR HONOR!"

Waving Bianca over to the table to take a seat with her as she settles in to watch the jousts, Cassandra offers a small smile as she moves to settle in.

Sydney glances down at Cassandra's prayer, briefly closing her eyes and clasping her hands in front of her, her forearms clutching neatly to the horse plushie that's riding in her lap. Her apparent favorite to win, despite not actually being present. A bittersweet smile works its way onto her features as Cassandra's prayer concludes, and she lifts her drink to her lips and takes a decidedly heavy pull once Christoph starts bellowing the names of the first contenders before stowing the drink away and neatly holding the stuffed facsimile of a horse. "At least on this Rite I'll likely escape without a fresh scar." She murmurs aside to Verity.

"Did I bring nuts," Korka scoffs in reply to Hamish, taking a swig of her ale, "It's a joust, of course I brought nuts. You know who hates these things? People high on nuts that rampage and tear arms off of others," she sticks her hand in her pocket and comes out with a small bag that smells strongly of cinnamon and spices. She shakes it towards Hamish, "Feel free."

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Norwood checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 43 higher.

Adalyn bows her head for the prayers, eyes closed as she listens to Cassandra's words. When her eyes flutter open, head lifting, she blinks and stares distractedly off into the crowd, her eyes locked upon some detail there as she sits momentarily frozen astride her horse. She inhales a quick breath, managing to guide her horse out of the way of the starting match, giving another quick glance over her shoulder as she directs her mount.

Filshiar lowers his eyes throughout the prayer, then offers a contained version of a knight's salute with his jousting lance as it concludes. He mounts up again on his mare as the joust begins, to check over his gear and to get a better view of the other riders while he waits his turn.

Sirius narrows his eyes tightly at Furio's figurine as it's held before him in Hamish's ample palm, trying to wean it of details; hoping, it seems, to recognize them. "I fear I do not know who that is, Blessed Hamish," the Prince there answers, somewhat belatedly to the prompt. There's also an undercurrent of exhaustion in his voice, as though the very act of speaking's hazing to the mind. His attention then dwindles a tad, and he looks off to that vista of knights and warriors preparing for the joust with a solemn, sobered look.

Lucita quietly steps into the area, leaving dogs and a guard overseeing them back near the gate. She casts a glance around the area and finds a spot to sit where she can observe easily. A cheerful wave and smile is given those she recognizes.

Sydney's crack elicits a curt laugh from Verity -- it's the kind of abortive noise that one thinks to prevent only a second after its start. "Tell me with a straight face that a part of you doesn't want to invent fist-jousting just to prove you could."

Verity straightens her back and, after rubbing at her face a moment longer, drops her hands. She briefly touches Philippe's arm, but it seems to be a reassuring gesture more than begging his attention.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Cassandra offers to Gwenna as she is settled and has one of her guards run the figure she got over to Jael so that her namesake has it's first gift (of many to come) from the Legate.

Kicky, already bored by waiting, is slowly, slowly sidling her nose towards the nearest of the other beasts to see if she can chew into a neighbor's tack while Tikva isn't looking. She's foiled by Tikva's quick hands on the reins, pulling her back. "We're honorable competitors, Kicky. We do not sabotage."

Macda looks over to Lucita as she comes closer to her and she nods her head! Please do! I hate being alone!" she tells the other.

Lucita has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

As the prayer ends, a hushed few words of blessing slip past Bianca's lips. She turns her gaze up in time to catch sight of Cassandra waving her towards the table, then back toward the bevy of Blanchards, where Verity is currently burying her head in her hands; head cant, she offers a look of apology to Cassandra as she lifts her finger in a classic little 'just one second' gesture--

--And then seamlessly strides forward so that she may get close enough to dip down and peer the thoroughly-rubbed face of Verity Locke from an upward angle, brows lifted and lashes fluttering in an owlish blink.

"I don't think I've ever seen you quite so put upon," Bianca remarks, distantly. She takes a moment to think about this. "I'm not sure if I enjoy it or not."

Sydney straightens in her seat at the very mention of Fist-Jousting, "...I don't see what there is to even discuss about that. Of /course/ I would, if it had been allowed in the rules. Just make the opponent botch their thrust, and then crack 'em in the jaw. As though it wouldn't work." She scoffs, "...I ought to have been allowed. It's a travesty, to be sure."

Jael can be seen dangling a little wooden figurine over her son's sling; there's a blind flail of baby arm and a tiny yawp in response. Her gaze finds Cassandra in the stands and she offers a wave and a mouthed 'Thank you'.

Norwood's a STORM OF QUIET. Despite the shouts cheering him out Norwood is ZEN itself. Or the Arx equivalent. He and his stallion are almost like one person as they ride, for GLORIA.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

Lucita settles into place by Macda, careful to see if she can still observe. "Oh, there is Princesses Tikva, and Sorrel. They must be competing, have they had a turn yet? Have any? I'm curious how the jousting is going." As for her reason for being just a bit late, she murmurs with amusement. "The twins tried to sneak out and follow me to watch the horses. We bargained for them doing that next year when they turn six. The agreement coming with long and vocal protest but finally reached with the bribe of cookies."

His Grace, Alec's roan is dancing on his hooves. The crowd seems to be getting to the destrier and Alec is struggling to control the horse. When they get to their end of the lists, they seems to get in better sync, Alec settling in, pulling down his visor and pocketing his lance. When the charge is called, His Grace is still being difficult, and Alec's riding is no match for Norwood and his zen mojo. Alec's lance is pulled up and he manages to hit the baron in the shoulder, but the tip skids along the older man's armor, while Norwood's lance takes Alec in the chest, the tip shattering. Alecstazi continues the ride to the opposite end, and when he removes his helm, it's clear he is disappointed to be elimiated in the first round, but he tosses his lance and bellows, "WELL RIDDEN LORD CLEMENT!" And tries to lead a cheer for Norwood.

Out on the field, it's Baron Norwood Clement vs Lord Alecstazi Halfshav with Baron Clement coming out the winner of the first round. It's a strong showing from both riders however and quite the tremendous joust. As they both leave the field, the next set is called to come up: "LADY JAEL LAURENT VERSUS LADY AMARI KEATON!" Cristoph is still around, looking at papers and helping keep track of who is there and who is not and what is happening next. Though maybe a bit frazzled occasionally.

Alaric has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

"Oh no," Talia breathes out in quiet disappointment, glancing towards Caleb and Brianna. She offers a soft smile to the former, saying lightly, "It was well ridden! Next time, I'll make Lady Brianna a favor to give to him, to carry. In steelsilk, maybe."

Ryhalt watches the first pass avidly and applauds.

Cassandra adds, for Alecstazi. "Honorably and well ridden, both of you!" she calls out, a glance up towards her frazzled brother to make sure he's got it all handled. He usually does.

Merek makes a way into the tournament area, watching with curiosity while he finds a place to settle in.

Verity considers Bianca's curious positioning and even more curious expression. The courtier obligingly dips her head in deference to her patron (and all-around important person), but immediately messes it all up with her response.

"I think you enjoy it," says Verity. "You've always been fascinated by the human condition. Are you here to favor us with your presence, or will the legates be incomplete without you?"

Korka gets a wooden figurine of Lady Amari Keaton and Bandit from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Drake lets out a small huff, as his patron is eliminated quickly. But he was warned before that Baron Noorwood is definitely a rider to beat, and his reputation seems to be well-earned. A joust is a situation where Drake keeps very focused.

Sirius, led on by Alecstazi in a vulgar demonstration of knightly peer pressure, cheers wanly for Norwood. Not that he demonstrates any contempt for the Lord in question, no- Sirius himself's showing to be in a 'mood' of sorts; in a look of despondence and little compromise to all that's ensuing at hand.

Jael jerks her head up as her name is called, eyes widening even more when her opponent is named. "Oh my gracious," she says, handing her infant son to his nanny and mounting her pitch-black destrier easily. As they pace to the course she offers Amari a crisp salute and a bright smile.

Bree lifts herself to the balls of her feet to watch the action fully, and when Norwood comes out victorious she pumps a fist in the air. "Well struck!" And then she turns to shoot off a quick message.

Macda watches her cousin choose another table beside her own and she laughs softly as she turns her eyes back to the field "Steelsilk indeed, that seems to be what I should consider myself." she says to no one really. Her eyes move back to the table and then out over the list as she cheers for those riding.

Alis might have steered Sir Summerwind over towards Cristoph, so that the courser can loom over him and occasionally try to snuffle his hair. Horses are good for stress, right? Especially the frazzled type of stress and really big horses. It's the perfect combination. The rider feigns oblivious though. Of course.

Norwood bows as Alecstazi leads a cheer in his direction, but doesn't say any words in return. Solid. Quiet. Gloria!

"LORD CLEMENT!" Kastelon cheers. Next Amari's up, and he puts both index fingers into his mouth and releases a truly piercing whistle before belting out, "DUCHESS AMARI REDIRE! FOR GLORIAAA!"

The King has been in attendance the entire time, settled in amid the Peerage, and deeply invested in the tremendous talents of the jousters displayed on the fields. As the match comes to an end, he joins in a thunderous applause for the victor, then rises to relocate himself to a new advantageous spot beside Cassandra. "Ah, Mother Cassandra. This next match should be just as entertaining. Are you cheering for Lady Jael?"

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Zelda, the royal messenger have been dismissed.

13 King's Own Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Amari didn't expect Jael to be named her opponent, that much seems obvious as her eyes widen. There's a quick wrinkle of her nose to Adalyn before she wheels Bandit around to clomp to the line with her lance resting on her shoulder. She lifts her hand to her Laurent friend, smiles encouragement and then drops her beaked visor down into place.

While Cristoph watches his sister and Lady Amari take the field, he feels Sir Summerwind snuffling and is he-- is he CHEWING his hair? Cristoph attempts to remain as composed as possible as he reaches back and taps his nose lightly in warning. No, horse. Bad.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 45 higher.

Brianna and Caleb are both invested in this joust. Brianna, in silent focus. Caleb, hooting and cheering. The boy looks personally offended when Alecstazi loses, but Brianna puts an arm around her young ward. "What matters is that Lord Alec came and paid honor to Gloria," she says to him softly. The boy looks skeptical, but he doesn't protest. The lady grins at Talia. "You'd laugh if you saw the favor I made for him. I am not skilled with a needle." She excuses herself to go find her husband, the young house ward trailing close behind.

Amari checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 68 higher. Amari rolled a critical!

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

At the table with the cards and dice, Apollo's nose wrinkles up, and he surveys the crowd like... what the heck?

The King has been in attendance the entire time, settled in amid the Peerage, and deeply invested in the tremendous talents of the jousters displayed on the fields. As the match comes to an end, he joins in a thunderous applause for the victor, then rises to relocate himself to a new advantageous spot beside Cassandra. "Ah, Mother Cassandra. This next match should be just as entertaining. Are you cheering for Lady Jael?"

Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

Amari checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 33 higher.

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 39 higher.

Alaric has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Philippe takes the call to prayer seriously. The runner waits to bring Philippe his beer until after it is over, as the old man spends time in thoughtful, reverent silence. He has been devoted since he was a young squire, and the depth of his faith has grown over his many years. When it is time for song, he sings competently, though it is more prayer than tune. Verity touches his arm near the end. He glances to her, nods, and does actually smile. Maybe somebody else saw it.

And then the bout begins, and the old man receives a beer. Beer is important for jousting. He takes a long draw so he can get a proper bellowing cheer on when the time comes. "My lady," he says to Kiera, gesturing for her to join the Blanchard group in the stands. "Fist jousting is merely assault, Sydney."

"As the Sword of the Faith, I try not to have favorites at these events." Cassandra offers with a small chuff of amusement. "But I would like to see my family do well, of course. In the honoring of Gloria. Would you like to join us, Majesty? I believe you may know most of use here? If not, I could make introduction."

Adalyn is surprisingly subdued given that the first match involves her father, though Norwood's triumph seems to snap her back to the present, earning an exuberant yell. "YES, Papa!" The next pairing announced draws a grin from the Clement. "What a match. This ought to be good. Good luck!" she calls to the Keaton beside her as her name is called. She adjusts her grip on the reins, gaze sliding back toward the crowds in the stands and lingering a moment before returning to the jousting as it unfolds.

Sirius turns such an assailing look from the leatherworker known as Apollo back with a rebuffing look of contempt. One that's wholeheartedly cartoonish in its exaggerated tightness, with a hastily manufactured 'harumph' of scorn to better drive the point that he's, probably, teasing to some degree.

Lucita says, "Would you look at that. They ride remarkably well. I must say Jousting is something at which I do 'not' excel, I don't use the weapons that size and not really strong enough to deal with both horse and a weapon like that. I do like to watch and appreciate the skills of others though!"

Macda nods her head to the lady beside her and she smiles, "indeed." she looks back over the riders.

Alecstazi dismounts his horse and hands him to a stablehand, pulling off his gauntlets as he makes his way back to Brianna and her group. Despite his loss, he seems to be in a good enough mood, he's smiling at least as he takes a seat on the other side of the 10 year old, ruffling his strawberry blond hair before winking to Brianna.

Sydney looks wounded by Philippe's assertion, and visibly recoils, "...Assault? You wound the great martial pastime of Fist-Jousting. It requires nerves of steel, will of diamondplate, and a heart of rubicund." She sniffs, and offers, "It would only be assault if I punched the horse." A resolute nod of the pugilist's head.

"You mustn't do that," Philippe is quick to say.

Sydney bobs her head gravely. "T'would be assault."

Preston scribbles a small note down on a piece of paper and calls for Balian, handing it over. The two men say the word 'Ham' several times and then Balian is off.

Preston is overheard praising Jael: A worthy attempt, one filled with the honour we expect from the Laurents. Win or loss, honour is the key to it all. Winning of course does always feel nicer, but the pang of loss may be soothed by knowing we have praised Gloria and given her the respepct she is due in fighting on her field. It may also be salved with salty delicious ham, but, second to the reassuring knowledge of being a dutiful and pious noble.

Brianna returns to the stands with Alec, letting him take the seat next to Caleb, with Talia on the other side of the boy. She kisses his cheek. "You rode well, and you certainly have the finest horse on the field," she says. Caleb shows off his Dame Bree figurine. He is obviously having a very good time.

a fancily-shod horse arrives, following Furio.

Drake checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 1 lower.

"My lord count, assault is what Sydney is absolutely best at," says Verity. She feigns concern with a clutched hand at her chest. "We must nurture everyone's special talents!"

Adalyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 3 lower.

Drake checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 36, rolling 7 higher.

Amalthea remains apart from the crowd, leaning near her horse holding a journal in hand that she scribbles in.

Kastelon looks towards Philippe and Verity and Sydney with a contemplative frown.

Adalyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 33, rolling 24 higher.

Amari sits in the saddle like a Magistrate, straight and composed, waiting for the sign. When it comes, there's a shift and her dapple gray charges forward, his hooves tearing up the dirt with wild abandon. Anyone who just saw Norwood will see much of the same technique from the Keaton in her rose gold rubicund, the lance drops and she times it wonderfully to strike with all the momentum of the feral beneath her. Jael's shield takes the brunt, squarely and there's a tremendous CRACK with the impact, and the one she takes in return from the Laurent as they both ride on.

"My lord," Talia greets in a soft mumble, bowing her head respectfully towards Alecstazi as he joins the stands near her. She remains like that for a long moment, before she hears the hooves of other horses and looks back up to the jousting.

Drake checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 31, rolling 13 higher.

"Lord Alecstazi, this is Goodwoman Talia. Goodwoman Talia, this is my husband, Lord Alecstazi. She is a friend," Brianna explains softly.

3 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Dog, a scruffy west oathlands puppy have been dismissed.

Furio slips into the joust's rider area with his horse. His body concealed in furs, his face with a scarf and his head with a large brim hat. Hitching his horse, he looks around to gauge the event.

Jael is good. Solidly competent. But Amari? Amari is something else entirely. There's only time to for the Laurent woman to hunker down on her destrier and raise her shield to take the blow; her opponent's lance snaps her shield like dry driftwood and her arm goes numb for a moment as her steed charges past Amari's. By the time they reach the end of the course and turn, Jael's laughing and shaking out her shield-arm. "Gods almighty, Lady Amari, I TOLD you you had outstripped me!"

Alecstazi nods to the boy, admiring the figure, "Very nice." He looks to Talia and nods at the introduction, "Well met, Tailor Talia." He just smiles at Brianna's flattery.

The pairing of Lady Jael Laurent and Lady Amari Keaton results in Lady Jael Laurent's victory! The announcer proclaims it loudly to the field and once they're led off, the next match is proclaimed: "LADY ADALYN CLEMENT VERSUS LORD DRAKE WYVERNHEART!"

It's a pleased thing, the smile that tugs up the corners of Bianca's lips. Her eyes shut for a moment in the breadth of it before she takes a single step back and straightens.

"You know me so well; I'm sure you could even tell me just what I was thinking, if you had a mind to," she remarks with that cool gentleness of hers, hands clasping quite easily at her back. She spares a glance over her shoulder, considerate. "Hm. I wouldn't want to keep Mother Cassandra waiting, but I do hope you all choose to stay a while yet so that we can speak more later." She offers a sideways look, Sydney's way. "Especially you, Sydney. It's been far too long."

With that, Bianca pauses; she touches a hand to Philippe's shoulder briefly, offering, "Count Philippe -- I do not want to take too much time away from your busy schedule, but I was hoping I might speak to you in private soon, if you'd be willing. Please, let me know; it is not terribly urgent." before she gives her brief parting farewells and makes her way towards the picnic table with a simple, graceful wave.

Merek seems to be content to watch the jousting, his black attire on along with his scarf with hair messy and back seem to keep him among the crowds, although upon noting people he knows, the man waves, to Bianca, to Lucita, as well as a few in the stands, though some seem to be prepping for jousting. He finds a quiet place to settle in.

"And you as well, my lord," Talia says quietly, worrying at a loose piece of skin on her lower lip with her teeth. She doesn't quite meet Alecstazi's gaze, only bowing her head again briefly. She hesitates, before asking, "Do you-- do you hope now that the man who won off you-- that he wins, now?"

Sir Summerwind is not amused at the muzzle tap of course, and blows some hot air right on that finely coiffed hair of Duke Laurent. While, for her part, Alis looks out over the competing contestants with a great deal of pride for the displays of skill put forward by the Oathlanders. And the non-Oathlanders. But really, mostly those from the west. Because of course.

Apollo shouts, "Come on, Lady Adalyn!"

Philippe snorts in amusement at Verity's assessment of Sydney. "Indeed, all gifts are precious." He watches the opening exchange. His judgement of it is unclear at present. Maybe he's trying to decide how he's going to remediate something later. Bianca pulls him out of his thoughts. He turns to regard her. "I shall, Legate -- I will find a good moment to visit. Thank you." And then the joust continues, and Philippe tries to figure out what he missed. Another drink of beer helps.

Macda laughs a little and she cheers "Let your sparkle shine!" she would wouldnt she.

Alecstazi shrugs a bit, grinning to Talia, "Certainly. That old man hits like a..." He pauses as he attempts to come up with an appropriate analogy. "A falling mast. It's not right, an old codger like that!" He's laughing, clearly teasing.

"I'd complain that I'm not on your to-visit list," says Verity to Bianca, "but we both know I'll slip into your library sooner rather than later."

The courtier turns her attention to the upcoming joust; this is the first that she's paid more than passing attention to since the lists opened. Her gaze first settles on Drake, but it's Adalyn who she ends up watching more closely.

Drake is usually better on the horse than he is today, it seems, but something about his start is unsteady. When he rides down Adalyn, he keeps his weapon level, but the steps of the stallion slightly falter. It's not a perfect charge. Maybe there's a lot of pressure right now, but he knows when his spear comes down that the angle isn't quite what he hoped. It's not a great pass, and he falters enough that Adalyn is easy able to get the strike upon him. There's a good shatter as Drake takes a hit, his horse veering a bit off-course as Adalyn strikes him true.

Amari snaps her visor back up as she brings Bandit back around who fights a little, as if he just wants to keep going. Though Jael's lost her shield, the Keaton lady has a pained expression. "My shoulder will be entirely black and blue tomorrow. You had the better strike, Lady Jael, even if it was less showy." She says as she rides back to clear the lane, and join the victor of their matchup. "Do you see any splinters? It feels like half your lance is still up under my pauldron."

Sydney seems oblivious to the frowns that are being silently leveled in her direction. It's a large crowd, and impossible to catch every withering look that's sent her way. There are multiple. She offers Verity a rather cross look, "I have plenty of /other/ talents."

She doesn't hasten to mention them right now, is all.

She looks to Philippe as though betrayed, but Bianca distracts her from any other defense of her willingness to punch riders and horses alike. She offers a positively polite smile to Bianca, "Should you ever desire my company, you need only call, as ever. I will do my best to answer." She leans over and plonks her palm atop Verity's head. "...Especially if it's to chase this one out of your Library. Give Mother Cassandra my best."

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 2 higher.

Bianca has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Furio has joined the Valardin Combat Riding Course.

Cassandra has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Cassandra has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Adalyn drops her visor down into place and urges her horse forward as the signal is given - except her mount seems to have other ideas. He balks, prancing sideways and requiring a moment of repeated coaxing and encouragement before he finally launches into movement. What they lack in a solid start, she attempts to make up for in the power of her blow, lance splintering as she drives it toward Drake.

Sorrel checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 28, rolling 14 higher.

Macda frowns a little watching the pass, "what a shame..." she turns back to her table to chat softly

"Oathlanders are born with a lance in their hands. Did you learn anything from the bout?" Brianna asks Alecstazi, clearly trying to model being-a-good-winner to the child, who may have a history of... not.

Filshiar checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 28 higher.

Hamish brightens on seeing Furio and waves excitedly to Kastelon's dog, pointing the rider out to the bloodhound.

Filshiar checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 2, rolling 43 higher.

Jael sidles Freddie as close to Amari's horse as either animal will permit. "Well I can't feel my fingertips." Still, she's able to clutch the reins in one hand and lean over to inspect Amari's shoulder and arm with a critical eye, not of a medic but someone who's had lance splinters before. " blood. Hang on though..." She does manage to winkle a slash of white wood out from under one of the Keaton's pauldrons and toss it to the ground.

Kiera watches intently as her brother's turns comes and as he is hit trains eyes on him to make sure he isn't injured "well done, lady Adalyn" she calls graciously

Resolute lifts his head from where it lies at Kastelon's feet, the Furio figurine covered in drool and canine bite marks, lodged deep in furry slobbering jowls. There's a doleful look at Hamish and then a short woof of a bark towards the real Furio.

After Lady Adalyn and Lord Drake's match concludes, Princess Sorrel and Sir Filshiar are called up!

Tikva cheers amiably from her position in Kicky's saddle.

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Piccola checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 48 higher.

Piccola checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 25 higher.

Merek looks around to find alcohol, then he does, perhaps a whiskey that's brought to people watching, either way he picks that up and drinks from it, swallowing the liquor. One shot, two shot, three shot. That's enough whiskey for the moment, while he smoothes his shirt and finds a place to... Well, settle in.

Filshiar mounts up as his turn in the joust is called, offering Sorrel a salute with his lance. "For Gloria! For the Crown!" And with that, he rides. His mare is built more for speed and agility than power, but she manages to build up a decent charge, and her angle lines up well with the positioning of his lance as he thrusts himself and his horse forth.

Drake dismounts after the and leads his horse away. He looks pretty frutsrated by that performance, taking off his helm, and leaning against an outer wall with it in both his hands. He doesn't look hurt, but he does look a little frustrated, just for a moment. People were watching after all! But he's graceful as Adalyn is declared winner, and finds a smile for her. He pushes some hair out of his eyes as he leans back to watch the rest of the jousting match.

Tikva checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 17, rolling 44 higher.

As Filishiar and Sorrel are revealed to be the next line-up, Alaric leans forward within his seat, his anticipatory excitement palpable. "This will perhaps be one of my favorite matches yet," he declares to Cassandra. "Princess Squeakers versus Sir Filishiar. I cannot bring myself to choose, so I'll double my donation to the Shrine of Gloria either way."

Verity raises her hands to clap for the result of Adalyn and Drake's confrontation, but her efforts are immediately scrambled by Sydney putting a giant mitt atop her head. She jabs the taller woman in the ribs. "Didn't I say not to touch the hair?!"

Alaric is overheard praising Filshiar.

From the back of her horse, waiting her turn to go, Sorrel cheers for Drake and Adalyn as the two square off, and she claps cheerfully at their exchange. And then it is her turn to ride! Her sorrel mare, the one that really didn't have a name until Cristoph demanded to know her name, seems fussy and rides rough. In any case, Sorrel grins at Sir Filshiar as they ride towards one another, though he certainly gets the better of her in this one.

Alaric is overheard praising Sorrel.

Looking to the boy, and then back to Brianna Alecstazi nods, "Sure. I learned that old men can be much stronger than they look. And that it is... okay to lose sometimes. It doesn't mean you're not good. Just that you can be better with hard work and practice."

Norwood does solemn nods in the direction of the appropriate people as they go through. If he gives a slightly deeper one to Amari and Jael that's just because they're among his favorite non-blood pupils and so favoritism is good.

Talia bites her lower lip, glancing towards-- nothing, but she mumbles a quiet: "I mean, with age-- comes a lot of wisdom and experience. You shouldn't--." She trails off, frowning as her fingers tighten in her lap and she stares at the jousting.

Preston is overheard praising Sorrel.

With Sir Filshiar of the King's Own coming out the winner in the match against Princess Sorrel, the announcer moves on to the next pairing: "Princess Tikva Grayson vs General Piccola Tessere!"

When Filishar and Sorrel are called forward, Sir Corban finds himself in a pickle. Who to cheer for? Who to support? But then the joust ends with Filishar on the horse and Sorrel not, and well. There it goes. He cheers for them both. Split the difference!

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Sydney takes that poke to the ribs with a grin, and moves her hand off, "Did you? I must have misheard. 'Don't touch the air, Sydney?', 'Touch me, fair Sydney?' You really must enunciate better, if you're to complain so loudly."

"That was not what we had talked about, Sir Obstinate," Adalyn remarks aloud, apparently to her mount. What is that horse's /real/ name, anyway? She directs the mustang toward Drake, managing to get him to do her bidding this time, and offers a smile to her opponent. "As always, it's an honor to face you, Lord Drake." Her gaze lifts, first to the stands, then to the other jousters to watch the following match.

Lucita spots Merek seeking a seat and indicates one near she and Macda should he wish to join them.

Merek has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Piccola seems capable on that little, fat-assed horse of hers.

A gentle kick in the leg, and Grassagatta is off, charging hard. As small as she is on that horse, and with a shield in her right arm, the General shuttles down the posts. A gentle twist of her arm to place the lance, but it glances off of her target; but the opposing lance crashes hard into her. She remains on her horse until it comes to the end, and then dismounts in a huff. She knows she missed; she's not happy about it.

And, in a moment of fury, she hurls her lance to the ground, her face partially hidden by her helm.

"My honor to ride against you, your highness!" Filshiar hollers to Sorrel as he takes his leave of the field to return to spectating. A glance in Alaric's direction and he sits up a notch taller in his saddle.

Merek notices Lucita, and nods to the offer, while he moves to find a place there, and inclines, "Your Highness, My Lady," he offers.

"Oh, that's better, thank you. It was pinching badly." Amari sighs with relief after Jael's plucked the splinter of lance tip out of her armor. Since she's been knocked out of the day's contest, she leans her lance up and removes her helmet as best she can with one hand. It takes a little struggle, but she looks much happier when it's tucked on her arm and she can take deeper drinks of the air. "Bad luck drawing you in the first round, but I think Gloria would have given a nod of approval for that showing. We did very well. You'd better win your next round, even if you're up against Uncle Norwood."

Philippe applauds courteously for Adalyn's victory. He's clearly thinking out what he has to address in drill even as the next match begins, his mind mechanically working through the match as if he were trying to solve a difficult matter of arithmatic. It a state not unlike a light fugue when he works on a problem this way.

Still stealing looks towards the other jousting matches, Korka finds another mug of ale and heads towards Drake and that outer wall, "The thing about winning or losing is that in the end, you end up just as drunk as each other," she tells him, holding out that new mug his way.

Cristoph GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + ride(3) at difficulty 35, rolling 23 higher.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 15 higher.

Ryhalt seems to be enjoying himself, clapping and smiling as the various matches conclude.

Alis checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Cristoph GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 7, rolling 30 higher.

Settling herself in balance in the saddle as she and Kicky approach the tilt, Tikva salutes her opponent across the field with the bright flash of a smile before she obscures her ebullience with the helm's visor. Lowering the spear, she urges Kicky into a lunge and charges forward to the clash. Kicky is a little resistant to this idea of of the charge and renders her ride far from perfection. But she has grown better in spear handling since her last public joust, and she seems far more satisfied with her performance than Piccola does, as she springs down.

Apollo has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

At the conclusion of Sorrel and Filshiar's match, Alaric calls for an assistant tending to his needs to deliver his promised donations to the proper channels. The King's Own knight is given an approving bow of the head in acknowledgments, and the Thraxian princess praised generously for her performance. Tikva's riding against Piccola leaves him yet again riveted by the match, watching with a bated breath for the results as the jousters draw nearer.

Drake gives Adalyn a wave that looks a bit like a salute, and then looks to watch the rest of the joust happen in front of him. Korka hands him a mug. He takes it from her. "It's true." He gives her a smile. "Thank you. I may falter some, but I still appreciate your support." He takes a drink.

Furio cranes his gaze to Hamish, narrowing his eyes to see the man better. He waves back with a subtle but polite gesture before catching the dog chewing on a figurine of his image. He pulls his scarf down to show his face. He look away, curious about how or why there was a toy made of him.

Sorrel blows a kiss to Alaric after she loses to the Knight of the King's Own, and then she blows a kiss to Sir Preston in a dramatic sort of way, as the men are heard speaking well of her. She looks quite amused, then rides over to watch the rest of the matches.

"Oh, you're optimistic today," Verity shoots back to Sydney. "Have any fond dreams lately? They're not all prophetic, you know."

After General Piccolo and Princess Tikva finish their exchange on the field and the winner announced, the next match is called for. "High Lord Alis Valardin and Sir Josef Hillcrest, who is definitely someone really important. For sure.

With a weather eye on the other jousters, Jael pulls off her own helm for some air before the next bout and nods to Amari. "The only true loss would be if Uncle Norwood gave us one of his 'I'm not mad, just dissappointed' looks." But so far they seem to be quite safe from that threat.

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 18 higher.

Apollo wanders up to Verity, Philippe, and Sydney; he offers a bow to the Count, gives Sydney a gentle nudge with an elbow.

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 12, rolling 37 higher.

Gaspard checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 0 higher.

Gaspard checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Bianca pauses exactly one (1) time at Verity's parting words, like she's about to say -something-.

And then she carefully clears her throat and continues on.

Her journey takes her towards the picnic tables as she brings a pale hand to tap, briefly, at Cassandra's shoulder. Bianca offers her fellow Legate a small smile of greeting, and a sincere, "A wonderful prayer, Cassandra," before turning to offer Alaric a deep bow. "Your majesty," she greets, before settling into the nearest available seat, hands settled in her lap as her attention turns smoothly towards the competition.

Norwood hears his voice and glances over at Jael and Amari with an arched eyebrow. Are they talking about him? Should he disapprove? Except he isn't moving closer because he's muttering at Adalyn about... something?

It's their turn! Alis clicks a few times near Summerwind's ear, giving him his signal to clipclop towards the jousting area. Sir Josef is given a quick nod as they're outfitted with jousts and their helmets secured atop their heads. Surely someone would lose theirs if she lost hers after all. "For Gloria!" The pair gallop forward when given the signal, the clash of weapon against metal heard loudly. Though it would seem that the slight looking princess has managed to pull off a win. Barely, but she is likely just relieved not to have made a complete ass of herself.

Cassandra reaches up and gives Bianca's hand a squeeze as she covers it. "Was wondering when you would meander over here." she offers politely with a smile. "We are all surprised by how some of the events have gone this evening. But as long as they continue to honor Gloria."

"He's not is he?" Amari asks and just happens to find Norwood right when he's glanced over at her and Jael with an arched brow. She tries to look innocent. It's maybe somewhat effective, especially when paired with a friendly wave.

Philippe comes out of whatever vision he was in when Apollo approaches. The craftman receives a courteous nod. "Good sir," he says. "A pleasure to meet you in person." Sydney will surely see to introductions, right? Yes, of course.

Preston smiles as he claps for Sorrel as she departs the field "Well. My predicted favourite is off the field." He admits and looks over "Always very exciting when uncertainty comes into these things." When his praise of Sorrel clearly gets him notice, and a blown kiss, Preston bows his head once more to Sorrel, winking as he gives her another smaller set of claps. Kind of jangly thuddy claps given he has his armour on.

Amalthea keeps peeking out to the field when the jousters were called. A moment she watches silently for result before turning back down to her journal scribbling more.

High Lord Alis Valardin prevails against Sir Josef who seems to largely be glad that he got to joust the High Lord of the Oathlands, even if he lost. After they off the field, the announcer calls for: "Dame Bree Harthall versus Lord Gaspard Blackram!"

Jael smiles and waves at Norwood too. Big smile. Nothing to see here. This doesn't look the least bit suspicious.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Tikva eases Kicky back to the others, clicking and muttering to her. "See? Not so bad. Not so bad. When you're good, you get a treat. When you're bad, you don't get a treat. Even you can do that math, right baby?"
Kicky's expression is sardonic. She does not appreciate how patronizing this is.

When Bree's name is called, she mounts Shay, her freckled horse, and leans down to whisper a few encouraging words at her ear. A little pat pat, and then she's gesturing for her lance. Her helm is given a little knock to make sure it is firmly in place, and then she urges Shay forward into a rousing gallop toward the GIANT OF A MAN atop the horse. This is the second time she's faced him in one of these, and also the second time she's seen him struck true. She finishes the ride, and brings Shay around to bang a fist to chest in salute to the man.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 29 higher.

Corban checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 43 higher.

Alaric is overheard praising Alis: High Lord Alis yet again proves that size does not matter in jousting or battles. The greatest of strength certainly does come, quite frequently, from mildly frightening small packages.

"I fear it was my favor that weighed you down," Korka replies to Drake, moving her gaze from one jouster to the next as they take the field, "Too much of a good thing, you know."

Alaric is overheard praising Tikva.

Adalyn flashes a cheery grin at Norwood, leaning in to murmur a response while gesturing animatedly in true Adalyn-fashion.

Sydney grunts slightly as her poor ribs are once again targeted, but it seems to all be in good fun. The young woman trains a smile on Apollo, and bows her head, "Apollo! A pleasure to see you while sober." She speaks as if this is a passing rare thing. She glances to Philippe and pauses at the expectant look. "Uh. This is Apollo." Nailed it.

Drake is in the loser's ring, but at least he seems to be in good company, with Sorrel now also approaching. He looks with a smirk at Korka. "Could be. But I'm not going to blame you." He watches the horses. "Lot on my mind lately, I suppose. The beer helps keep that down." He gestures with the mug. "If the High Lord wins, it at least speaks well of Valardin here."

Gaspard kicks Jotun's side upon being called by the announcer. The beast, used to this sort of task, rides into the lists trusting its owner will know what to do. Its owner lowers the visor and chooses to use his size as an advantage, which is probably a Blackram style by now. Letting his opponent come to him, while keeping himself steady and high at the saddle.

That, however, comes at a high price when the knight fails to extend his arm at the right moment, while he does land a hit with his lance, it doesn't produce enough motion to knock his opponent off the saddle. Unbalanced by her blow, the knight struggles to keep himself atop Jotun before falling to the ground, "Nice to meet you again, Dame Bree." A muffled voice says, behind the helm, "Seems like I still have a long way before I can beat you."

Piccola eases her horse back to the stall she's assigned.

She gives the busty babe of a horse a pat on the rump, and then sticks her helm into the pommel of the saddle. Defeated, she sits herself down heavily onto a chair. And she seems, for whatever reason, //defeated//. Tired, exhausted, knackered.

She stares listlessly at a patch of ground in front of her.

Cassandra checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Norwood has smiles and waves coming from three different young woman in the form of Adalyn, Jael, and Amari. He looks carefully between the three of them with slightly narrowed an unsure-if-things-are-safe look. Jael, Amari, Adalyn - Norwood's WATCHING.

Furio checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 32 higher.

2 Whitehawk Guards, Feyre, a Whitehawk falconer, 1 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Elora.

Bree laughs, popping off her helmet and shaking out the long braid so it swings down her back. "Hardly, Lord Gaspard! You almost had me this time. At the next, perhaps you'll see me unhorsed. Is that even a word, unhorsed?" She slides out of the saddle and moves to clap him on the shoulder once he's found his footing again. "You /still/ make a huge target."

Verity cleans up her miniature war with Sydney to incline her head in polite greeting to Apollo. "A pleasure, Master Oakwood. I see you're also familiar with Sydney's ribcage."

Cassandra rises from her seat, having caught sight of something. "Will you pardon me a moment?" Moving from the picnic tables, the Legate cross over to the stalls and approaches Piccola. "You made a good showing of yourself out there." comes the Legate's remark as she offers a smile to the General. "I have not ridden a horse in a very long time, you clearly are better at it than I."

Furio checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 18 higher.

Apollo gives Sydney a smile, says to Verity: "I'm more familiar with her hair. I spotted it across the way." To Philippe, he bows. "We haven't met, have we, my lord? I think I've seen you in passing." A pause, then - to Sydney - "I've learnt some wonderful new plaits. If you're interested." His mouth twists, good-humored.

Tikva is overheard praising Piccola: Beautiful riding. She'll definitely get me next time.

Norwood checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 25 higher.

Norwood checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 5, rolling 32 higher.

"Sir Corban Telmar versus Master Furio Rossetti!" The announcer calls out!

"If it isn't, we should make it so." Gaspard dusts off some dirt, carrying Jotun by the reins back to the stall. "I'll keep that in mind and try to shrink for the next joust." He smirks, "Perhaps staying all day out in the cold of the Cloudspine will finally do it."

Korka looks over to Piccola in her chair and clicks her tongue, saying to Drake, "You're taking it pretty well. If your horse has used up all the luck my sash had to give, I'll take it back. Though it now occurs to me I'll need to have it washed before I wear it again," she wrinkles her nose. Horses. "I don't know that Valardin can ever look bad. We're so...rulesy."

Talia checked luck + sewing at difficulty 49, rolling 16 higher.

Sydney brightens considerably at Apollo's words. Her vivid bottle-green eyes are all but glittering, "Oh, by all means! I'd be more than happy to have someone with talent put it up for me. I really only know the simple ones. I'm growing better at the one you used last time, but it's stifling hot after a workout."

She scooches a bit forward so that Apollo may take a seat behind her. "My ribcage is grateful not to be the centerpiece any longer, I assure you."

Hamish has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

Drake smiles at Korka, and, carefully unwinds the sash, handing it back to her. He gives her a wink. "Give it a good wash then. I know it got a little dusty during the tumble back there. Gloria wil favor us again soon, and your favor will not go to waste."

Again Bree laughs, but she shakes her head, "I'm not sure I can encourage you to try that, my lord, but I admit that part of me is curious if it would really work." A beat. "But don't. Your size is an advantage in most things. Maybe just, sit a little more," she starts to turn, trying to make herself a thinner target by offering him a sideview of her body. "Like this? Maybe!" Her attention turns as the matches continue, her future opponent perhaps among the current riders.

Jael gives Amari a mildinly panicked look when her NEXT opponent is named, and wheels Freddie to the lanes with a stunned expression on her face. This is soon hidden behind her visor and she takes a few deep breaths before letting her destrier take her down the field, lance tucked and shield up. Her lance solidly hits as her horse passes Norwood's.

When Sir Corban of the Silver Swords is called forward, he and Red Rosie make their way on up to the jousting lane. The First Captain directs his mare to toe the line. To get ready. To tense. To /take off/. Thunder goes the horse down the list, the knight rising on up to his knees. He balances his lance on the right point, keeping it steady, aiming it right at the spot.

Crash goes the rubicund weapon into the other fellow, knocking him to the dirt. Rosie reins are pulled up and he wheels, lifting his lance and raising his helm. "Well done!" he compliments his opponent. "Well ridden!"

Adalyn sends her most innocent look toward Norwood, but then he's being called along with Jaelperks up as Norwood and Jael as the next pairing. She perks up, leaning in to remark to Amari, "I was hoping we might see this pairing today. This ought to be good!" She crosses her arms over her chest, rising on her toes and grinning broadly as she cheers for both her father and Jael.

Alaric is overheard praising Corban.

Talia's gaze catches on Piccola, a frown touching her lips as she watches the general. But then she murmurs to quietly excuse herself to Brianna and Caleb, and Alecstazi, before she moves to approach the edges of the jousting field where Piccola stands. "General Tessere?" she questions hesitantly, before offering her a piece of umbra cloth. "I-- I'm Talia Baseborn. Baroness Redreef said she wanted us to talk, all of us--."

Piccola is not in the mood for smiles.

She looks up to Cassandra, and says to her quietly, "Being good is never good enough." Shrug. "I was defeated. If I was on the field, I would be dead. Thankfully, this is just a contest. Soon, it won't be." She takes a deep breath in through her nose, and gives the Legate a serious look.

"We know what's coming, Mother; I do not know if we're ready."

Norwood has to drop his 'should I be disappointed' look when his next spar is announced. He rides, and swings well - it's all good! But Jael's weapon smashes him back into the high saddle of horse and for the first time this night he smiles broadly. "//Well done Lady Jael!//" Norwood calls out to him, it's pretty clear who won that one and it wasn't the older baron. Now it's his turn to just be super proud of his first student.

Filshiar cheers for each jouster who rides, but his cheering is notably //louder// for Corban, his metal-clad hands clapping together with a good, solid banging.

The announcer is getting tired. He takes a drink. There's a lot of cheering as a second member of the King's Own advances into the next round. While Sir Corban and Master Furio are helped off the field, the announcer takes to shouting again: "Lady Jael Laurent versus Baron Norwood Clement!" Cristoph who has totally been here the entire time takes a moment to stop being a headless chicken and lean against the ropes.

Furio while still a rider, was out of place here in the joust. He wore no banner or sigil, just a dark mass of fur on a horse. Settling in, he looks over at his choices offered by Benito, his assistant and shrugs, pointing at the lance which Benito then helps Furio with. Once geared up and his name announced, he steps to the line, watching his opponent on the other end. "Ok, aim the pointing thing at the man." He says to himself, bringing his heels on to the side of the horse. The horse showed no fear which helped Furio keep steady. He was proud of that but before he finished the thought, he's flung off and on to the dirt. His horse having to be wrangled. He groans and stands, reaching for his hat which he returns to his head. Corban gets a nod and a polite smile but Furio drags himself back to the sidelines to get his horse..

Verity taps her knuckles along the side of her jaw as she looks between Sydney and Apollo. "So that's how it is. I feel as if I've just have a revelatory moment. You do have the proper hair for that sort of thing; mine needs particular taming."

Adalyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Lucita is so caught up in watching the Jousting that she momentarily loses track of the conversational exchanges between she and those seated at her table. She cheers for each of the opponents, win or lose, she seems to appreciate their skills and efforts.

Filshiar checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

"It will, in fact, go to my waist," Korka corrects him with a faint smile, wrapping it up and shoving it in a pocket. "But who do you favor for the win? The woman that beat you?" She nods to Adalyn taking the field once again, "She's good."

Filshiar checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 27, rolling 8 higher.

Ryhalt sighs to himself as his assistant, Coytar, comes up and whispers into his ear. He nods, gives one last glance to the joust in progress, and hurries from the Valardin grounds.

Adalyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 17, rolling 32 higher.

1 Farshaw trained guards leaves, following Ryhalt.

Amalthea waves to Furio as he walks back to the sidelines, she lingering nearby sketching with a horse beside her lipping at her shoulder, quickly distracting her to look up at the piebald Rouncey with a confused look. "You're not going out there."

Amari winces on Jael's behalf when her opponent is named, then gives her a more solemn and encouraging nod. "You can do this, Jael. Big breath." She demonstrates, then exhales it right back out. When the Laurent that trounced her in the previous round is riding off, she waves to Norwood and leans over to better hear Adalyn's words. "It's going to be tremendous." ...And then it is! Given her shoulder is tender, she doesn't clap, but claps her hand against her tassets to produce a loud metallic clatter that suffices as applause. Cheer! Then it's Adalyn's turn again, and she wishes her luck before she's away.

Macda looks to her table, "I think I shall be going... thank you for your time both of you, and pleasant conversation."

Drake drains Korka's mug a bit more before handing it back to her. This does put him in better spirits. "Indeed. If I'm to be downed early, I want to be downed by the best." He watches Adalyn on her own steed, with a bit of admiration now as she seems to be taking this competition well. "Makes the fall hurt less." As it seems Macda is on her way out, he also gives her a wave.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 1 lower.

Merek nods a bit to incline to Macda.

Alis checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 31, rolling 5 higher.

Drake is overheard praising Adalyn.

Macda has left the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Up Filshiar goes upon his chestnut mare again, when it's their second turn at the lists. Adalyn gets another knightly salute he goes! His charge isn't quite as steady as his first effort, and his lance is aimed just a //little// off target for the best knocking angle.

Jael's response to her mentor is the high-pitched "I'm sorry!" of the errant teenager she once was, but seeing Norwood's pride makes her smile and she trots her horse close to his, in order to lean over and give the Laurent sword a kiss on the cheek. "This is all your doing, you know."

Macda offers a wave in Drake's direction, "Those little figures were so cute, do bring me one of you?" she asks winking over to him with a chuckle

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

a small twilit kingsnake, Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant leave, following Macda.

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Apollo's mouth curls into an amused smile at Verity's words as he settles in behind Sydney. "I'd be happy to do yours up for you as well," he says. "It /is/ lovely. And a better match for my work, perhaps." He sets to braiding Sydney's hair; he looks to have quite a lot of practice at it. He isn't doing a single braid, though - but a series of braids to start at the hairline, merge a couple inches back, and merge again, a pair of thinner braided all the way to the end before inclusion in the main rope. Texture, texture. Making it up as he goes.

Adalyn cheers delightedly for Jael's victory, knowing Norwood will only be filled with pride. When her own name is called, she mounts her horse and slides her visor into place. Perhaps it's the muttered words she directs to her horse or the recent change in names. Whatever the reason, she fares far better this time around, the Duskshire mustang obediently following her prompting. Filshiar's lance lands, though Adalyn manages to maintain focus and angle her lance squarely at her opponent.

"Yes. You were defeated. Next time you may be victorious. Were you honorable in what you did? Did you leave all of your doubts behind when you charged across the field?" comes Cassandra's remark in response as she folds her hands in front of her. "There are others that were defeated. Some that were even expected to win. But they know they tried their best. And tonight, the pass of the lance was was not in their favor. They still honored Gloria."

"You will have another chance. There will be something that will cause it to be real eventually. I have little doubt of your skill. I know that you will protect your loved ones. I know you will defend your home." She reaches down, picking up the lance that Piccola had throw down earlier. "You win when you honor Gloria. And you will find her grace when you need it most." She hands the lance to Piccola. "Stay strong, General Tessere, a chivalrous and honorable warrior will always find a way."

Tikva checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 6, rolling 21 higher.

With Jael coming out ahead of Norwood, the next pairing is called to the field, "Sir Filshiar versus Lady Adalyn!" This results in Adalyn advancing to the next round. And then /another/ pairing is called. "Princess Tikva Grayson and High Lord Alis Valardin!"

"HIGHLORD ALIS!" shouts Kastelon, cheering for his own fealty of course. "FOR GLORIA!" Resolute howls happily around the gnawed figurine.

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Apollo before departing.

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 34 higher.

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 56 higher.

Corban checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 25 higher.

Furio looks to Amalthea in passing, raising his scarf when he stops and waves back. There was a lot going on and he felt he needed to catch up so for the time being, he stood quietly next to his horse, watching.

Corban checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 5, rolling 41 higher.

Too relieved, apparently. Alis and Sir Summerwind may have had a good showing the first time. But, facing off against Tikva and Kicky - well, apparently her horse isn't quite sure what to do with this situation here and shies away from the donkey as they're making the pass. It result in a glancing hit of the jousting weapon. It's obvious who has won this round of course, and when she removes her helmet she has a bright smile for the Grayson Princess. "Nicely done, Your Highness! That is a very talented... a... donkey, you have!"

"These have all been such exciting turns," Gwenna pipes up from the picnic table, her tone betraying no lack of excitement in it.

Sydney lightly lifts a hand to wave it back at Verity, "...Whatever it is you think you're imagining, I have a duty to tell you that you're likely mistaken. But yes, my hair braids exceptionally well. Especially when I don't have to do it." She pauses, and admits, "I lack the necessary patience to make it look its best. Ah. Or are you merely dissatisfied that you've of yet been unable to try your hand at braiding it?"

She keeps her eyes forward on the proceedings, her lips tugging upward in obvious satisfaction - at least, until Apollo offers his services and compliments to Verity. She can't look over her shoulder with Apollo's fingers at her scalp, but she can pout a touch.


"Do the King's Own proud, Sir Filshiar!" Alaric brings his hands together in thunderous applause. "Do us proud, Princess Tikva! Highlord Alis!"

Leaned forward in her seat, Bianca watches the unfolding bout with rapt attention. As the clash between Norwood and Jael reaches its striking conclusion, the Legate's clapping joins the chorus as she rises from her place at the picnic table. Silver eyes turn briefly in the direction of stalls, head tilt.

Considering a moment, Bianca departs the picnic table as unobtrusively as she arrived, offering some small words of farewell before she wanders out to mingle amongst the crowds.

Bianca has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Apollo before departing.

When they ride to the tilt, once more Tikva salutes across the field before vanishing her smile behind the helm. She rides forward, leaning into the brace of her knees as she trusts to Kicky's instincts and charges at Alis. Again, she rides hard, and again, her spear handling is better than it used to be.

In the aftermath of the clash, Tikva beams at her. "She's a hinny, Your Grace, and a champion of many a campaign in her own right. Braver than me, even."

Norwood takes that kiss upon his cheek, then moves backwards and bows from atop his horse to Jael. "I claim very little, and your development even less. You are amazing of your own work Jael." Then he glances up as Adalyn's name was called out.

"Princess Tikva!" The announcer calls out and then has another drink. The announcer looks like maybe he's drinking more of the wine than he really should be. Then he's taking the card that Cristoph is handing to him. Cristoph is eyeballing the wine. "Sir Corban Telmar versus Dame Bree Harthall!"

Filshiar offers Adalyn a bow once he's exited the field, to assume a spectating position after being unhorsed. "You ride with great skill, my lady, and do Gloria proud. It was my honor."

Filshiar is overheard praising Adalyn: A fine rider!

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 18 higher.

"I'm up!" Bree quickly puts her helmet on again and swings up into the saddle. "Wish me luck!" is called to Gaspard, and she urges Shay around to start her next ride. When she spies the man she's to ride against, there's a spark of recognition at the name, and a flicker of a smile beneath the helmet, but they're way to far away for her to say, 'Hey, my brother knows you!' so she'll save that for later. Lance in hand, she kicks Shay into gear and rides with impressive ease towards the moving target of Corban. With a loud, 'Ha!' she draws her arm back and slams it forward against his chest, shards and the such flying as she rides past to find herself the victor. "Well ridden, Sir Corban!" she calls from the other end of the ride.

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 12, rolling 14 higher.

Verity furrows her brow in consideration. She repeats Apollo's words to give voice to her bemusement: "Better match for your work? How do you mean?" The courtier spares a glance to Sydney, her expression flat. "The only thing I was imagining was how you were getting your hair to look that good from time to time."

Verity's attention is drawn inexorably back to the lists. She momentarily bites her lower lip.

Piccola is about to continue, but she's interrupted.

She looks to Talia, and her eyes are a fiery shade of green. But her intensity soon subsides after she closes her eyes, and takes in a deep breath. Her composure regain, she reaches out to take the favor. She looks at it for a moment, and then smiles for a brief moment to Talia. "Thank you. I remember the Baroness saying that we should meet, although I'm unsure why." She hefts the favor. "If you wish to talk, shall we talk? I'd rather not linger on what happened." Then she looks back to Cassandra, and takes the lance from her.

"Thank you for your words, Mother; please forgive my weakness."

Adalyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

"Surely the gods bless you then, Kicky... the name is Kicky, right?" Alis laughs at the assertion that the hinny is braver than Tikva though, as they ride off the field so they are not in the way. "Considering how brave you are known to be, Princess Tikva, that must be a very brave Hinny indeed."

Adalyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 37, rolling 95 higher. Adalyn rolled a critical!

After handing over the lance, Cassandra bows her head. "Do not ask for forgiveness. Make yourself stronger before Gloria." she responds, as Piccola turns to head off, she turns on her heel to head back towards the picnic table she had left earlier.

In truth, in any other joust, Sir Corban would emerge the victor. But with Dame Bree, the First Captain has met his match. His knees are steady, but even with a better ride to it, he cannot quite keep his shield up in time. He is unhorsed, but is quickly on his feet, saluting Bree. "Well done, indeed!"

Philippe seems pleased with Sydney's introduction. "I know the man purely by reputation, but it is sterling," he says of Apollo. "Welcome." Philippe then considers Verity's hair as if trying to solve a mystery. Philippe's hair is kept with an intermittent use of a razor and is sometimes rinsed twice in a row. But soon enough Philippe is briefly distracted by watching Apollo braid Sydney's hair -- at least between joust runs. He definitely saw that hit of Adalyn's.

When Piccola so names Cassandra 'mother', Talia drops into a low cursty towards her, murmuring a respectful greeting, "I am sorry for my interruption, Legate." She doesn't rise until Cassandra indicates that she should, tucking her hands into her plain wool skirts. "I, uhm, I'm not sure what it was about, to be quite honest," she says, dropping to a mumble. "We would need the baroness. I was just-- concerned."

Rane has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

As Dame Bree advances, the announcer calls for Lady Jael and Lady Adalyn to return to the field!

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 79 higher. Bree rolled a critical!

Tikva checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 23 higher.

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 69 higher.

Tikva checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 12, rolling 2 higher.

"The honor was mine," Adalyn responds to Filshiar warmly. Hearing her name called again, she coaxes her horse back to the starting line and takes a deep, steadying breath. Lance tucked into place, she urges her mount forward although the animal balks yet again. "Are we really doing this /again/?" the Clement calls to him in exasperation, finally managing to exert control. It's not the most graceful of rides, but her gaze narrows intently upon Jael as if all else has disappeared from view. The frustration with her spirited mustang motivates her to hit harder than she might normally, her lance crashing into Jael with a punishing blow, wood cracking and flying upon impact.

"It is no issue, Goodwoman." Cassandra offers to Talia. "I had just finished speaking with the General. Feel free." she smiles politely and continues on her way.

Drake is watching Adalyn with more intensity now. He really did want her to win, considering everything, and when Adalyn gets another very solid hit, he applauds, with gauntleted hands that clang. "Now that is quite amazing. An honor to lose to a blow like that I'd say."

"I do not pretend to know the Baroness' design either."

Piccola looks at the favor, and then gently tucks it under the edge of her gauntlet. "But at least we have met. Now, we have to pin her down, and see why it is she has decided to put us together." And then, something comes to mind. "I wonder, Signora: are you able to work with leather or oakhide? Maybe that is why -- " Beat. " -- wait, no, she wanted us to talk over dinner." She purses her lips.

"I suppose we shall have to see when we meet shortly, then."

Lucita rises from where she sits and after a quiet murmur of a goodbye to those who are near her or notice her, she eases out of the crowd.

Alis sees her courser off the field and back to the stables where he can be brushed down and taken care of until the tournament is over and she can tend to him herself. And then, for the rest of the time she will join the table so she can simply enjoy the fine displays of talent with everyone else.

Alis has joined the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

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Alis has joined the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Apollo can tell things by posture; like Sydney's pout, there in her shoulders as much as on her face. He laughs, tips his head down to bonk his forehead against the top of hers. "You'll be the only redhead I braid, then," he says. And he glances sidelong at Verity. "Working on a sort of -" he thinks, face scrunching. "Motif? Pattern? Black leather. Braided." He is so rapt that he only sees Adalyn just before the blow, and he pushes to his feet as he sees it. Sydney is lucky she still has a scalp, he's so excited; he only barely has the presence of mind to keep hands low, whooping.

Korka takes back the empty tankard, turning to watch the latest bout that has an energy that gets even her leaning in a bit to see what happens. She nods, watching Adalyn with open admiration, "There's no shame in losing to someone like that," she agrees to Drake, "You're lucky you kept your saddle so well."

This time as Tikva rides to the tilt, she squeezes hard into the charge, and takes the full force of Bree's blow. The slam is _pretty_ epic. The noise that Tikva makes is _not_ dignified.

The matches follow quickly on the heels of each other now, as the numbers dwindle. Bree finds little time to stretch her legs from the saddle, which is perhaps a good thing? She seems more natural the third time she rides, light in her seat and balanced with a near perfection. This makes the strike of her arm all the more powerful against the Grayson princess. She makes a sound of exuberant triumph as she passes, and as Shay slows near the end of the ride, she turns to bow her head to the fallen Tikva. "It was an honor, Your Highness!" In the moments before the final match, she calls for a waterskin and takes a long pull, hoping the water will cool her warmed cheeks.

You just can't keep those Clements down. The run is good, but the force of Adalyn's blow is almost too much to absorb; indeed she nearly loses another shield in the explosion of splinters of the lance. She and Freddie sidestep and she almost loses her seat, but in the end is able to struggle upright, breathing hard. "Well fought, Ada!" Her own lance is lifted in a salute.

That was Jael.

Lucita has left the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

"Whoof," Tikva says from the ground, wiping her forehead.

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

Kicky, a dappled hinny have been dismissed.

"And the Clements return the favor!" The announcer calls out wildly when Adalyn crashes into Jael with such decisiveness. Cristoph is nearby, taking the announcer's wine away from him. He grimaces slightly at the hit and looks over at his sister with rather signifcant concern until he's assured that she's recovered. Then he breathes out again and claps slowly. "Princess Tikva and Dame Bree Harthall!" The winner of that match turns out to be Dame Bree and Cristoph is squinting at the woman before muttering something to the announcer, a curious expression on his face. "FINAL MATCH: DAME BREE HARTHALL AND LADY ADALYN CLEMENT!"

"CLEMENT!" comes the cheer from Kastelon. "GLORIAAA!" He's been cheering this whole time, and sounds hoarse now.

"I don't. I only work in silks and wools. I-- recently sold a dress, a steelsilk one, for a hefty price," Talia replies quietly, chewing at the edge of her lower lip. Her gaze drops down to where Piccola tucks the favor, watching for a brief moment, before she looks to the jousting. "Are you ok, my lady? You seemed-- upset."

Norwood STARES as Adalyn's horse is a jerk and yet her weapon shatters with the force of her blow. He's just going to stand STUNNED before letting out a not-at-all-composed CHEER that has him POINTING at Adalyn. A random person nearby gets pulled in by the Baron to get, "That's my daughter!!"

Sydney seems about to retort to Verity's negging compliment, but is distracted by Apollo's sudden closeness. She blinks swiftly, but her composure holds, and her teeth flash in a wide grin, "...You're most kind. I assure you, I hardly need that degree of exclusivity. It's enough that you noticed, in truth. Besides, Verity's hair is all greasy and sticky." She baselessly claims, in keeping with their war. She startles at that sharp strike from Adalyn and is rising right along with Apollo. An arm shoots up, fist clenched, "ADA! WOO!"

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Drake nods, and crosses his arms. But Bree's hit was also impressive, so, now he just has the finals to observe. "This ought to be a really good match. No matter who wins."

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 22, rolling 34 higher.

Adalyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 9 lower.

Merek has left the a small cherrywood picnic table.

Merek stands up, making a way elseplace with a little wave!

Adalyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 39, rolling 37 higher.

Jeffeth has arrived to cheer on Bree before it ends, he arrived here on time before the competition is over.

Corban is overheard praising Adalyn.

Apollo is overheard praising Adalyn.

"I am upset, Signora, but at other things."

Piccola does seem like the peckish sort. Widdle people sometimes have bad tempers. Thankfully, her ogrish nature isn't overwhelming. She looks to the posts and the jousters for a moment, and then bobs her head. "I will be fine." But she doesn't sound terribly reassuring. She looks back to Talia. "Thank you for letting me know." And then, she lets out a sigh, and pats her horse on the rump firmly. "I will see you at the Baroness's. I should take this good ol' girl home, and give her some treats."

She look like she already got them treats DAMN.

Verity, unlike the crowd around her, shows no start of excitement at the surprising strength of the true hit. No -- she only watches, her blue-eyed gaze rapt.

Until Sydney opens her mouth and Verity raises her hand like she's about the jab the brawler in the ribs again. Instead, she scrunches up her nose and twists up her lips and clenches an impotent fist.

"That doesn't even make sense -- ugh!"

Verity shuts her eyes and exhales a long and slow breath.

Where the last round Bree seemed perfectly at ease atop her horse, this round she's a bit less so! She still has a strong grip at her thighs, and urges Shay on with skill, but she sits heavier. Lance in hand, she rides for Adalyn, who has been landing powerful strikes all evening! And this isn't any different. She feels the brunt of the weapon, and feels herself losing that precious balance one needs to remain victorious in these things! And so the Butterfly Knight is cast from her saddle, and she lands on the ground with a grunt. Shay rides on, happily chasing the end of the course! She tilts her head up to watch the freckled horse ride away, and laughs. "Well struck, Lady Adalyn!" she calls out to wherever the victor is now. And then she helps herself to her feet.

"It's only -slightly- greasy," observes Bianca Wyrmguard to Sydney, suddenly emerging from the crowds to stand beside the gathering of familiar and unfamiliar faces.

"I find it rather pleasant, myself." She looks sidelong towards Apollo, offering a warm smile, and the dip of her head in greeting before she looks back towards the bout as it starts to reach its conclusion. "Quite the array of fierce competitors, don't you think?"

She says nothing of Verity's relative hair stickiness either way.

Apollo watches the final match-up; he hastily finishes the last braid so he can tie the bottom in a leather thong fished from his pocket. As he's finishing - and watching the last match - his guard approaches, murmurs something to him. He gives Sydney a squeeze on the shoulder, Verity a smile - and turns to watch the last moments of the joust. One final shout for Lady Adalyn, and then he's slipping off before his guard officially infects him with that stinkeye.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

Directly after her lance makes impact with the Laurent, Adalyn's face transforms into a look of momentary concern as she realizes exactly how hard that landed, but seeing Jael maintain her seating in the saddle seems to reassure her. "You are a force, Jael. Always an honor to compete against you!"

And then her name is being announced for the final time, paired alongside Dame Bree. She offers a bow of her head to her opponent, although instead of the impressive display she had hoped for, she is forced to wrestle with her headstrong mount. "That does it, Dash, I'm trading you in," she mutters before they hit their stride, albeit a bumpy one. She trades blows with Bree, the other woman's lance driving the air out of Adalyn's lungs just after she manages to send her own lance crashing into her opponent. "You're formidable, Dame Bree!"

Amari sits in the saddle still, stationed off the line where she can watch the jousts and not impolitely block the view from the sidelines. She cheers everyone on about equally too, though makes no attempt to applaud any of the winners. They'll have to be content with whistles, and her slapping the hand that's not all pins and needles to her armored thigh. By the final match up, she's completely wrapped up in the excitement and looks on with worry for Adalyn. Bree has been very strong. When she's knocked off by Adalyn's deft hit, the Keaton's jaw drops.

Amalthea folds her journal stuffing a page with the leather holder she kept a stick of charcoal in. She stuffs it into one of her pockets and runs a hand down her mare's neck, Agnes constantly nudging her until she offered undivided attention; at least with her hand it begged, finding enough eyes from her two guards.

Talia's lips part to say something and then close. She nods softly, curtsying respectfully to Piccola as she answers, "Of course, my lady. Thank you for your time." She rises only after Piccola has started to lead her horse away, turning towards the jousting that has just finished with a little frown.

Jael finally gets a chance to rest, dismounting and reclaiming her baby boy as her groom takes Freddie off for a rub down and some oats. She's able to watch the final run and jumps up and down...GENTLY...when Adalyn takes the win. "GOOOOOO ADA!" And then, more quietly, "My gods, I think my bruises have bruises."

Amari is overheard praising Adalyn.

Amari is overheard praising Jael.

Jael is overheard praising Adalyn.

Jael is overheard praising Amari.

Kiera is overheard praising Adalyn: the victor

Norwood is overheard praising Adalyn.

Norwood is overheard praising Cristoph.

Jael is overheard praising Cristoph.

Norwood is overheard praising Jael.

Norwood is overheard praising Amari.

Drake is overheard praising Korka: Your favor, and beer, was much appreciated as a balm during the rite.

Jael is overheard praising Alis.

Alaric is overheard praising Cristoph.

Drake is overheard praising Cristoph.

Jael is overheard praising Norwood.

Gwenna is overheard praising Adalyn.

Sorrel is overheard praising Cristoph.

The crowd cheers wildly when the final blow is struck! They like knights! They like Oathlanders! This match had both of those things. Once it's done, Cristoph can be seen scurrying around. He hands a package to Adalyn before congratulating her and then he's dodging around people to track down Bree and hand her another one! Slighty smaller.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Adalyn.

Kastelon is overheard praising Adalyn.

Sorrel is overheard praising Adalyn.

Gwenna is overheard praising Amari.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Cristoph.

Alaric is overheard praising Adalyn.

Piccola is overheard praising Cristoph.

Gwenna is overheard praising Jael.

Gwenna is overheard praising Cristoph.

Piccola is overheard praising Adalyn.

Alaric is overheard praising Jael.

Drake is overheard praising Alecstazi: We both did our best attempt!

Alecstazi is overheard praising Norwood.

Gwenna is overheard praising Alis.

Alaric has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Kiera is overheard praising Bree: the final two. quite the accomplishment

Having technically arrived before the competition ended, the massive man starts clapping and applauding. Jeffeth grimaces slowly as Bree goes down, his clapping fading for a moment before his clapping kicks up again, applauding loudly for Adalyn. There's a small smile for Bree as she picks herself up. "Well done, Dame Bree." The Grandmaster calls out.

Reedy, a King's Own aide, Rosie, the red roan war horse leave, following Corban.

Korka lets out a whoop when Adalyn wins, thrusting a fist in the air. There may even be a little jump, "Amazing!" she shouts, dropping the empty mug to her feet so she can applaud the match, "You were right," she turns to Drake, "Now that was a joust."

Drake is overheard praising Bree: Well fought

Gwenna is overheard praising Bree.

Alis is overheard praising Bree.

More random people get grabbed by an EXTATIC Norwood as he loses his quiet composure and cheers on his daughter for WINNING. He isn't so far out of his brain that he doesn't raise an arm to call out, "For Gloria~" And then he'll go back to pointing at Adalyn and repeating "That's my daughter!"

Alis is overheard praising Adalyn.

Bree is busy dusting herself off, and then she looks to see Shay eyeing her from the end of the jousting ring. She grins, and trots over on foot to retrieve the reins. Cristoph darts to her, offering the pouch of diamondplate, and the Solace Knight quickly shakes her head, "Please, donate this to the Templars, will you? In honor of Gloria, and in honor of this event you've put on." And then she lifts her hands high, as if refusing to take it!

Talia gets a wooden figurine of High Lord Alis Valardin and Sir Summerwind from a charming pouch in Valardin colors.

Alis is overheard praising Norwood: That's his daughter!

Kiera is overheard praising Cristoph: what a splendid evening. honor to gloria!

"It certainly was," Drake says. He seems a bit relieved at the results, and cheered by the idea of losing, in the end. "If you lose to the best, it is hard to argue with Gloria's judgement." A bit louder. "Excellent final match, the both of you!" He pats his horse on the side. "I'll be giving him a rest. Back to training my weapon arm tomorrow. Clearly, it's still a bit stiff. How is your evening shaping up?" he asks Korka.

Sydney blinks sharply as Apollo ties off her hair. "Wait, you're already done?" He is, indeed. It's almost like he uses his hands for this sort of detail work for a living. She runs a hand over her new braid and turns her attention back smugly at Verity. "I think he realized his hands would get more oily than when he's dealing with leather and decided to flee from the prospect." She looks /elated/ to have backup in the form of Bianca, and scooches back to her seat in time to see the final tilt. "Ah, ah... It's hard to be displeased by that outcome."

Bree hears a familiar voice calling her name, and she smiles brightly to see Jeffeth. She tugs her helmet off and hooks it on the pommel of the saddle. With a bow to Cristoph, "Duke Cristoph. Thank you for another exciting joust." And then she's offer to chat with the Grandmaster. "Were you hear the whole time? I didn't even see you in the crowds! Were you ducking? Hiding behind someone? Wearing a very camouflaged cape?"

With Gloria's rite complete, he climbs on his horse and begins heading home, still sore from the competition.

Having said her brief, curt farewell, Piccola puts her helm back on, and mounts her horse.

She does take the lance she was given, and sets it up against her shoulder as she encourages her steppe horse to lead the way home. It looks up at its mistress with a bit of a 'r u srs' look in her eyes before nickering and turning out of the stall to go. Interrupting a meal is a sin not to be forgiven easily or quickly.

But for now, the General journeys back home.

Talia disappears in the crowd, as the mousey commoner seems to do often. Just another commoner, around.

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