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The Song of Tala Everfree - A Command Performance

At his majesty's request the touring production of the Prince Niklas Grayson's theatrical triumph and paean to freedom, The Song of Tala Everfree, will come to Arx for one night only. Returning to the Blackrose Theater for the first time in four years the Playwright hosts, with King Alaric IV, an evening dedicated to song, spectacle and swordfights, all on a stage named for one of Arvum's greatest proponents of liberty and choice. Come see the play that has touched the hearts and minds of thousands in the Mourning Isles and prompted at least one assassination attempt. Afterward there will be a party celebrating the completion of a project years in the works. All proceeds from the performance (and any activities such as raffles or auctions that end up taking place) will be donated to the Liberators for their continued work aiding and resettling thralls and freed Eurusi refugees.


July 26, 2020, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Niklas Alaric


Prism Triscali Sorrel Gianna Sabella Dariel Nina Rorik Ivan Rukhnis Svana Evaristo Thea Domonico Nurie Cassandra Braith Shard Denica Ophelia Samira Zoey Bahiya Calla Margerie Ras Liara Tabitha Sydney Ryhalt Orvyn Kenjay Duarte Tyche Preston


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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Comments and Log

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, Damaia, the assistant, Lady Snow, 1 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Denica.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

The Second arrives, following Margerie.

Floofkins, a blue colorpoint kitten, 1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrive, following Tyche.

Tyche has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Rukhnis follows Ras over to the pleasant obscurity of the back row seating, and sinks down beside him looking rather drained. Her eyes flit about to take in the opulent surroundings of the theatre, but she looks too tired to be very much appreciative of anything but the seat itself.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Rukhnis has joined the Commoner Seating.

Svana enters quietly, sans children as no one likes a baby (or two) in a theater, and makes her way to some empty seats in the commoner seating. She nods to those she knows politely - and then veers at the end toward Evander and Nurie.

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Evaristo was here early, found a seat, and is waiting expectantly. He upnods at people left and right though, grinning wide and excited.

Sorrel has joined the Stage.

Thea enters quietly into the theater. I mean she DID promise to be here for Dariel. And HE promised to show her what this acting thing was about, so---it's a win win. Maybe. She slips into the the seating, already looking toward the stage.

Domonico entered, his armour polished to a fine sheen, if he was seen in a theatre he might as well do the best he can without flouncing about in overly fancy silks. He finds his seat and settles into it, trying not to seem unimpressed as he sits with his sister.

Nurie lifts a hand in a friendly wave to Svana as she sees her, along with a bright smile of welcome, and an indication of a seat as well. In case she was looking for someone to sit with!

Braith has joined the Noble Seating.

Arriving with her guards, the Legate of Arts makes her entrance. Not in a dress or finery, but instead in her armor with Chivalry's Point at Cassandra's side. After the last time when an attempt was made on Niklas' life, she has decided not to take chances and is prepared for the situation. Sure, it's /armor/ at a theater, but try to stop her as she moves try to find a seat.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Braith is a rush into the theater, pausing in so long as to note who sits where and finding familiar faces scurries herself with as much grace as she can summon to take up a seat center in the noble section with a few others. Smiles offered to her companions both familiar and not, she adjusts her glossy dark curls scented in jasmine oil as a fine mess of cupridium lays over her head and down about her. She beams at the others and can not help but lightly adjust the new piece with something of an absolute pleaed look.

It's not entirely clear when Shard arrived, but she's picked out a spot near the back wall, and appears to be dedicated to leaning against it and doing little else but watching.

Princess Denica is excited to see the show and finds a seat quickly. She will say hi to people later.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives and makes her way inside the theater, giving a smile and a wave to familiar faces as she quietly finds a place to sit.

Samira steps into the theatre, ducking and weaving through the crowd, a well-placed elbow occasionally used to her advantage. She veers toward the seating along the back and settles in with a nod of greeting to her fellow commoners.

Zoey made sure to arrive a little early to get one of the better seats in the house. She smiles to Braith at her arrival, as well as anyone else that joins her section. Her cousin Dariel gets a wave if she can catch his eye.

Samira has joined the Commoner Seating.

Thea blinks at Denica. Wait a minute! She smiles over at her, giving her a brief wave.

Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

Arriving with her arm tucked into Kenjay's elbow, Bahiya is looking quite amused, head tilted as she listens for the hustle and bustle of the theatre. She's speaking quietly as Kenjay leads them to their seats, the striking, serious-looking Redrain prince practically flounding in his scarlet silks that somehow -don't- clash with his hair. The settle in their seats, the Eurusi woman looking quite excited now.

Calla slips in, wearing a secondhand gown that is still quite lovely, her mane of saffron red left down and wild, as she quietly finds a spot in the nobility section, looking around to see if there's anyone she recognizes.

Entering quietly, Margerie politely nods and waves at a few familiar faces as she makes her way to a seat.

Evaristo perks up seeing Braith - and he looks quite chuffed to bits there for a moment, giving her a wave.

Liara has joined the Noble Seating.

Ras settles himself in the seat next to Rukhnis in the back of the commoner seating, scooting forward in his seat so as to slouch back in a hunched position that must be comfortable as well as keeping him from standing out at all. He's anchored there, in a way, and his head leans towards the Eurusi woman.

Rukhnis's eye catches a glimpse of Samira as the artist comes in, and she inclines her head in a small but not unfriendly nod to her from her own place at the back of the commoner's seating with Ras.

Preston has joined the Commoner Seating, House Left.

Svana waves toward Samira and Lady Braith, smiling at them coquettishly before she leans in to Nurie and speaks excitedly with her.

Cassandra has joined the Noble Seating.

Leaning in towards Zoey, Braith smiles and whispers to her to keep from being a pain. But her eyes are darting and there! She sees Evaristo and half stands from her spot to brush her fingers to her curls and that lovely adornment that practically glows agains the black expanse. She models it for him, tilting her head this way and that before finger tips are pressed to her lips and blown his way. She winks and then catches the motion from Svana. She may not be speaking but she's gesticulating to deafen the world as her hand lifts and she fans fingers at the woman.

Cassandra finds a vantage point in the noble seating, and she settles in for the play, watching the areas around the stage quietly.

Thea can be seen leaning over to her brother Domonico, looking amused. "So I hear. So he says. Guess we'll find out."

Liara makes her way up towards some of the noble seating, clad in plum coloured velvet, a dozen liveried guards following along behind her. She offers a smile to those nearby as she settles, remarking to nobody in particular, "I hear this is really quite splendid - but when aren't his plays splendid?"

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrives, following Tabitha.

Zoey smiles to Braith and replies quietly, her own hands stay folded in her lap.

Tabitha has not just arrived. She has been here for an appropriate length of time, but she's been inconspicuous.

Sydney saunters in a little bit late - she pauses for a moment to survey the commoner seats and selects one to sink down into, folding her arms and scooching herself into a modicum of comfort before folding one leg over the other as well. So folded.

Sydney has joined the Commoner Seating, House Left.

1 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

Uncharacteristically late, Ryhalt finds a seat quietly.

Ryhalt has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

The play starts at 6, but demonstrating the understanding of Arx crowds that the staff of the Blackrose Theater have developed over however many hundreds of years the oldest theater in Arx has been there, the lights don't actually go down until a good ten minutes after it's set to begin. Down front are the commoners, who are encouraged to be as loud as raucous as they want, the downfall of many a playwright or actor who dared to take to the stage at the Blackrose. The nobles are given worse seating, by design of the Black Rose herself. Even the silks who come out to the theater often at the Blackrose still find it in themselves to grumble about THAT seating arrangement, but the Blackrose has its little quirks and one does live with them.

Once everyone has had plenty of opportunity to sit and cough and clear their throat and pass out the sausages on a stick that they smuggled in the sparklegas lamps dim and the stagelights come up. Which is one of those things one shouldn't think about too hard. The Playwright himself, Prince Niklas Grayson, never one to let the opportunity for attention pass by, takes the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is the product of nearly a decade of work on my part. Tala Everfree began shortly after my brother, Marquis Ford, freed the thralls of Stormward in a move that... well, a decade on it can be seen as a good thing. On this very stage I first proposed this play to a less-than-receptive audience and later I was encouraged to drop what was deemed at the time to be too controversial. It was Prince Victus Thrax who asked me to bring it back for an audience of Islanders, and I was proud to do so. You may have heard about our recent tour. A profound success that saw us visiting every major domain within the Isles to great, and increasing, acclaim. There was only one major assassination attempt, which just told us all that we were doing the right thing and upsetting the right people. So I'm very proud to be able to present to you the Song of Tala Everfree." He pauses a moment, then says, "And let me say what has become something of a rallying cry. Death to slavers! And also fuck Duke Ivan Helianthus." Niklas gives a quick nod, then moves off of the stage.

Tabitha has joined the Noble Seating, House Left.

Evaristo lets out a cheer, and a '"Death to slavers!"

Heimlin, the Scholar, 5 Harthall House Guards, Kestrel, the Scholar arrive, following Orvyn.

Shard, leaning against the back wall with her arms loosely crossed, narrows one eye at something in Niklas's opening speech, but she's silent, and she remains so as the play begins.

Sydney presses her fingers to her lips and lets out a piercing whistle of enthusiasm and obvious agreement with the last sentiment.

Quietly arriving, Orvyn Harthall finds a place to reside to watch the play, only offering brief nods of greeting to those whom he recognizes in passing. It's clear he's only a little blate, but he may have missed the best part so far, though his actions show that he intends to watch what comes next.

What follows is an expansive adventure epic that starts with a thrall named (predictably) Tala Everfree who distinguishes herself in a battle against a briefly-mentioned Pirate King and saves the life of Lord Chevron. This is all very exciting with several minutes of dynamic swordplay and dramatic music. The lord is so taken by the selflesness demonstrated by a thrall that not only does he free her, he frees every thrall in his domain. This is the majority of the first act. Tala Everfree gets a couple of very nice songs, with the chorus (Gianna Delvecchio) piping in with the work's main theme, the eponymous Song of Tala Everfree. In the second act Tala settles down on her own homestead and becomes a dedicated member of society, making a good life for herself with a husband and later a son. She lives a good life for several years (there are various vignettes, and it's all very nice with plenty of witty dialogue and at least one more swordfight for the people in the front rows) until war comes again to her domain. While she is away Lord Chevron, her husband and several members of her township are killed by soldiers loyal to Lord Phoebus, who has decided that this notion of freed thralls and changing traditions have gone on quite long enough. It is said that he has joined forces with a slaver princess from the east who has given him the confidence necessary to strike. There's another song here. Boy, is it a sad one. Tears all over the place! Thus ends the second act. In the third act Tala Everfree has rejoined the house military, now lead by Lord Chevron's sister and heir, Lady Chrysanthis. After a series of increasingly exciting battles (and another stirring song sung by the Nightingale herself) Tala Everfree and Lady Chrysanthis fight their way, along with a ragtag group of thrall soldiers and house bannermen who, despite being distrustful of one another at first, all come to be tight friends over the course of the last part of the work, to where the Princess and Lord Phoebus are. Are there valiant sacrifices made by members of the ragtag group? Yes. Is there a part where the most ardent pro-thrall soldier saves the life of a freedman at the cost of his own and as he dies affirms that he was wrong and and it's very moving and inspiring? Of course. In the end Lady Chrysanthis and Tala, on the Princess's caravel, defeats the slaver princess and Tala herself outduels Lord Phoebus, mortally wounds him by cutting open his belly and then kicks overboard where it is strongly implied he is eaten by sharks and eels. Tala has been wounded in the battle and as she dies she sees her husband again and they walk off stage together, with Lady Chrysanthis going to see Tala's son. It fades out with the song of Tala Everfree sung once more.

Is it overly subtle? It is not. Is it good? Well, it's well written with plenty of exciting sword fights for people who find lots of talking very boring and wit for those who need something more than sword fights to feel good about their entertainment. The message is there, but it doesn't hit like a hammer. Maybe a rubber mallet? The excitement and drama and storytelling are there, the emotional bits land just right if the audience is to be believed, and with the superstar cast it's hard for even the harshest critic not to get caught up in the music and performance. Why, after a couple of hours one might not even realized just how hard they've been propagandized at. As the final song fades away the curtains lift and the cast are given the opportunity to come out for their final bows.

Svana has left the Commoner Seating.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

Orvyn claps with the audience after the shows comes to an end, clearly carrying the weight of thoughts inspired by said play before he turns and begins to make his way towards the exit. He can be overheard taking about it being a good play.

It's a party, so the actress who played Tala Everfree is wearing the most jaunty of stylish party hats, and it is the most party of party haberdashery. Sorrel looks like she's having a pleasant time already, as she comes out to take a bow after her performance, flourishing with her hat as she beams at the crowd.

Preston is overheard praising Sorrel: Marvelous singing - I mean, not a canticle, but, if it isn't a canticle this is quite good as an alternative. Though there are, of course, no true alternatives to a good canticle. But. This was really good regardless.

Evaristo is so caught up in this play, his eyes are wide and he's cheering, booing, clapping or crying - here is one that loves this play, for certain. He looks near exhausted as it ends, but he stands up and applauds wildly, shouting encouraging bravos and hoorays at the actors.

Thea is actually--impressed with the play. Standing, she applauds everyone involved. Not a whistler, she just claps and claps-a smile on her lips.

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Sabella doesn't have a jaunty hat, but she's up there to take the bows with Sorrel, beaming the smile she's held in the whole time she was playing the villain Princess! She murmurs something to Sorrel and then waves at the crowd before all but skipping to the stairs to mingle.

Nina Autumndale plays a role in the play that was challenging for her to learn at first - that of the Lady Chrysanthis, a noblewoman and swordswoman besides. But she plays the role well, even learning enough stage swashbuckling to accompany Tala in the end climax battle... and through her dramatic death.

Though Lady Chrysanthis surives this fight, she has the burden of carrying some of the emotional weight of the production as she delivers an ending coda to the play that sums up Tala's life for the audience. Taking center stage at the epilogue, Nina is not the last to bow at the curtain call, but she does have a large part to play. Her final ensamble is noble brocades with long gloves, and she does look the part of a noblewoman and carry it elegantly through the finale.

Though she's more obviously enthused by the sword-fighting bits of the play, Liara's reasonably attentive throughout, and when things wrap up, she eases to her feet to applaud briskly.

Whe the cast comes out to take a bow, Calla joins in with the rest of the applause as well as a few hoots and hollers for a job well done. She leaves her seat in order to mingle as others do so, smiling to those she was seated with during the play before heading off to see if she can't find any of the few familiar faces she does know.

Shard can't exactly lean in one place /for hours/, so she's leaned in several different positions throughout the performance, her expression intent not just on the play, but on the audience. It doesn't really change much when the actors come out to take their bows, other than an increased focus on the audience itself. Easier when the lights have been relit anyway.

Kenjay, having murmured descriptions to Bahiya throughout, rises from his seat to applaud the play's end.

Zoey joins in a standing ovation during the final bow.

Intent and listening, the Eurusi diplomat Bahiya'al'mathali, pushes her tear-soaked ribbon from her gray, unseeing eyes sometime in Act 2, the ribbon held loosely as the music gives her the performance she cannot witness. Her hand stays on her companion, Kenjay's, until the play ends. She too, manages to stand with some grace, applauding with the rest.

Sydney isn't exactly the most subtle of faces in the crowd, it's easy to notice that at the swelling, emotional parts of the play, she's holding back tears, until she's not able to do so anymore, and she buries her face beneath a calloused hand briefly until she can get her emotions in check. This repeats several times throughout the play, and the finale has her openly weeping into her palms. She claps extra loud when the cast take their final bows, sniffling in spite of herself.

Rising with the others around her, Margerie applauds the play.

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Tabitha's features are thoughtful and serious as she offers her heartfelt applause!

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There's nothing like a good villain to play and Dariel brings to bear all his talents to play Lord Phoebus well. As the foremost actor of his generation, as he tells everyone who'll listen, this is some talent! He's not playing him as a complete moustache-twirling villain at least, but he does leave sufficent time for any booing. Plus there's a great death scene where Lord Phoebus gets his belly cut open. Once the performance is over he takes his bow with a big smile

It isn't often that Nurie has the opportunity to be caught up in a theatrical and musical peformance, and so she is completely enraptured, barely daring to breathe in parts. But once the performance has ended, her cries of acclaim and applause join many many others, as she cheers the cast heartily.

Calla finally spies someone she knows in Nina as she approaches the bard int he gorgeous dress with a wide smile, "Mistress Nina! You were wonderful! I am so glad I was able to make the performance. And you are looking divine, one of your own creations?" she asks.

Ryhalt applauds for the performance, smiling.

Once his cast have had their chance for a bow Prince Niklas comes back out and offers waves to everyone. Waving down encouragement (whether or not it actually exists) to do his own big bow. As the applause dies down and then people get to chattering a display case rolls out with several props from the play. At the same time attendants pour out of the wings with free drinks for everyone who wants 'em and finger foods of every kind, including sausages rolled in pastry, the King's favorite. Or so someone seems to think, since they all have little crowns on them.

Sabella moves through the crowd until she gets to Bahiya and Kenjay, "What did you think?" she asks breathlessly, beaming at the two of them, "I'm so glad you were both able to make it!"

Samira allows herself to be swept up by the action onstage, riveted as the storyline unfolds. Once the production has come to ts conclusion, she whistles and applauds to show her appreciation for the actors and all those involved in the project. Not one to pass up free food, she perks up and keeps an eye on an approaching attendant and his tray.

Nina is graceful in accepting congratulations in the recieving line after the play. For a while she stands in one spot, so people can find her, though she is not too hard to notice in a sparkling ballgown. An attendant walks over and hands her a glass of rose wine, which she holds aloft in gloved hand as she gives delicate cursteys and hellos to a few. When Calla approaches her to congratulate her, she is gracious. "Thank you! Yes, it is. I worked almost as hard on it as I did for any of my fashion show gowns." She sighs. "Quite a packed crowd tonight! This drew such a big and esteemed audience!"

Kenjay offers Sabella a fluid Eurusi-style bow as the woman approaches, and with it a broad smile. "It was a most excellent thing to watch, your Highness," he replies, "And you were also most excellent. I am very glad to have been able to be here."

Hearing a familiar voice, Bahiya turns her bare face in Sabella's direction, the diplomat's smile bright, her cheeks flushed. "It was ... it was quite wonderful," she says, the hand with the sodden ribbon dangling rising to brush Sabella's shoulder (hopefully). "I am still overcome. Truly. A work of art, I wish I could listen to those songs whenever I wanted." As Kenjay speaks, she goes quiet, and still, she beams, her gray-green eyes still alight and excited.

As people chatter Niklas opens the display case and points first to the Eurusi inspired gown. "So as a follow up to the performance, as advertised, we are going to be auctioning off some of the props that were used in the road tour. All proceeds, _all_, will be going to the Liberators to help in their work with settling freed men and women and buying up the debt of thralls who should not have to wait another five years for the promise of manumission across the Mourning Isles." Taking a colorful set out of the display case he says, "The first item up for bid is this gown worn by the Eastern Princess during her first scene at the end of act two with Lord Phoebus. We did remove some of the details including some chain-oriented imagery, having decided that would be in poor taste. Still, it's a beautiful and colorful outfit of brocade and seasilk which may not be culturally accurate, but when you look this good do you really care? The bidding will start at 5000 silver."

Sabella laughs and says, "Thank you," to Kenjay, then continues brightly to Bahiya, "You might not be able to take the songs with you but you could take some of the props! I'm tempted to bid on this one, the colors are so bright!"

Braith lifts her hand into the air at the call for five thousands. "Here!"

Dariel has to get changed after the performance. Probably best not to wear the costume where your guts were cut open, after all. He rejoins the crowds to get any adulation he's due. Which as the finest actor of his generation (as he tells everyone) he feels he's due. He finds family and friends to see how they enjoyed the play. Especially Thea because he knows she was just dying to see it.

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Thea spies Dariel and waves. Offering him a smile,"That wasn't TERRIBLE! Rather--YOU weren't terrible!"

Preston is overheard praising Niklas.

Bahiya listens. "Auction for the Liberators?" she echoes. Then she, too, raises her hand. "5,500," she calls to Niklas.

Zoey says, "Six thousand"

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"Hm, that's so cheap," Nina says, looking at the display case. "Of course as an actress in the play... it might be rude if I bid on it myself." She drinks from her wine, and listens to the bidding. Then sighs. "A lovely costume though, certainly."

Giving Zoey a smile Braith lifts her hand again. "Seven thousand."

Bahiya smiles. "It is a shame I cannot see it, but the cause is worthy. Six thousand five hundred," she says.

An auction too! Well clearly Orvyn had not receieved that little detail, and so, having nearly reached the exit, he turns and wanders back, looking around at those whom are bidding and attempting to get a good look at what is currently on the block.

Bahiya laughs. "Eight thousand, then."

"It was truly pleasure to watch you all," Calla says to Nina with a smile before moving off to check out the nibbles as well as what is up for auction, eyes growing wide with a bit of envy as she makes note of the gowns. She finally manages to get a glass of white wine to sip as she watches the bidding commense. She does spy Thea again, and offers a finger wagglign wave in her direction.

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Zoey says, "Ten thousand!"

Nina has left the Stage.

Nurie settles in somewhat excitedly as the auction begins, her eyes lighting with delight as the bid starts to go upward, though she doesn't bid on this item.

Bahiya says in Eurusi, "Eleven."

Bahiya says, "Eleven."

Liara lifts her hand and calls, "Fifty thousand." Does she get the idea of increments in auctions? Who knows?

Bahiya recognizes Liara's voice and smiles quite brightly. "Ah, I am out, alas."

Zoey says, "Fifty-five!"

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

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The good natured raises cause Braith to laugh and so when Liara jumps the bid so high so quickly she lean sand blinks only to have her companion call it up again. "Well done, Lady Zoey, well done."

Sydney balks rather immediately at the numbers being thrown around, and goes quiet. "Gods."

Thea spies Calla's finger wiggle and chuckles. She offers her a wink. And a wave to every other person she knows. So many people.

Nina looks appreciative at Liara's bid, smiling a bit over her glass. That is closer to what it is worth, at least, she thinks. She laughs lightly. "Oh, I almost wish. But since I'm saving up pennies to open my own shop I can't make such another investment right now."

Definitely serious questions about Liara's understanding of auctions or money here, since next she goes, "One hundred thousand."

Zoey sighs. "Well, I am out."

Dariel chuckles to Thea and cannot help but tease. "That's high praise, coming from you."

Niklas nods as the bids come in, calling out bidders and bids as they come in. At Zoey's fifty-five he looks to Liara. "Can your wardrobe rea- okay! She likes it! I like it! I like that she likes it!" He looks around the room. "A hundred thousand and one?"

Shard watches with careful interest. Her eyes are faintly narrowed, but there's no actual sign of temper about her, and she has yet to move from her self appointed position of using her upper back to hold up a wall.

Calla's jaw drops as the bids just keep going up in ridiculous amounts, her hopes of snagging one of the gowns for herself sinking fast. Wine will help, siiiiiiip.

Niklas takes a Eurusi inspired outfit fit for a princess from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

"A marvellous presentation and a most laudable cause, your highness," Liara calls back from her seat (it's not even a very good seat) towards Niklas.

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Bahiya elbows Kenjay lightly. "What does it look like? So I can feel proper regret," she says playfully.

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Niklas nods at the lack of response and nods to his assistant Sam, who grabs the outfit and heads over to hand them off to Liara. "Well," says Niklas, "up next is the tiara worn by the Eastern Princess during that every same scene. Mirrorsilver and gold come together to support an astounding number of rubies. Given the materials I will start the bidding at fifty thousand."

Kenjay describes the dress to Bahiya as best he can, with the odd word of Eurusi sneaking in among the Arvani when he just can't find the right one. And then he describes the tiara, too.

Zoey says, "Fifty!"

Sydney peers into her coin pouch as though willing some amount of money to actually appear in it before cinching it tight and folding her arms, appearing forlorn. "...What would you even /do/ with a Tiara, Syd? Yes, it's pretty, but it's a /tiara/." Her inner monologue is bleeding as she tap-tap-taps her foot in agitation. Pretty things remain pretty, whatever the cost.

Prism and Triscali are late. How late? Late enough to have missed the entire play they were both invited to attend. But here they are, just the same, arm in arm, looking all kinds of fancy (in their own unique ways, of course).

"I'll take the tiara for 5,000 above whatever the previous bid was," proclaims Duarte who's decided to pay attention all of a sudden.

At Zoey's offer of fifty Niklas looks around the room. "Fifty thousand going once, going twice aaaaand..." He nods to Sydney, "It's very pretty _and_ it helps the Liberators do the work of freeing thralls and see to it that they aren't cut loose and have homes to go to and the opportunity for work on their own terms. But also it's pretty."

Thea calls out to Sydney, trying to encourage her,"Go for the tiara!" Why don't YOU Thea..Because! Sydney should, that's why!

Shard leans off of the back wall juuuust enough to peer toward Prism and Triscali with a look that's meant to be the same, fairly neutral (if rather intense) expression she's had the whole time, but fails enough that it's more or less a muted fascination.

"Hm. I already have a tiara," Nina says, looking a bit smug to herself, and sipping from her wine. But she seems pleased that the bidding is going well.

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Zoey says, "Sixty!"

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"You can never have too many tiaras!" Sabella calls out.

Bahiya listens to the banter, both around her, further, and nearby. She smiles but does not bid on anything else for the moment. "Both sound quite beautiful," she tells Kenjay after his perfect descriptions. "If I do not win anything, I will donate nonetheless."

"Agreed!" Zoey calls back to Sabella, grinning. Prism and Triscali's entrance catches her eye, and her gaze follows them as they take their seats.

"Well, there aren't any other queens here, at the moment," Triscali says to Prism, as she guides her, directly, toward the Queen's Box. She unlinks from Prism's arm just outside the box, and follows her in only after she's taken a seat. The two sit there, quite unlike one another -- Triscali cloaked in shadow and rose, Prism in the stars. Triscali, a terrible majesty; Prism, a bright sparklefuff. Neither one very good at timekeeping (evidently). But nominally, that is, making some kind of appearance.

Shard clears her throat noisily, although she looks darkly amused at something. And then she just starts bidding when the ring comes up, for reasons apparently known only to herself.

Ras glances around to look towards the Queen's Box, mutters something to Rukhnis, and re-settles into his slouch.

Duarte puts on a stupid mask for Tyche's amusement in the noble seating area.

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"Take it off!" comes the laughing reply from Tyche at the noble seating area, as the stupid mask is indeed... stupid.

Niklas adds to Sydney, "You might like Lady Chrysanthis's battle gown. It's perfect for looking like you want to kick someone's ass, but also want to look very good while you do it." When he sees the two recent entrants he blinks in surprise, then raises a hand to offer a wave to the pair, before he goes back to the auction. "The ring was worn by the Nightingale, Gianna Delvecchio, who may have threatened to stab me when I told her she wasn't going to be allowed to keep it!"

Thea looks to be contemplating something. Then she looks to tiara, her eyes decisive.

Someone wearing a playful puppy mask tilts its head at Tyche.

Dariel is chatting to friends and notices Triscali and Prism's entry with some curiousity. He doesn't think it's rude to bid on something from the show. It is for the best cause, of course

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Harlen have been dismissed.

Prism and Triscali bicker back and forth, bidding and raising and bidding again against one another (and the rest of the audience) up in the Queen's Box. Nevertheless, the short-lived bidding war comes to a quick end when Triscali produces a bottle of wine, and Prism accepts that peace offering with a counter-offer of two wine glasses. So, now they're just up there drinking, aren't they.

Nina looks over at Niklas, and smiles. "Of course, I already wore it once! What if I want to wear it home?" she asks, laughing. And then she starts to actually seriously consider it. "But only if you think it's fair for the actors to bid," she says.

Someone wearing a playful puppy mask has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

"I think it's perfectly find for the actors to bid," Sorrel notes with a little giggle. "I mean, why not? Some of these things are very pretty, and they're going to the the Liberators."

"Actually, I don't really have money anyway," Prism is overheard conceding to Triscali. "Now that I think on it."

Shard's bidding is ridiculous, as she starts out at a hundred thousand and just keeps upping it when Dariel joins in as well. She still looks as though she has some private joke she's not sharing with the rest of the class, though she's not really smiling so much as making an expression that shows just the tips of her teeth.

Sydney offers a frantic shake of her head in response, "...No. No, as lovely as it all is, I'm for function over form. That and... I have been rather entirely outmatched by these bids. As the numbers keep on climbing, she just sets her cheek against her fist and puffs a breath, looking chagrined.

Niklas laughs at Nina. "I'd hope the actors would bid. If Gianna was here she'd have already run off with the ring."

"Whoever does get the ring might want to remain anonymous, just for that reason," Sabella asides, grinning there an edge of truth there?

Thea blinks at a few of the bids. "Shite!" She looks around and just--Gods!

"Pity for you," Triscali says to Prism, and then casts a luxurious bid as if to prove a point.

Dariel really does want that ring. He keeps watching Shard but she keeps raising the amount! He almost looks grumpy. Then a bid out of no where

Rukhnis is definitely staring towards the Queen's box after some comment from Ras has drawn her attention that way, her brow furrowing as if she's not quite sure what to make of its occupants.

Calla is watching the nobles of Arx bid like mad on the items up for grabs, staying well out of it as she looks at the items wisfully.

Shard makes a noise that sounds /almost/ like a cackle, first at Dariel's expression, and then at Triscali's bid. She doesn't raise any further, but she sure does seem to think it's funny.

Niklas coughs hard when Triscali's bid comes in. "Well!"

Thea stares at Triscali. POINT BLANK STARES!

Zoey's eyes go a bit wide at Triscali's bid as well.

Kenjay glances towards the Queen's Box, and describes the two now sitting within to Bahiya. It sounds as though he has no idea who they are.

Dariel watches it go even higher. He'd been wondering about a further bid on the ring, but then it jumped. Then he seems to be mulling something over. Does he. Dare he. Should he. Oh well. Who says you should be sensible

Tabitha widens her eyes, placing her fingertips over her mouth. There's a smile behind the digits.

Preston leans back into the seats and lets the bidding war emerge behind him - for once a war that isn't his responsibility. "Mm. And hopefully we will soon have Knights of Freedom to protect the Liberators as they do good work with it all. They do have a lot of Eurusi prisoners to look after, and others to educate, after all." His eyes do follow the Queen's Box and its arrivals after all, but other than a wave to Prism, he returns his attention to the bidding - reaching up to rub at his head as if a sudden headache came on.

Then Dariel makes a bid. Thea eyes him too. She shakes her head and just--Where's her flask!

Niklas looks to Duarte. "That tiara would be a delightful gift for whoever has captured your heart! Or for yourself, really. The gold and rubies would bring out the warm brown of your lovely eyes of yours!"

Bahiya listens to Kenjay, eyes going wide as he describes to her the intriguing women that are in the Queen's Box. She gasps. "How fascinating! I wonder who they are."

A quiet remark uttered nearby sends Samira's curious gaze toward the box where Triscali and Prism are seated. She studies them silently for a long moment, the high bidding prompting raised eyebrows from the Culler. A few quiet words are spoken to those seated nearby before she rises to her feet, apparently with the intent to depart.

"Send the bill to me and the ring to that woman over there," Triscali calls out from the box, and waves her hand toward Shard. "A gift befitting royalty, don't you think?" And she leaves it at that.

Duarte lowers the dog mask slowly. "You truly think so, Prince Niklas? In your deepest of hearts?" he asks earnestly.

Nurie bids quite competatively for the gown of rainbows, though eventually with a smile drops out of the bidding, not without a soft sigh, though.

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"I agree, Prince Niklas!" Tyche openly encourages the tiara purchase by Duarte with a few nods.

Niklas takes a Eurusi inspired tiara fit for a princess from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Having been pulled away for a moment, Cassandra returns just in time to learn the bidding ended. It seems that the Legate may have actually been looking at something in the case. Noticing Preston, though, she makes her way over to him. "Good evening, Carnifex."

"I do, Count! Sadly this tiara isn't yours today, but you'll have plenty of opportunities, I think!" Niklas nods and waves to Sam and Isabelle to go collect bids.

Bahiya catches a whisper from Sabella, the Eurusi diplomat looking intrigued further, and quite curious.

Niklas takes a ring of mirrorsilver, sapphires and violent liberation from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Nurie applauds as the winners are announced, seemingly impressed with how well the fundraising portion of the evening has been.

Shard doesn't grin, and doesn't smile, but that strange expression with the slight glimpse of her teeth is joined by a thumbs up that she gives Triscali as the two (inexplicably two) depart. This appears to be what she regards as the capstone to the joke.

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Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Dariel is overheard praising Nina.

Niklas takes a prismatic gown of shimmering rainbows from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Dariel is overheard praising Sorrel.

"I dare say. What a sham!" Duarte laughs jokingly as he swats the air in front of him in Niklas' direction.

Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Dariel is overheard praising Sabella.

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Niklas takes a beautiful suit of social armor from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Thea pauses for a moment, looking around,"Hey Sydney, can you come here for a second?"

Cassandra is overheard praising Nina.

Dariel is overheard praising Niklas.

Nina drains her glass, hands it off to an attendant, and applauds - her hands muffled a bit by her gloves - for the auction winners. She seems a little disappointed to see the battle gown go, but at least it's to someone she knows. "Enjoy it!" she says to Zoey, her cheeks looking a little pink.

Ras stands up and makes his way quietly towards the theater doors leading to the street outside.

Cassandra is overheard praising Niklas.

Cassandra is overheard praising Sabella.

Rukhnis stands up from her seat, a look of keen disappointment on her face that fades off into muted despondency as she follows Ras out.

With the auction over, Orvyn just chuckles and shakes his head, moving back towards the exit once more.

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Rukhnis leaves, following Ras.

Samira quietly heads toward the exit, snagging yet another morsel of food from a tray as she goes, despite her already full hands.

Dariel has left the Stage.

"Mother" Preston greets Cassandra, bowing his head to her from his perch "Some good funds raised I think for the Liberators - Blessed Astrid and Aleksei should be able to do something good for people with it I hope. A nice idea." Preston gestures to the stage "Did you enjoy the play?"

Shard is overheard praising Niklas: Raising a fuckload of money for a good cause.

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Sydney pauses for a moment and glances over in Thea's direction, tilting her head. "Hm?" She eases up to her feet and meanders on over. Enough time has - mercifully - passed that the pugilist is no longer red-eyed from her theatrics during the play. "Yes?"

Shard is overheard praising Triscali: Paying a fuckload of money for a good cause.

Zoey accepts the gown she won and looks it over with a smile.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

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Zoey has left the Noble Seating, House Right.

Zoey has joined the Noble Seating.

"It was a rather enlightening affair." Cassandra responds to Preston as she folds her hands behind her back. "And I am sure that they will find the best way to use their funds." And the best part was that noone tried to kill anyone. "I was hoping to meet with you sometime soon. Not tonight, of course. But I should get things back in order and clear some of the paperwork off my desk." she offers with a thin smile.

As the last items are handed out Niklas says, "Thank you, everyone, for coming! And for those who bought our props, thank you for your donation and for the help you are providing." Niklas waves to Auda. "And thank you to the Blackrose theater, who didn't even ask me to pay twenty five thousand silver to put on the show! And thank you to Prince Victus, who made all of this possible. Truly."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

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Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

Floofkins, a blue colorpoint kitten, 1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant, Duarte leave, following Tyche.

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