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A Fashion of the Fealties, The Princess Collection

Talia Baseborn will be premiering a collection of six gowns, each crafted carefully of dragonweep and brocade, to capture the sense of adventure of Grayson, the fierce spirit of Redrain, the seductive allure of Velenosa, the intimidating presence of Thrax, the shining honor of Valardin, and the protective presence of the Crown that guides us all. Each family will receive a gown to be kept in their treasures, one that can be sure to be passed on and cherished.


Nov. 8, 2019, 6 p.m.

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Talia Symonesse Elgana Roxana Catriona Isidora Saoirse


Gwenna Zara Merek Leola Sabella Ryhalt Berenice Alarissa Zoey Liara Evaristo Niklas Sorrel


Grayson Redrain Thrax Valardin Velenosa The Crown


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Elegant Impressions - Showroom

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Comments and Log

5 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Symonesse.

Talia might be in a bit of a panic. Two of her models are missing. When Sabella walks in, she gestures to the princess and whispers a question to her.

Gwenna is, perhaps somewhat uncharacteristically, dressed in armor. It's pretty, at least? It may be quite fitting that this is a fashion show an she'll have the opportunity to add some softer pretty things to her wardrobe. Polite dips of her head and a warm smile are offered to familiar faces as she makes her way to find a good spot to watch. Sabella's remarks make her grin a it more. "I would never dream of coming to a shop without my purse at the ready," is said with a chuckle.

Naturally, when Zara passes off her cloak on arriving, she's wearing an outfit tailored by Talia for an exhibition of _more_ outfits tailored by Talia. Like. The one just naturally follows the other. It would be gauche to arrive in anything else. Seeing Sabella already present -- and as ruffled as a dream -- she inclines her head to her with an expression of subtle humor marked by the narrowing of her gaze. As for her, she rests her clawed hands in a light cross before her. "I'm very much looking forward to seeing what she's created," she says in a sidelong murmur.

Merek makes his way into the place, looking about, his dark attire on while he nods.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider arrive, following Evaristo.

There's another frantic gesture to Zara as the other princess enters, gesturing her over and to Sabella, and everything.

LEola studies Sabella and her rufflecloud with a look of amusement and envy, sighing just a little as she strokes a hand over the fitted, hardened leathers she stands stiffly in. She tilts her head back, just a touch, smiling politely and looking curiously at Talia's concern

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider leave, following Evaristo.

Sabella does move over to Talia when she gestures and then whispers, "YES! ABSOLUTELY!" only it's not a whisper it's very loud and then she's picking up her skirts and just about racing for the stairs.

After arriving, Ryhalt takes a seat to watch. He looks about with curious, watchful eyes.

Berenice arrives with a sweep of her fur-lined cloak, chin lifting with a hint of a preen that comes of being in possession of the most /fabulous/ of new outfits. If one is familiar with Talia's work, then the aeterna gown should be easily recognizable as her handiwork. There's a curving hint of humor in her smile as she notes Zara and Sabella's outfits. "Happy to see I'm still in good--" she starts to say, and then Sabella NOT WHISPERS and she doesn't quite /startle/, but she does -- pause. And blink. WELL.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider arrive, following Evaristo.

2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Alarissa's alipping in with the flow coming into the shop, looking arund for the to be Thrax model and other familiar faces.

Talia disappears upstairs after the princesses, already flushing deeply red in embarrassment.

Elena, a solemn knight attache, Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide leave, following Zara.

Zoey enters Elegant Impressions as another face among the crowd, quiet and unassuming. Dressed all in white, she looks almost as though a snow drift had decided to wander inside and take a look around.

Not exactly quiet or unassuming, generally speaking, Liara nonetheless doesn't do too much to draw attention to herself, simply heading along to find herself a chair.

Evaristo wanders in a bit randomly like he is just here on a whim, which might just be it. He perks up seeing the setup and looks around to see who's there. He bows deeply to the room at large and looks for a good spot to sit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Evaristo before departing.

Moving softly and quietly, Leola slips through the gathered crowds with an ease of motion. She approaches Alarissa, dipping a small, demure curtsy to the Thraxian princess, but not speaking yet. Jut ... present, polite, as she continues to wait and watch

Talia comes back down, only slightly out of breath and still flushed red, but she takes her place by the door and knocks, once, simply and loudly as a signal.

5 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Symonesse.

Berenice's gaze does alight on Evaristo a few moments after he slips in, not long after her, and there's a certain slant of humor to her smile as she drifts over a little closer. In range for lowered comments and conversation throughout the show, at the very least.

There's a smile for Leola's entrance, a face not seen in some time and whens he settles by Alarissa, the PRincess consort carefully leans in to murmur.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Symonesse steps out in the first gown of Talia's latest collection, shimmering in shades of gold brocade and thread reflected in the hue of her eyes, the shimmer of her of her opaline skin and the sweep of her lily white hair that hangs loose to frame her delicate face. Being rather naturally graceful, the Queen manages to strike appropriate poses to properly show off such an elegant gown. A delighted smile full of inherent warmth and kindness curves her lips, as if she just can't help herself but to shine like the sun even when she's trying to show off her outfit instead. She doesn't start waving at people she knows, though! So there's that.

"Beyond," is a murmur from Gwenna when Symonesse models the golden gown, the Queen's coloring making the ensemble even more striking in her opinion, it seems.

Evaristo avoids bumping into a chair and leans in to listen to Berenice, eyes lighting up in joy when she talks to him. He makes a dismissive gesture and a smiles a sheepish smile, before murmuring back. Then he quiets and sits down nearby, to watch the modelling, his jaw dropping noticeably when the queen herself is the model.

Alarissa lets her eyes fall on the Queen's form, gaze tripping lightly over the touches here and there, even as the corners of her mouth curl up into an appreciative smile.

Talia seems to relax a little, as Symonesse enters to the immediate murmurs of the crowd which seem approving. She hopes. Is there a little flicker of worry still in the seamstress's gaze? Yeah, probably. But she knocks again on the door, firmly, a beat to the fashion show.

Lille, the dauntless companion, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Elgana.

Leola murmurs to Alarissa, but she cannot help but gasp at the Queen's entrance. It's a soulful, envious look flashing across the face of the stiff little hedge knight, as her bare hands clasp together in uncontrolled delight and a single muted clap of applause

Evaristo checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

A fierce but soft and luxurious 'red bear' steps out after Queen Symonesse has finished the modeling of her part of Talia's latest collection. The light catches on the dragonweep eyes of the bear pelt hood, causing them to glimmer fiercely, but Elgana can't help the wide smile that grows on her lips, easily spotted as the hood doesn't cast too deep of shadows on her face. She walks forward on the stage, pauses, and strikes a pose, her right hand languid on one hip before she turns in a slow circle allowing the rest of the sumptuous red bear pelt-and-brocade gown to be admired. Each detail exquisitely wrought to life by Talia's skill and at once melding the fierceness and beauty of the Northlands. Once she makes a full rotation, Elgana dips into a curtsy and exits off the stage, casting a beaming smile over toward Talia before joining over with her family.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

Berenice is whispering discreetly with Evaristo when Symonesse makes her entrance, and then her breath inhales audibly at the Queen's appearance. A hand flutters to her chest, over her heart, and there's an open adoration and envy in her dark eyes. "Your Majesty, you look /beyond/ resplendent." And then Elgana emerges! A different style, but no less beautiful. "Ah! Dragonweep eyes! Absolutely delightful."

After modeling her own gown. Symonesse moves quickly off to the side and turns to watch Elgana enter next. She claps wildly for her, grinning as the princess shows off the gown to such great effect. Unabashed in her delight, the Queen says aloud, "Lovely! Both the dress and the model! Absolutely gorgeous!"

Symonesse is overheard praising Elgana: Absolutely lovely!

Gwenna lifts her hands and rests her fingers over her mouth for a minute when Elgana makes her entrance. Of /course/ she's a bit biased toward not only her fealty, but her cousin. "Positively exquisite," is said of this gown after she's lowered her hands back to her lap. "I love the dainty chains of rubicund. I have an aeterna gown with chains like that, but just of steel. Stunning! I can only imagine what is yet to come."

Talia's lips twitch into a smile, soft, though the blush remains on her cheeks. As Elgana makes her way off the stage, she knocks again, a loud, firm noise to punctuate the crowd.

3 Thrax Guards, Olenna arrive, following Catriona.

Catriona confidently walks across the stage with a near stoic manner, a wry grin barely touching her lips.

Evaristo seems to be at a loss for words and just keeps taring at Symonesse - even if Berenice's whisper casts his gaze her way and breaks that attention, his focus on her again. There's a lopsided amused smile, and then he turns his attention back to the stage. He gapes at that gown as well and this time he remembers he can actually both talk AND applaud, so he calls out; "Amazing!" and claps vigorously.

Niklas shows up late, but when he looks around and sees that his wife has yet to show off the Grayson dress he gives a huff of relief and moves to stand near Zoey. He gives her a nod when she whispers something to him and leans over to respond to her.

Though evidently not in an especially talkative mood, Liara nonetheless applauds each of the people coming out with the dragonweep-decoared gowns, gaze roaming over each garment in turn, a smile never quite leaving her features.

Another small gasp ushers forth from Gwenna as Catriona makes her way out. "Another breathtaking gown, quite literally. I can already see where my next several allowances will be going," she remarks with a bit of a wry smile.

After Catriona comes in and shows off her gown, Symonesse bursts into applause again, beaming as she calls out, "You look stunning, Princess Catriona!" She glances in Berenice and Evaristo's direction, giving them a little wink in acknowledgement of them while she gives the majority of her attention to the models and gowns.

Symonesse is overheard praising Catriona.

Talia watches Catriona, nodding a thankful gesture to the model and waiting until she has walked the runway before knocking on the door, once again.

"Thank you all," Elgana says, tugging the bear pelt hood back just enough so she can see the rest of the action. A curtsy is dipped toward Symonesse, though there is admiration in Elgana's gaze as she takes in what the Queen is wearing. "Oh, you look beautiful, Your Majesty." Finding her way over to Gwenna's side, there is a hug for her cousin, and then she turns just in time to see Catriona come out. "Ooh! Gods and spirits, these gowns are amazing. You look beautiful, Princess Catriona!" She then breaks into applause for the Thrax princess.

Elena, a solemn knight attache, Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide arrive, following Zara.

Sorrel slips in curiously, looking rather interested in the gowns on offer. She mixes in with the crowd a bit, at least as much as she can with her height and her bearing. She applauds for Catriona as she shows off her gown.

Zara steps forward, pale and shining, with her hair hung loose and dark to frame her face. The subtle iridescence of the metallic threads running through the gleaming white brocade shimmer under the shop's lights. There's a hint of the martial in the shaped breastplate and scaling, almost armor. Extremely fashionable armor. The dragonweep at her heart shines with fierce brilliance. She's perfectly composed -- she totally planned to model this dress the entire time; it's fine, that's definitely why she came here -- as she steps forward in a sweep that allows the elegance of the tailoring to speak for itself.

"I suddenly feel this deep desire to wear gowns," Evaristo calls out to Catriona, applauding her and grinning widely, starting to relax a little. "That is stunning!"

Gwenna gives Elgana an enthusiastic hug back. "You looked radiant, cousin. That gown is everything," she says before yet another makes its appearance. "Oooooh. I /love/ armor accents on gowns. When I think I can not be more entranced by these designs..." She lifts her shoulders in a quick shrug and grins. "Exceptional craftsmanship."

Smiling in appreciation, Ryhalt nods at the design inspired by House Valardin and claps as Zara showcases it.

"Oh, that's clever," Liara offers by way of mild commentary as she takes in the scale patterning on Zara's gown, brightening a little further, once more offering some gentle applause.

Symonesse takes in a breath at Zara's entrance, particularly enjoying the contrasts of the Princess' dark hair and the hues of the gown. She applauds once more, calling out, "Breathtaking! I love how it almost looks like armor."

Symonesse is overheard praising Zara.

Talia waits, letting Zara take the time to walk the stage and then leave it before she knocks in her firm beat of the fashion show once again on the door behind waits her models.

2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

When Sabella comes down the stairs and walks into the room it is with her usual aura of cheerful brightness, although with this gown on it is almost as if there is an extra aura of brilliance about her, her smile absolutely radiant as she turns, twirls, and curtseys to show off the fullness of the skirt, the glitter of the emeralds down the bodice, and of course how the light catches the dragonweep in the belt. She puts a hand on her hip and gives one last full twirl before she too becomes a member of the crowd (albeit a phenomenally dressed one) to leave the spotlight for someone else.

Berenice's smile is brilliantly warm as soon as Symonesse looks her way, offering her a deep, excessively graceful curtsy in acknowledgment. "Your Majesty," she greets her in between the models stepping out. She admires the Thraxian gown just as she did the others, finding details in every piece -- "Ah! The scales, the /subtlety/ of the craftsmanship." -- to focus on. Zara steps out next, and her gaze slips over that purely Valardin gown with a widening smile. And then Sabella next. "Pockets! How marvelous."

A small giggle escapes Symonesse as Sabella steps out and twirls in her gown. The Queen claps in delight, calling out, "Gorgeous, Sabella! You and the gown look amazing together."

Each gown comes out and Alarissa, murmuring with Leola, smiles as the Princess's come down and show off the dresses. She doesn't calp, but does dip her head as they pass, with a deep one for Catriona and a look of pride.

Zoey applauds and cheers Sabella when she twirls about.

Symonesse is overheard praising Sabella.

Catriona carefully descends from the stage, to get a better view of the remaining models. "You're all too kind." She passes a gentle curty to Symonesse. "I must say that you look far more beautiful, Your Majesty. The gown fits you perfectly." with that she turns toward the stage in applause, cheering with a more natural smiling touching upon her lips.

Evaristo whispers something near Berenice's ear, then looks up at Symonesse again and gives her a broad happy smile, almost a little dopey. Like a kid meeting their hero sort of thing. But he seems torn between staring at the dresses and Berenice here. Poor guy. But Zara's modelling draws a gasp from him, more applauds and an admiring quip about being blinded by the radiance. Sabella is next and he has equal admiration for that - he's not one to keep quiet and calls out his praise.

LEola murmurs to Alarissa, and grins just a little, as she keeps watching the various gowns on display. She gives small, pleased sighs, her hands clasped together and her head tilted, sunburned face upturned in delight and wonder

"The emerald buttons are everything," says Gwenna. "And pockets? I am going to be /dreaming/ in colors and brocade and dragonweep for a week! Not, of course, that I am complaining. Another absolutely stunning creation."

As Sabella makes her way down the runway, Talia smiles, a soft, hidden thing. But then she knocks on the door, resuming her function as a doorknock.

"Remarkable work, isn't it?" Zara says, with a sweep of her skirt in a curtsey to Symonesse that also serves to nicely highlight the luxury of the brocade. She's all bright-eyed curiosity for the others as she finds her place in the crowd, but Sabella's entrance has her quickly turning back. She looks remarkably charmed by the Grayson's entrance, even parting with a rare smile as she brings her hands together in a pleased clasp. "What strikes me -- and struck me before, too -- is the thoughtful mind behind the tailoring. You can so clearly see where she was drawing her inspiration. I would know in an instant that was for a Grayson, even if it weren't Princess Sabella wearing it."

"Talia is an amazing talent," Elgana agrees with Gwenna. "I love all of the care and detail she placed in each gown. So unique and beautiful each one, just like the fealty it represents." As Zara comes out, Elgana's attention turns to the Valardin princess. "I love those accents. They bring the entire thing together." Her voice raises, "Beautiful, Princess Zara! Simply stunning!" More applause. And then there's Sabella in her emerald affair. "Breathtaking!" she calls out, breaking into applause again. "You look absolutely amazing, Princess Sabella!" She keeps the enthusiasm just rolling. "We should get together and swap some ideas, cousin. Invite Helena and some other ladies perhaps. I have a wealth of aeterna right now and no idea what to do with it."

Evaristo is overheard praising Talia.

Liara offers more enthusastic applause still for Sabella and her pants. Pants! Trousers! In gown form. She flashes Zara an amused smile and then notes, "I rather think the same applies to most of these. They're quite splendid."

Niklas gives as uproarious a cheer for Sabella as would be appropriate given the venue. Maybe a bit more, like ten percent?, more uproarious than appropriate. When Sabella steps out of the spotlight he holds out her hands toward her. "Flawless! Just perfect!" He may or may not be talking about the outfit.

There's a hint of worry, a tipped frown. Talia knocks again, firmly.

"It's actually pants!" Sabella gushes as she rushes over to Niklas, taking his hands for a moment, "Doesn't it look like skirts?! And look!" She slides her hands into the pockets, turning this way and that again, "You could put a quill or three in here! And definitely a pouch of silver and no one would ever know!" She then looks to Liara, still beaming, "I've never thought of having a gown this sort of style made. You could start a new trend you know. If someone sees Grayson's highlord wearing it, you know everyone else will follow suit. Tikva would adore it!"

"It's a style Princess vega is very fond of, picked up from her time in the Lycene isles." Alarissa notes to Sabella. "She convinced me to wear a pair once."

"It has -pockets-?" Zoey gasps to Sabella. "That's just incredible!"

"It's like a little servant stitched to your hip!" Berenice says with a delighted laugh. "I suppose one can't take the help /everywhere/."

"Oh, they are /pants/," Gwenna exclaims once she realizes. "I have a couple pair of flowy pants that I just love to pieces. So convenient, though neither have pockets." The princess seems briefly put out about as much. "I'll have to see if that can be fixed." She watches the door expectantly for a moment and then wrinkles her lips. "Cold feet, do you think," she wonders to Elgana.

Niklas has that very guy look of why is everyone so excited about pockets all of MY clothes have pockets, but he wisely doesn't voice this thought. Instead he gives Sorrel a nod at something she says to him, then moves too hook Sabella's arm with his. "You look stunning, my deal. Though I suppose there's no real surprise there."

Two fingers curled in a light press against her lips, Zara watches Talia at the door. She then glances over to Gwenna, considering her words, before she looks to the other models who had been upstairs. "You don't think she's still reading--?" she asks those nearby in a low murmur.

Talia's now chewing her lip, worrying at it before she knocks again.

"More dresses need pockets," Elgana says with a firm nod, her smile warm. She adjusts that bear pelt again as it keeps slipping down over her eyes. "Especially when there aren't enough hands around to help with things." She glances toward the door, then toward Talia before she looks back to Gwenna. "Maybe. I was a little nervous myself, but I think that's just because we all want to do our best for Talia, show off her hard work."

Liara flashes Sabella a grin and then quips, "Pockets everywhere. Nobody would see that trend coming." Then she goes on, quite earnestly, "It does look rather splendid. Is it easy to move in?"

Evaristo shifts a bit on his seat, as if he is having a bit of a problem sitting comfortably. In the end he sort of half drapes over the back of the chair and looks relieved - like whatever was troubling him is easing off. He too looks at the door and does so expectantly (with glances at Symonesse now and then, as if to make sure she's still around).

2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Oops! She's late! No one makes an entrance like a Velenosa. The door swings open and Saoirse slowly shuffles into the shop clad in the magnificent purple gown and ...carrying a book. An enormous book. It's still open. Her face is buried in it. She is literally on a stage reading a book right now.

Some exasperated maid in the back gives the princess a little shove forward and Saoirse looks up from her tome with a distracted air. "What? Oh," she says, realizing that she is meant to, you know, NOT BE READING RIGHT NOW.

Someone in the wings offers to take the book but Saoirse doesn't notice and -- yup, now she's moving down the runway clutching the large book to her chest. At some point, it dawns on her that people might like to see the bodice of the gown so she puts the book on the floor and stands in the middle of the runway so they can see. Ooo. Aaaah.

"I'm sorry," she mouths to Talia while she picks the book back up. Then, to the room, "I just reached this really interesting footnote about some of the more ridiculous stories about Procella Pravus, who founded House Velenosa." At the end of the runway, Saoirse heaves open her reading material and quotes, "Some whisper that Procella Pravus is alive to this day--" She looks at the audience. "Wild. I have definitely never met her wandering the halls of the estate, alas; that rumor is false." The book closes with an echoing KER THUNK, she adds, "Reading is fun," and Saoirse turns in a whirl of fabric to take her leave of the runway.

Symonesse waits along with everyone else for the entrance of the final Princess. When Saoirse enters with book in hand, the Queen's expression is amused, but kind. She applauds for the Velenosa as well. "What a lovely gown and a lovely sentiment! Reading -is- fun!"

Symonesse is overheard praising Saoirse.

Alarissa is overheard praising Talia: A fabulous collection

Symonesse is overheard praising Talia: What an exquisite collection! Her talent and creativity seem to know no bounds. I wonder what she'll come up with next.

"Another stunning creation," Gwenna half-says, half-sighs. "Truly, Talia is one of the most gifted seamstresses in the city, if not /the/," is tacked on before she turns to Elgana with a bright smile. "Do forgive me, cousin, but I need to get back to the villa. I didn't have a chance to change out of my armor, even, but wouldn't have missed you modeling for the world!" The Redrain claps and dips her head respectfully in Talia's direction before turning to make her way out.

Zara has to add a third finger to those pressed against her lips to tamp down the curl as Saoirse steps forward with -- yes, her book. She gentles her amusement -- with, not at -- and adds her applause to the others as the last gown is dispalyed.

Zara is overheard praising Talia.

"It's like a dream and I don't have to worry about it settling strangely if I sit!" Sabella enthuses to Liara, turning around once again, only stopping to stare at Saoirse and her book. She recovers quickly, raising her hands to clap for the Velenosan Princess, leaning back to aside to Nik and Liara, "I tried to get her to put the book down but I honestly don't know if she knew there were other people up there in the room she was so engaged in it." As Alarissa tells her that Vega has some she says, "They're such a wonderful idea. I daresay I am creative in many aspects of life but not when it comes to clothing."

Leola smiles just a touch at Saoirse's display, sighing a very little and clapping for her own Great House. She keeps that look of wistful envy on her face as she stares at the magnificent gown, and brushes a hand over her leathers fitfully, before murmuring to Alarissa once more

Gwenna is overheard praising Talia: Truly one of the city's most enchanting artists! The dragonweep collection was beyond imagining.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Gwenna.

It's only after Saoirse has left the stage that Talia comes forth. The mousy seamstress in her plain gown walks stiffly down the walkway, bowing once she's gotten to the end, before stepping off the stage quietly herself.

Liara's gaze follows the book along for a moment or two, eyebrows arched a touch in curiosity, as if it were really the book being put on display, before she recalls the gown and looks back to contemplate it (and Saoirse), smiling then. Then she observes in response to Sabella, "It does sound like a fascinating sort of book, to be fair."

Catriona moves through about the room, intent to mingle with whomever catches her eye first when she over hears word of the dress turned pants. Squinting intently at Sabella's outfit, she grins a bit broader. "A pant-gown. Well that sure did fool me." Upon seeing the last model make her entrance, Catriona gives an enthusiastic applause to both Saoirse and Talia.

"Amazing," Evaristo calls out to Saiorse, "and I am sure Procella Pravus would be green with envy!" he jokes, winking at Saoirse. "Talia? Your talent is deadly. I might not survive all this beautiful craft, it is too much to take in."

Does Berenice look, just briefly, the tiniest bit exasperated at her cousin? Maybe. Does she also look fond? Probably. Does she look like she wants to rip that gown off of Saoirse and steal it away for her own collection? /Definitely/. Her covetousness is writ rather clear on her face, but then she just smiles, lifting her hands to applaud bright and loud. "You have /outdone/ yourself, Talia."

Elgana hugs Gwenna before the other Redrain royal can depart, murmuring something to her. But then it is back to the fashion show! Elgana turns her attention upon Saoirse as she emerges book in hand, Elgana's smile turning more toward a grin. "Lovely as ever, Princess Saoirse." More applause there for the Venosa, but that applause shifts toward Talia as well. "A beautiful collection, Mistress Talia! Thank you for allowing me to be part of its showing."

After the last dress has been displayed, Ryhalt claps for the seamstress who obviously had put in much work. Tapped on the shoulder by his assistant, he leaves soon after with the air of someone with a busy day.

Saoirse twists to look behind her when she hears the Queen echo her final sentiment. The princess dips a little curtsy and heaves the book to her other hip. Her gaze wanders and for a moment or two, she seems torn between sitting right here on the floor and opening up her book again and, you know, being a normal human being. Normalcy wins by a hair and she moves to stand near her cousin Berenice. "I wish she could dress me every day." One of the backstage maids overhears and whips around to shoot a frustrated S T A R E at the princess.

Talia frowns for Evaristo's words, shaking her head. "I hope not. I only hope your own commission will please you as much." But she smiles, a quick, hesitant thing, for Elgana and Berenice. "Thank you," she murmurs to her patron, before she adds another: "No, thank you, Princess Elgana. I am glad that the Houses were willing to indulge me, and send representatives. I hope they will all like their heirloom gowns to keep."

Niklas offers Catriona a sketch of a bow as the Thrax Princess approaches to admire Sabella's outfit. "Princess Catriona! So good to have you back in the city. The more of Caith's family around, the better, I think."

As Talia finally steps forward to reap the praise and applause due to her, Symonesse fangirls it up. She claps delightedly. She cheers. She just barely resists putting her fingers in her mouth and whistling. "Well done, Mistress Talia! Well done." She smiles warmly at Talia and lowers her voice to a more normal level as she says, "I look forward to passing this gown on to my daughter one day. Thank you so much. It is a treasure and the Crown is honored."

"I just love the scales," Sabella marvels at Catriona's gown as well, "And that dragonweep! I've never seen one in a color like that. It's just perfect and it looks stunning on you of course!" She applauds again as Talia walks out, beaming a smile her way, "Mistress Talia, I pride myself on being able to say a hundred words where someone else would only use but a few, but I find myself at a complete loss to be able to describe your genius! And I remain overwhelmingly jealous of Princess Berenice, but I probably would anyway I mean just look at her!"

Evaristo makes a gesture at himself. "Wearing it now and I love it," he tells Talia - and those aware of her craft can recognize her touch upon that seatouched wool coat and accompanying wear. He excuses himself to Berenice and stands up now, to walk towards the queen, bowing deeply. "Your majesty, I never dared to even dream of gazing upon you in the same room, and here I am now." Despite the humble approach, there's something about him suggesting that he's not the least shy, but brings out his best behaviour.

Leola gives a soft laugh and then nods to Alarissa "If needed" She beams. She continues her soft applause, but doesn't approach the groups - letting the nobles coo over one another

"I've had the pleasure of wearing your creations. One day I hope you will indulge me to discuss the inspiration behind them, Mistress Talia." Zara runs her hand over the shining brocade and inclines her head to Talia. "You are generous with the gift of that inspiration. It is an honor to wear -- something I do not say lightly. Thank you."

"So that you can lounge about in her gowns while you read?" Berenice's humor is a /touch/ sardonic as she slants a sidelong look at Saoirse. "I've had the pleasure and notable honor of extending my patronage to her." And maybe she tosses a pleased look over at Sabella for the expression of jealousy, chin lifting once more in an entirely shameless manner. She watches Evaristo's approach a bit subtly, out of the corner of her eye.

Talia frowns, as Evaristo says that. She seems distracted for a moment, staring at the stage for that long moment, before she realizes: "Oh! It is Mayir that I owe a commission to." She frowns, murmuring a quiet, "Sorry." She seems to have missed other things that people might have said in that time, her attention elsewhere. But she does catch Zara's, nodding to her. "Thank you, Princess Zara," she offers. "I appreciate your support, always."

Following a few more moments spent contemplating various gowns (and the people in them), Liara gathers herself to her feet and turns to make for the door, though she pauses on her way there to say to Talia, "Some splendid work, Mistress Talia. Congratulations." She offers a flash of a smile and continues on her way.

Symonesse grins at Zoey as she steps closer and murmurs, offering one in return in a gentle, sweet tone. Upon seeing Evaristo approach and hearing his greeting, the Queen turns that brilliant smile onto him, light-filled and shining as if the sun itself were gleaming down on Evaristo. She reaches out a hand to him and says with a small laugh, "Yes, here you are. May I have the pleasure of your current name? I have learned it is a bit rude to call people the names that -I- remember them by."

Evaristo checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Catriona dips a gentle curtsy in return to Niklas. "It's splendid to hear you say so, Prince Niklas. We can't let my sister have all the fun now can we?" ending her remark with an amused smirk, Catriona shifts her attention to the nearby Sabella. "Thank you, but I habe to say I'm envious of those pockets. And the emerald buttons truly have me green with envy!" Finally turning towars Talia, she sings her praises of the black gown adorning her body. "Your gowns are marvelous! And I don't think you could have captured the Thraxians any better. I can't thank you enough for having me."

Leola nods, the woman in the fitted leathers carefully stepping for the door and clearing a path for Alarissa. She glances outside, and makes a face, donning her thick gauntlets and the hardened mask once more before stepping outside

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

Talia's laugh escapes, quiet, as her gaze flicks to the stage. But she frowns after, shaking her head, before smiling to Liara. "Your grace, I am glad that you could come. I hope that the Grayson gown is to your liking, and that it will please you as an heirloom gown for Grayson for generations to come," she offers her quietly, only slightly tripping over the words. She smiles to Catriona, adding, "Thank you for coming to model."

"Yes," Saoirse replies to Berenice with no guile whatsoever. "I know you're trying to mock me right now but - yes."

There's a pause, so short some might not notice it as the hand is extended and those words uttered by queen Symonesse, Evaristo's eyes lighting up a bit. He bows over the hand and lightly takes it, calloused hand and all, doing an air-kiss above it. "Oh no, you can call me by my old name if you wish," he tells her with a wide, charming smile. "Perfectly fine, I would not be offended at /all/," he reassures. "I am not sure you could do anything offensive," he adds with a widening grin. "But, if you wish - my current name is Evaristo Arterius."

"But that we all had the grace and build of Princess Sabella to fit it!" Liara replies to Talia, with a flash of a grin. Then she gives a little flutter of her fingers in a gloved wave, turning to stroll on out.

Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Symonesse takes her hand back, that delighted smile brightening by a few degrees as she looks him over. "Evaristo." She says the name slowly, as if savoring. Then, she nods in approval, adding, "Yes, I quite like that. It's a little bit like the name of a song. Or perhaps a tree. I'm not sure, but I -do- like it." She gestures to the room full of princesses in dresses (and pantsgowns) as she says, "What did you think of Mistress Talia's collection? I found it a marvel. I am thinking of asking her to make a gown for Lilah as a present."

"We definitely cannot, at least, not without all of us present, so we simply must plan something soon," Sabella tells Catriona, "Ask her about defending her hug title! I've been practicing." She's quite happy to stand back with Niklas, giving Symonesse a little wave through the crowd but not approaching so that other people can bask in the glow of the Queen, "Princess Liara is very kind, I do happen to like gathered everythings after having so many children." she pats her hips with a grin, "I do thank the gods for strong corsets daily!"

Sorrel overhears Evaristo's conversation with the queen and looks puzzled for a moment at the name 'Lilah,' before laughing to herself. She steps closer and drops a polite curtsey to Symonesse. "Your Majesty, you should encourage Evaristo to perform for you. He is an excellent bard," she says.

Saoirse's entirely guileless response just has Berenice smiling almost despite herself. "Well, you'd have a remarkably /fashionable/ reading session," she says. But half her attention is on Evaristo and Symonesse's conversation, her gaze curious for some detail or other that's been mentioned. "I am sure he would perform for you this instant if you wished it, your majesty," she adds in agreement with Sorrel.

Talia gets overwhelmed quickly, murmuring excuses of cleaning up the dressing room and promising to be back as she disappears behind the door of her models.

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