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Impromptu Shindig

An afternoon of dancing, laughing, celebrating a good harvest. Pumpkin pie and hot chocolate.


April 7, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

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Evaristo Brianna Peri Kaia Ian Marisol Lisebet Skye Graham Kenna Arcadia Valenzo Willow Brady Sorrel Fiora Maja Harlex Martino Orrin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A party. Nothing lavish or extreme or overly amazing. Just good fun and altogether too much pumpkin pie for one man to eat.

Fancy, the highly discerning Graypeak Mountain pup, Alena Sparks, unamused first mate arrive, following Evaristo.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk arrives, following Brianna.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk have been dismissed.

Kaia has joined the plush, comfy sofas.

A quick party has started! Quick only in the commencement and likely not in the execution. Pies and slices thereof are strewn every-which-way around the dining room of the Golden Hart. The 'dance floor' has been made clear once more by removal of tables and several coupling of folks have already taken to dancing there.

Michael is sitting at a table with five plates cleaned off and a sixth plate containing a slice of pumpkin pie settled before him. He insists the servers do not take his plates away. He wants to keep score.

Evaristo smelled pie from outside, no really. Then heard something about a party, and here he is - if there's a party starting he's bound to find one. Or start one himself. Bright eyed and entirely sober he lazily saunters inside. He does have his lute along - maybe he will even play some. " that pumpkin pie?" he asks randomly. He dives for it and gets a plate and pie quite promptly, like a kid in a candy store.

Eina, the Pearl's Own, Soot, a frenetic ferret arrive, following Peri.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Kaia!"

Party? Dancing? Brianna is /there/. She sweeps in, surveying the room, stopping to give Michael shit for his collection of empty plates. "Is the moral there that you, in fact, are the fat princess?" she teases him, one hand on his shoulder.

Someone told someone that told Peri that there was a party. Peri could use a flipping break right now. What. the. Tehom's. Tossing. Fornication is going on lately. You know what's going on right now? A party.

The petite Bisland lady makes her way into the Hart for this impromptu party her cousin had just concocted. There had been mention of dancing and pie, so that was good enough to pull her in. She pauses by the dance floor

...and takes a look around; catching sight of a few familiar faces and offering them a friendly smile, and perhaps a classy wave of the fingers before making her way further.

Peri see's Kaia for real this time, not some also-ran Kaia. "KAIA!" She bellows. She ambushes Kaia in a hug.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Kaia"

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard arrive, following Lisebet.

Ian comes into the Hart with his head down, keeping very careful track of his own footsteps, with the air of someone for whom every one of them is a choice that must be consciously made.

The flow of people into the Hart is what draws the Princess Marisol with her trusted guard in tow. Ektor eyes the establishment and as they enter says, "We can not stay long, your Highness. You have lesson.." his voice is lost in the general din of conversation as she is pulling back her hood to reveal a dark waterfall of curls pinned with several flowers that help keep the thick strands from her face.

She takes a moment to give a look about, spying Kaia before anyone else as her hands lift to undo the cloak clasp. She carefully removes it from her shoulders and turns to offer it towards Ektor who takes it diligently. Michael is noted by the Valardin guard and stared at before he is following Marisol's approach - this however is interrupted as she watches Peri collide with Kaia. There is a soft laugh from her and she gets close enough to spot the Bisland siblings. "Lord and Lady Bisland."

Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Skye.

Pie is had. Pie is eaten hungrily by Evaristo who finds a table to lean on meanwhile, right near Michel, giving his plates an impressed look. He smiles charmingly at Brianna and gives a little bow, then makes some waving gestures with his spoon at Peri - his mouth is full. "This shindig is shaping up nicely," he compliments.

Lisebet arrives with her guards, handing off cooler wear to poor Bigsby who gets the brunt of such work. That done, she moves further into the room, glancing about to see who might be here.

"Yes. Pumpkin pie!" Is Michael's only response to Evaristo's excitement. Brianna has arrived just in time to see Michael polish off another plate of pumpkin pie. "I'm no Princess, Brianna." A glance amongst the plates before he stands up out of his chair. "Now to see if I'm even capable of dancing. /KAIA/."

Michael shouts from nearby, "KAIA"

Landroval, the Eagle arrives, following Graham.

Peri has joined the plush, comfy sofas.

Brianna pinches Michael's cheek. "I beg to differ, princess," she says, pinching his cheek a little too hard before giving Evaristo a polite nod. "I don't believe we've met," she says, extening a hand. "Brianna Halfshav."

Ian did not, it is clear, expect to encounter this many people in the normally quiet Hart. He takes his time scanning the room, and then angles over to a table by the fire.

Ian has joined the table by the fire.

"Peri!~" chimes Kaia as she is embraced in a hug by her friend. The nearby laughter pulling her attention to meet the princess gaze, "Ah, princess Marisol!~ Lovely to see you again.~" she chimes in cheery spirits, before another shout of her name has her looking elsewhere. "/MICHAEL/" she replies in return, attempting to mirror his tone, with a face hinting of a 'what are you up to now?' sort of look.

Evaristo wipes his hands off on a napkin and then takes Brianna's, bowing over it as well. "Mockingbird Evaristo Arterius, very nice to meet you, Lady Halfshav," he greets with a charming smile, eyes glittering. Handshake is warm and firm and hands are calloused from physical labor.

"He probably wants you to dance," Peri claims to Kaia. She eyes Michael suspiciously.

The group is a boisterous example of camaraderie and for a moment Marisol merely watches as Ektor hovers behind her. It is really a lot to take in and she chuckles briefly at Brianna's pinching of Michael's cheek. Her attention is quickly drawn to Kaia though when she is welcomed. "Lady Kaia!" She lifts her voice to be heard over the others. That makes the decision for her as she closes the distance to the gathered as she dips her head, "A pleasure to see you again and you Lord Michael," she pauses, "Princess Marisol Valardin," is offered to the others so that introductions can be done with and she can see about some pie, "How is it?" she asks of Michael, who now has an empty plate which she reaches down for to take.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white mountain dog arrive, following Kenna.

Skye steps into the gaming house, a curious look on her face as she glances to see who's present. She flutters a fan and looks thoughtfully at the crowd, trying to figure out what fun is going on.

Graham can often times be found at the Hart having been known to be a regular before he was called away but he's back now entering the room he'll glance around before moving out of the way and well towards the groupings of people and well perhaps to get a drink.

Lisebet heard a magic word - pie. So she heads that way, curiously. "Hello everyone. Did I hear Lord Michael mentioning pie? If so, where is it, and may I have some?" She smiles, mischief lighting up her expression.

Ian eases himself into a seat by the fire, and signals the staff. It's busy enough that it's a little while before someone can get to him.

When Brianna shakes Evaristo's hand, her own grip is strong, with the smooth calluses of a swordsman. Or an axewoman, as the case may be. "Mockingbird? That's a new title to me. What precisely does a Mockingbird do?" she asks, helping herself to some pie.

"I want everyone to dance." Michael corrects Peri so very graciously. "PRINCESS MARISOL!" Michael greets Marisol in a way that is very dissimilar to the way that she greeted him. "This is Lady Kaia Bisland. The third prettiest Bisland. My cousin. This is Lady Peri Seliki She is.....Ahem. That is Lady Brianna Shav." Michael turns to point off towards Brianna.

There are plenty of pies arrayed upon a banquet table. Mostly pumpkin. Michael likes pumpkin pie. "Duchess Lisebet, there is much pie for you to feast upon."

Michael shouts from nearby, "PRINCESS MARISOL"

"They get people high and throw parties." Kenna enters just in time to hear Brianna ask Evaristo about his title. That's just how she does things. Her steps are taking her to Peri's side though with a tiny skip. "Peri - Please tell me you have some acorns today, or at least another one of those candy sticks."

Brianna's head turns sharply as Michael mangles her name. "What did you just call me?" she asks him, eyes narrowing.

Kaia raises a brow, "I adoubt it. He only dances with princesses.~" she says with a chuckle, to Peri; before glancing back towards Marisol. "Beware of him! He will steal you for a dance." she says warns her playfully, before surveying the crowd for more known faces. "Lady Lisebet!" she greets from afar with friendly smile.

"A Mockingbird.... flies around mocking people," Evaristo replies dead pan, eyes glittering with humor. "No, sorry. I am the Voice of the Bard's College - the title comes with that work," he notes with a grin. Hearing the dancing shouts, he lofts an eyebrow and looks like he wouldn't mind - then guffaws at what Kenna says. "She's not entirely wrong..."

"Brianna Quartershav!"

Eventually someone swings by Ian's table with a bottle of whiskey and a glass. He nods and pours a generous amount into said glass and then settles back with his drink.

Skye looks at all the people and then quietly slips out. The shy baroness finds the whole party a bit overwhelming and heads out to quieter pastures.

Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Skye.

"I have been dually warned," Marisol replies to Kaia though as Michael begins to introduce the others to her, she gives Kaia a rueful smile. "Nice to meet you, Lady Kaia..." like thy had not ever met before. Though she nods at to the others in turn, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Peri and Lady Brianna." Still laughing a bit the conversation is growing dizzying by the minute as more people enter the fray that is pie an conversation. "I think, I am going to get some pie before it is gone." She remarks and takes a side step to do just that. "Lord Micheal you really should dance with all the noblewomen." That is offered from over her shoulder as she takes up a plate and serves herself a bit of something that is not pumpkin pie but has a red filling - likely strawberry rhubarb.

Peri has a huge grin for Kenna. "Ahem," She quotes Michael. "I might." She rummages aruond behind all of the hairpins. One pops off, but she manages to find a treat for Sally.

Peri takes an acorn from her hair.

Peri drops an acorn.

Peri mutters, "Do you ... ... borrow ... clock for ... ... with Lord Michael? It flares."

Arcadia practically flounces in. Her attention immediately comes to Kenna "You! " And she scurries over to the other woman.

Lisebet smiles to Michael, with that introduction. "Lady Kaia," she greets as well. She gets pumpkin pie, without hesitation, along with a drink, and then once the important things are in hand, the five foot nothing, petite woman, turns back to everyone. "how is everyone? Is there an occasion for such a gathering?"

Brianna rolls her eyes at Michael, turning back to Evaristo. "Will you sing us a song?" she asks, turning on the charm. She nods politely to Lady Kaia and Lady Peri. "A pleasure," she says.

Kevin, a large raven with a split tongue arrives, following Valenzo.

Princess Acorn chatters with UTMOST happiness when her second favorite person pulls out that acorn. Launching herself between them Sally's tail is a flowing banner as she mugs that acorn for all it is worth. Kenna laughs loudly, then stands on tiptoes to get a glance at Marisol, "Nothing would make him more happy than to dance with all of the woman, but he is feeling his ~age~ lately. If he stays a bachelor much longer no one will want him." Sudden accosting goes on as Arcadia finds her side and Kenna beams. "ME! I didn't do it this time. The Iron Guard has looked into the matter right deeply."

Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Peri before departing.

Evaristo checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Evaristo wields Evaristo's Lute.

"I can play - it will be difficult to dance without proper music," Evaristo says with fake modesty and fake abash-ment (is that a word?). He swings his lute to the front, and jumps up on a chair so he will be raised above the dance floor. "How about the latest popular song, Life is a near Death Experience?" he suggests with a grin. He gets started, so that everyone can dance.

"Likewise lady Brianna; and, yes, a pleasure to have //just// met you...princess Marisol." she repies in the same manner to the princess, before letting out a giggle. Her eyes moving to the dance floor just then with a hint of excitement.

Evaristo drops LIFE IS A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - a song.


Ian drinks at a pretty respectable pace and divides his attention between the fire and, occasionally, the crowd.

Evaristo puts down a book with the text, so everyone can read and sing along - if they WANT TO.

Arcadia immediately grins at kenna's words "This is why /you're/ my favorite ironguard." She cheekily pokes her tongue out at Michael "Lord Michael is getting old. And serious." Her attention swings back to Kenna, serious for once "He's also getting serious. Old and serious. He told me off the other night."


Strawberry Rhubarb pie? No. No no no. No. Michael asked for all the bad pies to not be allowed at this gathering. Michael's happy demeanor and expression becomes cold and he glares across the room at that pie. That insidious villainous pie. How dare the Golden Hart allow such an abomination to be served here. "That Is Not Pumpkin Pie."

It is probably best that someone diverts Michael's attention from the social faux pax of Rhubarb. And its Kenna's arrival and teasing tone of voice. "I'll be fine. I'll never marry, be a spinster all my life. Force Kaia to bear Bisland an heir. Or Lailah. I think I'll pick Lailah because it will bother her more."

As Lisebet joins her at the pie table, Marisol looks up at her, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Duchess. Pumpkin I see," she notes the woman's choice before she takes a bite of pie and looks to the others when s well. The sheer amount of people is enough to make Marisol's eyes glaze a bit as another bite of pie is taken. Evaristo's acceptance to perform is noted, her head tiltsin as she listens and smiles a bit more. Her foot begins to tap as she continues to take small bites of her -non- pumpkin pie. STRAWBERRY RHUBARB is the best. She glance down at her pie when Michael protests and merely takes a rather exaggerated bite JUST for him. "MMMMMMMM" the Princess has manners.

Peri rights her hair. Diane deliver's a msesage that Peri scowls at. "Hmmph." She mutters to Eina. Eina looks at her, "Hey, he's got a point." Her guard stands off a ways and leans with her back against the wall next to the fireplace, carefully watching her charge. She bows respectfully to Lord Ian. "Lord."

Kaia says, "Oh yes, please, /do/ the first or the later, cousin. Spare me of that burden." she says with a laugh and a roll of the eyes, before making her way over to the dance floor."

Ian nods to Peri when she greets him, and takes another drink.

Lisebet smiles at Marisol, amused. "Indeed. I do enjoy the autumn pies," she says. "And also a pleasure to meet you, your highness." She looks at the expression on Marisol's face and offers gently, "It's a bit of a crowd, isn't it? Good for Lord Michael, but you might want to find a seat and relax a bit. It often helps take the pressure of the crowd away, just to get off one's feet."

"I wonder if I should worry that I've been called a favorite Iron Guard by nobility //and// commoners. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong." Kenna says as she slips her arm into Arcadia's. "Michael~" Sing-song, but nothing near as good as Evariso's music, "Your face will get stuck like that if you keep it up."

Valenzo makes his way into the Hart with a rather crusty old raven bobbing unsteadily on his shoulder, the Southport captain looking perhaps a little rumpled -- rubbing at his eyes, shoving a fist in his mouth to hide a yawn to boot, but in good cheer for all of it. Naps work wonders, see. When he spots Evaristo standing on yet another chair. "...Dear gods, how much have you had to drink Ev?" He calls, grinning wryly.

Peri leans in to speak to Kaia

Evaristo does dance moves up there, and uses the lute not only as a string instrument, but as a drum,. He tries to get people to stomp the rhytm; this music is definitely not meant for a balroom, it's fast and merry and inviting to some wild dancing. "Not a drop!" he calls to his friend, then picks up the music with even more energy, now hopping up on a table instead for more maneuver-room.

Peri has left the plush, comfy sofas.

Kaia pauses on her way to the dance floor to listen in to Peri.

Peri has joined the table by the fire.

Kaia has left the plush, comfy sofas.

Kaia has joined the dance floor.

Michael's eyebrows furrow and his face sets in consternation until Kenna is teasing him. His gaze snaps around onto Kenna and he almost growls. "Youuuu little so and so." But its enough to distract now, and Michael snags Kaia's hands when the music starts to play. "You. Me. Dancefloor. We will dance like the world is ending." YANKED! Following!

Michael has joined the dance floor.

Arcadia squishes Kenna fondly, an impish grin on her face "Or Something right. " She peers at Michael's face too "Poor Michael. We're likely ruining his party. "

Arcadia mutters, "... it ... I want to ... marbles under ... ... ""

Graham moves over to the group looking to a few in turn he seems rather thoughtful but quiet as he retrieves his drink and moves back to the crowd seeming to pick his way towards some others he pauses before he'll greet warmly though it's been a while "Lady Seliki, greetings. I hope i'm not interupting." He speaks to Peri taking a small drink from his mug.

Brianna sidles up to Peri. "Dance with me?" she asks the Seliki lady, canting her head.

Something about Brianna's offer to Peri seems to strike Ian as funny. He makes a huffing sort of sound that might pass for a laugh.

Kaia's eyes go wide as soon as her hand is snatched and she's dragged onto the dancefloor with a bit of a shriek and a set of giggles. "Ahh--Michael! Have you gone mad, cousin?!" she says, but no matter she's already there --and she was heading there anyways! So she's fine, and attempts to dance with the man.

"Nonsense, he loves it. Surely." Kenna says to Arcadia, before moving AWAY from the dancing area ad towards more comfortable seating. "Seems there is much too much dancing going on." Kenna is getting FAR FAR away from it.

Peri blinks. She opens her mouth to answer Graham and then shuts it when Brianna asks her to dance. "Lady Brianna, I do not wish to crush your feet or bruise your torse with my armor. Just ask Lord Michael about that." She nods in the direction of that lord. "Uh, You aren't interrupting?" She answers Graham. She looks skeptical. "I mean, if you have a dissertation? That would be interrupting. Chit chat is probably ok."

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

"This is quite the ..gathering," Marisol says in agreement to Lisebet as they stand together eating pie. As people snag each other to dance she smile. bit and then remarks behind her hand so hide her mouth still a bit filled with pie, "I think sitting might be the best idea. Do you care to join me or are you seeking a dance partner." She waits long enough to hear the Duchess' decision but moves towards a table that is not being danced on but near enough so that she can watch all that is going on.

Arcadia eyes remain alight. She /loves/ dancing. she however sniggers at Kenna "We throw pies at him?" she considers Michael, then suggests, "We throw the pies and then run, and blame it on someone else. Maybe Kaia. He won't stay mad at her."

Marisol has joined the table by the fire.

"...Doubtful," Valenzo mutters as Evaristo skips up onto the table, but his grin is bright as the bard captain begins to strum and sing. Val makes his way to the edge of the dance floor to watch those people swirling about with bright, amused eyes, flashing a smile and a wave in greeting to Peri and Kenna as he goes.

"I shall come join you, at least until the pie is gone," Lisebet tells Marisol. "If you do not object, of course." She too moves along towards that table.

Lisebet has joined the table by the fire.

Ian signals the staff and points to his table. A waitress nods. Some kind of message has clearly been sent.

Kenna has joined the table by the fire.

Brianna gives Peri a little grin and takes it in stride. "Then maybe you shouldn't wear armor to a dance party," she says with a shrug, going off to find someone to dance with her.

Kenna shakes her head quickly - "No no, it's better to stand up and take the blame for it ourselves. Poor Kaia, she's be so upset if blamed." Kenna doesn't know this, but she does follow the others moving towards a smaller area of the room. Lord Ian gets a bow as they near his little corner.

Arcadia prompts Kenna thoughtfully "Could we bribe her with pretty trinkets?" She flops down against the table and orders a bottle of wine.

Ian seems pretty blase about the number of people who have suddenly converged on the area he staked out in the Hart. He tops up his glass, and nods to Kenna. "Evening." Technically, it might count as morning now, but Ian doesn't look like someone who currently has a very regular sleep schedule. Or any kind of sleep schedule.

"I would not object at all, Duchess, please do." She glances up at Evaristo as the two walk with their pie to join Ian at his table. Marisol smiles up at the performance before glancing at the current occupant. "My lord, I hope you do not mind>" She asks and pulls at a chair to lower down into it once accepted to join, smoothing her thick skirts about her legs and sets the pie to table. Another bite of her strawberry rhubarb is taken.

Arcadia has joined the table by the fire.

A waitress swings by the table by the fire to unload a couple of bottles of wine, another bottle of whiskey, and a stack of glasses. She's setting down far more glasses than there are people at the table, but there may be method to Ian's madness. He selects a few and splashes whiskey into them to pass around.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: is being dragged around the dance floor by Michael. HELP!

"Luckily nothing as much as that just chit chat." Graham comments "Though if you wish to dance I would understand of course." He motions to the previous offer he looks curious though when he next speaks it's a bit lowered tone though it's not exactly a quiet room.

"Not mad. Or mad with good cheer!" Michael's arm sweeps about Kaia's waist to lift and spin her around the dance floor thats the move they are supposed to be doing. It is not. The people on the dancefloor already have to disperse to let them through with no little amount of blustering about rudeness. "Lady Kaia. How is your Arrow shoot going?"

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A party. Nothing lavish or extreme or overly amazing. Just good fun and altogether too much pumpkin pie for one man to eat.

The sound of tiny tinkling bells undercuts the general din of the gathering when Willow enters. She strolls over to Arcadia and offers a smile. "I heard there was a party."

Evaristo waves again to Valenzo and makes some gesturing with one hand as he plays with the other, insistant pointing at the bar, and then a pretend-drinking-motion. He /wants/ a drink - that much is obvious. He then starts on the next verse and his voice, raspy but entirely pleasant, carries over the noise.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Arcadia wiggles her fingers at Willow, "It seems I now am only attracted to parties my friend. I flitted from yours, to another and now I'm here. " She reaches for a glass of whiskey and gives a salute to Ian for this brilliant idea, before telling Kenna "I threw a glass at someone's face. Apparently he gets cranky when you break laws and start fights."

Kaia chuckles as she is being lifted, swayed and spinned around like there's no tomorrow. "It is going well.~ Although, lately I've been attempting to learn how to sword fight." she admits, showing him the bruised side of her face, hidden under a few strands of hair. "It hasn't been going well...Ajax got my face." she explains.

Michael checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"Not a bad orientation," Willow jests playfully, moving in for a hug. She looks to Marisol and says, "I don't believe I've yet made your acquaintance, my Lady."

Valenzo stares at Evaristo's flailing limb with an utter lack of comprehension, brows knitting in bemusement, for several minutes. Then the old raven on his shoulder spreads his raggedy wings and CAWS, and Val's eyebrows shoot up with apparent sudden understanding. He nods to Evaristo as if to say, What a sensible suggestion! And then promptly moves to the bar and orders himself an ale. He lifts his mug in salute to Evaristo, expression grateful.

Peri looks mostly amicable as she answers Graham in a low-ish voice.

Arcadia considers Kenna's words a moment "Really? " She gives Willow a quick hug before shouting across the floor at Michael "Hey Michael. Are you still angry at me? Kenna doesn't believe you get angry."

Evaristo makes some more gesturing between the verses, towards Valenzo. It's a raised fist, a smack to his own head and a... it could be that he's miming wringing the neck of a bird, but it could also be opening a wine bottle. Hard to tell. Either or, he continues the playing and then finishes the song in crescendo before taking a bow.

Glaning up at Willow from table introductions she smiles, "Marisol Valardin." Princess has been said enough and with the atmosphere so amiable and casual she does not see the need for it. Kidskin white glove come together, clapping in time to Evartistos's song. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

"How about you not get hit in the face? Isn't the the whole point of using a bow?" Michael grumbles at Kaia and her bruised up face. "You need to learn to not get hit. And probably a few other things." IGNORING Arcadia. Of course Mikey gets cranky.

Zelda, the royal messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

"Lady Willow Nightgold, Voice of Stonedeep," Willow offers in response as she smiles at Marisol. And then comes the cawing of the crow. The diminutive Nightgold starts to veer offer toward it. She has a smile for the bird, reaching for some small chunks of stale bread to feed, same as last time they met. Does the bird have an owner? Of course, but the animal is her focus.

Brady arrives, sauntering in with unearned confidence, holding a coin-pouch at the ready. He scans the crowd, noting a few faces, before he spots Michael, veering straight towards the Knight.

Kenna catches the tail end of Michael and Kaia's words and lifts her hands to her mouth to yell, "SHE DIDN'T STOP AFTER GETTING BEATEN UP THE FIRST TIME EITHER. SOME OF THOSE ARE FROM ANOTHER OPPONENT." #peanutgallary

"Well I'm trying! He caught me by surprise!" she says, "I'm not very good at dodging things yet..." she mutters, "--and yes, that is the whole point, but what if I need to defend myself up close?! I need to learn Michael!" she insists, while they spin, and sway, and whatever else one does at a dance floor.

Peri looks around to see if that is a crow or no and determins that it is, in fact, a raven.

Arcadia remarks to Kenna. Her hands flying everywhere in exaggeration "Except Iliana has banned me from champions" She sighs long-sufferingly, "Apparently throwing a glass is bad and not lady like behavior and I belong in the lowers if I am going to start brawling." From the tone of Arcadia's voice, this is probably a bi-weekly lecture at Leary house.

Evaristo's gaze sweeps over the area - some other musicians now step up generously to continue where he left, so he jumps lightly off the table and swings the lute back onto his back. He laughs quietly at Kenna's shouting, before he leans up at the bar near Valenzo. He gives Willow a charming smile as she comes over to feed the bird. "Watch it," he notes helpfully. "He bites."

Willow checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Lisebet is sitting mostly quietly, as she listens to the conversation at the table. She is however sipping at a glass of whiskey provided by Lord Ian.

Valenzo's got his face buried in the mug, so he misses most of the following pantomime, but he does glance back up in time to see the most ambiguous gesture at the tail end there. He squints at Ev in utter bafflement before the raven CAWS again and pecks at Val's scalp, and he scowls at the raven for a moment until Evaristo steps off the table and arrives at the bar. "Listen, I think I'm going to get you some wine, you look thirsty!" He says, turning to order his friend a glass of red passing it over to him once the glass is in hand.

He's something else when a rotund sailor with an enormous beard pushes through the crowd and mutters something urgent-sounding to him. Val blinks, nods, then mutters something to Ev before ducking out.

Brianna is drawn over to the bird and the feeding thereof. "My bird could beat up your bird," she says fanglessly, holding out some berries in her palm for the corvid.

Spin sway and /stop/. Because Michael's hand latches onto Kaia's and leads her promptly from the dancefloor off towards Kenna and their assembled little grouping. "Yes. But pacing yourself is important too. Getting hurt and being unable to train is more detrimental than not training hard enough." Kenna and Arcadia and whoever else. "And Kenna. Dear. Have you been helping Kaia?"

Kaia checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Arcadia noticing the man in the corner, she grabs two glasses of whiskey and lopes over to Brady. "Hi again." She hands him a glass and clinks it "Hair of the dog."

Kevin, a large raven with a split tongue leaves, following Valenzo.

Peri whispers something to Graham.

Evaristo whispers something back to Valenzo, then smiles lazily at the people near the bar; he downs his wine glass in one go. He probably won't get the 'classy' stamp on him anytime soon but seems to not be very worried. "Alright, lords and ladies, misters and misses," he calls. "Thank you for a nice shindig!" And he too starts leaving. He completely forgets to pick that book up...


Fancy, the highly discerning Graypeak Mountain pup, Alena Sparks, unamused first mate leave, following Evaristo.

Brady gives Michael a small bow of deference as host of this little shindig, though he doesn't bother to interrupt. When Arcadia arrives with a glass of whiskey, he gladly accepts it, echoing the sentiment, "Hair of the dog!"

A quick gulp, two, and he asks Cady, gesturing vaguely about, "News travelled through the grapevine about a party. What are we doing, exactly?"

Kaia rolls her eyes, as she is dragged once more to elsewhere. Her death stare setting on Kenna, with a gaze that hinted 'snitch', yet she remained quiet about her thoughts. "She has /not/; I've been training with the Malvici's." she explains, "Except /that/ time...with Ajax."

Ian has settled back into drinking his whiskey and watching the people come and go. (Not talking of Michaelangelo, though. This isn't that kind of poem.)

"Please Michael~ Lady Kaia's made it quite clear that she doesn't want my advice." Kenna says this loosely as she moves over in her seat. There's real fondness in her tone for Michael as she makes room for them all to join them.

Willow wanders off as the bird leaves, taking its humans with it. She makes her way back over toward Brady and Arcadia.

Arcadia leans in and whispers to Brady about the mischief she has been planning.

Graham listens in quietly thinking a moment perhaps judging the reaction to the question though he ponders before responding as well though deciding to sit for the moment it would be easier before responding in the same tone used previously.

Graham has joined the table by the fire.

Peri gazes whistfully at Lady Brianna

Kaia raises a brow, "Advice? You mean to not fight Ajax?" she wonders, not really knowing what advice the woman was going on about, or at least evidently not recalling.

Kaia has left the dance floor.

Kaia has joined the table by the fire.

Kenna points at Kaia, like the woman has just made her point completely. Whatever that point may have been.

Maja arrives, following Fiora.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

Arcadia pulls Willow and Brady closer to the shadowy alcove. Easier to speak away from the loud crowd

Arcadia has left the table by the fire.

Arcadia has joined the shadowy alcove.

Willow has joined the shadowy alcove.

Sorrel has joined the table by the fire.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Brady greets Willow with a hug, then follows along gormlessly towards the shadowy alcove, "That's definitely -a- plan, Cady. Not sure -I- could get away with it though..."

Brady has joined the shadowy alcove.

Sorrel slips into the party and heads immediately to Ian's usual table, which is surprisingly full for once.

Michael has left the dance floor.

Ian sits at a rather crowded table by the fire. There are empty, clean glasses here. There are bottles of whiskey. Two of them. And when Sorrel shows up, Ian pours a glass for her and slides it across the table. "Princess Sorrel."

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"Oh no no no. I'm not so sure I'm sitting done with this group of women here." So many women. All..staring and judging and expecting him to do things. "I mean. I wouldn't fight Ajax. Or talk to him. Or stand down wind of him. Or up wind for that matter. But thats just me." Michael isn't a judgey man, is he?

Sorrel takes the glass of whiskey from Ian and nods gratefully. "Lord Ian," she says pleasantly in greeting.

Ian's gaze slides over to Michael as he talks. Speaking of judging. He just -- watches, his gaze intense and absolute, his reaction difficult to read. Then he looks away, back to Sorrel. "How are you?"

"I promise not to judge, Lord Michael. At least not publicly." Lisebet offers.

Kaia rolls her eyes, "Well, either way, whatever advice it was...if it was /that/ it was already too late that day. I had already gotten beat up." she explains, "Of course, after that...I did try giving it a go with a less crazed opponent." she notes.

Marquessa Pudding... is perhaps Willow's favorite dog in all of Arvum. So she immediately starts trying to call the pup over with promises of treats as she talks in the alcove with Brady and Arcadia.

Two women enter, talking softly. Though their contrasts in nature could not be more stark. Fiora Malvici walks beside Maja Darling, the former all ice and indifference. The latter, not so much. Fiora's forsty gaze sweeps over the inhabitants of the tavern her lips immediately drawing into a thin line. "This is more of a crowd than I was expecting." The Malvici states flatly. Her eyes linger on a few of those present, in particular, Ian and Sorrel before the woman is glancing to the couches. "The couches seem to have room."

Kaia has left the table by the fire.

Kenna stands and stretches herself fully. "I'll be really disappointed if you don't ask both the princesses to dance." That said as she kisses Michael's cheek briefly. Then OUT, out Kenna goes with little finger wiggles at her friends she's leaving behind.

Marquessa Pudding is a hefty white dog who's heavyset for her breed, and she knows that Willow is a source of treats, so she's quite interested in snuffling over that way to see if the woman will feed her some sort of tasty treat. She is absolutely one of the worst things to bring to a crowded party, because she's an enormous dog who doesn't care if people trip over her.

There are lots of fancy people here. So many nobles! Royalty, too! Gosh. Maja enters alongside Fiora, her bright gaze and wide smile a sharp contrast to the Malvici lady's more reserved countenance. The curly-haired commoner -- because it is easy to tell that she is just that -- smoothes her hands over her simple clothing and pulls herself up straight and tall: clearly, she is trying to put her best foot forward and make a good first impression. "What a lovely place," she intones, sucking in a breath. She bites down on her lower lip, trying to keep her grin from growing /too/ wide and the young woman scrunches up her nose delightfully as she nods to Fiora's suggestion of the couches.

Kenna has left the table by the fire.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white mountain dog leave, following Kenna.

Peri is sitting at the table with Lord Ian and many more people than she expected. Some of these people seem dressed suspiciously like people who would normally be dancing. She watches them all. Every now and then she nods politely and says some chitchat phrase like, "I see."

Brady is chatting quietly, maybe even suspiciously, with Willow and Arcadia at a shadowy alcove.

Michael has joined the table by the fire.

By this point, most of the Peerage knows to expect Willow will be smoking haze and drinking juice rather than wine at events such as these. And today proves not at all exceptional in that right. Shs has a few good sized knots of jerky which she feeds the pup as she lavishes it with affection.

Kaia has joined the table by the fire.

Arcadia talks rapidly with her friends in the corner, occasionally using her hands to express her point.

Even though she /just/ said couches, Fiora's eyes fix on the table by the fire. And rather than guide Maja over to the couches, Fiora takes a sharp turn and heads towards the table by the fire. /Just/ as another seat gets taken. There is a moments pause as the Malvici looks down at the occupants of the table before gesturing to Maja. "If you all haven't met. Majandra Darling." A beat. "And I am Fiora Malvici." The more severe woman gestures to Maja to the table by the fire. "Please, sit."

"Well met," Lisebet says with a smile. "I am Duchess-Consort Lisebet Ashford."

Ian nods to Fiora and Maja when they come over. "Lord Ian Kennex." He's either introducing himself to Maja, or just telling her his name. Or saying some words for reasons known only to him. It's hard to read any kind of intent in his flat tone.

Peri grabs an empty chair and sets it near her. She beseeches Kaia to sit there by her eyes and some muttering.

A radiant smile is given to those seated by the fire, Maja tipping forward in a bow that causes the riotous mop atop her head to shiver and bounce. "It is a delight to meet you all, m'lords and ladies." As she straightens, her eyes sweep across Sorrel and, recognizing her from the Open Throne hours, she adds: "Your highness." When Fiora tells her to sit in the last remaining spot though, the young woman's dark eyes go wide. "Oh, I couldn't. Please, you should take the seat."

"I am Princess Sorrel Thrax, the Bladesong," Sorrel offers, just in case anyone didn't recognize her, because fame is a somewhat uncanny thing. She's being polite, of course, smiling at those she doesn't know, nodding to them.

Ian seems to be, in lieu of remembering to introduce people to other people, making sure everyone has a glass of whiskey. At some point in the past, he had one of the staff just deliver a giant stack of glasses and two full bottles. Like he knew this was going to happen. The upshot being that he makes sure Michael, Kaia, Maja, and Fiora all have drinks, before topping up his own. He's making a pretty good dent in one of those bottles all by himself.

Eina has been trying to catch Peri's eyes for a while now. She does and then Peri quickly adds, "I'm Lady Peri Seliki, of Pearlspire."

Dolmen, a Crimson Agent arrives, following Harlex.

Rising with a ringing of bells as her hand moves, Willow offers Maja a wave in greeting. "Wonderful to see you again, Darling," she greets, eyes sparkling with playful mirth when Majandra's last name doubles as an affectionate greeting.

Brady finds his way over to the couches by the fire, eyeing Maja curiously. Giving her a closer inspection, "Maja? Lil Maja, Gods it's been forever." He touches his chest, "It's Shady Bra-" He catches himself, looking towards the company kept by the couches. For their benefit, his accent becomes mor polished, "Brady Grayhope."

Michael settles back into his seat, comfortable and glad that at least everyone has already eaten all the strawberry rhubarb pie so it is gone from his sight. "I am Lord Michael Bisland, of Pridehall." Michael interjects to introduce. Looking around now to see who he might ACTUALLY be introducing himself to.

Arcadia also waves to Maja "Hello again. Hi! "

Peri mutters something to Graham.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman arrives, following Martino.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman have been dismissed.

Harlex walks into the Hart with the most innocent of intentions -- a decent drink. What he finds is, of course, a nightmare of social good times. The Sword of Lenosia narrows his eyes for a moment and then tries to make his way over toward the bar.

Kaia looks around slightly confused for a moment, "Oh, are we making introductions?" she wonders, looking around to catch sight of the unknown faces before actually letting her name be known. Her eyes set on Graham and Maja for a moment and then she says, "I'm Kaia Bisland. Definitely, not related to /him/." she says pointing at Michael with a grin.

The table in front of the fire is full to overflowing. This may have something to do with the giant stack of empty glasses on its surface, the two bottles of whiskey, and the fact that Ian is handing out drinks in lieu of displaying good manners.

"Sit." Fiora repeats in a flat tone to Maja. "I'm sure I can sit in a moment." The Malvici is dismissive in tone towards the young woman. She raises up a hand in a forestalling gesture to Ian. "I'm alright. Thank you." The Malvici glances over to Peri and gives a light nod. "Fiora Malvici." Is repeated flatly before finally she looks to Sorrel. "Your highness, it has been a bit. I hope you have been well."

Seated at the ever growing table and watching more join them, her pie is finished and the plate is taken up. Marisol watches the exchanges in quiet. A faint smile is offered to all of those who join them and she can not help but smile, "Princess Sorrel, pleasure." And for all of those still arriving she offers a dip of her head, "Princess Marisol Valardin." Yes, she ate some of the strawberry rhubarb pie several of the other nobles enjoy as well. Slowly she pushes herself up to make room for others since she is done feasting. Her chair scrapes back as she does and then steps aside to go take care of her empty plate.

Marisol has left the table by the fire.

Brady makes a quick note on paper, and sends it off with a nearby servant.

Fiora has joined the table by the fire.

Harlex checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

There is a glass of whiskey in Maja's hands -- this immediately endears Ian to her heart. Not that she doesn't have the habit of thinking the best of everyone but this certainly gives him extra 'good' points. "Oh," she perks, her lips already curved in a smile stretching even more so. "Thank you!" She lifts her glass, toasting Ian and then the room. "To health and happiness!"

Fiora is, again, telling her to sit so she starts to move into the seat. But! Willow is greeting her so her attention goes here, her free hand lifting in a wave. "It's lovely to see you as we- .. Brady!" There is a man with her, a man she knows, and she makes some quick apologies to go over and give the fellow a hug. "It's been an age and a half! Do I look taller?" She laughs and gives him a wink.

Dolmen, a Crimson Agent leaves, following Harlex.

"Ah, my, a distant cousin. Which branch of the Valardins are you, Princess Marisol?" Sorrel inquires curiously with an easy smile, readily distracted from talk of songs. There are a lot of people talking to her. "Lady Fiora," she greets pleasantly. "I have been quite busy."

Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon arrives, following Orrin.

Striding in from the southern door, with a slick back of his hair with the right hand, the Lord Martino enters the room. With a tuck of his right arm underneath his torso after, he bows low to those present, "A good morning to you, Princesses. Ladies, Lords... Sirs and all." He strides further in from the door with a curl of his lips, nodding in passing to those greeting, to bring himself to his Lady Bisland, "Ah Kaia... Kaia! How - are - we my sweetheart?"

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 lower.

Smiling as she looks between Brady and Majandra, Willow says, "I'm going to let you two catch up." And she starts to slip away.

Willow has left the shadowy alcove.

Looking like he's been working harder than any noble really ought to (and is thus in search of a good drink), Orrin wanders in, helm tucked under his arm. He starts for the bar before he realizes that he's wandered into An Event, and pauses, surveying those in attendance.

Peri seems about to say something to Graham. She's not particularly comfortable what with all the eyebrows and meaningful looks. And then her father arrives.

Eina, Peri's guard, looks pointedly at Orrin, and nods over at Peri.

Those in attendance are mostly sitting around the overcrowded table by the fire, possibly because there is a large stack of glasses on it surface, and two bottles of whiskey, and Ian seems to be handing out glasses of alcohol when people sit down, between drinks from his own glass.

Pausing as Sorrel asks she smiles, "My sisters are Zara and Mercedes, our mother was Patrice Valardin," she says, "Sister to Prince Edain's father," she offers to Sorrel. "I would like to think most of us are related distantly in some fashion," she adds and glances up at the greeting from Martino as Marisol holds her empty pie plate. She pauses as a server goes and politely hands off her empty plate so she can dust her gloved hands together. "I trust you re well?"

Peri looks longingly at Lady Brianna. In another world she might have accepted the dance.

Brady squeezes Maja tight, releasing her to remark, "Are you kidding? You're not a tiny thing anymore..." He glances briefly to Fiora, adding, "And, you've certainly come up in the world." He gestures towards Willow, only to find she's departing, "You've met... Lady Nightgold... and uh, and Cady Leary." He looks back, seeming a bit confused, "Everyone seems to be clearing 'out'..."

At about that time, Brady recieves a message, from the very same servant he sent off, "Oh look, something urgent." He shoots the crowd at the couch a brief glance, wordless, before telling Maja, winking, "We'll catch up." And off he goes with a wave.

Catching sight of Martino making his way over, Kaia instinctively rose to her feet, from where she was seating (right next to Peri), to meet him. "Ah, my darling!~" she beams at him, going straight for an embrace, "I am well. Slightly hurting." she admits, a bruise on the side of her face quite vissible. "And you?~"

Kaia has left the table by the fire.

That's as good as invitation; Orrin wanders over to that table, though not to sit at it - to come up behind Peri and drop a hand on her shoulder. "Hello, Peri," he says, and there's a brief, if tight, smile. "Are we up to no good today?"

"Ah, I see. Yes, Isabeau, Beaumont, and Sophie Valardin are my closest Valardin cousins," Sorrel replies to Marisol, thoughtfully slotting her into the family tree with a small smile. "It is good to meet Zara and Mercedes sister, then. They are friends, and I hope that you shall be as well." She takes a drink of her whiskey.

Fiora Malvici watches Brady flatly before her eyes are flicking over to Marisol. "A pleasure, Princess Marisol. Have you come from Sanctum recently? I actually have my bags packed and will be visiting shortly. I hope the weather there is alright at present." The Malvici interjects, glancing over to Sorrel then back to Marisol.

Martino rests his fingertips on Kaia's sides for a moment, leaning from cheek to cheek of hers to lightly peck them as he chuckles low to her, "Lord Michael put this on impromptu?! Is he ensuring when you are with us Malvici, that socialite goes to him?" He bows his head low to the Princess Marisol, "Quite well, Your Highness. Very well...." After he concerns himself with Kaia's voice, leaning back from her to inspect the bruise, "Oh my! So you have been. That is not from yesterday, is it?"

Arcadia gives a quick wave and heads for the door "Night everyone."

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