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Princess Marisol Valardin

Chaotically our lives unwind themselves into fraying threads. It is why we seek each other out so that there are more than one set of hands to weave it back into order.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Empathetic Arbiter
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birthday: 9/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair

Description: The elegance of her lithesome frame culminates in a long neck and a youthful countenance set within a small oval face. Large brown eyes centered with a slender nose reflect an innocence that is not echoed in the regal way she carries herself. Thick brown waves of hair cascade down to the middle of her back left often left simply unrestrained. The ease of her smile shows the depths of quiet observation when it paints her full lips.

(Looks a little exhausted in the form of dark circles under her eyes.)

Personality: Jovial and warm, Marisol is a soul who seeks the path that overlaps the many. The few rare occasions where she speaks up for her beliefs is an indication of how much weight they carry for her. There is something about conflict that draws her attention. The focused tailor or artists examining a tapestry and spotting the loose thread of adversarial intentions. She isn't one to let sleeping dogs lay for the sake of progress. One might think she would be cold due to her aspirations for law keeping and making, but nothing could be further from the truth. She laughs, she smiles. She smiles a lot at the simplest of things. As she is empathetic and thoughtful she is never at a loss of acquaintances but tends a small garden of those she was unflaggingly loyal to. She gives of herself gladly while enjoying the simpler beauty in life with a vivacious interest in the current climate of the land. If one were to describe the Princess it would be inquisitively shy - keeping of herself but seeking to learn more of others. There is no better way to understand the world around her than to know those that live in it. Despite her demure exterior there is an inner thirst for more adventurous thrills and knowledge both by experience or research. Her attention may be pointed towards the future but her mind is firmly rooted in the past.

Background: Marisol was born the second of a set of identical twin girls, the first being named Amaranta. She grew up inseparable from her sister though it became rather apparent even at a young age the Amaranta had a thirst for adventure that exceeded Marisol's own and even over the youngest's tentative nature. Amaranta was often in trouble and the focus of their mother's ire for being unladylike which contributed to the peace seeking nature of Marisol who more often than not was the bridge between the two.

Amaranta was the bright inspiration for Marisol - pushing the youngest outside her comfort zone and making her far more open over time.

When the two were twelve Amaranta was lost to one of her escapades. A spring flood caused a stream to swell over and in an attempt to be daring she fell in and was swept away. Marisol saw the waters sweep her sister away and soon engulf the young Princess. Her body was recovered further down and left Marisol withdrew for nearly half a year and at which time, though no one knows how, she came out of her retreat

Marisol flourished in her own studies and grew to look up to her elder sister Zara who was keen of mind. Wanting to walk nearly the same road Marisol found her own path diverged slightly. That which was out of order was given order. Everything had a place and something out of it could easily be sorted back into the pattern. Her keen mind could go no further at the royal holdings in the Oathlands and the inquisitive young Princess was packed up and sent to learn more about the rest of the Compact in Arvum beside her elder sister.

Name Summary
Ajax A kind seeming princess, the city is stuffed full of them, but she is remarkably kind and genuine seeming. Good for her. I am sure she'll have great things in the future. Though, likely a bit of heart break. Wish her the best though.
Alecstazi A Princess with a kind heart. Made me feel welcome without making a fuss. Never have I appreciated Oathlander etiquette more than today. She is a lovely voice in this new dark world.
Alessandro New to Arx, but has already procured an animal, which is half the battle right there.
Alexio The beautiful Valardin princess with outstanding taste for brocade. I like her! She seems friendly and is so nice -unlike her bodyguards...they scare me.
Apollo Hey, I was right - a Valardin princess! I don't think I've met her before. Who is she reminding me of?
Athaur A beautiful princess, of tact and ettiquete.
Berenice Lovely taste in fashion! And entirely pleasant company.
Bhandn Some would despair over the loss of image, even when offered help. That she handled both with dignity speaks more volumes than the books she was purchasing that day.
Bonnie I guess if anyone can judge a Prince's tempers it'd be a Princess. She seems pretty hard to rattle, or maybe she likes the blood and thunder approach better than her husband would.
Caius A smart child now grown into a smart young woman. She will no doubt be the legal expert of the next generation of Valardin.
Cristoph A princess of House Valardin and one prepared to begin a social campaign to see a portion of the Oathlands kept peaceful and safe. In a world where we're so quick to reach for the sword and let blood flow, someone that looks for an alternative is a crucial and important part of any team.
Domonico Seems that this Princess is not a fan of coffee either.
Erik Princess Marisol is an excellent conversationalist and we share similar interests. I'll be happy to share some glasses and ideas with her.
Evaristo The epitome of proper etiquette and charm even at such a young age. I hope she gets into all SORTS of trouble when nobody is looking!
Evonleigh The Valardin princess is charming and warm, and clearly clever and sharp all at once. A delightful juxtaposition of traits.
Faye A bright young woman who is pleasant company. She works with Magistrate Alessandro, and she seems to have a good opinion of him.
Fiora A diplomatic and articulate princess of Valardin. I am sure she is quite useful. And lovely besides, I'm sure.
Flavien We both know each other's secrets. That is the strongest and most perilous of alliances.
Gawain She laughed at my jokes and antics - This Princess will be on my list of those I enjoy spending time with!
Giuliano Princess of Valardin with blood of Zaffria - a most interesting combination. I can see how the two combine so beautifully in her, like a rare combination of scents or vintages to produce something more than the sum of its parts. Her conversational ability? Delightful. I felt a bond of friendship over a brush of fingers, a mutual admiration, a cup of cider. I shall make sure to write her, this is someone I ought to know well.
Hadrian An unexpected crossing of paths. An unplanned rendevous. Yet it was far more mentally and socially stimulating than many planned meetings that I regularly face. She possesses a mind that isn't shackled to only what lays before her. She is unafraid to peer deeper. It is something which could certainly spell a great deal of trouble for her in this world, as curiosity is sometimes an unpleasant trait. She seems clever though, so she may just come out on top of it all. It is my hope that her tapestry will prove to be exceptional in size, filled to furthest edges with accomplishment and wonder.
Helena The Valardin princess is bright, charming, and polite, and I am sure she will do wonderful work in the city. She has a sense of humor, clearly, one that is subtle and refined as well.
Ian Definitely Valardin.
Jeffeth A Valardin Princess! She seems lovely. Was she petting a lamb? That's fun! I suppose!
Kaia A lovely and friendly princess; she was so gracious even when speaking of my 'exuberant' cousin (oh Michael, we all /know/ how he is) gods bless her!
Kaldur A fabulous dancer, despite her awful partner. I think Michael Bisland owes her an apology.
Kenna A more quiet woman - but not silent, nor I believe did she strike me as shy. It was an... interesting group at the Hart that day.
Lottie I met the princess first by letter and within it she treated me with respect and kindness. She also let me sing! A very sweet woman.
Lucita An amicable, Valardin Princess interested in singing and music. She also has an interest in horses and can hold her own in a conversation, has a pleasant laugh when amused. I will look forward to working with her more over time.
Mabelle The Magnificent M. Funny, ambitious and kind. I adore her!
Maja Valardin princess. She had a wee lamb with her; I have never seen a farm animal in a bar! She seemed very nice -- the princess, not the lamb. Although I am sure the lamb is nice as well. The princess seemed rather tired and had a lot of work to tend to. Poor thing!
Martino Young Princess has been recently inspired to study law. Truly, such scholarly ambitious are truly pleasing to see.
Michael She delights me. Warm and friendly, pristine and graceful. She commands attention when she in a room, and her voice quiets conversation. I respectand enjoy her company immensely.
Mikani Generous. Wonderful host. Should get to know her better.
Monique She could not have made a better impression had she stolen a pair of candlesticks from Valardin to present to me! The wonderful Princess Marisol was a delight to meet, and along with her competence, has a wry wit I very much enjoy.
Narcissa Poised and possessing of good humor, though has an ear for poetry when she hears it.
Norwood A poised woman, seeming to be of two worlds.
Orrin A lovely dancer, and quite put Lord Bisland in his place - a true pleasure.
Petal A lovely princess who is holding a party soon. She is studying law and drawing. It seems she has many talents.
Reese A charming princess who carries herself with elegance and has an adorable lamb.
Reigna She is everything I think of when I think of a Princess. She is erudite, self-possessed and charming. She speaks with confidence and is warm, welcoming and courteous. I should like to know her better, certainly, as I feel there is a spark buried beneath her decorum.
Riagnon Lady Kenna's patron /and/ Lady Radhilde's for that matter... which is a high compliment for House Acheron. Very congenial at parties, but I'd expect nothing less from an Oathlands princess.
Ronja Another kind soul willing to share a fire with an islander who can't abide the snow... although the fire in a Princess's home is by definition much nicer than just about anyone else's. The enthusiasm she has for hearing about my pirate days makes me wonder just how much she's kept cooped up in here...
Rukhnis Courteous, and curious. Also a tea drinker, which is a thing for approval.
Rysen A Valardin princess of elegance and grace, who shines with all the best virtues of true nobility.
Saro A complex woman composed of interesting dualities. I'm very much looking forward to designing her dulcimer.
Sebastian An Oathlander Princess, her passion and determination only serve to enhance her bearing. I look forward to reminding her how interesting and alluring the Lycene part of her heritage can be.
Selene What a delight to find an organizational virtuoso in a sublime brocade dress who knows the art of coming directly to the point when needed. Someone I see myself working with well.
Tescelina A true Princess of Valardin. Excellent taste in tea.
Vega A kindred spirit, it would seem. She holds herself well, has a fondness for tea, and is perhaps almost as distasteful of pranks and crassness as I am. I could see us becoming friends, and I would very much like to aim for such.
Venturo A newly arrived princess to Arx, one who has a duality to her mind: law upon one side, and creative play writing upon another. A fitting and enjoyable conversational companion to have at the Raconteur.
Willow She seems nice and somewhat less formal than some of her kin.
Yasmine A young princess of the Oathlands who carries herself well, as is expected of her rearing. She had a mutual interest in the exploration of Raconteur Brewery where Yasmine encountered her while on the very same journey. How interesting that paths should cross that way.
Zara It seems every time that I step away and then return that Marisol has grown twice as fast as I expected. She was always smart, and now she's growing clever. It's incredible how she's grown.