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A Sky Full of Stars Party

Come for a moon-viewing party and behold the heavens in all their glory with a nadir-of-summer party. Stellar attire requested, though no masks or masquerades necessary. When dusk falls, other lights rise. This event marks the official opening of the Lasting Hope Observatory in the Sanctuary of the Lost. Beverages will be provided, and there may just be an exciting game or two.


March 5, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Arik Eilonwy Beatrice Mikani Peri Gianna Corban Zeriax Vincenzo Mirk Ruslan Azova Ophelia Evonleigh Anabelle Orrin Avary Tabitha Scythia Carita Roxana Agostino Jeffeth Ajax Gretchen(RIP) Aerwyna Gilroy Thesarin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Lasting Hope Observatory

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Lady Delilah's party at the new observatory was interesting. I enjoy any kind of game where gemstones are involved, particularly if you get to keep them at the end. I won a rather handsome set of haircombs and am trying to decide on a suitable outfit to wear them with. Sometimes the acquisition of a new piece of jewelry gives me an idea for new clothing.

I'm afraid I get rather seasick, and so I shan't be attending the upcoming event on the caravel. However, the book launch celebration sounds fun, and Lady Monique always has interesting prizes. I've another gown I've been dying to wear and jewelry to match.

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For a proper star-viewing party, it actually has to be dark. Rather lucky that the summer wanes into the autumn for the night sky deepens out of twilight into a long, glimmering shred of velvet unspooled from a celestial bolt. The path up to the Lasting Hope Observatory wends its way through the Sanctum of the Lost, specifically the Shrine of Aion -- the Lost, by any other name is just as sweet -- with a good three dozen paper lanterns pinned down by small stones collected off beaches from the various principalities of the Compact. They guide the way up to the vast metal doors that leads into the most impressive cylindrical drum this side of the Crown Ward. To be sure, for many people, they might not even quite realize what it is, beyond a brick layer cake.

The interior is dim, not quite pitch dark, not with the moon little more than a crescent smudge still rising. Fortune favours the clear skies emerging from the crepuscular display. But for those not prepared to wander about the great open interior, there are a few very interesting diversions. Tapestries set up in a wide arc glitter with promise and the hidden metallic threads buried within. More of those paper lanterns hang high, high, /high/ overhead at the viewing platform up all those spiralling stairs that climb heavenward. And there's more food than someone needs to shake a stick at in the side rooms that usually might serve as classrooms.

Arik arrives with Mirk at a leisurely pace the Sword of Whitehold casting his attention around those just arriving as if seeking something. "You will like Lady Azova cousin she's a way with banter." he says in an off-hand rumble accompanying a heavy pat of his hand on the elder Halfshav's shoulder before spying Carita and Azova and giving Mirk a guiding grip on the shoulder to lead him in that direction. "Countessa Darkwater, Lady Azova... This is my cousin and Elder shaman Mirk Halfshav... Cousin this is Lady Azova." with introductions made he lets go of the man's shoulder and offers his arm to Carita with an easy grin.

Entering the observatory, Eilonwy looks about curiously. A building to view stars in seems a little counter intuitive to the prodigal but she keeps an open mind, taking in the crowd with a small, polite smile in place.

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Beatrice Malespero, with her dark Lycene hair and dark umbra dress, decides she may have made a slight clothing miscalculation as she slows at the entrance, eyes adjusting to the observatory's dim lighting. Her gaze is inevitably drawn skyward. "Pardon me," she murmurs to someone's shoulder as she nudges her way inside the crowding room.

Mikani had been there for a bit. She enjoyed the observatory. Her dark eyes moved to the ceiling as she looked around. Seeing Carita, Mirk, Arik, and Azova ... Mika waves. "Hello Darkwaters and Halfshavs. Good to see you all." She smiles at them warmly.

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Lady Peri showed up early to this event out of an overwhelming curiosity to see exactly what an observatory does. She's babbling to Master Zeriax as he finishes the final touches on her face paint--she could not find any fripperies at home with a theme of the stars above. She had to make do with starfish pins until Zeriax offered to paint her face to match his style.

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Gianna shimmers in. It's a verb, wearing what she's wearing. So many imitation stones adorn the umbra gown, glittering like stars in the void. The skirt of the gown is an accurate constellation map. She's worn it before - it caused quite the stir - but this is the perfect opportunity to wear it again, and so she is. Diamonds sparkle at her ears and throat and hand.

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Corban makes his way on into the Last Hope observatory, Princess Ophelia on his arm. He leans over and murmurs to her, quietly, before gesturing when there is an announcement of an archery competition. "You ought to go compete. You are sure to place well, I am sure!" He smiles brightly at her, urging her along.

Half-naked once again, but painted in the requested theme, Zeriax was wearing a carved amber star around his belt, along with his various pouches. With all the dark paint over him, his eyes stood out that much more, seemingly yellow in the dimly lit atmosphere. It people weren't careful and didn't noticed the sparkling silver glitter covering his body, they might well walk into the man. "Voila!" He said as he finished Peri's facepaint. "There. Now you're the face of the stars above. Rejoice!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air.

Vincenzo makes his way alone to the area where the evening viewing will be happening, the tapestries catching his fancy as he pauses near one to take in the artwork of woven thread and metal.

"I always become suspicious of anyone you try to talk up," Mirk says in a low rumble. He folds his arms over his chest, watching the crowd for the moment, rather than the skies. He's dressed in simple linens and wools in earthen tones, almost respectable, though he's wearing shamanistic charms tied into his full beard and his sleeves are rolled up over his arms, exposing the tattoos on his left arm. He offers the occasional nod, to those familiar faces in the crowd, though more get nothing but an idle look.

Escorting Lady Anabelle Lyonesse on his arm, Ruslan looks around the party as his eyes feast on the woman next to him. There's a small nod of approval to her, and he lifts his other hand to pat hers. "You look lovely this evening. Even the stars pale." he points out. "And I will participate in the archery. May I have your favor for the event?"

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Azova holds herself close to the countess Carita, floating in a close orbit to the other lady who is obviously the more confident of the pair. The approach of the familiar Arik and less familiar Mirk seems to bring her out on her own, slightly, giving the pair a broad grin - which is flashed to side side to give Mikani a smile as well. "Lady Redreef," she says, with an approving nod as an eye passes over the girl's clothes. She looks up at Mirk and gives him a smile, switching to lingering near him, instead. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Mirk," she says.

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Ophelia Velenosa is dressed in her ebony silks with matching sequined flats as she enters the area with Sir Corban. A pair of night-dark handwraps scattered with shattered and polished duskstones resemble the night sky, as do the darkened string of pearls around her neck. With her blonde hair done up into an elegant chignon, she fits the gathering's starlit theme quite nicely. There's a polite nod and a smile for the guests she recognizes, and a finger waggle wave for the Lady Delilah herself. There's a murmur to Sir Corban and a nod to follow, "I think I will."

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There /is/ a Delilah around here, it just takes a moment to find her. Look for the umbra. Look for the metal, in fact, a lot of it that shines in the lowlight conditions of the observatory. The glass panels up there aren't in fact fully intact. With a bit of cunning pulleywork, they start to slide back, the better to open fully for an unrestricted view above the rather impressively large sextant of a sort that might make navigators weep and fall completely in love with one another. She carries a glass lantern held up, to make spotting her somewhat easier considering it's a brilliant shade of blue-white glass similar to the star at her throat. "Hello everyone! Good evening!" Her voice, when willed to project, is more than decent at being heard in the acoustically elegant space. It's no Gianna equivalent, but up to the task. "Welcome to the Lasting Hope Observatory -- something raised in honour of our future, a reminder of our past, and a message to always look to one another and outward. Feel free to help yourselves to any food. However, if you drink, I am not responsible for you going up to the top," she lifts the lantern towards that platform. It's a few stories high. "And you become too scared to come down, you have to bargain with Lord Arik or another to carry you. I won't."

Evonleigh enters, nearly aglow in an aeterna dress that sparkles with silver stars when the light hits it just so. She looks around, smiling at the glow of lantern light in the dark space, the paper lanterns not quite doing enough to outshine either the stars above or the lovely gowns and shirts that also emulate the celestial beauty of the firmament. She has her arm tucked in her cousin Tabitha's. "I cannot describe the feeling of flying I have in the dream. It feels so real, and so freeing," she says a little breathlessly to Tabitha, before turning to smile at those already present, fingertips wagging at Gianna and then her sister as Delilah begins to speak.

Zeriax mutters, "Thank ... ... ... you like me to paint your face after the contest?"

Arik briefly glances towards the hostess at the mention of his name and echoes the sentiment in a rumbling voice, "I've once wrestled a mountain lioness, fear not Lords or Ladies. I can carry you safely."

Milling about Eilonwy gives Mirk and Arik a small wave in passing, Azova as well before wandering a little more to see who all is around and what attractions the gathering holds.

Sticking close to Ruslan's side, Anabelle is a little more subdued in her umbra gown with it's image of a crescent moon and a lazy cat on the bodice. Her lashes flutter just a little bit at the Marquis' compliment, "You're too kind my Lord. And of course you have my favor." She leans in to whisper something in his ear for him alone.

Mikani looks at Arik and laughs before shouting to him.

Mikani says in Northlands shav, "Yet you're worried a shark is going to bite your arse."

Orrin strolls in, walking tall, with one Lady Scythia Redreef on his arm, escorting her with an occasional lean toward her to murmur a few words, smile briefly. He's dressed rather well, this particular day - might have missed a memo on thematics, or perhaps all that gold-on-black is an ode to the sun setting over the cliffs of his county. He looks pleased, and also easily curious; underprepared for the event, or the venue, or the company. But not so much that he doesn't offer a smile immediately to all comers.

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Gianna gathers the voluminous skirts of her constellation gown and settles in at a bench. She inclines her head over at Evonleigh and leans in to murmur something at the others seated nearby.

At the mention of Arik having to carry people, his own proclamation following, Zeriax raised his voice. "How ''Manly''! I'm terrified of heights, and was hoping there would be someone who could carry me later on!" He mock-shivered. As more people began together, Zeriax waved to those he knew. And those he didn't. He was just waving and having a good time. Sparkling. Ooooh. Ahhh.

Avary drifts in, draped in undecorated, pure aeterna that is shorn of any embroidery. The fabric illuminates in any catch of the light in a war between itself and her blonde hair which shines platinum in this evening setting and light. She mostly hews to perimeters, out of the way, and is content to take and observer's role. Her expression is void of mirth but isn't sour or unfriendly by any stretch.

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Corban moves off to fetch himself something to drink and then to find a place to stand so that he might observe the archery event that is about to take place. Once that is done, he waggles his fingers at Ophelia, a sort of silent cheer and wish for good luck. He remains nearby so he can chat with her before the game begins, but not so close that he is mistaken for a competitor.

Azova looks up at the ceiling as the glass panels pull open, taking in the view with a soft 'ooh.' She stares up, dazzled, until the sound of Arik speaking beside her seems to shake her back to reality.

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The white opals of Tabitha's silken dress glitter like morning stars upon a pale lilac-hued sky, and the little smile she curves to Evonleigh is just as bright. Being arm-in-arm with her cousin allows her to whisper something to the taller of the two Whitehawks, and afterwards she lifts a hand in a wiggle-fingered wave to Delilah. If Tabitha was the kind to give exuberant thumbs-up, then she's been doing it now. Instead she just beams toward Delilah with excitement before she casts her gaze around the heavenly beauty that's to be seen.

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Scythia's perhaps to blame for the lack of the nod toward the theme of the evening, for she is indeed wearing her signature crimson color. That being said, it might be the gold that she wears that seems similar to Count Seliki's that pays homage to the eve. The setting sun indeed. That being said, when Orrin is offering a few words to her, she is swift to respond in kind and cast one of her picturesque smiles his way before indicating the refreshments and looking onward to at least spy the hostess for the evening.

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Several Scholars and at least one Inquisitor -- that's Octavian, a Confessor, doomed to follow Delilah around -- blithely arrange the tapestries in a final formation for the archery contest. The weapons rack in question sports three crescent moons. One's made of steel, two of wood, and they are utterly glorious examples of why you should never let an artist near an archery butt. The sheer iridescent ribbons dripping off them and wound around the bows absolutely glitter in the fair light. The quivers themselves are labeled 'Moonbeams' helpfully for anyone who needs the hint. Ranging from shortbow to longbow up to withstanding even the best string-pullers, they are indeed terribly fancy.

Carita's smile is warmly lit as she mingles with Azova, pauses as Arik makes his introductions to Mirk, dips her head in greeting with Eilonwy and motions her closer with a tilt of her head. There's a dip of her head Mikani's way, and another for Gianna, "Nightengale Whisper, always a pleasure."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Eilonwy before departing.

Anabelle's comment causes Ruslan to smile, though the whisper darkens his cheeks for a moment, before he responds to her quietly. Once he's done speaking, he moves to set up his bow and prepare for the event.

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Mikani enjoys getting ready for the archery competition. She smiles at Scythia. "Lady Scythia. I hear congratulations are in order." Mika says warmly. Her eyes go back to the group around her and back to the targets.

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Anabelle's comment causes Ruslan to smile, though the whisper darkens his cheeks for a moment, before he responds to her quietly. Once he's done speaking, he moves to set up his bow and prepare for the event.

Anabelle giggles softly in response to Ruslan's returned whisper, letting her hand run down his arm as he pulls away, giving his fingers a slight squeeze in response before she releases them completely. Interested in watching, she'll find somewhere nearby to watch the competition from.

Peri finds her father and the Lady Scythia. "Yes, I heard the news. Congratulations Lady Scythia." Her father is dressed rather smartly, "Father," She smiles at him with her ink colored face. "You look very well. Will you be joining in any competition? I am going to be search for The Wave."

There is a party? A /themed/ party? Then Roxana Grayson is there, no question. Dressed in a dark gown trimmed in moonstones and a choker of gold with inlaid moons and stars, she fits the theme no question. Though it is the incredible headpiece that she wears that truly sets her apart. Her sable hair appears to be scattered with stars in the form of diamonds, tourmalines, and other crystals. They suspend from strands of thin metal, and each ends in a clear diamond. More dangling gems and pearls make a subtle sound as she walks, and they twinkle beautifully. On her arm is Agostino Alonso, who is likely well-dressed but without Roxana's commitment to the nature of the event.

Zeriax looked around to those with the bows standing nearby for the archery contest, cracking his neck back and forth as he bounced on his toes. "I know some of you are much better at this than I am. But when the gods favour someone, they'll let you know it." He stuck his tongue out at some of the contestants he was more familiar with, before taking up one of the fancy bows. It was as if he didn't even aim; the man just brought the bow up, loosed an arrow, and the yellow star exploded! It was all a blur of motion, and he shrugged with an easy confidence. "See?"

At Tabitha's words, Evonleigh nods, clearly rapt with whatever memory she's describing. But it's time to try her hand at the archery contest, and she picks up one of the bows and an arrow. "Ribbons, and Princess Reese isn't here? Shame," she says with a laugh, shaking the thing to make the ribbons dance for a moment, before nocking one of the glittery arrows into place. She looks like she's at least *done* this before, but still, she chooses one of the easier targets, aiming for the white moon -- her aim is true, though there's not a lot of power behind the shot; still, it strikes and the moon *poofs,* a stone dropping to the ground after the small explosion.

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Vincenzo glances aside towards Avary as she walks past and he gives a bow of his head. "Blessed." he says in simple greeting. "Blank canvas of moonlight for Jayus to bring dreams and inspirations? Or some other statement for tonight with your gown? Quite well made, it nearly does justice for you wearing it. You'd look exceptional in an aquamarine lace gown with a soft gray layer underneath. High neck, sleeved." he comments from the side by the tapestries. Should you have time, I'm no stuffy researcher but I'd be happy to help ensure your project is supported."

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Tabitha checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Ophelia selects her bow from the display and strides over to where the line is to stand, a smile given to those watching. She draws back, takes a moment to exhale a steadying breath, and aims for the Yellow Star. The arrow is soon released and it pulverizes the target in a halo of golden dust and a starry topaz tumbles to the ground. She then moves out of the way with a glance over to Sir Corban. And maybe another smile!

Pausing to reply to a message, Eilonwy catches Carita's nod and wanders over to greet the Darkwaters. "Lady Azova, I see you've picked a fine example of northerners to keep company with. Lord Arik, Lord Mirk good evening." She offers and looks to Carita. "And you, good evening. Your face is familiar but I'm not sure we've met before." She notes and clasps her hands lightly behind her back. "I'm Eilonwy Blackwood. The Storm March's Marquessa."

"It has been an age," Orrin agrees quietly, the smile he offers Scythia milder than the previous. When Mikani greets the Redreef on his arm, he is quick to glance her way for confirmation, then turn his feet that direction - but there is Peri, painted as she is. There's a blink, and about two seconds of consideration, he gives his daughter a brief bow. "I would kiss your cheek, my darling, but I fear I would - muss your decoration." Another slightly awkward pause, then he glances to Scythia, and bag. "I'm not sure what we'll be about yet; let us make a greeting first." He glances toward Mikani in indication, and slips aside with Scythia toward her again.

Agostino looks more like the moon than a star, himself, in an aeterna tunic. Though it is also entirely possible he simply wasn't aware of the theme of the party when he dressed for it. With the princess on his arm, there is no way he can slip unobtrusively into the room the way he usually might, though there is a smile on his face nonetheless. "Looks like there is some sort of archery contest going on. Maybe if it was knife-throwing, I'd take the chance and enter. But I don't imagine there is much knife-throwing at parties like this one, are there?" he asks Roxana, a hint of amusement in his tone.

"The Gods tend to favor those who took the time, patience and care to become fully competent in their field of endeavor." Avary speaks in calm distinction after Zeriax - the cheekiness of his boast going over her head entirely. But she is then distracted by Vicenzo and returns to him a nod. She doesn't comment on his wardrobe recommendations beyond "Thank you....good man? ... Might I have a name so I may direct my curate to follow up on your offer?"

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The copper-haired Whitehawk girl -- that's Delilah, as opposed to Evonleigh the ivory or Tabitha the golden -- can be heard to laugh softly as she watches the archers take up their ridiculously bright and playful bows. She looks over her shoulder and waves to Corban. "If you want your attempt to shoot down a star and win a prize, it's open to everyone! One round, and the final results are going to be tallied." More than a few lanterns sway overhead. The various other participants crane their necks to stare up into the sky. A few Scholars meandering about can answer questions as need be, and the side rooms are quieter for food. But with those blunt arrows imploding against the wall set off bursts of shimmering dust that look awfully impressive in the low lights.

Lumbering over to pick up a bow the huge form of Jeffeth Bayweather meanders to the line. Looking down the line the large man tilts his head to the side. He may not be an expert archer. But he's pretty strong, if those massive biceps are any indication. Jeffeth pulls on the bowstring. Back. Back. Back. His eyes on the very back. Frowning thoughtfully as he puullls, Jeffeth releases and lets the arrow fly. The white dwarf cracks open, opalescent dust exploding everywhere into a little supernova. Jeffeth gives a soft smile as a few jewels fall out from the White Dwarf.

Corban claps for Ophelia as she destroys the target, a bright smile for the archeress that he escorted into the party. He takes a sip of his wine, remarking, "Clearly, they picked the right event for you!" But he then looks back to Delilah when she invites him to participate. "Ah. No. I am good cheering on Princess Ophelia. But thank you!"

Mikani nods to Scythia and Orrin before she takes her bow and arrow. Mika looks at the target and aims for the Red Giant. With a grin she hits her target well. The bow is small in her hands but the target was still hit.

Roxana tilts her head at Agostino and considers. "I'm sure someone somewhere throws knife throwing parties. Just maybe not with such a dress code. You have not complimented me on my perfect outfit...which is admittedly a hand-me-down from Calypso because an ex-something made it for her...and not on my headpiece either which is one of a kind and cost a small fortune. A regular fortune really, Mistress Acuri likes me but not in a discount giving sort of way." Catlike green eyes scan the room. "Oh! It's Vincenzo. We should talk to him, I'm his muse you know." She says it proudly, though its not clear there is any meaning to it at all. "I've been trying to convince him to become my protege, maybe as my protege yourself, you can talk it up." With that she directs herself and Agostino through the crowd towards Vincenzo.

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As Zeriax put the ribbon-covered bow back in place, practically dancing, he circled around Avary in a sort of jig. "Oh, Archlector, you wound me. Are you saying I'm incompetent?" He smirked wolfishly at her, before spinning his way over towards the constellation dig. That looked like fun! As he backed his way there, he began to clap loudly as the other archers exploded their stars. "Yeah! Good jobs everybody!" He cupped his hands around his mouth, and let out a howl, clearly enjoying the event Delilah set up. "Ow ow Awooo!!"

Azova scuffs her shoe on the ground in her haste to lift her posture, smiling bright at the approach of Eilonwy. "They were the Countess' choice, not mine," she teases, with a sideways look at the pair of men - though she can't keep from smirking, and it soon grows into a full smile yet again. "Countess Carita Darkwater," she adds, gesturing to Carita. Another considerate hum escapes her at Arik's suggestion - soon breaking into a giggle as she overhears Mirk's comment on liquor.

As soon as her name is spoken, Scythia is honing in on Mikani and casting a smile her way. Not, mind you, that she is content to leave things in such a way. Yet Orrin is already glancing her way, and with a nod of agreement, she is starting with the man in that direction. Peri's greeting though has her pause, hesitate, and remove her hand from Orrin's arm so that she might dip into a low greeting toward her. "Thank you, Lady Seliki. It is an honor to serve." She glances toward Mikani, just a brief thing, before when Orrin is on the move setting her hand lightly upon his arm, walking on. She pauses there so that her fellow Redreef can perform and, upon the strike of the target, she applauds lightly. "Well done, Mikani," she calls forth. She holds her ground, evidently intent on introductions, but while waiting for Mikani to finish she notes Gianna and dips her head toward the woman. To Orrin, she asides, "I must introduce you to the Nightingale this eve as well."

Slowly but surely, Ajax slips into the observatory properly his fingers moving to the hood of his cloak slowly lowering it over at the direction of the gathering as he starts his trudge in their direction he offers a brief dip of his head towards those he knows, lingering on the fringe of the crowd proper with a furrowing of his brows.

Mirk is engaged in quiet conversation when Eilonwy arrives, though there's a subtle but genuine smile at her arrival. "Marquessa," he says with a dip of his head towards her. "A pleasure to see you, as always. Will you be competing?"

Carita's smile curls for Eilonwy as she introduces herself, "Carita Darkwater," she tilts her head to listen to quiet words spoken to her before asking the Marquessa, "Why don't you join us? It's never fun to circle a party like a hawk, don't be shy." There's a glance Arik's way, expectantly.

Ophelia's honey colored brows hike upward when she watches Jeffeth /destroy/ the white dwarf target. That merits a pleased nod! "Excellent shot, Sir Jeffeth. Beautifully executed." she says to the big knight while passing by. She casts a smile up at him and then goes to join Sir Corban, and perhaps look for a glass of wine of her own. "I assume you'll be my partner for this next event, Sir Corban?" It's a tease, really! One that she enjoys the way she glances at him with much amusement.

"I am not sure I am terribly good at the event, Your Highness," says Corban when Ophelia passes near to him. "But if it is your wish that I be your partner, well --" He gestures at her. "I can hardly say no. Please. Lead the way."

Vincenzo replies to Avary, "Vincenzo. I'll be looking towards your curate's message when it comes, blessed." There's a little squeeze by someone that catches his eye and he says something quietly over to them. Mischief managed, he yawns before looking to the people and what they've chosen to wear.

With Roxana stepping to him, he gives a bow of his head respectfully before he eyes close and he breathes in, holding the breath a moment before he says "How memories lost can be restored with the delicate perfume dancing through the evening, like a silk clad arm beckoning with a fingertip." The eyes open and he takes in what she wears with an approving nod. "You look like the moon wearing the burning stars as her diadems, how they sparkle but not as much as your eyes. Good evening, princess Roxana."

"Sir Corban!" Delilah waves to the knight. "May I borrow you for a moment so I can be declared fair when two of my family are in this archery competition?" She inclines her head and nods. "Princess Roxana, similarly, would you be willing to verify my results so that no one disputes this? I would prefer to be held blameless when the awards are handed out, if I can borrow your lovely personages."

Wine in (a perfectly manicured) hand, Beatrice turns to survey the observatory and archery competition. She lingers near Avery and Vincenzo, a slow curving smile quirking at the corner of her mouth.

With a little pat on her cousins arm, Tabitha beams at Evonleigh. "Would you like to look for stars with me?"

"Marquessa." Arik echoes the greeting of the others and then tilts his head in a beckoning manner. "If you'd like to join us I do not think we'll be competing in any of the contests tonight unless Lady Azova charms my cousin." and then he looks aside to Carita and adds, "It is nice to see you've added another approvable selection to your wardrobe. I've heard former patrons are approving of such steps."

"I haven't? How inconsiderate of me," Agostino remarks in response to Roxana pointing out the lack of compliments he has given, "Maybe it is because you look stunning every time I see you, and I forget how long it has been since I last praised the way you look?" He, too, looks around the room, noting familiar faces, but for the moment he follows after the Princess he arrived with. Chuckling lightly when she mentions that he might talk up being her protoge, he then falls quiet as Vincenzo greets her so poetically.

Avary gives a very small nod to Vincenzo and commits the man's name to memory. She backs out of the line of people squeezing by to take an unobstructed vantage point that is more out of the way.

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"Sir Bayweather!" Zeriax called out the large man. He was practically hopping on his toes. "Pair up with me! Let's have some fun and find some gems, yes?" Me might have been difficult to spot, but the sparkling silver in his paint would help give him away...or, maybe the fact that he was being exceptionally loud.

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A little late, but who could blame her with the news that was delivered earlier. Lady Gretchen Moore enters the party looking a little more grim than usual, no smiles, even though she's dressed for the night with a gown glittering with stars and jewelry to match. She moves to get herself a glass of something strong immediately, downing most of it before she even says hello to anyone.

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"Countess, nice to meet you." Eilonwy offers and gives Mirk and Azova warm smiles. "She chose her company well, they're fine fellows." Looking at Arik, Eilonwy tilts her head a little to consider his and Carita's offers. "Well, I would love to, but I think Lady Ysbail would accuse me of hiding behind my former mentor to avoid meeting people. She likely wouldn't be wrong, these gatherings are a challenge in and of themselves to a certain extent." She offers before looking about. "What game is being played exactly?"

"Of course," says Evonleigh to Tabitha, then grins over at Delilah. "There's no nepotism. If there was, you'd let me borrow more of your clothing," she says with a laugh for the hostess, as she retakes her cousin's arm to go to the next activity. "You know I have no luck though," she warns Tabitha. "Or if I do, it's only the bad sort. In games or in men or in, I don't know. What else takes luck?" she says with a grin. "You'll have to carry the lion's share."

The big man glances over to Zeriax, Jeffeth's brows arch somewhat. For a moment he hesitates. After a few moments his big shoulders hike up into a little shrug and the big man slowly makes his way over to the other man. Jeffeth smiles warmly, bowing lightly amidst his approach towards Zeriax. "I'm probably not the most perceptive."

"Of course," murmurs Orrin to Scythia, easily. He waits for Mikani's performance as well, and gives her an incline of his head when she hits her target. "What an event," he says. "I've not seen such disciplines arranged for such amusement before. We shall have to pay the hostess our compliments."

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Bright laughter escapes Roxana's lips, half spontaneous joy and half cultivated girlish giggle. "You are a flatterer to the very end. Why it almost crossed my mind that you called /every/ customer who spent untold amounts at your shop your 'muse' but I dismissed it immediately." Her confidence, misplaced or not, is definitely that high. "Are you fond of this scent? I will remember that. It was Mirari Corsetina's work. Vincenzo, this is Agostino. He's an associate of mine...occasionally works as an assistant when I need one, and escorts me to parties that I have no company to attend with. A jack of all trades you could say." Then it is Agostino's compliment making her smile, "You are a flatterer too, but you come by it honestly. Now Vincenzo...Agostino has benefited almost immeasurably from my patronage, haven't you Tino?" Dark lashes flutter. "He even has a room in my townhouse for bringing home lady friends."

Azova lifts a hand to thumb her lip, her smile reappearing more timidly after she hears Arik speak. "Don't let my lack of charm keep you from competing," she says aside to Mirk, wrinkling her nose at Arik. "Yes, they do seem quite nice. It's the first time I've met lord Mirk, but lord Arik's put in a good word." She smiles.

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Aerwyna makes her way inside the building, holding a bright smile and taking a look upwards first before hazel eyes look to the others who have already gathered as she strokes a palm over her gown.

Lingering on the edge of the gathering, Ajax's brown eyes move towards the entrance, his eyes focusing on the newcomer for a moment as he gives the woman a dip of his head his lips pursing until he does spot Mirk heading in his direction.

Peri encourages Sir Jeffeth to join in the game. "I am no expert at digging, but Lady Mikani has partnered me anyway. Please join us." She turns to Mikani, "I hope we get to compete in a sailing competition one day. I will be the best partner then." She smiles at her explorer friend.

Zeriax peered around at the other participants, grinning as he hopped up and down. "We're gonna ''crush'' you!" Beat. "Metaphorically. We're not going to be actually crushing anything." Then he turned back to Jeffeth as he bowed. "Pish posh! Say nothing more, Sir Bayweather. If you want someone perceptive, I'm your man. We'll make a great team together! Trust me, this is all in good fun anyway, no?" He hopped towards Jeffeth and lightly tapped the man's arm with his knuckles. Then he peered over to Peri and Mikani. "Hey! Aren't one of you technically an excavator?" Now that digging was mentioned....

"Our next event is one that just about anyone can be involved in. I encourage it, because you walk away with what you find. We have a lovely box full of gemstones. You find the gemstones for your constellation that you pick, and try to make the constellation," Delilah calls out. "It's open to all, and you want to take away my tens of thousand of silver and make Mistress Josephine or Guildmistress Joscelin very happy women, don't you?"

A pause lingers as she grins. "But before we get there, I am obligated to pull your attention to our archers here." Delilah steps in front of the tapestries spattered with stardust from the exploded targets. She's probably wearing all that metallic silver for the reason of not having to wash the dust away. "I am going to announce the winners for our events. In third place, we have Princess Ophelia Velenosa! Everyone please offer her a round of applause."

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Vincenzo looks across to Agostino. "Adventure is in your eyes, goodman Agostino, and I feel there's mysteries you wear like I drape and wrap fineries over the beautiful people of the world. Pleasure to meet a protege of the princess although we'll have to get you dressed so you reflect her beauty." with a smile to the man as they're introduced. "Setting aside the townhouse of revelry and relaxation, give me one word that would describe the patronage of the princess to you, a word that defines it. You can whisper, if you'd like."

As he waits, he says to Roxana, "If I come across that scent again, I'll remember the evening where we participated in sky-watching with our eyes on the stars versus where our feet are planted."

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Ophelia finds herself a glass of wine and stands near Sir Corban as they discuss whether or not they'll participate in the next event. She murmurs something to him and decides that they'll sit this one out. For now, she watches her surroundings while taking a siiip of her drink just as she's announced as a third place winner in the archery contest. "Oh!" She beams a smile and tries not to blush!

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When Delilah called for everyone's attention, Zeriax spun around to look her way. She was hosting, for one, so naturally it made sense to listen to what she had to say. That, and she had a way with words. Eyes wide, nearly unblinking, he watched. When Ophelia was announced as third place, he practically roared, clapping loudly. "YEAH! Way to go Archeress!" He exclaimed. Then he stopped cheering in order to clear his throat, and in a more calm and even-tempered manner, spoke. "I mean, ''of course'' you made the shot. What else could we expect?"

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When introduced to Vincenzo, Agostino dips his head in greeting. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Master Villente. I have heard a great deal of good about your work, both from my patron here and others around the city. And since you mention it, I have been looking for someone to help with my fashion sense. I've learned a bit from her, but clearly still have a ways to go," he responds to the tailor, smiling at the man's praise. Asked for one word to describe the princess' patronage, though, he does not hesitate before saying aloud, "'Bountiful'. Whether we are talking about the success that accompanies it, or the...interesting turns life takes under her patronage, my life has been enriched by the experience, surely."

Aerwyna dips her head gently to Ajax wen spotting him within the crowd before her attention is drawn to the speaking woman and her announcement, her hands coming together to applaud.

Azova lifts a hand to greet Ajax, apparently only just noticing the man's presence as she lingers beside the others at the first bench. "Very good of you," she says aside to Mirk. "I am a Mercy. My reputation precedes me," she coos, before glancing at Carita. "Or my sister does, at the very least." She smiles. "Your profession being what, exactly?" she wonders, looking up toward Mirk.

There is a gleam of delight in Roxana's eyes as Vincenzo poses his question to Agostino. "Go on Tino, I know trying to find only one word to describe the light I am in your life is challenging, but I'm sure you can." To Vincenzo she adds, "Then I will wear it when I want you to remember just such an evening. Or when I want some other man to imagine the possibilities of one." Teasing lilts in her voice, and she asks, "The Lady /is/ serving wine tonight isn't she? I could use a glass." Agostino's answer then has her bursting out laughing. "Bountiful' I thought you were going to say 'exciting' or 'thrilling' or 'heart-pounding'. Bountiful. Hmm. I like the explanation though."

Gilroy comes into the observatory and looks around for a long moment until he finds what, or who, he's looking for. He picks through the crowd until he stands by Gretchen, who gets a firm poke to the back. "Hey." That done he looks around the room, throwing out waves to those he recognizes, with an especially energetic wave for Carita. Then he grabs Gretchen by the elbow and steers her over toward the stars game. "Let's do something distracting. But not indecent, as I am a gentleman and a gentleman rarely does indecent things during parties at observatories."

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Orrin seems perhaps on the sober side, or perhaps he is merely practicing an affect of seriousness. Yet all the archery demonstrations do, for a few moments, captivate his attention, even after the briefest of introductions is made. Then he smiles sidelong at his escort, and offers a particular path as looking pleasant; agreement had, he wanders toward the strawberry patch, Scythia on his arm.

Gretchen seems surprised to see Gilroy and more surprised that he's leading her towards a game, "Master Gilroy," she greets as they head over to their station. She opens her mouth to make what will no doubt be a quipy comment, then pauses and all that gets out is, "Thank you."

There's a lift of a dark brow upwards in an arch with the word given by Agostino. "Bountiful. Are you wanting to go with that?" asks Vincenzo, as the chime of Roxana's laughter rings around his question. He gestures and gets some wine brought over, "Conversations without a drink get dry, don't they." as he takes a drink from his goblet to mull over the man's choice of word. "Bountiful, I'll take that as acceptable. There's something vivacious and vibrant about her abundance of generosity and presence. And she's as bright as those gems she wears." he adds with a nod to Roxana. "And with this abundance given to you, one should respond in kind with the sacred relationship of patronage with just as much if not more, for a one-way relationship is one where we're taking advantage of another aren't we. She seems to regard you with the same thoughts though, given her introduction." he says to Agostino.

To Roxana, Vincenzo says over his glass, "You've a cousin who wanted me to accept her patronage, I told her it'd always good to strike while inspiration is in the mind but when it comes to agreements it's always better to think at least a day before leaping into something that will last I hope a lifetime. Anyways, I'm getting boring now. How are you doing?" he asks Roxana.

"It seems the sort of event to catch an eye or two, Marquessa." Arik adds after a moment looking over the room before adding, "I'm not sure what games are being played I think I heard archery which concluded and then something to do with gems and constellations. Honestly these things often get away from me so I find my corner and company and stick to it." he admits shamelessly. " the halfshav lord strokes at his formidable beard during the exchange and notes, "At the very least you can give Mirk someone to wager on since he cannot wager explicitly against me this evening."

"For our archers, Sir Jeffrey and Marquis Ruslan are in a full two way tie. That leaves Master Zeriax our winner of the coveted Celestial Archer trophy." Delilah gestures lightly to a slender coffer being held by the Inquisitor there. "Congratulations to you all! Now, for those of you who are going to dig for your gems, each team goes in order."

She gestures to the long, diagonal drag torn into the ground along the meridian line. It looks like a narrow enough trench for an average person to jump down into and be lost completely. All sorts of silk veils and bolts of iridescent fabric make it rather difficult to see the very bottom. Though there are glimmers of shiny objects among a loose assortment of 'stars.' Stars made from cutouts of paper, folded origami-style, cloth petals of sorts. "Each team picks a constellation. You will be told your colour and given a short amount of time to find as many crystals matching that colour as you can. For example, the Rings of Limerance -- the constellation Annulos -- correspond to rose quartz. You run down there, find it, then when time is called, hand them to your partner. They have to put the constellation's outline together before I ring a bell."

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Delilah drops The Celestial Archer - Sharpshooter Award, September 1010.

Zeriax takes The Celestial Archer - Sharpshooter Award, September 1010.

When the path is determined to be that of strawberry patch, Scythia is inclining her head toward her escort, and being led there. It seems that the pair have Malcolm and Beatrice as targets, for as soon as Scythia is seeing the pair she seems to be absolutely delighted. It is likely no surprise that she greets Duke Malcolm first and foremost, dipping down into that portrait-perfect curtsy of hers that has been masters by countless performance. What might be surprising though is, to Beatrice herself, she pivots and most expertly dips into a flourish of a courtly bow. After such a greeting is made, she moves to take a seat and lowers her voice to conspiratorial tones, conversing with those present there.

"Who is even competing?" Mirk asks with a shake of his head. "I somewhat need to know that to place a wager."

"Bountiful" Roxana repeats again, inclining her head in thanks when Vincenzo has wine summoned over. "Oh, competition hmm? A Malvici cousin, or a cousin-by-marriage? I suppose you won't tell me but..." The Lycene-yet-Grayson princess considers the silver-tongued tailor. "Mmm, only a little bit boring. You didn't actually tell me whether you accepted /my/ offer or not. I can only assume that your reference to taking your time about things was stated for my benefit? Very well. I'm interested enough that I'm not likely to change my mind out of whim or spite. Take your time. Think. If you have any questions, for myself /or/ dear Tino feel free to ask." She keeps her charm directed Vincenzo's way a few extra beats before looking back up at the sky. "It's really quite pretty."

"Mayhap Marquessa Eilonwy, I'm not sure who else is competing it's some gem hunt?" Arik wonders curiously in an aside to Mirk and Azova.

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Aerwyna had been lingering not too far from the entrance, her lips still smiling as she watches before she gives a subtle sigh and makes her way along, her dress and slippers shimmering as she moves.

Looking at Arik, Eilonwy shakes her head. "I'm afraid Lord Mirk will have to find his fun putting his coin on the efforts of others-the Darkwaters maybe? I have meetings still. I really ought to have worn something less flashy." She murmurs and gives the benches occupants-Halfshav and Darkwater a polite nod before heading off toward the exit.

Azova brushes her fingers along her cheek, admiring the trophy as it's presented to the victor. "My, look at that," she murmurs, brushing her unblemished shoes against eachother as she shifts her stance to get a nicer angle on it. "I believe she said you could keep the gems you found. A tempting game," she teases.

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Gianna confers quietly with Carita for a few moments in hushed tones, eyeing the trench.

Once they've done their part for the star contest, Gilroy leads Gretchen over to sit down somewhere while they wait for the results to come in. Though he looks pretty put out at having to be nice to the Lady of Acorn Hill, he still waves down a server and gets her another drink for when the one she has is empty, then gets himself something a little firmer. Being nice is thirsty work.

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Grinning at the laughter evoked by his answer for Vincenso, Agostino's dark gaze drifts between tailor and princess. "Well, my answer covered all of those as well, didn't it your Highness?" he asks Roxana in reply as he reaches for one of the glasses of wine brought to them. He then turns to the tailor to agree with him, "I have done my best to ensure she benefits as well from the arrangement. She has not had many complaints, though. Usually just when I fail to notice something new she is wearing." This last is addded with a teasing, sidelong glance given to her. Upon her comment about the sky, though, he nods his head slightly. "It is reflecting your brilliance far better than I," he concurs with her before taking a sip from the glass of wine cradled in his hand.

When the announcements for the winners of the archery contest came about, Zeriax clapped Jeffeth's arm. "Way to go!" He didn't see Ruslan immediately, but clapped his hands together and cheered for the man regardless. When it was mentioned ''he'' was the winner, immediately Zeriax's gaze drew to Avary. "See, Archlector?" He clicked his tongue at her, before moving to scoop up the prize. "Thank you, Lady Whitehawk." Delilah, that was. There were so many hawks in the room! When it was time for the next set of games, Zeriax was back to paying Delilah attention. Once she was finished, the star-painted man assumed his position in the game! Time to dig dig dig!

Arik watches the departing Marquessa only to turn back to his the other and go, "I thought it was a nice dress at the very least." he decides only to half jump in spot and glower to the side.

Vincenzo peers upwards after he takes a very long drink and ponders at the sky. "We look up with dreams, memories, hopes and other such things. I wonder if they look down with disappointment or approval." to Agostino and Roxana. To the man he says, "How a noble dresses isn't just to show off their wealth, there's often little nuances that have stories or statements they're telling. I find it marvelous to people watch, when I can stand looking at terrible outfits and biting my tongue."

Mikani grins at Zeriax, "Congrats Wolf Guide." She nods to the man before clapping him on the shoulder.

Carita's hushed tone is for Gianna alone as she randomly gestures one way and another, looks suddenly delighted at something Gianna's said, and nods.

Gretchen shoots a poisonous look Milano's way.

Delilah rings a bell lightly in the side.

Avary did not see, in fact, but does look toward the call of her title. She sees Zeriax. And that's about all that can be said of it for she looks away just as readily.

Evonleigh confers with her cousin for a moment, making a bit of strategy, then pats Tabitha's shoulders as she sets off looking for the "stars." She watches, dreading the time when she has to start assembling things. Talking is her forte, not building constellations. "Gods, I should have looked and let her put things together," she murmurs, to no one in particular, one hand twirling a lock of hair nervously. But Tabitha's excellent, and finds the items quickly. Evonleigh, true to her word, is not as quick about putting them together, eventually making the Lagoma's Flame out of the stars her cousin has brought to her. She exhales with an exhausted sigh, as if she'd run a foot race at the end of it.

Roxana is briefly distracted from her stargazing when she overhears a man addressing someone as 'Archlector' and lets her gaze follow, settling on Avary. There is a very polite dip of her head in respect, and then she comments. "That is an Archlector? Which? Her dress is absolutely stunning."

Peri dives into the dirt and talks to Lady Mikani all the way, "My houses sigil is three waves, I hope I do find the blue...oh!" She pulls out some... sigh, "red." dig dig. "again?" As fast as she can she passes flecks and stones of blue to her teammate. jadeties, flurites, tozaxes and larimars... Towards the end her face is gritty and dusty, and she smears her paint all along her brow, fogetting that it is there.

So ringeth the bell. If anyone in the crowd opts to ring bells, they'll be handed the little hand device as the furious digging requires teams to trade off and another partner to assemble the rocks they have into something fashionable.

Mikani smiles as she quickly pieces the wave together as she gets the stones from Peri. "Very nice." Mika says softly as she concentrates on her work. "I like looking at waves. But this is Mangota's wave ... I've seen this in many places." Mika's fingers are very dexterous as she puts the stones in place.

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Once it was time to dig, Zeriax completely forgot about Avary and the others, focusing solely on his mission: Excavate some pretty yellow rocks! Andesines, Apatites, Bery, Chrysoberyl...It was a good thing they were color-coded. The man leapt down into the meridian, and much like a hound of some sort, he began shovelling large amounts of sand out from between his legs, shooting up clouds of it. Does it cover any of the other diggers?! Maybe. He's too focused to notice, eventuall coming up with all the necessary stones. Once he had them cradled in his arms, the man full-bore sprinted towards Jeffeth. "Sir Bayweather!" He called out excitedly, nearly launching the stones into his arms.

"Dig in haste, repent in leisure," mutters Scribble as he heads over to reclaim a locked chest. Or rather, it looks like a lantern. It simply happens when he opens a door on the glass lantern, all sorts of pretty treasures glimmer from within.

"That sounds like something that could be useful to learn, how to interpret those stories. I've learned to tell a thing or two about someone by the manner of their dress, but not in the sort of detail you seem to be describing," Agostino remarks in reply to Vincenzo, smiling at the thought. When Roxana goes on to ask about an Archlector, he glances toward the woman in question and considers for a moment before offering, "I believe that is Archlector Avary of the Sentinel. At least she matches the descriptions I've heard of her"

Tabitha is overheard praising Delilah: I didn't even mind getting sand on my dress!

One hand flies up snagging the first piece out of Zeriax's arms. then another. It's not as if Jeffeth sees the patterns and knows how to assemble it right away. His hands just move quickly. Slamming together rapidly then when the piece doesn't fit moving on to the next. He rapidly swings the pieces around in an extremely quick process of elimination. And before the others can get their constellations formed, the large knight's deft hands have a yellow wolf formed in front of him, and the big man slaps his hand down, "Done!"

Thesarin steps into the Observatory, with a faint glower on his face, looking around curiously. The Prodigal Count looks, much as he always does, like an overdressed shav out from the Grey Forest, if one who's at least been given a bath. He lifts his chin toward Orrin, Peri, and the Whitehawk girls, glancing over at the diggers to see what's going on at the event.

Gilroy gets to his feet when it's his and Gretchen's turn. He runs over to where the star construction contest is being held and digs in looking for black stones. "Here," he says, pulling out a rouge-cut spinel, "aaaand here" he says, tossing her a number of diapside and tourmelines in a row, just killing it at this finding black rocks thing, "oh, hey, here!" Gilroy holds up a brown stone, which definitely isn't one he's supposed to be looking for, but he says, "This looks like a horsey, right? You know it does." He tosses the brown stone back in, then digs around for a bit more before saying, "I think that's it. I hope no one gets that horsey stone. I kind of want it."

Zeriax is overheard praising Delilah: While the event was themed after stars, and there were many people showing off their various array of fashions, no star shone brighter this night than the hostess herself.

Peri is overheard praising Delilah: Finally a party where I get to dig up things.

Mikani is overheard praising Delilah.

Gretchen takes the stones from Gilroy and places them on the bench, fiddling with them for a little bit and muttering under her breath. She doesn't manage to get the right shape in the end, those glassy green eyes not noticing the tapestry until the very end. "You should've chosen a better partner," she tells Gilroy listlessly, going to get herself another drink.

A multitude of things are going on at the observatory. Between conversations at the various benches and flowers -- really -- there are people headed up the stairs, limited to three at a time, to gaze on the stars. A scholar up there gushes enthusiastically about the stars visible through the open roof, since somehow the glass panels have gone back. There are paper lanterns practically ready to float off at the earliest release, causing havoc to passing Cardians on brooms or semi-cosmic death machines. Lest anyone go hungry banquet tables snuck around the corner through an archway offer food and drink, though drinking and ascending up to the heavens is a poor idea in general.

Gianna is overheard praising Delilah: An utterly charming event!

Peri is overheard praising Mikani: She is a very good partner and takes my digs with grace.

Carita glances down at the small digging implement given, a faint sigh coupled with a smile Gianna's way before she heads for the sand to dig. She then brings her findings back to Gianna, laughter lifting as the pair puzzle out what's next in this particular part of the star hunt game. Then takes the time to brush sand from herself.

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Evonleigh is overheard praising Delilah: Any event with stars and gems is a winner in my book.

Then there are the teams playing a game that involves descending into a trench lined in marble-paneled walls beneath a very large device probably unclear in its use -- a sextant on a giant scale -- to pull out gemstones by the handful and try to assemble them into constellations under the watchful eyes of the judges. Those being their peers, Scholars, and a wandering Whitehawk girl -- Delilah, in this case, who rings a bell every so often.

Mikani is overheard praising Peri: Great dig partner!

Evonleigh is overheard praising Tabitha: my better half in this contest

Gilroy doesn't allow Gretchen being a total bummer deter him. He pockets the horsey rock, then pulls her back over to where they had been sitting before, stopping along the way to grab a handful of whatever food is on offer.

Tabitha is overheard praising Evonleigh: Hawks!

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When all the stars are accounted for, Evonleigh helps Tabitha out of the trench she's been so good digging in, and gives her a hug. "You get anything if we win anything, I can't tell where we're at in the mix of it all," she says, with a grin. "But it's all your efforts and not mine. I think I put it together upside down at first."

Vincenzo is overheard praising Delilah: With the heavens in our eyes this evening, lady Delilah's star rises.

Roxana nods to Agostino. "I'll have to get an introduction eventually. I'm so used to seeing Godsworn in robes and the like, beautiful but very official. A ball gown has thrown me off entirely. Like when one is very young and sees one's tutor gardening or something." An analogy that only kind of makes sense anyway, and that Agostino wouldn't get either way.

Delilah has rolled 1 13-sided dice: 11

Tabitha gives Evonleigh a warm hug, then brushes sand from her hands. "That was so much fun! I didn't even notice the sand, I was so busy looking for shiny things!" Then she crinkles her nose and giggles, "You did fine! Although I don't think orange is your colour, is it? Perhaps we can swap some of the stones for something a little less orange."

Roxana is overheard praising Delilah: She's an amazing party planner. If I ever start to throw parties, I'll hire her.

Thesarin takes a moment to lift a hand in Delilah's direction, and moves to find himself a seat, while the more festive are throwing around dirt.

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"That's it! Time, drop your stones if you haven't already pocketed them or else I will borrow the Iron Guard for good reasons," Delilah calls out in that high, rolling voice. She beams at those engaged in conversation at the berry bush, inclining her head. "Our calculations on how complete these are are about to begin. You get to pocket your proceeds afterward. If we have any other experts in the art of stargazing or astronomy, you are welcome to join me or act like you know it. For the record..." She gestures to the tapestries on the oiled metal rails encircling the building. "All the answers were on the walls. We move the tapestries according to the constellation rising on the hour. As we are directly underneath Lupus -- Skald's wolf -- it is only appropriate to accuse Sir Jeffeth Bayweather and Messere Zeriax Moonsong for being in collusion to put it together correctly. Sir Jeffeth assembled his constellation the quickest. Though our best finder belongs to Master Gilroy Grayhope, followed by Lady Tabitha Whitehawk. And this is the problem -- every other team aside from Zeriax and Jeffeth is in a four-way tie."

Gianna wields Nightingale's Song.

Tabitha moves over to delilah, then whispers something in her ear when her cousin has a bit of time to listen.

Gilroy sits up straighter when he's named and looks around the crowd. "Who is Lady Tabitha? I want to gloat." He pushes himself to his feet, sizes up the crowd, then jerks a thumb toward Arik and looks to Gianna and Carita for confirmation.

Gianna returns to her seat and crosses one leg over the other, twitching the hem of her skirt to adjust it. She doesn't look enthused about that tie. There's a sniff, and she doesn't confirm or deny Tabitha's identity for Gilroy.

Zeriax looked to Jeffeth once he'd finished slamming the gems into place, and grinned like a madman. "See? All you had to do was have fun with it!" The man exclaimed, before looking around to see how the others were doing. When Delilah spoke up to announce the winners, as well as the coincidental nature of the game they were playing, he rubbed his hands together. "This is wonderful! What a fun event." He said, before looking to Jeffeth. "Congratulations Sir Bayweather! You did ''amazing''!" Then he spun around to peer out at the others in the room. "Congratulations!" He began to clap for everyone else, before sidling his way up to pick one of the prizes from the chest. "The gods' favour is extended to me, merits of my hard work or no." The man muttered, scooping one of the cloaks away for himself.

Thesarin's glowering approach is met by a smile from Evonleigh, who can't help but like the stern-faced count, and she dips her head in respect for the Riven count. She laughs at the news of the tie. "Good job, Tabby!" she says, squeezing her cousin's shoulders. "Congratulations, you too," she adds to the lucky team of poet and knight.

Delilah drops iridescent labradorite dragonfly earrings.

Jeffeth gets iridescent labradorite dragonfly earrings.

Zeriax puts a moon-dusted cloth of midnight cloak with a deep cowl haloed in stars in Red Pouch.

Arik shrugs his shoulders helplessly if anyone looks at him, just a thoughtless people carry-er here.

"I am sure you could find someone to arrange an introduction. I'd offer, but I don't know her, myself," Agostino tells Roxana, giving a noncomittal laugh at her tutor analogy. More wine follows that, before the end of the current contest draws his attention for a moment.

Carita's laughter is soft as Gianna plucks something up, looking miffed, before she lifts a hand to wave at Gilroy. As for confirming Tabitha, there's a little shrug of her shoulders and a helpless splay of her hands at her sides.

There's a distracted look given over to Zeriax, a light smile given to the man. Though the enthusiasm isn't exactly matched, Jeffeth does clap his hand against Zeriax's shoulder in return. Going to claim his prize, Jeffeth hesitates over the earrings with a thoughtful frown. Plucking them up there's what looks like a brief sad smile before the big man is pocketing them and stepping away from the prizes. "Well done, Zeriax." Jeffeth rumbles lowly before arching his brow at the other man. With a small shrug, the big man starts to lumber towards a quieter part of the crowd.

There seems to be a little gentle argument going on between Tabitha and Evonleigh. The artist hands back a prize that her cousin just handed her. Lots of "No, you have it" and, "No really, take it. I love you, but take it."

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards, 1 Inquisition Confessors leave, following Delilah.

"But you earned it," Evonleigh says with a stomp of her foot when Tabitha drops the earrings back into her hands. "Fine, I'll just sneak them back to you at some point," she says, laugh bubbling up despite the feigned show of anger. "They are very pretty, though, aren't they?" she asks, letting the malachite glitter in the golden light of the lanterns. "I'll get you back, just you wait," she says, eyes narrowing with a glint of mischief.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards, 1 Inquisition Confessors arrive, following Delilah.

Delilah drops a pair of pearlescent crescent moon combs linked by fine corinthiacum chains.

Nodding at something that Roxana whispers to him, Agostino finishes off his glass of wine. "Thank you for the conversation, but I should be getting her Highness home. She has an early meeting in the morning," he tells Vincenzo, dipping his head to the man before leading the Princess out of the observatory.

Roxana leans in to murmur something quiet to Agostino, placing her empty wineglass on a passing tray. She addresses Vincenzo again. "It was indeed a pleasure, and I look forward to seeing you again. For now though, my charming escort here will be escorting me home, because the wine and skipping dinner have combined to make me just the tiniest bit dizzy. Until we meet again." She catches Delilah's eye and mouths "Thank you!" and waves before departing.

1 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Roxana.

Cecily, a coy secretary, Omero, a hulking bodyguard, Roxana leave, following Agostino.

Gretchen gets a pair of pearlescent crescent moon combs linked by fine corinthiacum chains.

Zeriax winked at Jeffeth, snapping his fingers at the man. "You chose wisely, Sir Bayweather." Then? The painted man slinked his way over to Mikani. "Lady Redreef. Thank you." For what? The man didn't say! He just provided her a solemn 'thank you', before noticing Gretchen nearby. "I'll have to return my thanks properly in the near future." He bowed his head to Mikani, before slinking away towards Gretchen. "Lady Moore! May I steal away a moment of your time?"

Clutching something in his pocket, Jeffeth goes to make his way out.

Jeffeth has left the a patch of whimsical coppery orange poppies.

Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

"Lady Scythia is your cousin? I have recently met her. She is tutoring me in diplomacy. by chance." Peri motions for Mikani. "Join me if you like," she offers with a smile.

Wilhelm, Dame Tommelisa Thistlefur arrive, following Sparte.

Peri has left the an elegant arched-lattice bench.

"That depends on how much wine you're offering," Gretchen replies to Zeriax, shaking the half empty wine bottle she already has at him.

Mirk is overheard praising Delilah.

Peri has joined the a strawberry patch.

Carita is overheard praising Delilah: For a lovely star-filled party!

Sparte is overheard praising Delilah: The best event I almost attended this week. Probably.

Mikani looks at Peri, "In a way she is. We are in the same house." Is what Mikani says as she follows Peri to the strawberry patch.

Mikani has left the an elegant arched-lattice bench.

Mikani has joined the a strawberry patch.

Azova is overheard praising Delilah: A beautiful event.

Thesarin is overheard praising Delilah: A fine hostess, an ever.

Avary has left the by the raspberry bush.

Zeriax gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from Blue Pouch.

Zeriax looked at Gretchen for all of one moment before reaching into one of his pouches to produce a full bottle of the good stuff, tossing it towards her with a light under-handed throw. "How's that to start, Lady Moore?" The man claimed, raising his arms up to shoulder height, chest puffed.

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