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Archlector Avary Ashford of the Sentinel

Justice may be blind, but those who enforce it cannot be. Our eyes must be open to the world we live in.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Stone-Cold Sentinel
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ashford
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'4
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Ivory

Titles: Archlector of the Sentinel

Description: Only slightly veering on the side of short rather than tall, this woman nevertheless manages a regal bearing with lean, sharp lines of limbs and pale ivory skin. Her hair is a golden blonde that touches to platinum in the light, kept in loose curls to her shoulders and framing a strong face. A high forehead and thick, arched brows frame wide, hooded eyes that shift from blue to green. Her cheeks are full above a blunt, square jaw. Bowed, lush lips are pink and her nose is small and short.

Personality: If one were looking for a perfect representative of the Sentinel, it coalesces in Avary. Cool and impartial, she rarely lets emotions cloud her judgment or sway her decisions, but she remembers every single word or slight. While not unkind, she is certainly reserved. She is as slow to anger as she is to trust. Only very few have ever seen past her walls of polite ice.

Background: Born a cousin of the main branch of the Ashfords and the older sister of Addison, Avary had the distinct honor of being noble by blood, at least. She was a reckless youth, as many Ashfords are known to be, flinging herself head first into any kind of adventure. She loved her home, she loved her family, and she was loved in return. Yet, at the age of 19, something changed suddenly for the young noblewoman. She shut out her family and walked away from her title and claims to join the priesthood without a word of explanation why.

She was a different woman after that; she applied herself fiercly to the studies of the Faith and the questions of it, but she withdrew inward. She travelled, seeking out answers, even as she devoted herself to the Sentinel, never seeking out her Ashford family despite their closeness to Arx. She only returns now, called back by the Faith that took her in, to step into the shoes that Legate Orazio has left behind to become Archlector of the Sentinel.

Name Summary
Aleksei HAH! I made her smile!
Astraea The woman is wise and the years have tempered her into the true strength the Faith needs. My hopes for her are high but she's already exceeded my expectations by being so engaging. Her opinions and outlook on life are similar to mine and I feel a camaraderie with this woman. Time will tell, but I do enjoy the Archlector a great deal.
Barric Surprisingly charming and good company, I had always thought the Archlector of the Sentinel would be dour and serious all the time, but she is quite enjoyable to be around. Now, I only wonder, what would she be like /drunk/ or at least mildly buzzed... will have to see if she drinks anything other than tea...
Esoka Proof that justice and the Sentinel's virtues don't have to be harsh, and can give comfort in unexpected ways.
Gareth The Archlector of the Sentinel. Professional seeming enough. Acting as if she is reluctant to try a swing when she clearly wants to. Never-the-less, I'm sure our work together will be fruitful.
Giulio An intriguing woman. Certainly not as steely eyed as I was expecting. Perhaps, she actually has a sense of humor.
Grazia The Archlector of Sentinel is very composed and quite lovely. As a devotee of Sentinel, I hope to spend much time in her company, discussing the law and justice.
Itzal She has a friend in me, for better or worse! But really, that's possibly the most fun I've ever had in the Shrine of the Sentinel. Yes, I know, those words should never be put in the same sentence, but it's true!
Jeffeth Archlector Avary. She was very kind and helped me when I was scrubbing a shrine. She seems a very good sort.
Jev She seems like the quiet type.
Jordan She is wise and collected with her words, and prefers to speak from reason and moderation over passion. I can see why she was chosen as Archlector.
Kenna She seems very very wise and calm. It was soothing just to sit in her presence and listen. I'm not sure exactly what I was searching for when I came into the shrine of the Sentinel, but what I found was exactly what I needed. I think.
Marcas The Archlector is surprisingly tolerant, I didn't expect that. Patience and the ability to listen does her credit, and certainly makes me want to hear more as opposed to just close up. I am glad she arrived when she did, or I may have stormed out.
Michael An Archlector. Of course I sat right down next to an Archlector at a party. Of Sentinel though, so I didn't get bombarded with other boringness.
Orazio Steady, principled, and thoughtful. Orazio looks forward to working with her, and seeing where she takes the discipleship of the Sentinel. Also to how she plans to 'keep him in line'.
Reese She seems a quite serious and composed even a crowded room like this.
Rinel A very sensible woman, who seems the perfect choice to be the Archlector of the Sentinel. Firm, but perhaps flexible.
Sparte The Archlector was a delight to meet. My trip to the Shrine however was for less than ideal reasons. Yet, if I am to take it as a result of my actions, I can't really complain. I look forward to learning about the Sentinel from her.
Venturo A lawful and just soul, so much so I might almost feel a tad guilty in giving her so much alcohol. Almost. Nah. No shame at all. She's a great listener, and one I hope returns often.
Violet The Archlector is calm, collected, and kind. She made it very easy to speak to on important things.