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Igniseri-Pravus Wedding Reception

    Careful touches transform the Velenosa Gardens into a maritime wonderland. Small lanterns inset with aquatic Saiklands glass cast an hedonistic glow over the grandeur of the landscaping. They crown metal piers planted into the ground, ashimmer with sheer lengths of ribbon, moody blues and fiery scarlets wound into swirling roils. Others stand in clusters or alone, placed strategically to throw a glancing sheen over the focal point for the festivities: the reflecting pool. Shadows pooling in ultramarine deliberately conjure a sensation of the seaside, one supported by a small flotilla of flat-bottomed boats moored up against a short wooden jetty. At the far side of the pool, a pale golden spire rises ten feet high, its many honeycombed arches radiating a warmer light. The temporary structure is a fantasy of Lycene proportions, tiny balconies and raw, rough edges daring to be climbed.

    Additional rows of brick enfolding the pool create a higher barrier against the smooth water. Hemispherical viewing platforms that accommodate no more than three people at a time stand a few feet higher, strewn in flaming red asters and ranunculi, or royal-blue irises and delphiniums. On the landward side, an archipelago of banquet tables each contain the unique food and drink of Granato and Setarco, laden with wines and cordials, sherries and fire-wines to complement fruits, pastries, and that glorious wedding cake. The largest atoll offers spiced meats grilled with vegetables and luscious seafood. Guests are freely encouraged to mingle, roaming performers dancing in long shadows or singing ballads and saucy odes.


March 16, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Jaenelle Juliana Luis


Lucita Aerwyna Arik Armani Kaya Videl Sudara Selene Donato Rysen Sebastian Beatrice Lianne Arman Willow Gretchen(RIP) Arcadia Quenia Thea Mirella Silvio Domonico Alarissa Miranda Gilroy Fiora Jasher



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

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Comments and Log

a massive cat with long black fur arrives, following Willow.

Lucita is waiting in the reception area, off to the side, prepared to greet the bride and groom. Her hand rests on her escort's forearm. "Lord Arik, did you see over there? Doesn't that look scrumptuous? And the lanterns, they did a good job on the glass, it looks just the way we planned it. Good thing we had enough notice to get it ordered and shipped here."

Aerwyna arrives on time and smiles pleasantly, viewing those already here and making her way inside further to wait.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

2 Pravus Honor Guard arrives, following Sebastian.

"I was surprised when it ended up on the same day as the Thrax festives." Arik admits while standing beside Lucita with one hand on the pommel of his peacebonded dueling sword and the other is held out in a formal manner for the Baroness. "I forget are House Pravus your lieges, lieges? Lycene fealty ties are always a mystery to me."

Sauntering out of the Velenosa manor itself, Armani is briefly stumped by all the beauty. Gilden she may be, but this is certainly something. She doesn't gape like a commoner, but her eyes go very big and glitter like the bright sparkling lanterns and streamers all around. She positively beams as she strolls out among the guests, basking in the beauty and looking around for people she knows. "Lucita!" she calls as she passes the woman. "This is lovely. Absolutely radiant."

Kaya slips in quietly offering a polite curtsey to all the nobility gathered and finds a place to settle in and watch the event taking place.

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Kaya has joined the benches by the fountain.

Videl enters wearing her fancy new ballgown, glancing to Aerwyna with a smile. "Aerwyna." She greets the woman warmly, gesturing the tailor to come over as she approaches Lucita, "Cousin. Good to see you again. Have you met my protege, she made this wonderful outfit." Then she glances to answer Arik, "Lord Arik. House Igniseri is vassal to the houses of Rubino and Zaffria."

Having apparently concluded that mourning colours might not be wholly appropriate for a wedding celebration, Sudara Pravus has chosen to honour her cousin's happy day with actual *colour* in her attire - her chosen gown a deep, rich burgundy that might still allow her to disappear into shadow later in the day, but is at least unquestionably more cheerful than her customary attire. She takes up a post in the reception area as well, hoping for a glimpse of the gown in use, to supplement her earlier sneak peek.

House Velenosa sparkles and glimmers in many different ways. Lantern stands throw figurative shadows in the spectrum occupied normally by tempestuous seas. Green and blue blurred together render foliage to a more submarine world, one where strange, beautiful creatures in bolts of shimmering silk and seasilk cavort. The other sources of light are the Whispers drifting wherever they go. They carry small hand-lanterns of their own or water-filled globes with submerged bundled flowers that blossom scarlet and orange, a floating candle in red atop. In the darkest places those lovely courtiers spring up to distort the shadows with a presence. In the distance, they might lose their existence to little more than bobbing lights in a dark ocean. The former Radiant Emeritus, Selene, is much easier to find than a few of her peers. Partly because she has a lyre at her side. Partly because her position is silhouetted exactly in front of the somewhat distant jagged spire, glowing golden marble and sharp edges. That was definitely not there the prior day. And yet here it is. The reception area focuses all attention back on the reflection pool, that spire, and once the married couple arrive, them.

Lucita says, "Oh, this was scheduled before the Taste of Arx festivities were . We've been ages in setting it up. Selene Whisper has worked so hard on this, setting it up, handling the permissions for use here and the adjustments to its decor for this. She did a really good job." A beguiling smile is given to others as they arrive one by one, or in couples, or groups, however they arrive, she seems glad to see them. A nod is given Videl for her reply to Arik's question. A glance is given toward Videl's protege and a smile as she looks toward her garments and admires them."

Donato leisurely wanders into the Grounds arm in arm with Willow, both sharing quiet chatter and a certain hazy scent about them. The Count stops and peers around with a lazy grin, remarking to the Lady he's escorting. "Look at's very nautical. I highly approve. Let's go take a seat before we're overrun." A tip of his dashing hat is offered to all gathered here, then they go and take a seat - after snagging some drinks, of course. "Oh they look smashing, don't they? Very classy..."

Donato has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Strolling through the archway and into the room, the newly wedded couple do arrive. Guards in polished armor of Igniseri red crimson and sable fan out to the walls to mark the change as the pair pause at the entrance, giving time to admire what has been set within, the company already arrived, and to allow the opportunity to greet those whom are standing. Luis is dressed in the latests fashion, a brocade cloak cut to reveal and accentuate as it hangs over his shoulder with a newly fastened phoenix pinning it at his throat, aterna, nearly transparent covering his arms and chest, though the leather vest that cuts sharply and tightly to his form bespeaks of the Lycene warrior, while showing off the man's assets in the very same fashion. Tight leather pants and the dual long blades at his waist mark the man for the martial function that he is, though it is the gleaming white teeth, the slick, dark curls upon his head, recently oiled, that mark the well primped and prepped man for the early evening. "Well my dear... I dare say, this is quite a treat, I had not realized we were inviting half the town..." a smile for his sister, but it is Juliana at his side whom Luis focuses the majority of his attention. "A lovely evening, does seem promised."

Willow has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Aerwyna grins bright when seeing Videl, her gaze sweeping over her outfit in depth and she nods once, "Lady Videl. You look amazing." She says as she draws near to the woman and Lucita and dips her head respectfully before her gaze turns to the newlyweds as they arrive, hushing herself then and smiling anew.

Kaya spies the Count and Lady Willow enter and moves to join them silently.

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Kaya has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Rysen and Lygeia arrive from at the Velenosa Grounds. Rysen looks at all that has been set out for the party and smiles. He makes his way to the chest set out for gifts, picking up a glass of wine on the way. Lygeia hands Rysen a small wooden box, which he places in the chest, and the two walk towards Selene, and Rysen whispers something to her, before turning his attention to Luis and Juliana, as the couple arrives.

Is anyone surprised that Sebastian is.. just a little late? Even to his own twin's reception? Probably no one that knows him, certainly. He must have gotten lost somewhere between the wedding and reception, but on the upside, he does already have a glass of something red to hand. Undoubtedly, his stunning outfit is due to Juliana's hand, making it hard for him to just slip in. Instead, he regards to pause the newly wedded pair with genuine pleasure, his gaze roving across the group of mostly familiar faces, before he winds his way through to one of his cousins. "Cousin Sudara," he murmurs, stepping alongside the woman. "You look lovely," he approves. His eyes are bright, movements energetic -- glance barely stopping despite the fact that he has.

"Lady Videl and Protege." Arik echoes Lucita's greeting with a nod to Aerwyna and a *huh* at the replies to his questions. "As someone who has been on the sea floor before, in my experience at least, there are many more sharks than this. Then again sharks would make poor wedding decoration." he observes in a conversational rumble to Lucita.

It is a short stroll from Malespero tower, and yet, Beatrice looks stunned by the decor, not sure quite where to look first. Priorities being what they are, she finds a glass of something red and angles toward an unobtrusive spot from which to study the golden spire, Whisper lyrist, and Juliana and Luis.

Lianne lurks on the outskirts of the grounds, soaking it all in, from the glittering lights to the odd cast of shadows, from the decadent spread to the gorgeous gowns, every detail taken in with keen eye and quiet interest. Glass of wine in hand, she drifts lazily, aimlessly, content to meander until she catches the arrival of the newlyweds, a warm smile turned toward Juliana and Luis, a silent toast offered from a distance. That glass, on its way down, is waggled toward Sebastian when those bright eyes of his move her way, a wordless greeting, another toast.

"Thank you. It helps when someone has put so much work into helping me look good." Videl answers Aerwyna and then goes to make introductions, "Aerwyna, these are Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik, she's my cousin, and Lord Arik Halfshav. Lucita, Lord Arik, this is the wonderful tailor Aerwyna Froic." She then turns her attention to the arriving couple, and she lights up, clearly pleased to see the event. She's quickly distracted, however, by another man, "Lord Sebastian." She greets, "How do you do tonight?"

Sudara is quite evidently surprised to have Sebastian come to a halt beside her - not least becaue he is one of the primary focuses of attention for so many there. Still, she laughs as she sinks into a playfully respectful curtsey. "My dear Voice of the House. You look... more impressive than I suspect that I *ever* shall. My congratulations to your valet," she teases gently.

Lucita moves over to give hugs to Luis and Juliana. "I do hope you will enjoy this. we all worked hard on it, especially Selene. I think you know my friend Lord Arik so won't do formal introductions." She moves out of the way and looks around to find a place to sit after that, letting others approach the couple. A hand is lifted toward the others arriving.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

Lucita nods to Aerwyna. "A pleasure to meet you, and that is a wonderful recommendation my cousin is giving you.:

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Arman.

"Let everyone applaud to greet the couple, Lord Luis and Lady Juliana," Selene calls. A slightly raised hand beckons them to the centrepiece between the archipelago of tables festooned in the wealth of the Lyceum. The Whisper sinks into a perfectly executed curtsy for a beat longer than necessary. "Let this be an evening for us to remember, a celebration to remember for years to come." A frisson of applause as she brings her hands together brings the other Whispers to do the same, reflecting the sounds throughout the grounds. Given several moments to attain its fanfare, she watches the beauty spreading out before her with laughing sapphire eyes.

"Allow me to introduce a member of the Bard's College, Lord Rysen Crovane, who will perform in the couple's honour." The Whisper inclines her head to Rysen. His time to shine as she withdraws several steps.

Arik has joined the benches by the fountain.

"Baronness-Regent, Lord Arik."Aerwyna greets with a curtsey before resuming her statuesque height, lips spread in a smile, "A pleasure to meet you both." Her eyes turn Videl then at Lucita's words and she smiles, "Ah, she humbles me.." She murmurs gently as Selene speaks over the voices and she looks over, lifting her hands to come together in applause for the couple.

Armani, called briefly away from the celebrations, returns just in time to applaud the brand new couple, a wide smile on her lips.

Juliana is at Luis's side, the bride not shrinking at all beside the Lycene warrior that she has married. Standing even to the man, her dark hair has been caught up, the curls tamed into sleekness and leaving the pale column of her throat bare. As Luis stands bright, fire and ice, his bride is in black. Also Brocade, this black on black design could have been considered dower, fitted sleeves, the material hugging to hips before falling away to swirl to the ground. Could have... if it wasn't for the pearls, hundreds of them, row after row, where both bodice and back of the gown should has been. Pale gems against pale skin, hiding the lady's assets only as long as they layed still against her skin. Walking at his side, her blue eyes move over those that have gathered. "Hmmm... it looks like we have all the best people at least." offered to her husband as she squeezes his arm. A wink sent towards her twin, another smile to Lucita and others as they are noted and nodded too.

"If only I could claim any kind of credit, other than wearing what I was told today," Sebastian replies to Sudara, though there's a humor to his words as he says them. "All Jules' work, of course." Videl's greeting has him smiling. "Ah -- Lady Videl. Wonderful to see you. Have you my cousin, Lady Sudara?" Selene's words hold him in place, gaze skipping from the Whisper to Juliana and Luis, clapping -- something complex overriding the joy the longer he regards the pair, the spell only broken when his gaze shifts. His roving gaze stops as it lights on Lianne, and her gesture earns a twin in turn -- lifting his glass to toast her -- along with a brilliant smile.

Rysen comes to stand before Luis and Juliana, and accepts a blackwood lyre from Lygeia, and begins to play a slow and wondrous Lycene melody.

"My Lords, My Ladies," begins Rysen in a loud, resounding voice, looking to all those in attendance, "and all good folk who have come here to celebrate the marriage of Lady Juliana and Lord Luis, please grab a drink for a toast. At the request of the lovely and undeniable Selene Whisper, I have composed a simple song to mark this happy occasion." The melody of the blackwood lyre fills the area, as friends and family begin to fill their glasses.

While Lucita takes a moment to give the hugs, Arik steals away to produce two glasses of wine and hand one off to her when she returns. "There's always a toast." he rumbles confidently... after Rysen announces a toast.

Arman stepped from the Velenosa gate just in time for the commencement of events, it seemed! He proceeded forward at a slow deliberate pace, posture staunch and movement depicting a typical fluidity custom to Lenosian origins. He made his way through the grounds, seeking out a quiet place to sit and observe the hub-bub of reception goers. One of his guards was kind enough to retrieve a glass for the elder statesman, tasting its contents before passing it on to his charge.

Rysen's fingers continue to glide over the strings of a blackwood lyre. He begins to chant in a slow, melodious voice:

"Lady Juliana,

And My Lord Luis,

We come to celebrate the weaving

Of your fates' tapestries.

"May you dance away the parties;

May you laugh away old fears,

And drink of all life's finest wines

With no pain between the ears -

"May you always steal each other's hearts,

Like pirates in pursuit

Of a prize for generations

To ne'er exhaust the loot.

"May you build a warm and happy house

With children if you wish,

And in domestic sport spend time

With motions soft and vigorous.

"Then through the wheel of seasons,

Through the paths we all must roam,

May parting only please to lead

To ecstasy when coming home."

Letting the melody of the lyre fade away, Rysen receives a glass of wine from Lygeia and holds it high in the air. "I propose a toast - to the love and prosperity of Lady Juliana and Lord Luis!"

Selene is overheard praising Rysen: For a masterful marriage poem!

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Kaya claps for Rysen still sitting with Count Donato and Lady Willow, quietly observing the event.

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Turning dark eyes away from the spire and to Rysen, Beatrice takes a drink at the fourth verse - though the glass can't fully hide her wry, delighted smile.

Willow lifts a glass to toast from the shadowy nook where she is gathered, eyes sparkling with mirth around the time Beatrice's drink is taken.

Lianne is overheard praising Rysen: A delightful and fitting performance!

Arman lifted his glass as the toast was called for, speaking quietly aside to Armani before he took a seat with her before taking a sip.

Juliana is overheard praising Rysen: with heartfelt thanks

Almost immediately, even without the prompt, Sebastian raises his glass. "To Juliana and Luis," he murmurs, before drinking deeply.

Donato is overheard praising Rysen: A most rousing melody!

Armani settles at one of the benches nearby, raising her glass and toasting the new couple with a delicate sip of the bubbly liquid.

Lucita claps for the couple, and then the performance after the song is sung. "Very good song! You did a great job with it, too, Lord Rysen." She then raises her glass when the toast is proposed and drinks to it then adds her own comment. "Happy years together. May your family grow and thrive."

Donato raises a glass of rum in the happy couple's honor, then takes a generous swallow.

Sudara inclines her head to Videl, offering her a warm smile. "It is very good to see you again, my lady." Then she, too, is swept along in the course of proceedings - and soon enough is raising her own goblet. "To the bridge and groom!"

Arik mirrors Lucita's applause and then toasts the couple, "To health and charity." he rumbles along before remarking in a quieter voice to Lucita after sipping the wine.

Juliana's hand catching at Luis', smiles brightly to the friends and family that surround them. As people clap and toast there may even be a touch of color that lifts to the Lady's cheeks. Did anyone actually know that Jules could do that?

Luis nods his head in thanks to Selene as the Whisper does make the announcement and explains the first portion of the evening for all to hear. He moves with Juliana to the spot directed, slowly, the sinuous grace of the Lycene lord evident as the clinging outfit moves just so. He pauses behind his spot, finding a glass with his hand and offering another to Juliana with his other. "Ah, and music already..." he notes, quickly looking to Lucita if this was part of her planning. However he does tilt his head as Lord Rysen shares his song and then he claps at the end, having to set his cup down for fear of spilling it, though it is promptly taken up again as the toast is proposed and he nods his head, "To the houses Pravus and Igniseri, may our bonds be ever stronger and our futures all the more bright," he adds, though this is all said while gazing deeply into Juliana's eyes, a sip and a nod to the others, "Thank you all for coming, please do enjoy yourselves and what the Whispers have provided, I am just as eager as you all likely are to see what those of far greater talents than I have been planning..." he notes.

Gretchen comes into the wedding celebration fashionably late, picking up a glass of wine and finding herself a seat, raising her glass to echo, "To the bride and groom!"

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Videl likewise applauds the couple when it comes to things, "I've ran across her a few times." She answers Sebastian, and nods to Sudara. "Lord Sebastian, have you met Aerwyna Froic? She made this wonderful outfit I'm wearing today."

Handing his lyre to Lygeia. Rysen bows reverently before the newly married couple and turns smiling warmly at Lucita as he makes his way to the side of Selene, and takes another long drink of wine.

"Well done, my lord! The poet's heart captures the moment, and we will no doubt see this in the Archduchess-Regent's library soon." Laughter catches like wildfire from Selene's celebrated lips. Her countenance turned up to Rysen harbors deep amusement and approval. Something softly spoken to him when he concludes, taking any bow or basking in the communal praise of their peers. Her dark hair shimmers as she steps back to join Luis and Juliana for a few moments.

Jules moves with Luis to where they have been dirrected. After all she said she didn't want to have to make decisions.. beyond dressing half the party.. so does as she is told. Reaching her spot, the glass taken. "To Pravus and Igniseri. And yes, it is a bit overwhelming seeing all your faces. Thank you for this and for coming out to help us celebrate."

As toasts are made, Lianne lifts her glass in kind, soon requiring another, something golden and bubbly and well-suited to the ambiance. While others mingle, the marquessa strays toward the far side of the reflecting pool where that golden spire ascends, circling about the structure to peer through the lowest of the arches and consider the shallow balconies higher up, potentially debating whether they are purely decorative or if they demand ascension. A puzzle to ponder for the moment, it seems.

Selene mutters, "... do ask ... ... before you ... released ... ... ... ... relaxation, ... lord, my ... ... ... ask that we ... over to ... table with the ... ... close to ... archway ... As ... ... ... ... a piece for one ... I can ... your ... ... ... ... ... do ... together ... ... prefer. We'll have ... few speeches while everyone is ... by the servants. As ... like?"

There might be a hint of surprise from Sebastian, but it quickly becomes delight. "I'm glad to hear it," he murmurs to Videl. "And no, I haven't the pleasure. Good to meet you, Messere Aerwyna," he tells the woman, the corner of his lips twitching upwards. "Your work is very impressive." His glance roves again, and a moment later, he clears his throat. "Would you excuse me?" With a half-bow to all present, he slips away, making his way towards Lianne, regarding the structure with just as much interest as he murmurs something quietly to the Marquessa.

"That was really lovely." comes Aerwyna's praise to the song, her steps still following close to Videl and she smiles, her gaze shifting to Sebastian and she dips her head gently to the man, "My Lord, thank you for your kind words." She says before watching him slip away.

Kaya claps for the toasts but still mainly watches the event quietly

Lucita is overheard praising Rysen: Lovely song! A special one for Luis and Juliana.

Lianne has joined the a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

Sebastian has joined the a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

Aerwyna is overheard praising Rysen: Beautiful song and fitting for the couple.

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With a marked fondness in her verdant gaze, Lianne dips a nod toward Beatrice at something soft-spoken. When Sebastian then echoes a similar sentiment, she can't help but laugh, bright and delighted, nodding again. While her gaze ascends the maple and marble structure, she murmurs quietly to the pair, an impish glint in her eyes.

The Whispers navigating around the event carry their lanterns with the Igniseri-red bundles in suspension. Slowly asters and chrysanthemums unfold from tight buds to starry flowers. The floating candles bob brightly like drops of wine on the water.

Luis chuckles at something that the Whisper well... whispers to him and Juliana, and then he gestures towards the cake, then down to one of the swords at his hip and back to the cake, and then he shakes his head, again the mirth showing. "Ah, right, well yes, my dear, we shall," he offers, though it explains not much, aside from the direction of the cake that Luis leads Juliana towards, following the Whisper, or leading her as it were. "So many people... and I feel as though it has been far too long since I've seen many of them..." he notes, quickly looking from each of those gathered.

Quenia drops barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Quenia gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Rysen gazes at the floating candles, marveling for a time at the play of light on the water, before making his way over to the shadowy corner of the gardens. He introduces himself to Donato, and Kaya, and smiles warmly at Willow.

Rysen has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Quiet murmurs mark Willow's place at the shadowy nook with Donato and Kaya, duskstone eyes lingering on the opening blossoms of the asters and chrysanthemums.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: OOC: Wines and Rings are free for the taking. Please only one of each kind per person. They are in the Igniseri wine barrel.

Beatrice turns to greet Sebastian with momentary surprise followed by a respectful tilt of her head. The look she returns Lianne is dearly amused, as is her quiet response.

Selene takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gretchen gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Selene takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gretchen gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Aerwyna gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lianne has joined the pathway benches.

Beatrice has joined the pathway benches.

Willow gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Aerwyna gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Arcadia steps in, quiet for once amazed at the transformation. She politely nods to those she knows as she settles aside to watch.

Donato takes Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Willow gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Donato takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Sebastian has joined the pathway benches.

After a long hiatus away from society, Quenia is fashionably late to the party. She's dressed in classic Igniseri colors, including a new fiery phoenix gown. She has some guards bring in a hefty set of barrels that hold Igniseri wines, as well as rings meant for this momentous occasion. Whilst the guards are seeing to that, she starts looking for the couple.

Arcadia has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

"The gown looks even more impressive now than it did when last I saw it, Mistress Froic," Sudara happily directs to Aerwyna as Sebastian moves away from them. "Congratulations on a remarkable piece of work."

Kaya nods quietly to Rysen in greeting. "I am Kaya Rose," she says softly. "I am here to assist Lady Willow however she needs." She falls silent again watching the event.

Videl gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Sebastian takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Glass in one hand, Luis' grasped tightly in the other, Juliana's attention caught by the whispering back and forth between the couple and Selene. Then they are moving again, heading towards the cake and the girl's eyes narrow to flicker around the gardens as if looking for someone. "First one of my cousins that show up with a battle axe, gets thrown out." said softly to Luis, amusement flickering into her gaze.

Sudara takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Thea steps in, her movements graceful. She bows curteously.

"Lady Sudara, thank you. It's nice to see you again." Aerwyna comments with a grin towards the woman, "It is good to see you in a pop of color."

Sudara takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

For a moment, Sebastian -- standing with Lianne and Beatrice -- spends some time patting down his outfit. It results in him laughing and murmuring something quietly to the pair with him.

Lucita gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lucita gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Luis and Juliana look well to lead Selene to the archway constructed from the blue-tinged blossoms to the scarlet asters. Iridescent feathers woven into the lattice elevate the appearance from casual gardens to something directly from a fantasy. Tiered tables, some small and others tall and thin, dance in stepping stones through the garden. Their destination is clearly the one crowned by a truly spectacular cake in a star-studded mirror glaze. That fragment of the sky doesn't even look to rest on a plate. A few foiled stars lie scattered on the ground at the impact point. The Whisper swirls her fingertips. "No battle-axes, I assure you. Only a falling star for good luck as you wish." She gestures at one of those iridescent feathery ribbons overhead. Any of them might easily be pulled free. A knife waiting for the cutting is presented by her apprentice, a veiled Lenosian blonde.

Sudara sketches a curtsey to Aerwyna, laughing as she slightly spreads her burgundy skirts. "I thought that this might be an occasion for wild exuberance rather than lurking colourlessly at the back."

"And why would we throw them out? I'd always wiwshed to add a Thraxian battle axe to my collection..." Luis replies to Juliana with a wink for the wedding guests. "We should likely say hello to the wonderful people who came to join us on this day... though I am always at a loss for what to say... so I shall leave you to do all the talking for us..." he adds, another wink and the Lycene Lord does follow towards the cake, pausing in front of it to bow his head to Selene as he presents both his and Juliana's hands, clasped together to the Whisper.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Alba, a small, azure-eyed white cat arrive, following Mirella.

Arcadia dips her chin welcoming Donato to her side, "Count Inverno. Isn't it just spectacular?" Her eyes roam the gardens again, true delight evident on her face. "I don't think I have ever been somewhere so beautiful before. "

Like a shadow, Mirella lingers in the background. Those signature duskstone eyes of hers glitter as she silently observes the comings-and-goings, but she's as quiet as silk blown by the breeze whenever she moves out of the way to avoid being seen.

"You are never at a loss of what to say." Juliana laughs softly but nods. "Yes as soon as Selene is done with us. We should go speak to those that are here. After all. Some showed up because I promised them painful deaths if they didn't." smirks then stops in front of the wedding cake, her eyes widening. "Oh my.. well that.. almost to pretty to eat."

Mirella checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Lianne's laughter can again be heard where she converses with her cousin and her seneschal, the trio no doubt scheming up mischief. One hand falls to her own hip, after the other two have checked their own clothing, smoothing down the line of that dark silk dress, her hand tilting in what might pass for a shrug at the end. Her expression grows very serious as she speaks to them, brows arched high, features stern. For all of a second or two before her smile rises again.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kaya before departing.

Quenia wiggles fingers in Sebastian's direction, and also Lucita's, and then follows along with any others who might be keeping track of Luis and Juliana and their movements toward the cake. Her eyes are brightly watching everything, a smile lightly touching upon her lips.

Aerwyna grins still to Sudara, "It suits you very well." She tells her, eyes looking to her skirts, "And I am sure your sister is pleased too."

There seems to be merriment over in the group Sebastian is standing with. That doesn't mean he isn't keeping an eye on things -- gaze flickering over the cake with a momentary interest, if only in the artistry of it -- before flickering back towards his companions with a low laugh. He misses Quenia's arrival but does catch her wave, lifting a hand -- and his glass in toast -- towards her when he catches her gaze, smile bright.

Arcadia fleeting catches Count Inverno glancing at her. Almost immediately her cheeks warm, and her fingers nervously caress her gown. She then nods to Willo, regaining some composure, she curiously turns her gaze to the bard, "I am unsure if we have met. I'm Lady Arcadia Leary. "

Sudara laughs merrily, inclining her head to Aerwyna once more - before nodding towards the cake. "That looks like the sort of masterwork you might produce, were you to turn your hand to baking. I wonder if it is actually edible, or is simply to be admired from afar?"

"Promises of death if they did not come? Well what kind of wedding reception are we having here? And to think I was going to keep the swords as merely formal decor for the evening, now I hear I'm supposed to go out and deal with the ones whom are tardy..." Luis notes to Juliana and chuckles, but bows his head to Quenia upon her arrival. "Yes... we must go and speak with the guests and those present..."

Selene covers her celebrated mouth with her fingertips. She might be aware of the others out there but the hostess' attention is only for Luis and Juliana. "I encourage you to cut the cake. Your guests await you, and then we have the surprise to unveil." With a gentle touch that ghosts the elbow but never quite connects with Juliana she recedes like the tide. But a tide that finds a shore among the other tables. "Friends, family, those who love parties, free food, and drama! You have already heard the fine poetry of my lord, Rysen Crovane. Now is your opportunity to briefly speak your well-wishes, your advice or a scrap of poetry to the newlyweds." She glances over the company and a wicked smile illuminates her features for a heartbeat. "Or you shall contend with my wrath or that of your peers for exceeding good sense. Choose carefully if wisdom is entirely in the grape."

One of those unoccupied tables makes the perfect place to sit like a siren or mermaid of tales old. She climbs up despite those wickedly high heels. A little assistance may be needed, but once there, her lyre sits in her lap and she strums a light chord calling anyone to dare.

When Sebastian lifts his glass toward Quenia, Lianne follows suit, a bright smile turned toward the marquessa. She, too, considers the cake, but seems in no rush to see it undone or grab some for herself, happy with her champagne and conversation.

"If only!" Aerwyna says with a large grin as her hazel eyes take in the beauty of the cake, "Ugh, it is truly a masterpiece.. it looks ridiculously delicious too." She says with a teasing smirk over to Sudara before giggling, her nose wrinkling softly, "But maybe it's just for us to appreciate and not consume.."

Mirella has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Rysen laughs softly hearing Selene's call for toasts. "Can't say I've experience a threat so well clothed in eloquence before," he says, grinning as he watches Selene play the lyre.

Arcadia leans over to Donato and murmurs fleeting to him, not letting her eyes wander from the festivities.

Soon after the Whisper indicates the opportunity to speak, Sebastian straightens his shoulders and raises his voice: "What can I say about my twin?" the artist turns his glass as he muses, regarding Juliana. "I won't miss -- and I'm certain there's others of Pravus who will agree -- finding my sweets stolen from outside my door. That's now your burden to bear, my lord," with a flicker of wrist towards Luis as if handing it over symbolically, smiling. "But I will miss having my twin next door. Occasionally waking her grumpy morning-self with breakfast in bed. Having her handy to listen to my complaints about how badly the day's painting has gone. But, too, I look forward to what comes out of this union between our houses. Especially your first born, which surely you are going to name after me -- right?" He glances between the couple, brows lifted, laughing, the mirthful, light tone suggesting he doesn't expect assent on that. He looks like he's about to say more -- a flicker of something more complex appearing in his expression, but instead he just takes a breath and lifts his glass. "To Juliana and Luis Igniseri. May you live long and happy." A moment later, he downs the rest of the contents of his glass.

Lucita listens to Selene's instructions and finally says. "Live with the thought of ... is this the memory I want to leave my spouse if something should happen to me? Be kind, take care of each other." She glances aside to Arik. "hmmm, I'm rambling again, must be too much of the fine wines.

Arik chimes in after Lucita, "May you make future and past families proud. For what is marriage if not for family." there is a lift of his wine glass and then a quiet aside to the Baroness.

"Only Sebastian, dear... and he doesn't ever beleive me either." Juliana chuckles, the blinks to Selene as they are urged along. "Seems we are holding up the food, Luis." grinning her fingers curling tight around his and the hilt before it's it bites deep into the confection. Once the cake is cut though, her attention turns to the toasts. Eyes finding Sebastian as he stands. Teeth biting into her lip as she watches her twin... yes he gets a laugh about the sweets but it's the rest that has Jules sniffling a little. "Only if it's a girl, Bas." answered about a child to be named after him.

"I'll take it," Sebastian calls out the second Juliana -- presumably jokingly -- suggests a counter-offer.

Luis does catch the pantomimed giving of the sweet roll, and he winks at Sebastian, "Ah, indeed, thank you and I would say that a girl named Sebastian, would be a rather interesting girl, would she not?" he queries of the Pravus, but smiles warmly, turning to take Lucita's response as well, and he bows his head to her, "Thank you, dear sister, and Lord Arik," he adds to the man who's words are spoken beside the once Igniseri. Drawn back to the cake, he cuts it with Juliana, teeth gleaming in the wide smile, "Excellent, and it does seem a shame to cut into something so pretty... I..." a pause and he leans in to whisper to her, though it is not so private, "I wonder if that is what mine enemies think..." he sighs, but it is all in good humour before he moves with her, licking the knife and offering it back to her, allowing the servants to take over with the distribution of cake so that they can turn ot the others.

"I confess that I am hoping that we get to at least sample a little of whatever lies behind that decoration," Sudara quietly admits to Aerwyna. "Though I fear that since I am wholly intent on being a coward and avoiding maritime adventures, I might not be deemed to have earned a piece. I am a dreadful disappointment to my island people, I am sure, but I am quite hopeless in command of a craft."

Servants quietly gather with plates and cutlery. They circulate in wider rings to distribute glasses for wine and any other refresments the guests might be too busy to fetch up for themselves. The privileges of Lycene hospitality followed by Whisper House's precise instructions play out discreetly, quietly. But really who cares? It's all about that cake. The mirror-glaze cracked open reveals another series of wonders, coconut cake dyed with a swirling interior finish like the night sky. Ginger and little flavored pearls twinkle throughout. For those horrified by the concept of it there are pieces of cake on a faraway, lonely table. Chocolate ganache with raspberry liquor shot through it. Walk of shame to go enjoy it.

Lianne, on the wake of brief laughter over the possible naming of the newlyweds' first daughter, answers the call for well-wishes with her own half-empty glass of champagne half-lifted. Verdant gaze set on Luis, she says, "I'd say that I hope you understand what you're getting yourself into, but I'm sure you know full well. Juliana is as brilliant as she is beautiful, as cunning as she is exciting. You've welcomed a whirlwind into your life, and I've no doubt that your days will be brighter for it." Her dark brows arch as she looks to her cousin then. "And you. I am so happy for you, darling." It sounds like there might have been more, but that can wait for later. Instead, she just lifts her glass and drinks.

Arcadia crinkles her eyes amusedly at Count Donato's words, then returning to the celebration, she toasts the couple and sips at the end of each speech.

Thea enjoys the happiness of those around her, regardless if she knows these people or not.

Jules smiles to Lucitia and Arik, the former getting a blown kiss of gratitude. Luis' comment about being too pretty to cut gets a laugh and a shake of her head. If that is it, then we will need to make sure you stay that way." Bas gets himself a smirk but then she has her attention stole by Lianne and the laugher eases to a warmth. "I love you too, Lia." is how she answers, raising her glass to the woman and taking a drink.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

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Whenever Silvio showed up is not clear, but by the time he's noticed, he's already got a drink in his hand and is laughing and smiling over something. Then he drifts over to the happy couple to say, "You look absolutely stunning, my dear Juliana...and you pass well enough, cousin." he says to Luis.

Enter another Malvici. Domonico, dressed as he always is, that is... for battle, he sweeps his serious gaze across the area, taking in the theme.

Lucita turns toward Arik. "You have to lave before the game? Aww, bet you had a good chance in it, certainly better than me." She says with a hint of teasing in her voice.

"I do Baroness, but just remember. Boats sink and tip over, so just tip their boat over." Arik offers with no idea how the game will be played before begging off.

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late is better than never and Alarissa had other engagements to attend. But making her way into the reception in brocade silk and uickly looks over the affair to see what is happening.

Silvio waves his hand to signal that he's going to join the game.

Rysen approaches Juliana and Luis when the opportunity presents itself. "My Lord, My Lady, thank you for the opportunity to celebrate your wedding. I must be on my way, but I wish the two of you all the best. On behalf of House Crovane I've left a gift of some special tea from Lady Clara's garden. The recently born twins to Duchess Ann seem to testify to its potency," he says with a grin. "May the gods and spirits bless you in your new life together." Rysen bows, and makes his way out of the party, heading north.

Domonico thinks carefully before he steps up to signal his desire to join the game.

Lucita looks over at Armani and then Arman."You two might enjoy that, the pool is not that deep, might get wet but then, you are just a few steps from home.

Luis offers a bow to the parting Arik, "Thank you for coming and keeping my sister entertained, my lord," he adds to the man, looking to Lucita for a moment, but then there is a Rysen there and he offers the singer a wonderful smile, "And a good evening to you as well, thank you for coming and for the delightful song..." he adds before the man leaves.

Treading smoothly over the sea-like grounds, Beatrice steps away from Lianne and Sebastian to the rustle of umbra - and heads directly for chocolate ganache and raspberry, no sign of shame to be found in her walk. She concedes to coconut, as well, and - gauging steadiness of her hands against plates of cake and fresh glasses of wine - wrangles a Whisper into helping her deliver dessert back to the Pravus Voices.

With the rounds of toasts done, things... shift. Servants keep circulating. The Whispers are nowhere to be seen among them. Their lanterns lie on benches or the ground to light a long staggered path to the reflecting pool. Selene sets aside her lyre and slides off the table. She steps up onto the jetty at one end of the reflection pool, flanked by overlapping circles of cerulean light from the lanterns. "Look upon the splendour and beauty before you. What is this, if not a celebration of power and an expression of solidarity? House Pravus and House Igniseri join together, and bring us all to witness the spirit of their domains. Whether you are a Lycene born or one for the night, you are encourage to express what it means to be a child of the Hundred Cities, to indulge yourself in the wonders and joys. And how better to revel in their love than with a competition?"

"Look around you. Each and every one of you comes together to rejoice. You all have a choice to make," she turns to consider the guests. Her words hang in the air. A lift of her hand indicates that very tall spire back there. "And now is the moment to make it. To live the dream of the Lyceum, by embracing the sinful delights." A beat. "Or by enlightening us with its decadence. If you choose to embrace it, you will discover a wealth of unseen treasures that enrich everyone who comes here tonight. But if you choose to follow a path of enlightenment tonight, there is no limit to what you might achieve. Fame, wealth, appreciation of your peers. What awaits you if you reach the Dawnspire?"

And to the food goes Alarissa, a slight waddle to her steps - sway really, or she would claim - and gives a wary eye to the boats and water.

Arcadia shifts slight, her toes already aching from her pretty pinchy shoes. she sips her drink, trying to pay attention to the going ons.

Aerwyna smiles softly to Sudara, "I would've fare well at all in such a thing.. I suppose we will do without.." she murmurs aside, "I would've loved a taste though."

Arman called in reply to Lucita with a small smile. "As inviting a prospect it is I fear my knees are not what they once were. I think I'll be happy enough observing from my seat." He chuckled.

Domonico looks over the boats, his practiced eye considering each one carefully.

Sudara hesitates, then takes a deep breath and smiles to Aerwyna. "Then I shall be your champion, and see if half-drowning myself might win a slice to share with you," she announces with a grin. "I shall try to reach the Dawnspire. Though without someone to handle the boat for me, I suspect I will not even leave shore. But... wish me luck!"

"If anyone would like to be paired with someone who can't row, I'm right here," Gretchen calls out, waving her hand.

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Lucita chuckles softly and rises, drifting along to mingle in the crowd, occasonally speaking to others here and there.

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Juliana hugs Silvio as he congratulates them. "I am glad you came." offering the Lord with a smile before letting him go again. Then while every one is busy with listening and mingling, she sneaks a fingerful of cake to her lips, brows arching upwards at Rysen as he stops to say goodbye. "Thank you my lord." offered with a bite of shame of having to lick the frosting from her lip before saying so.

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Silvio nods to Sudara. "I am similar to her. I am definitely not going to row."

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Thea amuses herself, placing bets on Domonico. Familiarly noting Arcadia, she steps over. Politely lowering her voice, she greets her,"Hello."

Armani, on the other hand, looks over the boats, shrugs and gets to her feet. "I'll throw my weight in," she agrees cheerfully for Gretchen and Lucita, waving a hand. Her bracelets jingle as she strolls over to join the players by the boats.

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Arcadia smiles warmly at Thea, "Lady Thea. A pleasure as always you. You look... " She tries her hardest for the nicest word she can muster for the armor she's wearing. "Very Malvinci."

Domonico nods to Armani as she comes over, "Good to see you again Admiral Armani," he says as stretches his arms.

Lucita is overheard praising Juliana: what a remarkable dress!

Lucita is overheard praising Luis: Such a handsome groom!

Arman smiled again in a small lilt as Lucita murmured something to him, then scooted over to make room for Lucita to join him.

Arcadia declines Count Donato's offer, mostly worried about burning her dress.

Lucita is overheard praising Selene: organizing a reception to prefection.

"And you," Armani says to Domonico. "In your element too." She looks down at the shallow pool. "Sort of."

Domonico chuckles, "Not quite the same as the naval exercises we did recently "

Juliana is overheard praising Selene: simply beautiful.

Selene has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 2

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Juliana is overheard praising Lucita: couldn't have done it without you.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

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Thea glances over at Domonico,"This is like old times...almost.. " Feeling competitive against her brother.

Toward benches Alarissa goes now with her small plate and a galss of something so that she can enjoy the show, smiling at the competition getting under way.

Armani laughs aloud. "No," she says. "Though I look forward to sinking more ships than I did then."

Luis begs leave of Juliana as the mention of festivities begins. There's a momentary count as the people are paired and then he chuckles, "It would appear that my dear Lord Silvio is without a partner, and I feel as though your followers and friends have grossly weighted the favour for the Pravus side... I shall have to take up the mantle of sinner and run to their aid," he adds, giving Juliana a less than chaste kiss before he joins Silvio and takes one of the offered white robes, "Ah, now, to wear it over, or wear it alone, that is always the question with a robe..." he notes to the man whom is to be his partner, "Shall we?"

Willow smiles at Alarissa as she passes, offering a deep dip of her head as she lingers in a quiet nook with a small throng of people.

Aerwyna grins as Sudara joins the others and she watches from closeby, "For cake, my Lady Sudara!" She looks most amused after the words leave her lips.

With a lifted hand, she gestures to the reflection pool. The attendants take that as their signal to light sparklers and hold them aloft. "Let us now pay homage to the refined culture and unbridled passions of the Hundred Cities, with the blessing of Archduchess-Regent Jaenelle Velenosa. In honor of Lord Luis and Lady Juliana, I invite you to join us in a maritime race. You'll row a sandolo boat in teams of two to the Dawnspire in the middle of the pool. Claim a robe and a side: red for Igniseri's Sins or blue for Pravus' Flames. Everyone else to the balconies to cheer on our competitors."

The sandolos are small -- a skinny, short boat with a pointed prow on one end. They look like miniature gondolas. A pole-like paddle is already secured to the side, awaiting the rower. Getting into the waist-deep reflection pool might be a challenge but that's part of the fun. House Pravus' team are off to one side, separated by a thin jetty. Then another side, House Igniseri's. With a bit of conversation and much gesturing by Selene, the teams are divided. White silk tunics are handed out, a mischievous look visible only when she faces the others.

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Sudara checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Luis checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Thea assure Gretchen, her eyes mischievous,"Do what you must. No judgement I promise", glancing at the boats.

Armani makes her way towards her boat and her teammate, bowing as she draws level. "Lady Videl. I hope you are ready to sink some ships." She takes and slings on a red robe.

Domonico moves next to the boat that he has decided looks best and considers the tunic. He hmmms carefully before he nods to Sudara as he is paired with her and then he prepares himself... by removing his cuirass, revealling his well muscled, bare chest. The tunic, gets wrapped into almost a cape over his shoulders. "Ready?"

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Changed into the robe - blue, in her case - Sudara approaches the sandolo with more than a little trepidation. Still, she tries to look confident, and her life has at least trained in her the art of elegantly getting in and out of boats tied up at shore. Domonico receives a wry smile. "I hope that you are here to guide our vessel, or we shall not get very far at all. But yes, I am ready to try this."

Arcadia smiles shyly at Donato's compliment. She continues slowly while listening to the conversation ebbing and flowing around her.

Silvio grabs his robe with the red border and puts it on over his white, filmy gown. The moment he gets wet, everyone's gonna get a pretty good look at Silvio whether they wanted to or not.

Videl smiles towards Armani, "I am not remotely ready to sink ships. Unless, of course, by leading them into cliffs with my siren's song." She puts on her robe and joins the boat.

Lucita leans forward to watch the action. "Don't think have seen boats like that before. The flat bottom boats in the swamp didn't have that shape, and just a pole to push it along. This should be fun to watch.

Gretchen checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrive, following Miranda.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp have been dismissed.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards have been dismissed.

Miranda arrives fashionably late! She arrives to the party, moving slowly, carefully along. Her cloak is about her, keeping out the icy chill of the cold autumn night. She looks about, taking in the presence of those she knows and to see what everyone is doing. A set of performers draws her attention and a smile.

The majority of the wedding party sits in two separate places. Crowds gather along the reflection pool where some kind of exciting boat race involves people kneeling or standing in very slim craft low to the water. They also happen to wear white tunics, and anyone who knows about the mathematics of fabric and submersion may have cause for excitement. The teams setting out in the sleek craft await the ringing of a bell. Those who wish are gathered on the balconies divided by blue or red sides, making a clear call back to the various teams.

Of course there is plenty of food to be eaten. The cake is sliced and wandering dancers or musicians help to keep the atmosphere lively.

Better late than never. Well, for Gilroy Grayhope it's better late than never. The hosts of the parties where he goes to get free food might prefer never. As everyone is paying attention to the rowing contest, Gilroy slips inside and makes his way over to the buffet. Once he has a plate piled high with enough meats to depopulate a menagerie, Gilroy wanders over to the reflecting pool watch the contest in play. "Ah, Lady Gretchen in a boat. I don't suppose this contest involves pushing people into the water? And if it doesn't, can I still root for someone to fall in?"

A slender woman slips quietly through the festivities of the wedding party. A frosty gaze practically chilling drinks as she sweeps over the party. Fiora Malvici steps lightly, weaving her way quietly through the crowds while keeping a investigating eye roaming about. It may even seem as if she is looking for something or someone. Her brow beetles as she hugs her arms over her torso, quietly surveying the scene.

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Thea checked intellect + war at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

As the race gets underway Juliana who had moved over to her brother and cousin to watch suddenly calls out above everyone else. "Luis, you get that leather wet and you are getting yourself out of it!" then takes another bite of cake.

Donato lurks in the shadowy bit within the grounds, occasionally murmuring or gesturing to his companions. Watching the spectacle with vast amusement, his eyes wander restlessly over the crowd from time to time, but especially over the contestants. Probably hoping to see some sort of fabulous disaster.

Luis is at the oars of his little boat, "Give 'em hell like a proper Lycene sinner!" he calls out to Silvio, "Distract them with your smooth, seductive flesh!" he adds, while focusing down upon the oars and attempting to row, which is not as pretty as it should be, "For all my hatred of ships, I swear I'd at least try for this marriage thing..." he muses, but grins as he attempts to get their boat going in an appropriate direction, which should hopefully be towards the spire. Hey look, he's moving the boat in the right direction, though distracted by Juliana, "Ah, now, can't you just imagine helping me out of it later? No? I mean it would be quite lovely, but if I must do everything myself..." he muses.

Standing towards the edge of the crowd, the Archduchess Regent looks peaceful as she watching the party in full swing, amused at the changes to the grounds to reinforce the games and festivities. As Jaenelle finally makes her way further from the estate and to the grounds proper, she collects a glass of something as she moves. She doesnt interrupt the boat races, including the couple, or Selene who is surely busy herself.

Silvio is in a boat with the groom, and despite being in a dangerous amount of white, he has a seriously focused look on his face. That is until they start moving. At that point, he comes alive with sensual suggestion and he calls out, "Domonico...oh...oh..." in a terribly emotive and emulative fashion, as if something totally different were going on besides a boat race. "Slower...that's it...ohhhh..." Even if the other man is not distracted by this, it seems he's having a good time about it.

As they set off, Gretchen looks pretty amused with the whole situation, "Admiral Armani!" She calls out, cupping her hands so as to be heard, "Are you sure you should be in a competition such as this? If you lose it might look bad for an Admiral of a large fleet to not be able to control such a small boat! I didn't yet mention that I've been all across Arvum and to the Isles multiple times, did I? If I win, does that mean I get to be Admiral of something? I probably should be, right?" She winks at Thea, the dutiful rower. "Don't worry, I'll throw in a free treatment to help with eyes red from crying when you lose."

Domonico starts to powerfully propel the boat with him and Sudara through the water, the muscles of his barechested torso working as he rows to a tempo in his mind. His boat is neck and neck with Luis and he starts being distracted by Silvio's actions. Domonico grits his teeth, annoyed by the reaction before he looks away from Silvio...right at the super distracting Videl!

Thea rows carefully, as to not knock Gretchen over. She snorts at her partners words, steering the oars just so..

IN her red robe, Armani looks like she's in her element, and shoves the boat out into the shallow pool with a rather unlady-like whoop of glee. She gets an incrediblys tron gstart, pulling her boat out in front of the pack. As she passes Thea's she deftly steers around an attempt to tangle up her oars and casts Gretchen a toothy grin. "You'll have to tell me about it sometime!" she calls back between strokes of the oar. "After I've claimed the spire. I'll even buy you a drink!" She speaks a little too soon though ... because in turning back to her oars she is distracted by whatever the heck Sudara is up to in the back of her own boat.

As she realizes there are boat races going on, Miranda slowly makes her way to the pool to observe. She smiles a bit at the sight of Luis and Silvio sharing a boat and then Domonico with someone in another. She smiles quietly, huddling in her cloak and observing the goings on. She nods lightly to those, like her, who're watching.

Willow watches the spectacle with apparent delight, attention lingering with Silvio and Domonico before she laughs brightly at Gretchen's comment and shakes her head, attention shifting between the Malvicis.

Videl is single, it's part of the game. Thus, she calls out, "Lord Domonico." Her tone carries, "Don't you think my dress is wonderful? I know you look amazing rowing a boat like that, what else can you do with those strong arms of yours?" She blows him a kiss, and helps warn Armani about Thea's attempts.

Deliberately or otherwise, Domonico's companion is mirroring that of their rival harrier - just as Silvio seeks to distract 'her' commodore, she endeavours to distract the woman responsible for Silvio's vessel. "Captain, oh captain!", she purrs across the water, leaning over the edge of her own little boat. "*Do* be careful with how that water splashes. Please, take care lest you wind up drenched. Clad in that robe as it clings to you. Dripping. Were the bride any less lovely, it would surely stir even the bridegroom to turn around and steer for you - but for the rest of us, it would be unbearable." Then the wine fountains turn on, sending great arcing belts of liquid red across the scene - and at least one outward-leaning Pravus.

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Lucita says, "You can do it team Igniseri!" She rather gives a supportive little hopeful cheer. "Row Row, Row. or should I be chanting.. don't rock the boat?"

Over by the pathway, Sebastian's twirling Juliana around, undoubtedly showing off her beautiful dress, before he leans to kiss her brow and murmur something to her.

Gilroy steps away from the pool and wanders around the seating, looking for somewhere he would be just welcome enough. As he passes by the Pravus/Malesparo table he points to Beatrice and sends a wink her way, then continues on over to drop down on the garden benches, with the highnesses and baroness, where he starts to politely stuff his face.

Gilroy has joined the garden benches.

Between Juliana's breathtaking dress, the many - yet somehow dry - confrontrations in the pool, and her sober-ish company, there is no shortage of wonders for Beatrice Malespero to observe. To that, Gilroy's unorthadox greeting earns him a brief smile and tilt of a wineglass in his direction, head tilting cordially.

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A good thing the reflection pool is so shallow. With the clack of a silver bell, the boats are off. Domonico and Luis both start out strong with the bows almost parallel. Ripples and splashes turn the once smooth sheet of water into a choppy parallel to the sea. Selene calls to them: "Row! For the Dawnspire and the prize within!" She waves an iridescent ribbon to fanfare their efforts.

While Gretchen and Thea attempt to get in the way, Armani skillfully sails around them to break into the lead with at least half a boat's length ahead of Luis and Domonico. However, Videl, Silvio and Gretchen need to be unleashed as part of the diplomatic corps: their catcalls and other efforts to pull attention to themselves is dangerous effective. The waterworks in the pool come to life, pumped into action. Sparkling jets of wine fly into the air. They leap and play through the hidden pipeworks through the pool. That means some of the boats are literally moving through columns of cordial and red wine. A few whites, probably the stuff not worth drinking, add to the sparkle of the candlelight and lantern lights. Those white tunics are soon enough splattered.

Miranda gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Miranda gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Miranda gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Miranda gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Willow gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Miranda puts pale peach wine from Granato in barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lianne's gaze strays from Juliana's dazzling twirl to the struggle in the reflecting pool to the Grayhope pointing at her seneschal. That last one earns Beatrice a curious look and a wry comment.

Miranda puts The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine in barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Berenice.

Arcadia slips out of the shadows and heads towards the exit, a slight limp to her feet, she obviously has struggled long enough with those shoes. A quick bow to anyone she makes eye contact with.

Arcadia has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Miranda turns as she observes the goings on, then heads back out from the party. She rubs a bit at her forehead. Might be too cold or something.

Thea checked wits + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp leave, following Miranda.

Donato has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Armani has half-turned in her boat, cocky as she is in the lead, to continue her calling at the hecklers behind her. Well, she starts to, and then the waterworks kick into life and she somehow manages to get a jet of sparkling red wine right up the nose. She makes a sound very like a gargling hyena and turns around to face front again, managing to keep the oar in her hand through an effort of will while she coughs and catches her breath. The boat sails through one of the rising columns of wine and both Videl and Armani get nicely coated in white wine. Armani's white tunic clings to her body and she leans forward over her oar, lean muscles hard at work.

Thea continues to push forward, her face determined. Shaking her head, wet and sticky from the wine, she pushes forward.

" Pantheon...Luis look! Its the Lady Armani!" Silvio yells, "She has the /best/ most convincing fake jewelry in Arx. Its ok, Admiral! Only I know they are fake! They look stunning. The sailors can't tell the difference due to being so /basic/!" And meanwhile, Silvio is getting drenched with wine...its running down his hair, making him all sorts of translucent as far as garments are concerned, clinging to his lithe frame. "Row, Luis, Row! Stop looking at anyone!" He snaps his fingers. "Or...look at me? Think of your gorgeous bride!! Think of the present you don't have to buy her if you win this thing!"

Selene is overheard praising Silvio: Ridiculous distractions are the best.

Willow bursts out laughing at Silvio.

"Hey, hey you!" Gretchen waves at Luis, making the questionable decision to stand in her boat to make sure he knows where to look, "You're the one that got married today, right? Your wife looks lovely! But since this day is already about you, you really ought to let one of your guests win. Then we'll definitely help you out when the first anniversary rolls around and you're not speaking to each other!"

Aerwyna giggles as she watches the race with much interest.

"Look! Look what fate awaits you if you persist!" Sudara is also trying a dual attack, by directing Luis's attention to the now-drenched and coughing Armani. "Return to your new bride, my lord, I beseech you! Drowning by wine up the nose, or lured onto the rocks by sirens - nothing good awaits you out here!" Still, with so much attention focused on Luis, she starts to cast her gaze around for her next target.

Thea prays for Gretchen, feeling the boat a little.

Domonico shakes his head and growls in annoyance at allowing himself to be distracted earlier and grips the oars, taking a deep breath as he prepares himself.

"Silvio, stop lieing to my husband. He still has to get me a present. Even if he wins!" Juliana calls from where she has been watching.

Luis buckles down on the rowing, he's got the boat going in at least the right direction, he can do this, right? That would be exquisite, if he could just keep from the seductive ones... but then there they are, laying it on the smooth, talking Gretchen, "Lady Moore! I'm a married man! Can't you at least wait till the day after my marriage? I mean... unless Juliana is okay with you joining us..." he replies, looking up towards Juliana, and arching a brow, but laughs, and keeps rowing, he will not be outdone! Row row row the boat! "Wine! I had always dreamed of raining wine... a fountain truly... and who is this stunning beauty... "Yes Silvio, I won't look, but there is wine... and well you're pretty scrumptuous yourself..." the rowing slows, perhaps Silvio's words were not the best choice... "This lady, she distracts me... why why does she distract me Silvio? She calls me away from your glistening skin... your soaked, yet illustrious form."

The confusion on the water seems to be sorting itself out. The harriers of Pravus' Flames start focusing their attention on the only person still left rowing: Luis. That has the desired effect with about ten feet of open water to that gorgeous honeycombed spire and its treasure. Whispers on the sidelines light several larger sparklers and lift their lanterns to make clear where the end of the pool is. No breaking the Velenosas' perfect brickwork. Several of the courtiers sing their encouragements: "Row faster! It's this way!" and the refrain of one ribald bard chiming in: "Stroke, stroke, stroke your pole!"

He will be likely struck from the payroll. Regardless, progress of the little craft tightens up, Domonico and Armani both in a position to narrow the distance on their opponents. Thea and Gretchen are still floating back by the other end of the pool, but nothing stops them from singing. The boat bobs up and down. Wine rains down on all of them on the water. Spectators too foolish to get close certainly are. Another wash of red wine sprays Videl and Armani in a curtain.

Videl turns her attention towards Thea this time around, "Did you know that there are many more threatening teams than us? My cousin Luis, the groom, is a far better target. After all, he is our warlord and knows better what to do in a test of strength than anyone. And lord Silvio is an amazing person, you'd be much better off to leave us alone." She gets showered in wine, but just licks her arm clean.

Selene is overheard praising Armani: There's the Lycene treachery I was looking for.

Thea actually smiles at videl,"Noted." before brushing her eyes stickily with her elbow, checking on Gretchen. She seems to be still standing.

Lianne laughs, brief and loud, before casting a look between her cousins and her seneschal, eyeing the lot of them. Then eyeing the pool and the spire at its center in a most calculating manner while she sips at her champagne.

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"Lord Luis!" Gretchen calls back with a laugh, pretending to sound scandalized and still standing and somehow not falling out of the boat as her hands go to the edges of her robe, "How could you even make such a proposition without paying me your full attention?" And then she opens her robe to pretty openly flash him. Were they supposed to keep clothes on underneath? She did not. When in the Lyceum and all that. "I assure you I'm worth the look."

Lucita can not help but grin at some of the hecklig and antics on the pool. She stays quiet though except for a few soft-spoken comments to those seated near her.

Thea shakes her head, annoyed for becoming so distracted. She resumes rowing, more determined.

Videl checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Willow puts A custom painting from Willow Nightgold, Voice of Stonedeep in a wooden chest with ribbons and a sign--Place Wedding Gifts Here.

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Jasher.

Gilroy pauses in whatever he was saying at the benches and sits up when he sees Gretchen decide to just pull the girls out. "I didn't realize this was that sort of party!" He makes as if to unbutton his waistcoat, then looks around and sees everyone but the Oathlander still has their clothes on, then slouches back. "So weird."

Juliana has left the pathway benches.

Armani has one competetor between her and victory. There is no way she is letting him get there first! Drenched in wine, blinking it out of her eyes, she powers her boat forward a few crucial feet and rams it into Luis and Sylvio's boat with all her strength. That'll teach Sylvio to insult her jewelry! Not that she has time to say that, because the boats aren't exactly stable. They are low, tiny boats, and four people colliding is a bit too much for them. Armani stops Luis's forward progress ... by taking him over the side and down into the water with her. Down they go into the waist-high water, drenching the already wine-soaked white tunic and the red robe overtop. She comes up looking like a drowned rat and swearing like a sailor. "No! This is not how I wanted to meet you, My Lord!"

Lianne is overheard praising Gretchen: Shameless.

Lianne is overheard praising Selene: Well-orchestrated ambiance and well-contained chaos.

There's Luis, whom has been quite satisfyingly distracted by the wine covered form of Silvio, but there is Gretchen drawing his attentions, which is why he's totally obvlious to the fact that Armani is ramming their boat, Silvio's grabbing at his oar, and Luis comments, "That's not going to get us moving in the water..." he notes with a small smirk, but then laughs, "Oh, is it to be that sort of party?" he asks as he stands, and in a flash the boats are capsizing and they're all falling all over the place, sinking and Luis kicks out, riding his bote like it's a log in the wine, and there it is, upside down and Luis striking a rum selling captain pose atop the hull of the wee boat, "Tis' a wonder, though you best be careful showing things off around here, the last Lycene function I was at... well that was the mark that started all the clothing from disappearing..." he notes, as though he wasn't part of the commotion that left three other people in the drink, "Silvio, push me towards the spire!" Though he notes the man tied up with Armani and he sighs, then hops over to the sinking ship that was Armani's and then hops right into Thea and Gretchen's boat, "Alright, what were you wanting me to see?" he asks as he takes a seat beside Thea and looks to Gretchen.

Turning from Lianne with an air professional and courteous, Beatrice cuts through a crowd steadily intoxicating toward a quiet set of garden benches. While her gaze falls first on Alarissa, it is Arman who holds her attention for a long moment, a blink of surprise cutting through before she offers the pair a /most/ serious bow. "Your Highnesses, Baroness. Please excuse my intrusion. May I borrow your guest?" Her gaze flicks to Gilroy pleasantly. "Messere, the Marquessa requests an introduction."

"Lord Silvio, be careful, Lord Domonico is trying to ram you from over there." Videl yells, pointing in the opposite direction of where her own boat is coming from, to disguise the actual ramming attempt from over their way. As things destabilize and their boat capsizes, the tiny frail noblewoman is tossed rudely into the water, and she finds herself gulping in water as she desperately tries to stand up, despite it not being very deep water, panic and frailty combine to make this far more difficuly than it ought to be, coughing severely and gasping for breath in between coughs as she rises out of the water.

Armani has one competetor between her and victory. There is no way she is letting him get there first! Drenched in wine, blinking it out of her eyes, she powers her boat forward a few crucial feet and rams it into Luis and Silvio's boat with all her strength. That'll teach Sylvio to insult her jewelry! Not that she has time to say that, because the boats aren't exactly stable. They are low, tiny boats, and four people colliding is a bit too much for them. Armani stops her own forward progress ... by taking Silvio over the side and down into the water with her. Down they go into the waist-high water, drenching the already wine-soaked white tunic and the red robe overtop. She comes up looking like a drowned rat and swearing like a sailor. Now might be the time for that jewelry crack. "Costume jewelry!" she manages to choke out. "If this pool wasn't three feet deep ..."

As the teams race towards the prize, Juliana pulls herself away from her twin to move back towards tghe rest of the wedding party. At some point coming up beside Lucita and sliding her arm around her new sister's own and giving it a hug. "Thank you, Luci. You out did yourself." Then Luis is going over board and Juliana sighs. "Well looks like the night gets to start off with the bathes.

The collective gasp of the audience grows louder when the collision between two of the Sins' boats scuttles ambitions to win. Water shivers in the reflection pool and heaves upwards, soaking even the toes of some leaning over too far. Not nearly enough wine mixes in with the water to be a danger. Neither is three feet of water going to produce great, terrible waves. A yelp from a scantily dressed noblewoman splits the air. "This seasilk is new! Now I have a pink blotch--" One gentleman looks over at Gretchen. He considers, and proceeds throw his glass of Setarco red on her.

"Now you have two! Hurrah to House Igniseri and House Pravus!"

Several more glasses' contents end up tossed on that small balcony among the quartet standing there.

Her being the noblewoman. Not Gretchen.

Beatrice's arrival has Alarissa looking up then to the man in question. 'Please. Do."

With her own vessel bringing up the rear, Sudara had at least felt moderately confident of avoiding undue disaster... but had not expected anything so dramatic to happen in front of them. There's rather too much laughter breaking free for her words to be overly coherent, but she does manage to catch Armani's eye (or at least lock her gaze with some bleary wine) and blow the blonde captain a teasing kiss as she passes. She even has the presence of mind to settle her weight a little more securely, just to be sure that Domonico has as easy a task as possible in bringing them in to shore for their prize.

"I wanted you to see someone other than you win," Gretchen replies to Luis, closing up her robe and finally having a seat with a grin, "Thank you for being so accommodating."

Arman another small smirk graced his lips and disrupted his whiskers upon the reply of Gilroy, leaning slightly toward Alarissa with it. He looked to reply though it was stunted with Beatrice's approach which instead stole the elder's attention. He inclined a bow of his head to her, "By all means."

"Oh, by've probably already taken your wedding night drugs..." Silvio says to Luis with a sassy flip of his hair. He dares to crawl forwards through the little boat and grabs hold of the oars, rowing backwards to try to make it that last few feet to the finish. Only issue being that the last time he rowed was...never. "I am doing it!" Two rows later. "UGH...its exhausting! Its going to deform my arms!" When Videl calls out the warning...he totally believes it because that is EXACTLY what he was expecting Domonico to do! He looks up and then, suddenly, his world is water. SPLASH. Sputtering, he surfaces and lets out a soft laugh as Armani 'introduces' herself. "You know I already adore you and your fine was all just the game-" he starts explaining, certain they've lost it all now. Videl has one last distraction for him though...the whole coughing and drowning part, and so he 'rescues' her in the 3-feet of water, by trying to hold her arm and pat on her back as they stand up.

Gilroy has left the garden benches.

Selene is overheard praising Juliana: A ravishing bride.

Selene is overheard praising Luis: An excellent sport.

Selene is overheard praising Domonico: Winning from behind!

Selene is overheard praising Sudara: Brilliant distractions to win!

Willow lifts two fingers to her mouth to frame the whistle at Gretchen's flashing. She is so secluded the haze smoke hanging around her is easily missed, along with the amused look at Alarissa's response. And then she is laughing as she watches Domonico's boat and Luis' antics.

Thea blinks at Luis, scooting a bit,"errr.. Gretchen. ..."

Gilroy gets to his feet, looking from his big pile of food over to where the Marquessa stands, then shrugs and pops two scallops for the road before following Beatrice back to her table.

Gilroy has joined the pathway benches.

Armani is overheard praising Domonico: Winning by process of elimination. Next time will be different!

And there goes Gilroy, Alarissa looking to Lucita and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "I should go rest. The break in the heat is delightful but I'm tiring terribly. I'll come visit on the morrow." There's a look to Arman. "Prince Arman, would you care, and your guards care, to walk me to the carriage?"

Domonico focusses intently, beginning his powerful rowing towards the spire. Ignoring the cries of the results of the ramming action he powers his boat on. As he leaves Thea behind he briefly comments to his sister, "Focus on your breathing..." before he sweeps past her to the spire. Soon his boat bumps against the objrctive and he holds the boat steady for Sudara to disembark before doing the same, triumphantly standing by the spire, barechest covered in water.

Arman rose without question, dismissing his glass to a passing tray before offering his arm to Alarissa in both escort and to simply help her up. "It would be my pleasure."

Noting the directness of Alarissa's encouragement with a tight-lipped smile, Beatrice inclines her head respectfully again to the trio before escorting Gilroy back to her previous situation with Lianne and Sebastian. "You look well. Enjoying the wedding?" she chatters vapid pleasantries before lowering her voice to introduce Gilroy to her Marquessa.

Lucita returns the cheek kisses. " If it is too hot or tiring, I can come visit you , Princess." She offers softly. "Either way, will look forward to tomorrow." She says and then looks back toward the gathering.

Juliana smiles to Alarrisa from where she has stepped up to hug Lucita. "Thank you for coming, your Highness. If you happen to see Galen, tell him he is fired." smiles teasingly.

Wiping drenched hair out of her eyes, Armani clambers out of the pool, clapping Silvio's shoulder on her way by. "Yours isn't so bad," she says, competition fever gone as suddenly as it had arrived with the end of the contest. "Next time we need to meet somewhere else." She looks him up and down. "Although the wet clothes are a bonus." She smirks, but takes a moment to look Videl over. "ARe you all right? You didn't swallow too much water?"

The glittering spire in warm marble and countless golden lights awaits. Within, the secretive nooks and crannies wait for Sudara and Domonico to ascend. The nearly translucent walls make it easy to see where their silhoeuttes or shadows lie. Delicately constructed quatrefoils and trefoils piercing the slanting, narrow tower give a hint to whatever ascent remains to find their treasure. But the competitors have a very short distance to find their prize.

And amidst the celebration and praise of the participants of the race, Jasher and his retinue enter, well past the window of "fashionably late" to just "late". At least the lack of punctuality is not entirely in vain; the man has dressed himself to something presentable, if predominantly black. Without really making any effort to mingle, he will roam around, his gaze distant yet curious as he examines the maritime touches adorning the ward.

Arman has left the garden benches.

Armani is overheard praising Selene: Beautiful and elegant party with a perfect contest to cap it off.

Thea sputters at Domonico, rowing faster,"Breathing....I'll show you breathing..."eventually reaching the spire.

Silvio is overheard praising Selene.

Silvio is overheard praising Armani.

Armani is overheard praising Silvio: Very distracting!

Selene takes 2 books from a velvet drawstring pouch slipped over the wrist.

With a chuckle as Thea keeps rowing, Luis places a hand upon her shoulder, "Thank you my lady, a wonderful trip, and Lady Moore, a pleasure and such a lovely frame you did present. I shall remember it fondly, though as I said earlier... today is my wedding day, so I must relent," he explains and winks, but then he leaves the pair as he hops from the boat to wade to the edge of the pool and hop out, looking back to insure all are still alive and none are dying. "Well now, that was lovely... Whisper Selene, a pleasure, and thank you," he explains, but then wanders to find Juliana, content.

Silvio is overheard praising Luis.

Armani is overheard praising Luis: Not a bad sailor in three feet of water!

Silvio is overheard praising Juliana.

"You did a great job," Gretchen laughs, giving Thea a smile, "I'm sorry I didn't begin with that move now. We could've capsized all of them at the beginning."

"If I happen to see the Prince I will most certainly do no such thing. I prefer my head precisely where it is." Alarissa shakes her head with a smile to Juliana. "Go. Enjoy your wedding party and then the night. Some day, perhaps, I'll have a proper one. Though not another wedding" Please not another wedding. Then, her arm slid into Armen's Prince and Princess start to make their way out.

Domonico nods to Sudara before he begins climbing the spire for the prize, intent on his task.

Alarissa has left the garden benches.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

Thea grins at gretchen,"Next time." Turning to Luis, she sincerely speaks,"Congratulations to you both..."

Juliana watches as Luis climb out of the pool and start wandering as if to look for her, at which point the bride back away grabbing Jasper who is conviently close and putting her cousin between her and her wine soaked husband. "Stay right where you are, Luis Igniseri.. I have a Thrax and I am not afraid to use it."

Willow gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lianne is overheard praising Juliana: Brilliant and beautiful.

Lianne is overheard praising Luis: Charming and clever.

Luis sees Juliana's grabbing and he nods his head, "Ah, I see how it is..." he looks around and takes Lucita by the shoulders and presses her into Jasper's space. "There I have a Saik, now thy can be together," he says as he pushes them together and steps around the two in a moment so that he can reach grabby hands out to Juliana, wanting to draw her into a water and wine drenched hug. "Those pearls will dry nicely, don't you worry!"

Clambering in an unfitted, wine-soaked robe is not, it seems, one of Sudara's talents. Before long, she succeeds in snagging part of the wet material on one of those lovely decorative features, and winds up at least temporarily trapped. Laughing, she waves Domonico onwards. "Go on without me!", she cries melodramatically.

Armani gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Silvio bows his head to Armani and looks her up and down. "Well, usually I like to proposition people within a few moments of meeting, to see their reaction, but...this will be fine." He winks and then chuckles, truding through the water and helping Videl if she'd like it, to get to the proper side of the pool and out.

Armani gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Selene drops a silver parchment voucher for Whispering Words.

Selene drops a twilight skies egg-shaped keepsake box.

Videl finds herself to the shore with Silvio's help, taking deep steady breaths and slowly recovering. "Thank you."

Armani tags along behind Silvio, though it means going back into the pool. What matter? She's already soaked. "If you want to forget we've met so you can try again, there's plenty of wine here to get you started," she says with a wink in return. Videl gets a beaming look. "Next time I want you on my team again. You did us proud. I'm a little sorry about the surprise bath."

Domonico takes a twilight skies egg-shaped keepsake box.

The clambering up the stairs in the tower brings Domonico and Sudara to the crest where lies... a phoenix egg. It happens to sit apart from the ring of candles around it, helping to show it off to best appeal. A ribbon tied to one of the legs leads to a scroll, which is far smaller, and carries a little hand-written note.

Lucita blinks as Juliana grabs Jasher and Luis grabs her and pushes her against him. "Oh... er. Hello, good to meet you here, Your Highness. Shall we be indulgent and forgive the bride and groom?" She reaches up to pat Jasher's chest just in cast his top has become rumpled by this happening.

Gretchen waits until the boat is near to the shore thanks to Thea's rowing and hops out, not bothering to look for her clothes as she heads over to get herself a drink, smiling as she then finds a seat, "So, what did I miss? Did anyone else get married?"

Gretchen has left the a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

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Gretchen has joined the pathway benches.

Sudara takes a silver parchment voucher for Whispering Words.

Armani has left the a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

Domonico takes the egg and holds it aloft in victory at the top of the tower, looking quite happy indees for once!

Luis gets a five-tiered celestial mirror-glazed coconut cake with candied-lime-and-ginger buttercream.

Thea climbs from boat, drawing her robe around herself,"worth it." Noting Domonico, she sighs,"He will have the biggest head ever now."

Jasher blinks once as in the midst of his exploration he's hoisted as an impromptu intervener, and before he can voice protest, he abruptly has a Baroness-Regent of Saik pushed into his personal space. He takes a moment to breathe slowly, as if he was counting in his head, before looking down at Lucita, his expression one of exaggerated patience. "I believe that would be wise," he replies.

When she belatedly succeeds in reaching the top, Sudara makes sure to claim at least a temporary 'share' of the egg, so that she can both admire the gorgeous creation and hold it aloft - but she soon returns it with a laugh to Domonico. "Very much your victory, my lord."

As the winning team secures the egg, Luis claps, distracted for the moment from attempting to soak Juliana, "Ah, well done, Lord Malvici... so many Malvici's here this evening," he side whispers that to the ones where he stands, but then nods again, "And Lady Sudara, well done! Such wonderful winners!" he explains, and then turns back to look for Juliana, "Well now, where did you go..."

Domonico laughs, "Nosense. You were a vital crew member on the voyage. Now... should I row or carry you back to shore Lady Sudara?"

"LUIS!" c omes out as a squeel and a laugh as Juliana looses all decorum finding herself missing her Thraxian sheild and wrapped up in a wine soaked hug from her husband. "Jasher, you were suppose to help!" before nodding to the winners with a smile already settling in against Luis' chest. "I watched with Bas and Lianne. You did very well... considering."

The cheering from around the pool draws Sebastian's gaze, as it seems a winner has been crowned -- or has successfully climbed the tower. When he spots who it is -- particularly his cousin -- he beams and applauds. "Well done," he calls, though whether it carries far enough is debatable.

Willow has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Lucita gives Jasher a little grin, a hint of mischief in her amber gaze as she looks into his visage. "At least you know was not running into you on purpose." Another little grin. "And if not for your kindly indulgent intervention, I'd likely have been one to receive a rather wet hug there. So I guess a thank you is in order. Have you sampled some of the food or wine as yet, or perhaps a slice of the cake?"

Lucita speaks over to Juliana, Oh he is helping, just helping me this time Jules."

Willow's is a quiet departure, though having lingered long.

Silvio makes a humming sound. "Of course, my lady." He says to Videl. "Your trickery was well done." Then to Amani, " going to go home and change clothes for the moment." He bows his head, then and waves to Juliana and Luis...his teammate, before he heads off.

a massive cat with long black fur leaves, following Willow.

With all said and dispatched with, Selene finally has freedom to go alight upon a glass of wine. She applauds with Domonico and Sudara emerging. "Well done, my lord and my lady! There are far too many brilliant players out here. I shall have to remember to include them all."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

Silvio has left the a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

"Why change clothes at home?! This is the Lycene ward, is it not?" Luis calls to Silvio, "But well done... we almost won... okay we failed miserably, but it was still well done..." he admits with a grin, though his attentions are drawn back to Juliana as he rubs up against her, ensuring that all his wet clothes touch her in some way, "Yes indeed, his highness and my sister are aiding us quite well," he explains and then laughs, but finally looks to all the others whom are here, "Well then, what did I miss... Lord 'Bastian, how are you?" He listens to something Juliana whispers, but looks to Lucita and then back again, "I will later."

Armani wiggles her fingers in a wave at Silvio. "Maybe next time then," she says. "Whenever and wherever it might be." This said, she too heads towards the entrance, but pauses on her way to speak with Selene. "Lady Whisper!" she says. In deference to the lady's beautiful clothing and her own drenched state, she foregoes the shoulder clasp. "I imagined this party would be grand, but I didn't imagine anything like this. You outdid everyone and everything that I've seen before."

Sudara was indeed looking for Sebastian among the crowd - and answers his beaming smile with a grin and a wave. Then she plants a warmly congratulatory kiss on Domonico's cheek, and sets about descending the little spire, taking all the care of someone near-totally lacking in athletic inclination.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

Jaenelle gets a slender golden marble spire honeycombed by arches.

12 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting have been dismissed.

"I suppose you are welcome," Jasher replies Lucita's way with bone dryness. "I have not sampled the food. I was in the midst of looking at the decoration before I was"--and here he glances towards the newly nuptial couple--"interrupted. I generally do not attend wedding receptions, but this is my cousin's." He permits a shrug at the last part.

Selene is overheard praising Lucita: Excellent wedding preparations!

Selene is overheard praising Quenia: Excellent wedding gifts!

12 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting have been dismissed.

Domonico helps Sudara descend the spire before transporting her back across the water to the rest of the party. Once on dry land he begins donning his cuirass. "I had better get back to my duties... Congratulations on your marriage. May the Gods bless it."

Juliana gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Juliana gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lianne gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Thea shifts on her feet relaxedly

Juliana gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lianne gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Juliana gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Armani's voice calling out to her and that pause brings Selene to a halt. She smiles with unfettered warmth. "I was delighted when you turned that boat. You can expect those sandoli to be delivered to your household once they are patched up. I have no talent for rowing but may they be something you gain from." The little gondola-style craft will not suit on the open ocean but protected canals and waterways are another story. "I had plans for a full-scale mock naval battle. Lady Juliana's house gives me perfect excuse. Should you ever want something a bit larger and somewhat less chaotic, Whisper House can acommodate." She enthuses, "I am merely happy it all turned out well!"

Selene gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Selene gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gilroy takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Selene takes an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

The dryer Jasher speaks, the more the hint of mischief brightens in Lucita's eyes. "So did you find them different, It took quite a lot of gaining permissions and getting things made. If you ever need something like this organized and put together and someone to direct the flow of activities, Selene Whisper is quite the person to ask for help." She glances toward the cask of gifts. "Get a bit of the wine and a ring from that barrel over there if you have not as yet done so. They are provided for guests.

Domonico gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gilroy takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gilroy takes Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gilroy takes pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gretchen gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Armani beams at this and nods to Selene. "They're beautiful craft. And I will be keeping that in mind myself." She pauses. "I should get into dry clothes. Thank you again for all your work and enthusiasm!" She resumes her slow wind towards the manor house and her own wing therein, waving cheerily to those she knows as she leaves.

Sudara gets an infinity ring designed with feathers and citrines from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Domonico gives his sister a hug and bows to the collective before leaving.

Athenais, a dreamy apprentice Whisper, Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat leave, following Selene.

Juliana pulls away from Luis, long enough to press a kiss to both Jasher and Lucita's cheeks. "I love you both. Thank you." then reaches back and takes hold of Luis's hand and starts tugging him towards Sebastian.

Juliana is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Thea embraces Domonico,"I know..behave."amusement tinging her tone. Meanwhile, she enjoys her surroundings.

Sudara opts not to get changed in public, instead taking herself and her sodden robe off into private, to reclaim her gown, dry off, and then some time later rejoin the party. For now, however, she slips quietly from view.

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