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Metallic Songs: Gold and Brass

Come hear odes written by the famous Princess Sorrel about the Metallics Brass and Gold! There will be a question and answer period following each song, and further information will be explored. A must for music lovers and history lovers alike! Everyone will receive copies of the songs for their use. (Bring AP if you want to be involved in clue-sharing. NO CLUES WILL BE SHARED UNTIL THE END OF THE EVENT.)


Nov. 30, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Sorrel Gianna


Shard Mirk Alrec Violet Fortunato Lou Thorley Ashe Modi Berto Lucita Nemo Tabitha Sabella Amari Copper Sina Laric Tikva Niklas Talwyn Khanne Felicia Aleksei Mikani Caspian Vercyn Rinel Delilah Miranda Duarte Lora Katarina Sparte



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Performance Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Shard enters with soft footsteps and faintly narrowed eyes; her expression looks /almost/ suspicious. Or perhaps she's just in a bad mood. Or that's how she always looks. She stops and studies the interior carefully, occupants included, before moving toward a seat.

Shard has joined the upper center seating.

Gianna seats herself, arranging her skirts artfully and tilting her chin up. Her gaze is proud as she takes in the rapidly-filling seats in the performance hall.

Merril, an Assistant Page, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Lailah.

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

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2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid, Lou arrive, following Felicia.

Mirk strides into the performance hall, his eyes sweeping across the room, as if considering the location. He a few familiar faces in the crowd get a nod of his head in passing, but he doesn't waste his time or his effort being heard speaking pleasantries in the press of the crowd, instead navigating his way over to the nearest available seating and sitting down to watch and wait for the show to begin.

Carrying the stench of cigarettes and booze, the oddly dressed man, Alrec Magaldi carries himself into the performance hall. He removes his hat, stuffing it into the pocket of his coat and slides down one of the booths, taking his seat. He nods to Morrighan in passing, being polite and all, before taking his seat.

Mirk has joined the lower left seating.

Violet settles into her seat and moves almost immediately to reach into the bag she has brought. Is that...yes...she has popcorn and is quietly munching on it. As she turns to offer Tala some she finds the little girl has left her side and sprinted off. On her feet in a moment she doesn't spill her popcorn! Instead she spies Tala making her way over to Ashe and Sassabrass. Clearly the youngester is intent on giving hug greetings to the later. "HI!" Violet cringes at the volume and begins making her way over, casting an apologetic glance towards Sorrel.

Modi arrives, following Nemo.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

The artist formerly known as Fortunato slips into the back, easing in near Morrighan on her bench, veritably, veritably.

Lou walks in side by side with Felicia. She's wearing her normal explorer gear, because Explorer! She's holding a quiet conversation with the Dame, though her expression is somewhat animated. "We'll see if she can teach me anything new," she says, upon entering inside the building, eyes curiously taking everything in.

"Tala Farwatch, get back here!" Thorley calls out, just as Violet is rising to her feet and the knight frowns as he offers a cough and clears his throat. "Sorry, she's excited."

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

2 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, 1 Lyonesse Trained Guards, Maverick, the hawk arrive, following Demura.

Dame Tommelisa Thistlefur, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, Rinel, Demura arrive, following Sparte.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 4 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

The man at the bench glances up, seeing Fortunato. Alrec gasps quietly and reaches for the person closest to him, "Is that the artist formerly known as Fortunato?" He asks.

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As Ashe moves to take a seat among the audience, Sassabrass pauses in following her. He seems to be staring quite intently at something in the upper center seating. His eyes are narrowed in clear thought, and he turns to Ashe and opens his mouth as though quite obviously intending to ask Yet Another Question. But before he can say anything, there's a little girl wandering over to greet him with volume and enthusiasm, and... is she clinging to his leg? This is a hug when you're small, isn't it. Sass looks momentarily confused by this greeting, and glances around as if searching for a cue as to how exactly to react. After a moment, he pats Tala somewhat awkwardly on the head. "Hello, small one."

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Modi has dressed warm for the occasion. A good thing too considering how the snow pelts the outside like an ivory dance of cold, biting glass. He's not arriving alone either, as he's stood right beside Nemo in all of his umbra and jewelry. Already he's looking a bit cautiously at the crowd. Almost shook with nerves from the people of varying ranks, colorful clothing and status. Regardless of that he manages to put on a brave smile for his friend beside him. "Where shall we sit? Somewhere quiet, if such even still exists?"

As the crowd arrives and gets settled in, Sorrel takes the stage, springing up the stairs, light on her feet despite the fact that she's swollen with pregnancy, in a swirl of aeterna fabric. A cheerful, literal swirl, too, for she twists in a little pirouette and offers a warm smile to the crowd.

"Warm salutations to all of you. Thank you all for coming to learn a little bit about two great men who helped shape our past and who have been forgotten a bit by history. After each song, I'll be happy to take questions," Sorrel says brightly. "Questions should be about the Metallics naturally, and remember that there will be more concerts in the future."

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Berto makes his way into the Hall, straining for a look at the stage. The small man hurriedly shuffles to find a place to find a seat, keeping his eyes on stage and weaving between the taller people (most people)in the performing hall.

Lucita steps into the area, glances around and then finds an empty seat on which to sit. She murmurs softly to her fellow Lycene and co-veteran of Setarco as she does, keeping her voice low pitched so not to disturb the others.

Nemo arrives, not nearly as well dressed as her companion, though she is a lot less nervous looking. She points towards the lower left seats, saying, "There," before simply taking the man by the hand and leading the way.

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Violet makes it over to Ashe and Sass and gives them both am embarassed and apologetic smile. "Sorry about that," She says in a soft voice, glancing at Sorrel. Quickly she begins to usher the girl back to her seat, "Come join us if ya like," She calls back to the two as she manages to get the girl back to their seats. Violet may, in fact, be blushing just slightly. "But I wanna tell 'im!" Tala can be heard to say as Violet hushes her gently. "After."

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Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

Salvadore, a fire salamander, Tikva arrive, following Laric.

Near to Delilah, Tabitha sits quietly with her hands delicately resting one-atop-the-other in her lap. She sends a little nervous smile towards Delilah to reassure her cousin that everything's okay for now, and then gentle smiles and nods to anyone nearby. She doesn't speak, though. Just sits there watching attentively as Sorrel begins to speak.

Shard sits up a little straighter when Sorrel begins talking, though her expression is no friendlier.

There is nothing more exciting than being in the proximity of the artist formerly known as Fortunato! Too bad the actual dude's bit of a let-down, tiny guy in pale leathers. Like, there are dozens of tiny, boring guys in the Lowers, man.

With a wave of her hand, Sorrel motions to her musicians to start the introduction to the first song, the first few notes swelling as the audience gets itself settled. There are, after all, a lot of people present and it takes time for them to find seats and such. "This is an Ode to Gold," the princess says, and when she next opens her mouth, lovely music comes out. She is an expressive singer, singing with her whole body her song.

"Purging fire -- Lagoma's Champion

Letting it all burn; so does it all begin

Brighter this night with the Lady of Change!

Let all the lanterns glow here so arranged.

Adversity is the test of man, yet hold

For fire burning is the test of Gold.

"Aurumadin's familiar, dragon strong,

Together fighting they could do no wrong.

Reckoning heroes at the Thinnest Point

Battling as one force, their attacks adjoint.

Opposing evil to the deaths of both;

Fiery good to the end their own troth.

"Oppose evil; walk always in the Light

The fires of Lagoma burn each night

Harboring in safety both weak and strong

Fires burning endlessly for so long.

Godsworn templar paladins serving how

The Gold Order is meant to be e'en now."

Sabella comes strolling in on the arm of Prince Niklas, laughing at something he's just said and immediately putting a hand up over her smiling mouth as she realizes Sorrel has already started. She whispers something to hi, and then pulls him over to sit, grinning while listening intently to the song.

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Amari arrives in vivid seasilks of dawn sky pinks and sunny golds with matching jewelry of rose gold, and glides over to the upper center seating, being not at all shy. There's familiar faces she spots on the way, who she wiggles her fingers subtly towards before she settles in, Gianna getting a bright smile as she does. Before sitting, she gathers her cloak carefully and does a half spin as she reels in the length of fabric to spare it from wrinkles or being tread on. When the song begins, she's in place, gaze intent and ears perked.

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Summer listens, enraptured. A small, distant smile sits on her lips in the dimmed hall, likely seen by no one. For her, and the song, alone.

Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant, a small twilit kingsnake arrive, following Macda.

Macda arrives, following Talwyn.

Having exchanged brief, quiet words with those around her, the Archscholar now settles in to hear Sorrel's performance, her silvery eyes focused on the Princess as she begins her song. Her attention is rapt and appreciative, and perhaps there's a beaming pride about her too, as one of her Scholars draws in such an enormous crowd. She has her hands folded in her lap, her attention focused solely on Sorrel, lips curved into a soft smile.

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Laric and Tikva enter the performance hall halfway through the song. The former looks immediately rueful for that, though it doesn't stop him from carefully making his way through and around the seating, scanning for something or someone. He murmurs something to his companion then seems to find what he's looking for, spotting Morrighan and Fortunato. He moves to take a seat near them, reaching into his coat's pocket to remove a - happily wriggling salamander and set it down by the former's leg atop the bench before helping himself.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrive, following Caspian.

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Tikva sidles, sidles adrift away from Laric after she makes it into the performance hall, chewing thoughtfully on the inside of her cheek as she glances after him, and then tries to look an apologetic glance in Sorrel's direction as she moves to sneak, sneak her way into finding a seat. It's very sneaky. (No.)

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Niklas makes his way in with his wife, following her to available seating, offering silent greetings to the various folks assembled that he recognizes. He slides in next to her and leans over to whisper something in her at before speaking to someone else at the seating.

Talwyn sneaks in to the performance underway looking flustered and chagrined, with Macda on his arm bearing much the same expression.

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Serenity, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrive, following Khanne.

Unconcerned about latecomers and really just quite delighted that people are attending to learn about the Metallics, Sorrel wears a neutral expression as she finishes her song, taking a deep breath and smiling. "So, now is a good time for questions about Gold. What isn't mentioned in the song is how fiercely he and his dragon Aurumadin fought for humanity, even to the point of sacrificing their lives fighting the onslaught of demons. If it were not for the valor of Goldenpyre, as he was often known, we might not be here today. Furthermore, he was blessed in the sight of Lagoma, so may all the lanterns burn bright with her flame. 'Adversity is the test of man, but fire is the test of Gold,' a great man purportedly once said. Now, are there questions about Gold?"

Khanne was here this whole time, just standing somewhere in the back, unobtrusively and quietly.

Summer calls out from the center seating, somewhere in that throng of people, "Was he handsome?"

Felicia can't help but give a startled burble of laughter at Summer's question.

Violet can't help it and finds herself chuckling at Sassabrass and something he says. "I dunno. Maybe? I've heard some dogs howl when people sing, so..." She shrugs her shoulders and shoves another mouthful of popcorn from bag to mouth. Om nom nom. Tala stands up then, as Sorrel asks for questions, and waves her little hand in the air.

"I saw a painting of him once and he was a real looker," Aleksei says sagely.

Mikani smirks at Summer's question.

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Shard sinks further into her chair with a slightly wrinkled nose and an inaudible sigh.

Senna, a whip of a man arrives, following Vercyn.

"You know, I don't know," Sorrel admits with a grin. "Most of the information on him doesn't mention his appearance, but I do think there's a reference somewhere that suggests he was quite handsome. Golden and beautiful. Ah, and Master Aleksei says he saw a painting that confirms it. Violet, you had a question?"

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Dusk remarks, a little crossly, "Paintings have been known to lie."

Violet glances at Tala and nods and she stands on the bench and says in her loud, six year old voice, "What was his favorite kind of fruit?" It's the sort of question that makes a mother facepalm. And giggle. And maybe just shake her head a bit. "And when did he meet Aurumadin?"

Caspian lifts his hand when Sorrel asks questions, though he points to Violet with that hand, saying, "Yes, how do you get a dragon to befriend you rather then enslave you? Especially the king of dragons. I want to ride a dragon like a total badass."

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Tabitha says, "Night sky amulet'. History will remember the abstruse impact that Champagne had"

"The painting I saw of him was more dark than golden," Aleksei does share in reply to Sorrel. "Very brown! And yeah, very handsome." This is his contribution. It's very important.

Sabella calls out from the high seats, "Yes, do we know how they met? Goldenpyre and Aurumadin?"

Sassabrass regards Caspian with what might best be called a Look of Skepticism.

"So handsome," Khanne murmurs from her spot in the back.

Tikva * from now, not ago

The Duke of Halfshav has been here the entire time. Really! Promise. All right, maybe not. But he has slipped in to be relatively unobtrusive so that he doesn't interrupt the important discussion over how handsome this painting is or isn't. Instead, Vercyn finds his way to plunk down right by his niece.

Khanne fans herself and huffs out a breath before she gets elbowed in the ribs by Drysi.

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Tabitha just looks a little puzzled, but sits next to Delilah at the upper center seating and listens and remains quiet as a mouse.

"As I understand it, the dragon has to take you as a familiar, and just as there are elves who are not interested in enslaving humans, there are also dragons who are not interested in enslaving humans. Who see humans as having and needing free will. Who see slavery as an evil no matter who holds the leash," Sorrel replies thoughtfully. "Those are the good ones. Those are our allies. Those are the ones we have to work to keep as our allies. But I'm not sure when or how they met, but they were both well known to Valar, the white dragon of Valardin, who performed the eulogy at the funeral, so some mixing of humans and dragons must have happened more regularly in the past."

Sina does not ask any questions of her own, merely gauging quietly how Sorrel handles the questions directed her way. She does glance around a bit, lifting an eyebrow at the manner of questions being asked, but then her lips merely quirk in a hint of amusement, perhaps even a hint of mischievous amusement, rather than disapproval. Her eyes turn back to Sorrel as she quietly listens to the Senior Scholar's answers.

Duarte has joined the upper left seating.

Summer speaks up again, after this answer fades. This time, she asks, "Why do /you/ think Goldenpyre was willing to do that? Why would he give his life, here, for the people of Arvum?"

"Because it was that or let the world be torn asunder," Rinel mutters.

"Gold rescued Aurumadin when he was trapped in the Abyss trying to save someone," Aleksei adds on brightly. He looks curiously over at Summer soon after, though, for that question.

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Tala looks slightly disappointed until Aleksei pipes up. Violet too turns to peer at him curiously. "OOoooohhhhh!" Says the little girl before she purses her lips. "Okay. OH! What color was Aurumadin?" Tala then asks, waving her hand in the air again.

Felicia can't help but perk and scan the hall at Aleksei's contribution, torn between her seating and the questions from below.

Shard glances toward Aleksei, and for the first time since she entered, she looks more thoughtful than grouchy.

"How rare was it for a dragon to be a different color as one of the metallics?" Thorley asks. "And were they more inclined to assist with humans because of it?" he asks finally. "Such as with the ship of dragons."

Delilah is one of the many to look thoughtfully at Aleksei.

Caspian peers at Aleksei, looking to the man before calling out to him, "How the hell do you know all this stuff? You are a walking library sometimes!" He gives the fellow champion a good natured grin. "You're one of the few people who makes me jealous!"

"The Inquisition doesn't just hire people to look cute in black and red," Tikva says lightly.

"Although I /do/," Aleksei says.

Sabella gives Aleksei a surprised look, "I didn't think people could walk in and out of the Abyss without...well. I mean. Gold isn't a gem stone?" She says uncertainly. Maybe she's been wrong about things all these years.

Thorley stands as he asks this, the armor the knight turned Baron wearing as red and brass as he sets his cloak around his shoulders. Speaking of looking cute in red.

Rinel coughs. "If we could continue. Perhaps Master Morgan might elucidate on his most interesting statement, or we could continue to listen to Her Highness Thrax. Lovely as everyone's clothes are." The last sentence is delivered with a hint of acerbity.

Aleksei arches a brow at Rinel's words, glancing down at Sorrel and clearly deferring to her and perfectly willing to be quiet. He does look to Sabella and shake his head NO /very/ definitively. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Amari is just quietly sitting there in the center seating, soaking the discussion in as questions and answers whirl. Something seems to be troubling her, but not enough to prompt a question from the Keaton with her tiny frown of vague concern.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Lou's head turns abruptly in Sabella's direction, and her eyes widen ever so slightly, at her sister's comments. She hmmms thoughtfully to herself.

Sorrel smiles wryly at Summer, then laughs at Rinel's comment. "I mean, the not-letting-the-world-be-torn-asunder reasoning is a pretty good one, but more than that, I suspect that he loved people. He loved Lagoma. He loved Arvum. People are willing to die for things they love and things they truly believe in. I know that I'd fight to the death to keep Arvum from falling to the Abyss, and I've bled for it, and just because we're not in the Hall of Heroes tonight where there are so many statues of people willing to bleed and die for Arvum doesn't mean I can't keep listing them. My topics from last week, Lord Iron and Lord Steel, they certainly were willing to die for Arvum, presumably because they loved humanity. That's one of the reasons I'm so passionate about people remembering the Metallics and their history and their sacrifices." A pause for breath. "Does Aleksei know what color Aurumadin was, or shall we move on to Brass?"

"I'm here to learn about Gold, not because I know very much," Tikva admits with a slight lift of her chin and a smile angled in Sorrel's way. "Kind of an area I haven't studied that much. But if I was going to make a great sacrifice--" She fingerguns at Sorrel. "--It would be to give a great gift." She pulls one leg up with her onto the bench and rests her chin on her knee, watching the rest of the assembly with a curious light in her eyes.

Aleksei glances sloooowly at Rinel. And then he says, very quickly, "He was kind of bronzey-gold and /no/ it was super not the sort of trip to the Abyss Princess Sabella was asking about, don't worry." And then he's done!

Rinel gives Aleksei a bright smile.

Undoubtedly late, possibly late enough to be fashionable about it, Miranda enters the Hall with her lanky aide, Brenlin, floating behind her. She looks about, a hand moving to her chest over her heart a moment at the sight of so many present. Perhaps she expected a small gathering, who knows? Still, she looks about, quietly taking in the room while moving further in. Honey-brown eyes take in the assorted seating, perhaps to decide where she ought to sit.

Summer smiles remotely at the answer to her question and props an elbow upon her knee, chin in that hand, to listen for the next song.

Violet listens to Aleksei's answer thoughtfully. Tala is bouncing with excitement and smiling, before she sits down again. "Thank you!" The little girl says, waving to the man. Violet settles back to listen once again, glancing at her husband and his question about the dragon ship.

Laric clears his throat, glancing over his shoulder at the rest of the seats. "The 'Abyss' in that story may very well be allegorical, but the story itself is true. The forces of the Abyss sought to enslave and corrupt a dragon during the Reckoning. Before then, they had not fully committed to assisting humanity and the Metallic Order in the war. Gold offered his aid and won that, as well as Aurumadin's everlasting friendship."

He pauses, then adds, "As it happens, I'm lucky enough to have a portrait of Aurumadin that Gold himself painted in my collection. I'd be happy to take a few people to see it later tonight."

Tikva studies her shoe for a moment with a particularly intent look.

Sina briefly speaks to one of her assistants, nearby, who then moves away from her, quietly moving through the crowd. Then Sina's attention is back on Sorrel after a briefly murmured comment to Duarte, presumably catching him up on what he missed.

Sassabrass looks /immensely/ intrigued at word of a portrait of Aurumadin. Now his attention is fixated on Laric.

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Sorrel gives Laric a look that suggests that she might intend to take him up on his offer later when she's not putting on a concert. The timing is good. The musicians are ready. This song has an even more upbeat feel to it, a little more lighthearted than the last song. And Sorrel smiles as she's singing it, so that it's a song of good feeling.

"Exuberant joy marked the Brass Knight

Irrepressibly pleased to make wrongs right

All life is worthwhile and worth protecting

Thus his philosophy and his thinking.

"Artifice to some might simply be work

No better a job than being a clerk

But to Brass artificing was the best

Which is why he crafts better than the rest.

"Sparklegas lights Arx like stars in the sky

A beautiful sight to catch the Queen's eye

Welcoming Her home to Her Silver Gift --

A wond'rous vision the soul to uplift.

"Many a tool and yet many a toy:

For Brass wanted his works to bring others joy --

Magnificent weapons still find their use

To fight against those who can't accept truce.

"Never stop fighting until all are free

None have true freedom while there's slavery.

There can be no peace when still some are bound:

Brass fought where freedom is yet to be found.

"War is pain, even when the cause is just.

Innocents die, though war might be a must.

Remember when fighting always the cost:

No matter how noble, lives will be lost.

"In the end there is joy when all's made right;

May Brass find strength to continue the fight.

Bright artificer walk now in the Light --

Blessed and whole his soul in the Queen's sight."

Shard listens as intently to this song as the last--more, perhaps--but as it goes on her expression turns a certain shade of sour, as if tasting something unpleasant.

Vercyn seems comfortable in his chosen seat near Khanne, listening while he reclines casually. He taps one foot -- faint enough to not be heard among the music -- along with the song.

Duarte listens to the song and seems lost in thought for a moment. That is...until his eyes catching a sparkle in their periphery. Then he can't help but admire a particularly enchanting amulet!

The artist Dusk reacts to this song with visible enthusiasm. Why, he even claps. "Admirable sentiments, certainly. You have a hopeful meter."

Lou listens to the song quietly, her expression thoughtful.

Somewhat a wallflower, Miranda lingers towards the back, not near any particular table. She looks a little lost, as if uncertain of protocol or where to sit. However, as Sorrel begins to sing, Miranda's gaze shifts upon the bard on stage. She smiles as the song is sung and her eyes close briefly to just focus on the tune, the music, and the voice - rather than the distractions of the crowd. She smiles warmly, eyes opening as she once more looks to the bard herself. A nod at the lyrics and then enthusiastic applause from her.

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As Sorrel sings her next song, Sina listens with a soft smile on her features, her silvery eyes focused on the Princess. When the song is finished, the Archscholar applauds enthusiastically along with the artist formerly known as Fortunato and any others. But her expression, too, is thoughtful, her head tilted just slightly so as she considers it.

Caspian is overheard praising Sorrel: Her song of Brass is my new favorite song!

Vercyn is overheard praising Sorrel: A song well-sung.

Sparte is overheard praising Sorrel: Singing truths that must be heard

Aleksei is overheard praising Sorrel.

Modi is overheard praising Sorrel: A fantastic rendition of knowledge!

Sabella is overheard praising Sorrel: What prose! What a voice! How amazing!

Talwyn notes Miranda's awkward entry from the corner of his eye, donning an expression of resigned chagrin and discreetly inviting her to sit near. As Sorrel's song comes to a close, he applauds her eloquently with the rest.

Felicia is overheard praising Sorrel: A glorious voice, and an interesting way of learning.

Caspian seems to like this song, because he applauds her at the end of the song, beaming a bright smile her way as he speaks praise to her with the people around her. "Good song! That will be hard to top!" He shouts to her with a wide grin her way.

Thorley is overheard praising Sorrel: A voice of platinum singing of gold with the beauty of alacrite.

Demura is overheard praising Sorrel.

Khanne is overheard praising Sorrel.

Tabitha's applause is polite but heartfelt, as is the gentle smile that warms her face.

Miranda has joined the upper right seating.

Talwyn is overheard praising Sorrel: Everyone else is doing it! She deserves praise for the size of this crowd alone. The song was lovely.

Amari is overheard praising Sorrel.

Motion out of the corner of her eye? Miranda's gaze shifts and spots Talwyn waving her over. She smiles shyly and makes her way to the seating near him. She speaks to those present, bowing her head lightly to Talwyn as she takes a seat, smoothing her gown under her.

Lailah is overheard praising Sorrel.

Macda is overheard praising Sorrel.

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As the song concludes Lora too is moved to applaud, hands coming together in quiet but adamant approval. Lighthearted though the song might be, she looks somber and pensive.

Lou offers her own applause to the mix, and then makes her way from the college. The crowds. Too much!

Lou is overheard praising Sorrel: A great performance and lovely songs!

Eddard is overheard praising Sorrel: A lovely performance, and gathering.

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Willen leaves, following Lou.

Tikva is overheard praising Sorrel: Yay, Sorrel!

Sorrel takes a bow, sweeping out her skirts in a wide gesture, and beaming into the audience, delighted at the reaction. The princess soprano has apparently written some crowd pleasing songs, and it's clear she feels good about that. When finally she stands, she says, "Now! Questions regarding Brass?"

Sina calls out a question, "Who was the Queen referred to in your song?"

"The Queen of Endings and Beginnings. Brass angered the goddess by refusing to die, but I'm told all's been made right with that now," Sorrel explains to Sina with a smile and a nod.

Khanne seems a bit phased by the hum of noise created by all the voices and other sounds in the Performance hall. She sits beside her Uncle, and finally comes to her senses enough to applaud and smile in appreciation for Sorrel's song. "Lovely voice. I like the way she uses lyric to not only entertain, but to inform, to share knowledge and history," she says to the Duke.

Amari doesn't scrimp on the applause for the song of Brass, holding her hands together and still only when Sorrel shifts to the question and answer portion. WIth Rinel asking the first, she glances over at the scholar, and from her, has a look around. The reply though, that has her look back to the stage. "He just refused to die?"

There's a brief applause from Vercyn as well before he leans to listen to Khanne. He gives a nod of agreement, before offering quietly: "It is similar to how we sometimes teach young children through simple songs. People remember music. It sticks in the head." He settles back in his seat, looking to others as they ask their questions. He looks thoughtful, brow furrowing somewhat. No question is posed, but he seems keen to hear what the others say.

Sina nods to Sorrel's response, and beams a smile at her. "I can see how that would make her angry," she says, with a soft chuckle. She glances toward Amari then as she asks her question, and glances at Sorrel again curiously.

Lucita listens carefully to the songs, applauding at the appropieate points and giving a warm smile to the singer.

"She wasn't angry." this call from Felicia, who stirs from conversation where she sits,"She was warning him." and then she realizes perhaps just how many people are present, given the sudden flush of color to her cheeks and the way she parks herself again as if that will help her to disappear.

Khanne tilts her head as her eyes shift slowly from Sorrel to look towards Felicia, curiously. The woman does not disappear from the shaman's view.

"There were some magical shenanigans wherein he replaced his heart with a mechanical one and then was nursed back to health when he fell out of the sky, burning with dragonfire, because he picked a fight with some dragons who were not as forward-thinking about slavery as the ones we consider allies," Sorrel explains. "You see, Brass was a slave once, and was pulled out of slavery by the Fractal Amber, another great artificer, and the leader of the Metallics Platinum."

Shard's eyes narrow again as questions and answers fly past, but she's clearly listening very, very carefully to each.

"Was Brass the one that would be considered the inspiration of Prince Cedric's fabled ship, the 'Nightstar'?" Thorley asks.

"No, he made the ship," Answers Caspian to Thorley. "The ship is a brass ship."

Katarina glances toward Thorley, then Caspian when she overhears the former's question.

"Thought so," Violet can be heard to say with a nod of her head. Something Niklas says has her glancing at the man, one brow raised. But she is amused by whatever it is.

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Summer listens thoughtfully to the conversation swirling around, though she does not interject with questions, this time.

Modi raises his hand. "Excuse me, did you just say... replaced his heart with a mechanical one?" The man looks a stretch dumbfounded. "That... That is what you intended to say, yes?"

Felicia rises to her feet and elects to, with perhaps more circumspection than usual for her, head for the exit silently.

Tabitha just sits next to Delilah, half leaning against the other Whitehawk and furrowing eyebrows as she listens to the subjects at hand. She peeks towards Sabella just once, then puts her gaze forward where it rests in observation of the Bladesong.

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Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid leaves, following Felicia.

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Magical shennanigans? That explains it. Amari nods slowly to the answer given, her follow up perhaps then asked by Modi.

Sorrel nods to Modi with a bit of a grin. "Magical shenanigans," she repeats, in case that catch-all is somehow unclear in this instance. "And yes, Brass built the Nightstar, a brass ship captained by Prince Cerdic Valardin, who is memorialized in the Hall of Heroes. Although this performance hall has better acoustics, it doesn't have the history that the Hall of Heroes does, and everyone really should spend some time wandering through there, taking the opportunity to appreciate our history."

Rinel raps her cane on the floor sharply. "Pardon me," she says. "One thing I've never actually heard answered... /why/ the naming conventions? Metals and gemstones..."

Tala offers from her seat, "Maybe they were made of metal!" she calls out.

Tikva says lightly, "I am pretty sure they were not made of metal."

Vercyn chuckles softly at Tala's exclamation. "Though it is amusing to imagine they were," he comments quietly; almost to himself.

"They weren't," Sassabrass remarks to Tikva, /answering/ a question -- somewhat -- for once, instead of asking one.

Violet clears her throat, "Brass apparently partly was?"

Sparte checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 lower.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

"Metals were once said to have alchemical 'personalities'," Ashe notes towards Rinel. "There even is an old children's rhyme about what each metal meant. My understanding is that the members of the Metallic Order were given the name of the metal that most matched their personality."

"So I know with the Fractals, it's because they concentrated on a particular gemstone before stepping through the mirror to embrace the Abyss," Sorrel explains thoughtfully. "I'm trying to recall if there's a reason the Metallics were given the names of the metals they were most like, other than Platinum had a good eye for people and named them accordingly. Platinum named the Metallics, and there were quite a lot of them, far beyond what I've written songs about. Like Dominus Tin, who wrote some of the records we have of the others, but wasn't necessarily a hero in his own right. Though he was a Dominus of the Faith and tried to use the Faith to fight the Abyss. So maybe he was a hero in his own way."

Tabitha, sitting with Delilah at the upper center seating, has wide eyes and looks very, very mildly freaked out. She peers at Thorley and Aleksei, then turns to Delilah with that same lost look on her face.

"Things have affinities." Sparte speaks up, giving a nervous smile as he does. "Stone, water, metals, gems. They're all special in ways deeper than most of us know. They knew. Well, knew more." Sparte rubs at the back of his neck. "At least, I mean, I'm not an expert. But... What the experts said." Sparte sort of slips lower in his seat and trails off with a quieter and nervouser chuckle.

Sina clears her throat slightly, glancing at Sorrel as she speaks about Fractals, and stepping through mirrors and such to embrace the Abyss. Her hands remain folded calmly in her lap, and her features remain serene. However, her eyes are pointedly fixed on Sorrel in a curious manner.

Alrec raises from his seat, slinking over the benches to leave without creating too much notice. Drawing his hat, he sets it on his head and slips behind the afternoon soon.

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Thorley decides to ask. "We hear of the common precious metals - Platinum, Brass, Gold.. are there dragons that were of Rubicund, Arcalite, and such?" he asks finally.

Talwyn raises a hand. "Hold a moment, Macda and myself will serve as escort."

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"Dragons aren't made out of metal," Aleksei says, peering at Thorley (again). "The Metallic Order weren't dragons."

Amari laughs softly at the turn the conversation seems to have taken up in her section before quietly rising as the murmurs continue. She heads for the back, towards a chuckle she heard which belonged to a Duke with a magnificent beard. Once she reaches him and Khanne, she curtseys to the pair and finds a place to stand alongside, "My lord, my lady."

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"Named such, Alexsei. Sorry, late day." Thorley mutters, rubbing his temple.

Summer smiles encouragingly at Thorley. For some reason.

Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Khanne seemed to be smiling towards the upper seats, but turns that smile to Amari when she approaches. She nods and greets her with a gentle, "good evening." After a beat, she adds, "I haven't forgotten..."

"Dragons aren't named after metals, either," Aleksei attempts to clarify. And then has to stifle a little laugh at something Delilah asks him.

Wrapping her arm tighter around her cousin's, Tabitha buries her face against Delilah's shoulder, looking like she wants to curl away like a flower in darkness.

Miranda rises as Talwyn and Macda stand.

Vercyn looks up to Amari as she approaches and tilts his head to her. "Lady Amari. A pleasure to see you." He keeps his voice quiet, so as to not interrupt the discussion of whether or not dragons are metal.

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"I think the study of metallurgy is beyond the scope of this performance, unfortunately, which is a fancy way of saying that I don't know," Sorrel admits with a little grin. "But it's definitely something of interest, something to look into."

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Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Modi before departing.

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"It's pleasure to see you as well. I just wanted to say hello to you both before I slipped out." Amari smiles and says quietly to the Halfshavs. She strokes her chin, mentioning, "I've heard there's another Beards and Brews night coming up. Hope to see you there." That to Vercyn, to Khanne, she bows her head respectfully. "Thank you, Vala. When you have the time, you need only send word. Good night, both of you."

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Sina dips her head to Sorrel after making a few parting comments to those she was seated near. Then she snugs her cloak about her shoulders, lifts the fur-trimmed hood, and makes her way out in a swirl of aeterna silk, followed by her two assistants, and her Templar guard.

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Summer shifts to her feet, and says, "Natural things have natural aspects - metals, gems. These are the elements of the world around us, in pure forms. Those aspects have meanings, and some in the past who have sought power and grounding in this world have taken on those aspects for themselves. In name, in meditation, that sort of thing. Metals are malleable and full of potential, and can be strong and beautiful. Gems...gems are harder still, and perhaps it was hoped that strength would keep out the corruption of the abyss. A vain hope, but I suppose you can't blame people for grasping." With that, the woman bows to Sorrel and says, "A beautiful and thoughtful performance. Thank you." And she turns to go.

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Sorrel spreads her hands and says to the audience, "Thank you so much for attending. It's been a pleasure having all of you. I hope that you enjoyed the show. I enjoyed having you. Please take copies of the songs as you leave and continue to sing your history!" She takes another bow and moves to step offstage.

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Dusk eases himself standing and bows, slight, toward Sorrel, before departing.

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Ugarte leaves, following Fortunato.

Shard looks down the row she's seated in for a few moments, and then, when she looks back down, she abruptly stands up and makes for the exit.

Caspian rises to his feet, heading over to Sparte to pat the man on the shoulder, smiling brightly to him. "Hey Sparte. Remember we still need to talk," he says to the man. "I think you'll be interested in what I got planned."

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