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1st Annual Arvum Winter Festival

As the year draws to a close and the city becomes blanketed in snows, a new tradition will be born in the city center to celebrate the achievements of the year's past and herald in the new year with a festival. Hosted by His Majesty, King Alaric Grayson IV, Princess Katarina Valardin, and Countess Reigna Keaton, this will most certainly be a celebration one wouldn't want to miss.

*Stalls boasting delicious foods from the five fealties, warm beverages, and games will be erected around the city for everyone to enjoy themselves.

*King Alaric was titled King of the Snow in last year's tournament. Will he walk away with the title again for a second year in a row, or will a new victor be crowned the new King/Queen of the Snow?

*Door prizes and gifts will be available for all attendees.

**A raffle for a chance to take home some rather amazing items will also be held, with all proceeds to go to a charity.


June 28, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Katarina Reigna Alaric


Eithne Isabeau Sabella Alayne Terese Lyiana Jordan(RIP) Monique Harlan Natalia Lottie Etienne Cedric Coraline Lisebet Emmelline Amari Rinel Victus Zoey Carita Waldemai Grazia Kael Venturo Jeffeth Niklas Barric(RIP) Karadoc Ansel Josephine Laric Bliss Caspian Cullen



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Comments and Log

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound arrives, following Norwood.

"Escape? Me? Well, I'm rather certain if I was going to escape I'd strive not to be seen." A look of faux innocence creases Venturo's face as he looks to Terese, one corner of his mouth quirking into a lopsided grin towards her as the princess joins him. "Don't mind me. I'm just trying to stay warm." Closer the brewer tugs his coat about him, sinking into the heat as his attention flickers to the others he recognizes, before his head shakes just a bit in disbelief of it all. "Truly, the pageantry of this place is amazing, even compared to what I've seen in my travels, Princess Terese."

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Keaton's Ghost Ripper, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Keaton's Red Boulder, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Sis, a redheaded morning person, Podraig, a young grumpy old man arrive, following Natalia.

Lottie stepped into the City Center and guess where her first stop on the docket was? The food of course! She headed over to the concessions area immediately, tugging her coat tightly about her as she went.

Lottie has joined the a well-appointed concessions stand boasting exotic treats.

As the final preparations are completed, the dying rays of the sun are coveted jealously behind a slowly burgeoning overcast of heavy snow clouds ahead, leaving streaks of joyous vermillion and cotton candy pinks to shade the slivers of sky in between. It's at this time that the results of several weeks of intensive labor of a multitude of volunteers and dilligent workers can be seen in all it's splendor.

It starts with a single lantern of sparklegas upon each of the eight cobblestoned streets encroaching upon the City's Center; a dim, incandescent ray of light nearly missed within the haze of light snowflakes drifting down from the sky. However, they are not alone. One by one, new lights begin to arise from within the myriad tents and attractions scattered across the grounds, winding their way up the paths to the very heart of it all: the Fountain of Triumph. Hand-made snowflakes dusted liberally in golden and platinum-hued glitter shimmer brilliantly in the flickering lights of paper lanterns floating above the fountain.

It's right in front of the fountain where Katarina comes into view, dressed in a gown of wintry wonder. In her hand, a silvered bell kissed in icy blue frost, which she rings to draw the eye of guests to herself.

Marching into the festival grounds, Jeffeth lumbers slowly, his duster pulled close tight over his leathers. The big man glances around with a light smile on his lips before he passes by the various stations to take a seat at the benches.

Jeffeth has joined the Benches by the Fountain.

a fire salamander, Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Laric.

Reigna waves to Coraline and Barric as they pass, "Hello your!" Reigna flashes that buoyant grin of hers as she looks around for Katarina. "I am going to have to go and find that Princess. I know she is around here somewhere. I need to set out the vases with the gifts for the attendees!" Then the show begins and Reigna is caught by the beauty of it all. "oh, there she is."

"It was surely some fluke of circumstance were I to have aided in our prior success." Etienne says to Monique, moving ever closer to the tasty assortments. "Though I am of course willing to make the attempt" he makes a small nod of his head, a wink and the Archlector slinks ever closer to the bounty.

Amari strolls in at a not particularly hurried pace, wrapped up in a warm fur cloak, hood down and hair up, held with two hairpins decorated with hawks. There's a lot to see so she takes a few moments just to stop there and gawk a little. Eventually, once she has an idea of what's where and possibly has spotted some familiar faces in the growing crowd, she lifts anchor and floats towards the Fountain of Triumph, which is convenient since there Princess Katarina appears, ringing a bell.

"I don't think any of these things are alive." Proclaims Victus, among his people of snow. His eyes slowly scan back to Katarina when the Princess of the evening arrives, the bell more than enough to catch his attention.

Monique has joined the a well-appointed concessions stand boasting exotic treats.

Etienne has joined the a well-appointed concessions stand boasting exotic treats.

Waldemai looks over the food for something hot and filling.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound leaves, following Norwood.

Isabeau has joined the Benches by the Fountain.

Monique waves and calls out happily to several people she recognizes, Coraline and Barric, Jeffeth and Alaric, before falling silent for Katarina's brightly ringing bell. But she doesn't impede her and Etienne's trek towards the food stalls. As they move off, she leans up to whisper something to the Archlector, laughing low.

Natalia does not hurry often, but when she spots Amari she does so, moving from where she'd been meandering towards the fountain and the bell herself. She doesn't quite run, but that is some impressive speedwalking right there. Not that she speaks up once she catches up, she just falls into step beside the other woman.

As Barric and Cora arrive to Victus, Cora grins at his side eye of the snowpeople, "Actually Victus, I spoke to Alarissa about something and she will probably talk to you about it, but since I have you here I do have a proposal to lend to my idea." Hearing Monique, Cora waves back enthusiastically before listening to Katarina who looks amazeballs!

"I would be surprised if they were alive." Barric says to Victus with a chuckle, looking over the life like snow people. "It really is exquisitely done though. I never would have thought of snow and ice people as an art form." He looks over towards Monique when she calls out to them and he smiles and waves to her, "Lady Greenmarch!" He calls out back in a greeting. Then there is the ringing of the bell, and Katarina's opening of the ceremonies, so to speak. He smiles but is distracted by all the lights for a moment or seventeen. "You know." He murmurs to those nearby, "I was just here and didn't have any idea that they were setting up for /this/ type of splendor. It's simply amazing."

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Coraline has joined the amongst the eerily lifelike snowpeople.

Look, there's Laric Grayson actually attending a social occasion annnnd - there's the messenger intercepting him to pass off a letter. He scans it over, sighs faintly, folds it up neatly, tucks it behind his sash and moves around the plaza to head off in a different direction.

a fire salamander, Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors leave, following Laric.

Rinel has joined the a well-appointed concessions stand boasting exotic treats.

Rinel is near the concessions stand, slightly red-faced. She looks beat. "Oof. This was /heavy/. Oh, hello, everyone!"

With all eyes on her, Katarina smiles brightly. "Welcome to the First Annual Winter Festival," she announces. "Quite a bit of work went into ensuring today and the subsequent evening would be one that would let you enjoy the end of the previous year and harken the coming spring with precious momentos and the most fashionable of prizes everyone will have an opportunity to win at the various games this evening." Golden eyes search the crowd before she points out Reigna Keaton and King Alaric Grayson. "As you're walking through tonight, enjoying yourselves, please stop and give thanks to Countess Reigna Keaton and His Majesty, King Alaric Grayson for helping me to bring all of this together. I'll be popping in and out of groups to see who's really enjoying themselves and gift them with something special so that person will be the envy of all! Happy Winter!"

Isabeau settles onto a seat by the great fountain and shares a warm smile for the King and his companion. She converses with the pair quietly and claps her gloved hands together after Katarina's brief speech.

Waldemai cheers the King and Countess. "Three cheers! Hip hip hooray!"

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Terese seems about to respond, lips parted when the first of the lights begin to cascade down each of the avenues. A soft chime of laughter escapes them instead as her face turns outwards before drawing up in delight. "It's beautiful," she breathes softly as she slides next to the brewer when Katarina comes into view. She swivels slightly to the side even as she flashes an impish, yet warm smile. A gloved hand rises to slide along the front lapel of her jacket, the soft lining for fur skims beneath her hand before springing lazily back up in the evenings air. She remains quiet as her cousin speaks before tilting her head towards Venturo with a soft murmur of words that drift beneath the din.

Katarina drops plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Coraline gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Isabeau gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Monique gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Avaline gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Victus gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Amari gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Reigna gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Natalia gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Barric gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Waldemai gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Lottie picks up plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Lottie drops plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Zoey gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Rinel gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Sabella gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Settled upon that fountain, Venturo's eyes fixate upon Katarina and the King, and then at the mention of the woman, to Reigna as well, and it is the countess who gets a brief if warm smile and waggle of his fingers in greeting. He watches as Terese springs back up so quickly, a confused blink of his gaze given before he just chuckles, settling his focus on others that begin to approach. "Ah, Lady Amari, Whisper Natalia, good to see you both here. I'm looking forward to seeing what all they have in store."

Lottie gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Grazia does not look particularly happy about winter, but she does wrap herself more warmly in her brilliant white fur cloak so that only her dark hair sticks out. She looks remarkably poised for someone from the South who is not used to this winter business. Winter may be pretty, but it's best enjoyed places where snow is less likely. She makes her way slowly through the crowd, happening upon people she knows. "Ah, my dear cousin, Princess Therese," she greets after a moment while everyone grabs their lilies.

Terese gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Etienne gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Waldemai takes one of the fragile glass lilies into his powerful, calloused smith's hands. "That's very pretty," he says. "I'll keep it in my shop to remind me that it'll be warm soon."

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, following Mirari.

Alaric casually raises a hand to accept all the inbound applause, as monarchs do. He then beckons Zelda closer and takes a helmet from her that has been merged with a pair of reindeer antlers. "Speaking of prizes, this artistic winter-themed rubicund helmet is one of them," he proclaims. "Not only will it deflect the strongest blows, but you'll be quite the fearsome opponent to face down. Enjoy tonight's festival, everyone!"

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman leaves, following Mirari.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrives, following Niklas.

Coral, a dour formal thrall arrives, following Karadoc.

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A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Zoey wanders in from one of the side streets and graciously accepts a lily from the vase. She inspects it with a smile and wraps it in a handkerchief before putting it in her satchel. She keeps the glossy, warm black bear fur of her cloak held close about her as she wanders, looking for a familiar face in the sea of all. these. people.

Amari listens to Katarina's announcement and applauds when she's finished, echoing her with a quiet, "Happy Winter!" She's still smiling about that when she realizes the person next to her wasn't another stranger simply passing by, but a more familiar blonde who has purposefully fallen in step. She stops and very slowly turns her head, regarding said person suspectly until she's more squarely gazing at her. A grin. "Natalia. How perfect!" And there's Venturo too, so she reaches for the Whisper's arm and draws up to the fountain, and the brewer, "Venturo. I feel as though I haven't seen you in quite some time. Keeping busy?"

Coral, a dour formal thrall have been dismissed.

Spotting a certain elegant cousin through a break in the crowd, Katarina clasps hold of her skirts delicately before hopping down from her speech-making box of win. Alaric ought to be jealous. She bustles through the crowd, smiling brightly toward Terese and Venturo, heading toward Isabeau in the company of Alaric. "I've found my first victim of the evening," she declares, slipping into their circle.

Katarina has joined the Benches by the Fountain.

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Carita gets a moment of Summer, blown glass lily from plain vase holding dozens of glass lilies.

Listening to Katarina's announcement, Natalia applauds briefly and even lifts her voice to cheer. And then, she catches up with Amari. There's laughter for the other woman's reaction and she takes her arm, following along. "I almost had to run to catch you," she informs Amari, as if that would have been some tragic, tragic fate to have fallen to. She offers up a warm smile to Venturo. "Master Thayne," she greets him. "It is good to see you, as well."

With things underway, Reigna gives a curtsy to the king and heads out into the crowd, a clear destination in mind. She moves towards the fountain, threading through the crowd easily as she approaches Natalia, Amari and Venturo. "Hello my friends! My, but this festival is bustling!" Reigna's eyes widen and she looks around with awe. "So many people! How are you all doing?"

"I like nutty things, anything with nuts in it is good to me," Caspian says without having to think about it, offering a shrug to her as he takes another bite of his treat. "Probably because I'm a bit nutty myself," he quips, offering her a wink. "What about you? Instead of what's your best, what's your favorite?"

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard arrives, following Lisebet.

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Karadoc's strolling into the central square that's crowded with all of these bundled up folks bustling around. He narrows his eyes and simply scans the crowd for the one that's dressed out of season. Once he spots her, he flashes a grin, wiggles his fingers in a casual way and starts that way. "Lady Darkwater, you do look striking. Also - freezing. Are you? Gods, I'm a brute for agreeing to seeing you out here."

Amari has joined the a frozen Fountain of Triumph adorned in wintry themes.

Natalia has joined the a frozen Fountain of Triumph adorned in wintry themes.

"Quite so. The winter drinks should be out next week, including my most favorite hot chocolate ever." An enigmatic smile lights upon Venturo's features as he responds to Amari, a slow breath out taken as his feet stamp a couple of times on the ground to get a bit more circulation going to his feet. "Well enough thank you, Whisper Natalia. And Countess," Delight crosses his features, heard in that brilliant baritone of his voice as he replies to Reigna, "Good, good. It's nice to get out of the brewery and for some fresh air. You've all done an amazing job."

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Terese hadn't moved from Venturo's side even as it all began though her attention had wandered for the winter's display before noting the arrival of Amari and Natalia as well. She dips her head in greetings before she hears her name, the first by Grazia as the woman nears. Her smile brightens, "Duchess, a pleasure, it has been forever and a day since I've seen you last. How are you?" Her demeanor is warm and easy at least until she spies Katarina storming through the crowd towards her and Venturo. "Oh sh..." she utters under her breath and tries to turn heel.

Sabella comes strolling down the street, arm in arm with Niklas, looking around at the snow with a bright expression saying in an even brighter tone, "Oh! Look at that! We should definitely try some of those. And those! Oh! Look over there!" She points excitedly this way and that, "I heard there's going to be games here too! It looks like a winter wonderland, doesn't it? Little frost fairies are dancing about creating the little sparkles that you see in the snow, you know. That's how it happens." She tells him sagely.

"But....but I mean some of them had guards and still you know." Vague wave of hand to indicated ripped apart or whatever. But she can see she isn't going to get anywhere with this and sighs, "Alright I will keep them." She does /not/ pout, nope that is for later. A grateful look to Barric for trying. "The number of critters following me is large enough I would hate to think of having more." She grumbles...very quietly.

"So many people." Amari agrees with Reigna, but not as if she finds it disagreable. She'd be happily people watching were she not already engaged, that much seems certain as she still sneaks the odd glance to one side or the other when a person with a familiar-ish look or gait passes, or even just a flashy dresser. "I would have stopped immediately, had I known you were stalking me." She tells Natalia as she takes a step closer and looks towards Venturo again, and Terese who she acknowledges with a dip of her head, recognizing her finally. The master brewer though, gets a reply, one paired with a cheerful little smile, "Oh, well, do I owe you a drink still, or you me? I've forgotten, but I'd love to sample the new winter drinks. I missed the autumn ones, haven't I? The season went so quickly."

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Emmelline strides in at a leisurely pace, and looks about the rather large crowd that's gathered. "So lovely," she says, taking in her surroundings. Seeing Barric and Coraline, Emmelline makes a beeline for them. "Your highness," she says cheerfully, curtsying to both Barric and Coraline.

The golden cloak Carita wears is lined in soft ermine fur, giving the Lady of Darkwater a warmly wintery appearance as she wraps it more fully about herself. "Lord Karadoc," comes with a smile that coudl melt the snow about her, as she dips her head. "You're too kind, thank you." She's laughing now as she shakes her head, "My cloak is rather warm, but you're sweet for worrying about my well being. /That/ certainly does not make you a brute. I think I'd have been more disappointed had you refused, but if you like we can pretend it was utterly horrible." She links her hand in his arm and begins to walk towards the snow people, leaning as they go to speak more quietly.

Delight lighting up Natalia's expression as well, she beams at Reigna. "It's so beautiful," she says. "Well done, indeed. I'm having a lovely time, is how I am." She dips her head back to Teresa for her greeting her smile warm. "I...will remember that," she tells Amari with a laugh. "I will yell, instead of running. It is at least *slightly* more dignified." The rest of the nearby conversation is paid attention to, though she doesn't offer anything for it.

Ravana the tawny eagle arrives, following Ansel.

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At the food vendors, Monique is busy dabbing cream from a puff pastry on Etienne's nose, and the poor Archlector is busy wiping it off and possibly plotting retribution while the Greenmarch Minx is distracted by conversation with Rinel.

Lisebet has added a warm cloak and made her way from the coffee shop to the party, curious to see what happens at such games. She's strolling along, taking a look around and quietly enjoying the view.

"Games? I'm quite good at games, you know. Why, I got third place in a jousting contest once. Have I ever mentioned that?" Niklas mentions that all the time. Like constantly. "I tilted with the king, you know." If you say a lie often enough it becomes the truth! Niklas looks around at the work of the frost fairies and gives Sabella a dubious look. But, hey, a god showed up to watch people stab one another, so maybe this is all the work of fairies. It's been that kind of week. "Okay! Well, I'd rather the spring fairies come out and get rid of this mess, but it IS pretty."

Emmelline is seen and waves to with a bright smile, "Lovely to see you again Emma." Cora says cheerfully.

"I believe our working arrangement is it is I who owe you the drinks in return for reviewing all of those horrible contracts," Comes Venturo's quip back to Amani, and then a hand lifts to motion to the woman next to him, "Did either of you ever get to officially meet the Princess Terese? She assisted during the whole massive constructions of breweries, but I know not everyone got to officially be introduced. Princess Terese, this is the Lady Amari Keaton, and the Whisper Natalia."

As Karradoc and Carita arrive, followed by Emmelline, Barric smiles over towards them and bows his head politely, "My Lord, My Ladies. Quite the amazing thing isn't it. I wonder what sort of Games they will come up. Probably going to be at least one snowball fight." He looks around, "Then again, there might not be enough snow for everyone to get involved in that." He chuckles wryly, "Quite the gathering."

The King of the Compact strides out to the open area where snow has been piled and shoveled to create several arms caches for Total Snowball Warfare. The three-person snowball combat tournament will begin shortly! Alaric proclaims. This wonder of winter warfare will test your team's tactical senses, your aim, and your cold resistance. Do you have the desire to come out on top? Registration for teams will begin promptly! All you need to do to enter is inform me of your three-person roster. The winners will have the right to claim the reindeer helmet for one of their members! If you can't decide which one should take it, we'll just have a snowball-off to see who deserves it more. May the best winter warriors prevail!

Emmelline smiles brightly at Coraline, before chuckling softly at Barric's words. "does that mean, I may throw snow at you your highness?," she asks teasingly.

When a team game is announced, Natalia reaches out to try and take Amari's arm again. "Dibs," she says, then looks between Teresa and Venturo before looking at Amari again.

Niklas has joined the Along The Outer Wall.

Victus claps his hands, pointing to Barric and Coraline each. "You two and me, snowball team? Yay, nay?"

Lyiana enters into the center of the city and just stops for a second as she stares. She chews on her lip thoughtfully, then slides into the crowd, hoping upon hope to be unnoticed.

Sabella pulls Niklas towards the outer wall, grinning all the while, "Hm, we'd need a third to compete in the snowball competition, but I'm afraid I'm no good at throwing anything except tantrums when I don't get my way and I fear you'd be throwing yourself in front of so many snowballs to save me from indignity that we'd be adding a Niklas snowman to the field!"

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To Natalia, Amari quietly says, "Sometimes when I want someone ahead to stop and it's really not appropriate to flail my arms and yell, I like to stare intensely at the back of their head. It often works." Her technique thoughtfully shared, somehow without a trace of a smile but for the suspicious crinkles at the corners of her eyes. Her very super intense eyes. When her arm is grabbed and dibs called, she looks from Natalia to Venturo, and Terese. "Hello, your Highness. I think we've met once before, very briefly." She offers gamely, "I believe I've just been recruited for Total Snowball Warfare. Would you like to join us, Master Vayne? It won't excuse your debt, but it might be fun."

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Coraline before departing.

Carita dips a curtsey for Barric and Coraline as she and Karadoc arrive, her cup of spiked hot chocolate clutched as if it were a life line. "Your Highnesses," is said warmly, humor dancing in her eyes thanks to her company. She glances around at the mention of the snowball fight and shakes her head a little, "I'm afriad I might be able to hide from the other fighters more easily than most, but I can't say I wouldn't freeze to death in the process. Do you plan on joining in?" she asks of Barric.

"I am well, thank you, if a bit chilled," Grazia says to Terese with a bow of her head. "This is a very busy event. I'm surprised at how many people want to play in the snow."

Katarina gets elegant depths of the frozen seas pair of hairpins from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

Katarina gets tempest sapphire seas gleaming silvery blade from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

Katarina gets edges of the eventide vast imperial steel blade from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

Katarina gets shadows of the snowstorm oathlands steel dagger from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

Katarina gets snowflakes reflecting fading winter hues delicate hairpins from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

With a soft word murmured from Terese against Venturo's side, she smiles with a hint of mischief and mirth before her gaze strays towards Katarina. As he speaks her azure gaze flickers back towards those gathering around. "Lady Amani, Whisper Natalia, a pleasure." She gives a light bow and another slight dip of her head that sends a gleaming cascade of silken tresses over one shoulder while the rest cascade over the deep cowl of her jacket that is pulled back. A gloved hand lifts to tuck a long curling length of bang back as she straightens. The announcement of the game however draws a grin and Amari's words a dip of her head, "I've already led a team to victory once in the game of warsnow myself, best to let others fight this one out."

Katarina gets glittering gems of shadowy snowflakes pair of hairpins from a plum coloured jewelry box painted with copper suns.

Over at the benches, Katarina has just placed a little jewelry box into Isabeau's gloved palm. When the blonde Valardin opens it, she goes a bit bug-eyed and then croons the other woman's name sweetly. "Aw, Katarinaaa~!" Someone seems genuinely touched by the gift she's been given!

Niklas waves to Jeffeth. "Sir Bayweather! Do you have a team yet? Between Sabella's management, your raw physical power and my skill at hiding behind people, we should be unstoppable!"

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

Ravana the tawny eagle, Bliss arrive, following Ansel.

"IF ANYONE WANTS TO WIN, THEY KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME!" Caspian shouts from the consession stands, holding on a bag loaded with pastries.

Up Venturo's hands lift in a show of surrender, a warm bit of laughter coming from him as he quips back, "I think if you want a chance to win? I'd go with the Princess here, rather than me, Lady Amari, if she'll help you out. I'm waiting for the contest that will focus on selling ice to the Redrain." A soft huff comes from him as Terese denies that very thought, giving a glance towards her before he murmurs, "Well, so much for that. I suppose, if the two of you cannot find a third, let me know."

Katarina curtsies gracefully before Isabeau, her smile suddenly rendered shy at the princess' reaction. "I'm glad it is so well-received, Isabeau. I fretted over it for some time," she confesses upon a sheepish tinkle of laughter. "I hope you enjoy the festival. I have another game to start up."

"Certainly looks like it." Barric tells Carita then he nods to Victus, "Sure, I'm in." He looks towards Coraline and grins as well. "Let's show them how it's done."

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Vern, Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Kael.

Jeffeth is sitting in a very strange way on the benches. He's very stiff and angled, keeping his chest broad. When Niklas calls over at him, Jeffeth glances over with a bright smile. He waves emphatically over to Niklas, hiiii Niklas. At the question Niklas asks, it may not be clear Jeffeth has heard what he said, but the big man nods enthusiastically with a broad smile and a thumbs up.

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Lyiana does not want to play in the snow, in fact, she is happy to observe, hands folded against her stomach as she watches with quiet interest, though does not interact unless someone interacts with her. She is still chewing thoughtfully on that fuller lower lip, though isn't really paying attention to where snow goes. She smiles slightly at the banter, though her eyes are full of curiosity, even if she is just a bystander among nobility. She takes a moment to adjust her gown, before calmly standing somewhere out of the way. Surprisingly, she is surprised she hasn't been noticed yet, though she is easily unnoticed. If it were up to her, she may just slip by the celibrations as is her way...maybe.

Emmelline Emmelline, unfamiliar with many of the people beyond Barric and Coraline, take a step back when the snow wars are announced. hearing Barric's words, she looks towards the couple. "I shall be rooting for you," she says good-naturedly.

Emmelline, unfamiliar with many of the people beyond Barric and Coraline, take a step back when the snow wars are announced. hearing Barric's words, she looks towards the couple. "I shall be rooting for you," she says good-naturedly. rid

"Oh, I'm -- not going to be *any* good at this," Natalia laughs with a brilliant grin at Venturo before she looks sidelong up at Amari. "I hope you don't expect we're going to win." She offers a warm smile to Venturo and Teresa. "It's alright," she says. "If you aren't feeling like it, we'll find someone. I'm certain there has to be at least *one* person here that we can pout at if we have to." She turns, just enough to spend a few moments looking around, and eventually lifts her voice to yell (undignified, yes), "Lady Amari and I need a third!" It's just yelled, like she expects one to materialize out of thin air in front of her.

In towards the City Center comes Ansel, the Telmar wearing a thick, black, furry cloak thrown over his usual armor, worn even in winter because of Oathlander reasons. He comes in accompanying Bliss, the sable-haired whisper clad in green. Together, the two might make for passable Christmas decorations, all red and green.

Ansel takes a moment to look around the crowd gathered, catching sight of a few familiar faces, hearing talk of some sort of contest. Well, any good contest requires good refreshments, and so it's towards the concessions stand that the Telmar goes.

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Walking in on Ansel's arm is Bliss, whose head is perking up at the talk of a competition of some sort, the Champion doing her best to try to suss out exactly what might be happening among the large crowd. She gives a grin to a few people she knows, but she doesn't seem to be jumping into any rosters just yet, instead seeing the concessions stand and nodding to her escort. "Good choice," she declares to him.

Sabella starts laughing when Niklas yells to Jeffeth and Jeffeth nods. "This is going to be a disaster, you know. But! Maybe if you listen to exactly what I say we'll last more than one round. Just duck and weave when I tell you to. And try not to step on any fairies," she warns with a serious expression, which she ruins by grinning a moment later. "Just kidding, go ahead and step on them, it hurries spring along!"

"I admit, I rather enjoy the winter," Terese responds to Grazia, "Though a cup of hot cocoa certainly wouldn't hurt for the evening as the temperature is only sure to drop. I have to admit there is also something quite fun about being able to pelt people with snow where anything else might be considered assault on a person." Her blue eyes gleam though her smile is easy. She can't help but chuckle as she hears Natalia's voice rise above the crowd. "I think I may rather like Whisper Natalia quite well," she murmurs to the side unmindful that that she can be heard before offering to the pair more directly. "You never know, I've heard my fair share of people thinking they can't to watch them outshine the competition."

Kael is evidently late to the festivities, but there is no actual hurried step to his approach. Perhaps he thinks that with a leisurely approach said tardiness would not be noticed. It is especially fortunate for him that he is able to materialize -- or really, just spy yonder -- his cousin and protege. Given the whole undignified shout certainly made such a thing easier. So it is that he is coming up from behind the pair and arching a single brow to a respectable height. "A third for what?" he asks of Natalia, amused grin flashed to her and Amari, before more polite nods are offered to those gathered near.

"Honestly, I was afraid I'd make a terribly disappointing teammate for you, Princess Terese. I'm not very good at these things." Amari explains, "Otherwise, I'd have asked you first." And when Natalia also reveals her lack of warsnow skills, there's another little series of nods. See? "We'll lose in style, at least. Cheer for us, Venturo. We'll need the support." At Natalia's call for a third, she turns a bit to try to find a likely candidate in the crowd.

And there's Kael! "Count Kael. You're our teammate."

Barric calls out, "Caspian!" He waves over, "Come help the High Lord and I thrash them but good!"

Departing reluctantly from the company of her beautiful blonde company, Katarina gives a brief call of Eurusi along her way through the crowds. Whatever she says, it certainly catches the attention of two well-dressed attendants who arise from seats nearby to fall in step after the Valardin hostess on her way to a rather interesting locale. (A shadowy corner #5)

"Come one, come all! Are you the most dexterous in the lands? Do you think you can OUTTHROW ME? Come test your skills in Princess Katarina's snowflake-iken hurling contest and test your mettle!"

Niklas returns Jeffeth's thumbs up. Boy, here's hoping a humorous misunderstanding didn't just take place. Did Jeffeth just agree to eat Steve? Stranger things. When Emmelline expresses her preference for Barric's team Niklas apparently misunderstands and turns to smile at her, "Thank you, my lady! I assure you, there is no way we can lose! If you feel like making a sign that's Prince Niklas, with a capital Prince and a capital Niklas." He then turns and walks over to where Sabella is and waves Jeffeth over.

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A soft chuckle is given along with a shake of Terese's head to Amari's words. "Never, as I told my last team, win or lose. Do it with panache!"

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Lottie called after Caspian, "GOOD LUCK!"

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Oh, and Caspian leaves his bag of treats with Lottie!

Emmelline chuckles softly at Niklas's words. "But see your highness, the prince and Princess here," gesturing at Barric and Coraline, "are my dear friends. it would be remiss of me, not to cheer them on."

Ansel gives a wave over towards Katarina, spotting the Valardin host over across the ways a bit, turning himself and the Whisper towards the concessions stand. "We'll have two of those....Oh, one of these..." says Ansel, scanning the inside of the concessions booth, a quick sidelong grin flashed to the Whisper, passing over what looks like some sort of candied apple to the woman. He holds on to the other one, and what also looks to be some kind of fruit-filled pretzel-looking thing. "Couldn't even think of competing without checking here first..." he comments, a wry brow raised.

Kael! Amari greets him, and Natalia turns that way to *beam* at Kael. "Oh, good. You're perfect. We're going to be playing snowball games, you can be our third," she says cheerfully, bouncing in place. "We might have a chance--" Pause. "We're planning on losing with style." She does send a grin over Teresa's way, offering a quick wink before she looks between the Keatons. "I'm going to go sign us up." And she's darting away to do just that. So much energy tonight.

As the teams are assembly for the snowball fights and throwing contests, Princess Isabeau takes her leave of the benches by the fountain and slips out of the city center.

Jerome, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

"Ah, but we might be your new best friends!" Sabella says to Emmelline cheerfully, "our friendship forged by you cheering on a trio of strangers rather than those you know!"

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"Snowball games?" asks Kael, somewhat bemused as he looks from Natalia to Amari and shakes his head somewhat ruefully. "Losing with style. We can most certainly manage that." His lips twitch rather ruefully as he slides in next to his cousin. "Likely so. Maybe."

A lean over, and Venturo offers a few whispered words towards the princess after a messenger drops off a note for him. Terese is flashed a warm smile, and then he stands up, that parchment tucked away into the depths of his coat. "Good luck, if you dare venture out into any of the games. Dibs if you win something." A look of sweet innocence is flashed her way before the brewer prepares to slip away.

Niklas nods to Emmelline. "But they're on two different teams, my lady. So they cancel one another out. It just makes sense that you'd root for my team, then." Niklas tilts his head toward Sabella. "That makes more sense than what I said. Go with that!"

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Sandra The Chicken, Saga, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Jonathan.

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Katarina has set up a rather interesting little booth in rapid succession. A gossamer white tent twinkles in the incandescent glow of sparklegas lanterns, illuminating an ornately carved white chest of weapons and hairpins crafted by Ida Ferron and a series of hanging snowflakes and creepy reniditions of the snow people from over yonder that Victus really should've beheaded by now.

"Come one, come all! Test your meddle against the Queen of Knife Throwing! The Scorpion-Dragon Princess! Are you better than me?! Do you WANT a LEGENDARY dagger or hairpin set from the amazing Ida Ferron? Then step right on over!"

Emmelline chuckles softly, a bright smile gracing her face at Niklas's and Sabella's antics. "Are they on separate teams?," she asks. "I thought they were on the same team. Ah well, I can cheer them on individually. never fear though," she says still smiling, "I have much time and room to cheer on you two as well."

Niklas grins at Emmelline and looks back to Sabella. "Well now we have twice as much cheering as any other team. Mission successful! Now to actually throw some snowballs or whatever."

Barric has a pow-wow with Victus and Caspian, discussing tactics and the like no doubt, they are taking this snowball war far to seriously... Perhaps.

"We're an unstoppable team when it comes to talking to people! Which makes it a shame this is a feat of strength and snow!" Sabella laughs, linking arms with Nik again and pulling him towards the field. "I probably should've warn something warmer."

Lottie booked it on over to the booth Katarina called from. Why YES SHE DID WANT THOSE THINGS! In reality, her speed was a bit hindered as she was carrying two large bags full of food, but she hurried none the less!

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Terese watches as Natalia darts off for sign-up, a grin sliding across her features for the wink before noting the messenger in Venturo's hand. "Honestly, if I win anything I'm keeping it all for myself," she muses to him as he begins to slip away though she flashes a warm smile at him even as her gloved hands rubs briskly together in the chill. "I expect some hot chocolate at a later date too," she calls before her gaze towards towards Katarina as a second game is announced.

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Wandering into the seriously crowded square done up all festival like, Cullen warily eyes the area for errant snowballs, icicles and the like before sliding on his boots via a patch of ice into a shadowy corner, hood pulled up over his head.

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Monique's laughter is bright for the Archlector as she stretches menacingly. "Well, shall we go collect our third, and the loveliest member of our trio?" she asks Etienne, looking over in Coraline's direction and blowing a lascivous kiss.

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Etienne is looking fierce, there is some pastry cream on one corner of his mouth and a look of snowball madness in his gray eyes. "Let's do this" he says to Monique.

Alaric stands somewhat dangerously in the middle of the open area. Each team has a pile of snow in their corner for ammon and also in whicha flag on a pole is stuck in to defend. The rules are simple! Balance attack and defense, and keep your flag upright! You are not allowed to be within reach of a flag, and must try to knock over the other team's with your snowball attacks. Use tactics and aim, and hit the other players as much as you like to confound their plans, or just because it's fun! You have a few minutes to make your final preparations and plans. Make them count! That said, he gets out of the middle of the four-way crossfire zone.

Having successfully thwarted being noticed, the little tailor slips through the crowd and walks quietly out of the center of the city, a whisper of silk on silk slippers of blue. Lyiana's hair is most likely seen, an auburn among the other colors, though if allowed, she will slip away like a ghost, there one moment and gone again the next.

Ansel continues work on the apple-thing on the end of the stick, nodding his agreement with the Whisper once again. "I was at one of the autumn festivals last year...And a small open event at the Gauntlet, but I believe those were the last times I was at a similar event as well," he says, in agreement. The Telmar then seems to catch sight of the elder Telmar cousin over in the imminent danger zone. "Go on, cousin!" calls out Ansel. "Pastries are only for winners!"

Waldemai stads way back from flying snowballs.

With her compatriot cheering on Etienne, well, what else can Bliss do? Raising her voice and projecting like only a Champion can, she yells, "Natalia! Show them what surprises us Whispers have under our sleeves!" She laughs then, saying aside to Ansel, "Well, I suppose the world tour had some pretty big moments, but I was fighting then. I've been in the audience a lot more than I'm used to lately. Maybe I should be doing more," she says, and just... absolutely fails to keep a straight face.

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Alaric raises a sword he's borrowed from one of his Knights. Winter warriors, BEGIN!

"Alright the code words are 'thunder-knife', 'blue jellyfish', and 'Alarissa's cat is a shithead'." Victus confirms with his other two teammates as they blast through strategies between the snow-people. As he steps away from the snow people, he draws his axe and promptly beheads one of them on his way by. GAME FACE.

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Once she's signed up, Natalia bounces her way back to Kael and Amari, moving to fall in with the other two and grinning cheerfully. "I have no idea what I'm doing," she tells them both before heading for their corner and starting to put snowballs together. Bliss's yell catches her attention and she looks that way, and then just cheers back, waving one hand around up in the air even. And then it is time to fight, and so she is going for one of the snowballs and flinging a snowball towards Victus! Hooray!

Emmelline looks on as the snow fight begins, keeping her silence for the moment.

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Rolling his shoulders, Jeffeth takes his place amongst his companions, Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella both get a hand squeezing their shoulders briefly. "Teamwork and compassion will see that we take the day." Jeffeth says solemnly to the Grayson couple. "The power of friendship will overwhelm our competitors.." He puts his hand in the middle as a sign of solidarity before he's marching towards his snowballs.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

As the snowball fight begins, Barric moves to gather up some ammunition and begins chucking snowballs with a grin. He has only one target... Coraline! "Betrayer!" He calls out with a laugh, pelting her with as many snowballs as he can before he starts to try and intercept other snowballs that are coming for their flag! Snow explodes off his leather coat, that used to be enough for keeping him warm in the cold but it wasn't designed for this kind of a dedicated assault!

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Stepping over to Monique and Etienne with a grin, "Right, lets kick some ass yeah?" Barric gets a wicked grin, "You shall never win!"

A young lady dressed in Valardin livery is sent out through the crowd, quietly skimming over faces before she comes across Lyiana. Her eyes alight with relief, quietly leaning in to whisper a quiet word and point her toward the shadowy corner (so shady, ayye) where games are going on.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Emmelline laughs merrily as Coraline and Barric compete against one another. "Oh... I love you both!!!," she yells out cheerfully to both, laughing merrily. Turning to Niklas she yells encouragingly, "you can do it!!!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Sabella is certainly down with a small team cheer thanks to Sir Jeffeth! "That was well spoken!" She tells him cheerfully, skipping out to the field and grabbing up a snowball. "Now, let us all target them one by one until they fall before us! Let's start with..." She scans the field, "Aha! The Sword of Grayson will wish he had his sword out to bat these away!" And then she's flinging one towards her cousin Barric!

Amari throws her hood up so if she gets beaned in the head it might sting less, properly, and also puts on her game face! It's not nearly as intimidating as Victus', sadly. There's a nod to whatever strategy Kael tells her and she bounds off to her team's corner with Natalia. She's just got enough time to put a rough looking snowball together when Alaric starts the thing, and like the Whisper, she nods, "I don't know what I'm doing either." But she sees a big High Lord of Thrax guy who once splashed her at a birthday party, so, well, VENGEANCE! She tosses her sad snowball at him.

"Excellent, I rather have no idea what I am doing as well," remarks Kael with that rather amused tone. Nonetheless he begins his work, crafting snowballs swiftly as can be and communicating with his team in low tones. Just like the Whisper, he too is starting to try to hoist one in the direction of a certain Thraxian High Lord.

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blinking, Lyiana shifts on her feet as she's coming back through thec ity. As the poor lady waves to her, she nods her head and moves for the shadowy corner, hopefully not going to get pelted by snow.

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Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Snowballs start flying through the air! Most of the teams have begun coordinated attacks, targetting certain opponents. Unfortunately for Barric, he's really popular today; he's getting it from two different teams! Victus takes a volley from another.

Right when the fight starts Caspian grabs a snowball, cocks it back, and throws it right at Jeffeth, "Big target, ahoy!" He shouts to the man with a wide grin as he throws his snowball with all the might and precision "Eat snow!"

Waldemai spots his four-legged buddy trotting by. "Dash! Here, boy," he calls, but the dog is gone.

"Aww poor Prince Barric," Emmelline says chuckling as she watches Barric being pelted with snow.

Etienne does his best to look glittery, not one to throw away a possible advantage he tries to use it. Drawing fire, causing a distraction, whatever is necessary to save the flag from impact, suffering as much for its defense as possible.

Scamp the raccoon kit arrives, following Tallius.

Tallius drops Additional Rushed Seating.

Tallius drops Even More Benches.

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Victus pulls his coat up to resist the flurry of snow as he's pelted with a volley, letting the shreds of white fall all around him and lodge in his furry collar. He returns fire, chucking with force. He may have also forgotten to put his axe away, making him an angry and armed Thraxian on the field. Oh well, it's natural.

At the shadowy corner where the pop-up knife throwing contest has begun, Lottie steps up to the starting line and takes hold of dangerously sharp snowflakes. Four snowflakes are thrown, two solidly clashing into their targets while the third and fourth fly wide! Fortunately, the netting within the tent safeguards passerbyers and onlookers from any danger.

"Now, that's one heck of an arm on you, Goodwoman Lottie!" Katarina laughs brightly.

2 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Dante.

Game on! Monique, Etienne and Coraline spend some time coming up with a plan. But not much. Because planning is for people who don't have snowfrenzy!

Niklas stands, gestures to his teammates, points at Barric, waves t Emmelline at her cheers, then ducks behind Jeffeth like a man with some survival instincts.

Snowballs fly through the air in a wild and chaotic mess. Most of them seem to be flying towards Barric and Victus, but their side stands strong. The newlyweds behind Sir Jeffeth are also putting out snowballs at a terrific rate. But it's Monique Greenmarch who takes aim with a snowball and snipes the flag of Count Kael's squad before Amari can block it! And then there were three!

About to actually do that whole planning thing, Mo and Etienne appear too deep in the need for snow to stop and listen. Yup, there are balls flying everywhere and Cora needs to try and toss some too!

Reigna returns from the mini emergency that drug her away, looking around to see the various games in motion. She also spies her husband and his team at play and cheers for them -- just in time for their flag to fall. "Go Kaaaaaaaaelllawwwwwwww!"

Turn in line: Avaline

Emmelline cheers as she hears that Barric's team has survived, along with Niklas and Sabella's.

"I knew we'd be popular Victus, but not this popular!" Barric calls out as he tries to shield himself and the flag with the side of his coat, arm up over his face to try and not be blinded by powdery snow! Still in the game though, after being under so much fire Barric runs to get some fresh snowballs for another attempt. "Bayweather! Are you going to let your Squire beat you?!" he calls out and then starts throwing more snowballs at Coraline with a grin, ok, some are occasionally thrown at their flag too. But as he can, when not getting pelted, Barric tries to tag his betrothed with as many snowballs as he can!

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When the flag goes down, Natalia goes 'awwww!' as well, pouting at it. She flings one last snowball out across the field (not that it goes near anybody) and then laughs, turning towards Kael and Amari and clapping her hands. "At least we tried," she says. "We'll know better for next year. Maybe we can practice." That last bit is for Amari, and she swings a look over the crowd before she suggests, "I think we deserve something warm to drink." She lifts a hand to wave wave wave at Reigna.

Victus' coat works great as a snowball blocker, but horribly as a snowball repellent as he's still catching fire from left and right. "Keep your head down, Barric!" He barks to his teammate. "Light 'em up Caspian! Loose formation!" It seems the man is using his size and ability to attract so many snowballs as to lend them away from his flag, keeping an eye upon the battlefield as he loads up for another round.

As snowballs are placed in front of him, Jeffeth flings them wildly, clearly guided by the power of friendship. The big man continues to throw, occasionally thrusting his hand back into Niklas' chest for the smaller man to put a snowball in his hand before he moves forward and throws again, powerfully. When he hears his name he glances that way, and throws once more!

"You can do it Prince Barric!!!," Emmelline's high-pitched voice can be heard. Turning to Croaline she exclaims, "Fight back Princess!!!" it is clear emmelline is essentially trying to cheer for all her friends simoltaneously.

Shaking his hands vigorously to try and restore some of the feeling Etienne grips another rack of snow balls, loading them up in the crook of his left arm and flinging them one at a time after a brief pause. Is he blessing the snowballs?

Grabbing her own balls Cora laughs, "Truly? You shall never defeat me Barric!" Jeffeth gets his own grin as she stands poised on her ball pile, "Have at ye!" Cora crows launching, apparently the last round was a fluke because this time she actually can hit the broad side of a castle.

It was all going so fine and dandy (or really perhaps not) for Kael and his teammates, but then the flag is going down. There is a whip of Kael's head about before he spies Monique yonder. A hand is lifted and he mimes shock as he brings it to his chest. "Really, Greenmarch?!" he calls forth in his best tournament voice. Which means, of course, he is obnoxiously loud. The plus side is that he's sporting a stupidly amused boyish grin. He isn't upset, not really, not at all. So he presses his shocked hand to his chest and he falls backwards with a heavy thud in the snow. Some spare snowballs are picked up so he can lob one at Amari's back and the other to Natalia's. "Indeed," he says from the ground concerning the matter of a warm beverage.

Sabella ducks behind Jeffeth just like Niklas, but she does keep popping out to survey the landscape. She picks up more snowballs in one arm and says, "Okay now, all together!" And starts launching snowballs over and over and over again at Caspian, "We can do it, guys! Think of the honor and the glory of winning this war! In days to come, people will speak of the Knight and the newlyweds who stood here on this frozen ground and defeated a high lord and a champion and a sword using naught but snow! Bards will sing of it! I mean, I'll probably be that bard, but it'll still count! So throw these snowballs like your legend to your future grandchildren depends on it!"

Whoosh! Snowfrenzy! Monique whips a snowball towards Kael's team with a bright-eyed laugh and turns to find several more snowballs waiting for her. They fly in Barric's direction. "How dare you, Prince Barric!" she calls out. "Can you really blame the Princess?" she teases, crimson hair like a flame against the snow. That ought to win some retribution. To Kael, she calls, "All's fair, Keaton!" And her smile is brighter still.

"You just expressed your support for him, you didn't tell me not to bet against him, my lord," Bliss says to Ansel with a laugh. "Those are two very different things, and it is important to be precise with your language!" With the flag down, well, that really doesn't stop her cheers, lifting her hands and clapping rapidly for the losing team. "Don't worry! You only get better the more you do it! I'll start stalking your house with snowballs!" she calls out, before grinning at Ansel. "Oh, you still won something," she tells him playfully. "I just am going to keep it a secret for now."

Whether Caspian is bullying Jeffeth as his superior, his friend, or because that dork is using the power of friendship, Caspian pops up over the snowbank to throw another snowball towards the man, trying to catch him. "I'm on it, Victus! We will win or die trying!"

Niklas tosses snowballs into Sir Bayweather's hand on command while flinging a few of his own. "Onward! Onward toward vic-" Niklas is cut off when he slips backward and lands on his rear. "Ow. VICTORY! Do not let my pain be in vain!"

Barric is still a popular target, but the constant projectiles pelting Victus seem to have switched over to Caspian, who starts getting whacked with a few that mess him up a little. Unfortunately the targets of all these snowballs fail to hit anybody with their own return fire.

Why was Amari guarding the flag? She's not big enough or even passably quick enough for the task. Monique's snowball zips right by her, despite a vague attempt to flail her arm in its general direction and boom, down goes the flag. "Oh!" She quietly exclaims once she's whirled around to see what's happened, "We lost." Natalia gets a half-hearted smile and shuffles off out of the way, the snowballs Kael tosses at her back rolling off without any comment from her. She is sad, and ashamed, but also thirsty, so she'll go with the team to wherever there's drinks.

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2 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

Niklas stares at Sabella from the ground. "Damn. That was a good speech. I'm just going to sit down here and be inspired!" But things are getting numb, so he decides to stand back up and be inspired. When he sees Reigna he calls out, "Countess! You didn't make the wedding! You have to cheer for us to make up for the disappointment!"

"We did," Natalia agrees cheerily, heading for the drinks concession. "I hope they have alcohol." She gives Amari a skeptical look, then leans in and says something to her very quietly. There's a squawk for the snowball that hits her back, a glare sent towards Kael. A detour, long enough to pause by Reigna. "We are getting drinks," she notes. "Consolation drinks."

Seeing that Barric is a heavy target, Emmelline begins cheerring him on, her voice again attempting to reach Barric's ears in the din."Come on Prince Barric, you can do it!!!," she cheers on.

Sabella's quick eye catches Eitenne slipping briefly (understandable, there are splatted snowballs all over the street by now and footing is a little tricky). Clapping Jeffeth in the back to alert him, the big knight throws and hits true, knocking the other team's flag over!

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Turn in line: Terese

This draws another quiet chuckle from the Telmar Sword, who finishes off the candied apple treat and places the remains aside. He now goes to pick up a pair of cups of still-steaming cider, offering one over to the Whisper, or holding onto it for her for the time being. "I may end up having the dress arranged regardless, in that case," comes the Sword's reply, an amused smile to his features.

"I did not, my apologies! As my team is out, I shall root for you!" Reigna calls back to Niklas with a grin. "Go Prince Niklas' team!" She falls in with Natalia and Kael, beaming, "I am all for something warm to drink!"

"Thank you Lady Emma!" Barric calls out to Emmelline even as he ducks for cover, trying to keep his head down as Victus commands! It works, for the most part, his teammates able to cover for his being overwhelmed by snowballs but at least he manages to keep their flag still standing being such a good target! He flings a few more snowballs and then goes to make some fresh ones, not wanting to risk leaving their flag undefended, "I see how it is Jeffeth!" Barric calls out, "And I saw that Sabella!" He ducks and gets hit a few more times, "Just stay down Nik! Stay down!" He is laughing the whole while, clearly enjoying the 'war'.

Snowballs. Snowballs! Everywhere, snowballs! Monique can't quite keep up with it all and she turns just in time to spy Jeffeth winding up. There's a /look/ to the Knight of Solace that suggests this won't end well for him, but it ends for her team with the flag knocked over by the giant of a Knight. She sighs at Coraline and Etienne, a grin crossing her lips finally. "Drinks? On me. You two were the best team a Minx could hope for."

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As the next team falls, Victus is coated in a sheen of snow like a frosted behemoth. He points down to the final team, his finger drawing down upon Jeffeth. "This is for knocking me out at round 1 of darts, ya' big tin-can!" The Thrax throws down the metaphorical gauntlet, coattails flying out under the sun in incredibly melodramatic fashion. "Bring it home, boys!"

Jeffeth gets a reprieve from Caspian's assaults, because now with two snowballs beside him, he pops up, throws one at Sabella, dips down to grab the other, then pops up again to throw a really good shot at Niklas! "This is great! Hats off to the king and princess!"

Is that a guilty look that Kael is sending toward Amari's back? It very likely is. Kael exhales a huff and then is pulling up to a standing position before stretching slowly. He dusts off some of the snow from him and moves to join his time with the addition of his wife. It is the latter that he nods toward, pressing a brief kiss to her brow by way of greeting before glancing back to the team that she's rooting for. It is brief however for consolation drinks call.

"Woo!" Sabella jumps up in the air and does a little twirl when that flag falls, landing gracefully back on her feet with a big grin and a swirl of snow around her skirts, "Come on, we can do this!" She leans down to pick up more snowballs, but she's shivering now. Snow is cold, who knew? "You saw that? Well, watch out for this!" She calls out to Barric with a laugh, throwing snowballs his way again. "You're good with a sword, but how about with--ack!" She takes a few steps back with a start as Caspian gets her in the face!

Seeing that Sabella and Nikalas's team, along with Barric's team have surived another round, Emmelline seems rather conflicted in her desire to cheer for all her friends simoltaneously. After a single second of indecision, she begins to cheer, "Throw those snowballs!!! Faster!!! You can do it!!!"

Lottie wandered over to observe the snowball fight, still carrying two heaping bags of concessions only now she donned her new winnings of hairpins in her hair!

"My lady," calls out Niklas with a laugh, "your ebullience is making me tired! But thank yo-" and then Caspian gets him in the ear. "Agh! My ear!" He forgets to return fire and instead reaches up to poke at it. "Oh no, it's gonna swell up and be as weird as Sabella's ear!"

Sabella guides him (power of friendship) and Jeffeth delivers a snowball to their flag. Giving Monique a bright smile and a shrug the big man doesn't pause long before he's gathering up another snowball. And then throwing two at Caspian, flinging them his arm out to the side to let the snowball fly. To Victus, Jeffeth thumps his chest twice with both fists. "Beat me here, you're still bad at darts!" Another snowball flung back.

Amari tips her hood back and mildly fusses over her hair as she walks along, tilting her ear up to listen to Natalia's soft words to her. She may have been being overly dramatic with the sadness, given that she's smiling again by the time the trio reach Reigna. "I had no idea you were so talented." She beams at the Whisper, impressed and nodding too. "I'd love that." The Countess is given a smile. "We are getting drinks." She confirms, not quite cheerfully yet, but almost. Kael needn't feel too bad, she laughs a bit at him as she glances over her shoulder to see how the snowball war is getting on. "I think they'll win... but it will be close. I mean Victus, Caspian and Barric will win. I'll be on it." She doesn't say how much, or even explain the slyness of her smile when she says it.

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Down to team versus team, it's basically snowball attrition, all of them tossed in opposing directions. Occasionally two collide headon in a spectacular splash of slush. Everybody gets whacked with a snowball here and there, and it seems like it will be down to a battle of will as to who resists the cold. But as the game has grown, Caspian Wild seems to have found the range on his snowball tossing technique, and with a last arcing heave over the defenders he tags the opponent's flagpole solidly, unbalancing it enough that it slowly topples over and hits the ground. Barric, Victus and Caspian have won!

Monique reaches out to squeeze Etienne's shoulder and tilts her chin to the other contest. "I'm going to go play with some sharp objects, allow you to catch up with family who doesn't seem to want to say hi to me," she teases Ansel lightly. "I'll try not to take it personally." And she slips off to Katarina's game.

Josephine makes her way to the market, pulling up short as what she was expecting, is not the sight she is presented with.

Alaric is overheard praising Victus: Winter War winners!

Alaric is overheard praising Barric: Winter War winners!

Alaric is overheard praising Caspian: Winter War winners!

"We will work out the details not in the middle of an event, I'll send you a note with a few questions," Natalia beams at Amari, looking pleased with herself for the smile that's returned. "What are we drinking?" That's to all three of the Keatons. "With my luck, this would be the one time that you actually won a bet. Fine, I'll go for--" She stops. Laughs, when the flag goes down. "See? I am so glad I didn't take that bet."

Turn in line: Cullen

Emmelline cheers as she hears Barric's team has won. "Well done your highness," she says brightly to the prince, a broad grin spreading on her face.

Reigna returns the kiss to Kael's cheek as she heads with them towards the beverage carts. "I can tell you the hot chocolate is Wyrmguard approved!" Reigna looks around and as the snowball fight comes to an end, she shakes her head and smiles, "Looks like I need to go start the sled races! I will be back after. Save some hot chocolate for me!" Reigna hugs her husband and waves to Natalia and Amari.

Caspian grabs a snowball, cocks his arm way back, and throws a high one, sending the snowball flying into the air. It arcs, lands on the flag, and knocks it over, and Caspian jumps for joy, thrusting his first in the air. "Fuck yes!" He runs over to Victus and Barric, hands up for a double high five, "TEAM THRAX FOR THE WIN!"

Snowballs are hurled, and hard, well as hard as anyone can throw snowballs after this /many/ snowballs are thrown! Barric continues to try and pelt Jeffeth, and occasionally wings one at Sabella and Niklas. There's only so many snowballs around to be found though and he is caught by snowballs hurled by the other team. "Nik I told you to stay do-!" He catches a snowball in the mouth, coughing and sputtering as he tries to clear his airways and then he coughs, "Alright Sabella. That's it." He grins and starts to focus fire at her until finally, completely covered from head to toe in ice and snow powder, Caspian manages to take down the other flag! Arms go up in salute and victory! "Woo!" He calls out with a laugh, "Well fought all!" He thumps at Victus and Caspian's shoulders, to help them get de-snow and iced of course. "Well done!" He definitely took this war too seriously! High fives are also returned with another whoop!

Holding his mostly empty cup of mulled wine between his knees, Karadoc puts his pinkies into his mouth and whistles - loud and shrill - before letting loose a crow of victory for the winners of the Winter War, "YES. Badass Barric, Courageous Caspian, and Vicious Vitcus for the wiiiiiin." The Saik nobleman echoes out some lingering verbal applause and murmured cheering.

"Lady Monique, always a pleasure. I'm sorry the Telmar family could not bring you to victory today," returns Ansel, expression holding seriousness for at least most of the reply. There's a friendly smile and a nod as the woman saunters on off. The quiet Sword looks back to accept the offered wine with a thankful smile, and a bit of a sheepish look at her comment. "Glad that you've been introduced," he says, looking back to his cousin a moment as he takes a testing sip of the wine. "Haven't seen you about the Tower recently, cousin. Matters been busy for you lately?"

Sabella is brushing snow out of her eyes when she gets pelted with another dozen, holding her hands up like ten seconds too late. "Augh! It's so cold!" She shrieks, dancing around a bit while brushing it off of her dress and shaking out her cloak. So she is not defending that flag at all when it goes toppling down! Not that she would've stood a chance had she been in the way anyway. "Okay, okay, because you win, you can keep Barric and we'll keep Niklas. That was the deal, right?" She asks with a laugh, still holding her hands up in case any more snowballs are headed her way. "Just don't throw anymore!"

Alaric is overheard praising Sabella: Winter War wunners-up!

"Wyrmguard hot chocolate with whiskey?" asks Kael in the most innocent of tones toward his teammates even as his wife is abandoning him. Still, she is offered forth a chin up in her direction before he peers toward the other two as though to see if such a thing is met with their approval. He might already be on the prowl for a bottle of whiskey he might be able to acquire.

Alaric is overheard praising Niklas: Winter War wunners-up!

Alaric is overheard praising Jeffeth: Winter War wunners-up!

Lottie was hooting and hollering from the sidelines as best she could, she knew quite a few participants in the snowball wars after all!

Natalia is overheard praising Kael: We tried!

Natalia is overheard praising Amari: It was a good effort! We actually got up and did it!

Emmelline smiles as she runs over to Niklas and Sabella. "Well fought your highness," she says to the couple. "It was a close one."

Victus acts as the wall of meat to keep their flag safe, no matter how many cold spheres he's pelted with, his resolve remains true. He's got his arms up in a brawling stance, weaving between shots here or there, though mostly absorbing the brunt of them with his face and chest. It's enough though, as soon their team is declared the victors. With a howl of approval he too is joining in this triple high-five, slapping hands with his teammates and some random pedestrians standing by. "Kings of Winter! Kings of Winter!"

Jeffeth lets out a bellowing cry even as snow invades his mouth. Pelt, pelt, pelt. His holler gets muffled by the impact though he flings another snowball vainly at the enemies on the other side of the war. He's throwing awfully hard, but with all the snow in his eyes, it's kind of hard to see where he's throwing. Towards the end he just starts throwing snowballs here and there randomly. He's still yelling and throwing even after the match is called. It's only until Niklas and Sabella let him know that the match is indeed over does he start rubbing snow from his eyes and ears.

"Oh." Jeffeth smiles sheepishly letting out a quiet laugh. He then hammers his hands together in a thunderous clap. "Well done!" He bellows, after pushing out a chunk of snow from his mouth with his tongue.

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"I /knew/ this was all really about me! Almost everything is, you know." Niklas brushes snow off of his cloak, then says to Sabella, "Am I yelling? I can't tell. My ear is permanently broken." Emmelline gets a laugh. "Make friends on every team and no matter who wins you can be happy, right?"

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Moving over towards the finish line of the sled race, Reigna rings one of her own bells and uses the power of her Keaton Outside Voice. "Hello fellow revelers! Those wishing to participate in the sled challenge should approach me! Teams of two please! We have the rules posted here," She points to a placard posted nearby with the rules laid out. "We shall begin in ten minutes!"

Alaric strolls into the winter war zone now that the snowballs have stopped flying, carrying the very winteresque rubicund reindeer helmet. "Prince Victus, Prince Barric, Grandmaster Caspian, congratulations on an excellent snowball victory. I do have to remind you, though, there's only one helmet to give. Have you decided who amongst you will recieve it, or are we going to have a last battle to determine our final champion?" he asks brightly.

Hearing about the sled challenge, Emmelline flashes a bright smile at both Sabella and niklas, before walking over to Baric. "I have never ridden a sled, but still, would you like to be a team together your highness?," she asks cheerfully.

Etienne is overheard praising Coraline: Snow Warrior, Snow Friend

There's another laugh from Barric as Victus starts up the Kings of Winter chant and he pumps a fist in the air a few times for good measure, "I think I need to go find a certain someone before she thinks I'm ignoring her." He winks at Victus and Caspian, "Really well done. We survived when they all went after us only to win it." He grins, "Guess they had good tactics." He then starts to head off to look for Coraline only to be intercepted by Emmelline, "I heard your chearing through the war." He looks around for Coraline, "If Cora doesn't mind. Where did she get off too?"

Etienne is overheard praising Monique: Snowpocolypse incarnate

Sabella gives Emmelline a grateful smile, "Thank you for your generous lies. I think we got rather walloped in that round, but it was worth it! I think. I can't actually feel my fingers, but I'm sure if I could they'd agree with me." She turns to Niklas, lips a bit blue, "Oh, you get used to it!" She says with another laugh, "And sometimes it's a good thing. Otherwise I would've heard you make a comment about my completely perfect ears." She pats Jeffeth on the arm, "Well done, Sir Bayweather! We almost had them! I'm sure if I hadn't been so appealing a target you would have gotten them!"

Katarina checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 11 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 19 higher.

"Can I take a peak at the helmet?" Caspian asks back to Alaric, giving a bright smile to the king. "See if it's something I even want." He looks over to Barric as he heads off, "Guess he doesn't want it."

Turn in line: Monique

Emmelline nods in understanding, and flashes Barric another smile as he walks off to look for Coraline.

"Something's broken." Amari announces, confusedly, once the winners are crowned, or self pronounced the Kings of Winter in the case of one bellowing victor. A little bouncy shrug of her shoulders knocks the bewilderment out of her expression easily enough, and amusement replaces it. "Yes, after, please. I love details and designs and... also we shouldn't bet on anything... just drink Wyrmguard approved hot chocolate." Kael gets a mildly arched brow, "With whiskey? Does that taste good at all?" Sled racing?! That sounds more her speed, so she looks between Kael and Natalia with a bright smile, "Sled team?"

Caspian peers at the helmet before dipping his head a few times, saying, "Yeah, I want it. I want it bad." He looks over to Victus and Barric, wondering, "Are you two going to let me have it or do we need to fight this out?"

Cora had readily taken Monique up on the offer of drinks patting both of her teammates on the shoulders. "Well fought! alas it was for naught, Go Thrax! Kick ASS!!!!" Cora cheered as Victus, Barric, and Caspian carried the day!

Barric calls out to Caspian and Victus, "My vote goes to Victus!" Then as Emmelline starts off he frowns, "Hold on Emma, let's find her and figure it out." When he hears Coraline he walks over towards her, "Do you want to sled race? If not I am going to race with Lady Harthall if you don't mind?"

Victus shares a look between the four of them, placing his hands against his hips. "My love of the winter season compels me to fight for it." He informs Caspian, taking a step back. "I've always wanted to be a King of some kinda snow. I'm afraid I have to challenge."

Cora smiles as Barric arrives and kisses him in congratulations, "Well fought. I don't mind either way love. Whichever you two decide. I can certainly race with Victus. What say you Victus, want to sled race?"

Jeffeth spits out a little more snow before smiling brightly down to Sabella. "I should've moved faster, Your Highness. My apologies." The big man bows deeply, fist pressing against his chest. "The power of our friendship wasn't strong enough." He delivers somberly to Sabella and Niklas with a light frown. "We will just have to spend more time together for next time."

With a quiet laugh, Kael is glancing over his shoulder toward Amari with a sparkle in his eyes, "Depends on your taste. It could just be plain hot chocolate though, or if Reigna spiced it up with some of the options that would be good as well." The question concerning the sled teams, that has him looking toward Natalia and gesturing between the two. "Teams of two. Did you wish to? I assure you, I am just fine with my beverage. On the other hand, if my cousin needs a partner. Well."

"Upon hearing Barric, emmelline follows him over to coraline. "it was rather difficult with you two fighting against each other," she says cheerfully. "I ended up cheering for all my friends simoltaneously, which was rather... interesting." It is clear juding from the merry little twinkle in her eyes, that she thoroughly enjoyed it. Hearing coraline's words, her eyes brighten even more. "Oh may I your highness/," she asks of Coraline, almost like a little dog, being promised a treat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

"Guess there can only be one king of winter, huh?" Caspian asks back to Victus with a grin given his way. "May the best winter warrior win." He moves over to the other side of the battle field, grabbing some snow to pack, calling out to Alaric, "Same rules? Knock down the enemy's flag?"

Niklas shakes his head at Jeffeth and says, "The only true magic is the magic of friendship, Sir Bayweather. And blood magic. Friendship and blood magic. But that's it. So don't you ever doubt the power of friendship. Or blood magic." He pats the big man on his shoulder, then turns to wrap an arm around Sabella's waist. "Oh, and spellsinging. Oh well."

Carita's been cheering this whole time, /really/, not caught in a quiet conversation with Karadoc as the pair watch the snow war. Though, there might have been a "FUCK YEAH!" at their win, no one can really tell if it came from her or some other roudy spectator. The only clue was the pink of her cheeks from the forced volume of her voice.

"It's fine if you don't want it, Barric, but I'm making a royal ruling that votes aren't transferrable! We didn't have a winter -war- just to hand off the grand prize based on some vote-trading," Alaric declares with a jovial laugh. He nods to Caspian. "Set up a pair of flags! You'll have to be one-man teams now, but the same rules remain. Best of luck!"

Lottie turned to hurry back to the throwing booth in search of a sled partner.

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Jordan wanders into the city center to behold the remains of a snowball war and what appears to be an impending bobsled event. "Well, I'm down for this. Anyone lacking a sledding partner?"

Sabella leans into Niklas, shivering, "The magic of friendship was just a bit stronger in Thrax today," she agrees with a grin, then looks over at them calling out the sled race. "We should do that! Actually, we should not, because we will be very bad at it, but if I stand here I'm going to freeze to death so let's try it! At least if we crash we'll land in a lot of snow and we're already covered in it."

Natalia has been pulled off to the side by Sis, who is trying to offer her a message when Natalia is trying to wave her away. Eventually the Whisper pouts, looks to Kael and Amari. "I have to go," she says, her tone apologetic. "I'm sorry." She does look incredibly apologetic -- but then she is moving to head away. j

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"A good evening to you," says Kael with an easy enough wave before he is turning back toward Amari and tilting his head with a flash of a grin. "I suppose that makes that decision." He is offering an arm to his cousin before making his way toward the sleds to eye them, should she accept.

Once the fight begins Caspian dives for cover and begins the battle against his lord. He is holding no punches back. His stragety seems to be pretty bad, he's focusing too much on hitting Victus and not enough on the flag, but his throws are percision strikes and he takes the snowballs he gets hit with like a champ. "To the last! that's not our motto!"

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Barric smiles and returns Coraline's kiss, "I think you'll have to wait for Victus to finish battling over that helm. It is a nice helm but, he is my Brother in law so..." He chuckles and gives her a snowy hug and squeeze before he nods towards Emmelline, "Let's go sledding!" He announces, clearly having a good time tonight.

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Lyiana says, "Yes yes, well..."

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Sledding it is then, Amari waves after Natalia as she's dragged off to deal with stuff and things, then turns to Kael. "Cousin, this will be disasterous. Let's go!" She takes his arm and practically skips to the starting line, and to a sled that looks faster than all the other ones, or she imagines it is.

Victus seems singularly focused on this fight. It's not graceful by any means, he's a well-rounded sort of snowballer it seems. Nonetheless, he's putting his heart into it. Muttering under his breath in some attempt to psyche himself up further. "Love Winter. Loved snow since I was boy. Gotta get a winter thing. Best season, best season, fuck you Luca summer sucks."

As Cora waits for Victus to win his helm, she grins, "Do it for winter Victus! Best season ever!" she starts chanting, "Win-ter win-ter win-ter!"

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Heading up the hill with Lottie, Cullen pulls his hood back up from his coat, mumbling something about wishing he had a pair of gloves. "Alright Goodwoman Lottie, are you a sled champion? I didn't do much sledding in the Greenwood, truth be told.

It's a cagey final showdown. Victus' tactical sense is first rate; he's seen how Caspian's arc toss won the final, and has cleverly repositioned his flag near an awning that gives it some vertical cover! However, tough as the warlord is, the champion is equally tough, and even Victus' battle planning can only narrow the window for that one good toss; some shots, as they say, are unblockable, and a perfect toss finds its mark. Caspian has prevailed!

Harlan comes in from somewhere -- but apparently on a mission. He looks around, and the comes up to Jordan, asking, "What in the name of the gods have you gotten me into, anyway?"

"Sled competition, my Lord. We ought to do this!" Jordan calls out to Harlan, with a grin. "Some Ashford teamwork ought to impress the crowd."

Carita's been talking with Karadoc, her attention divided between the goings-on and Lord Saik, so joins in the chanting for Victus with Coraline, "Win-ter! Win-ter!" before she dissolves in to feminine laughter.

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Carita gets a huge grin, but then Caspian tosses the most beautiful toss ever tossed and Cora laughs, "Aw well done Caspian, sorry Victus, that helm was a beaut."

Once Amari selects the sled, Kael is eyeing it a bit curiously. Nonetheless he takes it in hand and begins to move on up the hill. Eventually he'll be catching sight of Cullen up ahead and grinning before increasing his pace. "Greenmarch," he says by way of greeting once he falls in pace with a huff, flashing the other man a grin.

Harlan shakes his head towards Jordan and says, "I'll have you meet Eurion. He's just arrived in town. You can drag him about the city." He doesn't seem upset, more 'put upon'. He's a duke, he's busy!

"NO!" Victus yells as his flag takes the fall, dropping to his knees, hands upon either side of his head as he ducks down low into the snow. "No, no no no... Ahhh mother of fuck." After he's gotten a sufficient roll in the snow, the High Lord with a beard of white drags himself from his despair. The snow falls in droves from his fingers as he wipes off his hands, he's coming around to pat Caspian on the back. It looks like he means to say something, though his voice hitches in his throat. "Nice... Nice job. Nice job." Eventually is given out before he's off to join Coraline in the sledding. One competition after the nextr.

Lottie turned to bellow from the top of the sledding hill, "Caspian! Yay! YOU WON! Come get our bags! It's your turn to hold 'em, I got a sled race to win!"

Monique comes away from the knife-throwing contest with a beautiful dagger and a vast smile, and she moves towards Jeffeth to join him for the bobsled contest. "It's all right," she tells Barric cockily. "I'm light. We're going to wipe the course with you."

Alaric steps out and duly presents Caspian the reindeer helmet once the snowballs have stopped flying and it's safe for the royal dignity. "Surely no one can say you haven't well-earned this, Grandmaster Caspian. Congratulations!" he declares approvingly as he hands over the grand prize.

"He's not here right now, my Lord. Let's get this done, then I can meet him." Jordan looks at the sled and starts to get settled on it. "Come on. They're not going to let me go this alone anyway."

Harlan says blandly, "If I break my arm, Livvie will have your head." She won't, of course. She'll just give him sad looks. SAD LOOKS OH NO.

Kael's greeting gets a friendly wave and a crooked grin in return. "Hello Count Keaton, I hope you're well! I see you're testing your sledding skills as well. I have Goodwoman Lottie to help guide me, hopefully with many candied treats."

What a close match! But what Caspian lacks in brains he makes up for with being a damn good shot. He pulls off another one of those winning high arc throws, the snowball sailing over the awning and landing on the flag. Caspian rises up, dusting himself off, looking over to Victus. He gives him a nod and a smile, "Thank you, your grace. It was a close battle! Maybe next year you can rip the title and the prize from me." He lets out a laugh over to Lottie and waves to her, grabbing the helmet from Alaric with a bow of his head. "It was a hard fight. Thank you." He puts the helmet on and heads over to Lottie to grab the goodie bags!

Lisebet simply stans by the confection stands, with a hot drink in hand, staying warm wand watching.

Lottie handed them over to Caspian with a bright grin. "Well don't you look dapper in those horns. Looked like a tough match, congratulations." With her arms now free she went about beginning to stretch them out in preparation of the impending race. Eye of the tiger, this one.

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Alaric applauds for everyone, then heads to the concessions for something hot to drink before he sees to all the messengers that have stacked up while he's been officiating winter wars.

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Once Alaric's finished up his event hosting duties, Katarina comes by to find him and share a few quiet moments with her friend.

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Barric looks over at Monique, "Maybe so, Minx, but either way I'll still see you at the bottom." He winks at Monique and then starts to get settled onto the sled, offering a hand to Emmelline, "Remember, just hold onto me and stay tight, lean when I lean... if all goes well, we won't need to do much leaning. We're going to go down this way here, lean hard to the right, so we can hit this jump there, then lean hard to the left..." He looks over towards Caspian and Victus, "Well done Caspian! I hope you know you've just made an enemy for life :)"

Emmelline happily climbs in behind Barric, wrapping her arms around his waist. Listening to his instructions, she nods and smiles.

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"You only wish you'd see me on the bottom," Monique fires back to Barric with a grin that stretches wide. "I think Princess Coraline will get there first." There's a bright eyed wink and she climbs in with Jeffeth. "Be gentle?" she teases. "I just won quite the blade and I know how to use it."

After receiving much gifts, and a bit of overwhelming warm and fuzzies, Lyiana moves toward the exit to the city, rather the edge of the square.

From the concessions stand, Bliss whistles out loudly, and calls out, "A thousand silver on Sir Jeffeth and Lady Greenmarch! Only one person gets to take the bet!" She gives an apologetic wave over to the other competitors after calling out that bet.

Monique gets a wink, "Go fast! Victus and I shall go with the speed of Thrax.....or something!" This was meant to be rousing but well, what can you do!

Amari follows dutifully after Kael, who is pulling the sled. For whatever reason though, at the top of the course she picks the most dangerous looking route. Peers down the way, and then changes her mind. No, the second most dangerous route is more to her liking. That's where she stands. "We'll reach extremely high speed if we start here, based on the angle..." She pauses a moment to touch the snow on the track to gauge its quality, "Then at the jump, we either sail to victory or maybe die. It's hard to estimate from here without any measurements." She's ready to try, anyway.

Lyiana makes her way out quietly.

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Eithne saunters into the fray, blissfully unaware of what this festival of winter is all about. Then suddenly it's chaos and madness. There are balls of snow flying just past her nose and people louder than her hootin' and hollerin' about. The armorsmith gets hit by a stray snowball right on the side of her head, turning red hair partially white for the moment. "Sweet Jayus!" She shouts to no one in particular.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

When Amari is choosing the most dangerous looking course, Kael's lips are already parting as though he was going to refute. That he might actually try to argue! The change to the second most dangerous looking course has him considering before he snorts softly and nods in an amiable fashion. "I suppose it is a good thing that I already have my children. Just in case." He begins to ready the sled so that they can make for their doom!

The sulking Victus comes up alongside Coraline, leaving her to take the lead on this. "If we win, I'll knight you tomorrow." He bemused in her general direction, saddling into the sled.

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Niklas looks down the most difficult trail and nods pompously. "Well, this seems simple enough. Sit on the sled, let the hill do all the work and we just have to hold on. Why, we'll probably have time for sandwiches on the way down." Niklas sits down on the sled and smiles up to his wife. "Well, let's show these people how a Grayson does it, shall we?"

Emmelline chuckles merrily at Niklas's words, sitting as she is behind Barric. "You are a rather amusing sort of person your highness," she casually remarks.

A look of steely determination enters Cora's expression, "Then Highlord hold on tight!"

Monique's laughter at Bliss's bet is warm and boastful at the same time. "I think no one is brave enough to accept such a bet, Bliss Whisper! They /know/ Sir Jeffeth and I are going to win!"

Sabella settles into the sled with a nod to Niklas, "I definitely sense another trophy in our future!" She says brightly. "What could possibly go wrong?!"

Barric laughs at Monique's comment, "Probably, I would never bet against Cora. I know better." He then grins at Coraline's resolve to win after the being knighted comment. Settling onto the sled he lets Emmelline get settled in behind him. No running and jumping for this pair. And they take the kiddy lane too.

"Oh, no you're not!" Lottie chimed with a grin toward Monique and Jeffeth. She settled onto the rear of the sled behind Cullen, hiking up her dress and tucking its bulk beneath her rather than flashing the whole festival.

Taking hold of the sled and giving it an appraising eye, Cullen sets it at the top of the more moderate looking track before sitting down at the steering position. "Alright Lottie, you reading to race? Let's do this and not break our necks..." He sounds a bit dubious. As if breaking their necks, or someone else's, is an entirely real possibility. It is a hill, sled and snow...but once Lottie is behind him, secure, he points two fingers at his grey eyes, then at Monique. Nodding, they take off! The Sword of Greenhaven and the renowned baker fly down the hill like something graceful on snow. An otter? A bear? A seal? In any case, they don't hit anyone, flip over, die, and no necks are snapped. Afterwards, Cullen pumps a fist and roars - an unusually obnoxious gesture for the Greenmarcher - then extends a hand to Lottie. "We rule the snows, Lottie. Rule them."

And they're off! Team 4 is off to a promising start with a perfect push off from the starting line to send Niklas and Sabella soaring for the finish! Actually that's not at all what happens. Niklas starts to push off but loses his footing and a hold of the sled. Sabella, panicking, turns around to try to reach out for him and falls off the sled, which continues on. Sabella also continues on, rolling over and over and over and over, cloak wrapping her up like a princess burrito that is soon covered in a layer of snow. Because her arms are now trapped, she kicks her feet vainly out of the bottom of the wrapping, unable to stop the sliding or the rolling until she actually rolls completely off the track and into a snowman, which collapses on top of her just as a young boy places a top hat on its head.

Bliss has fallen into conversation with those around her, but hearing Monique's claim, she gives the Minx a bright smile and a thumbs up from her position, seeming to be opting out of the competition tonight. "Lady Minx, I look forward to keeping my silver, then! Go get them!" Then they're off, and she's watching, lifting onto her toes to do so.

Sleding down the slope with Barric, Emmelline laughs out loud, clearly enjoying herself. her arms tightly wrapped around Barric's waist, she follows his instructions as best she can, leaning this way and that along with him.

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Lottie squealed the whole way down, snorting and laughing between her gleeful scream. Once they made it to the bottom and Cullen was helping her up, the little baker bounded to her feet and didn't stop there. Bouncing up to leap to embrace her partner, "Oh, you steered just marvelously!" She recoiled quickly from the Greenmarch lord after that, ready to cheer a bit more until she saw a princess go rolling down the hill. She gasped, hands lifting to cover her mouth before she went darting through the snow to help Sabella.

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Which isn't that much leaning, probably for Emmelline's benefit. When the race started Barric gives a strong push with his arms and then leans forwards and down to give them as much forward momentum as is possible in such circumstances. It's a straight shot down the course, Barric's arms continue to windmill as he scoops at the snow to push and push them along to gain even more momentum and speed. "Hold on tight!" He calls out to Emmelline as they reach the first jump. Grasping the bottom of the sled Barric tries to keep it tight to them as they go sailing through the air... or at least as much sailing as one can get off the easiest jump on the course. When they hit the snow again he is laughing, "You ok back there?" He calls to Emmelline with a smile before he squints his eyes as if they were speeding down the course at a gallop! Which is not all that accurate, but it's fun still.

"Ah, here we go! Lemme just p- whoops," and that's Niklas sliding off of the back of the sled. "Shit, Sabella, wa-" but it's too late for wait. As she looks back Niklas reaches out. Which was a mistake. He gets ahold of the handle, but instead of grabbing it his wrist gets tangled up and then he's flying down the hill after the out of control sled and his increasingly slow-laden wife. As it the sled flies down the hill, so too does Niklas. Though he's less flying than he is plowing through the snow. "FUCK! OH SHIT ITS ALL GOING DOWN MY PANTS!" Fortunately for the nearby children Niklas goes headfirst into a pile which shuts him up. Coming out of the snowbank he actually finds himself back on the sled somehow. "Oh! Oh good! I- SHIT!" Niklas bails hard as the sled goes through a stand selling hot chocolate. "Do I... do I still have my pants on? Please say yes." The hot chocolate vendor looks down at him and shakes his head sadly. Feebly Nik mutters, "Dang."

Win or lose, it appears Emmelline is having a grand time racing down the hill with Barric. At Barric's word, her arms tighten around him, and she laughs out loud as they go through the first jump.

"Did we win?" Sabella asks the boy and then Lottie in a bit of a daze, rolling back and forth to try to free herself from her snowy bindings.

Jeffeth zones out for a moment as some of the other racers participate in some light teasing of the big man. His eyes go to a far off place, as the man walks through memories long past. Dozens of children shouting, you're too big jeffeth you can't play, you're too big jeffeth you can't hide with me, you're too big jeffeth get off my foot, you're too big jeffeth no one wants to carry you around. When the call comes out for the race to begin, Jeffeth blinks, a small fire lit behind his eyes.

With Monique in front of him Jeffeth starts charging, Monique goes onto the sled first and Jeffeth's feet slam into the snow as his massive arms drive the sled forward with an alarmingly powerful shove off. With a roar, Jeffeth pushes off and Monique and he are /flying/ down the track.

Feet flying up to the back of the sled, Jeffeth leans and shifts in unison with Monique, a man posessed and watching the finish line come ever closer at a blinding pace. They fly off a jump through the snow, and Jeffeth shifts his body to manage the sled and it's landing, making sure the damn RUNNERS DON'T SINK.

As the seven teams go down the hill, one thing becomes clear. Teams 2, 3 and 4 are in classes allllll their own. While Team 2's Monique and Jeffeth power down the triple diamond difficulty like it was their own private bunny slope, with Coraline and Victus on their tail, Niklas and Sabella are also headed down that route, but with far more hilarious results. In the end, Team 2 (Monique and Jeffeth) is victorious, with Team 3 (Coraline and Victus) coming in second. Team 7's Jordan and Harlan finish 3rd, with Lottie and Cullen coming in 4th riiiight behind them. Barric and Emmelline come in fifth, Kael and Amari finish 6th and then... well. Then there is the newlywed team.

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Lottie squatted down in the snow as she and the boy began shoveling snow off of Sabella to dig her out of the deceased snowman's remains. "In a way you did~" She smiled, offering a hand down to Sabella after they'd pushed away a decent amount of snow. "I'm not sure your husband did, though..."

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Go Team Keaton! Kael might have tried to give their sled a bit more oomph on the initial way down and he does quite well! They are off, and they are speedy and then -- well, then there is the fact that they need to correct their speedy decline lest they hit something and die horrible deaths. This slows them, of course it does, and this is likely even for the best. There is a bit of deft maneuvering thereafter, an increase of speed albeit not to the horrible recklessness that they began with. "No death," he says, absolutely content with this singular fact before he is rising up from the sled.

Alright, Ashford Bobsled Team! Only slightly better than a Saffron Chain bobsled team, for sure. But still! It appears they fluke out a little in choosing the harder start, as the momentum picks up and soon the knight of Ashford is in his station, urging Harlan to do the maneuvering business. Meanwhile, they turn quick enough to make the second stage, and the last stage has a bit of a slowdown, but they still manage to get to the finish line. "Well, third place." He muses, patting the Duke on the shoulder. "We did well enough."

There's a cheer from Bliss as she sees Jeffeth and Monique take the victory, the woman lifting her arm up in the air victoriously as well. But no one bet against her, so she is none the richer.

Harlan is good at leaning this way and that. Choosing -when- to do it? Not...quite so much. Still, he didn't fall, no arms are broken and no sad looks will be given from Olivia! It's a good race and he nods towards Jordan, "We're not Redrain. Climbing trees...that's definitely something I'd do better at, I believe."

Etienne claps for Jeffeth and Monique, holding a mug under his arm. Standing on his toes to look over the crowd to spot the racers.

Dooooom! That seems to be what Amari is prepared for once she's tucked herself into the front of the sled. It's far less an academic problem from that perspective, but she still offers some advice before the push off, pointing exactly where she thinks Kael ought to aim for. "If we hit that spot and turn to the right, we'll probably live and you'll see your children grow up." There's no talk of winning, just surviving. With that, she scrunches her eyes closed and prepares to for the embrace of death. And that's more or less how she stays through the entire trip save for some not too elegant flailing when she loses her balance, and even well after the sled has skidded to a stop. When Kael speaks, her eyes pop open and she turns around to smile, "We didn't die, but we lost badly, didn't we?" She does have to assume that, given where the other teams are, save Sabella and Niklas. That's a sympathy wince.

The runners definitely don't sink. Monique is in for the ride and this is exactly the kind of thrill that the Minx of the Marches thrives on. There's a reason the Oathlands guards never caught her! And the reason no one catches them today is most certainly Jeffeth's incredible strength, and the way the two move in tandem together, different drives pushing them on, but pushing them hard, to cross the finish line first.

Her cheeks bright red with exertion and elation, the Minx turns before the sled has even come to complete stop to throw her arms around the giant of a Knight. "HAH! That'll teach 'em!" It's amazing there's any room left in the sled for bodies, what with her ego in the drivers' seat.

Flattening herself to the sled, Cora does her best to lean at just the right moment, to become the most streamlined sledder who ever lived. She sees Mo and Jeffeth, she wishes to pass Mo and Jeffeth, and yet....and yet there is no dice. Coming in just behind the pair Cora sighs sadly, "If only, ah well." She grins at Jeffeth, "Looks like you have me as squire a while longer yet. Well done, both of you."

Victus doesn't have a whole lot of energy in him at the beginning of this, he's more so along for the ride as this sled carrying Prince and Princess slowly comes down the track. Earlier defeats still sting, though suddenly, an idea flashes like a spark in the pan. The High Lord draws his axe, calling upon the ancient techniques one learns when drunk as a skunk on darts night. That's not, /rowing through land/. Is it possible? Holy shit, no it is not. But here he goes anyway.

As the sled takes off at breakneck speeds, his axe acts as a rudder to shove through the flow, parting the snow like waves. "Mush, mush!" He calls. "Is that how it works? Wait that's /dog/ sleeding. For /dogs/. Shit. Coraline do you know how to mush?" Ideas of tying the Princess to the front of the sled as an unwilling participant aside, he keeps at his feverish rowing technique. As they smash across the finish line, their efforts come up just short. Victus also hits something hard on the way down, and his axe acts as a catapult to send him somersaulting up and back-first into the snow.

"Coraline, you're not getting a knighthood tomorrow." He calls from his spot in the snow. "It'll have to be day after tomorrow."

Bartholomew arrives, following Cedric.

Eithne grabs herself a hot mug of something and finds a seat. She dusts off the snow and starts to cheer for folks; Coraline, Cullen, Jordan, in no particular order.

There's a laugh at the second jump and then as the sled slides to a stop Barric looks over his shoulder at Emmelline, "That was fun." He cheers for the winning team, and the second place runner up, and everyone else who finishes before them which is almost everyone. Still he is grinning as he stretches out and then stands up while helping Emmelline to her feet as well, "We did the best we could, alas, it was not enough." He then links his arm with Emmelline's to walk over towards the first and second place team, "Good race!" He calls out to everyone else, except for... "Where's Sabella and Niklas?" He asks, looking for his cousin and her husband since he doesn't see them.

Alayne carefully steps into the surrounding area chasing, in the long distance, after Eithne. Not for any particular reason, other than Alayne's mundane and proven lame skills at figuring location- she'd eventually find herself a sit a few off her felow craftswoman, covering and surrounding herself wholeheartedly with her long, violet cloak like a scone. A very skinny, and skeletonized scone.

With the extra help, Sabella is able to sit up and then stand, dislodging the rest of the snow and her now mostly frozen cape. "Brrrr!" She says, wrapping her arms around herself and looking over to the finish line to see where Niklas is. Except he's not there! "Thank you," she tells Lottie gratefully, still scanning the crowd, shivering like crazy. "Did Niklas place? Does it count if only one of you crosses the finish line?"

"Good sir," says Niklas, who swings his cloak over his indecency, because he's not some kind of Luca or something, "I would pay you handsomely if you were to bring me my trousers." The hot chocolate vendor looks at Niklas, up the slope at the frozen pants, back at his own devastated hot chocolate cart, then looks back at Niklas. "How handsome is handsome?" Niklas sits up, thinks better of it and goes back to laying on the snow. "Friend, my ability to father children is rapidly fading, so handsomely is whatever you'd like." The man nods. He's getting a new cart. With all the latest cart options! He eventually returns with Niklas' pants and after some shifting Nik gets them back on and pushes himself to his feet. "There. Once again I am a man of quiet dignity." He wanders back up the hill, unaware of the enormous tear in the seat of his breeches. "Woo. Cold out here."

Emmelline doesn't seem to have minded coming in almost last place, juding from the ear to ear grin on her face. As Barric helps her climb out of the sled, she leans close if allowed, and speaks to him confidentially, before walking to him to the other teams.

Karadoc, finally, appears to be focusing on all of the action once more. Dark, starkly angle brows flick upward, surprised. He starts to bark out a harsh laugh -- muffling the sound into his sleeve. Laughing until his eyes sting with unshed tears. "This is one huge clusterfuck of snow and I'm freezing my ass off." The Saik lord pries himself away from his company of all of the uncannily life-like snow people. (No, Carita is not included in their number - TSK.) He offers the Darkwater noblewoman a bow, "Until then, my lady. Please stay warm." And of he goes.

As Victus goes flying over her head Cora shakes her head and gets off the sled to help her High Lord up, holding out a hand to do just that she grins, "I can handle day after tomorrow. Should I sit in vigil tomorrow then?" She grins.

Reigna waves to Cullen, though she is distracted by the sled race. As she's running the race she can't cheer for her people, but she is bouncing up and down in her excitement. "Congratulations -- by the gods! Are the Prince and Princess alright?! Ah... Congratulations to Lady Monique and Sir Jeffeth for coming in first! Princess Coraline and High Lord Victus in second place... I really need to go check on the Graysons...." And with that, she charges off to make sure the newlyweds haven't broken anything.

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"Well, about that..." Lottie gently turned Sabella by the shoulders until she was facing the chaotic mess that was the rubble Niklas left in his wake and then another slow turn for her to aptly spy him trudging back up the hill, busted breeches and all.

Monique is overheard praising Sabella: That was beautiful

Monique is overheard praising Niklas: That was beautiful

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"I think that a lack of death clearly is more important than the fact that we lost badly," remarks Kael easily enough toward Amari. He shrugs a shoulder to his cousin, grins rather easily, and tries to untuck his long legs from the sled. It's with a bit of a wince that he is getting up to his full height and thereafter he reaches down to aid the young woman in getting up as well. "So," he says grandly. "I do think that it is time for that hot chocolate."

Cedric strolls into the crowd. He stops some folks and asks questions. He follows glances and pointed fingers, weaving through lines and masses of people unwaveringly. He peers around with ever watchful eyes. All until he spies Duke Harlan. It is he, the Duke, Cedric approaches. He hands over a flask and a bag of jerky. "Enjoying the festivities, my lord?"

There's something about the color purple that grabs Eithne's attention. She spots Alayne at the benches where she's found a reasonably comfortable perch. It's cold but not completely unbearable, not for the lass who has lived her entire life in this city. She tosses a friendly wave to the other woman. "Hey, how's it going?"

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A murmur goes through the sparse nighttime visitors of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

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Seeing, somehow, Eithne in the crowd Cora waves excitedly and calls, "The helm was gorgous! A work of art. I shall go harass Caspian to see it closer shortly."

Harlan moves to take the flask from Cedric, seeming unsurprised, and takes a long swig, before handing it towards Jordan, "Just in time, just in time. We were sledding." Indeed, there's snow on parts of him, and his cheeks are ruddy. He nibbles on the jerky.

Victus slowly stands with the help of Coraline. "I ain't won a competition for anything in two years, and I been to a lot of 'em." The High Lord says with a thin grin. "I got real close to winning something today though, closer than I've gotten in a long, long time. So that's not so bad." He puts a hand upon the Princess' shoulder. "Day after tomorrow. The beaches. I'll set everything up. It's time."

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Monique and Jeffeth fly down to the bottom of the hill, and there isn't immediately anyone around them. Monique is swinging around to throw her arms around him. With a bright smile the big man throws his massive arms around her, hugging back as they continue to slide through the snow from their momentum. Once they finally skid to a stop, Jeffeth is getting out of the sled with a broad smile sending Barric a salute once he slides into the finish. "It gets the job done." The big knight pipes happily before turning to help Monique out of the sled.

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Alayne too lived a life of trial and tribulation, but it made it no different- her face was dried down like a drained grape, her cheekbones horribly pronounced against that lifeless, sharp countenance of hers. She'd direct a meek stare in Eithne's direction, speaking quietly; meekly, with a brief crunch to her sharp, upturned nose. "It is going cold. But I had to see this- can't say I didn't have a horse in the race," she'd explain to Eithne, pushing herself up to find a seat closer to her, and thus more fitting for conversation.

Once Lottie has turned her about, Sabella gasps and puts two hands up over her mouth. "Niklas! Are you--where--what--we should not have done that!" She says gravely, moving forward in a rush to get over to him. Except she's mostly frozen and so she stumbles quite a bit. "Ow. Ouch. Was it you or me that said the snow would be soft to land in because that was a lie!"

"Wonderful." Cedric says in a dry tone to Harlan. He flicks out his handkerchief and prushes away some snow off the lord.

Harlan gives this look of 'We're in public, you know'. He doesn't say anything though. Cedric's an Ashford Family Treasure, after all.

Emmelline blushes bright red at Barric's words, though unless one were rather close by, they might think her face red from the cold and the snow.

Spotting Eithne cheering over in his direction, Cullen gives the armorer a bow from over where he's at by the fountain, then straightens up and waves. Even if he lost, he had fun in it and didn't smash his face, so that's a good thing. Lottie's reaction at what's going on over in the snow disaster bring a faint grimace and a chuckle simultaneously.

"That was a hell of a run Monique, Jeffeth." Barric says with a smile towards the pair, "Well done." Then he overhears Victus and Coraline and his smile turns into an ear to ear grin, "That is worth a winter celebration all itself." He tells them, "I hope I'll be able to attend the ceremony, even if I'm not officially a Thrax yet." He just can't stop smiling.

Blink blink jawdrop. Cora shakes herself out of her initial surprise, "Yes your Grace, I will be there." She says in something akin to wonder seriously not anticipating that Victus was for real. She nods with more gravity than before still having this new information filter into her head. Tick tick, "DRINKS! WE NEED DRINKS, time to celebrate people!" And Cora is a happy girl, she skips over to Barric, leaps on him and kisses him silly, her eyes near shining with excitement. She breaks the kiss to ask, "You heard?"

Cedric flops the snow off his handkerchief and tucks it away again. He brushes his hands together and glances about. "Sir Jordan. Good day to you. I trust the sledding was a success?"

"Relatively speaking," Jordan states to Cedric with a faint smile, reaching out to clasp the butler on the shoulder. "Let's see what the next events will be."

After having been kept busy overseeing some matter or another, Katarina steps out of a small warming tent to watch the festivities for a short time. Seeming pleased that all is in order, the young hostess begins to make her way toward the frozen Fountain of Triumph with a wheeled little red wagon toddling behind her, laden with jars of a clear mixture and snow skates. Just what on Arvum is that princess up to now?

Monique dismounts the sled with Jeffeth's help, stumbling a little as she regains her footing in the snow. She accepts congratulations and doles out her own, smiling in Coraline and Barric's direction, and murmuring something to Jeffeth quietly.

"I honestly don't remember a whole lot of the last twenty minutes, Sabella." Niklas pulls his cloak tightly around himself. "I'd say we should hit up the spa at the Kay, but that may be a bad idea. Well. Well. Sabella, I think I just cheated on you with the hill and I just want to say I'm sorry."

Eithne lifts a hand to her forehead in some sort of makeshift visor as she catches wind of Coraline's greeting. "Ahh! The Grandmaster won the helm! Excellent!" She lifts her mug in toast to Caspian's victory. "I'm glad you liked it, Princess. Please do harass away." She says with a smirk. The smith takes notice of Alayne's features and quickly hands her hot mug over to the woman. "You look like you could use a hot cider. It'll make ya all warm and cozy inside. Warning, I put whiskey in it. That'll definitely help with the chill." Eithne sits up a little taller and tosses a wave in Cullen's direction as well.

"Public decency. PUBLIC DECENCY." Victus barks at the pair as they get to smoochin', in as crotchety a tone as one could make for such an occasion.

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Reigna spies the Prince and Princess seemingly okay, she returns to her husband and Amari, and she reaches for Kael's hand. "Well, I for one am slowly freezing into an icicle. Anyone ready to head home?"

"Gods, everything I drink lately has whiskey in it," she'd murmur in brief; in hesitant complain, and yet she'd reach out; she'd grab the drink from Eithne's offering hand, and bring it up to her lips. After an eyes-churning sip - quite a copious sip at that - she'd lower the vessel down to her lap and contemplate the row of sled-players, specially the victors.

"Hopefully food." Cedric says with a look to Jordan. "You are each looking a touch gaunt. Nothing some nourishment wouldn't fix." He looks between Harlan and Jordan. "Do either of you require a mint?"

Emmelline overhears the words exchanged between Sabella and niklas and can't help but to laugh out loud. "if nothing else your highness," she calls out to the couple, "it was entertaining. I am glad you two are okay."

Public Decency? What does that mean? Barric is attacked by a wild Coraline, Princess of Thrax, and it's all he can do to stay alive under the onslaught! Finally there is need for air and he chuckles, "Yes, I heard." He smiles down at Coraline and hugs her again before he clears his throat, "Apologies, High Lord." He even manages to stop smiling, long enough to apologize anyways.

Eithne tosses her head back with mirthful laughter, the kind where if she had a belly it would jiggle. "Whiskey is life!" She tells Alayne. Besides, it's really all I can do to stay warm outside of the forge. Look at all these crazy people frolicking in the snow. You know where they're going after this? The forge of course. It's partially enclosed but I got some benches set up back there for people to linger. They can watch the other smiths craft away. So long as you don't mind the stench or the clanking of hammering steel, it's -the- place to be. I should hire a bar keeper."

Harlan merely smiles at Cedric and says, "I'll be fine. Don't plan on entertaining any ladies tonight." Not that he spends a ton of time doing that anyway. He looks over at Jordan and says, "I wonder what else is going on over here?"

"I'm honestly not sure I'd know if I wasn't I'm so c-c-cold." Sabella replies to Emmelline, reaching up hands for Niklas' face and laughing before giving him a quick, chilly kiss. "Let's go back home and warm up." She starts walking, but its awkward since her skirt and her cloak are frozen, "I'm starting to see why the Velenosans love their little carrying cart things." She casts a look over to Elizabetta who glowers back. Sabella sighs, "Worth a shot."

Still wrapped around Barric, feet most definitely not touching the ground, Cora realizes the compromising position and climbs back down to the ground, blushing madly, "Oh yes sorry." But her expression is still showing that inside she is eeeeEEEE!!!!ing at a pitch that would make dogs howl. "I don't know how it works but don't see why you wouldn't be able to be there. I mean you are marrying me and all." She grins, and bounces, someone needs to get some energy released. Eithne gets a laugh and a cheerful nod, "Oh yes, but I never need an excuse to harass Caspian!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jordan before departing.

"Very well." Cedric provides Duke Harlan with a pair of gloves. "For your hands, my lord." He steps away and begins weaving through the masses yet again.

Alayne holds up the drink in Eithne's direction, crossed from response briefly by Coraline's voice in the distance - voice that had Alayne break into a fit of giggles - and once the humor dispersed, and the mirth died down in her wholefully red face, she'd reply. "This cider and whiskey tastes like bootsweat," the Apothecarian denoted, and despite such connotations took yet another mouthful of the drink under a hardening of her forehead and features. "And so I suppose its good."

Emmelline chuckles softly at Sabella's words. "Well i do hope you two will warm up soon," she says with a gentle smile to the couple. Coraline and Barric's amorousness can hardly have gotten passed Emmelline, standing next to Barric as she is. instead of remarking however, she simply averts her eyes, speaks with the newlyweds and keeps her silence.

Stepping up onto the lip of the snow-dusted lip of the massive fountain, Katarina reaches into her delightful little red wagon and draws out several large jars to begin pouring into buckets. Attendants aid her in the task, laying out hand-made snowflakes and snowman-shaped silhouettes of wire attached to silk-wrapped handles upon a table. A young lady with a fiddle begins to orchestrate a lively, jaunty little tune. The princess catches a rhythm, glittering skirts swishing with her movements as she takes a snowflake to dip into the mixture. Waving her arm about with care, large opalescent bubbles drift to the air. Several land gracefully upon the frozen surface of the fountain, instantly frosting over. "I've one last treat to share with those who aren't afraid to step out in ice skates!"

A murmur goes through the sparse nighttime visitors of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

When Reigna is appearing and taking his hand, Kael casts a wayward glance over toward the hot chocolate. He deliberates a moment before shaking his head and then flashing a grin toward his cousin. "I think that home, by the fire, actually sounds like an excellent idea. Amari, did you want to come with or would you prefer to stay for the festivities?"

Bliss had been seeming to prepare to leave - and then she hears Katarina, and just freezes, turning her head toward the Valardin Princess as a sheepish smile begins to grow across her face.

Victus shook his head. "Get all the ramming out of your system when I ain't lookin'. Which will be soon, I promise. Because I need to be getting home soon as is. So Coraline, practice your posture. Get it all neat and upright. Tie a broom to your back or something, I dunno. Oh, hope you don't mind getting wet neither." He shares a look with Barric then, his expression falling to a stonier visage. "I got something for you to do too, soon. Something I need a good sword-arm for. If you're up for it I'll send you a missive soon. Has to do with what my wife was asking for help for some months ago, if ya' remember."

Monique smiles up at Jeffeth and then suggests, "Shall we get some drinks and some food? I hope the Archlector has both waiting!" She waves a hand up in that direction, turning to trudge through the snow towards the vendors once more.

Lottie smiled toward Caspian as he bid his farewells. "Was real nice meeting you and I hope the same!" Again she curtsied, and again it was meant for the group chatting near the concessions. "If y'all will excuse me too, it sounds like there's another game to play!" And at that she turned to head for Katarina to hear the rules of the next event.

Posture? Huh, eh whatever the High Lord wants he gets as far as Cora is concerned, right now anyway, until he starts talking babies again. Cora nods, "My posture will be perfect I assure you." She looks between Barric and Victus in curiosity but doesn't ask. All the same she looks thrilled such a thing is being said.

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Ice skating? The very idea leaves Niklas cold. Haha. Wits 5, folks. He nods to Sabella. "Let's. Tomorrow we can start telling people how amazingly we did. Do it long enough and people will believe we won. I mean, I got third place in a jousting contest." Niklas swishes his cloak back, unfortunately for anyone behind him, and puts an arm around Sabella as he leads her away. "Tilted with the king, you know."

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Katarina catches sight of Bliss' sheepish smile, quickly returning it with a brilliant one of her own. Shimmying her shoulders to the beat of the music, she skips a few steps forward and twirls around. Bubbles rush out around her, wiggling her brows with a jovial smile. "Even if you cannot skate, you're more than welcome to participate!"

"Wait," Bliss says to Ansel, and she clears her throat, beginning to pull the man toward the ice. "I know you said you didn't really do this, but - but I have to give this a try. It felt like Jayus himself reached down and helped me last time, it was... well, it was something else." When she sees Monique come by, she whispers loudly, "That was -amazing- out there."

Barric nods, "I remember High Lord, and I am still very much ready to assist as I can." He seems to go back to serious mode at that reminder. "I am excited to be of assistance on that matter." He looks over at Coraline, smiles at the posture comments and then chuckles, "Well, we have even more reason to celebrate now."

"No idea," Jordan admits to Harlan, before flashing Cedric another brief smile. "But ice skating is probably not something I want to dare just yet. Sledding was fun, though. Thanks for being my partner." Quiet after a moment, he breaks his relative silence with a murmur to the Duke.

Monique is overheard praising Katarina.

Amari has grown quiet since the sled ride, perhaps contemplating the meaning of life after her close brush with death. A smile is offered Reigna, but she doesn't speak until Kael asks a question of her. She nods, "I'd like to go home. I think I have snow where it shouldn't be and, I'll just fall and break myself trying to ice skate." She knows her limits, though she does spare a wistful look towards the Princess, not swayed even with if she says no actual ice skating ability is required, "No. Home for me." So she starts off that way, not too fast, since she isn't trying to ditch Reigna and Kael by any means.

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Eithne cackles "Bootsweat?!" She asks incredulously of Alayne. "Alright, well, I cannot say I've ever tasted such but I'll definitely take your word for it."

Harlan nods towards Jordan and says, as he puts gloves on, "It wasn't horrible, I'll admit." He smirks faintly and says, "I'm less sure about actually standing on ice. I mean, it shouldn't be much more difficult than dancing, I'd think." He then raises an eyebrow, before responding.

Emmelline leaves the happy couple of Barric and Coraline to their devices and walks over to Katarina. Unsure on whether she wishes to participate, but wishing to hear the ulres anyways.

"Alright." Jeffeth murmurs, going to fall in step with Monqiue, pulling his duster in close. As they march through the snow away from the sleds.

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Emmelline leaves the happy couple of Barric and Coraline to their devices and walks over to Katarina. Unsure on whether she wishes to participate, but wishing to hear the rules anyways. fix

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Ansel is about half-way across the festival area when Katarina goes all Frozen-mode, and then Bliss is stopping - no wait, she's pulling over towards the ice. And so it's over towards Katarina that Ansel is led, somewhat willingly. "Ah...Now I understand you asking the other day.." says the Telmar, clearly amused. "Your Highness," he greets Katarina, a friendly smile and a polite bow of head and shoulders. "Haven't seen you since the Unsullied's return. Glad you're back up to your usual antics."

"Home it is," says Kael with a solemn sort of nod. Thus, well, he offers one arm to his wife and then the other arm to his cousin and the small group is off to Valardin Ward.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

"Good. In that case, I'm off." Victus' eyes sweep over to Katarina. "Because I've fallen on my ass twice today and I ain't in the mood to go for a triple tryin' to balance on ice." With a snort, he steps back from the couple. "You'll all know where to find me." The High Lord steps away, looking just a little higher in spirits than when he'd arrived. Is he smiling? Oh no, that'd be /ridiculous/.

"PARTY PEOPLE, SEND DOG NAME SUGGESTIONS TO VICTUS THRAX! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!" Is howled from the Thraxian as he starts to take his leave.

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Alayne gently pushes herself up, sharing with Eithne a brief; a short, utterly amused recess of giggling. "Oh sweetheart, it wasn't meant to be literal- it is part of the rhetoric, yes?" she'd explain, using her chin to tilt a simple nod in direction of Katarina's table. "I'll go there. Treats are my weakness- and I'm not skipping on some scones. They won't be Mistress Joscelin's scones, but it'll be close," she'd explain to Eithne, shuffling off earnestly.

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Lisebet grins as she hears Victus, and smiles his way. But she's still mostly hanging out where it's a bit warm. "Well done to all the competitors," she adds her bit.

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"There are no rules to this," Katarina announces to the curious onlookers amassing around. "You are allowed to skate and dance much to your heart's content." Motioning to the bubbles and the bubble wands, she mentions, "But for those of you who want a challenge, take a wand and see how many bubbles you can get to freeze together. Best bubble-cicle art will get something very special from me, but it's no judgement or a contest. I just want to have fun!:

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Eithne is suddenly reminded that she left the forge on!

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Bliss checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

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As only she and Ansel seem to be approaching the ice, Bliss turns and looks over toward the crowd at the tent, then laughs as she hears what Katarina has to say. She nods at her, then says to Ansel, "I'll just be a minute - I already have an idea," as she walks toward the skates, pulling off her snow footwear and taking the skates, before she skates out onto the ice. There is no inspiration from Jayus this time, it seems, but she seems comfortable as she moves out onto it, holding out her bubble wand and beginning to skate in a very particular pattern, at a few points pulling off some tight loops. When she's done, the bubbles spell out, well, what else:

Bliss. (In a very fancy and artful cursive).

Emmelline looks unsure at the skates, and shakes her head. "with my luck, I'd be liable to fall and break something," she mutters half to herself. shrugging her shoulders, she steps back to admire those taking part.

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Lottie checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

"My usual antics?" Katarina lifts her brows at Bliss with a humored smile. "I wasn't aware I had antics to get up to," she posits toward Ansel in sidelong tease of his Whisper companion. "It is good to see you though; both of you." Lips pucker, a gentle puff of air seeing a flurry of tiny bubbles floating toward the Voice of Telmar. And then the Champion is stepping up to her bubble challenge, so the Valardin turns her head to watch with open curiosity, only to be genuinely impressed at the work of the woman. "... Well... then."

Cedric checked dexterity + stewardship at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Harlan before departing.

A murmur goes through the sparse nighttime visitors of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman leave, following Caspian.

"When it's not shipbound things, it's usually some sort of party thing," returns Ansel. "Most certainly the usual antics, Princess," he assesses, most seriously. A few bubbles pop against the Telmar's furry cloak as he turns to watch Bliss' entrance out onto the ice. He turns his head this way, then that way, watching. When the final loop on the 's' is completed, it takes the Sword a few moments to actually put it together. He squints, then abruptly shakes his head slowly, a low chuckle shaking his shoulders.

This was Lottie's jam. Maybe not the skating, but the bubble art for sure. She carefully set her bag of treats aside, dropping to lace skate blades to the bottom of her boots without hesitation as well as sweep up a bubble wand. The little baker lacked the showmanship of the Whisper, but she made up for it in the careful creation of her bubble sculpture. Bubble after tiny bubble made up the base of her concoction, instead of allowing it to rest in the air she had lowered to use the ice itself as a foundation. As the bubbles began to freeze, she would gently blow to change their shape into something more oblong until eventually she'd amassed a little unicorn head out there on the ice. It's mane frozen in the 'wind' billowing behind it.

Cedric has them all beat as he carries three steaming mugs filled to the brim through masses of bodies, stepping around people who aren't looking, ducking under flailing arms, striding over small dogs, spinning to avoid inebriated party goers, and eventually arriving to Harlan and Jordan with the warm beverages. And not a drop was spilled.

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A murmur goes through the sparse nighttime visitors of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Jordan nods a thanks to Cedric, lifting the glass in a toast before drinking deeply from the warm beverage. "Oh, Cedric, you're a life-saver, my friend. I was getting a bad case of the shivers."

Bliss skates back to the edge of the ice, turning her head to look over her shoulder at her artwork, nodding in satisfaction as she says, "Not the best thing I've done, but for a last minute - whoa," she says, pausing a moment as she balances on her skates, staring as the lion just seems to actually form out of the bubbles. She studies the work for a moment, then just shakes her head and tells Katarina, "Your highness, I do believe she has won," without any kind of abrasiveness in her voice, just duly impressed. Then it's out of her skates, back into her boots, and she's walking up to Ansel, smiling. "Shall we?" she asks him.

Ansel remains patiently beside the skating area. For a moment, his focus diverts towards the bubble-lion, but then quickly returns to the approaching Whisper. "Now that you can definitively say you've made your mark on the festival?" he asks, a glint of amusement behind his eyes. There's a quick chuckle, an offered arm, and then a turn towards the departing roadway.

Harlan gives a smile towards Cedric in thanks, and takes a sip of his drink, before having more conversation with Jordan, as he looks around at various people. Okay, okay, he's looking at the women. He likes the scenery! He then leans in to talk more to Jordan.

"I was here," Bliss confirms to Ansel, taking the arm as she walks off along with him.

There is a measure of awe within Katarina's expression as she watches Lottie's artwork come to fruition. "I certainly know who to call if I ever want to give short-lived gifts to my friends during the winter," she quips in sidelong agreement to Bliss, reaching into her pocket to procure one final prize in her possession. She steps forward, waiting for Lottie to return to the side of the fountain before extending it out to her with care. "That was absolutely amazing, Goodwoman Lottie. Here, a little something to commemorate the end of the festival."

Ansel is overheard praising Katarina: The hostess with the mostest!

Ansel is overheard praising Alaric: The host with the most!

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Bliss.

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Lottie grinned up from her work, having settled on her knees to finish its details and a grateful smile was returned to Bliss for her compliment to the mass of frozen bubbles before she could get too far. She turned as she spotted Katarina stepping forward, carefully skating her way. "Aw, shucks, your highness. Thanks! What a fun game. I mean everything has been so fun!"

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