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Lord Cullen Greenmarch

Honor holds, unconquered. Yet adaptions must be made.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Knight Trapped Between Worlds
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Copper Red
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: fair

Description: On the tallish side, with broad shoulders and a strong frame Cullen has the bearing of a knight. In contrast to his hard body, he has a long, freckled face with fair skin and broad but gentle features. His gray eyes are warm and hold a kindness to them. He attempts to hide the softness of his face behind a well groomed mustache and beard of coppery red that is a shade darker than his similarly hued hair, parted to one side and left a bit longer on top.

Personality: On first meeting Cullen seems blandly nice. Courteous as is expected out of a Knight from the Oathlands. When one scratches the surface, however, they find a man with a wry but subtle sense of humor who has deep convictions. Cullen feels loyalty to his Greenmarch roots and culture, but he also has a deep appreciation for Valardin chivalry and culture. He walks a tightrope between the ways of his family and of his fealty careful to balance himself lest he fall onto either side.

Background: The only son and eldest child of Alda and Malcolm Greenmarch Cullen was raised to be a proud warrior of the Greenwood Abandoned fighting against the oppressive House Valardin and the Compact. Or at least he was supposed to, but that all changed when his tribe bent the knee and became House Greenmarch of Greenhaven.

When he was twenty his family made their first trip to Sanctum. There he was introduced to the Oathlands Knights that he had been raised to war with, and developed a great appreciation for their culture. Chivalry and the Knighthood were of particular interest to Cullen, and he embraced it wholeheartedly. He was even the first Knight his cousin the newly minted Marquis of Greenmarch made, in fact. Still, Cullen honors his families' culture, and he seeks compromise between his love of Oathlands chivalry and his family. He has not abandoned his family or their ways, and instead sees himself as adapting to new ways.

Name Summary
Adora He should buy a chest from me. It won't make me happy. I don't like him.
Aella If he thinks I was funny then wait til I tell him what I think of his face! Just kidding! Maybe. But in all honesty, he was nice, probably.
Ajax A knight, though, in my past I was taught knights were suppose to be an unwavering beacon of hope, he seems to have his wear and tear and wears it proudly. I merely hope the man remembers to smile more often. It would do him a world of good.
Alessandro My brother-in-law, returned from his time spent away. It is good to have him back.
Amari He seems much more subdued and dependable these days, as if he's matured and found his footing.
Ardee Very easy to talk to. Friendly and warm. Worth seeking out again.
Armani Warrior, scholar and someone who appreciates Lycean fashion, I think we'll get along just fine
Berenice He certainly knows how and when to flatter when he's looking to make up lost ground. Delightful.
Bethany I'll have to make a note for the staff to make sure to get him cookies.
Brigida Time away has matured him. Good.
Calarian A member of the Prodigal House I've heard so much about, and proud to be so. I imagine that when a new enemy rears to threaten our city I will see more of him in action.
Calaudrin A nice, solid traveling companion. Good at scouting, competent with a blade. I saw him throw a pretty nice sized rock at one point too. I wouldn't turn down another expedition like this if I saw his name on the lists. Good folk.
Delilah How seasons can change a man, and no more than the son of the Greenwood. He feels more certain in his skin than ever before, and the very steadiness of the woods begins to emerge. A fast friend, I hope, one to see through thick and thin.
Domonico An Oathlander Lord from Greenhaven. An ally in the troubles to come. If he is vouched for by General Calypso then it's good enough for me.
Duarte Is it really necessary to side-eye the prodigals who bend the knee, establish a house and are welcomed to the peerage? Seems to me this man is far more sensible than most and far less odious than most from his neck of the woods.
Eleanor He has a strong sense of humor. I might wonder if he ever takes anything seriously, but then people sometimes think that about me (incorrectly) so perhaps he's really quite thoughtful beneath the jokes.
Faruq A suggestion to become Godsworn? Not for me, but I am appreciative of the concern he's shown me.
Giulio The Lord Greenmarch has proven most pleasant. His willingness to make restitution for past affairs is definitely telling as to his hopes for the future.
Helena Quite a glorious beard, I feel honored to have seen it in person. A fellow lover of trees is always well met.
Ingrid A kind Greenmarcher. I was happy to be acquainted with him in the past. He's still a way with words.
Jasher I'm not sure if I needed to know that he doesn't wear undergarments, but at least it may mean that he's sincere, or otherwise Valardin.
Jordan The Sword of Greenmarch was the recipient of Lady Aislin's sword, so he carries not just the honor of House Greenmarch, but also the legacy of the finest explorer this world has seen in the past millennium. It's a hefty privilege, but he seems to bear it well.
Kaldur The former Sword of Greenhaven bears some great weight. I think we could, the both of us, use some sleep.
Karadoc He seems to be a changed man for the better. I hope that his penance paid off.
Klaus The Greenmarch Lord seems to be cut of a same cloth as I.
Lou I was, perhaps, a bit too hard on Cullen during our first encounter. But, then... the shav'arvani, and all the things I've done in my time exploring, still haunt me.
Lucita Conversations over refreshments at the Ambassador Salon gave a chance to note the changes in Lord Cullen, ones for the better. He showed empathy toward others, was amicable without being too forward and seems to have a appreciable degree of composure. I anticipate that further conversations will be enjoyable.
Macda Polite as a peach in the deepest summer when Macda stumbled into him the first time. Will the lord continue to allow her to continue doing so? She is driven to find these limits, as she happens to do.
Melody A life in the Greenhaven sounds like a cozy and comfortable time. Lord Cullen speaks highly of it, and it kind of makes me want to visit there myself. It also makes me curious: does he enjoy sitting at the Ambassador Salon, working away at paperwork?
Miranda Friendly Lord of Greenmarch! That should be his title. It, truly, just flows.
Naka Met at a Scholars discussion. The Sword of Greenhaven, resolute but not undiplomatic about it.
Nigel A rather entertaining conversationalist, all in all.
Niklas We have never been friends, but he seems to be maturing as of late.
Norwood Lord Cullen has always been a man of action, and his return to Arx seems to show that he has learned to curb some of that. However I know that I can still depend on him, and his sword. It is reassuring.
Nurie A knight with hair of spun sunset, sweet of words, and bold in his willingness to try new things! I only hope that I can rise to the challenge set out before me!
Petal Kind and thoughtful. It is nice to see him again
Pharamond A dedicated teacher and a Lord I hope to learn from further.
Quenia Though our courtship did not work out - he had things I knew he needed pursue for himself, which I very much understood - it very much gladdens me to see him return. I do hope that he will not be a stranger to House Igniseri, or to me. I very look forward to future outings, if he's amenable to such a thing.
Reese At the sleepless nights, running into Cullen
Reigna It is always good to see a Greenmarcher, but it is especially nice to see Lord Cullen with a smile on his face. I am thrilled to see him back in Arx and I hope that he continues to smile so.
Rinel A new Lord, new to the Faith, but not new to duty or responsibility. The Oathlands seems to breed true, even when there are mistakes of faith.
Sabine It would be poor manners to remark on how endearing it is when fully grown men, fit and capable, blush right up to the roots of their hair... wouldn't it?
Sanya A very pleasant man with remarkable etiquette, as well as willing to aid my family in our endevours.
Shae Generous of spirit, dedicated. He is a fierce warrior like Eirlys, protective of his family and friends. I hope to get to know him more, Greenmarchers have always held a special place in my heart.
Simone Our prodigal cousin has returned. I find his newfound wisdom refreshing and heartening. I am truly happy that he has come to Arx once more.
Sophie He's troubled, and he's made his fair share of mistakes, but there's something about him... he's honest. He's honest about what he's done, and the consequences, and he seeks to make it right. If only we were all so willing to accept our misdeeds and yearn to fix them as he does. I just hope in time he can forgive himself. I think the forgiveness of others will follow.
Sparte He brought up good points, he had good thoughts... And I honestly think that might have been because he was a good person.
Valdemar A pleasant man dedicated to improving imself for the sake of those who follow him. Always a worthy endeavor.
Vanora Met at a party hosted by the Academy of War, it is easy to see the soldier, or warrior, in his bearing.
Victus Even being a prodigal, the man holds the Sword of his house well. He understands what he carries and he does it with his head held high. That is respectable.
Ysabel A haunted man, but a good one, I think. He may be a little proud, but he is also a little nervous. A pleasant exception from most of the men who have approached me thus far in Arx.