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DUEL: Saoirse vs Eirene

Come witness the FATE OF ALL BARS! Are they meant for quiet meditation or are bars a place for people to host events? Sir Jeffeth represents Princess Saoirse and Bliss fights for Lady Eirene as we throw down over the Compact's most beloved tradition: hanging out in bars!


May 14, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Saoirse


Cullen Jordan(RIP) Coraline Terese Beaumont Reese Cambria Duarte Juliana Caelis Jeffeth Waldemai Lumen Tesha Pasquale Valdemar Shae Bliss Ailys Leola Mirari Roxana Ainsley Luca(RIP) Zebulon Arik Lucita Dorian



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log


May all of Arvum go forth and use bars as they are meant to be used: for socializing.

Lucita walks in with Barric and Juliana. She waddles along, various guards and dogs trailing the three though held back by guards no not a nuiance to any at the gathering. She continues speaking. "... so it was just a simple mistake, startling but could have been worse. This should be inhteresting. Auntie Eirene is one of the persons involved in the challenge.

Tesha arrives much like she always does, with little fanfare and without anyone. The Telmar noble woman gives a nod of greeting to those that she knows as well as one of her smiles. There's a look given to the stands before she heads up to see if she can spot a few familiar faces before taking a seat and quietly chatting with a few of them.

Pasquale slips through the crowd, muttering "Dear gods" to himself at various points as he navigates the sea of humanity. He manages to reach the noble stands in one piece and finds himself the first free seat that he can plant himself in.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd arrive, following Caelis.

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Beaumont saunters in, clearly pleased to be on the Proving Grounds. "Good day, good day," he says to a small flock of adoring fans. "Did you know there's a duel to be fought here momentarily?" He tosses those perfect curls as he smiles and heads toward the gathering crowd. "I'm sure it'll be glorious. Two skilled Champions. Loads to watch."

Here more to lend support to her fellow Whisper than to enjoy the spectacle, Lumen makes her way in without fanfare and finds a place in the stands. She offers passing gentle smiles and quiet Excuse me's as she inches past others.

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Juliana is walking beside the waddling Baroness, blinking to Lucita then Barric, then back as they make their way in, "Lucita, I have no idea what you are talking about." said bluntly before she looks back towards the field and nods. "I know Lady Eirene, Lianne keeps telling me to go talk to her."

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor arrive, following Valdemar.

Leola slips in to watch the duel. She smiles to Lucita and waves a hand politely to her, moving to the commoner's stands and settling down to watch with interest

Dorian finds himself free to watch a duel so he's made his way here and slips into the commoner's stands to watch the duel adjusting his new clothes and sword to be comfortable during the match.

After receiving a missive, Cullen rises back to his feet again and heads down from the benches to leave with a nod of gratefulness to Tesha.

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Reese arrives on the proving grounds while adorned in her normal pink and moving with her cat-like grace. She heads in the direction of the noble seating, taking a seat there.

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This is it! Duel of a lifetime, fought for the most honorable of reasons! For the most noble of causes! For the-- right to use bars? Well. It's Arx.

Saoirse leans forward and catches Jeffeth's arrival and so announces, "Great. For the right to fair use of bars owned by one's family, Sir Jeffeth will be championing me. Whisper Bliss will take up the mantle for Lady Eirene, who wishes bars to be quiet at all times! Go forth. Fight. Don't lose, Jeffeth, alcohol sales are counting on you." And Saoirse sits.

Wandering in at a brisk pace, Caelis glances about briefly as she weighs out her routes to the seats, passing by to give Eirene a cheerful smile before settling in.

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Eirene smirks at the crowd, blue eyes drifting over the various people out to see the spectacle. The pregnant woman wears her leather trench coat despite the heat with her braids of black and white pinned atop her head. "Figure I may as well clarify my point before we begin so you know exactly why I'm annoyed," she tells the princess beside her. Shr raises her voice to carry through the crowd, perfectly used to being heard on the chaos of a battlefield.

"I challenged Princess Saoirse on the grounds that she should not schedule impromptu salons in quiet bars. Fucking schedule them so people can attend or avoid, or pick the damn fucking Ambassador or the Hart for all I fucking care. Just leave the little places alone." Eirene says before motioning for them to go ahead.

Valdemar makes his way into the proving grounds to observe the duel as well. Doing his best to keep from drawing attention to himself despite his height, the Grimhall heir quietly takes a seat in the noble section.

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Prince Luca arrives, just another face in the crowd for the duel that isn't his own. As much as he can be just another face in the crowd, that is. He walks with Mirari Corsetina, speaking about something in a quiet tone and speaking as much with his hands as he does his mouth. Just inside, he should be heading for the seating that's set aside for nobles, but he pauses to let his dark gaze sweep the seating for the common people, almost as if he is searching for something. He points at someone, and leans in to murmur something, before heading in that direction.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

Cambria makes her way to the Proving Grounds, joining the noble seating with the ghost of a smile upon her lips. She crosses one leg over the other, listening as Saoirse, then Eirene, speak.

The first to walk out onto the sands is the hulking, monstrous form of Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. He wears a shirt with the sleeves rolled up high to show off the massive biceps that normally are obscured within them. He is barefoot as he approaches the sands, black trousers rolled up to the calf. Turning some as he walks to look over the crowd a lopsided smile curls up his lips. He gives a hearty wave to the crowd as he makes his hurried pace towards the sands. But unfortunately in all this waving, it seems something or someone in the crowd has caught his eye. And he's just a tad distracted.

And then he trips.

Feet entangling over each other the huge man pitches forward with a wide eyed look as his body goes plummeting towards the ground. But then. Just before all hope is lost-- Jeffeth's hands dart out towards the ground and instead of falling, his feet lift into the air and Jeffeth has gracefully gone from walking on his feet to walking on his hands. Hand over hand he travels forward, even at one point pulling up one hand to give another quick wave. Then his body is capitulating once more and he's back on his feet triumphantly with a bright smile. Looking across the sands, his legs bend somewhat and his hands cup over each other, held in front of himself.

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrives, delivering a message to Luca before departing.

A duel he's not fighting! That means that he gets plenty of time to watch it completely detached of outcome. Jordan has a bottle of wine in hand, though Eirene's explanation earns a quick grin from the man and he settles down at the commoner stands.

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Waldemai applauds Jeffeth's feat of gymnastics.

Mirari laughs and nods towards Luca as she moves to sit in the commoner stands, sitting near Duarte Amadeo. She leans in and nudges the Count, saying something quietly to him before she turns her attention to the duel.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Max, an emperor tamarin, Rosalee, The Champion arrive, following Ailys.

Bliss has rolled a critical success!
Bliss checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Coming from the other side of the sands is none other than Bliss Whisper, the woman dressed in something very unusual compared to her normal clothes. Like Jeffeth, she is barefoot, but her legs are bare, up to the white silk loincloth she is wearing. Fringing each edge of it, sewn carefully on, are thin ribbons of silk, extending from her waist to her knees, each one a slightly different color, causing a rainbow effect around her figure. Her midriff is bare, and wrapped around her chest and shoulders is another layer of white silk, wrapped in an 'X' that goes behind, then above the shoulders, before wrapping around the ribs a few times at the bottom for support. Like her bottom, this garment is also covered in colorful streamers of silk which trail behind her when she moves, or the wind picks up. One additional effect has been added - her skin has been oiled, and something has been mixed in that makes the beige flesh sparkle in the sunlight. On top of this, she is wearing yet another ribbon in scarlet silk more prominently on her left arm, and a bracelet with jingling bells on her wrist.

Seeing Jeffeth's pose, she knows what to do. There's trust in the Champions Guild - they may fight one another on the sands, but they work together to put on shows. She bolts at him, and seeing his hands cupped below, puts her foot into the cup - letting the large man launch her into the air with a sudden force. She twirls in the air in a barrel roll once, twice, her streamers extending out and flapping in the breeze around her, before she lands in the dirt, knee, foot, and hand forming a tripod for stability. With that, her other hand withdraws her rapier, and she turns to Jeffeth. The duel is on.

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Bliss wields a steel rapier with a swept hilt and red grip.

Jeffeth wields simple steel longsword.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering arrive, following Coraline.

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Arrives late but here none the less and settles into an empty seat.

Jeffeth takes minor damage.

Saoirse applauds when Bliss and Jeffeth put their show on -- she seems suitably impressed, even!

Sir Jeffeth's show has an approving applause from at least one in the nobles stand a coppery haired Arik!

Genevieve is overheard praising Bliss for: Lovely!

Lumen stands as Bliss appears, lifting both hands high above her head to clap and whistle.

Ailys makes her way in a hurried state to the stands, a glance given out to see the show before she continues on.

Eirene lets out a wolf whistle for Bliss. "Damn you look good," she comments to her champion. "Go forth and glitter in my name and all that shit." She gives a magnanimous wave of her hand. "For surly drunks everywhere." She leans to Saoirse, "Gotta admit, they both look damn good today."

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Bliss takes very serious damage.

Shae looks at Genevieve from where she sits with her, confusion on her face, perhaps saying a little too loudly, "That's it?"

Saoirse has taken to writing and folding up teeny tiny notes and ... paper airplaning them down into the other stands? One of them smacks Luca in the back of the head so Saoirse quickly sends her maid down to cover up the paper airplane. It was just Dreya! This whole time! (it was not). Another soars listlessly over Elgana's head, a third driiiiifts into Coraline's lap.

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Jeffeth and Bliss square off after Bliss' being thrown through the sky by the large man. Steel blade drawn, the two engage. Bliss starts off strong, tagging Jeffeth immediately that has the man scowling and letting out a pained grunt. The big man reels backward, bringing his blade up to defend himself. Jeffeth bends his knees, blade going up high, the big man dances forward to strike back, the pair of them dancing nimbly around each other.

For his size Jeffeth is quick and nimble, twirling and moving his blade with a flourish. The behemoth dances a circle around Bliss, darting in and then falling back as he contends with Bliss, keeping his blade up in a warding posture not to let the young woman too close.

"That's how you start a duel," Beaumont proclaims loudly to literally anyone who will listen. And then he cheers for Jeffeth and Bliss as the weapons come out and they start to fight.\

Bliss checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Lucita watches the start of the duel, attention locked on them for the first exchanges of blows then looks toward Eirene. She stays quiet.

"Get him! Get her!" Luca calls out, rising up from his seat. The prince appears to be cheering for both sides, while reading a missive at the same time. Though, occasionally his dark gaze does lift to make sure he's keeping up with what's going on. "Hey! You're making me tired over here!", he tells the two Champions.

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Bliss grins as she manages to tag Jeffeth with the flat of her blade, continuing to move in on him. Her style seems to be varying, eyeing the man and switching between a more aggressive and defensive stance - but mostly, she's using this opportunity to show off a bit, using her thin blade and her rapier to almost dance with Jeffeth. She's walking circles around the man, twisting her feet from one end to the other, spinning in place and batting Jeffeth's huge sword away, a grin playing on her face and growing wider and wider the closer that blade gets. At one point, it looks like it's coming right for her shoulder, and she dips and slides, ducking under and rolling past the man, taking a few steps away and - instead of turning on him, sheathing the rapier.

Bliss claps her hands together, turning to Jeffeth and saying with a laugh, "Now!" The exertion on her features is clear, but her movements are still quick and precise.

And, announcing that, Bliss ... sheathes her rapier? There's no blood yet.

Eirene calls out, "The FUCK you doing, Bliss?!"

Tesha lets out a surprised gasp when Jeffeth basically sends Bliss flying through the air. But she composes herself and there's a shake of her head when she finds out how silly that was. She had no dogs in this fight afterall. Though she does blink when Bliss sheathes her weapon. And she leans over to whispers something in the stands.

Luca calls back to Eirene, across at the other stands, "Her blade got tired! That's the problem with a rapier! They need a lot of naps!", as if just to heckle the Malvici woman a little. He winks are her, regardless.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 41 higher.

At the call of Bliss' voice Jeffeth who had his blade flying at Bliss' torso immediately flips the blade in end over end only to be caught once more, passing harmlessly over the woman. Jeffeth takes his blade and quickly drives his own sword home in its sheathe. The big man gives Bliss a luminous smile, backpedaling some in the sands.

Turning slowly in the sands the man bends in a crouch at the knees. And then suddenly is launching upwards. Sand flinging upwards, it's improbable to see a man so big hurtling in the air. But there he is doing. A short and quick backflip and Jeffeth lands back on his feet in the sand, arms outstretched.

From the noble stands there are mixed murmurs of confusion as rapt audience members become perplexed and less rapt ones pause in their conversation to stare at Bliss after the weapon is sheathed. For his part Arik calls out to Jeffeth, "I think she wants to brawl you!"

With her rapier put away, and sending a wink Eirene's direction, Bliss begins more of that same showmanship she had displayed right at the start of the fight. She runs up to Jeffeth and, with a quick and bold movement, grabs the bottom of the man's shirt and lifts it up, exposing chiseled abs for the crowd. She waggles her brows a few times, sliding her hand over the muscles before bringing her forearm up to press against her forehead, imitating a swoon as she leans backward, catching herself and with a pirouette, stepping back from Jeffeth. "Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!" she begins to yell, before turning to the crowd, motioning them to join in on her chant! After a few seconds of this, she walks back to the other Champion, giving him an expectant grin.

Juliana sits with Barric and Lucita, occasionally tilting her head into the conversation the three are having as she watches the duel. When Valdemar steps in to take a seat, the Pravus girl smiles back to him then turns to whisper to the the Baroness Saik.

Beaumont shouts, "Nobody needs to see that!" But he's grinning as the crowd picks up Bliss' chant.

Waldemai calls "Take it off! Take it off!" At whom, well, who's to say?

Eirene snorts and yells back at Luca, "Yeah, I heard that about yours too." She folds her arms over her chest and waits to see where this is going. It's gone from a sword fight to a strip tease? She looks at her challengee and asks, "Did either of them tell you this was gonna go down like this?" She's not joining in the chant, just arching her eyebrows.

"Yes," Saoirse deadpans. And that is all.

Cora just sits blushing bright red at the direction this duel has gone.

Delighted, Lumen laughs. She eventually presses a loosely curled hand to her mouth to subdue it enough to join in with Bliss's chant.

Eirene mutters, "... ... is why I never ... bother with ..."

Jeffeth arches a brow as Bliss comes running up to him. Eyes darting to her weapon, tucked away. He starts to bring his hands up as if to defend himself, but then she's grabbing his shirt and pulling it up to reveal his ridiculous eight pack that hides below. As her hand slides over him, he can't help it, pink immediately blooms out onto his cheeks. Glancing down to the pretty lady feeling him up and then to all the people watching. It's a show Jeffeth, focus!

Swallowing hard as she twirls away and begins the chant Jeffeth looks out to the crowd with a broad smile, slowly going to peel off his shirt off the wall of muscle that is the man's upper body. Grasping the shirt in one hand, Jeffeth takes a few advancing steps towards the crowd and hucks the shirt into the crowd.

He wasn't really aiming anywhere. Who knows who will catch it! Most likely whoever's quick enough to reach up and pluck it from the air!

Jeffeth drops a flashy red silk shirt spangled with small silver sequins.

Waldemai hides his eyes. "My mother told me there'd be days like this," he calls.

Duarte picks up a flashy red silk shirt spangled with small silver sequins.

Zebulon stands up from his seat at the commoners stand with a look of unhinged disappointment or dispproval and shuffles past people quickly on his way out of the stands.

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Eirene is just facepalming.

Ailys grimaces softly as she leans to whisper something to her brother, already rising up out of her seat.

Ainsley pushes himself up as well, a shake of his head is given. Something is said to his sister, and then he's striding toward the east as well.

Bliss lets out a wolf whistle as Jeffeth removes his shirt, turning to the crowd and lifting her hands in front of her, motioning everyone to stand up as she waves her hands in a display over the man's body, wrapping her own arm around his and leaning in with a salacious smirk dancing across her face. She pulls back, slapping the other Champion right on his rear, bringing her hand to her mouth in a flirtatious false modesty - then serious face coming back on as her hand goes to her rapier, her brows waggling once more in challenge of the bulking man as the steel is drawn once more.

appears unphased by the turn of sword play into mugging for the crowd. He does seem to be in the midst of heckling Coraline about something though.

Duarte had stood up, a straight sort of face on his countenance. His head is then suddenly draped with the discarded garment. As it falls slowly back off his head, the lower fabric reveals...the exact same straight face. He wads the garment in both hands and sticks it under his arm.

Leola is overheard praising Jeffeth for: For one absolutely magnificent set of abs

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Leola is overheard praising Bliss for: For encouraging one of the wonders of Arvum to be displayed

Lumen is overheard praising Bliss for: Who says she's not a Diplomat?

Mirari is overheard praising Bliss for: The performance was amazing!

Mirari is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Stop being a brute!

Lumen is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Big.

Lucita says, "Such showmanship!"

Tesha gives a look out over the ring and the shirtless Jeffeth and there's a bit of a blush to her cheeks, not the way she thought a duel was going to go . There's a bit of a bow to her fellow nobles before she's gathering her skirts and heading out of the stands. Someone has to go!

Karadoc is overheard praising Eirene for: For defending the everlasting honor of all the inns and taverns in Arvum by issuing the challenge! Utterly selfless!

Eirene shouts from nearby, "Fight or fuck, just get on with it already."

Shae is overheard praising Genevieve for: For putting up with my curiosity. Seriously, what the f-

Lumen is overheard praising Eirene for: Talented wordsmith.

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From within the stands, Terese watches for a long moment at the events as they transpire. With one elbow nestled over the back of her seat, her leather clad hand curls in the air with a soft creak of leather that is lost in the din of chants and titters amongst over comments. Eventually her lithe form unfurls from her seat to rise from her seat, a quiet set to the Templar's jaw for the display below as she turns on one booted heel and leaves the grounds with nary a word.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

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"They're providing a show," Saoirse says to Eirene, fully audibly. "As is their job, and as is expected. 'Get on with it' implies that their work is merely to cast blows because you and I told them to. So I say to you, get on with YOUR obligations as a member of the peerage, enjoy their revelry, and applaud their efforts."

Leola yells in response to Eirene, grinning "That's not what they call first blood!"

Princess Roxana Grayson is late. Very late. She slips into the stands as quietly as possible and seeks out Eirene. "What did I miss, sister?" Other than the whole thing.

Once Jeffeth has his sword out again, Bliss is ready, or at least thinks she is! Back to the fighting they go - and it is clear that, despite all the mugging for the crowd, despite the strip tease, these two really do know how to fight. Blade is clashing on blade now, and gone is the dancing, those multi-colored streamers on her body only twirling in the wind as she strikes, as she defends, as she strikes once more, each blow causing a ringing of steel against steel, her hand going behind her back as she begins to try to swat that huge sword from that huge man away, each time letting it get closer, closer, eyeing him for an opening as she starts to move more and more defensively, her feet sliding in the sand each time she manages to actually take that strike - and occasionally, a wince of pain coming from her. It might have to do with that scar peeking out from under her top. Still, the blades start to move at an almost dizzying pace from both of them.

Eirene points to the crowd. "People. Are. Leaving." She says it slowly, spelling it out to Saoirse. "They came for a duel, not a strip-tease. We could have named that the terms if we wanted." She folds her arms over her chest again as the swords return and the fighting resumes proper.

Cambria is one such person leaving.

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"No one is leaving en masse," Saoirse says coldly. She turns from Eirene, ending the conversation.

Valdemar, too, rises from his seat, to depart not long after the Marquessa after a brief conversation. He, however, heads in the opposite direction.

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Beaumont looks over at Eirene. "They're fighting now, aren't they? Why not watch your duel! And you call yourself a Lycene?"

Arik is overheard praising Eirene for: The Peerage expects a show but they want a duel. Stand strong!

Eirene softens her glare for Roxana as her little sister joins in. "They've done some fancy flips, a bit of impressive bladework, and then they started stripping Sir Jeffeth. And wow..." She looks at Saorise. "You're watching a different match if you don't see the crowd peeling away." She looks back to Beaumont and nods, satisfied that the swordplay has begun.

Jordan rises to his feet after passing his bottle off to Luca and remarking something to Lumen, flashing her a quick smile. Slapping Luca on the shoulder back from one he receives, he tells the Prince, "Likewise, Your Highness." And away the knight goes!

Arik seems to have coaxed Reese into accompanying him from the noble stands while the duel is still on. When Jeffeth makes a particularly skillful bit of swordplay the man pauses to clap before murmuring something to Reese.

As they are once more engaged, the bare chested behemoth WHO LITERALLY SPARS BARE CHESTED EVERY DAY steps in on Bliss, sidestepping on Bliss. He darts in before she bats away the sword, prompting him to go into a spin. Jeffeth comes around in a spin, a powerful strike swings out at the air, hitting nothing.

Dancing forward, Jeffeth swings his blade forward once more, striking hard against Bliss' side. The big man grimaces as soon as his blade makes contact, pulling away the steel slick with red. As soon as blood is drawn, the huge knight is rapidly backpedaling, sheathing his sword.

Hey Roxana is here now and who needs anyone else! Surely not Eirene. The Grayson Princess would join her sister except the Judges Desk is probably for...people judging or something? She kisses Eirene on the cheek and joins the noble seating. Just in time for the fight to end. Alas.

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Reese rises to her slippered feet even as she keeps close to Arik. She looks over to the duel one last time with lingering curious interest.

Saoirse lets out a cheer that drowns out whatever Eirene was saying to her. She stands, applauding loudly for Jeffeth (and Bliss, really, because it takes two to ...strip duel). "May all of Arvum go forth and use bars as they are meant to be used: for socializing!"

Reese is overheard praising Bliss for: Great champion

Bliss checked willpower + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Reese is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Badass champion

Barric is overheard praising Bliss for: For giving a show like a champion should!

Barric is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Keep the shirt on but more show!

Yes, that blow hits Bliss, the Champion Whisper taking a few steps back with a grunt of pain as she places her hand against her side, the red blood starting to spread down from her palm as she lowers herself to her knees, taking a few breaths and grinning - not grimacing, grinning - up at Jeffeth. "Good hit," she says to him, loudly enough for the crowd to hear, adding, "We'll do the last part in our REMATCH, LATER THIS WEEK, WON'T WE?" she suddenly yells out to the crowd. It seems like she doesn't give a damn who is coming, who is leaving, why, what people think of her show. Guys, this is -Bliss-. With that, she pushes herself up to her feet, walking toward Jeffeth and grabbing his wrist, lifting the man's arm into the air. It's not as effective. She's like a foot shorter than him. "Your winner!" she calls out, loudly, the blood soaking her side.

With a serious expression on her hard-lined face, Eirene stands and calls out, "With my champion defeated, I hearby recind my request for Princess Saoirse to host her salons with notice when chosing a quiet bar. She can throw them where-ever and when-ever she damn well pleases. Much thanks to the entertaining champions who did a strip tease, I mean, fought for our sakes."

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