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Dangerous Dinner

The threat of political unrest in Southport spills over into Arx - not everyone is happy with the Duchess Calypso and it has crept into their own household.


Jan. 1, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

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Xander Inigo Saedrus Harmon Costas Cicero(RIP) Orazio Roxana Caelis Melinda Calypso Estaban(RIP) Anze(RIP) Waldemai Marcos Artorius Calista Fiora Enyo Pepper Arthur Leola Karadoc Edain



Arx - The Lycene Ward

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Dangerous Dinner has started at Arx - The Lycene Ward.

The fireplace of the great hall crackles with flame and braziers have been set out to keep the room a comfortable southern temperature. Due to the crisis in Southport, a full formal meal would feel out of place at supper. There is simpler fare and an underlying unease at the situation. Tonight's supper is roasted duck with lemon and a fresh salmon in fennel and vinegar. Small plates of salty olives and sharp cheeses along with crustini bread and the ever-present vinegar and red-wine dipping oils. The food is bright and lively despite the tenser air in the hall. Even the servants had taken on a slight tension as of late, jumpy and on edge with eyes casting about. The guardsmen go about their usual patrols but seem to be twitchy - unusual for the highly trained Malvici forces.

Edain has loaded up a plate with olives and little chunks of cheese to nibble on. He leans over to his wife and says, "I can have the duck right? The duck looks really good." Clearly he is excited for food.

Waldemai takes off his simple cloth cap and goes down to sit in Commoner Country. He grabs a hand full of olives and a hand full of cheese as they go by, leaving him no hands for ale at the moment.

Karadoc is already partaking of the duck. His manners are impeccable, but he's eaten too much already. Everything regarding food, tonight, he's a bit too fast with.

Calypso arrives with Anze and Costas to the Grand Hall. The trio seem to have been out and about just prior to this. Costas seems to be sticking a little closer to Calypso's side than usual, keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings even as they step in to such a familuar setting. Upon spotting the meal already laid out she settles in at her chair and grins a little. "The duck does look good. Its nice to see you, your Grace." She nods to Waldemai next and then Karadoc. "Is Baron Estaban starving you over there at the Tower, Lord Karadoc?"

Marcos eats slowly, savoring the food as if there might not be anything to be served tomorrow. Or perhaps no one to serve it. He tries to be polite to both his tablemate and the servers. The lighter banter does make a smile appear on his face.

Eirene is her usual irate self, sipping a burbon and eating sparingly of the fish. "So I have to go meet with the minister of refugee affairs. Apparently there's shit going down with the damn shav and refugee populations in the Lowers and everything Soph and I have been doing isn't enough," she grumbles. "As if we don't have enough going on." She grins over at Karadoc and shakes her head. "You start to choke, I'm just going to laugh at you."

Anze follows along with Calypso and Costas, not seeming to pay any mind to Costas following so closely. "Evenin everyone"

Looking at Edain, Caelis smiles. She has a plate, a little fussier about food than she normally is. "Eat whatever you like." She nudges and smiles at Calypso as she settles on the hard cheeses and crustini for herself. She waves to Karadoc with a smile. "Lord Karadoc, it's been too long." She greets and adds to Calypso. "As I recall, the food was never terrible when I've visited, but perhaps Baron Estaban's put them all on a diet?" She wonders, a teasing note in her voice.

"I am always starving, never choking," Karadoc says with a lift of his head. "I am too careful and full of gustatory agility for that." He returns Caelis's smile with a nod of his own.

Estaban comes walking into the hall he is in his red and back armor letting anyone who seems him know he is part of the Iron Guard, he was out on Patrol and decided not to change before coming to dinner, "If I left him alone in the kitchen I do believe Lord Karadoc just might eat us out of house and home." he smiles and nods to those present and moving to find a seat.

"I don't know what gustatory agility is, but it sounds like something I wish I had Lord Karadoc." Edain says as he takes some duck for himself as the tray passes. He offers to serve some up for his wife before passing it on. He bows his head to Calypso and Anze, "Duchess Calypso, Duke Anze, it is good to see you both." He dips his head to Costas, the Sword of Southport, "Sir Costas. Good to see you."

Calypso winces a little as Eirene rattles off all that needs to be done with the refugees. "The work is never ending. Always some crisis popping up that needs dealing with." She takes her plate and starts piling on pieces of duck and a few olives.. and bread.. and those delicious dipping oils. "The Ambassador really does have a good cook, but nothing beats our staff. Tastes like hope." She grins at Caelis then. "I don't remember eating at the Tower much, but the wine was always memorable."

On passing through the doors to the Great Hall Costas relaxes somewhat and the black-clad swordsman leaves off his wary eye over the Duchess General to make his way first to the liquor cabinet, cutting a short, martial nod to Edain in greeting as he passes. A squat tumbler is upended and a healthy portion of whiskey poured into the glass has barely settled before he knocks back a healthy swallow with alcoholic relief at its burn down his throat.

The servants circle the table with flagons of wine to refresh empty cups even as a standard changing of the guard takes place. A fresh pair of men leave the barracks and salute the dinning party before heading upstairs to relieve the existing men on watch.

(OOC Anyone wanting to can roll Perception at 15)

Costas checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Waldemai forces himself to wash down the cheese with a horn of ale. Such suffering...

Edain checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Calypso checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Edain sees nothing... nothing but delicious duck that is going to be going into his face hole directly!

Caelis checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

"I took my share of late meals there when I was working in earnest for the Refugee Relief Group. I believe now that it's co-head has more time he's rather content to handle the brunt of it." Caelis murmurs and passes on the duck with a pale expression. She beams at Calypso, happy to chat and catch up with her cousin with little regard to their surroundings.

Karadoc checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Estaban has rolled a critical success!
Estaban checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"My gut is a burning fire, no, we are getting into unpleasant metaphors, aren't we?" Karadoc finishes up his duck and pays some quiet attention to the changing of the guards, so to speak. "Huh," he says. "The tension's getting even to the armsmen, looks like."

Calypso gives a nod to the two men before they head up for their post. She watches then for a little longer than normal but eventually turns her attention back to Caelis. "Ah I'm sure he has. It's been a while sense I've sent any letters over to Mazetti Manor. I hope they are doing well. I haven't heard much about the Refugee Relif Group in some time."

"It just pisses me off," Eirene continues. "It makes it look like we've not been doing our damn job. But seems the story of my fucking life lately," she rants. "Fucking Marian doesn't even make it sound like I did anything when I did damned surgery, Sophie's got all the credit for the Soldier's Heart project, and the damn whatever her title is Magpie makes it sound like I did jack shit to help the refugees out." She stabs at a piece of cheese with her eating knife. "Just sick of no credit for the things I do and blame for the stuff I didn't." She glances over at Karadoc's comment.

Waldemai has more cheese.

Anze sneaks at some food as people talk about late meals and stuffing themselves, just working on eating until Eirene pipes up "works work, do what you're supposed to not cause of credit."

Waldemai looks up as Harmon arrives with a *pop* of displaced air.

"Ah, Harmon. There you are. Have some of the duck." Calypso says as she sees him arrive and gestures to the large dinner table and an empty seat.

Harmon nods rapidly, then sits. "Thank you. Was occupied, found good stopping point. Occasion?" He blinks around himself at the gathering and spread.

First fixing a small plate of food, Costas settles into a seat at the table among the rest of the common retainers. "Smith." He half-grunts aside to Waldemai as the scabbard blade at his side drifts forward, making a comfortable perch for his off-hand as he leans back in the chair to nurse his drink while waiting for an appetite.

Eirene counters Anze, "I don't mind if I don't get credit. I just get pissed when -other- people get credit for my shit." She gestures at him with her knife in hand before popping the cheese into her mouth.

"I choose to do nothing," Karadoc says lightly. "Save for whatever my nearest and dearest ask of me, of course."

Waldemai nods back to Costas. "Good to get out for a good feed once in a while,"he says.

Harmon then peers towards the upstairs, where the guards would be.

"Those who keep tabs on what matters knows what you do Auntie. Best believe if some weirdness leaves it's corpse at my feet it's going straight to you." She tells Eirene and looks to Calypso. "Whatever he's doing, I hope he's ok. He's certainly cut me off of late." She looks at the guards when tension is mentioned, curious. She wiggles her fingers at Costas in greeting. "You'd have liked my conversations today. Knights in full steel kit offering to come to sea with me." She curves her lips in an amused smile. "I wonder if we can launch knights in their steel barrels from balista at other ships to fight?"

Edain has been enjoying his olives and his duck and all the savory little treats floating around, he looks to Eirene then and says, "Marian was pretty out of it during her recovery. For whatever it is worth I can never repay you for saving my sister in laws life."

Edain looks to Caelis and his eyes get big, "This is a great idea!"

Dinner plates start to be cleared from the table, serving girls quietly whisking away the empties even as another brings in a selection of freshly baked tarts on a platter.

"A man strapped to a bolt has the tendency to fly off all crooked." Costas answers Caelis over the rim of his whiskey, a faint coarse grin tugging at the edge of his lips. "But maybe Oathlanders are more aerodynamic than Thraxans."

Calypso tares off a bit of bread and dips it in to one of the oils. "The Occasion is family dinner. Togetherness. Being social with one another." Calypso grins at Harmon and then looks to Eirene. "Incredibly frustrating, people getting credit for your work. But we all know who really gets things done." She does shrug a little at what Caelis says. "He will do what he will and I do hope he is happy doing it. You've been keeping busy in the Valardin ward though I hear."

Harmon says, "Nnngg! Family dinner. Warmth expected. Chill disruptive. Noxious."

Waldemai aahs. "Tarts!"

suddenly sands up with a glass of water, walking past the two guards at the top of the stairs and then closing one of the doors to the upstairs bedrooms that had been left open.

Edain nods to Costas, "I believe we would be much better at being launched through the air than some drunken dockworkers from the Mourning Isles.. but I might be biased."

Estaban looks over as the guards come in his eyes watch one particuler one, he slips out of his seat and heads upstairs for a moment, he does not say anyting when he does this perhaps his IG training kicking in.

"Family dinner supposed to be warm?" Anze asks Harmon with a smirk "shit, someone shoulda let us know beforehand"

Calypso grins and looks to Anze. "Wasn't that a tactic you were working with Princess Alis on? Ball her up and toss her in to the battle field. Quite streamlined."

Marcos listesn quietly as he partakes of a tart, grinning at the idea of tossing full armored knights about like living weapons. His eyes follow Harmon as he closes the door.

"Trying to keep busy. I had a whole flock of Edain's cousins worked to a tizzy until Countess Reigna came to point out that I can still swing a sword." She snorts and looks at Costas. "I suppose Oathlanders might fly straighter. Depends on if we strap bacon to the front." She jokes and looks to Edain with a crooked smile.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + archery(3) at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

As Harmon and Estaban leave their seats to approach the stairway, a crossbow bolt RIPS from the upstairs landing slamming in to the shoulder of the Duchess at the dining table below. A figure dressed in black steps out of the shadows from the roomhad emerged from as the two guards at the top of the stairs draw their swords. They don't chase the figure but instead take a defensive stance as it reloads the crossbow.

Caelis checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Waldemai checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Edain checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Costas checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Anze checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Waldemai checked wits at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Estaban wields Wither.

Estaban checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Estaban growls out when the bolt rings out and nails Calypso in the shoulder, he reaches behind pulling his bow off his back knocking a arrow and with in seconds their is a arrow wizzing through the air at one of the guards.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(3) at difficulty 48, rolling 23 lower.

Karadoc stands. He is not a fighter, not remotely, but judging that this room is like to be full of arrows and blades within seconds, he still makes an attempt at talking. "Stand down! List your grievances. What kind of hasty fools shoot and miss without so much as as a speech? Who can act on silence?"

Karadoc checked wits + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Harmon suddenly ducks down and skitters away, lowering himself behind one of the two guards. "Guards! GUARD! Defensive in-action is worthless, attack assassin! Opening that door was -witnessed.- Harmon hisses that last word at the guardsman.

miss = merely wound

Calypso slams her shoulder against the chair with the impact of the arrow that now sticks out between the leather plates of armor there. "Gah!" She shouts as the sting of pain settles in. But her gaze swiftly shifts to where the bolt came from. "Don't let them escape!" She shouts as she does her best to move out of the line of fire.

Calypso checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Calypso checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Anze snarls when suddenly dinner is interupted by someone shooting Calypso in the shoulder with an arrow, and, not being an archer or having much else at hand he just snags something from the table... lets say a bottle of wine... and jumps up before he whips it at the person with the crossbow as hard as he can.

Anze checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium_wpn(3) at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Going for her bow, Caelis drops back towards Calypso. She scans for the shooter and brings her ancient recurve up to fire on the black clad archer. At least she has the good sense not to charge into the thick of it. She glances to Edain. "Help take them out, I can cover my cousin."

Caelis wields Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow.

Caelis checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

As the bolt signs through the air and strikes Calypso, Edain pushes to his feet and picks up his chair. As two turn coat guards start to guard the shooter so he can take another shot he holds up the chair like a barrier and tries to use it as a barrier, trying to put it between Calypso, and hopefully Caelis who was right next to her. He looks to Anze and nods grimly, "Run them down, any other shots have to come through me." He looks to his wife and lowers so she can shoot over the barrier. "Are you sure?"

Edain checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

A moment after grasping the situation Costas is up out of his seat, planting a foot on the table and launching himself past to intercept Calypso. The swordsman gets a hand on the Duchess General's shoulder, maneuvering with her to the nearest cover while he places his own body between her and the shooter as they move.

Costas checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Waldemai is shocked by the attack on Duchess Calypso. His mouth drops open. He says, "What? What's going on?" Reflexively, he grabs the hammer hanging at his hip.

Marcos jumps from his seat and rolls over the table to Calypso's side and helps her to a more defensive spot. Under the table. His hands already reaching for his med-kit. Gods blessing Lucita and Estaban for their gift of the kit falling from his lips in a whisper.

Estaban is one of the finest archers in Arx and it shows, his quick action plugging the surprised assassin in the shoulder. Moments later a bottle of wine shatters in their face, glass and wine flying everywhere. They shoot wildly and strike one of the serving girls square in the gut even as Calypso moves out of her chair and away from the fire. Guards downstairs scramble at the Duchess' order and start to rush the stairs as the Highlord starts to make a barrier and the Sword moves her well out of firing range. But there's no third shot as Caelis' arrow strikes their retreating form as they run towards the opened door, starting to flee the scene. %Cr

Harmon, close enough to be in combat range, is swung at by the first of the two traitor guards. The second answer Karadoc, "Colonel Hersher's gonna set things right again for us, get us paid and keep us from getting 'et! Once the Duchess is dead he's going to institute marshall law and set Southport for the Soldiers."

Harmon checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Harmon is stabbed. Blood. Pain. "Keep back," the first of the traitor guards yells. "Lapdog," he sneers.

Estaban looks up as the Assiasn seems to be trying to get away, "OH no you don't." the saik growls out as he starts to move up the steps he is tall two at a time is good right? Why he is doing so he is knocking another arrow to aim at the person trying to get away.

Harmon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Harmon appears to be in visible pain, almost doubling over when stabbed. He attempts to yank the guardsman that had cut him down the stairs with him.

Karadoc affects an appearance of rapt attention and interest. A willingness to be won over. "Colonel Hersher, is it? Are you his men directly or simply those who would raise his banner for him?"

Estaban checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(3) at difficulty 54, rolling 25 lower.

Calypso sucks in a sharp bit of air as Marcos starts to get to work on helping her not completely bleed out. But that doesn't stop her from quipping back at the monologing guard. "You are being paid." She says firmly. "Lay down your arms and you might yet live." She gives a merciful, one time only, chance for the guard to put down their weapons and be reasonable.

Calypso has rolled a critical success!
Calypso checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 65 higher.

Anze isn't as forgiving as the duchess, and so after throwing the bottle hes unsheathing his blade and storming towards the stairs and towards the people who attacked them, seeming hellbent on exacting some revenge.

Drawing another arrow, Caelis narrows her gaze on one of the other soldiers. She'll leave the talking to Doc, it's what he's best at anyway. Looking after Estaban, and glancing at the amount of armed men down here, she watches Anze storm up the stairs and sets arrow to her bow, just waiting for one of the guards to do something stupid or attack the duchess again. To that end she moves to block the main door so the two can't sprint out.

Satisfied that Caly is no longer in danger from the shooter and the guards are under control, Costas vaults over the over-turned table and sprints for the doors to the courtyard. Once outside he immediately turns to look toward the windows belonging to the room the assassin was fleeing toward, and then the immediate vicinity for an obvious escape route.

Costas checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

There does indeed seem to be plenty covering the Duchess and so Edain heads his wife's advice. Turning the chair on it's side so it serves as a better barrier and vaults over it charging the traitor guards. He draws Truth from it's scabard, the folded redsteel blade glinting in dim light as he follows Costas to help persue the assassin, He looks around the court yard desperately behind the sword trying to spy something.

Edain checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 39 higher.

Waldemai sees Harmon getting stabbed. Even as out of his depth as he is, he knows that's a Bad Thing. He goes to give the stabber a good whack with his hammer.

Marcos pulls a bandage and presses it around the shaft of the bolt in Calypso's arm, pressing hard. His eyes scanning over the wound and then over to the serving girl that was shot in the stomach. Her screams calling to him. He guides Caly's hand to the dressing. "Press hard, General. I need to see to the girl. My appologies." He looks Caly in the eye and then once sure she's got the dressing rushes to the serving girl's side.

Harmon tries to grapple with the guard but finds no purchase, the man beefier and heavier than the scholar. Estaban, though, tries to push past the two as he takes another walking shot at the fleeing assassassin. The arrow finds purchase in the back and the figure staggers before it vanishes into the doorway and the dark bedroom.

The guard answers Karadoc, "He's paid us plenty well to take care of matters here." His eyes flicker to the hall below; barricades, angry Malvicis, and no dead duchess. A dead or dying maid, yes, but no dead duchess. An angry yet mericful duchess "But, uh... shit." He notices the assassin has dashed off and drops his sword, taking a step back. The first guard, seeing blood on his blade, drops it hastily and drops to his knees. "Sorry, ma'am! Sorry! He told us you'd get us all killed if we kept following you! Promised us promotions!" His eyes flicker anxiously to the storming Duke, fear starting to replace worry. The massive towering blacksmith with the hammer raised also gives him reason to pause.

Eirene rushes from her place at the table to the shot maid and starts to tend to her. "Caly, get to the war room. We don't know how many more there may be," she shouts at her niece. "Saik," she says to Marcos, "help me with this girl - uh... Trina?"

Meanwhile, Caelis readies her bow on the two but they seem to be taking up Calypso's once in a (very short) lifetime offer. Costas and Edain sprint outside and notices the figure in black on a balcony, climbing up a rope towards the rooftops. However a moment later, a second figure in black, this one moving more quickly, follows them up onto the roof. Edain can tell the wounded one is leaving a bloodtrail, even from this distance. The pair seem to be headed different directions once atop the room.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(3) at difficulty 54, rolling 7 higher.

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + dodge(3) at difficulty 54, rolling 9 lower.

Fiora was, as is the running joke, on the roof, watching the (insert time of day her thing to watch) stars, sunset, whatever. Enjoying her solace and time alone to think, because that's what she does. Someone just had to go and ruin that with all the racket though, and then there are men bursting out of windows and running awawy and other men, that she knows, chasing after them. That, is not good. She stands, nocks an arrow, and lets it loose at the running men she does not know.

The autumn night in Arx is brisk and cold, with the sky moonless overhead and stars glittering brightly against the dark backdrop. Perhaps striking on a night with no moon was part of the plan. The Lycene district is covered in unique buildings each reflecting the local color and architectural styles of their home city, with the buildings of the Southport Square crowded close together for practicality. Smoke billows from the fireplace chimneys making it hard to see in some places.

Two men run, one one way the other opposite. An arrow flies from a guard on duty, missing the faster of the two. An arrow flies from the watchful Malvici warrior and strikes the second, felling them atop the roof.

One man, then, still up and active, running away. He is seen by the three outside. Two men inside: Surrendering as the Duchess demands, the Blacksmith threatens, and the pregnant princess holds a bead on them. Harmon is bleeding. Trina the maid is bleeding. Calypso retreats at her aunt's order, bleeding slightly and pressing her hand to the wound.

Harmon has run out of uncharacteristic bravery, and rolls down the stairs, clutching his stomach and squeezing his eyes shut.

Estaban is not stopping his chase he gets to the bedroom and climbs out folowing them, when he spots one drop his eyes follow the otehr and gives chase after the person, when he has a moment he pulls a arrow and aims for him and lets it lose.

Estaban checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

His conversational partner arrested, Karadoc hurries to try to catch Harmon, well, at the bottom. Soften his fall a bit, maybe. Some minor goal such as that!

Anze will skip over the two men who are surrendering, figuring other people can worry about that problem right now, and focuses on chasing down the one who's still running, still blade in hand, trying to catch and take out the runner.

Costas checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Edain hesitates just a moment as if he is trying to decide which of the two assassins to persue.. but then the decision is made for him as Fiora's unseen counter-assassin bad-assery fells one, and the Prince of Sanctum turns to persue the other with Costas. He tries to keep eyes on the assassin while running to where he thinks he'll have to come down off a rooftop and he can intercept him.

Waldemai grabs the fellow who stabbed Harmon and threatens him with the hammer. "Do as you're told," he orders, and then drags him over to Calypso for her to interrogate or yell at or whatever.

Marcos checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Edain checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Karadoc checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Costas tries to keep sight on the fleeing assassin on the roofs, following along from street level, but loses sight as he has to cut through alleys and over fences.

"Master Harmon!" Caelis calls out in alarm. She looks at him and focuses back on the guards. "You cowards." She hisses and draws a breath, keeping her bow drawn, poised to shoot. "Lord Marcos-leave off, Auntie or Doc will get the wounded-he's stitched me up before. Bind our guards here so they are not accidentally hurt doing something foolish." There's ice in her voice, daring the traitors to do something dumb. "I would-but I think we're testing His Grace's ability not to haul me home on his shoulder for one day." She's keeping her distance from men with weapons for the moment.

Marcos is there by Eirene's side and helping with te serving girl almost before she's done telling him to get there. His eyes checking before his hands. Small knife coming out to cut the serving girl's clothing around the wound. A grimice and then another bandage pulled from his kit to gently press to the wound.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Fiora, will not, let these men get away. She takes aim again, knocking an arrow. She takes a moment, to take in a deep breath and then, another arrow flies from her bow.

Oh that Southport archery is legendary. Seeing the second assassin take off, Estaban rushes to the bedroom balcony where the night air greets him. Blood on the floor, a rope leading to the roof -- he aims, he fires... the arrow strikes true but the assassain keeps running. Fiora shoots, a second arrow piercing through a leg. He nearly stumbles off the rooftop but keeps moving.

Costas runs, watching the skyline and keeping tabs on the scrambling figure above as it's peppered with Malvici arrow fire. It dodges behind chimneys, pauses for breath for a moment, and then leaps from one roof to another, barely making it. The Sword loses sight of the man as the assassin vanishes into shadows on a rooftop garden of a nearby estate. Edain, however, follows sharply with his keen eyes and notes he is trying to hide amongst the garden statues. In the dark, at a distance - successful. But the man has two arrows sticking out of him and cannot hide for long. Anze stalks outside, blade drawn, moving to catch up to the other two and will soon join the hunt.

In the House, Marcos and Karadoc both tend to their patients and stop the flow of blood and mortal danger. The maid, Trina, will require stitches but Harmon's wound will mend swiftly with pressure applied. Waldemai grabs the first of the two guards and drags him down the stairs, where they are met by more loyal guardsmen summoned by Calypso's command. Both men are soon bound and dragged off to be interrogated.

Edain frowns as the loose track of the wounded assassin. Edain looks to Costas and then cocks his head back over his shoulder. "I'll make certain he can't escape this way. Try and close off his escape and then close in on him."

Costas nods to Edain and splits off. Since he'd lost track of the assassin, he looks around for a horse or a carriage that might have been prepared in advance to make a hasty escape.

Relaxing her bow arm, Caelis sags against the doorway with relief. She tucks the arrow away, bow still in hand, the ancient metal feeling good against her skin. She rests a hand over her belly and looks to the injured and the medics at work. "Someone see to it their Colonel Hersher is arrested." She calls to the guards before coming back to a chair to sit carefully. She sets her bow on the table with in reach at this point.

Waldemai stands there with his hammer at the ready in case someone needs him to whack someone or bang down a door or whatever.

Costas checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Harmon looks down and winces as he feels around the wound, then nods to himself and stands. "Pain, no difficulty breathing, blood slowing." He then shuffles up the stairs after the others, in case one of the pursuers is wounded while following the assassins. He'll instead bring medical attention to them, if need be.

Karadoc does what he can for Harmon, which is mostly light compression. But then the other man's wandering off with all confidence. "Ah, are you sure about that?" he calls after. "Do you want company? Arguably worthless company?"

Marcos looks up to the princess after he works to stop the bleeding serving girl. Nodding to the princess's command he leaves the wounded woman in Eirene's more then capable hands and moves to the table and gets the now ruined covering cloth, ripping it into strips to bind the soldiers. Turning on the soldiers in question his face darkened as he nears them. The binding is not gentle.

Harmon says, "Company helpful. Pursuers may be wounded by assassin's traps, or bolts. Medical attention should be brought to them. Necessary. Not preferred."

"A healer, I am not. But I will follow you," Karadoc says, and veritably follows.

Fiora checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Anze dashes out and around the gardens towards the way the men were running, looking for any others who might be waiting or the wounded assassins would-be trying to escape.

Fiora will do her best rooftop vigilante impression and run after the wounded man.

Estaban climbs out onto the roof and calls out in the direction of the one that went into hidding, "Give yourself up now." he calls out in the direction he thinks the person went, he is moving along bow in his hand as he does.

Fiora checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Estaban has rolled a critical success!
Estaban checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Anze has rolled a critical success!
Anze checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Edain and Costas fan out, the Sword seeing nothing out of the ordinary that might be an escape vehicle lurking. Anze stares up into the darkness and sees a glimpse of shadow shift behind a pillar. There's a trellis which could be climbed up to reach the rooftop.

But when it comes to roofs, the Saik and Malvici have them covered. Climbing the rope up with ease, Baron Saik takes off running after the fleeing assassin and leaps easily from one rooftop to another, his armor hardly slowing him down. Fiora, the Malvici Shadow, unfolds from her perch and slides down the edge of the roof to the lip where she easily jumps to the next ledge, soon catching up to Estaban.

Caelis, is met with a "Yes Admi--Princess", and off several of the men march to go arrest the traitor. Another helps Marcos bind the two soldiers, a third keeping an eye on the trio. Wald menaces the two, making sure neither does anything stupid. They wiselykeep their damn fool mouths shut. Harmon and Karadoc go to follow the others outside, keeping an eye on the rooftop escapade of the runners.

Eirene removes the crossbow bolt from the maid and keeps pressure on the wound.

Fiora checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Waldemai continues menacing the two, making sure neither does anything stupid. He also keeps his eyes open in case someone tries to take advantage of the posse chasing the assassin to sneak in the back door, so to speak.

"Thank you, and welcome to the city Lord Marcos. Have you been here long?" Caelis asks and does her best to keep an eye on things. "I'm still an admiral." She tells the guards with a tight smile before rubbing her forehead. "They just finally found someone mad enough to marry me." She takes a moment to thank each guard and looks to Marcos. "And thank you-jumping in to do first aid." She watches Waldemai, as he keeps an eye open. "I think we're safe, now that the guards are about Master Waldemai."

Seeing that there are many in pursuit, Edain keeps his position cutting of one path of escape from the Assassin if he gives the others the slip. Edain is still pretty certain he's got the assassins rough position dialed in. He looks to Costas and points to his eyes and then to the small rooftop garden he thinks the assassin is hiding in.

Waldemai checked perception + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Costas cuts a nod to Edain and circles the indicated building until he can find an ascent, the quietly clambers up to where the the assassin seems to be hiding.

Estaban looks to Fiora as she catches up to him, he silent points over where the assasin vanished and indicates they should try and flank the postion, he continues to move along his mind is determined on getting whomever this is.

Costas checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Estaban checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Marcos pauses just long enough to give Caelis a small bow after dealing with the guards. Hands blood covered with other peoples blood. He wipes his hand clean on another pit of table cloth and speaks as he moves to join Eirene again with the gut shot server. "A few months now, Princess. Thank you. Finding the city life..most interesting." Then to Eirene. "May I assist?"

Fiora is with Estaban, and his look gets a nod of understanding as she moves to the other side, silently, in the shadow.

The moonless night makes skulking in the shadows of a dark garden easy, but not when one is being hunted. Almost elegantly, Fiora shifts and rushes across the rooftops with the grace of a stalking panther. Her footfalls make nearly no sound as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop, grabbing the ornate architecture to climb up to the garden where she last saw the assassin rush. The baron breaks with his family's prowing lion heralrdy as his bulky armor keeps him from reaching the ascention, a few paces behind. Fiora is there, alone with the killer.

Up there, Edain gestures, amongst marble columns and semi-nude statues. If there was moonlight perhaps there would be a gleam of blood. The dark night gives the killer the advantage. Costas finds purchase with the trellis but does manage to crunch some dead foliage - causing a noise to give away his ascent, giving away HIS advantage. Harmon and Doc join Anze and Edain - watchful. No body is getting away from them... if there were other assassins they are not making an appearance, and the one who was shot up on the roof isn't getting back up. Although there is no moon there are still lanterns on the roads of the Lycene District, and the streets are still and quiet.

In the House: Waldemai keeps a watchful eye on the guards remaining in the event of a double-cross but sees no indication of trechery. Caelis is saluted as she takes control of the situation, with the sounds of shouting starting to come from the outside courtyard. Eirene nods to Marcos and shifts to keep pressure on the arrow-wound. "Go ahead and close her up," the medic suggests, expression solemn. "Wald, can you grab this poor broad a glass of whiskey so we can wash the wound out? Sorry, Trina..."

Eirene GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + medium_wpn(3) at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Waldemai is still looking around. "Of course, my lady," he answers. Keeping a good grip on his hammer, he goes for the nearest bottle of whiskey for to bring it to the Lady Medic

Harmon checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Harmon says, "FIORA, behind you!"

Fiora checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 21 higher.

Marcos takes the strong drink from Eirene and soaks both needle and 'thread' with it. A small bit pours around the wound area and getting a snriek from Trina. "I'm sorry, Trinna. Here, would you care for a swig or two? This will smart abit I'm afraid but I'll be as quick as I can." Handing the bottle back to Eirene he takes a calming breath and sets about stiching Trina up.

The lamplights glow in the fog but it's enough for Harmon's sharp eyes to see the gleam of rubicund as the killer draws a blade.

Fiora hears Harom yell out to hear, and with all the grace and sheer skill she can muster, she spins around and quickly knocks an arrow and lets it fly.

Unaware of the rooftop pursuit or it's results, Caelis keeps a watchful eye on things inside the house. She pushes to her feet and loads a plate to take over to the war room doors. She knocks. "Duchess, the rest aren't back yet, the guards are securing the house." She looks to some of the guards with a nod to make sure it gets done. She opens the door and sets the plate in before closing it. "Hang tight, we'll get Auntie in to see you soon." She taps the door and walks over to watch them work on the serving girl.

The Prince of Sanctum continues to defend the escape and watches, nervously as the southport heroes close on the final assassin.

Reaching the top of the roof, Costas hauls himself over the edge. Remaining in a crouch as he moves the swordsman presses a thumb to Skysplitter's guard, releasing the first few inches of the pale blade clear to provide for an easy draw.

Estaban was doing really good till his armor caught up to him, so its taking him a bit longer to get up their with Fiora but when he does he pulls a arrow and pulls back about to let it loss in the Assasin!

Estaban checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 55, rolling 15 lower.

With Harmon's shout, Fiora gracefully steps forward, spins while notching an arrow, and lets loose point blank into the assassin. It strikes deep into the left arm, leaving the swordarm still clear and free. Costas climbs atop the roof with the assailant's back to him as he loosens the Southport blade. Fiora keeps the man's attention and distracts him even more when an arrow meant for the killer lodges HARD into her side.

The commotion outside of Malvici hall quiets and the guards return with a man in chains; the Colonel Hersher of note. Blood trickles from a busted lip and there's a hastily wrapped bandage around his arm. Seems he did not go down without a fight.

Costas checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 39 higher.

Fiora checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

If Fiora ever figures out who shot her, she's going to give them such a pinch. However, it's pretty obvious to whoever it was that they missed the mark and hit /HER/ instead. She screams out in pain, reals back from it and tries to bash the man with her bow instead but misses no doubt due in small part to the arrow in her side that is bleeding and hurting.

Costas moves quickly to avoid letting the killer get a strike on Fiora. He comes in sideways from the pair, the pearl-white length of Skysplitter's blade arcing on a strike from the draw and first deflecting the assassin's blade upward before slipping past the foiled guard to draw long cut on the forearm. He shoulders heavily into the attacker's chest, knocking him away and stripping the blade with his empty offhand.

Caelis immediately stands tall as they bring the Colonel in. She looks at the guards. "The Duke and Duchess will no doubt want him interrogated like the others." She nods and clasps her hands at the small of her back, blue eyes cold once more as she looks at the man who spurned his on. She looks to Eirene for a moment-she'll be busy enough tonight so she looks to the guards. "See that they're contained apart from each other and alert Master Costas when he returns so he might see to getting the details from them, if you would?" That should wrap everything in a tidy bow for her cousins. She goes back to sitting, pouring herself a drink.

Estaban winces, "FUck, Fiora." he climbs up and moves to the womans side moving to see how bad she is and then looks to Costas and the Assain frowning deeply.

The would-be assassin, a lean figure with a black balacava, grunts in pain as the ancestral sword slices cleanly through his leather armor. His hand drops the rubicund blade into the waiting hand of Costas and he staggers back a few steps. He eyes the trio carefully as if trying to calculate his next steps.

Marcos sews with care Trina's flesh back together. Tryign to block out the sounds and distractions of the hall as he works, waiting for Eirene's voice to break in the moment he makes a bad move.

Waldemai returns with whiskey for the medic. "Here you are, milady," he says. With the fuss seemingly over, he slips his hammer though his belt again.

Fiora drops her bow to the floor and starts to slide down to the ground, no doubt being held up by Estaban. Who, will also no doubt be helping to take her to see any healers.

Trina is trying her best not to cry. It's painful. She has the glare of Eirene upon her which keeps her quiet, sniffing now and again.

Harmon quickly moves to Fiora's side. "Need to stabilize."

Harmon checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Costas lets the assassin's blade fall into the bed of a garden box, and then reaches into his coat to slip loose a length of corded silken rope looped from a strap on his harness of kit and tools. "Get on your knees." He growls at the assassin, a hard edge of promised violence in his voice as he slowly approaches with Skysplitter's pale edge stained crimson. "Hands behind your back."

Harmon nods and places a hand on Fiora's shoulder. "Staunched, need to get you back to remove arrow. Need my tools."

Badly bleeding from multiple arrows, his arm gushing from Skysplitter's cut; the assassin does as ordered and is subdued, properly bound and hauled away to face Calypso's wrath or judgement or both. The guards come as Edain and Karadoc direct them, loyal guards that is, and Anze and Harmon escort the wounded back to the estate for Marcos and Eirene to tend to. Eirene, for her part, just drinks the whiskey that Waldemai brings her, muttering about a show being put on for an invisible audience. Dinner is ruined but the assassin(s) are captured, the traitor colonel is detained, and the wounded are being mended. Fiora has little mystery as to who her own accidental assailant was; Estaban's arrows are distinct enough to know...

Waldemai looks around at the rest. Time for the military folks to handle matters. "Anyone need anything?" he asks. Oh, and some of that good cheese will fit nicely into his pouch...

Returning with their quarry, Costas checks in on the Duchess General. After this he grabs a bottle of whiskey and the would-be assassin and hauls each down to the wine cellar for a chat.

"To find my husband." Caelis answers Wald. "Is Costas back yet?" She looks around and looks to a guard. "You'll let him know where the traitors are detained?" She asks and nods briskly. Costas breezes by and she lets out a breath of relief. She pats Eirene on the shoulder. "Seems things are settling. I'll be off. Take care Auntie." She bids Eirene before collecting her bow and giving Fi a crooked smile on her way out.

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