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Duchess Calista Fidante

They'll deny it, but most people love scandal and love drama. They love to see the rich and powerful misbehave as only they can, and they especially love to see hypocrites show their true colors. I happen to agree, I just never expected it to be so fun to nudge matters along.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Steel Rose
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 7/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: blackened cinnamon
Eye Color: shadowed emerald
Skintone: bronzed

Titles: Duchess of Roses

Description: Effortlessly, Calista exudes an aura of sultry trouble, a wicked glimmer in her dark eyes, an unconscious swagger in her step. Always dressed and groomed impeccably, there is always a sense of chaos around the young noblewoman. Beautiful, beyond a doubt, her dark hair falls in a tumble of thick lush waves about her slender face, accenting the Tehom-may-care grin ever present on her lush lips. The curves of her figure remain one of the great wonders of Arx, which she flaunts or covers based on her own whims. Her laugh is quick and musical, but never cruel, and the sparkle in her eye may hold infinite mischief, but never true wickedness.

(Long dark hair is meticulously styled off her face so that her jewelry is on display. Firelight captures the sparkle of the gems that halo around her face.)

Personality: Wild and passionate, living for the moment and thinking later on consequences, Calista was a nightmare for her many, many tutors trying to impress the need for propriety and restraint upon the infectiously charming young noblewoman. It's not that she doesn't understand the implications for scandal or how 'bad' behavior can horrify the oh-so-proper well heeled members of the Peerage, she simply feels if none of them know how to enjoy themselves it is hardly her problem and that if she makes a few elderly stuffy dukes drop dead in apoplexy from witnessing libertine behavior then perhaps Arx will be better for it. Still, she's more reserved (by her standards) around her far social superiors that could actually inflict real consequences upon her. She enjoys finding out where the limits lay, and just how close she can get to the line without crossing it.

Background: Despite a tragic past, Calista is not a bitter woman. Not that she wouldn't possess considerably justification to be bitter, in her humble opinion. When your stepfather murders your mother after your birth to attempt a coup by declaring himself regent over you, and your elder brother leads a revolt that kills the man even before you learn how to walk, it's not the most auspicious beginnings to a bright and shining happy childhood. But she's not the only noblewoman to be raised nearly entirely by tutors instead of family, due to her lord brother the Duke barely ever having time for his only surviving sibling. So no, Calista is not bitter, but she also has no intention of letting her life be dictated to her by an older sibling, no matter how well intentioned. Who to see, how to speak, how to act due to how she might be perceived, what to wear, what hobbies to pursue, and on and on and on to 'live up to the standards of the Fidante family', when House Fidante is mostly well known for how her stepfather murdered her mother and started a war. She damned well will decide exactly what it means to be a Fidante, and to her that means having fun how she wants, when she wants, anyway she wants it despite the opinions of anyone else.

Political power and scheming and intrigue is fine for some people (especially old boring ones), and it's hilarious to have the movers and shakers of society try to guess devious cunning plans behind the random things she does, but she doesn't really set out to cause trouble. Well, mostly. Some people deserve trouble. But she really isn't trying to give her brother the Duke of Tyr a heart attack, she just refuses to be reined in and bow to the public perceptions of the oppressively boring and old that cluck their tongues in disapproval at daring behavior or gasp in horror that someone used the wrong spoon at a royal feast. For those people, she is only too happy (gleeful, really) to be considered 'a problem' or 'trouble' and if she can make their lives more difficult without getting into real trouble for it, she will gladly take it. Maybe she'll settle down and get serious about playing the games of power and politics that older nobles enjoy, maybe she'll even make her ideas of fun benefit her in that regard, but for now, she mostly is just about a good time.

Relationship Summary

  • Giancinta - Mother. You sacrificed everything for us. It is my turn to repay you.
  • Marcus - Father. Gone too soon.

  • Family:
  • Juliet - My beautiful cousin. She is quite the social butterfly.
  • Prospero - The wise cousin. I hope you are enjoying your adventures.
  • Angelo - The intellectual cousin. He loves his books.
  • Dante - The Sword of Tor and beloved cousin.
  • Cristoph - The Duke of Laurent. Ever handsome and gracious paternal cousin.

  • Rival:
  • Leo - Blood of my Blood. Nothing will ever change that.

  • Spouse:
  • Inigo - My beloved husband. You are my heart.

  • Friend:
  • Isolde - Nearest and dearest. Not all reflections are dark.
  • Donella - The epitome of strength and beauty.
  • Talen - Once a Beast, Always a Beast.
  • Niccolo - I believe in you as you have believed in me.
  • Dagon - The ice in my veins.
  • Edain - So very much like a brother to me.
  • Aldwin - That of which I hold closest.
  • Blacktongue - Yours is the sweetest poison.
  • Eleyna - A true fox.
  • Mydas - The Winter has nothing on you.

  • Protege:
  • Merek - Motivated Metalsmith
  • Jareth - A most charming actor.
  • Name Summary
    Alaric Breathtaking in all the best ways, she blossomed into quite the leader during my curse; but she always had the talent and the capacity to make the title of the Rose of Tor her own. Her emergence only makes the Compact a stronger realm.
    Alarissa When I visit, it is always delightful. Nothing like lounging about in the gardens with the Duchess Fidante. I need to lounge with her more often.
    Alessia As beautiful as she generous. The duchess is wonderful company.
    Armand The Rose of Tor is as her reputation would imply. Beautiful and sensual, without needing to try. I pity the men and women who would then make assumptions on the Duchess' other faculties. To forget her mind is as foolish as to ignore the thorns.
    Arn Leo's sister. Duchess of Tor now. Needs to start taking things seriously. Unless she's as dumb as she pretends to be. I doubt it. Surprisingly few actual morons leading duchies. You'd think someone with that much heartache in life would be a little more grim. She should be.
    Brigida Throwing a party in the snow with knife throwers? That is actually something I ^haven't^ seen before. I'm a little impressed at her hosting.
    Duarte Never let it be said that one can be too suggestive. It's the most delightful game to play.
    Eleyna She walks into a room and the temperature goes up at least ten degrees. I'm not sure if I want to be her and have her. I -am- sure I'm not the only one she has this effect on.
    Esme My cousin is my heart, family is all that one has in this world. She rules as she can and with skill and beauty. Sometimes, I wish she would allow me more to take some of the weight off her sculpted shoulders.
    Fatima Duchess of Roses lives up to the hype. Damn. I like how straight up she is, damn sexy too.
    Ferrando The Duchess of Tor has had to weather her share of storms, but always seems to be cool, sociable, and in control no matter what's going on. I'd also say something about how she's very impressive to be so composed and accomplished at her age, but saying things like that make me feel old, and I am NOT OLD.
    Gaston Seems unphased by Duke Arn's invective. Apparently she thinks his insults means he respects you. I suppose if that were true, Ansel has proud a father as one can imagine. I think I'd rather wish it were so, actually, but I'm afraid I'm not so certain she's the right of it. In any case, she's pleasant enough, with a certain dry humor, I gather.
    Giulio I wonder how many foolishly think of the Duchess as a pretty schemer -- she is so much more than that.
    Ignacio Duchess of Roses. Beautiful and charming, not just a reputation, but hard fact.
    Josephine The Duchess Fidante. There is much to be said about the woman, and not enough words to do so. her taste in jewelry is without parallel and Josephine enjoys it when the woman enters her shop with a desire to collaborate.
    Julian A kind and generous Duchess. She seems quite suited for her position, and cares for the people of the south well.
    Lora My late husband's cousin. She remains as beautiful, charming, and gracious as I remember... and so I expect I shall be quite busy soon.
    Mirari Beautiful, flirty, and spreading wings with knives. What an adorable little baby duck.
    Morrighan Duchess of Roses. I recall seeing her, once upon a time, many years ago, discussing fur trade with Prince Rohkir. Though the times I've conversed with her have been few, she's quite poised and amicable, and it's thanks to her my roses are well-preserved.
    Mydas That one has a fire that, while anathema to my own inclinations, is admirable. Cunning, to be underestimated at one's own risk.
    Niklas The Duchess of Tor is a tremendous boon to the arts, delightful company and a good friend to have.
    Orazio The Duchess is a sterling example of a Lycene lady, and O appreciates the strength that it must take to consider an the alliance she has mad, much less her friendliness with those of Southport. He enjoys seeing her smile.
    Raimon My former Duchess. If fate and marriage had not intervened I would have served her till my dying day.
    Reese She is so lovely and so thoughtful too. She even thanked me! So alert and graceful.
    Rook The Rose of Tor. The -real- Rose of Tor. The pretenders be damned, this is the real deal, the woman whom Rook has met to instruct in a few economical matters over time.
    Sebastian The Duchesse is truly a quick wit and it was entertaining to watch her banter with His Majesty.
    Theron The Duchess of Flowers is very sharp and knows how to receive guests at her Estate. Fidante is in good hands, and I trust their direction in the days to come.
    Tyrus She is what I would expect a Lycene Duchess to be. Beautiful, of course, charming and seductive without obviously trying. Polite, warm and welcoming, without making one forget that she is, in fact, a Duchess and worthy of that respect.