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Subject Poster Date
Org Clues Kalakh 10/25/21
Mask QoL change Apostate 10/23/21
RFR Response Update Staff 10/21/21
Designer propriety mods Apostate 09/27/21
Privacy Policy Herja 09/26/21
Bastion Scouting Scenes PC lists Herja 09/23/21
Bastion Scouting Sign-ups Herja 09/20/21
Domain Plots Staff 09/17/21
Gentle Reminder Smile 08/28/21
The State of Bastion Herja 08/26/21
Roster Edits Smile 08/16/21
Primum Cleansing: Official How-To Scraps 08/09/21
NPC Retainers Reminder Manikin 08/08/21
Materials Smile 08/07/21
Assembly of Peers Apostate 08/02/21
Alt Policy Reminder Herja 07/28/21
Sudden Staff Story Stuff Kalakh 07/26/21
A Fable of Songs Apostate 07/04/21
Alt Rules Change Apostate 06/29/21
Welcome to New Staff Apostate 06/28/21
Proteges Apostate 06/27/21
RFRs Apostate 06/17/21
Closing plots Apostate 06/17/21
book changes Tehom 05/31/21
No Contact update Tehom 05/07/21
Challenges Tehom 04/19/21
Skal'daja Crisis resolution Apostate 04/14/21
No Contact Requests Apostate 04/06/21
Heal Code, or Why We Can't Have Nice Things (without patching them) Kalakh 03/24/21
Wound healing Tehom 03/13/21
Idle rosters Apostate 02/26/21
Char Gen Apostate 02/12/21
Read this Hellfrog 01/24/21
Eurusi Round 1 Apostate 01/14/21
1st round of Eurus Crisis signup Apostate 01/07/21
healing changes Tehom 01/01/21
Proclamations Apostate 12/30/20
Stlist command Apostate 12/28/20
Caravels Apostate 12/27/20
SCs show in orgs Apostate 12/24/20
Secret Org Story Coordinators Apostate 12/22/20
Stories, SCs and STs Apostate 12/21/20
Requests this week and next Apostate 12/21/20
Ward of the Traveler Apostate 12/15/20
Story Coordinators Hellfrog 12/11/20
New harm command Tehom 12/06/20
Secrets and Plot Threads Apostate 11/18/20
Requests Apostate 11/17/20
A note to EVERYONE Hellfrog 11/16/20
Storytellers and GMing Apostate 11/16/20
Prayer addendum Hellfrog 10/31/20
Pray command Apostate 10/31/20
Staff Announcement and Thanks Apostate 10/30/20
Wylla! Crawfish 10/17/20
Magic and GMing Apostate 10/04/20
First pass of new check command Apostate 10/04/20
Eurusi-Isles crisis Apostate 10/01/20
Eurus and Thrax crises Apostate 09/28/20
@check changes Apostate 09/14/20
New Character Experience Apostate 09/14/20
Secret or hidden exits Hellfrog 09/03/20
Addition to 'help prohibited themes' Hellfrog 09/03/20
GMing Overhaul Apostate 09/02/20
PRPs and Actions Apostate 08/31/20
Opening up Characters (Slightly) Pax 08/30/20
Actions after the freeze Apostate 07/25/20
Favor and Disfavor Kalakh 07/22/20
Org commmands for plots Tehom 07/19/20
July Apostate 06/29/20
Crisis loose ends Apostate 06/15/20
Story Coordinators Apostate 06/14/20
IC Threats and Prohibited Themes Apostate 06/12/20
Idle Rostering Apostate 06/11/20
Work rolls Apostate 06/10/20
Action results and theories Apostate 06/08/20
Crises and Actions Apostate 06/08/20
Action Writing 101 Eidolon 06/07/20
Real Life and Ongoing Stories Kalakh 06/01/20
Please Do Not Do These Things Patch 1.0 Kalakh 05/27/20
Animal retainers Apostate 05/27/20
PRP Pitch help file Fabulist 05/25/20
PRPs Apostate 05/23/20
systems channel Tehom 05/20/20
Trade Command! Nv 05/19/20
The Please Do Not Do These Things Character Secrets DLC pack Kalakh 05/11/20
Please Do Not Do These Things Game of the Year edition Kalakh 05/11/20
Please don't ask people their stats Tenebry 05/06/20
Market changes Tehom 05/02/20
Haggle Adjustment Tehom 04/25/20
Alaric Applications Herja 04/08/20
Rosters and Volunteers Apostate 04/03/20
Action Requirements Tehom 03/28/20
From Arxstaff to You, Yes You Puffin 03/25/20
Protege tweak Apostate 02/29/20
Skal'daja Crisis Apostate 02/17/20
Story Updates Puffin 01/27/20
Marrying NPCs Apostate 01/24/20
Database Locks Apostate 01/19/20
downtime probably tomorrow Tehom 01/17/20
Evennia upgrade Tehom 01/10/20
The Coming Year Apostate 12/31/19
Hello Arx Fabulist 12/30/19
New prop mods Apostate 12/25/19
Storyteller system discussion Tehom 12/15/19
Update on Actions Puffin 12/05/19
Situational Clarification (Part 2) Pax 12/04/19
Situational Clarification (Part 1) Pax 12/04/19
Major upcoming combat change Apostate 12/02/19
Propriety Apostate 12/02/19
Prestige tweaks Apostate 11/30/19
December Apostate 11/30/19
Negative bank account bug Apostate 11/25/19
Orazio Puffin 11/15/19
Opening up OCs Apostate 10/07/19
Alt conflicts reminder Apostate 09/30/19
Kennex Retcon Puffin 09/26/19
State of the GMs Puffin 09/09/19
Theme Questions Apostate 09/04/19
Re: Alaric Apostate 08/30/19
Edward-Elloise Apostate 08/27/19
Petition Enhancements Tehom 08/02/19
Actions and Investigations Apostate 07/29/19
OOC Communications Blocks Puffin 07/25/19
IC Theft and Vandalism Apostate 07/23/19
August Plans and Staff Catchup Apostate 07/21/19
Risk and Consequences Apostate 07/17/19
Retainer reminders Apostate 07/11/19
Postgres conversion update Tehom 06/29/19
Using code to annoy people Apostate 06/27/19
New AP costs and regen Tehom 06/23/19
House Sword heirloom compilation Apostate 06/22/19
White Journals, Proclamations and NPCs Apostate 06/16/19
Alaric apps Apostate 06/16/19
Please Learn IC Information ICly Pax 06/13/19
THEY CALLED ME MAD, THE FOOLS (or: Mad Science and You) Pax 06/13/19
Haggling guide Apostate 06/10/19
Cyphers and Journals Puffin 06/08/19
An Investigation Plea Pax 06/03/19
Placeholder Clues Pax 06/03/19
Edain apps Apostate 06/01/19
Flashback Enhancements Nv 05/30/19
NPC domains from Great Road Apostate 05/28/19
Removed modeling maxes Apostate 05/27/19
knacks Tehom 05/04/19
PrPs Puffin 04/30/19
Crisis resolution Apostate 04/28/19
Reminder re: prohibited themes Apostate 04/27/19
Grove of Rebirth Puffin 04/25/19
The Glittering Unicorn Puffin 04/24/19
Re: Domain changes Apostate 04/15/19
Domain population changes disabled Tehom 04/15/19
Ascii art Apostate 04/09/19
Inviting people to actions Apostate 04/02/19
Public grid idling and +tidy Apostate 04/01/19
Prestige Nomination guidelines Apostate 03/31/19
Database Lock tracebacks Apostate 03/23/19
Crisis resolutions Apostate 03/19/19
Placeholder clues Apostate 03/18/19
Cal Event GMs Apostate 02/20/19
Mana Stat Puffin 02/14/19
Neo Noble propriety Apostate 02/08/19
Authority and YOU Hellfrog 01/28/19
Eccentric propriety mods Apostate 01/20/19
Foreign Offers Pax 01/18/19
Great Road reactions Apostate 01/17/19
Unfair Consequences Apostate 01/14/19
Linking subplots to parent plots Apostate 01/11/19
Emits Done for Great Road Apostate 01/10/19
The Great Road Crisis Puffin 01/10/19
The Great Road action Apostate 01/08/19
Action assists reminder Apostate 01/08/19
Submitting logs Hellfrog 01/06/19
favor changes Tehom 01/02/19
Goal and RFR review clarification Apostate 12/31/18
Donate and work invest tweaks Apostate 12/31/18
randomscene addition Tehom 12/30/18
Welcome Herja to Staff Apostate 12/24/18
lore command Tehom 12/23/18
Clock-Tower Rubble Pax 12/18/18
Prestige Nominations Pax 12/18/18
Investigating the Weird Green Snow Pax 12/16/18
Yet More Prestige Tweaks Pax 12/16/18
More Prestige Tweaks Pax 12/16/18
Prestige Changes Pax 12/15/18
broker buy orders Tehom 12/07/18
Updating Goals Apostate 12/05/18
Plot Recruiters and Hooks Apostate 12/05/18
Global xp change Apostate 12/04/18
New system: Goals Tehom 12/01/18
Story focus Apostate 12/01/18
Modeling tweaks and system notes Apostate 12/01/18
Explaining recent balance tweaks Apostate 11/30/18
Clue Sharing and RP Tehom 11/29/18
Roster Overhaul Apostate 11/29/18
The "No Cheating" policy Hellfrog 11/29/18
featurerequests Tehom 11/29/18
Some investigation tweaks Tehom 11/29/18
investigation changes Tehom 11/28/18
House Shepherd Apostate 11/27/18
retainer changes Tehom 11/25/18
Retainer reminder Hellfrog 11/20/18
Lodge Crisis Postmortem Puffin 11/18/18
New Plots And Events Puffin 11/16/18
Personal plots Apostate 11/16/18
Exploration and Plots Apostate 11/16/18
Secrets, Clues, and Plots Tehom 11/16/18
Does The Dog Die? Justus 11/15/18
Modeling and Grid RP Apostate 11/13/18
AP transfers off Apostate 11/13/18
system tweaks Tehom 11/13/18
Lodge Crisis Schedule Puffin 11/13/18
Fashion Changes Pax 11/12/18
Event Calendar Pax 11/11/18
New IC Time Command Pax 11/10/18
Modeling and outfits clarification Apostate 11/08/18
Fashion and work changes Tehom 11/08/18
Fashion cooldown and +score Tehom 11/08/18
Prestige tweaks Apostate 11/07/18
@Actions on the Web Pax 11/04/18
Deleting journal Hellfrog 11/02/18
template command Tehom 11/01/18
Org favor and chasing propriety Apostate 10/29/18
Timing on the Lodge Puffin 10/29/18
Help with the Weather Pax 10/27/18
Propriety additions Apostate 10/27/18
Crisis actions timing Hellfrog 10/27/18
Propriety helpfile Apostate 10/25/18
Display cases Apostate 10/25/18
INCEST, oh boy Hellfrog 10/25/18
Lodge Events and You Puffin 10/25/18
Take It Slow Apostate 10/13/18
Incoming social system additions Apostate 10/04/18
Friendly frog reminder about 'mana batteries' Hellfrog 09/21/18
@Askstaff Puffin 09/21/18
Sustainability changes on action caps Apostate 09/02/18
IC Societal Expectations helpfiles Apostate 09/02/18
On Actions And Caps Puffin 08/31/18
Favor command and social combat Apostate 08/31/18
Roster suggestions Apostate 08/31/18
favor command Tehom 08/31/18
Lodge Crisis FAQ Puffin 08/30/18
Upcoming potential systems Apostate 08/29/18
The Break Is A Lie Puffin 08/29/18
Outfits Feature Nv 08/26/18
On Scheduling Puffin 08/22/18
Clue Lists Puffin 08/20/18
OOC communication reminder Apostate 08/20/18
Season 2 Chapter 3 Apostate 08/18/18
Investigations during break Apostate 08/10/18
Org chat channels and boards Apostate 08/05/18
Work invest clarifications Apostate 08/05/18
Work and Donate Tehom 08/04/18
Lodge Crisis Puffin 08/01/18
AP change coming Apostate 07/30/18
Org Sponsorships and helping orgs Apostate 07/28/18
Praising Orgs Tehom 07/28/18
Org permissions changed Apostate 07/22/18
Public petitions Apostate 07/22/18
How to use petitions Apostate 07/22/18
petition command Tehom 07/22/18
August staff break Apostate 07/16/18
Regarding the Lodge Puffin 07/14/18
Broker Tehom 07/12/18
On Metaplot Secrets Puffin 07/10/18
@sheet/recognition Apostate 07/10/18
Haggle Tag-Teams Tehom 07/09/18
Haggle Apostate 07/08/18
Books and Clues Apostate 07/08/18
Steelsilk headgear Puffin 07/05/18
Honorifics and Propriety Apostate 07/03/18
Just A Heads-Up Pax 07/02/18
Missing Revelations and You Pax 07/01/18
Was My Investigation Wrong? Pax 06/30/18
Inactives reminder Apostate 06/24/18
Reinvite your proteges Tehom 06/19/18
A few prestige tweaks Apostate 06/18/18
Fashion Models Wanted! Nv 06/17/18
Don't use formating and ascii in requests Apostate 06/15/18
So about prodigals Apostate 06/14/18
On Timing of Plots and Hooks Puffin 06/10/18
Investigations and Actions Pax 06/09/18
Charitable actions Apostate 06/09/18
Investigations vs Actions Apostate 06/09/18
Respecs Apostate 05/27/18
Combat Refactor Release Notes Nv 05/26/18
Thoughtpose reminder Apostate 05/25/18
Prestige from Lifestyle Apostate 05/23/18
@Donate! Puffin 05/23/18