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Tournament of Roses - Edain's Challenge

Have you ever wanted to ride at the Prince of Sanctum with a pointy stick and knock him off his horse and then point and laugh as you assert your superiority? Well then you are in luck! Since he will not be competing the Tourney of Roses proper, Edain has taken over the Tourney Grounds for a day and will tilt with all comers until he has had a chance to joust all interested parties or until he is just to sore to pull himself back into the saddle!


July 31, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Dante Calista Eirene Insaya Kael Skye Caelis Orazio(RIP) Tristan Alexis Artorius Shard Gawain Katarina Esoka Reigna Reese Donella Lou Sophie Alis Alarissa



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log


I had the honor of jousting against Edain Valardin today! I've worked to improve as a cavalry warrior since I gained my knighthood, but I'm still better afoot than on a horse. Still, I think I fared well in the first pass, and feel no shame at being unhorsed. The Prince of Sanctum rides with all the skill and knightly comportment one would expect, and it was a thrill to take the field in such a fashion. I look forward to the rest of the Tournament of Roses.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight arrives, following Alis.

Esoka rides onto the grounds atop her ruddy-colored courser, dressed in armor and Riven surcoat and other such knightly accoutrements. There's no real mistaking what she came here to do. Her horse trots over to the side of the field, to mill and check over her gear.

Katarina glances out amidst the crowds, and hers is an expression of easily provoked joy. Kael, Cristoph, and Reigna are treated to fond waves from her place down on the fields next to her steed, then she's back to checking her horse over as well.

Reigna taps Kael's arm lightly and points towards Cristoph tugging Kael after her as she hies off to join the Laurent Duke. When she catches Katarina's wave, she returning it along with a beaming smile.

Eirene's got a hint of a smile for Orazio as she accepts the summons. "Well how is? Anyone you're cheering for tonight? I honestly have -no fucking clue- who is doing what or placed well..." She lowers her voice to a more personable level as she sits.

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When it is that Kael is thusly directed toward Cristoph, his head is shaking somewhat ruefully. Nonetheless he is -- this time at least -- going where his wife thus indicates. A hand is lifted toward Katarina, a slight curve of his lip to go along with it. He waits for his wife to be seated and then claims the spot near her. Looking down the line his head inclines toward Cristoph. "My Lord," he greets as he gets settles. The others near are offered a nod of greeting.

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The Prince of Sanctum pulls himself up into the the sadle of Sir Arugula, who stamps his feet in excited fashion. At least he doeas after he gets done munching on the sugar cubes offered by Princess Sophie and Princess Katarina. Once he's had his snack (bribe) the Prince bows his head to the princesses and turns Sir Arugula to trot out into the field.

"Thank you all for coming... to kick of the Tourney of Roses, and to honor Lagoma, I wanted to spend a day jousting for the love of combat and competition. One of the fidelities that all nights keep close to their hearts!" He looks then to Gawain and says, "Sir Gawain... would you do my the honor of facing me first?"

Reese is here in her armor and standing next to her war house with her helm removed. She seems to be in a cheerful mood.

The Prince of Sanctum pulls himself up into the the sadle of Sir Arugula, who stamps his feet in excited fashion. At least he doeas after he gets done munching on the sugar cubes offered by Princess Sophie and Princess Katarina. Once he's had his snack (bribe) the Prince bows his head to the princesses and turns Sir Arugula to trot out into the field.

"Thank you all for coming... to kick of the Tourney of Roses, and to honor Limerance, I wanted to spend a day jousting for the love of combat and competition. One of the fidelities that all nights keep close to their hearts!" He looks then to Gawain and says, "Sir Gawain... would you do my the honor of facing me first?"

Alis was almost late! /Horrors/. But she scurries in and hastens to take a seat as if she's been here the whole time supporting her big brother. Go Edain!

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When matters begin to kick off, Insaya slips away from the competitors' area to find a seat for herself among the benches.

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Calista arrives to the Tournament grounds just in time for the opening. She is a shrouded in colors of the night, moving with effortless grace towards the benches to find a seat among familiar faces. The grounds are full of spectators and participants alike, filling the space with a contagious sort of energy.

"Auntie." Caelis greets Eirene quietly and looks to Orazio and Estaban with a nod. She settles in near them all with a look from Eirene to Edain as he announces the start of things and back. "We're cheering for Sir Arugula of course. So he doesn't throw His Grace any harder than normal." She suggests and waves to Alis brightly. "Princess Alis! Good afternoon!"

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There is certain amount of pride on Gawain's face when he's called upon first, and it's hard to tell beneath his plate, but no doubt his chest is swelled with pride as well. "Of course, your grace," the Blanchard scion says, giving Edain as deep a bow as he can manage in his armor before pulling himself atop his horse, afixing his helmet to his head and taking the field.

As her Highlord cousin and his high-spirited horse take to the field proper, Sophie steps back and stands at the sidelines, prepared to tend to any of the bashings and breaks that come from jousting.

Seeing Lou arrive during such events these days, even if they are social things, should not be a shocking thing. Anything that's got some modicum of excitement attached to it seems to have grabbed her attention lately. The Grayson Princess arrives at the tournament grounds without much fanfare. She pauses a few moments to get her bearings, and to see where others might be lingering before finding a seat of her own.

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Alis gives Sir Arugula the stink-eye all the way from the seating. "BEHAVE YOURSELF SIR ARUGULA." she chides the warhorse in advance, after she hears Caelis of course. "Lady Caelis, a pleasure to see you."

Reese smiles over to Lou as she sees her sister arrive, a smile that touches her blue eyes. She continues to stand by her warhorse.

Esoka dismounts and finds a good place to hang about near the field and watch Edain's first tilt. She ends up near Reese, and the Grayson princess is offered a quick smile and short bow. "Are you jousting today, your highness? I could not resist the general challenge, and with the Prince of Sanctum himself at that. It seemed a fine way to get in proper shape."

Ryder the falcon arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Reese peeks over to Esoka and gives her a warm smile. "Oh, I am, I couldn't resist a challenge myself. It is nice to see you again."

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Elegance, Maxene, Camille arrive, following Alarissa.

Alexis arrives late, her armour clinking softly and her glaive carried over her shoulder, with Wyrmstooth worn strapped to her back. Coif drawn back, she moves, quietly, considering the crowd - and giving Edain a quick bow if he should happen to glance in her direction. She moves towards Reese and Esoka, primarily, shooting the Princess and the Knight a smile of greeting. "Well met. It's going to be bracing, isn't it?" She muses, looking over to the High Lord. And she looks over to the stands, raising her arm in greeting to the faces she recognises - Alis and Cristoph and Kael and Reigna and Caelis and Eirene and Estaban and Orazio. And, of course, Sophie the Mother Mercy gets a small bow.

Having been standing at the edge of the playing field, no horse in tow or anything, It did not appear as if Dante had been planning on competing when a person dressed in the colors of the Fidante family comes leading in a spirited palomino colored mare. Dante catches sight of the horse being led toward him and gets an easy grin over his features, moving to take the reins and moving out into the general vicinity of the jousting grounds. "Prince Edain, Dante Fidante to knock you off that fine horse of yours." He gives a casual grin and mounts his horse with the fluid ease that Dante manages most things in life.

Artorius arrives a tad late with his darksteel armor worn and tattered red cloak flourishing. He spots his sister with a wide smile, moving over to her and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Hello Caelis. This should be a fun time hm?" he smiles.

Kael may not be cheering today, hooting and hollering as he had been (maybe his voice is hoarse or just plain gone by now?) but there is a lift of his hand and a cheery wave offered back in Alexis' direction.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Gawain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Eirene's mug of cider is lifted vaguely in Dante's direction, her head tilting towards him.

Alarissa slips into the tournament grounds, quietly taking up a spot in the stands, not too long behind Alexis, though opting to sit perhaps a little away from most of the throng, eyes on the field and those upon it.

Lou waves over at Reese enthusiastically. She's always glad to see her sister competing. She then goes back to glancing around for other familiar faces before deciding to make her way to the general stands.

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Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 55, rolling 3 higher.

The look of amusement brushes over her lips when she overhears Dante's greeting to Prince Edain. She gives him a little bow of her head as she casually sits back in her seat.

Gawain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 44, rolling 21 lower.

Reese peeks over to Alexis, having having a smile of greeting for her. "Oh, Dame Alexis, greetings." She murmurs softly.

Just before the chargers go charging, Sophie notices Alexis' clanking arrival and bow, and the Mother Mercy amiably smiles while tossing back a fingerwave of hello.

Reigna returns Alexis' wave, and beams to Alis while she's looking around. Reigna seems to be in good spirits, if a touch on the distracted side today, but she's trying to focus on the field, watching the horses and their riders prepare.

And Alarissa! Alarissa gets an enthusiastic wave from Reigna.

Esoka raises a hand (the one not holding her horse's reins) to give Alexis a gauntlet-fisted wave. "Sword of Blancbier! A good day upon you. Bracing, aye. Perhaps not as much as the cold waters of the sea in late autumn, but it'll be a fine challenge nonetheless. I expect I'll be rusty. It's been forever in a day since I've jousted, and the Prince is a knight renowned. But the challenge is the fun of it." That waving fist is directed at Lou, when Esoka notes her.

Caelis waves to Alexis, Alarissa, Cristoph, and pats Artorius' hand on her shoulder lightly before cheering for Edain and more importantly his horse.

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"Well met. I think I'll give it a go, in case the High Lord needs an impressive victory. I never did get good at riding." She admits, ruefully. And when Alarissa arrives, she gets a bow, too. "The challenge -is- the fun of it," She agrees with Esoka. "It's why I'm intent on getting on a horse today." Looking to where Esoka waves to Lou, raising her hand in greeting with a small smile to her as well.

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Gawain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 28, rolling 9 higher.

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Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 31, rolling 5 lower.

Reigna's enthusiastic wave gets a smile from that Grayson born Valardin Princess in the stands, raising her hand to wriggle fingers gently at the other woman, though for the moment, remains where she is.

Eirene's pointing out Reese to Insaya now, motioning to the young knightly princess.

Sitting there watching the first tilt, the servant who had brought his horse arrives with a missive. Reading over the missive, Dante removes his helm, handing it down to the servant. "Tell the Prince I look forward to tilting with him at a later time." That said, he puts spurs to his mount and takes off out of the tournament grounds.

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Lord Flitzwilliam, a Red-Tailed Hawk arrives, delivering a message to Caelis before departing.

The Prince of Sanctum, lines up across the pitch from Sir Gawain, as his squire Serad brings him a jousting lance, and he raises the lance in a salute to Gawain, and then spurs, Sir Arugula into a gallop. Lowering the lance and angling for Sir Gawain's shield... Hooves thunder across the ground as the two powerful Blanchard breed warhores close in one on another. Edain's lance finds purchase on Gawain's shield and shatters against it, but Sir Gawain is on point.. and his lance strikes Edain and rocks him off balance and he tumbles out of the saddle.

Edain quickly pushes himself up and dusts himself off, "Brilliant tilt Sir Gawain! Exactly what I would expect from a rider of Blanchard stock! Honor to you sir!" Sir Arugula trots back over. Apparantly excited to keep going, "Ok then.. who would like to tilt with me next?"

Lord Flitzwilliam, a Red-Tailed Hawk arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

Reese ohhs softly. "I am not very good at riding myself, but..I am always happy to try." She says, before looking over to Insaya and Eirene as she is pointed out. She gives them a smile.

"I can go next or somebody else can." Reese says, seeming to be fine either way. She has a smile for Edain.

Gawain, for his part, seems to treat the tilt with deadly seriousness- taking time to level his short lance properly before charging at his leige lord. There is no hesitation when he starts to charge, Champion living up to his name and galloping forward at good clip, no hesitation from the horse even when lances break against sheilds. However, once he's seen that he's unseated Edain, Gawain's serious fades quickly, as he dismounts his horse and removes his helm. "Thank you, your grace," he says, bowing again when he's praised- before he walks his horse off the field.

"I'd like to go after Princess Reese," Katarina pipes up from somewhere upon the fields, studying Edain briefly before seeming content that he walked away fine.

Esoka inclines her head to Reese, happy to wait a few more tilts for her turn. She claps those metal fists together for Gawain's ride. "Well done, well done!"

In the stands, there's quickly flitting reactions on Alarissa's face as Edain and gawain go at it, Edain taking that fall when Gawain succeeds in unseating him. But she remains where she is, a little smile on her face.

Artorius looks to Caelis after a cheer from him at Gawain's victory in knocking Edain from his horse. "Should I try my luck? I'm not much of a combat rider, much less a jouster." he shrugs faintly.

Alexis winces a little as Edain takes the hit, but applauds, and gives a small nod of greeting to Katarina. "Princess Katarina. A pleasure to see you here. I didn't know you practiced the joust?" A beat. "Of course. You do seem to have a knack for anything exciting, your highness. So I can't say I'm surprised." She stretches, looking to Esoka. "I've got plenty of time, I think."

Lou glances out over the field after settling herself in a seat directly across from Kael. She grins when Esoka waves in her direction, and offers a wave back at the knight and Alexis as well when she sees the other lady waving in her direction.

"Do it Arty," Eirene calls to the other Malvici.

"It would be my honor to tilt with you next Princess Reese, and Princess Katarina, we will cross lances after that!" And that said he leads Sir Arugula to the other end of the pitch and salutes Reese as he prepares to ride again.

Caelis claps and looks relieved as Edain rolls to his feet quickly. "Send him flying, Princess Katarina!" She calls out. Looking to her brother, Caelis folds her message quickly and smiles. "Do it. Even if you aren't great, Prince Edain loves seeing others succeed or at least having fun." She suggests and rises. "I'll be right back."

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Rohm the Blackguard leaves, following Caelis.

Artorius chuckles faintly at Eirene's comment "Noted Auntie!" he laughs a little, then looks to Caelis "Very well. I'll give him my best shot." he looks on over to Edain and calls out "I will cross lances with you after Princess Katarina! Give us a good show Edain!" he calls out. Peer pressure. Huh.

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Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 106 higher.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Reese puts smiles over at the crowd and to the many she knows. She puts on her helmet and then climbs into her horse. She has a lance with her that is tied with a pink ribbon. She then charges at Edain.

While Gawain did not arrive with any pages to tend to him, there are no doubt a few here, belonging to the field. And while his horse is tended to, he's helped out of his armor. Now much more comfortable, if a bit sweaty, the knight heads toward the stands to watch the rest of the joust.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Insaya before departing.

Reese checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 71, rolling 43 lower.

Skye arrives at the tournament grounds, late to the event. She quickly moves to the stands to find a seat so she can watch the riders joust. Then she starts to look around to see if a certain Valardin knight is on the field.

Esoka turns to regard Katarina, offering the other woman a short bow. "Princess. Indeed, this sort of challenge is irresistible. Do you intend to compete in the tournament as well, or are you only here for the occasion against the good Prince?" An inclination of her head is given to Gawain, as he joins the watching.

Edain has rolled a critical success!
Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 95 higher.

"I'm going to knock my brother, the Prince of Sanctum, off Sir Arugula," Katarina resolutely expresses aside to Esoka, even as she non-too-subtly struggles to mount her horse. Height troubles. "Gods willing that my steed doesn't send me toppling over before I even get settled in my saddle," she laughs, golden eyes flickered toward the fields as Reese and Edain prepare to go at it. "At the very least, I'll try for being able to poke him with the lance."

Alexis knows this part at least, and quickly moves to aid Katarina into the saddle. There are some benefits to being an ex-squire. And so she drops to a knee and offers linked hand forward to help push Katarina upwards.

Reese checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 41, rolling 12 lower.

Rather belatedly, because Katarina can sometimes miss these things when she's experiencing new things, she turns around in her saddle to face Alexis when she aids her up. "Thank you kindly, Dame Alexis," she laughs, cheeks warming. "I've never done this before, actually. I pestered the squires earlier today to give me a, ah, crash... course, literally, on this."

Still quietly sitting, Alarissa looks over when Gawain is making his way into the bleachers, a dip of her head to the Blanchard before she diverts her attention back down to the field.

And t he Prince of Sanctum spurs, his war horse forward. His stance is solid, Sir Arugula's hooves thunder, and this time Edain's on target. His lance levels for the center of Reese's shield, just a bit high in an attempt to force her backwards upon impact!

"I'm not the best rider, and I'm sure the squires gave a better idea of things than I can. I know how to set a spear, at least," Alexis muses. "Not that it does much good when you're on the horse and -" Alexis blinks, seeing Edain's strike against Reese. "Gods and Seraphs."

Reese didn't even seem to stand a chance. Her weapon barely touches Edain and certainly cannot take him off balance. She loses completely control of her filly when her shield and she didn't even remotely compare to the high lord's skill. She goes falling crashing against the ground, while her rose runs about wildly. She really sucked. Luckly her helm hides just intense her blush is for the moment anyways. Is she hurt? Probably, but nothing seems too serious. Her horse is bounding about the rink, running away from Edain's horse and Reese is laying on the ground. For Reese this match was a disaster.

Esoka can't help but wince at the fall Reese takes. //That// had to hurt. "Good luck," she asides to Katarina, as the woman mounts up.

Lou is chatting in the general seating area when she sees Reese almost get creamed by Edain. She visibly winces at sister's plight. "GOOD TRY REESE!" she calls out to her sister, offering her what encouragement she can.

Nothing seems too serious? The Mother Mercy seems intend to decide that, especially with Reese still on the ground. "I do hope that your pride is the most injured part of you Your Highness. Shall we see?" Kindly spoken, with a hint of humor, and really not a request.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Katarina sets her mouth into a firm line, quelling a sharp inhale when Reese is thoroughly knocked from her steed and the war filly runs about to avoid Sir Arugula. A gloved hand rises up to rub ruefully at her temple. "If Princess Reese couldn't touch him," she begins in forlorn aside to Alexis and Esoka in hushed aside. "How could -I-?" A bubble of laughter rises out of her, shifting uneasily in her saddle.

Gawain's attention is torn in three directions. One one hand, he's gotten a nod from Alarissa- and on the other, a wave from Skye. The tilt between Edain and Reese however, is what finally grabs his attention, and the young knight's eyes go wide at at the crash of lances, wincing somewhat as Reese falls to the ground.

Shard makes her way quietly into the area, eyes hooded, expression somewhat distant for someone coming to see a jousting competition. She turns right away and heads for the general seating, though she doesn't seem to seek out anyone in particular to sit next to. No surprise there, perhaps. She sits alone.

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Edain reels Sir Arugula around and tosses his lance to his squire. Sir Arugula slows to a trot and then stops near, Reese as Edain fluidly from the saddle and kneels to help, Princess Reese up even as Sophie arrives. "Princess Reese, rode with honor! Let's hear it for her! We show our character not only by riding.. but by getting back up when we fall. Something that I can speak with some authority on." He offers a hand and murmurs something to Reese briefly, before looking to Katarina, "Are you ready for your pass next Princess Katarina?"

"It's not unseating him that's the goal, but to have the tale that you went against him," Alexis assures Katarina, with a bright grin. "For Valardin and the Oathlands, eh?" Taking a step back, looking over to Reese and Sophie, brow furrowed as she looks over her, but leaving the medicining to those more skilled. Stepping back to Esoka now. "I've already lost track of how many he's riding against," She admits, quietly.

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Reese knows she should have this all good grace and charm about her abysmal attempt, but she doesn't pull it off. She seems to be trying, the more empathic would gather that she is trying for grace in defeat. There is no grace though as she stumblingly rises to her feet. She peeks over to Lou, giving her a sister a wave as her helm still conceals her expression, which is maybe a good thing for Reese. She then turns her attention to Sophie. "Oh, Princess Sophie, I am sure, I am fine, you can check if you want to." She says, words muffled behind steel, but present. She heads over toward the sister of the Mercy and Reese is walks like she is sore, maybe she pulled some muscles, but her bones don't seem broken. She turns to Edain and then finally removes her helm. Her cheeks are as pink as the ribbons in her hair. "Thank you, High Lord Edain and you rode with amazing skill." She says.

"Ready," Katarina calls toward Edain, gently tugging on her reins to angle her steed up into position at the opposite end from the Prince of Sanctum. A lingering glance is flitted after Reese, seeming relieved that she escaped with broken bones at least.

Esoka does some more metallic clapping for Reese as the princess gets up, and tries to preserve her good graces. To Alexis, a shrug. "All comers, from what I heard. I shall test the field before the day is through, though you can tilt next if you like. I'm rather enjoying seeing the displays of horsemanship." Her blue eyes are keen as Katarina readies to ride. Brows arched curious beneath her helm.

"I'll wait until those titled have had their go," Alexis assures Esoka. "And then we can see which of us go first." Crossing her arms, glancing over to Lou. "Not riding today, your highness?" She inquires, her tone polite.

It is an astounding clash, one that has Alarissa sucking in her breath when Reese goes flying, attention still on that field. Her hand tightens around her gloves but there's Reese, getting up and all seems fine and she continues to watch.

The Grayson is permitted her dignity, Sophie patiently waiting for Reese to be composed and settled, but surely assessing the way the griffin Princess walks. The Mother Mercy checks for signs of concussions, then breaks and sprains, offering ice packs and a mild painkilling root to chew on, as needed.

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Clapping for Reese as she gets up and makes her way off the pitch, He grab's Sir Arugula's Saddle horn and pulls himself back up. "Princess Katarina.. It is my honor to tilt against you! May Gloria guide your lance!" He looks out at the others that have brought horses, "who wishes to ride next?"

Shard's mouth draws tight at...something. It's entirely unclear what it might be.

Artorius calls out to Edain "I will make my try against you!" he smiles faintly at his question.

Reese sits down next to Sophie and puts her helm aside. She chews on the offered pain pill and takes the ice pack. She doesn't seem proud to accept such. She gives her a sheepish smile. The pink on her cheek lingers and she sort of looks like she would like to vanish, but she has a gentle smile when the next match starts.

Lou looks up from her conversation with Kael about hunting an shakes her head at Alexis, recognizing the younger woman from her trip to the leather goods store not too long ago. "Me? Joust? Er. I'm a passable rider at best, so, no. But, it's something I'd perhaps learn to do later," she grins, as she adds the latter.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 28, rolling 8 lower.

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion arrive, following Tristan.

Wounded pride requires its own brand of care, and Sophie is well-versed in that, too, doing what she can to set Reese at ease.

Donella climbs into the stands and drops her into a seat, nipping off the corner of a handkerchief wrapped handle. The wedding diet has FAILED! The Thrax girl is eating street-food. Next you know, she will be swilling flat beer, and whooping wildly when lances are broken. Like a *spectator*.

Seeing that Skye is in conversation, while Alarissa is alone, Gawain finally decides on where to sit, moving toward the quieter part of the stands where the Valardin princess sits.

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Sophie checked charm + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Tristan wanders in. It's a wander, although he's riding. He's knotted his reins and dropped them on Flame's neck, letting the chestnut move at an easy, neck-stretching walk. It's not immediately clear whether he's letting the stallion pick his own path or guiding him with minute shifts of his own weight. The young stallion raises his head as they enter, and pricks his ears, but he seems calmer about a crowd than he did a month ago. Tristan is carrying a stick--a bona fide stick, still graced with leaves and apparently snapped off a tree--and his dog hops beside Flame, looking more excited than either man or horse. Oh boy, _people_. Friends! New friends!

Reese seems to take some comfort in Sophie's healing presence. Her breathing slowly becomes calm and even. Her cheeks start to look rosy instead of too bright pink. She smiles over to Tristan when he arrives. She then turns her focus to the current match.

Again the Rider's ride at each other, and again, Edain has his lance aimed for the center of Katarina's shiled. Connecting with a good solid blow, in an attempt to knock her off balance and from her saddle.

Donella says, "Oh, look," Donella says. "There's Patches!" She closes the hanky up with the remnants of her snack, and waves down toward the new rider and his, er... stick. "He's not going to tilt with that, is he?" she can be heard to inquire."

Let's face it. Katarina started her charge unbalanced within her saddle, unaccustomed to the position of the lance and the power required to keep it hoisted and aimed center mass while she's being jostled about with her charging steed. "Oh, oh, oh," she squeals out, her lance's weighted wood end ending up slapping off Sir Arugula's flank harmlessly while she jerks her shield up to catch Edain's stunning blow. Wood splinters and she's careening sideways, dangling off the mare as it thunders past in an awkward tangle against the straps.

Esoka is among those waiting for a turn on the field, one hand on the flank of a sturdy, ruddy-colored courser. Another grimace, at that hit Katarina takes, but there's boisterous clapping for Edain's hit. "He lives up to the reputation of the knights of Valardin, it must be said."

"He is and was a fine knight," Alexis agrees, with a grin. "I'm sure he would be leading some Valardin forces or other, if he hadn't had to step up and wear the regalia." A little sigh there. "He's a fine High Lord, though - and he rises to every challenge that comes his way."

Edain rides up alongside Katarina's horse and grabs the reins, "Woah there!" he says slowly the horse as he leans down to help Katarina untangle herself from the straps and stirrups, "Well ridden Princess Katarina! You did so with honor..." And then he lets the mercies come and check on her and he wheels back around and salutes, Artorius as, Serad brings him a fresh lance, "Are you ready Lord Artorius?"

Sophie is overheard praising Edain for: Kind, encouraging, and chivalrous even as he crushes the competition.

Tristan pauses to watch the joust, expression thoughtful, studying the high lord's style. He gestures with his stick toward Reese and Donella, and then rides to the end of the line of those waiting, Patches bouncing alongside, tail wagging. It should be noted, on closer inspection, Tristan does have a (battered) shield and a more conventional jousting lance currently strapped to his saddle. However, he does currently seem to be intent on wielding the stick.

Artorius moves to his horse, and smiles a little when Edain calls to him. As he readies himself, he chuckles "Ready as I'll ever be I feel, Prince Edain!" he smiles cracking his neck a little as he steels himself, ready to get in it!

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Artorius checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

A grateful smile is afforded to Edain when he aids her in untangling herself from the straps and stirrups of the horse, woozily settling on booted feet and reaching up to lead the startled mare off to the side.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 27, rolling 15 higher.

Artorius checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 29, rolling 2 higher.

Skye is overheard praising Edain for: High Lord Edain is amazing at jousting.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Artorius checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 29, rolling 17 higher.

Artorius checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 28, rolling 4 lower.

There's a strange competive intensity when Artorius and Edain square. Where it comes from is anyone's guess. It's not malicious, or contentious, but there's something in Edain's face that says he truly wants to impress the bigger ban. The fisrt pass both are on target, and both rock one another in the saddle. Edain leans into the strike and Artorious lance breaks in the exchange... both riders quickly reset and make another pass, This time, Edain is on target, and strikes Artorius shield square.

Orazio calls out from his conversation, "Good show, Lord Artorius!"

"A good start, your highness," Alexis offers, to Katarina, with a small smile. "But I think you made an excellent point - perhaps start with an easier opponent than his grace," She suggests. Then whistles in encouragement as she moves a little. "I'll go talk to some of the people in the stands, I think. I want to say hello to Princess Alarissa and Princess Lou."

Artorius gets on his horse good, the black mare winnying a little in readiness as the two charge at each other with lances raised and at the ready! He aims his lance at Edain's shoulder, but his lance breaks against the shield, causing him to be a little offset the next round. He looks at Edain with an intensity, aiming the lance at Edain's own shield, but experience is on Edain's side, and falls of the horse after his shield shatters from the force of Edain's lance. He rises to his feet quickly, cracking his neck some with a light smile, moving then to his horse "Good run Edain. Well done." he nods his head approvingly to the prince with a light wince, the pain reaching him now. With a salute, he moves off the field for another to take his place.

Reese seems to be pretty much recovered, thanks to Sophie's attentions and it seems that her pride needed more healing than her ankle. She watches the next match. "Oh, wow..he was closer. Good match!" She calls out. She then smiles over to her sister once again.

Alis has left the General Seating.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight leaves, following Alis.

Edain salutes Artorius, "It was an a great match Lord Artorius. It should not be our last, we should do this agian soon..." he looks t hen and says, "Dame Esoka.. would you honor me with next tilt?"[n

Reese cries out. "Woot, Dame Esoka!" She says, cheering on the knight.

Esoka keeps her eyes rapt on the intense round of passes between Edain and Artorius. When it ends, and her name is called, the prodigal knight grabs a lance and mounts up. "To my great honor!" In a clomp of hooves, she takes the field and gets in position.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Esoka checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 67 higher.

Relieved that Reese is feeling better (and that no one else is quite so injured), Sophie gives the Grayson a smile before rising to resume her previous post at the sidelines.

Skye gives a clap to Lord Artorius' performance, appreciating his skill against the High Lord. She then turns with interest as Dame Esoka takes the field.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 33, rolling 15 higher.

Esoka checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 23, rolling 12 higher.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 58 higher.

Esoka checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 77 higher.

Katarina has left the Field.

Quiet, a Valardin champion have been dismissed.

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl have been dismissed.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 35 higher.

Alarissa is in conversation with Gawain, but see's Alexis, there's a nod to the Dame, acknowledging her.

Esoka checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 31, rolling 3 lower.

Alexis makes her way to the stands, giving a bob of her head to Gawain and Alarissa, seeking out the Grayson Princess Lou in the meanwhile. And giving another nod of greeting to the Valardin contigent, and Orazio, as she makes her way to the stands.

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2 Armed Confessors, Mariah, a nanny, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Thump, a yappy pupper, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

Tikva has joined the General Seating.

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Again this is a close match The first pase is all but indecisive as the Prince and Veteran Knight both strike hard and on point neither able to knock the other from the sadle. That Esoka's lance cracks and buckles is truly a matter of luck and not due to anything Edain as done. The Prince resets with Sir Arugula, and when Esoka is ready the charge again. This time he scores a square hit, one that will claim in the bout. As he gets to the otherside he stops his horse, and removes his helm breiefly to get more air. He is going to be so sore and bruised in the morning at this point, "Well fought Dame Esoka, One of t he best in all of Arvum." He looks out then to others, "Dame Alexis, Sir Tristan, would either of you care to tilt next?"

Esoka is a fair horsewoman, and her courser runs with an eagerness of one still being trained in the fine art of restraint. This combines with her strength to give her some //power// behind the thrust of her lance. Her first breaks against the Prince's shield, and she increases her speed a notch for the second pass. This time, she's too far forward to correct when Edain's lance strikes her shield, and she falls to the ground with a solid grunt. A hand is quickly raised, though. She's good. After she gets to her feet, a low bow is offered to Edain. "It was grand to take the field against you, your grace. Gloria and Limerance's favors to you this day."

Reese looks over to Edan and Esoka, cheering for them both when the match comes to an end.

Alexis looks up, gesturing for Tristan to go first. She claps her hands and gives a shrill whistle to Esoka though, in recognition of her having fought so boldly.

Artorius sighs a little as he returns to the bleachers, cracking his neck a little from the fall. He sits down, looking quiet once more as he looks up to watch the next jousts between Esoka and Edain! Though when Esoka is discharged from her horse, he would clap approvingly of Edain's skill!

Tristan nudges his stallion forward. "Prince Edain," he says formally, or at least as formally as Tristan gets. "As I've said, I'm no sir. However, Sir Patches of Bastion," and he gestures to his dog, who settles on his haunches and looks tremendously fierce. If 'fierce' means really friendly and happy, that is. "Has decided to challenge you and has appointed me his champion. I am willing to try to knock you off your horse with a stick," he says, poker-faced. A pause. "Or I can use a lance, if you prefer."

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Reese calls out. "Go Tristan!" She cries out. She seems to be cheering for the Grayson faction people.

Rohm the Blackguard arrives, following Caelis.

Artorius has joined the General Seating.

Esoka takes her horse off the field, finding a handy page to help her out of her armor. Once she's more comfortable, she strides toward the stands, a bounce in her clompy step. Unhorsed or no, the smile on her face is //brilliant//. She does raise a hand and let out a loud cheer for Tristan, before she finds a place to plant herself.

Caelis has joined the General Seating.

Esoka has joined the General Seating.

Returning, Caelis looks about and slides back into the stands quietly.

"I still say that you are not a 'sir' is a merely and oversight and so I am inclined to keep calling you such.. but.. I would not see you not honor, Sir Patches favor." Edain looks to his squire, Serad, "Lance." he calls out and the young squire tosses him one, which the prince, catches. "Twine." And on cue Serad tosses ball of twine to Edain which he also catches. He trots Sir Arugula over to Tristan and and his horse and says, "If you will allow me?" he holds out a hand with the twine, an offer to tie the stick patches has fetched to a jousting lance for Tristan.

Tristan's mouth quirks into a brief grin, and he holds out stick and lance to perform the operation. Patches looks up happily, tail wagging, tail lolling. Tristan unstraps his shield and sets it into place. "Sir Patches gets a very large ham bone with his supper if I unhorse you," he informs the Prince. A pause. "And possibly if I don't, too."

Artorius looks over to Caelis "Welcome back. Nothing to urgent to attend to I hope?" he looks like he took a licking, "Sad to say I lost to the prince..but at least I gave him a run for his money." he sighs faintly, but smiles.

Salutes Tristan and says, "I think such a fine companion should have some over the very finest of fresh maple bacon as well. I will send some over poste haste." And that said, Edain rides to the otherside of pitch, and sets himself in the saddle and waist for Tristan to be ready.. and t hen once both riders are.. he charges.

Insaya has left the General Seating.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Tristan checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 24, rolling 11 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 31, rolling 22 higher.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Tristan checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 28, rolling 12 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 24, rolling 31 higher.

Tristan checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 24, rolling 27 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 29, rolling 11 higher.

Tristan checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 23, rolling 32 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Hello, precious puppeh. You can sit with Sophie while Edain and your daddy bash each other. She has bacon jerky and all the ear ruffles, haunch pats, and belly rubs you could possibly want.

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Tristan checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Lou seems to be deep in conversation at the general stands about something or another, but her attention is drawn to the competition. "Oh my. I think someone might be close to unseating him!" she exclaims out loud.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 23, rolling 21 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Patches is bribable. He hops over to make Sophie his latest friend while his person jousts.

So much bribing. Delicious, bacon-y bribing. And pettings. So many pettings that Sophie is too busy cooing at Patches that she kind of misses the final pass. Oops.

Alexis has left the General Seating.

Alexis has joined the Field.

Alexis offers her apologies and makes her way to the field. A Blanchard destrier being brought out for her, a large horse with an unruly mane for the tiny knight, as she moves to settle in the saddle. "May Gloria look upon us both in favour, as we seek to please her with our art," comes the greeting to the challenge, as the woman is handed her first lance. She does favour the long ones. There's a rude joke in that somewhere.

Kael calls out, after Alexis leaves the general seating area, "Good luck to you, Dame Alexis!" Yes, he's a little hoarse given all the yelling that he's done lately.

"Yay, Dame Alexis, take down your High Lord!" Reese calls out, but her words are cheerful and she does give Edain a smile.

"Dame Alexis! Prince Edain!" Reigna, equal opportunity yeller. But she clearly means well.

Tristan salutes Edain when the final lance is brokem. "Well ridden!" he calls to the prince. A pause. "And Sir Patches will have his hambone." Patches would be really excited about that, but he's distracted by bacon-y bribes and petting.

Reese then cheers for Tristan. "Yay Tristan, the best with horses in the whole of Compact!" She seems to have fun with her cheering.

Alexis gives a small bow to Tristan as she moves onto the field, seated on her horse. "Well fought, master Tristan. I am sure Gloria smiles upon you today."

Skye waves to Alexis as she leaves the stands, "I look forward to it!" She gives a smile and quietly roots for Dame Alexis as she takes the field. She also claps for Tristan and his fine performance on the field.

Reese is overheard praising Tristan for: He beat Edain at a joust, that is wonderous!

Reese is overheard praising Edain for: He is a super great jouster and so honorable it to.

Alarissa is overheard praising Gawain for: For unseating Edain in one pass!

Reese is overheard praising Gawain for: He beat Edain to. All those horses he wears must not be just for show!

Now this is what people come to see. Prince Edain is the Knight Prince of of a Nation of Knights. He is good in the saddle, and what's more, he's good in the saddle. Tristan in the royal stable master, and though he does not have an official knightly tightly, he trains horses horse to ride into battle and not flinch, and that means he knows how to joust.. because he has to teach the h orses what they need to go. And so each rider m akes their passes. And they are precise. Each striking firmly But no one is unhorsed....

Four passes go by and no one has been forced from their saddle, and each man has broken two lances.... The final pass is again the level of excellent precision that at this point, the crowd realizes they will see from these men. And again both strike home. Edain rocks back and for a moment there is a hush as it looks he might fall. But the Prince Holds on and rights himself in the saddle. He never looses grip on his lance.. but as he rights himself he looks down and sees that in the last clash, his lance has cracked and buckled, He lets it fall to the ground, concede his loss and he turns, "Sir Tristan, that was /inspired/ riding. May Limerance bless you indeed Goodman."

Esoka leaps to her feet when Tristan comes out the better in that tilt, bellowing a cheer into the air.

Shard doesn't cheer, or even smile, but she does offer a firm clap in response to that particular jousted outcome.

Artorius claps for Tristan when he appers to come out in victory. An approving smile to his features.

Bumping Artorius lightly, Caelis claps and cheers loudly for both of the jousters. There's a considerable amount of relief that Edain manages to stay in his saddle.

Edain has to remove his helmet to catch his breath after that match. Once he has his wind back he turns to Alexis and says, "Dame Alexis, I think I am all but spent... would you do me the honor of my final tilt this evening?"

"And you as well," calls back Tristan. He's smiling again. It's not a common Tristan expression, but he strokes Flame's neck as he nudges him back to watch the final tilt.

Alexis nods, bowing from her seat in the saddle. "I would be honoured, your grace. Though I cannot promise that my sport will be as grand as Master Tristan. I shall do my best."

Edain checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Alexis checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 67 higher.

Artorius nudges Caelis back a little with a soft chuckle and a wider smile. "Shall we talk some after the event?" he asks curiously.

Alexis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 33, rolling 22 higher.

True to her promise, Alexis provides nowhere near the sport Tristan did. Her initial technique is fine, but as she's frequently lamented, she is not an experienced rider, and she is unbalanced trying to keep control of her horse, which leaves her wide open - and with her small amount of mass, that means she gets knocked out of the saddle and crashes to the ground rather easily.

Skye gives a polite smile to all present where she's sitting and then takes her leave. She stands up and then starts to make her way down to the quiet booth where Alarissa and Gawain are sitting.

Skye has left the General Seating.

Skye has joined the Quiet Booth.

As skye is sitting Alarissa is standing, A glance to the thraxian woman. "Lady Blackshore. A joy to meet you. I was just leaving. We must have tea some day. Promise me that?"

And the final tilt of the night ends with two knights of the Oathlands squaring of. And perhaps that is how it should be. But Edain has his wind back.. and he strikes Alexis squarely in the shield and sends her to the ground. He brings, Sir Arugula and brings him to a stop and slides out of the sadle and goes to help Alexis up, "Well ridden, Dame Alexis. You do the Wyrmguard proud!"

He steps back then so the Mercy's can give her a look and amke sure she is ok, and he looks to the crowd, "I want to thank you all for helping me to ring in the Tourney of Roses by allowing me the ch ance to tilt, while I'll be spending the rest of it in the judges standy. Limerance smile up on you all!"

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