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Dominus - The Burning Cathedral

The Cathedral is on fire and surrounded by white-robed figures. Ooooooh.


Nov. 11, 2020, 6:13 p.m.

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Aureth Sabella Bree Sydney Hamish Amari Acacia Brigida Graziella Bhandn Mirella Gerrick Merek Hellfrog Petal Aindre Liara Drake Katarina Baelor Porter Brianna Preston Harlex Jeffeth Brigid Rysen Mirari Vitalis Asher Avary Esme Haptenna Kalani



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Pantheon's Path

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Dominus - The Burning Cathedral has started at Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Pantheon's Path.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador arrives, following Porter.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador have been dismissed.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Avary.

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl arrive, following Graziella.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Bandit, a dapple gray Duskshire feral, Blade of the Last Midnight, a rabbit arrive, following Amari.

Oh my Gods, what does it say about Aureth that his first instincts are to move _towards_ a burning building surrounded by people who probably want to kill him? He at least is trying to get a relatively circumspect look at what is going on, on the approach, while his templar escort move to cover him with shields and blades, looking very serious and alarmed.

All over the grounds of the Great Cathedral, figures swathed in white are gathered. All are armed to varying degrees, but they gather in menacing groups all around the Cathedral. On the steps, a tall woman with golden hair and clad in a similar simple, white robe stands tall with one of the Templars set to guard the Cathedral on his knees before her, arms held by two similarly clad figures. "This Cathedral is a monument to the corruption of the Faith! Too long, we have seen our Faith fall to decadence and greed! Too long have the voices of men and not the Gods dominated the thoughts of our Lycene Dominus and the leadership of the Faith! Today, we begin to purify the Faith and return it to what it once was!" Her arms are held in a triumphant pose before she lashes out with her knife, slits the throat of the Templar before her, and then cries out in joy, a sound echoed by those gathered with her. Behind her, smoke billows from the doors and windows of the Cathedral.

Oubi the Owl have been dismissed.

It's not far from Grayson Mansion to the Cathedral and while her ladies in waiting try to dissuade her, Sabella comes racing up with wide, horrified eyes to see the fire and the white robed figures and Lily once again reminds her this is likely no place for a princess but she moves forward through the crowd nonetheless, "Stop, this is madness!" she calls out, raising both hands, expression absolutely horrified at the scene playing out, "Whatever your cause you are doing nothing but hurting it here with this destruction! Do you think the former King would like to see his city in flames?"

The cries through the street, the desperate wails for the Great Cathedral, bring the Knight of Solace running. Dame Bree Harthall, sworn to the Gods, rushes through the crowds, trying to get closer to the flames already visible from afar. The look of horror on her face is clear, but it doesn't stop her from running toward the fray. "Get back!" she shouts to those tempting the danger, /and/ causing it. She's not the most intimidating, however, so how effective she is in dispersing any of the chaos is unclear. But she looks primed and ready to do whatever she must! Her hand reaches for her sword's hilt, but she does not draw. Not until she watches the Templar fall. "Stop!" Too little, too late. And so she rushes forward to make certain no others meet the same fate. People first, building second.

Bree wields Celestia, a double-edged incandescent longsword.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Briar, a young Oakhaven black and tan bloodhound arrive, following Petal.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Graziella checks wits and streetwise at normal. Graziella marginally fails.

Bree checks will and streetwise at normal. Bree marginally fails.

Aureth checks wits and streetwise at normal. Aureth is marginally successful.

Avary checks wits and streetwise at normal. Avary fails.

Baelor checks wits and streetwise at normal. Baelor fails.

Amari checks wits and streetwise at normal. Amari is marginally successful.

Aindre checks wits and streetwise at normal. Aindre fails.

Petal checks wits and streetwise at normal. Botch! Petal catastrophically fails.

Katarina checks wits and streetwise at normal. Katarina fails.

Porter checks wits and streetwise at normal. Botch! Porter is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Sabella checks wits and streetwise at normal. Sabella is marginally successful.

The commotion is difficult to miss. Even from Crown Way Central, the sound tends to carry. Sydney is hot on the heels of this scene, her eyes alive with confusion that cedes all but immediately into fury as she catches sight of the cathedral - and those around it.

Hamish checks wits and streetwise at normal. Hamish is successful.

Acacia checks wits and streetwise at normal. Acacia is marginally successful.

Liara checks wits and streetwise at normal. Liara fails.

Sydney checks wits and streetwise at normal. Sydney is marginally successful.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe arrive, following Mirella.

Drake checks wits and streetwise at normal. Drake fails.

Mirella checks wits and streetwise at normal. Mirella is marginally successful.

Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe have been dismissed.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

Mirella gets a wickedly sharp Lycene stiletto dagger from a steel-and-silver chain belt with a small black velvet-bound book suspended from it.

Aendal, a jumpy and introverted bookworm arrives, following Bhandn.

Bhandn checks wits and streetwise at normal. Bhandn is marginally successful.

Mirella gets a Lycene stiletto dagger of high quality steel from a steel-and-silver chain belt with a small black velvet-bound book suspended from it.

Gerrick checks wits and streetwise at normal. Gerrick is marginally successful.

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

Hamish comes running in with Aureth. A pair of middle-aged guys out for the sort of jog they likely haven't seen in a while. That Hamish, big as he is, is doing a bit of huffing and puffing by the time he can see the flames in the Cathedral is no surprise. Still, as soon as he sees what is happening on the steps of the heart of the Faith he stands up straight, nods to the two Templars with him and steps forward, flanked by the pair of them. The murder of the Templar at the woman's feet hardens his expression, then reaches into the bag at his hip and pulls on a dark red oakhide and rubicund cestus. "Stand down," he says. "You have defiled the Cathedral of the Pantheon and you have spilled blood on its steps. What you have decided to call a purge is blasphemy. If you stop now you will answer to the gods, but if you carry on like this the street is filled with others to whom you will have to answer first."

Gerrick wields Hopeless Dancer, a two-bladed quality steel sword.

Hamish takes Her Red Right Hand from the mysterious backpack of DEATH.

Aendal, a jumpy and introverted bookworm have been dismissed.

3 Armed Confessors, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Thomas the Faithful, the Silver Honey Badger arrive, following Alistair.

Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards, Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat arrive, following Preston.

Aureth checks command and leadership at normal. Aureth is successful.

Direhorn Jeffers, a barded Templar wargoat have been dismissed.

Balian, a Templar squire have been dismissed.

Guy, a hunting kestrel have been dismissed.

Hamish checks command and intimidation at daunting. Hamish fails.

Aureth blanches entirely at the sight of the blood spilled on the holy doorstep. Still looking pale and alarmed, his teeth set against his lower lip, he sidles behind one of his own templars, who are here to do the job of keeping his fool ass alive, and backs up Hamish vocally even while he is literally hiding behind a man in armor. "The Church rejects these calumnies. People of Faith, people of the Church, I call on you to aid us in the defense of our Holy Sanctuary from these traitors!"

Mirella wields a wickedly sharp Lycene stiletto dagger.

Sabella checks command and leadership at daunting. Sabella is marginally successful.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Brigida.

Amari checks command and leadership at hard. Amari fails.

1 Culler Boatswain, An Unremarkable Associate, a nondescript assistant arrive, following Acacia.

It's a lovely day, the weather is fine, but why is there so much yelling and smoke billowing? It's ruining a lovely jaunt through the city for Amari and her two giant dogs. Curiosity diverts Amari to this place just in time to witness the unexpected and horrifying scene unfolding. At least on horseback, she can see above the gathering crowd. That's good. What's bad is that she definitely didn't expect to ride into battle. If there's bloodshed, her aeterna garb won't stain too badly but that's all it has going in its favor in this scenario. Leaving the condemnations and threats of violence to those more prepared, and just generally, more intimidating, she takes a breath. Her hazel eyes take everything in, but fixate for a long moment on the licks of flame shooting out of the cathedral already. That's a problem. "We need to get buckets and make a line-" She begins, but she is a) not using her voice of authority and b) not being loud enough. Nobody's paying attention to the random noble lady asking them to start fire fighting.

Brother Chester, Fudgy, a chirpy crow arrive, following Jeffeth.

There's a lot of yelling going on and there are a lot of weapons being brandished about on both sides and there's Princess Sabella with nothing in her hands, both of them held aloft maybe to show that she is unarmed or perhaps to call for calm or both. She addresses the golden haired woman who killed the Templar, voice steady and strong even if she might be a little pale because that's a body right there, "I've exchanged letters with Alaric the Third. He would not want to see the city razed. He would not want his people to be slaughtered in the streets or turned against one another. Whatever your grievances this is not the way to approach them! Lay down your arms before things get worse for you!"

Acacia catches a whiff of something not right and moves towards the gathering crowd. Upon seeing what is happening, she'll send a runner for Culler reinforcements to warn are rally some more of her family (if possible and allowed). Weapons subltly slide from their sheaths, she'll hang back and try to get an idea of what is going on before doing anything crazy.

Sydney's hands seeks out her coat pockets all but immediately, her hustled run weighted with the muffled sound of leather against leather and interspersed with the subtle tinkling where jewelry-grade metal shifts. With practiced efficiency, her hands slip free from her pockets wrapped with leather and vicious rubicund, the absolute vision of fury as she draws up close to Hamish to stand nearly shoulder to shoulder with the Archlector. "Admirable speech and all, but if that works, I'll eat my shardin' boots. They're at fire and murder, already, Ham." The pugilist's eyes are narrowed, her form deceptively at ease for how tightly she grips her cesti. A brief flit of her eyes, "Nice glove."

Fudgy, a chirpy crow arrives, following Jeffeth.

After the death of the Templar on the steps, the still bleeding body is carried away and another brought to kneel before the woman in white as she cries out, "Any who choose to join us will be annointed into the true Faith! Free from the corruption of new false gods." As Hamish speaks up and Aureth right after him, the woman laughs and lifts her bloody knife to point in their direction, crying out, "Here are two of the 'representatives' of the false gods now! The Faith must be purified!" Her scream is shrill in the smoky air as she swings her arm to cut the throat of another Templar and some of those figures in white start to head in the direction of Hamish and Aureth. The smoke continues to billow from the Cathedral, but most are too afraid of those gathered before and around it to risk trying to put them out, despite Amari's urging. Sabella's words get a brief look from the woman in white and she calls out, her pale face reddening in fury, "How dare a noble attempt to interfere in the work of the gods! This is why the Faith must be purged! The Faith is currently an instrument of the will of the nobility, not a vessel for the will of the GODS!"

1 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Barrett, a raven furred giant schnauzer, 2 House Moore Knights arrive, following Brigid.

Brigida says, "OUT MY BLOODY WAY!" comes the utter no nonsense"

Jeffeth wields a tactical warhammer with a brutal spike.

Bhandn wields Vigil.

Sydney wields rubicund cestus with crimson spikes imbedded into black leather straps.

Acacia wields shadows of protection steel blade.

Bree checks command and leadership at hard. Bree marginally fails.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at daunting. Bree is marginally successful.

Greguin, an organized priest have been dismissed.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Graziella checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Graziella is marginally successful.

Bree already had Celestia drawn when the first Templar fell, and when she sees another's life taken, hears the calls of those trying to talk the angry mob down, she can wait no longer. "Knights of Solace! Not another Templar dies today!" A promise she probably can't keep, a rallying cry lost in the chaos, but she's rushing forward, shouldering through those surrounding the woman on the steps in an attempt to subdue her. She's strong, thankfully, and she knows her way around a sword, but how useless is the attempt to fight a mob?

Gerrick checks perception and streetwise at normal. Botch! Gerrick catastrophically fails.

Mirella checks perception and streetwise at normal. Mirella is marginally successful.

Princess Graziella was on her way to pray at one of the shrines when fighting broke out and she is unarmed in her steelsilk dress, reeking of decadence and severe splendor despite heading along The Pantheon's Path with pious intent. Unstoppable fashion with a military bent that can't go unseen even in a sea of violence. Graziella has her wits about her enough not to scream but she gets surrounded in the crowd of bodies as the smell of fire fills the air and people start to panic like trapped barn animals. Pushing through the street trying to put some distance between her and the burning cathedral she bobs and weaves through people, pushing them at times to clear her path so that she can see the fire. Her retinue of six Ivory Shields remain by her side to defend her and inadvertantly block her path, at times pushing her deeper into the chaos in the streets outside the cathedral even as they attempt to herd her home. She means to stay and have a look even as her guards urge her in the direction of safety; this is this history happening- and bloodshed. What a rush!

Graziella checks charm and performance at hard. Graziella is marginally successful.

Bhandn arrived at as much of a run as he could manage while decked head to toe in rubicund. He'd been hitting the books at the Archive, so an alarm about the cathedral being on fire was as much a means to break the monotony as it was startling. (It's very startling.) The censure from Hamish and Aureth is what draws the aging Knight of Solace and Bhandn will settle in to a protecting role, drawing Vigil and looking murderous at the white-clad individuals. Bhandn doesn't speak, but he is breathing hard, and his grip on that fine steel blade would be a choking one had it been any of the aggressors' throats.

Mirella's a small, dark-garbed figure in the crowd, her face shrouded by a silk hooded drawn up over her pale face. Theres not much else to be said, really. For now, she's lingering out of the way of where any violence might be about to break out, alongside her much taller bodyguard. Her expression is calm as she trails slow looks around the area, but her fingers are brushing against the hilt of a stiletto dagger that is fastened to a chain belt around her waist.

With enough protesting and shoving the Princess Graziella manages to push her way through her /own/ guards and she jams her pauldron into one of them as she does, saying, "I want to see the fire." She pushes again, moving through the crowd without weapons or purpose as she is drawn toward the flaming building like a moth to its own demise. The fire reflects boldly off her pauldrons and the dress is a lesson in severe and soft as layers of steelsilk and lace speak to her agenda. She stands there and does not say anything... somehow breaking the spell with her very presence in a listless manner as she gazes into the flames with wide blue eyes unblinking... soon her guards will rush in and pull her away but people will talk about the way the fire reflected off her pauldrons for years to come.

Gerrick saw the smoke rising from the Valardin Gate, leaving his post, and came across to see if he could be of help. Coming up to the scene of blood spilling he looks past the people in white and starts to look for a way inside to help those inside to get out. However, he cannot see past the crowd or robed figures.

50 inflicted and Bree is unharmed.

50 inflicted and Bhandn is unharmed.

The woman on the steps continues to call out as the body of the second Templar is removed. Her white robe is stained with blood, but the expression on her face is of beatific joy as she holds her arms up and call up, "With each death, our Faith grows more pure!" Just as she shouts this, Bree charges in as if to cut her down, but there are at least a dozen white-robed men and women that stand in the way. And they are all armed. Bree does her best to try to cut through them, but without back-up, she ends up with several sharp things poking her in various spots that her armor easily absorbs. The two men that attack her aren't so well-armored and she manages to stain their white robes red as she fights her way through the crowd. Bhandn, upon hearing the woman on the steps point out Aureth and Hamish specifically, moves in to put himself between the first of those white-robed figures and the two holy men only to catch a good slash across his chest himself. For a moment, he might wonder if he has made a grave mistake, which means his own counter to the attacker misses completely, but his armr keeps him safe for the moment. Graziella finds no impedient to her escape away from the scene, when she chooses to take it after modeling her dress. Mirella and Gerrick both look for weaknesses or alternative routes of approach.

Merek order

Liara checks command and leadership at hard. Liara is marginally successful.

The fire reflecting off Graziella's pauldrons is, indeed, mesmerizing. A templar engaged with the white robed cultists catches sight of it out of the corner of his eye and whirls, thrusting a sword in her direction. Luckily, one of her guards manages to intercede, taking the blow on the edge of a gauntlet and earning a slice across the bared part of her forearm. In the shouting and confusion between them, guardswoman and Templar, a white-robed figure points a knife at the scuffle. "This is the wages of your sins! You abandon the old ways!" More eyes turn towards Graziella. Perhaps she should get away while the getting is good.

Petal arrives in the area while adorned in seatouched wools and carrying a basket filled with many things. The tiny seamstress appears to have no armor and no weapons. She is surprised by what is happening, her brown eyes widening. She looks to the smoke and then to Amari. "Violet..go get all the wooden chests and buckets possible from the shop." She says toward her, maybe think they can be vessels for water. She then heads over to the field of spring flowers near the cathedral even while reaching for a sewing needle from her basket and a flask of water. She tries to wave anyone who might trample the flowers away from them and appears to be protecting the blooms or trying to. "Don't smash the flowers!" She says this to those of compact too.

Aindre checks command and leadership at daunting. Aindre fails.

Mirari wields alaricite talons gleaming on her fingers.

Drake checks command and leadership at hard. Critical Success! Drake is spectacularly successful.

Spring is one of the best time of the year for swordplay training. At least to be returning from it. The flora is blossoming, the breezes are nice and cool and everywhere one looks there's the rioting of rebelli-.. uh oh! Prince Aindre's arrives on the scene just in time to first-notice the zealots and their strange golden-haired leader then to notice his Highlord also happens to be hanging around near this mess. He gives Liara a 'Isn't Is A Dangerous Place For My Favorite Highlord?' sort of look just before he draws his blade and begins calling out orders to the people nearest him, hoping to gather them into some semblance of organization with which to combat the surging tide of chaos, "People of Arx! Rally! Let's show these traitors the error in burning what is sacred to us!". That sword of his is extended right at the woman who seems to be calling the shots. Or at least doing all the yelling. Then again, that's a lot of surging chaos to stem.

Violet is distracted by Petal protecting the flowers and never makes it get chests. Instead she worriedly hangs back, pale and nervous. "Petall..." She calls to her employer.

"There are ways older than all of us at play-" Graziella seems ready to have a deep theological debate right there on the steps of the burning cathedral... even after her guard has to deflect a blow to keep her alive but she's lost a say in this matter and two of her guards grasp her by the upper arms and walk her away to safety. She calls over her shoulder in a high pitche voices laced with the madness of the moment, "Open your eyes.. look into yourselves.." She is rushed away and carried in the direction of the Pravus ward with haste, three of her six guards taking up the rear and defending the escape.

A dozen Grayson-liveried soldiers emerge along one of the side roads, accompanying Liara, who comes to a pause at the edge of the extensive grounds about the cathedral. Her bodyguard keep in close order about the very much unarmed high lady, who calls to the people nearby, "Disperse. Leave this place and make for safety!" Her guard pick up on the call too, in the off-chance anyone's paying much attention. She does find time for a little tilt of her head towards the passing Aindre.

Drake heard the news about all the commotion, and ran out toward the church. Of course, it is a mob - nothing new, and not entirely unexpected, as if there is a fire, the natural thing is to run in the opposite direction. Only someone foolish would run TOWARD the-- ... So, of course, Drake Wyvernheart is running toward it, along with, it seems, many others. But his concern is the safety of the crowd, which should, at least... mob all in one direction. He doesn't want to spur on any violence from the civilians, merely direct traffic, so he looks for a clear path away from the fire. His focus is on those that are unarmed. "This way! To me, get behind the line of men-at-arms and away from the fire!" He surprises himself, even, with the fact that he's starting to sound like he knows what he's doing as a leader.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Ophelia.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Ophelia.

Petal checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Petal fails.

Aindre checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aindre is marginally successful.

Katarina checks command and leadership at daunting. Katarina is successful.

Leonce, an apprentice confessor arrives, following Rysen.

Aindre wields Aspire, a diamondplate blade with aeterna handle and iridescite cross-guard.

Baelor checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Baelor fails.

Baelor checks strength and medium wpn at normal. Baelor is marginally successful.

Wrong place, wrong time. Maybe worst place, worst time? Either way: Princess Katarina Valardin was in the middle of walking through the area en route to somewhere else when all of this suddenly exploded. Surrounded on all sides by her guards and the sudden addition of Lord Baelor Keaton, Katarina directs her men (and the Lord assisting them) to push toward the front so that she can address the figures on the steps: "I am Princess Katarina of the Great House Valardin. Who are you, who commits such atrocity? What explanation might you offer for this injustice, to blockade attempts to free innocent people--?"

The wave of attackers buckles under the new aid coming from Wash and Domonico, and in particular Ian's assault, but they still press on. Some of the Kennex guardsmen are giving ground, and the fires are getting alarming on the ground, but have not spread from the Main Hall yet.

OOC: Okay, roll wits or dexterity at normal for intiative, and then can say what you're doing in that order.))

50 inflicted and Petal is harmed for severe damage.

50 inflicted and Aindre is unharmed.

50 inflicted and Baelor is unharmed.

Baelor Keaton's diamondplate sword was drawn, and he wades into the group ahead of Princess Katarina. His armor keeps him from getting too harmed when those on the steps move to attack, and he stays in place near Katarina.

Aindre, as a Prince of House Grayson raises his voice to try to command and inspire those around him, but only manages to draw attention to himself for his trouble. One of the white-robed figures lashes out at him with his blade. He takes the blow and manages to strike back in retaliation, knocking the man back off his stance and bloodying him up for his trouble. Drake and Liara both are trying to get some of the civilians out of the area now that bloodshed has begun. The Grayson Highlord manages to get some peeling away and heading for safety. Drake serves as a beacon for those unarmed and many flock in his direction, creating chaos in the crowd that could work to the advantage of those trying to retake the Cathedral. Petal goes to protect her flowers, but this almost makes her a target. One of the robed figures slashes at her, cutting the woman down easily. Katarina gets attention with her address, but it might not be great attention. The woman calls out, "Heretics have no say over what the Faithful do!" Some of those robed figured peel away to make a beeline for the Princess. Luckily, Baelor and her guards are in the way. The guards block the initial attack, but are cut down in the swarm, leaving only her bodyguard for protection. Baelor takes a nasty slash himself, absorbed by his armor, but manages to knock back the attackers.

An over-eager cremello Artshall destrier with striking blue eyes, Lokni Tideborn, A Nerdy Metalsmith arrive, following Asher.

Preston wields Crusader, Blade of the Templars.

Asher wields a plain dagger of excellent make.

Rysen wields Moria - a rune-etched bastard sword.

Porter checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Porter is marginally successful.

Porter checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Porter catastrophically fails.

Drake wields Love's Sorrow, a Thorn-twined Blade.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston fails.

Brianna checks medium wpn at hard. Brianna is marginally successful.

Brianna checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Brianna is marginally successful.

Petal gets cut down and blood stains the her seatouched wool spring summer dress even as the girl cries out in pain. Tears bead on her dark lashes and streadk down her cheeks. She is laying amoungs the flowers bleeding and looks dangerously pale. Her moans are high pitched and pregnant with suffering.

An over-eager cremello Artshall destrier with striking blue eyes have been dismissed.

Lokni Tideborn, A Nerdy Metalsmith have been dismissed.

It's hard to miss the chaos that's going on, when the word reaches Porter's ears that the Cathedral is quite possibly BURNING and there are heretics in the street? He rushes through the streets of Arx and arrives on the scene of... well. A lot. He quickly wields his axe, that was totally easy to run through the streets with guys don't worry about it. This thing is lighter than it looks! Uh. He watches on in horror as the templar is cut down and then another. And then of course, there goes Bree. "No!" he calls out when she rushes forward into a mob of people, /too/ many people.

In this very moment, Lady Brianna Halfshav is very grateful she found ways to keep fit and train even when she was with child. When word reaches the training center that the cathedral was attacked by hooded weirdos, she puts down her training weapons and runs to see what is going on. She catches sight of Dame Bree, running up to her side. "I'm with you," she says simply. She wades into the thick of it alongside them.

Preston arrives at the scene with a mix of horror and anger, arriving in time to see a Templar fall. His jaw sets and he takes a deep breath before he calms and turns to Balian even as his hand reaches up to fasten the cheek guards of his helm "Run to the Compound, rouse the Chapter into armour and arms. Disciples, Godsworn. Everyone. Swaddle the Faith in steel, Balian." Having sent Balian off, Preston turns, his hand dropping to Crusader at his belt and pulling the blade free. "Gloria grant us strength that we may punish the guilty and preserve the innocent, Gloria grant me wisdom that I might see the path of honour, Gloria grant me courage that I might follow it to it's end or mine." he carefully intones as he strides forward, his blade turning in his hand. Reaching up, Preston pulls down his visor - though the red stripe on his armour still marks him out "Defend the Faith! Death to Heretics!" he bellows before charging without much regard to his own safety - for Jayus did provide smiths who made armour - towards the group to try and get his way in to end the executions. With his own rather stabby executions, admitedly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Asher before departing.

Brigida checks command and intimidation at daunting. Brigida fails.

"Out of the way!" comes the very angry voice of the Archlector of Petrichor, trying to cleat her path with prods of her staff before she sees the horrors unfolding. She can't fight this... she knows that but she stands her ground between any of the true heretics and innocents, planting her staff and calling out... something that is lost in the crack of the thunder.

100 inflicted and Porter is harmed for serious damage.

75 inflicted and Preston is harmed for moderate damage.

30 inflicted and Brianna is unharmed.

Porter and Brianna wade into the fray with Bree. Porter manages to lodge a solid hit on someone who was going for Bree's flank, but manages to take a nasty blow himself. Brianna wades into the fray and lands a solid blow and receives only a glancing one in return. Still, the addition of Porter and Brianna are starting to thin the crowd and create a path toward the woman on the stairs, covered in Templar blood. Upon hearing Preston, the woman calls out, "Ahh! Another heretic! Show him what we do with those that have perverted the purity of the gods!" Preston wades into the fray himself and takes a few solid blows, but is just as successful in cutting people down in front of him. Brigida, one of the elders of the Faith, attempts to use her usual initmidation to very little effect, especially once the rain starts. As the rain begins to fall, a couple of those white in the crowd turn their eyes to the sky in confusion. Yet, their leader cries out, "The gods weep for this city! The gods weep for the Faith!" Smoke continues to billow from the Cathedral, but the fire isn't able to spread from the interior to the outer structure as of yet.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Harlex marginally fails.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Harlex is marginally successful.

Jeffeth checks dex and dodge at hard. Jeffeth is marginally successful.

Harlex wields the whisperer of names.

Jeffeth checks dex and huge wpn at hard. Jeffeth is successful.

It isn't near to the Lyceum Ward but it is to the Upper Boroughs and when Harlex spies the smoke, he follows it to the blood-soaked field outside the Cathedral. His brows weighty, resigned and his gauntlet-clad hand is already on the scabbard of his sword. "Fine," he exhales, resigned. "Fine." Again but with a sharp, annoyed venom in his voice. Who is he talking to? Anyone's guess. The Sword of Lenosia has a weapon in his hand, though, intent in his cold green eyes. He sees a few fighters attempting to ascend the steps. Overcome by a group of figures in robes. That's the way he goes, hard and fast. Right into the thick of things. Damn it all. Seeking to join her and the knights in the fray.

Merek checks command and leadership at hard. Merek is marginally successful.

Brigid checks dex and dodge at hard. Brigid fails.

Brigid checks strength and hard wpn at hard. Brigid is marginally successful.

Brigid checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Brigid is marginally successful.

Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Brigid is marginally successful.

Clopclopclopclop. A giant horse rides in carrying a giant knight, Friend stops short of the crowd as the Bull of Solace looks down at those culminating, and those beyond. Alaricite horns glisten in the firelight as the Grandmaster of Solace dismounts and charges through the crowd, sprinting as hard as he may towards Porter and Bree. Swinging his hammer up at those that crowd his fellow knights, swinging powerfully to drive back those attacking them. Jeffeth looks down through the Bull helm at Porter, "With me, Porter. Stick close." He briefly offers his hand down to the other knight before immediately going back to fighting once he's righted.

Sydney's eyes all but gleam as the chaos erupts all around her in the span of moments. Too many words. Too many voices to pay attention to, so she does the sensible thing

Astride her courser does the Dame of Solace and Dragoon of Acorn Hill come thundering down, gaze honed in on the fiery catastrophic scene. It's Bree's voice that floats to her as she calls out, championing Solace and the others of the Faith seem to meld in with the Butterfly Knight's drowned out words. Brigid dismounts and rushes in to support the mobbed Bree and makes her way successfully towards the other Knights of the Silver Covenant, Canon wielded with iron resolve. A nod is given in acknowledgement towards Porter and Jeffeth, stance shifting to meet bodies as she enters the fray.

Merek maneuvers along when he would hear the call for people to assist, the man wearing that dark attire he often does. Not often does the man involve himself in these things, he has not often been seen except when needed. He pulls on the scarf which he wears while he motions to a few of his guardsmen, "Come on, let's evacuate the civilians!" There's a shift while he begins to dodge along into the place.
"You all, come with me! Anyone that doesn't want to be involved in this fight, that wants to find safety!" Then he begins to take the people by their collar to guide a few of them that way. There's a black cigarillo in his mouth while he takes a moment to swing it along to light it from that flame of the torch which someone looks like they are carrying, while all of that rain begins to fall. Wet footsteps seem to draw along while he guides people with the guardsmen. "TO SAFETY!"

Amari wields Sparrowhawk, a spirited oathlands style diamondplate horse bow.

Vitalis wields a blessed diamondplate bow with an earthen green leather grip.

Jeffeth, Brigid, and Harlex wade into battle with the others, thinning out that crowd before the steps. The woman on the steps with her knife starts to look nervous, particularly when Jeffeth cuts down a man in front of him. Harlex and Brigid also manage to move people out of the way, which makes her look even more nervous. Merek successfully manages to usher some of the crowd away, which isn't hard since it is raining and while the lookie-loos won't leave for fire, they seem to be leaving to keep from getting drenched.

Sydney checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Sydney is marginally successful.

Acacia checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Acacia is marginally successful.

Rysen checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Rysen is marginally successful.

Rysen checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Rysen is marginally successful.

Rysen and Leonce splash through the streets past those running in the opposite direction. "Keep the people safe, support the Templars, and take any aggressors into custody - those are our orders," says the Crovane knight to the apprentice confessor. "Petal!!" When Rysen sees Petal fall before the blade of a heretic, the Crovane knight sprints in her direction, sweeping his swords from their scabbards.

Sydney checks dexterity and brawl at hard. Sydney is successful.

Mirari checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Mirari is marginally successful.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari is marginally successful.

It would be so very easy for Mirari just turn on her foot and walk away. She's no hero. And she's turned about halfway back the way she came when she catches sight of alaricite gleaming in crimson hair. "Fuck." She mutters to herself. "Fine." She grits out and begins to twist, dodge, and eel around and between the crowd to make her way to where Sydney is, so she can plant herself near the redheaded brawler. Anyone who gets in the way ends up with a claw to the jugular. "Wouldn't you rather be enjoying a nice hot soak at my place right now?" She asks.

Vitalis checks dexterity and archery at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Asher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Asher fails.

Asher checks dexterity and small weapon at hard. Asher is marginally successful.

Vitalis heard the news which spread like, well, like wildfire and arrives on a scene of violence and blood and smoke. "Gods above." The scarred man scrambles for his Legate-blessed bow and then up atop a bollard. If he gains that perch, he'll fire on the woman on the steps, the one cutting throats -- unless a heretic blade or blow is poised to fall on a friend. He draws, sights, lips moving in prayer, and then... releases.

12 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

The smoke of the fire could be seen only a few city blocks away - Asher knows the difference between a proper fire and arson. He geared up and arrived, immediately trying to dive his way through the crowd. A small dagger in hand, he works his way through the assailants, to head in and back up Rysen.

Grimacing, Acacia let's out a sigh and a creative curse under her breath. The fight not coming to her, she takes the opportunity to puck a Petal out of danger and see her safe.

Moving quickly, Acacia simply navigates her way through the fray, happy to slice the throat open of any who get in her way. Once Petal is safely away from danger, the leather-clad Culler heads back in to make herself useful again.

Mirari is able to make her way to Sydney's side and manages to get a few good rakes of those claws in to boot. Rysen succeeds in placing himself between Petal and any further attacks as the person nearest her takes a blow and starts to stumble back. Asher is at Rysen's back, but far less successful at dodging attacks than the knight. As Vitalis scrambles up the bollard, the rain might prove a brief impediment to his shot and yet... his arrow whistles through the air and strikes true, hitting the woman in the shoulder. As her own blood starts to blossom over her white gown, those nearest her grab their bleeding leading and retreat into the still smoldering church while the rest of the battle wages beyond the step as the sight of the woman taking the arrow inspires chaos from her followers.

There's word of combat raging in the Queensrest, as a large number of citizens and guards storm the inn, but it doesn't last long. Rumors are far more interested in what the group found, and they spread like horrified wildfire throughout the city. Assassins have struck at the very heart of the Faith, and while cut down to a man, their mission appears to have been accomplished before any help could reach them. Despite the valiant efforts of the templars, and the final bravery of the man they were guarding, the assassins have succeeded. .

Dominus Orazio is dead.

Amari checks dexterity and archery at hard. Amari is successful.

Hand resting on the back of the man stalwartly guarding him, Aureth bows his head, pale and trembling with fury, as he shapes words in prayer. His hand closes in a fist, and then he turns to face the rest of the crowd. He fills his orator's lungs and bellows, "Do not heed these liars and traitors, people of the Faith! Even the gods deny them!"

Amari checks charm and animal ken at hard. Amari fails.

Aureth checks command and leadership at hard. Aureth is successful.

Sabella checks command and leadership at hard. Sabella is successful.

Hamish checks mana and occult at hard. Hamish is marginally successful.

Amari checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Amari marginally fails.

Amari stands in her stirrups and looses an arrow at a white robe, only Bandit is wiling out. This is so much STUFF AND THINGS happening.

As the templars assigned to him try to scoot Hamish back he watches the lady running into the cathedral, then collapses. Fortunately there are two big beefy boys to catch him. Unfortunately he's beefier than either of them.

When the thunder claps and the rain starts Sabella looks utterly astonished, lifting her face towards the skies in absolute awe. Then she's moving away from the fighting faster, raising her voice, "People of Arx, those that aren't carrying a blade, I ask you to find anything that might carry water and stand away from the fighting at the ready so that we might save the Cathedral once we have safe access to it once more!"

Sydney has been busy, amidst the chaos. The pugilist bulls forward with a sharp crack of rubicund-spiked fists into the nearest white-robed thing she sees, sidesteps attempts to thwart her, and harries opponents with that unexpected rubicund bite to her strikes. Mirari's quip gets a snort of amusement, "And miss this one?" The driving rain is hardly as inviting.

Aureth and Sabella manage to get the crowd with them as they raise their voices to speak against what is going on. They really want to help put out the fires, but those are inside, where the baddies are, so they are temporarily stymied in their efforts, but ready to go should a path be cleared. Hamish goes down, but doesn't seem to have taken any sort of injury. Weird. Acacia makes a sprint for Petal and pulls her out of being in the open and into a more secure spot with Rysen and Asher to handle any who might try to stop her. Amari takes aim at Petal's attacker, but her horse doesn't like screaming and fighting and so she misses. Sydney manages to keep Hamish safe when he goes down and smashes one guy's face to the point where he is going to need a spoon to find his nose.

30 inflicted and Sydney is unharmed.

Bhandn checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bhandn marginally fails.

Bhandn checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Bhandn marginally fails.

Mirella checks dexterity and stealth at hard. Mirella is successful.

Mirella checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirella marginally fails.

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bree marginally fails.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Bree is marginally successful.

Avary checks command and intimidation at daunting. Avary fails.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Bandit, a dapple gray Duskshire feral, Blade of the Last Midnight, a rabbit leave, following Amari.

Avary comes quickly up the now slippery road from a southern nearby shrine, her wet robes clinging to her as she jogs but then slows down as she witnesses the templar being murdered and fires. Preston's words as Carnifex and the Legate's are heard,. Drawing the sword at her side, she lifts it up and her voice in a loud intimidating judgement. "You who have desecrated hallowed ground and forsake the laws of the gods and oaths by staining the steps of sanctuary, may the Sentinel's judgement come swift so you may meet the Queen and answer for your actions! Sentinel, we defend the innocent and bring justice to the guilty!"

Bree does not stop fighting, bloodying her blade against the white robed figures. Her goal is the woman, the one she saw viciously murder two Templars. There's a brief glance back, seeing those who have joined her, seeing Porter struck down, and it is seems to cause a surge forward, blue eyes blazing with a need to see the threat put down!

Bhandn will remain near the Legate and Archlector with his sword out, to keep sharp and pointy things directed at him rather than at Aureth or Hamish. He remains standing protectively in front of them and keeps quiet, expression still cold and hard.

Avary wields A Blade That Never Dulls.

Gerrick checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Gerrick fails.

Having been shadowing around the edges of the crowd, Mirella now takes her chance to sneak into the edges of the fray. Wielding her stiletto dagger, she attempts to backstab a foe who might be ready to deliver a fatal blow to one of our heroes. Sadly, her aim is goes fractionally awry thanks to a sudden shifting of the crowd that sees her pushed aside and away from her quarry.

Greguin, an organized priest have been dismissed.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Bhandn provides a very good block between Hamish and Aureth and the crowd of attackers, which is admittedly starting to thin thanks to being cut down and injured as well as the retreat of some who are following their injured leader back into the Cathedral. Mirella, sneaky thing that she is, can credit at least one surprise slit throat to her own kill tally. Gerrick also tries to be sneaky and follow the crowd around the leader in retreat. The leader's brute squad unfortunately notice him and try to remove him as a threat. Bree is still fighting her way up the steps, taking hits but delivering a few of her own, especially with other fighters to support her charge. Avary might have succeeded with any other Faithful but these zealots. Luckily, they are in retreat and do no attack and the leader is too busy bleeding a lot to speak against her.

120 inflicted and Gerrick is harmed for grievous damage.

Gerrick checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 29 higher.

Gerrick remains capable of fighting.

40 inflicted and Bree is unharmed.

40 inflicted and Bhandn is unharmed.

Katarina checks command and leadership at daunting. Katarina fails.

Baelor checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Baelor fails.

Baelor checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Baelor is marginally successful.

Aindre checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aindre is successful.

Aindre checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aindre is marginally successful.

Petal checks mana and agriculture at normal. Petal is successful.

Prince Aindre carries through with the zealot he'd bloodied in return for taking a swing at him, stepping up and pressing his attack alongside the others who have gone on the offensive against these seeming agents of chaos to see them driven backwards into the very flames they've started. He looks through the blessed rain that's started to fall and stares right into the eyes of the man he's engaging, shouting at him, "There! Do you see now who the Gods favor?" as he comes on with the conviction of someone who believes that very thing.

Drake checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

Drake checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

With a battle now continuing on the stairs of the church, and Drake getting in front of as many innocents as he can, he now has a clear path to march forward. He pulls out his blade, feeling the bloodwood throb in his hand as it is time to join the battle. The rain rippling down from the skies, Drake marches forward to attack one of the remaining zealots.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Esme has come to see if the fire is out, but is also very tentatively walking into the area.

Katarina brings her hands up to her veiled face and lets out a choked, strangled almost-a-scream when her two Valardin knights are cut down. Her Suj'abbati guardsman, Juba'al'samara, remains in front of her, sword in hand. Katarina murmurs quiet prayers, perhaps for the fallen men, and then attempts to assert her authority: "I am QUEEN Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat, of the Dune Kingdom of Suj'abbat," she says, in a faltering bark, "and I DEMAND an explanation--"

Joy, the advisor of roses leaves, following Esme.

Baelor looks aside towards Katarina and her...calls as Queen. But really, he isn't one to judge about it. His sword in hand, point low and waiting to see what dumbass wishes to die this day.

Petal was pulled of the way thanks to the efforts of Accacia, Amari and Rysen. She is now bleeding off to the side of the main fight which is a better place for bleeding. As her blood starts to soak into the ground white wildflowers of a type unfamilar to most start blooming abundndantly about her. They have silky petals and are lovely by most standards. She is moaning softly and still concious, barely.

While the rain certainly makes the fighting more complicated, for those it inspires, like Aindre, he seems to move forward with renewed purpose, cutting a steady path toward the steps where he meets up with the Knights of Solace, the Carnifex, and others pressing the zealots in their retreat into the smoldering church. Drake surges forward as well, and manages to cut a path in that direction as well. The mood of the crowd has changed, not that it was particularly organized in the first place, now that the leadership of this messy little arson is in retreat. Katarina's imperiousness is ignored, which is probably a good thing for her since Baelor is already busy fending off a couple of half-hearted attackers from her which he manages to put down reasonably well. Flowers bloom around Petal as she lies there bleeding. Weird.

40 inflicted and Aindre is unharmed.

40 inflicted and Drake is unharmed.

80 inflicted and Baelor is harmed for serious damage.

Porter checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Porter is successful.

Porter checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Porter is successful.

Brianna checks dodge and dexterity at hard. Brianna marginally fails.

Brianna checks medium wpn at hard. Brianna is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is marginally successful.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston is marginally successful.

Porter is bleeding, it's seeping through the front of his white tabard and his breathing is ragged, like it's hard to get in a good gasp of air. Good news? The rain is washing away some of the blood. Actually, it's not. Looks way worse. But the fight goes on!

Brianna checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Brianna is marginally successful.

Preston continues to press forward as Crusader slaehes at his foes, grunting stubbornly as blades find the joints of his armour and cuts begin to slow him. Fixing his eyes on the woman as he continues to stride and cut towards her, he bellows back "Perverted? Heretic? I am Sir Preston, Carnifex of the Faith, Grandmaster of the Templars, Paladin of Gloria, Hand of the Orthodoxy, and /you/ have despoiled my Cathedral and killed my brothers."

Brianna fights shoulder to shoulder with the Knights of Solace, and she hears the Carnifex's words. "And his hair is fucking spectacular, you heathens!" she cries out. Adrenaline is a helluva drug.

Brigida checks intellect and medicine at normal. Brigida marginally fails.

Porter, despite the extent of his injuries, still presses on with the others in pursuit of the retreating leader as she and her closest followers into the church. Brianna helps in that she is keeping people off Preston as he also presses forward. They are on the steps, but some of the white-robed figures are trying to close the Cathedral doors against them, despite the utter stupidity of that idea. Brigida makes her way to Petal and starts to work on her injuries, but here is no improvement so far.

40 inflicted and Preston is unharmed.

40 inflicted and Brianna is unharmed.

Brigida doesn't get involved in the fighting and is now on her knees beside the fallen Petal, trying to stem the flow of blood and getting her white robes stained red in short order. "Easy now Petal. You'll be alright," she murmurs.

Merek checks command and leadership at hard. Merek fails.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Harlex is successful.

Brigid checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Brigid fails.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Harlex is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Brigid is marginally successful.

Merek looks to the fleeing enemies, while he points to his guardsmen, "See if you can route them away from the citizens, I don't know if we can manage, there's a lot of crowds, but do what you can," he offers, then he takes a moment to draw his sword, while he waits.

Harlex cuts goes to cut a path upward along with the knights. The blade of his sword shimmering red momentarily, but it must clearly be the fading flames that lap at the cathedral or the blood being spilt. He fights in pursuit of the leader and her brute squad. Murderous intent in every howling slash of that eerie sword. No words. No nothing. Just violence.

Jeffeth checks str and athletics at hard. Jeffeth is successful.

Jeffeth checks strength and athletics at hard. Jeffeth is successful.

The Grandmaster of Solace presses forward, shouldering foes aside as they start to flee. Jeffeth rushes forward, going to shoulder his hammer. The doors start to close and his gauntlets fly out gripping at the doors as those massive arms flex and the big man pulls to keep them from being able to close the doors. The Bull plants his boots firmly, pulling with all his muscle-might

Pushing herself forward, Brigid reaches Bree and positions herself at her sister's side, "Slit her throat, we're with you." Was growled, the Dragoon settled firmly to be the Knight Commander's bulwark as she goes to join the others in the goal of tearing that treasonous woman apart.

Harlex manages to clear the way up the steps with even more blood staining them to join with Templar blood that was shed before. This gives Jeffeth a path to rush to the door and keep the retreating zealots from barricading themselves inside. Brigid's assistance help Bree get up those steps as well. Merek's men are in too much of a disarray to listen to his commands effectively, but, luckily, the people in white robes don't seem interested in the crowd. In fact, some of them, realizing that they are starting to lose this, are looking rather desperate.

Rysen checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Rysen catastrophically fails.

Asher checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Asher marginally fails.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari marginally fails.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Mirari doesn't push forward-- she doesn't try any heroics. She stays within the same general area-- flashing her alaricite talons and her teeth at anyone who comes too close to the redhead pugilist or the Archlector of death.

The riot in Crimson Square is quelled, through blood and steel. Rioters are rounded up, what few still proudly wear the Helianthus colors, and many more, who claim innocence of all wrongdoing. And, most curiously, there is an armed arrangement of soldiers taking up post around House Grimkin's Arx estate. There seems to be some dispute over the guilt or innocence of a few guests within its walls. But those are a distinct minority of the dozens that the defenders round up for trial. Lord Victus has promised to respect tradition when it comes to traitors: they will go to the crosses.

As Acacia pulls Petal to safety, Rysen parries an attacker's weapon, and counter attacks, missing so violently that he falls flat on the ground with a loud *THUD*. He glances over at Asher, before uttering a curse and pushing up to his feet, sopping wet.

There are too many variables here for Asher to adequately deal with all of them, including the rain. But his job, really, isn't to deal with attackers, it's to protect Rysen. And so when he falls to the ground, Asher is trying to parry attacks, all while standing in between danger and the knight he serves; it might hurt, but it's better than hurt pride.

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Preston.

Rysen and Asher did well on keeping Petal protected, but trying to make it to the retreating zealots proves difficult. Mirari keeps the passed out Hamish and Sydney safe, but the zealots have mostly retreated toward the Cathedral. Jeffeth has prevented the door from being closed, so it provides everyone on the steps a wonderful view of a grave miscalculation. The Cathedral within is a smoking ruin. A structurally unsound smoking ruin. It starts with a rumble. It ends with several tons ceiling dropping on the heads of the leader as well as her brute squad, what few remain. There are screams of pain and, once those outside hear what is happening within, most start to break and run, at least those capable of it of which there are few thanks to the efforts today. The Cathedral's newly opened roof helps the rain put out the fires inside and, thanks to the gods, the structure remains intact even if the inside is ruined.

Aureth drops to a knee beside Hamish, which is convenient for all of their templar guards - their protectees are hovering in the same spot. He looks wavery, shocky and pale, and at some point the news must have reached him in the crush, because he has a hint of that look -- that look of shock that presages deep grief. Aureth is here, with the clash of battle and choking smoke and mortal terror, but some part of him is a little boy, struggling to understand what it meant when you told him his father is dead. "Stay with me, you mad bastard. I'm going to need you now."

"DO YOU WANT A JOB?" Porter shouts at Brianna over the chaos of all the fighting. "ALWAYS. LOOKING. FOR. NEW. DISCIPLES." When people start trying to close the doors against them, wow, how dare they? He throws his weight into trying to make sure that doesn't happen. But he actually doesn't need to do that because Jeffeth is there and not bleeding out onto the ground. So he steps back and gets a full view of everything happening inside. "Aw, fuck."

Gerrick is on the steps exactly how far he made it when trying to rush the heretics. Laying on his side holding his gut, probably to keep it from falling out.

Petal is laying upon the ground bleeding with white flowers all around her. She doesn't seem very aware though.

"MEDIC!" calls Mirari, glancing down toward Hamish and the kneeling Aureth. Her talons are wiped off on her silks and she looks about. "Syd?" Her green eyes don't stop searching until she finds the redhead.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Brigida.

Drake's sword has tasted blood here, and as the remaining zealots run into the cathedral... he gets a good look at them running. He almost breaks into a chase as he's in the heat of battle, but notices that they're running into a trap... Then, something else holds him back, a page running up to him. It gets his attention, and then he notices the way his thorn-hilted sword is pressing into his palm. Throbbing...

Drake gets the message from the messenger, takes it into his hand with wide eyes. There's a bit of fear, and then... his shoulders slump and he sighs in relief. He wipes the blood off his blade, sheathes it... and departs at a run, all the same.

Standing at the doorway, keeping them open, Jeffeth calls out. "GET BACK!" Just as he catches sight of the insides coming on down. He raises one arm up over his face as parts of the cathedral come falling down. For a moment, Jeffeth gapes at the innards of the cathedral. He then stops holding the doors open and goes ahead and closes those doors. Hm.

Sabella gasps as the Cathedral interior is revealed through the crowd, not realizing what's going to happen until the roof is already falling and her cry of alarm is too late. She claps a hand over her mouth and takes in a steadying breath, not trying to stop any of the heretics that are running since that's the job of all these Templars. "Thank you," she then says quietly to the sky, looking immensely grateful, turning to express those same sentiments to the people who had rallied to gather the water and buckets that are no longer needed. She murmurs a quick word to Elizabetta and Lily, both of whom go running. Most likely for medics to tend to all the wounded.

Katarina isn't going to get answers, even if she yells and stamps her feet. She's also getting rained on, which isn't ideal. In light of these things, and Baelor having taken a hit during the fight, she rushes to the Keaton's side to see if he's okay... just in time to be standing at the base of the steps as the Cathedral comes down. She's unable to say anything, just staring in wide-eyed shock.

Sydney is damp, wet, and covered in blood that isn't her own. It flecks her teeth, which are bared in a savage snarl of a grin until there aren't any more moving targets left in her vicinity. Or, more accurately, until Mirari calls her name. Her head snaps up sharply, and she looks to the side. "Mira?" A bracing little shake of her head, and she makes her way back over, glancing between her and the downed Hamish. "...Did someone smack 'im one?"

Horror rises in Acacia's eyes as the cathedral falls in on itself. Her mouth opens to speak, but really there are no words to be spoken. A final glance to see if there are any prisoners to take, but seeing she first goes to check on Petal. The small seamstress seems in good hands. Not being a medic herself, the curvy Culler moves off to help the remaining wounded to any medics or mercies that might offer aid before melting into the crowds again.

Hamish remains a very heavy heap on the ground. Sir Daniel stands nearby, looking like he's got no idea what in the world he's supposed to do when this happens, but keeps his sword out and gives mad looks to anyone who comes too close, even though at this point no one is likely to be approaching with ill intent.

Lord Baelor Keaton is still nearby Katarina, some blood has started to seep into the black of his armor. He will look down as hair begins to stick to his face....and lift his shield and shieldarm up then over to shelter the shortest of Valardin Princesses from the rain. To step sideways to keep debris from clattering through to hit her.

For a while, Bhandn will stay on alert, sword still in his hands, eyes watching the flight and subsequent -- Every thought gets discarded, completely distracted by that rumble, and his grey eyes stare as the cathedral /caves in/. "I need a drink," are his first words, to the air, and that a touch hoarse. Once it becomes clear that the conflict is over, he finally sheathes Vigil at his side and turns his attention now to Hamish. "Should I carry him?" Bhandn finally asks Aureth.

Mirella checks composure at hard. Mirella is marginally successful.

The sound of the Cathedral's cracking cinder kissed ceiling caused Brigid to halt, reaching out to grab at Bree lest she hurl forward in her fervor. An exhale of breath, glancing all around seeing that some notables are unharmed the Dragoon departs and whistles for Vane. Mounting does she take herself away at a hastened speed heading to take stock of other areas of Arx, a look of panic on normally austere features.

Harlex runs the length of the blooded sword on the crook of his arm, cleaning it before sheathing its edge. The dead robed figures around him spots of white against the red so thick even the rain can't wash it clean. The screams from inside earn a glance, but he steps away and away, as the inside crumbles. Shielding himself slightly. Once the debris clears, he peels back into the chaos and vanishes.

Merek checks willpower at daunting. Merek marginally fails.

Rysen stares gaping at the cathedral as the few remaining heretics are crushed. He places a hand on Asher's shoulder, and makes his way over to the corpse of the leader and her devotees. Passing Sword of Lenosia, he says, "Gods and spirits, Harlex. You're an artist." Rysen kneels at the sight of the body and begins collecting evidence.

"I didn't see what took him down," Aureth says. One hand has fallen to Hamish's shoulder, beside him. He looks wanly between Mirari and Sydney, a cinch to his brow. "I was trying... to rally the Faithful, I suppose." His pale gaze flicks away for a moment, lingering on the baffled chaos around the cathedral doors. "I suppose it would be good if we got him in out of the rain... to Solace?" He needs to be decisive. He will have no room for question marks in the coming days. He rests his hand against Hamish's cheek. "To Solace," he says, more firmly.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

With the forces of Solace along with the other warriors of the city mounting the steps in frenzied chase, Bree feels the surge of energy to rush forward, to help Jeffeth keep the doors open. So she's there to watch it crumble, to see the debris fall and crush those inside. She, too, leaps back to see their pursuit end in rubble. Brigid grabs her, too, but she need not. A breath is taken, the realization that the Cathedral has been internally destroyed setting in. A hand comes to touch Brigid's and she nods, "I won't." The promise is made, and with a meaningful look at Jeffeth, she turns to Porter. "Are you alright?" she asks, her blue eyes taking him in, her steps closing the distance. "We have to clear this out, we have to make sure no one gets hurt if the building continues to fall. But," she reaches out to touch his arms on either side. "Are you alright?"

Mirari glances down at Hamish and says, "I didn't see what happened to him, just made sure no one got past the templars." A glance is given up at Jeffeth's shout and she watches passively as the cathedral falls in on itself. Her gaze turns toward Aureth and then flicks toward Bhandn, she stares at him intently. Then with a nod toward Aureth she says, "To the House of Solace, yes."

Prince Aindre, splattered with the blood of the zealous and drenched in the blessed rains from above, is given cause at first to shield his eyes when the roof of the cathedral comes down and those great doors held open belch out cinders and flame no doubt. In the aftermath of it, he's left there amidst the chaos with a look of dread on his features, watching the fires that consume it until whatever thoughts are wandering around inside of him seem to pass. He sheathes his sword, crossing the distance over to where Sabella is to offer to her in a voice more quiet than normally he might speak with, "Princess. We should see you home. Unless you're planning to remain and help in whatever is to come next here? You'll catch your death out in this rain. I'm sure Prince Niklas is very worried about you. News of the rebellion must surely have reached him by now."

Somewhere on the periphery of the chaos, Mirella stands with her hands on her hips as she gazes towards the newly-ruined catherdral. She blinks slowly, head tilted to one side. There's a hint of a frown playing across her face, but maybe that's due to the smell of drenched fires that clings to the breeze. Quietly, silently, she departs from the scene.

Merek looks to the cathedral amid holy rain while it trails along into the day. The man looks to his sword while he tries to sheath that, then he walks along to assist the civilians that he brought from the cathedral. He seems a bit defeated while he wipes at his mouth a little bit.

Asher looks around as the building... Well, it collapses, more or less, right upon the people that they were to chase. He gives out a short, scoffing laugh in spite of himself. "Could you imagine, Lord Rysen? Us, stumbling like that, probably saved our lives. I suppose one of the Gods was looking out for us." That's his explanation for it, at least. His weapon is put away, and he's headed to check on who might be the most wounded, to see what he can do to help... But he's done with looking for that after a few moments. Medical things are in hand already, and he's much more interested in who these heretics -are-.

Katarina checks willpower at hard. Katarina is marginally successful.

With the inside of the cathedral now collapsed, Porter has a moment to look down at his tabard. That's a lot of blood. And his breathing remains not spectactular despite finding the energy to shout a few moments earlier. He takes in a long breath of air and fills his lungs up before he hears Bree's questin. He touches the white silk of his garment and pulls it away it see a nice amount of rain-diluted blood. "I think I'm okay." Yes, this is fine. Very healthy.

Sydney passes her eyes briefly over Mirari, and seems satisfied with what she sees - or doesn't see - a clear mark of relief easing of her features now that some of the manic grinning has abated. She lashes her tongue briefly over bloodied teeth and spits to the side. With the adrenaline spike starting to fade, she turns her eyes toward the ex-cathedral, and gnaws at her lip. ".../Fuck/."

Katarina, protected by Baelor's shield, stares past that shield at the cathedral for a long moment, and seems to just barely contain her tears, even if her golden eyes are a bit wet at the moment. "Lord Baelor," she says, finally, turning her veiled face away from the collapsed building, "you're hurt. Come. Let us find a... a Mercy."

Petal is still bleeding and surrounded by white flowers.

Bhandn checks composure at normal. Critical Success! Bhandn is spectacularly successful.

Having done her dispatches to the Physicians and Mercies, Sabella is just standing there looking up at the rain and not even caring that it is plastering her hair to her forehead and ruining her painting-perfect curls. When Aindre speaks to her she seems startled, looking down and giving him a brilliant smile, "Can you believe it? The rain helped to turn the tide! Perhaps literally considering who must have sent it!" That smile fades when she looks around once again. There's still a lot of blood even if it is mixing with water, "Yes. You're right of course. I shall get the names of the Templars that fell from Grandmaster Preston after everything has firmly settled. If you'd escort me? I think that perhaps in just a few minutes I may be very upset at everything I've seen here tonight."

Word comes of a significant battle down in the new Ward of House Pravus, at the South Docks on the south side of the Gray River. Forces loyal to Helianthus attempted to set the ward ablaze and to steal ships, to both sabotage some of the coming war effort and to obtain an easy way to escape the city. The forces of House Pravus, Inverno and Leporidae took losses but managed to crush the mix of Helianthus soldiers and their sellsword allies.

1 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

"I am well enough to ensure wayward Dragon Princesses find themselves somewhere safe to wait out the rest of this evening, Princess." Baelor grumbles down at the drenched Princess Katarina. "Oathlands Ward is that way. They have mercies there. Are you ready?"

The screaming and yelling, and what not, has drawn Haptenna here. She's not in her mercy robes at the moment, but then, she didn't really have a chance to put them on. She jsut grabbed her satchel of tools when the call went out and the sperfunctory screaming and yelling for help went up... to say nothing of *everything else* that's happening. She's pale (which, for her, means she's practically looks like she's hypothermic) and staring in horror at the various bloodied people. She takes a deep breath, takes a moment to calm herself and assess who needs help, and immediately sets to move in to do just that.

The Cathedral of Arx is home to a grisly scene. Bodies of templars, of white-robed 'zealots', and guards litter the grounds along enough blood that, if it weren't for the rain, would paint the steps of the Cathedral scarlet. Rumors quickly spread that some of the white-robed arsonists were executing Templars on the Cathedral steps. Said rain has assisted with fighting the fire, but the inside of the Cathedral is a smoking ruin. The roof is caved in, everything within is blackened char, yet, somehow, the outer walls and the structure of the Cathedral still stand. There might be hope to be found there yet.

Slowly turning, giving his back to the closed door, Jeffeth lifts his hands to remove his Bull helm. The man is horribly scarred, half of his face just a desolate ruin as if it were melted off. It's an old scar, however, likely didn't happen today. The Grandmaster slowly looks down at those wounded, at the dead on the steps of the cathedral. There's a glance up to the rain before looking back down. He looks to Bhandn and gives a distracted nod, his eyes going to Porter, to Bree.

Slowly he sinks down to sit on the top set in front of the doors.

Grabbing her kit and making her way to where one of the nexus of screaming and chaos is located, Kalani arrives a few moments after Haptenna, sharing a nod with her fellow physician. "Now this is a bloody mess," and moves toward the Mercy, still skimming the .. grisly scene.

Rysen grins at Asher. "Looking out for them too, it seems," he replies, gesturing to the crushed zealots. Rysen kneels down and examines the bodies, before calling over Leonce. "Tell the High Inquisitor there are some wounded zealots for the panopticon and some bodies for Godric." Leonce nods and quickly departs, while Rysen turns to find Asher and Petal.

Katarina moves to try and support Baelor, as if her 5'1" frame (weight: one pile of goose feathers) could possibly support him. Her Eurusi bodyguard follows close by, ready to catch Baelor if he falls, mostly so that he doesn't fall onto Katarina. "...y-yes," Katarina murmurs, quietly. "We'll... we'll return home." She turns her head to take one last look at the ruined Cathedral. "...I will not forget your bravery, Lord Baelor."

"You'll be okay," Bree takes Porter's words and turns them on him, even if her breath catches when she sees the blood. Not that she hasn't seen blood before, just that she doesn't like to see blood on /him/. She looks up, the rain spattering her face, and she nods to where healers seem to have set up camp. "Come on," she encourages him, her hand moving to his shoulder. "I'm glad you followed me in. I didn't see anyone when I rushed here." She looks back at the Cathedral, the sadness clear in her features. As they walk by Jeffeth, her hand moves out to squeeze his shoulder. "We did what we could," she murmurs, and then continues with Porter toward Haptenna. "Oh, I know her," she exhales a sigh of relief. "She healed me after... well, after something."

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