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Sister Brigida Godsworn

Bring faith to the gods. Bring compassion to your fellows. Leave your nonsense at the door. Or if you must keep it, keep it inside your head and do not trouble me with it.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Woman of Iron
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Marital Status: Godsworn
Age: 66
Birthday: 12/20
Religion: Pantheon; Petrichor
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: silver-blonde
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: fair

Description: It's hard to tell where the blonde in Brigida's hair ends and the white begins. She keeps it short, a round, shapely cut that fluffs little around her head like the aureole of a silvery dandelion when she does not comb it back. Her eyes are a deep green, leafy, that sometimes shows a tiny gold fleck, like sunlight dappling through the forest. What was once a rubenesque youth and beauty is now a soft rounding of age, etched with minimal lines but cast in deep grooves that highlight the strength of her cheekbones. Her nose is slightly broad, slightly flattened. Her eyebrows are a darker blond arch over her vivid eyes. She might have once been taller, but now stands rounded and small and with immense gravitas, sometimes carrying a stick.

Personality: Brigida has lived through it, whatever it is. Loss, death, war, love, tragedy, dreams dying aborning, dreams awakening: she's been there. She knows. Her wisdom is cut with no little vinegar. She is fierce and bold behind an iron propriety that has been cultivated with age, and only occasionally is breached to deliberately shock people. Tough, tough-minded, and without compunction about doing what needs done, she is socially extremely perceptive, clever, and can be as manipulative as an entire league of grandmothers working in concert.

Background: Brigida has lived through it all.

When she was a girl, she was as fine a hunter, dancer, and player of music as any lady of the Lyceum. She was not the most beautiful of her sisters but she was clearly the most accomplished. At sixteen, she was the Golden Rose of Tor, and she had lovers on her string at twenty ranging from all over the Compact.

But all idylls end.

Brigida joined the Faith relatively late -- at 24 -- in part to avoid a disastrous marriage she did not want that would have sent her to the Laurents. She had no desire to join the workhorse duchy of the Valardins. Instead, she cast aside the silks of her wild life as the Golden Rose of Tor, and threw herself into a new life as a priestess. She had a solid background of Lyceum politics to bring with her to the priesthood along with genuine faith for the gods and a healthy respect for the power structures here that she could potentially grow into. She had already survived at least three poisonings before she donned her first robe. She learned quickly that the machinations of the priests were different in form from those of Lycene politics but not in kind. Ambitious people jockey for position everywhere, and the Faith is no exception.

By the time she was 40, she was such a mainstay of the priests of Petrichor that there were few other names that could even be considered for his Archlector. Yet at this pinnacle she chose to stay, leading the godsworn and championing the guardian of the land rather than attempting to politic any higher.

Relationship Summary

  • Duchess Liavetta Rubino - Sister
  • Lady Allegra Fidante - Sister
  • Lord Nino Fidante - Brother

  • Frenemy:
  • Orazio - ...verbose

  • Family:
  • Valkieri - Deceased Nephew
  • Zaccheri - Deceased Nephew
  • Cara - Probably Alive Niece
  • Prospero - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Castruccio - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Serafina - Probably Deceased Niece
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn She was rather critical of the Laurents, which I'm inclined to take offense to, but there's something somewhat refreshing about her straight-forward approach.
    Ajax A feel like she's one of those people that do their damnest to get a read on everything that exists. She scares me.
    Alarissa Terrifying, and I live with Victus.
    Alecstazi I have heard tales of this former Rose of Tor. Her beauty remains in the bones of her face, in the flash of her eyes and her sprightly nature. I think she might have my number however. I should be sure to watch myself around her.
    Aleksei She's scary. But great! But also scary. I was always glad she seems to like me.
    Alessia I hope to never end up on the bad side of that cane.
    Alexio Ah, the Archlector...a wise authoritative woman; reminds me of my grandmother - if I ever had one (I never met her). I'm sure it would have been someone just like her!
    Amari As no-nonsense and sharp as ever, but that's strangely reassuring in truth. Barf definitely approves, and he's usually not so taken with strangers.
    Anisha The Archlector of Petrichor carries herself with a quiet grace most would envy, and her way of offering a simple blessing with such strong power makes me grateful to have been a recipient.
    Antea I've never seen an older woman so quickly and successfully cow a Prince to the point of reducing him to a doll-like creature. I laughed. On the inside.
    Apollo I wish I'd met her literally any other way. Well. Now that I've said that, actually, I can think of a few worse, but - not good to dwell.
    Arcadia She's so old. And wrinkly. And scary. Sort of a cross between the gran who would give you sweets, and the one who would belt your ears for doing something wrong.
    Arianna The Duke Telmar once got upset with me for laughing at him too. Threatened to split my head open with his hammer. This woman was not Duke Telmar but heavens she was very much the same! Still. I respected her spine.
    Arman The radiant Golden Rose of Tor, just as sharp tongued as I remember. Our history is bathed in duty and familiarity, yet to see her now after all this time renews my willingness to orbit her ferocity. Blessed is she and all those who claim her company.
    Artur I can hope that she does not let the death and destruction she has seen on the field color her for the rest of her days. I know that such sights can mar the spirit, however, and I can only pray that she finds her center again.
    Ashur An irritable elder of considerable status, who deserves respect. I must treat her more cautiously in the future! She is quick to give education.
    Aslaug Behind her there's a weight greater than what meets the eye. Like a tunnel, and its long shadow- she's the void that stares back. What's scarier than that?
    Athaur This is not how I pictured meeting an Archlector. But she was patient and understanding. I see why she got where she was.
    Behtuk She is not vexed at all. She blessed me! This is why I came here.
    Bhandn I did not expect the Archlector of Petrichor to be so direct. Some part of me thinks she has spent a notable amount of time praying to Gloria as well.
    Bianca It's easy to see that she has a tight grip in the administration of the Lodge. Which is a good thing as it shows much of her dedication and care for the role.
    Bianca She's steadfast, like iron; it's a relief to know the Lodge of Petrichor is in such good hands. And it's also good to see the Archlector still has a strong penchant for dry levity and good-hearted attempts at terrifying new members of the Faith.
    Bianca Brigida is... difficult at times. However, should one be able to see beyond her coarse edges she is a font of love, faith and wisdom. I highly encourage anyone seeking guidance to seek her out for you will undoubtedly receive unmitigated and honest advice. Just be careful of your shins.
    Bonnie Finishing a bottle all in one swig like that is impressive for anyone, even moreso for priests.
    Braden An Archlector. And I do not think I angered her. My family will be happy!
    Braith Formidable. Spiky. Deadly with a staff. Note to self: Stay out of reach of staff and possibly earshot as well!
    Brannen Blessed Brigida must have had a life full of experiences, as she appears steadfast, calm, and ready to shoot the arrow that will kill her prey. She has a remarkable temper and is rather outspoken, but she seems to acknowledge when someone respects her instead of reducing her to her age.
    Breccan Strong as an oak, as fortunate as a cherry and wise as an elm. I met her a the Lodge and she is everything someone like me could think an Archlector of Petrichor should be and more. She is amazing, I'll do my best not to get whacked by that stick doing something stupid.
    Calista She will forever be The Golden Rose. What an inspiration and truly someone I admire.
    Calypso A pig? Seriously? (All the shouting in the world is not going to make that normal.)
    Cambria One must never forget that the Archlector was once the Golden Rose of Tor. That, coupled with her tenure among the Faith, makes her a most formidable woman.
    Caspian If she stared any harder at me her eyes would have flung themselves at me and tried to stab me.
    Catalana They called her the Rose of Tor, but the woman is a vine. Strength and fortitude eminates from her and I hope I can be as compassionate and kind as I age.
    Catriona I would have thought the air would be the coldest thing I'd encounter on a winter night. I now know I was mistaken.
    Cristoph Stern and a bit scary, my gods, this woman hits hard with her cane. But also wise and a compassionate where it's appropriate and with a sharp mind to match it all.
    Dante Some things never change, like Blessed Brigida's steely resolve, steely voice, and steely- everything, really. The Iron Thorn earns her name, but I admire her so!
    Delilah A rose retains its bloom and thorns long after the first budding. The Archlector has wit to her that nigh cuts, but in the same moment, she has a grace and ready offering of balmy wisdom we are all in need of now or then.
    Dianna A wise woman from whom I am sure I can learn so much.
    Drusila Warriors court her favor it seems, or so Drusila saw at the Black Fox. Any elder who can command that type of attention in public perhaps isn't feeble minded but instead a sharp steel blade ready to strike. She speaks with authority, but also with wit which comes from experience. A wicked combination to the young girl.
    Duarte I'm sure there's a subset of people (those who enjoy the unnecessarily astringent and indiscriminately waspish) that find her just lovely.
    Dycard Has the voice of an admiral. Some people demand respect, this woman apparently /commands/ it.
    Elias Smacking people around with his staff. A hateful lady.
    Ember There are moments in life that remind me that as far as I have come in my ability to command with but a gaze, I am young yet and still have so much to learn.
    Emilia Dutiful. That's all that matters.
    Emrys We've known each other for quite some time, each of us devoted to our respective field and ideal. An old friend and a fine one to discuss calmly while the world is burning all around us.
    Enri Serious and dedicated to her vocation, Blessed Brigida is certainly the best person for her position. Some young godsworn would do well in listening to her words.
    Esme Really nice woman, really. Um.. don't try to hug her. If you try to hug her, you might be branded by the look of death of a million suns.
    Evaristo Did she accidentally hit herself with her staff? That'd explain the crazy, perhaps.
    Evonleigh Sharp as a blue jay scolding a crow near its nest -- but I do admit she did what the rest of us were thinking. I'll try to stay on her good side!
    Fiora Old. Too much.
    Flavien The Archlector carries herself with dignity, but she reminds me of a keen-eyed grandmother. One who doesn't let you get away with much, but the indulgences she does are all the better for them.
    Galatea I aspire, like Brigida, to live long enough to no longer give a single damn what anyone thinks.
    Gaston As sharp as ever -- and so is her aim with that staff. I am glad to see her back in the city.
    Giada Got to love an archlector willing to smack someone with a stave.
    Gianna Still incredibly intimidating, but she does appreciate musical talent, and that's something.
    Giuliano Fearsome, this Archlector. Granted, we were whispering, which is rude. We had the scolding coming. I will make sure to include her quiet conversations from now on.
    Giulio There seem few more loyal than the Blessed Archlector. It will be an honor and a privilege to work with her.
    Grazia The Archlector is quite the dancer, and the saucy old lady, too. I hope that I'm as smooth as that when I get old.
    Gwenna Truly, the sternest and most intimidating Archlector in Arx. She once scolded me for eating candy in one of the Shrines and I don't think I'll ever /not/ be a bit afraid of her. Surely, it is a path she must take. While the delivery of her thoughts will never be a coddling one, I suspect, perhaps that is why she is a voice that makes people stop, listen, and believe.
    Haakon Mayhap next time we'll have a good wager.
    Hadrian Whether dancing or her other interests, I'd totally call the Mercies and have them at the ready in case a displaced hip were to happen. She actually caught me off guard with a statement that left me briefly speechless. It doesn't happen often that someone can shut me up, but she did it oh so spectacularly. I think I'm going to buy her something nice to gain her affections. Maybe.
    Hamish The Archlector of Petrichor is well suited to her position. As prickly as a blackberry bush, as venomous as a viper and as tenacious as a badger.
    Helle Not a tree. And yet, all the trees, all at once.
    Ilira A steel tongue, a golden head, and an iron heart. I don't know if I've sold her on me yet, but I don't mind trying a little harder. Besides, we perhaps hold more in common than she suspects; I saw her giving props to that silver fox of a templar on her way in!
    Ilvin A voice of wisdom and experience. A loud voice. But then, sometimes that's just what we need.
    Ivy I wish I had her confidence in speaking to people. And her pig, I really like her pig. That goat, though, a direhorn in a fainter's body if ever I saw one.
    Jeffeth She was awful mean to Ras, but then she was nice. I'm sure she did it all on purpose Archlectors are wiser than me and know how to... Well I don't know what she was doing but I'm sure she had her reasons. Plans and all that.
    Josephine What a dancer, waht a rose, what a... prime example of how the young things running around the city these days should behave.
    Jules She's seems like she could be quite affable but my is she terrifying if she's not!
    Julian Smart. Sharp. To the point. Preeeeeetty sure she hates me.
    Juniper The Archlector of Petrichor, she's one of those who, when you've truly earned it, will give a kind word-- and being so sparing with them, makes you crave it all the more. I should like to live up to her expectations, doing so would mean I've accomplished a thing.
    Kaia The Archlector of Petrichor is...stern; but, she clearly cares a lot for nature. I hope I can learn more about him from her.
    Kaldur Imperious and- No. Imperious is- yeah.
    Katarina The secret to eternal youth is to speak clearly and to carry a big stick.
    Kedehern The Archlector of Petrichor. I don't think either of us are thrilled with what's happened to the Shadowood, but hopefully she's willing to help assist with cleansing the taint, somehow.
    Korka With a glare that could freeze the beard off even the burliest of Northerners, Blessed Brigida is the absolute best person to fall in step behind. Especially when you want to get through a large crowd without being jostled.
    Kritr Like many elders, she is certain of her place and assumes everyone else's.
    Leola The Archlector of Petrichor is wiser than she appears, and she appears very wise. Short of temper and sharp of tongue, she often says what's in my mind.
    Lilia She told me the story of my father's death as he might've told it. To the point, without embellishment. Some truths, no matter how painful, require no adornment. For this, I will be forever grateful; for this, I will pray we have not come into the reaping season.
    Lisebet Caring and empathic, she seems well suited for her position.
    Lora The Golden Rose of Tor is as lovely now as she ever was before... in that way that those few who are supremely, unapologetically confident are. Archlector she might be, but there's no hiding those Fidante roots.
    Lucien The Archlector is truly a magical woman. With all but a few words, she nixed years off of me. From old dragon to hatchling.
    Lucita Others speak of a crusty exterior or very plain speaking. She reminds Lucita of an old grouchy seeming bbut beloved by Lucita cook back in Granato that had a heart of gold and fiercely watched out for her people. As long as one gave no nonsense or wasted her time they got along beautifully. Brigida speaks with candor yet understanding and interest in others. I like her.
    Mabelle Oh she knows she's important. She scares me. I like scary things, this needs exploring.
    Maja Archlector, judging by her robes. She was very no-nonsense and salty -- in a city full of flatterers, it was a refreshing change to have someone talking about taking a switch to people who don't meet expectations. Wouldn't wanna get on her bad side!
    Martino So perfect with the barbs, so astute to. Truly, while people will be drawn to her as an opponent. They are foolish for not testing themselves, and their wit, against on of the Compact's finest
    Marzio The Archlector of Petrichor. Some day when I have more time I would not mind speaking more with her. I do not find the ideals of Petrichor to be so much unlike my own. Perhaps I could find a place in the Lodge, in the future.
    Merek She speaks her mind when she wishes to. I respect this about her also as well!
    Miranda Archlector. They can be very intimidating, except when you need their guidance. She has a way about her that I like.
    Mirella I bet that trying to argue the Archlector down would be about as fruitless as repeatedly punching a marble statue and expecting it to bleed. What a sight to see her chastise that rowdy knight. I enjoyed that a bit too much.
    Mirk The Archlector of Petrichor. More open to working with a shaman like me than I'd expect. The sharp tongue, however, is not merely rumor.
    Monique The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life.
    Morgan I remember again now why I really prefer the city and towns to the woods. If this is what's lurking to spread Petrichor's word, I'd rather live in a necropolis.
    Niklas She seems squishily huggable, like any good grandmother.
    Oddmun It was only a brief meeting in the Lodge--but she was the first one that nudged Sapphira towards me. And I should be thankful for that. Perhaps I can repay that someday.
    Ophelia I do need to spend more time with the Archlector. There is much I can learn from her! Until then, I will continue sharpening my archery skills and put them to good use for the Lodge of Petrichor.
    Ophne As intimidating in person as I'd been led to believe. I probably shouldn't have laughed when I did, but what can I say, except her staff certainly hurts.
    Orelia Without a doubt, one of the five scariest things I've seen in my time since coming to Arx.
    Otho If an old man has to get Compact religion, well, there's certainly worse messengers to deliver it. I never met a woman that could pray a turkey right out of the woods before!
    Parisa I'mSorryI'mNotArvani!IDidn'tMeantItAsAnInsult!ToTheParoshariOldJustMeansYou'reVeryWise! Brigida is /not/ old. I swear!
    Pasquale The Archlector donated a significant amount of writs to the hospice project Mabelle and I were working on along with a threat about what would happen if the funds were wasted. Consider me motivated.
    Petal The archlector of Petichor who I am honored to know and work with at the lodge. I hope to know her better and plant more roses.
    Poppy Intimidating plus plus plus. Odd sense of humor too.
    Porter A little scary. She ate my food. I can't guarantee that I didn't eat all of the buffet food, I'm so sorry. It's my weakness.
    Quenia She can be a bit intimidating, but I truly appreciate her support of the Igniseri effort to build an agricultural center dedicated to Petrichor, Lagoma, and Mangata, and the fact she's going to bless the project.
    Quintin The formidable Archlector is not someone I would ever want to be on the bad side of. Ever.
    Rafael I'm not scared of her!
    Raimon The former golden rose, who's thorns are still intact.
    Rane A tougher woman, I've never seen. She came with us into a dangerous place and while there were those of us that tried to keep her save, harm found her and yet she persisted and, dare I say, thrived. Adversity runs from her, not the other way around.
    Ras She definitely doesn't scare me at all. Definitely....definitely not....ugh, who am I kidding, she's like a stormcloud.
    Raymesin Remind me to stand a long way away if I happen to offend her. I heard her clear across the marketplace, during a riot.
    Raziel I can confirm it would be a terrible idea to take me hunting.
    Reese Speaks with authority and and has away about that is hard to put into words, motherly power, although she probably isn't a mother or maybe she is in a way, being blessed by the very land.
    Reigna She is a rose made of Iron. She embodies all that is beautiful and natural in this world.
    Rinel The Archlectrix of Petrichor hides great pain and wisdom behind a rough and stern exterior. But that doesn't stop the blows of her staff from hurting any less.
    Rodica Someone remind me to never walk into a dark alley where she may be waiting.
    Ronja I've nearly been launched into the shark-filled ocean by waves threatening to break my ship in half and I still don't think I've ever been as scared of anything as I am of this woman's gaze. On the other hand, I DO hope my lips are as soft as hers when I'm that age.
    Roran All can learn from her and the changes that she has born witness to in her years. Petrichor could have no better.
    Rosalie Outside of the Scholars, she is my favorite of the Archlectors. I truly admire her refusal to conform to anyone else's expectations. Thank you so much for staying for the ceremony.
    Rosalind She.has.a.pig! And a sharp tongue. Interesting lady!
    Rowenova Archlector of Petrichor. An interesting woman with a fine pig. Sir Floppington sure loves her, too.
    Sabella Blessed Brigida does not suffer fools gladly and she knows so much about everything, having been around for as long as she has, that I'm rather sure we all look quite foolish to her! But I do hope that someday I might live as long as her and see my great, great, great, great, great--apologies, force of habit--grandchildren flourish! Her pig is also quite impressive and I do hope he recovers.
    Sabine Now here is a pillar. How crisp she is, so fine an edge.
    Saro She's a little bit terrifying. Not to mention being another woman who knows definitely what she wants and definitely how to get it, which makes her more terrifying still.
    Sasha A force to be reckoned with and a solid swing. She reminds me I've changed since leaving the Oathlands and adopting the culture of the Northerners. There is much to admire in her wisdom and experience.
    Sebastian Frightening. Not as frightening as a unicorn, but still... close.
    Shae The Archlector was very to the point, no messing about and wasting time. I will be forever thankful for her prayers and helping my family.
    Sigurd As witty and potent of personality as ever. Hearing her lambast Bandn about grey chest hairs was pure gold.
    Sirius The Archlector of Petrichor I've spoken to four times in my life. The first time she offered me the strange, but most fruitful advice I've ever received in my life. The second time she threatened to have me scalped. The third she spoke to me of someone whom I deeply respected, and as an equalizer, the fourth time she threatened to lop my foot off. The world is her playground, and she's the song that sings the opening of Spring. She's also very scary.
    Sophie Kind, but strong. I'm not used to being put in my place. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about it. Mostly... it makes me melacholy. She makes me miss my mother.
    Sparte She exudes a sort of strength, with a glare that could turn milk to cheese and then have it apologize. Quite a thing to be the target of, but I like danger. Probably why I look forward to talking to her again!
    Sudara Serene Archlector. Tolerant, open-minded, and supportive.
    Sunaia I think this is the first Archlector I've met whom I might actually like.
    Svoli I think I remember seeing her once or twice near Tor when I was younger. I had no idea someone so small could be so terrifying.
    Swift Dammit woman! What is WITH that stick?!
    Sydney I've no doubt she marches forward with the best of intentions, but those sounded brittle and scolding from where I was sitting.
    Sylvi Why did I agree to let her teach me how to hunt? I guess I'm going to go hunting with the lodge now... How did she do that?
    Talwyn Is it alright to admit to myself that she frightens me a little? Still, she's wise, and undoubtedly has the best interests of the Lord of the Deep Woods at heart.
    Tescelina When roses wilt, they are left only with their thorns. Still, one would do well to listen. Truths are oft harsh.
    Thea Her words are not to be trifled with.
    Thomas ...You know, a stern shake of a finger and a disapproving scowl would have done the job just as well. But on the other hand, I will always speak firmly and clearly around the Archlector...for the rest of my life, lest she thwack me again.
    Tomwell Practical advice will never go amiss. And the occasional whack probably doesn't hurt, either.
    Vega I like her. She cuts through the chaff to get to the heart of a matter and is not afraid to speak her mind.
    Vicente Brigida's your older cousin, she's moved on to accomplish great things. You're proud of her and rather like to let people know she's your cousin. She's certainly rough around the edges in some areas but who isn't. Does she scare you? Sure, she was an adult when you were a kid and there aren't many people who can still say that these days. You didn't want in trouble with her then and you don't now either. In spite of that, sometimes trouble is unavoidable.
    Victus My grandmother might be dead, but I vaguely recall her being nicer than that old woman. Sincerely hope she never finds her shin-whacking stick.
    Videl A brief encounter, but an interesting person. Does she really care how the children feel about winter though?
    Viviana A bit of a surprise I must admit. Not as dull as I feared.
    Volcica Her anger is formidable, but it won't heal those already lost. I hope she finds respite.
    Wash Seems the higher up they get, the less likable these Godsworn become.
    Willow She reminds me of my aunt. I really like her.
    Zara She has a fearlessness and a conviction that is inspiring -- and intimidating. There's something to be learned in watching her, in her command of a space and the attention of those within it.
    Zoey A formidable woman. I only hope that your conviction is not rooted in blind faith. I'm still not convinced that boar was sent by Petrichor.