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Archlector Brigida of Petrichor

Bring faith to the gods. Bring compassion to your fellows. Leave your nonsense at the door. Or if you must keep it, keep it inside your head and do not trouble me with it.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Woman of Iron
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Age: 60
Religion: Pantheon; Petrichor
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: silver-blonde
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: fair

Titles: Archlector of Petrichor

Description: It's hard to tell where the blonde in Brigida's hair ends and the white begins. She keeps it short, a round, shapely cut that fluffs little around her head like the aureole of a silvery dandelion when she does not comb it back. Her eyes are a deep green, leafy, that sometimes shows a tiny gold fleck, like sunlight dappling through the forest. What was once a rubenesque youth and beauty is now a soft rounding of age, etched with minimal lines but cast in deep grooves that highlight the strength of her cheekbones. Her nose is slightly broad, slightly flattened. Her eyebrows are a darker blond arch over her vivid eyes. She might have once been taller, but now stands rounded and small and with immense gravitas, sometimes carrying a stick.

Personality: Brigida has lived through it, whatever it is. Loss, death, war, love, tragedy, dreams dying aborning, dreams awakening: she's been there. She knows. Her wisdom is cut with no little vinegar. She is fierce and bold behind an iron propriety that has been cultivated with age, and only occasionally is breached to deliberately shock people. Tough, tough-minded, and without compunction about doing what needs done, she is socially extremely perceptive, clever, and can be as manipulative as an entire league of grandmothers working in concert.

Background: Brigida has lived through it all.

When she was a girl, she was as fine a hunter, dancer, and player of music as any lady of the Lyceum. She was not the most beautiful of her sisters but she was clearly the most accomplished. At sixteen, she was the Golden Rose of Tor, and she had lovers on her string at twenty ranging from all over the Compact.

But all idylls end.

Brigida joined the Faith relatively late -- at 24 -- in part to avoid a disastrous marriage she did not want that would have sent her to the Laurents. She had no desire to join the workhorse duchy of the Valardins. Instead, she cast aside the silks of her wild life as the Golden Rose of Tor, and threw herself into a new life as a priestess. She had a solid background of Lyceum politics to bring with her to the priesthood along with genuine faith for the gods and a healthy respect for the power structures here that she could potentially grow into. She had already survived at least three poisonings before she donned her first robe. She learned quickly that the machinations of the priests were different in form from those of Lycene politics but not in kind. Ambitious people jockey for position everywhere, and the Faith is no exception.

By the time she was 40, she was such a mainstay of the priests of Petrichor that there were few other names that could even be considered for his Archlector. Yet at this pinnacle she chose to stay, leading the godsworn and championing the guardian of the land rather than attempting to politic any higher.

Relationship Summary

  • Duchess Liavetta Rubino - Sister
  • Lady Allegra Fidante - Sister
  • Lord Nino Fidante - Brother

  • Frenemy:
  • Orazio - ...verbose

  • Family:
  • Valkieri - Deceased Nephew
  • Zaccheri - Deceased Nephew
  • Cara - Probably Alive Niece
  • Prospero - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Castruccio - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Serafina - Probably Deceased Niece
  • Name Summary
    Athaur This is not how I pictured meeting an Archlector. But she was patient and understanding. I see why she got where she was.
    Bhandn I did not expect the Archlector of Petrichor to be so direct. Some part of me thinks she has spent a notable amount of time praying to Gloria as well.
    Delilah A rose retains its bloom and thorns long after the first budding. The Archlector has wit to her that nigh cuts, but in the same moment, she has a grace and ready offering of balmy wisdom we are all in need of now or then.
    Lisebet Caring and empathic, she seems well suited for her position.
    Lucita Others speak of a crusty exterior or very plain speaking. She reminds Lucita of an old grouchy seeming bbut beloved by Lucita cook back in Granato that had a heart of gold and fiercely watched out for her people. As long as one gave no nonsense or wasted her time they got along beautifully. Brigida speaks with candor yet understanding and interest in others. I like her.
    Maja Archlector, judging by her robes. She was very no-nonsense and salty -- in a city full of flatterers, it was a refreshing change to have someone talking about taking a switch to people who don't meet expectations. Wouldn't wanna get on her bad side!
    Quintin The formidable Archlector is not someone I would ever want to be on the bad side of. Ever.
    Raimon The former golden rose, who's thorns are still intact.
    Reese Speaks with authority and and has away about that is hard to put into words, motherly power, although she probably isn't a mother or maybe she is in a way, being blessed by the very land.
    Vega I like her. She cuts through the chaff to get to the heart of a matter and is not afraid to speak her mind.
    Willow She reminds me of my aunt. I really like her.