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Asher Grayhope

If they wanted to keep it, they would have protected it better.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Street Rat
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: Male
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 31
Birthday: 5/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: None
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: None
Skintone: None

Description: Average weight and height, and build, and clothes... This man looks so very bland. A commoner, easily; no flair, no sense of fashion. Deep brown fabric, with dust and possibly mud. Hair messily kept and a boring, dull brown. His eyes flash a peculiar blue - peculiar compared to the rest, that is. They stand out as mischievous and possibly intellectual. In another life he could be a scholar, perhaps someone important. But he very clearly won't get much attention for very long.

Personality: Optimistic Opportunist

Background: Born poor, raised poor, and currently poor. That's most of the Lower Boroughs for you. Most go hungry, some starve. It's the wonderful city of commerce and wealth! But for those who desire to rise up from the muck, it's a difficult trek, and a dangerous one at that. Asher, for his part, has thought to make his way by joining with the Grayhope family. At least, working for them. In whatever they need. Secrets and information can be a dark business, and all the muck passes through the shade of the Lower Boroughs.

Relationship Summary

  • Mira - Lawyer but also Shapely
  • Orathy - Current Opportunity-Contact
  • Mikani - Close Friend of Moira
  • Silas - Nice enough but doesn't help me keep calm all considering.

  • Friend:
  • James - Ex-Crime Buddy

  • Family:
  • Moira - Flirt Target and Family Head
  • Magpie - Best Voice
  • Fortunato - Artist Because There Is A Difference
  • Aleksei - Paladin of Giving Favors I Guess
  • Aureth - Death Buddy
  • Thena - Guard Girl With Heart
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr A Grayhope, but less obviously either a priest or a criminal. Seems to make good work for the price, and ain't so likely to stab me for my coin.
    Aiden Aiden first met Asher at the Menagerie Revitalization Project where Asher had won a significant number of prizes, to his dismay. Aiden thought it was amusing to watch his reactions and has since discovered the man is a jeweler and responsible for the serpent ring that Aiden had purchased for the event. A good craftsman and a humble one at that, is hard to find. Aiden thinks that Asher's designs could be a good fit for the menagerie store. At the very least, Asher is easy to talk to and willing to help. Good qualities.
    Alexis I've the utmost respect for Mistress Hana Grayhope, even if there are some unfortunate rumours about her family. Near as I can tell, master Asher Grayhope reinforces my impression - that there are unfortunate rumours, and they shouldn't be lent credence to. An inspired, passionate, and near as I can tell, principled man.
    Amantha Had my back without hesitation. More to this one than meets the eye, I think.
    Arcelia I first met Asher in Arx when I arrived from the Sailand Greens. He found me while I was out watching a child for a sick woman that needed some rest. I then ended up requesting that he be an informant for me.
    Arianna Handsome and friendly enough, I like spending time in his shop. Just doing much o' nothin. He is well mannered and can handle a knife with the best of em. I think this one has potential, if he can keep his head on straight around the ladies.
    Astraea He seems to have experienced a lot in his short life. Too much. It's sad to see someone so burdened, but I will do whatever is in my power to help.
    Auda He was quiet, but sometimes those are the ones you gotta watch.
    Austen Goodman Asher is a sturdy fellow, and has saved my life at least once, most likely. I really do owe him a drink.
    Clara Interestin' man, jeweler. Seems like a nice sorta fellow. Hope to get to see some of his work and maybe share some more whiskey with him.
    Corrigan Magpie's lapdog. Well, one of them. There are /so many,/ after all.
    Denica Okay I don't know if I'll ever want to see somebody stab a dog as hard as he did. Sure saved me a lot of trouble.
    Domonico A man who has knowledge of things that no one should have to know and burdened by responsibility that no one should have to bear. He holds himself well regardless of this.
    Dycard We really don't need phalanxes of infantry or cavalry to defend Arvum, I've concluded. Just one nondescript young man with a few inches of sharpened steel.
    Esme He seems to be knowledgable. I also feel like I should start hanging out with the Grayhopes. They KNOW things. We are sure to be good friends.
    Fatima An interesting shopkeep and apprentice to Haati. I feel like I have met him before, but I can't put my finger on it.
    Geralt Apparently he works with Clara, at the Black Axe Pub? If she trusts him with her money, he has to have something going for him, surely.
    Gianna A skilled craftsman; rough around the edges.
    Gisele He has a very, very busy mind. Not many would admit to a priest of the Faith that they've stolen from a god but the poor man is in dire straights, and I pray he finds peace-- and performs his penance for that sacrilege too.
    Hana Another of the extended Grayhope clan, and one interested in weaponsmithing! He says he'll seek me out at the Storied Blade to learn a bit more technique, so I'm sure we'll get to know each other soon enough.
    Hannah A jeweler, and artist, but with skill with a knife and the drive to be a Squire. I look forward to seeing what he does, I have no doubts it will be incredible.
    Iroh A skilled fighter, swift and technical in his technique as he is mighty. He gave us all quite the challenge, but I would be honored to share a drink with this man, or have a rematch.
    James A man who always has your back. Brother from another mother.
    Jeffeth A Grayhope who is kind even in the face of a Lord not being so kind to him. And a suitable opponent in competitions!
    Jordan Handy with a knife. Gracious in defeat, so I bet he's equally as gracious in victory. Probably someone to hire for my project.
    Jules He's a friend of the Crovane family and made your wedding bands. You don't know him especially well but he seems to be generally the friendly sort.
    Jyri He sure talks a lot and has a lot of advice. Too much advice. Too much talking. But - he knows a lot and shares gladly. More than I can say about most.
    Luca Another gutter rat from the Lowers. Luckily, I happen to /like/ the Lowersfolk, much to the dismay of some of the company I keep. This one doesn't seem to be the exception to that rule, for me. He's observant, looks to be light on his feet, has a wit to him as well and a good laugh. I can see how he's survived down there.
    Mabelle A talented Jewelrer that promised to make me sparkle. I will hold him to that.
    Marian Lucky...that bastard is luckier than I am. I thought I was doing good with 2 baskets won from the raffle. He won 3! He seems really nice too, not lording it over the rest of us that he's the luckiest man at the party.
    Martino Fine opponent and one that I kept my distance from as you don't make it in the Lowers without being able to own a fighting ring
    Mikani The most creative metal smith I have met. It is good to meet him again.
    Moira This man, has a way to get under a woman's skin. I find that I cannot stop thinking about him. He is family, my family admires him which says a lot. I would like to get to know him more.
    Morrighan One of the Grayhopes, business like. Not quite sure yet what to make of him.
    Mydas Odd to think I might have something in common with one from the Lowers. Different walks of life can lead down to similar paths, however. I hope his grows more peaceful in due time.
    Niklas Do Grayhopes come from the Oathlands? I always assumed they were Grayson cousins that fell on hard times. Very hard.
    Ophelia A very talented jeweler with an eye for lucky pendants. He has good taste in color and he even enjoys cookies for lunch. Or, well. Not quite. But, I bet he would if I brought in more cookies. Perhaps I will the next time I see him!
    Orazio Thief. Grayhope. Orazio isn't sure what to think about this one, but he feels like the man has suffered enough for a single act. He's reserving judgement on the rest.
    Pepper an odd ball this one, but a skilled one at that. He has an air of charisma that just seems to draw people to him, but he should be careful for that type of charisma can draw more than he bargains for.
    Petal He seems like a nice guy. I barely know him. He doesn't fit in at my shop. He is generous to his lady. I think she is lucky.
    Prisila Young, melancholy but sober. In the emotional sense. Very intriguing to see such introspection from someone so fresh faced and cute. In all the meaning of the word.
    Ras Guy blinded a Bringer with hairpins at like what? A hundred paces. Shit. He's a fighter alright. Knows stuff, too.
    Reese I am glad he is not easily offended, considering that I called him a Duke! I don't know him well at all, but he has a last name that is quite famous in a way. I hope to talk to him again. He seems like the sort of person who could be worth knowing. A sense of humor and a chill demeanor is a good thing.
    Revell Not sure what to think of him. He's nice, offered me both food and free jewellery. I wonder what he wants from me, I doubt it was just flirting like he said it was. Ah! He's the type to lose control of his legs before he loses his sense when drunk. Might be useful to know in the future.
    Rowenova Another commoner like me also housed by Shaman Clara. We first met right outside 'our' respective apartments. It was a short meeting, but I already like him. He has kindly offered to let me peek in during his jewelry work.
    Rysen An intelligent and creative master craftsman. He is determined to walk the path of chivalry, and the Gold Order will be better for it.
    Sabella A jovial Grayhope who seems to be a jeweler? I shall have to stop by his shop sometime! Unless it's in the Lowers and then Elizabetta shall stop by and report back!
    Sasha A jeweler who works with Master Haati. I am very curious to see what his work looks like.
    Sheena He seems like a charmer. His company was pretty enjoyable. He thinks I need to dress all eye catching.
    Silas A Grayhope Silas befriended when trying to get to the bottom of a trade crisis during the siege. Evidently won several gifts in Menagerie fundraiser raffles, too, suggesting he's incredibly lucky!
    Skaldia A friendly soul who offers a vote of confidence when it is needed most!
    Skapti Arcelia mentioned him the other night. Climbed her tower once and caught her sunbathing, if you believe it. Cheerful enough young man. I'd say he was cocky, but you don't grow up like that and not know the realities of the world.
    Sparte One of the Grayhopes, but more polite than most I've spoken with. I'm not sure what his goals are but I sense they're noble. I hope I'll see them realized and be proven right.
    Stygia Interesting little Grayhope. Maybe a little confused, but interesting none the less.
    Swift Solid sort, really helped me out when I needed it! Definitely has his head on straight.
    Sydney Any sort of man who can be laid out on his ass and laugh about it is one I inherently approve of. That would have laid me flat, too.
    Tarik I have always wished my hands were skilled enough to be a craftsman. I never had the patience either. He seems to a nice fellow, and humble about his work. I will definitely send him a message. He didn't seem afraid to speak his mind. I have to admit I got a bit lost with baste the bacon in whiskey talk. It could be a southern thing. He must have a patience of new born mother to be able to create such things. Well, a new born mother who likes whiskey.
    Valery He seems nice and kind. He has a 'something'. And he likes mice!
    Vitalis There's... something about him I can't *quite* put my finger on. Hmm.
    Wash It will take another few good firstimpressions like his before I give the Grayhope family another chance.
    Zoey An artisan's work is never done! I'm not a fan of rats, but those are gorgeous.