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Kennex-Darkwater Wedding Dinner

After the quiet nuptials of the now Count-Consort Evander Darkwater (formerly Kennex) and Countess Carita Darkwater, the couple welcomes their family and friends to join them in celebrating their new beginning together and to also celebrate the solidified union between their Houses.


May 17, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

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Sina Calista Evander Mikani Azova Porter Sabella Rowenova Ember Rorik Adalyn Norwood Zoey Ulfric Rosalie Marina Niklas Vitalis Catalana Victus Opal Ruby


Blackshore Clement Grimhall Kennex Laurent Redreef Thrax Tyde


Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Darkwater Manse - Great Hall

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Carrier Raven named Bucko, Irene - Shaggy Wolfhound, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Ulfric.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff arrive, following Mikani.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

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The wedding was beautiful in its simplicity, and while it has been rumored that the match wasn't a love match, the warmth that radiates from the pair suggests there's certainly room to grow.

(You can say you were there or not, we leave that up to you.)

Retiring to the Darkwater Manse afterward is an entirely different story.

The Great Hall has been cleared out this evening to make space for an expansive dinner table meant to seat two dozen comfortably. Who can worry over the logistics of seating, however, while such a feast has been laid out for the newlywed couple as well as their friends and allies.

Seafood is a given and here it is presented in many ways from simple slabs of pan-seared salmon to black stone bowls piled high with oysters waiting to be shucked. The steamed bright green broccoli is tossed in thick lobster sauce and the sticky brown noodles are paired with sweet shrimp and honeyed chicken. There are briny, chewy skewers of eel swimming in subtle black-bean gravy and cilantro-infused scallion wheat cakes betwitched to a golden brown by a cooking fire's heat. Drifting amidst all of it are a dozen plates of dumplings stuffed with a curiously spiced tuna and even the traditional platters of octopi have made it into the mix. Libations? Oh, there are libations. The Darkwater staff await the call to pour from any of the numberless bottles of rum, vodka, whiskey or ale which hail from all of the Compact's distinct fealties.

And desserts? A plethora of every sort, rum cakes, coffee-infused concoctions, and enough strawberries and meringue on sponge cake one might imagine the house has been growing berries for the occasion for some time and preserving them.

Evander hasn't gotten so far as actually eating, yet, though the smell of dinner is wildly appealing enough that he casts glances towards the table now and then. He's wearing black umbra garments embellished with dusky violet threads, a splash of color that's unusual for him but probably not surprising given Darkwater's House colors. His elbow is crooked for Carita, glancing at her sidelong now and then as he welcomes the visitors to Darkwater, his new home, with a quiet, understated delight.

Mikani came after she attended the ceremony. She was very happy for Carita and wished her the best. Upon seeing the pair she greeted them and handed them some rum of course. What else would Mika give anyone as a gift. "I am glad you have a partner to sail the seas with." She says warmly to Carita and looks at Evander. "I'm glad you found your adventure." She hugs the pair if they allow it before she allows others to greet them and takes a seat at the table.

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From a lovely ceremony, to a very Thraxian feast. Azova doesn't need to enter through the front entrance to greet the newlyweds though, and instead emerges from the stairs so she can peek around the corner and see who's arrived to celebrate with them. If she knows you, she waves cheerfully, and then retreats to the dining table with a glass and a bottle of rum that she brags from right under the server's noses; complete with a look of innocence before she pours a shot or two and gulps them down in preparation. She's home, so she can take full advantage of not needing to be escorted anywhere.

After having gotten himself reasonably dressed for the occasion, meaning that Porter is in his best dark leathers and a nice silk top that's stormy gray, he arrives to the wedding of Evander and Carita. But he's not alone! He has his hand lightly on Rosalie's lowerback, navigating the crowd carefully on their way to congratulate the happy couple. But THEY'RE not alone, EITHER. Because with Porter and Rosalie is Rorik. But Porter doesn't have his hand on his lower back. Instead he's furrowing his eyebrows in what could best be described as complete and utter bafflement. " did what?" he asks, like he needs it repeated.

Sabella somehow keeps Niklas from heading straight to the food and instead aims him at the new couple, beaming brightly as she moves to hug Carita, "Congratulations to the both of you! The wedding was inspired and the two of you--what a pair! I can see only good things in the future for the two of you! We shall have to send you some books for your library, Evander. I'm rather sure Nik intends to send you a copy of every single work of his so that you'll never be far from hearing his voice."

After showing up for the actual ceremony, Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington happily join the feast hall. The wolf scout merrily greets the newlywed couple with a small pouch that she sets down not far from their own placesettings. Within the rose pouch is a cloth label which apparently expresses that it is from not only Scout Rowenova but also Sir Floppington and Tarik Morien, too. Afterwards, the human-and-canine duo slink sideways to get seatuated at the dinner table before piling up steamed broc with the eel skewers and pan salmon with tuna dumplings and sticky sweetshrimp/honeychicken noodles. Oh yes!

Rowenova drops a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

The Sisters Redreef were at the wedding, of course. Ember and Marina are wearing identical gowns, but with swapped colors -- Ember in black with a red sash, Marina in red with a black sash. The two women can be told apart on that basis, or by their scars in a pinch. Ember -- the one with the slash on her cheek -- also has her hair done up and is wearing a tiara gifted to her by the Darkwater Countess.

Ember walks with her arm in her sister's. In her other hand, she holds a cup of rum. "I rather liked that ceremony," she says to Marina. Ember's expression and tone suggests that she has never liked anything, ever, but she doesn't seem like she's being especially sarcastic about it. "Easy. Simple. Shall we mingle, sister?"

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Rorik is, in fact, with Porter and Rosalie. He's got no hand on the small of his back so he's got his hand on the small of Porter's. It's so adorable. "I **said**," he repeats, loud enough to probably be heard by the entire great hall on the way in. "That I wore the ass half of the unicorn on my head and ran around the tavern screaming 'I'm a pretty pony!' and it was amazing. Fantastic even." His eyes slide over to the happy couple, and he clears his throat. Ahem. "Congratulations!"

Adalyn arrives to the Darkwater manse's great hall, walking arm in arm with Vitalis. A murmured conversation gives way to a quiet exclamation of delight as the mouth-watering aroma of food beckons the guests in. "That smells delicious. What a lovely set-up, not to mention a beautiful couple." She holds back from greeting the newlyweds just yet, knowing they will surely be swamped with guests offering their well wishes. Instead, she slows and turns a curious gaze over the crowd to search for familiar faces.

It isn't often these days that Sina gets to go out and be social. She's set aside her scholarly robes for the occasion, and instead wears a gown of simple silk in oceanic hues, glittering with tiny glass beads. Her black hair is styled in an elegant updo, adorned with a few silvery chains dangling opal water drops in the midst of the dark tresses, a pair of glass-embraced hairpins thrust through to keep it all in place. The only thing that marks her as Archscholar today is the iridescite-inlaid sundial she wears on a delicate golden chain about her neck. She is accompanied by her assistant Jacinthe, who is carrying a sizeable flat, rectangular object wrapped in black velvet in both hands, while her escort of three Templar knights find places where they can be near to hand if needed, but out of the way of the guests.

As she enters the great hall, Sina glances around with pale gray eyes, searching, noting the sumptuous feast on display with a slight curve of her lips in a smile. Once her gaze settles on the newly-married couple, she begins to make her way toward the Countess and her new husband. She offers them both a warm smile, and an inclination of the head. "Countess Carita," she greets warmly. "Count Evander. It was a beautiful ceremony. I have brought you both a wedding gift, inspired by our shared love of the sea. I hope you will find a place for it in your home." She gestures to Jacinthe then, who steps forward with the velvet-wrapped item, tied with a satin bow of violet silk. "Congratulations on your recent nuptials," Sina goes on. "May the gods look with favor on your union." She offers an embrace to both then, if allowed, before stepping back to allow others to greet the newlyweds.

Norwood is all sorts of dressed up for the occasiion - never mind what his clothing actually says. A nice suit with a beret to top it off. He follows his daughter and her husband quietly, separating from them upon entry to go and seek out Carita. He takes his time doing so, leaving a gift wherever those go.

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Zoey follows the party from ceremony to reception, and when she gets her turn to properly greet the happy couple she takes a hand from each of them. Smiling warmly she says, "At last, the day has come! I am so happy to see you two tie the knot. Any big plans for a honeymoon?"

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

Ulfric arrives from Lower Hall to join the celebrations, with a wide smile he orders an ale and seeks out any familiar faces to share a drink with.

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Rorik before departing.

Rosalie is wearing a highly amused expression as she's lead carefully through the crowds towards the couple. She glances sidelong at Porter and lifts a brow at him as the story concludes, her lips pressed together tightly to keep from laughing. Turning a smile towards Carita, she offers, "My lady you look -radiant-!" Reaching for her hands, she leans in to press a kiss to Carita's cheek, murmuring something for the bride before pulling back to smile at the groom, "My lord, you are quite lucky to have caught the Countess' hand. Blessings upon you both, and your union." Turning back towards Porter and ROrik, she smiles, "Well then, lets move aside so we don't crowd the couple, hm?"

Mikani's words cause Carita's laughter to lift, a rich feminine laughter that one can't fake as her arm links with Evanders and gives that arm as visible squeeze. "Oh, I'm quite certain it'll be an adventure for the Count. I'm quite troublesome, he'll have his hands full." One guest after the other are greeted, airy kisses offered alongside Evander before she sends them off to eat. Her brows lift at Sabella's words, "How generous!"

Then for Sina there's a warm smile, and as Jacinthe brings in a painting there's an awe struck across the room. "I'm not often speechless, Archscholar, but this is remarkable."

Looking a whole lot less comfortably that her sister the Baronees, Marina lets her twin lead her along, her own unadorned hair slicked back to fall like dark silk down her back, clearly putting on display the scar that almost took her eye with little concern so used to it she is now. Her red dress fits her like a second skin, slinking over her form like a cascade of crimson. "The ceremony was short, therefore excellent," she replies with a smirk as she eyes the spread laid out with a certain eagerness. But at Ember's next, she nods in agreement, "Sure, as long as we can mingle towards some drink. I'm parched and only a cold ale will sooth my dry throat."

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While Evander by nature is usually reserved, he seems to accept the hug from well wishers without visual complaint, giving Mikani a brilliant smile. "Thank you, Lady Mikani," he murmurs. "It's good to see you, I'm pleased you were able to come." Sabella's greeting receives a quiet laugh, and a side glance to Carita. "Well, if he's already sent a copy to Carita, then we'll already have it. That's the hardest part, figuring out which books we both have. I'll take any new additions you might be able to share though, Princess Sabella." He manages to flash a single smile to Rowenova before his cousin's loud-voiced entrance gets a quiet cough and a nod from Evander. If he's surprised by the offer of a hug from Sina, he manages to take it in stride. "Thank you, Archscholar. That's very kind of you." While Carita regards the painting, he murmurs to Zoey: "Darkwater, I'm hoping."

Niklas follows along with Sabella, though his attention is definitely pulled in by the enormous piles of Islander fare. "Ooh, are those seawater scallops? I hope she has some whitefish chowder. I haven't had a good whitefish chowder since that night you told everyone you were pregnant and communicated it via the medium of vomit." He offers bows to Carita and Evander. "Countess and now cousin-in-law I assume? I'm not sure how that works, but also I don't care. I'm always happy to expand family! And Evander, easily one of my top five favorite cousins! I'm so glad to see you both looking so radiant and so happy!"

Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

"Good gods, get your hand off of me." Porter slaps Rorik's hand away from his lower back. It's a good thing that Rosalie is there to greet Evander and Carita, because the two of them are not doing such a great job. Once the inevitable slap fight ceases, he straightens up and smoothes down the front of his doublet. "Congratulations on your wedding, cousin! And I'm glad to call you cousin-in-law!" he offers to the happy couple. He doesn't try to delay them and says, "I'd like to sit on the couch," he decides and starts shifting in that general direction. He catches a message from a bird and looks it over in confusion before slapping it against Rorik's chest.

When Evander smiles her way, Rowenova can be seen filling up a couple boxes which are smooth wood with separated sections inside, plus leather straps to eventually hold the flip lids closed up (when the time comes for them to be). Glancing back, she wolfishly grins to the newlywed couple before packing away those twin boxes into her Messenger Bag. Then, she settles in for the long haul of actually eating whatever she can possibly manage to!

Sans octopi, though.

Sina smiles softly to Carita, and dips her head. "I felt inspired," she murmurs. "I hope you enjoy the evening. The spread looks nothing short of divine," she says warmly to both Evander and Carita, before she steps back, and moves to find a seat. Jacinthe sets the painting, once unveiled, among the other gifts for now, and moves to stake out a spot where she can be near to hand if needed.

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Carita drops The Wavedancer.

"Then lets go sit at the couch," Rosalie smiles up at Porter and tucks her hand into his arm so he can lead the way. She offers a smile and wave towards Sina, dipping her head respectfully at the Archscholar. Rowenova also gets a smile and a wave as they pass through the room.

Evander doesn't even look upset by only being top-five favorite cousins. He has lots, after all. Niklas is given a smile. "Thank you. And yes, you can call her family now, though that's a mouthful." He gives brief nod in solemn agreement with Rosalie's words. "I am very lucky, my lady," he agrees with her, a tiny smile appearing after, as he leans briefly to murmur to Rosalie, "Keep an eye on my cousins, would you?"

Vitalis is here to be an arm ornament for Adalyn, it seems, he knows only a few of those present, but Clement is a friend of Darkwater and here they are - Baron, Heir, and Ornament. He leans down to say something to Adalyn.

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Looking up, Rowenova waves her fork to Rosalie and Porter, both, before then eating up the whole slab of pan-seared salmon on her dinner plate. There are pleased sounds which ebb out from this Northern lass in the wolfy headdress.
So good!

Rorik gives Porter a wide-eyed, wounded look. "But we're supposed to be here *together!*" he declares before the inevitable slap fight happens, which results in Rorik banging on Porter's chest for a few solid drumbeats and messing up his doublet before it's over. Ahem, he clears his throat again. "Oh! I forgot. We brought you a present, cousin," this is said to Carita as he warily eyes Porter. "Porter and Rosalie and I all went in halfsies," which is impossible because 3 people can't go in halfsies but 'thirdlies' doesn't sound as good. He retrieves a BIG WOODEN BOX from his satchel and hands it over to Carita. "For all those really long boring nights which I heard are common in marriage. Now you have a game to play," he beams a grin.

Azova definitely looks concerned when she overhears Rorik describe whatever gift he and Porter came up with, and pours herself another drink. "No slap fights allowed in here. Full punches only, but if anything valuable in the house is broken you have to buy Carita a new caravel." she declares, making up ridiculous rules as she goes. Because why not.

Evander looks a little wary at the idea of a present from Rorik and Porter, though Rosalie's inclusion makes him look a shade more at ease as he leans towards Carita's shoulder to see what it is.

Sina dips her head toward Rosalie when she sees the wave, and she returns the wave in turn, her expression warm. She settles into a seat a the dining table, however, close to where Rowenova is seated, and within speaking distance of Mikani. She helps herself to some of the salmon, and those scallion wheat cakes as well, and sips occasionally at a glass of wine.

Ember looks over to Marina with a smile and then hands her the cup of rum that she was holding. "It's yours," she says, as the Baroness -- and, lest we forget, Princess of Parties -- steers the pair toward the drinks. "Don't let me get into any drinking contests with the Kennexes," Ember notes to Marina. "They... end poorly, even in success."

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"Ah, she was already family, Evander, but now she's even moreso!" Niklas looks over and brightens when he sees Porter and Rorik. "And here are two more in my top five. Honestly, it's a good day here. Where are Aethan and Bors?" Leaning over to Sabella he stage-whispers, "I think I have a cousin named Bors, but I honestly don't remember. The joke is that Catalana isn't on my top five list." He pauses, then adds, "Or Ian."

Adalyn's gaze follows her father briefly as he moves off to greet the couple. She nods agreeably to Vitalis, murmuring a quiet response as they begin to stroll toward the newlyweds, awaiting their turn to greet the pair.

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"Yes, halfsies! My halfsies was the biggest!" Porter calls to the couple. It wasn't. Because the halfsies don't exist in this particular scenario. He /does/ head to the couch an dflops down on it. But he heard that, Azova! He waves his hand at her before snatching a couple of drinks off of a passing tray. "Come sit with us!" he offers to her. "Do you want a drink?" he asks Rosalie, at least one of the glasses looks like white wine.

"You better not let her hear you say that," Sabella replies to Nik with a big amused grin, "But let's let Porter and Rorik do their thing and you can go eat your fill of fish while I dive into those strawberries," as the hall starts to fill she looks around, smiling and waving to those she knows as she heads to start with dessert first

Norwood delivers his gift, and then slips off. Whatever he's doing, it probably isn't drinking, otherwise the world would just stop turning.

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Taking the rum from Ember, Marina tosses it back with barely a twitch at the burn, "Thanks sis, but I'll still take that ale." When they are in range of a server, she takes a glass of amber liquid with a soft hum of anticipation, taking her time to savour this instead of slamming it down in one. "You're assuming I'll be sober enough to remember to stop you. I haven't been out in FOREVER! If I can't remember most of the evening tomorrow, I didn't do it right." Her eyes scan the crowds again, searching for familiar faces, "So who should we accost...I mean say hi too?"

Rosalie glances between Porter and Rorik, giggling softly before looking to Carita and Evander. She taps Marchande on the shoulder and gives him a nod, sending the assistant hurrying off. On his return, he leads a pair of burly menservants toting chests that are laid at the bride and groom's feet. "New beginnings call for new fashions! I hope both you enjoy the fun of creating something together." She plucks a glass of something from a passing tray and lifts it to toast Carita and Evander.

Catalana arrives later than planned and the exasperated look on her face shows it. Coming to Carita first, she apologizes 'I'm so Sorry! Grayson was being absolutely dreadful and wouldn't go down. I can't believe I'm this late." Taking a deep breath, she composes a bright smile on her face for the countess. "Congratulations!" However the minute she turns to Evander she begins to tear up. 'Con...con...congratulations." The handkerchief is brought out and dabbed at the corner of her eyes, her smile wavering all the while 'I'm so happy for you Ev."

Gift giving duties discharged, Rorik starts making his way to the sofa but gets entirely distracted by Niklas. So he veers that-a-way, dumping one arm around Niklas and the other around Sabella. "NIKLAS!" he bellows. "Sabella!" he bellows less loudly, because he's a gentleman. "It feels like forever since we've been to a party together. Come sit on the sofa!" He encourages. He'll even walk them there if they want. But while he's headed that way, he sees Ember and Marina and stops to blink at them. "I'm pretty sure I'm not drunk enough to be seeing double," he stage whispers to Niklas.

Niklas looks to the Bloody Baroness and her sister, then reassures Rorik, "You're absolutely drunk enough to be seeing double, cos."

Azova lifts up her drink in lieu of a wave. "Only if you promise not to make up words again." she jokes towards Porter. But, turning down a seating invitation would be impolite really. So she and her glass and her bottle wander over to the spot where that particular group has chosen to settle in to. "Does he ever lose his voice, even a little?" The bottle-gripping hand reaches up to rub her ear as she passes Rorik just when he's bellowing.

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Sina chats idly with Rowenova while she nibbles at the portion of the feast on her plate, taking the occasional sip of wine. Her gaze does occasionally drift about, noting Rorik as he bellows at Niklas and Sabella. Then her attention turns back to Rowenova to murmur quietly some more.

Evander looks, at first, puzzled by the chests presented by Rosalie's manservant, and then astonished as the lids are lifted. "That's... exceptionally generous, Sister Rosalie. Thank you," he murmurs, glancing towards Carita. She's the fashionista, after all, given his own preference for subdued and plain clothing. Catalana's arrival is met with a quiet smile, and then dismay as she starts to cry. "Oh, no. Don't- cry. Please." He reaches to grip her arm. "I'm glad you're here."

Ember releases Marina's arm so that the pair can grab their own drinks without it being a whole production. The Bloody Baroness springs for more rum, but rum from a different part of the Mourning Isles; she may be on an undeclared drinking tour (Rums of the Compact). "You asked, sister, and the universe answered," Ember says calmly to her twin. She maintains her usual intense sternness, but anyone who knows Ember will be able to easily spot an undercurrent of something bordering amusement. "Seeing double -- four Redreef sisters? The Compact should be so lucky~." Down goes Rum #2.

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After polishing off the steamed broc in lobster sauce, along with sticky noodles and their meaty additions, Nova also works on the chewy eel skewer things with their dipping gravy tested out, too. After completely devouring all food upon her own plate, she soon snacks on rume cake as well as meringue-drenched cake with strawberry topping. Between bites, and after washing some of those down with the served rum, Nova replies back to Sina, too.

Carita lifts her glass in Rosalie's direction, "Thank you, Sister Rosalie. I'm sure we'll be putting these to good use." That's when Catalana arrives, "Grayson?" and with the rest of her explanation there's a soft, "You don't need to apologize." Though brows lift at the tears that well up next as she steps aside for Evander's sister, a reassuring smile offered in support.

Adalyn sweeps forward alongside Vitalis as room clears, a warm smile offered as she greets the newlyweds. "Countess Carita, Count Evander. We wished to come by and offer our most sincere congratulations. I hope your new marriage is an exciting adventure in the best of ways."

Sniff, sniff sniff. "Oh no. It's happy tears. I promise. I'm just so happy for you!" Catalana wipes away the tears again. "Your mother would be so happy for you.I just know it." She then turns to Carita again. "Baby Gray." She looks a little sheepish, "while I was a little drunk, Wash suggested naming our baby Grayson. So he's you know. Grayson Kennex. Since he's a combination of Grayson and Kennex. Gods, it's dreadful I know. Almost as bad as Washburn. I suppose it's some odd family legacy. Lets hope that he doesn't wish to one day marry some Grayson princess since he'd then be Grayson Grayson." Thankfully a server comes past with some wine and that shuts Catalana up. Finally.

Vitalis grins at them, "Let me tell you, as a veteran of marriage," he and Adalyn have been wed, what? A whole week? Two? "It's a partnership. Highs and lows." He says this with the most solemn gravity he can muster before breaking into a grin and likewise congratulating the two on the alliance between their houses.

"I love it when the universe does that," Marina replies with a bit more animation that her sister, a smirk curling the corners of her lips as she catches Rorik's stage whisper as she separates from her sister. "I don't think the Compact could handle four Redreef sisters," she replies with a puff of ego and a spark of mischief in her dark eyes. "Shall I make introductions?" she asks, "She is Baroness Ember Redreef, and I am her twin sister, Lady Marina Redreef. So obviously you're not drunk enough." Sarcasm is thick in her tone, much less refined than her sister, having spent way more time at sea.

After polishing off her feast plate and swigging down her whole drink, then Rowenova stands up and deeply bows -- with Sir Floppington doing so, too -- ultimately regarding the Darkwater couple. "Thank you, Countess and Count. Congratulations! I must go! Farewell! Much luck! I will come visit sometime!" And then, she dashes away at messenger speeds with her Messenger Bag, indeed!

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"I'll have you know, I'm only two flasks in," Rorik defends his drunkenness to Niklas with a broad grin before his attention slliiiides back to Marina and Ember. When they come forward, he straightens up to his full height, and then promptly dips into a bow. "Twins!" he declares, as though this is the answer to all of life's mysteries. "That makes sense. I have a twin, too, but we look nothing alike. He is very small," he takes his hand, starts at his head level, and sinks it low towards the ground, until his hand is at his hip to indicate. "You wouldn't even be able to see him if he was here. But he's not, so you don't need to feel embarrassed to have missed him. I'm Lord Rorik Kennex," he points a thumb at himself. "Do you know my cousin, Prince Niklas? And his amazing wife, Princess Sabella."

Happy tears are still tears. Evander's looking a little uncomfortable when Catalana offers that wish about his mother, lower lip pulling in as he nods quietly, and murmurs something to her before glancing to Carita. It takes a second for Evander to respond to Adalyn, clear indication he's not yet used to that new title. He gives her and Vitalis a quick smile. "Thank you. And congratulations on your own recent wedding. If you have any tips-" that's directed to Vitalis, and probably a joke, but Evander looks mostly earnest. "Maybe in writing."

Upon being introduced by Marina, Ember curtsies. There are two noteworthy things about her curtsy. One, in terms of form and execution, it's so precise that it can only be the result of a Baroness who spent long hours in solitude, practicing curtsies to an audience of no one, until she became perfect at them. Two, she breaks form only in that she's curtsying while also picking up a bottle of rum without looking. Ember straightens up, pours herself Rum #3, and looks toward Niklas and Sabella. "I feel I may have," she notes, in tones so deadpan that it would be easy to mistake her for actually being earnest and serious. "If only there was someone at this party who truly excelled at introductions... alas."

Sabella grins at Ember and elbows Rorik a bit with her elbow, "Are you trying to outdo me with the introduction bit, Rory? You did quite well, but only two people?" she shakes her head and gestures to the rest of the room, "You're going to have to do the rest at some point this evening! I always find getting it over in one breath is the best way to do it!"

Something in Evander's expression has Catalana looking to him with a guarded curiosity. She gives his arm a brief squeeze and a murmured word before pausing at Ember's need at introductions. She of course looks to Sabella, and suggests to Niklas, "We all should drink until she draws breath. See who is still standing at the end."

Marina doesn't curtsy, but she does bow her head respectfully when the Lord Kennex introduces himself. "She may have, but I certainly haven't. I haven't gotten out much since I arrived here, shortly before that whirlpool showed up. Good timing there at least. It's a pleasure, Prince Niklas, Princess Sabella," And this time she folds her arm in front of her waist and bows a bit more deeply. Taking a moment, she quaffs another long swallow of ale, crudely wiping away a foam mustache she's left with when she brings the glass back down.

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Rorik may stare for just a little longer than is necessarily appropriate at Ember's perfect curtsey. Because when she picks up the rum bottle? He gasps. "You have /perfected/ the curtsey," he enthuses. But he's distracted by the /Rory/ thing, looking to Sabella and wrinkling up his nose. "Have you been talking to my sister again? She always forgets the -ik. It's Ror/ik/," but it's said with a laugh so he's probably not offended or anything. "I couldn't possibly show you up on the introductions game. You're the best at it! If I did it, then I'd be the best, and we'd have to fight over who is the best and I don't want to fight with you, Sabella, I care for you too dearly. You're like a *sister* to me!"

"RORY!" Porter calls from the couches. "DO YOU WANT A DRINK, RORY?"

Azova stage-whispers. "You forgot to say it in a falsetto."

"Thank you," Vitalis smiles at Evander's offer of congratulations, leans to kiss the Count and Countess on their cheeks, squeeze hands, a pause to murmur something to Evander, then return to Adalyn's side. "Gods bless you and your Houses both."

Porter also stage-whispers, "This voice doesn't go falsetto."

Ember offers a respectful nod of thanks to the compliment on her curtsy. She then says, her face and tone gravely serious, "Tt. If she was really like a sister to you, you'd have matching dresses." Ember gestures toward herself and Marina with a subtle flourish. When did she even pour Rum #4? Unclear -- but Ember's drinking it.

"I DON'T KNOW, PORTY!" Two can play at the name game, /Porter/. Rorik bellows from over Niklas' head. "DO YOU WANT A DRINK, PORTY?!"

"Oh, it could." Azova sing-songs. "Oh wow, Porty. Rorty and Porty. That sounds like a very bad play. Prince Niklas, did you hear that?"

"No, but I did hear someone suggest I might be interested in very bad plays," drawls Niklas.

"I am certain you can take a bad play name and make it fabulous." Azova points out.

Catalana sniggers at Porter "Perhaps you should get a plaque made for his room. Just so all the staff know it too." She moves over towards Ember and Marina now. "It's good to see you Baroness, I feel my pride has finally recovered from that thrashing you gave me." An easy smile is given to Marina, 'Hello. Lady Catalana Kennex." Glancing back to her cousins, 'Porty sounds like something the children say when they need to go to the toilet."

Evander gives a faint little nod to Catalana, murmuring something probably reassuring, before he glances at Carita. "Should we find some refreshments-" he begins, before he hears Rorik's yell. It shouldn't be a shock that there's a drinking contest brewing, when his cousins are present, and it earns a smile.

Sabella laughs, "And then you'd be just like Princess Caith and I, I'm afraid! The best of friends who have become bitter enemies ever since she bested me at a hugging contest! And I couldn't possibly challenge her to another one for whenever I see her she does give the best hugs. Mine are pretty good though," she can't help but add. And I have always wanted a brother! I've nothing but sisters--whom I also love dearly--but I do hear brothers are quite fun!" When Rorik calls Porter Porty she laughs again and mouths an 'I'm sorry' to Porter, then turns to beam at Catalana, "Cat! How are you doing? I saw you getting teary at the ceremony."

"I'd pay to see that," Marina snerks as she looks at her sister... blink... what number drink is that? Feeling left behind, sheyounger twin looks at the rest of her ale and finally downs it with her next quaff. Her next drinks are of the whiskey variety, snatched off a passing tray, first downing one then the other. "I think that makes us even.... Oh hi!" Marina blinks awkwardly, finally noticing the Lady Catalana making her introduction, holding an empty glass in each hand, her cheeks a bit flushed with the rush of alcohol. She bobs her head respectfully, if a bit belatedly, "A pleasure to meet you...*hiccup*"

Once Rowenova has gone, Sina sits and occasionally takes a bite of the strawberry and sponge cake dessert, sipping her wine sparingly. She's never been much of a drinker. The Archscholar seems mildly uncomfortable around so many people, sinking in on herself a little and remaining unobtrusive. Occasionally she does glance around, but she looks like she would be far more comfortable hidden behind a pile of books.

Adalyn laughs aloud, both at Vitalis's claim of being a veteran of marriage and Evander's response. "I'm sure you two will be able to compare notes at length: 'how to survive having a spirited wife' or somesuch discussion." She winks at Carita, then bows her head to the pair. "Congratulations again. May your union be happy and prosperous!" With another smile, she turns to join Vitalis and withdraw, allowing room for other guests to mingle with the newlyweds.

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Ember actually gives Catalana the faintest little hint of a smirk. "You lost the battle, but won the war. That scythe broke. I've had all of the Barony's best craftsmen try to make a handle for it that moved as gracefully as the last one, but none have succeeded. It truly was unique. Now, if I must trounce you, it will have to be with a sword." Ember looks over to Marina while pouring Rum #5. "It's not a contest between us, sister. The terms of the contest are simple: when the rest of the party is drunk enough, we switch the tiara onto your head and see who can even tell the difference."

Adalyn pauses as a messenger arrives with a missive - whatever it is capturing her full attention before she hands it to Vitalis for him to peruse. Murmuring apologies, she winds her way through the crowd alongside her husband, the pair departing to tend to business.

"That could probably be arranged. Though if they were the exact same, one of us would be wearing a dress far too big or far too small," Rorik ponders Ember's suggestion, but then ends the thought with a shrug. "Sounds good to me. Sabella! Next party, we're wearing matching dresses." Feeling left out on all the rum that's being drunk in his presence, he goes to pour himself a double, downing it quick so that he can make sure to pour himself another.

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Catalana smiles at Marina with good grace. "A pleasure." She turns as Sabella calls her name and a hand goes over her heart. 'Your Highness. Yes! I only have one baby brother and now he has gone off and married. It's like one of my own has flown the nest." A tear may form on the corner of her eye again and she dabs it away. "Such a happy day. How are you? I've been hidden away for weeks. Wash is being ridiculous and I've stayed busy at Tyde Tower while he sorts out his silly mood." Another laugh is given to Ember, "Oh no. I don't think me facing you in battle ever again is wise. You knocked me out in what? One move? Wash is still sour over it."

"Then why are you drinking as if it is?" Marina counters with a narrowing of her eyes in Ember's direction, though her grin is good humoured enought. She'll leave it at that for now, nostrils finally flaring with the scent of the delectable dishes. "Oh, yes, lets do that, but in the meantime.... I'm going to offset my first few drinks with some oysters. I LOVE oysters!" She wanders in the direction of a table with a platter of the shellfish, taking up a knife and expertly shucking them before slurping down the contents. If someone doesn't distract her, she may be there for the rest of the evening.

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"Because I'm competing with THEM," Ember says to Marina, making a motion in the direction of various Kennexes. The edges of her voice are a bit warmer than usual, which is to say, the edges of her voice have any warmth at all. "Oysters," she says as Marina heads off, like she's suppressing a sad shake of her head -- another young Lady lost to shellfish. Her eyes turn back to Rorik: "Take care that Prince Niklas can identify you from behind without question," she says. "...I believe I saw a play about that going wrong, once. Or perhaps it was a story Jace told. Hm."

Evander secures himself and Carita a glass of something that might be rum or might be wine, he's not really sure and doesn't look too closely as he steers them towards the table, no doubt seeking some food.

Victus' entrance is slow and steady as he strides through the Manse. Near black eyes are trailing left and right, scanning the crowd that unfolds in front of him. There were Kennexes. Darkwaters. Party Princess. Shouting... Yep, it had all the markings of a party. "It's quite loud in here." The Prince mused, which earned a quick chirp of 'ee eee' from his otter friend atop his shoulder. Apparently that was the agreement noise. "Don't take anything. It's not even our house." The otter repeated itself, although its honesty was definitely in question. With that, Victus meandered closer to the refreshment table. Going right for something smooth before even trying to break the ice with socializing.

"I think I'm going to get something to eat," Porter decides finally, draining his glass and getting up to his feet. "Do you want anything?" he directs to Rosalie before he begins moving across the room to do just as he's declared.

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"One of the eel skewers and some of those grilled vegetables would be fabulous, thank you. But I think I should go offer greetings to the High Lord," Rosalie smiles towards Porter before nodding to Victus. Rising up, she smiles at him, "Care to escort me and we can meet up in a few minutes?"

Zoey rises from the couches where she has been sitting with other members of her house, then curtseys to Victus on her way to the dining table.

Catalana bows her head to Victus when he enters 'Your Grace." Her face is concerned "I saw Princess Alarissa's journal this morning. Is she alright?" Her own fingers come to rest on her locket, as if to reassure herself she has it with her.

"I don't think anyone could confuse the two of us, even from behind! My ..." Rorik was probably going to say something but his eyes slide over to Victus and the thought goes unfinished. "Your Grace," he flourishes into a bow for the High Lord before he straightens up again, turning a wary eye over to Niklas. "You're probably right though," he says to Ember gravely, "I'll be sure to watch my ass."

Azova raises her glass in toast. "Your Grace." as Victus heads towards the drinks. She is otherwise simply enjoying a plate of food and her bottle of rum.

Among the crowd who enter the manse for the dinner is an unfamiliar face, almost so nondescript as to be overlooked. Yet despite this, Iridia walks with the confidence of someone who knows she's supposed to be here, as she makes her way through the crowd and towards the table. As she does so, she glances over at the happy couple, offering them a bright smile and a nod of acknowledgment.

When Victus enters, Ember stares at the otter on his shoulder for a long moment. She's so busy staring that she gives Rorik a solemn nod without looking over at the man. Then she pounds rum number... six...? before delivering the High Lord one of those note-perfect curtsies. "Your Grace," she says, voice fuzzy at the margins, "you have something... growing out of your shoulder." Her hand moves to her hip -- "Blast. They checked my sword at the door, or I could take care of it easily."

Niklas pushes himself to his feet and offers a florid bow to Victus. "Your grace. So glad to see you here. The response to the play has been tremendous. We will be welcome to every major fasthold with the exception of Escuma and Northfrost... Everfrost? Coldfrost. Frostcold? Frostytown? Frost's Bend. Frosting Village? Frostaria! Coldycold. Frosthaven. Ever... evernorth?" He stares, completely at a loss. "Baron Edward's place. In the north. No one wanted to go there."

"I was the last of my sisters to get married so I'm afraid I don't know what it feels like, but perhaps think of it as gaining another sister rather than losing a brother?" Sabella offers Catalana, then gives Victus a bright smile and a wave, "I'm so glad to see you here! I too heard about what happened and it's just so shocking to me! I'm so glad you're all all right."

"Sure," Porter answers simply and he begins wandering off to the food. Once there, he starts loading up two plates. He seems to be pretty busy doing that, enough that he doesn't quite notice anything else going on around him for the time being.

Sina sits a little straighter in her chair as people begin to drift more into the dining room, and she sets her wine glass aside. She gives a smile and a nod to Carita and Evander, and then when Victus arrives, the Archscholar rises to her feet, and gives respectful dip of the head in his direction. Then she settles back into her chair, and picks up her wine once more. She turns to murmur something in response to Evander, her lips curving into a brief smile.

Evander has only just sat down, and hasn't even touched his drink yet, when he's noticed Victus' arrival. Despite the hint of tiredness on the new-Count-Consort's features, it would be remiss of him not to rise, fingers briefly touching Carita's shoulder to draw her attention. "Your Grace," he offers to Victus with a bow. "You honor us with your-" the word just drops off, like he's forgotten what he was saying. There's a furrow of brow, as his gaze tracks Iridia, going absolutely still.

Approaching VIctus, she offers a quick but precise curtsy and smiles up at the man, "Good day, Your Grace. And Master Scarf. I hope you are both well." She palms something small from her bag and gives it to the otter with a wink and a smile. Dipping into that brief but precise curtsy, she moves along as others approach, moving towards SIna instead. GIving that same brief, precise curtsy, she murmurs, "Archscholar. How are you this evening?"

"Snowteria," Rorik says to Niklas, completely serious. "Ah, speaking of which. I met with a nice Lowers' woman who was looking for a Patron. I offered my guidance, of course, the great lover of the arts that I am! But she told me that she's an artist. Paintbrush and charcoal," is this an actual legitimate conversation from Rorik to Niklas? Better believe it! "I thought you could talk to her about helping with the sets. Her name's Samira. Culler."

Catalana chuckles at Sabella, 'Perhaps I should suggest another baby to fill the hole. Though, mention babies and husbands seem to run out of the room." She presses her hand against Sabella's arm, naturally encouraging the princess, "I hear five is easier than four." However Evander gets her attention and her gaze tracks to the new woman in the room, her brow furrowing and she murmurs to Sabella. "Who's that?"

Marina is currently oblivious to anything but the oysters she's chowing down on.

Azova cocks her head to the side, glancing at Iridia when she wanders through. "I must have missed even more than I thought when I was out of the city researching for that project." she murmurs to herself. Of course, she also looks down at her glass that keeps refilling with rum. Nope, could be that too.

Carita dips a curtsey to Victus as he arrives, her smile warm. "Your Grace, thank you for coming." before she's escorted to the dining table. Her eyes find those of Iridia's next, head tilted a moment, before she returns the bright smile with one of her own. "Welcome," A side-glance Evander's way and she smooths a hand over her hip before clearing her throat.

Overhearing Rorik, Zoey says. "My but there are many Cullers living in the lowers! Quite a large, active family by the sound of it."

Sina glances over to Rosalie as the Godsworn Sister approaches her, and offers a warm smile. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Rosalie," she says warmly. "I am doing well enough. And you?" she asks curiously. She glances briefly at Evander as he breaks off in mid-sentence speaking to Victus. She glances between him and the High Lord, then to the woman Evander is staring at. She tilts her head curiously, glancing to Carita briefly, then she glances away, turning her attention back to Rosalie, as if just remembering she was mid-conversation with her fellow Scholar. "I keep meaning to catch you for a conversation, but things have been so busy lately," she adds belatedly to Rosalie.

Evander sits, abruptly, his features pale-white. It must be the drink, barely being used to imbibing as he is. "Excuse me," he says, faintly, to Carita and Sina. "I-" he reaches for his glass, gulping down a mouthful. "--really should eat something."

Sabella laughs again, absolutely delighted and leaning into Catalana a bit, "Don't say that so loud or Niklas truly will go running! He's afraid if we try for a fifth we'll get six and then I'll convince him a seventh is lucky! But honestly I don't think I'm ready for any more, I don't think we can house any more nannies at this point!" When Catalana asks her who that is she looks around and it honestly takes her a moment to figure out she means Iridia, "Oh! Hm. I think that's..." she pauses, "You know, I don't think I know! Should I make introductions? Hello!" She calls out brightly to Iridia, "I'm Princess Sabella Grayson and I'm not sure we've met! I'd be happy to introduce you to everyone here!" And then she looks to Rorik very quickly, then to Niklas and the shake of her head is not very subtle.

"Well, certainly, send her my way. I'll find a nice place we can meet where I can leave all my valuables at home. Just in case." Niklas gives Rorik a very grave look. You know how it can be when you interact with _commoners_. "How do I not yet have a plate filled with tasty animals?" Then he overhears Sabella. "What? A fifth? No. What is happening? Stop. Catalana, go away."

Victus does his best to give a respective nod to all those who acknowledge him. So many head bobs later and he starts to speak, glass of rum already in hand. "... Every major fasthold but two?" The High Lord's brows clamber up his forehead. "Good gods. That's an exceptional turnout. Color me equal bits surprised and humbled." Then onto Sabella. "Yes... We're still unsure of how anyone managed to slip through. The whole house was on lockdown the moment the riots broke out. Yet still. It's scared the wife something awful and we've sent the children back to Maelstrom. Safer there than here with all the tension." Onto Carita and Evander next, the Prince dips into a stiff bow. "Congratulations on your union, Countess and Count-consort. I'm gleeful for both of you. My face just doesn't possess the means to show that emotion." He remarks dryly.

Lastly, it was Ember that caught the Prince's attention. Though she'd been holding Scarf's eye far longer with her approach. The long otter stood up straight on two legs, staring at the honorable Party Royalty with suspicion. If an otter could show suspicion, anyway. Victus didn't seem phased by the ridiculous sight, nor phased by his companion's sudden defensive posture. "Don't worry about him. He's just a loud-mouthed thief. He will bite." A beat. "He /will/ bite, seriously."

Catalana hears Evander's request for food and begins to prepare one for him. Bringing it over to him, she slips into a chair beside her brother, and trying to keep her tone light, laughs at Niklas 'I heard you wished for seven babies. A wonderful idea Nik. You could get your own boat for them to sail you around in." She does then murmur something much softer to Evander as she hands him some food.

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"Better for it. I met her at the Ebb and Flow, you could meet her there too. You don't have to bring any of your valuables there," Rorik says to Niklas before his eyes slide over to Sabella, his brows popping up in a confused arch. "Why are you shaking your head like that?" He's not very subtle either, Sabella, sorry. But at least it brings his attention over to Iridia, she's tall enough that he doesn't even have to look down too far to see her. "Oh, hello! I'm Lord Rorik Kennex. What's your name? We'll have Sabella make an introduction of you to everybody."

Iridia's smile fades, as she regards Evander with what appears for all the world to be mild hurt when he stares and goes still. But the woman shrugs off the behavior and makes her way over to the dining table to take a seat. After all, it would be such a shame not to enjoy the meal that's been prepared. But then Sabella's arriving, and Iridia turns to regard her with what appears to be mild curiosity. "I'm certain it's just /wonderful/ to meet you, Princess Sabella. I'm Iridia -- an old friend of the family, you might say. Evander's mother and I went way back. And it's just so /delightful/ to see /darling/ little Evander finally growing up, isn't it? Getting married and everything."

Ember has gotten distracted at some point during Victus's onslaught of responses. "...a loudmouth, obviously, but a THIEF...?" She's not looking at Victus's otter as she says that, but at Prince Niklas. She then gives Victus a look like she's not sure what he's been drinking, at the comment about biting. Ember is, at this point, visibly and audibly drunk.

Which does something to explain why the Bloody Baroness, dba the Princess of Parties, reaches out without looking to try and take Iridia by the arm. "Come, sister, we must congratulate the newlyweds. feel taller, did you switch shoes with someone--?"

"I am doing quite well, thank you, Archscholar," Rosalie responds with a small smile towards Sina. The pause is enough that she glances towards Iridia, then to Sabella, over to Carita and Evander, back to Iridia, and finally returning to Sina. "Understandable, of course. Its not as if I will be going anywhere. There is time." She smiles faintly and pats Sina's hand lightly before turning towards the table once more. Her eyes move around the table once more, landing briefly on the newcomer but seeking out someone else instead. After a few moments, she glances to Sina, "Perhaps after, if you are available?"

Catalana looks longer at Iridia, her eyes narrowing at the woman, clearly disbeliving her. "Oh? Iridia....I'm sorry. I can't place you. You were close with my family?" She looks again at Evander, and maybe inches her chair a little closer to her brother.

Marina is tossing back another oyster before she is finally released from their shellfishy grasp. There is a pile of empty shells on the table beside the platter when she wipes her hands on a napkin, the rest of the party finally coming into focus. "Did you say something, sister?" she asks attuned as she is to Ember's voice, before finally spying Victus there, and trying her hand out at a curtsy. It doesn't go well in her memaid skirt that limits her range of motion and she wobbles just a bit, "Your Grace," she mumbles a bit when she catches herself, now looking around for her sister and spying her arm in arm with a stranger. Hmmm.... Time for more ale.

"His mother?" Zoey asks, glancing from Iridia to Evander. "Apologies, I do not think I caught your name."

Niklas gives Ember a very confused look. "I'm not a thief!" He glances back to Rorik, "What's she talking about?" But then everyone is paying attention to Iridia. "Auntie Claire?"

Evander gives the slightest shake of his head when Catalana approaches him, though whether to the food or whatever she murmurs to him isn't clear. He glances towards Iridia again as she introduces herself to Sabella and the others. "Right. You remember... Iridia. She visited when I was sick sometimes, Cat," he says, ever-so-softly. "So pleased you could come," he manages, with a little smile.

"I'm almost positive that tall woman didn't say her name was Claire," Porter says toward Niklas as he loads yet more food onto a plate. It's taking awhile, but look, this is dedication to a cause. "I'm not sure what she did say her name was though..." then he trails off before shrugging and getting another piece of chicken.

Iridia glances down at where Ember has tried to take her by the arm, and for just a moment there's a look which is extremely difficult to read. "While I'm /terribly/ flattered that you seem to have mistaken me for your sister, I'm /dreadfully/ sorry to tell you that you have the wrong person." She tugs her arm free of Ember's grasp, turning her attention back to Catalana. "Oh, yes, dear one. But it was /ever/ so long ago; I'm not surprised that childhood memories might have faded a bit. I can be rather forgettable, I'm afraid. Though I /do/ quite recall you."

Azova is definitely without a single clue. So naturally her eyes widen a little and she starts eating the little scallion cakes like they're entertainment snacks; eyes dart between Iridia and the people asking questions. "Well, welcome to the family!" she chirps, which might well be entirely inappropriate, sorry about that half empty bottle of rum contributing to her part of the conversation.

"He's not even that loud!" Rorik says to Ember. Loudly. But then he looks back to Niklas and shrugs. "I don't know, I get confused easily. Is that woman your auntie?" He blinks over to Iridia, squinting at her. "She certainly likes to emphasize."

Catalana doesn't remember her at all. Not one bit and the look to Evander says that quite clearly. She turns her gaze to Iridia again. Her eyes narrow ever so slowly, as if trying to recall some vague memory. She looks at Evander again. 'Friends with your mother?"

As Rosalie responds, Sina offers a smile, and inclines her head. "I'm glad to hear it. And yes, after, if we both have time. It would be nice to catch up." She sips her wine then, and glances toward Catalana as she speaks, then to Zoey. She politely doesn't say anything, however. Family affair, and all. She turns her gaze to her wine, and studies it intently, before taking a sip.

Ember takes the revelation that Iridia is Iridia, rather than Marina, in stride. Even drunk, she affects a look of great dignity that makes it difficult to judge whether she's ashamed of herself or if she even fully takes in where and how the error was made. Her attention is caught by Niklas, though, and the Bloody Baroness narrows her eyes. "But you do not deny biting."

"I do not think I have heard Evander speak of you," Zoey says to Iridia. "But if you are a friend to the family, then I am glad to meet you. Will you join us here at the table?"

"It is!" Sabella enthuses to Iridia, looking over to beam a smile at Evander and Carita, "Aren't they just lovely together? Weddings are such a lovely time for family and friends to come together from all over! Have you been able to have anything to eat or drink yet? Did you travel very far? How nice for you, Evander, to be able to reconnect on this happy day!" There's just so much cheer! But since introductions weren't asked for, she digs into her strawberries and cream, "Countess Carita the food is so delicious! I am going to need your chef to send some recipes to Grayson's."

Catalana uncertainly regards Iridia. 'Oh? Well, childhood wasn't all that long ago, and I certainly remember my step mother. Could you perhaps refresh my memory. I'd so love to hear a story I've forgotten about our childhood."

Carita watches as Catalana begins to hover closer to Evander, settling in with a smile that remains but turns a touch plastic as its set in place, thanks to the sharp edges of Iridia's smile. Brows lift as the conversation begins to swirl about her, her head tilted to the side as her eyes shift from speaker to speaker before landing on Evander again and finally Sabella, "Absolutely, Princess. If I can wrestle them out of my cook, I'll be sure she has them sent your way."

It's as Ember is being weird at Niklas that she seems to overhear something -- still standing close enough to Iridia to reach out again, Ember doesn't, but slowly turns. Whatever drunken warmth was on her face is now gone, and the coldness of her stare is far beyond her typical sternness. This might not be noteworthy except that Ember is turning herself to step forward, and put herself right in Iridia's face without a word, staring into the stranger's eyes so intently and with a frown pulled so tautly that there's really no way to misread the cues -- but the attempts will be fun.

Evander clears his throat, briefly, though even with that his voice is still soft. "I'm sure she doesn't... want to share childhood stories. Not after such a long journey." His gaze flicks towards Carita, as he stands again. "Is there dancing? Should there be dancing?" he faux-whispers to her.

"Well shit, and I left my pack full of medicine upstairs." Azova murmurs, when Ember gets right up in Iridia's face all ice-princessish.

Marina swishes her way back towards Ember as she sees the other woman brushes her off, hands tightening a bit when she sees that. Her pace gets a touch urgent when she sees Ember's reaction. When she reaches Ember's side, she stands sentinel behind her, keeping an eye on the situation, ready to react in a moment.

Victus is keeping a wide berth from the crowd. Leaning up beside the dining table instead, where he can sip his drink and people watch in earnest. Scarf sits as well, rolling something shiny between his paws. "That's a bold move. This can only end well."

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"I didn't deny being a loudmouth," says Niklas. "I'll probably deny biting, too. It's hard to say." He shakes his head at Porter and Rorik, looking at them like they're nuts. "No, Cat and Evander's mother. Lady Claire. Jan's too, I suppose."

"Well," Rorik takes a wide step to stand in front of Niklas and Sabella and then takes another wide step back so they better start moving. He seems to be crowding them to the food table. "Let's go get something to eat. Little shrimps are always great to snack on while watching fights."

Catalana stares at Evander when he mentions dancing. Like, an open mouth gaping stare. She quickly attempts to recover, a plastic smile very similar to Carita's cross her face. She corrects Niklas with a minute shake of her head. "Lady Claire was Jan and I's mother. Father remarried after her death."

"Oh, /right/. Someone's mother was Claire. I've almost certainly had too much drink already," Porter decides. Except by count, he's only had one drink.

Iridia doesn't even glance over at Niklas as she adds, "Ah, no. Dear Wayne married twice -- Lady Claire, and Lady Girasol. Darling little Evander was Lady Girasol's. Such a /terrible/ tragedy what happened to her, wasn't it?" And while she doesn't turn to look at Niklas, she does continue to give Ember a look which seems to ask whether this is a thing the Redreef woman really wants to do. She does not blink, she does not flinch, she does not step back; she merely waits to see what it is that Ember does.

"Baroness Ember," Carita's voice lifts, as she rises an upnod to the nearby attendants to fall into action, "would you kindly refrain from accosting our guest?" Her hand had been pressed to her chest but now lowers to rest on the table as she watches Ember. "If.. you would be so kind? As our guest?"

Evander's features flicker into posture of something distinctly uncomfortable, at Iririda's words, and yet it's the woman's sudden focus on Ember that means he's stepping forward, on the heels of Carita's careful warning. He stops to one side of where Ember and Iridia regard each other. "Lady Iridia," he clears his throat, "Can I introduce you to my new wife, the Countess Carita?"

"Yes," Marina agrees with Carita, "Come on sister. Let us enjoy this day and this feast," she says, though she knows better than to try and physically move her sister. "There's some fantastic looking food over here..." She attempts some more, a hint of pleading in her tone.

"I don't see why there should be any fighting at a celebration," Sabella says gently to Rorik, although she does move where he's indicating since he's being very pressing about it, "Baroness Ember must just think Evander's old friend looks familiar. Do you think if you have a twin it's strange to see that other people have different sorts of faces?" She ponders, "I've often wanted a twin, but then I had one at a party and it was a little disconcerting. Like, does my hair always really look like that? Does it always sound like I speak with lots of exclamation points? Though I suppose two people can have different voices even if they look the same! Or can they? I guess I've never made a study of it!"

"How did you have a twin at a party?" Zoey asks Sabella, dividing her attention to do so.

Iridia gives Ember one last warning look, and then steps away from the Redreef woman to the approaching newlyweds; her demeanor changes, all smiles and warmth once again. "Ah, the happy couple. It's just so /delightful/ to see the two of you together, hm? I just had to put in an appearance, you know. Even if I'm here in the city so /terribly/ rarely." She considers first Evander and then Carita, and then adds, "I do think your mother might be happy to see the two of you, were she here."

Finishing her wine, then looking surprised that she has done so, Sina sets her glass down on the table, empty. In spite of herself, the Archscholar's curious gaze is drawn toward Ember and Iridia, watching to see what the Bloody Baroness does. It's hard not to look anywhere else, now, with Carita directly addressing the tension between her wedding guests. "Yes," the Archscholar adds. "This is a celebration. Let us celebrate," she says with a soft smile, clearly trying to help keep things pleasant.

"I have a twin," Rorik says to Sabella. "But we don't look anything alike. I got all the height. And the good looks. He's very ugly," he shakes his head as though this is a very sad plight for his brother. "It does always sound like you talk in exclamation points. But I like it," he flashes Sabella a big grin before he looks back to Iridia, taking stock of the woman for a moment before he just shrugs. "It's good you were able to come to the city and make it to the wedding!" Silver linings and all that.

Catalana is watching Iridia with an absolute wariness. Her teeth actually grit at something Iridia says and her eyes flick back to Evander. Her drink and food forgotten as she watches the interaction. Finally she rises and addresses Iridia, 'Unfortunately she's not. I would hope, if she was here, that she would be proud of how he has grown when such little faith was always given."

Ember lingers there for a moment after Carita and Marina speak. It's a short moment, but it probably feels like a long moment. Too long a moment. "The way I prefer to teach people to marshal more care with their words," she says, voice tight with blatantly boiling-over rage, "is to break their mouths, so that every twitch of their lips reminds them. It is to your fortune that this is my liege's wedding."

Ember waves away Marina from getting too close. She seems completely sober, now, and more than that, furious in a way usually only glimpsed in people as they're actively murdering someone. "Congratulations," she says to Evander. "Fuck lots of kids into her." Then she turns on a heel and storms away, to leave Iridia unfought.

Azova may not may not have just started choking on her rum. But there are definitely suspicious gurgling noises.

"Oh. I didn't realize that. Obviously." Niklas looks a bit nonplussed, then shrugs and gets back to piling up a plate of sea creatures. When Rorik mentions his ugly, talentless twin Niklas gives his cousin a tsk. "I keep telling you, you don't have a twin, you have a mirror."

Marina sighs, and is careful not to crowd the Baroness when she turns on her heel to storm away. She stays just long enough to shoot an apologetic look Carita's way. "Thank you for inviting us. Your oysters were perfectly cooked," she compliments awkwardly before following after her sister, less storming, and more concerned trotting in her tight dress.

"Oh, it was a masque," Sabella tells Zoey brightly and without missing a beat, then blinking a bit at Rorik, "Do you? Wait," she studies him a moment, "Do you really or is this one of those things that I'll go back and mention to Niklas in a week or so's time and he'll be like 'what, Rorik doesn't have a twin!' and I'll insist and he'll start doubting his own memory of his own family and it goes downhill from there? Because it actually sounds like fun either way so do tell me about this short, ugly twin bother of yours! It's not Porter, right? Not that I think he's short nor ugly!" she adds hastily, then laughs at Niklas' comment, "Never mind, his wit is faster than mine."

Sina's three Templars, from their various places discreetly nearby, tense up a bit as Ember's words, eyes narrowing at threats delivered among guests. But as the Bloody Baroness storms out, they slowly relax again, just an inch. Still, they do eye the situation carefully, even after Ember is gone. Meanwhile, Sina decides more wine is in order after all, and helps herself to a second glass.

"Stop making fun of Mikael," Porter calls to his cousin. "The poor man isn't even here. Poor, poor, poor, Mikael." How long is he going to stay on the food line for? /Endlessly/.

Iridia pulls her attention from the newlyweds to glance over as Ember turns to leave. She does not flinch, or look startled by the woman's remarks. "And it is to /your/ fortune that I have some regard for your liege, and no desire to mar this day. Because I am quite capable of teaching others to 'marshal more care' with their actions." Her smile is knife-sharp, just for a moment. "Tread carefully, baroness; ice can be treacherous when thin." But as the baroness storms off, Iridia seems to neither know nor care whether or not the woman heard her; her attention returns to Evander and Carita once more.

Evander reaches to touch Carita's arm, a quiet, subtle support as Iridia addresses the pair of them. His expression is mostly even, but there's a brief smile at her latter words. "I hope so," he says, "And it's very kind of you to say-" but again, he never finishes the sentance, because Ember's congratulations is paired with that instruction, choking him to silence. Evander's definitely speechless. Clearly he hasn't had to deal with the Bloody Baroness before, blinking quickly, though she's gone before he can formulate any kind of response to that.

"Poor, short and terribly ugly Mikael!" Rorik agrees with Porter, nodding gravely about his poor, ugly, short little twin brother. But he gasps at Niklas, looking positively wounded with big blue eyes and a hand to his heart. "Mikael's not nearly shiny enough to be a mirror! And I'm very handsome, my mother tells me constantly in her letters that she sends, asking me if I need new underwear." To Sabella, he merely sighs. "/Yes/, his name is Mikael and he's very terrible looking. Really, they had me and the Mercies cheered, and then Mikael came barreling out seconds later and several of them dropped dead with fright."

"Mikael is probably, the /best/ looking Kennex, that there is. With the exception of Niklas," Porter offers to Sabella.

Carita follows Evander, watching Ember and Iridia as the latter seems to be accosted by the former before Iridia passes her by. There's a glimmer of thanks shot Ember's way (so faint you might not see it) before her smile lifts as she dips her head as she's introduced, "Well met, Lady Iridia." There's a wider smile now at those words, "Lo--/Count/ Evander and I do truly appreciate your making the journey for the wedding. "I'm sorry about Baroness Ember," thers's a little awkward laughter there, "I think she must have mistaken you for somoene else. More than once. That new whikey of Darkwater's must be stronger than I thought."

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"Yes, she's just /delightful/, isn't she?" Iridia remarks to Carita, clearly referring to the 'Bloody Baroness'; her tone is all light and cheer once again, as though she had not just delivered that only vaguely veiled threat to Ember moments earlier. "At least when so /dreadfully/ drunk. Perhaps I'll have to go pay her a visit when she's sobered a bit. Just to see the difference, hm?"

"Gods, I am beautiful," says Niklas with his back turned as he just loads up on crab legs and scallops. He looks up to watch Ember go, then says offhandedly to Iridia, "To be fair, she was about that nice to me the first time we met. I think she might have spit! But as it turns out I'm wonderful, so maybe it's just her."

Catalana looks at Iridia once more, 'Oh. You'll be staying in town for awhile? I do hope you come to the Kay. Perhaps a dinner to catch up?"

"That may have just been because they were expecting one," Sabella points out, picking up a few more treats to set down on her plate, "When Lulu came out we were overjoyed and then Clara came shortly after and honestly I think we were all stunned to silence. Or was it the other way around?" She looks to Nik for confirmation and then realizes what she's doing with a laugh, "The first time I met Baroness Ember I threw up all over her boots! I think we bought her new ones. No fault of her own, I was just having an adverse reaction to Relara at the time."

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Breezing in, well past fashionably late, is one Aryana. She looks around briefly, as though searching the room. Spying Iridia, she begins to make her way in that direction, calling out in a cheerful voice, "Oh happy day, my dear, is this the happy couple?" The smile bequeathed to Carita and Evander is bright and toothy, a joyful sort of expression.

"Porty wouldn't know good looks if it hit him in the face. Which I have!" Rorik says to Porter with a laugh. "Except for Niklas, of course. We're not in disagreement there. You are gorgeous, Niklas," Rorik flutters his lashes at Niklas before he sighs at Ember's leaving. "Oh well. This is almost as fun as the last wedding I went to." Is he looking in Victus' direction, hoping an axe goes flying? Maybe. MAYBE! But then he just shakes his head. Alas.

Evander gives Carita a sidelong look. "That's my first exposure to the Baroness, as well," he says, quietly. "I'd heard some stories, but never given them credit." Iridia's words earn a tiny smile. "I'm sure you have much more interesting things to do when you're in the city. Have you seen the whirlpool? It's gotten quite the focus of-" he darts a sidelong look at Catalana's words, "-many people. Are you planning to stay for long, Lady Iridia?"

Rosalie chats quietly with Sina, even through Ember's exit. Straightening, she looks towards Porter, then over towards Carita and Evander. Then the call of another newcomer has her looking around. And blinkind. "Good Gods..." She nudges Sina and murmurs again, then reaches for a glass of wine herself.

Alright, well. Porter managed to very competently not notice Iridia for more than a few seconds at a time, but when Aryana comes sweeping in, he notices. He frowns briefly and there's some scrutiny as he takes in her features, hair, the clothes that she wears. The crown. He slowly breathes in and puts the plates down on the table where he's been working on them. And in that moment, he turns around and exits.

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Sina glances toward the newest arrival, Aryana, even as she takes another sip of wine. She blinks a little at the flashy display of diamonds and rubies the woman wears, her eyes drawn to the figure. She studies the two women warily now, holding her wine cup in her hand, glancing between the pair of them with an uncertain expression on her face. She spares a glance for Carita and Evander, and wets her lips briefly, before whispering back to Rosalie.

Evander belatedly notices Aryana's approach, giving her a nod that's been well-practiced over the course of the evening. "Ah. Yes. Thank you, my lady. I'm afraid you're not familiar. Are you one of the Countess' relatives?" he glances sidelong at Carita.

Catalana is almost about to say something to Evander when the new super shiny woman has her attention. Another plastic smile is given to the new comer, and another sharp look to Evander.

"Oh, I don't know how long I'll be staying," Iridia notes to Catalana almost apologetically. "But if time permits, I think that could be just /delightful/." And then Aryana is approaching, and Iridia offers her a warm smile. "Oh, yes, yes, darling! So /wonderful/ that you could make it. These are the ones I told you about. This here is Lord -- now Count, I suppose -- Evander, Lady Girasol's son. And his wife, Countess Carita. Aren't they just the most /charming/ couple?"

It's one thing to force some casual small chat with people in an awkward situation over a lady that seems very average. It's another thing when another one walks in wearing a crown that puts all of her tiaras to shame and Sabella stares for just a moment. Is that jealousy? What? No! For a moment she seems entirely unsure of what to say, "Did ah, did someone mention dancing?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rorik before departing.

"If you can send word to Kennex Kay, we can arrange something," Zoey offers. She looks from Iridia to Aryana. "Are you also a family friend? I do not believe we have met."

Sina murmurs softly with Rosalie, her voice the barest whisper of conversation, so as not to interrupt the introductions that are taking place.

Carita's smile remains warm as she takes Evander's arm, her oceanic eyes shifting from Iridia to Catalana and back again. "Thank you, Lady Iridia." At the new face, she inclines her head respectfully, but as Evander speaks, her eyes shift back to him, brows furrowing. "I think she's Lady Iridia's guest?" Though her eyes are taking in the jewels that bedeck Aryana. "Oh wow," comes out before the Countess can stop them, and her cheeks redden just a smidge, laughter soft. "I'm sorry, I'm in awe of your jewelry."

Niklas turns back to the room with a plate loaded down with a tide's worth of crustaceans and follows Zoey's greetings to the new arrival. Then up to the new arrival's floating hat. Then back down to the new arrival. And then her hair. And then back to the crown. "Neat." Carefully setting his plate down (but not before slurping down some crab meat) he makes his way over to Sabella and takes her hand. "Dancing would be lovely."

"Mmmm, no I can't say that I am, darling." Aryana says to Evander with that bright, toothy smile. "But the pleasure is mine in meeting you at last! Oh, I have heard all about you from your dear mother. She couldn't be prouder." There is a mild pause and then she says, "Shame though that she isn't here." Those blue eyes turn to Carita and Aryana smiles again, "Oh, how pleasant to meet you. There is something so deliciously... sea kissed about you. Wouldn't you agree, ah Lady..." She pauses, eyebrows lifted as she looks to Iridia.

Rosalie continues her quiet conversation with Sina, though she pauses for a moment, looking around. A flash of something crosses her face before she presses her lips together and turns back to Sina with a small nod.

Catalana checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Evander nods his head towards Aryana at Iridia's introduction. Her effusive description of them appears to be sitting almost as well as Ember's bluntness, stilling the now-Darkwater Lord into silence for a moment. Fortunately, Carita's far more eloquent than him. It's a good bet he didn't even notice Aryana's jewelry. "That's... kind of you to say, Lady...?" he manages to voice after Aryana's well-wishes, the hang of a lack of name just as telling as Aryana's.

Catalana glares at Evander for a long moment, before she whispers something in his ear and looks back to the two women before her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rorik before departing.

"Oh, I thought Lady Iridia would do as well as any other, at least for today. Don't you think?" And if the almost comically-nondescript woman's expression is just a /touch/ mischievous as she makes her reply to 'Aryana', and her eyes hide just a bit of mirth, well. People must have their private jokes, no doubt.

Rorik gets a message! It is something that has him frowning and looking back to Aryana and Iridia, sqinting some before he shrugs and steps over to have a quiet word with Sabella and Niklas.

Zoey quietly resumes nibbling what is on her plate while conversation goes on.

Sabella smiles a lot. Always with the smiling! "Of course, my love! But I think the first dance should likely go to the new bride and groom! Countess Carita, Count Evander, once you are through with the line of greeting guests, I think everyone would love to see the two of you take a turn and start off the evening's entertainment!"

"Iridia, lovely yes, very nice." Aryana peers at Carita curiously, "Theory?" She tilts her head just so, an air of expectation about her. She turns her head and looks at Sabella as she mentions dancing. The smile she offers is far too chipper and bright to be wholly genuine.

Evander reaches to touch Catalana's arm as his sister leans in, expression tight. He pats her arm, but there's no verbal response to her, except a look that might be warning. "Yes. We should dance," he says, quietly, to Carita. "I think I can manage one dance, at least." He's never danced, like ever. He's making an exception for the wedding and totally not to cover up any awkwardly whispered questions.

Carita's face screws up a little, shot Catalana's way as she leans in to whisper something that she overhears. Her eyes roll toward the ceiling before lowering to Sabella with a smile, "Yes, I think that--" but then Aryana is waiting on her answer. "Oh, I have no theory on that. I try to work with the knowledge I've been given, which is why I'm so grateful to be in the Scholars." There's a little motion towards Sina now, "Have you met the Archscholar?"

"If anyone needs introductions I'd be happy to, ah, introduction. People. To each other!" Sabella rallies, though it might be a touch strained. "Introduce you to everyone. The general you. If someone wanted to be introduced. To another person. Here. In this room. I could introduce people who aren't here, but that would get strange rather quickly! Haha. Ha." she takes a long drink of the nearest glass she can find, which turns out to be water.

Niklas is overheard praising Carita: Congratulations to the lovely bride!

Niklas is overheard praising Evander: Congratulations to the marginally less lovely groom!

"WELL!" Rorik declares, picks up a glass of rum, and raises it to Carita and Evander. "To the bride and groom!" he gives a cheer, downs the glass, and then says something quietly to Sabella and Niklas before out he goes.

"Ah, dear me." Iridia lets out a long-suffering sigh. "I suppose I had best go, though. A certain rather /troublesome/ colleague has decided to let loose his underlings in territories which /I/ am responsible for, and I really /had/ best deal with the worst of that before it becomes /dreadfully/ inconvenient. But it was so /lovely/ to see you again, Evander, dearling. And to meet your wife, as well. Perhaps if there's time before I'm off once again, I /will/ take your sister up on that invitation to stop by, hm?" A glance over at Catalana, and a small wave of farewell. Fingers wiggling.

And then Iridia makes her way towards the door to depart. And if, as she does so, the 'nondescript' appearance seems to bleed away and leave a woman with glimmering white hair that seems to reflect all the colors of the rainbow, her ears distinctly pointed? Well, perhaps that was just a trick of the light.

As, no doubt, was the fact that should anyone step out the door just behind Iridia, there's no trace of the woman anywhere to be seen.

Catalana glances at Evander, a flash of betrayal or hurt on her features, it's hard to tell, but not one that Evander has seen often on his sister's face. She toasts Carita and Evander and moves to leave too.

Aryana pouts as 'Iridia' departs, looking downright glum as she looks back to Carita, "Oh, I am sorry my dear I didn't hear a word you said. That one over there mentioned dancing," she airily gestures to Sabella, "And that sounded quite interesting. I do so want to be entertained."

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Evander spends far too long staring after Iridia, frowning. A quick glance Catalana's way and his mouth parts, but he clamps down on whatever response he'd intended to give. Instead, he summons a smile for Aryana. "I'm afraid I might disappoint you terribly, my lady, for I am a terrible dancer, where my wife," it's the first time he's said it, and he sounds surprised by it, "Is far more accomplished than me." He holds out a hand in invitation to Carita just the same.

Niklas looks to Evander and Carita, a delighted smile on his face. "Well, dancing now and a nice toast later and this will have been the third finest wedding I've ever been to!"

Sina still has a glass of wine in her hand, though she is barely remembering to sip it, gaze following the nondescript woman as she leaves. She seems engrossed in quiet conversation with Rosalie. However, her attention is drawn away as Carita mentions her title. She glances over, and studies the ruby-haired woman thoughtfully, before finishing her wine, and rising to her feet. "I think that I will bid you a good evening, Countess Carita, and leave you to your illustrious guests. I thank you for inviting me," she says, with a dip of her head, and a glance to Evander. "And to you as well, Count Evander." To Carita, she adds, "I hope that we will be able to have tea soon." She smiles and turns then, murmuring something to Rosalie, and begins to make her way out of the great hall, Jacinthe and her three Templars moving to follow.

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At the whisper from Sina, Rosalie nods, offering a faint smile towards her. She rises up as well and approaches Carita and Evander. Looking between them, she steps in and presses something into Carita's hand while murmuring, "I really do wish you two all the happiness. If you need anything at all, please reach out. Faith, Scholars, or even just as a friend. I will do everything I can to help." Turning towards Aryana, she dips a brief but precise curtsy and offers a smile, "It was a pleasure to meet you even if we were not formally introduced. I do hope to see you again, my lady." She offers the same quiet goodbyes to the others she knows before turning to take her leave.

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Carita laughs softy Aryana's way, "Think nothing of it," at her apology, one shoulder lifting in an airy sort of shrug. Then Evander is offering his hand. Laughter bubbles up again, and that hand of his is taken as they move to the dance floor. "I do hope you'll all join us?" She gives the signal and a small band begins to play, and leans in to watch Catalana leave, a puzzled look shot that way before turns her attention back on Evander.

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Aryana sighs as she looks around and says, "Well, I suppose I should be getting off myself. I had hoped that this would be exciting. I heard a wedding last week had stabbings. Doesn't that sound fun?" She looks back to the bride and groom and says, "I shall leave you with a gift on this, the eve of your wedding." She leans in and says, "Never forget to invite the important people in your life to big events. We like to be included." With that, she turns to amble off.

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Sina is overheard praising Carita.

Evander begins to lead Carita out towards the band, and stops at Aryana's words. He doesn't even try to hide his expression of alarm and dismay at the idea of stabbings being fun. That's a big no from him, to judge by the sharp shake of his head. He looks like he's trying to formulate a response to Aryana and failing. "Thank you," is all he manages, "For the advice."

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While the couples go in pairs to the dance floor, Zoey stays behind at the table to sip her wine and have a quiet exchange with Victus.

Evander makes it obvious, soon, why he doesn't dance in public. It could just be because he's unsettled by the parting words of that unnamed woman, but probably not. It's not the worst anyone's ever seen, but that's probably only owing to the fact that he follows Carita's lead, rather than leading himself, the occasional stumble and missed step followed by an under-the-breath apology to his wife that soon becomes breathless, but still, he presses on.

Niklas pulls Sabella out onto the dance floor that has been set up, some of his stiffness fading as Aryana leaves. There on the dance floor he and Sabella do that total a-hole move of dancing like superstars at someone else's wedding. You know the type. The bride and groom are stumbling through the ballroom dance they've spent the last three months learning and then one of the bridesmaids and her boyfriend no one likes anyway just get out there and start lindy hopping like mad, doing lifts and flips and showing off like crazy while everyone else sits there all :| but they don't care because their friend's wedding is actually all about them. It's kinda like that. But instead of swing dancing it's something more chronally appropriate. Like that thing where they hold their hands up like they're gonna do a high five, but instead slowly walk around eachother dipping their legs now and again.

Sabella spins and hops and claps to the beat, definitely smiling a lot easier now that the unexpectedly creepy guests have left, "Countess, Count, I truly hope that this is the start of the happiest of times for you together! I'm sure that under your leadership Darkwater will continue to flourish!"

Carita's expression barely changes, and then Aryana leaves and the Dancing with the Stars couple joins them and she motions towards the fireplace to Evander. There's a glass of something snagged and lifted in Sabella's direction, "Thank you for coming, Highnesses, your well wishes truly mean the world to us."

Evander looks, truly, a little relieved as the dancing is past and attentions turn towards other, much, much better dancers than he. He also snags a glass of whatever's closest to him, takes a gulp, and after a coughing that's muffled into his scarf, summons a smile for Sabella. "Thank you, Your Highness," he says, sincerely.

Niklas nods to Carita. "And thank you for having us, Countess. I hope we did not wear out our welcome. I did not wish to leave you while..." He glances toward the door, then shrugs. "Not that I could have done anything to help. But it seems rude to leave people to die on their own when I could have, ah, died with them." He sniffs faintly. "Look at me, so brave." Snapping up a glass he lifts it and says, "To the Count and Countess of Darkwater Watch!"

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Zoey gets up from her seat and curtseys to Evander and Carita. "It was truly a lovely ceremony and reception. I am sure you are both exhausted after all of that. Do not be strangers though, understood? I would love to hear from the both of you mor often."

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