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Grayson Basket Raffle

Princess Sabella Grayson is hosting a fundraiser to support the Tragedy orphanage and the Knights of Solace! Come for a night full of dancing, engaging conversation, and entertainment, then try your luck to win a basket full of goodies that range from the delicious to the refined! The baskets donated so far include a voucher for a star iron piece made by Guildmaster Josephine Acuri, a wolf and dragon themed basket from Lord Jyri Whitehawk, a basket of the latest fashion and jewelry trends from Princess Sabella, and much, much more!

If you would like to buy raffle tickets, please send a messenger to Princess Sabella indicating the number you would like to purchase. Raffle tickets can be bought in silver or economic resources:

1 ticket - 5 economic resources or 1250 silver
5 tickets - 20 economic or 5000 silver

Note there is a limit to what you can win: only one win per person! You do not have to be present to win, but you should be because it is going to be an amazing time!


Dec. 2, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Zoey Sanya Merek Imogene Liara Dio Lou Tesha Calandra Elgana Gogil Thea Jules Carita Aindre Niklas Reese Monique Dianna


Grayson Solace


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Dio arrives, following Imogene.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrives, following Tesha.

1 Grayson House Guards, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier arrive, following Reese.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

The Great G(r)ay Hall is certainly all decked out for a party tonight! Not only does sweet harp music greet people as they enter the mansion, but there's an entire Bard orchestra here that's already got a few people dancing the night away! Princess Sabella stands further into the room by a beautiful reeded display case where the prizes for the evening are on display. She's utterly glittering in mirrorsilver, dragonweep, and gryphons, but her smile is somehow still brighter as she watches people start arriving, "Welcome! I am so incredibly overjoyed to see such generosity from the people of Arx for those less fortunate! And I know that the Knights of Solace are extremely grateful for everyone's donations! But do step up and see what can be won tonight--we may be adding one or two things before the night is over so everyone please enjoy!"

3 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Zoey somehow manages to maintain enough dignity not to press her nose against the glass of the display case while surveying the available prizes. She does her best to greet and curtsey other guests where appropriate.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella puts a finely crafted gold inlaid skull chest representing Darkwater in a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Sanya Grimhall enters the great hall of the Grayson Mansion with mirthful expression, glancing about to take in the decorations. A curtsy is offered to the princess in greeting as she ventures into the hall.

Merek makes a way into the Hall while he has his dark attire on, and scarf, while he looks about and to all the things to be won! Then he presses a nose to the display case to look!

Imogene glides into the Great Hall on the arm of Dio, though something about their respective attitudes -- perhaps it's the subtle grip of Imogene's hand on his sleeve, or the fact that she's just a few hair's-breadths of a step ahead of him -- suggests that she's the one doing the leading rather than the accompanying. Whatever the situation may be, the Seraceni marquessa looks simply ecstatic to be here, and she keeps craning her neck this way and that to take in the magnificence of her surroundings, the equally magnificent prizes on display, and the still more magnificent Princess Sabella. She makes a glad beeline for the princess-hostess, dipping into a deep curtsy even as she's beaming at the other woman. "Princess Sabella, it's such a delight to see you again! And what a lovely occasion. It's such a good cause you're helping, and I can scarcely wait to see what you've put in the raffle. So exciting!"

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella puts a willow woven basket lined with blue wool in a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Zoey has joined the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Liara shows up from outside, rather than from the stairs as people might be accustomed to her doing at functions in the hall. While she turns her gaze towards the display case on the way through with some curiosity, she doesn't crowd it any further, and instead goes to find herself a seat at a table.

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Dio sweeps an arm in front of him, bowing respectfully to Sabella beside Imogene. "It is indeed good to see you, Your Highness," he says to the Grayson princess. "The lanterns are magnificent, as is the music."

Since Voice, Lou has gone out of her way to at the very least attend the official Grayson events that are being held, and even - to the shock of some - wear a lovely dress or two at them; for the normally not so social Grayson Explorer. She has a smile for Sabella when she sees her sister, and then she goes to find a seat, eyes curiously taking in people around her.

Carita is overheard praising Sabella: For the eventiest events! Such class!

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound have been dismissed.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

Lou has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

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Zoey has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Tesha arrives on her own, as is her trademark. She is dressed in one of Selene Whisper's creations so it's not like she's just shown up out of the blue. The redhead makes a quiet introduction to the hostess, finds herself a drink and then heads off to people watch for the time being.

Spring has sprung, and so too have the brighter raiments from the Whisper's closet. Featherweight brocade the color of fresh green buds flutters and sweeps like a gentle breeze in the wake of Calandra's practiced gate as she enters the greathall, both gown and jewelry glinting with golden accents, warm and bright like captured rays of sunshine beneath the ambient glow lighting the room.

Shadowed appeal seems to take on a brighter touch for this particular event, the gold of her eyes drawn forth and gleaming to match the smile of appreciation that greets Sabella first and foremost. "Your Highness." A proper dip at the waist follows, but tries not to linger as she continues. "It warms my heart to see more care shown to those in the Lowers. It is such a wonderful thing you're doing here."

"Oh, you've simply outdone yourself, Princess Sabella," Elgana says warmly to the Grayson Princess as her basket gets handed off to join with the others on offer for the raffle. "But I wouldn't expect anything less from you." That warm smile ticks upward, and she adds, "Not to mention, you look amazing!" Not wanting to take up too much time of the hostess, Elgana dips into a curtsy that has those blue washed seasilks fluttering about her. There's a warm smile and nod of her head as she passes Imogene and Dio. A Grayson party is never without refreshment, so Elgana ensures she snags a drink from a passing servant as she moves to mingle, giving a little wave to those she knows before finding a seat.

Gogil has been standing and gawking at the display case for some time now. "Wow," he says in obvious awe at all the stuff. His mouth moves to speak some more, but nothing comes out. He finally shakes his head and goes to sign up for more raffle tickets before going to find some to drink. It's white wine for the Redreef lord as he looks sidelong at the display case before making his way to find a place to sit.

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Thea makes her way inside, quietly but hey! Shes here! Stepping to Sabella, she bows her head first of course, greeting her respectfully. Making her way through the crowds of people, Thea bows her head, giving respectful greetings to those in passing. Plucking a glass of wine, Thea goes and finds a seat.

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Jules enters into the hall without anyone. The man does not seem even remotely bothered by this fact though as he has a broad smile to his face. He's flowing through the hall like a fish swimming through water. He is quick to bow, nod, or greet whoever he happens to pass so if you need someone to acknowledge you and RP with, he just did one of those to you.

Carita's widly dyed dress, in swirls greens and blues, is speckled with mirrorsilver embroidery and beading marking her arrival more so than the Contessa herself. She pauses just inside to let her gaze roam over those that are here, and the places to sit. Her basket, carried by a guard behind her, is given to Sabella's people so that they might put it with the rest.

It's by way of the stairs leading down from the second floor of the Grayson Mansion that Prince Aindre arrives, putting the finishing touches on the last button of his shirt while he descends. His light-hued eyes are on the people who have gathered, however, a sea of unfamiliar faces for the noble so freshly blown in from Bastion. He's come dressed for an occasion very much worth dressing for and a smile on his generous lips to complement the merry atmosphere of the night's entertainment. As he passes by the hostess he tells her, "Princess Sabella, I see the word of your prowess at organizing functions such as these were hardly exaggerated." He's brief, kind, and moves on after to mingle.

Niklas stays back and lets his wife make her amazing entrance all by herself because he's only too happy to let her shine. Or, more likely, he doesn't want to appear to be too dowdy right in front of her! Not with his new outfit, all decked out in the greens of spring, topped with a coronet featuring jade stones. Once she's in and gotten her gasps and omgs, he follows along and takes her hand, giving her a nod like I told you it'd be a smashing entrance. He gives her hand a kiss, then moves past her to look over the various baskets on display. He finally points at the Velvet Box voucher and says, "Calling it." then turns and wanders off to say hello to everyone he knows. "Princess Elgana! It has been far too long. I'm finishing up my latest play now, so hopefully you can assist again with your peerless networking." When he catches sight of the latest arrival from Bastion he sends a wave that way. "Prince Aindre! Have you met Princess Elgana Redrain?"

Gogil has joined the Couch of Majestic Gryphons.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant leave, following Carita.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

Reese is has taken a seat. The princess is adorned in her pink and ivory, looking like Reese normally does. She even has her ribbons tangled up in her golden locks. She has been rather quiet so far tonight, but does give those at her table a smile.

Lady Monique Greenmarch arrives, wearing a corset gown of gilded flame and at least three visible pieces of dragonweep adorning her person; one clasping her dark mantle, one upon a torq encircling her fair neck and the third resting upon a graceful finger beside the ancient oak ring of House Greenmarch. Her step pauses to take in the surroundings with distinct approval, eyes alight with anticipation as they search out the crowd.

Looking up from the table momentarily, Liara turns her gaze across the hall, taking in sundry new arrivals. She offers a light smile to Jules as he passes by (or bows, or breakdances, or whatever else is deemed an appropriate greeting nowadays), then her gaze is drawn when she overhears Niklas greet Aindre - a flutter of a wave is offered across the way to the latter.

Imogene offers another elegant curtsy to Niklas as she notices him there, engulfed in Sabella's brilliance, and she has a warm smile for him too, even if she manages to make it a little more decorous. Her quick attention seems to have noted Elgana's smile and nod in her and Dio's direction too, and she drifts herself in the Redrain princess's direction near the superbly reposing couch.

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Reese looks over to Jules, having a warm smile of greeting for him.

Elgana's smile is mirrored by Dio, and he bows his head to the Princess as she passes. Something Imogene says to him makes him chuckle. He leans close, and speaks to her quietly, before he turns to a nearby servant to acquire a glass of red wine, and a glass of white. Following his wife toward the couch, he takes a sip of the white before he hands it to his wife.

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"Your wife must love you dearly, Prince Niklas, as she mentioned you were hard at work but wouldn't spill a single detail! I'd be wounded, but how can I fault such devotion?" Elgana says with a grin to the Kennex-turned-Grayson Prince. "I'm looking forward to it and would love to assist in any way I can. I'm without a single doubt that it will be a roaring success." As Niklas' attention turned toward Aindre, Elgana's gaze follows, and she offers the other Grayson prince a warm smile and nod. "Another Grayson? That shouldn't surprise me as I have cousins turning up all the time fresh from Farhaven. I hope that you've found Arx to your liking, highness." As others start to enter, Elgana's gaze shifts to see if there are any faces she knows. "It is a fantastic turnout. I'm excited to see who wins what basket," she says to the Graysons. As Imogene and Dio make their way over, her smile turns up a notch. "I don't believe we've met before, but I'm glad to change that. Princess Elgana Redrain, it's a pleasure to meet you both. Won't you join me?"

At the acknowledgement of Liara, he stops to give her and the rest of the table a bow with a flair and outstretched hand. As he comes up he ha a warm smile for each at the table. He lifts his eyebrows in an excited way as he sees Reese and says, "Your highness, so wonderful to see you." He drops her another bow and turns to prepare to make his way through the hall without disturbing the higher nobles.

As Imogene and Dio arrive at the couch and Elgana introduces herself, there's another curtsy, just as pretty and elegant as the ones before. "Your Highness," the marquessa greets Elgana gladly. "The pleasure is all ours, I'm quite sure! We've only recently come to Arx and I've scarcely had the chance to meet anyone yet -- Princess Sabella's best efforts notwithstanding."

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There may be those who would believe that the godsworn are bound, by oaths and tradition, to maintaining a conservative demeanor and appearance, but that is likely due only to the fact that so very few godsworn tend to come from the Lyceum - and that those who do are generally men, as opposed to women. Sister Dianna Godsworn, however, is neither Oathlander nor, quite obviously, a man; and so, when she arrives to the Great Grey Hall, she is dressed... as only Lady Dianna Mazetti would ever dress: Salaciously, with scandalously /little/ covering her lovely dancer's legs. She is, however, wrapped in a glittering blush wrap, adorned with glass beads and gemstones. She makes her way to Princess Sabella on the heels of Imogene and Dio, smiling warmly and moving with elegant serenity. She dips into a graceful curtsy before the princess. "Princess, may I introduce myself? I am Sister Dianna Godsworn; and I thank you for holding this wonderful and much-needed event."

Prince Aindre Grayson moves through the crowd like he's done this a time or two, stopping at Niklas first to shake his hand and ask him, "I've seen you twice in two evenings, is this going to become a habit Prince Niklas?". He gives the other prince a friendly clap on the shoulder and moves on, first smiling to Princess Elgana when his attention is directed toward her and answering with, "Another Grayson. They just keep making them and each one is greater than the last. Or so that is what I hear. I've hardly had the time to truly experience Arx as a permanent resident, but I've always enjoyed my visits." When her conversation turns toward the people around her, he cuts through the crowd and nears the Highlord of the Crownlands, "Princess Liara. I thought it pertinent to cross paths with you here tonight and assure you I arrived from Bastion in one piece. I received your letter. You're generous beyond necessity. My gratitude to you." While he's there he offers a big smile for the other people gathered around her. "You certainly attract a crowd, don't you? The burden of superb leadership, assuredly."

Dio smiles to see Dianna approach Sabella, and when he catches the new godsworn's eyes, he bows his head in greeting.

Liara looks up to Aindre once more and offers up an easy smile. "One might also note that I am sitting at the largest table. Please do feel free to join us - there are few better opportunities to make so many excellent people's acquaintance in one go." She upturns a hand to indicate sundry still-vacant seats at the table.

Merek moves back away from the display, then he sees that Dianna is about, and offers an inclination to the woman, while he takes a moment to shift his scarf with a light smoothing about of the dark attire on him, a mantle cape on him which he pulls about, and looks to the place.

A drink easily finds its way into Calandra's hand once the hostess has been greeted, the delicate stemware balanced with halfhazard care while making her way about the room to enjoy the life of the crowd. Eventually it brings her around to the griffin table where she settles in for the event for now, though not before offering a defering bow to those already seated. "A pleasure to see you all this evening. I'm eager to see who might end up with some of those lovely prizes."

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Niklas turns to Dio and Imogene when the pair make their way over. "Marquessa, Marquis. I do hope that should the night get rowdy you will entertain with another knife dance." Niklas raises his eyebrows, clerly jesting. Or maybe he's not! It's not always easy to tell. Past the pair he inclines his head toward, "Sister Dianna. Congratulations on your life's transition, and Lagoma bless you in this next stage."

Setting in with Gogil, a hand offered his way in greeting, Carita's smile widens for the Redreef Lord as her other hand lifts to secure a drink from a passing attendant. Though she speaks with him, her voice is pitched for their area alone as her eyes remain on her seat companion.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a ribbon-topped basket laden with bottles of alcohol from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

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A warm smile lifts Dianna Godsworn's lips as her gaze slips across the crowd. Merek receives a gentle nod, then Dio as well. "Ahh, but you must be so very busy, Princess; I shan't hold your time. At any rate, I thank you; you are indeed generous."

With that, Dianna moves forward, slipping the wrap from her shoulders to drag upon the floor as she turns, modeling what can only be a tribute from such a very Lycene woman to the goddess, Death. Those near her will note the gentle chime of bells whenever the godsworn moves, rising from the hem of her umbra gown.

There are so many people to greet! "Marquessa Imogene, Marquis Dio, I'm so glad you could make it! Prince Aindre! I'm so happy we could welcome you to the city this way! Calandra Whisper, I was so touched to receive your note and your donation! I do hope you win something! Lady Monique!s Princess Elgana! Your basket is stunning! Countess Carita I can't believe all the trouble you went to..." and on and on it goes. But Princess Sabella does know why everyone is here! "All right, all right, I won't hold up the proceedings any longer! Let's start this raffle! This basket was donated by...well I bet if you look at it, you'll be able to guess," She grins, then points to Lady Zoey, "Chosen by one of the Compact's best noses when it comes to alcohol!"

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1051

"Countess Carita! Congratulations!" Sabella announces, waving Elizabetta over to bring Carita her winnings!

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Sabella gets a willow woven basket lined with yellow wool from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Zoey grins and applauds. "Enjoy, Countess!"

Sanya applauds as her cousin of sorts wins the next prize. "Congratulations, Countess." She beams at Carita, rising as her name is called before settling back down.

Carita's eyes widen as Sabella sents the basket in her lap, "I knew this couldn't be anything but Lady Zoey's basket," she laughs, setting the basket on the floor beside herself. "Thank you, Lady Zoey, I'm sure I will."

As the first basket is claimed, Elgana's attention turns from the quiet conversation she's having at that sofa to break into some applause for Carita upon her win. "Congratulations!"

"Our next basket was donated by a soon-to-be-bride, Lady Kaia Bisland!" Sabella gestures to it as one of her handmaiden's holds it up for people to see.

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 894

"And Princess Reese is our winner for this one!" Sabella beams over at her sister as that basket gets delivered over to her!

Gogil rises when Carita joins him, taking her hand in his and there is a moment he looks unsure of what he's going to do with it. But he finally leans over and gives it a soft kiss before righting himself and saying something at the couches before turning his head to the announcement that Carita's a winner. His gaze turns back and he smiles at her before taking a seat once more.

Smiling to Zoey with deep warmth, Dianna proffers a nod, then moves towards the silver sofa where Dio and his wife are gathered with several others.

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Sabella gets a willow woven basket lined with blue wool from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

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Jules claps his hands for Carita, a broad smile of happiness for her. His eyes briefly turns eyes to scan around the room for the next winner. His attention then turns to the next winner and continues his applause.

Dio laughs when Niklas mentions the knife dance, and says, "If only my first mate where here, Your Highness." When his wife accosts him, he winks, ginning. Dio shakes his head as Sabella greets all of her guests by anme. He leans to Imogene without taking his dark eyes off the Grayson hostess. "I honestly don't know how she does it. It take me at least a month to learn a new crew members' name - and even then I rarely use it - breeds familiarity and poor discipline, you know." He takes a sip of wine, and then sets it down to clap for Carita when she's announced a winner.

Reese rises to to her slippered feet and has a warm smile. "Thank you so much! " She says, drawing close to collect her prize. She is quick to peek into the basket. "Oooo.." She says, pulling out the shoes.

Lou glances up from talking to Reese and grins. "Go Reese!" she calls out to her sister. Then, perhaps, blushes a bit at her outburst.

Elizabetta sort of struggles to raise the next basket, which looks like it's another one full of alcohol, "This basket was donated by Prince Niklas Grayson, a call back to the days when he was a Thraxian!" Sabella beams at her husband, "So I hope whoever wins this is either a rum lover or knows one!"

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As Reese is declared the next winner, Elgana once more breaks into applause. "Congraulations!"

Zoey has joined the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

"And it seems that she is! Lady Zoey Kennex!" Sabella announces, gesturing into the crowd so Elizabetta can find Zoey as she moves around.

Sanya is overheard praising Grayson.

Niklas grimaces at Sabella and grumbles, "I prefer 'Islander'." When they call the winner he offers applause for his second-cousin-in-law. "Hah! Booze for booze, Zoey! Enjoy the fruit of Maelstrom's finest beets!"

Merek is overheard praising Solace.

Merek is overheard praising Grayson.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a willow woven basket lined with purple wool from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Zoey approaches the silver seasilk sofa to introduce herself, but finds resell intercepted by a prize basket as she goes. "I promise, it will not go to waste," she promises with a laugh. "Even if we have to wait for summer."

Jules looks at Reese pulling out the shoes from the basket and he looks so excited he appears weak and simply is too exhausted to cheer as much as he would like.

Noting that Zoey is making her way over, Dianna's gaze turns to rest on the Kennex woman, her eyes creasing with the pleased smile.

Imogene shakes her head at Dio, saying teasingly, "It's because Princess Sabella doesn't have her head all filled up with sails and knots and navigational charts and oceany what-not, so she still has room for things like people's names." Pouting a little, she adds, "I can't believe I missed this knife dance. How have I never seen it?" With another mock-doleful headshake she looks back to the people at her couch, including the newly arrived Dianna.

"I was honestly tempted to keep this basket for myself as I am desperate to try this Raspberry Chocolate Cordial Port that Master Alexio has donated and--oh there's something I was supposed to read," Sabella looks around for a little note, "'Everything here is to DIE for!' These are some of the best that Donatti's Imports and Exports have to offer, so if you like what you see here, even if you don't win it you can stop by there to get some! Just not for free like tonight."

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 212

"It looks like even though it would not have been a long trip, Archduchess Jaenelle won't have to leave the comforts of her own home to experience everything Donatti's has to offer," Sabella says cheerfully.

Reese pulls out the pumps showing them to Jules. "These are amazing, I think I will give them to my protege. I would never wear heals myself, but she will love them." She says happily to him.

Reese gets a pair of purpureus pumps adorned with an aureate snake motif from a willow woven basket lined with yellow wool.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a woven willow basket lined in white wool from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

Jules is quick to wave a dismiss Reese's statement and says quickly, "Heavens no! You must try them, they'd be lovely with your ribbons." His smile is broad and he leans over to examine the shoes somewhat closer.

A rare look of unguarded amusement and fascination washes over Dio's face when he sees his wife pout. "To be fair, I invited you - but you said it was too last minute," he says to Imogene. "And charts and sails and knots are important. They bring me back to you," he says taking up his wine glass again, and, turning to Dianna, says, "I am still most interested in seeing your glaivedance, My L -" he pauses a second, and then says, "Sister Dianna."

"And this basket was one that I put together myself, so I hope that the winner enjoys it as much as I did putting it together!" Sabella says, as Elizabetta holds it up, "I happen to really like mirrorsilver, so I hope the winner does too!"

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1135

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 780

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 573

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 921

Tesha stands near a wall with a glass of wine and there's a smile to all of those that have won so far. She was just waiting to see who the next name was that was going to be called.

"Marquessa Lora is the winner for this one! We'll send that off her way," Sabella says after a moment of looking around to make sure she's not here.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a high quality hairpin depicting the building of Arx from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

"Now this is a very special prize, one that Master Felix Meadson worked very hard on, putting his heart and soul into it and making something that I think is quite beautiful and an homage to the city itself," Sabella gives the hairpin Elizabetta holds an envious look, "I hope the winner treasures it as it is truly a one of a kind piece."

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 357

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1027

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a woven basket of golden pine with a berry-red lining from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

"And the lucky winner is Lady Lenne Crovane!" Sabella waits for the usual round of applause before sending it on its way. "This next basket was put together by Princess Elgana and it's another one that I desperately want to keep for myself but, we all must make sacrifices for charity, right?" She grins out at the crowd.

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 126

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 901

Turning her gaze to Sabella at the mention of her new 'brother,' Dianna glances over, taking interest in what the craftsman may have donated.

Sabella lets out a little squeak when the next one comes up, "Lord Alessandro Greenmarch! Ahh he'll be so surprised he was utterly sure he wouldn't win anything! Thank you, Princess Elgana for your generous donation!"

Thea eventually spies Dianna. She offers her a bow of her head and a small smile, leaning back and crossing her long legs,"Dianna Godsworn. Good evening."

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets Brazen Serpent necklace certificate from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

As Elgana's basket is put up on offering, her attention is roused once more and she waits eagerly to hear just who the winner is. And when it is announced, Elgana cannot help but burst into joyous laughter and applause. "Oh that's wonderful! I can't wait to see his and Margret's faces."

:hears her name and glances to the crowd to find its source - and, spotting Thea Malvici, grins, then lifts a hand to beckon her over.

"This voucher was donated by one of the city's newest and very talented jewelers, Mistress Ephrath Drake!" Sabella announces, holding this one up herself since it's just a slip of parchment, "And in case you were wondering, yes, she works with just about everything including star iron! So let your imagination run wild with this one. Well, not too wild. Tastefully wild," she amends, still smiling.

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 232

"And what a very nice welcome to the city, a party and a prize! Prince Aindre!" Sabella announces, clapping in the Prince's direction.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Reese smiles over to Lou, looking admiringly at the shoes again. She then puts the shoes back into her basket. She continues to quietly at the table.

Sabella gets a durable sturdy basket lined with leather from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

"This next basket was donated by Grayson's own Lord Jyri Whitehawk, who is immensely talented in just about everything he tries! I'm particularly jealous of the winner of this one, because I adore dragons and so the cloak in here is just...perfection!" Sabella lets someone else hold this one up because it appears to be full of books. And those are heavy.

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 634

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1036

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 901

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1337

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 1111

"Lady Sanya! Congratulations!" Sabella absolutely beams at the other woman, gesturing for the basket to be delivered.

Prince Aindre rises up from the table where he's been sitting with various people as his name is called out, his smile both surprised and delighted. "This must be the lucky table tonight!", he tells the people around him, and moves to meet Princess Sabella halfway and take the prize when it's offered to him. "What better welcome? Tremendous!", before he returns to the conversation he was having.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets Velvet Box Voucher from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now locked.

"Oh, thank you." Sanya's eyes glitter as she glances at the basket, a beaming smile offered to the princess once the surprise passes. "That was unexpected."

"I think this one is something that many people have been waiting for all night, a voucher from Mistress Josephine to design a piece of your own choosing!" Sabella holds this one too. Maybe a little too tightly. She certainly gives it a longing look before clearing her throat, "Mistress Josephine was extremely generous to offer this, so I hope whomever wins it has a fantastic time letting their imagination soar! I certainly look forward to seeing what is made from it!"

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 250

"And the lucky winner is Lady Teagan Blackram!" Sabella announces, waving the voucher around a moment before giving it to Elizabetta. Her fingers might caress it just a little more than they should. Goodbye, pretty jewelry voucher.

a display case with elegant reeded columns is now unlocked.

Sabella gets a finely crafted gold inlaid skull chest representing Darkwater from a display case with elegant reeded columns.

Carita notices her 'basket' pulled from the display and straightens in her seat a little, eyes roaming the room before ending up on Sabella as her smile widens.

Reese gets Bisland bracelet bag from a willow woven basket lined with yellow wool.

When Sabella pulls out Carita's basket Niklas holds up a hand. "I do believe I forgot to put in for a thousand tickets, my dear. I'm good for it!"

"The final prize we have for you tonight is this amazing chest put together by Countess Carita Darkwater. Honestly, every piece took my breath away when I saw them. Now," Sabella walks in front of the chest, giving a brilliant smile to the crowd, "Before we do the final drawing, I just want you all to know that your generosity has raised over one point six million silver for the Knights of Solace, to be used to support projects such as the Tragedy orphanage and protecting travelers along the Great Road," Niklas gets a laugh when he interjects, but she continues flawlessly, "So while it is certainly fun to win prizes, please do consider how many lives you'll touch by purchasing these raffle tickets. We have the means and ability to do so much for so many people and I am humbled and honored that you all decided to take part in the festivities tonight. I am truly grateful for all of you!"

"And now, without any further delay..."

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 714

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 798

Sabella has rolled 1 1337-sided dice: 940

"Lord Quintin Ashford! Thank the gods, honestly, that chest is really heavy and hauling it across the city would definitely have been too much." Sabella laughs, clapping her hands together and applauding the room, "Again I thank you so much for all of your donations and hope that even if you did not win something you come away from the evening perhaps making some lasting friendships with people you had not had the pleasure to meet before. Do stay and dance and eat and examine everything everyone won! Thank you so much!"

Reese is overheard praising Sabella: Wonderful raffle!

Reese is overheard praising Lou: Great sister and Grayson!

Calandra is overheard praising Sabella.

Lethe is overheard praising Sabella.

Gogil is overheard praising Solace.

Imogene is overheard praising Sabella: The most ravishing raffler!

Calandra is overheard praising Grayson.

Gogil is overheard praising Sabella.

Calandra is overheard praising Solace.

Tesha is overheard praising Grayson: Wonderful party!

Merek is overheard praising Sabella.

Niklas is overheard praising Sabella: She's pretty good!

Tesha is overheard praising Solace: Great party!

Elgana is overheard praising Sabella: A magnificent hostess!

Tesha is overheard praising Sabella.

Rising from the table, Sanya turns to Calandra, offering her arm. "Shall we?" She asks with a warm smile.

Elgana is overheard praising Solace.

Tesha finishes off her wine and gives a soft round of applause for the winners before she receives a messenger. She then makes her way out quietly.

Liara is overheard praising Grayson: A splendid occasion for a worthy cause.

Lethe has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Dianna is overheard praising Sabella: A noble cause, and such a successful party. Blessings to you.

Lou is overheard praising Grayson: For sponsoring a wonderful event to benefit orphans!

Lou is overheard praising Solace: For sponsoring a wonderful event to benefit orphans!

Once her duties as the master of ceremonies are complete, Niklas steps back in beside Sabella and holds out his hand to her. "Shall we dance, my love?" He looks over her outfit and says, "Just don't crush me with your lace."

Merek offers praises, then makes his way from the place!

Sanya checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 58 higher.

Thea has left the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Reese gets Bisland bracelet from Bisland bracelet bag.

Slipping away from the silver seasilk sofa, Dianna Godsworn makes her way through the crowd.

Matching the Whisper's enthusiasm, Sanya leads her to the floor of the hall to begin the first dance. She seems to keep up with the rhythm with little effort, her graceful movements appearing somewhat natural.

Reese looks over to Lou as she speaks about leaving. "Take care, Lou, it was great to see you." She softly says.

Once she's sure that the display case is indeed empty, Princess Sabella looks briefly relieved and then takes a very long sip of a glass of champagne someone gives her. So much talking! "I would absolutely love to!" Sabella laughs as she takes Niklas' hand, "Only if you promise I don't have to talk the whole time!" She pauses to say to the room again, "And if anyone enjoys the music tonight, they're from the Bard's College!"

Calandra checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Winds her way back to the door, nodding gently to Sabella and Niklas as she passes nearby. "Congratulations, your highness, on the great success of your event."

Jules begins to move through the hall now that the raffle is over. He still has his eyes scanning about and nodding to people with his random greetings to those seeking them or needing some attention.

Dianna has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Reese looks over to Jules, having a smile for the man. "Did you want to dance, Master Jules?" She asks of him.

Lou has left the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

As Jules is addressed by Reese, he gives his flourishing bow to her and says, "Your higness, I should be delighted if you would accompany me." He rolls his wrist to hold out his hand to her and gives her the smile he already wears on his face.

Reese rises to her slippered feet and moves with the grace of a trained warrior. She then draws close to Jules. "Thank you, Master Jules." She says, reaching out for his hand and getting read to dance.

Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Leading Reese out to the floor, Jules leans over to her and says something to her softly and then moves around to face her with his other hand moving around her waist and we'll see how well he manages...

Jules checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Sabella checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Dio rises to his feet. Letting one hand rest behind his back, he reaches out his other towards Imogene. "Would you care to dance, Marquessa?"

Calandra loves the freedom that is dancing, but at the end of the day she's much more songstress than a dancer. There isn't any lacking in the grace of her steps, gliding along with Sanya in hand, but she doesn't quite match the Grimhall Voice perfectly. Regardless, the songbird laughter that spills from her is true and excited as they spin and weave along the dancefloor. "You're a wonder on your feet, My Lady. I should love to see them sweeping across Whisper House's ballroom sometime."

Zoey watches as other guests join the dance floor and move to the music. "I think this may be my queue to return home with my prize," she says to no one in particular.

Someone shows up with a note for Liara, and she quietly excuses herself for the nonce, departing as inconspicuously as she is able, which is to say, not very. Before she goes, she offers Aindre an easy smile. "Enjoy it. It is a splendid function."

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Aindre has joined the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Jules does allow that flowing movement to continue onto the dance floor and he seems to relish the moment to be on the dance floor. His feet are light and he has a bit more energy than might have initially indicated.

Liara has left the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Reese seems to be dancing alright. Well enough to give a respectful showing at a party, but not well enough to be artistic or truly talented at such. She follows along with Jules, a smile briefly curving her lips. The Princess likely having a good time. She then murmurs something softly to him.

Zoey is overheard praising Sabella: Another lovely event!

Zoey has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Aindre is overheard praising Grayson: What greater House for hosting legendary parties than the Greatest House?

Jules laughs at Reese's comment, and shakes his head as though he does not believe whatever she says. He is speaking softly to her as he swirls her around or himself around. He then slows down with the music and allows her pace to set it a bit more at this point...

"Thank you." Sanya says with a chuckle. "I expect I will one day. Radiant Bliss invited me to the Whispers as a quasi-official member." She says with elaboration. "I don't spend nearly enough time in the Whisper House. Though it's one of the most beautiful places I've laid eyes on." She smiles.

Imogene looks up to Dio with a light smile. "Oh, to be sure. Though you may find it quite dull, lacking any knives." Rising from her end of the sofa, she gives her remaining companions there another smile, telling Zoey, "I'm glad to have met you, and I will so look forward to having you and your family over to the palazzo soon. A good night to you, Lady Zoey." And then Elgana: "Princess Elgana, it's been truly a pleasure. You and so many others have made us feel so welcome here in Arx. If you've gone before Lord Dio has got done trotting me around the dance floor, then I wish you a perfectly lovely day." Turning, she then places her hand in Dio's and looks to him with a tilt of her head.

Jules continues his movement, his head seeming unmoving as he listens to Reese talk to him and he gives his reply but although the pace is slowed, he is certainly still moving with the beat and mindful of her movements.

As Dio and Imogene rise from the sofa to take to the dance floor, Elgana smiles warmly at the pair. "Thank you both for the lovely time. It has been quite wonderful getting to know you both. Welcome to Arx, my lord, and lady. May the city and her people treat you always with kindness." There's a pause before she adds, "Though, I'll have to add seeing a knife dance to my list to things to see now."

Taking Imogene's hand in his, Dio turns to Elgana chuckling, and says, "A pleasure, indeed, Your Highness. My first mate would be honored to show it to you. Lady Zoey," he says, turning to the Lady of Stormward. "I hope we shall see you and your family soon." He leads his wife to the space set aside for dancing, and drawing her close to him, places a hand on her hip, and begins the first lead steps in time with the music.

Dio checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Reese murmurs softly to Jules as she continues to dance with him. She speaks softly, having a conversation about something or another, but it is too quiet for most to overhear.

Imogene checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Jules bows as the music stops and says to her, "I am glad to have had the opportunity, perhaps if you are available you will save another dance or if not I hope to see you shortly. I just need to take care of one certain matter of business. I don't know if you heard but my lady employer had her child last night. I was just on the way home when I got word." He laughs and adds, "I should have needed to drag my company with me if I had not already left."

Reese looks to Jules, slowing her movements and then ceasing them all together. "Oh, I did hear, send her my best wishes." She says and then adds a moment later. "Take care and thank you for the dance."

That earns a brief moment of roundness to Calandra's eyes before a note of apology creeps across her easy smile. "I should have known that, if I deign to even count myself amongst the Celebrated. But Radiant Bliss has wonderful taste, I can see why she invited you." Words hum soft and dark in appreciation with a silken smoothness as they sway, the Whisper going so far as to even twirl Sanya with a leading hand when the song allows. "That said, you really must come by more. Perhaps for some tea sometime?" The invitation is a light one, open and without obligation, but there should she ever want.

Reese is overheard praising Jules: Great dance partner!

Reese is overheard praising Aindre: Woot, warrior prince of Grayson, we need him.

Imogene follows Dio out onto the floor with so gentle a glide that she seems almost to float, head held high in a look of immensely dignified refinement, marred only by the mischievous twinkle in her eyes that suggests she finds absurd fun in simply putting on such an air. As she moves with the marquis her footwork is nothing extraordinary, only a little more than just serviceable, but there's such lively joy in each step that mere technique can almost be overlooked.

Reese is overheard praising Kaia: Lovely work, honored to have won her basket, beautiful shoes!

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