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Lord Gogil Redreef

Guys.. You aren't going to believe this..

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Unknowning Adventurer
Fealty: Thrax
Family: redreef
Gender: male
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 24
Birthday: 11/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Accountant
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: light brown
Skintone: sun kissed

Description: Tall and rangy in build with what could be athletic lines sometimes spoiled by absentmindedly distracted clumsiness. Dark hair is kept long, and often bothersome when it gets into the way of his eyes, but still surprisingly well cared for, a point of pride in fact. He's tanned from years spent outdoors, and he's got the easy-going smile of someone that prefers to look for the positive in life.

Personality: Laid back and chill in pretty much all things. Except when it comes to money. The Arvum dictionary on the word tightwad might include a picture of Gogil. It's not that he is exactly adverse to spending money, but does one really need to spend that silver on 21316 bottles of some obscure rum from some far off land? No. It's better kept safe or doing some good, like earning more money. He's an easy conversationalist and can shift streams seemingly on a whim, but if the subject gets to difficult he tends to stutter. Even years of work it will sometimes come out, usually when presented in front of a woman he has keen interest in. Some find it endearing but more often then not it has whatever lady he is trying to woo turned off. He doesn't take it personally, how could he? He know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean you should hide. He likes to hear people laugh even if it's at the expense of his own (mis)adventures.

Background: At the young age of six, Gogil had gotten lost in the forest outside his family's home. Near the same time a group of marauders tried to storm the modest estate by walking right up the front gate. They were slaughtered and Gogil returned home with a fantastical tale of a group of traveling singers wanting to perform for their family.

When he was nine it is told that he was to go spend time at Darkwater Watch, but a mighty tempest sent his ship he was traveling on off course and badly needing repair that they ended up in New Hope, house Blackshore's lands. His charges were not too pleased to find that the young lordling had disappeared into the city only to be found several months later staring at wonder at a burnt down warehouse that apparently revealed a trove of stolen goods being ferried through the town.

At the age of twelve another attempt to see Darkwater Watch and visit his cousins was attempted. The tale from the survivors says they could see the city as they sailed past being harried by pirates. They were cut off from the port and being dark at night they had to sail southwardly. Long month's past as Gogil's ship stood just out of reach of the raiders before a stroke of luke saw they hidden in a lagoon. The sailors and even Gogil don't talk much about those they met on the island, but there is a song about a boy and his golden eyed duck that those sailors still sing from time to time.

At fifteen Gogil was thrust into the world of academia. Not overly inclined to military pursuits and only showing passing skills as a sailor he was given the task to learn numbers and history. A task that he seemed to flourish with. Especially with numbers and the seeing of patterns and stories he says lie with them.

On his eighteenth birthday he was sent for by Urime, a master accountant in Maelstrom. Apparently word had reached him of Gogil's prowess with numbers and wanted to take on an underling. About a year later he was on his way home, more knowledgeable on numbers, but confused by the sudden disappearance of Urime. He was even more confused when a Princess kissed his cheek before he boarded his ship home.

At twenty one he was asked to look at the books for the family that was in Arx and immediately asked to go to the city. Eagerly wanting to help fix whatever problem he had seen in them. He didn't make it. He doesn't talk about this, and the ship he was delivered on was not the one that he left on.

Not until he was twenty four, he finally reached the shores of Arx. A little shocked that his cousin Ember was now Baroness, but still eager to help the family in the city in any way he can.

Relationship Summary

  • Skye - A friend from some time ago. Now a Baroness. Who'd have guessed?
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