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Marquessa Imogene Seraceni

The more cuts to the gem, the brighter it shines.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Pirate's Treasure
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Seraceni
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 23
Birthday: 09/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Dark chestnut
Eye Color: Indigo
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Countess of the March of Ischia

Obituary: Lost at sea in March 1013 AR, possibly related to the whirlpool that formed in Arx harbor around that time.

Description: Imogene would be called adorable if she weren't so tall, statuesque if her essential demeanor weren't so mischievously elfin. Lacking all but the least hint of feminine curvature, her quirky beauty comes from the animation of her face and form and the liveliness of her deep violet-blue eyes. Imogene has an ineffable sparkle that lights up everything about her. It may come out as a twinkle of merriment, a glint of cool calculation, or the radiant flame of temper, but it's always there, ready to shine. Her crowning glory is her lustrous hair, so deep a shade of chestnut that it can appear almost black, the burnished waves seeming to glow like the rest of her with an inner fire.

(Her dark chestnut hair is worn up and arranged in a tucked bun at the nape of her neck.)

Personality: Irrepressible: that might be the first word to come to mind when thinking of Imogene. Irrepressible energy, irrepressible mirth, irrepressible temper, irrepressible volubility -- it's all so easily seen on Imogene's surface that it's perhaps understandable if people tend to accept her at face value, to readily believe that just what she looks to be, she is. But beneath that flighty exterior, concealed behind the sparkle of her eyes, there is a thoughtfulness, a shrewdness even; a hint of mystery. She can give off an air of the most exquisite elegance and grace when she puts her mind to it, and she's capable of surprising people with both words and deeds, to the point where no one can say just why she does what she does sometimes. Which gave rise to the second word of her reputation: unpredictable.

Background: Of the many unexpected things that Imogene has done in her life, the least expected of all was being born in the first place. Her parents were both in the autumn years of their life, the youngest of their children nearly grown, and everyone thought it was well past the point at which any additional offspring might be expected. And then, in spite of it all, there was Imogene.

Unlike other such children, Imogene did not become the light of her parents' late years and the joy of the household. This wasn't for lack of trying. A bright and lively child, Imogene was ever eager to please -- maybe, sometimes, a little too eager. But she was just too late. Her parents were desirous of peace and ease, not a loud little girl who seemed eternally to be underfoot volunteering to help with things that nobody wanted help with, fetch things that the servants were entirely more adequate for, and show off a repertoire of childish accomplishments which her family found more exhausting than impressive. Besides, this scraggly branch of the Blanchard tree had never been one of the most prosperous families of the area around Chevalle, and over the years their already modest fortunes had proceeded in a gentle but steady decline. An additional child which no one had expected was the last thing anyone needed either. But her parents, if not exactly enthusiastic at this gift which the vagaries of fortune had given them, were not unfeeling either, and so Imogene grew up in an atmosphere of benign neglect punctuated by joyous moments of absent-minded affection.

When Imogene reached the age of eighteen and an offer soon came for her hand in marriage, it was more than welcome to all parties. Lord Danton was a longtime family friend, and while his own domain was far off in Grayson lands, he was always received with pleasure on his occasional visits to the Blanchard family holding. Though he was Imogene's senior by nearly twenty years, still he was handsome enough and rather dashing. She had always fancied herself a little bit in love with him, and in any case she was ready for a change in her rather dull life.

Unfortunately, Imogene's romantic visions were soon shattered. After three years her marriage came to an end in a messy and awkward divorce, evidently on account of the existence of a mistress who held a much larger claim to Lord Danton's time and affections than Imogene did. Following the dissolution of her marriage, Imogene didn't follow what might have been the expected course of returning to her family near Chevalle. Instead, she simply took her leave of the unhappy scene of her marriage-- and dropped out of sight.

It was not until several months later that the unusual sight of a tall, sparkling gem of an Oathlands woman was suddenly to be found at the margins of the already somewhat marginal social world of Ischia. It was from there only several additional weeks before she was seen often in the company of Lord Dio Seraceni, and a few months more before the odd alliance of the Blanchards of Chevalle and the Seraceni of Ischia was announced, and the wedding pulled off in grand style. For Imogene, one gets the feeling it's a marriage of practicality and convenience, one without any illusions this time. For him -- who knows? Perhaps that unpredictable sparkle made it irresistible for him to add to his collection this unusual jewel.

Name Summary
Dianna Quite a bit more enchanting in person; I regret having not introduced myself to her at our first encounter of one another.
Dio Energetic, fiery, charming, intelligent, unpredictable, beautiful beyond words, and a treasure whose worth can never be measured.
Elgana There's something that sparkles about Imogene. Something elusive that I cannot put my finger on, but the warmth that's there is enough to draw a person in. I hope that she finds Arx to be as magical as I have and that one day, she can truly call it home.
Jules A delightful noblewoman with beautiful eyes but kind and humble enough to not take credit for what she did not assist with.
Niklas A delightful marquessa who doesn't quite fit the stereotype one might have when they think of Ischia, but who clearly has a considerable strength all her own.
Orrin Pretty and sharp and a skilled wit. I only wish I recognized in her a sort of revulsion at what we've seen.
Peri Quick thinker.
Sabella I can already tell that Marquessa Imogene and I are going to be wonderful friends! She seems very kind and friendly and indulged me in my favorite game of introductions! I can't wait to get to know her better!
Thea A stronger woman than she appears. Most definitely can hold her own when given the opportunity.
Thomas There is nothing harder to witness than Death. Our Goddess is not often kind when she comes. And yet, this fierce Marquessa stood her ground and let herself be heard. I am proud to have served her and her husband on the Isle, and hope this is the start of a grand friendship.
Zoey Bright and kind, but should be careful what she wishes for.