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Spring Hunt: The Feast

With spring comes the planting of crops, and the realization on the part of the Rose barons that those deer rebounded AWFULLY quickly. There are quite a lot of deer that need to be thinned out so that the forest and the land can prosper, and rumor says that a black boar and white stag have been spotted in the forest.

With the blessing of Petrichor and the Lodge, houses Grayson and Valardin are sponsoring a hunt. Prizes will be awarded during the feast to those who have the greatest contribution to the hunt as follows:

1st Place: 1 Alaricite Ingot
2nd Place: 2 Diamondplate Ingots
3rd Place: 8 Rubicund Ingots

OOC: The two side scenes (Black Boar and White Stag) are where the rolls will be made. Both scenes will be using the same rolls; we're just splitting it up so that it's easier to manage. We will be using ride and weapon or animal ken, if you are hawking or bringing hounds. There's the chance of minor artfully roguish damage while hunting.


July 2, 2019, 9:28 p.m.

Hosted By

Zara Tikva


Miranda Rowenova Reese Denica Merek Pharamond Joslyn Lisebet Jeffeth Harlan Tatienne Silas Evonleigh Cristoph Lucita Norwood Harlex Sparte Calandra Samithel Alecstazi Tabitha Willow Brannen Brigida Marian Parisa


Grayson Valardin


Outside Arx - Gray Forest - Grayson Camp

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Lady Fairfeather, a white gyrfalcon arrive, following Silas.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Evonleigh.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

Elena, a solemn knight attache, Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide arrive, following Zara.

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Mist Dancer arrive, following Lucita.

Leporis, the silent handmaiden arrives, following Joslyn.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Joslyn arrive, following Reese.

Miranda rides alongside Pharamond as they make their way to camp, leaning over to speak softly to him.

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

5 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

Tatienne arrives, following Tikva.

Getting down from the light saddle atop her grey mare, Nova just leaves the split reins tossed over the horse's neck for the time being and walks along, being followed by both the soulful hound and the good horse, too. There is a Guard Corgi there, though. "Hey Dash!" says the Wolfy Scout who then tries to pet down the adorable doggo. Sir Flop also greets him, too.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job arrive, following Berenice.

Dolmen, a Crimson Agent arrives, following Harlex.

The hunters return to find the feast begun. The hounds are penned not quite far enough from the roasting meat, and their continued whines and yips as they beg for food -- begging inevitably met with an indulgent carving -- forms a background noise to the rise of voices as they move about the rough hunter's camp. Grayson's cooks turn massive haunches of venison above the fires, and a hearty meal of the last of winter's roasted vegetables and potted fowl stuffed with the first of spring's vegetables spills across a broad table before the fires. Great loaves of bread sit warm and golden brown at intervals along the length of the table with rich, golden pots of honeyed butter at their side. A table of drinks might as well stand in for a tour of the Compact, hitting near-every holding.

Peers and commoners alike are left to collect their food and find a table in an egalitarian spirit of almost-festival that's kept from descending into chaos by the practiced and ordered hand of the staff. Mercies move through the feast, tending to what small injuries have been gathered during the hunt.. Princesses Tikva and Zara stand overseeing the return of the hunters at the head table with great, gleaming bars of metal shining between them.

"Thank you, everyone," Zara says, although she has to say it a few times before the din quiets enough for her to be heard over it all. Tikva might help. Zara's not a shouter, but her words carry clearly despite that. "Thank you for sharing in the bounty of the earth. As Petrichor grants us dominion over the creatures of the forest, we break bread together in mutual honor and in gratitude for the generosity of his gifts. Thank you, Petrichor, lord of all the beasts of the woods and the grains of the fields."

Reese arrives at the feast while close to her horse. She looks flushed cheeked, bright eyes and warmed with excitement. She is wiping off her silvery pink sword. The girl looks about, trying to spot Joslyn. She then turns to Zara, listening to her words. "Thank you for hosting this Princess Zara and Princess Tikva and thank you Petrichor too." She adds, looking around, but she doesn't seem to spot the god.

Miranda is overheard praising Tikva: A wonderful hostess for a great Hunt!

Reese is overheard praising Zara: Yay, Hunt!

Reese is overheard praising Tikva: Yay, Hunt!

Miranda is overheard praising Zara: A wonderful hostess for a great Hunt!

Sparte is overheard praising Zara.

Sparte is overheard praising Tikva.

Denica makes her way in wiggling fingers at everyone present.

Merek makes his way into the place after he dismounts his horse. He then offers his longcoat to Meeka his agent, while he takes a moment to find a place to settle in and bring all he has hunted while in the forest also.

Berenice is overheard praising Valardin.

Berenice is overheard praising Grayson.

Tikva is overheard praising Valardin: Once again, House Valardin has put on a fine showing in Faith and glory! I'm delighted to share the hunting grounds with them!

Reese looks over to Denica, waving in her direction. She then smiles over to Merek again. The girl finally gets her sword clean and works it back into the older.

Pharamond grins to Miranda as they ride, reaching over to squeeze her hand as he whispers back, smile wide.

Silas is overheard praising Zara.

Silas is overheard praising Tikva.

Pharamond is overheard praising Zara.

Pharamond is overheard praising Tikva.

Tikva is overheard praising Grayson: And huzzah for House Grayson and King Alaric for the grace to go wild in the woods today!

Joslyn arrives back with the group with their prize, and a bunch of birds too, riding a bit more slowly before she makes her way closer to Reese, eyeing the rest of the crowd to see who else is gathered around. "Maybe I should've stayed back and watched you work, for all the good I did," Joslyn laughs, beginning to work her bells back into her hair so that her strides are heard by all around, in true Rivenshari fashion.

Zara is overheard praising Grayson: Thank you to Grayson for sharing the bounty of the forest.

No hunting for Lisebet but she's here, relaxed and enjoying herself as she waits.

Zara is overheard praising Valardin.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

Entering alongside Harlex, Jeffeth has his head tilted slightly. "Did I get it all? You're sure there's none left?" Blood. On one of his horns on his helm. How that happened... Who knows.

Harlan comes in towards the feast, putting his bow back away, and finds his wife. He leans down to kiss her gently and says, "Did you find raspberries? Or should we look for something else?"

Reese looks over to Joslyn, seemingly thoughtful. "So long a you had fun, its all good. Are you feeling alright though?" She asks as if just wanting to make sure. She then waves over to Lisebet. "Oh, maybe we should have been hunting raspberries." She adds.

Tatienne returns looking a little ragged and dirty, but fine. She may have fallen off her horse, Bells chime some as she moves forwards, looking to be in a good mood regardless.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

Silas arrives on horseback, appropriately dirty and sweaty from the hunt. As he dismounts, Dash emerges from the nearby brush just in time to get noticed by Rowenova and Sir Flop. Many pets are accrued. The knight smiles at all three of them, but silently moves towards the food-laden tables, where the feast will be presumably unfolding.

Having changed into a dress and out of dirty and grimy clothing, Evonleigh dips her head in respect for the grace. She then finds a glass of something to drink and rises, lifting it and waiting until eyes are on her. "I would like to lift up our glasses in a heartfelt thanks of both Princess Tikva and Princess Zara, our lovely hostesses. The hunt and now this meal before us should serve to remind us of all both houses have done for our land and Compact -- bravery and perseverance, strength and fortitude, grace and honor, all embodied by both Grayson and Valardin, and these two daughters of those houses in particular. We drink to you!"

Miranda chuckles, letting a groom take hold of her reins so her horse can be watered and such. She motions to Pharamond, pointing to him, "You flatter me, my Lord! But I will take it and enjoy it." She laughs a bit and then looks around at the crowd, her smile fading a bit into something that looks a bit more like... fear. Oh boy.

"Thank you, everyone!" Tikva sings out in a bright carol of cheer, armor glittering starkly, darkly scarlet. "I'm sure you saw the servants and guards in Grayson and Valardin livery, riding with your huntsmen and your houndkeepers. They've been keeping tabs on everything that happened this afternoon, so Princess Zara and I have been able to review the tales and terrors of all you've done! Congratulations on a wonderful and bounteous hunt." She throws her hands high in the air with a whooping cheer.

"Our third prize, eight ingots of pure rubicund, goes to SIR JEFFETH BAYWEATHER of the KNIGHTS OF SOLACE, for his derring do that was derring done, bringing down the Black Boar! Our second prize, two ingots of finest diamondplate, goes to SPARTE GRAYFALLOW of the IRON GUARD, for some marvelous feats in pursuit of a stag! And finally, our first prize, one ingot of alaricite, goes to PRINCESS REESE GRAYSON, for her bladecraft on the hunt today! HUZZAH TO ALL OF YOU! HOORAY!

"AND NOW WE EAT!" Tikva bellows, and points to the spread of food with an ebullient grin.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Valardin.

Merek is overheard praising Reese.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Grayson.

Merek is overheard praising Sparte.

Merek is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Zara.

Silas is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Silas is overheard praising Sparte.

Silas is overheard praising Reese.

Norwood and Cristoph arrive at the feast together, making quite the happy couple? of guys as they wander in. Though perhaps Norwood looks a bit more serious than happy and Cristoph is a little distracted as he accepts a messenger. Also they're not a couple but maybe they pass for brothers instead. The duke leads his horse in by the reins and he makes a bit of wave with the paper before he tucks it away. "We should find Princess Tikva. She threatened me with a good time recently." He also does a lot of clapping. So much clapping.

Santino arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Lisebet tilts her head, smiling at Harlan. "I am fine, thank you. I have raspberries. How did you do?"

Tikva has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

Silas has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Lucita quietly rides into the camp on Mist Dancer. She dismounts and secures the horse to a tether out of the way of the people and other mounts. After quietly listening to the hunt results, she gives a few cheers for the winners, and the hunt hosts.

Joslyn beams over at Reese, dismounting finally to find a place to settle herself down. "I'm fine," she insists with a smile. "Just branches, and my hair is all fixed. I should take it easy now though, I need to eat!" She chuckles before she lowers herself to settle in by the campfire, beckoning for Reese to join her.

Calandra is overheard praising Valardin.

Should anyone have tried to coax him into the pen, Sir Floppington would be sticking around with Dash and Nova (for all the pets from his human charge) until the penning people pass by. "Congratulations you three!" calls out the young scout who smiles brightly while petting down the corgi and hound dogs.

Calandra is overheard praising Grayson.

Harlan shrugs and smiles faintly towards his wife, "Nowhere near as well as I would have liked -- but, I did see a majestic beast, and it got away. I feel that Petrichor had a hand in things, and that is well."

Denica moves about the crowd of people and sneaks a quick hug from Zara. "Fantastic Feast Princess." She turns to Tikva, "You as well princess."

"I was unaware you were in such dire straits for a good time." Norwood holds up his more serious side of this couple? of dudes. His hands are clasped behind him once he settles his horse over there in the place where all of the horses are going and does a lot of head nodding and bowing to generally everyone. "It would be proper to thank the princess for the hunt however, it was an enjoyable time."

Tikva claims a seat at one of the tables that has been set up, and turns a brilliant smile between Denica and Zara. "Whatever we don't eat ourselves we will ensure is a bounty spread throughout the city," she says, leaning back in her seat as she causes one of the servants to pour her a cup full of cider.

Miranda is overheard praising Reese: Bringing down the stag!

Harlex looks up toward the horns on that helm and he reaches for one, grabbing it firmly and looking it over as he pivots Jeffeth's head around. "You look go--Wait a second," plucking out something that looks like a chunk of black fur and dried blood he flicks it aside. "Alright -- don't smell as bad as I thought neither." He carries a red-bladed spear, plenty of deeper blood crusted on the edge.

"Congratulations, all of you," Zara calls toward the hunters, her voice carrying for all that she scarcely seems to lift it. "I heard some remarkable tales." She lifts her glass to them as Tikva calls the winners, and only sits again when that is done. Denica's arrival pops her right back up to her feet, and she leans over to greet her more quietly, with a warmth in her eyes. Evonleigh and Calandra similarly are greeted with welcome in her eyes as she opens her hand to them in invitation: "Lady Evonleigh, Whisper Calandra: have you met Princess Denica? Please, join me. How was the hunt?"

Sparte leads Hyb over towards Reese with a small smile for her as he dismounts. "You did well in the hunt." Sparte blinks as he hears his name shouted, eyebrows shooting up. "Oh, oh. Well then." Sparte scratches at the tip of his nose, a bit of the goofiness in his grin seeping through. He dips his head to Reese, then goes to collect his prize before joining others for the feast.

Sparte is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Sparte is overheard praising Reese.

Zara has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

Pharamond is overheard praising Reese.

Reese looks over to Sparte, giving him a smiles that touches her blue eyes. "Thank you, Master Sparte. You were very amazing out there and I am honored to have taken him down." She says softly.

Miranda offers a cheer, "Huzzah!" to the winners, but otherwise? She begins to step back, away from the crowd, letting everyone rush the food. OH it is very much, hungry work, but Miranda seems to be fine without eating anything. She glances about a moment and finds a tree beyond the throng of people for a moment.

Cristoph has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

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"I'm in /desperate/ need of some good times," Cristoph tells Norwood with a huff. He too ties up his horse, then stops by the refreshment table to grab something to eat before he hauls the Baron of Duskshire along with him to make with the hellos and greetings. "Princess Zara, Prince Tikva."

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Lisebet gives her husband a hug, and smiles. "So long as you had fun, and it seems you did, I think that is what counts."

Jeffeth has to walk a little funny so Harlex can yank his horns around, his back bent and head crooked so Harlex can pick off the fur. "Thanks." Once straightened up he /then/ goes to take off the bull helm. Reaching up he claps one hand onto Harlex's shoulder. "Don't think I'm going to stay long. See if I can snag some boar into a napkin and get it back to Juniper before it gets cold." A beat. "Think anyone brought an extra basket?" The knight then starts wandering, trying to find.. an extra basket.

Sparte has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

There's totally an extra basket. There are _so many_ extra baskets.

Pharamond smiles to Miranda as he looks out, hears the winners, and calls out merrily. "Well done everyone!" He cheers, and makes his way towards the family as he mentions to Miranda, "See you soon." He only then posts his horse, and makes his way towards the Ashford contingent, a smile on his features. He gives a hapless shrug, "What's a guy to do, right?" He just shakes his head and laughs, "I tried. Still anyone eating the birds tonight...don't forget to tell Sparte thank you," he teases, "But yeah, I totally fowled up today's hunt. Siiiigh..."

Harlan chuckles and slips his arm around his wife as he joins her, "Well, of course I did, although I do want to hunt back home at some point -- without horses." He grins.

Reese seems all flattered when she realizes that she has won. The flush on her cheeks only warms and she smiles brightly. "I am very honored. Thank you both for holding this." She says, going to find a a place to sit.

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Lucita sighs as somehow, way out at the camp, a messenger tracks her down. After she reads it over she heads back over to her horse, a quick 'thank you' given Tikva and Zara, and 'congratulations' to the three winners as she passes them by. Mounting again she heads back toward the city.

Reese has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Miranda smiles a bit at Pharamond and glances about, then slinks out.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

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1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Mist Dancer leave, following Lucita.

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Reese looks over the prize and her blue eyes widen. "This is so generous." She softly ays, going to sit not far from Joslyn at the firepit. She curls up there.

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Lisebet smiles, as she acompanies Harlan to a seat, shruggling delicately. She nods to those also sitting at the table with them. "It seems everyone had a good time?"

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Jeffeth checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Sparte settles into a seat at the table, pulling some food over to in front of him. He says a quiet prayer to Petrichor, then starts to eat. A glance is given to Pharamond and a wag of his eyebrows followed by an expressive grin while he chews.

Quietly now. Jeffeth is going around to the tables with one of those extra baskets. Discreetly, he is piling as much food as he can into that basket. Making sure to load up on boar. Though his eye does fall on Samithel and the big man casts a big smile over in her direction. "Hi." He clears his throat and goes into a deep bow, pressing his hand (which happens to have a handful of boar meat) to his chest. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace. At your service. I saw you out there on the hunt. You alright?" Is asked as he straightens back up. And puts more meat in the basket.

Harlex checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Getting up, Nova carefully fills a couple boxes with the feasting food before packing away said boxes into her Messenger Bag. She waves goodbye, "Farewell. Wish I could stay." She ruefully notes this before she mounts up and then rides away!

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Harlex sneaks past Jeffeth for a moment and manages to slip a few more bits of food into the basket while he's distracted. Then he wanders away, into the wilds -- or probably to find Berenice.

Pharamond laughs at Sparte as he nods, "Yeah yeah," he says with a grin as the man settles down. "You get this one," he says with a playful smile, his voice totally amused and not actually bitter even though he plays the role well. "That's the second time I've had to keep up with you in a fight of sorts and definitely didn't do my part nearly as well this time." He grins though and raises a glass in salute, before he looks to Denica and talks a bit more at the table now.

Calandra is no hunter, but she isn't one to shy away from a good chase either, having remained far in the back of the stag hunt in particular to watch. So as the competitors arrive back at the arranged feast, so does she astride a sleek, dark bay gelding at a casual pace. Her dress for the event is something a little different than her usual, cool colors of greys and silvers offering thoughts of aged birch, a lengthy trail of silver buttons working up to a high collar while brighter, web patterned thread along the inner lining just peeks over the edges. Most interesting is the cut of the dress, split and hemmed down to center to form billowing pantlegs to allow easy riding, though they meld back into the illusion of a proper dress once she dismounts.

Looking more bright eyed than she has in a time, Calandra is all smiles while approaching the head table where Zara greets her, bowing her head respectfully to the nobles. "Princess Zara, Princess Tikva, it was truly a wondrous hunt! I dare say, it's quite refreshing to see this kind of action. It almost makes me want to try my hand at a bow." She chuckles and accepts the invitation to sit. "And I don't believe I have. A pleasure, Your Highness." Attention turns briefly to Denica, tipping at the waist just before she sits nearer her patron.

Reese rises to her feet, going to gather up a bunch of food for Joslyn and herself. If she can raspberries she choses many of them as well. She hurries back to her, putting the plate between then. Reese has a warm smile for Calandra. "Oh, wow, very lovely outfit, Whisper Calandra." She says.

Denica smiles briefly at Calandra, "Whisper. A pleasure to meet you. Did you hunt today?"

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Samithel checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

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Samithel stands from her rock and bows, offering the meat-handed knight a polite smile. "I am okay, thank you, my lord. Congratulations on the successful hunt today."

Then, expression unchanging, she tosses a slice of ham from her plate into Jeffeth's basket and returns to her seat.

Joslyn eagerly takes the offered food when Reese returns to them both, looking positively ravenous but torn between eating like a proper countess. "That is beautiful," Joslyn smiles fondly towards Calandra. "You look as lovely as ever, gods it has been a spell, hasn't it?" she smiles. "Though I must say, I was impressed with Princess Denica's dress, gods I wish I had something like that in steelsilk."

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Norwood leaves, following Cristoph.

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3 Thrax Guards, His Grace, a massive red roan Maelstrom destrier arrive, following Alecstazi.

Intrigue, a sleek, diminutive raven with blue-black plumage, Alecstazi arrive, following Willow.

Reese listens to Joslyn's words and then she peeks over to Denica. "Oh, it is very lovely." She says softly. "Very lovely dress, Princess Denica." She says, lifting her voice to carry. Reese takes a few of the raspberries seeming to enjoy them.

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Calandra's head lifts some to regard Reese, smile warm and pleasant as her head dips slightly. "Thank you, Your Highness, it was a give from my generous patron, Princess Zara. She has quite an eye. And my congratulations on your successful hunt today. You were quite fearsome out there!" To Denica, she chuckles faintly, a hand lifting to tuck a loose bit of hair back into her bun. "I'm afraid not, though perhaps someday." As for Joslyn, her smile grows just a bit more, mor than pleased to see her. "My thanks. And it certainly has. Perhaps we can catch up sometime soon?" She does want to chat, but there are some at the table she sits at that are commanding her attention as well, prompting her back to the for a moment.

Denica smiles at Joslyn and Reese, "Thank you. This is the one I won from the Tournament of Thorns. I am very much in love with it."

"Ah. No Lord..." Jeffeth trails off. "Sorry I didn't catch your name." The big man calls out. Though he pauses, looking down as his basket is suddenly more full. Huh. He looks back over to Samithel. "Ahm. Do you..Well. You did good out there today. Here, why don't you take these. You can make arrowheads out of them. From his back the bag he had been rewarded is handed over to Samithel, a bright smile cast to her. "Welcome to the city." Jeffeth pipes before toting up his basket. "Got to run, before it gets cold!"

Reese looks upon Calandra. "She is very generous. You are both blessed to have each other and thank you for those kind words." She says warmly in her direction. She then looks over to Denica, looking impressed. "You won? Oh, wow, that is impressive, Princess Denica. I didn't go, but I heard it was quite the contest."

"Makes me wish that I had competed," Joslyn admires Denica's dress again. "Though I would have stood no chance. I'm a general, I'm no diplomat," she nods her head towards the Thrax princess, her attention shifting to Calandra. "I'll make a point to meet with you soon," Joslyn promises. "When it's a bit quieter, I think."

Merek offers a light bow to Denica, and a wave, also to Reese and to others while he finds a place to feast as well also.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrives, following Tabitha.

Reese is overheard praising Calandra: The Whisper has amazing fashion taste!

Reese is overheard praising Denica: Winning the tournament and what a dress! She wears it well.

Denica:shakes her head a little at Reese. "Second place. Princess Zara defeated me."

Alecstazi arrives with Willow on his arm, the dashing Prince seeiming to observe the festivities with a polite smile on his face. He looks to Willow and murmurs something to her softly before gesturing into the party and leading her towards the refreshments.

"S-Samithel, my lord?" she asks, staring at the bag dropped on her lap as if it might possibly be the harbinger of a second reckoning. "I…my lord?" The archer's voice is quiet, despite the incredulity of which it is forged.

Reese ohhs in response to Denica's words, peeking over to Zara at that and looking impressed as well. "That must have been quite the moment." She says. Reese then smiles over to Willow and Alecstazi as they arrive, her dimples appearing. "Greetings Prince Alecstazi and Lady Willow." She says.

"Samithel. Pleasure to meet you." Jeffeth smiles broadly. "Ah. No, I'm not a lord. I'm a Sir. Sir Jeffeth. Bayweather." Jeffeth explains with an overly large smile. He points to the bag. "I ah.. I won that. For the hunt. I would like you to have it. Please." Is chirped before the huge man is turning to make his way to Friend to return to the city in a hurrryy.

In quiet conversation with Sparte, Zara can't help but look up at the continued burn of her ears, looking from Calandra to the table she is addressing. She bows her head to Denica and Reese, giving the former a richly amused look, all but hidden in the sober lines of her features. "You were a more than able competition, your highness," she says to Denica. Her gaze lifts then, marking other newcomers and lifting her voice in, "Welcome. Please, have a seat, join us. Perhaps our guardsman will share his tale of the hunt. How _did_ we end up with so many pheasants? You went out for venison."

"I heard about it," Joslyn says to Reese. "The first prize was a request from the Twilight Court, but if the request bored them they might have set a folly on you. So, honestly I think I prefer second prize," Joslyn grins over to Denica. "Besides that looks like exactly what I would've tried to ask for. I'm horribly unimaginative, I would have been follied for sure."

A ripple of green seasilk glides around Tabitha's legs as she makes her way further into the camp. Her steps are small, her eyes filled with something of a hesitance to their gaze as she makes her way through the gathering. Curtsies are given where appropriate, nods and smiles also to those she knows, and without pausing she makes her way over to Pharamond. She's already squinting at him, so as if to see if he's bearing any wounds or signs of damage. Again.

Denica points at Joslyn, "Yes exactly. I just had to throw the competition. Let us go with that." She winks playfully at Zara.

Alecstazi heads in the direction of Princess Reese, stopping in her general aura and giving the Princess a bow. "Princess Reese, a pleasure to see you again. Willow -- Lady Willow -- was just telling me that you are one of her dearest friends. Who better to see to her safety tonight, mmm?" Alecstazi smiles around at the various people, seemingly content to observe for the time being.

Zara inclines her head to Denica and Joslyn. Dry, she says, "It may have been the wiser choice."

Reese looks over to Joslyn, her blue eyes wide with some concern. "That is a prize I would be terrified to win, but Princess Zara is very clever and I am sure she can handle such." She says thoughtfully.

After refreshments are seen to, Willow murmurs something up at Alecstazi, a subtle gesture half sheltered in the crook of his arm. On Reese's smile and greeting, she curls her other arm around Reese in a hug and asks, "Did I overhear something of you and victory on our way in? It's wonderful to see you, Princess." She offers various soft inclines of her head in greeting to most of those there on her way to the refreshements and then back toward Reese, the light glittering off the woven gold webbing stylized after a golden orb weaver's strands. She smiles up at Alecstazi and nods greement before looking back to Reese.

Pharamond laughs quietly at something Denica says and he can't help it, giving a bow as he says simply, "I believe you have won that argument, Princess," he says before he finds Tabitha approaching and he stands. Not only is he unharmed, he seems healed from his most recent set of wounds or injuries. He rises to his feet, hodling out both hands before he greets his wife and presses a kiss to her in greeting before gesturing to the table. "I think you know most but Princess Denica of Thrax, meet my wife, Lady Tabitha Ashford, the unfortunate target of my affections."

"Lady Willow, so good to see you again," Joslyn dips her head towards the other woman as she approaches. "You're looking as incredible as I've ever seen you. I must know your secret!" she grins, and she winks over at Reese. "Oh I'm certain Princess Zara managed to impress them. I've only met her a handful of times but she's impressed me greatly each time."

Willow has joined the a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Reese returns Willow hug, wrapping her arms about the artist. "Oh, we are good friends." She says, seemingly to Alecstazi. "I did, I was able to take down the stag, thanks to Gloria and Petichor and the princesses who hosted this hunt.

Along the outskirts of the feast there arrives Sir Brannen, KNight of Solace. He doesn't seem grumpy, and he does near to where the food is, but there's a certain distance about him. He's there to watch, /watch over/ the merrimakers. For those imbibing, he's about to be the safe ride home.

"Thank you? …But I c-couldn't possibly, my l-sir," Samithel says weakly, hands raised away from the bag. Maybe it has teeth, and not crimson steel?

"She was certainly something to see!" Joslyn says to Alecstazi. "I could barely keep up, but I am not the strongest rider, and my weapons are very much adept more for surprise attacks and close quarters combat. And in my condition, I wasn't about to run into melee range," she winks a bit as she continues to eat the food on the plate beside her and Reese.

Alecstazi offers a bow to Reese and to Willow, "And with my escort complete, I believe I shall be off. I need to see to a finding a palfrey for a certain someone." There is a smile to Willow and Alecstazi heads off.

But the large Knight is already on his way away from Samithel. Waving his hand over to Brannen as he departs. Jeffeth mounts his horse and riiides off.

3 Thrax Guards, His Grace, a massive red roan Maelstrom destrier leave, following Alecstazi.

Flashing a smile after Alecstazi, Willow lifts a hand to wave before looking between Joslyn and Reese, eyes shining with excitement at the recounted tale. Smiling to Joslyn, she says, "Thank you, and you are looking as lovely as ever yourself."

Reese waves to Alecstazi "Take care, Prince Alecstazi." Sh says and then then looks over to Willow with another smile. "Joslyn came on the hunt too and we have lots of food, if you want to share our plate?"

Brannen has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Tabitha has joined the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Reese peeks over to Brannen, having a warm smile for the knight. "Greetings, Sir Brannen." She says in his direction.

Brannen bows politely towards the Princess Reese and he offers her a small smile as well. On his way towards the table to get some of the food, he does exhale, though it seems aimed at himself, then says towards her, "Your Highness. Did you win?" Then he sits down at the end of the table and almost immediately stands back up to bow to the nobility there as well.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

Reese looks over to Brannen, nodding in response to his words. "I did, Sir Brannen. I am humbled and honored to say that Petichor and Gloria were with me and I was able to take down the stag." She says a touch of pink in her cheeks.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Marian.

Brannen nods again to Reese and says, simply, "I am not surprised. Congratulations to you and your help."

Reese looks to Brannen. "Thank you, Sir Brannen." She says gently to him. She is still curled-up by the fire, seemingly speaking with Joslyn and Willow.

Brigida clomps into the camp, white robes already a little muddy as she squints around the place, looking rather irritated to say the least. Keski and Aletta hang back a little, while Oswald drags his Templar handler around in his search for food. The Archlector however pays this no heed.

"So!" she begins loudly, "At what point was someone going to tell me the feast was here and NOT at the Lodge? I've been waiting there for hours!"

Reese lifts her gaze to Brigida, giving her a smile. "Archlector Brigida, greetings." She says to her.

Sparte looks over to Brigida, blinking at her a few times before letting out a laugh. He picks up a piece of pheasant, waving it in greeting. "Someone might've sent the messenger by bird! It would be lousy luck!"

Marian laughs as she overhears Brigida's comment and then tells the other latecomer, "Ahh, see now I can't even give that excuse." She gives a shake of her head and makes a motion to Reese to see if she wants company by the fire, "I have only my dedication to my duties to blame for my lateness." She also seeks out Zara and Tikva, giving a silent polite greeting to the hosts of the feast.

Reese peeks over to Marian, giving her a warm smile and waving her over.

Pharamond raises a glass in toast to Brigida as she enters, a fond smile and then he rsies. "One moment," he says to the peopel at his table before he walks up to Marian. He waits, so as not to interrupt, but he does bow formally to her. "Princess..." he intones. It's pretty rare for Pharamond to stand on formality, no less to actually stand and be formal but he does so, obviously out of respect to Marian before letting her continue on to Rese.

"Archlector, welcome." Zara rises from her table as Brigida stomps forth. "I'm so sorry to hear that the message went astray, but the prayers given by the Godsworn priests were moving. Will you join us in sharing Petrichor's bounty?" Her gaze brightens as Marian approaches, and she inclines her head to her in quick acknowledgement. "One needn't ever blame your duties, your highness. It's good to see you again, though."

Brannen looks up the moment he hears a voice that is not jovial. He focuses for a moment on Brigida, assessing. Once he sees everything is fine, really, he stands, bows, then clanks himself back down again.

Willow lifts a hand to wave at Marian and Brigida in greeting though her conversation remains a low and intimate thing which carries little beyond the fire she is sitting near with Reese and Joslyn.

Samithel stares down at the backs of her empty hands--she has been doing so since Jeffeth's departure, but at Reese's smile the archer looks up. The smile she returns is faint and polite, and replaces the dying embers of confusion on her face.

"Blessed Brigida," Tikva says with warmth as she rises from her seat, abandoning her plate and cup. "Petrichor has been altogether kind to us today. Is there some game you favor? Let us have the servants fill your plate." Her smile has the bright cheer of the indomitably extroverted. How terrifying. "I'm glad you could make it, Princess Marian! I'm sorry you missed the hunt itself, but the feasting shall be all the more merry for your arrival."

Brigida checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Marian returns the bow to Pharamond, "It is good to see you Lord Pharamond. It has been too long since we've sparred in the training center." She smiles as Zara forgives her lateness, "Well I am quite looking forward to enjoying Petrichor's bounty." She has to admit to the archlector, "My childhood left me an affinity to the forest and whenever I can, I try to honor Petrichor by my words and actions." She gives a silent wave to Willow for her greeting. She motions to Reese that she'll be over there in a moment.

As the others at her table rise at the appearance of Archlector Brigida and Princess Marian, so does Calandra. Setting her glass aside, she offers them both a brief, but respectful greeting in the form of a bow of her head before returning her seat. Their hosts have the more formal greetings covered, so she keeps her action simple and polite.

The few laughs that she hears immediate earns the laugher one of the Archlector's famously chilling glares and Sparte is the one that gets the brunt of it. She levels her irritated stare at Sparte a few long moments before Zara and Tivka's offer of food saves him and she grumps, "I'll have a small slice of each thank you very much. Now... where should I sit?"

As they finish the bow he gives Marian a fond hug. Nothing long or lingering but clearly one of friendship as he steps back and he nods, "It has been. I may actually cause you to break a sweat now, Princess. I won't say I'll win...just that it may now be a better work out than it once was." She will surely not the new armor he has, but mroeso he pulls the neck to the side and shows her an obviously fresh scar. "We will have to swap some stories too. I've been busy and live to tell the tale thanks to your lessons. I see you are in demand but if you have time, please come meet my betrothed." He steps back then, allowing Marian to attend to her adoring fans as he heads back to the table and grins, settling down once more. "What's this about nicknames and leaving rum for me everywhere," he asks as he settles one more

As Brigida levels her glare on Sparte, even Zara goes still: a quieter moment, inside her general stillness. Whew. Not her. She considers her table -- which does, after all, have Sparte in it -- and then Brigida's question. With the low-key optimism of a born diplomat, she says, "You would find a welcome at any table, I should think. Let me invite you to share mine, first." It's probably not first. There are probably others waving her over. Or away, if they saw that glare. "We were just speaking on the forest's continuing recovery."

Sparte gives Brigida an embarassed, if not really a scared smile as he rises. "If you choose to join the host, please, my seat is yours. I should be off to tend to my steed and reward her for the good performance today." Sparte turns and places a hand to his chest, bowing to the others assembled before moving to step away.

Reese looks over to Sparte as he speaks of leaving him a smile.

Tabitha waves goodbye to Sparte with a pleasant flick of a smile.

| "Countess Joslyn Rivenshari," Joslyn offers a greeting. "It's a pleasure to meet you! Either way I hope you enjoy it!" She beams, glancing between Reese and Willow for a few moments before helping herself to some more of the food.

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Intrigue, a sleek, diminutive raven with blue-black plumage have been dismissed.

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Marian looks regretful at the mention that she missed the hunt and replies to Tikva, "Ahh, yes. I was hoping that I'd be able to arrive earlier to participate in the hunt but sadly I was delayed." Marian does have her bow on her back, peace-tied showing that she brought it along just in case. She eyes the bounty that is available and murmurs something to one of her guards who leaves Marian's side to retrieve her a plate. Then Pharamond offers a friendly hug and she returns it with friendship. She grins as he mentions his recent nuptials, "Wonderful. I am glad to see that you are taking time to grow not only your skills but also your family." She shakes her head, "Myself, I am resigned to being a widow for the unforseen future." She gives the warrior a wink and can't resist joking, "In less I can find a seafaring nobleman who wants to marry into House Redrain and take over my navy." She pauses as Sparte makes his exit, giving the guard a polite nod as he exits their group.

Brigida has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

While the servants pile high a plate with beast and fowl, and roasted potatoes, because everyone loves potatoes, Tikva moves to resume her seat at Zara's table. "It _has_ been a heartening day, in a number of ways, with respect to the recovery of the forest," she agrees. "I hope you will enjoy yourselves!"

At the edge of the clearing, where one of the BRANCHIEST of trees is, there is a ominous creaking sound from within the limps of it. And then the sound of branches snapping. Wood giving way as a dark haired woman comes tumbling down from within the tree. Yelping something out in a language that is, uh, not Arvani. That would be one Parisa, who was a tree Parisa, but is now a ground Parisa.

Parisa says in Ravashari, "Oh, great winds! That stings!"

Seated at her table, Tikva cants her head towards this unorthodox method of arriving. The tilt of her head is not entirely unlike that of a dog that has been puzzled by something.

Brannen turns suddenly as the wild Parisa falls out of a tree. He glances left and right, then back to the fallen one. He gets up from the table, leaves behind his food and everything, in order to go try to help her up and see if she is injured.

Brannen has left the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Brigida obviously had completely scared off the poor Sparte with the force of her stare before she bobs her head at the invitation from Zara and she stomps over to thw vacated seat, making herself comfortable as a plate gets filled in front of her.

"That's enough potatoes thank you!" she snaps after two are placed on the plate, "I told you that Petrichor would provide didn't I and...what in Petrichor's name ARE you doing?" she levels at Parisa.

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Relic, Lisebet leave, following Harlan.

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Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant leaves, following Tabitha.

Tabitha leaves, following Pharamond.

Denica checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Marian finishes her greetings and then heads on over to where Reese is sitting with others. She gives Joslyn and Samithel a smile before sitting down. Although the strange arrival of Parisa does cause Marian to sharply glance, assess the threat and then relax when it's clear there's none.

Marian has joined the a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Denica has left the long table of polished wood with griffins rampant climbing its legs.

Joslyn gives Marian a cheerful wave as she settles down by the fire, though she does blink to the exclamation from Parisa, eying her curiously and squinting with what can only be concern.

Merek looks up in thought to Parisa, and nods a bit politely. He then taps his black painted fingernails upon the table he's at, while he takes a bite of some food as well, eating alone mostly, looking at the stars.

Parisa hits the ground and /tries/ to turn it into a graceful little roll. Only problem is ... the roll is _delayed_, it's an afterthought a last stitch effort to look like she _meant_ to fall out of the tree, and she ends up rolling right into Brannen's legs if not dodged. And then there's a Brigida calling out to her and she freezes in place, and stammers, "I, erh, w-was wat-watching the hunt?" She's all big eyes, trembling lips, and wobbling chin.

Zara considers Parisa a long moment in her tumble and roll. She does not tilt her head. Her head is very level and her gaze is very thoughtful and then she says, "Please join us, then, now that we have moved to feast. You are welcome at the table."

Tikva considers the slight, dark woman with a slightly puzzled good humor, but she is the last person to throw stones at anyone for sitting in a tree instead of on a chair. She waves an airy hand, agreeing with Zara. "Of course! There's plenty for all."

Marian looks surprised at something that Joslyn tells her privately and then immediately gathers her into a gentle hug as if she's made of spun glass. There's an excited look as Marian banters with the group, clearly engaged by recent words shared.

Brigida hmmphs at Parisa's answer before rapping a knuckle beside her, "Come join us then. More food at a table than in the tree." She then looks to Calandra's quiet words and bobs her head once, "Oh there's no need to apologise. People have lives to live and I'm not going to get insulted by something like you and Jeffeth leaving." She smiles warmly and bows her head to murmur a quiet prayer.

Parisa's eyes go real big adsfl;';

Brannen stands there and lets her roll into his legs. He's a wall. He's not even close to falling down. He does grin a little though, and helps her up all the same. He says quietly to the lady, "An invitation that honors you. Go and join them."

"You're welcome at the table as well, of course," Zara says to Parisa's companion. She opens her hand to one of the other empty places at the table in an invitation to Brannen, and settles back into her seat.

Parisa's eyes go wide as Zara, and then Tikva, and then Brigida invite her to the table (well it's more of a command on Brigida's part but it counts!). When Brannen helps her up he'll find that she clings onto his hands. "I-I-I..." She looks almost like she might faint, "That's Princess Zara! And Princess Tikva! And... I don't know the old woman but I'm sure she's famous too!" It's meant to be a whisper but really she shouts it.

Tikva checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

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