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Poolish Pleasures - House Laurent's Pool Party

Join House Laurent to open the summer season with an afternoon of fun and games!
All are invited to enjoy a lavish lunch, good company and swimming around in our beauitful natural pool.

What is in store, you wonder?
Ship Wars - Of course!
Duck racing - Inevitable!
Sand sculpting contest - You bet!
Prizes all around!

Fig leaves will be provided by demand.


July 7, 2019, 12:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Martino Edward Brianna Alarissa Pharamond Evaristo Garret Alessia Ouida Lisebet Cristoph Flynt Gianna Gaspar Silvio Gwenna Peri Arman Alaric Thea Carita Pasquale



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Comments and Log

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman arrives, following Martino.

It is a lovely noon time in the Laurent pool, everything is colorful and the scents of the cooked meat is tantalizing. While the main attraction of the garden is the pool, there are a few games scattered around, many places to lounge and a very welcoming enviorment. Mabelle is standing by the entrance, greeting her guests, "Good day! Good day! Please come in", she is smiling but she's nervous.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward arrive, following Darren.

PARTY FAVOR CHEST is now unlocked.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward leave, following Darren.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider arrive, following Evaristo.

Pharamond takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Alarissa takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Brianna gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Flynt takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Noon strikes the Malvici Lord Martino with much needed rays of light, his right hand slicking back through his hair as he steps from the entrance and pivots on toes to cross to Mabelle. Reaching to her, Martino tucks his left arm underneath his torso and offers her a low, smooth bow. "Ah Lady Mabelle... mine thanks once again for hosting such an event. Truly, this is so very well set up."

Alessia gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Edward's standing next to Mabelle with his hands behind his back at a semi-attention stance. He smiles to those she greets but otherwise remains quiet unless spoken to directly, while she meets and greets people.

Brianna enters, picking up one of the bottles of colored sand and examining it approvingly. She makes her way over to Mabelle. "You've truly outdone yourself. I can't wait to get into the water!"

"Lady Mabelle. Am I going to regret coming?" Alarissa aks as she makes her way toward the host, a smile on her face. A momentary scowl for the man at her side that is gone as swiftly as it comes. "You're going to make me get in the water too won't you? Lady Halfshav, how are you?" Since the other woman has the same mind as her, go greet the host. "This looks divine does it not? She has outdone herself."

Pharamond leads the Duchess Lisebet Ashford in, a smile on his features. "Lady Mabelle is one of the physicians who recently worked on my shoulder and other injuries. While she's a skilled physician, I am excited to see her skill as a party planner. But it involves water and fun so I am excited." He looks to the bottles of sand, the table of sweets, and he just nods his head. "Yup...this will be fun methinks. Plus there's games!"

Evaristo looks like he just woke up, but he always looks like that to those that knows him. He's sauntering inside quite lazily, bows around to people, waves, smiles charmingly and makes wide eyes at the gift bottles in the favor chest and the place in general; his smile widens so much it threatens to reach his ears. "This looks AMAZING!" he says aloud, picking up one of the bottles. He's already starting to take some clothes off.

Brianna slides Alarissa a sly grin. "Why come to a pool party just to stay dry? I know you have a sense of adventure."

Evaristo gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Mabelle beams at her guests as they enter, "My thank you for your kind words, Lord Malvici, Lady Brianna. Do get comfortable and start having fun. That is the whole plan", she smiles easily. Wiggling her fingers here and there as she notices Alarissa, "Your Highness! You made it!", she exclaims happily, "Welcome to the Laurent home, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!" She offers a curtsy to Alarissa and another to Lisebet and a smile to Pharamond, "How well to see you all, I'm happy you could make it". She chuckles at both Brianna and Evaristo as they get ahead.

Garret moves casually through the entrance he gives a warm greeting to the hostess "Good day Lady Mabelle, this is a lovely looking party." He continues his way into the party taking in the growing festivities.

Alessia Mazetti enters the gardens, offering a small wave to Martino as she passes him, before reaching Mabelle. "My lady, it's as fantastic as I imagined." She gestures to the surroundings. "I hope I'm dressed appropriately for what you have planned." A wry smile forms on her lips.

Ouida strolls in with an easy and unhurried gait, but it's hard to take the knightly posture out of the Harthall. When she draws close, she offers the hostess a courtly bow. "It does look as if there's great fun awaiting us this afternoon, my lady," she agrees with the others. "My brother hopes to join in if he can, though he's been detained for a little while, so I have the pleasure--though I do not believe we have met. Lady Ouida Harthall." Another deeper bow to Alarissa. "Your grace." She brightens at the sight of Lisebet on Pharamond's arm. "How good to see you, dear one," she says to the Duchess.

Lisebet looks to Pharamond with a smile. "It does look like fun, I agree. I'm happy to leave the games to you, though, at least this time." She glances around, and then suggests, "We should go greet our hostess, yes?" And so she promptly heads over that way, smiling as she arrives, offering a small polite curtsey. "This looks wonderful, thank you for inviting us, m'Lady. Princess Alarissa, how nice to see you again."

After the party has had a chance to start, Cristoph comes strolling in fashionably late. He's dressed in his usual sort of outfit, though today he sports a tricorn hat crafted by Master Apollo. His path through the gardens eventually has him arriving by his cousin, "Mabelle, everything looks great. You've really outdone yourself today." He has a polite smile for the various people passing by him, a nod of his head given here and there.

Mabelle extends a smile to Garret and Alessia as they greet her, "Welcome, do come in and my dear, at worst, just remove some", she winks to the girl. Another curtsy is offered to Lisebet, "Duchess, its an honour, I hope you enjoy the festivities and the foods if not the games".

She raises her voices and announces, "There is a sand castle contest for those of you who wish to remain dry! Ship wars if you are combatative and duck racing for your inner child! Get to it!"

Martino creases his eyes upon the small wave of Alessia, offering her back a low inclination of his head before distracting himself for a mere moment with the notion of 'appropriate dressing' from a fellow Lycene. Turning on toes, Martino steps smooth across to the sandbox, accepting a passing glass of water from a servant on route and an inclination of his head to those he knows.

Flynt bows towards Mabelle while clutching a bottle of sand in his hand "The garden is splendid, and the party favor is one of the most ingenious keepsakes I have ever received in my life, Lady patron." as he finishes speaking his glance drifts towards the pool.

Fashionably late? That's fine with Gianna. The Whisper strides in, resplendant in seasilk and dripping with aquamarines. She undoes her dressing gown as she nears the pools, shrugging out of it in an artfully casual manner, just as though she doesn't expect eyes on her. She totally does. She's super vain.

"I came." Alarissa nods. "And I'll leave you to tend to hostly duties." Ouida and Lisebet garner attention though a brief look to Brianna. "Oh, I'll not be getting in the water. But I'll enjoying watching others in it." And then there's kisses to cheeks for Lisebet and Ouida. "Ladies. You look divine! Lisebet. I am jealous, you look far better than I did when I was carrying. Soon yes? I shall have to find some stuffed sharks to send your way."

Mabelle smiles warmly to Cristoph, "Cousin, What a lovely hat you have on! You remember Baron Edward?" she gestures to the man beside her, "And this is master Flynt, he is an upcoming physician and my new protege". She lowers her voice and murmurs to Cristoph, "I added some more fences around the tulips".

Gaspar arrived with little fuss. He was immaculately dressed, of course, but that morning stubble and messy mop of umber curls offset his stately appearance into something more casually proper than anything else. This was not his function, and was not about to steal any sort of the limelight. Instead, he ambled around, looking at the 'ships', the sandcastle area, and, of course, the pool and all of the people nearby.

Evaristo is eyeing the bottle and glancing about. He opens it and sniffs at the contents, like he is wondering if one CAN drink it. Maybe some new exciting drug? He corks it back up and goes to find something to actually drink, his clothes left in a pile wherever you're supposed to leave them. Getting himself some cider, he drinks it quite thirstily and takes a few nibbles of some of the tasty treats as he wanders around in a pair of silk trousers that reaches to his knees; swimming trunks apparently. Or at least, they are NOW - he's obviously cut the legs off below the knees. "I want to do ALL of the contests, my lady," he calls to Mabelle, eyes glittering with mischief and excitement. "Can I dive right into it? So to speak?" Seeing Gianna, he perks up and gives her a wave and a 'wooah' at her outfit.

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"Yes, of course. I've met Baron Edward on a few occasions, good to see you again," Cristoph greets the other man. His eyes sweep the party and land on Gianna as she reveals her swimsuit, there's just a sublte uptick of his eyebrows before he lifts a hand and gives her a wave. "Whisper Gianna, good to see you!"

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Alarissa checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Evaristo checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Brianna gives Alarissa's hand a squeeze. "As you like, then. I know I will be quite pleasant to watch," she says with a grin and swagger that is almost entirely unearned. She proceeds to head to the changing area.

Pharamond checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Martino checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 26 higher.

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Mabelle laughs merrily at all those engaging in games, happy to see them all have fun, "Play along children"

Lisebet smiles at Ouida at the greeting, brightly. "Lady Ouida, it is always good to see you," she says. "Do come sit with me for a bit, and we can catch up?" Alarissa gets a smile and a "Thank you. Though I am beginning to wonder. Clover was not so big this far along." A pause. "Perhaps I am just further along than I think I should be." Or ... maybe it's two? Hard to say, really. "Wait, I can build a sand castle!"

Cristoph has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Lisebet checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Lowering himself to the sandbox, the Malvici Lord briefly claps his hand before starting to test his skills with the tools. Exhaling and mulling the correct mixture of water to sand. He turns his head across to Pharamond's work and notes it, "Ah... a good start there Lord Ashford."

Gianna raises her hand and wiggles it gently in a wave to Evaristo and Cristoph, a small but incredibly smug smile on her lips. First things first - a drink. She saunters over to the bar and collects herself a cider, and over to the food to find herself a carrot stick, which she nibbles on. The sandbox is given a curious glance, but sand is gritty and it gets into places and Gianna isn't the sort to enjoy that sort of thing, it seems. She is prissy that way.

Flynt checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Eina, Soot, a ferret arrive, following Peri.

Gaspar watched as a number of people made their way to the sandbox and those splashing around in the pool. He mumbled to himself, "It's like I never left the south."

Alarissa's gathering a large brimmed hat from Maxene who promptly scampers off to go do things that ladies in waiting do when their noble doesn't need them. Slippers saved from sandy disaster and now shaded form the sun, Alarissa's slipping into the sandbox, a glance to Martino.

"Your highness." Alessia offers Alarissa with an incline of the head in greeting. "It's good to see you here." With that, she heads over to the sandbox, trying her hand at building a castle.

Alessia checked intellect + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Ouida offers another bow to the hostess, but then moves to match her stroll to Lisebet and Pharamond's. "Of course, dear lady. You do look quite aglow. It's wonderful to see you happy and well." She grins and nods towards the sandbox. "I think you shouuld!" she encourages her. She'll wait for others to stake their claim of lands within the sandbox, before taking a moment to study her own, and beginning to build.

With a wiggle of his fingers at one of the servants, Cristoph collects a glass of mead and heads to the pool before sitting down at the edge of the pool. He studies the wooden ducks with a serious expression before he glances over his shoulder and calls out to his cousin with a laugh, "Mabelle? When will we start the duck races? I hope we have lifeguards ready to pull people out of the water when they fall off."

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Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Gwenna.

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Flynt lovers himself towards the sandbox and puts the colored sand bottle away. He starts to sculpt a half-baked figurine of a fanged snake, his moves inexpert. As he does so he curiously glances around the room.

Silvio arrives a little late, but no less prepared. He starts waving to those he knows, all smiles. His hair is gathered up into an artful toussle atop his head with a few stray strands (totally on purpose) caressing his neck and shoulders. The Rubino Lord bows and claps for the host, Mabelle, then starts mingling.

Evaristo is already starting on his castle. Whatever he's doing, it's going to be big, if the bucket he's using as a 'frame' is any clue.

Gianna finds herself chair to drape her dressing gown over and seats herself on it, setting her cider aside and leaning down to unfasten her sandals. Leg! So much leg! She then proceeds to the pool, settling down near Brianna and dangling her legs into the water. She inclines her head to Lisebet and Pharamond, should either glance her way.

Martino pulls off the first loafer, than then second one to leave them behind - one would never want to ruin something made by Whisper Selene. Martino steps properly into the sandbox now and offers the Princess Alarissa a low bow of his head upon that glance, "Princess Alarissa." He knees one knee down and begins to work a large round base to start his castle off.

Mabelle grins antertained at the pool becoming a large playground, she encourages the sand boxers, "Go one! give everything you go or everything you dont, there's a prize for the worst one too!".. She nudges Edward and tells him, "Better ready the troops to the wars. She turns to greet people left and right, overwhelmed but pleased, urgenting them to take their party favors, and then mentions to Cristoph, "Well, gather your rivals, cousin! Its your pool!".

Garret makes his way towards the bar. With drink in hand he watches the playful festivities at hand with a pleasant smile.

Edward smiles to Cristoph and gives a nod to the man, "It is good to see you again as well, Duke Laurent. The Lady has gone all out for this event, don't you think?" he motions to the man and then looks around indicating the guests, "And a good turn out so far."

Pharamond gives a gentle hug to Mabelle, smiling at her and looking about. "I am so excited," he offers before bowing warmly to Ouida as she approaches Lisebet. As Gianna Whisper arrives he smiles fondly towards her as well before he says, "I'm going to go make a castle." He rubs his hands together and he walks over towards the sandbox, as he leaves the Duchess in capable hands. Settling down he grabs all the necessary tools. Of course, what does it end up with? By the time he is done, he will have a very, very well shaped pair of castle towers, one with a flag. That's about as good as his castle gets. It's recognizable. Easily the work of an artistic 11 year old. With one good eye.

While a bit late, Gwenna comes to the somewhat familiar gardens of her kin for the announced event. She offers a wave to Duke Cristoph and a few other familiar faces as she comes closer to the goings-on. Ah, but the famed Laurent apple cider is hard for the Redrain /not/ to notice and she makes her way toward the drinks to fetch a bit of the refreshing drink for herself.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

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Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

Brianna eases into the pool, visibly delighted by the cool waters, her red hair pinned up in a bun. She looks up at Gianna. "Oh, come on in. I see no crocodiles," she teases.

Peri bounds into the pool garden followed by Eina and Soot. She's wearing a sleeveless vest made of lightweight canvas cinched tight at her sides. It has handy pockets. Her very short trousers have useful loops and pockets. It looks like she is carrying something in her pockets. She peers around looking for, ah, there she is. "Lady Mabelle! Thank you for hosting this party. I've been longing for a pool party. I am soo sorry I'm late!" She smiles at Mabelle and grins at the crowd.

Evaristo shouts from nearby, "Dilerocks! They're called dilerocks!"

Peri shouts from nearby, "Evaristo!"

Gaspar looked over at the newly arrived Silvio and flashed his cousin a quick wink. The prince looked around and continued on his ambling.

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Ouida's sandkeep doesn't get off to a bad start, walls rising without too much trouble, though the center tower looks a tad on the droopy side, it's rescued by a jaunty little twig tied with some cording that looks suspiciously like that used to peacebond weapons fashined into a little banner. A moat is dug as well. "Ah, I am so disappointed that Orvyn isn't hear to partake. I have such wonderful memories of stone and sand castles at the waters edge!" Ouida says chipperly. Elder siblings might well note, however, the element of a bratty younger sibling's glee in her tone, however. Like the kind that stomps on aformentioned sand castles.

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"Alright!" Cristoph calls back over to Mabelle. He doesn't immediately jump to his feet, he has a glass of mead in his hand. It's the beverage that gets his attention first and he takes a few healthy swallows first before he tucks it somewhere safely out of the way. With Gwenna arriving, he pulls himself back up to his feet. "Gwenna! Come race on these wooden ducks with me. I promise to save you if you fall off, cousin!" There's an arm waving motion for her to come along this way. The wooden ducks are considered gravely before he attempts to get on one of them.

Evaristo gets inspired and starts making a crocodile on the courtyard of his sandcastle. "Adding a dilerock," he tells the others. "Nasty beasts. Huge teeth, scaly skin. Make grat boots though."

Gianna raises her voice to call, "Everything looks lovely, Lady Mabelle. Thank you for having us." She reaches up to flick her hair over her shoulder, shrugging a shoulder at Brianna. "Maybe later," she says airily. "I'd hate to get my hair wet so soon. Lady Brianna Halfshav, yes?"

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Glancing up, Alessia smiles at Gianna, raising her hand in greeting.

Lisebet smiles to Gianna as well, inclining her head with a friendly wave. She returns all greetings, and nods to those she knows who she doesn't get a chance to speak with. She laughs as Pharamond deserts her for the games, but gives Ouida an impish grin. "You look lovely yourself, m'Lady. Shall we join the others at the sand for a bit. I am not certain how my sand sculpting skills are, but I am certainly willing to give it a try." She's not too bad, at it, but certainly it shows that she's not all that versed in castles. "Oh, a moat," she says, quite liberally stealing the idea from Ouida. "I like it!" She glances around and then says, "Perhaps we might bring in a sandbox to play with for our family party then/"

Holy sh-shells the King is here. No doubt the host will be greeting royalty! Peri scoots. She hears a friend's very loud voice indeed and bellows "Evaristo!" and scoots on over very quickly, getting out of the way.

Arman slipped into the sunny day affair, immediately instructing his guards to remain with the house staff. Matteo, the disfigured 'valet,' remained however ever in the elder prince's shadow. Arman paused near the entrance, the inky depths of his gaze scanning the crowds before spotting those in the sandbox as well as those lingering in the pool. From his garb it looked fairly clear he had no intent to participate in swimming so instead he moved at a slow gait with the subtle tip-tap of his walking stick toward the couch seating area.

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Mabelle chuckles at Pharamond's excitement about the castle, "You do that!!" She smiles to Peri and assures her, "You are not at all late, we are just starting. Go out to play!" She grins at Gianna and offers her unhelpfully, "There are fig leaves", pointing at a large woven basket beside her. Mabelle smiles to Gwenna and always greets her but she notices the Alaric and freezes. She lowers herself to a curtsy and smiles nervously, "Your Majesty, the Laurent family and myself specifically are so honoured by your presence".

"Never would I dare to Princess, imagine the reaction I would have from Whisper Selene if I returned them to her completely sandblasted?" Martino turns his head to the left before lowing his gaze to Alarissa's sandcastle, the competitive streak of the Malvici Lord entering already. "What of the sea air, good Princess Alarissa?" Martino's thumbs press into the sand and he's forming a moat. Very traditional this castle.

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Mabelle chuckles at Pharamond's excitement about the castle, "You do that!!" She smiles to Peri and assures her, "You are not at all late, we are just starting. Go out to play!" She grins at Gianna and offers her unhelpfully, "There are fig leaves", pointing at a large woven basket beside her. Mabelle smiles to Gwenna "Princess, thank you for joining us! I'm Lady Mabelle, do enjoy yourself", She offers the same introduction to Arman as he slips in, "Highness".

Coveted cider fetched, Gwenna smiles warmly and offers a wave toward the famed Nightingale, Whisper Gianna, before moving toward the orchid garden. The shouts draw her attention a moment, but it is the one from Cristoph that makes her turn and laugh. "I would hope I might be able to save myself, cousin," she calls back in an amused tone. "But those ducks look like they might be nearly as perilous as bear wrestling. Maybe the next game, though! I /just/ got my favorite cider!" Mabelle gets a couple of bobs of her head. "Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event! The turn out speaks quite well." She settles on a seat in the orchid garden and offers a polite smile of greeting to Gaspar.

Brianna bats her eyelashes at Gianna. "Why later? We only live now," Brianna declares. "Yes, that's me! I do believe you have me at a disadvantage, my lady."

"Lady Peri!" Evaristo calls out, standing up and waving at Peri. "So good to see you. Come build a sandcastle." He's wearing swimming trunks in the shape of silk trousers he's cut the lower legs off of. He's tanned and got a fair few funny scars across his torso. "I'm making a Death castle," he says, winking. His castle is the shape of a skull and there's a few misshapen bats and spiders sitting on the wall surrounding it. Also, something that is supposed to be crocodiles on the castle courtyard. He's made full use of the colored sand, the castle is 'white', the spiders are red, the crocodiles are green and the bats are blue.

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Alaric rolls in all fashionably pseudo-promptly (as one does) in his typically good cheer. With a regal wave for the various inbound deferential gestures, he glances about and quickly identifies the biggest stash of mead in order to expediently acquire a mug of his own. Priorities, after all.

Arman paused his descent to a couch, a small smile lifting to Mabelle though that humor never seemed to make it to his gaze. "Lady Mabelle. Lovely party." He offered in his brief greeting a comment that maintained the same brevity of his general demeanor. Eventually he finished his motion of finding a seat, gaze drifting to Garret upon the courtier's approach to the couches. Ope... then there was the king. He stood back up, dipped a bow toward the monarch then sat right back down.

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Peri takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Flynt slowly enters the pool and after reaching appropriate depth starts to swim.

Silvio takes off his slippers but gives them to ANY guard nearby to hold. Not his, just any random one. Then he steps his filmy-gowned self into the sand box and meanders over to Martino and his proper castle. Just to introduce himself, he reaches forwards with a foot and smooshes a neat set of toes into the man's moat. He smiles down with an elegant tilt of his head. This is exactly like a cat pushing one's shit off a shelf. Pay attention. "Would you like some help?" purrrrs out. He glances around, briefly, eyes lingering on Gaspar with a grin, before he looks back to Martino.

Ouida doesn't seem to mind that the duchess is building a moat, and in fact will chivalrously go and fetch a pail of water to fill the Ashford's moat before her own, once Lisebet's is ready. "I think that would be grand," she tells her, of the bringing in a sandbox. "It is also fun to bury people in if they fall asleep on the shore," she points out helpfully. "And at least in a box, one need not worry about the tide rolling in after you have!"

Mabelle scans the sandbox and the current creation, "Looking lovely, Princess Alarissa", she then compares the disaster ground between Peri and Pharamond. And just smiles. As she travels across the different stations, she pauses to gather herself a drink and notices.. Alaric. An awkward smile to missing his enterance, but a curtsy that follows, "Your Majesty. What an honour to have you in our home. I hope I lived up to the expectation".

Gianna blinks for a moment at Brianna, like she wasn't expecting NOT to be recognized. Ego. Huge. "Softest Whisper Gianna, Nightingale of the Bard's College," she tells the other woman, crossing one leg over the other, her anklet sparkling in the light. Her gaze flicks to Alaric, and she tilts her chin up. "Your Majesty!" she calls clearly. "Will you be attending the party for the end of Lady Evonleigh's play's run? You never come when I invite you. It makes me pout." Even though she's not pouting now.

Martino checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

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Martino pauses for a moment from the building of his castle and leans back onto his heels to gather and sip his water. "Mm... much needed." And back again, this time he pinches out several battlements of it. A round castle with battlements... well. "Mmm, it would be freshly baked bread in the morning for breakfast, my good Princess Alarissa." Martino straightens himself anew, pleased with what he's done and glances across to Alarissa for a moment and then to the other castles. SMUSH. Man-toe from Silvio crushes into the moat and Martino's eyes widen sharply. "My Lord!" His voice picks up for a moment to protest but, upon lifting his chin he maintains some cool and nods firm, "Oh truly, yes please. Lord Silvio, yes?"

Alessia rises from the sandbox as she spots the king among the courtiers. Placing her slippers back on her feet, she moves to stand beside Gianna, before curtsying to the man. "Your majesty, what a wonderful surprise." She beams, before turning to the Nightingale. "Mistress Gianna, a pleasure to see you again."

Peri checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Brianna lets out a small sound of recognition. "That's right, Whisper Gianna. We have met, I believe. My apologies, I can be terrible with names and faces." She crosses her arms on the side of the pool, resting her chin on her forearm. When Alaric makes his way in, she calls out. "Your Majesty! There is a perfectly good pool and you aren't in it..."

Pharamond finishes his castle and even marks a little 'sword' into the side of it...using a stick to trace the shape which sends a good portion of it tumbling down. "Look...a...drawbridge." He says. It looks more like a tower having been hit by boulders and starting to fall, but if you hold your thumb up and squint just right while tilti--no, it's a disaster. But it's HIS disaster. Standing up he gives a bow to Alaric before brushing some of the sand off. "Your Majesty," he says with a grin before he goes and changes out of his outer clothes to the light shirt and swim attire beneath. With's time to get into the water.

Evaristo checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 106 higher. Evaristo rolled a critical!

Brianna checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

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Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Pharamond checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Gianna checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Flynt checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Alessia checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

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Martino winces at the tale of Alarissa and of the bread, "Ah... we must sit and discuss this Pilgrimage you took. Lady Kaia and I were considering something similar for after our wedding." Martino's eyes crease and he leans down to mould back around that toe-mark. A faint sigh following still as his artistic impression of a castle is no match for Alarissa's own sculpting.

Mabelle claps her hand into attention, "Feel free to blow the ducks now". That sounds weird and she quickly continues, "Also if you want to play ship wars, choose captains! Team up!"

Silvio leans down without any apology, down to his knees in the sand. He starts working on Martino's moat, fixing it anew with attention on the retaining walls. There's an idle skill about him as he does it, which doesn't mean he's a just means that he had plenty of time as a kid to learn a thing or two about sand castles. Prince-life! "Your highness...think no ill of me." He grins at Alarissa. "Now his Lordship can blame his loss to your magnficent castle on me instead of himself."

Lisebet gives Ouida a delighted smile of thanks, at the water for the moat. "Thank you, you are very kind." Once she's played enough with the sand, she glances to Pharamond's and shrugs. "It seems mine is about on par with Lord Pharamond's. I shall have to work on that." A laugh and then she works to get herself to her feet, brushing sand off. "I should leave room for others here, to be able to create their own." One thing about Lisebet's castle, it's a terrible concoction of colours, if adequately built. She may have used a little bit of each colour somewhat randomly. The effect is garish to say the least. But she leaves it, getting herself eventually to her feet, grateful for any offered help. "I think I should find a seat somewhere and - " Oh. The king. Alaric gets a quiet curtsey, but Lisebet doesn't otherwise interrupt him.

Alaric is duly fortified for the traditional swarming with mug in hand. Sneaking about never works for too long when one is the reigning monarch of the Compact of Arvum, after all. Mabelle gets a dazzingly bright smile along with a welcoming raise of said mug. "Always a pleasure to be by the Laurent estate, Lady Mabelle. And I quite like the inventiveness! Are those wooden ducks in the pool?" He glances over poolward. "Now now, just because I don't have perfect attendance doesn't mean I never come by," he calls back clearly to Gianna. "Also Mistress Gianna, might I trouble you to inform Lady Brianna that I just arrived, and will get to my pooling in good time." Pharamond gets another smile and raise of his mug as he passes by, and then his attention returns to Mabelle to watch her adjudicate with a lightly curious expression while he has a drink.

Unable to convince Gwenna to join him in this highly respectable game of wooden duck racing, Cristoph embarks on the adventure all on his lonesome along with the other contenders. He picks his duck out and begins to the process of uh, blowing it, across the pool. It's not elegant and it's not exactly super dignified but he does tries hard! And the duck happily bobs along in the water until it reaches the finish line sometime after the other contenders.

Garret taking his own seat at the hearth he looks at the man sitting near him "Good afternoon, I hope you don't mind me joining you here." He gives the man a pleasent smile and sips on his cider.

Ruffled feathers have been smoothed a little by Brianna. Gianna nods to Alaric, then tells the Halfshav lady, "The king would like me to inform you that he shall be coming into the pool in due order." Even though she surely heard. A quick flicker of a smiler for Alessia. "It's good to see you again, too. Will you be doing this duck thing? I think I'll give it a try."

Flynt nods at Cristoph as he as well attempts to move the duck across a pool. He puffs and huffs comically yet the duck does not seem to be moving in the desired direction, and after a while crosses finish line near the end of the race.

Mabelle claps her hands to cheer those in the pool, "Faster, come on, you can do it", she watches as they huff and puff and causes ripples in the pool and cannot help but laugh in joy, specificaly at her own Duke-cousin. She turns to Alaric and confirms, "Yes, Wooden ducks. Mistress Petal made them at my request. I thought it would return some to childhood fun. I think it was a good bet", she chuckles.

Evaristo winks at Peri and goes over to the pool, finishing that cider on the way and grabbing a glass of mead instead. He bows deeply to the king before he gets to the pool itself, immediately focusing on the ducks there. He lies down, stares intently at it, and murmurs something - might be a prayer? He gives his skull trinket a kiss and then inhales deeply before he blows the air out onto the water itself behind the duck. It's a long, deep and quite powerful exhale, the water carrying that duck... all across the pool. Even he looks a bit surprised how well that went.

Brianna rolls her eyes at Alaric, her attention drawn to the duck race. She gives a valiant effort, but her poor duck bobs along and crosses the line in second place. That's fine! She is undeterred. When no one starts clamoring to be a captain, she stands up in the pool, flexing. "I think I would make a natural captain for the red team," declares the tall lady with the fiery hair.

Peri gasps with delight at Evaristo's castle. "I like those red spiders," She says. She gathers some colored sand and sand colored sand and strokes her chin. What to build? Hmm. What to build? She digs a moat with many corners and and angles. It's a maze. a.... a green maze! She sprinkles it with green. Oh, hmm. She strokes her chin again. It is a maze filled with water it turns out. The sky is blue, so she fills the floor of the maze with blue sprinkles. She begins some intricate detail work to slowly reveal a rather large and odd shaped horse with a tail and fins for a main. It is ridden by a gangly kid with a flairing mop of hair. And what shall be the destination? She supposes a very large shell and pats out a shell shaped house in the middle with the flairs and bumps of an oyster. She stands back and scrutinizes her effort. Hmm. She looks at Eina and frowns. Not her best work, but it was rather fun!

Gianna sets her cider aside and pulls her legs out of the water to go find a duck to blow on. She lowers herself to the ground at the side of the pool, laying on her stomach and holding the aquamarine pendant she's wearing to shield it from scratches. She flicks at the water to make ripples for her duck to move. This does not seem to go particularly well, so she switches to blowing. The duck progresses at a leisurely pace. Evaristo's duck goes whizzing by hers, and she glances his way, arching an eyebrow.

Evaristo lofs a shoulder at Gianna, smiling that charming and fake innocent smile. "I never liked ducks in a row."

Ouida is happy to offer assitance to Lisebet as she rises. "Shall we head towards the water, my lady?" she asks companionably, offering her arm so that they can move to the next game. She too bows deeply to the king, though she does not interrupt him. "Are you up for a duck race?"

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"How kind of you Lord Silvio." Alarissa laughs, sitting back when she's done, that main room of the maw done, Victus' large chair, and the stone shark jaw done in sand. The princess of Thrax looks pleased with her creation and stands up carefully so she can leave the sandbox and not destroy other people's works.

Ouida checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Lisebet shakes her head. "I shall sit and cheer you and Pharamond on, my Lady. No duck races for me today." She gets a drink from a passing server, and then settles at the edge of the water to watch the duck racing shenanigans.

Mabelle steps toward the sandbox and begins to look at the creations, its her party and she'll judge if she wants to! She peers at Martino's creation and compliments him, "That is some high tower!", another notable comments are made toward to constructions of Ouida and Evaristo, but when she notices Alarissa's castle her mouth rounds, "Is that a chair? You made a chair?", now that is attention to detail. Once the box is vacant of people, she looks at some of the more diasterous works and decides, "We have a winner and two losers!" She turns to Alarissa and gives her a dramatic curtsy, "You made a chair! The mermaid is yours! And she hands her a huge. I mean huge! Mermaid plushie.

"Ah, Lord Silvio... my thanks here." Martino sets to attempt something of a remodel but, truly, the inspiration of it has been lost, "And I assure you. No ill-will. The Princess Alarissa was inspired by Thrax and has delivered for Thrax. I was inspired by..." He glimpses down at the large round castle with odd pinch-point and a tall stand in the centre to form a power. "Something."

"Shall we to the side here or, may I even, be blessed with being in your Highness' presence at a later date?" Martino lifts his chin and lifts himself from the sandbox, dusting his knee but holding sharp green eyes upon Alarissa.

Flynt gaps at the mermaid plushie in admiration but at the same time makes a small superstitious folk gesture as if to ward off bad omens.

Alessia nods at the Nightingale's question. "Indeed. I could never pass up a race." She chuckles.

Gianna makes an amused noise at Evaristo's joke, shaking her head a bit. "Awful," she tells him, sitting up again now that her duck's crossed the finish like. She adjusts the hang of the pendant at her throat, her touch careful. "This is my last piece from Joscelin," she tells the Mockingbird, her tone a bit sad.

Mabelle peers at the other mounds of sand in the sandbox. She hums. Turning toward the pool she announces to Peri and Pharamond with sheer amusement, "I cannot decide which is worse, so you both get cake!"

Evaristo checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

"At a later date. I invite you to take tea in our family shrine in Thrax." For now, she's being declared a winner and there's a very lare mermaid being offered to her. "Well. Maybe Astrid will chop the shins off this thing instead of Victus' shins. Thank you Lady Mabelle." And there's clapping for Pharamond and Peri's contributions.

Now out of the pool, Cristoph lightly towels himself off. "I agree with Lady Brianna's self-proclamation as captain of the red team! And I'll join her in the quest for pool dominance," the duke announces before joining the red ship.

Evaristo lazily lounges at the edge of the pool, hanging off the edge. He's grinning wide and amused, but that smile turns quite strained at her comment. He looks at the jewelry, nodding mutely. "Well," he says lightly instead, giving her a wink. "You look just as stunning as you always do, my lovely Nightingale." It's not the most witty retort, but it could be worse. And he means it.

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Mabelle smiles warmly to Alarissa, "I was so overjoyed you took the time to come, thank you! I am glad you had fun!"

Alessia leans by the side blowing to allowing her duck motion to the finish line. It travels fairly fast, although not as much as some. The lady cannot contain her laughter when the duck crosses the finish line, rising and heading over to the bar.

Silvio looks from the rounded castle with a point in the middle, to Martino, back and forth. Then he stands up when the other man invites Alarissa away. "Well, /I/ know exactly what inspired you." he says with a sly tone and a crooked grin. He draws in a deep breath and then dusts off his gown.

"Then, good Princess Alarsisa. I shall dearly look forward to it." Martino's right hand touches his chest as he bows his head low to her and follows this with a clap for her victory. Martino steps out of the sandbox and slips on the loafers, only after his feet are dusted clean. "How was the Black Fox after I left it the other day, Silvio?"

Ouida sees to Lisebet's comfortable settling, before she offers her a smile and then moves towards the races. It takes her a few minutes to figure out the rhythm of puffing just so to guide and speed and not end up blowing spit out the end of her straw (thankfully not!) For the moment it occupies her focus, until her duck finds its way across to the other side as well, and she applauds for several other competators as their ducks do as well!

Garret leans back comfortably in the seat at the hearth he shares the same low tone has Arman had. "I am Lord Garret Navegant, it is an honor to meet you."

"It is myself and Duke Cristoph versus... no one? Are you lot cowards?" Brianna calls out from the pool.

Mabelle circles the pool to see the situation with the ducks. She counts the ducks and wonders, "Weren't there a dozen of them?", she glances around and notices one of the ducks is stuck in the orchids garden, "How... what?... who's duck is this?!"

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Flynt looks up to Brianna "There is no sadder look than an empty ship. I would enter the blue vessel and invite any and all honorable lords and ladies to join me in this endeavor."

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Pharamond laughs playfully as he looks to Peri. "Congratulations," he says with a playful laugh, looking to the castles and then hearing Mabelle's proclamation. He's already breathing a little heavily from having been blowing his duck down the pool...a task that is no easy feat! He leans back against the side of it now, having clearly and obviously not come in first. Not when you have Evaristo 'Gale Force' Arterius over there also doing his best.

|"Navegant." Arman repeated, eyes narrowing slightly upon Garret though not particularly in a threatening manner. Within the depths of his gaze his mind was simply at work. "How is your family fairing in the wake of the announcement of the abolishment of Thralldom? From my understanding, House Navegant is more consistently on the side of tradition."

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Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Evaristo jumps out of the pool, after flicking a little water at Gianna's face. Such a cad. He flees it shamelessly too, going to find more snacks and drinks and mingle about.

Mabelle quips aloud, "No politics! So who's on the blue team?"

Gianna makes a face at Evaristo's retreating form. Well, now she's wet. Perhaps she could be convinced to join a team.

Peri stands up and brushes the sand off of herself. Her chest swells with pride at tieing for worst castle - the half smirk shows she is hamming it up for Mabelle and the group gathered around the sand. "We shall meet again, Lord Pharamond. And may the worst castle win!" Until then she ambles towards the pool and climbs to the granite slab to peer over and see how the ducks faired or foundered.

Alessia returns with a glass of whisky in hand, nudging the Malvici. "I'll join your time, my lord." She says with a smile, taking a drink from her cup.

Brianna calls out, "Lady Peri! Come and join the mighty red team!"

Flynt waves around "I am but alone on the blue Vessel. More hands on the deck are always welcome!"

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Evaristo admires Peri's castle and gives her a thumbs up, then walks over to Mabelle as she's looking at the duck there in the bushes. "Ah, that's mine," he says. He leans in and tells her quietly; "I got lucky."

Ouida's gaze drifts towards the teams that are forming in the pools, though there's still time to fuss a little over Lisebet, making sure that the duchess has at least something to drink if she desires and checking in. "Wish me luck," she murmurs to her, though it's with a wink. "It's been many a year since I had to face true shipboard combat?" A grin, and then she is making her way to where the teams are, gauging which one might need an extra member.

Mabelle starts to hand out some yummy cakes! Peri and Pharamond receive one to comfort them, while Evaristo, one to celebrate his victory, "wWell done, Master, I wont even ask how it got there".

Finn the youthful northern puppy arrives, following Thea.

Arman's glance drifted over his shoulder at the quip and soon after dipped his head to Garret with a small smile. "It seems my preference of discussing certain topics may not be welcome. If you will excuse me, Lord Garret. It has been a pleasure and I do hope we cross paths again."

Peri perks up at hearing her name and walks over to survey the teams gathered at the boats. "But he is all alone on his team!" She points out. "I shall join him!"

Brianna gasps as Peri joins the opposite team, pantomiming dramatic heartbreak.

Evaristo looks like he won a million silver getting that cake, bowing, making some very excited shouting about the cake to everyone and having a bite right there. So, he wanders around with the cake in one hand and mead in the other. He MIGHT let people have a nibble...

Finally dusted off from all the sand, Lord Martino Malvici makes his way from the exit to crease his eyes to Mabelle as he murmurs hushed to her for the party along with the invitations. "I believe you fulfilled your Royal Appointment there Lady Laurent. Congratulations." Martino bows his head and makes his way across to the exit to quietly step free.

"Good luck, Ouida!" Lisebet promptly offers, as she remains settled. She does however remove her slippers and tuck her gown up enough that she can soak her feet. Such luxury.

Thea steps quietly inside, late. Better late than never but you know--things to do.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider leave, following Evaristo.

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Mabelle smiles quietly to Martino and those who seem to be departing, "Thank you all for coming, I hope you have enjoyed yourself". A wiggle of her fingers to Thea, "Hello Lady Malvici". She then turns to the pool and calls, "Come now, start warring. I have four more cakes!"

Peri tells Brianna, "I shall console you later, after we win." She hands off her cake to Eina with a hungry look. But there's a war Now's not the time for cake. She turns to Flynt and introduces herself and then surveys the field of battle.

Brianna checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Arman ambled his way toward the exit, joining Martino it seems! A small smile went to Thea, hand lifting to give her shoulder a soft squeeze rather than verbal greeting before he continued his way out.

It occurs to Gianna that being beside the pool might result in being splashed. Horrors. She so gets up, adjusting the back of her swimdress, and collects her cider again. Casting about for a place to sit away from the water, she heads for the garden of red orchids.

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Ouida contemplates the teams, though as it seems that they're evenly matched for teammates, the Harthall knight moves into an at-ease position, watching the "war" with a slight smile.

Flynt checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

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Silvio looks over to Martino and arches his dark brows. "I am afraid that many were tired...and left, but...I did have the pleasure of speaking with your sister for a time. I learned that you are the diplomat of the family. I found that interesting. I have already seeen the evidence of it." He fans at his face a little. "Would oyu call yourself a diplomat, my Lord?"

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 42, rolling 16 higher.

Flynt instead of answering, just takes the lead of the ship and directs it toward the other vessel.

Cristoph is definitely doing something useful during this whole ship thing. He's not much of a sailor or good with his aim, so he spends all his energy on keeping the boat moving. Chug, chug, chug.

Thea lifts her eyebrow a moment,"Oh? What are we doing?" She smiles a bit at Arman and dips her chin,"Your highness.." Thea steps over to Mabelle,"Was I supposed to wear a leaf?" her tone a rare tease.

Brianna hands a heavy, wet ball of yarn to the Duke. "I hope your aim is true. HEAVE!"

Since everyone is busy and no one is looking, Mabelle is going to raid the sweets table.

Alaric fetches a refill and takes a spectating seat at poolside next to Lisebet for the great red versus blue naval battle of our time. "I'll donate one hundred thousand silver to a charity of your choice if you mutiny and throw Lady Brianna overboard, Duke Cristoph!" he calls out brightly before turning to Lisebet. "Are there any rules against that?"

Peri checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 49, rolling 9 higher.

"I'm sorry, your majesty! But mutiny would break my fine moral code as an Oathlander!" Cristoph calls back to Alaric, before he takes the ball of yarn and HEAVES it over at he other ship.

Flynt tries to remain composed, but snorts as he hears offer made by Alaric, he looks up to his shipmate Peri and shouts "Heave!".

Ouida shakes her head a little, fondly, as she takes up a wineglass and observes gently to Lisebet, "You are greatly missed in Farshaw, my lady, but Ashford seems to suit you quite well. You have a certain happiness about you. Are you settling in well?" Her smile broadens to a grin as she regards Alaric. "Only if you lose, Your Grace," she says, with a smile.

Brianna laughs in delight at Cristoph's response, giving Alaric a smug shrug before handing the duke another ball of yarn, leaning in to murmur something to her teammate.

With all the lung capacity of a pearl diver Peri yells out a great war cry and heaves at the other ship.

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"I'll donate one hundred thousand silver to a charity of your choice if some sort of improvised command structure realignment necessitated by the chaos of naval battle results in Lady Brianna temporarily relieved of command and overboard!" Alaric counteroffers, undeterred. "Well, I did see a big list of rules posted somewhere near the mead, but I didn't stop to read it is all," he notes conversationally to Ouida.

Lisebet blinks, and then she shrugs. "I don't believe so, though you'd have to apply to Lady Mabelle to be certain," she replies to Alaric. She's laughing at the question, most definitely. She then smiles at Ouida. "You know where to find me at any time," she says to the Lady. "And we should have more parties like the one already planned. Though I may have some friends lift that swing and bring it right over to Ashford House. It is one of the things I do miss."

Pharamond laughs and looks over, "For charity and not having cake? That seems worth it, Duke Laurent!" He just chuckels as he watches the combat go back and forth and looks to Alaric. "I am no great King but will throw in another 20,000 should the Duke...pull rank...and toss in Brianna...simply because the King seems to wish it! is charity." The ante gets upped! At least a ltitle bit.

Mabelle grins at Alaric's determination, "You know, you can always join the blue ship, Your Majesty, and drown her yourself, it might even be more satisfying". She breaks apart a cookie and devours it.

Cristoph stops with his arm cock back, ball of yarn dripping his hand and he stares at Alaric. Those were a lot of words, friend. "Do you want to join this naval battle, your Majesty? WE CAN TURN THIS BOAT AROUND!" the duke declares. Then he looks at Brianna, "Can we?" Probably not. He throws more yarn balls. Then he whispers back to Brianna, snorting and shaking his head.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 49, rolling 13 lower.

Thea hushedly murmurs to Mabelle,"One giant wave could just drown them all,"her eyes shifting a little.

Cristoph checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 42, rolling 55 higher.

Flynt glances at the deck and at opposition "We still have two yarns remaining, but if we keep it up you can become a very wealthy man, sire." he chuckles at Cristoph.

Mabelle murmurs to Thea, "Should I push you to the pool and create a huge splash?"

Flynt checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 49, rolling 26 lower.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 42, rolling 13 higher.

"I'm certain that could be arranged," Ouida laughs, at the mention of the swing. "Though perhaps you might have another one built as well, especially if you shall be doing a lot of entertaining. Of course, then you might have more competition to actually use it--" she teases Lisebet. She grins at the King when Mabelle issues her challenge. "If you'd like to, Your Majesty, it would be my honor to join the other side, to keep the teams balanced," she offers.

Peri looks at the result of her throw. She shrugs. "Not bad. Could be better." She attempts a new tactic that seems to involve a fancy side throw from the waist. It completely fails. "Oh!" she cries with disappointment. "That was supposed to bounce over the water and jar the ship!"

"You hear that? One hundred twenty thousand! Accidents happen in battle, Cristoph. Surely you won't be blamed. I happen to know for a fact Lady Brianna quite enjoys plunging aimlessly out of control into the water in a matter that in no way at all resembles a purposeful act of diving," Alaric calls out to the pool before shaking his head. "Oh no, I couldn't join the battle midway. That would be unfair tampering," he protests mischeviously with a totally straight face.

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Mabelle tempts Alaric, "Well there can always be another game, oppositing ships." She winces at Peri's throw, "Its yarn! it doesnt bounce", she laughs helplessly as she travels to Edward's side

Brianna takes aim and throws, a wet ball landing squarely on the deck of the blue ship. The little vessel lists, then sinks. She goes over to shake the hands of the other team, leaning in to say something softly to them.

Thea takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Lisebet is laughing at the banter, and the yarn throwing, amusement quite obvious. She manages to stop laughing long enough to say to Ouida. "There is always that. I think it should be officially named Lisebet's Swing, though I do not mind sharing it with others." And then there's a winner, and Lisebet claps and cheers. "Well done, everyone."

"I can't be bought, your Majesty! Even if it's for a good cause." There's a great reluctant sigh and he then he cheers as the ball hits the other ship and it goes down. "Well fought!" Cristoph calls to them, paddling in the water to bring them back to dry land. Dryish land.

Peri brings their remaining ammunication to Briana and bows, with her palms held out, "I surrender our balls." Briana says something, and Peri's brow arches.

Mabelle grins at the ones who are too dry for her taste, "If someone wishes to make another round, I have two more cakes!" She cheers those victorious and offers a curtsy, "Well played, well played". Winking to Cristoph she thanks him, "Thank you for protecting the Laurent's Virtues!", she chuckles before she hands them both cakes.

Thea tells Mabelle already,"Long as I have a chance to strip, I have no care,"as she watches the spectacle in the pool.

Brianna hands her cake off to an attendant to keep it dry, then gathers up two of the wet yarn balls. She looks to Flynt, looks to Peri, then shouts, "Three! Two! One! Heave!" She throws her yarn balls... directly at Alaric.

Flynt picks up the ball of yarn floating nearby and attempts to toss it at Alaric as well, with a small smirk on his face.

Cristoph steps to the side as this turns into an attack on the crown, taking a fork from nearby passer and using it to dig into his cake.

Peri watches Brianna, the woman who has defeated her battle, with much admiration. She follows her count and aims at the king. She does not aim at his drink. Then She makes her escape and dives into the pool. splash!

Mabelle is so shocked at what Brianna just did she 'accidentally' pushes Thea into the pool. Oh my.

Peri's guard, Eina, facepalms. But not with the palm that is holding Peri's cake.

Flynt looks around and decides it might be best to jump into the pool as well.

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Alaric does in fact have among his retinue a number of knights who not only have fancy Crown tabards but are equipped with shields and stuff to defend his person, as it turns out. Fun fact: wet yard balls make a sort of 'spolrch' sound upon hitting a shelf. The knights step back, and Alaric casually sips out his mug with a small smirk and a little finger-wave back at Brianna.

It is at this point that Lisebet decides she ought to make good her escape. The petite duchess with the very round belly gets to her feet, giving Ouida a smile. "I look forward to chatting with you later," she says to the Harthall Knight. Then she calls out, "Lady Mabelle, lovely party. Duty however calls. I look forward to the next one." The yarn hitting shields brings a sparkle of laughter to Lisebet, as she makes her way towards the exit.

Lisebet gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Brianna lets out an aggrieved sigh at the knights who thwarted her fun. "So /this/ is the time you guys decide to..." she trails off, shaking her head. With the first two fingers of her right hand, she points to her own eyes, then points to Alaric and... hisses? Lady Brianna Halfshav is hissing?

Mabelle offers Lisebet a deep curtsy, "Thank you for coming, Duchess". She peers amused between Alaric and Brianna and then fixes her eyes onto Cristoph who is devouring a whole fammily sized cake with a fork. Did Thea hit the water yet?

Not one for being caught off guard often, Thea finds herself all of a sudden tumbling into the pool. A huge SPLASH follows, nothing at all graceful here. She stands up, soaked, her long brown hair matted to her head, her leathers stuck to her skin. Well then..

Ouida laughs as well, as the shield wall goes up, though she's standing close enough that probably some of those yarny water droplets spray across her when they hit the shields. It doesn't seem to bother the Harthall night. "As it pleases you, my lady," she says to Lisebet, offering her a bow and a kiss to the cheek if she accepts. "It was good to see you." Though she seems to be making her leave as well, with a smile towards Mabelle. "Thank you very much for the games, my lady."

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4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

Over at the garden of red orchids, Gianna is speaking quietly with Silvio and Gaspar.

2 Harthall house guards, Niall RedTree, adorably awkward squire leave, following Ouida.

Mabelle asks Pharamond, "Did you like the colored sand in the box? I was playing with some vials trying to make a perfume and one of them dropped on the sand. And once I realized it, I could not stop", she grins self pleased". Those leaving receive a farewell, and Thea gets a stare, "Oh my, did you slip?"

Alaric laughs brightly at being hissed at, clapping one of his knights approvingly on a piece of armor plating. He drains the last of his mug before taking his feet and transferring custody of his beach robe, crown, and sandals to his assistant. "Well, now that the great pool war seems to have concluded I think I'll exert my royal prerogatives to annex the red ship and turn it into a royal party boat," he declares intrepidly before hopping off the edge of the pool and knifing into the water in a headfirst dive, swimming out to the red boat to clamber aboard.

Alaric has joined the a medium toy ship with red hued sails.

Pharamond laughs playfully as he looks to Mabelle. "You have done well with the colors," he says excitedly. "I'm sure it will look rather nice in the window yes? Catching the light and such. Though it's also going to set someone a challenge now that they have to at least find a beach somewhere in the world with each color sand."

Brianna is lazing on the deck of the red boat, looking over the side at the king trying to board. "I see we have an aquatic interloper," she drawls.

Thea lifts her head above water, unsure of what to make of this. What she does know is wet leather is highly uncomfortable. "I could swear I felt hands on me...."voice laced with sarcasam.

"You could say it's both. Otherwise all the strength straining might have been a waste of time." Alessia responds with a laugh. "Another drinker." She says with a smile, raising her glass to him. "Are you planning to join a discipleship?" Flattered by the compliment, she grins. "Thank you, my lord. I should hope, it cost me a hefty sum."

"I see why they named this vessel the Grumpy Redhead," Alaric quips back as he seems to be slightly dubious about the amount of wobbling encountered on the small craft. "Aren't you supposed to be in the front making faces at people if you're the figurehead?"

Peri breaks the surface of the water and watches the crowd. When she sees the king take to one of the boats she swims over and pulls something from her many pockets to offer up to the king. "For skipping, your majesty" She explains.

"Excuse you, I am the captain of this vessel, and upon the high seas, my word is law," Brianna retorts with playful haughtiness.

Mabelle considers Pharamond's words, "Well, with some effort, I'm sure I can make the entire beach colorful. But the waters will wash it off", she chuckles.

Carita's appearance, for once, isn't Thraxian blacks but instead a variety of greens that highlight her fair skin and blue eyes. She pauses to speak with the hostess of the party first, the bottle in her hand offered over along with a warm smile. "Lady Mabelle, I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier, but please take this as my apology gift. It's Darkwater's newest rum." Pharmond is given the same warm smile before she turns her attention back on Mabelle, "Has the party been a success?"

Brianna is overheard praising Mabelle.

Flynt is overheard praising Mabelle.

Alaric regards Peri curiously as he takes a stone and glances from his hand to the swimmer and back and forth again. "Somehow I feel like I'm being negligent if I don't at least warn you that swimming with rocks in your pocket weighting you down, however marginally, is somewhat dangerous," he observes. "But I suppose it must be some sort of pearl diving-related practice. So, thank you!" With stone in hand he looks over to the 'captain' and places the flat stone on top of her semi-ceremonially. "Correction, you -were- the captain. I am informed that this stone is for skipping, so we're skipping your spot in the command structure. You're basically just cargo now."

Mabelle peeks at Thea drenched in the pool, "Must be ghosts", she restrains a smile and turns her gaze to Carita, "Aww, You have missed some fun. But thank you for coming nontheless. The pool is still open and... ooo rum!", she is pleased at her gift and demures, "That is a question for the guests, really!"

Pharamond grins back after a moment, now considering Mabelle's words as he lifts his glass and then thinks. "Well..." he says, "in that case then you will change the color of the seas themselves to your whims. In either case, a little more color in the world is hardly a bad thing."

Alessia is overheard praising Mabelle.

Pharamond is overheard praising Mabelle.

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Brianna gasps dramatically at Alaric's coup. She gets to her feet, finding her balance on the wobbly float, setting the stone upon the deck. "Fight me, you knave!" she crows.

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Peri is overheard praising Mabelle: for hosting a colorful party

Peri is overheard praising Brianna: Such good balance

Thea climbs out from the pool,"Right, well--I should get back and dry off." She turns toward Mabelle,"Was a nice party. Thank you for inviting me.."

Carita's attention turns on the pool and it's occupants, her smile curling a little higher. She leans in to say something a little lower to Mabelle, her smile mischeivous.

Flynt bows at Mabelle "Splendid party it was, I hope the sand would help me remember about the fun we had." he adds while gesturing with a glass " Now if you please excuse me Lady, it is time for me to leave."

Peri is overheard praising Alaric: He inspires such loyalty in his guards. Those were some impressive spolrches.

Mabelle feels guilty and hands Thea a cake, "Aww, I didnt mean for you to leave, you wanted to swim!". She smiles to Flynt and hands him cake for coming last in the duck race, "I was happy to have you here, Flynt. We shall talk soon", she then leans to Carita, curoius

Alaric regards Brianna's ascent with a mixture of admiration and incredulity as the wobbliness quotient here on the floaty boat ramps up quite a bit. "Can I choose gravity as my weapon?" he deadpans as instead of rising up himself he flattens down and starts intentionally trying to rock the boat to send her tumbling.

Thea assures Mabelle,"You didn't. I promise..."

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Carita's nose wrinkles in disappointment at whatever Mabelle's answered back to her, "Oh well. You'll have to tell me if someone attempts it, I'd personally love to hear about it." She overhears the King and lifts a hand to sheild her eyes from the sun to watch him rock the boat, laughter lifting.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 9 lower.

Mabelle murmurs to Carita as she observes the pool and Alaric and Brianna bantering, "Are those two lost siblings? They rival like they are". She regards her a moment, "Why dont you taste it?"

Alaric checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 29, rolling 22 higher.

Peri swims away from the royal boat to give it a wide berth. She spies Pharamond and swims closer. There's a mutter of talk about sand castles between them.

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Brianna puts up a valiant effort, but a sailor she is not, and after fighting to stay balanced, she goes over the side. She grabs the rail as she goes over, attempting to capsize the ship and her assailant.

Thea tries to wring out her now soaked hair then bows,"It was to see you all." Turning toward the exit, her boots making a loud SQUISH sound as she moves, wet footsteps in her wake.

Mabelle cheers Alaric, "Huzzah! See? did it not feel better doing it yourself?"

Carita's brows lift at Mabelle's question as she continues to laugh, watching Alaric. "No, I wouldn't say siblings." The next question gets a shake of her head, "You first." which is followed by a wink.

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, a discrete secretary arrive, following Pasquale.

Mabelle takes a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Alaric's laugh of triumph is cut off when Brianna tries to make the ship go down with her rather than vice versa, and he rolls a bit out of control before catching himself at the last minute. This results in most of his lower half in the water with his elbows and upper back still on board and the small craft itself severely listing, so whether or not he is still technically unsunk is somewhat a matter of perspective. "Huzzah!" he calls back towards Mabelle enthusiastically. "Ah, and it's my protege there with you. Good day, Countess Carita, when did you arrive?"

Silvio looks to be on his way out, but when he sees the King trying to knock Brianna off the boat, he pauses his drifting walk to watch. A slow smile blooms on his face and he tilts his head, curiously, amusedly, at the frolicking monarch. Keen attention seems to sop up every detail of the affair, and he moves closer to the edge of the pool, Carita, and Mabelle, a bit sneaky like.

Carita dips a low curtsy for the King as his attention turns towards she and Mabelle, along with the approaching Silvio. "Just recently, Your Majesty. In time to see your triumphant win of that sea vessel there."

Sodden and defeated, Brianna paddles over to laze against the marble paving stones among the lily pads in the shallows. She's not sulking. She's a godsdamned mermaid. She waves over an attendant and receives a colorful drink.

Pasquale skirts the edge of all this fun on his way to the bar. Once there he takes a cup of cider in hand and turns to contemplate the various participants.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Peri climbs out of the pool only to jump back in from the granite platform. Her graceful dive splashes no one! She swims back to Pharamond where they talk again and she bids him farewell as he makes his goodbyes.

Mabelle is completely oblivious to Silvio as she watches the soaked Brianna with a very restrained smile. She spies Pasquale in the corner of her eye and makes her way toward him, away from the edge of the pool (you snooze you lose, Silvio!) and greets him, "Lord Malesparo, how are you feeling?"

"I can only imagine how triumphantish it must have appeared from the poolside perspective," Alaric calls back wryly. "Though in fairness to Brianna, I do have to say she steered the ship to a more impressive victory earlier, so having missed that you'll just have to imagine something even more glorious." He lifts a hand up to vaguely gesture at the boat he's not quite using according to its intended purpose. "Will you be joining us for a swim? I could keep triumphantly de-boating people off this thing all day," he offers cheerfully.

Pasquale turns a polite smile onto Mabelle. "Well thank you Lady Mabelle. It looks as if you have pulled off another successful party. Everyone looks quite happy."

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