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Not Your Average Cookie - Lady Mabelle's Birthday Celebration

Come and celebrate Lady Mabelle's (belated) birthday with an event dedicated to the sweet delicatesee on all of its variation. The event will take place at the great hall of the Laurent mansion and include good company, good music, an abundance of cookies baked by the talented Mistress Lottie, various stands and even a contest!

Lady Mabelle looks forward to welcoming you into her home.


June 14, 2019, 6:59 p.m.

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Norwood Martino Cristoph Adalyn Alessia Tescelina Rikako Jael Kael Cahal Helena Isabetta Willow Amari Athaur Thea Joslyn Merek Miranda Mikani Monique Reese Reigna Raimon Vega Jasher



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

The Laurent's main hall is richly decorated with an abundance of colors, originated from spring flowers and richly set tables of cookies and baked goods. In the center of the room, a six foot tall cookie tower a commanding your attention and inviting you to pluck one. Food stations are located throughout the hall offering both sweet and salty treats to appease all and a cookie decorating station a is standing there all colorful inviting you to try your luck!

Mabelle is standing by the insane cookie tower, smiling and greeting her guests, "Good evening! Welcome to the Laurent Home! Please take a basket from the party chest and enjoy the food! There will be a contest later!".

Tescelina takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Kael takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Cahal gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Isabetta gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Nadine arrives, following Jael.

Norwood glances at the pile of cookies that are settled on the table with a narrowed eye. "If we had one of those in the house we would be rolling. It is bad enough to be living so close to the Keaton's Marie." She of most amazing cookings ever. There's no way the older Norwood hasn't gained weight. "Why don't we sit? I know it's a party but I wanted to get your idea on a few things." Norwood sucks at parties.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Leporis, the silent handmaiden arrives, following Joslyn.

The Laurent's main hall is richly decorated with an abundance of colors, originated from spring flowers and richly set tables of cookies and baked goods. In the center of the room, a six foot tall cookie tower a commanding your attention and inviting you to pluck one. Food stations are located throughout the hall offering both sweet and salty treats to appease all and a cookie decorating station a is standing there all colorful inviting you to try your luck!

Mabelle is standing by the insane cookie tower, smiling and greeting her guests, "Good evening! Welcome to the Laurent Home! Please take a basket from the party chest and enjoy the food! There will be a contest later!".[repose]

A fresh afternoon, thankfully the snow has gone and the Malvici Lord can enjoy the proper Southport fashions once more. Formal tunic, drapped cloak and both in the purest of white dyes. "Ah a happy birthday to you, Lady Mabelle Laurent and a pleasure to be here." As Martino parts from the doorway he delivers his greeting first for Mabelle before flashing a smile here-and-there to some he knows. Others he does not.

Cristoph walks into the main hall of his home and is greeted to the sight of a six foot tall cookie tower. He walks up to the massive collection of cookies that's essentially eye level with him, nods a couple of times and then glances around at the arriving guests. The duke is just happy to not be involved in the greeting process, he wanders to the cookie decorating station and wiggles his fingers.

"I have an idea on cookies," Adalyn answers Norwood. "There are a few cookies. Were you looking for ideas about other things too?" She slips over to procure a basket, since they're on offer.

Alessia Mazetti, arrives in the main hall, taking a basket of cookies from a chest with, beaming.

Tescelina arrives sans armor. Instead she wears a lovely, silk jacket as rich as the wine dark sea and fastened up to her slender neck. While still wearing her swordbelt, rapier and dagger, she has on a pleated umbra skirt that falls with a swish and sway of movement and black slippers with short heels. Her hair done back in its usual style of a long, bushy tail. But clearly, this is the Wyrmguard Knight's 'party wear' as she expects there to be /no fighting/. Hurriedly she walks toward the cookie tower, oft downcast eyes widening at the sight. "Oh my," she murmurs and offers Mabelle a smile. "Happy Birthday, my dear friend. This is lovely."

Alessia gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Adalyn gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Martino takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Arrived at the Laurent's main hall for the first time, Rikako looks around, gawking at both the hall and all the amazing decorations.

Jael emerges from the back of the Manse, putting a final pin in her elaborately arranged hair. Like Cristoph, she also heads right for the cookie tower. “I skipped meals all day for this.”

Helena gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Coming in from the main hall, and looking fatigued, though not particularly poor of mood is one Kael Keaton. He is alone this evening, absent of wife and children, and even his faithful hound. He is not, however, a country song. The young man does not waste time and is instead moving toward Lady Mabelle Laurent - even if he skirts a glance toward Cristoph -- before bowing toward her. "Lady Laurent, how magnificent. What a feat, and beyond all, I hope that your birthday has been extraordinary." Given that Tescelina is nearby, he cuts a sidelong look toward the Wyrmguard and tips his head in a most curious manner as though he was considering. What follows next? A low dip of his head by way of greeting before he withdraws.

Rikako has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Mabelle claps her hands as she beams at the arriving guests like a child in a cookie shop. Well. Oh well. "I'm so pleased to see you all here, please, please come in! She offers seperate greeting here and there and waves to her arriving friends, "Imagine having standing it for the last three hours not touching it so it wont lose symmetry!"

Cahal looks at the giant cookie sculpture station with something akin to awe. That sure is a lot of cookies. He's dressed in a combination of goldenrod yellow and wine red silk. His cheeks fresh shaven and hair freshly washed. He casts a grin across at Tescelina when he spies her response to the same cookie tower but quickly moves to greet Mabelle. "Happy birthday Mabelle. Thank you so much for the invite. It looks extraordinary."

Intrigue, a sleek, diminutive raven with blue-black plumage arrives, following Willow.

Cahal has joined the north banquet table.

"And, Lady Mabelle, let me present to you a gift from the Malvici family." With that, Martino pulls from behind his lower back a deep purple filled bottle. Turning it in his hand, the label is shown off 'Imported strength Malvici port'. With a smile to his lips, curled up and easy, Martino finishes. "Might you enjoy a taste of truly southern luxuries."

Dress brightly means that Helena arrives in a dress made up of a myriad of greens, her favorite color, despite the "red" of her name. She looks around, eyes bright, as she takes in the view, before she makes her way to Maybelle. "Thank you so much for the invitation. This is all just lovely, and it smells so sweet. I think I might get fat just inhaling the delicious aromoas," she says. "Happy birthday, Lady Mabelle."

Isabetta arrives and doesn't take much effort to convince her to get cookies, because there are cookies so of course she gets cookies. She waves to the birthday girl and then stands back to see who else comes about and whome else she maybe knows.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Willow gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Tescelina stands with her hands clasp before her and her back straight. The fog-riddled sea of her gaze set aside toward the Marquis and she returns the same gracious head tip then watching him depart. Her expressionless features return with the turning away, allowing Hostess to -- host! Leaving the Wyrmguard Knight to wander a bit, waving briefly at Cahal with a slight smile. Her course eventually taking her to one of the tables to procure a seat.

Rikako smiles widely at Mabelle when it's her turn to be greeted. "This is amazing! I don't know how you didn't just eat all of it yourself before we arrived!"

Tescelina has joined the west banquet table.

"I'm going to draw your face on this cookie, sister." Cristoph tells Jael in an all too serious tone of voice, before he begins reaching for various decorating tools. This is going to be a masterpiece. Btw Cristoph doesn't have an artistic bone in his entire body.

Martino has joined the a tower of cookies.

"Happy birthday, my lady." Alessia offers to the hostess, taking out a bottle. "I brought you a gift, Third Wall - brandy from Ostria." She smiles at the woman.

Jael crinkles the bridge of her nose at her brother.. “Why?” She selects a cookie of her own and just blobs a bunch of frosting on it before popping it in her mouth.

Mabelle beams brightly at Martino, "Why thank you, Lord Malvici, how very kind of you". She collects her bottle, a warm greeting to Helena and Isabetta, "Princess! Your Ladyship, I'm so pleased you're here." She chuckles at Rikako, "It was extremely difficult, Lottie has been so talented and the scents were killing me!". She turns to Alessia, "Why thank you, My Lady!", a huge smile on her face.

"For those of you who dont eat sweets!" she wrinkles her nose in amusement, "There are some savory dishes over there", she points at a large table of salty goods.

Once he has withdrawn from the host, Kael is turning his attention over toward the Duke and his sister. It is likely little surprise that he heads that way and offers forth a silent bow by way of greeting. This done, he rises to his full height and glances across the chamber.

Frosting, some more frosting. A squint at Jael. A little more. Some of these blue candies here for eyeballs. It doesn't take Cristoph that long before he's 'done'. Proud of himself, he presents an absolute monstrosity of a cookie for his sister. "It's you."

Willow wanders in a minute or five late. On her way to approach Mabelle, cookids are retrieved, and it is without a word that she presents the precious metal of her birthday gift, before taking a step back to see what everyone is up to.

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Martino flashes a brief smile across to Alessia as another bottle of good spirits is handed to the Lady Mabelle. "Ah, Lady Alessia. An excellent choice." Stood beside that towering stand, Martino eyes it a moment and comments hushed, "Well... are you not a seemingly formidable opponent. Mm?" A pivot away and a drift across instead to cookie station. "Duke Cristoph! Surely... surely you cannot say that is your kind, sweet sister Lady Jael. Surely not."

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Martino has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Tescelina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 5 higher.

Helena checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 18 lower.

Cahal has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Tescelina pauses briefly at the decoration station. She takes one of the cookies and begins to work on it, using frosting of a bluish hue with some whites and a yellow creating what is -- surprisingly -- a nightscape with gooey stars and a crescent moon. She smiles quietly at her work, very pleased with the outcome.

Cahal watches the fun at the station for a little bit, chuckling occasionally at the others antics before deciding to go ahead. A cookie is claimed and he bows his head to start the decoration process.

Mabelle grins at Willow, "Lady Willow, I'm very happy you could come! Thank you for the lovely gif..", she nearly finishes her words but her eyes spy the cookie station turning into a warzone. She cannot help but stare and then release a hearty laugh, spying Cristoph's expression as she covers her lips

Jael tilts her head, looking at the cookie Cristoph presents with an arched eyebrow and pursed lips. The worst part is, it is not that bad a likeness. To Martino, “I know you didn’t get that description from my brother,” before she waves to Kael.

Cristoph begins showing the cookie off to everyone, Kael, Martino. "Yes! Don't you think these blue candies match her eyes?" he asks, turning the thing over to display it.

Tescelina leaves her finished starry night cookie where it is on the station, simply -- wandering away, it seems, toward the west banquet table to sit and watch the festivities with that prim and proper posture. Ever moonlit radiant, if distant, but she still smiles all the while. A very 'this is nice' expression.

Martino laughs amused, his fingertips touching his chest as he flashes an easy smile to Jael. "I did not get it from him. One's own observations. Mm?" The corners of Martino's sharp green eyes crease further before he's shown the cookie by Cristoph, "Well. Good Duke. It is missing a sense of... life. The candies work for the eyes though. Yes."

"Thank you for the invitation, my Lady," Willow says. Smiling as she notices Mabelle's dress, she says, "Oh, that dress is lovely, too."

Kael shifts a bit awkwardly when Cristoph is showing off that cookie there and asking that particular question. "Ah," he begins, and he moves a hand up to scrub at his jawline, the beard there. "Not really, my lord." There is at least an apologetic look flashed with said answer. This is after glancing toward Jael though.

Willow is overheard praising Mabelle: What an exquisite dress!

Cookie decoration isn't something the princess has done often -- nor is she the most artistically inclined person, at least not with paints. She starts off well enough -- a lovely lavender that coats the cookie evenly. She should have stopped there. Whatever she tries to create next begins to smear until the colors simply blur into a putrid sort of puce color and at some point she drops the little palette knife she's using, splattering a little more icing across the table and her disasterpiece. "Oh, well," Helena, muses, "It should still taste good, mm?"

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Cahal finally finishes his creation. Its an animals face. Probably. Maybe. If you squint. Sadly most people will never get to witness the brilliant awfulness of it. He holds it up, intending to show it off and gain a few chuckles and giggles in the name of good fun but instead only manages to displace all the various layers of sprinkles and frosting and everything over his forearms. His shirt is fairly ruined but.. as a bonus.. that hideous cookie is a little less hideous now.

Mabelle abandons the cookie tower after plucking some cookies to go with her. She wanders over to the cookie station to see what's going on. On her way she passes Cristoph and somewhat surprised she notes to him, "That's.. not bad!".

Martino is overheard praising Mabelle: Party hostest with a great taste in party games. Birthday girl, in a birthday dress having a birthday party. She great.

Helena is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy Birthday!

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patock, A clever Youth arrive, following Athaur.

Cahal leans to ask Martino. "Do you think there will be an award for the worst one too?"

Rikako drifts over to the cookie decorating station after thanking Mabelle for the invitation and wishing her happy birthday. She giggles at Cahal's unfortunate creation shedding some of it's ugliness on his shirt.

Athaur takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Jael observes a tiny blot of puce frosting as it lands on her shoulder and brushes it off casually. “Hmm.” This seems to be a general response to the remarks in her temperament as well as the likeness of the candies, though she adds with more substance, “How nice to see you again, Lord Cahal. You are dressed as a cookie, I see.”

Martino tisks the Lord Cahal aside as he taks into the table. Pushing up the sleeves of the tunic, holding the cloak over his chest. "Why Lord Cahal... whyever would we." He then spots Cahal's creation and just goes. "Oh."

Helena glances at Cahal's and laughs when the sprinkles help it some. "Well, that's not a bad idea," she says, getting a scoopful of sprinkles to add to her puce cookie, which at least does cover up the terrible hue, but doesn't make it the most creative cookie. She sets it down and shakes her head. "I don't think I've decorated cookies since I was a wee thing, but that was fun. Rest assured, I won't be putting Lottie out of business." She steps aside to find one of the pre-decorated snacks to nibble on instead.

Martino checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 10 lower.

Mabelle actually snickers at Cahal, "There is!" she wiggles her eyebrows, chuckling helpless at the cookie he created. She observes Helena and tells her in amusement, "Well, some do, some eat", she winks to her, "I do not even try"

"A pleasure to see you again, Lord Martino." Alessia greets the man, inclining her head. "What am I missing out on?" She wonders aloud, taking a cookie from the basket.

Amari is late. First order then is to find the lady of the hour, who she makes a beeline for to give her best wishes and a sorry, "Lady Mabelle, happy birthday! Apologies, I had a full plate today." There's a look about at what everyone seems to be engaged in and an arch of the brow, "Oh, good idea."

Amari gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

The sound of bells fill the air. Not the strangest thing ever so close to the Rivenshari expanse, but these jinglings are getting closer until Count Athaur Rivenshari steps into Laurent Hall. He looks around curiously, sniffing at the scent of cookies in the air for a moment before he makes his way over towards the hostess. He drops into a bow to Mabelle with a smile. "Good day to you, Lady Mabelle and happy birthday."

Martino is squeezing a bag of some frosting a little too hard, creamy glaze simply coating the first cookie. Martino sighs and puts it aside, swapping that bag instead for an oddly greenbad instead. "Oh and you Lady Alessia. Please, do join this cookie decorating fun." Martino is distracted, typically, as he is spoken to and squeezes too much frosting on the second cookie.

Mabelle travels around her guests, making sure they are all drinks and eating and getting messy with the cookie station. "First place and last place prizes! Do your best. Or your worst!", she cackles. Turning to the door she greets both Athaur and Amari, "Thank you, thank you! please come in, Count, Lady Amari".

Cahal's first response is to look a little dissapointed at Martino's response but then Mabelle saves the day and he brings out a vivid smile. "Thats good news!" He eyes his creation out of the corner of his eyes. "I'm sure to win something." He sneaks a wink at Jael. "It seemed fitting my Lady."

Cahal has left the a cookie decoration station.

"Lord Cahal, that is a lovely manticore. You truly captured its hideousness," Tescelina notes with a nod of her head. As if that's totally what he was going for, of course.

With little hesitation, Alessia approaches the artists at their work, taking her cookie out in anticipation. "Let's hope I don't stain my clothes so early in the night." She comments with a chuckle, greeting the others at the station.

Alessia has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Alessia checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 2 lower.

Ah, there is Amari. Spying his fellow Keaton, Kael is straightening up just a little bit more and offering forth a chin-up in her direction. "Little Cousin," he greets her with an unmistakable fondness in his tone once she's finished greeting the hostess. Thereafter his attention is moving on past her and upon catching sight of the Rivenshari he dips his head politely by way of acknowledgement. Perhaps peculiarly after surveying the area as a whole, he's moving off toward that lone Wyrmguard yonder. He nods his head to her table, quirks a brow for permission to join, and takes a seat across from her should he be acknowledged.

Kael has joined the west banquet table.

After the odd green is overspread, Martino exhales again and adds white dots for eyes and an overly pink stick for a nose. Really the cookie has just become frosting. "How... how does Lottie do it? How does /anyone/ do it." Martino's forehead furrows, not used to losing to anything and especially to cookies. He follows this though with a light laugh, an almost titter-like sound as he leans a moment to murmur hushed to Alessia, "No. Not least before the fine wines and spirits are brought out. Mmm?"

Having never decorated a cookie in her life, Rikako watches with fascination at the various techniques, or lack thereof, of others that attempt it. She is unable to resist the temptation to try any longer and starts making drops of icing on top of her cookie and setting individual sprinkles in each one which mostly results in a smeary mess, which she is happy enough to lick off her fingers.

"Of course. Thank you so much for inviting me." Athaur beams at Mabelle, offering her another bow. "I think I shall try my hand at decorating, but I do hope your day is wonderful."

Finn the youthful northern puppy arrives, following Thea.

Mabelle is drawn back to the cookie tower, almost forgetting she has guests around as she begins to devour those treats. She spies the mess in the cookie station with absolute delight, "I do not know how Lottie does it, Lord Malvici", she assures Martino, "But it certainly is delicious". A smile of sugar rush flushed at Athaur, "Oh yes! Please do! Your best or your worst!"

Amari flashes a smile at Mabelle and wanders into the room further. Kael is acknowledged with a nod and a playfully grave 'Big Cousin' said as a greeting. When he turns to find a place to sit, she drifts and waves to the other Laurents about; Cristoph and Jael. The latter is given a look and then a more pointed look is shot at Kael's ankles, and then Cristoph's ankles. A brow is arched, and a silent question thus posed.

Mabelle checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 21 lower.

"I think I lack patience for this sort of work," Helena says to Martino, with a grin for his exasperation, before she turns to look at Rikako's efforts. "Oh, that is a very painstaking technique, like little stars. Very dainty," she compliments the other woman, even if it turns out to be messier than the plan. It's still better than her puce cookie, its sins now covered by a thick layer of sprinkles.

Athaur has joined the a cookie decoration station.

“Very appropriate,” Jael replies to Cahal, then, on observing the crowd around the cookie decorating station, “I think I am just going to go...over here.” This lands her closer to Amari, though she doesn’t speak to the Keaton. Merely follows her gaze, then shakes her head withregret.

Athaur checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 11 lower.

Mabelle spies Tescelina's cookie on the station, sitting there all pretty and abandoned. She picks it up to perch on her palm, "Oh, this is a pretty one!".

Martino mms with full agreement to Helena, "Quite. Which is odd as we are clearly two - very - patient and calm people. No?" Martino's eyes track with Helena's as he spots the work from Rikako, "Oh that does look quite good. Your first cookie... miss?" A tilt of Martino's eyes while he offers a fleeting glance to Alessia and her cookie work.

Tescelina lifts a hand at Mabelle as she inspects the starry night cookie. "I am glad you like it, my lady!" The knightess calls with a smile before returning to her conversation with Kael at the table.

Thea comes stepping in, looking a lot healthier. She bows her head, a slight smile at Mabelle,"Happy birthday..."while making her way over to Martino. She slides her way next to him, leaning just so,"Brother, how are you?"

Thea takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Athaur makes his way over towards the cookie decorating station, looking at the various tools that are available. He frowns slightly before picking up one of the frosting bags and attempting to go to work on it. He tries to make bells. That's the goal anyways. Instead they end up looking like tormented faces of some poor miserable wretches. He frowns slightly as he looks down at his work.

Mabelle smiles widely at Thea, "Lady Thea, you look much better, I'm pleased you could make it!". She travels toward Joslyn, squeezing her forearm gently, "My dearest, I've not seen you in months. Look at your hair, so lovely!"

Cahal contemplates his cookie for a bit, tilting it this way and that whilst quietly murmuring. "A manticore?"

Rikako grins at Helena's compliment and giggles. "Thank you and clearly this takes someone with the willpower not to eat all the goodies while making them! And, patience." She smiles at Martino. "Yes, it is, thank you. I don't think I'm quite up to actually making lines with this, it seems it would shoot across the room!"

Though her work could hardly be considered a masterpiece, the lady Mazetti manages to make a somewhat discernible pattern on her cookie, avoiding making a mess of the surroundings. Glancing up at Rikako, she smiles. "Glad you're joining." To Martino, she chuckles. "If you're looking for design ideas, my lord, you'll be sorley disappointed."

"Oh, yes. I am renown for my patience," Helena tells Martino with a solemn expression and nod, except it's followed by a shake of her head that's even more solemn, and then a smirk. She reaches up to push a coil of hair out of her eyes but somehow gets a smudge of icing on her face, thanks to some she was clearly saving for later on the side of her hand. "Gods, really, I'm a mess," she says with a laugh, reaching for a napkin to wipe her face. "I should step away from the icing, truly," she murmurs, giving the decorating table a wider berth. "Definitely. I am not known for my willpower either," she tells Rikako with a smile.

Martino lifts his chin upon the arrival of Thea beside him and, much to Martino's fustration, on the side where he was spying Alessia at work. "Oh sister... oh do sit /this/ side of me. Please." Martino doffs his left hand to the left stool to anew clear the blockage that is Thea. "Ah, disappointed in the design ideas but on other ideas I... wont be?" Martino just has to lean back to speak around his sister. A flashed smile follows for Rikako as he returns the conversation with her and Helena. "You are quite welcome miss. Careful to not shoot too much pipped cream or you'll catch your opponent opposite and, Princess Helena. Yes. You are but we can fix that."

Cahal has joined the south banquet table.

Joslyn smiles up to Mabelle and spreads her arms to pull her friend into an embrace. "Thank you! I've missed you, but time is such a precious commodity it's hard to see you nearly as much as I wanted to," she beams. "Happy birthday!" she meets Mabelle's gaze, looking around curiously. "Quite the turnout, I knew you were popular."

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Vern have been dismissed.

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Mabelle laughs helplessly as she sees Helena, "Well, Princess. It looks like you've designed yourself a new outfit!". She flashes her a huge smile as she encourages the guests, "Come now! Do your best or your worst! The night is young!". She turns to Joslyn flushing at her words, "I'm pleased many chose to come, but truly, its the cookies." she demures.

Kael has joined the west banquet table.

Thea remains exactly where she as Martino tries to shift her, a smug smile on lips,"I am sorry brother, I can't see well there and--,"she guilts him a bit,"I still dont feel that well,"however she says to Mabelle,"Thank you. It is a great feeling to be able to have energy again..."Thea means over Martino's shoulder,"What is being designed? Swords?" Her gold flecked eyes scan a few people she doesnt know meanwhile.

Mabelle peers aside at Isabetta, "How are you enjoying yourself, Lady Gilden? I've not seen you in quite some time as well. Have you been keeping well? How is Teela?"

"Oh she's fine, pity she didn't come," Isabetta tells Mabelle, "But we do talk about you sometimes." She cants her head and asks Mabelle, "Why don't you visit sometime?"

Rikako grins at Helena and Martino. "Lady Mabelle might not like it if cookie decorating turned into a food fight! Much too delicious to waste, too."

"Well, I came for you!" Joslyn says to Mabelle, laughing with a smile, looking back to Isabetta. "You been okay?" Joslyn wonders.

Cahal presents his horrible cookie to Willow with a little grin. "Have you seen this? Special isnt it?"

Cristoph is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear cousin, happy birthday to you! Are you 1... are you 2... are you...

"Unfortunate. It's the only kind of fight I stand a chance at," says Helena with a grin. "But yes, I think for the sake of her home and the servants and the fine gowns of the guests, we should probably refrain," she says, as if she had been taking it quite seriously.

"Well I don't want to brag but..." Alessia replies to Martino with a wry smile, before turning to Rikako, amusement not fading. "Careful, some people may take that as a dare." She inclines her head to any possible listeners, returning to her amateur decorating.

Mabelle promises Isabetta, "I should come. It has been far too long." Assurance is directed to Rikako as she notes, "Oh I mind not, he might", she points at Cristoph and then turns to encourage Thea, Isabetta and Joslyn, "Go decorate! The prizes are delicious!"

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Merek makes his way into the Laurent Estate, in the hopes to find some cookies perhaps also!

Athaur stands up, licking frosting from his fingers now that he was finished his brief attempt at cooking decorating. He does snag one of the undecorated ones to eat, for stolen cookies taste the best. He smiles when he see's Joslyn, detouring by to press a kiss to her cheek. "Obviously it isn't just for the cookies Lady Mabelle. You are the sweetest thing here!"

Athaur is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy Birthday

Martino sighs low and probably murmurs about Thea under his breath. Quick though he snaps from this and instead creases the corners of his eyes every-so-slightly to Thea, "You are not? Oh please. Do take my seat then sister and step up to design a cookie's frosting." Martino already lifts himself up from the cookie station, towering a moment above it all he agrees in echo with Helena to Rikako, "Yes. Perhaps when the spirits come out. Mm?" Instantly he laughs hushed again at Alessia's tone and smile as he steps around the table after losing the seat to Thea, "Oh you must. Later you must." Fingertips of the Malvici Lord brush over Alessia's shoulders as he circles it to watch people at work.

Thea checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 12 lower.

Mabelle is overheard praising Cristoph: Keeping composure while people trash the hall

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

Joslyn checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 4 lower.

Merek checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 2 higher.

The duke looks mildly impressed by how well the guests are destroying the hall with just frosting and cookies. "Well, I guess it's a good thing we pay the staff well," Cristoph murmurs to himself. Someone comes along and shoves a messenger into his hand, he reads it and then wanders off down one of the hallways of the house.

Miranda gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"Well... I'm not exactly an artist but I'll see what I can come up with!" Joslyn smiles. "It's good seeing you, I'll need to spend some time with you again while I'm able to steal your attention for a bit longer," she grins, winking as she returns her attention to Athaur, kissing him on the cheek in return, looping her arm around him and guiding him along with her as she moves to make a mess of her own cookie.

Merek makes his way to the cookie decoration station, and he looks like some guy that's really happy to see cookies. He makes his way to decorating it in elegant patterns with his favorite colors also.

Miranda enters the party, rather belatedly, She pauses just inside where she has her aide collect a SINGLE basket of cookies. He blushes because that's what an aide does when he's being horribly teased. Miranda winks at him, then looks about, for the moment, taking in the room, the decore, the guests, and the activity. Also, a quick search for the Birthday Girl because, that's why she's here.

Mabelle flushes her cheeks at Athaur, "You're too kind, Count! I mean, they are cookies!", she observes as Merek wanders into the cookie station, happy to see another attempt.

4 Byrne Mountain Men, 1 Obsidian Order, Vagari - Cinder Kitten, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden arrive, following Mikani.

One of the Redrain messengers enters, quickly finding the green-gowned Helena, to hand her a message. She unfolds it, reading it, and nods once, and they depart. She finishes the cookie she'd been nibbling, and makes her way to Mabelle. "Thank you again. This was charming, and I hope it makes for an auspicious start to the sweetest of years, Lady Mabelle. Happy birthday," she tells the Laurent lady, before she nods her goodbye to the rest of the party and makes her way out.

Mikani takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"Nonsense! I am just kind enough." Athaur grins brightly, but then Joslyn is dragging him back towards the cookie station. He slips an arm around her waist, moving to watch her make her mess.

Rikako flashes a grin at Mabelle saying she wouldn't mind a food fight, but points to the one who might, Christoph. "Umm... that didn't really sound like permission." Then she watches Merek come up and start decorating like an expert. "Wow... You're really good!"

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten leave, following Helena.

Thea takes a cookie and smears frosting all over, probably making a mess more than anything. So concentrated is she in her work, she doesn't even notice Miranda or Brenlin enter.

Mabelle waves to Miranda, "Lady Rubino! I'm glad you can make it! Come get messy with the cookie station!". The wide grin never leaves her face. Cookies and friends, compliments and gifts, no complaints here!.

Norwood shakes his head and rises to his feet. "Why don't you go decorate a cookie, actually," he looks upwards and searches for the hostess. "LADY MABELLE!" Called out, "Can I introduce my daughter Adalyn?"

Miranda has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Meandering around the decorating table, Martino watches everyone at work. A hushed laugh here, a praise there for those working their artistic talents over the cookies. Finally he reaches a cookie tray and plucks one, along with a red wine. "Oh that is interesting work Cournt Athaur. Sir Merek your art surprises me." He peels away from it however to step back from the table to the fancy couches where both Baron Norwood and Lady Adalyn are places. "Baron and Lady Clement. A pleasure, at last, to put not one but two faces to a family I heard much about." Martino's voice, a fine roll of southern tones as he bows his torso just-so to them both.

Miranda steps further in and smiles as Mabelle waves her over. "Happy Birthday, my Lady." She bows her head to the lady, then eyes the cookie decorating station. She nods her thanks and joins those present. "Very well." A glance over the table, "I'm afraid I'm not very good at art or.. cooking. Are you sure it's safe?" She grins, "I mean, for others."

"Then I swear it." Alessia says to the Malvici with a laugh. She leans over to Merek at Rikako's exclamation to see the man's good work.

Mikani enters because well she heard there would be cookies. Who could pass up cookies? She smiles and nods to those she knows, Mabelle .. Athaur ... Kael ... Miranda ... Merek .... Thea and Monique ... before getting to get some cookies. She walks to to Miranda, "Hello Lady Rubino." She says warmly before taking a bite of cookie.

Mabelle snickers at Miranda, "No one is safe, but worst one gets a prize too!", she jumps as Norwood calls her and runs toward him like a little girl in high heels. She beams at Adalyn, "Hello daughter of Norwood. Rough childhood?", she winks to Norwood, maybe she had too much to drink. A nudge to the girl, "I'm happy to finally meet you".

"Nice to see you here," Joslyn says to Athaur," she makes a bit of a mess on the cookie, and it really doesn't look like much of anything, but she concentrates all the same, she's trying! "How has your day been going?" she wonders, conversationally.

Something or another makes Adalyn crack up with laughter. She hops to her feet and saunters on after Norwood, peering over towards the ongoing cookie decoration. Then she greets Mabelle with a smile. "Hullo. The /roughest/. I was annoying Papa before I could walk."

Miranda smiles at Mikani, "Countess, it's been an age, hasn't it?" She glances to Mabelle. "The worst? Oh good, then I am a sure-win!" As the Birthday Girl runs off, Miranda smiles back at Mikani. "I don't like to lose so.. I suppose I should begin with.. ah.. sprinkles? I mean, such a wonderful color configuration. THen, some nauseating pinks and greens I think... "

Mikani laughs warmly. "So doing well is making the ugly cookie?" Mika watches the cookies curiously before she starts to design her cookie. "It has been an age ... been up to anything fun?"

Athaur nods his head to Mikani, smiling warmly at her when she arrives. He turns back to Joslyn and nods. "Well it isn't exactly out of the way after all." He lifts his shoulders. "My day has been well enough, if busy. I am certain I will have to depart to tend to business.

Kael's glancing up from his conversation with Tescelina at their west banquet table when he notices Mikani's look. His head bows in that humble way that it has toward the Countess, though soon enough he focuses back on his conversation partner.

Miranda checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 5 lower.

Norwood points at this gray hair. So much gray hair. "Don't ruin the carpetry //too// much Adalyn, please?" Then the older baron moves his way off through the crowd, studiously avoiding all the pumpkin cookies.

"Same," Joslyn admits, leaning into him as she finishes up her cookie, looking at it and just shaking her head. "I don't think I'm winning anything," she laughs, facing Athaur a bit more fully. "But I'll see you at home as always. You can tell me all about it."

Thea lifts her head to the voices of Miranda and Mikani,"Want to decorate? I think there's more frosting on me than the cookie. I believe it can be a new game myself....,"a coy curve to her lips.

Norwood has left the a fancy couch crafted from walnut.

Adalyn has left the a fancy couch crafted from walnut.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Adalyn leave, following Norwood.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Adalyn arrive, following Norwood.

Mikani checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 19 higher. Mikani rolled a critical!

Mabelle grins at Adalyn, "Oh, we're going to be good friends, I enjoy vexing your father since I was of young age". She spots Mikani and greets her, "Countess. I have heard much about you. I'm happy to finally put a face with a name".

Unfortunately, the ugliness and disasterous quality of her cookie is likely surpassed by others. Still, Miranda grins at Thea, "I decorate a room, Cousin and I'm very much destroying this cookie." She chuckles and looks at Mikani, "Fun? Oh, my dear, Countess, no. I have zero fun. I'm all about business.. Now, ask me if I've been up to no good.. that's a whole different story."

Martino pivots on toes as Norwood and Adalyn turn past and instead returns back across to the cookie station. Again stepping around it to watch people at work. Pausing this time to lean on his sister, Thea's side. "What... is that supposed to be Thea?"

"I don't know if Papa is ever truly vexed," Adalyn says to Mabelle, considering that for a moment. Then the Clement lady ambles on over to the cookie decoration station, considering it - and goings on there.

Mikani works on her cookie but she just can't make it ugly. "It's fun ... kind of ... calming." Mika murmurs as she continues to decorate her cookie. Her dark eyes look at Miranda. "But up to no good .. is fun." Mika laughs. "I hope Lady Mabelle ... it has been good things you have heard. If not ... it's all lies ... lies I tell you."

Mabelle travels to the station to observe as the contest goes on. Some hideious creations are there alongside pretty ones, she would still eat them all. "Well, Countess", she smiles at Mikani, "I heard most from your cousin, so I'll let you decide!".

Thea practically shoves her cookies in Martino's face,"It is a sword. You would know if you practiced more..."How can he not tell? Well--minus the fact it is a heaping disaster. She shows her cookie to Miranda,"See? Nice right?"

Athaur nods his head to Joslyn. "Of course. I will see you there." He looks down at Joslyn's cookie and nods his head. "Well, I'm afraid we shall have to suffer with mediocrity in Cookie design." He kisses Joslyn's cheek and smiles at her. I am going to say my goodbye's and head back to work."

Alessia glances up at Mikani as she joins them in the station. "My lady." She greets the woman, eyes widening, as her talent is on display. "That looks wonderful." She comments with wonderment in her voice.

Miranda offers to Mabelle, "Countess Mikani is above reproach." She grins as she continues to make the mess of her cookie, pleased by how everything does not stay in place and her fingers begin to get gooey and she starts to lick and suck the sweets off her fingers. "She's the sort who has no problem getting her hands dirty, chasing after things." She winks at Mikani, then eyes Thea, "Hmm? Oh, lovely. Look here, see mine? We're of like-minds here. Art has no form." She shows her cookie to Thea, then to Martino, "You see Cousins? Art."

Mabelle teases Miranda and Thea both, "Maybe if you press your cookies into looking like a sandwich", she chuckles at them as the horror show goes on.

Martino creases his eyes afar to Isabetta as he spots her among the gathered crowds. "Oh Lady Isabetta, good to see you once again. Have you had success at this cookie decorating table?" Then his sharp green eyes are - again - blocked by something of Thea's. If it isn't her, it is her cookie. "Oh that is umm... a sword. Yes." Martino's tones are a touch unsure and it remains unsure as he replies to Miranda, "Well, at least you did not give it green skin cousin Miranda." And on that Martino steps back crosses instead beside Alessia, "Lady Alessia. You have put quite a bit of effort on your own. Not done with it?"

Rikako stares at Mikani as she decorates so beautifully while being distracted by a conversation. She can only imagine how it'd look with full concentration. Wow!

Mikani looks at Mabelle. "Edward?" She asks curiously wondering which 'cousin' was talking about her. Mikani smiles at Alessia, "Thank you ... I wanted to give Lady Mabelle a gift since I forgot to bring one ..." Miranda's comments make Mika laugh. "That is true ... I don't mind digging in. That is the best part of any expedition."

Joslyn kisses Athaur's cheek in return. "All right, darling. It was nice seeing you, we'll catch up soon," she beams happily, squeezing his hands before he departs. "I think I should focus on what I'm good at. Cookie decoration is not one of them... neither is cooking for that matter."

Miranda eyes Martino, then her cookie. "But I did put green upon it... oh! It slid off. Here, let me fix it..." Because green and pink and rainbow and ... is that glitter? Edible glitter? The horror-show that is her cookie continues! "Martino has all the great ideas... He should eat this cookie later, Thea. Since he admires it so well."

Athaur gives Joslyn's hand a squeeze and smiles at her before he once again makes his way towards Mabelle. He offers her a bow and a smile. "It has been a lovely party. I am afraid I must leave though. Work to be done."

Mabelle invites all those who finished with their cookie designs to enjoy the other tables of foods, mainly the deserted cookie tower, just standing there, looking delicious. She smiles to Mikani and confirms, "Aye, Edward, he's very fond of you". Athaur gets her attention now as he leaves, "I was happy you could come, Count. I do hope you enjoyed yourself!".

Thea nods to Mabelle, obviously thinking that is a great idea. Turning to Miranda, she suggests, "want to make one giant sword cookie?"as she globs more frosting on."Also yes. .with more glitter. He likes edible swords." Turning toward Isabetta, she smiles a bit,"Hello. You've been well?"

"Now it's done. Was supposed to be a hydra." Alessia laughs at the vague serpent like green shapes on the cookie. "You have very thoughtful friends, my lady." She smiles to Mabelle at Mikani's mention of the gift.

Cahal gets to his feet and attempts to brush some of the sprinkles and other cookie ornaments off his sleeves. Ambling across to where Mabelle is he says "I hope you've had a great evening Lady Mabelle. Did I thank you already for the invite?" he gives an comfortable smile. "No matter. Thank you for the invite."

Mabelle informs Thea with a burst of laughter, "That sounds... horrible". An afterward grin to Alessia, "That I do. I am pleased to have made them enjoy themselves".

Athaur smiles to Mabelle. "I had a wonderful time. Thank you for inviting me. I hope your day is wonderful." With that, he makes his jingling departure back to his duties

Someone shows up with a note for Adalyn, which she scrutinises with arched eyebrows, then, tearing herself away from the study of the cookies, she slips off outside.

Martino practically groans as not only is Thea an expert at being the perfect obstacle, but Miranda seems to have decided to join in. Needful, he turns on his toes and leans a moment over Alessia's shoulder to see the vague serpent, "Oh it is... like an nest of snakes. Yes I can see it, so very clearly." Martino's words, delivered so geniune as sharp green eyes glimpse at the cookie, down over the shoulder of Alessia before he adds, "Quite something there."

Mabelle squeezes Cahal's forearm gently, "You did. And so far you made the most horrible cookie ever! I will send you the gift if it stays that way!".

Jael detaches herself from a chat with one of the servants. "It's a fine party. I'd better be on my way though. I need to take a look at some ankles. I mean, orders." And she slips into the back rooms of the Manse.

Nadine leaves, following Jael.

Isabetta heads over toward Martino and tells him, "No. But I have a thought that cookies don't need to look good, they just need to be, well, cookies."

Lady Monique Greenmarch arrives ever so briefly to leave a gift to be given to the servants and delivered to the birthday girl, but it's a swift appearance and then she's slipping away.

Miranda mms to Thea, "Just a moment, COusin." She then wanders to Mabelle and murmurs in her ear a moment. Clearly up to something as she grins from ear to ear.

Mabelle takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Not able to resist sampling all the goodies any longer, Rikako walks away from the decorating station and heads over to the cookie tower. She circles it slowly, looking at all of them as if contemplating if she can eat one of all of them. She picks one that looks most delicious to her and starts nibbling upon it.

Rikako has left the a cookie decoration station.

Rikako has joined the a tower of cookies.

"Its good to be an over achiever Mabelle." Cahal replies with a laugh. "Even if it is for making everyone recoil away in horror."

Mabelle pushes a raspberry cookie to her lips and admits, "There is nothing wrong with being awful. Art is art"

Miranda heads back to her cookie to pick it up. She admires it a moment, with all the sweet, sticky stuff, falling off. She wanders over to Martino and says, "Cousin, I know you didn't get a good look at this and oh---!" She seems to trip and as she flails, trying to get her stumbling feet to settle, she lands into Martino and smashes her cookie into his face! "oh my!"

Cahal smiles to Mabelle. "I'm glad you think that." He looks over at the table. "Countess Mikani certainly has a deft touch when it comes to making things beautiful doesnt she?"

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

Martino checked luck + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle arrive, following Reigna.

Grabbing more glitter, Thea artfully tosses it onto her sword. She gobs on a bit of pink her a dash of white there..she may have smeared some frosting across her cheek. Lifting her head she pauses and sees Mabelle. Then Martino. Then Mabelle. Then Martino. Trying so hard, the youngest Malvici twitches but alas---Thea bursts out laughing, her green eyes light up. Everything about her is genuine and light,"You look exactly like a cookie, but I pitty who licks you! "

Reese arrives at the party while adorned in a rosy tunic and sleek ivory leggings. She has ribbons tangled up in her golden locks. The girl peeks over the party, smiling first to Thea and then looking for the birthday girl.

Reese gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Reese checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 4 higher.

Reigna takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Isabetta notices Reese and heads over to give her a HUG. The sort of Hug that would crush bones and remove air from lungs and should really stop, but she doesn't stop, she keeps going. Poor reese.

Reigna has joined the west banquet table.

Martino checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Reese checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Merek gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Cahal has left the south banquet table.

Reese seems to be doing okay with Isabetta's rather tight hug. She hugs her back, but not nearly as tight and tries to kiss Issy's cheek. "Hi, Issy Berry, glad to see you as well."

Thea checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Mabelle beams brightly at Reese and Reigna as they walk in, "Princess, Marquessa, Welcome welcome! I'm so glad you could make it! There are cookies everywhere and something savory for the less sweet tooth! And you're welcome to join the decration station for a chance to win some cake!"

Martino laughs amused and with a shake of his head to Isabetta as he says, "No, no. You truly have to sit and take paaaaa-" As Martino says that, he has been unaware of just how needy sister and cousin Miranda are today. He turns his cheek as he hears Miranda trip and suddenly cheek-with-cookie glance against each other. Fortunate reaction to not end up with a face -full- of Miranda's cookie cream and Martino bites his lower lip. "Mmm Miiirrrannndaa." He says, clipped tones. Hushed and barely so to her as the sharp green eyes of his gaze down on her face.

Turning her head slightly at the figure behind her, Alessia raises a brow. "Very clearly, you say. Well thank you, my lord." Turning to Isabetta, she laughs. "Well... exactly."

Rikako gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Reese smile warmly over to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, a great party, thanks for holding this and so many cookies!" She says while still close to Isabetta.

Mabelle stares minutely at Martino's face repressing a laughter. But its out. Yes its out. So she turns quickly to Reese and tells her, "You must taste it all! Lottie made them!".

Mikani finishes the cookie and gives it to Mabelle. "Happy Birthday." Mika says with a grin.

Joslyn has just part herself from Athaur and is looking around the rest of the party guests, smiling warmly towards Reese as she enters, moving to join her and Isabetta. "How are you two doing?" she smiles.

Lite, a little blue canary arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Mabelle's jaw nearly drops as she sees the cookie Mikani handed her, "Well then, that is beautiful". She catches a glimpse at the trio of Reese and Isabetta and Joslyn and notes, "Oh well a reunion!".

Isabetta looks at Joslyn and give s her a little shove. "Mine!" she tells the Joslyn. She increases the hugging!

Miranda ahems and stands, "Oh, dear me. I am sorry, Martino." She smiles brightly at him, unintimidated by his green-eyed glare. Nope. She does lift a finger to take off a section of cookie and such and then puts it to her mouth to taste. "It's yummy." She leans back a bit, grinning all bright-eyed at him. "Sorry." Sorry, not sorry. I mean, one doesn't need to know her too well to see the mischievous glint in her eye.

Mabelle is overheard praising Mikani: Such work of art!

Arriving late is one Marquessa Reigna Keaton. She is hurrying as she enters the Hall as if trying to make it seem that she is not quite as late as she is. There is a pause in the entryway and she makes a beeline for the birthday girl. She waits politely for a chance to say her hellos, and in the meantime searches the party for a certain Noble Mountain with the stunning ankles.

Reese peeks over to Joslyn, having a warm and dimpled adorned smile for her. "Hi, Countess, nice to see you as well." She softly says. She says and then is furthered hugged! Her cheeks are quite pink.

Reese checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Joslyn pouts a little bit at Isabetta, making a bit of a face. "If you're not careful, we're going to play Truth or Dare again, and Reese will give me that same dare all over again," she gives Isabetta a lopsided smile.

Thea pokes Martino with her glitter, globbed filled replica sword cookie,"missed a spot."Then spotting Reese, she waves a little.

A deep sigh escapes the chest of the frosting dusted Martino. "Mm, it's okay Miranda. You were just being... proud of your work." Martino calms quick, easy and laughs a moment as his mood picks up, "Yummy because of the crockery you have chosen? Now. Happen to have a napkin?" Thea, now prodding him also, so he steps back from them both to use Alessia as a human shield of some sorts to escape.

Mabelle rushes over to the bar to get a strong chocoalate liquer and a napkin and hands it to Martino, she thrn turns to Joslyn and huffs, "Are you all playing truth or dare without me?"

Martino is overheard praising Mikani: The cookie design maestro and creator of the finest frosting we've seen

"Why -- you could just eat it off---" Alessia begins with a teasing smile, though holds on to Martino's arm as he tries to use her as a shield. "No you don't." She laughs.

Reese's cheeks are still pretty pink and she gives Joslyn another dimpled smile. She then looks over to Mabelle. "You can join our next game." She says.

Lite, a little blue canary arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Isabetta looks at Joslyn blankly and says, "I missed that game so I have no idea what dare she gave you." She is still clutching Reese and then tells Joslyn, "Mine!" again.

Martino is overheard praising Lottie: She build this tower. She build this tower of cookies with flour and sugar.

Mikani makes a quick other cookie and eats it.

Mabelle is overheard praising Lottie: Amazing work making my party tasty!

Mikani checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 26, rolling 10 higher.

"Okay, Reese, you know what dare to give me our next game," Joslyn teases Isabetta with a bright grin, looking back to Mabelle. "You come and play with us next time, I know you won't be like that other fellow that was with us. Far too easily scanadliazed."

Reese is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy birthday!

Rikako slowly circles about the cookie tower, eating one type of cookie from each variety on the lowest tier as she goes.

Miranda grins at Alessia, "I would, but I'm afraid my darling second-cousin has had his fill of me. Perhaps you'd oblige him instead?" She winks and then trots off... hurriedly... to somewhere safe. "Oh look, there's Ribbons. I need another cookie..." Uh oh. Everyone. Flee for your lives! No, she's kidding. She does find her way to Reese and kiss her cheek, "Ribbons."

"You could?" Martino asks with a returned gasp and teasing tone back to that smile as he's grabbed onto by Alessia and hooked back to the terrible two of Thea and Miranda. He nods, thankful, to Mabelle's help.

Mabelle squints at Joslyn, "How is one easily scandalized? Wait, I dont want to know". She joins Rikako by the cookie tower for another round, "So which is the best one, do you think?"

Thea glances at Miranda,"He hasn't had any fill yet," before her eyes flit to Martino,"Or did you?"

Lite, a little blue canary arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Rikako swallows her latest mouthful before she answers Mabelle, "They've all been amazing so far. Can I say: All?" She grins at Mabelle.

"He should be so lucky." Alessia replies to Miranda, giving the Malcivi a semi-apologetic smile. "I promised I'd brag." She takes a bit of her cookie.

Seeing the birthday girl occupied, Reigna settles for a wave and then heads in the direction of said Mountain once she has located him. The greeting of her cousin brings a tired smile to her face, "Lady Tescelina, always good to see you." She slips into a seat beside Kael and murmurs something to him quietly before asking, "Are you both having a good time?"

Lite, a little blue canary arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Isabetta sticks her tongue out at Joslyn while holding onto Reese and still not letting go or acknowledging what she's said so far.

Martino clicks his tongue at Thea before laughing disarming to her, "Not now." A gasp, Martino's fingertips touch his chest as he turns his still-frosting dashed cheek to Alessia as he says, "You would not indulge me? Well... at the very least then, please, would you pass me that napkin there?" Martino's fingertips wiggle towards the one set down by Mabelle with the liquor beside.

Mabelle travels into the banquet table, carrying a large tray of cookies she plucked from the tower and rests them in front of Reigna and Kael. "How are you both fairing? I'm glad you could make it. I do hope some improvement has been made", she remains vague with a smile

"Dares that wouldn't make an oathlander blink were sending him into fits," Joslyn giggles, answering Mabelle in spite of everything.. "He's your friend though," Joslyn says to Reese, shrugging a bit, and deciding to just step behind Isabetta, wrapping her arms around both of them. "No pushing! I'm pregnant!" Joslyn warns with a rather wicked grin.

Miranda spies Isabetta, "My Lady! How are you? it's been an age. Aren't we supposed to be frenemies, vying for Ribbons' affections while defending or attacking her tower with chocolates or some such?"

Reese seems to be doing well with the increased hugging. She nuzzles her cheek into Miranda's offered kiss. "Hi Lady Miranda!" Sh says says, before giving Joslyn another smile. The the girl then smiles to Reigna as well. "Greetings Marquessa."

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Barf, the Bog Dog have been dismissed.

Reese looks over to Joslyn and then her blue eyes widen. "Oh, Congrats!" She says in her direction.

Reese is overheard praising Joslyn: Yay, a little one n the way!

Isabetta grumbles as she is double hugged. She tells Miranda, "She's mine! I'm not sharing." She sticks her tongue out at Miranda.

Tescelina curtsies automatically as Reigna approaches and bows her head, before reclaiming her seat with the Marquessa and the Marquis. "I made a cookie," she comments with a gesture toward the artistry table. There is one alright, done rather well to resemble a starry evening with vanilla frosting stars and a yellow frosting moon.

Thea shrugs at Martino, not at all sorry. She makes her way somewhere, quite content now.

Martino is overheard praising Miranda: Well you might have been terrible for smearing the cookie into me, but at least you did try to make up for it

Mabelle surprises herself with Joslyn's words and smiles to her "Congratulations, my friend". She quickly avers her eyes to Tescelina and confirms, "And that was a beautiful cookie!"

Kael's rising slowly to his full height, opening his arm to allow for Reigna to easily slip in beside him. She murmurs something to him and he is responding with a press of a kiss to her cheek that is dangerously close to her lips. It is a swift thing, at least, and with that he waits for Tescelina and his wife to be seated before starting to lower himself. He's looking up soon enough to Mabelle though with her arrival, rising. "Well enough," with a little wry smile and a hint of regret coming with the next words. "We are still working on things. Still, our conversation with you *was* helpful." He dips his head there, with that.

Mikani leans back in her seat and drinks some rum from a flask as she listens to those around her.

Miranda snorts at Isabetta, "She's yours, is she? Well.. does -she- know that?" Miranda eyes Isabetta, "My Lady, I do think I will have to challenge you to a cookie duel. If the Birthday Lady allows, of course, for we shan't wish to destroy her day!" She grins, unable to hide her amusement. Then she hugs Reese and Isabetta!!! Clutching to them. "Mine!"

Reese smiles over to Mikani even while staying in Isabetta's embrace. "A duel..." She says, before being mugged by Miranda as well. Reese's cheeks are pink and she looks amused.

Alessia reaches over for the napki, dabbing Martino's cheek lightly, before handing it to him to complete the work. "Close enough?" She smiles sweetly, before turning to Mabelle. "Is this cookie designing station a trademark of most Laurent events?" She asks with amusement.

Mikani smiles at Reese. "Hello Ribbons." Mika says warmly before hugging the woman.

Reigna looks up to Mabelle, even as she's stepped within the circle of her husband's arm. There is a slight chase of his lips with that kiss, and a soft laugh, before she looks to Mabelle once more. "Lovely party, my Lady. Lottie has certainly out done herself." As to the latter question, Reigna lifts a shoulder. "We are working, as always."

"Thanks," Joslyn says, blushing just a little bit. "I didn't mean to say it so loud," she murmurs, squeezing Isabetta in spite of herself before mercifully letting her go. "Your birthday, I'm not going to overshadow your moment," she smiles, still looking much the same, too early to show but sometimes someone can just tell!

Mabelle smiles to Kael and Reigna, "I doubt I was that helpful, but I am pleased you are improving a bit. There are many foods to enjoy, please do!". She turns to Reese and Miranda, "I would not mind a tasteful duel". A grin flashed to Alessia, "Its the first, but I might make it a constant", she winks to her.

Tescelina takes a cookie from the tray as Mabelle arrives with the offering and smiles, drawing it back and holding it with both hands as she nibbles. "These are excellent, yes." Looking back toward Reigna and Kael and then Mabelle once more she inquires, "Working on things?"

"Oh it will have to do for... now." Delivers the voice of Martino to Alessia as he's dapped on lightly with the napkin by her. A faint laugh finishes it before he gathers the napkin to clear the last bit of cookie dust from his beard and hands it to a passing servant. Martino pivots on toes, the liquor gathered in his fingertips and steps across now to the tower of cookies, carefully picking one of the taller ones to not threaten the structure.

Martino has left the a cookie decoration station.

Martino has joined the a tower of cookies.

Miranda has left the a cookie decoration station.

Faustus, the feisty, fluffy, three legged kitten arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Mabelle recognizes some of the pets that walk in to deliver notes and huffs with a smile at Mikani and Thea, "Tell Olivia and Arcadia their lack of presence is noted!".

Mikani frowns slightly at her missive. Her eyes look around at Mabelle. "I'm sure if they could have been here they would be."

Mabelle apologetically gazes at Mikani, "I pray she is well. I was merely jesting"

Isabetta looks puzzled, "What is a cookie duel and how do we do it?" She stares at Miranda blankly.

Thea amusedly tells Mabelle,"Well I will--except this bird isn't Arcadia's...however I'm sure she'd be here if she could "

Miranda ah hahs! "First, we go to the decorating station. THe one to make the WORST cookie wins!" She releases Reese to point to the table. "Do you accept?"

"It was," answers Kael to Mabelle, his voice dropping a notch in an attempt, undoubtedly, to convey how very serious he is with that remark. That question that is posed by Tescelina, it has Kael tip his head - an acknowledgement of the words, though he is not responding just yet. Instead he settles first, slides an arm around Reigna's middle, and lowers his voice to converse quietly at the table again.

"Well this has surely been a highlight, my lady." Alessia replies sincerely to Mabelle, before unsurprisingly heading to one of the tables to pour herself a glass of whisky.

Reese seems pretty amused. "We are doing cookie duels, really.." She says and then gives Miranda a dimple framed smile. "Oh, I accept. I am very good with sweets and cookies. I won a jam eating contest the other day." She says and even pats her stomach.

Alessia has left the a cookie decoration station.

Alessia has joined the west banquet table.

Miranda adds, "If you make the most horrific cookie, I get Ribbons, but if I make the worst cookie, you don't get her." She looks at Reese, "oh yes, my Ribbons, it will be a delightful affair!"

Martino leans a moment to murmur hushed to Rikako as he bites into his cookie, "Mm. These are also excellent." A brief wash of it after with the liquor and Martino asks, "What was your name by the way good cookie designer? I do not believe I caught it and likely should before I must leave."

Mabelle flushes entirely at Thea's words with a realization. She nodes to Kael at his words. "I'm pleased you are enjoying yourself, Lady Alessia. I hope you will continue to do so!".

Isabetta sighs dramatically and then says, "fine, but if you win you -have- to take Reese, you can't not take her, you have to never let go, snuggle her endlessly."

Reese sucks in a soft breath. "I am starting to think this contest sounds like a bad idea. Nobody can hug forever and well..." She says, trailing off.

Rikako smiles as Martino joins her in cookie-eating at the tower. "Oh... I'm sorry! I'm Rikako."

Miranda nods, "Aye, Isabetta. I can do that. And if you lose, I may share her with you because I'm very generous that way." She claps her hands, "Ribbons! We duel for you!" Then over to the cookie station, takign Isabetta by the hand and dragging her along.

"Why does she get to hug Reese?" Joslyn wonders, putting a hand on her hip with a slight raise of her eyebrow.

Miranda has joined the a cookie decoration station.

Thea hears Reese and already offers her sweet cookie sparkly, blobby frosted sword to Miranda,"There you go. Engarde with that!"

Isabetta frowns and says, "No I get to snuggle Reese forever, I will not let her go for any reason, it will make life very hard, -but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make!-"

"Oh a pleasure Rikako." Martino's right hand rests upon his heart as he bows his head low, "Lord Martino Malvici. I take it... new to our fair city then?"

Mabelle travels back and forth between her guests to make small talk and make sure they are sated, but like a beacon of light and good hope, she always returns to the cookie tower.

Grinning at Martino, Rikako nods. "A pleasure indeed, Lord Martino! Yes, I arrived about a week ago. It's been great! Everyone I've met has been so friendly and helpful."

Miranda peers at the sword, Holding it and testing it. "I'm afraid Sweet cousin, that this is too unfair. I cannot go into this duel with a premade cookie. I must fail on my own!" She hands the cookie to Thea again. "Hold it for me. I may need it later when Isabetta realizes I'm going to win and she may be denied snuggling priviledges." She then eyes Isabetta, "So? WIll you duel me at this cookie station, then? Will we meet upon the field of this birthday party and duke it out? Testing our decorating skills against the other? Will you risk being the best decorator and risk losing Ribbons to me?" She grins, "or do you think you can win against me!"

Reese looks over to Isabetta and her cheeks are very pink while her blue eyes are quite wide. "Issy..." She says in her direction. Sh ethen has a smile for Rikako. "Nice to see you again." She says in her direction. She then then listens to Miranda's words. "I think Lady Miranda is very good at wining contests."

Mabelle suggests to Miranda as she observes on the side, "Perhaps you can use the frosting to stick them together"

Martino chuckles a moment as he leans forward to rest his left hand's fingertips on Rikako's wrists, "Oh for now. For now we are..." A jovial curl of his mouth as he finishes, "But I am pleased to hear that. We must perhaps speak again soon. As one must part now."

Thea seriously regards her cookie,"I think the Duchess would love this cookie,"directing her voice to Martino. Who is if making new---friends. She does smile at Isabetta, Miranda, and Reese a brief moment,"Just's caring I heard."

"Good luck, Princess Reese," Joslyn blows a kiss towards Reese, and then smiles to Mabelle. "Happy birthday and thanks for inviting me. I think I need some air for a bit, but this has been fun!"

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Martino, "Good night Lord Malvici, thank you for attending and the lovely gift!." She followingly leans to kiss Joslyn's kiss, "Congratulations darling".

Reese looks over to Josyn, giving her a smile. "Thank you, Countess. It was great to see you and congrats on the coming little one." She says softly.

Rikako gives Martino a curious look for his comment, but smiles at him. "Sure, I would love to. Have a good rest of the day." Then she watches the escalating duel over Reese at the cookie decorating station and giggles. She takes another cookie from the tower and smiles at Reese as she is greeted. "Nice to see you too...even if under..." She can't quite keep a straight face or hold back a giggle as she says, "Such war-like conditions!"

Mabelle presents a White Chocolate Orange-Cream Filled Cake to Mikani, "You've won this fair and square!"

unfortunately, this duel will have to wait! Miranda is given a missive and she pouts. "Brenlin, really? Ugh. Ok. Ok. Lady Isabetta, we will duel another time!" She smiles at Reese, "She can snuggle you until we duel properly!" With that, she waves to Mabelle, "Thank you for the invitation! I had a grand time!"

Miranda has left the a cookie decoration station.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

Mikani blushes, "I thought the worst decorated cookie was going to win ..."

Mabelle grins at Mikani, "Oh, there is a prize for worst too!"

Reese is overheard praising Mikani: Woots best cookie decorator!

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Raimon.

Reese looks over to Rikako, giving her a sheepish smile. "I did get rather intense there for a bit." She says softly. "You have been settling in well?" She asks softly. "Any job offers?" She then adds.

"And to you Lady Mabelle. Rikako." Martio's voice shared for the two before he tucks his right hand beneath his torso to bow here-and-there to the guests as he steps through the most indirect route to the door. Pausing by Alessia on route, "Until next time, Lady Alessia. I am still owed that brag." A pivot follows and he crosses by his sister Thea. Fingertips resting on her wrist as he says, "I shall see you later at the House sister." And with that, the Malvici Lord is gone.

Joslyn returns Mabelle's kiss as well, waving to Reese with a soft smile. "Good seeing you again. Good night!"

Alessia checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Raimon steps into the Laurent Manse, looking around for a moment. He shifts uncomfortably for a moment before stepping further into the room. A small sigh escapes him beofre he spies Mabelle, making his way towards her.

Alessia smiles at Martino as he takes his leave. "Until next time, my lord."

Mabelle turns to Raimon, beaming brightly at him, "Prince Raimon! I'm glad you could make it! The contest for the best decorated cookie is over but the worst is still open", she grins

Thea pokes her brother's cheek,"missed a spot,"but bows her head,"I should be off as well. I'm covered in frosting, but this fun." She turns to Mabelle again,"Happy birthday.."

Martino has left the a tower of cookies.

Reese has a gentle smiel for Raimon that touches her blue eyes. "Greetings, Prince Raimon." She says.

Rikako smiles as she sees Raimon, glad to see he had been able to make it, even if late. Seeing that the cookie duel over Reese seems to be off, she returns to eating cookies. Yummy coookies.

Raimon bows to Mabelle. "I would not miss it. Vega should be by soon. There was some issue with her wardrobe. I do not pretend to understand. Happy bithday Lady Mabelle." He rises, turning slightly to Reese and bowing to her. "Greetings Princess Reese. I hope you are well." He then looks towards Rikako and inclines his head. "Messre Rikako. I hope you are well."

Mabelle laughs helplessly as Raimon describes the wardrobe mishap, "I do not suppose you would understand, no! But I'll be happy to see he when she does arrive"

Rese looks over to Raimon. "I am very well, thank you, Prince." She says softly. Reese then goes to gather up herself some cookies. "These are so very good." She muses partly to herself.

Mabelle murmurs lowly to one of the servers and he hedges to the sweets table and brings a platter of candied fruit, figs included, placing it in front of Raimon.

Rikako smiles at Raimon. "Hello again, your highness. I am quite, quite well, thank you! The cookies are delicious and the company is delightful and fun! Lady Mabelle is well loved."

Raimon takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Isabetta sighs and says, "My mind wandered to how I'm going to snuggle Reese forever and never let her breath." She looks around, "Did Miranda concede yet?" She frowns a touch and says, "Miranda, Parlay! I will give you something in exchange for your surrender."

Raimon blinks slightly at the platter of fruit. He takes some of the items offered, including plenty of figs. He offers another bow to Mabelle. "Thank you. She is very pleased to see you." He straightens and turns towards Rikako. "I am glad that you are well. Lady Mabelle is very charming and friendly. It is unsurprising she is so well liked." He pops a fig into his mouth."

Reese peeks over to Isabetta, giving her another smile. "I do need to breath, Issy Berry." She says toward her.

Mabelle's cheeks colors somewhat at Rikako and Raimon, "Well people love cookies, how can they not", she deflects.

"Wait, Miranda left? I am the winner!" Isabetta exclaims and goes back to hugglesnuggling Reese. Forever!

Mikani stands. "Well Lady Mabelle ... beautiful party. Happy birthday again!" Mika says warmly before slipping out of the party

Reese looks over to Mabelle, nodding. "They do love cookies very much. This was a super great party." She say sand then hugs Isabetta in return. "I think it just never happened, rather than you own, Issy." She says.

Alessia turns to Mabelle on her way out. "Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, my lady. I hope the revelry continues. Happy birthday." She smiles kindly to the woman.

Mabelle smiles easily to Mikani, "Thank you for coming, and it was a pleasure to finally meet you". Amused with Isabetta, "Mor elike technical forefeit". A smile is flashed at Reese and Alessia also, "I am pleased you have enjoyed yourself!"

4 Byrne Mountain Men, 1 Obsidian Order, Vagari - Cinder Kitten, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden leave, following Mikani.

Alessia has left the west banquet table.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

Isabetta exclaims to Mabelle, "I will accept it." She puts her chin on Reese's shoulder, "I am not a picky about how I win."

Mabelle observes the cookie station and the mess surrounding it. She can sense the glare of the servant as it looks from the side. She passes on to judge the cookies and notes in sheer amusement, "I think Lord Cahal's cookie is...", she is shocked to admit "So horrible looking, -I- wouldnt even eat it"

"I feel it is not just the cookies, Lady Mabelle." Raimon pops a candied fig into his mouth, looking around at the decorations curiously.

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Vega.

Rikako nods in agreement to Raimon. "I quite agree. How are you?" She cannot help but grin a bit at Mabelle blushing at their compliments. "We'll say, 80% you, 20% cookies."

Late but finally here, Vega enters into the main hall with a warm smile on her face, stormy blue eyes seeking throughout the room. She dips her head towards her husband but heads first for Lady Mabelle, seeking her out wherever she may be in the large room.

Mabelle grins at Rikako and Raimon, "Finnnne". She spots Vega and crosses the room for the rounded Princess, "Princess! You came!" she carefully embraces her, extremely happy to see her. "How are you fairing?" she inspects her up close

Raimon turns his head as he spies his wife entering. He moves over towards Vega, putting another candied piece of fruit to his mouth. "My Darling, I am pleased you are here."

Reese has a gentle smile for Vega that reaches her blue eyes. "Princess Vega, it is very nice to see you again." She says while now balancing a plate of cookies upon her lap.

Mabelle mentions aside to Reese, "Did you know that someone, I wont say who, tells people your attention can be captured by giving you a book you do not yet have?"

Reese turns to Mabelle, giving her a sheepish smile. "Oh, that is very very true. I sometimes do lessons for such as well or put people higher on my training list who get me such." She says toward her. "I do love my collections."

Isabetta is here meanwhile kind of hanging on Reese, She's been doing it all night. Poor poor Reese. Snuggled to death at Mabelle's party.

The Laurent hall is still rather filled with people, abundance of sweet and savory goods filling the tables around the hall. A cookie decorating station, however, looks like a complete mess of icing and sprinkles, while the cookie tower stands tall, only half eaten.

Jasher enters, and stops dead at the explosion of colour that greets him. Then his eyes swivel towards the ominous-looking half-devoured cookie tower, and then finally he seems to notice the people present. He blinks once, twice, and then gingerly steps in as though he were the proverbial three-legged mouse in a cat show.

Reese gives Isabetta a hug in return and then tries to kiss her cheek. She has lots of cookies. The girl has a smile for Jasher when he arrives. "Hi, Prince Jasher, nice to see you again as well." She says in her man's direction.

Mabelle grins at Reese, "Well, I should remember that for the next time I'll have to put in a request with you!". She spots Jasher enter and just observes his expression, trying very hard not to laugh, "Good evening, Princess Jasher. I'm glad you could make it! I fear you missed the cookie decorating contest, I'm certain you would have loved it!". Not.

Jasher directs his blues towards Mabelle. "Perhaps," he replies in a tone that suggests no, he probably would not have loved it. He walks up, stiff-legged; Reese and Mabelle get a dip of his head. "Princess Reese. Lady Mabelle. Good day."

Rikako eats a couple more cookies before she decides she should probably stop from the sugar rush, but looks very happy.

Smiling towards Mabelle, she dips into a careful curtsy, then passes the smile to both Raimon and Reese as well. "Thank you, all of you. I am doing well, Lady Mabelle. A brief... struggle with my gown, but I was not about to let a wardrobe malfunction make me miss -the- social event of the year. And happy brithday." Shifting towards her husband, she lifts up to press a kiss to his cheek, "As I am glad to see you as well, my dear. I do hope you saved me a dance." Then to Reese, she gives a respectful nod, "Thank you Princess Reese. Its lovely to see you here as well." Her brother arrives and she can't help the small chuckle for his cagey manner.

Vega claims that ^

Vega takes a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"It certainly gives brownie points with me or anything for my collections really." Reese admits. She says before looking over to Vega with another smile. She seems to be in a happy sort of mood. The girl looks over to Rikako. "Have you been settling in okay and finding work?" She asks of her.

"But of course I saved you one." Raimon responds to Vega. He turns to watch Jasher, giving the man a nod in solidarity towards his reactions

Mabelle chuckles helplessly at Vega's words, "I did not realize you two are siblings. And dance, no, people were too interested in pressing cookies onto other's cheekes, that is a dance, she supposes. With the party winding down a bit she beckons to servers and murmurs instructions. One steps toward Vega and stands beside her with some sweet juice and a plate of cookies and the other ambles toward Jasher with a glass of neat whiskey and some savory treats, like cheese cubes and salty sticks.

Mabelle chuckles helplessly at Vega's words, "I did not realize you two are siblings. And dance, no, people were too interested in pressing cookies onto other's cheekes, that is a dance", she supposes. With the party winding down a bit she beckons to servers and murmurs instructions. One steps toward Vega and stands beside her with some sweet juice and a plate of cookies and the other ambles toward Jasher with a glass of neat whiskey and some savory treats, like cheese cubes and salty sticks.

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

Jasher eyes the treats on offer before accepting the whiskey and a sample of each savoury thing at hand. Still, it seems more a gesture for the sake of it than any burgeoning appetite; he remains standing there with his hands full as he looks at the Laurent lady. "No offense was made," he replies. "And happy birthday."

"Jasher and I?" Vega sends a fond glance towards him, "Oh yes, I've been his sister all his life." She chuckles softly at the small joke and gives a nod towards her brother. Smiling towards the servant that appears, she accepts the treats and sips on her juice. Watching Raimon head off to deal with some military matter or another, her eyes turn back to the party after a few moments.

Mabelle teases Vega good-naturedly, "Who should I pity then?", she curves her lips at her, peeking at Rikako, "Well, did you find a winner up there in the tower? which was your favorite?". She smiles at Jasher in appreciation.

Rikako smiles at Maybelle. "Still all... but if I have to pick one..." She half turns to the tower again, squinting at it as if deciding. "Whatever those chocolate mint ones are. They're most decadent."

Jasher moves to drift away from the others, finding a relatively quiet corner to sample the samples he took. The whiskey doesn't hurt, too.

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