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Lord Cahal Blackram

You can buy a lot with a smile.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Boisterous Investigator
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Blackram
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Birthday: 01/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Investigator
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: tanned

Description: Tall and broad, Cahal has a powerful frame packed with the lean muscles that can only be earned through constant physical activity. There are hints in the skin about those green eyes that crinkle so readily with good humour and the grooves in his cheeks which deepen with every smile that say that his smile is easy and often. And what a smile it is. It always seems to start on the right, deepening a dimple there in that cheek, before the left decides to come along for the ride. Dark stubble often roughens the strong line of his jaw, although it is obvious that he at least attempts to keep clean shaven, and his dark brown hair tumbles in a cascade of jaw length, wavy, locks which seem to constantly want to get in his face.

(Right now Cahal has a short, neatly trimmed, beard.)

Personality: Cahal's a man of layers. Outside the family, amongst those he's not really sure about, he's an outgoing, boisterous and rather loud man with a penchant for telling unbelievable stories. Everyones friend he's quick to laugh, hard to anger and oftentimes viewed as being interested in nothing but the pleasures of the moment. But his loved ones get to see more. Behind the bluster there is reliable man with a deep deep core of loyalty and a willingness to go through hell for his kin. Patient, with a critical eye that catches a lot of details others would miss, he has the ability to play a long game.

Background: One of several Blackrams born off a vibrantly healthy branch of the family tree, Cahal is a middle child in a brood of half a dozen. It made him what he is. Where a smaller family might have allowed him to be quiet and reserved his rambunctious kin forced him into a rough and tumble world where being quiet saw you getting overlooked. He's glad for it. When he tries to imagine what it would be like to grow up without being smothered in brotherly fights, family hugs and so much love you were like to drown it makes him feel kind of sad.

He was groomed to take part in the endless fights up on the Cloudspine, much like his siblings, but whilst he's got a good enough arm with a sword its never been where he truly shone. Soon he was being sent to scout with small groups, or even alone, instead of joining the fighting units but as he grew in experience the nobles around him realised something important. Whilst he wasn't a bad tracker where he truly excelled was in places where people were a major part of the puzzle. If there was a suspicious death in one of the villages - Cahal could usually wrangle out the story.

Who better than a man that shone with people to support the family in the big city? Once his talents were noticed they were nurtured but there isnt much that can be taught in this field without experience. And so, on his twentieth birthday, it was decided that he should go ahead and start his path.

Relationship Summary

  • Demura - the lioness who likes fire.

  • Family:
  • Estelle - Godsworn Mercy Cousin
  • Gaston - Marquis Gaston. Famed Pathfinder.
  • Gustave - Former Marquis.
  • Teela - Cousin and Widowed Archer
  • Teagan - Scarily Astute Cousin. Gaston's sister.
  • Rendyl - He's my favorite cousin despite being a bastard.
  • Gaspard - The tallest cousin

  • Sibling:
  • Emlyn - One of the younger ones.
  • Name Summary
    Ahmar I know Willow likes him. That is good enough for me. Seems nice enough though, even if he likes fruity drinks....
    Amund A born diplomat who uses words to try and get what his House needs. I can see why Blackram and Lyonesse both entrust him with so much.
    Arcadia Lord of mischief and complaints. He is good fun once he comes out of his shell.
    Athaur A rather polite lord of Blackram. If touchy about his looks
    Berenice Very keen to run into me again. I suppose I can't blame him.
    Braith A weaver of words. A teller of stories. And the first one we shared is that of a Cock. Not that kind...the strutting feathery kind. This can only promise good things for the future.
    Caspian A man who refuses to get drunk! Gotta fight him to prove otherwise! I wana be like him when I grow up (wait, what am I talking about? I'll never grow up!)
    Cassima The young lord Blackram is an ambitious young man.
    Dariel Puts up surprisingly well with unexpected company.
    Domonico He talks a lot and complains a lot it seems. I want to know what else he can do.
    Gaspar Driven. Purposeful. I've no doubt he'll make a talented minister. Sounds to be a man of many talents. I know what that's like and it's not as much of a blessing as one would think.
    Gaspard My cousin. They definitely gave him more when they were passing out brains that day. He has a sharp eye for details and a way with people I can't begin to comprehend. I try to let him do the talking.
    Gaston No matter what he tells you, he's not really the runt of the Blackrams. Maybe one of the smartest though.
    Giuliano Oathlander, which usually means stuffy and full of boring preachiness about honor and the virtues of milk and all that. However, he said he's been learning from Lycenes, so perhaps there's hope for him yet.
    Jael Well informed, with information that I didn't have. It will be interesting to see the pieces come together and I hope it's of some help to his friend.
    Jenessa House Blackram certainly has giants among them, and Lord Cahal is most assuredly that. Towers over you like a mighty tree, but he seems more a gentle giant than anything else. Quite kind and pleasing to converse with.
    Kaldur I want to hear the end of this story about being treed by a bear...
    Llyr Helpful tips on one of the challenges in the TOurnament of Thorns. Very sporting and appreciated.
    Mabelle Lively young man with quick wit and quick answers. I like that.
    Martino Seemingly a youthful Lord from a family and House I have not had much interaction with. The snow storm had them lost in the city and fortunately find a bar. Such luck!
    Mikani A man who appreciates a graceful dance. Wonder if he can dance.
    Monique He has a beautiful way of describing people, and one I'd like to immortalize in story. I wonder if he's an author, or could be persuaded to be one...
    Nurie An intriguing Blackram lord, who wasn't afraid to dip his feet into the cold spring sea and chat for awhile with a lady's maid with a wandering mind! And now I have a new picture of the mountains, and one not of snow, but of a meadow filled with color! I hope we'll meet again!
    Olin Quick with his words, friendly and engaging. He made easy conversation with a commoner from quips to trade.
    Olivia A bond shared, and yet obscured, is still a bond.
    Petal He seems like a helpful man who is interested in seeing if he can help the lodge. Seem polite and curious at the same time.
    Quenia I regret that I might have come off as a bit standoffish when I learned he was from the Oathlands. He was rather inclusive in conversation, and had impeccable manners. Also, he seemed interested in the Mirrorguard. Possible recruit? Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell.
    Quintin Rather more poetic than I would have suspected.
    Raimon A Blackram lord. He talks alot. Doesn't like mud.
    Reese Sometimes stuck in the mud, but an interesting man who likes to cheer up his friends and I think he has much to offer. I look forward to learning more about him.
    Rendyl Clever, and not in the grating way that most are clever.
    Rysen A good natured lord of House Blackram who is excellent company.
    Samantha The Lord seems to be a boon to the late Marquis' sister. If he is as gracious as she is, they might serve as a wonderful couple to strengthe Lyonesse.
    Sanya A lord who specialises in investigations. I'm sure he has a lot of interesting tales.
    Selene A Blackram lord ready to sink himself knee-deep in troubles between the Oathlands and Lyceum is an asset, particularly as he appears willing to listen and achieve a diplomatic outcome. His questions are the right sort and speak to solid intellect and ethics. In short, the very sort of traits we could all use in abundance right now.
    Shard Seems clear headed and reasonable, and he's very, very good at noticing things.
    Tescelina I thought an eclipse had occurred out of sequence. It was, to my relief, only a Blackram. We ran the Gauntlet together, he was an amicable competitor.
    Willow Gods help me I have a crush on an Oathlander. Tall, funny, from the lands /right/ adjacent to mine, handsome, outgoing, and seemingly rather smart in addition to his gorgeous hair and eyes.
    Zara A clever son of Blackram, and good-humored. He has an appropriate sense of play, and an appropriate sense of honor. If only he didn't steal my questions!!