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Prince Raimon Thrax

If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Stoic Warrior Prince
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 30
Birthday: 08/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Fighting noble
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: He is a well muscled man, his form striking a balance between form and function. The sort of musculature that can only be acheived by someone with the time and dedication spent towards honing his body. He has a strong brow and perceptive dark eyes that takes in his surroundings for any potential threats. He keeps his hair cut short to his head, the better not to get in the way in the middle of a fight. He has a bearing befitting his noble birth, while at the same time a deadly aura around the man.

(sitting on a couch)

Personality: There are several words that could be used to describe Raimon but almost all of them can be summed up as Severe. At first glance he appears to be a man of poor humor and riggid discipline, save for in the training grounds or the field of battle. He takes towards combat of all forms with a severe and oft disturbing relish that might cause disquiet with more civilized folk. People close to him have rumored that if you can get the man to laugh though that it is a cheerful sound and a smile will light up his face. If you can manage the feat anyways.

Background: Raimon Fidante had a fairly typical childhood. He was often in the shadow of his brother and Cousins growing up, which suited him just fine. He was a quiet child, serious even at a young age. Despite often overlooked he was always close to his brother. It was said the only think he loved more was fighting. As soon as he was old enough he trained in the Fidante yards, preparing himself should the need be called on to defend against invading Oathlanders. An opportunity that he dearly hoped for.

He served his family with distinction, a ferocious warrior on the field of battle. He took to the field in both the Silent War and the Gyre War. When his brother died he was despondent for a few days before reporting back to the training grounds once his mourning was done. It seemed he was set to train and to fight until the end of his days. Politics seemed to have other ideas. If he had any complaint about his betrothal to Princess Vega Thrax, he gave no inclinations of it. He faced down his new wife and the wedding with as much stoic determination as he faced anything else. Now he serves House Thrax and awaits the chance to be unleashed on their enemies.

Relationship Summary

  • Jasher - Brother-in-law

  • Spouse:
  • Vega - My Wife
  • Name Summary
    Aethan A new Thrax Prince -- seems up to the job.
    Ajax A prince that seems he'd more comfortable on the battlefield then the noble courts. Neat.
    Alarissa Stoic. So very stoic.
    Alessia An amicable man for sure, though reserved.
    Antea A Southern Lord turned Isles Prince. I wonder how he deals with the cold. I shall have to ask.
    Arcadia A man of little bend.
    Asriel Prince Raimon Thrax is a man who does not abuse his speaking priveleges. That is a good quality in Thrax. He is much better at abstaining from it than I am. I'll admit there is a time and a place for a companionable silence, though.
    Baltus Prince Raimon. Not a man of many words, but is still good company. That must be it's own skill.
    Bhandn I still can't believe he gave away that diamondplate after his bout. Not many would do that, yet he insisted. Interesting.
    Brigida Unlike his mother, this Fidante turned Thrax is most definitely not a hugger nor a singer. He's got too much of his father in him but I suppose that will see him in fine stead over in the Mourning Isles with the rest of the glowering Sea Serpeants. He does try to be charming, not that he suceeded.
    Cahal Perhaps a little quiet and severe but I doubt anyone ever said he lacked for presence.
    Calista My dutiful cousin, it seems passion took him from Tor and into the arms of a Thraxian princess. He does us all proud.
    Dante Though his departure from our family was born out of tragedy, he seems to have made a good life for himself among Thrax. I wish him luck in his quest to eat live things.
    Dante Still stoic and a man of the battlefield, which is comforting to see. I am glad that we have run into another once more.
    Dion That one looks like he could eat a shark. I knew a sailor who did that once, more out of spite for the shark than necessity. Started at the tail fins and worked his way up. Fair is fair, it did bite off his hand.
    Evaristo I can't really pin-point him yet, but he seems polite and cordial and has an interesting background.
    Faye A man who is forthright and serious, and he seems quite attentive to duty. I wish him luck as he takes on the thrall project.
    Fiora I know you're supposed to move past these things and it's wrong to hate someone for their last name. Especially when your brother has that last name. Especially when you're allies with that last name. I know all that.
    Garret A stern fellow of few words, I'm sure it would be easier to get to know him on the battlefield than at a party.
    Giuliano Understands the business of war, which I wish more did. While I prefer to do my killing in less chaotic circumstances, I always respect someone willing to kill.
    Harlex It was very decent of him, to wish to challenge himself for the right of a weapon. It'll become a symbol of strength, for his efforts.
    Helena By his words a "simple soldier" though noble in both title and spirit as well, I feel, from the few moments we spoke. I am sure he and his wife will do great things in the city for Thrax.
    Ian Not sure he knows what he's in for.
    Jasher I see why Vega chose to marry him. Let us see what he will carve for himself in Thrax's future.
    Jeffeth A prince eager to prove himself. I hope he finds what he seeks.
    Juliana Cousin by Marriage. Careful there, its a very dangerous place you have married nto
    Juniper Usually armour's made to fit the man but I expect when steel's flashed at this prince, it knows to shape itself to suit him.
    Kaia Ah! Lord Raimon Fidante; now a Thraxian Prince! I remember seeing him while visiting the Lyceum Houses near the border of Artshall in my youth. *chukles* Ah! One of a lady's many youthful infatuations.~
    Kaldur Dead sharks are useless? I'm not a big fan of live sharks, myself, but I guess a Prince of Maelstrom would know.
    Lora So like and yet so very unlike his brother. I can but pray the course of his life steers through brighter, calmer waters.
    Lottie He got confronted by a real large amount of people via the Whites and yet his replies were always thoughtful and graceful. I can respect anyone who's open to such a discussion... and anyone that can forgive me when I get a bit floofed up over my friends and loved ones. He seems like a good sort an' is real fast on rigging. Who'da thought a Prince of Thrax would be good on a boat? Yeah, that's right. Probably /everyone/, but I'm still impressed.
    Lucita A Fidante who married up into Thrax to Jasher's sister. He seems pleasant, amicable and interested in furthering his training.
    Maja A Thrax prince! Although not from Maelstrom -- he is from Tor, the city of flowers. He married in and is new to Arx. He seemed to trying to be low-key about his social standing but I do not know why! If I were a prince, I would shout it from the rooftops constantly! So it's mysterious why he holds back -- something to investigate perhaps.
    Martino Serious but this comes with both age, title and wisdom. One of his reputation, quite rightly I say, is respected.
    Mikani A man of few words. Is it wrong I want to see if I can make him laugh?
    Monique Newlywed and seemingly a man of few words, but game to eat octopi so he must truly love her!
    Morgan Very serious man with a very serious halberd. Note that last part because it is super awesome.
    Otho Well, there's a prince, alright, as princely as you could ask for. I wasn't actually asking for any princes, but now I know where to find the princiest one in town if I need him.
    Petal A Thrax Warrior Prince with an interesting weapon.
    Ras He's a prince but he just wears steel. Not a snobby silk at all. Doesn't talk too much. I like him.
    Reese A thrax Prince of Roses and warfare, seems serious and intelligent. I look forward to knowing him better.
    Salvador A Thraxian Prince I met at the Hundred Cities Inn, his wife was involved in the Snow Ball earlier. He was quite confused about a rather unusual hat full of animal tails. It was an odd hat.
    Sorrel Married into Thrax, he seems to be adapting very well to the culture, tricky though it may be. He's already offering to help with projects and that's very exciting.
    Svoli Amazingly graceful. Nothing less than I would hope for of a Prince of Thrax on a rolling boat deck.
    Tescelina A Thraxian Prince, this is simple to tell. He has all the bearing of a sturdy stone weathering the relentless waves.
    Thea More of a man with presence than a man with words. I am sure there is a reason for this.
    Vanora A Prince of Thrax by way of Fidante, I hope he handles the culture shock better than I did. Certainly can't handle it worse...
    Vega A man of dedication and duty that rivals my own. I pity the person that faces him on the field of battle.
    Victus A formidable example of a Mourning Isles warrior. He may not have been born here, but he still has our martial pride close at heart.
    Volcica Prince Thrax, perhaps, but still a warrior.
    Wash Either boastful, or possessed of a great sense of humor. Do they really have eight-foot long ducks in the Lyceum?
    Willow Vega's husband. Was hilarious in the Thrax tournament.
    Wren A very stoic seeming Prince of Thrax who doesn't waste words, which is an essential thing as sometimes brevity is critical. I've known many sailors in my time, and there have been loquacious ones, serious ones, silent ones, and even those who'd rather listen to the song of the waves than to speak to another. Though, I think I recall his Highness claiming to have come from a landlocked portion of the Lyceum so perhaps I am comparing him to the wrong thing. I can see now why Thrax snapped him up from his House and brought him into the fold. I'm sure he'll find sailing to be a joy.