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Metallic Songs: Cobalt

Come hear Princess Sorrel's song about the Metallic Cobalt, her life and times. A question and answer session will follow and supporting evidence will be provided. Bonus information will be provided about her husband and Metallic-adjacent Brimstone. (OOC: NO CLUE SHARING until after the event.)


Dec. 7, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Lora Cadern Skapti Teagan Waldemai Tabitha Sanya Oswyn Sparte Aella Mia Desiree Monique Khanne Scipio Sapphira Cosimo Helena Thorley Malcolm Ajax Appolonia Gaston Kaia Ian Caspian Niklas Sabella Shard Miranda Mikani Etienne



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Courtyard

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Dame Tommelisa Thistlefur, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

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Lora comes along as well, huddled deep into her coat as if it and the layers under it might keep out more of the winter's chill than they're managing to. The hood makes it an animated difficulty to look around, prompting a subtly exaggerated turn of her head, but it's enough for her to spot an advantageous seat and off she goes.

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Cadern makes his way into the courtyard with a smile clearly happy to have made one of the series of events. He is bundled up under his cloak like most of the others though he does tug a flask out of his cloak to take a sip as he finds a spot off to the side and curiously surveys the sizable audience.

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"Good to be back," Skapti admits to the man, taking the drink with a nod of thanks. "Too damn long out at Sea and in Escuma, that's for sure. Cold as it is here, it's like a damn witch's tits out there," he mutters, though there's a bit of a smile to it as well.

With snow providing a galaxy of bright white across the darkness of her hair and attire, Teagan follows her brother towards the seating at the southern wall. She does, however, stop by the refreshment table to procure herself something that might be a touch warming first before doing so. The cloak with its ram's head stitched upon it is drawn around her closely once she settles in.

Waldemai is a few minutes late, so he beelines for the refreshments, on the grounds that he has catching up to do.

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Shrouded in a cloak of blue wool, hood worn up, Tabitha appears! She makes a quiet entrance into the courtyard, little steps bringing her carefully across the courtyard, then goes off to stand by a firepit, rubbing gloved hands together in front of the warmth of the flames.

Sanya enters the Courtyard, with a hooded fur cloak to protect her from the elements. She takes a seat along the nothern wall as she waits for the concert to commence.

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Oswyn makes his way into the courtyard, gloved hands clutching the strap of the satchel slung diagonally across his chest. He is sporting a hat. It is a warm, woolen winter hat, and it has a cheerful pompom on top. It is, in fact, a superb hat.

Katarina is overheard praising Oswyn: Lovely hat. It certainly looked warm.

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Sparte slips in and finds a seat, Wilhelm short behind. He speaks to Wilhelm with a grin as he goes. "This one is going to be amazing."

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Aella wanders her way into the courtyard, storm grey eyes moving over the large crowd that is gathered there. Spotting her brother, Cadern, she gives him an upnod, though at spying the table of rum, she girns a bit. Nodding to her brother, as she heads that way.

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Scanning the crowd slowly, Mia even makes her way to the large cluster of benches along the southern wall. A few sharp nods are given to those she recognizes, before she sinks down into a seat that may be too chilly for her tastes, even with the snow cleared. Alas. Winter.

Desiree takes a look at some of the more interesting outfits from where she sits.

Monique arrives on the arm of the Archlector of Gild, the two doing their level best to outshine each other in the throng of Arx's notables. The Greenmarch Lady, all vivid fire and bright smiles, leans in to murmur something to the pale-haired Etienne. She waves here and there to those she recognizes, tossing a particularly warm welcome Sparte's way.

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Sorrel stands towards the estate side of the snow-cleared courtyard on a little raised dias with four warmly-dressed bards who will serve as her musical accompaniment. She smiles warmly at the gathering crowd as they assemble in the cold, braving the wind to hear her song. There are hot refreshments available, as well as spiced and unspiced rum, and the place is as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

"Thank you all for attending this performance of the Ode to Cobalt. Cobalt was one of the Marin sisters, and as such she was an Islander, so we congregate in the place she might have lived if she lived in Arx, for Marin were kings of the Mourning Isles before Thrax overthrew them," Sorrel says, spreading her hands as she moves to begin, waiting for the crowd to settle down a little -- both in finding seats and in showing off their winter fashions.

Khanne slips into the venue of the evening and lingers way off in the back, unobtrusive and silent.

"Don't doubt it," Skapti says, nodding. "Heard about the business with the lodge," he remarks as he tips back some of the rum, only to top himself off again. "Sounds like there was a rough time of it," he says to Ian. Seeing Aella heading to the rum table she gets a nod and a smile as well, as he takes another drink.

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Aella smirks a bit as she notices Skapti. Though her eyes are on the rum, as she joins those around the refresment table.

The Whisper seated near the wall falls silent as Princess Sorrel's voice rises. Whatever discomfort Scipio might have in the cold weather falls away as his attention turns to the Princess, fixed and attentive in a way that might inspire others around him.

Sapphira looks up and listens to Sorrell as she speaks. She looks expectantly to her and is so happy to be here and hear the song tonight.

"Master Spencer," the Countess Riven calls out -- at a volume clear enough to be heard and, so she hopes, not so loud enough as to interrupt their hostess and performer. And a moment later, as if remembering herself, Mia raises one hand in greeting for the Scholar, from her seat among so many others.

Cosimo withdraws his hands into the long sleeves of his tunic to help shield them from the cold, making a mental note to get himself a pair of gloves on the trek back home. Slowly, but surely, he begins to inch towards the nearest firepit. His gaze drifts to Sorrel when she addresses the growing crowd.

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Oswyn's eyebrows go up; he raises his head and makes toward Mia, helpfully alerted to her location. "Countess," he murmurs as he draws up beside her.

Helena murmurs something to her fellow northerners and their southern companions at the benches, then turns to give her attention to Princess Sorrel as she begins to speak. She tugs out a little notepad and quill, then sets down the steaming little flask neatly beside her, ready to take notes. She doesn't seem to be too bothered by the cold, though it makes her cheeks and nose a little rosier than their normal peaches-and-cream complexion.

Tala practically bounces in her seat as she waits for the song to start.

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Sorrel begins the song. It's got a slightly sea shanty feel to it, but more than that, it feels like a call to arms, to be ready to fight. Her beautiful voice carries in spite of the chill wind, powering through any efforts the weather makes to steal it away, and it's clear that she feels this song strongly. She holds up her hands as she sings, carried by the music which tells the story of Cobalt and her husband Brimstone, too.

"The Weeping Daughter was a princess then,

Until King Marin turned to the abyss.

Lord Iron told her she must defy this

And so she did thus, freeing Brimstone. When

Her father realized her disloyalty

To him, and so took her name and birthright.

So she became Cobalt who walks in the Light.

Though defiance was right, she felt no glee.

"With the help of her sisters Heirophant

Pena and Serenity, him they bound

Until forgiveness could be found,

Their father; but his prison would not last.

The artificed weapons were forged and hid --

Brass, Iron, Brimstone, Cobalt: working to imbue

Weapons with power, so humans could do

What they must when the Storm was free: the world rid.

"Though Lord Iron fell, the Storm's Daughter found

Love in the one she had set free:

Their love bore sweetest fruits for all to see;

Fighting to set many others unbound.

When finally falling for humanity,

Having achieved much 'ere her final stand

All of Arvum should remember her grand:

Brimstone took care of Cobalt's legacy.

"On the Weeping Daughter's Isle, far at sea

A great weapon of immense power

Was placed to wait for the imminent hour:

There, to his tomb, did dying Brimstone flee.

Entombed in perfect cold, encased in ice

With the last fiery salamander would

He return to the Wheel as he could,

For when humanity would make things right."

Waldemai applauds politely. "THat's a pretty song."

Sanya beams as the song proceeds, applauding once Sorrel has finished. "Wonderful." She comments from her seat.

"Ain't it though?" Malcolm agrees with Waldemai immediately, applauding just a little too enthusiastically - a little too loudly.

Khanne listens closely to the song and when it has been sung, and the last whispers of the notes dissipate from the air, she lifts her hands and applauds with a soft smile.

Amongst the harsh winter of the city, the large mercenary known as Ajax enters the court yard properly, the lady Kaia tagging along behind him, "I had heard the Princess was talented." he offers in a quiet whisper before looking over towards Sorrel's performance which he just arrived in time for. His hands clapping together politely.

Appolonia, quiet and still shivering, listens to Sorrel's song and when it finishes lends her own applause. "Lovely," she murmurs with a nod of approval.

Scipio goes perfectly still when Sorrel begins to sing. It's only when she finishes -- long after the last strains of her voice have died away, that he begins to clap appreciatively, a picture of decorum. It's hard to tell from his expression what he thoughts: the Whisper looks thoughtful.

Khanne is overheard praising Sorrel: Beautiful song sung with a beautiful voice.

Thorley listens to the song and smiles at the words. Though it seems tonight he has no questions. And while Tala looks like she has roughly a million of them, but she's not giving them voice.

Teagan is overheard praising Sorrel: A bright song for a cold day.

Appolonia is overheard praising Sorrel.

Tabitha is overheard praising Sorrel: An enchanting voice!

Scipio is overheard praising Sorrel: A wonderful songstress.

Delilah is overheard praising Sorrel: Exquisite songcraft and research.

Katarina is overheard praising Sorrel: A beautiful and inspirational performance.

Sanya is overheard praising Sorrel: Such a talented performer.

The blond Redrain princess jots down notes as she listens, before tucking her quill back in the little journal when the song comes to a stop. Helena applauds, gloved hands clapping a little dully but not for lack of appreciation. "I can get behind a defiant princess," she murmurs lightly to her seatmates, lips curving up in that impish grin of hers.

Gaston is leaning forward in his seat, eyes narrowed pensively and mouth hidden by one scarred hand, fingers splayed carelessly across unchecked growth over his jaw. The song seems to wash over him like a stone in a forest stream, and move him quite fiercely; when it's over he also claps and cheers with the rest.

"Well Ajax whomever told you so was right, and with all reason. Wasn't that just lovely?" she comments to Ajax with a smile and an expression of one who has been clearly impressed. Clapping delicately along with the crowd, as a sign she also enjoyed what she had just heard.

Desiree is overheard praising Sorrel.

Cosimo listens intently to the song, but his face wrinkles in mild displeasure by the time it ends. In spite of this, though, his hands emerge from his sleeves and he raises them to applaud.

Cosimo is overheard praising Sorrel.

Sapphira is overheard praising Sorrel: Beautiful song. Such talent!

Gaston is overheard praising Sorrel: The tale speaks to us all deeply. Beautiful performance!

Ian is distracted with his "joyful reunion" with Skapti by Sorrel's song. He listens politely, but with absolutely no indication of connecting with the music. He might as well be listening to static, for all he reacts.

Kaia is overheard praising Sorrel: Lovely voice!

Ian is overheard praising Sorrel: Lots of those words rhymed.

Thorley is overheard praising Sorrel: Sharing history, one beautifully crafted stanza at a time.

Monique is overheard praising Sorrel.

Tabitha's face, peeking out from above the blanket-like cocoon of her cloak, is alight with admiration as Sorrel's lovely voice rings out through the courtyard. She applauds lightly beneath her cloak, glove hands emerging briefly before sliding back under cloak like little sea creatures retreating back into their shell.

Mia is overheard praising Sorrel.

Caspian claps, hoots, and hollars for Sorrel!

Bowing amidst the applause, Sorrel smiles with pleasure at the praise and the applause that she receives for the song. When it begins to die down a bit, she says with welcoming tones, "And now I will be delighted to take questions about Cobalt and Brimstone. And those who aided them, Iron and Brass, who have been covered by previous performances. For Cobalt loved Iron until his death, and then married Brimstone."

Niklas offers up polite applause for Sorrel, then much less polite whistling.

Mia bows her head as she listens to the Princess' song -- or perhaps that is the result of her engaging in a very, very quiet conversation with one of her neighbors. She pauses several times as a few of the stanzas, her face considering, before she joins the flood of applause.

Ian with one hand on the table and the other on his cane, Ian doesn't have any more hands for clapping. But he looks like he paid attention for the whole thing.

Sabella applauds loud for Sorrel, then calls out, "Did she really think she could save her father from his corruption? Was that just a daughter's hope or did she have reason to believe it could be possible?"

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Sorrel smiles at Sabella's question. "I have to guess it was just a daughter's hope to save her father, for Lord Iron was probably the more experienced mage at that point, and he was the one who convinced her that it was hopeless, that she and her sisters would have to work together to imprison their father. Reading Serenity's journal, the third sister and the least famous, it took a lot of convincing on the parts of her mage sister and druid sister to give up on their father despite the atrocities that he'd committed."

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Niklas laughs at Ian's introduction, ducking his head in Skapti's direction. "Don't hold that against me, though. Im afraid I got the looks. And the wit. And the social graces. But these things balance out. Ford got ... well ... I mean, he can belch the alphabet."

Gaston is leaning back when the applause dies down, eyes a thousand leagues distant. He glances to his sister and murmurs something to her, and then calls out, "Tales of the sea are rare near the Red Mountains, it is much appreciated. Seems like there are many mentions of the right time, the imminent hour. Who was deemed worthy to determine when the time is right for these weapons to be returned to humanity?"

Turning a look to Sabella, and then an equally curious one to Sorrel, as though this is a question of some interest, Tabitha becomes absorbed in the answer that follows. When she notices Sapphira, however, she lifts her hand in a wave and smiles with good cheer at her sister.

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Shard's lips purse as her attention shifts toward Gaston at the question. She doesn't say anything, but, from the looks of it, only just.

Sabella frowns just briefly, like that's not the answer she wanted to hear, but then she's all smiles again, mouthing a thank you to Sorrel before saying something at the table.

"It turns out, these weapons have been returned to humanity and are known as the Cobalt weapons," Sorrel says with a smile to Gaston, nodding as she answers his question. "A Song of Lost Names and Lost Blades included a lot of the secret hiding locations of the Cobalt weapons, and modern people, maybe even some of the intrepid explorers in our audience today, went out and found them. The same is true of the weapon of immense power, Brimstone's Hammer. That was used, in fact, to kill the Gyre and end the Pirate War."

Shard says, abruptly, "The salamander is the one who chose if people were worthy to actually take the weapon."

The young lady choses to follow her new um friend? Acquaintance? Ajax, and takes a sit next to him by some benches. Among the crowd Kaia takes note of several familiar faces and a familiar voice and greeting. "Ah Lord Mirk!" she exclaims with a smile "Likewise~ I do hope you're enjoying the performance."

Cosimo rubs his hands together as he contemplates the answers given. "What happened to Serenity?" He inquires curiously. She apparently was the least known among them.

Gaston's eyebrows rise, but he nods his thanks to Sorrel with a warm smile in return and folds his arms across his chest. He glances at Shard, head tilting curiously and eyes fixed on her, but for the moment says nothing more.

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Niklas, realizing he was talking a little louder than necessary, says, "Well. It's true." Then he says to Sorrel, "I once read that Brimstone made a weapon that was sentient. Is that true? Because it seems like an awful way to go through life. Being a magic sword you must be very limited in the sorts of activities you get to do."

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Miranda arrives in the courtyard, a bit snowed upon but managing. She slips under the canopy and looks about, noting guests and also looking to see the star performer.

"In the Pirate War," Sorrel goes on to explain, "Many people were assigned these Cobalt weapons. They proved to be incredibly useful in fighting the creatures that showed up on the beaches of Setarco, I can tell you, and probably up north as well." She listens to Niklas's question and laughs softly. "Ah, it's quite possible. There are a number of sentient weapons out there for one reason or another, but I don't have anything that confirms that Brimstone's Hammer was actually sentient. It did require a lot of sacrifice to empower, however."

In a temporary departure from public formality, Tabitha has drawn her knees up, placed her feet onto the edge of the bench, and is hugging her legs close, all wrapped up in her cloak. With a curious quirk of one brow, the oh-so-polite neo-noble raises her voice very hesitantly, musing to herself as much as anyone else, "A sentient sword... I wonder why one would want such a blade..."

"What was it that made her sisters so reluctant, Your Highness?," Mia calls out, both of her black brows arching. "Simply a daughter's love? Or was there something they feared?"

Mikani follows Miranda and goes to stand by her. She holds out a flask.

Sapphira looks for a place to sit, and simply listens. So many people here! But she wants to learn more about this song.

Miranda blinks in surprise as a flask is held out to her. She looks to the side, grins at Mikani and takes it. She lifts the flask in salute to Mikani before taking a sip and handing it back.

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Niklas nods in agreement with Tabitha. "There are a lot of magic weapons that don't make a lot of sense to me. Prince Gareth once told me about a sword that turned into a snake when not in use. What good is a sword that slithers away when you're done with it? Honestly, how often are you using your sword versus when you aren't using it? That's not a sword that turns into a snake, it's a snake that occasionally turns into a sword. Isn't it better to just have a sword that is always a sword. Does a soldier really want to carry a wriggling snake into a fight? No thank you!" Niklas glances around, then adds, "I have gone off subject. My apologies."

"Keep them guessing. They think they're facing a blade, and throw a snake on them," Gaston responds, nodding sagely. He seems to realize he's said this too loudly and winces, chuckling self-deprecatingly, and promptly hushes.

Cadern seems to have a similar thought, "I hadn't heard that of Brimstone. He does smile at Tabitha, "As far as I can tell it's not usually the intent. It's usually sacrifice that gets a soul stuck in a weapon, or some other divine intervention." He glances to Niklas and smiles, "Maybe it was a snake before it was a sword? I'm sure the snake wouldn't care much for it either." He looks... thoughtful though.

The comment from Gaston is enough to get a snort of amusement out of Ian.

"The sisters were really heartbroken that their father had turned to the Abyss. I think that anyone would be distressed if a close family member essentially gave up the Light for power. It's a harsh reality to have to face. They couldn't kill him so they imprisoned him until he was forgiven by one of their descendants, and that was the best they could do," Sorrel says, again on the subject of forgiveness. "But he wasn't worthy of forgiveness when he was freed, and so the Cobalt weapons had to be found and quite a lot of consequences were had. Like a Pirate War."

Mikani nods to Miranda.

Miranda motions Mikani over to the rum table! She finds a pair of seats together before bowing her head to those present and settling down to listen, eyes drifting up to Sorrel and those who speak.

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With a few vigorous nods to Niklas, Tabitha agrees, "It makes no sense!" And then she glances around too and says, "I've gone off subject too, pardon me. My fault." Her eyes widen at Cadern's words, however and she goes to say something (so curious) but insteads turns to Sorrel and winces out a question, "The imprisonment... could you speak on that further?" More wincing, as she nearly buries herself into her cloak, but not before she pipes up with a, "Sorry if I should know this. Or you've already spoken of it."

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Mia's lips purse for a moment, but for whatever reason, well... it's an expression soon replaced by a much more sedate one of casual interest and inquiry. "Thank you," she murmurs, her eyes then turning to Tabitha at her question.

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Sorrel looks thoughtful for a moment, considering the question. "I don't really know the details of it, but I believe it required some divine intervention, as many of these things do, and the imprisonment would be broken should any of their descendants forgive their father. But I might be getting this wrong, and I'd have to ask someone who was more of an expert even than me on the topic. We're short some of our usual subject matter experts tonight. Together we all know more."

With a pleasant upwards curve of her mouth and a nod of gratitude, Tabitha says, "Thank you." It seems she's content with that answer.

"You mean Aleksei isn't here!" Caspian calls out to Sorrel with a grin given her way.

Cadern looks to Tabitha and smiles slightly offering a grin and then he's glancing around the rest. He looks at Aella and the others and then adds another question, "So what areas of Cobalt's story do you think remain untold?"

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Sorrel looks thoughtful at the question. "I don't know," she replies honestly. "But I think I covered her story pretty well in my song, even if there are plenty of footnotes to it. I hope that you'll all take these songs home and sing them. I really want people to learn the history, so that people realize that the Cobalt weapons are not made of the metal cobalt but were made by the Metallic Cobalt, along with Brimstone, Iron, and Brass. That's two other Metallics and a member of the Gold Order. Brimstone wasn't actually a Metallic, but he's associated with them due to his apprenticeship to Gold and his marriage to Cobalt."

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Sapphira keeps quiet and respectful tonight. She should be mingling more, but she has so much to learn. One day, she will be even more intune with the occupants, she knows it. For now, she studies.

Cadern smiles at Miranda and waves as he listens to Sorrel's response. "Fair enough. Well that makes it all the more fun to dig out. It's a good point, though I think even more so it's interesting to know how many of these things have been found or used. I was discussing the Song of Lost Names and blades just the other day. I'll have to ask around for the other songs I've missed, I'm glad I could make this one." He admits glancing around as if for someone in the crowd. He then glances at his table nearby and eyes his sister and then lets out a sigh

Mia cants her head to one side, and the question she asks seems to be more musing aloud than anything else. But, well, it isn't exactly a whisper, and seems to be open to the floor. "If he was not a member of the Order, then what was it that prompted his unusual name? Was there some other--", but than she cuts out, lest she speak over the others.

Oswyn leans over to say something quietly to Mia.

The young lady's gaze moves back to the princess, she listens carefully to the storytelling; however, she doesn't seem to have any questions of her own for the moment. After a while her eyes wonder around once more towards the crowd, and as she does, she spots several familiar faces by the refreshment table: Caspian, Lore, Niklas and Sabella. She had only met them briefly, and pretty much in passing, but she recognized them. For a moment she ponders to herself if she should head over there to at least greet them. At last she decides she will. "Lord Halfshav, it was lovely to meet you here. Ajax, it was nice meeting you. Now please do excuse me, I'll be on my way to greet some other acquaintances." She says before making her way, gracefully, towards the refreshment table where the familiar faces were at. By the time she gets there some have departed, yet she offers a small grin and a small courtesy to the royals (Niklas and Sabella). "Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas, how lovely to find you here." She focuses on Niklas for a moment "I must thank you for making my sister, Zoey, aware of my arrival to Arx; though, I'll admit your highness sort of got me in a bit of trouble." She says with a chuckle, before shifting her gaze towards Sabella "Ah, and princess-" she motions to her elegant eerie black cloak "?the results of your excellent clothing shop recommendations; I must thank you as well."

Etienne makes a round or three throughout the crowds, dispensing pleasantries and admiration as the evening goes on, when deemed suitably social he and the Lady Monique Greenmarch slip out the door.

"So Brimstone was the apprentice of Goldenpyre, or Gold, who was a fire mage blessed by Lagoma. Gold was a Seraph of Lagoma, the Champion of the Flame. Brimstone was also quite the fire mage, but his approach to fire magic was necessarily different than Goldenpyre's. But it's probably why he chose the name," Sorrel offers in response to Mia with a smile. "Are there any other questions for tonight?"

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Ian was in the middle of what looked like a fairly casual conversation at the rum table, everyone's spirits fortified against the cold by said rum, no doubt. (In other words: Lots of drinking.) But the words 'my sister, Zoey' catch his attention. His intense eyes move over the crowd, looking for the person who spoke.

Tabitha remains listening without words, all huddled up to ward off the chill in the air as best she can. When she notices that Delilah has headed off, though, she starts to stand with wide eyes searching the crowd. Before she leaves, she dips into a curtsy to everyone around her, though it's primarily aimed towards Mia. A smile is curved before she murmurs, "So good to see to see you again, Countess." Then it's a wave to Oswyn before she heads towards the courtyard, waving once more all the people she knows, before another curtsy is offered to Sorrel. "Thank you for this, your highness. Very informative and the song was lovely." Then she heads over to Sapphira in a huddle of cloak, whispering a few words to her sister.

Ajax tilts his eyes towards Kaia, giving her a dip of his head as she moves away from the grouping to greet the others, a hand makes his way to his back pressing against it as he watches some of the people leaving his thick brows furrowing in recognition before he looks over towards Mirk offering quietly, "You'll get the rest of the writs shortly, Lord Mirk." he offers, giving a dip of his head towards the people at his table that he doesn't know.

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Cadern shakes his head at Sorel's question, "Thank you again for doing these. Wonderful stories." HE says brightly clearly looking like he's got thoughts to munch on.

Gaston stands as well, stretching and bowing his thanks to the Princess and giving a warm nod to anyone who looks his way before adjusting his cloak to prepare for the renewed snowfall, and heads back out of the courtyard.

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Sorrel bows again to the audience when it seems that there will be no more questions, and with a smile, she steps off the dias, the event complete.

Not long after, as she glances around the other faces, her eyes widen just a bit when she finds yet another familiar face (Ian). "Lord Ian Kennex~" she chimes "What a surprise! I'm glad to see you are better, last time I wrote to Zoey she mentioned you weren't feeling too well?" she then smiles, unsure if she should hug her in-law or not.

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