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Metallic Songs: Iron and Steel

Princess Sorrel has written a cycle of odes devoted to the Metallics. Come hear the first two to be presented, Lord Iron and Lord Steel, and learn more about these great men from our past, how they helped Arx, and what their memories mean. Find out more about the Metallic Order and the history of Arx! (Limited AP available for clue sharing, so if you want @clues, be prepared to spend AP to share further with other attendees.)


Nov. 7, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Cambria Thorley Helena Alessandro Lisebet Alistair Amari Agostino Niklas Cullen Thena Ashe Iliana Kalani Carita Delilah Forato Orelia Galen Aleksei Violet Sparte Oswyn Rinel Sabella Duarte Bliss Shard Mirk



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Hall of Heroes - Main Hall

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Cambria smiles in acknowledgment as she spies Bliss. Perhaps surprisingly, she elbows the other woman in turn, then snickers her amusement after having done so. At some point, she bows her head as though listening to something. There is then a nod, as if in understanding.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Keso, a totally legit assistant, Peanut, an oversized mastiff arrive, following Aleksei.

Dressed down for the evening, the Farshaw house sword of Wavedancer sits on Thorley's right hip. The right arm is in bandage and sling, and his left hand is occupied with that of his daughter, Tala. "Songs are very important to the ways of Aion." he explains to the six year old. "It is why your mother and I sing them to you."

The girl blinks a few times, and asks Thorley, "Princess Sorrel does sing better than you, right papa?"

Thorley pauses and then laughs out loud. "Yes, yes, I believe she does. My voice is more suited for a rowdy tavern bawd, not the songs the Princess will be offering tonight!" he admits with much amusement as he looks around, and spotting Lisebet, makes his way over to his charge. "Lady Lisebet, would you mind if my daughter and I joined you?"

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis arrive, following Carita.

Lupin, a small wolf pup, Sassabrass, a human with many questions arrive, following Ashe.

Stepping into the Hall, Helena looks a little breathless and rosy-cheeked, hair a little wispy from the loose braided updo she wears -- it's as if perhaps she'd hurried across town to get here on time. In fact, that's just what she's done. She looks around, blue eyes sparkling, before she moves toward where people seem to be gathering, and heads that way, but doesn't interrupt any of the conversations just yet.

A huge hideously ugly mastiff, a Solace acolyte named Pyotr, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Thena.

"Very well, Lady Seraceni, thank you. And yourself?" Alessandro moves to take a seat, continuing, "Scholar Oswyn, always a pleasure. I am reminded to write you about procuring another copy of Principia's Anatomy." There's a smile for Delilah, too, before he catches Bliss' wave, returning it as his smile widens a little bit. He starts to say something more, but Helena's arrival brings his eyes that way, and his wave turns into a beckoning gesture.

Lisebet nods to those at the seats, and then as Thorley and Tala arrive, she offers her lemon cookie to the child. Almost as though she was expecting them? "Of course, please do join us, Sir Thorley. Tala, it's good to see you."

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Alistair arrives quietly and with little fanfare. Not even a stereotypical glare as is appropriate for his normal contenance and his position. Perhaps even the Inquisition knows it does not need to glare and prowl within the hallowed Hall of Heroes. There are enough watching, and few would dare to make trouble here. Especially with the House of Questions and the Panopticon so close. It seems he is here to quietly attend in his normal manner, the large prodigal man lingering towards the back as he watches those gathering to hear songs dedicated to Iron and Steel.

Amari arrives quietly, and sorts herself to the back of the growing crowd to find a place to stand comfortably and watch. She'll offer smiles, nods or waves as appropriate of course, but she doesn't run over to talk to anyone immediately.

Tala eagerly accepts the cookie, and Thorley shakes his head. "That's the only one, Lady Lisebet. She does have to go to bed after this." the knight offers to Lisebet as he watches the others start to gather. "Violet sends her regards - she had take care of some issues with the recent Blades action at the Lodge."

"Ah, Marquessa, it is wonderful to see you again," Agostino responds to Iliana when she greets him, bowing respectfully to her. When he rises again, he goes on to add, "I am glad other commitments did not make me miss this. My other duties do sometimes interfere with learning about our history, which -is- a shame. Especially since there are other times that I need that sort of understanding to do what I need to. Unfortunately, no one person can truly know everything." It sounds as if this fact does truly bother him, though he manages not to linger on it, the smile soon returning to his face.

Right on time, that's Niklas "Right On Time" Grayson in a nutshell! And on his arm, Princess Sabella Grayson. And with them? Not a baby! That baby is back at home with a nanny! That's the main reason to be fabulous and wealthy and fabulously wealthy. To never actually have to be around your children until they're old enough to be interesting. "...was pretty interesting last time, though Oswyn had to give me a sort of after-action report. As with most of history, a lot of it boils down to people being jerks. I'll show you the notes he gave me l-" Niklas stops talking, brightening as he sees Alessandro, "Lord Alessandro!" And then Oswyn, "Oswyn Spencer!"

Cullen offers a worn out smile and sympathetic look to his brother-in-law. "Alessandro, I am glad you are here. I hope you and Margret are doing well. I am sorry for being so late the other day, and I think I owe you and her a story sometime soon." Appearing gaunt and worn down, he slouches into the bench, going quiet as more and more people show up.

Sorrel stands in front of the alcove devoted to Lord Iron ('look Iron'), dressed in aeterna slashed with gold and orange in all the colors of the dawn. Her hands are folded in front of her as she waits for those assembled to find their places or get a cookie from the refreshments table. "Welcome, everyone," she says with a broad and welcoming smile. "We're going to start with Lord Iron this evening. The Iron Guard you're likely quite familiar with is named for him; he founded it and they served him. He was an adept, which means he used magic to make himself stronger and have more stamina. A mage of the Metallic Order -- thus the name Iron -- he's famed for killing quite many demons in the defense of Arx. My first song will be about him."

Partly in armor, partly in street clothes and entirely in black, the Grandmaster of the Solace slips into the hall and pushes the furred hood of her cloak back. Thena glances around at the gathered crowd before tucking herself in an out of the way nook to listen.

Lisebet waves to Amari, letting her choose if she'd like to come join the smallish group where Lisebet is. Or not. No pressure. She goes quiet now to listen to Sorrel, though she does give Thorley a very impish grin at his comment about only one cookie.

Ashe makes her way into the Hall, cloaked as she often is. A small canid of some form -- surely not a wolf? -- follows along with her, right at her heels. She's trailed by a young man with a very curious air, and indeed seemingly no end of questions. "How many people have statues here?" Sass queries, bending over to murmur to Ashe. "Is singing songs to honor them common? Do /you/ have a statue here? If not, will you have one someday?" Ashe only makes a 'shush' noise, and a gesture towards Sorrel. The time for questions, it seems, will be later; the time for listening is now.

"I'm glad you could make it, then," Iliana says to Agostino under the low murmur of conversation in the large space. "This specific part of our history is something I'm woefully ignorant about myself. I was hoping today would be enlightening. Chancing on another meeting with you is a bonus." She smiles, eyes bright, but quiets down as Sorrel begins to speak.

Dressed for the temperature, which has been hot and humid all day, Kalani slips through the doors as well and joins those others who are standing near the back of the hall. SHe glances around, curiosity evident in her expression, and slips sidelong through the crowd to find a better place to stand. Wishing, however briefly, that she were just a trifle taller.

Carita's glances up from her spot, leaning against a wall to watch the Princess, when movement off to the side catches her attention. Her brows furrow as she makes her way over to Galen, dipping a curtsy for him, before she leans to speak quietly.

Alessandro waves a hand, shaking his head at Cullen's apology, and replies quietly, "Not at all. We will be happy to hear it when you have time." He turns to murmur something quietly to Appolonia, in deference to Sorrel beginning, but then Niklas and Sabella enter, and he fairly grins, waving them over as well. "Good to see you both out," he whispers -- or at least, attempts to whisper. Sorry, Sorrel. It's pretty quiet! After that, though, he really does shut up. Promise.

Delilah settles in to the alcove where Sorrel begins to speak, attentive to every detail of the Thraxian princess. The sketched hint of a smile takes flight, ignited in brilliant detail, a composite of curious mirth tugged aside for another entrant coming to the Hall. A good many of them at that. Her attention shall invariably settle in one way or the other, avoiding interruption to the impending performance. Silent. Really!

The fragile Forato Fidante walks in and armed with a kind smile and an inquisitive gaze. He seems to recognize no one in the crowd and at this point ends up people watching for th emoment. A faint smile on his features.

Orelia slips in just as Sorrel stands and starts to speak, her steps carrying her into the hall though she pauses to look around for familiar faces, and finds a few, but makes her way in Appolonia's direction, stepping up near the woman and then settling in at an easy stance. She slips something out of a pouch on her belt, taking a sip from a flask before tucking it back in, her eyes tracking around, attention swinging to Sorrel as she speaks. There's an excited look on her features at the talk of magic and legendary people. She lives for these kinds of stories true or not. "Evening Lady Seraceni." She murmurs quietly to Apple.

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Galen offers a nod of acknowledgment to Carita's curtsy, listening quietly. Whatever it is she says prompts an instant smile in amusement, shaking his head as he murmurs something in return.

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It's a nice performance, with a couple of young bards plainly dressed for accompaniment, and Sorrel having a strong soprano voice that powerfully fills the Hall of Heroes with music. She's got a smile on her face as she begins to sing, and the song is an ode to Lord Iron:

"Iron is strong; a powerful weapon

Both the metal and the adept: the man

Hard yet practical, pragmatic and true

His was a strength equaled by all too few.

"However practical, he loved deeply

And by Cobalt's side he stood completely

Inspiring her to defy her lord

To fight against her father her vowed word.

"More demons did he kill than any man --

To count is not a task lightly began.

A goodly many did fall beneath his sword

And thusly did he fell that demon horde!

"At Thinnest Point, a final sacrifice

In defense of Arx, he paid the great price.

At Cobalt's Defiance they placed his bier.

Of his Iron Guard there is much to hear.

"The Iron Guard is a great force for good

Making sure people behave as they should.

Routing out criminals; solving the crimes;

They're on the side of Light all of the time.

"Iron was truly a force for the Light

An adept of power and of insight."

Tala munches on her cookie and then turns to Lisebet and Thorley. "I know a song. It's about a dragon and spitting." she says with a firm nod. "Papa taught it to me."

The knight's color drains from his face. "Not right now!" he hisses under his breath, "Tonight is about Metallics, you can sing later..." An apologetic glance is made to benches as Thorley takes in the song of Iron and uses his good arm to lead Tala back to her seat.

Lisebet listens very thoroughly, though she turns to Tala at her comment, and as there is a break, she says, "Will you come by Farshaw House later, and sing it for me? Right now it's Princess Sorrel's turn."

Alistair takes a seat away from most of the crowds, planting elbows upon knees and lacing his fingers together. He is silent as the song to the Lord of Iron is sung, of past victories and triumphs. Of sacrifices and memories. He rumbles a word to a Confessor, who steps near the company of bards and passes off a message that eventually makes its way to Sorrel. Little subterfuge, but no commentary on the notes the High Inquisitor passes.

Thorley isn't the only one who's brought younger company: Aleksei steps into the Hall of Heroes with his hand about the much smaller hand of three-year-old -- three and a half, sorry -- Fitz. The pale little auburn-haired toddler's gaze is wide and curious on the hall about them, and Aleksei winces when he realizes they've gotten here a little late. He quickly shuffles them over towards one of the benches. Fortunately, Fitz seems more prone to quiet than interruption.

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Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Violet.

Sassabrass glances over at Tala with obvious curiosity when she mentions a song about dragons. He opens his mouth to ask something, but Ashe preemptively 'shush'es him once again.

Helena is overheard praising Sorrel: Lovely voice and quite the homage to Lord Iron.

Sorrel ends up with a scrap of paper in her hand as copies of the song are distributed throughout the crowd, and she bounces slightly on her toes to read it, and then she says, "I'd like to read aloud the Oath of the Iron Guard, what bit we have left of it, and then I'll open the floor for questions. There are annotations included with your copy of the song, including many of the things that are included in the song, so if you have questions, be sure to ask them in a slow and respectful way so that I have a chance to answer everyone's. Then we'll hear a song about Lord Steel." She glances down at her slip of paper and reads:

"The city has two walls; we stand as one.

As strong as stone, as unyielding as iron,

We are the line the enemy shall not cross."

Violet isn't as late as she could be. And she does her best to slink in quietly. As she enters the warmed hall she pulls her cloak off. Beneath revealing the wrap which holds her baby against her chest. Her eyes fall upon Thorley, Tala, and the rest at the table. Her smile grows as she approaches it, eyes falling on Alistair, "Your highness, what a surprise to see you," She says cheerfully, voice pitches low so not to disrupt Sorrel's reading.

Fajra arrives, following Lianne.

Thank the gods and spirits, the Momma Cavalry has arrived. Thorley rises for a moment to help guide Violet into a seat before he joins her. "Tala asked to sing after Princess Sorrel." he rolls his eyes a little. "I keep trying to tell her this is important."

Alistair seems to be enoying the songs in his typical silence, Violet earning a slight shift of his head and a nod of greeting. "Commandant. Come... take a seat... there are likely matters we should discuss." He rumbles out in a low voice as Sorrel reads out the partial Oath of the Iron Guard.

Orelia looks up from the discussion near her as the song begins, and she listens, and listens intently as the words flow through the hall. She sits, almost transfixed by the song. Only shaking out of it as the conversation resumes near her and her attention breaks to those around her, though she looks back towards Sorrel as she speaks again.

Lisebet listens, her gaze dropping to Tala, and then back over to Sorrel, a slightly rueful look on her face. As the copies are passed around, she takes one, and glances over it briefly, making sure she has a good safe spot for it. "I am so thrilled to be able to learn about Lord Iron," she says. "Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Princess Sorrel." Though when it comes to questions, she doesn't ask, instead pausing to wave briefly at Aleksei and Fitz. And then no doubt her attention is back to Tala, with only a smile and wave for Violet and baby.

Violet scoops Tala into her lap as she settles into her seat. Thorley getting a brief kiss before he resumes his own. Leaning in she whispers something softly to Tala, before pulling out a caramel apple from her bag. Wrapped carefully this quickly has the youngster mostly silent. The occassional happy hum as she eats the massive treat. Or tries too. Violet meanwhile turns her attention back to Alistair and she nods. "Indeed we do and should. Quite handy we both decided to attend." A wry smirk given before she pulls a canteen from her backpack, opening it to take a swig.

The High Inquisitor peers at the child in his oh so hulking terrifying prodigal manner, but the suspicion of the Inquisition is likely age based, and soon he is partially focused on Violet as the event continues on in its little ways, the next song being handed out.

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Sassabrass continues to watch Tala as Violet scoops the little girl up, obviously still curious about that dragon song.

Delilah is overheard praising Sorrel: Incredible attention to detail, exceptional proesty, and generosity unparalleled.

Lisebet is also curious about the dragon song, but! There is a time and place for everything and the petite Farshaw lady is well composed about her curiosity.

Sparte dips a hand to his belt as Sorrel continues, pulling out a small notebook and flipping through the pages. He nods to himself every so often, gaze flickering from the book to Sorrel and back again.

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"Are there any questions about what you've heard?" Sorrel asks the crowd. "Or shall I move along to speaking about Lord Steel? I chose to put Lord Iron and Lord Steel together on the same night because they were both fierce adepts, mages who made themselves stronger through magic. And again, you can notice that the statue of Lord Iron portrays him stepping on a demon. He killed SO MANY demons before falling in defense of Arx it is incredible. And I want you all to remember what an inspired fighter he was."

Violet passes Thorley Tala and her sticky prize as she leans in to speak with Alistair quietly. Yet Sorrel does get a lot of attention too. The woman growing quiet when she speaks.

From way in the back, Forato raises a hand and clears his throat and asks Sorrel, "Do we know the nature of his magic and was it something he imbued himself with, or his weaponry?" He flashes a kind smile in thanks already and quiets down.

Alistair also ceases his conspiratorial whispering with the Crimson Blade Commandant as Sorrel speaks up. The man shifting slightly where he sits, leaning forward and putting a bit more weight upon his knees.

Thorley shoots his wife a glare. There will be a reckoning for sticky child arming. Oh yes. There will be.

Sorrel smiles at Forato when he asks a question, nodding a bit. "The problem with asking about the nature of magic is that none of us are mages, due to the poisoned primum. It makes us forgetful, so we don't remember our heroes, and it also makes it impossible for us to learn magic. So I have to admit that everything I know about magic is theoretical. However, Lord Iron both imbued himself, as a warrior, with magic, and he helped Cobalt, his lover until his death, create what are known as the Cobalt weapons. They're not made of Cobalt. They're magical weapons that have been imbued with magic by Cobalt, Iron, Gold, and Brimstone. And if any of those names are unfamiliar to you, well, hold on: there will be a concert for them."

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Alistair checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

As Forato dares to ask about magic, he has the eyes of the High Inquisitor levied upon him for a brief moment. Oh but just a brief one. But then again, Alistair is likely just playing his part...

Rinel checked perception + investigation at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Violet finds herself glancing at Forato almost in time with Alistair. It might be a bit creepy even. But she is much more pleasant about it, curiousity in her friendly face. Then she is looking down to her infant, who stirs in her wrap.

"Adepts focus magic inside themselves to enhance their physical abilities," Aleksei shares -- generally. In regards to that question. "Stronger, faster, more durable, that sort of thing."

"Does this relate to how Diamonplate and Darksteel came about?" Thorley asks, as he settles Tala in his lap and when he sees Sorcha stirring, glancing towards Violet in silent question.

Bows to Sorrel and states, "Thank you very much, I hope you do not mind terribly if fate finds us in conversational distance once more. It seems there are more questions than I currently know to ask, but for another time." His red flecked eyes cut from Sorrel to Violet and Alistair for a quiet moment as the moon's light catches his features through the window. Then he bows faintly to the two of them before regaining his seat.

Oswyn's quill is scribing swirls and arcs of shorthand over the pages of his notebook as he listens, his brow furrowed with concentration as he works.

Lisebet listens quietly, though her gaze goes to those who speak as the topic of magic comes up. Curiously.

"Even a mage can only articulate the nature of /their/ magic with any certainty," Ashe notes towards Sorrel, when the singer remarks that she's no mage to detail the nature of magic.

An attentive figure in her own right, Delilah listens to some degree upon the questions at large. Her gaze flicks somewhat towards Sorrel and then the others. She nods as Aleksei speaks.

Rinel glances between Alistair and Forato. She makes an irritable 'tsk' sound and raps her cane sharply on the stone floor of the Hall. "For the sake of the Thirteen. Interest in magic is hardly a crime--else we'd all be in the dank cells of the city gaol. And it would be a very tight fit. There's more than enough wickedness to be concerned about without staring down a Lycene lordling."

As more talk of magic starts to spill out... Alistair must clear his throat. "Perhaps we should focus upon the event at hand. Pleasant songs and such. To sooth the soul..." The High Inquisitor rumbles with a look to Aleksei. He does not feel rather keen of talking so openly about all this. Especially when the Princess host speaks of poisons in primum...

Violet mutters quietly, "There is no fate anymore,"Before turning to Thorley with a smile. Sorcha seems to have settled again, but that doesn't stop her from running a hand over the tots white-blond hair. Tala clears her mouth of sticky caramel at this point and happens to see Sassabrass looking at her. There is a blush and she sticks her sticky mouth against Thorley's head. Hair and sticky so do not mix.

Sabella looks over to Ashe curiously, but doesn't press any further out loud. She does lean over to say something quietly to Niklas.

"The cells are wider than you imagine." Duarte suggests gently to Rinel.

Niklas looks from Ashe to Aleksei and back, then opens his mouth to say something. Or ask something. But then Alistair is being all disapproving and since he's already on the Inquisitor's watch list, Nik clamps his mouth shut and just nods to what Sabella asks.

"As it happens, Count Amadeo, the need for imagination in my case is subordinated to personal experience," Rinel responds dryly.

Forato seems to take most of Rinel's time speaking till he realizes it is about /him/. His eyes open a little more and he glances to Violet with something edging on pity when she mentions the lack of fate. His eyes cut to Duarte but he does not seem to fully grasp the context of the debate and keeps himself quiet where he sits near the back.

"By all means, seek me out and I will talk to you about the Metallics for hours," Sorrel says warmly, pressing her hands together. "But I'm not an expert in diamondplate nor darksteel. Those are interesting questions, and I invite you to seek out experts among the Scholars." She perks as the Inquisitor speaks up. "Yes! More songs. Let's talk about Lord Steel. Some of the information I have suggests that he had a strong association with the Inquisition, actually, and we know that he was strongly interested in justice. In fact, he was a Seraph of the Sentinel, meaning that he was quite favored by our god of justice. He also killed quite a few demons." She heads over to the alcove where the statue of Lord Steel stands ('look steel').

Sparte glances up from his notes, glancing to Ashe for a moment before looking to his notes again. "We each have a personal truth, but in general the texts I've seen refer to becoming an adept as part of a path towards that personal truth. Also we cleaned our cells, some of them. Hardly notice the blood stains anymore."

As Thorley finds himself wearing more of the candy than Tala is getting in her mouth, the knight frowns. There will be much cleaning later. But for now, as the subject returns to song, Thorley settles back down next to Violet to happily share the stick mess she made of their oldest child.

Rinel can be heard muttering, "And had reasonable suspicions about the southerners."

There's an odd, Bliss-sounding, "Oi!" at those words from Rinel.

Forato glances up to Rinel and seems guarded and confused but he flicks his gaze back down and leans back into the shadows till Bliss seems to echo his sentiment, Blissfully.

Amari is just being quiet and studious with her ears open, and mouth firmly shut. She stirs only to pass notes along and take her own. Outside of that, she's being terribly boring and completely neglecting the social aspect of the gathering. At the mention of Lord Steel by Sorrel she finally looks up again, curious, which shouldn't be a huge surprise given that she's a lawyer.

Violet gives a soft grunt as Tala decides to attempt to sit in both parents laps at once. As Rinel starts getting worked up she lets out a sigh and says softly, "Rinel, honey, come say hi to Sorcha?"

Rinel leans on her cane and looks at Bliss and Forato innocently. "Suspicions which of course have not proven to be of any merit," she says--and then Violet is dragging the scholar away before she can cause yet another scene. "Oh, you are a /darling/," Rinel coos at the child.

Shard's footsteps are soft and careful when she enters, her eyes slightly narrow but one just a little more than the other. It's not hard to miss this gathering, and so she heads in that direction while keeping close to one wall.

Sassabrass offers Tala what is doubtless intended to be a warm smile. He mostly succeeds, though it comes across a little lopsided, as though he doesn't quite have a full grasp on how facial expressions are supposed to work.

Forato smiles, leaning back into the light as he laughs a little and remarks to Rinel, "I can take no offense... the first lesson I learned this year was to have someone else taste my wine for me... in all... Southern and Suspicion do seem to go rather hand in hand, my lady."

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"Indeed," Sorrel concedes on Rinel's outburst, but she leads her bardic accompaniment over to the statue of Lord Steel, who also looks rather impressive. With a deep breath, she prepares to sing, and though the songs are related, the beat on this one is more like a military march, a slightly sharper tune.

"Seraph of Sentinel, the Steel Watchman

Bringing great justice wherever he can

Unbending enemy of demonkind

This is a man who does know his own mind.

"A hard man with hard views; harder body:

At adept magic he was not shoddy

For he layered his magic in muscles

And thus did he face many a trouble.

"The swordsman enhanced by magic: fearless

The mighty force of justice most dauntless

One his mind is set, he shall not be swayed,

Barring new evidence, for all his days.

"His great sacrifice in the Reckoning:

For these reasons of Lord Steel do we sing."

As things go back to singing, Lisebet turns her attention from watching Tala get candy all over Thorley back over to the songs.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirk before departing.

Lisebet is overheard praising Sorrel: Best songs and awesome singer

Forato is overheard praising Sorrel: Knowledgeable kind and charismatic. If am lucky she seeks a pupil, so much history to learn.

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Violet sits up a little as Sorrel begins to speak about Lord Steel. There is obvious interest in her eyes. The sticky fingers really don't bother her. That is until Tala manages to accidentally bite her cheek while biting into her apple. The tears that start have Thorley moving quickly to whisk her out of the room. A soft word spoken between the pair, a kiss exchanged. Violet turns to smile at Rinel and says quietly, "Thank you."

Folding her hands together again, Sorrel beams at her audience. "I'll once again be taking questions, both about Lord Steel and about the supporting evidence we're looking at now," she says cheerfully. "I want you to understand who these people were in context. Mages of the Metallic Order -- but also saviors of humanity. They deserve their places here in the Hall of Heroes. And I invite you to spread the songs far and wide."

Alistair is overheard praising Sorrel.

Alistair is overheard praising Sorrel.

"Hmph," says the irascible scholar. But she sits next to Violet anyway, and her lips curve upward in a slight smile.

Lisebet smiles at Rinel, amusement showing briefly on her face. "I am going to look forward to singing these! How long do you suppose before my brother is willing to pay me to stop singing?"

Shard picks a spot along the wall to remain standing, and crosses her arms loosely over her chest. She's quiet, and clearly listening intently.

Violet chuckles softly under her breath at Rinel's words. Her eyes are bright and she moves to give her a one-armed hug.

"Heroes, yes, but they were people, too," Ashe remarks quietly, perhaps as much to herself as anyone else. "People who sacrificed everything for humanity and deserve to be remembered, but people nonetheless. With their own hopes and dreams, their own fears and flaws."

Sparte tilts his head to one side thoughtfully at Ashe's words. "I wonder what they'd think of their place here in the Hall of Heroes. That their stories influence so many others."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Iliana before departing.

Violet is drawn back into the discussion and asks, "-DO- we know much of Lord Steel's more...personal life I guess? Where he came from? Who he was? I've always been curious."

"While they were mages, they should be regarded as individuals. We so easily remember the strokes of grand action without recalling the day to day lives," Delilah speaks up after Sorrel does, her voice braiding in among the others. "It is altogether straightforward for stories to obscure the bits of life that fail to attract an audience. Everyone has their failings and their blessings, the difficult choices and the unheralded virtues that could be celebrated. Everyone -- be they great in the light of fame, or less known -- can contribute. Their stories, as beautifully collected by Princess Sorrel, give us a light of inspiration. Though there is more to piece together. Should anyone find out about who these men and women were, what moved them, we're always happy to hear." She wiggles her fingers. "Happy Scholar, in case anyone wants to know."

"Do we know that of any of them?" Mirk adds, after Violet speaks. "Some of them have lovers mentioned, but never where they came from, what shaped them into people willing to go to such extremes. At least, not that I've seen."

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Rinel leans into Violet's embrace. "If anyone knows, they have yet to make themselves known to the Scholars," she says. "I imagine there are those who know, and keep said information to themselves. But no--I have yet to see so much as a reference to the names they had before the adoption of their new ones."

Lisebet glances up as well, as the conversation turns to such a question. "That is very interesting," she says softly. "And definitely there are always those stories. I too would be interested in learning about them."

"I hope that everyone has enjoyed this evening, and I hope you found the music beautiful and the information supporting it informative," Sorrel says with a little laugh. "Please, sing my songs, spread my words and my music. That is the greatest gift you can give me, because it has become my passion to have the Metallics remembered, and remembered in detail." When Violet speaks up, she shakes her head slightly. "No, and I haven't managed to find out much about the Steel Order, but it existed and served Lord Steel, and through him, the Sentinel." She glances to Mirk. "We know Cobalt's family. We know Brass's origins. Come to other concerts. There is more to learn than I can cover tonight."

Shard's gaze slants toward Ash as she speaks, and then, more slowly, to each speaker in turn.

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Alistair glances to Violet as she inquires regarding the more simple, mundane, the personal. To a degree, he seems far more interested in that then the discussion of any magics or the like. But he voices little beyond the occasional rumble of agreement or slight indiciation of displeasure or that they encroach on a topic that should not be dug to deeply into...

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Oswyn just keeps writing and writing and writing, passing notes and such. Every so often he glances up, squints at someone, then bows his head to resume his work. Finally, he looks up at Sorrel and says, "Thank you very much, Princess."

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"Some of the Metallics were Rex'alfar slaves," Aleksei shares. "Freed by Platinum. I don't know if Steel was among that number." He pauses. "I did hear he had a messy breakup with a Rex'alfar at some point. Not much else about him. Well, and that he was human, which not all of them were."

Violet's head turns quickly to regard Aleksei. Brows raised in curiousity at his words. "A rex'alfar? Huh, that is a new one on me," She murmers and settles back, one hand resting on Sorcha's bundled form. For the moment she seems to drift into deep thought.

Despite earlier failures, Forato leans forward into the moonlight again, "Ah, yes, my lady..." He nods to Violet and asks Aleksei, "What is a Rex'alfar? It sounds, when you say it, like a race or culture?"

"Princess Sorrel, you are an inspiration!" Sabella enthuses, standing up to applaud for Sorrel. "Not only do you have an amazing voice, but you have such an amazing talent to put such informative songs together! I for one will not miss any of the concerts!"

"There is a play waiting to happen." And somewhere there is, indeed, a playwright in the building. Delilah must be fairly certain of that as her attention flicker-flashes from Aleksei across the room towards a certain prince of House Grayson. "The Rex'alfar are a race of elves," she supplies for the Fidante lord.

"By a messy breakup do you mean they were lovers?" Galen asks of Aleksei as he rises to his feet carefully, the flask in his hand given to Carita along with a nod of thanks.

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Ashe nods towards Aleksei, as if to support his claim about the origins of Metallics. "The first Metallics came from Caer'alfar; some were elves who objected to the practice of keeping humans as slaves, while others were human slaves who were freed like Aleksei says."

"There's nothing wrong with being a lover to an elf," Bliss comments, as her entire contribution to all of that as she brings a hand up to rub at her face, her eyes looking a bit glazed before she takes a pull of her wine.

"The Rex'alfar never take 'maybe we shouldn't enslave everyone' very well. It's a real dealbreaker." Niklas smiles over at his wife when she stands to applaud and reaches over to squeeze her hand. "Indeed. I quite look forward to the opera. It sounds like it will be the second greatest theatrical engagement in the city's history."

Shard's lips pinch together for a moment. She looks thoughtful, and if possible, even more intent, but there are no words from her.

Violet opens her mouth to answer Forato's question, when Delilah provides it. "One of a few races of elves, yes," She agrees with a nod. "I've read some of the excerpts from a Rex'alfar was...rather condescending," She says, making a face as she does.

"Oh! Uh." Aleksei starts to think about where to start with that question, and then nods over to Delilah. "High elves. They -- did some bad shit. Fell to the Abyss. Enslaved other races. Humans, other elves. Platinum was the founder of the Metallic Order and a Rex'alfar prince himself. He picked particularly promising slaves to free and teach magic, like Brass, Gold, Copper -- probably others." He scratches fingers along his beard, clearing his throat a bit at Bliss's comment, and answers Galen, "Uh, yeah, that's what the thing I saw -- implied. Well, there's record of some particularly /personal/ arguments with him and an unnamed Rex'alfar."

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"Not every Rex'alfar was in favor of slavery," Ashe remarks to Niklas. "Platinum was a Rex'alfar who wanted to free the slaves. Even some of the Rex'alfar who fell to the Abyss and became Fractals weren't in favor of it."

"I'm sure some Rex'alfar are perfectly nice," Thena murmurs as she slides out of her seat in preparation to depart. She tilts her head as Ashe speaks, see?

"There is more than one way to evil than through the cruelty of slavery," Rinel murmurs darkly. "Those Fractals are no less dangerous for their once-abolitionist views."

Violet nods her head to Thena and Ashe, "They are people. They have opinions and thoughts just like us I'm sure."

"Oh, don't mistake me; I'm not saying that we should befriend the Fractals!" Ashe shakes her head vehemently. "Though many of them walked into the Abyss because they believed it was the only way to save their people, their nation, from an outside threat, they /did/ still walk into the Abyss. Even if some regretted their choice later. But it's difficult to speak of an entire people in absolutes -- even the Rex'alfar."

Sassabrass looks antsy; he has Questions, and clearly isn't certain if this is the right time to ask them. (Also, there was something about a song about /dragons/ that he hasn't heard yet.)

Oswyn tilts his chin up and cranes his neck so he can squint in Ashe's direction.

Violet glances at Sassabrass. Of course the mother had noticed him eyeing Tala earlier. Unfortunately she doesn't know what it is he wishes. Instead she raises a brow, glancing between them and Ashe.

Sparte sighs, reaching up to pinch at the bridge of his nose. "The more we generalize the less we honor the dream."

Niklas nods to Ashe. "When Platinum decided that slavery wasn't super great was that an okay political position to take? I know that there were Rex'alfar who weren't on board with the whole slavery angle, but nothing I've read suggests it was a popular philosophical school. But half of what I read is complete nonsense anyway."

"/Pertinax/. I have heard that word before..." Rinel taps her chin. Then she glances at Sparte. "Well said, Master Fatchforth, on the topic of the Dream. Very well said." She gives him A Look.

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"That's why I want you to know about these people. I want to make them more real than statues in the Hall of Heroes. I want to breathe life into them so that people will sing odes in their names -- and my songs do tend to focus on the positive. But I am singing the Dream as I see it, and the Metallics were great. This discussion has been top notch, and I am absolutely looking forward to future concerts with all of you," says Sorrel brightly.

Shard starts to open her mouth, and then, abruptly, she shuts it. Instead, her attention shifts back to Sorrel.

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